Dictionary B


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

B1: b: |the second letter of alphabet used in Indonesian language and English –  approximately sounds like: b in  balloon, broad; rubbroker; cab; dab; grab; jab; lab.|

bab: n /frm/lu/1 chapter  Mari kita buka bab II Let’s open chapter II;  2 matter Bab ini tidak perlu dibahas. This matter doesn’t need to be discussed. 3 gate, main door

babak1: n /frm/lu/ 1 round (in a match)  Tyson memukul dia jatuh pada babak ke-II Tyson knocked him down at the 2nd round 2 stage (of a process) Pada babak permulaan hal itu tersembunyi It was hidden at the earlier stage.
-membabak: v plester |protect blood comes out from an injury|
-pembabakan: n the process of making sth happen periodically

babak2; babak belur: adj /frm/lu/ badly injured   Mukanya babak-belur dipukul oleh lawannya His face was a badly injured  by his opponent.

babakan: n /lu/ bark |the loose outer skin of   the trunk and branches of a tree|

babat1: membabat: v //frm/lu/ 1 cut, clear (tree, jungle) Mereka membabat hutan untuk satu jalan baru They cut down the jungle for a new road  2 mow (grass)  Dia sedang membabat rumput di halaman belakang. He is mowing the grass in the backyard. 3 to eat sth without any rest Mereka membabat habis semua makanan itu. They eat away all the food  4 absolutely defeat  Dia membabat habis semua lawannya. He absolutely defeated all his opponent.
-membabati: v cut down trees or grass  (a suffix “i” in a verb functions as an intensifier to express that the action done frequently)
-membabatkan: v use a tool (like a chopping knife) to cut sth Dia membabatkan parang baru itu memotong rumput He use the new chopping knife to cut the grass.
n clearing |an action to cut away or to clear sth|

babat2: n /lu/ tripe soto babat tripe soup |soup made of tripe, one of many kinds of  traditional food|

babat3: n /ld/ 1 peer  Dia mendapat rasa hormat dari babatnya. He  gained the respect of his peers. 2  group |of the same level or kind|
-sebabat: n colleague |friends at the same level|

babat4: v variation of  bebat:

babe: n /ld/ boss

babi: n /frm/lu/ pig, pork
-babi pejantan: n boar
-babi lu!: intrj. /off/ You pig!
-babi guling: n a pig that wholly roasted whithout ctting it to pieces.
-­babi panggang: n /Chn/ hong pork braised in a red sauce.
-babi hutan: n wild boar.
-babi jalang: n /off./ |a stigma or predicate given to a women whose sex behaviour and practice is immoral based on the community value where she belongs to|
-daging babi: n pork meat.
-daging babi asap: n bacon, smoked ham
-induk babi: n sow |adult female pig in a pig breeding farm|
-/idiom/: membabibuta: adv helter- skelter Pencuri itu lari membabi buta The thief run helter-skelter 2 madly, wildly |do sth with an uncontrolled action|  Orang-orang menyiksa pencuri itu secara membabi buta People tortured the thief madly, squabble

bablas: v /lu/ be gone |if sth such as money “bablas” it means we don’t have the money anymore because we spent it in a way that is difficult to explain what for, or it’s unexpectedly taken by a thief or deceiver|

babtis: variant of  baptis:

babon: n /Jv/ 1 laying hen 2 original copy of a document

babu: n /of/ female domestic servant. |most of the people now call them “pembantu” (helper) instead|

baca: membaca: v /frm/lu/ 1 read Dia suka membaca buku komik She likes to read comical books 2 recite or chant (holy text, prayer, magic formula, etc.) (bacamembaca doa say a prayer.
-bacaan: n literature, reading (material) Kita tidak punya banyak bahan bacaan di rumah ini We don’t have so much reading material in this house
-keterbacaan: n readability -terbaca1: adj readable |used particularly in negative form| Tulisan tangannya tidak terbaca Her hand writing is not readable.
-membacakan: v /frm/ 1 read aloud, read for sb else Pria tua itu meminta saya membacakan surat anaknya untuk dia The old man asked me to read his son’s letter to him
-pembaca: n reader, reciter Ansori adalah seorang pembaca Al Quran yang bagus. Ansori is a good Al’Quran reader.
-pembacaan: n reading (process) Pembacaan keputusan itu kurang jelas The reading of the decision wasn’t very clear.
-terbaca : v /pass.v/ accidentally be read  Secara tidak sengaja laporan itu terbaca oleh seorang reporter Accidentally the report was read by a reporter.

bacang1: n /Chn/ |food made of rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, shaped into a dia­mond, filled with meat, and steamed|

bacang2: variant of embacang:

baciluk: n /infr/ a play to keep a baby interest and happy.

bacok: membacok: v /frm/lu/ slash |to cut or try to cut something in a violent way with a sharp weapon, making a long deep cut| Dia membacok lengan lawannya dengan sebuah pisau tajam He slashed his enemy’s arm with a sharp knife.
-bacokan: n gash, slash |a long narrow wound on your body, or a long narrow cut in a piece of material|
-pembacok: n slasher, gusher |sb who slash others with a knife|
-pembacokan: n slashing, gushing  |act of gashing or slashing|
terbacok: v /pass.v./ be cut |acciden­tally wounded with a knife|

bacot: n 1 /off/ 1 mouth. 2 talk Kamu jangan banyak bacot Don’ too much talk (Shut your mouth)
-berbacot: v tell much nonsense

badai1: n /frm/lu/ 1 storm 2 hurricane, typhoon, gale 3 rage |a stormy relationship or situation in which people are very angry, excited, and unreasonable| Pertentangan politik itu akhirnya berobah menjadi badai Finally the political argument turned to be a rage
-badai salju: n blizzard.
-badai pasir: n sand storm
-ber­badai: adj stormy  cuaca berbadai  stormy weather 2 rage, storm about. Dia berbadai di kantor, sebab pegawai-pegawai dating terlambat He was in a rage in the office because the employees came late.

badai2; terbadai: v /pass,/ stretched out. Mereka terbadai di pantai They were stretched out on the beach

badak: n /frm/lu/ rhinoceros.

badan: n /frm/lu/ 1 body |the physical structure of a person or animal| 2 torso |the main part of the human physical structure without legs, arms, and head. and other organs| 3 |the main physical structure of sth such as a building, a car, a ship, etc|  Apa badan mobil ini di import atau di assembling disini? Is the body of this car imported or locally assembled? 4 board |a group of people that is considered as one part of a larger organization with particular function or responsibility| Badan Koordinasi Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional National Development Planning Board|
-berbadan dua: adj /lu/frm/ pregnant
-bersebadan: v /lu/frm/ make love, having sex

badan hukum: n /lu/frm/ registered organization or corporation  |an organization such as foundation, business corporation, political party, etc that has been registered by the public notary and categorized as a tax payer|

badan jalan: n /lu/frm/ main part of a road |the lane where sb can drive a car normally|

badani1; badaniah; secara badani/ badaniah: adv /lu/frm/ physically  Secara badaniah mereka sehat. Physically they are healthy.

badani2; badaniah: adj /lu/frm/ physical pengalaman badaniah physical experi­ence.

badik: n /lu/ dagger |a short pointed knife used as a weapon| –syn: sangkur

badminton: n /lu/frm/ badminton.

badong: n /ld/ 1 puppet show accessories 2 n /vern. Toraja/ |funeral song|

Badui: n |an ethnic group in West Java who stll keep their very traditional social value|

badung: adj /lu/ 1 naughty (children) 2 delinquent (juvenile)

badut: n /lu/ clown.
-badutan: n jokes,  clowning stock  Dia menggunakan isu politik sebagai badutan. He takes political a issue as a joke.
kebadutan: n 1 buffoonery  2  ridiculousness
-membadut: v clown
-membaduti: v pretend (to be sb else)
-pembadutan: n clowning, buffoonery.

bagadang: variant of begadang:

bagai; bagaikan: prep. /lu/frm/ like, as if   |usually used to introduce idiom or proverb| Bagai si ponggok merindukan bulan |like a short person wanting to reach moon – to describe impossibility| 2 as if Hujan bagaikan di­curahkan dari langit The rain was as if it was being poured out from the sky
-bagaimana: conj. /question word/ how!  Bagaimana hal itu bisa terjadi? How could it happen? Bagaimana perasaan kamu? How do you feel?
-bagaimanapun: adv however Bagaimanapun caranya kamu melakukannya, saya yakin itu akan bagus However you do it, I’m sure it will be good. Dagaimanapun kamu perlu minta maaf padanya However, you need to extend your apology to her
-berbagai: adj various Ada berbagai cara untuk mencegah barang-barang itu dari kerusakan There are various way to protect the goods from damage
-dan sebagainya: adv et cetera  (etc)
-dibagaimanakan: adv what should be done to Dibagaimanakan tanaman itu? What should be done to the plant?
n variety Keberbagairagaman makanan akan menjaga kesehatan kita The variety of food will maintain our health.
adv, prep Sebagai teman kan saya lakukan yang terbaik untuk membantu. As your friend, I’ve done my best to help
-sebagaimana: prep. as it Sebagaimana telah dijelaskan sebelumnya tidak akan ada pemecatan As it was explained before, there will be no firing.

bagan1: n /lu/frm/ 1 draft, blueprint, design, plan  Ini bagan pembangkit tenaga listrik yang baru itu. This is the draft of the electricity new power plant Apa bagan penelitian itu sudah di diskusikan? Has the research plan discussed?  2 frame, skeleton. Bagan mobil terbakar itu masih ada di jalan. The frame of the burned-out vehicle is still on the road. Bagan atap itu akan dibuat dari balok-balok logam The frame of the roof will be made of metal bar.  3 chart Bagan organisasi itu sangat sederhana The organization chart is very simple. 4 map Apa kamu punya bagan daerah ini? Do you have the map of this area? 5 flow chart (electronics) Mesin ini akan diserahkan bersama bagan aliran arus listriknya The machine will come with its electronic flow chart
-membagan: v design Apa kamu tahu membagan tata letak panggung? Do you know how to design a stage lay out?
-pembagan: n designer.

bagan2: n /lu/frm/ fishing station |some fisher built their shelter on the sea. They dry up the fish there and sometimes they stay overnight there|

bagasi: n 1 baggage, luggage 2 luggage rack 3 trunk (of a car) Berat bagasi anda lewat . You have excess luggage

bagero: variant of bakero:

bagi1: prep /lu/frm/ for  Bagi mereka, yang tiketnya sudah di periksa, silahkan masuk pesawat sekarang. For them, whose ticket has been checked, please boarding now

bagi2; membagi: v /lu/frm/ 1 divide Mari kita bagi dua ruangannya dengan partisi itu Let’s divide the room in to two using that partition. 2 distribute Palang merah akan membagi selimut kepada para korban bencana alam itu The red cross will distribute the blanket to the catastrophe victims 3 separate Bagi siswa itu sesuai jenis kelaminnya. Separate the students based on their gender
-bagian: n share, portion, quota, ration, part, allotment, percentage Simpan bagian kamu Keep your portion Bagian terbesar penduduk tinggal di pedesaan The larger part of population live in rural areas.
-berbagi: v share Come on, join us. We can share the food and drink. Ayo! Kemarilah kita bisa berbagi makanan dan minuman ini.
-kebagian: v to have portion
-membagi rata: v divide equally. Bagi lingkaran itu menjadi tiga bagian yang sama Divide the circle into three equal parts  Bagaimana caranya membagi keuntungan itu secara rata? How will that benefit be equally divided?
-pembagian: n distribution, allocation, division Pembagian obat akan dilakukan oleh sukarelawan The distribution of the medicine will be done by volunteers
-perbagian: n quotient |the result of one number which is being divided by another number|
-terbagi-bagi: adj 1 divided 2 separated. Penduduk telah terbagi-bagi sesuai tujuan politik mereka. The population has been separated based on their political orientation.
-terbagi: dapat dibagi: adj 1 divisible Fifteen (15) is divisible by three (3) and five (5) 2 sharable, be shared  Apa makanan kita dapat dibagi kepada teman saya? Is our food can be shared  with my friend?
-sebagian: n part of, some of  Apa saya bisa memakai sebagian lotion kamu? Can I use some of your lotion?

bagimana: variant of bagaimana:

baginda: n /ltr./ His Majesty (for royalty) |a re­spectful term of reference for a King|  2 title of nobility.

bagong1: n /lu/ 1 pot-bellied, portly. 2 cumbersome, ponderous. 3 name of a pot-bellied clown in a puppet  play

bagong2: n /ld/ 1 wild boar 2 willing sexual partner

bagor: n coarse mat made of palm leaves

bagus: adj /lu/frm/ 1 fine, good. Bagus kalau kamu bisa lakukan sendiri It will be fine if you can do it by yourself  Cuaca kelihatan sangat bagus The weather seems very fine 2 exemplary |excellent and extremely good, and used as an example|  sikap bagus seorang siswa the students’ exemplary behavior –syn: baik, elok
-bagusi; membagusi; v /infr/lu/1 fix Ada yang salah dengan mesin ini, boleh kamu bagusi? There is sth wrong with this machine, can you fix it?  2 repair Dia punya keahlian membagusi alat elektronik He has skill to repair electronic. 3 correct  Saya butuh waktu untuk membagusi kesalahan dalam laporan ini I need time to correct the mistakes in this report –syn: memperbaiki, membenari, membetuli
-baguskan; membaguskan: v 1 improve Kamu perlu membaguskan cara berpakaian. You need to improve your way to dress 2 make up Mari kita baguskan taman ini selama liburan Let’s make up this park during vacation 3 embellish |a crown embellished with gold stars| 4 beautify Sentuhan kecil untuk membaguskan penampilan. A little touch to beautify an appearance. 5 renovate Bagunan itu masih bagus, namun demikian mereka berencana membaguskannya lagi The building is still good, however they plan to renovate it. 6  upgrade  Dia ingin membaguskan komputernya dengan menambah memory He want to upgrade his computer by adding more memory –syn: memperindah, mempercantik, memperkuat
Usage: Bagus, elok, baik, and manis, like good, pretty, nice, and beautiful have similarity. They describe positive quality. Bagus is more general but it less commonly used to describe beauty and prettiness. Use elok to describe the beauty or prettiness of an appearance. Use baik to describe the positive quality of behaviour, attitude, generosity, hospitality. Don’t say “Gadis yang bagus” if you mean “A beautiful girl” but “Gadis yang cantik” or “Gadis yang manis”  You can say “Penampilan yang bagus” if you mean “Good looking”, however the goodness here tends to mean the appropriateness rather than the beauty.

Bagus: n |title given to a Javanese and Balinese nobility|

bah1: n /lu/ frm/ flood  -syn: banjir
-membah: v flood, overflow

bah2: excl. |expressing surprise or disagreement|  Bah! Siapa yang mengundang dia kesini? Ha? Who invited him?

bah3: variant of babah:

bahaduri: adj /ld/ heroic, chivalrous

bahagia: adj /lu/frm/ 1 happy  Mereka sangat bahagia They are so happy 2 good  Kabar bahagia apa? What is the good news?
-kebahagiaan: n happiness, well-being, bliss, joy
v make happy, bring happiness  Kabar itu membahagiakan kami semua That news made us happy.

bahagian: variant of bagi:

bahak1: n /lu/ burst of laugh
-(tertawa) terbahak-bahak: v burst out laughing  Celana Judy tercecer dan kami semua terbahak-bahak Judy’s pants dropped and all of us was burst out laughing.

bahak2: n /ld/ sea eagle

bahan: n /lu/frm/ 1 substance |a type of solid or liquid that has particular qualities| Kantongan itu ditutup dengan satu bahan yang sangat lengket The bag was covered with a sticky substance. 2 material |things such as wood, plastic, paper etc. from which things can be made| bahan bangunan building materials 3 cloth |fabric used for making things like clothes, curtains etc.| Ibu membeli beberapa bahan katun untuk tutup meja Mom bought some cotton material for table cover 3 matter |a subject or situation that you have to think about or deal with, often one that causes problems|  Staknasi dibidang ekonomi akan menjadi bahan diskusi utama dalam seminar ini. The economic stagnation is going to be the main matter to discuss in this seminar.
-bahan adukan: n mortar
-bahan bakar: n fuel
-bahan bangunan: n construction material
-bahan buatan: n artificial substance
-bahan gizi: n nutrient
-bahan keras: n caustic agent.
-bahan keterangan: n information
-bahan masukan: n input
-bahan mentah: n raw material
-bahan mudah terbakar: n inflammable material
-bahan pakaian: n fabric for cloth
-bahan pangan: n food
-bahan peledak: n explosive
-bahan pelicin: n 1 lubricant 2 bribe
-bahan pelumas: n lubricant
-bahan pembicaraan: n issue, topic of discussion
-bahan pembersih: n cleanser, cleaning material
-bahan pengencer: n thinner
-bahan pengajaran: n teaching materials
-bahan pertimbangan: n consideration
-bahan perekat: n adhesive
-bahan pewarna: n pigment, colouring material
-bahan pokok: n staple supplies
-bahan tambang/galian: n extractive, mineral, ore

bahana1: n /frm/ 1 loud sound, noise, din. 2 echo
-membahana1: v ­1 sound loudly 2 echo, reverberate.

bahana2: n /frm/ extravagance, popularity, nobility
membahana2: adj well known, popular,  famous

bahana3: conj. because, due  Bahana kurang makan dia menjadi kurus Due to mal-nutrient she is very thin

bahar1: adj /ld/ huge, tremendous |usually used to describe sth that related to water such as sea, river, and lake| Danau yang bahar A large lake

bahar2: n weight measurement (about 400 lbs.)

bahar3: see akar:

bahari1: adj /ld/ antique, ancient. Itu kepercayaan bahari That is an ancient belief  2 charming.

bahari2: n /frm/ maritime, nautical.
-kebaharian: n nautical mat­ters. sejarah bahari maritime history.
-bahariwan; bahariawan: n |someone whose job or hobby related to sailing and ship|
-kebaharian: adj 1 |experiences or skill that related to sailing and ship| 2 nautical studies.
-bahariwati; bahariawati: n female sailor

bahas; membahas: v /lu/frm/ 1 discuss Apa kamu telah membahas proposal ini dengan konsultan itu? Have you discussed this proposal with the consultant  2 review Kita harus membahas laporan itu secara rinci sebelum menyerahkannya We have to review the report in detail before we submit it 3 confer Artikel itu membahas terjadinya kenaikan suku bunga pinjaman The article confers the rise in loan interest 4 talk about Apa kamu sudah membahas kasus ini dengan pengacara?  Did you talk to a lawyer about the case?
-pembahasan: n 1 discussion Pembahasan mengenai rencan undang-undang itu akan berlangsung minggu depan Discussion on the bill will take place next week  2 review Apa kita masih perlu melakukan pembahasan tentang anggaran belaja itu? Do we still need a review on the budget planning?

bahasa1: n /lu/frm/ 1 language Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian lan­guage 2 words Gunakan bahasa sopan terutama kalau bicara dengan wanita tua Use polite words especially if you talk to older women
-berbahasa: v 1 speak Apa kamu berbahasa Inggris? Do you speak English? 2 have good manner Dia tidak berbahasa baik He doesn’t have good manner
-bahasa baku: n standard language
-bahasa campuran: n mixed language
-bahasa daerah: n regional/ethnical language, vernacular
-bahasa dalam: n language used at royal court
-bahasa istilah: n jargon
-bahasa kebangsaan: n national language
-bahasa lisan: n spoken language
-bahasa pasaran: n slang
-bahasa pengantar: n common language (medium of instruction)
-bahasa Tarzan: n sign language
-bahasa prokem: n jargon used by gangs and street people
-bahasa tulisan: n written language
-membahasa Indonesiakan: v put/translate into Indone­sian language
-peri bahasa: n proverb, idiom

bahasa2: conj /frn/ that Bahasa apa yang kamu katakan benar perlu dibuktikan That what you mentioned is true need to be proved

bahasa3: adv /infr/ a little, slightly. Baju itu bahasa sempit The suit is slightly too small

bahasawan: n /lu/ltr/ linguist.

bahaya: n /lu/frm/ danger, peril, jeopardy
-berbahaya: adj dangerous, perilous
-membahayakan: v 1 jeopardize Jimmy telah membahayakan karirnya dengan menganjurkan pemogokan Jimmy has jeopardized his career by suggesting strike 2 endanger Merokok sangat membahayakan kesehatan kamu Smoking seriously endangers your health 3 imperil Jangan membahayakan dirimu sendiri dengan memakan obat itu Don’t imperil your self by taking that drug

bahela: variant of baheula:

bahenol: adj /infr/spo/ nicely shaped, sexy, attractive, nice looking, handsome

baheula: bahela: adj /ld/ old-fashioned, antiquated 2 ancient. peninggalan jaman baheula- relics of an ancient time.

bahkan: n 1 moreover Berpuluh-puluh, bahkan beratus­-ratus tahun negeri ini telah dijajah For decades, moreover, cen­turies this country had been colonized  2 even more Anak saya tahu kecanggihan teknologi digital bahkan  melebihi dari apa yang saya tahu. My son know the sophistication of digital technology even more than I do. 3 that is  Dia kaya, bahkan bisa dikatakan paling kaya di kota ini. He is rich,   that is to say the richest person in this town.

bahtera: n ship, boat
/idiom/: bahtera rumah tangga: n the life of marriage

bahu: n /lu/ shoulder
-bahu jalan: n /lu/ |the outer lane of a road where the vehicle park at an emergency stop|
bahu membahu: phr v /lu/ help/support each other, work together Masyarakat bekerja bahu membahu membangun tanggul ketika sungai itu meluap. The community work together to build an embankment when the river flowed over

bahwa: conj. /lu/frm/ that  Saya tahu bahwa kamu tidak suka sama dia. I know that you don’t like her Bahwa dia tidak salah akan dibuktikan di pengadilan That he is innocent will be proved in the court.

bahwasannya: conj. that |similar to ‘bahwa’, we add ‘sannya’ to emphasize the statement we make after the word| Bahwasannya dia cinta padamu saya rasa sudah sangat jelas dari apa yang dia lakukan untuk kamu. That she loves you, I think it’s clear from what she did for you.

baiat: n /frm/ 1 oath 2 inauguration |to have an official ceremony in order to show that someone is beginning an important job|  Baiat presiden yang baru akan dilakukan bulan Januari The inauguration of the new President will take place in January. –syn: pelantikan
-membaiat: v 1 take sb’s oath 2 install |to put someone in an important job or position, especially with a ceremony| Perguruan akan membaiat seorang dekan baru The college is installing a new Dean –syn: melantik
-pembaiatan: v 1 oath taking 2 instalment  -syn: pelantikan.

baiduri: n /lu/ a name of a jewel made of colourful stone

baik1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 okay Apa baik kalau saya menemui dia ke kantornya? Is it OK if I meet him at his office  Apa kamu baik-baik? Are you OK? 2 good, nice (in attitude) Mereka orang baik They are good people 3 good (in quality)  Angka matematikanya sangat baik. His grade on math is very good  4 appropriate Ini pakaian yang baik untuk ke pesta This is an appropriate dress for a party 5 generous Keluarga itu sangat baik mau meyumbang misi social ini The family is very generous to donate this social mission.

baik2: adv 1 well Dia bisa jalan (dengan) baik He can walk well Apa kamu bisa melihat dengan baik Can you see well? 2 politely Bicaralah dengan dia baik-baik. Talk to him politely 3 baiklah: that’s OK. Baiklah kalau kamu mau pergi sekarang! That’s OK if you want to leave now

baik3: conj as well as |used with maupun or with another baik in an inclusive sentence|  Baik Nadia maupun Abel kedua-duanya murid pintar Nadia as well as Abel are smart students  Baik ibunya maupun ayahnya mengatakan dia anak baik His mother as well as his father said that he is a good boy. Baik dia baik saya sama sekali tidak punya uang He as well as I don’t have money at all.
-berbaikan: v be in peace Kedua negara itu telah berbaikan sekarang. The two countries have been in peace now.
-kebaikan: n goodness, generosity, kindness.
-memperbaiki: v repair, fix, correct  -syn: membagusi, membetulkan
-membaik: v /pass.v/ 1 be cured Luka itu sudah membaik. The wound has been cured 2 improved Apa menurut kamu kondisi ekonomi akan membaik dalam waktu dekat? Do you think that the economic condition will be improved soon?
-perbaikan: n improvement, fixation, renovation, repairing
-sebaiknya: adv it’s better Sebaiknya kita pergi sekarang. It’s better if we go now
-sebaik-baiknya: adv 1 with the best possible Sebaik-baiknya kamu main, kamu tidak akan bisa mengalahkan dia. With the best possible you play, you’ll never defeat him 2 as well as possible Lakukanlah dengan sebaik-baiknya Do it as well as possible
-sebaik apapun: adv no matter how well Sebaik apapun kamu melakukannya, dia akan menghargainya.. No matter how well you do it, he will never appreciate it.
-sebaik: adv as good as Dia tidak sebaik yang kamu pikirkan He is not as good as you think

bait: n /lu/frm/ 1 the holy place Bait Allah a) the holy mosque in Mecca (Isl) b) the temple of Jerusalem (Bib) 2 paragraph |a group of several sentences that deal with one idea in a piece of writing, poem, song, etc|
-berbait-bait: phr consist of a number of paragraph

baja: n /lu/ 1 steel 2 armor 3 mixture of oil and charcoal of coconut shell for blackening teeth.

bajaj: n /lu/ a three wheel small passenger vehicle

bajak1: n /lu/ plow
-membajak1: v plow
-pembajakan1: n plowing

bajak2; pembajak: n /lu/ 1bandit 2 robber 3 hijacker
-bajak laut: n pirate |someone who sails on the oceans, attacking other boats and stealing things from them|
-bajak udara: n hijacker
-membajak2: v 1 pirate (a ship) 2 hijack (an air bus)
-pembajakan2: n 1 pirating (of a ship) 2 hijacking (of a plane)

bajak3; pembajak: n |someone who illegally copies and sells another person’s work|
-membajak: v copy another right for  business purposes
-pembajakan3: n 1 pirating (of  book)  2 hijacking (music composition)

baji: n /lu/ 1 wedge |a piece of wood, metal etc. that has one thick edge and one pointed edge used for keeping a door open, splitting wood etc. 2 peg |a short piece of wood or metal that fits into a hole or is fastened to a wall, used for fastening furniture together, for hanging things on etc|
-membaji: v 1 split sth with a wedge 2  hold sth tightly with a peg.

bajigur: n hot drink made of coconut milk, spice, particularly ginger

bajik: adj good, wholesome, virtuous
-kebajikan: n /lu/frm/ love, kindness, care, good deeds Semua agama mengajarkan kebajikan. All religion teaches good deeds

bajing: n /lu/ squirrel.

bajingan: n /lu/frm/ 1 scoundrel, gangster 2 thief.

baju: n /lu/frm/ 1 jacket, blouse, shirt.
-baju antakusuma: n magical cloak that enables its wearer to fly
-baju antari: n long inner vest worn by pilgrims to Mecca
-baju besi: n armor
-baju belah dada: n jacket opening in the middle
-baju blouse: n blouse
-baju bodo: n tunic
-baju bunting: n short-sleeved woman’s jacket
-baju cina: n paja­mas
-baju dalam: n undershirt
-baju dingin: n winter clothes
-baju panas: n sweater
-baju hujan: n raincoat
-baju jas: n coat
-baju jubah: n tunic, mantle, flowing robe
-baju kaos: n sports shirt
-baju kurung: n woman’s long tunic
-baju las: n weld­er’s outfit
-baju monyet: coveralls
-baju pelampung: n life jacket
-baju pengantin: n bridal gown
-baju perang: n war attire
-baju rompi: vest
-baju terusan: n full-length dress
-baju tidur: n night­shirt, nightgown, pajamas
-baju safari: n short ­sleeves four-pocket shirt (usually worn by civil officials)

bak1: prep /spo/ like |similar in some way to something else|  Semua planet bentuknya bundar bak sebuah bola. All the planet are round like a ball

bak2: n /lu/frm/  basin, vessel, large liquid container
-bak cuci piring: n sink
-bak cuci kain: n laundry tub
-bak kamar mandi: n open water container for splash or dip
-bak karter/mesin: n crankcase
-bak makan: n feeding trough
-bak pasir: n sand box
-bak persneling: n transmission, gear box
-bak sampah: n trash, garbage container, bin, trash can
-bak tinja: n septic tank

bak3: n /Chn/ ink.

bak4: n sound of a thud.

baka: adj /lu/frm/ eternal, everlasting persahabatan yang baka lasting friendship negeri yang baka world without end, world hereafter alam baka eternity, the hereafter |something that will be everlasting after the existence of the world|
-kebakaan: n 1 eternity |time without any end, especially the time after death that some people believe continues for ever|  2 du­rability |a period of time that seems long because you are annoyed, anxious etc|
-membakakan: v immortalize.

baka2: n 1 family tree descent, line 2 genetic origins Pangeran itu melepas baka kebangsawanan untuk menikah dengan orang asing The prince renounced his descent line of monarchy to marry a foreigner.

bakal1: n /lu/frm/ 1 ovule Jangan sentuh bakal buah itu Don’t touch the ovule 2 candidate Berapa orang bakal gubernur pada pemilihan mendatang? How many candidates of the governor in the next election?  3  seed Ini bakal pohon-pohon besar These are the seeds of big trees 4 prospect (seems to be new client)  Kamu dapat berapa bakal bulan ini How many prospect do you get for this month? 5 material (particularly for  cloth­ing| Ini saya belikan kamu beberapa potong bakal Here I bought you a few pieces of material (for clothing)

bakal2: v 1 will (be) Dia bakal menjadi asisten saya She will be my assistant 2 (be) going (to be) Dia bakal menjadi direktur perusahaan ini. He is going to be the director of this company
-bakalan: v going to be Negeri ini bakalan menjadi negara termakmur di Asia This country is going to be the richest country in Asia.

bakal3: adj 1 future Dia bakal presiden kita She is our future president 4 prospective Saya daftar kamu menjadi salah satu bakal pemegang polis asuransi ini. I listed you to be one of prospective policy holder of this insurance company
-bakal isteri: n fiancée
-bakal manusia: n fetus
bakal menantu: n future son or daughter-in-law

bakar; membakar: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 burn, set on fire 2 roast
-bahan bakar: n /frm/lu/ fuel
-dibakar: v /pass.v / be burned Satu pos polisi dibakar oleh pemberontak A police post was burned by the rebel
-ikan/daging bakar: n roasted fish/meat
-kayu bakar: n firewood
-kebakaran: n burning  |a happening where something is on fire| Kebakaran kemarin terjadi akibat hubungan arus pendek listrik The yesterday burning happened as a result of an electricity short cut
-kebakaran janggut: /idiom/ be confused because suddenly be very shameful of sth  -membakar habis: v incinerate
-pembakaran: n combustion
-pembakar: n sb or sth that set fire Apa polisi sudah tahu apa atau siapa pembakarnya? Has the police known who or what set the fire?
pembakaran mayat: n /lu/ cremation
-terbakar1: adj be alighted, be burned  Restoran yang terbakar itu akan dibangun kembali dalam waktu dekat. The burned restaurant will be rebuild soon
-terbakar2: v /intr/ get burnt Ada sebuah mobil terbakar di jalan tadi pagi There was a car got burnt on the street this morning
-membakari: v burn up Musuh telah membakari desa-desa sekitar pantai The enemy has burn up the village surrounding the coast

bakat1: n /lu/frm/ 1 talent Dia punya bakat musik He has a talent of music
-berbakat: adj talented Dia seorang gadis berbakat She is a talented girl

bakat2: n /ld/ trace, print, trail Ada bakat kaki kuda di tanah itu There is horse feet print on that ground

bakat3: n /frn/ indication, indicator, omen, warning, forecast, symptom Mega mendung adalah bakat akan datang  hujan Cloudiness is an indication of rain. Apa ada bakat penyakit kanker padanya? Is there any cancer symptom on him?
-bakat alam: n born talent
-bakat seni: n art talent
-membakat: n to be like talent Pengalamannya yang panjang dalam melukis membuat keahliannya membakat. His long experiences on painting made his skill to be like a talent

bakau: n /lu/frm/ mangrove tree.

bakbu: n /Chn/ thin sliced spiced fried pork

baki1: n small tray

baki2: n /ld/ 1 balance  (financial account) 2 change (return money)
-membakikan: n set aside, reserve, earmark, allocate, designate (budget)

baki3: adj 1 eternal, lasting –syn: abadi, kekal 2 infertile, exhausted

bakiak: n /lu/ wooden sandal

BAKIN {Badan Koordinasi Inlelijen Negara}: n State Intelligence Coordinating Agency

bakmi: n /Chn/lu/ cooked noodles (mixed with meat, fish, vegetable) bakmi kuah boiled noodles bakmi goreng fried noodles bakmi­ pangsit  noodle soup with special spice

bakpao: n /lu/ steamed cake bun stuffed with meat and other ingredients.
-/idiom/: Pipinya kayak bakpao She has rounded cheeks

bakso: n /Chn/lu/ 1 meatballs 2 soup with meatballs, sliced cabbage and bean threads
-ngebakso: v /inf/  eat bakso soup.

bakteri; bakteril: n /lu/frm/ bacteria

bakteriologi: n /frm/ bacteriology.

bakti: n /lu/frm/ 1 dedication, |the hard work or effort that someone puts into a particular activity| Dia menunjukkan bakti yang kuat untuk negerinya He shows great dedication to his country| 2 service Tan memberikan baktinya yang luar biasa kepada negara dengan menghabiskan seluruh usia kerjanya sebagai polisi Tan gave great service to the nation by spending all his working age as a police
-berbakti1: v /intr/ dedicate, devote
-berbakti2: adj dedicated, devoted, loyal
-kebaktian: n sermon (used among Christians)
-membaktikan: v /tr/ dedicate, devote

baku: adj /lu/frm/ 1 standard, formal, lawful, acceptable prosedur baku standard procedure peraturan baku formal regulation tindakan baku lawful action nilai baku acceptable value 2 basic  bahan baku fibreglass basic materials for fibre glass 3 fixed harga baku fixed price

baku2: n /frm/ standard baku emas gold standard baku nilai value standard
-ke­bakuan: n standard
-membakukan: v /frm/ standardize (the language)
-pembakuan: n standardization

baku3: adj /lu/inf/ mutual, reciprocal baku hantam mutually hit each other baku tembak reciprocally shoot each other baku ganti interchange­able baku tuduh mutually accuse

baku4: variant of beku: adj frozen

bakul: n basket  bakul nasi a basket container for rice.

bakul2: n /lu/ vendor woman

bakung: n /ld/ 1 wild lily 2 onion.

bakwan: n /lu/ corn fritter (sometimes with shrimp, eggs, meat, onion) 2 soup with meatballs

bal1: n 1 ball 2 balloon

bal2: n /lu/ bale
berbal-bal: v consists of a numbers of bale

bala1: n /frm/ troops, army. bala banluan reinforcements troop ­Bala Keselamalan Salvation Army.

bala2: n disaster, catastrophe

balada: n short poetic tale |usually about a tragic story sometimes in the form of recital|

balai1: n /lu/frm/ 1 hall, building, centre, place –syn: bale or bale-bale
-balai adat: n community hall
-balai benih: n seedling house, greenhouse
-balai budaya: n cultural centre
-balai dagang: n chamber of commerce
-balai desa:
n village hall
-balai kota: n city hall
-balai lelang: n auction hall
-balai pertemuan: n public hall
-balai pengobatan: n health centre
-balai penerangan: n information centre
-balai prajurit: n army house club
-balai pustaka: n publishing house
-balai senirupa: n art gallery
-balai sidang: n convention hall
-balai wartawan: n press centre

balai2: see burung:

balai-balai: n /lu/  wooden or bamboo couch or sleeping platform

balairung: n /lu/frm/ 1 royal audience hall  2 open hall in a traditional market

balam1: n /lu/ turtledove, banded ground dove.

balam2; berbalam; membalam: adj /ld/ barely visible, unclear. Karena asap penglihatan sangat berbalam Because of the smoke the sight is barely clear

balans1: n balance |a state in which your weight is evenly spread so that you are steady and not likely to fall|

balans2: n /lu/frm/ bank balance

balantara: variant of belantara:

balap: n /lu/frm/ race, racing
-berbalap: v /intr/  race, compete
-balapan: n racing, competition.
-membalap: v /intr/tr/ race, compete.
-pembalap: n racer.

balas1; membalas: v /lu/frm/ 1 reply Tolong balas surat ini kalu tidak merepotkan anda Please reply to this letter at your earliest convenient 2 counter Kita harus siap apabila musuh membalas serangan kita. We have to be prepared in case the enemy counter our attack 3 retort. “Itu semua kesalahan kamu!” balasnya “It’s all your fault!” he retorted  4 retaliate Ketika polisi sudah bergerak masuk, orang-orang yang sedang marah itu membalas dengan pelemparan batu. When the police moved in, the angry crowd retaliated by throwing rocks. 5 avenge; also revenge: |avenge to do something to hurt or punish someone because s/he has harmed or offended you|
-balasan; pembalasan: n 1 reply  Ini balasan untuk surat anda This is a reply to your letter 2 counter; counterattack Tidak ada balasan sama sekali untuk sanggahan saya There is no counter at all to my argument 3 retort Kenapa tidak kamu berikan balasan untuk kritiknya? Why don’t you give him a retort to his critique? 4 retaliation Pria itu dibunuh sebagai balasan untuk pembunuhan yang sama di tempat yang berdekatan. The man was killed in retaliation for a similar killing in a nearby neighbourhood.
-balas membalas: v mutually avenge
-berbalas pantun: v |two persons or group interchangeably recite poetic phrases as a traditional performance particularly among youth of Melayu ethnic|

balas2: n |sth that you put at one side of a boat to balance the unbalanced position of the boat|

balatentara: v /lu/frm/ troops.

balau: adj confused, bewildered, puzzled
-berbalau: v confuse, bewilder,  puzzle
-kebalauan: n confusion, bewilderment, puzzlement

bale-bale: n variant of balai:

bales: variant of balas:

balet: n ballet.

balerong: variant of balairung:

balig; baligh: adj /frm/ mature, grown up

baliho: n mural |a big size painting that is painted on a wall or on a large board/ plate|

balik1: berbalik: v /lu/frm/ 1 return (back) |to go back to a place where you were before, or to come back from a place| Edwin baru saja balik dari Amerika Edwin just returned from United States  2 turn, turn around |to move your body so that you are looking in a different direction| Balik badanmu supaya saya bisa melihat bagian belakang pakaian kamu. Turn your body around so I can see the back of the dress. 3 turn against |to make someone stop liking or agreeing with someone or something| Pengalaman perang di Irak membuat dia balik menentang perang His war experiences in Iraq  turned him against the war. 4 turn (upside down) Balikkan kotak itu melihat labelnya Turn the box up side down to see the label. 5 go to (pages) Balik bukunya ke halaman berikut Go to the next pages of your book 6 turn (toward sth/to do sth) Tiba-tiba dia berbalik menentang kami Suddenly he turned against us
-berbalik-balik; terbalik-balik: v rolling around |to move by turning over and over, or from side to side|
-dibalik: prep 1 on the other side, behind Letakkan itu dibalik dinding Put it on the other side of the wall Dibalik itu semua dia punya tujuan terselubung Behind all of it he must have hidden motive 2 under, inside Taruh bukumu dibalik mantel hujan kamu Put your book under your rain coat
-kebalikan: n the opposite Kenyataan adalah kebalikan dari apa yang dia katakan The reality is the opposite of what he said.
-membaliknamakan: v transfer the ownership
-pembalikan: n reversion     -terbalik: adj, adv up side down, down side up, in side out, etc  Hati-hati kaos kakinya jangan terbalik. Be careful don’t put your socks inside out
-sebaliknya: adv reversely, contrarily Kami tahu bahwa kamu sangat benci kepada mereka dan sebaliknya mereka sangat sayang pada kamu We know that you hate them and reversely they love you very much

balik2: n turn Pada lampu jalan berikut kamu harus melakukan balik kanan. At the next traffic light you have to make right turn. Ada tempat disana dimana kamu bisa melakukan putar balik There is a place there where you can make back turn

baling; baling-baling: n /lu/frm/ 1 propeller
-berbaling-baling: v 1 have propeller 2  revolve like a propeller

balir: variant of balig:

Balita {Bayi Bawah Lima Tahun}: n under five years baby

balkon: n 1 balcony  2 platform.

ballpoin: n ballpoint pen

balok: n 1 wooden beam 2 block of ice 3 cross­bar, joint, girder, 4 wooden log

balon1: n balloon
-balon-balonan: n soap bubbles

balon2: n /ld/ /inf/ prostitute.

balsam; balsem: n balsam, ointment.
-membalsem: v apply balsam.
-pembalsaman: n embalming

balu: n |a man whose wife has died or divorced| -syn: duda

balut1; pembalut: n /lu/frm/ bandage, wrapper, cover  pembalut kepala headband pembalut luka bandage pembalut rokok cigarette pa­per pembalut wanita sanitary napkins –syn: bungkus, tutup
-berbalut: adj 1 bandaged Apa kamu lihat luka itu berbalut? Did you find the wound bandaged?  2 wrapped Saya tidak melihat kotak itu berbalut I don’t see the box wrapped  3 covered  Jangan biarkan anak itu berbalut, cuaca sudah semakin panas. Don’t let the child covered, the weather is getting hot
-dibalut: adj 1 be bandaged Apa luka anak itu sudah berbalut? Has the child’s wound been bandaged?  2 wrapped  Masukkan hadiah yang sudah bebalut kedalam sebuah kotak. Put all the wrapped prize into a box  3 covered Luka yang berbalut akan terlindung dari infeksi The covered wound will be protected from infection.
Note: Both berbalut and dibalut, are adjective but there is a slight difference between them.Brbalut sounds to describe that the condition of sth is being bandaged or covered without giving an emphasis to who did it, how and when it’s done.  So this word can be used to describe that sth being covered is a given situation, or happen naturally.  For example, Anak ini berbalut waktu lahir This boy was covered when he was born. In this case berbalut is a given condition. The word dibalut indicates that something, in this case ‘covering’ or ‘wrapping’ has been done by sb. It means,  this word still show the characteristic of passive voice verb.

