Dictionay A


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

A: a: |the first letter of alphabet used in Indonesian language and English –  approximately sounds like:  a in: banana; barber, bar; barbecue; basket; battle  and u in: uncle; ugly; ulterior; ultimate; umbrella.|

aba; aba-aba: n / frm/lu/ 1 order 2 signal 3 command.

abad: n //frm/lu/ century 1 |to show a particular time| abad ke-15 the 15th century 2 |a period of 100 years|  enam abad six centuries berabad-abad for centuries abad pertengahan the Middle Ages

abadi: adj /frm/lu/ 1 eternal kehidupan abadi eternal life 2 lasting persahabatan yang abadi a lasting friendship  3 enduring|
-mengabadikan: v 1 take the photo  Biar saya mengabadikan kamu dengan camera ini Let me take your picture with this camera
-keabadian: n 1 eternity  3 im­mortality

abai: adj /frm/lu/ 1 ignorant  2 negligent 3 neglectful 4 unobservant 5 unmindful 6 careless syn: lupa, lalai, tidak peduli
-mengabaikan: v 1 ignore 2 |neglect Tolong jangan pernah mengabaikan tanaman saya Please don’t ever neglect my plants 2 |abandon| Mereka telah mengabaikan rumah itu selama dua tahun They have abandoned the house for two years 3 |ignore| Saya tahu kamu harus kerja keras, tetapi jangan mengabaikan kesehatan kamu I know that you have to work hard, but don’t ignore your health 4 |disregard| Pengacara itu memohon pada hakim untuk mengabaikan keterangan saksi yang terakhir The lawyer appealed the judge to disregard the statement of the last witness 5 |underes­timate| Jangan pernah mengabaikan kekuatan lawan kamu Don’t ever underestimate the strength of your opponent
-pengabaian: n 1 abandonment 2 ignorance 3 neglect 4 disregard
-terabaikan: adj 1 abandoned 2 neglected 3 ignored 4 disregarded Jangan khawatir, anak itu tidak akan pernah terabaikan. Don’t worry, the child would never be neglected
-/phrs/ abaikan saja: 1 don’t pay attention to Abaikan saja dia Don’t pay attention to him/her  2 just leave/forget Abaikan saja itu Just leave/forget it.

abang1: n /frm/lu/ 1 elder brother  2  dear brother Dia abang saya He is my elder brother.

abang2: adj /ld/ in some region only maroon, dark red-brown (color)

abangan: n /lu/frm/ |predicate given to a male Islam who doesn’t follow the Islam teaching regularly|

abdi: n /frm/1 slave 2  servant 3 maid 4 attendant 5 helper 6 house keeper
-abdi dalam: n servant of  Sultan’s palace
-abdikasi: n abdication.
-abdi Negara: n /frm/lu/ sb who dedicated himself/herself to work for public purposes.  1 public officials  2 civil servant
-mengabdikan: v /tr/ 1 dedicate 2 commit 3 devote 4 pledge  Dia mengabdikan diri masuk menjadi polisi He/she dedicates himself/ herself to be a police
-meng-abdi: v /intr/ 1 serve 2 commit 3 devote 4 pledge
-pengabdian: n 1dedication 2 devotion 3 commitment 4 pledge 5 obedience 6 servitude

aben; mengaben: v /ld/ |cremate|
-pengabenan: n 1 cremation 2 crematorium

abis: variant of habis: adj 1exhausted Saya sudah abis tenaga sama sekali I’m all exhausted 2 all gone  Tidak ada lagi susu, semua telah abis No more milk, it’s all gone 3 has done Pekerjaan rumah saya telah abis saya kerjakan All my home work has done.
-kehabisan: phr verb run out of sth Mobil saya kehabisan bensin dalam perjalanan pulang My car run out of gasoline on the way home.

abjad: n /frm/lu/ alphabet  -syn: huruf, aksara
-abdjadiah: adj alphabetical
-menurut abjad: adv alphabetically
-mengabjadkan: v put in alphabe­tical order

abnormal: adj /frm/lu/ abnormal
-keabnormalan; abnormalitas: n abnormality

abnus: n ebony

abolisi: n //frm/lu/ abolition

abon: n /lu/ side dish made of dry grated meat

abonemen: n //frm/lu/ subscription  -syn: langganan
-berabonemen: v subscribe -syn: berlangganan

aborsi: n /frm/lu/ abortion
-mengaborsi: v abort (fetus)

abortus: n /frm/lu/ premature birth

abra-kadabra: interj. /inf/ 1 abracadabra 2 sim sala bim

abreg1; also seabrek-abrek: adj /inf/ 1 huge in amount 2 a lot of 3 plenty –syn: banyak, melimpah

abreg2: adj /inf/ untidy, messy. see: ambreg

ABRI {Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia}: n Indonesia Arm Forces

abrit-abritan: adj feverish Dia melakukan itu secara abrit-abritan He did it feverishly  –syn: aprit-apritan:

abruk: v /intr/ down with a crash –syn: /lu/frm/ ambruk
-ngabrukin: v /tr/ slam or set sth down

ABS: {Asal Bapak Senang}: adj /lu/ glowing   laporan ABS glowing report

absah: adj / frm/lu/  1 valid  2 rightful 2 legal  3 legitimate 4 lawful 5 authentic
-mengabsahkan: v 1 validate 2  legitimate 3 legalize 4 approve
-pengabsahan: n 1approval 2 legalization 3 validation
-keabsahan: n 1 legitimacy 2 the state of being approved/ legitimated/ validated/ legalized

absen: adj /frm/lu/ absent |not present|
-diabsen: adj be checked whether  sb is absent or present
-mengabsen: v call the roll to find the absentee
-absensi: n the list of absentee
-absente: n absentee

abses: n //frm/lu/ abscess

absolut: adj /frm/lu/ absolute

abstain: adj /frm/ abstain

abstrak1: adj /frm/lu/ abstract 1 |existing as a general idea, or based on general ideas rather than a specific example or real event| Kecantikan adalah satu nilai yang abstrak Beauty is an abstract value: satu pendapat abstract mengenai keadilan an abstract argument about justice 2 |based on shapes and patterns that do not look like real things| satu lukisan abstrak an abstract painting

abstrak2: n /frm/lu/ summary |a short written statement of the most important ideas in a long piece of writing|
-abstraksi: n abstraction |the process of writing an abstract|
-mengabstrak: v to write an abstract

abu: n /frm/lu/ 1 ash 2 dust, -see: debu:

abu-abu, keabu-abuan: adj /lu/frm/ grey

abu-abu, keabu-abuan: n /lu/frm/ |the fact of being grey|

abu-abu: n /ld/ any kind of sea fish family Neothunnus Rarua
-air abu: n 1 alkali 2 the water of ashes
-perabuan: n ashtray
-memperabukan: v cremate
-/idiom/: 1 seperti abu di atas tanggul a) insig­nificant husband b)  petty officer c) a no­body  2 mengabui mata a) to cheat sb b) to get smart with sb  c) to pull wool over sb’s ears

abur; mengabur: v /intr/ld/ squander, waste

acak: adj /frm/lu/ 1 |random|  Apa responden survey ini akan acak? Is the respondent of the survey going to be random? or 2 acak-acakan  |precipitate| Penjualan besar-besaran telah membuat pasar saham menjadi acak-acakan Massive selling has made the stock market precipitate 3 |rash| hasil kerja acak-acakan rash work / seorang pekerja yang selalu bekerja acak-acakan dan tidak tenang a rash and reckless worker 4 |messed up|  Siapa yang membuat kamar  acak-acakan Who did the room messed up?  -syn: kacau, berantakan, terburu-buru
-mengacak acak: v 1 |mess up| Seseorang sudah mengacak-acak file saya Somebody has messed up my file  2 disorganize Jangan meng-acak acak pesta itu Don’t disorganize the party 3 disintegrate Perang telah megacak-acak kesatuan bangsa The war has disintegrated the unity of the nation.
-secara acak: adv 1 randomly 2 rush

acan: adv /ld/ not even a bit  Tidak acan gula tersedia disini Not even a bit of sugar is available here

acap1: adj /lu/frm/ |frequently| Dia acap sekali bohong He is frequently tell a lie  Guru dia khawatir tentang  bolos dia yang acap Her teacher is worried about her frequent absences.
-acapkali: adv 1 frequently Dia acapkali mempermalukan saya didepan umum He frequently humiliated me in public 2 repeatedly Saya sudah acapkali bilang sama kamu jangan berbohong I have repeatedly told you not to tell a lie. (Mostly useda as an adverb

acap2: v /intr/tr/ /ld/ 1 |move down to the lower level| Matahari acap dibalik langit The sun sank behind the horizon. 2 soak Acap-acap saja piring-piring itu satu malam Just soak the dish overnight.
-mengacapi: v /tr/ to soak sth

acar: n /lu/ pickle

acara: n /lu/frm/ 1 programme 2 schedule  2 activities 3 juris­diction 4  administra­tion of justice 5 process of an activity
-beracara: v take a legal action
-berita acara:
n |written result of an agreement/ investigation/ assessment>
-gedung acara: n 1 court hall 2 building
-hari acara: n the day when a law court taken
-mengacarakan: v 1 put on agenda 2 schedule
-hukum acara: n legal proceedings
-pengacara: n |lawyer
-pembawa acara: n 1 master of ceremony 2 announcer
– tata acara; tertib acara: n 1 program’s sequence 2 list of the schedule 3 agenda 4 list of session

acc1: n /inf/lu/1 approval Apa kamu sudah mendapat acc dia? Did you get his approval? 2 /only in North Sumatera/ |the seat besides the driver’s seat on a car |

acc2: v /inf/lu/ approve Tolong acc proposal saya ini! Please approve my proposal!

aci-acian: n /inf/ 1 supposition 2 presumption 3 guess 4 assumption|5 prediction 6 notion 7 idea 8 conception syn: perkiraan, pengandaian, pengumpamaan
-mengaci-aci: v 1 assume 2 presume 3 hypothesize 4 predict
-aci-acinya: adv 1 supposedly 2 assumingly 3 perhaps

acik: variant of aceuk: elder sister

acu1: v /lu/frm/ refer
-acuan: n 1 reference  Kerangka Acuan Term of Reference  2 pattern 3 model 4 example 5 mold acuan kue baking mold cetakan agar-agar agar-agar mold -syn: rujukan, panutan, contoh, cetakan
-/phrs/ mengacu pada: v /lu/ 1 refer to 2 in accordance with 3 aim to.

acuh1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 careful 2 attentive 3 concern 4 interest –syn: peduli, perhatian

acuh2: or mengacuhkan: v /lu/frm/ |most of the time used in negative form| 1 concern Gubernur tidak mengacuhkan himbauan para buruh The governor doesn’t concern with the labour appeal 2 pay attention to Dia tidak mengacuhkan masalah kita He didn’t pay attention to our problem.
-/phrs/ acuh tak acuh: adv /lu/ airily |in a way that shows that you are not serious or do not care very much of sth| “Lakukan saja apa mau kamu” katanya acuh-tak acuh “Just do whatever you want” she said airily.

acung; mengacung: v /intr/lu/ raise (hand)
-mengacungkan: /tr/  v /lu/ raise sb’s hand

ada: pron. /frm/lu/ 1there (be) |similar to pseudo subject| Ada orang di kamar mandi There is somebody in the bathroom Apa ada ssu untuk dimakan? Is there anything to eat? Ada banyak orang disana There are many people there 2 present Apa Susan ada dikamarnya? Is Susan in her room? 3 available  Jangan khawatir, ada minuman untuk kita Don’t worry, there is drink available for us  4 exist  Apa kamu percaya bahwa Piring Terbang yang diceritakan itu ada? Do you believe that the UFO exist?
-berada1: v /frm lu/ 1 live, stay  Dia berada dimana? Where does he live 2 to be some where Bukunya berada dimana? Where is the book?
berada2:  adj /frm/lu/ wealthy, rich Mereka orang berada They are rich people
-ada-ada saja: adv /lu/ there is always some­thing happen
-adanya: adv /lu/ |to tell what is the only thing available| Saya tidak punya uang sebanyak itu, adanya hanya $100 I don’t have money that much, what I have only $100
-seadanya: adj /lu/ 1 |having or including only the least amount of something that you need| Pengungsi itu hanya membawa keperluan seadanya The refugees took only the bare necessities  2 |to tell that what ever is available that would be appropriate|  Kami tidak perlu kamar yang bagus dan nyaman, seadanya sudah cukup baik We don’t need a comfortable room, whatever is available would be appropriate.
-mengadakan: v /lu/ 1 provide Pemerintah daerah akan mengadakan makanan pokok bersubsidi The local government will provide subsidized staple food 2 perform a program Mereka akan mengadakan pertunjukan sirkus besok They are going to organize a circus tomorrow 3  organize Partai itu akan mengadakan konvensi memilih calon presiden The party will organize a convention to elect the president candidate  4  bring about  Mereka akan mengadakan perbaikan sistim They are going to bring about system improvement 5  arrange, conduct  Panitia itu akan mengadakan kompetisi sebpakbola The committee will arrange a football competition 6 deliver, give Siapa yang akan mengadakan ceramah itu? Who is going to give the lecture?
-keadaan: n /lu/ 1 state Korban dalam keadaan sok The victim is in a state of shock 2  situation Keadaan politik sudah kondusif The political situation has been conducive   3 condition Apa yang akan kamu lakukan sendainya kamu dalam keadaan seperti saya sekarang ini? What would you do if you were in my present condition? 4  circumstance Keadaan yang diluar perhitungan berperan besar dalam keberhasilan dia mendapat pekerjaan Circumstance that wasn’t expected played a large part in her getting the job. 5  position Negara dalam keadaan keuangan ktitis pada waktu itu The state was in a dangerous financial position at that time 6  reality Harus disadari bahaya di jalan adalah satu keadaan hidup di kota besar We must aware that dangers on the street is one of the realities of living in a big city
-keadaan bahaya: n /lu/ an emergency Apa pasien masih dalam keadaan bahaya? Is the patient is still in an emergency?
-keadaan tertekan: adj /lu/ be de­pressed
-keadaan baik: n save condition  Jangan khawatir, kita dalam keadaan baik Don’t worry, we are in a save condition
-adakalanya: adv sometimes   Adakalanya saya tiba terlambat dirumah Sometimes I arrive home late
-keberadaan; adanya: n /lu/ 1 existence |the state of being existing| Apa kamu percaya tentang keberadaan Tuhan? Do you believe in the existence of God? hukum yang sudah diakui keberadaannya laws that are already in existence 2 presence Keberadaan kamu dalam rapat itu sangat membantu Your presence in the meeting was very helpful
-mengada-ada: phr v /lu/ 1 pretend Dia mengada-ada seolah dia  orang penting He pretended to be an important  person  2 make up Dia hanya mengada-ada cerita tentang gadis yang dia temui itu He just made up the story of the girl he met   3  tell nonsense Saya tidak percaya apa yang kamu katakan. Kamu hanya mengada-ada ssu yang tidak masuk akal I don’t believe what you said You tell me a nonsense 4 to be arrogant  Jangan mengada-ada kehebatan kamu kepada kami Don’t be arrogant with us.
phrasal: /frm/lu/ 1  dalam keadaan bagaimanapun: 1 ­on no account  2  in all condition

adab: also peradaban: n /lu/frm/ 1 culture  peradaban Mesir kuno the culture of ancient Egypt  2 civilization peradaban modern Negara-negara Barat the modern civilizations of the western countries 3  good manners Jason beradab dengan baik Jason has a pleasant manner 4  sophistication Negeri dengan reputasi dibidang kekayaan dan peradaban canggih A country with a reputation for wealth and sophistication. 5 cultivation perkembangan terarah dan terencana dalam peradaban mencapai keahlian dan mutu deliberate development in cultivation of skill and quality
-beradab: adj /lu/ 1 civilized Kelihatannya dia seorang pemuda yang sangat veradab It seems that he is a very civilized young man 2 polite Apa dia seorang yang beradab Is he a polite person? 3 courteous Sebagai seorang penerima tamu kamu harus beradab As a receptionist you have to be courteous
-mengadab: v 1 respect  2 honour
-peradaban bangsa: n people civilization Peradaban bangsa yang sangat maju A very advanced national civilization.

adalah: linking v /lu/frm/ am, are, is |used to make a statement  and applicable to all form of subject| Saya adalah anggota keamanan I am a security personnel Dia adalah menejer jaga She is a duty manager Mereka adalah tamu They are guests  Kamu adalah teman terbaik saya You are my best friend Itu adalah pendapat saya It was my opinion.

adang; hadang; mengadang; menghadang: v /frm/lu/ 1 /lu/ stop Dia tidak bisa menghadang saya pergi She can’t stop me from leaving! 2 block Mobil siapa yang menghadang jalan keluar itu? Whose car is it that is blocking the driveway? 3 hinder Cuaca buruk sedang menghadang upaya penyelamatan itu The bad weather is hindering rescue efforts 4 ambush Seseorang menghadang dia di tempat gelap Somebody ambushed her at a dark place  5 to set a trap
-ada-pun: conj /lu/ 1 |concerning a person or subject that is connected to what you were talking about before| Adapun soal program kesehatan, telah banyak kemajuan yang dilakukan, tetapi masih banyak yang harus dilakukan. As for health program, much progress has been made, but there is still much to do. 2 |as to the fact of it| Adapun hal itu tidak sepengetahuan saya As to the fact of it, it’s beyond my understanding.
-penghadang; penghadang: n /lu/ 1 obstacle Kita punya banyak penghadang dalam proyek ini We had so many obstacles with this project  2 barricade Polisi telah memasang penghadang di jalan menuju istana The police has put barricade on the way to the palace 3 barrier Tidak ada satu upaya mengurangi hadangan dibidan perdagangan There is not any attempt to reduce trade barriers 4 dividing wall  5 way layer
-/phrs/ adanya demikian; demikianlah adanya: it was like that or the fact is that

adat1: n /lu/frm/ 1 /|custom Umumnya suku-suku masih memelihara adat mereka Most of the ethnics still keep their own custom 2 tradition Adalah adat disini membungkuk memberi hormat kepada orang tua It’s a tradition here to bow to honour the elders 3 manners |the way in which someone talks or behaves with other people| Joel itu adatnya sangat baik Joel has a pleasant manner.
-adat huma: n |traditional arrangement on the use of land for farming among ethnic group|
-adat kebiasaan/adat istiadat: n 1 cus­tom 2 manners
-hukum adat: n custom law  Hukum adat masih diakui dinegeri ini Custom law is still acceptable in this country.
-kata adat: n traditional proverb
-kurang adat: adj ill mannered

adat2; ngadat1: v /inf/lu/ 1 be stuck |not able to continue working normally on something because it has technical problem| Boleh Bantu saya soal mobil ini? Sedang ngadat Can you help me with this car? It’s stuck.
ngadat2: adj mad  Tanya dia kenapa ngadat tidak mau makan? Ask her why she is mad and didn’t eat her food?

adati: adj /frm/ traditional.

adegan: n /frm/lu/ 1 act 2 play role

adekuat: adj /ltr/ appropriate

adem: adj /inf/lu/ 1 cool  2 calm 3 flat 4 not surprise

adenda: n /frm/ addendum

adhesi: n /frm/ adhesion

adhyaksa: n /frm/ a rank for a prosecutor

adi-: pref. /frm/lu/ 1 super 2 extraordinary
-adidaya: adj super power

adik: n /frm/lu/ younger/little brother or sister
-memperadik: v consider sb as a younger brother or sister
-adik sepupu: n younger cousin
-adik-beradik; kakak beradik: n brothers and sisters

adi-kara: n /ltr/ absolute power to rule

adi-karya: n /ltr/ extraordinary work

adi-kuasa: n /ltr/ super-authority/power

adil: adj /frm/lu/ 1fair 2 just 3 impartial 4 rightful 6 lawful 6 honest
-mengadili: v 1 judge 2 arbitrate 3 take sb into a court
-tidak adil: adj 1 unjust 2 unrighteous  3 unfair
-ketidak adilan: n 1 injustice  2 unrighteousness
-keadilan: n 2 justice| 2 fairness 3 rightfulness 4 righteousness 5 honesty
-pengadilan: n court of justice
-pengadilan negeri: n district court
-pengadilan tata usaha negara (PUTN): n civil service arbitration tribunal.
-pengadilan tentara: n martial court

adinda: n /ltr/ 1 younger brother/sister 2 sweet-heart 3 dear darling

adiningrat: n /ltr/ the member of a royal family

ad interim: n /frm/ 1 acting 2 temporarily in a post

adipati: n /ltr/ princes

adipasar: n /ltr/ supermarket

adjectiva: n /frm/lu/ part of speech “adjective”

adm {administrasi}: n /wrt/ administration

administrasi: n /frm/lu/ administration

administrasi negara: n //frm/lu/ public admi­nistration

administrasi niaga: n /frm/lu/ business admi­nistration

administrator: n /frm/lu/ administrator

admiral: n /frm/lu/ admiral |a rank in Marines|

adon, adonan: n /frm/lu/ 1 dough 2 mixture
-mengadon: v 1 mix 2 stir

adopsi: n /frm/lu/ adoption
-mengadopsi: v adopt

adpertensi: n /frm/ advertisement

adpokat: n /lu/frm/ 1 lawyer  2 advocate 3 avocado (fruit)

adres: n address

adu1; beradu: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ 1 fight 2 bump 3 collide 4 strike 5 dash 6 butt  7 contest
-adu mulut; mengadu mulut: v 1 quarrel 2 debate
-adu domba; mengadu domba: v 1 stimulate anger or hesitation among other people 2 put sb into a fight, clash
-aduan: n 1fight 2 contest 2 match
-ayam aduan: n fighting cock
-adu tenaga: n strength contest,  competition
-beradu: v 1 slumber 2 crash

adu2: mengadu: v /intr/tr/lu/frm/ 1 report, tattle |if a child “mengadu”, s/he tells a parent or teacher that another child has done something bad to him/her|  2 give a report on sb/sth to sb in higher position|
-mengadukan: v book a charge 2 accuse, or  bring a case to the police or court of justice
-pengaduan: n 1 registration of an accusation 2 report on legal case

adu; mengadu: v /frm/lu/ try, speculate,  mengadu nasib/ untung look for luck/ profit

adu3; peraduan: n /ltr/ bed room, chamber, couch

aduh: intr |ow!|
-mengaduh: v 1 groan 2 wail  3 moan 3 cry 4 complain 5 la­ment

aduhai: intr. wow!

aduk; mengaduk; mengaduk-aduk: v /frm/lu/ 1 stir 2 beat up 3 whisk 4 mess up 5 to turn up side down repeatedly
-pengaduk: n 1stirring rod 2 mixer
-campur aduk: adj 1 mixed 2 tangled complicatedly
-adukan (kapur/semen dan pasir): n mortar

advokat1: n /of/ 1 lawyer 2 advocate –syn: /lu/frm/ pengacara

advokat2: n /lu/ avocado: variant of apokat:

adzan: n variant of azan:

afal2: v /lu/frm/ variant of hafal: comprehensively know and remember (sth)

afiat: or walafiat: adj /frm/lu/ 1 healthy  2 healthful  Terima kasih kepada Tuhan kamu dalam keadaan sehat walafiat Thanks to God that you are healthful
sehat walafiat: adj physically and psychologically healthy
-mengafiatkan: v make healthier

afkir: adj /of/ 1 imperfect 2 incomplete 3 inferior 4 disqualified

afkiran: n /lu/ seconds |goods sold cheaply because they are not perfect|

aga: n |a native ethnic in Bali|
-aga-raga; memperagakan: v 1 show up 2 flaunt with 3 show off

agak1: adv /frm/lu/ 1 somewhat Taruh kotak itu agak kesana sedikit Put the box somewhat over there 2 slightly Dia agak kurus She is slightly thin  3 a little Pakaian itu sudah agak usang The clothe has been a little worn out .
-agakan: n /lu/ 1 estimation Agakan saya pertarungan akan berlangsung seru My estimation, the fight is going to be tough 2 prediction Apa agakanmu tentang hasil pemilihan itu What is your prediction on the election result?  3 forecasting
-mengagak: or beragak-agakv /lu/ 1 estimate Boleh kamu mengagak berapa isi toples ini? Can you estimate the content of this jar?  2 predict Kami tidak mengagak bahwa ini akan hari hujan We didn’t predict if this is going to be rainy day 3 forecast
-agaknya: adv /frm/lu/ 1 apparently Agaknya dia tidak tinggal disini Apparently she doesn’t live here 2 likely Agaknya akan hujan besok It’s likely to rain tomorrow. 3 seemingly Agaknya kita bisa melakukannya. Seemingly we can do it 4 it seems that  Agaknya kamu punya masalah besar It seems that you have a big problem. 5 |rela­tively| Rumahnya agak besar His house is relatively big. 6 |not so (far/high)| Mereka tinggal agak mudik They live not so far upstream
-beragak-agak: v 1 intend Dia sudah lama beragak-agak mau pergi keluar negeri He has intended to go abroad for long time 2 consider Dia sedang beragak-agak pindah ke Jakarta She is considering of moving to Jakarta. 3 assume Sebagian ilmuan mengagak-agak tidak ada kehidupan di mars Some scientist assume that there is no life on mars 4 guess “Berapa umur anaknya si Ginny?”  Menurut saya 25, tetapi hanya mengagak-agak” “How old is Ginny’s son?” “I’d say 25, but I’m just guessing”
-mengagak-agak: v 3 suppose 4 suspect

agama: n /frm/lu/ religion
-menjalankan agama: v worship  Apa kamu terus menjalankan agama Do you constantly worship?
-beragama: v 1 worship God 2 follow a particular religion
-kaum beragama: n 1 the followers of God 2 the pious

agamawan: n /frm/lu/ 1 religious leader 2 religious person

agamawi: adj /frm/lu/ religious

agamis: adj /frm/lu/ religious

agar1: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 for, 2 in order Agar kita tidak terlambat, kita harus pergi lebih awal In order not to be late, we have to go earlier. –syn: supaya

agar2; agar-agar: n /frm/lu/ gelatine made of seaweed

agas: n /ld/ sanfly, gnat

agen: n /frm/lu/ 1 |a person or company that helps another person or company deal with business problems, finding work etc| 2 |someone who works for a government or police department in order to get secret information about another country or an organization| Dia seorang agen polisi He is a secret agent for police.

agenda: n /frm/lu/ 1 agenda 2 schedule Apa kamu punya agenda rapat? Do you have the meeting schedule?

agendaris: n /frm/lu/ the secretary of a meeting |sb who prepare or deal with a meeting agenda|

agung: adj /frm/u/ 1 great Sultan Agung the Great Sultan  2 supreme Mahkamah Agung Supreme Court  3 general Jaksa Agung Attorney General
-keagungan: n 1 greatness keagungan Maha Pencipta the greatness of the Creator  2 majesty  Kamu harus menghargai keagungan Raja. You should respect to the majesty of the King 3 honourable 4 prominent  Pangeran itu adalah tamu agung Negara The prince is a state’s  honourable guest.
-mengagungkan: v 1 glorify 2 magnify 3 praise Kami mengagungkan Kamu Tuhan sebagai juru selamat kami. We praise you the Lord as our saviour.