-membalut: v 1 bandage Apa kamu tahu bagaimana membalut luka ini? Do you know how to bandage this wound? 2 wrap Apa anda perlu saya bantu membalut hadiah itu Shall I help you to wrap the prize? 3 cover Balut anak itu dengan selimut Cover the child with a blanket.
-membaluti: v 1 bandage 2 wrap 3 cover .
Note: If the bandaging, wrapping, or covering happened continuously or several times, use membaluti instead of  membalut Para perawat sedang sibuk membaluti para korban luka. The nurses are busy to bandage the injured victims

-membalutkan: v 1 use sth to bandage, wrap, or cover. Sebagai tindakan darurat kamu boleh membalutkan saputangan, syal, dsb untuk sebuah luka. As an emergency treatment you can use a clean handkerchief, shawl, etc to wrap a wound
-balutan1: n 1 bandage, dressing, wrapping, covering Biar saya periksa apakah balutannya telah benar. Let me check if the wrapping has been proper
-pembalutan: n |the process of bandaging, wrapping, covering| Pembalutan harus dilakukan secara hati-hati The wrapping must be done carefully.

balut2: adj red and swollen (eyes) Apa kamu menangis? Mata kamu balut. Are you crying? Your eyes are red and swollen

bambang1: adj /ld/ 1 vast 2 extensive  3 extended
-terbambang: v 1 extend 2 spread out (of area) 3 lay (sth) out Lapangan rumput yg luas terbambang di antara dua sungai itu A vast grassy plain extends between the two rivers 2 be displayed. Panji-panji partai politik terbambang  sepanjang jalan Banners of the political parties were displayed along the road.

bambang2: v run off with a willing girl.

bambu: n bamboo.

ban1: n /lu/ 1 tire 2 ribbon, band. 3 sash, belt  Dia  memakai ban hitam He wore a black shah.
-ban angin: n pneumatic tire
-ban bahu: n arm band, shoulder plate
-ban berjalan: n conveyor belt
-ban dalam: n inner tube
-ban hidup: n tire with inflatable inner tube
-ban kipas: n fan belt.
-ban luar: n outer tire (tire casing)
-ban mati: n solid tire with no inner tube
-ban berpinggiran putih: n whitewall tire
-ban renang: n swim­ming tube
-ban serap: n spare tire
-ban tanpa ban dalam: n tubeless tire -berban: v /spo/ use/have sash

ban2: n /spo/ 1 (tennis, badminton) court 2 train track 3 (race) track

ban3: variant of band:

banal: adj banal, trite

bancang; membancang: v /ld/ trap (with string or rope)

banci: adj /lu/ 1 effeminate, transvestite Dia bersifat banci He is an effeminate 2 coward  Banci kamu! You are coward!  3 powerless. partai politik banci powerless political parties  dgn gaya lawak banci with an effeminate style of joke
-membancikan: v render powerless
-kebancian: n ef­feminacy.

banda; n properties, belonging |any thing we own which make people think that we are rich|

band: n band {a group of music}

bandang: adj /lu/ |extremely large in size and fast in movement, use to describe the enormousness of flood| banjir bandang a sudden and enormous flood

bandar1: n /lu/frm/ 1 harbor  duane bandar harbor customs 2 port bandar udara airport
-berbandar: v have a certain harbor or port Kamu tidak perlu berbandar kalau kamu ingin memiliki kapal sendiri You don’t have to have a personal harbor if you want to have your own ship
-perbandaran: n system and rule applied in a harbor or port

bandar2; bandaran: n /ld/1 water course, channel, duct 2 ditch, drain bandar air limbah sewage ditch.
-membandarkan: v irrigate, to flow water  Pemerintah berencana membandarkan air ke daerah kering ini The government plan to flow water  to this dry land
-terbandar: adj irrigated.

bandar3: n /lu/ 1 croupier 2 sb who lead and finance illegal or underhand business. Neneknya menjadi bandar judi gelap His grandmother be­came an operator of an illegal gambling
-membandar: v 1 trade. Dia membandar untuk mencari nafkah He trades to make money   2 serve as a croupier.
-membandari: v 1 prepare financial need of a business activity 2 to be a croupier of a gambling.

bandara {bandar udara}: n airport.

bandel: adj l rebellious Saya dulu anak yang bandel I was a rebellious child 2 obstinate, stubborn Buat saya lebih baik punya staff yang kurang berpendidikan dari pada yang bandel For me is better to have less educated staff than a stubborn one 3 un­disciplined, disobedient, recalcitrant 4 resistant |not easily harmed or damaged by something – used to describe persons or things| Badannya bandel terhadap dingin His body is cold-resistant. Ini kayu yang bandel, tidak mudah patah. This is a resistant wood, not easy to break.
-kebandelan: n recalcitrance, stubbornness,  rebelliousness, |the quality of being bandel|

bandeng: n /lu/ milkfish.

banderek: n 1 drink |contains ginger and brown sugar, served hot|

banderol: n 1 strip of paper verifying taxed price on package of cigarettes 2 official price, controlled price.

bandes1{bantuan desa}: n governmental budget allocated for village development

bandes2 {pembangunan desa}: n rural development.

banding1; sebanding: adj 1 equal |the same in size, value, amount etc| Bagi adonan itu menjadi tiga bagian yang sebanding Divide the dough into three equal parts| 2 equivalent |equal in value, purpose, rank etc. to something or someone else| Bom atom ini mempunyai kekuatan sebanding dengan10,000 ton dinamit. This atomic bomb has power equivalent to 10,000 tons of dynamite. Dia sangat cerdas, tidak ada bandingnya He is very smart, he has no equal 3 proportional Komposisi anggota parlemen wanita tidak sebanding The composition of female parliament members is not proportional  4 comparative Ini satu study banding This is a comparative study 5 in accordance Intensitas cahaya di ruangan ini harus sebanding dengan kecerahan warna dinding The intensity of the light in this room has to be in accordance to the brightness of the wall
-bandingkan; membandingkan: v compare Bandingkan apa yang kamu raih dengan apa yang diraih saudara kamu Compare your achievement to your brother’s   Tidak adil membandingkan tenaga seorang wanita dengan tenaga seorang pria It’s not fair to compare the strength of a women and the strength of a man  Tidak logis membandingkan air dengan minyak dalam hal cita rasa It’s not logical to compare water and oil in terms of the taste
-berbanding: prep. in the ratio of  Wanita dan  pria berbanding 5 dan 4 Female and male are in the ratio of 5 to 4
-berbanding terbalik: adj reversely proportional
-pembanding: n comparison, example, standard Mari kita cari kasus yang sama sebagai pembanding untuk mengambil keputusan Let’s find a similar case as an example (comparison) in making decision.
-perbandingan: n ratio Berapa perbandingan antara penduduk wanita dan pria di negeri ini? What is the ratio between female dan male population of this country?
-pembandingan: n comparison Satu pembandingan perlu dilihat dari berbagai unsur A comparison needs to be seen from various aspects.
-perbandingan tetap: n constant proportion
-tidak sebanding: adj disproportional, incomparable

banding2: v appeal (for a higher judicial court) Pembela dan terdakwa sepakat untuk banding ke pengadilan tinggi untuk kasus mereka The lawyer and the accused agree to appeal to have the higher court for their case

bandit: n 1 gangster, bandit   2 womaniser

bando: n large headscarf

bandot: n 1 billy goat 2 flirtatious old man. 3 womanizer

bandrol: variant of banderol:

bandull: n pendulum  2 hanger
-membandul: v 1 swing  2 hang  Banyak sekali kelelawar sedang membandul di dahan-dahan pohon A lot of bats are hanging on the branches of the tree
-membanduli: v counterbalance, offset
-bandulan: n 1 sth that is used to increase the weight of sth else  2   swing  4 testicles.

bandung: n pair, set  sebandung permata a set of jewelry sebandung sepatu a pair of shoes
-sebandung: adj twin Mereka sebandung They are twin

bandut: pembandut: n cord, string, twine, band, belt.
-membandut: v 1 tie together, join together 2 patch up

bang1: n sound of call to prayer

bang2: variant of bank:

bang3: variant of abang:

bangat1: adj fast, quick
-membangatkan: v quicken, speed up.

bangat2: variant of banget:

bangau: n heron |a large wild bird with very long legs and a long beak, that lives on wet land|
-/prov/ Setinggi-tinggi bangau terbang, turunnya ke kuba­ngan juga No matter how high the heron flies, they always returns to crater  (Somebody cannot escape from his/her background or origins)

bangdes {pembangunan desa}: n rural development.

banget: adv very, excessively. besar banget very big. akur banget! so close! (friendship)
-kebangetan: adv, excl. excessively, terribly, overly.

bangga: adj proud |feeling pleased with your achievement, family, country etc. because you think they are very good|  Kami sangat bangga padamu atas promosi kamu We’re really proud of you for getting promotion
-kebanggaan: n pride |a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure in what you have done, or in what someone connected with you have done| Setiap orang di tim kami merasakan kebanggaan luar biasa atas keberhasilan menang pada pertandingan final Everyone on our team takes great pride in the success of the team to win the final match
-membanggakan: adj prideful kemenangan yang membanggakan prideful victory

Bangkahulu: variant of  Bengkulu:

bangkai: n 1 carcass, carrion 2 corpse 3 fuselage (of a damage or crashed plane, car, etc). 4 remains
-membangkai: v become a carcass, remains, etc tempat bis­-bis membangkai the place where old buses rot away

bangkang: v membangkang: v oppose, rebel, resist Sejumlah tentara membangkang terhadap pemerintah A number of   soldiers rebels against the government    Dia dengan sengaja membangkang terhadap ideology partai He purposely rebelled against the ideology of the party
-pembangkang: n 1 rebel, resister, dissident  2 intractable person, insubordinate person
-pembangkangan: n 1 rebellion, insubordination, disobe­dience

bangkerut: variant of bangkrut:

bangkit: v /intr/lu/ 1 rise  Thomson bangkit berdiri dan balik bicara kepada mereka Thomson rose to his feet and turned to speak to them 2 get up Dia bangkit dari posisi duduk He got up from a sitting position 3 come up Amarahnya tiba-tiba bangkit setelah saya tolak untuk pergi. His anger suddenly come up when I refused to go 4 turn Akhirnya rakyat  bangkit menentang kediktatoran presiden Finally the people turned against the dictatorship of the president 5 appear Bulan sekejap lagi akan bangkit dari balik awan itu The moon will soon appear from behind the cloud  outrage |to make someone feel very angry or shocked| Artikel itu membangkitkan amarah menteri luar negeeri The article outraged the Minister of the foreign affairs
-kebangkitan: n 1 emergence Kebangkitan partai buruh menentang pemerintah dapat dilihat dari banyaknya pemogokan The emergence of labour party against the government can be seen from so many strikes  2 rise  Akan ada kebangkitan Negara industri baru dalam beberapa decade yang akan dating. There will be rise of new industrial country in the next few decade  4 movement, resurgence |the come back of a an extreme belief or activity and becomes stronger|  kebangkitan kembali perseteruan antar  ras a resurgence of racial violence kebangkitan nasional the national movement
-membangkitkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 drive |to make someone feel sth| Aroma makanan ini membangkitkan selera makan saya. The aroma of this food drives my appetite
-pembangkit: n 1 plant Pembangkit Tenaga Listrik Electricity Power Plant Pembangkit Tenaga Nuklir Nuclear Power Plant 2 generator, initiator, motivator, instigator.  pembangkit semangat kerja working spirit generator sex drive instigator pembangkit gairah sex sex desire stimulant
-pembangkit selera makan: n appetizer
-membangkit-bangkitkan: v dig up |try to remind us of forgotten case or problem|  Jangan membangkit-bangkitkan pertengkaran masa lalu Itu bisa merusak persahabatan kita Don’t dig up that previous quarrel  It may ruin our friendship 2 provoke Tidak bagus membangkit-bangkitkan rasa marah seseorang. It’s not good to provoke sb’s anger 3 stimulate, stir sth up |to deliberately try to cause problems or make people argue|  Kalau kamu membiarkan dia tinggal bersama kita, dia akan mencoba membangkit-bangkitkan perseteruan lama kita. If you let him stay with us, he’ll try to stir our old conflict up
-pembangkitan: n generation |a process to make sth emerge, rise, stand up, stimulate, start, etc|

bangkrut: adj bankrupt
-membangkrutkan: v bankrupt
-kebangkrutan: n bankruptcy

bangku: n /lu/frm /bench, seat, rigid couch, backless chair, pew, rail

bangkuang; bangkuwang: n turnip |juicy, round, and pale yellow or white tuber|

bangsa: n 1 /lu/frm/ nation |word meaning a country and its people, used especially when considering its political and economic structures, territory, and freedom| Perserikatan Bangsa Bangsa United Nations bangsa yang merdeka independent coumtry 2 people |a large group of people who belong to the same country, states, governmental system| Bangsa Indonesia mendeklarasikan kemerdekaannya pada 17 Augustus 1945 The people of Indonesia declared their independency on 17 August 1945 3 race |a large group of people of the same race and speaking the same language| Jumlah bangsa India yang menjadi warganegara Indonesia cukup banyak.  The number of  Indian race who become Indonesian citizens is significant. 5 people |a group of people who categorized as the same profession or characteristics| bangsa bahari seafaring people /idiom/ bangsa tempe inferior class of people bangsa terbelakang back­ward people, under developed people bangsa penakut cowardly people bangsa pemberani brave people  2 family, breed (by biological category) Seekor harimau termasuk bangsa kucing A tiger belongs to family of cat  Apa ikan paus termasuk bangsa binatang menyusui? Does a whale belong to mammal category?  bangsa kerdil Pygmy 3 class, group, type pesawat terbang bangsa pelempar bom bomber-type plane
-bangsawan: n 1 royal family members 2 noble person or people, aristocrat
-sebangsa1: adj fellow |relating to people who do the same thing you do – of the same nationality| Semua mereka adalah teman sebangsa dan setanah air All of them are our fellow country  2 the same type, a species of  Padi adalah sebangsa rumput The rice plant is the type of grass
-sebangsa2: n the kind of  Dari bentuk fisiknya, ini sebangsa anggrek liar From its physical shape, it’s a kind of wild orchid
-berbangsa: v 1 have a nation Kami putera dan puteri Indonesia mengakui berbangsa satu, bangsa Indonesia We, the sons and the daughters of Indonesia acknowledge that we have the same nation, Indonesia
-kebangsaan1: n na­tionalism |related to the belief, feeling, loyalty to a particular country| semangat kebangsaan spirit of nationalism 2 nationality |the legal right of belonging to a particular country| Kamu memegang kebangsaan apa? What nationality do you have?
-kebangsaan2: adj 1 national lagu kebangsaan national anthem 2 nationalist pergerakan nasional nationalist movement  national. lagu kebangsaan na­tional anthem
-berkebangsaan: v have a particular nationality Dia berkebangsaan Jepang He has Japanese nationality
-kebangsawanan: n nobility, aristocracy
-bangsawati: n female royal family member, female noble, female aristocrat

bangsal: n shed, warehouse (particularly for building material ) bangsal pengeringan drying shed  2 public hall bangsal pertemuan meeting hall  bangsal olahraga gymnasium 3 market stalls. 4 ward (in hospi­tal) 5 emergency housing

bangsat: n /offs/lu/ 1 bastard scoundrel, rascal  2 bedbug

bangun1: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 wake up Dia bangun cepat setiap pagi He wake up early every morning  2 get up (form the position of laid) Cepat! Bangun dan pergi mandi, Hurry! Get up and take a batch 3 to stand up Tiba-tiba dia berdiri dan berteriak dengan keras Suddenly he stood up to his feet and shouted loudly
-bangunkan: membangunkan: v /tr/ 1 wake up  Ini sudah pukul 6:00. Bangunkan anak-anak. It is 6:00 o’clock. Wake the children up. Saya membangunkan anak-anak pukul 5:30 setiap pagi I wake the children up at 5:30 every morning 2 v /tr/ awaken |to begin to understand a situation and its possible effects, or to make someone do this|  Keterbatasan bahan bakar untuk kebutuhan dalam negeri telah membangunkan ketidak sadaran pemerintah akan kurangnya perencanaan yang antisipatif dimasa lalu. The shortage of fuel for local consumption awakened the government that there was a lack of anticipative plan in the past
-membangun: v /tr/ 1 build Kami merencanakan akan membangun pusat olahraga di lingkungan ini We plan to build a sport centre in this neighbourhood 2 develop Salah satu prioritas kita adalah membangun rasa persatuan nasional One of our priority is to develop the sense of national unity 3 constitute Sel-sel dan jaringan membangun pertumbuhan makhluk hidup Cells and tissue constitute the growth of a living creature
-pembangunan: n 1 development pembangunan ekonomi economic development pembangunan sektor pertanian agricultural sector development 2 construction Pembangunan jembatan baru itu akan mulai bulan depan The construction of the new bridge will start next month
bangunnya: n 1 revival |a process in which something becomes active, strong, or popular again|  bangunnya industri rumah tangga the revival of the home industry 2 emergence bangunnya industri perbankan merupakan indikator pertumbuhan ekonomi The emergence of bank industry is an indicator of economic growth

bangun2: n /frm/ 1 structure Bangun rumah ini sangat kokoh The structure of this house is very strong  2 shape bangun segitiga sama sisi equal triangle shape 3 model, type Ini sebuah mobil bangun 70-an This is a 70’s  type car

bangus: n /ld/ snout |long nose of animal such as dog, pig, etc|

bani: n children of, descendants of. bani Adam descendants of Adam

banjar1: n 1 line, row, series. banjar pulau series of islands. 2 sequence of events
-sebanjar: prep. of the same row, in the same line, in a series
-berbanjar: v line up  Murid-murid berbanjar menurut kelas masing-masing The students line up to formed rows according to their respective classes
-membajarkan: v line up, arrange in rows
-banjaran: n line, row, file  banjar desa the line up of village houses

banjar2: n /ld.Bali/  1 hamlet association 2 neighborhood organization 3 community hall

banjir1: n /lu/frm/ 1 flood |a very large amount of water that covers an area that is usually dry|  Desa itu telah hancur oleh bajir. The village was destroyed by floods 2 deluge |a large amount of something such as letters, questions, etc that someone gets at the same time| Setelah penerbitan buku itu penulis mendapat banjir telepon dan surat setiap hari. After the publication of the book the writer gets deluge of calls and letters every day
-banjir bandang: n huge and sudden flood

banjir2: membanjiri: v 1 flood Luapan sungai telah membanjiri kota itu The overflow of the river flooded the town 2 overflow Hujan yang lama dan deras yang tidak biasa membajiri daerah perumahan itu The unusual heavy and long last rain overflowed the housing area  3 over supply Berbagai type telephone genggam membajiri pasar Different types of cellular phone over supplied the market  4 inundate |receive so much of something that you cannot deal with all of it| Kepala polisi itu telah dibanjiri pertanyaan dari para jurnalis. The chief of the police was inundated with many questions from the journalists 5 deluge Kritik, saran, dan kesan, semua membanjiri stasiun radio itu setiap hari Critique, complaints, suggestions, impression, all deluge the radio station everyday  6 submerge Air bendungan baru itu sedang mulai membanjiri lembah itu The water of the new dam is starting to submerge the valley  6 swamp Segera barang produksi kita akan membanjiri pasar. Soon our product will swamp the market

banjir3: kebanjiran: adj 1 flooding Apa rumah kamu kebanjiran? Is your home flooding? 2 be overwhelmed Seksi saya selalu kebanjiran order My section is always overwhelmed by order 3 deluged Dia kebanjiran panggilan telepon She is deluged of telephone calls

bank; bang: n bank  I’ve to go to the bank now Saya harus pergi ke bang sekarang.

banker: n 1 banker  2 money lender

Banpol {Pembantu Polisi}: n auxiliary corps to assist police

Banpres {Bantuan Presiden}: n special presidential aid.

bantah: membantah: v 1 argue |to disagree with someone, usually by talking or shouting in an angry way, or getting upset| Itu sama sekali tidak benar bantahnya dengan tegas. “That is not true” he strongly argued   2 debate |say a disagreement with sb| Saya tidak yakin apakah gagasan dia itu dapat dilakukan, sehingga saya membantahnya. I’m not sure that his idea will be applicable so I debated him  3 counter |to react to an action, criticism, argument etc. by doing or saying something that is the opposite of what sb has said| Menteri itu membantah keterangan saksi bahwa dia menerima suap The minister has countered the witness statement that he received bribe 4 remonstrate |to tell someone that you strongly disapprove of what s/he has done| Seorang professor dengan keras membantah hipotesa saya One of the professor strongly remonstrated my hypothesis
-perbantahan: n 1 debate satu perbantahan tetang gaji minimum a debate on/about minimum wage 2 arguing Ada perbantahan serius dalam rapat itu There was a serious arguing in the meeting 3 quarrel |an angry argument| Penembakan itu adalah akibat perbantahan sesama tetangga The shooting was a result of a quarrel between neighbours  4 dispute |a serious argument or disagreement| Kepemilikan tanah sedang dalam dalam perbantahan The land’s ownership is in dispute –syn: perseteruan, pertertengkaran
-bantahan: n 1 argument 2  protest, objection
-pembantah: n |sb who seems to enjoy or like to dispute or to argue|

bantai: membantai: v 1 butcher |to kill people or animal in a cruel way|  2 torture |beat up sb severely| Sejumlah anggota geng membantai dia sampai mati A number of gangster tortured him to death 3 slaughter |to kill a lot of people in a cruel or violent way| Bajak laut itu bukan hanya mengambil barang-barang berharga tetapi juga membantai awak dan penumpang kapal. The pirate didn’t only took the valuable things but also slaughtered the crews and the passengers of the ship
-pembantaian: n 1 butchering 2 torturing 3 slaughtering
-pembantai: n 1 butcher 2 torturer 3 slaughter

bantal: n pillow, cushion bantal angina air cushion bantal gul­ing bolster bantal kembung round pillow bantal ­sandar back of seat
-berbantalkan: v use sth a pillow
-bantalan: n 1 pad  |thick piece of soft material used to absorb vibration, protecting something, or making it more comfortable| bantalan lutut dan bahu yang dipakai pemain football the knee and shoulder pads that football players wear| 2 writing/drawing pad |many sheets of paper fastened together, on which people write letters, draw pictures, etc.| sebuah bantalan menulis memo a memo pad  3 stamp pad  |soft and absorbent material where we pour ink for stamp| bantalan stempel stamp pad

bantaran: n /lu/ embankment |a wide wall of earth or stones built along the river side to stop water from flooding an area, or to support a road or railroad| bantaran sungai Ciliwung the embankment of the Ciliwung river

banteng: n the wild ox of Java |which head is used as one of the five symbols of Pancasila, the ideology of the Republic of Indonseia, and the symbol of an Indonesian Nationalist Party|

banter: adv /lu/ 1 (at) the earliest  Paling banter dia akan tiba pukul 9:00 malam  At most he will arrive at 9:00 p.m. 2 (at) the worst. Paling banter kamu akan di hukum denda At the worst you have to pay fine

banteras: see berantas:

banting: membanting: v /tr/lu/ hit, beat, slam |forcefully hit sth with sth else, not with your hand| Saya membanting anjing itu dengan sepotong kayu I hit the dog with a piece of wood
-bantingan: n beating, slamming, hitting
-banting stir1: /ltr./ suddenly turn direction   Dia tiba-tiba banting stir kekanan. He suddenly turn to the right
-banting stir2: /idiom/ suddenly switch (profession)  Natasia tiba-tiba banting stir dari sekretaris professional menjadi pebisnis perempuan Natasia suddenly switch from professional secretary to be a businesswomen
-banting stir3: n 1 turning Itu satu banting stir yang berbahaya That was a dangerous turn. 2 switching  Banting stir dari seniman menjadi politisi akan penuh tantangan A switching from an artist to a politician is full of challenges
-jangan dibanting: /imper./ handle with care
-membantingkan: v 1 hold & collide |tightly hold sth and forcefully collide it to sth else such as to the floor or to the wall, etc.| Dia mengangkat kotak itu keatas lalu membantingkannya ke lantai He raised the box up and then forcefully he collided it down to the floor 2 slam |if a door, gate etc. slams, or someone slams it, it shuts loudly with a lot of force|  Dia meninggalkan ruangan lalu membanting pintu .He left the room, slamming the door.
-membanting-bantingkan: v /tr/ |repeatedly throw the same thing on the other thing|
-membanting cucian: v beat the laundry (on a stone)
-membanting harga: v drop the price
-membanting kaki: v stamp the foot
-membanting pintu: v slam the door
-membanting tulang: v work hardly
-terbanting: v /pass.v.// slashed, struck, tossed
-terbanting-banting: v /intr/lu/ 1 rattle |to shake with quick repeated knocking sounds, or to make something do this|  Ada sesuatu terbanting-banting didalam container itu There’s  something rattling around in the container 2 tossing Kapal itu terus terbanting-banting karena ombak besar The ship kept tossing from the heavy waves.

bantu: membantu: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 help Apa saya perlu mmbantu anda? Shall I help you? 2 assist Dua perawat dan satu paramedis membantu Dr Roony melakukan operasi itu Two nurses, one paramedic assisted Dr. Ronny in performing the operation 3 support Yayasan kami membantu misi itu untuk merehabilitasi kerusakan akibat bencana tersebut. Our foundation support the mission to rehabilitate the damage by the catastrophe. 4 aid Pemerintah kami berniat membantu pemerintah anda mengatasi masalah keuangan Our government intend to aid your government to solve the financial problem 5 subsidize Pemerintah mengalokasikan sejumlah besar dana untuk membantu beberapa sekolah swasta The government allocate a lot of funds to subsidize a number of private school.

bantu: pembantu1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 helping Tim penyelamat itu membutuhkan beberapa orang tenaga pembantu. The rescue team is needing a number of helping personnel 2 auxiliary “Orang menyebut “do” kata verba bantu karena kata itu dipakai membantu mejelaskan apakah verba lain dilakukan pada masa lampu, sekarang, atau yang akan datang. People name “do” an auxiliary verb or helping verb because it’s used to indicate the tense of other verb (past, continuous, or future tense) 3 supporting  Kami hanya tim pembantu We are only supporting team  4 assisting  upaya pembantu supporting effort 3 deputy Dia adalah seorang rektor pembantu (pembantu rektor) sebuah universitas She is a deputy president of an university 4 part time The college will hire a number of part time teacher Perguruan itu akan menggaji beberapa orang guru bantu (pembantu)
-bantuan: n 1 help 2 assistance 3 support 4 aid backing 5 endorsement 6 gift
-berbantuan: adj subsidized Apa ini sekolah berbantuan? Is this a subsidized school?
-mem(per)bantukan: v 1 temporarily assign |put so at the service of, particularly if it’s done by a government, or other organization and as a temporary assignment|    Pemerintah akan memperbantukan seorang ahli ekonomi di konsulat itu. The government will assign an econo­mist as an assistance to the consulate.

pembantu2: n /lu/frm/ 1 maid |a female servant, especially in a large house|  2 helper |someone who helps another person| 3 assis­tant |sth that given or provided to help, facilitate, or support someone or other things| Perusahaan menyediakan pembantu teknis  untuk para pengguna komputer baru The company provides technical assistant to the new computer users pembantu  menejer assistant to the manager 5 supporter |someone who supports a particular person, group, plan, etc or sth that function to strengthen other function| Kita memerlukan pembantu kolom beton disini mempertkuat tiang utama We need a concrete column as a  supporter to strengthen the main pole here  6 aide Pemerintah tuan rumah menyediakan dua pembantu untuk tamu Negara yang terhormat itu. The host government provides two aides to the honourable state guest 7 deputy |someone who has the second most powerful position in an organization|  pembantu ketua dalam bidang keuangan the deputy of the chairman for financial matter

banyak1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 many Dia punya banyak teman He has many friends 2 much Kita masih punya banyak waktu We still have much time Terima kasih banyak Thank you very much.
-banyak-banyak: adv too much, too many Jangan ambil banyak-banyak, bukan hanya kita orang yang membutuhkan itu. Don’t take too much, we aren’t the only people who need it.
-banyak sekali: adv 1 very much  Mereka menghabiskan uang yang sangat banyak sekali utnuk pesta ini They spent very much money for this party  2 so many Banyak sekali orang yang datang ke pameran itu So many people came to the exhibition. Banyak sekali yang harus kita perbuat So many things that we have to do 3 a lot of  Kami punya banyak sekali masalah sekarang We have a lot of problems now
-banyaknya: n 1 number  Banyaknya penonton lebih dari 5000 orang The number of the spectators was more than 5000 persons 2 quantity Banyaknya air yang kami butuhkan sekitar 2000 liter The quantity of the water we need is about 2000 liters 3 total amount Banyaknya anggaran pendidikan akan lebih dari US $ 1000,000. The total amount of educational cost will be more than US $ 1,000,000.
-kebanyakan1: adv 1 most of Kebanyakan pekerja disini adalah orang Asia Most of the workers here are Asian people
-kebanyakan2: adj 1 too much Kebanyakan merokok akan membahayakan kesehatan kamu Too much smoking will risk your health 2 too many Sepuluh orang kebanyakan untuk melakukan ini Ten persons is too many to work with this. 3 common Orang kebanyakan tidak akan membaca Koran ini Common people will not read this newspaper.
-paling banyak: adv at most Kami perkirakan biaya proyek itu paling banyak $ 10, 000, 000. We estimate that the project cost at most will be $ 10, 000, 000.
-paling sedikit: at least adv Paling sedikit kamu harus tahu jumlah peserta. At least you have to know the total number of the participants Biaya akan bertambah paling sedikit 10% The cost will rise at least by 10 %
-perbanyak; memperbanyak: v 1 increase Kita perlu memperbanyak jumlah pekerja We need to increase the number of the workers 2 multiply Mereka berhasil memperbanyak keuntungan bisnis mereka. They are successful to multiply the benefit of their business 3 make copies Tolong perbanyak makalah ini sampai 100 kali Please copy this paper up to 100 copies
-sedikit banyak: adj more or less  Sedikit banyak dia pasti terlibat dalam kasus ini. Less or more he must be involved with this case
-sebanyak-banyaknya: adv as much/ many as possible Mari kita kumpulkan kayu baker sebanyak-banyaknya. Let’s collect firewood as much as possible
-sebanyak: prep. that much, that many Apa kamu dapat memakan apel sebanyak itu? Can you eat that much apple? Saya tidak dapat membawa orang sebanyak itu dengan mobil saya I can’t take that many persons with my car
-sebanyak mungkin: adv as much/many as possible Minum air putih sebanyak mungkin. Drink plain water as much as possible.
-terbanyak: n 1 the greatest Bagian terbanyak pendapatan negeri ini dinikmati oleh segelintir orang The greatest portion of the country’s revenue enjoyed only by a few number of persons 2 majority Bagian terbanyak anggota parlemen memilih menolak rencana undang-undang itu.The majority members of the parliament vote against the bill
-perbanyakan: n 1 multiplication |a large increase in the size, amount, or number of something| perbanyakan sel darah putih the multiplication of the white blood cells 2 copying Apa perbanyakan dibuat hitam putih atau warana asli Was the copying in black and white or original colour?
Note: Both countable and uncountable nouns can be modified by banyak It means that this word can means much or many. Example; I have much time Saya punya banyak waktu. He doesn’t have many friends Dia tidak punya banyak teman

banyol: adj /lu/ 1 funny Dia sangat berbakat membuat kelakar yang banyol He has a talent to make funny jokes 2 humorous Dia bumbui pidatonya dengan cerita-cerita banyol He spiced his speech with humorous story 3 comical Kadang-kadang lebih nikmat menonton drama TV banyolan daripada yang serius Sometimes it is more enjoyable to watch comical TV drama than a serious one. –syn: lucu, geli, jenaka
-membanyol: v 1 joke 2 tell sth in jest  3 humor 4 clown
-banyolan: n jokes 2 jest 3 humor, 4 clown

banyu: n /ld/ black liquid substance made of burnt coconut shell used to blacken teeth

bapa; bapak: n /lu/frm/ 1 father  Bapak saya bekerja sebagai a kuntan My father works as an accountant 2 God Bapak kami yang di surga Our father in heaven 3 the top leader Sukarno telah dianugerahi gelar Bapak Bangsa Sukarno was honoured with a name of the Leader of the Nation 3 you |pronoun used in order to speak politely to a man|  Apa bapak mencari seseorang? Are you looking for somebody?  4 sir |used in order to speak polite when you do not know his name or instead calling his name| Apa saya bisa membantu bapak? Can I help you, sir? 5 Mr. Bapak Bambang Mr. Bambang 6 Dear Sir |used prior to the name or position of a man in a  business letter| Yth Bpk (yangerhormat bapak);  Presiden Direktur … Dear Sir; The President Director of …..
-bapak angkat: n foster father
-bapak besar: n big shot
-bapak muda/cilik: n uncle |younger brother of father|
-bapak tua: n uncle |father’s eldest brother|
-bapak guru: n (male) teacher
-bapak mertua: n father-in-law
-bapak tiri: n step father
-sebapak: v having the same father
-bapak tani: v peasant
-kebapakan: adj 1 fatherly Ini hanyalah nasihat kebapakan. This is only a fatherly advice 2 paternal: Silsilah kami dibuat berdasarkan garis kebapaan Our family tree based on paternal line  2 paternalis­tic 3 fatherhood Sekalipun dia muda dia menunjukkan kebapakan yang matang: Although he is still young but he shows a mature fatherhood

bapakisme: n paternalism.