Agustus: n August

ah!: intrj /spo/ 1 ah! 2 no! Tidak ah! No! Thank you

aha!: intrj /spo/ |to show excitement, surprise, or likeness|

Ahad: n hari Ahad Sunday

ahir: n /frm/lu/ the end, see akhir:

ahlak: n /frm/lu/ manner, see akhlak:

ahli1: n /frm/lu/ 1 expert 2  specialist |prac­tising competent  people|
-ahli bahasa: n linguist
-ahli bedah: n surgeon
-ahli bumi: n geologist
-ahli bangunan: n architect
-ahli gigi: n dentist
-ahli hukum: n lawyer
-ahli ilmu bangsa-bangsa: n anth­ropologist
-anli kecantikan: n beauty specialist
-ahli nujum: n astrologers
-ahli obat: n apothecary| pharmacist
-keahlian: n expertise, knowledge, skill
-ahli tehnik: n technician
-ahli sejarah: n historian

ahli2: n /frm/lu/ 1 relatives 2 relative by marriage
-ahli waris: n the heirs
-ahli nikah: n relation in laws

aib: or keaiban: n /frm/lu/ 1 stigma 2 blot 3 mistake
-mengaibkan: v 1 disdain 2  scorn

aidil fitri; Idul Fitri: n /frm/lu/ Moslem’s Holiday, the day after the end of a fast.

ainul yakin: adv surely Dia bilang itu pada saya dengan ainul yakin. He surely told me that

air: n /frm/lu/ liquid

air api: n /frm/lu/ hydrochloric acid

air bah: n /frm/lu/ enormous flood

air batu, air beku: n /frm/lu/ solid ice

air belanda: n /of/ soda water –syn: /lu/ air soda

air jeruk: n /frm/lu/ orange juice

air kapur: n /frm/lu/ lime water

air kencing: n /frm/lu/ urine

air keran: n /frm/lu/ tap water

air keras: n /frm/lu/ hydrochloric/citric acid

air mas: n /frm/lu/ liquid gold

air mancur: n /frm/lu/ fountain

air mata: n /frm/lu/ 1 tear  2 spring water.

air mawar: n /frm/lu/ perfume

air minum: n /frm/lu/ drinking water.

air muka: n /frm/lu/ face expression. air muka yang ceria a cheerful expression

air pasang: n /frm/lu/ high tide  -ant: air surut: low tide

air pendingin: n /frm/lu/ cooling-water

air raksa: n /frm/lu/ mercury

air sembahyang: n /frm/lu/ holy water – water for ritual washings

air suling: n /frm/lu/ distilled water

air susu ibu (ASI): n /frm/lu/ breast milk

air tanah: n /frm/lu/ ground water, soil water

air tawar: n /frm/lu/ plain water

air tepung tawar: n /frm/lu/ magic healing water

air terjun: n /frm/lu/ water fall

air timah: n /frm/lu/ melting lead

air wangi: n /of/ perfume –syn: /frm/lu/: minyak wangi
-berair: adj 1.containing of water  2 wet –syn: basah
-buang air: v urinate
-cacar air: n chicken-pox
-kedap  air: adj waterproof
-mencair: v /intr/ melt
-mencairkan: v /tr/ melt
-mengairi: v water |to pour water on a plant or seeds in the ground to help them grow| Irigasi ini mengairi  kurang lebih 100 hektar sawah. This irrigation waters about 100 hectares rice field
-muka/permukaan air: n water surface
-perairan: n waters
-pengairan: n irrigation. –syn: irigasi
-pintu air: n water gate

ais1; mengais: v /ld/ 1 carry sth on your back |usually by a herbal medicine vendor| 2 scratch |to find sth to eat from the ground or dirt (of chicken)| 3 work hard to make money

Aisyah: n 1 movement 2 Muslim Women Organization

aja: adv only; just; –see: saja:

ajag: v invite; –see: ajak:

ajaib: adj /frm/lu/ miraculous  Kami kira dia akan meninggal, tetapi dokter membuat penyembuhan ajaib. We thought she might die, but the doctor made a miraculous recovery.

keajaiban: n /frm/lu/ miracle  Satu keajaiban kamu tidak terbunuh It’s a miracle (that) you weren’t killed!
secara ajaib: adv miraculously

ajak1; mengajak: v /frm/lu/ 1 ask, invite  Ajak dia supaya ikut makan malam diluar dengan kita Ask her to go out for dinner with us.  2  persuade  Saya mengajak dia untuk menjauhi narkoba I persuaded him to get rid with drug. 3 advocate Penjaga hutan mengajak masyarakat agar menjaga hutan dari kerusakan. The forest guards advocate the people to keep the forest from destruction.
-ajakan: n 1 invitation 2 persuasion  3 advocacy.

ajak2: n /ld/ wild dog

ajak3: adj /Mdr/ similar to

ajal: n /frm/lu/ 1 the end of the life 2 the time to death. ajalnya sudah sampai the end of his life has happened.
-memenuhi ajalnya: v die  Dia sedang menghadapi ajalnya He is dying.

ajan: n /frm/lu/a call to prayer; –see: azan

ajang: n /frm/lu/ 1 estate ajang industri industrial estate  2 field ajang pertempuran battle field 3 matter ajang perdebatan matter of dispute

ajar; ajari; mengajar: v /frm/lu/1 teach Ajari dia berperilaku baik. Teach him to behave nice 2 also mengajari: /tr/ educate Pemerintah seharusnya mengajari orang desa memjaga kesehatan. The government should educate rural people to maintain their health 3 also hajar: punish. Danny telah dihajar karena memecahkan jendela. Danny was punished for breaking a window.
-pengajaran: n 1 education  2 teaching 3 punishment. Itu satu pengajaran buat kamu. It was a bitter punishment for you.
-pelajaran: n lesson
-terpelajar: n 1 intellectual 2 civilized
-kurang ajar: adj 1 rude  2 insolent 3 uncivilized 4 sassy
-mengajar(kan): v 1 teach 2  instruct
-mata pelajaran: n 1 |subject of instruc­tion or study| 2 lesson
-mempelajari: v 1 study 2 practise 3 learn
-pelajar: n 1 student 2 pupil 3 school boy/girl
-pengajaran: n education
-tahun pelajaran: n school year
-terpelajar: adj 1 educated 2 learned 3 trained 4 skilled

aji1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 holy 2 spiritual 3 absolutely honourable or admirable
-mengaji: v recite holy words of Koran (the holy book of the Moslem)
-pengajian: n |religious recitation – an event where Moslem followers learn to read and to interpret Koran|

aji2; aji-ajian1: n /frm/lu/ magic sentence such as abracadabra, mumbo jumbo, bim sala bim, etc.

aji-ajian2: n /ld/ |any kind of sea fish family Seriola nigrafasciata|

ajimat: n /frm/lu/ talisman; -see: azimat:

ajir: n /frm/lu/ stake |thin and short stick that is used to hold up climbing plants|

ajojing: n /lu/ a type of dancing like rock and roll
-berajojing: v practice this dance

ajre: n a type of traditional drama in Bali

aju; mengajukan: v /frm/lu/ 1 propose 2 suggest 3 put for­ward 4 bring  forward 5 bring to the fore

ajudan: n adjutant: -see: ajidan

ajuk: v /frm/lu/1 guess  2 figure out 3 estimate 4 mimic 5 imitate
-ajukan: n 1 guess 2 estimation

ajun1: n /ld/ 1 objective  2 aim 3 purpose
-mengajun: v 1 intend 2 mean 3 want to

ajun2; ajung: n /ld/ adjunct

Ak: n accountant |some people put it after his/her name to show his/her profession|

AKABRI {Akademi Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia|: n Indonesia Military Academy

akad: n /frm/lu/ 1 contract  2 agreement.

akad jual beli: n /frm/lu/ trading contract.

akad nikah: n /frm/lu./ marriage agreement.

akademi: n /frm/lu/ 1 academy 2 col­lege.

akademik: adj /frm/lu/ academic |relating to teaching or studying subjects such as science, mathematics etc. in a college or university| Tahun akademik mulai pada tanggal 3 September The academic year starts September 3rd.

akademikus: n /frm/lu/ an academic

akademis: adj /frm/lu/ academic |based on a scientific judgement or finding or scientifically proved|

akal: n /frm/lu/ 1 thought 2 mind 3 intelligence 4 logic
-akal bulus: n /l.u/ 1 trick 2 deception 3 artifice.
-akal pendek: n stupidity.
-berakal: adj 1 clever  2  thoughtful.
-masuk akal: adj 1 reasonable 2 logical.
-mengakali: v 1 deceive 2 cheat
-mencari akal: v 1 find a way to do something 2 think a trick or stratagem.
-tidak masuk akal: adj illogical

akali: adj intelligent

akan1: aux. v /frm/lu/ will Saya akan melakukannya sekarang juga I will do it right away.
-akan tetapi: prep. 1 but  2. however.
-seakan-akan: conj. 1 as if  Mereka semua kelihatannya seakan-akan ketakutan. They all looked as if they were scared.

akan2: prep. /frm/lu/ about  Mereka tidak tahu akan kedatangan saya. They don’t know about my coming. –syn: tentang, perihal

akankah: aux.v /frm/lu/ shall Akankah mereka datang hari ini? Shall they come today?

akang: n /ld/ term of address to an elder brother; variant of abang:

akar: n /frm/lu/ root
akar pangkat dua: n square root
-akar gigi: n root of tooth
-akar kata: n basic word
-akar serabut: n advantageous root
-akar masalah: n the core of a problem

akasia: n /frm/lu/ acacia |any tropical tree with yellow and white flower genus Acacia auriculiformia|

akaunting: n /frm/lu/ accounting; -see: akunting:

akbar: adj /frm/lu/ 1 great 2 grand 3 general rapat akbar general assembly

akherat; dunia akherat: n /frm/lu/ 1 hereafter  2 heaven 3 paradise

akh: variant of ah:

akhbar: n /of/1 news paper 2 publication

akhir: n /frm/lu/ end  pada akhir bulan September yang akan datang. at the end of the coming September
-akhir-akhir ini: adv recently
-akhirnya: adv finally Akhirnya kita bisa melakukannya Finally we made it.
-akhiran: n 1 ending 2  suffix.
-akhirat: n hereafter |eternal life after dying|
-berakhir: v /intr/ end  Badai itu berakhir tadi pagi The storm ended this morning
-mengakhiri: v /tr/ end Kita harus mengakhiri masalah ini dalam waktu dekat We have to end this problem soon.
-terakhir: adj the last  Penerbangan terakhir akan lepas landas dua puluh menit lagi. The last flight will take off in twenty minutes.

akhlak: n /frm/lu/ 1 character  2  morals 3 manner

akhlas: adv honestly -see: ihlas:

akhli: n /frm/lu/ expert; variant of ahli:

aki1; aku: n /frm/lu/ battery
-mengisi aki: v charge a battery

aki2: n /in some area only/ grand father.

akiau: n young Chinese man

akibat: n /frm/lu/ 1 result  2 consequence 3 effect.

akibatnya: adv /lu/frm/ 1 consequently 2 ultimately 3 finally 4 as the result
-berakibat: v /intr/tr/ 1 result (in) Penyakit itu berakibat pada pernafasannya. The disease resulted in his breathing 2 affect Kematian Paul sangat dalam berakibat pada dia. Paul’s death deeply affected her.
-mengakibatkan: v /tr/ result. Kebakaran itu mengakibatkan kematian dua orang anak. The fire resulted in the death of two children.

akidah: n /frm/lu/ 1 faith 2 belief.

akik; batu akik: n /frm/lu/ agate

akilbalig; akilbaligh1: adj /frm/lu/1 adolescent  2  grown up 3 mature |considerably responsible|

akilbalig; akilbaligh2: n /frm/lu/ |male whose age has been fifteen years or above|

aklamasi: n /lu/ acclamation |an oral vote or an approval taken without formal ballot because enthusiastic response from the whole voters|

aklimasi; beraklimasi: v /tech/ acclimate |to become used to the weather, way of living etc. in a new place, or to make someone do this| Makan waktu satu hari bagi astronot untuk beraklimasi pada kondisi di angkasa It takes the astronauts a day to get acclimated to the conditions in space.

aklimatisasi: n /tech/ acclimatisation

akomodasi: n /frm/lu/ 1 accommodation also accommodations |a place to live, stay, or work in|  Akomodasi akan disediakan untuk semua peserta lokakarya Accommodation will be provided for all workshop participants 2 a way of solving a problem between two people or groups so that both are satisfied

akomodatif: adj /frm/lu/ accommodative

akomodir: v /frm/lu/ accommodate

a kontan: adv /frm/lu/ 1 cash only 2 no credit

akor; or akur1: adj /inf/lu/ 1 harmonious  Itu satu paduan empat suara yang akur. It is a harmonious quartet 2 matching Warna dinding dan dekorasi akur The wall colour and the decoration are matching 3 intimate Dia hanya mengatakan kepada beberapa teman akurnya bahwa dia hamil She only told a few intimate friends of her that she was pregnant. -syn: sesuai, pas, cocok..

akor; akur2: v /inf/lu/ 1 agree Mereka akur satu sama lain dengan harga itu They agree each other with the price. 2 match. Apa kaos kaki ini akur sama sepatu kamu? Do these socks match your shoes? 3 square Dealer mobil yang memberi langganannya harga yang akur (pantas) A car dealer that gives customers a square deal.

akrab1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 intimate Dia adalah teman akrab saya She is my intimate friend 2 close related. Apa kamu akrab dengan Hun Sen? Are you close related to Hun Sen? 3 get along Bagaimana kamubisa akrab dengan Bob? How do you get along with Bob?
-mengakrabkan: v /tr/ tighten (relationship) Usaha kerjasama ini akan mengakrabkan kedua negara. This joint venture will tighten the relation of the two countries.
-keakraban: n intimacy

akrobat: n /frm/lu/ acrobat |sb who does difficult physical actions such as a circus player|

akreditasi: n /frm/lu/ accreditation

akronim: n /frm/ acronym

aksa: adj far

aksara: n /frm/ 1 alphabet 2 letter. –syn: /lu/ huruf
-buta aksara: adj illiterate
-kebuta aksaraan: n illiteracy  Berapa angka kebuta aksaraan di negeri ini? What is the illiteracy rate in this country?
-beraksara: v have a skill to read and to write

akselerasi: n /frm/lu/ acceleration

aksen: n /frm/lu/ accent

akseptor: n /frm/lu/ acceptor (family planning contraceptive users)

aksesori: n /frm/lu/ accessory

aksi: n /frm/lu/ 1 action  2 activity
-beraksi: v /intr/ 1 act  2 perform 3 do 3 function 4 execute 6 carry out 6 operate 7 take the stand

aksioma: n /frm/ axiom

akta: n /frm/lu/ official document (certificate, licence, statement, etc)
-akta lahir: n birth certificate
-akta perkawinan: n marriage certificate
-akta guru: n teacher’s certificate
-akta jual beli: n ownership mutation certificate

akte: variant of akta:

aktip: adj /frm/lu/ 1 active  2 in­dustrious.

aktiva: n /frm/ assets

aktivis: n /frm/lu/ activist

aktivitas: n /frm/lu/ activity
-keaktifan: n 1 activeness  2 industriousness

akta: n /frm/lu/ 1 official document 2 certificate

aktor: n /frm/lu/ 1 actor 2 player

aktris: n /frm/lu/ actress

actual; aktuil: adj /frm/lu/ actual

aktualisasi: n /frm/lu/ actualization

aktualitas: n /frm/lu/ actuality

aktuil: variant of actual:

aku1: pron. /frm/lu/ 1 I  Aku adalah seorang dokter. I am a doctor. 2 my Itu rumah aku That is my house. 3 me Bicaralah padaku (pada aku). Talk to me. –syn: saya, hamba, beta, /inf/ gua
-mengaku: v 1 admit Dia salah, namun dia tidak mau mengaku. He was wrong, but he won’t admit it. 2  confess Tidak makan waktu lama supaya dia mengaku salah It didn’t take long for her to confess. 3 profess/claim  Sekalipun dia mengaku seorang vegetarian, ternyata dia memakan ikan Although he professes to be a vegetarian, in fact he eats fish.
-mengakui: v acknowledge.
-pengkuan: n 1 acknowledgement 2. confession 3 profession/claim

aku2: variant of aki:

akuarium: n /frm/lu/ aquarium

akupuntur: n /frm/lu/ acupuncture

akumulasi: n /frm/lu/ accumulation

akumulatif: adj /frm/lu/ accumulative

akuntan: n /frm/lu/ accountant

akuntansi; akonting: n /frm/lu/ accounting

akupungtur: n /frm/lu/ acupuncture

akur: variant of akor:

akurat: adj /frm/lu/ 1 accurate 2 precise 3 exact

akustik; akustika: n /frm/lu/ acoustics

akustis: adj /frm/ acoustic

akut: adj /frm/lu/ 1 acute 2 critical
-keakutan: n 1 acuteness  2 criticality

a.l. {antara lain}: prep. among others

ala1: adj /frm/lu/ in the way or style (of)    Makanan ala Amerika American food Musik ala Barat Western music.

ala2: adv /frm/lu/ ala kadarnya |to describe that sth is made available neither abundant and nor very limited|  Silahkan cicipi makanan yang ala kadarnya. Please enjoy the food that just what can be made available. Gajinya cukup umtuk kebutuhan hidup mereka ala kadarnya His take home pay is fairly enough for their need.

ala3; alah!: excl. /spo/lu/ come on |to express that we don’t fully agree with sth| Alah! Jangan begitu keras kepala dong! Come on! Don’t be such stubborn!

alah2: mengalah: v /intr/frm/lu/ give in |to agree to something you were unwilling to agree to before, especially for a good reason| Saya tidak ingin ada perpecahan diantara anggota sehingga saya mengalah tidak mencalonkan diri menjadi ketua club. I didn’t want any friction between the members, so I gave in not to run for the chairman of the club.  Saya mengalah  karena saya tahu bahwa kejuaraan ini adalah segalanya buat dia. I gave in be­cause I know that this championship is everything for him.
-mengalahi; mengalahkan: v /tr/ 1 conquer  2 over­come 3 defeat   Penampilan kamu mengalahi penampilan dia. Your performance overcome her performance. Pasukan kita mengalahi pasukan musuh di medan perang. Our troop defeated the enemy’s troop in the battle.
-kekalahan: n 1 loss 2 defeat.

alah: variant of  ala3:

alaihissalam: intrj. /Isl/ |a response to Islamic greeting “assalam alaikum”  meaning “may peace be upon you”|

alaikum salam: greeting /Isl/ peace be unto you |a response to “assalam mualaikum” |

alal bihalal: n variant of halal bihalal |a social gathering where people should forgive each other|

alam1: n /frm/lu/ 1 world 2 realm 3 nature 4 environment
-alam semesta: n universe
-alam gaib: n world of mystery
-­alam baka: n eternity
-alam khayal: n world of fantasy
-alam ­nabati: n plant kingdom
-alam pikiran: n 1view 2 philosophy 3 world of ideas 4 way of thinking
alam tumbuh-turnbuhan: n the nature of plant
-alam sekeliling: n environment
-alam terbuka: n open-air
-berpengalaman: adj experienced |has a lot of experiences that make you skilful or wise| seorang pemandu wisata berpengalaman an experienced tour guide
-mengalami: v experience |to be influenced or affected by something that happens to you or by emotions, pain| Perusahaan mengalami banyak masalah berkaitan dengan sistim komputer The company is experiencing problems with its computer system. Korban gempa itu mengalami banyak kejadian mengerikan The victims of the earthquake experienced a lot of terrible incidents.
-pengalaman: n experience |something that happens to you and has an effect on how you feel or what you think|  Bekerja sebagai tim penyelamat adalah satu pengalaman menakjubkan. Working as a rescue team was a wonderful experience.

alam2: adj /frm/lu/ natural karet alam natural rubber. bakat alam natural talent (talent by birth)

alam3: excl. /Isl/ wallahu alam: only the God knows! Apakah mereka selamat atau tidak, wallahu alam! Whether they survive or not, only the God knows

alamat: n /frm/lu/ address
-beralamat: v |have the address| Kantor dia beralamat di Jl Sudirman no: 20 His office’s address is at # 20 Jl Sudirman. Surat itu tidak beralamat That letter has no address
-mengalamatkan: v 1 |to send to a particular address| Kemana surat itu kamu alamatkan? What address the letter you sent to? 2 address |to pursue particular audience or object| Presiden mengalamatkan kritiknya kepada oposisi. The president addressed his critique to the opposition. 3 indicate, foretell  Suhu udara yang meningkat tiba-tiba mengalamatkan datangnya hujan. The sudden increase of air temperature indicates the coming of rain.

alami1: or alamiah: adj /frm/lu/ 1 natural  Aroma kue ini alami.  The scent of this cake is natural Apakah nafsu ini dorongan alami? Is sexual lure a natural drive? Apa hasrat ini merupakan dorongan alami? Is this passion a natu­ral drive?

alami2; secara alamiah: adv /frm/lu/ naturally Secara alamiah kekebalannya terhadap infeksi sangat efektif Naturally his immunity to infection is very effective. Apa nafsu berahi itu  alamiah?
-mengalami: v experience. Apa kamu pernah mengalami kesasar di hutan? Did you ever experience a lost in a jungle?

alang1: prep. /ld/ |in the middle of sth| Dia anak alang dari tiga bersaudara He is in the middle (the third) of three children.

alang2; alang kepalang; kepalang tanggung: adj /frm/lu/ 1 |to describe that sth neither be fulfilled nor be scarce or sth is done with a half-hearted way| Makanan di pesta itu alang tanggung. The food at the dinner was almost scarce 2 Kalau mau berbuat baik jangan kepalang tanggung, atau setengah hati. If you want to do something nice do it seriously, don’t be half-hearted

alang3; mengalang: v /frm/lu/ 1 block 2 bar. –see: halang:
-pengalang: n /lu/ 1 block 2 bar 3 blockage

alang-alang: n /frm/lu/ |a kind of grass with coarse, tall, and sharp leaf like blade|

alangkah: adv /frm/lu/ |averagely like very – how – if it’s used to express an impression toward sth| Alangkah indahnya danau ini. How beautiful this lake!  Alangkah baiknya kalau kamu ikut bersama kami It would be very nice if you go with us

alap1; alap-alap: n /ld/1 hawk 2 thief  3 kidnapper
-mengalap: v 1 pick (fruit from its tree) 2 abduct 3 kidnap
-pengalap: n 1 abductor 2 kidnapper
-pengalapan: n 1 abduction 2 kidnapping

alap2: adj /ld/1 attractive 2 gorgeous 3 nice Seorang pemuda yang alap dan santun A handsome and good looking young man

alaram: n /frm/lu/1 alarm 2 danger signal.