Bappeda {Badan Pembangunan Daerah}: n Regional Development Board.

Bappenas {Badan Perencana Pembangunan Nasio­nal}: n National Development Planning Board.

baptis1: n 1 baptism |a Christian ceremony in which someone is touched or covered with water to welcome him/her into the Christian faith|

baptis2: adj /lu/frm/ Baptist |relating to the Protestant church whose teaching says that baptism is only for people old enough to understand its meaning|
-membaptis: membaptiskan; v /tr/intr/ Pendeta akan membaptis anak saya hari minggu yang akan datang The Reverent will baptize my child next Sunday
-pembaptisan: n baptizing (the action)
-pembaptis: n the holy person who baptize people

bar: n bar, cocktail lounge

bara: n 1 ember, live coal  2 heat, warmth 3 fervor
-membara: v 1 a) glow |to produce a red light and heat without flames| Sebatang kayu yang telah terbakar masih tetap membara di perapian. A burnt log is still glowing in the fireplace 2 b) grow |a growing anger|  Hati-hati bicara dengan dia, amarahnya sedang membara. Be careful to talk to him. His anger is growing

barak: n 1 barracks 2 quarantine quarters
-membarak: v ­quarantine,  segregate Rumah Sakit itu telah membarak pengidap penyakit menular itu The hospital has quarantine all the carriers of the contagious disease

barakatuh; (wa) barakatuh: excl. /Arb/ (with) blessing of God

barangl: n /lu/frm/1 substantive things in general Pisahkan barang-barang cair dari barang-barang padat Separate liquid things from the solid things 2 goods |things that are produced in order to be sold| barang-barang produksi dalam negeri locally produced goods 3 merchandise |goods that are for sale in stores| Kami memesan barang dari Singapure We’ve ordered the merchandise from a company in Singapore 4 wares barang-barang peralatan dapur kitchen wares 5 belongings barang-barang pribadi personal belongings 6 assets barang milik perusahaan a company’s assets  7 commodities |a product that is bought and sold| barang hasil pertanian agricultural commodities 8 article |a thing, especially one of a group of things| barang import imported article 9 material barang bukti material evidence 10 item sejumlah barang mewah a number of luxury items 11 luggage, baggage Masukkan barang-barang kamu kedalam bagasi mobil Put your luggage into the trunk 12 inventory barang-barang kantor office inventory 13 product barang jadi finished product  14 stuff |a number of different things| Saya perlu tempat menyimpan barang saya untuk sementara waktu I need a place to store my stuff for a while. 14 matter a) |substantive thing| barang cetakan printed matter  b) |nonsubstantive things|  Berhutang adalah barang biasa buat dia In debt is a common matter for him.
-barang bekas: n second hand/used thing
-barang tiruan: n imitation objects
-barang purbakala: n antiquities
-barang langka: n antique
-barang galian: n mineral
-barang pusaka: n heirloom
-barang rampokan: n loot, booty
-barang tenunan: n textile
-barang modal: n stock
-barang mati: n inanimate
-barang pecah belah: n fragile thing
-barang tidak bergerak: n immoveable asset
-barangnya: n 1 his/her belongings 2 his/her genitals

barang2: adv 1 about, more or less Tolong beli dulu seutas tali barang 5 meter Please go to buy a piece of string about 5 meters  2 for Kenapa kamu tidak tinggal disini barang dua atau tiga hari? Why don’t you stay here for two or three days?  3 not even for Mereka tidak pernah menginap barang satu haripun disini They never stay here, not even for a single night.

barang3: barang-barang: adv /ld/Mdn/  together Mari kita pergi barang Let’s go together

barang4: pref. any |prefix to add an uncertainty about sth|
-barangsiapa: pron. /lu/ anyone, whoever  Barang siapa yang mengambil uang itu ada dalam masalah besar Anyone (whoever) who took the money is in a big trouble.
-barangkali: adv /lu/ perhaps “Dimana Nancy?” “Barangkali dia terjebak lalu lintas” “Where’s Nancy?” “Perhaps she’s caught in traffic.”
-(sudah) barangtentu: of course  “Boleh saya pakai teleponnya?” “Sudah barang tentu” May I use your telephone?” “Of course!”
-barangkapan: adv whenever
-barangdimana: adv wherever

barat1: n /lu/frm/ west |the direction toward which the sun goes down| Barat disebelah mana? Which way is west? Nias berada di bagian barat Indonesia. Nias  locates to the west of Indonesia
-membaratkan: v 1 bring to west 2 westernize |Europeanize or Americanize|

barat2: adj west Angin barat biasa terjadi pada bulan Maret. West wind usually happen on March Sumatera berada di  Indonesia barat Sumatera locates in  west Indonesia.

barat3: adv /lu/frm/ west Rumah itu menghadap barat The house faces west.  Putar barat setelah kamu sampai diujung jalan ini. Go west when you reach the end of this road

baratdaya: n South-West

baratlaut: n North-West
-kebarat-baratan: adj look like Westerner Wajahnya kelihatan kebarat-baratan His face looks like westerner’s face

barbar1: n barbarian

barbar2: adj barbaric

barbarisme: n barbarism

barber: n barber shop

barel: n barrel

bareng: variant of barang3: adv /ld. Jav/ with Dia pergi bareng ibunya She went with her mother 2 together. Mereka bekerja bareng They work together
-berbarengan: adv 1 simultaneously Angin barat dan hujan tersebut datang berbarengan The west wind and the rain came simultaneously 2 at the same time Dia dan saya tiba berbarengan She and I arrived at the same time. 3 coincide Ulang tahun kelahirannya berbarengan dengan hari kemerdekaan His birthday coincides with independence day
-membarengi: v 1 ac­company Dia sedang pergi membarengi tamu He is going out to accompany his guest 2 join Apa kamu akan membarengi tur itu? Are you going to join the tour?
-membarengkan: v synchro­nize Dia mampu membarengkan suaranya dengan suara saya He can synchronize his voice with mine
-sebarengan: prep. concerning Berbarengan dengan hal itu saya ingin bertanya … Concerning that matter I want to ask a question …
-pembarengan: n synchronization.

baret1: n /lu/ 1 beret |a soft round hat that is almost flat|  2  scratch,  laceration

baret2: adj /tech./ lacerated, scratched
-terbaret: v be scratched, be lacerated

barikade: n /tech./ barricade 1 |action or to barricade| 2 |something that is used to barricade|
-membarikade: v barri­cade  Militer telah membarikade semua jalan masuk ke tempat-tempat vital The military has barricaded all entrance road into vital places

baring1: berbaring: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 lie down Aku mau berbaring sebentar I want to lay down for a moment  2 being hospitalized Dia sedang berbaring di rumah sakit He is being hospitalized
-berbaring-baring: v leisurely lie down relax, loll about in a lying position. Sambil berbaring-baring kami bercerita tentang masa lalu kami As we leisurely lay down, we talked about our past time
-berbaringan: v be lying alongside each other
-membaringkan: v /tr/ 1 lie on  2 put to bed, place on a bed. Wanita itu membaringkan anaknya di tempat tidur That woman put her child on the bed.
-dibaringkan: v /pass v./ Jenazah dibaringkankan kedalam peti mati The body was lain into a coffin.
-terbaring: v /intr/  lie on   Orang tua itu telah terbaring di lantai The old man has lain on the floor
-pembaringan: n bed, couch |a place to lie down|

baring2: baringan: n bearing |sth such as island, tower, etc that we can see from the boat which we use as a point to estimate our position on the sea|

baris: n /lu/frm/ 1 row. Tempat duduk saya dibaris pertama My seat is in the first row  2 line  Baca kembali mulai dari baris ketiga Read again starting from the third line
-barisan1: n 1 line, queue  Saya sudah dalam barisan selama limabelas menit I have been in line (queue) for fifteen minutes 2 squad barisan pemadam kebakaran fire fighter squad 3 front Barisan Nasional National Front
-barisan2: adj marching Dia memimpin musik barisan She leads a marching band
-berbaris: v 1 line up, stand in line  2 form the line
-baris-berbaris: v march Mereka sedang baris berbaris  menuju istana They are marching toward the palace
-baris depan: n front line
-barisan pengawal: n escort platoon
-membariskan: v 1 drill  Komandan itu membariskan pasukannya. The commandant drilled his troops 2 line up Wasit membariskan tim sepakbola itu The referee line up the soccer teams
-barisan kapal: n fleet of ships
-sebaris: prep. 1 at the same line 2 at the same level

baris2: n /ld. Bali/ male dance.

baritone: n baritone

barometer: n barometer

baron: n baron.

barong1: n traditional dress of Filipino

barong2: n dance with mask in Bali

barongan: n /ld Jv./ folk entertainment featuring per­former dressed as monster.

barongsai: n /Chn/ lion dance performed on Chinese New Year.

barter: n barter
-membarter: v barter, exchange.

baru1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 new, recent |recently made, built, invented, or developed| Saya pergi menonton film Robert yang baru I went to see Robert’s new movie 2 recently bought Apa kamu suka baju saya yang baru Do you like my new dress? 3 |not used or owned by anyone before| Satu mobil bekas jauh lebih murah dari yang baru. A used car costs a lot cheaper than a new one 4 |not experienced by someone before| Eve adalah penyewa baru disini Eve is a new tenant here 5 |recently discovered|  Prof. Don telah mengenali satu tipe virus baru Prof. Don has identified a new type of virus 6 |Something that had never seen it before| Kita punya buah yang sama sekali baru buat saya We had fruit there that was completely new to me 7 modern  model baru modern model  8  fresh  ikan baru fresh fish  9 just |only so much up to now|  Depositonya baru lima ratus ribu rupiah He has just got 500,000 rupiah in his deposit  10 only now, just at a certain time. Dia baru sampai He just arrived. Dia baru kemarin da­tang kesini He just came here yesterday  11 not until, only then. Sesudah surat  itu saya baca lagi baru saya mengerti maksudnya Not until I read the letter again I  understood its meaning. Dia baru pulang setelah larut malam She returned home only until late in the evening.

baru2; baru mau; baru akan; baru hendak: prep. /lu/frm/ about |at a position that very close to happen| Saya baru mau/akan/hendak pergi ketika dia datang I was about to leave when he came
-baru lalu: adj the latest Majalah edisi baru lalu memuat artikel tentang dia The latest edition of the magazine contains an article about her.
-barusan: adj recent |having happened or begun to exist only a short time ago| Pada wawancara barusan dia mengatakan bahwa hasilnya akan keluar hari senin mendatang In the recent interview, she said that the result will come out on the next Monday
-baru-baru ini: adv recently, lately  |during the recent period of days or weeks| I haven’t seen him recently. Saya tidak melihat dia baru-baru ini.
-kebaruan; barunya: n 1 newness 2 modernity
-memperbarui; membarui:
v 1 renew Kita perlu memperbarui kontrak ini renew We need to renew the contract  2 modernize Dia memperbaharui gaya hidupnya selama dia di Eropah He modernized his life style during his stay in Europe 3  renovate, remodel  Apa seharusnya kita memperbarui rumah itu? Shall we renovate (remodel) the house? 4 up date |to add the most recent information or capability to something| Sistimnya perlu diperbarui. The system need to be updated 5 refurbish |to thoroughly repair and improve a building by painting it, cleaning it etc| Dekorasi dan tataletak ruangan ini perlu diperbarui The decoration and the layout of this room needs to be refurbish  6  recast |to change the cast of a theatrical production| Sutradara meminta kami memperbarui pengambilan gambar The director asked us to recast the play 7  regenerate |to develop and grow strong again, or to make something do this|  Akan makan waktu untuk memperbarui hutan rusak itu It will take time to generate the damage forest 8 reform |to improve a system or organization by making a lot of changes to it| Ada rencana memperbarui undang-undang  perpajakan There is a plan to reform the tax laws
-pembaruan; perbaruan: n 1 renewal 2 modernization 3 reformation 4 renovation, remodelling   5 updating, 6 modification 7  refurbishment
-pembaru: n 1 |sb or sth that can make renewal, modernization, etc. happen|
-terbaru: adj 1 the newest  2 the latest 3 the most modern 4 the latest version 5 the most recent  6 the most sophisticated

baru3: n |a plant which fibre can be used to make rope| Hisbiscus Tiliaceus

Baruna: n /Hindu/  god of the sea.

barus: see kapur:

bas: n 1 boss, foreman, overseer 2 bass (voice) 2 double bass 3 bass guitar

bas2: n /tech. chem./ base

basal: n /chem../ alkali. basal cair (chem.) liquid base. asam dan basal acids and bases.
-membasalkan: v alkalize
-kebasalan: n alkalinity.

basa2: adj /tech./ alkaline

basa2: variant of bahasa:

basa-basi: n /lu/ lips service |a word or phrase to say that you support or agree with something, without doing anything to prove this, or just as a way to be looked polite| Undangan itu hanya basa basi, mereka tidak pernah sungguh-sunguh mengharapkan kita datang. The invitation was only a lips service, they never seriously want our coming
-berbasa-basi: v be courteous or polite as a formality

basah: adj /lu/frm/ 1 wet, soaked Usahakan tangan kamu tidak basah Try not to get your hands wet  2 fresh |never been dried| ikan basah fresh fish 3 damp, moist Baju kaos saya masih tetap basah My T-shirt is still damp  4 well paid, resourceful (job or position) Posisi dia basah His position is resourceful (give a lot of chance to get money or paid well)
-basah-kuyup: adj soaked, very wet Hujan itu membuat saya basah kuyup The rain made me absolutely soaked.
-membasahi: v 1 wet 2 soak  3 dampen Dia membasahi pakaian itu sebelum disetrika She dampened the clothes before ironing
-basahan: n swimming or bathing suit Kamu tidak boleh mandi tanpa basahan You can’t take a bath nude
-kebasahan: n 1 dampness 2 wetness 3 humidity
-pembasahan: n 1 moistening 2 dampening  3 watering

basi1: adj /lu/ 1 spoiled  |having bad smell at the early decaying| Jangan makan sayur itu. Sudah basi Don’t eat the vegetables. It’s starting to spoiled (It has been stale) 2  stale |out-of-date, not topical|  Kabar itu udah basi The news has been stale. peraturan yang sudah basi ­outdated, ineffective regulations.
-membasikan: v let spoil, let go to waste.

basi2: adj /ld/ 1 commission, fee. 2 overtime or extra pay. 3 reduction (in price), discount.
-membasi: v 1 get a commission 2 give discount.

basi3: n /ld/ 1 bowl, dish 2 serving dish. basi sup soup bowl

basi4: see basa-basi:

basil: n /lu/frm/ bacillus, germ

basir: adj 1 knowledgeable (particularly about the God Almighty 2 remarkable, noticeable

basis: n /lu/frm/ 1 base 2  principle 3 foundation –syn: dasar, azas
-berbasiskan: v to have as a base of, to have sth as the principle
-pembasisan: v establish a base

baskara: n /litr/ sun

basket: n 1 basket case 2 basketball

baskom: n /lu/ |shallow and open water container that you fill with water to wash dishes, your hands,  etc. instead of sink|

basmi: membasmi: v /lu/frm/ l exterminate (rodents, insects, etc.) 2 eliminate (crime, etc.). Polisi sedang bekerja keras membasmi penjualan narkoba The police is working hard to eliminated the drug trafficking 3 wipe out Pakai shampoo ini membasmi  ketombe kamu Use this shampoo to wipe out your dandruff  3 eradicate |to completely destroy something|  Penyakit cacar harus dibasmi Smallpox has to be eradicated 4 erase Praktek korupsi harus dibasmi dengan tuntas. The practice of corruption should be completely erased.
-terbasmi: adj able to be eliminated Apa hama seperti itu dapat dibasmi? Is that kind of insect able to be eliminated?
-terbasmi: v /pass v./ Pasar gelap senjata api telah terbasmi Black market of weapon has been eliminated
-pembasmian: n elimination, demolition, xtermination, eradication
-pembasmi: n terminator, exterminator, eradicator

baso: variant of baso:

basoka: see bazooka:

basuh; membasuh: v /lu/frm/ 1 wash |to clean something with water| Basuh tangan kamu sebelum pegang makanan Wash your hands before touching the food  2 clean Tolong bantu saya membasuh peralatan makan ini. Please help me to clean the dishes. –pembasuh: n 1 cleansing material 2 washer, washing machine
-air pembasuh: n washing water
-pembasuh mulut: n dessert
-pembasuh balai: n /idiom/ legal cost
-pembasuh meja: variant of pembasuh balai (legal cost)
-pembasuh tangan: n /idiom/ gratuity, reward, compensation |sth (usually money) that we give to so who has voluntary did a favor|

basuki: v /ld. Jv/ prosper, flourish

bata; (batu) bata: n /lu/ brick

bata-bata; terbata-bata: adj /lu/ unsettled, ambivalent, wavering |not sure whether you like something or not|  Saya kira Natasia terbata-bata untuk menikah I think Natasia ambivalent about getting married 2 speak haltingly, tongue-tied |unable to speak fluently because you are nervous| Dia sangat gugup sehingga dia terbata-bata menceritakan apa yang terjadi He was so nervous and he spoke haltingly to tell what had  happened.

batak: n 1 adventure |an exciting experience in which dangerous or unusual things happen, or the act of having these experiences| -syn: petualangan 2  adventurer  3 soldier of fortune –syn: petualang
-membatak: v ride (a horse)

Batak: n Batak |an ethnic whose origin is the island of Samosir, an island inside lake Toba, and surrounding areas, in the middle of high land of North Sumatera. The ethnic consists a number of clans that still keep their family trees back to more than twenty generation ago|

batako: n concrete brick |manufactured in a modern factory, not in a cottage industry using cement and sand as the materials of it|

batal: adj /lu/frm/ 1 cancelled, null and void. Rapat itu telah batal ­The meeting was cancelled 2 null and void Pengadilan menyatakan kontrak itu batal The court declared the contract to be null and void 3 invalid Puasa saya batal setelah tidak sadar saya  merokok My fasting became invalid after unintentionally I smoked  4 omit |to not include something, either deliberately or because you forgot to do it| Kami putuskan untuk membatalkan pasal ke tiga kontrak itu We decided to omit the third article of the contract
-membatalkan: v 1 cancel Saya ingin membatalkan tiket yang telah saya pesan untuk penerbangan besok sore I want to cancel my ticket which I booked for tomorrow evening flight 2 be null and void Kantor imigrasi telah membatalkan paspornya The immigration office declared his passport to be null and void 3 inval­idate Penemuan ini membatalkan teori lama This finding invalidates the old theory  4 cancel out, omit Saya tidak punya cukup uang sehingga saya batalkan pembelian sebagian pesanan itu I don’t have enough money so I have to omit some of the order  5 revoke Polisi membatalkan SIM (surat ijin mengemudi) dia karena melanggar batas kecepatan berulang-ulang The police revoked his driving license for repeated speeding ticket  6  rescind  Mahkamah Agung memiliki hak hukum membatalkan keputusan pengadilan lebih rendah The Supreme Court has a legal right to rescind the lower court decision  7 nullify |to state officially that something will have no legal effect| Pemerintah yang baru telah membatalkan perjanjian pembelian senjata dari Uni Soviet The new government has nullified the agreement of purchasing weapons from Soviet Union 8 quash Pengadilan membatalkan peraturan pemerintah daerah tentang angkutan umum karena hal itu melanggar Undang-Undang The court quashed the local government regulation on public  transportation for it is against the law 9 re­nounce |to say publicly that you no longer believe in or support an idea, religion etc.| Dia mengumumkan membatalkan kesetiaannya kepada partai He renounced his  loyalty to the party 10 withdraw Dia meminta pengacara membatalkan tuntutan itu He asked a lawyer to withdraw the charge.
-pembatalan: n 1 cancellation 2 invalidation 3 annul­ment 4 renunciation 3 abolition 4 disqualifica­tion 5 nullification 6 renouncement 7 withdrawal

battalion; batalyon: n battalion

batang: n 1 trunk |the thick central wooden stem of a tree that branches grow on| batang pohon tree trunk 2 stem |a long thin part of a plant, from which leaves or flowers grow| 3 stalk |the main part of grass from which the leaves grow| batang padi rice stalk 4 bar |a small block of solid material that its length is much longer than its width|  dua batang cokelat two bars of chocolate
-batang air: n river
-batangan1: adv |individually in the shape of bar| Apa anda menjual sabun ini batangan? Do you sell the soap individually?
-batangan2: adj |in the shape of bar| Akan seperti apa bentuk bahan itu? Apa akan menjadi butiran, tepung, atau batangan? What will be the shape of the substance? Is it going to be granular, powder, or bar?
-batangan3: n 1 barrier |solid thing that is used to prevents people from passing through or water from flowing through|  2 bar batangan emas gold bar 3 block batangan kayu wood block
-batang hari:
n noon
-batang hidung: n the bridge of your nose |upper part of sb’s nose between your eyes|
-batang kaki: n legs
-batang leher: n nape of the neck
-batang penggerak: 1 rod |a long metal bar that you use to lift something by putting one end under the object and pushing the other end down| 2 lever |a stick or handle on a machine that you move to make the machine work|
-batang penggerak: n handle |a long stick on a tool|
-batang pengungkit: n crowbar
-batang sepeda: n bicycle frame
-batang sungai: n mainstream (of a river)
-batang tangan: n arms
-batang tubuh: n /lu/frm/ 1 torso |the main part of your body, not including your arms, legs, and head| 3 trunk   |the main part of sth| batang tubuh Undang-Undang Dasar the main part of the Constitution
-berbatang: v to have a certain stem or stalk
-berbatang-batang: deter by lots of bars
-membatang: v erect, become stiff.
-sebatang: deter. a single (bar, piece, etc.) sebatang rokok a single piece of cigarette sebatang besi a bar of iron sebatang kara all alone in the world

batara: n /ltr./ 1 god  2 noble name addressed to male deity.

batari: n /ltr./ 1 goddess 2 noble name  addressed to female deity.

batas; perbatasan: n /lu/frm/ 1 limit 2 border  3 outer line
-berbatas: v |to have sth as the border line| Di sebelah utara tanah itu berbatas sebuah sungai In the north part the land has a river as a border line
-berbatasan: v |to share a border with another country, state, region, etc.| Kalimantan Barat dan Kalimantan Timur berbatasan dengan Serawak West Kalimantan and East Kalimantan border Serawak
-keterbatasan: n /lu/frm/ 1 lack Keterbatasan dukungan dana seharusnya tidak dipakai sebagai alasan menunda misi itu The lack of fund should not be used as a reason to delayed the mission 2 un-limitedness Setiap orang pasti punya keterbatasan. Everyone must have a limitedness
-ketidakterbatasan: n /lu/frm/ 1 freedom (un-limitedness) Ketidak terbatasan kebebasanbicara cenderung disalah gunakan oleh sebagian pers Un-limitedness on the freedom of speech tends to be misused by some of the press.
-membatas; membatasi: v 1 limit Kita harus membatas pengeluaran bulanan jangan sampai lebih dari $ 1000 We have to limit our monthly expenses not exciding $ 1000 2 control membatasi emosi to control emotion
-pembatas: n 1 border 2 divider  Mari kita pasang gordin sebagai pembatas ruangan ini Let’s put this curtain as the divider of these spaces 3 restriction  Biaya pekerja yang tinggi dapat menjadi pembatas pada pertumbuhan investasi High cost labour can be a restriction to investment growth
-pembatasan: n 1 limitation |the act of limiting something| Pembatasan percobaan nuklir The limitation of nuclear testing  2 control pembatasan diri self control
-sebatas: prep. to the end of, to the limit of  Banjir itu naik sebatas lutut saya. The flood rose to the limit of my knee
-takterbatas; tidak terbatas: adj 1 endless 2 borderless
-terbatas: adj limited Efisienlah, dana kita terbatas Be efficient, we have fund limited

batasan: n definition, circumscription, demarcation

batas akhir: n I ex­treme limit

batas diri: n self control

batas kecepatan: n speed limit

batas luar: n outer limit, restriction

baterai; batere: n 1 dry-cell battery |an object that provides electricity for something such as a radio, car, camera, etc.|  2 battery |military unit – each unit consists of several number of the same sub-unit|

bathin: variation of batin:

batik: n /lu/ batik
-batikan: n the end product of batik
-membatik: v |paint a piece of plain material to be a batik|
-membatiki: v apply the batik patter to the material
-membatikkan: v to change plain cloth to batik
-pembatikan: n 1 the process of making batik  2 batik workshop |the place where batik is produced|
-pembatik: n 1 the artist who design and paint the batik 2 |so whose business is to make, to sell batik|

batik cetak: n /lu/ printed batik

batik sandang: n /lu/ batik to wear, batik material for clothes

batik tulis: n /lu/ handmade batik (painted by hand)

batil1: n 1 copper bowl 2 plate 3 tray 4 |a round container that is open at the top, used for holding soup made of coconut shell|

batil2: adj /lu/ 1 invalid, null and void. 2 false, wrong, sinful  Korupsi adalah tindakan batil Corruption is a sinful deed  3 evil, bad
-kebatilan: n 1 evil 2 sin 3 crime 4 bad deeds

batin1: n /lu/frm/1 inner feeling,  spiritual mood  Maaf lahir dan batin I ask your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart and inner feeling   2 mind, heart. Dalam batin dia  membencii  kawannya itu In his heart he hates his friend
-kekuatan batin: n moral force
-kebatinan: n mysticism, spiritualism
-membatinkan: v 1 to keep sth into the inner feeling 2 to keep sth as your own secret
-tekanan batin: n psychological strain or stress

batin2: n traditional or clan leader Mereka sangat menghormati batin itu They are very respectful to the clan leader

batiniah: adj spiritual, psychological, moral

batok: n /lu/ 1 shell  batok kelapa coconut shell  2 skull  2 a mea­surement, about a litre

batu: n /lu/ 1 stone |rock, or a hard mineral substance| bangku dari batu stone benches| dinding dari batu a wall made of stone 2 seed |the hard object inside the flesh of a fruit, from which a new plant will grow| semangka tanpa batu seedless watermelon 3 a measurement equal to a kilometre or 1000 meters| Jaraknya kurang lebih tiga batu. The distance is about three kilometres
-batu api: n flint |a type of very hard, black stone that will produce a small flame when you strike it with steel or other hard substance|
-batu asahan: n grinding stone |a very hard stone to which we rub tools such as knife to make it sharper or smoother|
-batuakik: n gemstone
-batualam: n natural stone
-batuapung: n pumice
-batuarang: n coal
n crystal
-batubara: n coal
-batu baterei: n dry battery
-batu bintang: n meteorite
-batu empedu: n gallstone |small hard, pathological concretion, chiefly of cholesterol crystals, formed in gallbladder or in bile duct|
-batu endapan: n sedimentary rock
-batu ganjalan: n stumbling block |a problem that prevents you from achieving something| Masalah pendanaan masih tetap berupa batu ganjalan utama kami The question of funding is still our major stumbling block
-batugigi: n tartar
-batu ginjal: n kidney stone
-batu giling: n millstone
-batu giok: n jade
-batu kali: n river stone
-batukalung: n pendulum of earrings or necklace
-batukapur: n limestone
-batu kerikil/koral: n pebble |small, smooth stone that is usually in a river or on a beach|
-batu loncatan: n stepping stone
-batu macadam: n macadam |pavement of layer of compacted broken stone, usually bound with asphalt|
-batu merah: n brick
-batu mulia: n precious stone
-batu nilam: n sapphire
-batu nisan: n tombstone
-batu permata: n jewel
-batu pertama: n corner stone, foundation |a stone set at one of the bottom corners of a building, often as part of a special ceremony| 2 |something that is very important because everything else depends on it|  Kebebasan bicara adalah batu pertama demokrasi Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy.
-batu prasasti: n stone inscription to commemorate a cor­onation
-batu puing: n rubble
-batu sandungan: n obstacle, barrier |something that makes it difficult for you to succeed|
-batu pal: n milestone, mile post
batu kawi: n manganese
-batu kecubung: n amethyst
-batu kulasing (hitam): n granite
-batu telehan: n volcanic stone
-batu tulis: n slate (for writing) word formed from “batu”
-batu ujian: n1 touchstone 2 test case |a standard used for measuring the quality of something| 2 impediment |a fact or event that makes action difficult or impossible|
-berbatu: adj contained by stone
-berbatu-batu: adj covered with stones
-membatu: v 1 harden 2 freeze 3 solidify
-membatu: adj insensitive  Perasaannya telah membatu His sense has been insensitive
-membatui: v to cover with stone
-pembatuan: n the process of putting stones on a road
-perbatuan: n |a place where people take stones|  ­

batuk1: v /lu/frm/ cough. Dia batuk dan bersin sepanjang hari He’s been coughing and sneezing all day

batuk2: n /lu/frm/ cough |an illness in which you cough a lot| Dia mengalami batuk berat dan sakit kepala. She have a terrible cough and a headache
-batuk darah: n cough that make you spit out blood
-batuk kambing: n nervous cough
-bnatuk kering: n any cough with little or no phlegm
-batuk kecil: n clear so.’s throat
-batuk lelah: n asthma. ­
-batuk rejang: n whooping cough
v to have cough
-membatukkan: v cough or spit up (blood or phlegm)
-terbatuk-batuk: v 1 cough repeatedly 2 sputter |to make several quick soft sounds| Mesin itu terbatuk-batuk lalu mati The engine sputtered and died.

bau1: n /lu/frm/ 1 scent a) |a particular smell, especially a pleasant one| baunya bunga ros the scent of roses b) |the smell left behind by an animal or person|  Anjing itu berlari kepintu ketika mencium bau tuannya. The dog ran out when he picked up his owner’s scent| 2  smell |the quality or the characteristic of sth that you recognize by using your nose|  Saya dapat menangkap bau mangga I can catch the smell of mango  3 aroma |a strong pleasant smell| Apa kamu mencium bau kopi segar? Do you smell the aroma of fresh coffee  4 stench |a strong unpleasant smell| Mari kita cari dari mana bau (menyengat) itu datang Let’s find where that stench come from. 5 odor |a smell, especially an unpleasant one| Pakai penghilang bau ini. Keringat kamu sangat bau. Use this deodorant. The odor of your sweat is too bad  6  reek    |strong smell of something that not all people  like it|  Apa kamu suka bau durian? Do you like the reek of durian? | 7 fumes |strong-smelling gas or smoke that is unpleasant to breathe in| Saya tidak tahan terhadap bau bensin I can’t stand to gasoline fumes 8 indication
-bau harum: n fragrant smell
-bau busuk: n bad smell, stench, stink
-bau menyengat: n odor reek

bau2; berbau: v /lu/ 1 smell  Durian itu berbau sangat tajam The durian smells very sharp  2 stink  |to have a very strong and unpleasant smell| Nafas anjing itu bau The dog’s breath stinks 3 reek |to smell strongly of something unpleasant|  Kamar kecil itu berbau kencing The toilet reeks of urine 4 |sounds like, sug­gest an element of|  Pidatonya berbau mendukung atheis His speech sounds like promoting atheism 5 indicate Kekayaannya berbau korupsi His richness indicates corruption
-/idiomatic/ masih bau kencur still very young

bau3: adj /lu/ 1 unpleasant Ada yang bau sekitar ini There is something unpleasant around here Kamu makan apa? Nafas kamu bau? What did you eat? Your breath is unpleasant?  2 stinking Apa itu? Bau ya? What is that? It’s stinking isn’t it?

bau4: n /ld/ |surface measurement 7096.5 square me­ters|

bauksit: n bauxite.

baung: n freshwater catfish.

baur: membaur: adj 1 mixed |Pria, wanita, anak gadis, dan anak muda semua membaur didalam kerumunan orang itu Men, women, girls, and boys are mixed together in the crowd Pakaian bekas, kertas, boneka, dll semua berbaur dalam kotak itu Used clothes, paper, toys, etc. all mixed together in the box Pakaian kotor telah membaur dengan pakaian bersih The dirty clothes has been mixed up with the clean clothes 2 integrated, assimilated  Semakin banyak orang Cina yang telah membaur dengan orang pribumi melalui kawin silang. Become more and more Chinese be integrated to indigenous citizen by intermarriage
-berbauran: v 1 be mixed Tidak mudah mencari judul tertentu untuk koleksi buku saya karenaan semuanya telah berbauran satu sama lain It’s not easy to find a particular topic for my books collection. All of them have been mixed each other 2 be assimilated Kami harap semua imigran pada akhirnya berbaur kedalam rakyat Indonesia. We hope all immigrants will finally be assimilated into Indonesian people.
-berbaur: berbauran: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 live together Saya hidup membaur  bersama dengan orang-orang dari latar belakang yang berbeda. I live together with other people from different background 2 join Apa anda senang berbaur dengan kami? Would you like to join us?
-membaur: v /intr/ 1 integrate 2 assimilate
v /tr/ 1 integrate |to end the practice of separating people of different races in a place or institution| Banyak sekolah mengangkut siswa dari jarak jauh dengan tujuan membaurkan para siswa tersebut Many schools transported children long distances in order to integrate students 2 assimilate Sejak lama orang telah membaurkan budaya tradisi Cina kedalam budaya Indonsesiacontohya barongsai. Since long time ago, people has assimilate Chinese traditional culture into Indonesian culture, for example barongsai
-pembauran: n 1 mix |the particular combination of things or people that form a group|  Terjadi pembauran yang lain daripada yang lain pada pesta Louis itu There was a strange mix of people at Louis’ party 2 assimilation |acceptance of different things to be the part of other things|  Bahasa Indonesia adalah pembauran berbagai bahasa daerah dan berbagai bahasa asing Indonesian language is an assimilation of many different  local ethnic dialect and foreign languages 3 association |togetherness between different part,  kind, or type of things| Tidak mudah mengenali pembauran terselubung antara tujuan-tujuan ideology dan tujuan-tujuan ekonomi dalam kerjasama ini It’s not easy to identify a hidden association of  ideological objectives with economic objectives in this cooperation

baut: n /lu/ 1 bolt  2 bully |foreman, bouncer|
-membaut: v to tighten sth with bolt
-pembautan: n bolting.