alas1: n /frm/lu/1 pedestal 2 base 3 founda­tion 4  layer 5 bottom 6 support.
-alas baju: n jacket lin­ing.
-alas kaki: n footwear
-alas kata: n forewords
-alas bangunan: n foundation |a  basic structure of a building|
-alas meja: n table cloth
-alas tidur: n sleeping mattress
-mengalasi: v |to put sth as a base of sth| Kamu perlu mengalasi vas bunga itu dengan plastik. You need to put a plastic as the base of the vase.
-mengalaskan: v |to use sth as a layer/base|  Jangan cari lagi plat itu, saya telah mengalaskan nya di dasar tonggak ini. Don’t look for that plate anymore, I’ve put it as the base of this pole.
-pengalas: n |to be used as a base or layer| Mari kita cari ssu untuk pengalas patung ini. Let’s find something as a base of this statue.

alas2: intrj /spo/lu/ setan alas! son of a bitch! |setan = ghost, evil; alas = wild forest|

alasan: n /frm/lu/ 1 reason 2 motive 3 cause
-beralasan1: adj reasonable Tidak beralasan meminta dia menunggu kita It’s not reasonable asking him to wait for us
-beralasan2: v have a reason  Dia selalu beralasan untuk pulang lebih awal. She always has a reason to go home early.

alat1: n /frm/lu/1 tool 2 device 3 equipment 4 instrument 5 gadget 6 apparatus 7 organ, applicator
-alat pemerintahan: n government apparatus. (mostly used for civilian)
-alat negara: n armed personnel such as police, soldiers, etc.
-alat tulis kantor (ATK): n office supplies
-alat pertanian: n agricultural equipment.
-alat olah raga: n sport devices and facilities.
-alat pel: n mop
-alat pertukangan: n repairing tools
-alat-alat listrik: n electricity devices
-alat-alat dapur: n kitchen wares
-alat-alat musik: n music instruments
-alat pernafasan: n respirator
-alat pencernaan: n digestive organ
-alat kelamin: n sex organ, genitals
-alat-alat rumahtangga: also perabotan: n furniture
-alat bayar luar negeri: n foreign exchange.
-memperalat: v 1 make use of sb/sth Mereka memperalat dia untuk menyelundupkan narkoba ke dalam negeri. They used her to smuggle drugs into the country 2 manipulate Dia memperalat nama baik ayahnya untuk keuntungan pribadi. He manipulated his father’s reputation for his own benefit.
-peralatan: n equipments.

alat2: n /mainly in north Sumatera/ 1 guest 2 feast or party
-memperalatkan: v 1 marry sb 2 invite guest to a marriage party
-peralatan; perhelatan: n a feast to celebrate sth

ale: n /Amb/ you |a respectful address|

alegori: n /ltr/ allegory |a story, poem, painting etc. in which the events and characters represent good and bad qualities|

alegoris: adj /ltr/ allegorical

alergi: n /frm/lu/ allergy

alergi: adj /frm/lu/ allergic

alfabet: n /frm/lu/ alphabet

alfabetis: adj /frm/lu/ alphabetical

alfatihah: n /Isl/ first versus of Al Quran recited every prayer time and before praying for a death

algoritme: n /frm/lu/ algorithm

algojo: n /frm/lu/ 1 executor 2 hangman 3 terminator 4 bully 5 butcher 6 killer

alhamdulilah: excl. /Isl/ 1 thank God (for what has done) 2 fortunately Alhamdulilah mereka selamat dari malapetaka itu Fortunately they survived the disaster.

alhasil: adv /frm/lu/1 eventually Alhasil dia pergi juga He eventually went away. 2 finally Alhasil mereka menerima proposal kita. Finally they accept our proposal. 3 in the end Setelah penantian yang lama alhasil mereka tidak muncul After a long waiting, at the end they didn’t show up.

ali-ali: n /ld/ 1 a traditional weapon |a piece of rope that is used to throw a stone| 2 slingshot
-mengali-ali: v shoot with ali-ali

aliansi: n /frm/lu/ alliance
-beraliansi: v 1 ally 2 be allied

alias: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 or  Cerita agen rahasia, Margaret Zelle, alias Mata Hari. The story of a spy, Margaret Zelle, alias Mata Hari.  2 in other words/name.  Dia menghabiskan waktu mondar-mandir di rumah dengan alais dia tidak melakukan apa-apa. He spends his days loafing around the house, in other words he does  nothing.

Ali Baba: /idiom/ |Ali sounds Indonesian name and Baba sounds Chinese name – Ali Baba used as a term to classify a cooperation or business between an Indonesia and a Chinese which sounds like an Indonesian business, but it’s secretly financed by a Chinese businessman|

alibi: n /frm/lu/ alibi.

alih1; mengalihkan; beralih; v /frm/lu/ 1 change Jangan coba mengalih pembicaraan. Don’t try to change the topic of the conversation: 2 shift Apa kamu mau mengalihkan jam kerja kamu dari pagi menjadi sore? Do you want to shift your work hours from morning to evening? 3 convert Mereka beralih agama dari Hindu ke Islam They converted from Hinduism to Moslem. 4 switch. Tiba-tiba dia mengalihkan arah senjata itu Suddenly he switched the direction of the gun. 5 upstage  Kedatangan artis itu mengalihkan perhatian orang dari pekerjaannya. The coming of the artist upstage people’s attention from their work.

alih2: n /frm/lu/ 1 transfer alih teknologi transfer of technology  2 translation alih bahasa language translation
-peralihan: n 1|the process of changing| Telah terjadi satu peralihan kekuasaan politik yang mendadak A sudden change in political power control has happened. 2 |transition| Ini adalah masa peralihan dari pemerintahan otoriter menjadi demokratis This is a transition period from a totalitarian to a democratic government.
-pengalihan: n 1 transformation 2 transfer. -alihbahasa; alihbasa: n translation
-mengalihbahasa: v translate

alim: adj /frm/lu/ 1 pious 2 religious  3 devout.

alim ulama: n /frm/lu/ religious leader

aling1; aling-aling1: n /frm/lu/1 shelter 2 barrier, block, obstruction, flaw
-tanpa tedeng aling-aling: adv flawlessly,  straightforwardly, (without argumentation or reason)  Dia menjawab pertanyaan itu tanpa tedeng aling-aling He responded the question straightforwardly. Dia membuat  pernyataan tanpa tedeng aling-aling. He gave the statement flawlessly.
-mengalingi: v 1 hamper  Uang telah mengalingi pandangan dia terhadap masa depan anaknya yang lebih baik Money has hampered his vision to a better future of his children  2 block  Gedung baru itu telah mengalingi pandangan ke pantai The new building blocks the sight to the beach.

aling-aling2: n /tech/ mechanical bearing

alir1; alirann /frm/lu/1 flow Aliran sungai itu telah menenggelamkan seorang anak kecil. The flow of the river sunk a little boy  2 orientation Aliran politik partai itu adalah extreme kanan. The party’s political orientation is extreme right 3 type Ini lukisan aliran abstark This an abstract type of painting. 4 sect Kami menganut agama yang sama tetapi aliran berbeda. We follow the same religion but with different sect. 5 current Apa aliran listrik tersedia di desa itu? Is electricity current available in the village? 6 cash flow (of money) Mari kita upah seorang akuntan untuk memeriksa aliran uang keluar masuk dana organisasi itu. Let’s hire an accountant to verify the cash flow of the organization fund. 6. circulation aliran darah blood circulation  7 aliran kebatinan spir­itualism/mysticism  8 aliran Harvard Harvard school of thought
-mengalir: v 1 flow Sebuah sungai mengalir dipinggir tanah itu A river flows on the border of the land. Sejumlah besar uang mengalir secara gelap dari bank sentral kepada sejumlah oknum politisi. A big amount of money illegally flowed from the central bank to a number of politicians 2 inherit Di tubuh Tony mengalir bakat musik dari ayahnya. Tony inherited his father’s talent of music. 3 pour Ribuan orang mengalir memasuki lapangan Thousands of people poured into the square. 4 stream down. Air rnatanya mengalir Her tears streamed down.
-mengaliri: v flow through. Air dari bendungan ini mengaliri berhektar-hektar sawah The water of this dam flows through hectares of rice field. Air mata mengaliri pipinya Tears flowed down her cheeks.
-dialiri: v be supplied (with) Semua rumah akan dialiri listrik. All houses will be supplied with electricity.
-mengalirkan: v channel. Pak tani mengalirkan sungai itu ke tambak ikannya. The farmer channels the river into his fish fond.
-pengaliran: n 1 circulation 2 distribution

alir2: n /ld/ | a trap using a live animal as a bait in a narrow tunnel to catch crocodile|

alir3: adj /lu/ smooth

alis: n /frm/lu/ eyebrow.

aljabar: n /frm/lu/ algebra.

alkisah; alkissah: n /frm/lu/ 1 the story 2 legend

Alkitab: n /frm/lu/ the Bible.

alkitabiah: adj /frm/lu/ biblical

alkohol: n /frm/lu/ alcohol

Alkuran: n /frm/lu/ Al-Qur’an

Allah: n /frm/lu/ the God.
-demi Allah: excl.  for the sake of the God
-Allah (wa) ta’ala: excl. God the Most High.
-Allahu Akbar: excl. holy exclamation God is the Greatest

alm.{almarhum}: n /wrt/ the late, the death

almahdi: n /Isl/ the Messiah

almarhum: n /frm/lu/ the late. the deceased

almarhumah: n /frm/lu/ the late (for female) almarhumah Aminah the late Aminah.

almari; lemari: n /frm/lu/ cupboard

Al-Masih: n /frm/lu/ the Messiah.

alokasi: n /frm/lu/ allocation.
-alokir: also mengalokir: v allocate
-mengalokasikan: v allocate
-pengalokasian: n allocating.

alon-alon1: adj, adv /Jv/ slow, slowly. alon-alon asal kelakon slowly but sure

alon-alon2; n /ld/ 1 city park 1 town square;
-see: alun-alun:

alot: adj /frm/lu/ 1 tough  Diskusi itu sangat alot The discussion was very tough  2 solid Daging itu sangat alot The meat is solid. 3 difficult Ujian itu sangat alot The test was so difficult

alpa1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 neglectful Dia alpa melakukan tanggung-jawabnya. He is neglectful of his responsibility. 2 forgetful

alpa2: v /frm/lu/ forget  Jangan alpa mengerjakan PR kamu Don’t forget to work with your home work. 2 neglect
-kealpaan: n 1 shortcoming 2 neglect

alpabet: variant of  alphabet:

alpukat: n /frm/lu/ avocado –see: advokat

AI-Qur’an: n /lu/ |the Koran – the holy book of Islam|

ALRI [Angkatan Laut Republik Indonesia}: n Indonesian Navy

altar: n /frm/lu/ altar.

alternatif1: n /frm/lu/ alternative. Apa alternatifnya? What is the alternative?

alternatif2: adj /frm/lu/ alternative Saya menghadapi pilihan alternatif (pilihan satu diantara dua) I faced an alternative choices.

alun: n /lu/ wave, swell
-beralun-alun: v 1 billow awan beralun diatas kepala clouds billowing overhead
-mengalun: v |move or do sth rhythmically| Penyanyi itu mengalunkan suara merdunya. The singer release his soft voice rhythmically 2 |move in steady movement|  Biar saya cek apakah darahmu mengalun Let me check if your blood  flows normally

alun-alun: n /ld/ town square.

alur1: n /frm/lu/ 1 channel, line  alur pelayaran ship’s channel. 2 plot (of a story). Alur ceritera filmitu  membosankan namun effek khususnya bagus The plot of the story of the movie was boring, but the special effects was good. Naskahnya memberi satu alur yang kuat. The play script provides a forceful plot. 3 slot Masukkan kartu ATM anda dari alur ini Insert your ATM card through this slot. 4 ditch/gully Sungai kecil ini dulunya adalah alur irigasi. This brook was an irrigation ditch 5 space. Jangan letakkan kotak-kotak itu terlalu rapat satu sama lain. Kita perlu alur untuk lewat. Don’t put the boxes too close each other. We need a space to walk through. 5 gully  Alur di tanah menunjukkan betapa lebatnya hujan itu The gully on the ground shows how heavy the rain was. 6 the way of thinking. Saya tidak mengerti alur pikir anda I just don’t understand your way of thinking. 7 chronology Buku ini menggambarkan alur terjadinya peristiwa tersebut.
-beralur1: v 1 have brainstorm   Mereka itu orang-orang beralur They are people who have brainstorm.
-beralur2: adj striped – having a pattern of stripes

alur2; mengalur: v /ld/ conduct brainstorming  |the act of meeting with a group of people in order to try to develop ideas and think of ways to solve problems| Mereka selalu menglaur dulu sebelum mengambil keputusan They always conduct a brainstorming before taking a decision

alus; halus: adj /frm/lu/ 1 smooth |having an even surface| jalan yang halus a smooth road kulit yang halus smooth skin 2 delicate |made in a way that is not solid or is weak and therefore easily damaged| Taruh barang-barang halus dalam satu kotak khusus dan di urus dengan hati-hati. Put the delicate things in a special box and handle them with care 3 soft Suaranya halus Her voice is soft
-menghaluskan: v /tr/ smooth out  Natasia duduk meghaluskan roknya Natasia sat down, smoothing her skirt.

am: adj /frm/ 1 general, ordinary, common Itu satu hal yang am It’s a common matter. 2 universal gereja yang kudus dan am the holy and universal church.
-mengamkan: v 1 publicize 2 announce 3  proclaim.

ama1: n /lu/ insect; –see: hama:

ama2: adj /Jkt/ similar -see: sama:

amal: n /frm/lu/ 1 sacrifice |something that you decide not to have in order that others need it more or something you do for the sake of others| 2 deed, work. Banyak beramal dan sedikil bicara itulah yang lebih baik Much deed and little talk, that would be better 3 good deed, charity. amal baik good deed, good works. amal bakti dedication, service.
-beramal1: v give charity |sacrifice or do something for good deed|
-beramal2: adj charitable |have done a lot of sacrifice and good deed| Mereka itu orang-orang beramal They are charitable people 2 generous. Kami mencari orang-orang beramal untuk menjadi pendukung missi ini We are looking for generous people to be the sponsor of this mission
-mengamalkan: v |put or give sth to charitable use|  Mereka meng­amalkan rumahnya untuk kepentingan umum. They give their house for public use.

amaliah: adj /lu/ charitable |related to charity and good deed| .

aman: adj /frm/lu/ 1 safe Apa makanan ini aman untuk dikonsumsi anak-anak? Is the food safe to consume by children?  Aman untuk berjalan sendiri di daerah ini. It’s safe to walk alone in this area 2 secure Kami buat pabrik ini supaya aman untuk pekerja We keep this factory secure for the workers. 3 peaceful Jangan takut pergi, ini kota yang aman Don’t worry to go, this is a peaceful city. 4 orderly Ada demonstrasi aman pagi tadi di lapangan kota. There was an orderly demonstration this morning in the town square.
-aman sejahtera: adj peaceful and tranquil.
-keamanan: n security, safety |the state of being safe and orderly| Tidak ada yang perlu diragukan dalam soal keamanan disini There is nothing to worry about related to safety in this place.
-mengamankan: v 1 protect Polisi telah mengamankan daerah ini The Police have protected this area. 2 pacify Polisi telah mengamankan orang-orang yang mengamuk itu Police have pacified the angry mob.  3 save Mereka tidak bisa mengamankan hutan itu dari penebagan liar. They couldn’t save the forest from illegal logging. Kakak saya mencoba mengamankan harta bendanya dari kobaran api My elder sister tried to save her goods from the flames. 4 keep Keep the children in a calm place. 4 detain |to officially stop someone from leaving a place|  Polisi telah mengamankan dua tersangka untuk di tanyai keterangan. The police detained two suspects for questioning.
-pengamanan: n 1 safeguard, custody |an action to safe (sth/so)| 2 preservation |protection from change, risks, or bad situations| 3 security check Pengamanan di bandara sangat ketat. The security check in the airport is very tight. 3 guardianship Keamanan hotel bertanggung jawab atas pengamanan dalam. The security of the hotel is responsible for internal guardianship.

amanah: n /frm/lu/1 mandate Yang terpenting buat saya adalah meningkatkan kemakmuran negeri ini, karena itu adalah salah satu amanah yang diberikan oleh rakyat. My main concern is to improve the country’s prosperity, because it is one of the mandate given by the people. 2 mission Amanah yang harus kami jalankan adalah membantu para tunawisma di daerah ini. The mission that we have to do is to help the homeless people in this region 3 trust Keberhasilan bank ini tergantung pada amanah dari para nasabah. The success of this bank depends on the trust given by the customers.
-mengamanahkan: v advocate, advice, propose, recommend

amanat: n /frm/lu/ 1 speech, instruction, command Presiden akan memberi amanat kepada semua polisi dan angkatan bersenjata di televisi mengenai ketertiban dalam negeri. The president will deliver his speech to the police and arm forces through television on the country order. 2 |the need to pay attention to|
-Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat: n Attention to the People’s Suffering (political slogan launched by Sukarno) –see: AMPERA
-beramanat: v instruct |issue an order,  advice, advocate, etc. . Panglima Angkatan Perang beramanat kepada semua pasukan untuk siap bertempur. The Army Chief in Command instruct all the troops to be ready to combat. Menteri kesehatan beramanat agar semua rumah sakit meningkatkan pelayananya. The minister of health advise all the hospitals to improve their services.
-mengamanatkan: v 1 warn Bank Dunia mengamanatkan akan adanya kemungkinan keterbatasan pangan dunia. The World Bank warned the possibility of world food shortage. 2 promote Satu iklan layanan social yang mengamanatkan penggunaan pupuk ramah lingkungan A social marketing advertisement that promote the use of environment-friendly fertilizer 3 dedicate, sacrifice: Mereka ingin mengamanatkan sebagian harta mereka untuk kegiatan sosial. They want to dedicate some of their properties for charity.
-pengamanatan: n |the process or action of making a speech, command, advice, etc| Pengamanatan bahwa tentara perlu siap siaga itu memang perlu The instruction of asking troop to standby was necessary

amandel: n /frm/lu/ 1 almond. 2 tonsil.

amandemen: n /lu/ amendment.

amang: mengamang-amang: v /ld/ |raise fist while shouting a threat| Dia mengangkat tangannya yang terkepal dan berteriak “Kamu akan terima balasannya” He raise his clenched fist and screamed, “You’ll pay for it” –syn: mengacung-acungkan

amang boru: n /ld/ |the husband of your father’s sister in Batak ethnic|

amar: n /frm/ 1 order, command (esp. from God) Ini satu amar yang tidak bisa ditolak This is an order that we can’t object to. 2 substance (esp. in a court decision) |sentence or phrase after word “decide, command, order, etc” in a court decision” Amar putusan itu menyatakan bahwa terdakwa bisa mengajukan banding. The substance of the court decision says that the dependant has a right to go to the higher court.
-mengamarkan: v order, command, instruct. Pengadilan mengamarkan supaya jaksa segera memasukkan terdakwa ke dalam penjara. The court order the prosecutor to directly detain the dependant in prison.
-amaran: n order, charge, injunction. Saya berharap amaran sidang tidak menghukum terdakwa. I hope the court injuction will not to punish the dependant.

amarah: n /frm/lu/ anger. Amarah tidak akan menyelesaikan persoalan Anger will not solve the problem

amat1: adv /frm/lu/ very, too. Kenapa  kamu amat  membenci dia sejak ilu? Why did you hate him very much after that time? –satu berita amat penting a very important news amat banyak sungut-sungut. very much grievance –syn: sangat, terlalu.

amat2; mengamati: v /frm/lu/ 1 observe  Menejer selalu mengamati semua pekerja orang per orang. The manager always observes the workers individually 2 monitor, supervise.  –syn: memantau, memperhatikan.
-pengamat: n observer Dia adalah seorang pengamat ekonomi yang teliti He is a very cautious economic observer. –syn: pemantau, pemerhati, pengawas
-pengamatan: n observation Bagaimana hasil pengamatannya? How was the result of the observation? -syn: pengawasan,  pemantauan,
-mengamat-amati: n 1 spy  Seorang agen rahasia mengamat-amati kegiatannya. A secret agent spies his activities. –syn:  memata-matai, mengawasi, memperhatikan.

amatir: n /frm/lu/ amateur  Apa tato kamu dibuat oleh seorang amtir? Have your tattoo done by an amateur?

amatiran: adj /frm/lu/ amateur  Saya adalah tukang foto amatiran. I’m an amateur photographer.

ambal: n /lu/ carpet  –syn: permadani

ambang1: n /frm/lu/ 1 ambang (batas): threshold |the level at which something begins to happen or have an effect on something|  Ambang batas pemilih agar dapat menjadi partai peserta pemilu berikutnya adalah 3% The threshold of the voters to have a right to joint the consecutive election is 3%  2 ambang (penyimpangan): margin of error |the degree to which a calculation can be wrong without affecting the final results| 3 sill ambang jendelan windowsill 4 ambang (pintu): door step 5 ambar (sungai):  river bank
/idiom/ di ambang pintu: imminent, near at hand. Saya yakin promosi kamu sudah diambang pintu I believe that your promotion has been near at hand

ambang2’ mengambang: v /intr/frm/lu/ float  Bahan ini mengambang di air. This material float in water.
-mengambangkan: v /tr/ float Jaket pengaman ini akan mengambangkan anda di permukaan air. This life jacket will float you on the water surface
-mengambak: adj 1 annoyed Ben mengambak kepada ibunya Ben was annoyed at his mother 2 crestfallen
n floating |the action or process to float sth|  Pengambangan nilai tukar mata uang asing adalah salah satu pilihan yang mugkin dilakukan untuk menjaga stabilitas inflasi. Floating of the foreign currency rate is a possible option to keep the inflation stability.

ambar; hambar: adj /frm/lu/ devoid

ambeg-parama-arta1: adj /frm/ |Javanese words describes a stand of giving priority to sth – which is more important than which)

ambeg-parama-arta2: n /frm/ priority

-mengambeg-parama-artakan: v /lu/ prioritize  Negara harus mengambeg-parama-artakan pembangunan wilayah Timur The state should prioritize the development of East region.

ambeien: n /frm/lu/ hemorrhoids

ambek: mengambek: v /inf/lu/  sulk  Berhenti mengambek, kamu boleh pergi keluar main nanti. Stop sulking; you can go out and play later.

ambekan: adj /ld/ easy to be sulked Biarkan dia sendiri, dia memang ambekan Let her a lone, she is easy to be sulk:

amben1: n /ld/ sash |a long piece of cloth that you wear around your waist like a belt|

amben2: n /ld/ wooden or bamboo flat form for sleeping

amberol: variant of ambrol:

amberuk: variant of ambruk:

ambet: n /ld/ 1 diaper 2 bindings, bandage.

ambia: n /ld/ the plural form of “nabi” (prophet)

ambil; mengambil: v /frm/lu/ 1 take  Kamu boleh ambil satu kue itu You may take one of the cake Siapa yang mengambil majalah itu? Who took the magazine? 2 ambilkan: take /mostly imperative/  Ambilkan satu gelas air untuk saya Take a glass of water for me. Saya akan ambilkan kamu segelas kopi. I’ll take you a cup of coffee 3 participate, join Apa kamu akan ambil bagian dalam missi itu? Are you going to participate the mission? 4 bring, obtain, get Ambil surat-surat dari kantor pos sekarang Bring/obtain/get mails from the post office right now. 5 consume, use, need. Penelitian itu akan mengambil waktu lama. The research will need/ consume/ use much time. 6 extract Kalau kita mengambil  2,5% dari jumlah keseluruhan, sisanya akan menjadi 975 If we extract 2,5% of the total the rest will be 975
-ambilan: n sth that has been taken
-ambil alih: v take over, expropriate
-ambil anak: v adopt a child
-ambil ancang-ancang: v get prepared
-ambil keputusan: v decide
-ambil kesimpulan: v conclude
-ambil perhatian: v get the attention
-ambil muka: v butter up Kelihatannya staf baru itu selalu mengambil hati menejer It seems that the new staff  always butter up the manager.
-diambil: v /pass./ 1 be taken Surat itu sudah diambil dari kotak pos The letter has been taken from the P.O. box.
-mengambili: v keep taking  Anak-anak mengambili semua buah itu. The children kept taking all the fruit 2 collect Mari kerja bersama mengambili sampah berserakan ini Let’s work together to collect the scattered garbage.
-pengambilan: n taking Pengambilan foto itu akan kita lakukan besok We’ll execute the picture taking tomorrow.
-pengambilan keputusan: n decision making
-pengambilan contoh: n sampling
-pengambilan sumpah: v |administering of an oath at an official installation|
-pengambil alihan: n expropriation, taking over, withdrawal
-pengambil keputusan: n decision maker
adj un-purposely be taken  Maaf, yang satu ini terambil dengan tidak sengaja, akan saya kembalikan. Sorry, this one is un-purposely taken, I’ll put it back.