bawa: membawa: v /lu/frm/ 1 bring Apa kamu bawa telepon selular kamu? Do you bring your cellular phone?   2 carry Apa kamu bisa membawa kedua tas ini? Can you carry both of these bag? 3 take Kalau kamu pergi belanja apa kamu bawa bayi kamu beserta kamu? When you go out for shopping do you take your baby with you? Siapa yang akan membawa mobil? Who is going to drive the car? 5 for Tolong bawa kami dalam doanya Please pray for us  6 behave  Dia tidak tahu bawa diri He doesn’t know how to behave 7 bawa-bawa: get sb involved Jangan bawa-bawa nama saya dalam kasus itu Don’t get me involved (mention my name) in the case.
-bawaan; pembawaan: n 1 attitude Pembawaannya tidak memperlihatkan  bahwa dia orang kaya. Her attitude  didn’t show that she is rich. -syn: sikap 2 style Dia punya pembawaan menarik She has an attractive style Pembawaan dia berpakaian sama seperti seorang selebriti Her style in dressing looks like a celebrity  –syn: gaya
-berbawaan: v match Apa dasi merah ini berbawaan dengan baju kuning? Does this red tie match the yellow shirt?
-berpembawaan: v behave |have a character (of)| Dia pria berpembawaan tenang He is a man who behave calm
-membawakan: v 1 to bring, to take Apa kamu boleh membawakan piring ini ke dapur? Can you bring this plate to the kitchen? 2 play, act Dia membawakan peran antagonis dengan baik She played antagonistic role well
pembawa: n 1 carrier |sb or sth that take, bring, or carry sb or sth| 2 messenger (sb who bring message, news, etc) 3 the cause Dia pembawa sial kepada kita. He is the cause of unlucky fate to us 3 pembawa acara: reporter Dia bekerja sebagai pembawa acar di televisi He works as a television reporter
-terbawa1: adj |able to be carried| Barang-barang ini tidak akan terbawa oleh dua orang These languages will not be to be carried by two persons
-terbawa2: v 1 /pass.v/ |be accidentally taken away| Tas itu pasti sudah terbawa oleh seseorang The bag must have been accidentally taken away by someone 2 be affected  Kenaikan ongkos transportasi terbawa oleh kenaikan bensin The raise of transportation cost is affected by the raise of gasoline .
Note: If something was taken away, or someone took away something purposely don’t say “terbawa” but “dibawa”  Tas kamu pasti sudah dibawa oleh seseorang Your bag must have been taken by someone. (passive v.) or “membawa”  Seseorang pasti telah membawa tas kamu Someone must have taken your bag away (active v)

-terbawa-bawa: v get involve Jangan terbawa-bawa dengan kegiatan para preman Don’t get involve with the gangs activities

bawah1: adv 1 un-, sub, |functions like a prefix in compound noun to indicate non of, less in position, less in completeness, less in quality, the lower part of, etc.| Semua terjadi dibawah dugaan Everything happened unexpectedly Dia lakukan hal itu  dibawah sadar He did it unconsciously 2 secretly Lakukan transaksinya dibawah tangan/meja Do the transaction secretly  3 the following . Seperti contoh dibawah ini As the following examples
-bawah sadar: adj subconscious
-bawah baku: adj substandard
-bawah laut­: n submarine, undersea
-bawah tanah: adj subterranean, under­ground gerakan bawah tanah underground movement

bawah2; dibawah: prep ./lu/ under  Taruh sandal kamu dibawah tempat tidur Put your sandals under the bed Dibawah kepemimpinan Sukarno-Hatta, Indonesia bersatu menjadi satu Negara berdaulat Under the leadership of Sukarno Hatta Indonesia has been united into a sovereign country dibawah persetujuan without agreement 2 below dibawah suhu beku below freezing temperature dibawah garis kemiskinan below poverty line 3 on the lowest part of surrounding space Jangan duduk dibawah Don’t sit on the floor
-bawahan: n 1 subordinate 2 underling. Direktur itu punya 5 bawahan terdiri dari 4 pengawas dan satu sekretaris The Director has 5 subordinates consists of 4 supervisor and a secretary
-kebawah: adv 1 down |to the lower part of surrounding space| Dia sedang pergi kebawah She is going down  Mari turun kebawah kamu bisa jatuh Come down you may fall 2 and under Pertunjukan itu tidak di suguhkan kepada orang berumur 17 tahun kebawah The show is not available to the 17 years old and under 3  the lower Semakin kebawah udara akan semakin panas. The lower the hotter the air will be.
-lebih bawah: adj /lower/comp./ Posisi saya jauh lebih bawah dari posisi dia. My position is much more lower than his
-membawahi: v 1 subordinate  Menejer itu membawahi 4 pengawas The manager subordinates 4 supervisors   2 control Kementerian Sosial membawahi penggunaan anggaran  batuan sosial The Ministry of Social Affairs control the use of the social security budget
-paling bawah; terbawah: adj /super./ the low­est Taruh buku kamu di laci paling bawah Put your books in the lowest drawer

bawal: n fish, pomfret

bawang: n /lu/ onion
-bawang acar: n pickled onion.
-bawang Bombay: n large onion.
-bawang hijau: n leeks.
-bawang merah: n red onion
-bawang perai: n green onion
-bawang putih: n garlic

bawasir: n /pl/ hemorrhoids |painfully swollen blood vessels at the anus|

bawel: adj /lu/infr/1 carping, fault seeker |always complain about something that is not very important|
-membaweli: v carp Dia selalu membaweli pembantunya. She always carp her helper
-kebawelan: n quib­bling, carping Saya tidak tahan kebawelan bos saya. I can’t stand my boss quibbling. –syn: cerewet

baya: adj /lu/frm/ old, aged. Seorang wanita baya bersujud syukur An old woman bowed in thanksgiving to God.
-sebaya: prep. 1 of the same age, a contemporary. Dia sebaya dengan gurunya She is in the same age as her teacher. 2 sebaya dan sejaman: contemporary Idriss Sardi sangat dikagumi oleh sebaya dan sejamannya Idriss Sardi  was greatly admired by his contemporaries
separuh baya: adj middle-aged seorang pria separuh baya a middle-aged man

bayam: n /lu/ spinach

bayang: bayang-bayang: n /lu/ shadow |a dark shape that an object or a person makes on a surface when it is between that surface and the light source|  Cahaya dibelakang kamu membentuk bayang-bayang aneh  di dinding The lights behind you form strange shadows on the wall  2 shade |an area that is darker because the light of the sun cannot reach it| Mari kita duduk dibawah bayang-bayang pohon itu Let’s sit in the shade of that tree –syn: naungan, keteduhan
-bayangan: n 1 image |a picture that you have in your mind| Bayangan dia selalu muncul di pikiran saya Her image always appear in my mind 2 reflection Bayangan kita pada kaca cembung akan terlihat aneh Our reflection on a concave or convex lens will look strange 4 imagination |the ability to form pictures or ideas in your mind| Apa yang kamu lihat bukan satu kenyataan. Itu hanya bayangan kamu. What you saw wasn’t a reality. It was only your imagination –syn: hallucination
-bayangkan!: v /imper./ imagine! Bayangkan! Betapa sulitnya hal itu. Imagine! How difficult it was
-berbayang: v have reflection    Pada sore hari pegunungan itu berbayang jelas dipermukaan danau At the afternoon the mountain has a reflection on the surface of the lake.
-membayangkan: v 1 imagine |to form pictures or ideas in your mind| Coba membayangkan bahwa kamu sedang berada di antara keluarga kamu sekarang Try to imagine that you’re among your family right now| 2 rationalize |to think of reasons, especially reasons that sth could be happen| Say tidak dapat membayangkan kenapa Sharon berbohong kepada dia I couldn’t rationalize why Sharon  had lied to him
-membayang-bayangkan: v recollect |try to remember the image of sth or someone|
-membayangi: v 1 shade Gedung baru itu membayangi rumah saya sampai pukul 10:00 pagi The new building shades my room until 10:00 a.m
-membayang-bayangi: v 1 shadow |to follow someone closely and secretly in order to watch what s/he is doing| Saya yakin polisi sedang membayang-bayangi dia I believe that the police is shadowing him 2 closely follow behind Greg sementara memimpin didepan dibayang-bayangi oleh Bob dari dibelakang Greg is temporarily leading the race and closely is followed by Bob
-terbayang: v /pass. v./ be imagined |if the image of sb or sth unexpectedly come to your mind|  Sudah lebih setahun sejak dia meninggal tetapi wajahnya selalu terbayang dalam pikiran saya It’s been more than a year since her death but her face always come to my mind.
-terbayangkan: adj imaginable (usually used in a negative statement) Tidak terbayangkan betapa dahsyatnya kerusakan itu It wasn’t imaginable how severe the damage was
-terbayang-bayang: v be hovered in sb’s thoughts |if the image of sth frequently  occupy your mind|  Kecalakaan itu selalu terbayang-bayang di pikiran saya The accident always be hovered in my thoughts.

bayangkara: n /ltr./ 1 guardian squad 2 policeman.

bayangkari: n 1 policewoman. 2 policemen’s wives’ association.

bayar: membayar: v /lu/frm/ 1 pay |to give someone money for something in order to buy it, or for something s/he has done for you| Bayar semua pajak kita sebelum terlambat Pay all our taxes before too late  2 to pay Siapa yang akan membayar makan siang kita? Who is going to pay our lunch? 3 pay for |to do something unpleasant for what you did| Dia telah membayar apa yang dia lakukan dengan masuk ke tahanan. He paid for what he did by being in prison
-bayaran: n pay |money that you give to pay for sth you buy, sb you hire, or sth you owe|  Bayaran yang saya terima hanya cukup untuk kebutuhan pokok keluarga The pay I get is enough only for my family’s basic needs Kalau saya lakukan tugas ini berapa bayarannya? If I do the assignment what is the pay?
-membayari: v pay Siapa yang membayari kopi kita Who paid our coffee?
-membayarkan: v pay Apa anda boleh membayarkan tagihan kita ke kasir? Can you go to pay our bill to the cashier?
-pembayaran: n payment 1 the act of paying Pembayaran yang terlambat akan didenda $5 Late payment will result in a $5  fine. 2 |an amount of money that should be paid or that has been paid| Berapa pembayaran mobil kamu itu? How much was your car payments?
-pembayar: n payer  pembayar pajak tax payer
-terbayar1: adj be paid  Sebagian hutangnya tidak terbayar Some of his debt can’t be paid  Itu satu jumlah yang tidak mungkin terbayar It is an amount that it isn’t  possible to be paid.
Notes: 1 Pembayaran means a process of paying, and also means an amount of money that should be paid or that has been paid similar to bayaran In this case bayaran is more specific to mean pay as a salary, wages, tips, etc. And pembayaran is more general and formal. 2 Both membayari and membayarkan are verb that means to pay something. However the usage is slightly different. Use membayari if you mean that someone voluntarily pay sth for his own or/and for others with his/her own money. Use membayarkan if it means that sb do a process of payment.  With other words, membayari indicates ‘whose money’ and membayarkan indicates ‘who do the payment, no matter with whose money’.

bayem: variant of bayam

bayi: n /lu/frm/ baby, infant
-bayi merah: n newborn baby
BALITA {Bayi Dibawah Lima Tahun}: n Under Five Years Baby

bayonet: n /lu/ bayonet
-berbayonet: adj be provided or equipped with a bay­onet
-membayonet: v attack with a bayonet

bayu1: n /ld/ 1 wind, breeze. 2 god of wind (Hinduism)

bayu2: adj stale |no longer fresh, the taste change from fresh to stinking because it start to decay|

bayu3: n /ld/ slave, servant.

bazar: n /lu/ charity fair,  church bazaar

bazoka: n bazooka.

BB2 {Bau Badan}: n /lu/ body odor.

BBM {Bahan Bakar Minyak}: n /lu/frm/ refined fuel oil

BBN {Bea Balik Nama}: n /lu/frm/ fee for conversion of vehicle ownership.

BD {Barat Daya}: n /lu/ South-West

be: variant of  babe:

bea: n /lu/frm/ 1 excise |the government tax on particular goods produced and used inside a country|  2 duty, tariff  |a tax you pay on something, especially on goods you bought in another country| 3 Bea Balik Nama: fee for conversion of vehicle ownership
Bea Cukai: n customs |the place where your bags are checked for illegal goods when you go into a country|  Makan waktu lama untuk melewati Bea Cukai It took too long to clear customs. (=be allowed into a country after being checked)
-bea masuk: n import duty
-bea keluar: n export duty

beasiswa: n /lu/frm/ scholarship, fellowship
-membeasiswai: v grant a scholarship
-kebeasiswaan: n matters regarding fel­lowships.

bebal: adj /lu/ 1 stupid, imbecilic, slow 2 silly, foolish, idiotic
-kebebalan: n stupidity, foolishness, silliness

beban: n /lu/frm/ 1 load |the quantity of something that is carried by a person, a vehicle etc.|  Kapal itu sedang membawa beban berat. The ship is carrying heavy load 2 work capacity |the amount of work that a machine or a person has to do| satu beban kerja yang berat a heavy work load 3 power capacity Kita perlu beban listrik setidaknya 24 KWH untuk menjalankan mesin ini We need electricity power at least 24 KWH to run this machine  4 burden, re­sponsibility |something that is difficult, or that worries you because you are responsible for it|  Saya tidak mau menjadi beban siapapun kalau sudah tua I don’t want to be a burden on whoever when I’m old
-membebani: v 1 load up |to put a load of something on or into a vehicle| Mereka membebani truk itu dengan perlengkapan berkemah They loaded up the truck with camping gear  2 burden |to make someone be responsible for sb or sth| Saya tidak mau membebani kamu dengan masalah saya I won’t burden you with my problems
-membebankan: v burden |put sth to be a burden of sb or sth| Saya tidak mau membebankan kasus ini pada kamu I don’t want to put this case become your burden
-pembebanan: n an action or a process of loading

bebandos: variant of bandos:

bebar: berbebaran: v /ld/ 1 scatter 2 spread out  Bukunya ­bebar di mana-mana His books scattered everywhere
-terbebar: adj 1 spread out 2 scattered

bebas: adj /lu/frm/ free 1 |allowed to live, exist, or happen without any control or restriction| Rakyat harus bebas memilih ideology politiknya People should be free to choose their political ideology 2 not having any of a particular substance: susu bebas kolesterol cholesterol-free milk 3 without any cost  Saya mendapat tiket bebas untuk konser malam nanti I get free tickets for tonight’s concert 4 bebas saja: feel free |used in order to tell someone that s/he don’t need to be hesitate to do something| Bebas saja mengambil makanan dan minuman yang kamu inginkan Feel free to take an food and drink you want 5 not busy doing other things  Kalau kamu bebas akhir minggu ini t apa kamu mau pergi berkemah? If you’re free this weekend do you want to go camping? 6 independent Kami menjadi negeri bebas sejak 17 Augustus 1945 We become an independent country since 17 August 1945 7
-bebas bea: adj duty free
-bebas butahuruf: adj (free of illiteracy)
-bebas pajak: adj tax free
-bebas rokok: adj no smoking
-bebas tugas:
adj be laid off, off duty
-membebaskan: v free 1 |to allow someone to leave a place where s/he has been forced to stay, such as a prison| Pemerintah Belanda akhirnya membebaskan Sukarno dari pengasingan Dutch government finally freed Sukarno from exile  2 |to help someone by removing something that is hampered, bad, unpleasant, etc|  Beasiswa telah membebaskan orang tua saya dari beban keuangan yang berat The scholarship has freed my parents from heavy financial burden 3 free up |to make sb or sth be able to do sth or to make sth be able to be used| Mekanisasi pertanian akan membebaskan para petani untuk melakukan tugas lebih banyak Mechanization of agriculture will free up the farmers time to do more tasks 4 release Akhirnya polisi membebaskan dia karena kekurangan bukti Finally the police released him for the lack of evidence
-kebebasan: n freedom
-pembebasan: n |an action or a process to make sb or sth free|
-terbebas: adj be free of
-kebebasan beragama: n freedom to choose and to practice our own religion
-kebebasan bicara: n freedom of speech
-kebebasan memilih: n freedom to choose
-kebebasan mimbar: n academic freedom
-kebebasan mutlak: n absolute freedom
-kebebasan pers: n freedom of press
-kebebasan pribadi: n personal freedom
-kebebasan terbatas: n limited freedom
-pembebasan: n 1 release |the act of releasing (release) someone| Setelah pembebasannya dari penjara dia bekerja sebagai tukang kayu After his release from prison, he worked as a carpenter 2 exemption a) |a condition that you do not have to pay tax|  satu pembebasan pajak untuk kegiatan sosial a tax exemption for gifts to charity b) |permission not to do something, or to pay something etc., that you would usually have to do| pembebasan dari wajib militer an exemption from military service 3 liberation Pembebasan negeri ini  dari penjajah telah mengambil banyak pengorbanan The liberation of this country from colonialist had taken a lot of sacrifice

bebat: n /lu/ bandage, dressing
-bebatan: n bandage, dress­ing
-membebati: v bandage, dress (a wound)
-membebatkan: v use sth to bandage (a wound) Dia membebatkan selendang pada  luka itu He used a scarf to bandage his the wound
-pembebat: n bandager, dresser.
-pembebatan: n bandag­ing, wrapping, dressing (of a wound).

bebek: n /lu/ duck
-membebek: v 1 quack (to make a sound like a duck)  2 imitate, parrot |repeat or imitate what another said or did without understanding the meaning| 3 follow sth mindlessly
-pembebek: 1 imitator, parrot |one who mindlessly follows or repeat the words or action of another|

bebek2: n bleat |the sound that a sheep, goat, or young cow makes|
-membebek: v bleat |to make a sound that a sheep, goat, or young cow makes|

bebek3: n /lu/inf/ motorcycle of less than 100 cc.

beber: membeberkan: v 1 disclose, reveal, explain a) |to make something known publicly| Direktur Jenderal berjanji akan segera membeberkan hasil pemeriksaan pembukuan itu The General Director promised to disclose details of the audit soon b) |if a story, plan etc. unfolds, it becomes clearer and you understand it|  Akhirnya sidang membeberkan siapa saja yang terlibat dalam kasus itu Finally the court unfolded who was involved with the case| -syn: mengungkapkan 2  spread, unfold, dis­play, open up, unfurl |to open something that was folded|  Kapten itu membeberkan sebuah map lalu menunjukkan posisi kapal The captain unfolded a map and pointed the position of the ship –syn: membentangkan, menggelar
-membeber bentangkan: v disclose in de­tail,  open up
-pembeberan: n disclosure, revelation, explanation, publication

beberapa: quant. some, several. beberapa buku several books. ­beberapa waktu yang lalu some time ago

bebesaran: see besaran:

bebet: n /ld/Jv/ 1 ancestor 2 bebet, bobot, bibit: lineage, rank and wealth, and origins: criteria for ranking prospective son-in-law.

bebi: n infant. 4I styde=”mso-bidi-font-style: normal”>pakaian bebi  baby clothes

bebuyutan: adj /lu/frm/ |since along time ago|  musuh bebuyutan sworn enemy

beca: see becak:

bécak1: n /lu/ spot, dot.
-berbécak-bécak: adj spotted, dotted. Citanya berbécak-bécak ­The material has a polka-dot design
-membécak-bécaki: v mark (with spot)

becak2: n /lu/ pedicab, tricycle.
-becak dayung: n manual becak |driven by man)
-becak mesin: n machinated becak
-berbeca: v ride a pedicab
-berbecak-becakak: v go here and there in a pedicab
-membeca: v 1 work as pedicab driver 2 ride a pedicab.

becak3; becek: adj muddy
-membecekkan: v cause sth to be muddy/ dirty.

becus: adj /lu/ capable, competent (mostly used in a negative statement) Dia tidak becus kerja He isn’t capable to work. Saya kira dia tidak akan becus untuk pekerjaan ini I think that she will be incompetent for this job.

beda1: berbeda: v /lu/frm/  differ |to be different| Para siswa berbeda satu sama lain dalam hal kemampuan berbahasa Inggris The students differ each other in their ability to understand English  Pandangan mereka berbeda dengan pandangan kita Their view differed from our 2 |to have different opinions| Kedua kelompok beda pendapat tentang dimana rapat diadakan The two groups differ on/ about/ over where to have the meeting.

beda2; berbeda: adj 1 different Dia beda dibandingkan dengan saudarinya She is different compare to her sister 2 distinctive Charlie mempunyai suara yang sangat beda Charlie has a very distinctive voice. 3 distinguished |very different in term of  positive value| Dia tampil beda diantara semua peserta She/he looks distinguished among all the participants
-dibedakan: adj, be differentiated, be discriminated.
-membedakan:membeda-bedakan: v 1 differ Jangan membedakan perlakuan kamu kepada dia dengan siswa lain Don’t differ your treatment to her and  to the other students  2 differentiate |to recognize or express the difference between things or people|  Umumnya orang tidak dapat membedakan ideology kedua partai politik itu Most people couldn’t differentiate the ideology of the two political parties. 3 |to make one thing different from another|  Perusahaan kami mencoba membedakan (membuat berbeda) produksinya dari pesaing lain Our company tried to differentiate its products from the competitors. 4 discriminate Tidak baik membedakan orang berdasarkan ras, agama, dan status sosialnya It’s not good to discriminate the people base on race, religion, and social status 5 distinguish |to recognize or understand the difference between two similar things, people etc.|  Anak-anak sering tidak dapat membedakan antara cerita nyata dan rekayasa Children often can’t distinguish between true story and fiction
-pembedaan: n differentiation, distinc­tion, discrimination (the process of differentiating)
-perbedaan: n 1 difference  Banyak perbedaan antara grammar bahasa Inggris dengan tata bahasa Indonesia There are many differences between English grammar and tata bahasa Indonesia 2 distinction |a clear difference between things| Sekolah tidak membuat perbedaan antara murid laki-laki dan murid wanita The school makes no distinction between male and female students. (=the school does not treat male and female students differently)

bedah: n /lu/frm/ surgery
-bedah besar: n major surgery
-bedah kecil: n minor surgery
-bedah mayat:
n autopsy
-bedah pintas: n by-pass surgery (heart)
-bedah plastik: n plastic surgery
-bedah rongga: n thoracic surgery
-dokter bedah: n surgeon
-membedah: v perform an incision
-pembedahan: n surgical incision |a cut that a doctor makes in someone’s body during a medical operation|
-pembedah: n 1 instruments to perform incision

bedak: n /lu/frm/ 1 face powder, talcum powder 2 white dusty substance
-membedaki: v /tr/ powder |to put powder on your skin|
-berbedak1: v /intr/ powder Dia selalu berbedak sebelum pergi She always powders before leaving
-berbedak2: adj powdered  Kulit berbedak akan terlindung dari sengatan sinar matahari Powdered skin will be protected from sunburn
-membedaki: v /tr/ apply the use of powder (to)

bedebah: n /lu/ bastard Kamu bedebah yang tolol! You are stupid bastard!  Si bedebah itu memukul adiknya That bastard hit his little brother.
-membedebahi: v accuse sb of being a rascal.

bedeng: n /lu/ 1 shed |a small building used especially for storing things| bedeng peralatan di pekarangan belakang a tool shed in the back yard  2 temporary small building |usually built in a big project as an temporary office, warehouse, etc| 3 barracks |a group of buildings in which soldiers live| 4 embankment of a paddy field  3 seedbed,  f1owerbed |a special area or row of ground that has been prepared for plants to grow in|

bedil: n /lufrm/ gun, rifle, weapon –syn: senapan, senjata
-bedil angin: n air rifle
-bedil api: n firearms
-bedil besar: n artillery gun
-bedil buluh:
n 1 toy gun 2 empty bluff  -syn: bedil-bedilan
-bedil mesin: n machine gun
-membedil: v shoot, fire

bedug: n /lu/ |the sound of a large drum suspended horizon­tally at mosque to summon to prayer| Ada bedug untuk panggilan sholat There is a call for prayer

begadang: v /lu/ stay up to do sth all night long

begasi: n variant of bagasi:

begawan: n /ld/ 1 title used for Hindu priest or ascetic (in shadow plays, etc.) 2 maestro or expert in a certain field Prof. Sumitro dulu adalah begawan ekonomi Prof. Sumitro was an economic expert

begini: prep. adv, pron. /lu/frm/ 1 like this |used before you show or tell sth| Ceriteranya seperti ini The story was like this Begini cara mengangkatnya Like this how to lift it.  2 well, so (often used to start a conversation). Begini pak, … Well, sir, …..  3 beginilah: this is it Beginilah akibatnya This is it the result.  4 begini saja: a) like this |used when we try to propose a way to do sth| Bagaimana kalau begini saja. How about like this  b) just like this |used to say that you think sth is so simple| Begini saja kamu tidak sanggup mengatasinya?. Just like this you couldn’t manage it?  5 that … |used to express our surprise about sth| Begini banyaknya? Bagaimana mungkin saya kerjakan sendiri That much? How can I do it my self? Begini saja kamu sudah menyerah. Bagaimana kalau ada yang lebih sulit lagi? Just like this, you’ve given up. How if there is sth that it’s more difficult? 6 beginian: this kind of thing Buat apa kamu beli yang beginian? What did you by this kind of thing for?

begitu: prep., adv, pron. /lu/frm/ 1 that |used when talking about the size, number, or amount of something| Saya tidak sangka rumah kamu begitu besar. I don’t expect that your house is that big| Taman itu sangat indah tetapi tidak begitu luas The park is very beautiful, but it’s not that large. 2 that is it Nah begitu caranya menendang bola That it is, the way to kick a ball  3  Jangan begitu kalau bicara dengan wanita Do not be like that if you talk to a lady  4 as soon as Begitu kamu sampai disana beritahu saya As soon as you arrive there, let me know 4 how much  Begitu cintanya dia pada kamu dapat dilihat dari matanya. How much she loves you can be seen from her eyes. 5 like that Begitu saja sudah bagus Just like that, it’s fine Bagaimana kita bisa meninggalkan dia begitu saja? How can we leave her/him just like that? 6 that is it about:  Begitu kira-kira apa yang terjadi That is it about what has happened. 7 so Dia sangat pintar dan begitu juga saudara dia She is very smart and so is her brother 8 begitu-begitu saja: so, so Reputasinya begitu-begitu saja, tetapi bagaimanapun dia dapat promosi His reputation just so-so, but he got promotion anyway 9 such Apa yang akan kamu lakukan dalam situasi begitu What would you do in such a situation? begitu rupa: Begitu rupa dia telah bekerja keras, namun dia gagal juga dalam testing itu He worked hard in such a way, however he failed the test 10 begitupun: even like that Kami mengerti bahwa anda memenuhi persyaratan. Biar begitupun kami tidak bisa menerima anda karena keterbatasan dana We understand that you meet the requirements. Even like that we can’t hire you for the lack of funds 11 begituan: |used to mention sth that is considerably taboo| Dia main begituan sama adik iparnya He has sex with his sister in law  12 begitukan: |do something what ever it’s possible| Jangan asal begitukan saja pintunya nanti rusak Don’t just do whatever with the door it may damage

bego; begok: adj /lu/infr/ stupid, imbecilic, idiotic

begu: n /ld/ ghost

beguk: n 1 goitre |swelling part on the lower jaw| 2 Adam apple

beha: see BH.

bejana: n /frm/ 1 container, vessel, receptacle.
-bejana pasir: n sandbox

bejat: adj /lu/frm/1 damaged, spoiled (esp. of baskets, bags, etc. with split seams)  2 depraved, wanton 3 immoral
-membejati; membejatkan: v damage, harm, spoil, depreciate, debauchery
-pembejatan: n damaging, harming. pembejatan moral damaging to mor­als, become immoral.
-kebejatan: n damage, immorality, harm

bek1: n /sport/ backfield player (football or soccer)

bek2: n head of a village –syn: lurah

bekal: n 1 stock 2 supplies 3 provisions. Kita punya bekal yang cukup We have sufficient supplies  bekal hidup sth that we need to keep us alive such as livestock, food, water, etc
-berbekal: v 1 have sth that is needed Dia datang kesini hanya berbekal semngat dan kemauan hidup He came her only having spirit and will to live. 2 have sth to eat  Mereka hanya berbekal roti, keju, dan minuman ringan saat ini They have only bread, cheese, and soft drink right now  3 be equipped  Berbekal sebuah kapal kecil yang tua mereka ingin menyeberangi selat itu Be equipped with small old boat they want to sail across the strait
-membekali: v /tr/ prepare the need for 1 with sth that useful in the future Bekali dirimu dengan ketrampilan dan keahlian Prepare yourself with skill and expertise 2 with daily need to live  Ibu saya membekali kami dengan makanan dan minuman selama berkemah itu My mother prepared us with food and drink during the camping 3 with sth that probably will be needed Jangan lupa membekali anak-anak dengan sejumlah uang untuk perjalanan mereka Don’t forget to prepare the children with some money on their tour 4 with sth that is needed to do sth Sebelum berangkat kita perlu membekali diri dengan obat Before leaving for this journey we need to be prepared with some medicine
-perbekalan: n 1 supplies |food, clothes, and things that are necessary for daily life, especially for a particular period| perbekalan perjalanan supplies for a trip 2 provisions |food supplies, especially for a period of time| Kita mempunyai bekal yang cukup untuk dua minggu We have enough provisions for two weeks 3 gear |equipment, clothing etc. that you need for a particular activity|  perbekalan berkemah camping gear

bekam1: n /ld/ 1 bruise |a mark on skin as the result of pinching|
-membekam1: v /ld/ to make a bruise on skin

bekam2: membekam2: v 1 to suck blood |a traditional healing method – you burn paper inside a cup and you turn upside down on sb’s skin. The vacuum will suck the skin and create swelling on the skin – then you cut the swelling and the blood will come out – this process is called membekam|
-pembekaman: n blood sucking

bekam3; membekam: v to hide your feeling for yourself

bekas1: n /lu/frm/ 1 a) print |a mark made on a surface by something that has been pressed or putted onto it|  Ada bekas kaki singa di tanah There were a lion’s feet print on the ground b) trace |a small sign that someone or something was present or existed| Dia menghilang begitu saja tanpa bekas He simply disappeared without a trace c) mark |a spot or small dirty area on something that spoils its appearance| Noda hitam ini adalah bekas tinta The black spot is the mark of ink.  2 rest Pakai bekas makanan itu untuk memberi makan anjing Use the rest of the food to feed the dog

bekas2: adj /lu/frm/ 1 dirty Siapa yang akan membersihkan piring-piring bekas Who is going to clean the dirty dishes 2 used, second hand  Saya tidak punya banyak uang jadi saya beli mobil bekas I don’t have much money so I bought an used car c) ex Saya bertemu dengan bekas pacar saya tadi pagi I met my ex girlfriend this morning 3 former  Rumah sakit itu adalah bekas tangsi militer The hospital is a former military barracks
-bekas-bekas: n residue
adj marked |has a mark on sth| Apa luka dikaki kamu berbekas? Is the wound on your leg marked?
-membekas: v mark Kebakaran itu membekas di kulit punggungnya The burn marked on his back skin
-membekaskan: v 1 leave mark Tsunami itu membekaskan pasir dengan jumlah luar biasa di daratan bagian dalam The tsunami leave the mark of tremendous amount of sea sand on the inside part of the land  2 memorize, to leave memory  Perang itu masih tetap membekaskan kepanikan menyaksikan aliran darah manusia pada saya The war still memorizes me the consternation of looking human blood flows

bekas3: n /ld/ container, receptacle bekas sirih betel nut holder. bekas tinta inkwell.

bekatul: n bran |the crushed outer skin of rice|

beken: adj /infr/ 1 well known  2 familiar  3 popular Namanya cukup beken His name is quite popular
-membekenkan: v to cause sb’s name to be well known
-kebekenan: n popularity 2 fame 3 the state of well known

beker: n /lu/ 1 alarm clock 2 trophy 3 cup 3 beaker.

bekicot: n /lu/ edible snail

beking: bekingan: n backing |help such as financial aid, political support, etc.| Lembaga itu menyadiakan beking keuangan untuk proyek itu. The agency has provided financial aid for the project
-membeking: v support Presiden membeking pencalonannya menjadi gubernur Bank Sentral The president support (usually collusively) his nomination to be the central bank governor
-beking-bekingan: adj collusive  Sistim beking-bekingan dalam promosi jabatan sama jeleknya dengan korupsi The collusive system in promoting officers was as bad as corruption

bekisar: n /lu/ hybrid bird from domestic chicken and jungle fowl

bekleding: n /spo/lu/ upholstery |material that is used for covering chairs and sofas, or the process of doing this|

bekles: n /lu// backless gown

beku1: adj /lu/ 1 frozen  Airnya sudah beku The water has been frozen. Uang­nya di bank beku – His bank account is frozen 2 con­gealed darah beku congealed blood 3 immobilized Rekening banknya sudah beku His bank account has been immobilized 4 beku kering: freeze-dried 4 insensitive Pengalaman pahit dia yang berkepanjangan telah membuat perasaan dia beku A long bitter experiences has made her feeling insensitive

beku2: membeku: v /intr/lu/ 1 freeze Air membeku pada 000 C kebawah The water freezes at 000 C or less  2 beku kering: freeze dry  3 congeal Suhu ini bisa membuat darah beku This temperature can make the blood congeal
-membekukan: v /tr/ 1 freeze sth Cuaca begitu dingin, hampir membekukan danau The weather was so cold, it almost freeze the lake  2 membekukan kering: freeze 3 clot Meletakkan  ditempat terbuka akan mebekukan kue itu Exposure to open air will clot the cake dry 4 coagulate Putih telur akan membeku kalau dimasak Egg white will coagulate if it’s cooked  5 deactivate, halt Sementara, kedua negara  membekukan kerjasama itu Temporarily, both of the countries deactivate the`cooperation

bekuk: v membekuk: n /lu/ 1 bend, fold   Bekuk dua kawat itu Bent the wire into two folds  2  capture, arrest. Polisi berhasil membekuk perampok itu The police successfully arrested the robber 2 swindle, trick, fool. Pompa bensin itu membekuk langganan dengan memanipulasi meteran The gas station swindled the customers by manipulating the gauge
-terbekuk: adj /pass.v./ be caught, be captured.
-pembekuk: n 1 catcher, capturer 2 swindler
-pembekukan: n 1 capture, arrest 2 swindling

bel: n /lu/ bell
-membel: v ring a bell  2 call (tele­phone)

bela1: membela: v /lu/ defend 1 |to protect someone or something from being attacked or taken away|  Kamu harus membela adik kamu You should defend your  little brother  Semua warga negara diminta untuk membela negara All citizen are required to defend the country  2 |to use arguments to protect something or someone from degradation| Demi nama baiknya dia harus membela diri terhadap tuduhan itu For his reputation he had to defend himself against the charges 3 |to protect your goal in a game, and prevent your opponents from getting points| Pemain belakang harus berjuang keras untuk membela gawang mereka The back player has to struggle hard to defend their goal gate  4 |to be a lawyer for someone who is said to be guilty of a crime| Dia berjuang lewat pengadilan untuk membela nama baik kliennya He fight through the court for his client reputation
-pembelaan: n the stand for Pembelaan Martin Luther King terhadap kesetaraan ras membuat dia dihargai secara universal The stand of Martin Luther King for racial equality made him universally admired
-pembela: n defender

bela2: v /lu/ retort  “Bukan dia!” Bela ibunya “It wasn’t him”  His mother retort!

belacan: n /lu/ shrimp or fish paste condiment.

belaco; belacu: n unbleached cotton material

belado: n /Min/ a dish with red pepper sauce belado ikan ­fish prepared in this way.

belagu: v /inf/ act inappropriately

belah1: membelah: v /lu/ plit, crack, break Bisa kamu belah kayu itu menjadi dua? Can you split the wood into two? 2 cut across Sungai Ciliwung membelah Jakarta Ciliwung river cuts across Jakarta
-belah2: n one of a pair Kamu tidak bisa bertepuk hanya dengan satu belah tangan kamu You can’t clap with only .one of your hand Angkat itu dengan kedua belah tangan kamu Lift it with both your hands
belahan: n 1 crack, gap, crevice. Ada belahan di tembok itu There is a crack in the wall 2 part, a side (of sth) Mereka tinggal di belahan utara kota ini They live in the north side of this town 3 belahan bumi: hemisphere 4 belahan hati: sweetheart -syn: 1 retakan 2 bagian
-belah ketupat: adj |pertaining to cube shape with some obtuse and some acute angle|
-bersebelahan: adj next to each other Kami tinggal bersebelahan We live side by side
-pembelah: n splitter Ini mesin pembelah batu This is a stone splitter machine Sebuah kampak pembelah kayu A wood splitter axe
-sebelah1: quant. 1 a half Sebelah buah ini cukup untuk saya A half of this fruit is enough for me 2 one of a pair Sebelah kakinya sedang luka One of his leg wounded
-sebelah2: prep. toward  Maju ke sebelah kanan Move toward right side Tolong dudukkan dia di sebelah kiri kamu Please sit him on your left side.
-sebelah3: n direction Ke sebelah mana mereka pergi? Which direction they are going?
-terbelah1: v /intr/ split  Perahu itu terbelah dua The boat split in two 2 break |if something breaks or someone breaks it, it separates into two or more pieces, especially because it has been hit or dropped| Hati-hati, kaca itu mudah terbelah Take care, the glass break easily Vas itu jatuh terbelah hancur The vase felt down and broke into pieces
-terbelah: adj broken Taruh kaca yang terbelah itu diluar jangkauan anak-anak Put  the broken glass from the reach of children Piring yang terbelah itu tidak berguna lagi The broken plate has no use anymore
-/prov/lu/ bagaikan pinang dibelah dua: very similar |used to describe a couple or a twin that are very similar|

belai; membelai: v /lu/ pat |to touch someone or something especially sb’s hair lightly again and again, with your hand flat|  Uli membelai rambut cucunya dengan lembut Uli patted her granddaughter’s hair smoothly

belajar: see ajar: v /lu/ 1 learn 2 study Dia sedang belahjar bagaimana menari She is learning how to dance

belaka: adv /lu/ 1 completely Janjinya omong kosong belaka His promise was completely empty 2 entirely Para penonton itu terdiri dari anak muda belaka The spectators consist of entirely youth  3 quite, very  Mempelai itu masih muda belaka The bride was still quite young 3 only, merely Saya tidak mengkritik, hanya saran belaka I’m not making criticisms, merely suggestions

belakang1: adj /lu/ 1 back  Saya tanam bunga itu dihalaman belakang I plant the flower in the back yard Masih ada tempat duduk di baris belakang There are seats in the back row  2 rear |relating to the back of something| Mari kita masuk dari pintu belakang Let’s go inside through the rear entrance   the rear wheels of the car | the rear entrance of the hospital 3 paling belakang: a) the latest Penerbangan paling belakang akan tinggal landas pukul 10:00 p.m The latest flight will be taking off at 10:00 p.m. b) 2 the most rear Bahkan tempat duduk paling belakang sudah terisi Even the most rear seat has been occupied 4 secret Dia selalu main belakang untuk memenangkan tender He always play secret act to win the bidding

belakang2: adv later Boleh ambil barangnya sekarang pembayaran belakang You can take it now and the payment later
-belakangan: adv 1 later on Belakangan saya tahu bahwa dia adalah tetangga saya Later on I know that she is my neighbour 2 recently Belakangan ini saya bertemu dia sekali Recently I met her once  3 the later Belakangan datang, belakangan pulang, itu adil. The later arrive the later to leave, that is fair.
-belakangan: prep. later Belakangan dia menerima tawaran itu. Later on he accepted the offer.
-dibelakang: prep. 1 behind  Dibelakang rumah ada pohon besar Behind the house there is a big tree Kami persis dibelakang kamu tetapi kamu tidak melihat kami We were exactly behind you but you didn’t see us 2 at the end Dibelakang pidatonya dia berjanji akan selalu memihak rakyat At the end of his speech he promised to be always on behalf of the people
-kebelakang1: adv 1 backward Boleh tolong melangkah (mundur) sedikit  kebelakang? Would you please step a little backward?
-kebelakang: prep. to the toilet Dia sedang pergi kebelakang She is going to the toilet
-keterbelakangan: n backwardness
-membelakangi: v |position yourself so that sth is behind you or your back face it| Tidak nyaman duduk membelakangi jendela It’s not comfortable to sit with the window behind us
-membelakangkan: v 1 put behind Mereka membelakangkan giliran saya They put my turn behind 2 less prioritize Kamu harus membelakangkan kepentingan pribadi You should less prioritize your personal interest
-terbelakang: adj backward |developing slowly and less successfully than others| Dia mengajar seorang anak terbelakang She teaches a backward child

belalai: n /lu/ 1 trunk, snout 2 proboscis. 3 tentacle, feeler.

belalak; membelalak: v stare |to look at someone or something for a long time without moving your eyes| Kenapa kamu terus membelalak kepada dia? Why you keep staring at him?
-membelalakkan: v open eyes widely to stare Dia membelalakkan matanya pada saya He widely opened his eyes at me
-terbelalak: adj widely-opened (eyes) 2 surprised

belalang1: n locust, grasshopper

belalang2; membelalang: v variant of belalak; membelalak:

belanak: n /ld/ fish, mullet |any of edible fishes, found world wide in tropical sea water| .

Belanda: n /lu/ 1 Dutch  Negeri Belanda The Netherlands Belanda hitam Indonesian with Dutch citizenship 2 Indonesian who feels and acts like a Dutchman Belanda-lndo Dutch Eurasian. Belanda totok full-blooded Dutchman

belang: n /lu/ 1 spot |a small round area on a surface| 2 band |a line of a different colour|   seekor ikan dengan belang garis hitam dipunggungnya a fish with a black band along its back 3 stripe |a long narrow line of color| sepotomg pakaian dengan garis belang merah dan biru a shirt with blue and red stripes 4 hidden dishonesty Akhirnya belang dia terbuka juga Finally her hidden dishonesty has been disclosed
-berbelang: adj spotted, striped

belanga: n /lu/ cooking pot.

belanja1: n /lu/ 1 living cost |the amount of money you must pay in order to buy, do, or produce something| Penghasilan yang kami terima hanya cukup untuk belanja sehari-hari The take home pay we get is enough only to meet our daily living cost  2 expense Berapa kamu habiskan untuk belanja keperluan pesta itu? How much did you spend for the wedding expense? 3 expenditure Mari kita perkirakan belanja untuk perjalanan itu sebelum memutuskan untuk pergi Let’s estimate the expenditure for the tour before deciding to go Berapa belanja sehari-hari? How much are the daily expenses? 4 anggaran belanja: n budget anggaran belanja tahunan annual budget –syn: biaya, keperluan, pengeluaran

belanja2; berbelanja: v /lu/ 1 shop Kemana kamu pergi berbelanja untuk keperluan kamu sehari-hari? Where do you go to shop for your daily needs? 2 go shopping  Beritahu saya kalau kamu mau pergi belanja Let me know if you want to go shopping
-bakul belanja: n shopping basket
-belanja dapur: n kitchen expenses
-belanjaan: n items purchased
-belanja Negara: n state budget
-dibelanjakan: adj be spent
-membelanjakan: v spend
-membelanjai: n finance, bear  the expense of
-perbelanjaan: n 1 shopping expenses |money you spend for shopping| 2 shopping place pusat perbelanjaan shopping center
-pembelanjaan: n shopping |function averagely similar to gerund|
-pusat perbelanjaan: n shopping centre

belantara: adj /lu/ 1 tremendous |very great in size and related characteristic – usually used to describe forest, desert, and ocean| hutan belantara huge and heavy forest   padang belantara very large desert

belantika: n /lu/ music industry |profitable organized activities using music as a commodity|

belas1: n /lu/ feeling of, empathy   belas kasihan feeling of pity, empathy of pity
-berbelas kasihan; membelaskasihaniv have feeling of pity Semua dunia berbelas kasihan kepada korban tsunami itu All the world had feeling of pity to the victims of the tsunami
-berbelas-belas kasihan: v compassion­ate toward each other Semua kita haruslah berbelas-belas kasihan satu sama lain All of us should compassionate toward each other

belas2: quant. teens, tens (used in numbers from 11th  through 19th) se-belas eleven dua-belas twelve tiga belas thirteen empat-belas fourteen lima-belas fifteen enam-belas six-teen tujuh-belas seventeen delapan-belas eighteen sembilan belas nineteen
-belasan: adj teen (be­tween 11 and 19) compare to 1 puluhan (10, 20, 30, up to 90) |a total of sth which appropriately counted by unit of 10) 2 ratusan (100, 200, 300, …up to 9000) |a total of sth which appropriately counted by unit of hundred) 3 ribuan (1000, 2000, 3000, …up to 9000), and jutaan (1,000,000., 2,000,000, 9,000,000.) belasan orang between 10 to 20 persons puluhan rumah more than 10 but exactly not excess 100 uang puluhan bill change with the value of Rp 10 puluhan ribu with the value of Rp: 10,000.ratusan ribu with the value of Rp: 100,000.

belasungkawa1: n /lu/ condolences |sympathy for someone when something very bad has happened| Dengan ini saya sampaikan belangsungkawa saya atas meninggalnya ibu kamu Herewith I extend my condolences on your mother’s death.

belangsungkawa2: v /lu/ express/feel condolences Kami juga turut belangsungkawa We also feel your condolence

belat·belit: adj /lu/ not strict |doesn’t talk or answer a question strictly or directly to the point because he/she want to hide something| Hakim menjadi marah karena terdakwa memberi jawaban yang belat-belit The judge got angry because the dependant gave un-strict answer

belati: n /lu/ broad-bladed knife

belatik; belatuk: n /ld/  woodpecker

belatung: n /ld/ maggo |larva of a fly that lives in decaying food or flesh|

belau1: n /lu/of/ powdery substance used to color washing water with blue color in order to make white laundry brighter|

belau2; berbelau-belauan: v /ld/ make sight blurred

belebas: n ruler, yardstick

beleid: n /of/ 1 tactic 2 strategy  3 policy beleid pendidikan menteri the cabi­net minister’s education policy  beleid pertahanan defence strategy

belenggu: n /lu/ handcuff, fetter, shackle |sth that prevent you from doing what you want to do| Tangannya dibelenggu polisi He was handcuffed by police. sebuah perusahaan terbelenggu hutang a company shackled by debts
-membelenggu: v shackle sth Jangan membelenggu diri kamu dengan tradisi tidak berguna. Don’t shackle yourself with useless tradition
-membelenggukan: v 1 use sth to shackle Dengan cepat polisi membelenggukan gari itu ke tangannya Quickly the police shackle the handcuff to his hands
-pembelengguan: n ­an handcuffing, shackling
-terbelenggu: v be shackled, in fetters, repressed

belengkok1: belengkokan: n /spo/ 1 turn 2 curve Ada belengkokan disebeleh sana There is a turn over there

belengkok2; membelengkok: v /spo/ 1 turn 2 curve 3 bend  Sungai ini membelengkok ke kanan This river bends to the right

belengkokkan; membelengkokkan: v /tr/spo/ 1 turn 2 curve 3 bend Tiba-tiba dia membelengkokkan mobil itu ke kanan Suddenly she turned the car to the right

belerang: n sulphur. belerang bang arsenic (for rat poison)
-membelerangi: v treat with sulphur  2 fumigate

belerong: n /ld/ 1 market stall 2 large building for public purposes

beli; membeli: membelikan; v /lu/ 1 buy Apa anda mau beli sesuatu Do you want to buy something? Saya membeli mobil ini tahun lalu. I bought this car last year  2 purchase Perusahaan ansuransi itu akan mencoba meyakinkan pelanggannya untuk membeli pertanggungan penuh The insurance company will try to convince customers to purchase the full range of insurance  3 procure |to obtain something with a certain procedure|
-pembelian: n 1 |the act of buying something|  Pembelian keperluan kantor akan menjadi tugas bagian anda The purchases of the office’s supplies will be your division’s task 2 procurement |the act of obtaining something with a certain procedure| Pembelian peralatan medis untuk rumah sakit itu dilakukan dengan tender The procurement of medical equipment for the hospitals will be done with a bidding
-pembeli: n purchaser 2 buyer
-terbeli: adj affordable Mobil semahal itu tidak akan terbeli oleh masyarakat menegah kebawah. Such expensive car won’t be affordable by middle lower community

belia: adj /lu/ 1 young Dia masih belia She is still very young 2 juvenile Saat usia belia dia harus sudah bekerja When she was juvenile she had to work
-kebeliaan: n 1 juvenility 2 youthfulness  3 puerility 4 girlishness 4 immaturity

beliak; membeliak: v /lu/ stare with wide open eyes
-membeliakkan: v open widely (eyes)

beliau: pron./lu/frm/ the honourable |a respectful form of pronoun (he or she)|  Beliau  men­dapat gelar doktor dari Universitas Indonesia He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Indonesia

belibis: n /lu/ wild duck

beliku: n /lu/ 1 turn 2 curve (of a river)

belimbing1: adj /lu/ shaped like star fruit |has longitudinal lines|

belimbing2: n /lu/ star fruit

beling: n /lu/ 1 porcelain 2 shards (of glass, platter, pottery, etc.)

belinjo: see melinjo:

belintang; berbelintang: v /ld/ lay across  Ada sebatang pohon tumbang berlintang di jalan There was a falling tree laid across the road
-membelintangkan: v put sth laid across

belit: n /lu/ 1 coil |a length of wire, rope, string,  etc. that has been wound into a round shape|
-belitan: n 1 coil, tying Apa kamu yakin belitan itu cukup kuat?Are you sure the tying is strong enough? 2 pressure, burden  Dia sakit akibat belitan ekonomi He become sick of economic pressure 3 twist Belitan kesulitan hidup telah membuat dia sangat tangguh Twist of hard life has made him very tough
-belitkan: membelitkan: v /tr/ to coil wire, rope, string, etc on sth
-berbelit: v /intr/ be coiled
-berbelit-belit: adj 1 twisted a) |if a string or rope coil irregularly|  Jangan biarkan tali itu berbelit-belit, belit dengan baik pada sebatang tongkat. Don’t let the string twisted, coil it on a piece of stick  b) |if an answer or an explanation is quite long but it isn’t clear or it has no point|  Tolong langsung pada pokok masalah, kami tidak butuh jawaban berbelit-belit Please be straight to the point, we don’t need twisted answer 2 curve, winding Hati-hati mengemudi, jalannya berbelit-belit. Be careful to drive, the road is winding 3 complicated Keterkaitan antar kasus-kasus ini cukup berbelit-belit The interconnection between these cases is quite complicated.
-membelit: v 1 coil  3 tie Hutang telah membelit dia sejak dia di pecat Debt has tied him since he was fired
-membeliti: v wrap around, wind Jangan ciptakan lagi masalah yang dapat membeliti saya Don’t create more problems which can wrap me around.

Belitung1: n an island in Southern part of the Riau

belitung2: n /lu/ snail

beliung: n /lu/ carpenter’s adze 2 pickaxe

belok1: adj /ld/ 1 permeable |capable of being spread or flow like dough (a soft mixture of flour and water| 2 wet and sticky 3 big and large |eyes that bigger than normal|

belok2: n /ld/ 1 fetters |things that prevent someone from doing what s/he wants to do| 2 |chains that are put around a prisoner’s feet|  3 curve, turn Belok jalan itu terlalu tajam The turn (curve) of the road is too sharp.

belok3: v /lu/ turn (around) Pada lampu jalan berikut belok ke kanan. At the next traffic light turn right.
-berbelok-belok1: v /intr/ twist, zigzag
-berbelok-belok2: adj twisting, winding, zigzag
-belokan: n turn, curve, zigzag –syn: putaran, tikungan
-berbelok; membelok: v /intr/ turn, curve |to go in a new direction when you are walking, driving etc. or when sth like river is flowing|  Sungai ini membelok ke selatan setelah gunung itu This river turn to the south after the mountain. -syn: berputar
-dibelokkan: v /pass.v/ be turned, be twisted, be diverted, be distracted, be changed
-membelokkan: v /tr/ 1 turn Tiba-tiba dia membelokan mobil itu ke kiri Suddenly he turned the car to the left 2 twist 3 divert |to change the direction or purpose of something| Polisi membelokkan lalulintas untuk menghindari kemacetan. The police  diverted the traffic to avoid the traffic jam  -syn: memutarkan, mengalihkan 4 distract |to make someone look at or listen to something else when s/he should be giving attention to particular thing| Jangan membelokkan perhatian saya selagi saya menyetir Don’t distract my concentration while I’m driving!  5 change Sebagian peserta mencoba membelokkan issu yang akan dibahas Some participant tried to change the issue to discuss
-pembelokan: n 1 turning, shifting,  distortion |the process of how the turn, shift, curve, happened|

belon: adv /Jkt/spo/ not yet. -see: belum:

belongkang: n /ld/ barge, river freighter

beloon: adj /ld/spo/ dumb, backward,  stupid

belot; membelot; berbelot: v /lu/ 1 to be a turncoat |make yourself stop supporting a political party or group and joins the opposite group|
-pembelot: n 1 turncoat 2 apostate |sb who believes strongly in a new idea and tries to persuade other people to believe it|
-pembelotan: n |the action or movement to make yourself or others to be a turncoat or an apostate|

beludak1: adj /lu/ membeludak: adj overcrowded |filled with too many people or things| penonton yang membludak overcrowded spectators –syn: melimpah:

beludak2: n /ld/Jv/ 1 cobra  2 poisonous snake

beludru: n velvet |cloth with a soft surface on one side|

beluk: see seluk:

belukar: n /lu/ 1thicket 2 brush |small bushes and trees covering an open area of land|
-membelukar: v overgrow (weeds)  3 cover up. Rambut telah membelukar mukanya. The hair has covered his face

belulang: n /ld/ callus |an area of hard rough skin|  Bonar punya belulang di kakinya karena terlalu banyak berjalan Bonar has calluses on his feet from walking too much 3 raw hide |an animal’s skin, especially when it is removed to be used for leather|  4 /lit/lu/ (tulang) belulang bones Ketika mereka pindah mereka membawa serta tulang-belulang nenek moyang mereka When they moved they took along their ancestor’s bones
-membelulang: v to have calluses

belum: adv /lu/ not yet. Dia belum ada disini She isn’t here yet Kita belum ada niat untuk pergi We don’t have intention to go yet
-belum-belum: adv 1 |used when you comment or critique a reaction or a response  that you think it has no reason to do it| Belum-belum dia sudah marah I didn’t do anything yet that it’s possible to make him angry but he already did
belum lama ini: adv recently, not so long ago
belum pernah: adv never
-belum lagi: adv not mentioned (sth else)  Cepat! saya tidak mau terlambat, belum lagi kita harus berhenti di bank Hurry up! I don’t want to be late, not mentioned that we have to stop by at the bank.
-belum juga: adv not yet (happen) Ini sudah waktunya pergi tetapi dia belum siap juga It’s the time to go but he isn’t ready yet
-belum (termasuk): adv not included (sth) Biaya perjalanan akan mencapai $1,000. belum termasuk penginapan dan makanan The travel cost will be about $ 1,000. not including accommodation and food
kebelum-: pref.im-, un,- etc
-kebelumdewasaan: n immaturity
-kebelumpastian: n uncertainty
-kebelumsiapan: n un-readiness
-sebelum: adv 1 before Dia kalah sebelum bertanding He lose before the game 2 prematurely
-sebelumnya: adv previously Mereka menawarkan Nadia jabatan yang sebelumnya tidak ada They offered Nadia a position that had not existed previously. Sebelumnya saya sudah ingatkan kamu jangan pergi kesana I had previously warned you not to go there

beluntas: n /ld/ gardenia |any of various shrubs and trees with edible leaves used for hedges|

belur: n /lu/ welt (swell on skin)
-berbelur-belur: v |swell up to gradually increase in size, especially because of an injury| Dia mencambuk anak itu sampai betisnya berbelur-belur He whipped the child until his calf swell up

belut: n /lu/ eel.

bemo {becak bermotor}: n /lu/ small motorized vehicle used for public transportation
-membemo: v go by bemo  2 work as a driver of bemo

bemper: see bumper:

ben: variant of band:

benah1:. berbenah: v /intr/lu/ 1 straighten up, tidy up, clean up |do sth to make everything in a place OK before sth happen in the place or before leaving the place|  Dia sedang bebenah di kamarnya She is making everything OK in her room. 2 get prepared Sudah larut! Bebenahlah untuk tidur It’s late! Get prepared to slip 3 get ready Apa kamu sudah bebenah untuk berangkat? Have you got ready to go?
-membenahi: v /tr/ 1 make things OK  Kita harus membenahi rumah ini sebelum Idulfitri We have to make everything OK in this house before Idulfitri  2 rearrange, correct Apa kamu boleh membenahi yang berantakan ini? Can you rearrange this mess?

benah2: n /ld/ insect

benak1: n //lu/ 1 marrow |the soft substance in the hollow center of bones| 2  soft interior of the tooth, pulp| 2 /lu/frm/ brain, mind 3 cerebrum |the large rounded structure of the brain| Simpan hal itu di benak kamu. Keep that thing in your mind.

benak2: adj /inf/ 1 soft (sound) |low in frequencies but big in volume | 2 stupid, dull-witted

benalu: n /lu/ 1 parasite |a plant or animal that lives on or in another plant or animal and gets food from it| 2 sb who become a dependent of sb else but actually should no be

benam: berbenam: terbenam: v /intr/lu/ 1 sink down |to go down below the surface of refined material such as sand, soil, powder, etc| Sendok itu terbenam kedalam tepung susu. The spoon has sink down into the milk powder 2 hide out |go away beyond the sight| Matahari telah terbenam dibalik gunung The sun has hidden out behind the hill 3 occupied Dia telah tenggelam dalam berbagai persoalan He has been occupied by a lot of problem 4 covered Rumah itu terbenam oleh salju The house was covered by the snow –syn: tenggelam
-membenamkan: v /tr/ 1 sink down, hide out |to make sth go down the surface of refined material|  2 disappear, hide out 3 occupy 4 cover
Note: Both terbenam and tenggelam are similar in meaning, “sink” or “disappear” Use tenggelam if it is happened in a liquid thing. Used terbenam if it is happened in a dry substance in the form of very small grains: Used either one if it means somewhere.

benang: n /lu/ 1 thread, yarn
-berbenang1: berbenang-benang1: v have fibre
-berbenang2: adj fibrous
-benang arang: n carpenter’s charcoal line
-benang basah: n /idiom/lu/ sth that is unreasonable Memenangkan kasus itu seperti menegakkan benang basah To win the case is like to stand a piece of wet thread with upright position (To win this case is sth that impossible to do)
-benang bola: n wrapping string which shapes like a ball
/idiom/ benang merah: n /lu/ the flow (of idea)   Agak sulit memahami benang merah penyajian kamu It’s quite difficult to comprehend  the flow of the idea in your presentation

benar1: adj /lu/ 1 correct, right Apa perhitungan saya benar? Is my calculation correct? Apa saya benar dalam hal ini? Am I right about this matter? 2 true Apa ceritamu itu benar? Is your story true?
-kebenaran1: n truth, reality
-kebenaran2: adv coincidently, by accident  Saya sedang berusaha menemui anda dan kebenaran kita bertemu disini I am looking to meet you, and coincidently I meet you here
-pembenaran: n correction, justification Kami tidak mencari pembenaran tetapi kebenaran We’re not looking for justification but the truth.
-yang sebenarnya: n the fact, the reality Yang sebenarnya dia sendiri mengatakan hal itu pada saya The truth is that he himself told me that
-kebenarannya: n the trueness, the authenticity  Bahan ini akan membuktikan kebenaran alibi terdakwa. This exhibit will prove the trueness of  the defendant alibi
-sebenarnya: adv actually Sebenarnya saya suka mobil itu tetapi terlalu mahal buat saya Actually I like the car but it’s too expensive for me.

benar2: benar-benar: adv /lu/ really Dia benar-benar cantik She is really beautiful

benatu: variant of penatu:

bencana: n /lu/ disaster, calamity, havoc, catastrophe |a very bad, unexpected event that causes a lot of damage or suffering| Pengrusakan alam akan menciptakan bencana di kemudian hari The destruction of the nature will create disaster in the future.
-bencana alam: n natural disaster

benci: membenci: v /tr/lu/ hate |to dislike someone or something very much| Dia benci memberi makan hewan She hates to feed animal
-kebencian: n hate, hostility, dislike |an angry feeling of wanting to harm someone you dislike| satu pandangan kebencian a look of hate
-pembenci: n hater Nadia adalah pembenci narkoba Nadia is a drug hater

bencong: n /infr/ effeminate |a man or boy who is effeminate behaves like a woman or girl|

benda: n /lu/ 1 substantive thing |a type of solid or liquid that has particular qualities| Benda apa saja yang kamu lihat di ruangan itu? What are the things you saw in the room? 2 object benda angkasa celestial object  3 harta benda: property Dia mewarisi banyak harta benda dari orang tuanya She inherited a lot of properties from her parents.
-benda cair: n liquid substance
-benda gas: n gaseous substance
-benda padat: n solid substance
-benda hidup: n living matter
-benda mati: n immoveable thing
-benda semu: n unreal things
-berbenda1: v have a lot of property
-berbenda2: adj rich, wealthy

bendahara: n /lu/ 1 treasurer |esp. of clubs, organiza­tions, etc| 2 /lit/ grand vizier  3 queen.
-perbendaharaan: n 1 treasury  2 wealth, riches
perbendeharaan Negara: n state treasury
-perbendaharaan kata: n vocabulary.

bendaharawan: n 1 treasurer, esp. government officials. 2 bursar 3 office accountant

bendahari : n female treasurer

bendera: n /lu/frm/ flag
berbendera: v have flag as a sign or a symbol
-membenderai: v mark or sign sth with a flag
-bendera kebangsaan: n national flag
-bendera ­merah putih: n red and white flag (Indonesian flag)
-bendera kuning: n mourning flag (used as a sign that sb is death)
-bendera putih: n flag that sign peace
-bendera setengah tiang: n half mast flag

benderang: adj /lu/frm/ bright, brilliant
-membenderangi: v make sth bright or brilliant.
-kebenderangan: n brightness      ,

bendi: n /lu/ two-wheeled carriage.

bendo: n /ld/ large-bladed knife for cutting wood

bendung: bendungan: n dam
-bendungan: n /lu/ frm/ dam bendungan Jatiluhur Jatiluhur dam bendungan gelombang wave-breaker. -pembendung: n sb who block, stem, or checks, sth
-membendung: v 1stop ­2 barricade 3 check 4 block Mereka membendung sera­ngan musuh They stemmed the enemy attack  3 repress. Saya tidak mampu membendung air mata begitu saya mendengar berita itu I couldn’t repress my tear as I heard the news
-pembendungan: n the action or process of blocking, damming, stemming, etc
-terbendung: adj can be blocked,  can be stemmed Serangan itu tidak terbendung The attack can’t be blocked
-terbendung: v /pass. v/ be blocked  Anak sungai itu terbendung oleh daun-daun kering dan Lumpur The brook was  blocked by dry leaves and mud

bengawan: n /Jv/lu/  river. Bengawan Solo Solo River

bengek: n /lu/ 1 asthma

bengek2: adj /lu/ asthmatic

benggol: n 1 swell, bruise  2 /of/ coin
-benggolan: n chief (of gangster)

bengis: adj /lu/ 1 cruel |deliberately hurting people or animals or making them feel unhappy|  Mengurung binatang di kandang kelihatannya bengis Keeping animals in cages seems cruel. 2 harsh |unkind, cruel, or strict| kritik bengis harsh criticism 3 sadistic |very unkind action| penguasa yang bengis sadistic ruler
-kebengisan: n 1cruelty 2 harshness 3 sadism

bengkak1: membengkak: v /intr/lu/1 swell |also ‘swell up’ to gradually increase in size, especially because of an injury| Pergelangan kaki saya bengkak seperti balon My ankle swelled up like a balloon 2 inflated Keuntungannya sangat nyata membengkak His profit remarkably inflated
-membengkakkan: v /tr/ 1 inflate |to make something larger in size, amount, or importance| kebijakan yang membengkakkan harga tanah policy that inflates land prices 2 swell Jangan menangis terlalu lama, itu bisa membengkakkan mata kamu Don’t cry too long it can swell your eyes
-pembengkakan: n inflating, swelling, abscess

bengkak2: adj /lu/1 swollen Tunjukkan pada saya kakimu yang bengkak Show me your swollen foot 2 inflated |greater or larger than is reasonable| Akhir-akhir ini hutangnya menjadi bengkak Lately his debt become inflated 3 puffy |puffy eyes, cheeks, faces, etc. are swollen|  Matanya bengkak dan merah karena menangis Her eyes were red and puffy from crying

bengkalai; membengkalaikan: v /tr/lu/  neglect |to not pay enough attention to someone or something, or to not take care of him, her, or it properly| Perusahaan telah membengkalaikan proyek itu The company has neglected the project  2 leave unattended or unfinished Dia membengkalaikan pekerjaannya He leave his work unfinished 3 postpone to unlimited time Pemborong telah membengkalaikan pembangunan gedung itu sampai waktu yang tidak ditentukan The contractor postpone the construction of the building to unlimited time.
-terbengkalai1: adj neglected Ini pembangkit tenaga yang terbengkalai itu This is the neglected power plant
-terbengkalai2: v /pass.v/ be neglected Pembangunannya telah terbengkalai sejak tahun lalu The construction was neglected since last year

bengkok: adj /lu/ 1 crooked, curved  2 bent

bengkel: n /lu/ 1 workshop, garage |a place where cars are repaired|  2 studio, theatre  bengkel lukis art studio 3 shop  bengkel las welding shop
-dibengkelkan: v /pass. v/ being repaired in a workshop
-membengkel: v /intr/ operate a workshop
-membengkelkan: v /tr/ send/sth to a workshop or garage to fix
-perbengkelan: n |everything related to workshop|

bengkelai: variant of berkelahi: v /lu/ fight.

bengkok1: n /lu/ public land |land used by village staff as a compensation for their service|

bengkok2: adj /lu/ 1 crooked, bent, warped |not straight| Tiang itu bengkok ­That pole is bent. 2 dishonest, sly |having no honesty| 3 immoral Itu satu jalan bengkok untuk mendapat uang That is an immoral way to get money

bengkok3: v /intr/lu/ bend Tongkat itu bengkok setelah di jemur di sinar matahari The stick bent when it’s exposed to the sun heat
-bengkokan: n turn, bend, curve |the point or place where straight line, rope, flow, etc. is  turned, bent, or curved|
-bengkokkan: v /tr/imp./bend Bengkokkan garisnya mengarah ke sudut Bend the line towards the corner
-dibengkokkan: v /pass.v./ Jalan baru itu dibengkokkan ke arah utara untuk menghindari rawa-rawa The new road is bent toward north to avoid the swamp
-membengkokkan: v /tr/ 1 bend Evan membengkokkan kawat itu dengan tang Evan bent the wire with tongs
-pembengkokan: n the process or action of making a straight thing become curved, turned, twisted, or bent

bengkuang: variant of bangkuang:

bengkudu: n /lu/ small tree the root of which produces dyes

Bengkulu: n 1 a province of Indonesia in the Western part of Sumatera 2 the Capital city of this province|

bengong: adj /ld/ 1 confused |unable to understand something clearly| Saya benar-benar bengong I’m totally confused. | Kalau kamu bengong tentang sesuatu hubungi saya If you’re confused about anything, call me 2 stun |to surprise or shock someone so much that s/he does not react|  Setiap orang bengong mendengar jawaban Nadine Everyone was stunned by Nadine’s answer. 3 stupefied |so surprised or bored that you cannot think clearly| 4 dazed | unable to think clearly, usually because you are shocked, have been hurt etc.| korban bom yang bengong dazed victims of the bombing –syn: /lu/ bingumg:
-membengongkan1: v /intr/tr/ confuse   jawaban itu  membengongkan the instructions confused me  petunjuk itu membengongkan saya
-membengongkan2: adj confusing |make sb confused| peta yang membingungkan a confusing map penjelasan yang membingungkan confusing explanation

benih: n /lu/ 1 seed |small solid object of a plant, from which a new plant will grow| 2 germ |a very small living thing that can make you ill| 3 beginning |the beginning of an idea, fact,  etc. that may develop into something else| 4 talent |a natural ability to do something well| Dia memiliki benih musik yang sangat kuat He has a great talent of music  5 cause, origin Apa benih pertengkaran itu? What was the cause of the dispute?
6 semen, descendant |someone who is related to a person who lived a long time ago| Dia adalah benih dari Sultan He is a  descendant of Sultan| 7 bibit buatan: artificial insemination  –syn: bibit, keturunan
-membenih: v germinate the seed
-pembenihan: n 1 seedbed 2 germination

bening1: adj /lu/ 1 clear suara sangat bening a crystal­ clear voice 2 transparent gelas bening transparent glass  2 mata air bening: clear spring water
-membeningkan: v 1 purify (water)  2 clear (make sth clear)
-kebeningan: n clearness, transparency, clarity (of water, etc.).
-pembeningan: n purification pembeningan air water pu­rification.

bening2: berbening: v /ld/ heat |also heat up to become warm or hot, or to make something warm or hot, especially with the sun shine|  Kami sedang berbening di pantai ketikan saya melihat dia We were heating upon the beach when I saw her –syn:/lu/ berjemur

benjal-benjol: adj /lu/ bumpy and rocky (of road, path), lumpy (mattress).

benjol; benjolan: n /lu/ 1 lump |a hard swollen area on someone’s skin or in his/her body|  2 bump |an area of skin that is swollen because you have hit it on something|  satu benjolan di dahinya a bump on his forehead 3 protruding tumor |a group of cells which protrude on the outer skin of a body that grow too quickly and cause sickness or health problems| ada benjol di lehernya there is a tumor on her neck  2 bruise, swell
-berbenjol-benjol: adj 1 covered with bumps or bruises (skin) bumpy (road, land)

bensin: n /lu/ gasoline
-bensin campur: n mixed gasoline
-bensin murni: n pure gasoline

bentak;membentak: v /lu/ 1 yell out |to shout or say something very loudly because you are angry, excited, or scared|  Kamu tidak perlu membentak saya seperti itu You didn’t have to yell at me like that!  2 snap |to speak quickly in an angry way|  “Kurang ajar, kau!” bentaknya “You are a bastard!” he snapped.
-bentak-bentakan: v bawl out at each other |to fight in a noisy way, especially in a public place: brawling in the street|  Buat apa mereka saling bentak-bentakan? What they are brawling for?
-bentakan: n bark,  shout, yell -syn: senggakan
v /tr/ shout at sb harshly Dia selalu membentaki anak-anaknya He always harshly shout at his children.

bentang: n /lu/1 scene |a view of a place as you see it, or as it appears in a picture| Satu bentang pemandangan penuh damai A peaceful country scene| – 2 bentang alam: landscape |a view across an area of land, including hills, forests, fields etc.|
-bentangan: n reach, spread, extensity
-membentang: terbentang: v /intr/ 1 spread out |to spread out over a large area| Kebun kelapa sawit membentang sampai lebih dari 10,000. hektar The palm plantation stretch out over 10,000. hectares 2 stretch out |to open or unfolded sth to full length extend| Dia membentangkan tangannya mencoba menghambat jalan saya He stretched his arms out to try to block my way  3 unfold |to open something that was folded| Mari kita bentangkan tikarnya supaya kita duduk disitu Let’s unfold the mat so we can sit on it
-terbentang: v /intr/ extend, stretch, spread Wilayah provinsi ini terbentang mulai dari pantai Selatan ke pantai Utara The province’s area extends from the Southern coast to the Northern coast

bentangur: n /ld/ a kind of tree growing on seashore |Calophyllum|

bentar1: sebentar: n /lu/ a moment |a very short period of time| Saya akan kembali  dalam waktu sebentar I’ll be back in a moment|  Makanan anda akan siap dalam waktu sebentar Your food will be ready in a moment
-bentaran: adv very soon, momentarily Bentaran saya akan kembali bersama anda I’ll be with you momentarily.
-sebentar-sebentar: adv frequently in a short interval

bentar2: membentar: berbentar: v /ld/ run or walk around |to go around something such as a building, a round area, etc.|  Dia menunggang kudanya membentar lapangan itu He rode his horse around the field.
-membentari: v circle |to move in a circle around something|  Sebuah pesawat terbang membentari lapangan udara sebelum mendarat A plane circled the airport before landing. –syn: mengelilingi, mengitari

bentar3: adj /ld/ split |if a Buddhist temple shapes like a split mountain into two symmetrical parts it is called ‘candi bentar’ (split temple)|

bentara: n /ltr/1 a formal speaker of a kingdom 2 the kingdom personnel

benteng: n /lu/ 1 fortress |a large, strong building used for defending an important place|  2 fortification |towers, walls etc. built around a place in order to protect it|  3 castle |a very large strong building built in past times to protect the people inside from attack|
-berbenteng: v be fortified
-membentengi: v 1 fortify  2 protect |keep sb or sth out from any harmful action|

bentrok; bentrokan; berbentrokan: v /intr/lu/  clash a) |to fight or argue with someone or other group| Polisi bentrok dengan pendemo The police clashed with the demonstrators.  b) |if two colours or patterns clash, they look very bad together|  Dasi merah itu bentrok dengan jas kamu That red tie clashes with your jacket c) |if two events clash, they happen at the same time in a way that causes problems| Sayang konser itu bentrok (waktunya) dengan kelas sore sehingga saya tidak bisa pergimelihatnya. Unfortunately, the concert clashes with my evening class, so I couldn’t go to see it.
-membentrokkan: v /tr/ make sb or sth clash against the other

bentuk: n /lu/ 1 shape |the outer form of something that you can see or feel|  sebuah daun dalam bentuk hati a leaf in the shape of a heart 2 form a) |one type of something, that exists in many different kind| Nadia lebih senang balet dari tari bentuk lain Nadia likes more ballet than other forms of dance|  b) |the way in which something exists, is presented, or appears| Vitamin C tersedia dalam bentuk capsul  atau table The vitamin C is available in tablet or capsule form c) |a way of writing or saying a word that shows its number, tense etc.| Tidak ada perbedaan bentuk tunggal dan jamak nomina dalam bahasa Indonesia There is no difference between the single form and plural form of a noun in bahasa Indonesia. 3 kind Pamannya meninggal akibat kanker yang bentuknya sama seperti yang diderita ibunya His uncle died of the same kind of cancer as her mother suffered  4 type |someone or sth with particular qualities, interests, appearance etc.| Bentuk rumah kamu kelihatannya seperti perpaduan antara bentuk Eropah dan bentuk Asia The type of your house looks like a combination between European house anda Asian house 5 formation

bentuk2: v /tr/impr/lu/ 1 form Bentuk barisan tiga jajaran Form three row lines Bentuk adonan itu bulat lalu gilas tipis Form the dough into a circle, then roll it out
-berbentuk: v /intr/ shape (like) Buah itu bebbentuk seperti lonceng The fruit shapes like a bell
-bentukan: adj artificial (not naturally formed) Batu indah ini adalah bentukan This beautiful stone is an artificial shape
-membentuk: v /tr/ 1 form |to start to exist, or to make something start to exist; develop|  Berita telah membentuk kesan bahwa Akbar besalah News  has formed the impression that Akbar was guilty 2 organize, establish  Sejumlah pemerhati lingkungan telah membentuk gerakan baru A number of environmentalists has organized a new movement
-pembentuk: n founder, initiator, creator
-pembentukan: n 1 formation |an action or a process by which something develops into a particular thing or shape|  pembentukan sebuah partai politik baru the formation of a new political party  2 establishment Pembentukan organisasi itu diprakarsai oleh Dr Wahidin The establishment of the organization was sponsored by Dr Wahidin
-terbentuk: v /intr/ Sebuah batu terbentuk dari berbagai jenis mineral A stone was formed out of many kinds of minerals.