ambisi: n /frm/lu/ ambition. Saya tidak punya ambisi untuk menjadi ketua sidang. I have no ambition to be the chairman of the meeting.

ambisius: adj /frm/lu/ ambitious  Dia sangat ambisius memenangkan pertandingan yang akan datang. She is very ambitious to win the next game
-berambisi: v have ambition  Saya tahu bahwa anda berambisi menjadi ketua partai. I know that you have ambition to be the president of the party

ambivalen: adj /frm/lu/ ambivalent. Saya kira Carla ambivalen untuk menikah. I think Carla’s ambivalent about getting married.

ambivalensi: n /frm/lu/ ambivalence. Ambivalensi dia untuk sekolah di luar negeri disebabkan dia punya pacar disini. His ambivalence to study abroad because of that he has a girl friend here.

amblas; ambles: v /frm/lu/ 1 disappear. Semua uangnya amblas di kasino All his money disappeared in casino  2 cave in Atap rumah tua itu sudah amblas The roof of the old house has caved in. 3 sweep away Semua rumah-rumah  itu  amblas oleh banjir The entire houses were swept away by the floods.

ambles: variant of amblas:

amboi: excl. /lu/ aha!  |expressing surprise and sympathy| Amboi! Betapa indah rumahnya! Aha! How beautiful the house!

ambreg: adj /lu/ 1 untidy 2 messy.

ambreng-ambrengan: adv, adj /inf/lu/ 1 pervasively Bau daging busuk itu ambreng-ambrengan  kemana-mana The smell of the decayed meat smell pervasively  2 scattered  Pakaian ambreang-ambrengan di lantai Clothes had been scattered across the floor.

ambring-ambringan: adj /inf/lu/1 indescribable  2 unheard of.

ambruk: variant of ambrol: v /frm/lu/ 1 collapse, fall down (houses, buildings) Banyak rumah ambruk selama gempa bumi itu Many buildings collapsed during the earthquake.
-keambrukan: n collapse Keambrukan Kerajaan Majapahit The collapse of  Majapahit Kingdom.

ambulan: n /frm/lu/ ambulance.

ambung: n /ld/ 1 |the quality that makes things able to bounce| Ambung bola ini sangat bagus. The bounce of this ball is good 2 a container of thins that you carry it by hanging on your back or breast
-mengambungkan: v /tr/ 1 toss |to throw something without much force| Boleh tolong ambungkan kuncinya? Could you toss me the keys?  Perahu itu diambung-ambungkan oleh ombak The boat was tossed up and down by the waves. 2 put on airs Dia suka mengambungkan diri sendiri He likes to put himself on the air
-mengambung: v /intr/ 3 floating about, bobbing up and down (in the water). Kapal rusak itu masih mengambung di sungai The broken boat still floats about on the river.

ambur; mengambur: v /lu/ jump onto water

amburadul: adj /inf/lu/1 messy 2 untidy 3  disarranged

ambyar: adj /ld/ 1 ruined 2 splattered 3 fallen apart. Rencana pembangunan yang sudah didisain bagus itu telah ambyar karena kesulitan ekonomi. The well-designed development plan fell apart of the economic stagnation.

amen: excl. /frm/lu/ 1 amen a) |said as a closing word of a prayer| b) |said as a statement uttered when sb’s begging|
-ngamen: v 1 |begging while singing, playing musical instruments, or re­citing prayers|
-pengamen: n singing beggar. rombongan pengamen traveling troupe of beggars.

amendemen: variant of amandemen:

Amerika: n America Amerika Serikat United States of America.
-keamerika-amerikaan: adj be American-like

amfibi1: n /frm/lu/  amphibian

amfibi2: adj /frm/lu/ am­phibious

amin: intr. /frm/lu/ amen.
-mengamini, mengaminkan: v 1 conclude a prayer with “Amen.” Orang mengamini  doa yang dibacakan oleh imam People said amen to the prayer recited by the imam. 2 approve of, con­cur. Semua anggota mengaminkan rencana undang-undang itu. All the members approved the bill.

amir: n /Isl/ 1 commander 2 leader.

amis: adj /frm/lu/ putrid  Saya mencium sesuatu yang amis I smell something putrid

amit-amit: excl. God forbid! Perempuan seperti dia? Nggak usah, ya? A women like her? God forbid! Forget her.

amnesty: n /lu/ amnesty

amoi: n /ld/ |in some regions only|  Chinese girl. Amoi itu sedang melirik pada kamu That Chi­nese girl is glancing at you.

amoy: n the variant of amoi:

ampas: n /frm/lu/ 1 waste 2 residue

ampat: num. /Jkt/ four. -see: empat:

ampela: n /frm/lu/ chicken gizzard

ampelas: n /frm/lu/ sandpapersee: 1 amplas 2 kertas pasir

ampelop: n /frm/lu/ envelop -see: amplop:

amphibi:see: amfibi

ampir: variant of hampir:

ampiran: n /lu/ 1 stopping by 2 shelter

ampitasi: n /frm/lu/ amputation  -see: amputasi

ampiteater: n /frm/lu/ amphitheatre

ampitir: mengamputasi: v /frm/lu/ amputate

amplas; mengampelas: v /frm/lu/ smooth the surface of wood with sandpaper or fig tree leaves

amplasemen: n /frm/lu/ 1 emplacement |space to sit mortar gun| 2 ground where the rail of railways put on. –see: emplasemen

ampli; amplifayer: n /frm/lu/ amplifier.

amplop: n /frm/lu/ 1 envelope 2 bribe  Politisi itu dituduh menerima amplop The politician was accused of taking bribes 3 paid wartawan amplop a paid-off (bribed) journalist.
-beramplop: adj |covered with envelope|

ampu1: mengampu: v /ld/ 1 support 2 prop up. Mereka sedang mengampu jembatan tua itu. They are working to pro up the old bridge
-mengampukan: v rule, reign over (a country).
-pengampu: n support, means of support
-pengampuan: n 1 guardianship 2 supporting

ampu2: variant of empu:

ampuh: adj /frm/lu/ 1 effective |producing the result that was wanted or intended| Ini obat yang sangat ampuh untuk flu This is a very effective medicine for flu -syn: mujarab, manjur 2 potent |powerful and effective|  satu sistim persenjataan yang ampuh a potent weapons system –syn: mempan, dahsyat 3 influential Pernyataan presiden itu sangat ampuh meredam huruhara itu.The president statement was very influential to calm the chaos -syn: berpengaruh
-keampuhan: n 1 effectiveness 2 potency 3 potentiality 4 influence   Apa kamu dapat membuktikan keampuhan musik mempengaruhi perilaku seseorang? Can you prove the effectiveness of music to influence someone’s behaviour?

ampun1: n /frm/lu/ forgiveness Dia minta ampun kepada gurunya He ask forgiveness from his teacher –syn: maaf
-mengampuni: 1 pardon Apa anda mau mengampuni saya Would you pardon me? 2 forgive Tolong ampuni saya atas apa yang sudah saya lakukan. Please forgive me of what I’ve done to you  Moga-moga Tuhan mengampuni kamu. May God forgive you  3 condone |to approve of behavior that most people think is wrong| Kita tidak dapat mengampuni penggunaan kekerasan We cannot condone the use of violence  -syn: (1,2) memaafkan
-pengampunan: n 1 forgiveness Ini kesempatan terakhir saya berikan kamu pengampunan This is the last time I give you forgiveness 2 amnesty Presiden menolak permintaan pengampunan hukuman matinya. The president refused his proposal on the amnesty for his death punishment 3 pengampunan dosa: a) mercy b) absolution |a Roman Catholic form of sacrament|  4 pengampunan pajak: tax clemency.
-terampunkan: also dapat diampuni/ terampuni: adj 1 forgivable 2 pardonable 3 condonable  Jangan khawatir ini satu kesalahan yang dapat di ampuni. Don’t worry, this is a forgivable fault  Itu satu dosa yang tidak terampuni. That is an unforgivable sin

ampun2: excl. /frm/lu/ 1 for mercy’s sake Ya ampun! Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan? For mercy’s sake! What are you doing? 2 what the hell  Baunya minta ampun! What the hell that bed smell!

amputasi: variant of ampitasi:

amsal: n /Bib/ l proverb  2  parable 3 Proverbs. |one of the old testament (Bible) contents|

amuk: mengamuk: v /frm/lu/ go berserk |become very angry and violent in a crazy way| Dia mengamuk memukul apa saja yang ada didekatnya. He went berserk to hit what ever close to him.  2 rage violently Badai mengamuk beberapa jam lamanya. The storm rage violently for several hours  3 run amok Orang banyak itu mengamuk merusak pagar dan gerbang bangunan. The crowd ran amok destroying the building fence and gate
-amukan: also kecamuk: n 1 rage |a strong feeling of anger that you cannot control|  Amukan dia muncul ketika kami tolak untuk membantu Her rage came out when we refused to help. 2 blaze Anggota pemadam kebakaran gagal mematikan amukan sijago merah itu The fire fighter failed to extinguish the blaze. 3 conflict Amukan antara perasaan dan pikiran telah menguasai dirinya The conflict between her feeling and thought has  occupied her.
berkecamuk: adj chaotic
-kecamuk: n 1 fight Kecamuk antara kedua negara telah terjadi sangat lama. The fight between the two countries has taken place for long. 2 ranging Kami selalu takut terhadap amukan angin topan. We always fear of the ranging of the typhoon

amunisi: n /frm/lu/ ammunition.

an1: suf. /frm/lu/ 1 |to form noun from action verb|, makan (eat) v ® makanan (food) n;   pukul (hit) v ® pukulan (hit) n; catat (note) v ® catatan (note) n,  buat (make) v ® buatan (made of/in) n, pikir (think) v ® pikiran (thought) n; ukur (size) v ® ukuran (size) n, 2 |combined with prefix “ke”,  to form noun from adjective|, cantik (beautiful) adj ® kecantikan (beauty) n;  baik (kind) adj ® kebaikan (kindness) n; salah (wrong) adj ® kesalahan (mistake) n;  jujur (honest) adj ® kejujuran (honesty) n 3 |to form noun from adjective without prefix; asin| (salty) adj ® asinan (pickle) n; manis (sweet) adj ® manisan (dessert that taste sweet) n. 4 |to form noun as a group, collective, larger/bigger; or common noun from specific things or smaller in size or less in quality|, ratus (hundred) n ® ratusan (hundreds) n, sayur (particular vegetable) n ® sayuran (vegetable in a common sense) n;  laut (sea) n ® lautan (ocean) n;  kota (city) n ® perkotaan (urban) n; desa (village) n ® pedesaan (rural) n; toko (shop) n – pertokoan (shopping center) n; house (rumah) n ® perumahan (housing area) n; kebun (garden) n ® perkebunan (plantation) n 5 |to form a word that can function noun similar to gerund that has a characteristic of verb in it. The difference is that a gerund is formed from a verb, while in this case could be from a noun or an adjective|, jual (sell) v ® jualan (selling);  pacar (boy/girl friend) n ® pacaran (being get together with boy/girl friend); lebar (great, broad, large) adj ® lebaran {celebrating holyday (great day)};  natal (Christmas) n ® natalan (celebrating Christmas Day), tawur (fracas) n ® tawuran (being involved in a fracas), syukur (thanks) n ® syukuran (getting together to say thank to God similar to Thanksgiving) 6 |to form noun from noun or verb which described as a place to do something or to describe an activities, usually combined with prefix “per” or “pe”|. ternak (cattle) n ® peternakan (farming) n ; belanja (shoppin) v ® perbelanjaan a) n shopping area b) n shopping activity; berguru (to learn from a teacher) v ® perguruan n a) n college 2) n teaching;  dukun (magician, witch, warlock) n ® perdukunan a) n a place where a witch or a warlock practices magic. b) n witchcraft, witchery

ana: pron. /ld/  I, me  |particularly used among Betawian (the origin of Jakarta)|

anai-anai: n /frm/lu/ 1 white ant which eat soft wood 2 a person or a family whose richness is growing

anak: n /frm/lu/ 1 son or daughter Saya punya dua anak satu anak laki-laki satu anak perempuan I have two children, one son and one daughter. 2 child  Dia datang kesini dengan seorang anak She came here with a child.
-anak-anak1: adj |very young, not yet fully grown| Dia masih anak-anak He is still very young
-anak-anak2: n 1 children  Anak-anak sedang bermain di halaman belakang. The children are playing in the back yard 2 pupil Berapa anak ada di kelas ini. How many pupils are in this class?
anak Adam: n 1 human being 2 a man
-anak Agung: n Balinese title of nobility
-anak alamiah: n natural (il­legitimate) child
-anak angkat: n adopted child.
-anak anjing: n puppy.
-anak asuh: n 1 foster child 2 disciple  3 protégé |a young person who is guided and helped by someone who has power, wealth, or more experience|
-anak ayam: n baby chicken, chicken offspring
-anak badung: n rascal
-anak baju: n vest, undershirt
-anak bangsawan: n the descendant of nobility
-anak balita {di bawah lima tahun}: n children under five years old
-anak bangsa: n dedicated citizen
-anak bawang: n uncounted person to give an opinion in a family.
-anak beranak: n parents and children
-anak bilik: n small room connected to a larger one.
-anak buah: n subordinate, staff, followers, adjutant, helper, subordinate, members, crew, pawn
-anak bungsu: n the youngest child in a family
-anak catur: n sixteen pieces of a chess board
-anak dara: n a virgin young girl
-anak dara sunti: n an girl who is approaching puberty
-anak durhaka: n rebellious child
-anak gadis: n unmarried young female
-anak gawang: n junior members of a football club who doesn’t yet joint the match
-anak gunung: n 1 knoll 2 someone who just came from rural area, country man
-anak haram: n illegitimate child
anak ingusan: n wet behind the ears child
-anak jalanan: n homeless child
-anak judul: n subtitle
-anak kalimat: n clause
-anak kandung: n own child.
-anak kapal: n sailor
-anak kemarin: n a new member to a group or community who know nothing
-anak kembar: n twins
-anak kembar tiga: n triples
-anak kemenakan: n nephew, niece.
-anak kolong: n soldier’s child (someone who born in a military camp)
-anak komedi: n comedian
-anak kos: n boarder – who pays to live in a dormitory or in another family
anak mas (emas): n favourite child – whom parents give more attention and love
-anak mata: n pupil
-anak manusia: n Christ
-anak menantu: n son or daughter in law
-anak meja: n table’s drawer  –syn: laci
-anak muda: n youth
-anak orok: n new born child, infant
-anak pacu: n jockey
-anak panah: n arrow
-anak peluru: n bullet
-anak panggung: n theatre crew
-anak perusahaan: n affiliated firm of a conglomeration
-anak pinak: n descendants
-anak pungut: n foster, informally adopted child –see: anak angkat
-anak pisang: n banana sprout
-anak remaja: n adolescent, teenager
-anak semang: n a child who is purposely grown up by other family.
-anak sulung: n the oldest child in a family
-anak sungai: n brook
-anak Surabaya/Medan, etc: n someone who come from Surabaya/Medan, etc
-anak tangga: n ladder’s rung, stairs’ step
-anak timbangan: n the weights of a scale
-anak tiri: n step child
-anak uang: n interest
-anak yatim-piatu: n orphan
-kekanak-kanakan: adj childish
-menganak emaskan:
v to treat a child more favourable than the others
-menganak tirikan: v to treat so/sth unfairly.
-peranakan1: adj mixed blood origins  Dia adalah peranakan Cina Melayu His is a mixed blood of Chinese and Melayu
-peranakan2: n 1 womb, uterus 2 hybrid of a plant or animal .

anakanda; ananda: n /ltrl/ 1 your truly child, son (respectful, usually used at the closing part of a personal letter) 2 familiar form of address to a young people. Anakanda hendak kemana? Where are you going, my child?

analis; penganalis; analisawan: n /frm/lu/ analyst, analyzer.

analisa: n /frm/lu/ analysis, examination.
-menganalisa: v analyze.
-penganalisaan: n analyzing, examining.

analisir: menganalisir: v /frm/lu/ analyze.

analisis: n /frm/lu/ analysis. analysis vektor vector analysis

analitis: adj /frm/lu/ analytical.

analog: adj /frm/lu/ analogous.

analogy: n /frm/lu/ analogy.

anam: n variant of enam:

ananda: n variant of  anakanda:

anarkhis; anarkis: adj /frm/lu/ anarchic

anarki: n /frm/lu/ anarchy

anarkisme: n /frm/lu/ anarchism.

anasir: n /frm/lu/ element. Angkatan bersenjata telah dimasuki oleh anasir-anasir aliran extrim kiri. Arm forces has been infiltrated by extreme left wing elements

anatomi: n /frm/lu/ anatomy.

a.n.b. |stand for atas nama beliau|: prep. /frm/ert/ 1 for  2 on behalf of  the Excellency

ancam; mengancam: v /frm/lu/ threaten Sandra mengancam mau lari dari rumah Sandra threatened to run away from home. Kamu jangan mengancam saya Don’t you threaten me! Tornado sedang mengancam The tornado is threatening
-ancaman: n threat Polusi adalah ancaman serius untuk  kehidupan mahluk laut. Pollution is a serious threat to the life of sea creatures.
-berifat ancaman: adj threatening Seseorang mengirimi saya SMS yang bersifat ancaman Someone sent me a threatening SMS
-terancam: adj threatened  Binatang yang terancam dari kepunahan seharusnya dilindungi dengan UU pelestarian Threatened animal from extinction should be protected by reservation law  Kalau kamu merasa terancam hubungi polisi di nomer ini If you feel that you are threatened call the police in this number.
-pengancam: n |who or what threat so/sth|

ancang-ancang: n /frm/lu/ 1 a preparation and position before taking an action such as leap in a race, landing of a craft, etc Pilot telah mengambil ancang-ancang untuk mendarat ketika kami mendengar suara berderak di sayap pesawat The pilot had taken a position to land when we heard a crack on the craft’s wing.  2 |spare distance from where sb stand by to where an action will take place| Ambil tiga meter ancang-ancang dari palang. Take three meters spare distance from the bar  3 the onset of the beginning of something 4 an approach to face a problem. difficulty, etc
-mengancang-ancang: v prepare  Dia sudah mengancang-ancang perjalanan itu sejak bulan lalu He has prepared his tour since last month

ancar-ancar; ancer-ancer: n /frm/lu/ 1 estimate 2 prediction 3 itinerary
-mengancar-ancar: v 1 estimate 2 predict. 3 make itinerary

anda: pron. /frm/lu/ you |use to both single of plural second person – commonly used in semi formal speech or writing instead of Saudara/ Bapak/ Ibu which are considered very formal|

andai: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 andai kata: if. Andai kata saya telepon dia lebih awal, dia seharusnya masih di rumah.  If I called her earlier, she should still be at home. 2 bagaimana seandainya: suppose, supposing. Bagaimana seandainya kita coba menyelesaikan bagian ini saja dulu. Supposing we try to finish this part first. Jangan lakukan itu. Bagaimana seandainya Ibu tahu? Don’t do it. Suppose Mom found out? 3 andaipun: supposing that 4 seandainya: suppose that
-berandai: v |to assume what something might be if something happen| Dia selalu berandai kalau sesuatu terjadi She always think if something happen
berandai-andai: v |think hypothetically – make assumption if something happen something else would happen too| Mereka berandai-andai kalau memenangkan pertandingan They were hypothesizing what would happen if they win the game.
-pengandaikataan: n assumption Pengandaikataan kalau hujan datang membuat saya ragu pestanya di luar rumah. The assumption of if it rain made me worry about the party outdoor.
-mengandaikan: v suppose, assume.
-pengandaian: adj conditional (sentence) Beritahu saya pola umum satu kalimat pengandaian Tell me a common pattern of a sentence
-perandaian: n assump­tion

andal: mengandalkan: v /frm/lu/1 rely on. Negeri ini sangat mengandalkan hasil tambang This country very much rely on mines 2 trade on. Dia mengandalkan pengalamannya untuk mencari kerja He traded on his experiences to find a job.
-andalan: n 1 mainstay. andalan kokoh firm/strong mainstay.
-andalan: adj 1 reliable  Steward adalah pelatih andalan kami Steward is our reliable coach 2 top Sekarang kita punya banyak pemusik andalan Now we have many top musician  2 security, pledge. 3 chief seat (at national or territorial level).

andalas: n /frm/ morus macrora |name of a very tall tree, very solid and  usually used for furniture|

Andalas: n Island of Sumatra.

andar: mengandarkan: v /frm/lu/ 1 exhibit 2 publish  |present in a comprehensive way|
-andaran: n 1 presentation 2 explanation.

andi: n title of nobility in South Sulawesi.

andil: n /frm/lu/ share. Berapa andil kamu di perusahaan itu? How much is your share in the company? Pasar andil sekarang lagi stabil The share market is now stable 3 contribution. Sebagai pahlawan ayahnya mempunyai andil besar di negeri ini.As a hero his father has a great contribution to this country

andong: n /lu/ four-wheeled cart drawn by two horses common in Central Java.

anduk: n /lu/ towel  syn: handuk.

andung: n /ld/ grandmother

ane: n /ld/ I, me  –see ana:

aneh: adj /frm/lu/ strange, queer, peculiar, unique satu perilaku aneh a strange attitude. Betapa anehnya penampilan dia. How strange his performance was
-anehnya: also keanehan: n strangeness, oddity, peculiarity.  Keanehan sikapnya membuat saya tidak bisa menahan tawa The strangeness of his behavior couldn’t stop me laughing
-menganehkan: adv 1 strangely 2 surprisingly Menganehkan kenapa dia tidak datang ke pesta itu Strangely why he didn’t come to the party?
-aneh-aneh: adj odd Aneh-aneh saja kamu berkata seperti itu! What so odd you said that!

aneka: adj /frm/lu/ different aneka ragam different kinds
-beraneka1: v vary Ras-ras itu beraneka sesuai kejauhan tempat The races vary over the distance Metode pengajaran sangat beraneka dari satu sekolah ke sekolah lain. Teaching methods vary greatly from school to school. anggur yang braneka harga dan mutu wines that vary in price/quality
-beraneka2: adj various
-beraneka ragam/warna/jenis1: v vary in colour  Mereka membuat dekorasi itu beraneka warna They made decoration to vary in colour
-beraneka ragam/warna/jenis2: adj multiple colour, mixed kinds/colour, different kinds/colour. Apa kamu suka tutup meja yang beraneka warna? Do you like a multiple colour table cloth? Dia telah diselimuti perasaan beraneka ragam. She was occupied with different kinds of feelings
-keanekaan: keanekaragaman: n variety, diversity, difference Keanekaan/keaneka- ragaman produk ini membuat saya bingung untuk memilih The variety of the product made me confused to choose
-menganekaragamkan: v vary (in kind) Semua boneka ini kelihatan sama tetapi beraneka dalam jenis bahan All these toys seem the same but they vary in kind of material Kamu perlu menganeka-ragamkan diet dan melakukan lebih banyak olahraga You need to vary your diet and get more exercise
-menganekakan: menganekaragamkan: v diversify, vary, differentiate, multiply Sekaitan keterbatasan sumber minyak, rakyat perlu menganekaragamkan sumber daya tenaga (bahan bakar). Due to the oil resources shortage, the people need to diversify the sources of energy. Indonesia sedang mencoba menganekakan pertunjukan-pertunjukan budaya di tujuan-tujuan wisata. Indonesia is trying to multiply the cultural performances at the tourist destinations.

anekdot; anecdote: n /frm/lu/ anecdote.

aneksasi: n /frm/lu/ annexation.
-menganeksasi: v annex, appropriate, take possession of.

anem: num. variant of enam: six

angan: n /frm/lu/ 1 thought, notion, idea, intention, aims  Angan saya, ingin bertemu dia My intention is to meet her  2 fantasy, illusion, day­dreaming. angan hati heart’s desire.
-berangan-angan: mengangan-angankan: v 1 dream 2 hope. Dia satu waktu berangan-angan menjadi selebriti Once she dreamed to be a celebrity Dia tidak berupaya, hanya berangan-angan He doesn’t make any effort, he just daydreams 2 aim, have ideals. Dia berangan-angan terlalu tinggi He has dream that is too ideal 2 recall, ponder, contemplate. Dia mengangan-angankan masa kecilnya. He recalled his childhood. 3  imagine, fantasize. Dia sedang mengangankan bahwa dia seorang permaisuri She is fantasizing being a Queen
-terangan-angan: v be thought 2 be  intended. Telah terangan-angankan untuk melihat-lihat Eropah It has been intended to visit Europe
-/prov/ Angan hati memeluk gunuung apa daya tangan tak sampai Desire to hug the mountain, unfortunately the hand is short  Angannya terlalu tinggi His aims are too high.