bentur; berbenturan1: v /lu/  collide |hit violently against something|  Dia membenturkan kepalanya ke dinding. He collided his head into wall 2 crash |to have an accident in which a car, plane etc. hits something and is badly damaged|  Kami berbenturan langsung dengan mobil di depan kami We crashed straight into the car ahead of us
-berbenturan2: adj simultaneous |happen or done at exactly the same time| Pertunjukan itu akan berbenturan waktu dengan kursus sore saya The show time will be simultaneous to my evening course 4 opposite Kedua kelompok itu mempunyai kepentingan yang berbenturan The two groups have opposite interests
-membentur: v /tr/ 1 crash (against sth) |to have an accident in which sth or sb hits something forcefully| Truk itu tergelincir dan membentur dinding pengaman jalan. The truck slid and crash the embankment 3 strike |come into contact with| Sebuah bola membentur kaca jendela A ball strike the window’s glasses
-terbentur: v /pass.v./lu/  1 be collided  Seorang anak laki-laki berlari tanpa terkendali lalu terbentur ke tonggak telepon A boy ran out of control and he was collided into a telephone pole 2 come to a contact with (sth)  Biduk itu terbentur karang The boat ran aground on the coral

benua: n /lu/frm/ 1 continent. 2  country.

beo: n /lu/ parrot
-membeo: v follow (what other said)
-pembeo: n sb who always follow what other said

beol:/be’ol/ v /inf/ defecate

ber-; be-; bel-: pref |used to form verb|  kata word (n) ® ber-kata tell, say (v); layar sail (n)  ® ber-layar sail (v)’ ajar ® belajar  cita-cita ® bercita-cita; isteri ® beristeri, etc

bera1: adj /ld/ 1 dark red. 2 red and swollen.
-membera: v be­come dark red. Mukanya membera karena malu Her face reddened from embarrassment.

bera2: membera: adj /ld/ unplanted, uncultivated (land)  Tanah sawahnya bera selama  musim kemarau His rice field was unplanted during dry season.

berabe: adj /inf/ full of problems or trouble Kalau mesinnya rusak semua menjadi berabe. If the machine doesn’t work it will be a lot of problem

berahi1: n /lu/1 sexual desire  masa berahi period of heat, rut. 2 passion, lust. 3 passionate, lustful.
-memberahikan: v stimulate sb’s sexual desires, titillate. Penari itu memberahikan  penontonnya The dancer enticed her audience
-keberahian: n passion, lasciviousness, lust.

berahi2: adj /lu/ lascivious, salacious.

berai; berberai: v /lu/  be spread, dispersed.
-memberaikan: v 1 spread, scatter (news, the enemy). 2 disperse –see cerai berai:

berak: adj /ld/ mired (in mud, quicksand).

berak1: n /lu/inf/ 1feces, excrement. berak air diarrhea

berak2: v /lu/ defe­cate
-memberaki: v defecate  2 disgrace, dishonor. Dia memberaki ­nama baik keluarganya He dishonored his family’s reputation
-terberak-berak: v defecate beyond a control

beranda: n /lu/ 1 veranda, porch. 2  a station plat­form 3 quarterdeck.

berandal: see brandal:

berandang1: adj /ld/ 1 conspicuous, remarkable |very easy to notice because of being significantly different | Masih ada tanda bakar berandang  pada lantai There’s still a very conspicuous burn mark on the floor 2 strik­ing  a) |unusual or interesting enough to be noticed| Ada kesamaan yang berandang dilihat pada kedua gadis itu There’s a striking similarity between the two girls. b) |very attractive, often in an unusual way| seorang pria dengan muka berandang a man with a striking face 3 transparent |clear and able to be seen through| kaca yang berandang transparent glass

berandang2: n /ld/ rice barn

berang1: adj 1 angry, furious, irate.

berang2: keberangan: n /lu/ anger, fury, wrath. Mukanya merah menahan berang His face reddened as he held back his anger
-berangasan: adj /infr/ crazy, hot-tempered, hot-headed
-berangsang; memberangsang: v be very angry
-memberang: v become angry, furious.
-memberangi: v be(come) angry at/with sb  Dia memberangi suaminya She was angry with her husband
-memberangsang: v annoy, irritate |to make someone feel slightly angry about something| Kamu mau memberangsang saya Do you want to make me mad?
-pemberang1: n hothead |sb who is getting angry or excited easily and doing things too quickly, without thinking|
-pemberang2: adj 1 hot headed 2 bad-tem­pered |easily getting angry or sad|

berangas: v /ld/ burn |to clean the hair of killed animal from its skin by burning it|

berangkat: v /intr/lu/ 1 leave Pukul berapa kamu berangkat? What time are you going to leave  2 take off  Pesawat akan berangkat beberapa menit lagi?. The craft will take off in a few minutes? 3 begin Dia sudah berangkat dewasa He begins to be mature 4 depart Kereta akan berangkat dari peron 2 The train will depart from platform 2
-keberangkatan: n 1 departure Keberangkatannya pukul berapa? What time is the departure? 2 leaving Keberangkatannya keluar negeri membuat saya kesepian. His leaving abroad makes me lonely.
-memberangkatkan: v to see the departure Saya akan pergi ke bandara untuk memberangkatkan kamu I’ll go to the airport to see your departure.

berangus: variant of brangus:

berani; pemberani: adj /lu/ 1 audacious, brave, bold, courageous Dia seorang anggota pemadam kebakaran yang berani He is a brave fire fighter 2 daring, dauntless Dia berani mengatakan itu kepada ayahnya He was daring to say it to his father
-berani-beranyinya: adv dare Berani-beraninya kamu mengatakan itu pada dia! How dare you say that to him!
-berani sumpah: adv dare to swear  Berani sumpah mati bukan saya yang mencuri uang itu I dare to swear that I didn’t steal the money
-keberanian: n courage, braveness, bravery
-memberanikan: v encourage
-pasukan berani mati: n suicide squad
-pemberani: n brave/courageous person Kami mencari pemberani-pemberni menjadi pasukan pemadam kebakaran yang baru We are looking for courageous persons to be the new fire fighter squad

berantak; memberantakkan; memberantaki: v /tr/lu/ 1 mess up | to spoil something or make it dirty and disorganized|  Siapa yang memberantaki dapur saya? Who messed up my kitchen?
-berantakan: adj messed up, disorganized, disarray
-hancur berantakan: adj smashed Gedung itu hancur berantakan The building has been smashed to smithereens

berantas; memberantas: n 1 fight (against), combat. memberantas penya­kit gigi combat tooth decay  2 wipe out, remove (corruption, smallpox, inflation) 3 eliminate |to get rid of something completely| program memberantas kemiskinan a program to eliminate poverty
-pemberantas: n abol­isher, destroyer, exterminator
-pemberantasan: n elimination, control,  abolishment, termination  pemberantas-an buta huruf the elimination of illiteracy  pemberantasan hama pest control
-terberantas: adj elimi­nated, wiped out.

berapa: adv, conj /lu/frm/ 1 how much, how many Berapa harga buku ini? How much does this book cost? ? How much? (What is the price?) berapapun juga harganya no matter how much the price is Berapa orang murid sekolah ini? 2 How many persons the students of this school?  3 how (big, little, etc.).  Berapa luasnya danau itu? What is the wideness of the lake? Berapa jauh rumah mereka dari sini? How far is their house from here? Berapa lama saya harus menunggu? 4 how long should I wait?  Berapa saja tidak masalah 5 how … so ever  Berapa pun itu tidak jadi masalah How much it so ever, it doesn’t a matter. 6 how far Seberapa jauh telah kamu  pertimbangkan hal itu? ­How far have you considered that?
-beberapa: quant. several, some, a few  beberapa buku several books. Dia berdiri di sana beberapa menit lamanya He stood there for a few minutes. beberapa waktu lalu some time ago.
-ke­ berapa: |question word asking where is the position, level, grade of sth in a numerical series| Ini ronde keberapa? What round is this?
-tidak seberapa: adv not so much. Bedanya tidak seberapa ­There difference wasn’t significant.

beras: n /lu/ hulled rice
-beras giling: n milled rice
-beras kencur: n medicinal beverage of rice and herbs
-beras kepala: n the finest quality rice
-beras ketan: n glutinous rice
-beras kuning: n stained (raw) rice scattered or offered at traditional ceremonies (funerals, weddings, etc.)
-beras menir: n rice bits (used for cakes, porridge).
-beras pulut: n glutinous rice |rice which will be a little sticky when it is boiled|
-beras recak-recak: n cracked rice

beras-beras: n /ld/ fish, drum fish.

berat: adj /lu/ 1 heavy  a) |weighing a lot| Hati-hati mengangkat kotak itu – benar-benar berat Be careful lifting that box – it’s really heavy | Koper itu terasa lebih berat dari sebelumnya The suitcase feels heavier than before b) |someone who smokes, drink, or do sth a lot| perokok berat a heavy smoker petarung berat a heavy fighter 2 difficult |not easy to do|  Itu akan menjadi tugas berat untuk kamu It’s going to be a difficult job for you Sangat berat mengatakan itu kepada dia It is difficult to tell him about it 3 heavy-duty: alat berat heavy-duty equipment 4 big makanan berat big food 5 hesitant Sangat berat mengakui bahwa saya salah It’s hesitant to admit that I was wrong 6 severe hukuman berat severe punishment 7 serious penyakit berat serious sickness
berat hati; berberat hati: adj reluctant
-berat kaki: adj lazy
-berat kepala: adj dull
-berat sebelah: adj biased, unequal, partial
-keberat sebelahan: n bias, partiality
-keberatan1: v 1 have objection Apakah anda keberatan? Do you have any objection? 2 mind Apa kamu keberata menyimpan kunci ini? Do you mind to keep this key?
-keberatan2: n objection Apa yang menjadi keberatan anda What is your objection?
-keberatan3: adj too heavy Itu keberatan buat saya It is too heavy for me
-memberat: v become heavy
-memperberat: v make sth heavier Jangan muat barang lagi yang memperberat beban truck Don’t load more things that make heavier the truck
-/prov/lu/ berat sama dipikul ringan sama dijinjing: sharing good and bad

berat2: n weight Apa kamu sudah mengukur beratnya barang itu? Have you measured the weight of the luggage?

bercak: n /lu/ spot, pockmark, stain, mark

berdikari {berdiri diatas kaki sendiri}: /phrs/ be self-reliant |stand on your own feet|

berengut1; memberengut: v /lu/ 1 sulk |to show that you are annoyed about something by being silent and looking unhappy| Berhenti berengut; kamu boleh pergi keluar main nanti. Stop sulking; you can go out and play later

berengut2: memberengut: adj sulky

berentang1; memberentang: adj /ld/ stretched

berentang2; memberentang: v /intr/ld/  stretch out
-memberentangkan: v /tr/ 1 stretch 2 make sth taut

berenti: variant of berhenti:

bereo; bereok: variant of brewok:

beres: adj 1 OK (okay) Jangan takut; semua akan beres Don’t worry, everything will be OK 2 well done, finished  Semua tugas saya sudah beres All my tasks have been well done 3 settled Apa kasus itu sudah beres? Has the case been settled?
-membereskan; memberesi: v /tr/ 1 manage Apa kamu bisa membereskan semua ini? Can you manage all of these?  2 solve Kamu harus bereskan sendiri persoalan kamu itu You have to solve your problem by yourself
-pemberesan: n 1 settlement, finishing, completion

berewok: variant of brewok:

bergajul: n scoundrel |a person that has no positive things to do rather than make people annoyed – usually addressed to street people|

bergedel: n spherical fried food made of boiled meat and potato that has been mixed together –syn: pergedel

berguk: n dress covering entire body except eyes and hands, used by Muslim women

berhala: n /lu/ mythical idol |an image or object that people pray to as a god|
-memberhalakan: v idolize, worship |make sth or sb as a god| Jaman dulu banyak orang memberhalakan patung ini In the ancient time many people idolize this statue
-pemberhalaan: n idolization

beri; memberi: v /lu/ 1 give |to provide someone with something, or let someone have or do something|  Mereka memberi saya pekerjaan yang bagus di perusahaan mereka They gave me a good job in their company 2 pay Berikan perhatian pada caranya melakukan itu Pay attention to how he do it  3 show Dia selalu memberi rasa hormat kepada abangnya He always shows respect to his elder brother 4 cause Dia selalu memberi malu pada keluarga He always cause a shame to the family  5 say Saya hello for me to your parents Beri salam saya kepada orangtua kamu
-beri ampun: v forgive –syn: mengampuni
-beri angin: v tolerate
-beri kemurahan: v facilitate –syn: membantu
-beri kuasa: v delegate –syn: menguasakan.
-beri layanan: v serve –syn: melayani
-beri malu: v humiliate –mempermalukan.
-beri muka: v show up –syn: jual tampang
-beri nasehat: v advise
-beri pinjaman:
v lend
-beri peringatan: v warn
-beri perlawanan: v fight against
-beri pilihan: v chose –syn: memilih
-beri santunan: v donate
-beri semangat: v encourage
-beri suara: v vote –syn: memilih.
-beri tanda: v signal
-beri tahu: v tell
-beri telinga: v listen –syn: mendengar
-beri tempat: v make room
-beri warna: v colour –syn: mewarnai
-diberikan: v /pass.v./ given Saya tidak pernah diberikan kesempatan menjelaskan I was never given a chance to explain
-memberikan: v /tr/ give Apa kamu memberikan uang itu kepada dia? Did you give him the money?  2  award Sebuah yayasan memberikan pada dia beasiswa A foundation awarded him scholarship 3 extend Bersama ini saya memberikan rasa ikut berduka atas kepergian ibu anda Herewith I extend my sympathy with your mother’s death
-pemberian: n gift  Mobil ini adalah pemberian paman saya This car is a gift from my uncle.
-pemberitahuan: n announcement.
-saling memberi: v take and give.

beriang: n /lu/ monitor lizard Varanus salvator -syn: biawak

beringas: adj /lu/ 1 hot-tempered seorang pria beringas a hot-tempered man 2 wild pandangan  beringas wild look
-keberingasan: n wildness, savagery

beringin: n banyan tree

beringisan: v grin |to smile continuously with a very big smile| Sandra beringisan kepada Marlon dari seberang kamar Sandra was grinning at Marlon from across the room

berisik: adj /lu/ noisy, uproarious |making a lot of noise, or full of noise| sekelompok anak berisik a group of noisy kids restoran berisik a noisy restaurant –syn: bising
-keberisikan: n noisiness

berita: n /lu/ 1 news  1 Saya sedang mendengar berita di televisi I’m listening to a news on television  2 report Ini berita tentang keadaan cuaca hari ini This is a report about weather of today
-berita bulanan: n monthly report
-berita dalam negeri: n home news
-berita dengkul: n second hand news
-berita luar negeri:
n foreign news
-berita pagi: n morning news
-memberitakan: v report, broadcast, publish, inform
-pemberitaan: n news report, publication, announcement
-terberita: adj reported, well-published

beritahu: memberitahu: v /lu/ report, inform, acknowledge
-memberitahukan: v /tr/ inform, announce, report
-pemberitahuan: n announcement, acknowledgement. publication, notification  pemberitahuan awal prior notice pemberitahuan pengiriman notice of shipment

berkah: see berkat:

berkas: n .lu/ 1 bundle |a group of things such as documents, clothes, fire wood, etc. that are fastened or tied together|  satu berkas dokumen a bundle of  documents 2 sheaf |wheat, corn etc. that is tied together after it has been cut| se-berkas kayu bakar a bundle of firewood 3 shaft  seberkas cahaya a shaft of light. 2 dossier |a set of document that contains detailed data or information about someone or something| Polisi menyimpat berkas semua tahanan The police keep dossiers on all prisoners
-memberkas: v 1 bind |put in bundles or put together in a file|  3 accumulate |to gradually increase in quantity or size, or to make something do this| Kotoran-kotoran dan debu telah memberkas di pojok ruangan Dirt and dust had accumulated in the corners of the room  4 concentrate | Semua lampu sorot memberkas kepada artis di panggung All spot light concentrated to the artist on the stage

berkat1: n /lu/ 1 blessing, favor. Dia memohon berkat dari orang tuanya She begged for her parents’ blessing. 2 |something that is good or helps you| Hujan itu sungguh menjadi berkat setelah panas The rain was a real blessing after all that heat 3 thanks to, owing to, due to. 3  small amount of food taken home after cere­monial meal.

berkat2: conj. /lu/ 1 because Berkat doa ibuku saya telah berhasil Because of  my mother’s prayers, I have been successful  2 owe berkat kerja keras dia owing to his hard work -memberkati: v 1 bless, give blessing. Saya berharap Tuhan akan memberkati kamu semua I do hope God bless all of you
-diberkati: v /pass/v/ be blessed Be blessed you are Semoga kamu
-pemberkatan: n 1 bestowal of blessing, blessing pemberkatan nikah marriage blessing

berko: n /of/ bicycle lamp.

berlian: n /lu/ polished diamond intan-berlian all sorts of dia­monds, gems of all sorts.

berondong: see brondong:

berontak; memberontak: v /lu/ 1 rebel |to oppose or fight against someone in authority or sth that is accepted by others| Eric memainkan peran orang yang berontak terhadap nilai-nilai tradisional Eric  played a character who rebels against traditional value  2 revolt |to refuse to obey a government, law etc., often using violence against it|  Rakyat memberontak terhadap pemerintahan otoriter The people revolted against the authoritarian government
-pemberontakan: n rebellion, revolt, uprising, mutiny
-pemberontak: n rebel

beroti: n /lu/ slat.

bersih: adj /lu/ 1 clean, neat. Apa piring-piring ini bersih? Are these plates clean?  2 pure |without anything harmful or unhealthy in it| air minum bersih pure drinking water 3 innocent |not guilty of a crime| Tidak seorangpun percaya bahwa saya bersih dalam perkara itu Nobody would believe that I was innocent in that case 4 net pendapatan bersih net income
-kebersihan: n 1 cleanness 2 hygiene |the practice of keeping yourself and the things around you clean in order to prevent diseases| Kebersihan sangat penting ketika mempersiapkan makanan bayi Hygiene is very important when preparing a baby’s food
-membersihkan: v 1 clean 2 purify 3 sterilize
-pembersihan: n 1 cleaning 2 mopping up 3 sweep |search or attack that moves through a particular area| Polisi melakukan pembersihan di bar untuk mencari perdagangan obat Police made a sweep of the bar to find drug trafficking

bersin: v /lu/ sneeze.

bersit; sebersit: n /lu/ 1 a burst of |a short sudden period of protrusion, appearance, increased activity, loud noise, or strong feeling|  Sebersit sinar dari petir membantu saya menemukan kunci di kegelapan itu A burst of light from the thunderbolt helped me to find the key in the dark  2 a splash of (liquid) Sebersit air jatuh ke kepala saya A splash of water dropped to my head  3 a little of   Dia tidak punya bahkan sebersitpun niat untuk minta maaf He doesn’t have even a little of will to apologize
-bersitan: n the splash, the burst Bersitan itu jatuh ke minuman saya The splash dropped to my drink
-dibersitkan: v /tr/pass.v/ Berita itu dibersitkan oleh satu majalah local The news was broken out by a local magazine
-membersit: v /intr/ 1 gush forth Air panas membersit dari ketel dan melukai tangannya Hot water burst out of the boiler and hurt his hand  2 break out (news)  Berita membersit bahwa militer mencoba melakukan kudeta The news breaks that the military troops tried to make a coup d’état 3 protrude Tunas baru akan membersit dalam beberapa hari lagi New stem will protrude in the next view days
-membersitkan: v /tr/ Panci penggorengan itu membersitkan minyak panas The frying pan burst out hot oil
-terbersit: v /intr/pass.v./ Skandal itu telah terbersit di lingkungan ini The scandal was broken out in this community.

beruang1: n 1 bear. 2 beruang-beruangan: teddy bear

beruang2: see uang:

beruas: variant of baros: n wild mangosteen

berudu: n /lu/ tadpole.

beruk: n /lu/ short-tailed macaque Macaca |in Mentawai used them to climb and pick the coconut|

berungut;: memberungut: v /intr/ld/ grumble, gripe.
-memberunguti: v /tr/ grumble about, have a gripe against.Dia sedang memberunguti kakaknya She is grumbling against her older sister.

besanz|/b> n /lu/ 1 brother or/and sister in law |the parents of your son or/and daughter in law|
-besanan; berbesan: v to be brother and sister-in-law

besar: adj /lu/ 1 big |of more than average size, amount etc.|  kaos oblong besar big baggy T-shirts  Ada perbedaan umur yang besar antara mereka There’s a big age difference between them. Anak itu semakin besar setaip saya lihat That boy gets bigger every time I see him. 2 large, huge Mereka punya perkebunan kelapa sawit yang sangat besar They have a very large palm oil plantation  3 important or serious: Ini akan menjadi pertandingan besar It’s going to be a big game Perusahaan itu kehilangan kontrak besar tahun ini The company lost an important contract this year. 4  garrulous, talkative  Dia orang bermulut besar He is a garrulous person 5 adult, grown Saya sudah besar, tidak anak kecil lagi I’m grown up, I’m not little kid anymore 6 sebesar: as big as Rumahnya sebesar yang itu His house is as big as that one 7 sebesar-besarnya: as much as possible: as big as possible Sumberdaya alam harus digunakan sebesar-besarnya untuk menutupi keperluan rakyat Natural resources should be used as much as possible to fulfil the people’s needs
-besar-besaran: adv in a great value Mereka akan merayakan kemenangan itu besar-besaran They are going to celebrate their victory extravagantly
-besarnya: n 1 the total of besarnya biaya adalah the total cost was  2 the size of  Besarnya gedung itu menakjubkan The size of the building is incredible
-besar gabuk: adj large but weak
-besar hati: adj proud,  happy, pleased, elated. Dia besar hati men­dengar anaknya lulus ujiannya He was proud to hear that his son had passed the examination
-berbesar hati: v receive sth with joy or pride
-besar kepala: adj 1 stubborn, obstinate 2 conceited, vain, stuck-up 3 arrogant
-besar kecilnya: n size, total, quantity  Besar kecilnya kerugian belum dihitung The total of lost isn’t calculated yet
-besar lambung: adj greedy, gluttonous
-besar lengan: adj strong, powerful
-besar mulut: adj proud, arrogant, insolent
-besar kemungkinan: adv to the best of possibility
-hari besar: n holiday
-kebesaran1: n nobility, highness, greatness, importance.
-kebesaran2: adj too big, too large
-membesar-besarkan: v exaggerate, magnify out, overstate
-lampu besar: n headlight (car)
-memperbesar: v 1 increase 2 enlarge 3 expand
-membesar: v become larger
-pembesaran: n 1 enlargement 2 growth 3 enhancement 4 expansion 5 magnification
-pembesar: n 1 high officials, nobleperson 2 magnifier (lens)  -maaf besar: n deep apologize
-terbesar; paling besar: adj /super./the most important, the largest, etc.

besaran: n /ld/ mulberry |any of several plant of genus Morus diba – the leaves of which are used for medicine and edible fruit|

besero: v to have a joint venture

besi: n /lu/ iron
-besi baja: n steel.
-besi belirang: n ferrous sulphide
-besi ­berani: n magnet
-besi berombak: n corrugated iron
-besi be­ton: n metal rods for reinforced concrete
-besi cor: n cast iron
-besi galbani: n galvanized iron
-besi lempeng: n iron sheet (plate)
-besi putih: n tin
-besi tua: n scraped iron
-membesi: v to be very solid (hard)
-mebesituakan: v to turn into scraped or waste iron

besit1: membesit: v /lu/ whip |to hit sb with rattan or stick|

besit2: terbesit: v /lu/ 1 pity |to feel sympathy for someone because s/he is in a bad situation| 2 to be compassionate

beskit: n /lu/ cookie.

beslah; membeslah: v /of/ 1 confiscate |officially take someone’s property as a punishment| Pengadilan membeslah hartanya sebagai pembayaran pajak tertunggak The court confiscated his property for unpaid tax 2 seize |to take hold of something quickly and forcefully| Polisi membeslah senjatanya ketika mereka menahan dia The police confiscated his gun when they arrested him. –syn: /lu/ sita; menyita:
-pembeslahan: n 1 confiscation 2 seizure –syn /lu/: penyitaan

beslit: n /of/ 1 governmental decree. beslit kenaikan gaji decree for pay raise. 2 letter of appointment. beslit pengangkatan official decree of appointment. –syn: /lu/: SK (Surat Keputusan)

besmen: n /inf/ the best man (aid to the bridegroom).

besok: n /lu/1 tomorrow. besok lusa the day after tomorrow 2 some time in the future. besok malam tomorrow night. besok pagi tomorrow morning. besok paginya the next morning. besok hari tomor­row afternoon. 3 later on, in the future. Anak ini – akan menjadi orang yg terpelajar This child will become a scholar later on. 3 the next Dia akan pergi bulan juni besok She will go in the next June. 4 com­ing. Mereka akan tiba tgl 22 Januari besok They will arrive on the coming January 22. 5 besoknya: the next day after

bestari: n /lu/1 expert, skilled. 2 bright, clever 3 know how

bestek: n /frm/ 1 specifications (of a final product) 2 detail technical plan (of construction).

bestel1: n /of/ 1 order |a request for goods from a company or for food in a restaurant, or the goods or food that you ask for| Sekolah baru itu  membuat bestel tambahan buku The new school sent an order for more books. –syn: /lu/: pesanan 2 the space in a train for goods to send

bestel2: membestel: v /frm/ order |to ask for goods or services| Apa kamu telah membestel sesuatu? Have you order something? –syn: /lu/ memesan
-pembestelan: n an act of ordering  pembestelan melalui pos mail order
-bestelan: n something that we have by order –syn: /lu/ pesanan

besuk: n /lu/ visit (to a patient in hospital) Pukul berapa jam besuk? What is the visiting time?
-membesuk: v /lu/ visit (to patient in hospital).  Kami membesuk dia di rumah sakit kemarin We visited him at the hospital yesterday

beta: pron /ld/Amb./ 1 I |first person|  2 I |the first person – polite form in classical texts| 3  I |used by Malay royalty|
-membeta: n think yourself as a king

betah: adj /lu/ like, feel at home |to be able to accept or deal with a certain condition of a particular place| Saya sudah mulai betah tinggal di tempat ini I began to like staying in this place 2 constantly enjoy |the opposite of getting bored| Bintang dapat betah tinggal di rumah seharian pada akhir minggu Bintang can enjoy stay home all day long on weekend

betapa: adv /lu/frm/ 1 how  Betapa indahnya danau ini How beautiful this lake  Betapa girangnya orang itu menjumpai anaknya lagi How happy he was to see his child again. 2 betapapun: however Saya mau mobil itu, betapapun mahalnya I want that car, however much it costs.

betara: variant of batara:

Betawi: n 1 Batavia (now Jkt)  2 the name of the ethnic group indigenous to Jakata.

betik1: n /ld/ papaya

betik2: terbetik: v /lu/1 passed on (news) |if you pass on a news or information you tell someone the information that someone else has told you| Terbetik berita bahwa pekerja akan mogok News has passed on that the workers would strike.

beting: n /ld/ shoal, reef, sandbank.
-membeting: v 1 form like a shoal 2 constitute a shoal
-terbeting: v run around on a shoal

betis: n /lu/ calf |he part at the back of your leg between your knee and foot|
-pagar betis: n cordon |a line of police, soldiers, or vehicles that are put around an area to protect or enclose it|  Sejumlah demonstran mencoba menerobos pagar betis polisi Several protesters tried to push through the police cordon.
-/prov/ Diberi betis maunya paha She gave calf, he wants the whole leg Means “greedy”

beton: n /lu/ concrete. beton bertulang reinforced concrete beton molen cement mixer
-membeton: v build with concrete. Mereka membeton rumahnya They build their house with concrete.

betonisasi: n the process of changing (paths, wall: etc.).to concrete.

betul1: adj /lu/ 1 true Apa betul kamu ada disana ketika kejadian itu? Is it true that you’re there at the accident?   2 correct |to make something right or better| Guru itu menghabiskan waktu berjam-jam membetulkan jawaban yang salah The teachers spend hours correcting the wrong answers  3 right: |correct or true|  Apa jawaban saya betul? Is my answer right?
-kebetulan: adv coincidently |situation in which two things happen together by chance, in a surprising way| Kebetulan suami saya dan saya mempunyai tanggal lahir yang sama Coincidently my husband and I have the same birthday.
-membetulkan: v /tr/ fix, correct Dia sedang membetulkan mobil yang rusak He is fixing a broken car  Kita perlu membetulkan pengaturan meubel ini We need to correct the arrangement of the furniture
-pembetulan: n correction
-sebetulnya: adv actually |used in order to emphasize an opinion or give new information| Sebetulnya saya sependapat dengan anda tetapi tidak dengan cara anda menyajikannya Actually I agree with your point but the way you presented it  Saya sebenarnya sudah berpikir bahwa segala sesuatunya sudah bertambah baik I do actually think that things have improved.

betul2: adv /lu/ 1 really Sulit betul ujian itu The test was really difficult 2 for sure Saya kenal betul orang ini I know this man for sure 3 betulan: seriously Apa kamu bermain betulan? Do you play seriously?

BF {blue film}: n pornographic movie.

bg. {bagian}: n /wrt/ division, section.

Bg. {Baginda}: pron. /wrt/ His Majesty

bh. {buah}: quant. /wrt/ pieces 12 buah 12 pcs

BH {beha}: n /spo/ bra

bhayangkara: n /frm/ltr/ lower rank in police department

bhinneka: adj diverse Bhineka Tunggal lka Diverse but United (Indonesia’s national slogan).
-membhineka­kan: v diversify
-kebhinekaan: n diversity

bhs.{bahasa}: n /wrt/ language

bhw. {bahwa}: conj. /lu/wrt/  that |used in order to introduce a clause that is the object of a sentence, shows a result, or gives information about a person, thing, time etc. that has already been mentioned| Dia mengatakan bahwa dia tidak akan datang ke pesta itu He said that he won’t come to the party

BI {Bank Indonesia}: n Bank of Indonesia |Function as the Central Bank of Indonesia|

bi {bibi}: n /lu/ |used in order to speak to your aunt, but later on is more popular to a woman who works for house works|

biadab: adj /lu/ 1 uncivilized 2 ill-mannered, impolite, barbaric, savage  suku bang­sa yg biadab savage tribe
-kebiadaban: n 1 insolence 2 brutishness 3 savageness

biak1: n /lu/ breeding |the act or process of animals producing babies|
-berkembang biak: v 1 breed with multiple result 2 flourish 3 multiplied
-membiakkan: v 1 breed |to keep animals or plants in order to produce babies, or to develop new animals or plants: Peternakan ini membiakkan kuda This farm breeds horses. 2 cultivate |to grow and multiply plant|
-pembiakan: n 1 breeding (farm – place to breed) 2 the process of breeding
-perkembangbiakan: n breeding fertility

biak2: adj /ld/ 1 wet 2 damp
-membiakkan: v 1 make sth wet, 2 dampen humid
-pemamah biak: n /lu/frm/ animal that chew the cud.

biang: n /lu/ 1 female parent ( animal) Kami punya sepuluh biang babi di peternakan ini We have ten sows in this breeding farm 2 something that is very large Ini benar-benar  biangnya mobil This is a real mother of the car 3 parent species (of plants) 3 sources Jangan buat sesuatu yang bisa menjadi biang masalah Don’t do anything that can be the source of problem 4 essence biang cuka es­sence of vinegar
-biang besi: n (iron) ore
-biang jari:
n thumb
-biang keladi: n (main root stock) /idiom/: 1 the cause of a problem 2 ringleader 3 mastermind .
-biang keringat: n prickly heat
-biang kerok: n 1 culprit 2 problem creator
-biang perselisihan: n the source of dispute
-biang roti: n leaven.

bianglala: n /ltr/ rainbow –syn: pelangi

biar: v /lu/ 1 let Biar kita pergi sekarang Let’s go now Biar saya yang melakukannya Let me do it 2 no matter Biar lambat asal selamat It’s no matter to be slow since it’s save (slow but sure) 3 so that Kamu harus istirahat biar cepat sehat kembali You have to take a rest so that you will soon recover 4 for Lepaskan garinya biar dia bisa makan siang Release his handcuff for he can take a lunch
biarpun:conj. albeit, although Biarpun saya tidak mengenal dia sebelumnya, saya mempercayai dia Although I don’t know him before but I believe him.
-biar bagaimanapun: conj. however
-biar begitu; biar demikian: adv nevertheless
-biarkan: v let (it be), forget it  “Tunggu! Saya tinggalkan pintu terbuka” “Biarkan!” “Wait, I left the door open!” “Forget it!/Let it be!”
-membiarkan: v allow  Saya membiarkan dia tinggal sementara disini I allow him to temporarily stay here.

biara: n /lu/ 1 monastery, abbey, friary 2 convent, nun­nery biara induk cloister.
-membiara: v become a member of a cloistered community
-panggilan biara: n vocation to enter convent or monastery.

biarawan: n /lu/ monk.

biarawati: n /lu/ 1 nun  2 religious sister

biar-biar: n /ld/ small intestinal worm |Filaria loa|.

bias: n /lu/ ray. sebias sinar lampu a ray of lamplight  2 re­fraction.
-berbias: v reflect, deflect.
-biasan: n refraction, reflection.
-membias: v drift off, deviate.
-membiaskan: v refract, deflect. Matahari pagi membiaskan terik­nya The morning sun poured out its heat
-pembiasan: n refraction.

biasa: adj /lu/ 1 usual |the same as what happens most of the time or in most situations| Akan saya tunggu kamu di resoran biasa. I’ll wait you at the usual restaurant. 2 common |existing in large numbers or happening often and to many people, or in many places| Penyakit jantung biasa terjadi kepada perokok Heart disease is common among smokers. 3 customary |something that is customary is normal because it is the way it is usually done| Biasa bahwa band local memimpin parade It is customary for a local band to lead the parade 4 ordinary |average, usual, or not different|  Jangan gunakan istilah-istilah teksnis yang tidak dipahami orang biasa Don’t use to many jargon that an ordinary people doesn’t understand Telepon cellular habiskan pulsa lebih banyak daripada telepon biasa A cellular phone spends more pulse than an ordinary telephone keperluan biasa seperti langganan mjalah, ongkos, makan, dll ordinary needs like magazine subscription, food, transportation, etc
-biasanya1: v used to |if something used to happen, it happened regularly in the past but now| Kami biasanya dulu pergi ke bar setiap akhir pekan We used to go to the bar every week end “Apa kamu tidak biasa minum alkohol?”  “Ya, tetapi sudah saya tinggalkan” “Didn’t you use to smoke?” “Yes, but I quit.”
-biasanya2: adv usually |used to describe what happens on most occasions or in most situations| Kami biasanya keluar makan malam pada hari Sabtu We usually go out for dinner on Saturday.
Note: Compare biasanya1 (used to)  and biasanya2 (usually) In English the different between “used to” and “usually” is described by the word itself. In bahasa Indonesia the different should be described by adding a word dulu after biasanya for ‘used to’.
-kebiasaan: n 1 habit |what you do regularly, and usually without thinking| Menjadi kebiasaan saya minum kopi di pagi hari It’s becoming my habit to drink coffee in the morning Merokok adalah kebiasaan buruk Smoking is a bad habit 2 custom  |a way of doing something that people in a particular society think is normal, and that everyone does| Satu kebiasaan disini berjabat tangan kalau baru bertemu It’s a custom here is to shake hands when you meet after sometime 3 tradition |a belief or a way of doing something that a particular group or society has followed for a very long time| Kebiasaan keluarga berkumpul setiap Idulfitri It a my family tradition to get together on Idulfitri  4 addiction |the need to have something regularly because you are addicted to it| Kebiasaan makan obat sangat bahaya untuk kesehatan anda Addiction  to drug is very dangerous to your health 5 routine |the usual or normal way in which sb does things|  Nicole tidak suka ada perobahan pada kebiasaannya sehari-hari Nicole doesn’t like any change in his daily routine |  Kita seharusnya tidak menerima adegan kekerasan di TV sebagai kebiasaan We shouldn’t accept television violence as a routine
-membiasakan: v 1 make sb or sth be accustomed to 2 membiasakan diri: adjust yourself to (sth) Kamu perlu membiasakan diri pada kondisi ini You need to adjust yourself to this condition
-sebiasa-biasanya: adv 1 as to the most be accustomed to |although you have been very accustomed to sth| Sebiasa-biasanya kamu merolok habis makan, tetapi bukan berarti tidak bisa di hentikan No matter how far you have been accustomed to smoking after meal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of it.
-terbiasa: v 1 1 be use to |if sth being or becoming more comfortable with a situation or activity, so that it does not seem strange or difficult| Apa kamu sudah terbiasa dengan makanan berbumbu? Are you used to the spiced food yet? 2 get used to Saya belum terbiasa tinggal di kota besar I don’t get used to living in a big city yet. 3 accustomed |to be used to something|  Mata saya cepat menjadi terbiasa dengan ruangan gelap My eyes quickly became accustomed to the dark room.

biawak: n /lu/ monitor lizard – Varanus dumerili -syn: /ld/ jiawang

biaya: n /lu/ 1 expense, fee, cost.
-biaya administrasi: n administra­tive fee
-biaya eksploitasi: n operating costs
-biaya derek: n tow cost
-biaya fiscal: n de­parture tax.
-biaya hidup: n living cost
-biaya pembatalan: n compensation fee
-biaya pe­rang: n war expenditure
-biaya perjalanan: n travelling expenses
-biaya sandar/pelabuhan: n dock­age, harbor fees
-dibiayai: v /pass.v/ be funded, be financed (by)
-membiayai: v finance, fund. Berat sekali untuk membiayai anaknya bersekolah It is very hard to finance his child’s schooling.
-membiayakan: v spend, payout, disburse. Dia membiayakan semua sim­panannya untnk menyekolahkan anak He spent all his savings to send his children to school.
-pembiaya: n finan­cier.
-pembiayaan: n funding, financing.
-terbiayai: adj affordable

Bibel: n Bible.

bibi; bibik: n /lu/ 1 aunt 2 form of address to older woman (often as bi) –see: bi:

bibir: n /lu/ 1 lip  a) (pro). hanya dibibir lip service b) (prov.) bibirnya seperti delima merekah full, well-shaped lips c) bibir sumbing harelip  2 genital labia. 3 edge. a) bibir hutan edge of forest. b) bibir mangkok edge of cup. bibir mata edge of eyelid. bibir sumur edge of well. – bibir tangan side of hand

bibit1: n /lu/ 1 seed (plant) |a small hard object produced by plants, from which a new plant will grow| bibit tomat tomato seed  2 germ (sickness) |a very small living thing that can make you ill| Biasaya seekor lalat adalah pembawa bibit penyakit Usually a fly is a carrier of germ 3 cause, source Siapa yang menyebar bibit pertengkaran ini? Who spread the cause of this dispute? 4 would-be (sth) Pelatih sedang mencari bibit pemain sepakbola berbakat The couch is looking for would be talented football player
-membibit: v initiate and conduct a seedling process
-membibitkan: v grow sth as a prospective things
-pembibitan: n 1 seed bed 2 the process of seedling 3 talent scouting, development (for new artist, athletic, etc.).

bibit2: variant of bimbit:

bibliograf: n bibliographer.

bibliografi: n bibliography

bibliografis: adj bibliographic.

bicara: berbicara: v /intr/tr/lu/1 speak. Dia bicara bahasa Jepang dengan lancar She speaks Japanese fluently. 2 talk  Bicara pada dia sekarang sebelum pergi Talk to him now before leaving  3 speech Kebebasan bicara adalah satu aspek demokrasi yang mendasar Freedom of speech is one of the basic democracy aspects
-dibicarakan: v /pass. v/ 1 be discussed 2 be talked about
-juru bicara: n 1 spokesman 2 speaker |presenter on behalf of (sb/sth)| Juru bicara parlemen Parliament speaker
-pembicara: n 1 speaker |presenter of his own opinion| Siapa pembicara utama seminar itu? Who was the main speaker of the seminar? 2 spokesman,  adviser 3 lawyer, attorney 4 discussant.
-pembicacaan: n 1 conversation 2 discussion

bidadara: n /ltr/ male sprite.

bidadari: n /ltr/ 1 fairy  2 beautiful woman

bidak: n /lu/ pawn (Chess)

bidan: n /lu/ 1 midwife
-membidani: v |to help women when they are having a baby|  2 initiate Dia salah seorang yang membidani gerakan reformasi He was one who initiated the reformation movement
-kebidanan: n midwifery, midwife service.

bidang: n /lu/ 1 space |the amount of a space, room, container etc. that is empty or available to be used| Bidang ini cukup luas menjadi satu lapangan tennis This space is large enough to be a tennis court |Apa masih ada bidang kosong di lantai bawah tanah? Is there any more space in the basement?  2  field Apa bidang studi kamu? What is the field of  your study?  3 sector Pemerintah sedang memusatkan upaya pada bidang pertanian. The government is focusing the effort in agricultural sector  4 surface Taruh label itu di bidang tegak kotak itu Put the label on the vertical surface of the box –syn: permukaan 5 area Apa kamu sudah memutuskan bidang penelitian kamu? Have you decided your research area?
-membidangkan: v 1 enlarge 2 unfold 3 stretch
-membidangi: v 1 specialize |to limit most of your study, business etc. to a particular subject or activity|  seorang dokter yang membidangi penyakit jantung a medical doctor who specializes heart decease 2 subordinate |to lead or manage a certain division or task|  Dalam kepemimpinan kolektif ini seorang ketua membidangi pelatihan dan penerimaan pegawai baru. In this collective chairmanship, a chairman subordinate training and recruitment
-pembidangan: n 1 segmentation,  classification (of the field) 2 enlargement

bidik: membidik: v /lu/ 1 point at |to point a weapon at the object|  Penembak membidikkan senjata ke kepala terroris itu The sniper pointed the gun at the terrorist’s head  2 aim |to plan or intend to achieve something| Satu program yang membidik penciptaan lebih banyak lapangan kerja a program aimed at creating more jobs 3 bid Apa kita akan membidik proyek besar ini? Are we going to bid this big project?
-bidikan: n 1 the target of aiming 2 the object to point at -membidikkan: v /tr/ 1 point  2 aim
-pembidikan: n aiming |the action to point the target| pembidikan tepat accurate aiming

biduan: n /lu/ male vocalist, crooner

biduanda: n /ltr/ palace servant

biduanita: n /lu/ female vocalist.

biduk: n /lu/ river craft for cargo or fishing
-berbiduk: v 1 own river canoe  2 go by river canoe  3 go boating

bier: see bir:

bigami: n /frm/ bigamy

bihara: variant of biara:

bihun: see mihun:

bijak: adj /lu/ 1 able, intelligent or skilled| seorang siswa yang bijak an able student 2 smart |capable in making good judgments or decisions| Saya kira dia  bukan seorang pemimpin yang bijak I don’t think that he is a smart leader 3 appropriate |suitable for a particular time, situation, or purpose| Apa menurut kamu itu satu tindakan yang bijak? Do you think that it is an appropriate action?  4 experienced, skilful Tim ini membutuhkan seorang pemimpin bijak This team need an experienced and skilful leader 5 witty, articulate |using words in a funny, intelligent, and interesting way| seorang jurubicara yang bijak a witty speaker satu jawaban bijak a witty response 6
bijaksana: adj wise a) |honest, dedicated, and passionate|  Dia seorang pemimpin bijaksana He is a wise leader b) |effective, fair, unbiased, acceptable, accomodative|  keputusan yang bijaksanan a wise decision c) prudent |sensible and careful, especially by avoiding risks that are not necessary| Tidak akan bijaksana mengeluarkan begitu banyak uang saat ini It would not be prudent to spend so much money now.
-kebijaksanaan; kebijakan: n 1 policy |a way of doing things that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party or the authority|  kebijaksanaan ekonomi the economic policy kebijakan perusahaan dalam hal cuti hamil the company’s policy on maternity leave  2 wisdom |good judgment and the ability to make wise decisions| Nasib kita akan tergantung pada kebijaksanaan ketua Our fate will depend on the chairman’s wisdom  3 prudence

biji: n /lu/ 1 seed |a small hard object produced by plants, from which a new plant will grow| biji mangga mango seed 2 kernel |the center part of a nut or seed, usually the part you can eat| biji kacang peanut kernel  3 unit, piece  |classifier for small round objects| dua biji kelereng two marbles
-berbiji: v have seed
-biji-bijian: n
-biji padi: n un-husked rice
-biji polongan: n bean seed
-biji pala: n nutmeg
-biji mata: n eyeball

bijih: n ore bijih besi: iron ore

bikin: membikin: v /inf/lu/ 1 make a) |to produce something by working or doing something| Saya akan bikin makanan pencuci mulut kamu bikin makan malamnya. I’ll make the dessert  and you make dinner  b) |used before some nouns to show that someone does the action of the noun|  Mereka bikin kesalahan pada tagihan listrik They made a mistake on the electricity bill|  Apa kamu akan membikin janji dengan dokter? Do you want to make an appointment with the doctor? c)  |cause a particular situation or condition to happen|  Apa saja yang kamu lakukan, bikin dia kesal Whatever  you did made her mad. Lihat kekacauan yang kamu bikin! Look at the mess you made! Apa yang bikin kamu memutuskan menjadi polisi? What made you decide to become a police? 2 cause |to make something happen| Kepadatan lalulintas membikin perjanjian saya ditunda. Heavy traffic caused my appointment delayed| Kami masih belum tahu apa yang membikin computer rusak We still don’t know what caused the computer to crash. –syn: /lu/frm/ buat; membuat
-bikinan: adj made in Saya membeli sebuah laptop bikinan Taiwan I bought a made in Taiwan computer 2 adj made by, product of  barang bikinan tangan hand-made product –syn: buatan
-bikin besar: v enlarge –syn: membuat besar, membesarkan,
-bikin kesal: v annoy -syn: membuat kesal
-bikin kejutan: v make a surprise –syn: membuat kejutan; mengejutkan
-bikin malu: v humiliate –syn: memalukan; membuat malu
-bikin takut: v frighten, scare –syn: memuat takut; menakutkan.
-dibikin-bikin: v made up –syn: dibuatbuat
-membikin-bikin: v fabricate –syn: membuatbuat
-membikinkan: v to make sth for sb  Jonathan akan membikinkan layangan untuk kamu Jonathan will make a kite for you -syn: membuatkan
-pembikin: n maker Mereka pembikin masalah They are problem maker  -syn: pembuat; penyebab
-terbikin dari: v made of /from –syn: terbuat dari

bikini: n /lu/ bikini, bikini-style |a piece of clothing in two parts that women wear for swimming|

biksu: n /lu/ Buddhist monk.
-kebiksuan: n Buddhist monkhood.

biksuni; biksuni: n Buddhist nun

bila1: adv /lu/ when |used when asking what time something will happen|  Bila kamu tiba? When did you arrive? –syn: /lu/ kapan

bila2; bilamana; also apabila: conj. /lu/ 1 if  Bila kamu ingin, kamu boleh ikut saya! If want to, you can go with me! Apabila ada waktu akan saya temui dia If I have time I’ll meet her  2 when or if Bila kamu mau datang kesini beritahu saya dulu If (when) you want to come here, let me know before

bilah: n /lu/ 1 lath  2 wood chip  3 blade sebilah bambu a piece of bamboo blade or thin strip  4 classifier for long, narrow or thin ob­jects. tiga bilah pisau three knives  sebilah cemeti a whip  sebilah pengaduk a blade of a mixer bilah bulldozer bulldozer blade

bilang1; berbilang: v /lu/ 1 calculate, count  Apa kamu sudah berbilang biayanya? Have you calculated the expenses?  2 membilang: a) to count or mention the number Dia belum berumur dua tahun tetapi dia sudah bisa membilang dari satu sampai seratus. He is less than two years old but he can count from one to one hundred. b) to coudt the total of sth Bilang ni termasuk kecamatan Sigalingging This area includes kecamatan Sigalingging

bilang2: quant. 1 every bilang hari every day bilang waktu any time 2 berbilang: a) several berbilang hari several days b) a few, some Dia akan pergi selama berbilang hari She will be away for a few days
-bilangan: n 1 number Tulis bilangan ganjil antara sepuluh sampai duapuluh Write down odd number between ten to twenty 2 area, district Tempat ini termasuk bilangan Kodya Bekasi This place belongs to Bekasi Municipal area  3 fate, predestine time. Kalau belum bilangannya orang tidak akan mati If it’s not sb’s predestine time he/she will not be died
-bilangan: n numbers |1,2,3,4,5, …
-bilangan asli: n integers |0,1,2,3,…|
-bilangan bulat: n round number |10, 20,..100, …1000|
-bilangan ganjil: n odd number |1,3,5,7…|
-bilangan genap: n even number |2,4,6,8,…|.|
-bilangan pecahan: n fraction | 2/3 , ¾, 0,1,12,5…|
-bilangan persepuluhan: n decimal
-bilangan pokok: n cardinal number
-bilangan prima: n prime number
-bilangan tingkatan/urutan: n ordinal number
-pembilang: n numerator | 2/3 ® 2 (the number above the line is pembilang – below the line is penyebut (enumerator)|
-terbilang: adj 1 considered, regarded. Dia belum terbilang orang kaya di kota ini  He’s not considered rich yet in this town  2 take (sb/sth) into account |to consider particular facts when you make a judgment or decision about something| Pajak yang kamu bayar tidak terbilang besar buat kamu The tax you pay isn’t considered big for you 3 countable Jumlah tamu yang datang tidak terbilang jumlahnya The total number of the guests wasn’t countable 4 include Ada seratus orang tamu tidak terbilang beberapa anak-anak There are a hundred guests not including several children

bilang2: v /lu/ 1 say. Kamu bilang apa? What did you say? 2 tell Aku sudah bilang padamu jangan pergi! I’ve told you not to go! –syn: /frm/ katakan; mengatakan
-membilangi: v /tr/ keep telling Saya sudah membilangi mereka untuk pergi bersama kita I kept telling them to go with us
-membilangkan: v say, tell  Tolong membilangkan pada mereka saya tidak bisa datang Please tell the that I couldn’t come
-dibilang1: v /pass.v/ 1 be told Kita sudah dibilang supaya pergi We’ve been told to go  2 be said Boleh dibilang bahwa dia yang terbaik It can be said that he is the best

bilas; membilas: v /lu/ rinse, wash off. Ibu membilas kain dengan detergen ini Mother rinses the cloth with this detergent
-pembilasan: n 1 rinsing, flushing, washing off.

bilateral: adj /frm/ bilateral

bilik: n /lu/ 1 room, chamber, cabin, booth  bilik barang compart­ment bilik otak ventricle. bilik kemudi pilot cabin bilik suara voting booth or room  bilik dagang chamber of commerce 2 woven bamboo used as room partition, plaited screen. –syn: /lu/frm/ kamar, ruangan
-berbilik: v have a room

bilingual: adj /lu/ bilingual.

bilingualisme: n /lu/ bilingualism

billiun: n /lu/ bouillon.

bilis: adj /ld/ painful  and red (eyes)

biludak: variant of beludak:

bilur: n /ld/ welt, wound caused by whip
-berbilur-bilur: adj full of  bilur

bilyar: n /lu/ billiards

bilyet: n /lu/ 1 ticket 2  bank certificate

Bima: n Bhima, hero of the Mahabharata.

Bimas {[Bimbingan Masal}: n credit scheme offered by government to lower-income people
-membimaskan: v to include in this scheme
-pembimasan: n the process and the procedure of this scheme.

bimasakti: n /ltr/ Milky Way.

bimbang: adj /lu/ 1 worried |unhappy or nervous because you are thinking if a bad thing happen to   someone or something| Kami benar-benar bimbang tentang kamu. We were really worried about you  2 doubtful. Apa kamu bimbang mengenai ujian kamu? Are doubtful about your test?  3 afraid Jangan bimbang dia akan ada disini segera Don’t be afraid, she’ll be here soon.
-kebimbangan: n doubt, uncertainty, anxiety
-pembimbang: n 1 worrywart |sb who tend to easily worry| 2 sb or sth that made you worry

bimbing: membimbing: v /lu/ 1 lead 2 guide 3 tutor
-pembimbing: n 1 leader 2 guide 3 tutor
-bimbingan: n 1 the beneficiary of a guidance, tutorial, or leadership| 2 the activity or the process of this program|
-berbimbingan (tangan): v 1 hold hands,  go hand in hand 2 cooperate, help each other
-bimbingan massal: n government-sponsored counselling program to introduce different kinds of knowledge such as appropriate agricultural technology, public health, family planning, nutrition, etc.

bin: n /lu/1 |used in order to show the family name of a male (usually before married)| Ali bin Amar Ali, the son of Amar  –compare to: boru (br): for female 2 and |used between two similar words which the second is to emphasize the meaning of the first word| aneh bin ajaib strange and mysterious very strange and mysterious. marah bin dongkol mad and angry.

bina1: membina: v /lu/ 1 maintain |to make something continue in the same way or at the same condition so it can be improved normally or naturally| Kami selalu membina hubungan baik kami dengan para langganan We have always maintained good relations with our customers. 2 develop |to grow or improve something to a better condition, or to make someone or something do this|  Kamu harus membina nama baikmu sebagai politisi tulus You have to develop your good reputation as an honest politician

bina2: n 1 building bina raga body building bina mental character building  2 |gradual and accumulative acceleration of  sb’s emotion, voice tempo, event intensity in a theatrical play| bina klimaks climax building  3 construction, development bina marga road development
-pembina: n builder |a person in capability and responsibility to certain building process|
-pembinaan: n process and the activities related to this activity|

Bina Graha: n president’s office.

binal: adj l rebellious (of child), uncontrollable. 2 disobedient, obstinate. 3 wild, untamed (animal)
-kebinalan: n 1 disobedience, rascality, craziness  2 wild behavior.

binar: n /lu/ light, sun rays
-berbinar-binar: adj alight |someone whose face or eyes are alight is happy or excited|

binaraga: n body building |a regular and intensive activity to build sb’s body|
-binaragawan: n body builder |a male who does body building|
-binaragawati: n female body builder |a woman who does body building|

binasa: adj /lu/ destroyed, wiped out.
-membinasakan: v 1 destroy, annihilate  2 exterminate
-kebinasaan: n death, demise, damage
-pembinasa: n destroyer, annihilator,  eradicator
-pembinasaan: n destruction. 2 extermination, annihilation.

binatang: n /lu/ animal –syn: hewan
-binatang berkantung: n marsupial
-binatang buas: n wild animal.
-binatang hantu barat: n tarsier
-binatang pengerat: n rodent
-binatang melata: n reptile
-binatang lunak: n mollusc
-binatang menyusui: n mammal
-binatang perusak: n destructive animal, pest (rodents, etc.)
-binatang peliharaan: n domesticated animal
-binatang rumah: n pet
-membinatangkan: v degrade, debase
-kebinatangan: n bes­tiality, brutality, immorality
Notes: In English, animals include any living creature that can move around. It means that human is one of the animals. In Indonesian, human being is excluded to this term. It means human is not one of the binatang (animal).

binatu: n /lu/ laundry

bincang: berbincang-bincang: v /lu/ discuss, deliberate, chat, converse. Dia sedang berbincang-bincang di telepon She is chatting on the phone –syn: ngobrol, bercakap-cakap
-memperbincangkan: v /tr/ to talk about
-perbincangan: n discussion, conversation, deliberation.

binder: n /tech/ binder |a toll to bind paper, sheet, etc|

bindu: n /ld/ lathe.
-membindu: v work with a lathe

bineka: variant of bhineka:

binen: see binnen:

-berbingkah-bingkah: quant. 2 in chunks, in fragments.
-membingkah: v smash to bits, break into chunks
-bingkahan: n lump, chunk.

bingkai: n /lu/ 1 trim  meja kayu dengan bingkai ukiran wooden table with curving trim 2 fringe sebuah tutup tempat tidur putih dengan bingkai pinggir biru a white bed cover with blue fringe  3 frame bingkai ­gambar picture frame bingkai­ pintu door frame.
-berbingkaikan: v /pass.v/ be framed with sebuah gambar berbingkaikan bambu a picture framed with bamboo
-membingkai: v frame,  border, put fringe, trim
-pembingkaian: n framing, bordering, trimming, putting fringe

bingkis: membingkiskan: v /lu/ parcel out,  send gift
-bingkisan: n parcel, package 2 gift, present, souvenir

bingung: adj /lu/ 1 confused, flustered, bewildered |unable to understand sth  clearly| Saya benar-benar bingung I’m totally confused  2 dis­oriented, unsure of direction 3 per­plexed
-membingungkan1: v 1 confuse, bewilder, fluster. Peraturan tentang pajak itu membingungkan saya That regulation on tax confuses me
-membingungkan2: adj confusing, flustering, perplexing,  disconcerting
-kebingungan1: n 1 confusion, be­wilderment 3 panic 4 perplexity
-kebingungan2: adj 1 confused, bewildered, flustered Saya benar-benar kebingungan I’m really confused

bini: n /lu/inf/ wife. –syn: /lu/frm/ isteri
-bini aji: n concubine, mistress
-bini muda: n additional wife (the 2nd, 3rd), etc.)
-bini simpanan: n a woman to whom a man cohabit.
-berbini1: v have a wife
-berbini2: adj married (man)

binneka: variant of bhineka:

binnen: adj /lu/inf/ elite, established, successful, rich

bintang: n /lu/ 1 star |a very large amount of burning gases in outer-space and planet, that looks like a point of light in the sky at night| bintang Marikh Mars 2 |a shape with five or six points sticking out of it, that is sometimes used as a sign of quality or rank| hotel bintang lima five star hotel 3 |a famous performer in entertainment or sports| bintang sepak bola football star 4 |someone who is particularly good at something|  John dulu adalah bintang pemain kita John was our star player 5 |the power of the stars to affect what happens, that some people believe in| Bintang saya adalah Gemini My star is Gemini  6 |the most beautiful girl in a particular community| Nadia adalah bintang sekolah kami Nadia is the most pretty girl in our school 7 fortune, luck, fate Bintangnya lagi naik His luck is starting to rise 8 medal, decoration Negara menganugerahi dia bintang pahlawan The state awarded him a heroism decoration
-berbintang: adj starry malam berbintang a starry night
bintang babi: n Vesper, evening star
-bintang belantik/waluku: n Orion
-bintang beralih/corat-corat: n meteor, shooting star
-bintang berasap/berbuntut/berekor/ sapu/ berkotek/: n comet
-bintang beredar: n planets
-bintang Biduk/jung: n Big Bear
-bintang bulan: n crescent and moon |a symbol of Islam|
-bintang gugut: n falling star
-bintang Jadi: n Capricorn
-bintang Johar/Kejora/Zuhara/Timur: n Venus
-bintang Kala: n Scorpion
-bintang Kartika/Tujuh: n Pleiades
-bintang laut: n starfish
-bintang Marikh: n Mars
-bintang Mayang: n Virgo
-bintang Musytari: n Jupiter
-bintang ­Pari/Tohok: n Southern Cross
-bintang penganjur/pengarak siang: n morning star
-binbang utara: n North Star
-bintang waruna: n Neptune
-bintang zahai: n Saturn
v 1 to play the main character Siapa yang akan membintangi cerita itu Who is going to play the main character in the story? 2 ear mark |to put the status of a budget allocation into a certain status| Dana untuk proyek ini perlu dibintangi The budget for this project needs to be ear marked.
-perbintangan: n 1 astronomy 2 astrology 3 horoscope

bintara: n /lu/ the lower rank in military organization  bintara pelatih instructor officer bintara  tinggi senior non­-commissioned officer, petty officer.

binti: n /ld/ daughter of |similar to nee|  Salimah binti Saleh Salimah the daughter of Saleh.

binti-binti: n /ld/ daughters

bintik: n /lu/ 1 spot, stain. bintik hitam blackhead. bintik tinta. ink-­spot  2 bead (of sweat)
-berbintik: adj spotted

bio: n /Chn/ Confucian temple

biografi: n biography

biokimia: n biochemistry

biola: n violin.

biologi: n biology biologi laut(an) marine biology

biologic; biologis: adj biological.

biologiwan: n biologist.

bioskop: n /lu/ movie theatre, cinema.
-perbioskopan: n 1 cine­matic matters  masalah perbioskopan problems pertaining to movie theatres. 2 movie theatre management.

bipolar: adj /tech/ bipolar.

bipolarisasi: n /tech/ bipolarization

bir: n beer.
-bir hitam: n stout.
-bir kaleng(an): n canned beer
-bir ­tong(an): n draft beer.

birahi: varian of berahi:

biri-biri: n /lu/ sheep |a farm animal that eats grass and is kept for its wool and its meat|

biring1: n /ld/ extremely itchy skin disease. biring paluh prickly heat

biring2: adj yellowish red.

birit: n /ld/ buttocks, bottom, rear.
-terbirit-birit: adv /lu/ helter-skelter, hurriedly (scramble). Kami terbirit-birit menuruni jurang itu We hurriedly go down the steep ravine lari terbirit-birit run head over heels (run in a hurry)  2 suffer from slight diarrhea.

biro: n /lu/ 1 office Biro Pusat Statistik Central Office of Statistic 2 bureau |a government department or part of a government department| Biro Kepegawaian Kementerian Kesehatan Manpower Bureau Ministry of Health 3 agent Biro Perjananan Travel Agent 4 with large drawer |a piece of furniture especially a table with drawers that clothes can be kept in| meja biro a table with large drawers

birokrasi: n /lu/ bureaucracy.

birokrat: n /lu/ bureaucrat.

birokratis: adj /lu/ bureaucratic

birokratisasi: n /lu/ bureaucratization.

biru1: adj /lu/ blue langit biru blue sky warna biru blue mata biru blue eyes

biru2: n blue Kamu suka waran apa? Saya senang biru! What colour do you like? I like blue!
-biru laut: adj navy blue
-biru langit: adj sky blue
-biru muda: adj light blue
-biru tua: adj dark blue
-kebiruan1: n blueness
-kebiruan2: adj too blue
-kebiru-biruan: adj bluish
-membiru: v turn to blue
-membirukan: v color with blue

biruang: variant of beruang1:

bis1: n /lu/ bus
-bis antarkota: n intercity bus
-bis kilat: n express bus
-bis kota: n city bus
-bis sekolah: n school bus
-ngebus: v go by
-membuskan: v send by bus

bis2: n /lu/ 1 box bis surat mailbox 2 encore, supplement, additional ornament (decoration, show, entertainment, etc) 3 tube, pipe (especially that one used for drainage)

biss: n /lu/ trim |decoration around the edges of a car, piece of clothing etc.| sebuah taplak meja biru muda dengan biss kuning a light blue table cloth with yellow trim

bisa: v /lu/ 1 be able Apa kamu bisa datang malam ini? Will you be able to come tonight? 2 can Saya bisa memberikan uang itu pada kamu kalau kamu bisa mengembalikan bulan depan I can give you the money if you can give it back next month 3 be possible Itu bisa terjadi kepada setiap orang -syn: /lu/frm/ dapat, boleh
-bisa-bisanya: adv |to express our anxiety how dare sb do sth| Bisa-bisanya kamu bohong pada saya! How dare you lied to me
-sebisa-bisanya; sebisa mungkin: adv 1 as much as possible. 2 to the fullest extent. Lakukan saja sebisa mungkin. Just do it as much as possible

bisa2: n /lu/ 1 poison,  venom 2 provocation Pidato yang penuh dengan bisa Speech that full of venom
-berbisa: adj 1 poisonous ular berbisa poisonous snake  2 provocative pidato berbisa provocative speech
-keberbisaan: n virulence,  toxicity

bisik1; bisikan: n /lu/ 1 whisper |a very quiet sb’s voice| Apa kamu mendengar bisikan itu? Do you hear that whisper? 2 /litr/ soft sound of sth:  bisikan rumput bergoyang the whisper of shaking grasses bisikan harapan the whisper of hope 2 bisikan hati: conscience |the set of feelings that tell you whether what you are doing is morally right or wrong| Bisikan hati saya telah menuntun saya untuk tidak melakukan hal itu My conscience led me to not doing it.
-berbisik: v /lu/ whisper 1 |to speak or say something very quietly, using your breath rather than your voice| Suamiku berbisik mengatakan bahwa kami harus segera pulang My husband whispered to say that we should leave soon| Kamu berdua berbisik tentang apa? What are you two whispering about?  2 /ltr/ |to make a soft sound| Angin sedang berbisik bahwa semua mahluk memuja kebesaranmu The wind is whispering that all creatures herald your mighty   |say in whisper.
-berbisik-bisik: v /lu/ 1 chat quietly  Mereka sedang berbisik-bisik They are chatting quietly 2 talk confidentially Para pekerja berbisik-bisik untuk mogok kerja The workers talk confidentially that they want to conduct a strike

bising: adj /lu/ 1 noisy |making a lot of noise, or full of noise| restoran yang bising a noisy restaurant 2 deafening Saya tidak senang musik yang bising I don’t like deafening music 3 buzzing |to make a continuous noise like the sound of a bee| Apa yang membuat suara bising itu What’s making that buzzing noise?
-kebisingan: n noise, hullabaloo, buzz

biskit: see biscuit:

biskop: n bishop.

biskuit: n /lu/1 cracker. 2 Dutch rusk.

bismillah: intrj. /Isl/ in the name of God |recited at beginning of each prayer to say grace before meal, utter prayer before undertaking task|

bisnis: n /lu/ business

bistek; bistik: n /lu/ rump steak, roast beef, beefsteak

bisu: adj /lu/ 1 dumb, mute |unable to speak| 2 quiet, noiseless malam yang sunyi dan bisu a lonely and quiet night  3 silent film bisu silent movie
-bisu batu: adj totally mute,
bisu tuli: adj deaf and dumb
-berbisuan: v don’t talk to each other Kedua kakak adik itu berbisuan The two sisters don’t talk to each other
-kebisuan: n 1 muteness Apa kebisuan dia terbawa dari lahir? Is her muteness brought from her birth?  2 silence Bagaimana kalian menikmati kebisuan ini How do you enjoy this silence?  3 loneliness Tiba-tiba sebuah ledakan memecahkan kebisuan tengah malam Suddenly a blast broke out the midnight loneliness
-membisu: v say no words Apa yang terjadi? Sepanjang hari dia membisu seribu bahasa. What happened? She said no words all day long!
-membisukan: v muzzle Tanggapan president telah membisukan semua lawan politiknya The president’s comment has muzzled his political opponents

bisul: n /lu/ 1 boil 2 abscess 3 ulcer
-bisulan: v be suffered from ulcers or boils
-bisulan: adj ulcerated
-bisul benata: n small abscess on upper lip
-bisul jerawat: n pimple on face
-bisul perut: n gastric or stomach ulcer
-bisul sabut: n carbuncle
v 1 ulcerate 2 develop boils

bius: n /lu/ anaesthetic |a drug that stops feelings of pain or to a certain effect to make sb unconscious, used during a medical operation|
-keterbiusan: n 1 the fact that sb is anesthetized 2 the intensity of anesthetic effect
-membius: v 1 anesthetize  2 captivate |to attract and interest someone very much| Pidatonya yang mengharukan telah membius semua pendengar His passionate speech has captivated the audience
-pembiusan: n anesthetization
-pembius: n anaesthetist .

BKPM {Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal}: n Co­ordinative Agency for Investments.

BKR {Badan Keamanan Rakyat} People’s Security Body (forerunner of Indonesian national ar­my).

bl., bln. {bulan}: n /wrt/ month |Jan., Feb., etc|

blak-blakan: adv /lu/inf/  outspokenly, bluntly Blak-blakan dia menceritakan kasus itu kepada kami Bluntly he told us the case.

blanko: see blangko:

Blandis: adj /of/ on behalf of Dutch (esp. during revolutionary period).

blandong: n lumberjack.
-blandongan: n 1 timber  2 lumber­jacking.

blangko: n form to be filled in banko pos wesel postal money order form. 2 abstention (in voting) 3 blank paper

blangkon: n /ld.Jv/ male batik headdress.

blanko: variant of blangko:

blantika: n /lu/ world, arena, field blantika bisnis hiburan the world of entertainment business

blaster;  memblaster: v /of/ crossbreed.
-blasteran: n /lu/ 1 crossbred (of ani­mals)  2 of mixed blood (father and mother each comes from different race)

blau: n /inf/of/ 1 blue 2 laundry bluing

bledek: n /ld/ thunder.

blek: n /lu/ tin can.

blender: n /lu/ blender

blepotan: adj /inf/ 1 smeared |all over covered with dirt or unexpected spots| 2 messy |anything spread here and there and seems unpleasantly|

blockade: n /lu/ blockade
-memblokade: v blockade.

blokir: memblokir: v /lu/ 1 blockade 2 obstruct. 3 /fin/ freeze (account), stop (check)
-pemblokiran: n blocking , freezing (bank account)

bloknot: n /lu/ block note, pad.

blong: adj /ld/ 1 loose, relieved |not prop­erly pressed (brake of a car or of other mechan­ical parts)|  Remnya blong dan dia menabrak dinding jalan The brake was loose and she crashed the embankment

bloon: adj 1 /lu/inf/ stupid, idiotic, dumb. 2 wacky, crazy, loony

blujin: n /lu/ denim trousers, blue jeans.

blus: n /lu/  woman’s blouse.