angel: adj /Jv/ 1 difficult 2 strange 3 unusual.

anget: variant of hangat: adj warm.

anggap; anggapan: n /frm/lu/1 opinion  Apa anggapan umum terhadap pernyataan presiden itu? What is the public opinion on the president statement?  2 expectation Apa anggapan terhadap kedatangan kita? What was the expectation from our visit? 3 suspicion |a feeling or belief that something is probably true| Carmen ditahan dengan anggapan terlibat pembunuhan. Carmen was arrested on suspicion of involvement on a murder. Mereka selalu memperlakukan kamu dengan anggapan negatif They always treated you with negative suspicion.
-beranggapan; menganggap: v /intr/ tr/ 1 regard |to think about someone or something in a particular way|  Saya telah menganggap dia sebagai saudara. I’ve regarded him as my brother. 2 deem |consider something in a particular way| Professor itu beranggapan bahwa sebagian data tidak benar. The professor deemed some of the data is not valid 3  assume  Jangan menganggap seseorang itu salah sebelum kamu punya bukti Don’t assume someone is wrong before you have enough evidence for it  4 think Jangan pernah menganggap rendah dia, dia terlalu pintar untuk ditipu. Don’t ever think down on him, he is to smart to be deceived 5 expect  Kami menganggap pengeluaran tidak akan sebesar itu. We expected that the expenses will not so much.
-dianggap: v be considered Usulan kita dianggap tidak ada. Our proposal was considered nothing
-tanggap: adj responsive tanggap darurat responsive to emergency Saya berharap pemerintah akan tanggap pada petisi kita. I hope that the government would be responsive to our petition.
-tanggapan: n 1 response Apa sudah ada tanggapan terhadap usulan kita? Has yet  any response to our proposal? 2 comment Mereka tidak memberi tanggapan terhadap pernyataan anda. The didn’t give any comment to your statement.
-anggap-anggap: menganggap-anggap: v nod the head to invite so to do sth

anggar1: anggaran: n /frm/lu/ 1 budget Kami sedang memikirkan tambahan anggaran proyek itu We are thinking about the additional budget of the project. Minggu depan pemerintah akan menyerahkan Rencana Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara    tahunan ke pada parlemen. Next week the government will submit the Annual State Budget Plan to the parliament. 2 fiscal Tahun anggaran mulai dari 1 April setiap tahun sampai dengan 31 Maret tahun berikutnya. The fiscal year starts from April 1 every year to March 31, in the next consecutive year  3 statute Anggaran Dasar partai harus di laporkan kepada pemerintah. Fundamental Statute of the party should be reported to the government. 4 rule, regulation Anggaran Rumah Tangga satu organisasi tidak boleh bertentangan dengan Undang-Undang Dasar negara. The internal regulation of an organization should not against the state constitution 5 estimation, prediction. Anggaran kami sedikit lebih tinggi dari angka sebenarnya. Our estimation is a little higher than the actual figure.
-menganggarkan: v budget Pemerintah daerah telah menganggarkan Rp: 100 milliar  untuk program kesehatan masyarakat. The local government has budgeted Rp:100 billion for public health program.
-penganggaran: n budgeting Penganggaran secara nasional dikordinasikan oleh Bappenas. National  budgeting is coordinated by Bappenas.

anggar2: n /frm/lu/ fencing.
-main anggar: v fence. Apa kamu tahu  main anggar? Do you how to fence?
-anggar ­lidah: v debate, argue.
-anggar pena: v to carry on polemics in newspaper.
-anggar pikiran: v 1 debate  2 brain storming

anggar3; hangar: n /frm/lu/ 1 hangar 2 shed, warehouse (at harbor). 3 quay.
-anggar burung: n perch in bird cage.

anggara: adj /ld/ wild –syn: liar

anggauta: variant of anggota: member.

anggerek; anggerik: variant of anggrek: n orchid.

anggota: variant of anggauta: n /frm/lu/ 1 member. Dia anggota tim penyelamat He is a member of rescue team   anggota kehormatan hon­orary member  2 personnel Saudara dia adalah seorang anggota polisi His brother is police personnel 3 organ Salah satu anggota tubuh bagian dalamnya terganggu He has a problem with one of his internal organ ­
-beranggota: v to have member Klub itu beranggota lebih dari seratus orang The club has more than a hundred members
-beranggotakan: v include Tim itu beranggotakan berbagai ahli The team includes different kinds of experts
-keanggotaan: n membership Keanggotaan klub ini memberi kita banyak keuntungan The membership of this club gives us much benefit.

anggrek: n /frm/lu/ orchid.
-anggrekwan: n orchid grower, orchid expert
-penganggrekan: n orchid growing. Pengangrekan taman ini harus mengorbankan sebagian bunga lain Orchid growing in this park has to sacrifice some of other flowers.
-peranggrekan: n orchid matters, orchidology Dia mengetahui banyak hal tentang perangrekan. She knows much about orchid matters.

angguk: anggukan: n /frm/lu/ nodding Anggota komisi menunjukkan persetujuan mereka dengan anggukan.  The committee members showed their agreement with nodding
-mengangguk: v nod. Saya tanya apakah dia mengerti dan dia mengangguk mengatakan ya. I asked if  he understand me and he nodded to say yes!
-mengangguk-angguk: v keep nodding Ketika saya sedang menyajikan proposal itu mereka terus mengangguk-angguk. When I was presenting the proposal they kept nodding.
-pengangguk: n yes man.
-mengangguki: v assent to, agree with. Semua mereka mengangguki ide kamu itu. All of them assented to your idea.
-terangguk-angguk: v uncontrollably nod. 2 toss and pitch

anggun: adj /frm/lu/1 elegant Nadia telah tumbuh menjadi seorang wanita anggun. Nadia has grown up to be an elegant women 2 handsome. Dia adalah wanita teranggun yang pernah saya kenal. She is the most handsome women I ever know.
-keanggunan: n 1 elegance, handsomeness

anggur1: menganggur: adj /frm/lu/ 1 unemployed  Jumlah orang menganggur di kota ini lumayan tinggi The number of unemployed people in this town is quite high. Saya adalah seorang guru yang sedang menganggur. I’m an unemployed teacher  2 lie/sit   Ada satu mobil menganggur di garasi. Kamu boleh memakainya There is a sitting car in garage. You may use it 3 idle Apa kamu punya uang yang menganggur? Do you have idle money?
-pengangguran1: penganggur: n the unemployed. Para pengangur di minta untuk mengirimkan daftar riwayat pengalaman ke kantor Kementerian Tenaga Kerja. The unemployed are invited to  send their curriculum vitae to the office of Work Force Ministry Dia seorang pengangguran. He is an unemployment, joblessness person.
-pengangguran2: n |the condition of not having a job, or the number of people who do not have a job|  Angka pengangguran di negeri ini tidak terlalu tinggi.The rate of unemployment in the country is not pretty high. Apa pemerintah punya angka pengangguran terselubung? Does the government have the figure of hidden unemployment?

anggur2: n /frm/lu/ 1 grape. 2 wine.

­anggur beranak: n /frm/lu/ postpartum tonic

anggur obat: n /frm/lu/ me­dicinal wine.

anggut: menganggut: v /frm/lu/1 nod 2 move erratically 3 pitch
anggutan: n nodding, pitching.

angin: n /frm/lu/ 1 wind |the outside air when it moves| Angin sedang berhembus dari arah utara The win is blowing from the north Biasanya tidak ada angin topan di daerah ini Usually there is no typhoon in this area Angin telah menunbangkan pohon itu The win felt down the tree. 2 air |the mixture of gases that we breathe and that surrounds the Earth| Mari kita pergi keluar mencari angin segar Let’s go outside and get some fresh air. Angin di gunung itu pasti segar The air around the mountin must be fresh Tekanan angin ban kiri belakang terlalu rendah The air pressure of the rear left tire is too low Tutup jendelanya. Angin di ruangan ini terlalu dingin. Close the window, the air in this room is too cold. –syn: udara   3 chance, opportunity Ini benar-benar angin baik buat kamu untuk mendapat pekerjaan. This is a real good chance for you to get a job. 4 sign, clue, hope.  Bagaimana wawancaranya? Apa kamu dapat angin. How was the interview? Is there any good sign? 5 the cause/ motive condition Angin apa yang telah membawa kamu kesini? What cause/ /motive brought you here? Tidak ada angin tidak ada hujan dia marah. There wasn’t wind, there wasn’t rain (without any reason) he got angry. 6 matter Anggap saja kejadian itu angin lalu Just take it as a temporary matter  (something that easily to be forgotten) 7 rumor Ternyata berita dari dia itu hanya berita angin In fact the news from her is only a rumor. What the news from her was just a rumor. 8 nonsense  Apa yang dia katakan pada kamu itu hanya angin. What he told you, it was just a nonsense.
-angin-anginan: adj /lu/ inconsistent, capricious – likely to suddenly change decisions, emotions, conditions etc. without a reasonable cause or explanation|  Karena tipe dia angin-anginan, kita perlu pernyataan dukungan secara tertuls dari dia. Since he is typically capricious, we need a written commitment from him.
-angin beralih: n shifting wind.
-angin bohorok: n a strong seasonal wind on East Coast of Sumatra
angin buritan: n tail wind.
-angin buruk: v flatulence that can cause stomach ache.
-angin busuk: n fart.
-angin darat: n landward wind.
-angin duduk: n persistent cold.
-angin ekor duyung: n wind that comes from various directions
-angin gunung: n landward breeze.
-angin haluan: n the head of wind.
-anginkan: v /tr/ air |to dry sth with exposing it in an open air| Anginkan benih itu supaya kering Expose the seed to the air so it would dry up
-angin kencang: n stiff breeze, strong wind.
-angin pancaroba: n shifting wind (transitional be­tween monsoons)
-angin puting beliung: n cyclone,
-angin puyuh: n hurricane
-angin sendalu: n moderate wind.
-angin sepoi-sepoi: n light wind, soft breeze
-angin topan: n tornado, typhoon.
-angin turutan: n tail wind.
-buang angin:
v fart, break wind. lower the air pressure inside of sth
-desiran angin: n breeze.
-diangini: v /tr/pas.v/ be aired out |to make a room, clothes, blankets etc. smell fresh by letting air, especially from outdoors, go through them| Selimut ini perlu diangini This blanket needs to be aired out
-mengangini: v air Pentilasi ini akan mengangini gudang dengan cukup baik. This ventilation will air the ware house sufficiently  2 Apa saya perlu mengangini bantal-bantal dan selimut ini? Shall I air this pillow and blanket?
-penganginan: n airing Penganginan di rumah ini perlu di perbaiki. Airing of this room needs to be improved.

angka: n /frm/lu/1 figure |sign or word from 0 to 9, written as a sign rather than spelled with letters| Tulis dengan angka berapa jumlah satu lusin ditambah dua Write down with figure, what is the total of a dozen plus two.  2 point (of a match) Mereka menambah satu angka lagi pada menit terakhir pertandingan They added one more point at the very last minute of the match 3 grade Berapa angka kamu untuk Matematika? What is your grade for Math?  4 total |the amount of sth| Berapa angka pendapatan kamu sebulan? What is the total of your take home pay per month? 5 rate Angka pertumbuhan penduduk negeri ini adalah 0,5% The population rate of the country is 0,5%.
-angka biasa: n cardinal number  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ….11, 12,…etc)
-angka bulat: n non-fractional number (1,2,3,4, …11,12,…101, etc)
-angka ganjil: n odd number: (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17,…etc)
-angka genap: n even number (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 …14, … etc)
-angka kelahiran: n birth rate
-angka kematian: n mortality rate
-angka pecahan: n fractional number  (1/2, 1/3, …0, 25, 0,50, etc)
-angka pembulatan: n round number. (10, 29,…100, …1000, etc)
-angka pertumbuhan: n growth rate
-angka Romawi: n Roman nu­meral (I, II, … V, …. X, etc)
-angka statistik: n statistical figure
-angka urutan: n ordinal number (1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , …etc)

angkara1: n /frm/lu/ 1 anger, rage, enmity Ketua menanggapi sanggahan seorang anggota dengan ankara besar. The chairman reacted to a member’s argument with great anger. 2 angkara murka: n sadism and greed:  Bajak laut itu memperlakukan para pelancong kapal pesiar itu dengan penuh angkara murka. The pirate treated the voyagers with sadism and greed  egotism,  self-centered. 3 brutality and vio­lence Dia mengadukan suaminya telah melakukan kekerasan dan kebrutalan kepadanya. She sue her husband for practising brutality and violence with her

angkara2: adj /frm/lu/ greedy, cruel, brutal, sadistic

angkasa: n /frm/lu/ 1 sky  angkasa biru dan cerah a clear blue sky 2 space |the area outside the Earth’s air where the stars and planets are|  sebuah satelit yang meluncur di angkasa a satellite traveling through space Apollo adalah satu jenis pesawat angkasa luar Apollo is a kind of outer space craft. 3 broadcasting angkasa niaga commercial broadcasting 4 air angkasa pura air port
-syn: langit
-mengangkasa: v /intr/ 1 take off (air craft)  Pesawat akan mengangkasa dalam 15 menit The plane will take off in 15 minutes. 2 air (broadcast) Kapan program video berwarna mengangkasa untuk pertama kali? When was the colour video program for the first time broadcasted?  3 fly high Harga minyak sedang mengangkasa tinggi Oil prices is flying high.
-mengangkasakan: v /tr/ fly Dia mengangkasakan cita-citanya setinggi mungkin He flies his dream as high as possible.

angkasawan: n /frm/lu/ 1 flight crew, astronaut. 2 broadcas­ter, broadcast reporter.

angkasawati: n /frm/lu/1 female air crew, female astronaut. 2 female broadcaster, female broadcast reporter.

angkat: mengangkat: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 lift  Boleh anda menolong saya mengangkat koper ini? Would you please help me to lift this luggage? 2 raise. Kalau kamu tahu jawabnya angkat tangan kamu! If you know the answer raise your hand! 3  increase Kejuaran Olimpiade kamu telah mengangkat keharuman bangsa. Your Olympic Championship has increased the reputation of the nation 4 take away Kapan mereka akan mengangkat sampahnya? When they are going to take away the garbage? 5 appoint |to choose someone for a job, position, etc| Presiden telah mengangkat seorang Duata Besar baru Indonesia untuk Kerajaan Inggris. The president has appointed a new Indonesian ambassador for United Kingdom. 6 adopt Mereka berniat dalam waktu dekat akan mengangkat seorang anak. They intent in the near future to adopt a child. 7 promote Saya yakin kamu akan diangkat ke jabatan lebih tinggi I believe that you are going to be promoted to a higher position
-angkatan1: n 1 batch |group of things or people that you deal with at the same time| Semua staff akan dilatih dalam lima angkatan All the staff will trained in five batches.  2 forces Angkatan Bersenjata Indonesia terdiri dari Angkatan Udara, Angkatan Laut, dan Angkatan Darat. Indonesian Arm Forces consists of Air force, Navy (Sea Force), and Land Force (Army)  Negeri ini punya jumlah angkatan kerja yang sungguh besar. This country has a great number of work force. 3 generation Angkatan muda seharusnya lebih gigih dari angkatan lebih tua The younger generation should be more enthusiastic than the older generation
-angkatan2: n |the total weight that someone or something can lift|
-berangkat: v leave  Apa kamu mau berangkat sekarang? Are you going to leave now?
-berangkat dewasa: v begin to grow up
-keberangkatan: n 1 departure, leaving.
-memberangkatkan: v dispatch, send. Kepala stasiun sudah siap memberangkatkan kereta api itu The station ­master is ready to dispatch the train.
-pengangkatan: n appointment Pengangkatan pejabat baru untuk posisi ini akan diumumkan segera. The appointment of the new official to this position will be announced soon.
-perangkat; perangkatan: n 1 set Saya mau membeli satu perangkat alat-alat band. I want to buy a set of band instrument. 2 apparatus Presiden mendorong semua perangkat negara untuk bekerja lebih keras dengan pengabdian tinggi. The president urged all the state apparatus to work harder with high dedication.
-terangkat: v /pas. v/ unintentionally lifted Mungkin bungkusan itu ikut terangkat dengan sampah Probably the package has been lifted together with the garbage.
-angkat besi: n weigh lifting.
-angkat jangkar: v pull the anchor.
-angkat telor: v |to practice sycophancy – the practice of a sycophant who attempt to win favor or advantage him/herself from the decision maker of an organization or kingdom|
-angkat kaki: n 1 walk out |to stop working or attending a meeting as a protest| Sidang umum parlemen tidak memenuhi korum karena sebagian besar pihak oposisi angkat kaki. The general assembly of the parliament wasn’t meet the quorum because most of the opposition walked out  2 move |if someone move from a place in an abnormal condition| Mereka angkat kaki  tanpa mengucapkan selamat tinggal kemarin. They moved without saying good bye yesterday 3 flee |if someone has to leave somewhere in order to escape from danger or  because she/he is forced to do so| Presiden telah dipaksa untuk angkat kaki meninggalkan negeri setelah revousi. The president was forced to flee the country after the revolution
-angkat senjata: v start war Sebagian tentara angkat senjata menentang pemerintah. Some of the soldier start war against the government.
-angkat suara: v 1 critique Selama kediktatoran tidak satupun yang punya keberanian angkat bicara. During dictatorship nobody has courage to critique. 2 comment  |to give an opinion about someone or something|  Setelah lama menjadi sasaran kritik pedas akhirnya menteri itu angkat bicara. After a long time of being the target of severe critique finally the minister gave comment. 3 to give opinion Karena begitu banyak peserta ingin angkat bicara, seminar itu harus diperpanjang waktunya. Since there were so many participants want to give opinion, the seminar had to be prolonged.
-angkat suara: v raise the voice, talk louder Apa anda boleh sedikit angakat suaranya? Would you please raise your voice a little?
-angkat bahu: v shrug |to raise and then lower your shoulders in order to show that you do not know something or do not care about something|
-angkat tangan: v 1 hands up (surrender)
-angkat alis: v |knit your brows to show you are worried, thinking hard etc. by moving your eyebrows together|
-angkat topi: v salute, respect
-angkat sumpah: v 1 take an oath.

angkerl: adj /frm/lu/1 eerie Apa kamu merasakan suasana angker gua itu? Did you feel an eerie aura around the cave?  2 haunted |a place that is haunted is one where the spirits of dead people are believed to live| Banyak orang percaya bahwa rumah tua itu angker. Many people believe that the old house is haunted 3 terrible. Apa kamu sudah melihat pelatih baru kita? Dia kelihatannya angker. Have you seen our new instructor? He looks terrible. 3 embarrassing  Celananya sobek di tempat yang paling angker. His trou­sers split in the most embarrassing place.
-keangkeran: n 1 eeriness, fearsomeness. Tragedy waktu Titanic tenggelam telah dikaitkan banyak orang dengan keangkeran laut The tragedy when Titanic sank was by many people related to the eeriness of the sea. 2 awesomeness. |an impression which something is very serious, huge, and difficult to deal with|

angker2: n /frm/lu/ 1 anchor. 2  motor/dynamo |armature. |the rotating part of a dynamo|

angket: n /frm/lu/1 inquiry, poll. 2  questionnaire 3 sampling research. Angket menunjukkan bahwa Megawati kembali popular dimata pemilih The poll shows that Megawati is popular again among the voters

angklung: n /frm/lu/ |musical instrument consisting of sus­pended bamboo tubes which sound when shaking|

angkuh1: adj /frm/lu/ arrogant, conceited, haughty. Dia orang paling angkuh yang pernah saya kenal He is the most arrogant person I ever know.
-keangkuhan: n 1 arrogance, conceit. 2 vanity

angkuh2: n /ld/ 1 form 2 appearance. Angkuh sangat penting untuk menjadi seorang pramuniaga Appearance is very important to be a sales person.

angkut: mengangkut: v /frm/lu/ 1 carry Saya perlu seseorang mengangkut sampah ini keluar I need sb to carry this garbage out. 2 transport Apa kamu akan menyewa truk untuk mengangkut semua ini? Are you going to rent a truck to transport all of these things? 3 carry away. Air hujan telah mengangkut pasir itu sungai The rain carried away the sands to the river. 3 load. Apa truk itu sedang mengangkut ssu? Is the truck is loading something?
-mengangkuti: v pick up, take. Kita menyewa bus ini untuk mengangkuti para tamu dari hotel ke bandara pulang pergi
We rent this bus to pick up and to take the guests from hotel to the airport back and forth
-angkutan: n 1 transport, transportation.
-angkutan kota: n /usually contracted to ‘angkot’/:  urban trans­portation.
-angkutan desa: n rural transportation.
-angkutan pos: n mail pickup.
-pengangkut­1: n transport, carrier.
-pesawat pengangkut: n carrier flight
-angktan barang: n longshore­man, dockhand.
-pengangkutan: n transportation, trans­port.
-angkutan antar pulau: n inter-island transportation.

angkot: n /lu/ |contracted form of angkutan kota – organized small ve­hicle transportation systems in small urban cen­ter|

anglong1: n /ld/ terrace

anglong2: v /ld/ speak confusedly

angpau: n /Chn/ |red envelope contains gift or donation|

angsa: n /frm/lu/ goose.

angsana: n /ld/ tree.

angsur: mengangsur: v /frm/lu/ to pay with instalment.
-angsuran: n instalment Berapa jadinya angsuran saya kalau saya mengambil KPR (Kredit Perumahan Rakyat)nya ? What would be my instalment if I take the mortgage?
-berangsur-angsur: adv gradually Sesudah pengobatan itu kesehatannya berangsur angsur pulih After the medication his health gradually improved. Kesedihan hatinya berangsur-angsur hilang His sadness gradually disappeared. 2 move forward a little. 3 in instalments.
-mengangsur: v 1 do gradually 2 pay in instal­ments. 3 move Siapa mengangsur meja ini? Who moved this table?
-pengangsuran: n 1 process of paying instalments. 2 process of moving gradu­ally.

angus: variation of hangus: v /lu/ burnt, scorch

ani: n /lu/ wooden device of loom where a warp fits.
-mengani: v to form warp of loom:
-anian: n warp.
pengani: n ­spool rack.

ani-ani: n /frm/lu/  small palm-held or bamboo skin reaping knife for cutting rice stalks.

aniaya: menganiaya: v /frm/lu/ 1 torture  Polisi rahasia menganiaya tahanan itu untuk menggali informasi 2 mistreat Anak malang itu telah teraniaya oleh ayah tirinya. That poor child has been mistreated by his step father  3 distressed Setelah menjatuhkan hukuman mati kepada terdakwa perasaan hakim telah selalu teraniaya. After sentencing the defendant to death the judge’s  feeling has always been distressed
-penganiayaan: n 1 torture 2 mistreatment 3 distress

animis: n /frm/lu/ animist.

animisme: n /frm/lu/ animism.

animo: n /frm/lu/ 1 zest |a feeling of eagerness, excitement, and enjoyment|  animo untuk hidup a zest for life 2 courage |the ability to be brave when you are in danger, a difficult situation| 3 gusto sebuah band yang bermain dengan animo kenikmatan a band playing with gusto 4 interest. animo ma­syarakat terhadap produk kita cukup besar Public interest in our product is quite substantial. 5 spirit Saya menghargai animo dia berjuang untuk haknya I admired his spirit to fought for her rights.

anjak: beranjak: v /frm/lu/1 move |to change from one place or position to another, or to make something do this| Dia tidak beranjak sama sekali dari tempat duduknya. He didn’t move at all from his seat  2 get up Dia belum mau beranjak He don’t want to get up yet. 3 getting grown  Dia sudah beranjak dewasa sekarang. He has getting old now 3 shift Jangan beranjak ke topik lain sebelum yang satu ini cukup jelas. Don’t shift to other topic before this one is clear enough. 4 to have Sudah saatnya beranjak makan siang It’s time to have lunch  5 go Pukul berapa kamu pergi tidur? What time do you go to sleep?  6 budge Setapakpun ia tak mau beranjak He won’t budge even a step.
-menganjakkan kaki: v to step
-menganjak tanam: v transplant
-peranjakan: n removal, shift.

anjangsana: n /frm/lu/ field supervision |a visit of a high official to the field or to another country for supervision|
-beranjangsana: v tour |to visit a place on a tour| Kami akan beranjangsana ke New Zealand musim panas ini. We’re going to travel New Zealand  this summer

anjing: n /frm/lu/ 1 dog. 2 power­less supervisor.
-anjing gila: n mad dog.
-anjing air: n otter.
-anjing geladak: n cur, mongrel.
-anjing gembala: n sheep dog.
-anjing hutan: n jackal.
-anjing kampong: n mon­grel, cur.
-anjing laut: n seal.
-anjing ras: n purebred dog.
-anjing tanah: n insect, mole cricket.

anjing-anjing: n /ld/ a tool to wind the sail of a boat

anjlog: v /frm/lu/ 1 collapse Saya berharap usaha kamu tidak anjlog menghadapi krisis ekonomi global sekarang ini. I hope your business won’t collapse facing the current global economic crises.  2 decrease rapidly  Harga minyak akan anjlok kalau OPEC tidak akan membatasi produksi. Oil price is going to decrease rapidly if OPEC will not limit the production.  2  shift out of rail.  Lokomotif kereta api itu anjlok antara Semarang dan Cirebon The train’s locomotive shifted out of the rail between Semarang and Cirebon

anjung: anjungan: n /frm/lu/ 1 a space in a large room which floor is made higher  2 open space in ship or boat where so can relax to enjoy the scene. 3 annex to a large building like a pavilion,  veranda, airport platform, coach, etc
-menganjung: variant of  menganjurkan: v protrude, jut out |to stick up or out farther than the other things in the same area|  daratan menjulur menganjung  ke laut a point of land that juts out into the ocean
-menganjungkan: v 1 to hold and raise Dia menganjungkan pialanya. She hold and raise up her trophy. 2 |raise hand to the sky like so to pray| Dia menganjungkan tangan kelangit dan mengatakan “Terima kasih Tuhan” He raise his hand to the sky and said “Thank you Lord”

anjur: menganjur: v /frm/lu/ 1 stick out, jut out, protrude. Sebuah tunas baru bamboo itu menganjur dari tanah A new shoot of the bamboo is sticking out from the soil 2 move toward. Ibu-ibu sedang menganjur kepasar seperti tentara dalam barisan. Mothers moved toward the market like a troop in line 3 lead, head (a parade). Komandan itu menganjur pasukan menuju medan perang The commandant lead the troop toward the battle field 2 pioneer |take the initiative| Dekan itu bertekad agar perguruan tinggi itu menganjur penelitian dibidang sumber daya dari air laut. The dean intent the college to lead the research on blue energy
-menganjuri: v pass Sebuah mobil menganjuri kami dengan kecepatan paling sedikit 90 mil per jam A car passed us doing at least 90 miles an hour.
-anjuran: n 1 suggestion, proposal 2 recommen­dation, advice.
-menganjurkan: v 1 suggest, propose, rec­ommend, advise. Pemerintah menganjurkan pemakaian yang bukan minyak sebagai sumber daya. The government suggested the use of non-oil energy resources. Dia menganjurkan saya supaya pulang saja. He suggested that I just go home. 2 extend, project, thrust sth out. Tidak diperbolehkan menganjurkan bangunan ini kearah pantai. It’s not allowed to extend this building  toward the beach 3 hand over, pass. Masuk kedalam kereta duluan saya akan menganjurkan tas ini ke anjungan. Go first inside the train and I’ll hand over this suitcase into the coach.
-penganjuran: n advocacy.
-penganjur: n promoter, propagandist, pioneer, ini­tiator.
-terlanjur: v be happened too advanced

anoa: anoang: n /frm/lu/ dwarf buffalo

anomali: n /frm/lu/ anomaly |something that is very distinctive because it is so different from what is usual|  Anggota pemadam kebakaran wanita masih merupakan anomali di kota ini. Women fire-fighters are still an anomaly in this city

anonym: adj /frm/lu/ anonymous |not known by name| seorang penulis tanpa nama an anonymous writer

Antara: n Indonesian News Agency.

antagonis: n /frm/lu/ antagonist.

antagonisme: n /frm/lu/ antagonism.

antagonistis: adj /frm/lu/ antagonistic.

antar: mengantar/mengantarkan: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ 1 take  Apa perlu saya mengantar kamu ke bandara? Shall I take you to the airport? 2 deliver Dia mengantar surat kabar setiap pagi He delivers newspaper every morning. 3 carry, transmit. Air dapat mengantar arus listerik Wa­ter can transmit electric current. 3 remark  Ketua sedang mengantar dimulainya sidang The chairperson is remarking the opening of the meeting 4 introduce Siapa yang akan mengantar pembicara. Who is going to introduce the speaker 5 accompany Cathy sedang mengantar tamunya ke gerbang. Cathy is accompanying her guest to the gate. 6 take Ibu tiap hari mengantar anak-anak ke sekolah Mother takes the children to school every day 7 see off. Aku ­akan mengantar putraku ke lapangan terbang I will see my son off at the airport.
-pengantar: n 1 intrduction Baca pengantarnya terlebih dulu. Read the introduction first  2 transmitter  Tembaga adalah pengantar arus listrik yang sempurna. Copper is a perfect electric current transmitter  3  deliverer Dia bekerja sebagai pengantar barang-barang pos untuk mendapatkan uang. He works as a postage deliverer to make money  4 carrier Fibre optic adalah pengantar sinal video dan audio yang sangat efektif Fibre optic is a very effective video and audio signal carrier.

antara: prep. /frm/lu/1 between. Bogor adalah salah satu kota antara Jakarta-Bandung Bogor is one of the cities between Jakarta-Bandung. 2 among Ini hanya antara kamu dan saya This is just among you and I 3 of Kamu boleh mengambil satu dari antara apel-apel itu. You can take one out of those apple. 4 from Jarak antara Medan ke Palembang lebih dari 1000 km The distance from Medan to Palembang is more than 1000 kms;  antara lain among others.
-perantara: n 1intermediary, mediator. |someone, institution, or, states who tries to help two other people, groups, or states to agree with one another| Waktu itu Australia bertindak sebagai perantara menyelesaikan perseteruan antara Indonesia dan Malaysia. At that time Australia acted as an intermediary to solve the dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia. 2 agent |a person or company that helps another person or company deal with business, problems, finding work, etc.| Kami adalah perantara, bukan pemilik barang-barang itu. We are the agent, not the owner of the goods. perantara bidang perjalanan travel agent perantara jual beli tanah dan rumah property agent  perantara pertanggungan insurance agency 3 commissioner |similar to agent if it apply to profit taking| Apa perusahaan kamu sebagai pembuat atau pedagang perantara? Is your company a producer or a commissioner?
-perantaraan: pengantaraan: n 1 mediation Bagaimana perantaraan itu berlangsung? How did the mediation go?  2 agency  Kami beli gedung itu melalui perantaraan satu perusahaan real estate. We bought the building through the agency of  a real estate company.
/phrs/ dengan perantaraan: prep 1 via Saya kenal dia dengan perantaraan seorang teman I know her via a friend of mine. 2 with a help | Kami mendapat informasi itu hanya dengan perantaraan seorang orang dalam. We could obtain the information only with the help of a person inside. 3 through Akan lebih efektif kalau kita umumkan dengan perantaraan televisi. It would be more effective if we publicize it through television

Antara: n Indonesian News Agency.

antarabangsa: variant of antar bangsa:

antar-antar: n /ld/ 1 rotor  2 piston 3 rod.

antarbangsa: adj /frm/lu/ international.

antariksa: n /frm/lu/ 1 (outer) space, interplanetary space 2 planetary atmosphere. perjalanan antariksa outer space travel.

antariksawan: n /frm/lu/ astronaut, cosmonaut.

antariksawati: n /frm/lu/ female astronaut or cosmonaut.

Antartika: n Antarctic.

ante: prep. /frm/lu/ before dibangun ante Majapahit built before Majapahit

antek: n /frm/lu/ henchman |someone who faithfully obeys a powerful person such as a politician or a criminal|
-ngantek: v become a henchman

anten: antenna: n /lu/ antenna, aerial.
-antena parabola: n disk plate antenna.

anteng: adj /frm/lu/ 1 calm, quiet. Dia anteng sekali menghadapi orang-orang kasar He is very calm facing crazy people  2 patient |able to wait calmly for a long time or to deal with difficulties without becoming angry, anxious, or annoyed| Cobalah anteng menghadapi semua persoalan berat ini. Try to be patient with all this difficult problem.
-keantengan: n calmness, quietness

antep: adj /ld/ heavy, solid, massive.
-mengantep1: v 1 trust, believe in. Banyak orang mengantep pada apa yang dia katakan Many people believe on what he said  Pegawai itu sangat mengantep majikannya The employees trust their employer very much. 3 let, permit. Dia mengantep orang-orang mengejeknya He let people make fun of him.

antero: seantero: dtrm.  /frm/lu/ 1 the whole  |the whole of an area or space| Seantero dunia telah merasakan akibat pemanasan The whole world has experienced the effect of warming. 2 all Barang ini di jual di seantero Negara-negara Eropah This product is sold in all European Countries
-seanteronya: adv entirely Keuntungan seanteronya milik kamu The profit is entirely yours.

anteseden: n /frm/lu/ antecedent Gempa itu adalah satu anteseden letusan. The earthquake was the antecedent of the eruption

anti-: pref. /frm/lu/ 1 opposed  anti-teroris anti-terrorist 2 resistant to anti-biotik antibiotic  anti panas resistant to heat anti karat resistant to rust (stainless still),  anti-histamin: antihistamine

antik1: n /frm/lu/ 1 antique. 2 ornate, highly embellished 3 eccentric.

antik2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 lively 2 cute 3 rare

anti klimak: n /frm/lu/ anticlimax |the most disappointing because it happens after something that was very interesting|

anting: n /ld/ weight of sensitive scales for light things

anting-anting: n /frm/lu/1 pendant, earring. 2 pendulum of clock.
-menganting: v 1 dangle, sway 2 swing. Kera-kera itu sedang menganting-anting di cabang pohon The monkeys were swinging with the branch of the tree.

antipati: n /frm/lu/ antipathy |a feeling of strong dislike or opposition|

antisipasi: n /frm/lu/ anticipation.
-antisipir; mengantisipir: v anticipate.
-mengantisipasi: v anticipate.

antitesa; antitese; antitesis: n /frm/lu/ antithesis |the exact opposite of something|

antonym: n /frm/lu/ antonym.

antre: antri: v /frm/lu/ stand in line, queue Dia sedang antri didepan ATM itu. He is standing in line in the front of an ATM
-antrian: n queue the line Antriannya sangat panjang The queue is very long

antropolog: n /frm/lu/ anthropologist.

antropologi: n /frm/lu/ anthropology.

antuk; terantuk; berantuk: v /frm/lu/ bump, collide |if something accidentally collide with other thing and it’s not violently| Kaki kanan saya terantuk ke batu ketika saya melewati jalan itu. My right foot collided against a stone when I walk the road. Waktu itu sangat gelap sehingga saya terantuk ke tonggak telepon It was so dark and I bumped into a telephone pole.
-berantuk-antukan: bersiantukan: v collide or bump each other.
v intentionally collide. Dia mengantukkan tongkat itu ke seekor anjing He collided the stick against a dog.
-terantuk-antuk: v collided several time.

antul: mengantul: memantul: v /frm/lu/ bounce, rebound (of a ball).

antung-antung: n /ld/ hanging holder such as to hold jugs.

antusias: adj /frm/lu/ enthusiastic.

antusiasme: n /frm/lu/ enthusiasm.

anu: pron. /frm/lu/ 1 whatchamacallit |a word we use when sb can cannot remember the name of something or someone| Dia mendapat surat dr si-anu..saya lupa namanya. He received a letter from … whatchamacallit … I forget the name. 2 relative of sb  Kamu anu-nya Febri? What is your relation with Febri?  |asking if sb knows that you are a relative of sb else, but he/ she doesn’t know what kind of relation|   3 |something that we can’t mention because we forget or we embarrass to say it| He is sick. He showed his “anu” (for instance “sex organ”) in front of us  Dia sudah sakit. Dia tunjukkan anu-nya didepan kami.

anugerah: n /frm/lu/ 1 grace |divine love and protection bestowed freely upon mankind| Kami selalu berdoa berterima kasih kepada Tuhan atas semua anugrah yang diberikan kepada kami We always pray to thank God for all grace bestowed to us  2 decoration |an official sign of honour, such as a medal, that is given to dedicated person| Dia menerima anugerah dari universitas atas penemuannya yang cemerlang itu He received a decoration from the university for his brilliant finding 3 charity |money or gifts given to people who need help| Rumah penampungan tunawisma itu membutuhkan lebih banyak anugrah dari para dermawan. The shelter for homeless need more charity from the generous people  3 good luck, blessing in disguise Kenaikan tajam harga minyak telah merupakan satu anugerah bagi sejumlah Negara anggota OPEC. The sharp increase of the oil price has been a good luck for a number of OPEC members.
-menganugerahkan: v 1 bestow, honour. Atas nama bangsa presiden menganugerahkan kepada dia bintang penghargaan kepahlawanan On behalf of the nation the president honour him a decoration for heroism| 2 confer (a de­gree) Kapan universitas menganugerahkan gelar doctor kepada dia? When the university conferred a doctoral degree with him? 3 present a gift to s.o. Tuhan menganugerahkan sumber alam melimpah untuk negeri ini God presents abundant natural resources for this country.
penganugerahan: n /frm/lu/ 1 bestowal 2 conferral 3 presentation.

anulir; menganulir: v /frm/lu/ annul, cancel.

anumerta: adj /frm/lu/ posthumous. Almarhum Kolonel itu disemati pangkat Jenderal anumerta. The late Colonel was decorated with the rank of posthumous General.

anut; panut: adj /frm/lu/ attentive, meek, pliant, obedient. Dia anut sekali pada nasehat-nasehat orang tuanya He is very at­tentive to his parents’ advice.
-menganuti: v 1follow 2 obey 3 submit to Dia tidak menganuti nasehat gurunya She didn’t follow her teacher’s advice. 2 practice, profess (a religion). Kami mengaut  agama Kristen We professes Christianity.
-anutan: n 1 adherence 2 conviction belief  3 model, idol, fad  anutan anak muda a youth fad
-penganut: n 1 follower, adherent. Dia seorang penganut setia He is a loyal follower 2 adherent  |someone who agrees with and supports a particular idea, opinion, or political party| Mereka dikenal sebagai penganut aliran keras They are well-known as the hardliner adherent.

anyam; menganyam: v /frm/lu/1 braid menganyam rambut braid hair 2 plait menganyam tikar plait a mat.
-anyaman: n 1 cane work, plaited mats 2 plait, tress, braid. anyaman rambut hair’s braid,  tresses.
-anyam-anyaman: n plaited materials
-penganyaman: n plaiting.

anyelir: n /ld/ carnation |a sweet-smelling white, pink, or red flower|

anyir: adj /frm/lu/ rancid, rank |bad odr such as the smell of fish oil|

AP {Angkatan Perang}: n Armed Forces.

apa: dem. pron. /frm/lu/ 1 what |pronoun used as a question word|  Apa yang kamu cari? What are you looking for? Apa ­yang dapat kita lakukan? What can we do? Apapun itu jadilah Whatever it is that will be OK   Apa kabar? What is the news? (How are you?) Apa lagi? What else? Kamu mau apa lagi? What the heck do you want? /idiom/ Apa lacur! Nasi sudah jadi bubur What can we do? The rice has be come liquid soup (said if something unwanted has happen) Apa kamu yang luka? What (part of the body) is hurt? Apa saja yang kamu lakukan disana What­ever did you do there? Apa ­lagi yang dibicarakan? What else was discussed? Ada apa yqang dibicarakan  dalam rapat? What else had been discussed in the meeting? Apapun akibatnya harus kita terima. Whatever the result we have to accept it 2 this Ini dia apa yang saya cari This is it what I’m looking for  Bunga apa ini? What flower is this? Maaf! Ada apa ya? Sorry! What is this? Apa pula ini? What else the hell is this? 3 matter Tidak apa kalau itu mau kamu. It doesn’t matter if that is what you want  Sekalipun proposal itu ditolak, tidak apa. Although the proposal will be rejected, it doesn’t matter Tidak apa kalau dia mau pergi It doesn’t matter if he want to leave.  4 apa-apa: anything, nothing, something Jangan cerita apa-apa tentang kami. Don’t tell anything about us Tidak apa-apa yang akan terjadi pada kami. Nothing will happen to us Mungkin ada apa-apa dibalik itu Probably there is something behind it. Apa-apaan ini? Kamu suruh saya mengambil minuman padahal kamu lihat saya sedang sibuk. What the hell (thing) is this? You ask me to take drink, in fact you see, I am very busy.  5 purely question word (have)  Apa anda sudah makan siang? Have you had your lunch? (Have you taken your lunch?) (if) Tanya mereka apa mau kopi? Ask them if they want to have coffee? (are) Apa mereka akan datang? Are they coming?  (whether) Saya tidak tahu apa mereka dirumah I don’t know whether they are home (or) Bisa tinggal di sini apa tidak? Can we stay here or not? (do does) Apa dia kenal kamu? Does he know you? (kind) Lelaki apa dia itu? What kind of man is he?
-berapa: adv, conj. how Berapa yang kamu beri kepada dia? How much did you give him. Berapa orang tamu-tamu itu? How manypersons the guests are?  Berapa lama kamu akan tinggal disini? How long are you going to stay here?
-kenapa: mengapa: adv, conj. why Kenapa kamu lakukan itu Why did you do it? Kenapa kamu disini? Why you are here?  Kenapa dia menagis Why she is crying? Kenapa tidak? Why not? Kenapa seperti itu? Why like that?
diapakan; apakan: adv |what have been done| Kamu apakan mereka? What have you done with them?  Mereka harus diapain? What should be than with them? Mau kita apakan tomat buah ini? What are we going to do with these fruit?

apabila: conj. /frm/lu/ when, if |used in order to talk about something that might happen| Kita akan pergi apabila dia tiba sebelum tengah hari. We will leave if he arrive before noon. Ambil pakaian di jemuran apabila dating hujan. Take the clothes on the clothes line when raining

apak: adj /lu/ musty |having a wet unpleasant smell|  Bajunya bau apak His clothes smelled musty. 2 stinky |having a strong unpleasant smell| kaos kaki bau apak stinking socks
-keapakan: n mustiness

apakala: adv /ltr/ in case Apakala kedinginan, pakailah jas In case you feel cold, put on a jacket.

apal: variant of hafal:

apalagi: adv /frm/lu/ 1 especially |used in order to emphasize that something is more important, or happens more with one thing than with others| Hati-hati menyetir apalagi kalau hujan Drive carefully, especially if raining  -compare to: apa lagi pron 2 Kalau ada diantara kalian yang mau pergi, apalagi saya? If any of you want to leave, don’t mention me? 3 even less, let alone. Saya saja tidak percaya dia, palagi polisi? I myself don’t believe him, even less does the police. 4 much less Saya tidak mau mendengar lagi tentang dia, apalagi membantunya. I don’t want to hear about him anymore, much less to help him. 3 moreover Saya tidak akan mampu mebiayai  pemeliharaan satu mobil, apa lagi membelinya. I can’t afford to pay the maintenance cost of a car, moreover to buy it.

apalah: intrj. /ltr/1 would be (pleased) Sudi apalah kiranya anda datang ke pesta perkawinan kami.  Would you be pleased to come to our wedding party 2 what would Apalah artinya itu buat kamu? What would it mean to you?

apam: n /ld/ rice flour cake.
-mengapam: v make sth into apam.
/idiom/: pipi seperti apam full and firm cheeks.

aparat: aparat pemerintah: n /frm/lu/ apparatus |people who are hired by the government to works for public services including civilian, arm forces, and police)|

aparatur: aparatur negara: n /frm/lu/ apparatus. |all sate institutions including executive, legislative, and judicative|

apartemen: n apartment

apas1: adj /ld/ 1 elegant, neat, beautiful 2 /lu/ a) unlucky |be left by fortune| Ini apartemen pembawa apas. Setelah kita pindah kesini saya dipecat This is unlucky apartment. After we moved here I was fired   We are left by the fortune. b) strapped -|be jinxed, often having bad luck, or making people have bad luck| Kita pasti sedang apas, kita kalah pada setiap pertandingan We must jinxed, we’ve lost every game! c) down and out |having no luck or money| Saya betul-betul apas hari ini, saya tidak punya uang sama sekali I’m really strapped today, I have no money at all.

apas2: adj /Jkt/ bankrupt

apati: n /frm/lu/ apathy |the feeling of not being interested in something or not caring about own life| Penduduk punya apati terhadap masa depan mereka. The people have apathy on their future. apati masyarakat terhadap pemilu yang akan datang public apathy about the coming election

apatis: adj /frm/lu/ apathetic.
-keapatisan: n the reality of bein apathy Keapatisan’ itu terjadi karena sering menderita bencana alam. The apathy happened because they frequently suffered natural disaster

apatisme: n /frm/lu/ apathy. Apatisme yg demikian sangat membahaya­kan kehidupan bangsa Apathy like that is very dangerous to the nation

APBN {Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara}: n Income and Expenditure Plan of the State (National) Budget

ape-ape: n /ld/ cake made from wheat flour.

apek: variant of  apak:

apel1: n /ld/ 1 apple 2 a lowest public administrator in rural areas

apel2: v 1 /frm/lu/  appeal, roll call  Pasukan akan apel pagi ini untuk memeriksa kesiapan. The troops will roll call this morning for readiness checking  2 /law/  |to make a request to a higher court to change the decision of a lower court| Terdakwa meminta pengacaranya untuk apel (naik banding)atas keputusan pengadilan itu. The defendant asked his lawyer to appeal against the conviction.

apem: n variant of apam:

apes: variant of apas:

api: n /frm/lu/ 1 fire |hot bright burning gas or substances| Api menghancurkan sebagian bangunan itu. Fire destroyed part of the building. Api itu masih menyala The fire is still flaming. 2 flame Awas api lilin itu. Bisa berbahaya. Watch the flame of the candle. It can be dangerous 3 current Baterei ini perlu dicas ulang. Apinya sudah tidak ada lagi. The battery needs to be recharge. It has no current anymore. 4 light Senter ini sudah tidak ada apinya lagi. This flash light has no light anymore. 5 ammunition Penduduk sipil tidak boleh memiliki senjata api A civilian is not allowed to posses ammunition gun
-berapi: adj active (volcano) Apa kawah gunung itu berapi? Is that volcano active?
-berapi-api: adj vigorous Dia diatas 70 tetapi semangatnya masih berapi-api. He is above 70 but his spirit is still vigorous
-api unggun: n camp fire
-bara api: n burning coal or charcoal
-kayu api: n firewood
-kembang api: n fireworks
-kereta api: n train
-korek api: n matches
-perapian: n fireplace, brazier, stove, furnace
/proverb/: Bagaikan api dalam sekam (ltr: like fire inside husk pile – a proverb to “a hidden dangerous”)

apik: n /lu/ neat, nice, trim. Apik benar rumah ini. How neat this house  2 delicate
-mengapik­kan: n tidy up.
-keapikan: n neatness, tidiness.

apit: apitan: n /lu/ 1 V-shape block, pie-shaped piece, chunk
-mengapit: v /tr/ 1 flank |to have one person or thing standing on one side, and one on the other side| Dua pengawal mengapit presiden melangkah ke pesawat Two bodyguards flanked the President stepping onto the plane 2 clench  Dia selalu mengapit cerutu diantara gigi-giginya. |He always clench a cigar between his teeth|  3 clamp |to fasten or hold two things together with a clamp|   Dia mengapit kedua balok itu sebelum lemnya kering He clamp the boards together until the glue dried up. 4 hold Dia mengapit payung itu di ketiaknya He held the um­brella on her armpit 5 be crowed Penonton duduk saling mengapit.  The spectators sat crowdedly
-terapit: diapit: v /intr/pas.v./ 1 be wedged 2 be hammed 1 be wedged  2 be hemmed, 3 jammed, stuck |if something sticks or is stuck, it is fixed and difficult to move| Hei, pintu ini terapit Hey, this door is stuck. –syn: terjepit.

aplikasi: n /frm/lu/ application.
-mengaplikasikan: v apply, put to use, administer.

aplos: aplosan: v /frm/lu/ relieve, take turns. |to replace someone else at a job or duty when s/he is finished for the day|  Pengawal (penjaga) aplosan pada pukul 6:00 tepat The guards are relieved at six o’clock.

aplusl: mengaplus: v /frm/lu/ applause.

aplus2: variant of aplos:

apokat: n variant of advokat2:

apotek: n /frm/lu/ dispensary

apoteker: n /frm/lu/ pharmacist.

apotik: n variant of  apotek:

appel: varian of apel:

Apr.{April}: n /wrt/ April.

apresiasi: n /frm/lu/ appreciation.
-mengapresiasi: v appreciate, enjoy, relish, admire

April: n April.

aprit-apritan: adv /inf/lu/ feverishly |done extremely quickly by people who are very excited or worried| Apa yang terjadi, saya melihat banyak orang lari aprit-apritan. What happen, I saw many people ran feverishly.

apukat: n variant of  advokat:

apung; terapung: adj /frm/lu/ floating batu apung floating stone
-mengapung: v float |to stay or move on the surface of a liquid or up in the air without moving down| Balok-balok kayu itu mengapung di permukaan sungai The logs floated on the river.  Dapat kamu lihat balon itu mengapung di udara? Can you see that balloon is floating in the sky?
-pengapung: n buoy |an object that floats on the water, used for showing boats which parts of the water are safe or dangerous 2 floater |an object or equipment that can be used to float other object such as safety jacket, rubber canoe, toy boat, etc|

apus1: mengapusi: v /ld/ deceive, trick Dia mau mengapusi kami He wants to trick us.

apus2; hapus; mengapus: v /frm/lu/ erase, eradicate, remove, delete, wipe away.

aqil-balig: variant of akilbalig: adj /frm/lu/ mature, grown up, dolescent  |considerably responsible|

ara: n /lu/ 1 tropical fig tree (several species). 2 plants similar to ara.
-/prov/ menanti ­ara tidak bergetah waiting for nothing  hutan kayu ara a debt unlikely to be paid.

arah1: n /frm/lu/ 1 direction Yang dinamai “kiblat” adalah arah ­ke Mekah The word “kiblat” means the direction toward Mecca. 2 objective Apa yang menjadi arah pembicaraan kamu? What is the purpose of your talking? 3 objective Saya yakin kita punya arah politik yang sama I believe we have the same political objective sesuai arah jarum jam clockwise. arah melintang athwart. arah pengliha­tan line of vision. arah perkembangan trend arah serat with the grain.
-mengarah: v /intr/ 1 lead Pembicaraan mengarah pada adanya persetujuan damai. The conversation lead to have an agreement of peace. 2 aim Diskusi itu mengarah pada adanya kesamaan visi dalam arah pertumbuhan ekonomi. The discussion aim to have the same vision on the economic trend 3 resemble Nadia menggarah pada perilaku neneknya. Nadia resemble her grandma behaviour  
-kearah: prep. toward  Jalan ini menuju kearah Barat (Jalan ini mengarah ke Barat) This road leads toward West
-mengarahkan: v /tr/ 1 lead, direct Pilot mengarahkan pesawat ke pantai untuk pendaratan darurat The pilot led  the craft toward the coast for emergency landing 2 point Pemburu mengarahkan bedilnya ke kijang itu The hunter pointed his gun at the deer 3 manage Po­lisi sibuk mengarahkan arus lalu lintas The police were busy to manage  the flow of traffic. 4 direct Panitia pengarah bukan hanya akan mengarahkan tujuan sidang umum tetapi juga tugas-tugas panitia penyelenggara. The  steering committee will direct not only the purpose of the assembly but also the works of organizing committee.
-mengarah: adj tendentious  Kedengarannya buat saya pidato presiden itu mengarah, tetapi saya belum bisa memastikan tujuannya apa It sounds to me that the president speech was tendentious, but I can’t judge what the aim.
-pengarahan: arahan: n 1directions Akan ada pengarahan sebelum tim berangkat. The will be a direction before the team leaving  2 guidelines Apa ada arahan tertulis untuk perjalanan ini? Is there any written guidelines on this journey?  3 instruction Sesuai arahan, tidak seorangpun diperbolehkan merokok selama latihan. Based on the instruction, nobody is allowed to smoke during the training. -syn: petunjuk, perintah
-pengarah: n 1 panitia pengarah: steering committee 2 pengarah acara: master of ceremony (MC) 3 pengarah panggung: stage director 4 pengarah jalan: escort

arah2: variant of ara:

arak1: n /frm/lu/ arrack. |A strong alcoholic drink of the Middle East and nearby  regions  of the orient usually distilled from molasses, rice, etc|

arak2: arak-arakan: n /frm/lu/ 1 parade. |a public celebration when musical bands, decorated vehicles etc. move down the street|  Selalu ada arak-arakan panjang di sekitar lapangan kota setiap hari kemerdekaan. There is always a long parade around city square every independence day. 2 procession |a line of people or vehicles moving slowly as part of a ceremony| arak-arakan pemakaman a funeral procession. arakan obor: torchlight pa­rade.
-mengarak: v parade |bring sb/sth to accompany in a procession|  Orang desa biasanya mengarak orang yang akan berangakat naik haji Rural people usually join a parade at the leaving of someone for pilgrimage.  Pada hari kampanye orang-orang mengarak logo partai mereka dimana-mana. On campaigning day people parade their party logo everywhere.
-/idiom/: mengarak tidak bergerak: (parade without moving) to do something as how it should be done

aral: n /frm/lu/ 1 hindrance Dia merasa perkawinan akan menjadi aral buat karirnya. He feels marriage would be a hindrance to his career  2 obstacle. Saya akan pergi besok dalam hal tidak ada aral. I’ll be leaving tomorrow in case there is no obstacle.  3 aral melintang: lying obstacle. obstacle ahead.  Kalau tidak ada aral melintang kita akan tiba besok If there is no obstacle ahead we will arrive tomorrow.

arang: n /frm/lu/ charcoal. arang batok charcoal from coconut shell. arang kokas coal.
-/idiom/: arang di muka: shame, stigma Perilaku dia menjadi arang dimuka buat keluarga His bad behaviour becomes a stigma to the family.
-mengarang1: v 1 to make charcoal
-mengarang2: v variant of mengkarang:  1 write an essay 2 make up a story.
-pengarangan: n 1 a place for charcoal making. 2 a process or matters pertaining to char­coal making or carbonization.

aransemen: n /frm/lu/ composition (of a music):

aranser: aransir: mengaranser: mengaransir: v /frm/lu/ compose (a music)

pengaransir: pengaransemen: n /frm/lu/ composer. Cornel Simanjuntak adalah seorang pengaransir terkenal Cornell Simanjuntak was a well-known composer.

arbab: n variant of rebab:

arbei: n /ld/ strawberry

arbitrase: n /frm/lu/ arbitration.

arca: n /frm/lu/ 1 statue 2 image.
-mengarcakan: v cast into a statue, make a likeness. Dia mengarcakan dewa yang dipu­janya He made the image of the God that he believe in into a statue.

arde: n /frm/lu/ ground wire

are: n /frm/lu/ 100 square meters

areal: n /frm/lu/ acreage.

arek: n /ld/ child, people of  arek  Suroboyo so whose home city is Surabaya.

aren: n /frm/lu/ sugar palm

arena: n /frm/lu/ arena.

ares: v /frm/ arrest.

argometer: n /frm/lu/ fare-meter (e.g. in taxis)

argumen: n /frm/lu/ argument, case, plea, reason.

argumentasi: n /frm/lu/ argumentation.

arheologi: variant of arkeologi:

ari1; ari-ari: n /frm/lu/ 1 abdomen. 2 placenta. tali ari-ari: n umbilical cord.

ari2: see ular (snake)

ari3: see kulit:

ari4: see hari:

aria1: n /ld/ solo song or music which is played with very sensible feeling

Aria2: n variant of Arya:

arif: adj /frm/lu/ 1 wise  Pria yang sangat arif A very wise man 2 learned, clever, skilful. Ibu menyam­but dengan pandangan arif Mother responded with a knowing glance. 3 capable. Apa dia cukup arif menghadapi masalah itu Is he capable enough to face the problem?
-kearifan: n 1 understanding 2 wisdom 3 capability to make fair decision.
-mengarifi: v understand (the reason for) Saya berharap anda dapat mengarifi alasan saya tidak datang ke pesta anda. I hope that you would understand my reason for not attending your party.
-mengarifkan: v to make sb understand sth.

aris: n /ld/ hem, edge, border (of sail, etc.).

arisan: n /frm/lu/ |regular gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning the ag­gregated sum of money|
-arisan kolling: n such a gathering in which a member can get a turn first by agreeing to con­tribute more than the others.

aristokrasi: n /frm/lu/ aristocracy.

arit: n /frm/lu/1 sickle  2 knife for tapping rubber trees. 3 grass knife.
-mengarit: v 1 cut a wooden stick with arit 2 cut grass with arit

Arjuna: n /ltr/ 1 the chief hero of the Mahabharata, known for his martial and sexual prowess 2 playboy, womanizer Tidak banyak wanita senang dengan Arjuna Not so many women like a playboy 3 handsome man. Darto adalah Arjuna alim dan perkasa Darto is a handsome, pious, and vigorous man

arkeolog: n /lu/ archaeologist.

arkeologi: n /frm/lu/ archaeology

arloji: n /frm/lu/ watch
-arloji tangan: n wristwatch.
-arloji kantung/saku: n pocket watch

armada: n /frm/lu/ fleet.
-armada niaga: n merchant (marine) fleet
-armada ternpur: n combat fleet.

arogan: adj /frm/lu/ arrogant

arogansi: n /frm/lu/ arrogance

aroma: n /frm/lu/ aroma.

aromatic: aromatis: adj /frm/lu/ aromatic.

aron: n /lu/ half-cooked rice.
-mengaron: v to cool rice half-way

arpus: n /ld/ resin |a thick sticky liquid that is taken from trees for violin bows|

arsen: n /frm/lu/ arsenic |a very poisonous chemical that is often used for killing rats|

arsip: n /frm/lu/ 1 archives 2 files.
-kearsipan: n 1 archival matters 2 records.
-pengarsipan: n filing, system for keeping archives

arsiparis: n /frm/lu/ 1 archivist 2 file clerk.

arsir: v /frm/lu/ shade in (a drawing).
-arsiran: n hatching (in sketching), shaded-in area.

arsitek: n /frm/lu/ architect.

arsitektur: n /frm/lu/ architecture. arsitektur jaman pertengahan middle age architecture.

ART {Anggaran Rumah Tangga): n /lu/ internal rules (of association or organization)

arta: n variant of harta: 1 property 2 asset 3 wealth
-artawan: variant of hartawan: a person or a family of great wealth

artesis1: n /frm/lu/ drilled well |a deep hole in the ground from which water is taken|

artesis2: adj /frm/lu/ |has a characteristic of spring up naturally|

arti: n /lu/ 1 meaning. Apa artinya isyarat ini? What is the meaning of this sign?  2 sense  dalam arti sempit in the narrow sense. 3 signif­icance, importance. Seratus dolar tak ada artinya buat dia $ lOO dollars has no significance for him.
-arti kiasan: adj figu­rative sense, idiomatic
-artinya: n the meaning
-berarti: v means Kejadian ini sangat berarti banyak buat saya This incident  means a lot to me
-berarti ganda: adjambiguous
-berarti1: v mean. Kata ini berarti apa? What does this word mean?
-berarti2: adj meaningful, valuable, useful.   Dia memberi nasehat yang sangat berarti He gave a meaningful advice
-mengartikan: v 1interpret 2 construe |to understand something in a particular way|  Apa yang kamu pahami sebagai sikap ramah bisa diartikan rayuan. What you think is friendly behaviour might be construed as flirting.
-pengertian: n 1 understanding Pengertian saya terhadap sikap dia, kita perlu memberi lebih banyak perhatian kepadanya. My understanding with her attitude is that we need to pay more attention to her 2 interpretation Bahwa bos tidak senang pada kamu itu hanyalah pengertian kamu yang keliru. That the boss dislike you it’s only your wrong interpretation
-searti: adj of the same opinion or meaning, synonymous.

artikel: n /frm/lu/ 1 article  2 clause 3 column
-artikel karet: n 1 clause that subject to various interpretations.
-artikel pasti: n definite clause

artikulasi: n /frm/lu/ articulation
-mengartikulasikan: v articulate. mengarikulasikan pendapat express or articulate an opinion

artileri: n /frm/lu/ 1 artillery 2 ordnance 3 gunners.

artis: n /frm/lu/ artist.

artistic: adj /frm/lu/ artistic

keartistikan: n /frm/lu/ artistry

aruh: pengaruh: n /frm/lu/ influence
-berpengaruh: adj influential
-mempengaruhi: v influence

arung: mengarungi: v /frm/lu/ 1 /ltr/ voyage Dia sedang pergi mengarungi lautan He is going to voyage the ocean 2 sail Apa kamu sudah pernah mengarungi danau ini? Have you ever sailed this lake? 3 cross Hati-hati mengarungi sunagi itu Be careful to cross the river Mereka akan mengarungi  padang pasir itu They are going to cross the desert
-pengarungan: n 1 voyaging 2 sailing 3 crossing

arus1: n /frm/lu/ current. 1 (electric) current 2 (river) current/ stream/flow 3 (sea) current
-arus balik: n reverse current, feedback
-arus balik bawah: n undertow |a strong current under the ocean’s surface, that pulls water away from the shore|
-arus bawah: n undercurrent
-arus bolak balik: n alternating current
-arus lemah: n low voltage current (electricity)
-arus pasang: n tidal current
-arus laut: n marine current
-arus searah: n direct current
-arus barang: n commodity flow
-arus uang keluar masuk: n cash flow.
-arus pembeli: n buying surge

arus2: see harus: v /mod. v/frm/lu/  must, have to Saya harus pergi sekarang I have to go now.

arwah: n /frm/lu/ soul, departed spirit.
-mengarwahkan: v |hold a  memorial service in honor of the deceased|

arwana: n /frm/lu/ a very vigorous and colourful fish and many people grow it as a decoration   Osteoglossum bicirrhosum arwana

aryaduta: n /ltr/ ambassador

as1: n /frm/lu/ 1 axle  2 axis.

as2: n /frm/lu/ ace (card)

as. {alaihissalam}: intrj. /Islm/ Peace be with him (uttered after mention of minor prophet).

AS {Amerika Serikat}: n the USA.

asa: n /frm/lu/ hope.
-asa sia-sia: n 1 empty hope 2 putus asa: hopeless

Asada: n /ld/ Buddhist holiday |commemorating Sid­dharta’s first sermon after being enlightened|

asah: v /frm/lu/ 1 grind |to rub two hard surfaces against each other, especially to make one of them sharper or smoother| Tukang kayu itu sedang mengasah peralatannya. The carpenter is grinding his tools 2 Kamu harus mengasah otak dengan belajar keras. You have to improve your knowledge by learning harder
-asah otak: v to sharpen brain
-batu asah: n grind stone
-pengasah: n 1 grinder 2 sharpener

asah-asih-asuh: n /frm/lu/ teach, love, care |a teacher’s slogan|

asai: adj /ld/1 be rotted, mildewed. Di daerah panas banyak macam kayu cepat asai In tropical areas many kind of wood quickly rot.

asal1: n /frm/lu/ 1 origin |the situation or place from which something comes, or where it began to exist|  Satu penelitian perlu mengungkapkan asal penyakit itu. A research need to disclose  the origin of the disease. 2 trigger, cause Apa asalnya perkelahian itu? What was the cause of  the fighting?  3 source |the thing, place, person etc. that you obtain something from|  Asal sungai ini terdiri dari beberapa mata air. The source of this river consists of a number of spring water. 4 root |the basic or main part of a problem,  idea, or something: Bahasa Melayu adalah asal bahasa Indonesia Melayu was the root of Indonesian language
-asalnya1: v originally, initially Asalnya saya tidak ingin pergi Originally I didn’t want to go. –syn: mulanya, semula
-asalnya: n 1 the origin of (sth) Asalnya darimana? Where do you come from? 2 the cause Asalnya apa kmu berkelahi? What was the reason you’re getting a fight.
-asal-mula: n the very origin Itulah asal mula sejarahnya That was the very origin of the story.
-asal-usul: n 1 the very beginning 2 initial cause Saya tidak tahu asal usul permasalahan ini. I don’t understand the initial cause of this problem.
-asal-asalan: adj 1 thoughtless 2 hasty 3 unplanned 4 disorder
-asaljadi: adj 1 bare bone |having only the most basic things, information, qualities etc. that are needed|  gaya lukisan asal jadi a bare-bones style of drawing keberadaan asal jadi a bare-bones existence –syn: seadanya 2 perfunctory |done quickly, carelessly, and without interest|  Penjaga itu melakukan pemeriksaan ruangan asaljadi lalu pergi The guard made a perfunctory check of the room and then left.
also berasal usul:  v 1 come from Mereka berasal dari mana? Where they come from? 2 made of Kue ini berasal dari apa? What this cake made of?

asal2: adv /frm/lu/ 1 hastily asal bicara hastily talk 2 simply Tata lampunya asal bisa nyala dan mati. ­ Lighting set that simply could be off or on.

asal3: conj /frm/lu/ 1 provided that, as long as. Asal kamu mau ikut pergi bersama kami As long as you want to go with us. Ini cukup, asal ada makanan pencuci mulut This will be enough provided that  there is dessert available 2 glowing |as long as the boss is happy, an attitude of chronic sycophancy| laporan asal bapak senang (ABS) a glowing report 3 asalkan: in case, with a condition, provided that. Kamu boleh ikut saya asalkan ayah kamu mengijinkan You can go with me with a condition that your father will allow you. 4 but biar lambat, asal selamat slow but sure.

asali: adj /frm/ 1 original |the earliest| Aula itu masih mempunyai panggung asali dari kayu The hall still has its original wooden stage 2 initial |the first version| Rencana yang asali terlalu mahal. Our original plan was too expensive 3 new |completely different from the previous one or not a copy of something else| Para siswa harus menemukan bentuk tulisan yang asali Students had to invent an original type of the writing.

asam1; masam: adj /frm/lu/ 1 sour. Jeruknya terasa asam The orange tastes sour. 2 furious Air mukanya masam His expression is furious 3
-kurang asam: adj rude, impolite Dia benar-benar akan kurang asam. He is a really rude boy.

asam2: n /frm/lu/ 1 lemon |a round fruit like orange that has a sour-tasting juice and a thin skin| 2 asam kandi: sour spice |spice that tastes sour made from a fruit| 3 acid |a chemical substance that can produce salts or burn holes in the things it touches|
-asaman: n 1 pickle. 2 acid 3 acidity
-asam arang: n carbon dioxide.
-asam ­arsenat: n arsenic.
-asam belerang: n sulphuric acid
-asam borat: n boric acid.
-asam cuka: n acetic acid.
-asam foli: n folic acid. ­
-asam fosfor: n phosphoric acid.
-asam garam: n hydrochloric  acid
-asam jeruk/limau: n citric acid.
-asam karbol: n carbolic acid
-asam klorida: n hydro­chloric acid.
-asam  lambung: n gastric juice |the acids in the stomach that break food into smaller parts|
-asam nitrat/sendawa: n nitric acid.
-asam nitrit: n nitrous acid.
-asam salisilat: n salicylic acid.
-asam ­samak: n tannic acid.
-asam semut: n formic acid.
-asam sulfat: n sulphuric acid.
-asam sulfida: n sul­phide acid.
-asam urat: n /med./ varicose vein |the cause of gout or a medical condition in which the veins in your leg become swollen and painful as the result of too much acid on the blood|
-keasaman1: n acidity
-keasaman2: adj 1 pickled,  all sorts of acids, (tastes) too taste 2 too much acid
-keasam-asaman: adj sour(ish), acidic. -mengasami: v 1 clean sth with acid 2 turn into acid, 3 add acid
-/idiom/ asam garam: experiences  Anak muda ini sudah banyak makan asam garam hidup This young man has a lot of  experiences.

asap1: n /frm/lu/ 1 smoke Ada asap keluar dari cerobong atap, berarti rumahnya berpenghuni. There is smoke out of the chimney, it means the house is occupied 2 vapour asap teh hangat yang harum pleasant hot tea vapour  3 fume Asap bahan bakar kenderaan bermotor adalah penyebab utama polusi di kota Gasoline fume from the vehicles is the main cause of city pollution
-berasap: v /intr/ 1 smoke  Api unggunnya masih berasap. Itu artinya mereka masih dekat. The campfire still smoke. It means they are still near  2 vaporize Kopinya masih berasap, saya tidak bisa meminum langsung The coffee is still vaporized I can’t drink it right away
-mengasapi: v /tr/ fumigate. |to kill or remove bacteria, insects, parasite,  etc. from somewhere using smoke or chemical gas|
-pengasapan: n fumigation

asap2: adj /frm/lu/ smoked bandeng asap smoked milk fish daging asap smoked meat
-asap kemenyan: n in­cense fumes
-mengasap kemenyani: v |there was an animism ceremony to praise or to honour their ancestor’s soul by burning incense which is called “mengasap kemenyani”  Nowadays these words is popularly using in some area to describe someone who is remarkably always praise or respect someone else excessively| Dia suka mengasap kemenyani mertuanya He likes to praise and pleased his father in law.
-perasapan: n 1 incense burner. 2 fumigator, fumigating agent.
-/idiom/: 1 asap dapur livelihood, earning Jangan bilang liburan, hanya untuk membutuhi asap dapur saja saya harus berjuang keras. Don’t mention to go for a vacation, just to fulfil my family livelihood I have to struggle very hard. 2 dapur berasap: the family basic need is available  Gaji saya cukup hanya untuk menjaga dapur berasap My take home pay is enough only to meet my family basic need

asar: n /frm/lu/ 1 afternoon prayer (around 4:00 p.m.). salat asar the afternoon prayer  2 period between three and four p.m.

asas: n /frm/lu/ 1 ideology |a set of beliefs or ideas, especially political beliefs| Asas Negara Republic Indonesia adalah Pancasila The ideology of the Republic of Indonesia is Pancasila Apa asas partai kamu? What is the ideology of your party?  2 principle: |a moral rule or set of ideas that makes you behave in a particular way| Kami melakukan kerjasama ini dengan asas kesetaraan antara semua pihak. We do this cooperation with a principle of equality among all sides. 3 foundation |an idea, fact, or system from which a religion, way of life, etc. developed| Keberadaan negeri ini terletak pada asas bahwa setiap bangsa mempunyai hak untuk merdeka. The existence of this country lays on a foundation that each nation has a right to have its freedom. –syn: basis, dasar, fondasi
-berasaskan: v to have sth as a base or as a principle

asasi: adj /frm/lu/  fundamental Itu satu sikap politik yang sangat asasi That is a very  fundamental political attitude. Demokrasi adalah satu cerminan hak manusia yang sangat asasi. Democracy is the reflection of a human fundamental right.

asbak: n /frm/lu/ ashtray.

asbes: n /frm/lu/ asbestos

asbun: {asal bunyi}: adv /frm/lu/ |speak about sth without thinking whether it is wrong or right, hurt or pleased someone,  rational or irrational|

ASEAN {Association of South East Asian Nations}: n ASEAN 

asem: variant of asam:

asembling: assembling: n /frm/lu/ assemblage |the act of bringing things together| Ini mobil asembling In­donesia This is a car assembled in Indonesia.

mengasembling: mengasemblir: v /frm/lu/ assemble.

asese: n /frm/lu/ 1 approval   2 agreement

asesori: n /frm/lu/ accessories.

ASI {Air Susu Ibu}: n /frm/lu/ mother’s breast milk/breast feeding  Pemberian ASI mengandung immunisasi efektif secara alamiah. Breast feeding contains a very effective natural immunisation.

asi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 care 2 attention.
-mengasi: v 1 pay attention   Orang tuanya kurang mengasi anak itu The parents pay less attention to the child. 2 agree with Jangan mengasi dia sebelum kamu tahu apa sebenarnya yang telah terjadi. Don’t agree with him without you know exactly what has happened.

asi2: adj /frm/ 1 right/true 2 valid Apa rekomendasi ini asi? Is this recommendation valid? –syn: /frm/lu/ sah

asian: adj /ld/1 lucky, fortunate 2 effective |applied particularly to medicine| Obat ini sudah terbukti asian This medicine has been proved effective

Asia: n Asia.

asik: variant of asyik:

asimetri: adj /frm/lu/ asymmetry |not symmetric|

asimetris: adj /frm/lu/ asymmetrical.

asimilasi: n /frm/lu/ assimilation
-berasimilasi: v assimilate

asimot: variant of azimuth:

asin: adj /frm/lu/ 1 salty. Supnya terlalu asin The soup is too salty
-asinan: n 1 pickle 2 salted vegetables
-mengasinkan: v salt. Mereka mengasinkan ikan itu sebelum penjualan. They salted the fish before selling
-pengasinan: n pick­ling, salting.

asing: adj /frm/lu/1 strange Saya merasa asing di sini I feel strange here 2 foreign Mereka datang dari negeri asing They come from foreign country 3 unusual  Kejadian seperti itu asing untuk orang disini Events like that are unusual for people around here  3 odd Agak asing cara pakaian pria itu The man’s way of wearing cloth is rather odd  3 remote, isolate Rumah itu asing tempatnya That house is isolated/ remote.
-asingkan: mengasingkan: v 1 put apart Asingkan pakaian-pakaian kotor itu Put apart that dirty clothes 2 isolate, exile, banish Rumah sakit mengasingkan orang pengidap penyakit menular. The hospital isolate people suffering contiguous disease  Anak itu selalu mengasingkan diri That child is always off (isolate) by himself
-keasingan: n 1 strangeness 2 oddness
-keterasingan: n |a condition of being isolated|
-pengasingan: n 1 the place where sb or sth isolated. 2 exclusion, isolation
-terasing: adj isolated Kubu adalah satu suku terasing yang tinggal di hutan lebat Sumatera Kubu is an isolated ethnic who lives in the heavy forest of Sumatera.

asisten: n /frm/lu/ 1 assistant. asisten ahli expert assistant
-keasistenan: n assis­tantship.

asli: adj /frm/lu/ 1 original Inilah surat keterangan asli This is the original certificate 2 genuine, authentic. Ini la­poran asli tentang keadaan disana This is an authentic report of the situation there. 3 indigenous, native Saya adalah penduduk asli pulau ini I am a native inhabitant of this island  4 aboriginal, primitive Komodo adalah salah satu binatang asli yang masih terus bertahan. Comodo is one of the aboriginal animal who still exist.
-keaslian: n 1 authenticity, genuineness 2 orig­inality

asma1: n /ltr/ name (esp. of God). Dalam asma Tuhan saya berkata jujur In the name of God I tell the truth.

asma2: n /frm/lu/ asthma.

asmara: n /frm/lu/ romance |the feeling of excitement that is connected with relationship between two people who love each other| asmara cinta romance of love Dia sedang di rundung gelora asmara He is being occupied with a joy of romance

asoi; asoii: adj /inf/lu/ 1 wonderful, fantastic. Dia tidak hanya cantik dan manis, menurut saya dia sangat asoi She is not only nice and pretty, I think she is fantastic. 2 interested  |being interested on sth|   Jangan menggangu kalau sso sedang asoi membaca sesuatu. Don’t disturb while sb is being interested in reading something.

asong; mengasong: v /inf/lu/ |to bring something in a basket or box and offer it to the people in the street or to the passing people|
-asongan: n |the box or the basket that a “pengasong” use to keep their goods to sell|
-pengasong: n someone whose job is “mengasong”

asosiasi: n /frm/lu/ association
-berasosiasi: v associate
-mengasosiasikan: v associate
-pengasosiasian: n the act of associating

aspal1: n /frm/lu/ asphalt
-aspalan: n asphalted pave­ment
-mengaspal: v asphalt (a road)
-pengaspalan: n asphalting (of a road)

aspal2: {asli palsu}: adj /hum/ |that looks original but is falsified| diploma aspal a falsified diploma

asparagus: n /frm/lu/ |a slightly bitter green vegetable shaped like a small stick with a point on one end|

aspek: n /frm/lu/ aspect.

aspirasi: n /frm/lu/ aspiration
-beraspirasi: v aspire |have a strong aspiration to achieve sth|

Aspri {Asisten Pribadi}: n personal assistant

asrama: n /frm/lu/ 1 dormitory 2 hostel 3 barracks 4 residence hall. asrama campuran common dorm. 2 barracks

asri: adj /frm/lu/ 1 beautiful |in the sense of harmony between natural environment combine with artificial lay out of a resort or housing area| 2 naturally harmonious
-keasrian: n 1 harmony, beauty Keasrian lingkungan perumahan membuat saya nyaman tinggal disana. The harmony of the housing area makes me comfortable stay there

assalam alaikum: greeting /Isl/ Peace be unto you! Assalam alaikum – warahmatullohi wabarakatuh Peace be to you and God’s mercy and blessing as well

assembling: variant of assembling:

asset: n /frm/lu/ assets.

assumsi: variant of asumsi:

astaga: intrj. /spo/lu/ for heaven’s sake.

astagfirullah, astagh firullah, astagh firulla­hal’azim: intrj /Isl/ May God forgive me! (uttered when sb is shocked by immoral behaviour)

Asteng {Asia Tenggara}: n South East Asia

aster: n /lu/ a plant, originally from North America – the family of Compositae

astrologi: n /frm/lu/ astrology.

astronaut: n /frm/lu/ astronaut

astronomi: n /frm/lu/ astronomy

asu: n //frm/lu/ 1 dog! 2 bastard

asuh; mengasuh: v /frm/lu/1 care for, take care of, rear Siapa yang mengasuh anakmu? Who does take care of your child?  2 grow (a child) Keluarga ini mengasuh tiga anak. This family grow three children. 3 train,  educate  Opsir itu secara terus menerus mengasuh tentara-tentaranya The officer routinely train his soldiers. 4 maintain, lend support to
pengasuhan: n upbringing, rearing
-salah asuh: adj poor up­bringing
-pengasuh: n baby sitter, nurse, guardian, nursemaid, guardian, caretaker  dalam pengasuhan panti yatim piatu in the care of the orphan’s court.

asumsi: n /frm/lu/ assumption.

asung; mengasung: v /ld/ 1 incite |deliberately make someone feel angry or excited that s/he does something wrong| Seorang pria telah dituntut atas pengasung kekacauan One man was accused for inciting a riot. 2 stir up |to make someone very angry and hate to someone else| Saya tahu dia mengasung kamu membencii saudara kamu I know that he stir you up to hate your brother.

asuransi: n /frm/lu/ 1 insurance |business agreement, which is called policy, between a person or a company as a client in one side and a company as the service provider in one side with an arrangement that the client pays the provider money each year or each month as an instalment and the provider will pay the costs if anything bad happens to the client such  as having an illness or an accident, a damage to property, the loss in business, etc| Apa kamu punya asuransi untuk mobil kamu? Do you have insurance on/for your car?  2 insurance pay­ment or instalment Apa kamu sudah membayar asuransi kesehatan kamu untuk tahun ini? Have you paid your health insurance for this year?  3 insurance payment re­ceived Berapa asuransi yang kamu terima untuk mobil kamu yang hilang? How much did you get the insurance for your lost car?
-diasruransikan: adj be isured This painting is insured for $5000.
-mengasuransikan: v insure |to buy insurance policy| Saya mengasuransikan rumahku terhadap kebakaran. I insure my house against fire.
-perasuransian: n 1 insurance system 2 insurance activity
-polis asuransi: n insurance policy.

asusila: adj /frm/lu/ immoral

asyik: adj /frm/lu/ 1 busy Dia sedang asyik melakukan pekerjaan pekerjaannya. He is busy doing his works  2 passionate. Dia sangat asyik mencintai buah hatinya. He passionately loves his sweetheart.  3 absorbed, eager. Dia sedang asyik belajar bahasa Indonesia He is absorbed in studying Indonesian 4 infatuated. |having unreasonably strong feelings of love for someone|  Dia sedang asyik jatuh cinta padanya He’s infatuated with her.
-keasyikan: n preoccupation |the state of being preoccupied| Keasyikan dia menjaga kesehatan mulai mempengaruhi pekerjaannya His growing preoccupation with his health began to affect his work.2 obsession, fascination.
-keasyik-asyikan: adj 1 deeply/heavily/ seriously absorbed, occupied, fascinated
-mengasyikkan1: adj 1 preoccupying Buat saya billiard adalah satu permainan mengasyikkan. For me billiard is a preoccupying play 2 engrossing, absorbing, fascinating |so interesting that you do not notice anything else|  Dia berbakat menceritakan dongeng-dongeng mengasyikkan She has a talent of telling engrossing tales  3 attractive  Apa kamu merasa pertunjukan itu mengasyikkan? Did you find the show attractive?
-mengasyikkan2: v making sb preoccupied, fascinated, absorbed.

AT {Asia Tenggara}: n South East Asia.

atap: n /frm/lu/ 1 roof Kamu mau pakai apa untuk atap rumah kamu? What are you going to use for your house roof?
-mengatap: v roof Pekerja sedang mengatap bangunan itu. The workers are roofing the building

atas1: n /frm/lu/ top Ada sebuah persinggahan dan teropong besar diatas pegunungan itu There is a shelter and a big telescope on the top of the hill Ada seekor burung sedang hinggap diatas atap rumah. There is a bird sitting on the top of the roof

atas2: prep /frm/lu/ 1 diatas: a) on |at the flat upper surface of sth| Taruh buku kamu diatas meja Put your book on the table b) on |in the side of|  Atas nama semua keluarga saya mengucapkan terima kasih. On behalf of all my family, I would like to say thank you very much. c) |taking something as a reason| Saya hadiri rapat ini atas undangan panitia. I attend this meeting on the committee invitation. Atas dasar kemanusiaan kami memberikan bantuan ini secara suka rela On the basis of humanism, we give this aid voluntarily. 2 above a) |in or to a higher position than something else| Ada helikopter sedang terbang diatas kita There is a flying helicopter above us| b) |at or to a higher number, amount, or level than something else| Temperatur naik diatas suhu beku hari ini Temperatures rose above freezing today Kita terbang pada posisi 21,000 kaki diatas laut. We are flying at the level 21,000 feet  above the sea Lengketkan sticker itu diatas gambar yang ada di dinding Stick the sticker above the picture on the wall 3 /frm/ above all,  most importantly  Diatas semuanya, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada orangtua saya. Above all, I would like to thank my parents 4 dari atas: above |through a space above something| Anjing itu melompat dari atas pagar The dog jumped over the fence|

atas3: adj upper |sth near or at the top of something| lantai atas bangunan the upper floors of the building. Dia berasal dari keluarga kelas atas He comes from upper class family tinggi sisi atas sebuah kotak upper side of a box

atas4: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 for Saya mengucapkan terima kasih atas semua kebaikan kamu pada kami. I say thank you for all your kindness to us  2 because Atas bantuan dari tim penyelamatlah kami bisa selamat Because of the help given by the rescue team, we survived
-atasan: n supervisor, upper ordinate Dia adalah atasan saya He is my supervisor
-atas mengatasi: v compete each other
­-diatasi: v /pas v./  be solved Krisi itu sudah diatasi The crises has been solved  -teratas; paling atas: adj the uppermost, the highest.
-mengatasnamakan: v delegate |ask sb or other side to take a necessary action with all the consequences are still our responsibility| Presiden mengatasnamakan penandatanganan perjanjian itu kepada menteri luar negeri The president delegated the signing of the agreement to the foreign affairs minister
-mengatasnamai: v |take an action on behalf of other person or side| Walikota mengatasnamai gubernur membuka pameran itu The mayor took an act on behalf of the governor to open the exhibition.
-mengatasi: v overcome, solve Akan sulit mengatasi masalah ini. It’ll be difficult to overcome this problem
-teratasi1: v /pass. v./ can be solved Apa menurut kamu masalah itu teratasi? Do you think that the problem can be solved?
-teratasi2: adj 1 solvable 2 manageable Untuk kami itu adalah masalah yang akan teratasi For us, that is going to be a solvable problem

atase: n attaché

atau: conj. /frm/lu/  or. Pergilah main tenis atau  badminton Go out to play tennis or badminton.

ateis: n /frm/lu/ atheist
-ateisme: n atheism.
-keateisan: n |the quality or being atheist|

atensi: n /frm/lu/ attention.

atlas: n /frm/lu/ atlas

atlet: n /frm/lu/ athlete

atletik: adj /frm/lu/ athletics

atlit: n variation of atlet:

Atmil {Atase Militer}: n military attaché

atom: n /frm/lu/ atom.

atos: adj /ld/ hard, solid

atraksi: n /frm/lu/ attraction

atret: v /ld/ move backward

atribut: n /frm/lu/ 1 attribute 2 paraphernalia

atuh: intrj. /ld/ oh. hey. Atuh jang! Hey, son!

atung: see katung:

atur1; mengatur: v /frm/lu/ 1 arrange Boleh anda mengatur berkas itu sesuai alphabet? Could you please arrange the file alphabetically? 2 regulate Pemerintah mengatur pemakaian plastic untuk kemasan makanan dan minuman The government regulates the use of plastic for food and drink packaging. 3 order Kolonel telah meminta letnannya untuk mengatur pasukan dalam barisan The colonel asked his lieutenant to order the troop in line 4 discipline Sebagai seorang tentara dia diharapkan dapat mengatur sikap dan perilakunya As a soldier he is expected to discipline his attitude and behaviour 5 adjust Kamu dapat mengatur temperature ruangan dengan alat control jarak jauh ini. You can adjust the room temperature with this remote control panel.
-beraturan: adj 1 in order  2 regular  Sebagian besar bentuk kata kerja adalah beraturan Most of the action-verb form are regular.
-pengaturan: n arrangement, adjustment Siapa yang bertanggung jawab untuk pengaturan tata ruang? Who is responsible for the arrangement of the room lay out? Pengaturan sinar akan nyata mempengaruhi mutu gambar. Lighting adjustment will significantly contribute to the quality of the picture.
-peraturan: n rule, order, law, regulation, discipline, direction, instruction
-pengatur: n regulator, adjuster
-teratur: adj adjusted, arranged, in order Jamuan itu tertatur secara baik The bouquet is well arranged

atur2; menghaturkan: v /frm/lu/ 1 offer, submit |politely present or give something to a higher position| Bersama ini kami menghaturkan dengan hormat permintaan maaf kepada tamu yang mulia atas ketidak nyamanan ini. We herewith respectfully extend our apology to the honourable guest for this inconveniency.

au: excl |expressing amazement or excitement|

AU {Angkatan Udara}: n Air Force.

aubade: n /frm/lu/ solemn evening ceremony of taking down the flag.

audiensi: n /frm/lu/ audience
-beraudiensi: v courtesy call |to have a informal visiting to someone in a high position|

audio-visuil: adj /frm/lu/ audiovisual |involving the use of recorded pictures and sound|

audisi: n /frm/lu/ audition.

audit; mengaudit: v audit |to check that a company’s financial records are correct|

aula: n /frm/lu/ hall, auditorium.

aura: n /frm/lu/ aura |the quality or influence that seems to come from a person or a place| Ada aura karisma dalam kepribadian dia. There’s an aura of charisma in his personality

aurat: n 1/Isl/ |part of the body which may not be visible while performing a ritual|  2 genitals.

AURI {Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia}: n Indo­nesian Air Force.

aus: adj /frm/lu/ 1 worn-out, threadbare 2 worn down (of a knife, etc.)
-keausan: n the quality of being worn out
-mengausi: v 1 wear sth out 2 wear, erode sth away
-mengauskan: v to make sth worn out

Australi; Australia: n Australia

aut: adj /sport/ out.

autentik: variant of otentik:

auto: variant of oto:

autobiografi: n /frm/lu/ autobiography

automatis: variant of otomatis:

autonomi: variant of otonomi:

autopsi: n /frm/lu/ autopsy
-mengautopsi: v perform an autopsy

autorisasi: variant of otorisasi:

aviasi: n /frm/lu/ aviation.

avontir: variant of avontur:

avontirir: n /frm/lu/ adventurer

avontur: n /frm/lu/ adventure

avonturir: variant of avontirir

avonturisme: n /frm/lu/ adventurism.

Avtur {Aviation Turbo Fuel}: n airplane fuel.

awa-: pref.  /frm/ non-, dis-, etc. |negating prefix| awa suara devoice

awahama: adj /frm/ disinfectant
-mengawahamakan: v disinfect
-pengawahamaan: n sterilize with disinfectant.

awakolesterol: adj /frm/ free of cholesterol

awahutan: adj /frm/ deforested.
-mengawahutankan: v deforest.
-pengawahutanan: n defores­tation.

awanama: adj /frm/ anonymous

awawarna: adj /frm/ colourless

awak1: n /frm/lu/ 1 body  Kelihatannya awak kapal itu sedang terbakar It seems that the body of the sip is burning.  Saya merasa tidak enak awak I feel that my body is not very well  2 crew Semua awak pesawat terbang itu selamat dalam kecelakaan itu All the crews of the plane survived at the crash

awak2: pron. /frm/lu/ 1 I, my, me.  Awak tidak bisa pergi sekarang I can’t go now Itu mobil awak That is my car. Mereka mengatakan hal itu pada awak They told me about it.  2 we, ourselves. Dia adalah orang awak He is our people (He is one of us) Jangan katakan pada orang lain, ini hanya sesama awak Don’t tell anybody, this is only between us. Jangan malu kiat hanya sesame awak Don’t be shy; we are among friends.
-berperawakan: v have a certain build. berperawakan gagah to have a handsome build.
-mem­perawak: v use, hire, subordinate  |recruit sb to be our crew or to do something| Kapten kapal itu memperawak saya selama dua tahun The captain of the ship subordinated me for two years
-mengawaki: v work as a crew (of a ship, etc.).
-perawakan: n 1 posture |the position you hold your body in when you sit or stand| Perawakan badan yang kurang sempurna dapat mengakibatkan sakit punggung Poor posture can lead to back trouble. 2 shape  gadis cantik dengan perawakan ramping a pretty girl with the slender figure

awal1: n /frm/lu/ beginning. awal tahun depan the beginning of the next year
-awalan: n /ling/ prefix
-awalnya: adv initially, at the beginning
-berawalan: adj prefixed, to have prefix
-diawali: v /pass. v/ precede, headed
-mengawali: v start, begin, head, be first
-pengawal: n 1 bodyguard 2 pioneer 3 the first
-pengawalan: n guardianship

awal2: adj /frm/lu/ early |near to the beginning of a day, year, someone’s life etc.| Mereka pindah kesini pada awal tahun They moved here in the early year
-paling awal: adj the earliest, the last  Mereka adalah pendatang paling awal They are the earliest comers.

awal3; lebih awal: adv, adj /frm/lu/ 1 early |before the usual, arranged, or expected time| Kamu harus tiba lebih awal kalau ingin tempat duduk yang bagus You should arrive early if you want a good seat 2 earlier, first  Dia tiba lebih awal dari saya He arrived earlier than I

awam: adj /frm/lu/ 1 common |ordinary and not special in any way|  Jangan terlalu menghawatirkan kenyamanan kami, kami hanya orang awam Don’t too worry about our convenience, we are only common people  2 lay, non-expert Artikel itu mengandung terlalu banyak istilah-istilah teknis, susah diserap oleh orang awam. The article contains too many jargons, the lay people will have difficulty to comprehend it.
-keawaman: n commonness.
-mengawamkan: v announce (a decree, etc.), socialize (new idea, policy, etc)  2 propose 3 advocate, diffuse (invention) Sebelum mengeluarkan kebijakan ini, pemerintah perlu mengawamkannya Before issuing of this policy, the government need to socialize it.
-pengawam: n 1 advocate 2 promoter 3 innovation agent

awan: n /frm/lu/ 1 cloud awan berarak moving clouds.  awan hitam dark cloud
-awan berawan: n the cluster of cloud
-berawan: adj. cloudy
-mengawan: v 1 take off, climb to the sky   Pesawat itu sudah mengawan. The plane has taken off  2 to become cloud Tidak ada lagi air di kolam semua sudah mengawan No more water in the pool, all has become cloud 3 to be joyful Hatinya mengawan mendengar berita itu His heart became joyful to hear the news

awang-awang1: n /frm/lu/ outer space Saya merasa seperti terbang di awang-awang I felt like flying in the outer space 2 high level or status Standard hidup mereka sudah di awang-awang Their living standard is at a high level

awang-awang2: adj /frm/lu/ uncertain |not known or not definite| Persetujuan itu masih di awang-awang The agreement is still un­certain
-mengawang: v 1 go up into the air 2 indulge in fancies

awangan: n /frm/ the upper side of a stage

awas1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 careful, watchful Kamu harus awas terhadap ular berbisa di daerah ini. You must be watchful toward poisonous snake in this area. 2 alert Kita harus awas dengan badai tiba-tiba. We have to be alert with sudden storm 3 perfect (sharp) Penglihatannya masih awas. His sight is still perfect

awas2: excl. /frm/lu/ 1  watch out. 2 be careful  Awas!  ada mobil berlari cepat Be careful, there is a car running fast.
-awasi: mengawasi: v control, inspect, supervise
-pengawasan: n supervision, controlling, inspection, surveillance Tersangka itu dalam pengawasan polisi The suspect is under police surveillance.
-pengawas: n supervisor, superintendent pengawas penjualan sales superintendent  pengawasan persenjataan arms control
-terawasi: adj can be controlled

awet; awit: adj /frm/lu/ durable, lasting, unchanged Ini bahan yang awet This is a durable material. awet rnuda staying young.
-diawetkan: v /pass.v./ be preserved, be stuffed Ada dua buaya purbakala yang diawetkan di museum itu The are two ancient crocodile are preserved in this museum
-keawetan: n durability.
-mengawetkan: v preserve.
-pengawetan: n preservation pengawetan makanan food preservation.

awurl: mengawur: v /frm/lu/ scatter, disperse, spread loosely, sprinkle  Wanita itu sedang mengawur benih dipembibitan The lady is spreading the seeds on the seedling bed  .

awur2: (me)ngawur: adj /frm/lu/ random, disorderly, irregular
-awur-awuran: adv 1 randomly 2 scattered at random 3 without focus  Dia bicara ngawur He talked out of focus
n recklessness, disorder.

awut: (me)ngawut: v /inf/lu/ do sth carelessly
-awut-awutan: adj 1 tan­gled (of rope, thread, etc.)  2 tousled (of hair). 3 untidy (place) 4 sloppy 5 haphazard Kerjanya awut-awutan His work is haphazard.

ayah: n /frm/lu/ father
-ayah bunda: n parents (father and mother)
-ayah tiri: n stepfather.
-berayahkan: v to have a fa­ther of. Enak sekali dia berayahkan seorang yang kaya How lucky he is to have a very rich father
-keayahan: n 1 fatherhood  2 parental.
-seayah seibu: v have the same mother and father.

ayahanda: pron /ltr/ my own father (used in letters).

ayak1; ayakan: n /frm/lu/ sieve |a kitchen tool that looks like a wire net, used for separating solids from liquids or small pieces from large pieces|

ayak2: mengayak: v /frm/lu/ waddle |to walk with short steps, swinging from one side to another like a duck|  seorang pria gemuk berjalan goyang-goyang seperti bebek sepanjang jalan a fat man waddling along/up the street

ayak-ayak: n /ld/ spider

ayal: adj, adv /ld/ 1 slow Ayo cepat! Jangan ayal Hurry up don’t be slow   2 doubtful. Tidak ayal lagi dia telah mengambil pensil saya. There is no need to be doubtful that he took my pen
-(ber)ayal-ayalan: v delay, tarry, linger. Dia masih saja berayal-ayalan di pintu itu He is still lingering by the door.

ayam: n /frm/lu/ chicken ayam aduan fighting cock. ayam alas jungle fowl ayam belanda turkey
/proverb/: 1 ayam bertelur dilumbung padi (chicken laying egg on a rice barn): born to the rich family 2 ayam tertambat disambar elang (tied cock caught by an eagle): have a very bad luck 3 ayam hitam terbang malam (black chicken flying at night): a top secret. 4 ayam itik raja pada tempatnya (a chicken is a king in its cage)  everyone is the ruler in his own place 5 ayam putih terbang siang (white chicken flying on a daylight)  everything is transparent

ayanl: n /frm/lu/ epilepsy.
-ayanan: adj 1 prone to epilepsy, epileptic

ayan2: n /ld/ 1 tin 2 tin can

ayat: n /frm/lu/ 1 verse |sentence or group of sentences in the Al Qur’an and in the Bible that have a number|  2  subsection |a set of lines that forms one part of an article of a law, agreement/written contract, etc| 3  |a set of lines that forms one part of a poem or song, and that usually has a pattern that is repeated in other parts|

aye: pron /lu/ I.-syn: saya, aku

ayem: adj /inf/lu/ calm, assured. ayam tenteram contented, quiet.

ayeng; ayeng-ayengan: adj /ld/ 1 move back and forth 2 pace up and down 3 go there and here leisurely

ayo; ayoh; ayok: v /frm/lu/spo/ 1 come on! ayo pulang Come on, go home 2 let Ayo kita laksanakan! Let’s do it! Ayo duluan! Go ahead (before the others)! 3 Come on! Ayo!, kenapa salah semua? Come on! Why everything go wrong! Ayolah katakan pada saya. Come on, tell me!

ayom; mengayomi: v /frm/lu/  protect, shelter, guard
-pengayoman: n protection, guardianship, care
-pengayom: n protector

ayu: adj /frm/lu/ pretty, beautiful
-keayuan: n beauty, prettiness

Ayub: n one of the prophets in Al-Qur’an  2  prophet Job in Bible

ayuh: variant of ayo:

ayun; mengayun; mengayunkan: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 swing, sway, rock Angin sedang mengayun gondola itu The wind is swaying the gondola 2 step forward Dia mengayunkan kakinya lalu pergi He stepped forward and go away.
-ayunan: n baby cradle, pendulum
-berayun-ayun: v /intr/ Kera itu sedang berayun-ayun didahan pohon The monkey is swinging on the branch of the tree
-terayun-ayun: v be swinging.


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