BNI {Bank Negara Indonesia, 1946}: n |a government-owned bank of Indonesia|

bob: adj /lu/ bouffant  Rambutnya berpotongan bob She wears bob style hair

bobo; bobok: v /lu/ 1 sleep (children language)
-membobokan: v put to sleep

bobok: membobok: v /lu/ make a hole |cut or break sth, especially a hard thing like a concrete wall to make a hole|
-bobokan: n a made hole

bobol: v /tr/lu/ broken up, collapse |if sth can’t function well to keep its burden – e.g. a dam, defence, bank security, etc.| Dam baru dibangun itu bobol kemarin The new-build dam broken up yesterday
-dibobol: v /pass. v/  2 be penetrated  Sistim komputerisasi perbankan sudah di dibobol oleh seorang hacker The computerized banking system has been penetrated by a hacker
-kebobolan: v /intr/ lost Bank kebobolan Rp: 2,000,000,000.- akibat cek palsu The bank lost Rp: 2,000,000,000.- of false check
-membobol: v /tr/ penetrate, make a goal Hanya dalam tempo dua menit setelah tendangan pertaman team Tiger berhasil membobol gawang lawan Only two minutes after the first kick Tiger team successfully penetrated the opponent’s gate and make a goal.
-pembobolan: n penetration, foray, intrusion, invasion
-pembobol: n invader, hacker, a doer of penetration

bobot: n /lu/ 1 weight |how heavy someone or something that can be stated by particular measurement unit such as gram, pound, kilogram, ton, etc| Berapa bobotnya? How is the weight? bobot atom atomic weight  2 heaviness Bobot beban setiap alat pengangkut itu harus dibatasi secara ketat The weight of the carrier load should be strictly limited 3 quality |relative value or level of someone or something such the importance, usefulness, level of social rank, etc| Bobot kepemimpina dia sudah terbukti selama perang The quality of his leadership has been proved during the war
-berbobot1: adj /lu/1 quality Dia seorang seniman berbobot He is a quality artist 2 heavy Kotak ini cukup berbobot untuk diangkat oleh satu orang This box is heavy enough for a person to lift Mereka adalah tim yang berbobot They are a heavy team
-berbobot2: v weigh |to have a particular weight|  Bayi itu berbobot 4,5 kg The baby weighs 4,5 kg
-pembobotan: n 1 grading, weighing,  qualification, measurement, standardization, Pembobotan penampilan ini akan dinyatakan dengan nilai 1 s/d 10 Grading of this performance will be stated with rank between 1 to 10
-membobot: v 1 qualify, value 2 measure the weight (of sth) Bagaimana cara kamu  akan membobot barang-barang itu How are you going to measure the weight of the goods?
-pembobotan2: n 1 qualification 2 quantification

bobrok1: adj /lu/ 1 bad (condition) 2 rotten, dilapidated, degenerated  Semua rumah bobrok akan diruntuhkan All dilapidated houses will be torn down 3 shoddy |done or made cheaply or carelessly| Jembatan itu baru tetapi bobrok The bridge is new but it shoddy 4 ramshackle |badly built and needing to be repaired| rumah pertanian yang bobrok a ramshackle farm house –synhancur, ruining, damaging kebobrokan: n the state of being in bad condition

bocah: n /lu/ little kid, child Dia masih bocah He is still a little kid/child. –syn: anak-anak
-kebocah-bocahan: n childish. –syn: kekanak-kanakan

bocor1: adj /lu/ 1 leaky |having a hole or crack so that liquid or gas can pass through| keran bocor a leaky faucet atap bocor leaky roof

bocor2; membocorkan: v /int/tr/lu/ leak |to let a liquid or gas in or out of a hole or crack|  Minyak itu bocor daro tangki The oil leaked from the tank  Somebody
-membocorkan: v disclose |to let sth go out freely| Seseorang membocorkan rahasia itu Somebody disclosed the secret
-kebocoran1: n 1 leak |the fact that liquid or gas flow into or out of something| Kebocoran pada alas bejana itu membuat lantai basah. The leak on the bottom of the container makes the floor wet  kebocoran pada pipa air a leak in the water pipe 2 disclosure, release  Kebocoran rahasia puncak itu telah membawa sejumlah agen rahasia ke penjara. The disclosure of the top secret brought a number of secret agents to prison
-kebocoran: adj leaking  Atap rumah kami kebocoran Our house’s roof is leaking
-membocori: v to make a leak Gunakan bor membocori lantai tangki itu Use a drill to leak the bottom of the tank

bodo: see baju:

bodoh: adj /lu/ 1 stupid, dull, dumb, silly |showing a lack of good sense or judgment| Dia selalu mengatakan hal-hal bodoh dan membuat pertengkaran He’s always saying stupid things and getting into fights. Saya tidak pernah berpikir sebelumnya bahwa dia begitu bodoh. I never thought before that she is so stupid  2 not smart |showing a lack of intelligence, expertise, skill, etc| Dia sebenarnya bukan orang tertinggal mental. Dia bodoh hanya karena malas belajar Actually he isn’t a backward child. He is not smart only because he doesn’t study hard
-kebodohan: n 1 stupidity, idiocy, folly, lack of intelligence 2 mistake, fault
-kemasa bodohan: n ignorance.
-masa bodoh: adj ignorant
-memperbodoh: v make sb more stupid
-pembodohan: n duping, tricking, fooling

bodong: adj /ld/ 1 protruding (of navel) 2 bulging (stomach)

bodreks: n patent medicine for colds

bof: n /ld/ swollen thyroid glands.

bogem: n fist
-bogem mentah: n blow with fist

bogenvil: variant of bugenfil:

bohong1; berbohong: v /lu/ lie |to tell someone a lie| Saya yakin sekali dia telah bohong pada saya tentang dimana dia malam itu I was pretty sure that she was lying to me about where she’d been that night. Jangan bohong kepada dia Don’t lie to her

bohong2: adj /lu/ false |not true| Itu hanya kabar bohong It was a false news
-kebohongan: n lie, falsehood |something that you say or write that you know is not true| Jangan percaya padanya, itu hanya satu kebohongan. Don’t believe him it’s only a lie
-pembohong: n liar

bohorok: n a seasonally strong wind in East Sumatra

boikot1; memboikot: v /tr/ /lu/ boycott: |to refuse to buy or to use something, or take part in something as a way of protesting| Kami boikot semua produk yang di uji cobakan kepada hewan. We boycott all products tested on animals. 2 ostracize (play­mate, etc.) |to behave in a very unfriendly way toward a state or someone and not allow them/him/her to be part of a group| Kami sepakat memboikot Norman We all agreed not to speak to Norman

boycot2; pemboikotan: n /lu/ 1 boycott, boycotting   |the action of doing a boycott|  Boikot (pemboikotan) sering dipakai untuk tujuan politik Boycott is usually used for political purposes 2 ostracism

boké; bokek: adj 1 /inf/inf/ broke Saya sudah bokek dua hari sebelum hari gajian I’m broke two days before pay day  2 /fr/ destitute |having no money, no place to live, no food etc.: Banjir mengakibatkan ribuan orang tanpa mempunyai apa-apa. The floods left thousands of people destitute.

bokong: n /inf/ buttocks
-membokong: v 1 attack sb or sth from the rear side 2 do sth secretly 3 bring sth on your back 4 read a sentence or a word start from the right end to the left end
-membokongi: v hit sb on his/her buttock

bokor: n /lu/ 1 copper or silver bowl with wide rim. 2 cup, trophy.

boks: n 1 /lu/ box on a newspaper or magazine page 2 baby’s bed 3 booth boks telephone phone booth

bokser: n /lu/ boxer. |the player|

boksit: n /lu/ bauxite.

bola: n /lu/ 1 ball.
-bola bopeng: n golf ball
-bola huruf: n typewriter ball
-bola bumi: n globe, terrestrial globe
-bola kaki/sepak bola: n soccer
-bola ­kasti: n ball game of catch
-bola keranjang: n basketball
-bola lampu: n bulb
-bola mata: n eyeball
-bola ­langit: n fireball, meteorite.
-bola sepok: n bladder
-bola sodok/tusuk: n billiards
-bola tampel: n tennis ball
-bola tangan: n handball
-bola (bulu) tangkis: n badminton
-bola tongkat: n field hockey
-bola turut bunyi: n resonator.

bolak-balik: adv /lu/ 1 to and fro, back and forth. Bis ini pergi bolak-balik ke Semarang This bus goes to and back from  Semarang 2 two ways, round trip Berapa harga karcis bolak-balik Jakarta-Denpasar? How much is the round-trip ticket Jakarta-Denpasar? 3 back to back  Apa perlu saya fotocpy bolak-balik? Should I copy back to back? 4 again and again Dia bolak-balik mengajukan pertanyaan yang sama He ask the same question again and again  5 membolak-balik: turn back and back Dia membolak-balik buku catatannya mencari alamat itu She turn back and back her book note to find the address 6 turn over and over. Sampai jauh malam ia berputar bolak balik di tempat tidur Until late at night he turned over and over in his bed 2 twist, distort Dia pandai membolak balik kata He was clever at twisting words
-bis bolak balik: n shuttle bus
-pesawat bolak-balik: n space shuttle craft

bolang-baling: n /lu/ 1 propeller. 2 weather vane
-berbolang-baling: v be provided with propeller or weathervane.

bolang-baling: n /ld/ fried sweet roll.

boleh: v /lu/ 1 may Boleh saya duduk disini? May I sit here? 2 can Kamu boleh masuk hanya dengan undangan atau dengan perjanjian You can go in only with an invitation or appointment  3 dibolehkan; diperbolehkan: be allowed, be permitted Mereka diperbolehkan membangun toko baru disini They are allowed to build a new store here  4 can be Apa boleh buat! Semua sudah terjadi. What can be done? (What sb can do?) Everything has occurred.  5 possible  Mana boleh seperti itu? How it is possible like that?   6 boleh jadi: probable, probably 6 boleh juga: fair, not bad Saya sudah lihat pertunjukannya, boleh juga I saw his performance. It’s not bad
-kebolehan: n ability  Kebolehannya memimpin sudah tidak diragukan His ability to lead is not a doubt
-membolehkan: v allow, permit
-seboleh-bolehnya: to the extend possible

boling: n /lu/ bowling.
-peboling: bowler

bolong: adj /lu/ 1 leak 2 perforated, pierced  bolong melompong com­pletely empty 2 precisely. Mereka tiba pada tengah hari bolong They arrived precisely at noon
-berbolong: adj pierced, perforated
-membolongi: v put a hole in
-pembolongan: n per­foration

bolos1: adj /lu/  absent |not be present at an occasion or at a place which is actually should be|  Kemarin saya bolos karena demam Yesterday I was absent with cold Bolos Tanpa Ijin (AWOL)
-pembolos: n absentee, truant, deserter
-pembolosan: n absenteeism  Produksi turn karena banyak pembolosan Production decreased from so much ab­senteeism.

bolos2: see bulus:

bolpen; bolpoin: n /lu/ ballpoint pen

bolsak: variant of bulsak:

Bolsyewik: n Bolshevik.

bolu: n /lu/ sponge cake.

bom1: n /lu/ bomb
-bom atom: n atomic bomb
-bom brisan: n high explosive bomb
-bom ­kambang: n sea mine
-bom laut: n depth charge
-bom pembakar: n incendiary bomb
-bom peledak: n explosive bomb
-bom tarik: n land mine
-bom waktu: n time bomb
-bom zat air: n hydro­gen bomb
-membom: v /lu/ bomb  |to attack a place by throwing, planting,  or by dropping a bomb|  Terrosis mengancam akan membom gedung itu The terrorists threatened to bomb the building. 2 /infr/ part |used instead of  kentut which is considered as impolite|
-pembom: n bomber
pemboman: n bombardment

bom2: n /lu/ 1 boom (at a barrier), gate, bar. 2 customs. 3 wagon tongue. 4

bombardemen: n bombardment, bombing.

bombardier: membomardir: v bombard, shell, bomb. Pengacara membombardir dia dengan pertanyaan The lawyer bombarded him with questions.

bombastis: adj bombastic

bombon; bonbon: n /lu/ sugary candy

bon: n /lu/ 1 check, bill. Minta bonnya ya! The bill, please|  2 note of IOU (I Owe You) 3 the total amount in IOU Berapa bon saya? How much I owe you?

bon2: membon: v /lu/1 take and  pay later Boleh saya bon hari ini? Can I buy now and pay later?  2 take prisoner from  custody for questioning as a witness Jaksa membon satu orang tahanan untuk ditanyai sebagai saksi The prosecutor  take a prisoner from custody to question as a witness

bon2: n /tech/ alliance, league.

bonafid: adj /lu/ bona fide, reliable

bonafiditas: n /lu/ reliability, genuineness

bonar: n /ld/Btk/ 1ceasefire 2 truth

bonbon: n /lu/ candy.
-bob-bon karet: n chewing gum.

bonceng: membonceng: v /lu/1 give a ride with a two wheels vehicle Nancy membonceng saya pulang dengan sepeda motornya Nancy gave me a ride home on her motorcycle
memboncengi: v sponge off. |to get money, food etc. from someone without working for it|  Dia telah memboncengi temannya bertahun-tahun He’s been sponging off his friends for years. Dia memboncengi ayahnya He sponges on his father. 3 share in another’s fame, infiltrate |join an activity with a secret purpose| Agen rahasia asing telah memboncengi gerakan reformasi itu The foreign secret agent has infiltrated the reformation movement.
-pembonceng: n sponger, illegal passenger, infiltrator

bondo: n /ld/Jv/ goods, property, capital

bondong: n /ld/ group, crowd, throng
sebondongan orang a throng of people
-berbondong-bondong: adv in large groups. Buruh datang berbondong-bondong ­menuntut kenaikan gaji The workers  came in large groups to appeal a pay raise.

boneka: n /lu/ 1 doll. boneka pajangan mannequin. 2 puppet marionette. 3 figurehead |the government who has no real power because they are controlled by hidden power|  Negeri ini tidak demokratis karena dipimpin oleh pemerintahan boneka.  This country is not democratic because it’s led by a figurehead Negara itu dipimpin oleh pemerintahan boneka bentukan bekas penjajahnya That country is led by puppet government which is established by its former colonizer

bongak: adj /lu/1 proud, arrogant 2 stupid.
-membongak: v boast.

bonggol: n 1 hump 2 outgrowth. 3 knot on tree.
-bonggol ­jagung: n corn cob.

bonggol2: membonggol: v /inf/ strike over and over 2 hit repeat­edly.

bongkah: n /lu/ numeral classifier for lumps, chunks, etc. sebongkah batu a slab of stone sebongkah daging a hunk of meat sebongkah mas a gold nugget. sebongkah uang a wad of money
-membongkah: v dig up or cut into clumps.
-bongkahan: n hunk, chunk, nugget.

bongkak: adj /inf/ 1 proud. 2 insolent 3 arrogant.

bongkar; membongkar: v /lu/ 1 take apart 2 open by force , dig up. Dia membongkar pintu He open the by force 3 break in. 4 demolish, wreck (building). 5 disclose, uncover, expose (plot, secret) Polisi telah membongkar perdagangan gelap itu The police has disclosed that illegal trading.  5 unload, discharge (ship). 6 open up, unpack. 7 dismantle, dis­assemble, take apart (engine).
-bongkar sauh: v weigh an anchor.
-bongkar muat: v load and unload.
-bongkar pasang: v overhaul (machine)
-bongkaran: n unloaded goods. -membongkari: v take apart.
-kebongkaran: v be get broken. Rumah kami kebongkaran tadi malam Our house was get broken last night.
-pembongkar: n sb who breaks open (doors, houses, or unloaded truck, etc.) 2 house burglar 2 demolisher, wrecker. 3 sb who discloses secret or hidden activities
-pembongkaran: n 1 disclosure, expose. 2 de­molition, removal. pembongkaran bangunan clearance of buildings.
-terbongkar: v be disclosed, be bared, be uncovered. Komplo­tan gelap itu sudah terbongkar The secret plot has been uncovered.

bongkar-bangkir: adj /inf/ scattered, spread about.
-membongkar-bangkir: v ­spread, scatter |to throw or drop a lot of things over a wide area|  Dia membongkar-bangkir bukunya di sana sini dilantai He scattered his books across the floor

bongkok: see bungkuk:

bongkol: n /lu/ knob. 2 hump. 3 head (of lettuce) 4 withers
-berbongkol: v ­having a hump
-lembu berbongkol: n cattle characterized by fatty deposits above withers.

bongkrek: n /Jv/ inedible (of misshapen, diseased tubers or fruits)  tempe bongkrek fermented cake made from peanuts after the oil has been pressed out |this foodstuff is often poisonous|

bontot1: n /Jv/ rice wrapped in leaves to eat away from home
-membontot: v bring food on trip.
-bontotan: n /ld/ 1 bundle, sth wrapped (cloth, etc.)  2 food for journey.

bontot2: adj /Jv/ youngest (child).

bonus: n /lu/ bonus

bonyok; bonyor: adj /ld/ 1 flabby |having too much soft loose fat instead of strong muscles| Sejak saya berhenti berenang lengan saya menjadi bonyok Since I’ve stopped swimming my arms have gotten flabby  2 soft, mushy (of fruit) bonyok hancur really beat up, finished. 3 tainted, rank (of meat, fish)

boom /bom/: variant of bom:

booking /buking/: see buking:

boong: /spo/ variant of bohong:

boorwater /borwater/: see borwater:

bop: variant of bob:

bopeng: adj /lu/ 1 pockmarked. 2 full of pot-holes (of roads).
-membopengkan: v cause pockmarks
-kebopengan: n the state of being cov­ered with pockmarks.

bopong; membopong: v /lu/ hold sb up against your chest.
-bopongan: n sling (a piece of clothe to hold a baby against your chest|
-pembopong: n sup­porter.

bor: n /lu/ 1 drill |a tool or machine used for making holes in something hard| bor listrik an electric drill  bor gigi a dentist’s drill
-mengebor: v drill
-pengebor: n driller
-pengeboran: n drilling anjungan pengeboran: drilling platform

borak: n /Isl/ winged steed that carried Muhammad to heaven.

boraks: n borax.

bordil; border: n /lu/ embroidery.
-memborder; memborderkan: v embroider Dia memborderkan tanda silang di ba­junya He embroidered a cross on his shirt. Sutera kuning diborderkan di roknya Her dress was embroi­dered with yellow silk
-borderan: n embroidered object, embroidery.

borgol: n /lu/frm/ handcuffs.
-memborgol: v handcuff
-pemborgolan: n handcuffing

borjuasi: n bourgeoisie.

borjuis: adj bourgeois.

boro-boro: adv /inf/ do not expect even that much, less than it is even unlikely Boro-boro dia datang, menelepopun tidak Don’t even think about his coming, he didn’t even call

borok: n /lu/ 1 boil, ulcer |infected swelling on sb’s skin| 2 mange 3 evil (behaviour, attitude, treatment, intention, heart)
-borokan: adj 1 full of boil, ulcerous 2 mangy 3 evil  Jangan percaya dia, hatinya borokan Don’t believe him, his heart is evil

borong; memborong: v /lu/ 1 contract the en­tire stock |deal with the whole certain work| 2 whole buying |relating to a trading in large quantities, usually at low prices to people or stores that then sell to other people| 3 charter
-borongan: adj contract-based agreement  2 wholesale-buying 3 chartered (transport)
-pemborong: n 1 contractor. pemborong bangunan building contractor 2 wholesale buyer 3 sb who chartered the whole seat of (a bus, flight, boat, etc)

boros: adj /lu/ 1 wasteful, extravagant. Sandro sangat boros tak bisa menyimpan uang Sandro is  very wasteful and could not save any money 2 too lavish.
-memboros: v be wasteful.
-memboroskan: v waste, squander. Belanja seperti itu sangat memboroskan uang Shopping like that really wastes money.
-keborosan: n wastefulness.
-pemboros1: n 1 sb who squander money  2 big spender.
-pemboros2: adj free spending, spendthrift, frugal
-pemborosan: n 1 wasting, squandering. 2 extravagance, lavishness.

boru; br: n /Btk/ daughter |kinship term similar to nee|  Serevina boru ­Sihombing Serevina nee Sihombing (Serevina a daughter from a Sihombing family)

borwater: n boric water

bos1: n /lu/ bunch, bundle. satu bos kayu bakar a bundle of firewood. satu bos rokok a carton containing 10 packs of cigarettes.

bos3: n boss 1 employer |the person who employs you or who is in charge of your work| Bos kami membolehkan kami pulang lebih awal hari ini Our boss let us leave early today 2 superintendent |the person who is the strongest in a relationship, who controls a situation etc.| 2 Kita harus buktikan siapa bos disini We have to prove who’s the boss.

bosan: adj /lu/1 bored. Lama-lama saya bosan juga menunggu dia After a while I was bored waiting for her. 2 tired of  Mereka sudah bosan hidup They’ve get tired with their life. (weary of life)  3 fed up Mereka telah bosan mendengar nasehat itu They’ve getting  fed up with those advice 4 flag Saya tidak akan pernah bosan melakukan itu I’ll never be flagging (tiring) to do it.Kami tidak bosan-bosan berupaya menghibur dia We never be flagged in our efforts to divert her.
-membosankan: adj 1 bored, leaved cold. 2 boring, humdrum, tedious, hackneyed Dia memberikan pidato yang sudah membosankan He delivered a hackneyed speech
-kebosanan: n boredom, tediousness, weariness, doldrums
-pembosan: n who becomes bored easily.

botak: adj /lu/ 1 bald a) |having little or no hair on your head|  b) |not having enough of the substance that normally covers something| ban botak bald tires –syn: gundul
-membotak: v become bald.
-membotaki: v 1 shave off all hair 2 shave sb bald. Kepala kamp menyuruh mereka membotaki tawanan The leader of the camp ordered them to shave the heads of the detained persons bald. 2 strip completely bare. Pe­ngambilan kayu bakar tanpa kendali akan membotaki hutan The taking of fire­wood without control will strip the forest

botani: n /tech/ botany.

botol: n /lu/ l bottle. botol susu baby bottle. botol takaran graduated flask. 2 bottled (in set expressions). teh botol tea in bottles (or cartons).
-berbotol: adj bottled. bir berbotol bottled bir
-berbotol-botol: quant. a bottle after a bottle Dia minum bir berbotol-botol. He has drunk bir a bottle after a bottle
-membotolkan: v package sth in bottle
-pembotolan: n bottling |the process of  putting into bottle|

boyong: v /int/lu/ move Mereka telah boyong ke kota lain They have moved to other city
-memboyong: v /tr/ bring |to move sth from one place to another place| Dia memboyong pulang dagangan yang belum laku He take home unsold merchandise  2 capture, gain |possess and take away sth|  Tim Asian Games kita memboyong enam  medali emas Our Asian Games contingent gained six gold medals
-pemboyongan: n removal, shifting. pemboyongan benda-benda kebudayaan removal or shifting of cultural objects.

BP {Balai Pustaka}: n Public Printing and Publishing House.

BPKB {Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor}: n certifi­cate of ownership of motor vehicles.

BPS {Biro Pusat Statistik}: n Central Bureau of Statistics.

br-: pref see also entries with ber-. brahmana Brahman. brahmani Brahmin (woman).

brai: n /of/ bell bottom, flared (of trousers).

brandal1: n /lu/ 1 rascal, scoundrel. 2 gangster, bandit. street people
-membrandal: v 1 be a gangster or bandit. 2 commit an act of banditry, commit rascally act.
-kebrandalan: n rascality, villainy, wantonness.
-brandalan: n madcap, hothead. ren­cana berandalan madcap scheme.

brandal2: adj rascally Mereka brandal, kita perlu membimbing mereka They are rascally, we need to guide them

brangus; memberangus: v /lu/ 1 muzzle (of dog) 2 censor, muzzle (of speech, press)  Pemerintah Indonesia tidak ada niat untuk membrangus pers
-pembrangusan: n censorship

brankas: n /lu/ safe, strongbox.

brantam: see hantam:

branwir: variant of blangwer:

bredel: see breidel:

breg: n sound of heavy falling.

breidel; membreidel: v bridle |to put bridle on a horse| 1 curb. 3 muzzle (critics), close down (press), censor (news) Penguasa telah membreidel majalah itu The authority has closed down the magazine
-pembreidelan: n muzzling, closing down, termination

bren: n light machine gun

brendi: n brandy |any of strong alcoholic drink|

bréngsék: adj /lu/inf/ 1 useless, crazy (not sensitive), careless, lousy seorang anak muda brengsek a crazy young man  sopir yg brengsek a careless driver. 2 excl Hell! Brengsek! Semua berantakan Hell! Everything is messed up!
-keberengsekan: n lousiness, craziness, carelessness  kebrengsekan pemerintahan breakdown of  administration ­

bret: n /spo/ sound of a sheet (of sth) snatched away

bretel: n /of/ suspenders |two bands of cloth that go over your shoulders and are attached to your pants to hold them up|

brevet: n /tech/ certification of certain expertise, license, flying certificate

brevir: n breviary.

brewok: n /Jv/lu/  whiskers, sideburns.
-brewokan: adj be­ whiskered, bearded.

BRI {Bank Rakyat Indonesia}: n one of nation-wide bank, owned by government

bridge: n bridge |the card game|

briefing: n /lu/ a short oral discussion, oral summary report
-membriefing: v lead a short oral discussion, give an oral summary report

brigade: n brigade.

brigjen {brigadir jenderal}: n brigadier general

brikdan; brikdans: n /lu/ break dance.

briket: n briquet.

bril: n /ld/ eyeglasses.

brilian: adj /lu/ brilliant, highly intelligent.

brisik: see risik:

Britania Raya: n Great Britain.

brokat: n brocade.

bromfits: see brompit

bromocorah: n /ld/ 1 seasonal criminal 2 temporarily criminal 3 amateur criminal|

brompit: n /lu/ 1 moped |a vehicle like a bicycle with a small engine|

brondong: n /lu/ 1 fusillade.
-membrondong: v ­1 fire a volley of bullets. Sekelompok pemberontak memberondong pos polisi pagi tadi A group of rebels fired a volley to the police post this morning  2 shell, bombard. Mereka memberondong dia per­tanyaan-pertanyaan They bombarded her with questions.
-berondongan: n barrage, volley of gunfire, spray of bullets.
-jagung brondong: n popcorn.
-pembrondongan: n bombardment.

bronchitis: n bronchitis.

bros1: n /lu/ brooch.

bros2: adj /ld/ crisp, brittle, breakable

brosur: n /lu/ brochure.
-membrosurkan: v put or print on bro­chures.

bruder: n /lu/ religious brother, friar.
-bruderan: n 1 friary, abbey. 2 place (esp. school) operated by religious brothers.

brur: n /inf/ brother, a reference and address term, esp. in Catholic circles.

brutal: adj /lu/ 1 very violent, brutal. tindakan brutal brutal action 2 impudent, insolent.
-brutalisme: n brutalism
-kebrutalan: n bru­tality.

bruto: adj /lu/ gross |total amount before any tax or costs have been taken away| berat bruto gross weight  pendapatan bruto ­gross income. –syn: kotor -ant: net

bu!: see ibu:

buah: n /lu/ 1 fruit. |the part of a plant, tree, or bush that contains seeds and is often eaten as food|  Pepaya dan pisang adalah buah yang lazim di temui disini Papaya and bananas are common fruit here| Buah apa yang paling kamu sukai? What kind of fruit do you like most?  2 result |the good results that you have from something you have worked hard at| Senang melihat Barry menikmati buah kerja kerasnya It’s nice to see Barry enjoying the result of all his hard work.
anak buah: n subordinate |someone who has a lower position or less authority than someone else| Dia mengabaikan saran dari anak buahnya He ignored the suggestions from his subordinates.
-berbuah; berbuahkan: v yield, bear, give fruit
-buah bibir: n issue of gossip
-buah-buahan: n fruit of all kinds
-buah betis: n calf of leg
-buah baju: n button
-buah catur: n chess pieces
-buah dacing: n weights
-buah dada: n breast, bosom.
-buah dam: n checker (game)
-buah geli/buah; ginjal/pinggang: n kidneys
-buah hati/buah jantung: n sweetheart
-buah kan­dungan: n fetus.
-buah kalam/pena: n essay, writing
-buah karya: n literary work
-buah keringat: n good result of our effort
-buah lengan: n biceps
-buah pantat: n cheek (of buttocks
-buah pelajaran: n subject of study
-buah pikiran: n opinion
-buah pelir/zakar: n testicles
-buah sulung: n first fruit (of a plant)
-buah tangan: n souvenir
-buah terlarang: n sex organ
-membuahi: v impregnate, fertilize Sperma membuahi ovum pada saat senggama Sperm fertilizes the ovum at the moment of sexual union.
-pembuahan: n conception, fertilization.

buai1: membuai: v /lu/ lull 1 |to make someone feel calm or sleepy| Menyanyi dengan lembut, dia membuai anak itu tidur Singing softly, she lulled the baby to sleep. 2 |to make someone feel so safe and confident that you can easily deceive him/her| Dia membuai saya sampai percaya bahwa bisnis itu menguntungkan She lulled me into believing that the business will be fruitful
-buaian: n the effect of lulling
-terbuai: v /pass.v./ be lulled Gadis itu terbuai oleh rayuan pacarnya The girl was lulled by her boyfriend

bual: n /lu/1 bubble |if liquid substance come out from the bottom to the surface and produce bubble|  bual dari mata air the bubble of the spring water  2 boast, big talk, nonsense. Apa yang dikatakan dia hanya bual belaka What he said was only nonsense   Saya benci mendengar bual orang itu I am sick to hear that man’s big talk.
-berbual; berbual-bual: v bubble over
-membual: v 1 bubble up 2 boast, brag, talk big
-pembual: n loudmouth, braggart, boaster

buana: n /ltr/ earth, universe.

buang: membuang: v /lu/ 1 throw (away). buang angin break wind, fart  Dia membuang bola keluar lapangan He kick the ball out of the field 2 discard membuang pakaian bekas discarding old clothes 3 exile Pemerintah colonial membuang Sukarno ke tempat terasing The colonial government exiled Sukarno to a remote place 4 waste (time, energy, money). Jangan buang waktu kamu dengan melakukan itu Don’t waste your time by doing it
buang air besar/ buang hajat: v defecate
-buang air kecil: v urinate
-buang ancak: v make an offering (of food) to spirits
-buangan: n waste, residue, dreg, leavings  -syn: tersisa-sisakan
-buang bini: v divorce wife
buang dadu: v play dice
-buang diri/nyawa:
v commit suicide
-buang hamil: v abort pregnancy
-buang ingus: v blow sb’s nose
-buang jangkar: v cast anchor
-buang lambai: v wave.
-buang langkah: v 1flee, escape. 2 execute a step back in fencing, martial arts, etc.
-buang lelah/letih/penat: v take a break, rest
-buang mata/pandang: v throw a glance, look around.
-buang malu: v pretend not to be ashamed
-buang muka: v1 avert sb’s eyes. 2 dislike sb or sth
-buang mulut: v speak insincerely
-buang nafas: v exhale
-buang nama: v disgrace sb’s name
-buang peluru/tembakan: v put a shot.
-buang pukulan: v parry a blow
-buang sauh: v cast the anchor.
-buang sial: v break unlucky streak |usually by undergoing a ceremony, hair cutting, throw sth valuable thing into the ocean, etc|
-buang sikap: v get rid of a bad attitude – behave better
-buang tangan: v move hand to deliver blow (in martial arts, etc.)
-buang tenaga: v waste of energy
-buang tempo/waktu: v waste of time
-buang uang: v waste of money
-buang undi(an): v play at dice get
-pembuangan: n 1 the process of throwing, exiling, expelling, exile, banishment, elimination, removal. 2 the place where we put the waste, residue, dreg, etc. before the next necessary treatment
-terbuang; terbuang-buang: v /pass.v./ be neglected, be expelled, be wasted.

buas: adj /lu/ 1 wild (of animals, natural phenomena) 2 cruel-hearted, ruthless.
-membuas: v be cruel.
-membuaskan: v make wild, excite.

buat; membuat: v /lu/ 1 do, make. Dia selalu membuat masalah He always makes trouble 2 for. Buat apa itu kamu gunakan? What do you use it for? Buat saya itu tidak jadi masalah For me, it is not a problem. buat sementara ini for the time being. 3 in order  Dia telah pergi buat belajar She has gone in order to study.
berbuat: v do, act. Kami tidak berbuat apa-apa We didn’t do anything Jangan berbuat salah Don’t do anything wrong  3 cause. Jangan lakukan ssu yang bisa buat dia marah Don’t do something that can cause him angry
-buatan: adj 1 artificial Matanya adalah buatan His eyes are artificial 2 |to introduce the way to make sth| Ini perabotan buatan tangan This is a hand-made furniture perkawinan buatan artificial insemination
-dibuat-dibuat: v /pass.v/ be feigned, be pretended Itu keramahan yang dibuat-buat That is a pretended hospitality
-dibuat (di): v /pass.v./ Produk ini dibuat di Indonesia This product is made in Indonesia
-membuat-buat: v feign, pretend   Mereka membuat-buat seolah-olah mereka mabuk They feigned as they were drunk
-memperbuat; berbuat: v to do (sth) Kalau kita membuat sedikit kesalahan,  bisa berakibat buruk If we do just a small mistake, it can be fatal
-perbuatan: n 1 action, Tidak ada perbuatan jahat yang bebas dari hukuman There is no evil action will be free from punishment 2 good deed Perbuatan baik yang kamu lakukan akan selalu saya ingat I’ll always remember the good deed you did  3 act Perbuatan Apostel Act of the Apostle 4 performance, conduct, behaviour, deed
-pembuat: n maker, doer, producer Jangan menjadi pembuat kerusuhan Don’t be a chaos maker
-pembuatan: n production, manufacture, making
-terbuat (dari): v /pass.v/ be made (of)  Bahannya terbuat dari serat tanaman. The material was made of plant fibre.

buaya: n /lu/ 1 crocodile, alligator. 2 villain, 2 thief, scoundrel. 3 woman chaser
-membuaya: v 1 creep on the belly 2 chase woman
-membuayai: v 1 cheat, deceive 2 scare, bully.
-buaya pasar: n pickpocket.
-buaya tangsi: n bullying soldier’s son
-buaya uang: n loan shark, pawn broker

bubar1: v /intr/lu/ 1 disperse, scatter. Orang banyak itu bubar setelah polisi datang The crowd dispersed after the coming of the police 2 membubarkan: dismissed |to send someone away or allow him/her to go| Guru membubarkan kelas The teacher dismissed the class 3 break up Polisi membubarkan arak-arakan itu The police broke up the rally  3 /intr/ dis­solve |to end a marriage, business arrangement, collaboration, etc| Perkawinana saya tidak akan bubar hanya karena salah paham ini My marriage will not going to dissolve just because of this misunderstanding 4 /Mil/ dismissed Sersan itu memerintahkan kopralnya untuk membubarkan barisan The sergeant commanded his corporal to dismiss the line  5 liquidate. |to close a business or company and sell its goods in order to pay a debt| Perusahaan itu bubar akibat krisis ekonomi yang lalu The company liquidated due to the last economic crisis 6 end Until the game ended the score still at 2 – 3 Sampai permainan bubar skor tetap 2 – 3
membubarkan: v /tr/ disperse, scatter 
-pembubaran: n 1 dispersal, breaking up, liquidation, dissolution, disbandment  closing up pembubaran tentara suka­rela the disbandment of the volunteer army. 2 disso­lution

bubu: n /lu/ a plaited rattan fish trap.
-membubu: v make money for sb’s living by catching fish with such a trap.

bubuk1: n /lu/ powder (grounded material)
-bubuk beras: n rice powder
-bubuk besi: n iron dust
-bubuk kayu: n sawdust
-bubuk kopi: n coffee powder
-bubuk roti: n breadcrumbs
-bubuk sabun: n soap powder
bubuk tulang: n bone meal.

bubuk2: adj /lu/ pulverized. kopi bubuk pulverized coffee. merica bubuk ground pepper susu bubuk powdered milk
-membubuk: v 1 to turn into dust. 2 grind, pul­verize.
-pembubukan: n pulverization.

bubuk3: n /ld/ insect, wood borer.

bubul1: n /ld/ 1 sore on palm or sole 2 corns on hooves of animals.
-bubulan: adj suffer from such sores.

bubul2: membubul: v /ld/ repair, fix (net, etc.).

bubul3: membubul: v /ld/ soar, rise skyward (of fire, swarm of insects)
-membubulkan: v raise upward. Akhirnya dia membubulkan rasa keberatannya di dalam rapat Finally he raised her complain on the meeting

bubun-bubun: n /ld/ fontanel.

bubung: n /lu/ 1 top, ridge. 2 ridgepole.
-membubung: v 1 rise, go upward, soar, skyrocket  Pesawat terbang itu membubung ke angkasa The plane rose to the sky 2  increase fast, incline fast Indeks saham gabungan membubung tinggi The mixed share index rose highly. 3  soar, skyrocket Akhir-akhir ini karirnya membubung (meroket) His career has skyrocketed lately
-bubungan: n /lu/ 1 ridge (of house). 2 ridge­pole. 3 cam.

bubur: n /lu/ porridge, gruel, mush. Nasi sdh jadi bubur The rice has turned into porridge |a proverb to say that sth has happened we can’t turn it back to the initial state| bubur  kacang ijo porridge of mung beans. bubur kayu wood pulp. bubur ketan porridge of glutinous rice. bubur merah ceremonial rice por­ridge with palm sugar. bubur sumsum porridge of rice powder.
-membubur: n 1 make porridge. 2 become mush

bubut1; membubut: v /tr/lu/ 1 lathe Mesin ini dapat membubut permukaan baja dengan halus This machine can lathe a very smooth surface of metal 2 operate a lathe Dia sedang membubut ulir itu He is lathing the thread
-mesin bubut: n lathe 2  1 pull up, pluck (grass, hair, etc.). 2 extract (a tooth).
-membubuti: v /tr/ i pluck hair, fur, etc. from sth membubuti bulu ayam to pluck a chicken feather

bubut2: n /ld/ brace |something used or worn in order to support or to tie something|

bubut3: n /ld/ bird |any birds, belongs to the family of Centropus bengalensis|

Buda: variant of Budha:

budak: n /lu/1 servant, slave. budak belian bondslave. budak gem­bala herdsman, shepherd. 2 /ltr/ youngster 2 kids
-membudak: v become a slave.
-memperbudak: v treat sb as a slave. Majikan itu memperbudak karyawan The employer treated the workers as slaves.
-perbudakan: n slavery, bondage, servitude.

budaya: n /lu/ 1 culture |the art, beliefs, behavior, ideas etc. of a particular society or group of people|  Budaya Bali itu sangat unik The culture of Balinese is very unique 2 attitude, behaviour, practice Budaya seperti ini tidak diterima masyarakan disini The attitude like this is not acceptable in this community
-berbudaya: adj civilized 1 |well organized and developed socially|  Kepedulian terhadap orang cacad sangat utama dalam masyarakat berbudaya Care for the disabled is essential in a civilized society 2 |behaving in a polite and sensible way|  Itu bukan cara berbudaya kalau bicara dengan seorang wanita tua That’s not the civilized way to talk to an old lady
-kebudayaan: n culture, civilization
-membudaya: adj socialized, familiarized, internalized, en­trenched  “Assalam’mualaikum!” telah membudaya disini sebagai kata menyapa. “Assalam’mualaikum!” has been internalized here as a greeting words
-membudayakan: n socialize, familiarize, internalize Kita perlu membudayakan kebiasaan tidak merokok di tempat umum We need to internalize the habit of not smoking in a public place Apa menurut kamu korupsi telah membudaya dikalangan birokrat ini? Do you think that corruption has been socialized in this bureaucracy?
-pembudayaan: n socialization,  practice,  familiarization, internalization,

budayawan: n culturist |observer or writer about culture-related activities such as art, drama, social behaviour, etc|

budayawi: adj culturist |pertaining to the consistency in the practice of cultural values that he/she believe in|

bude: n /Jv/ aunt |older sister of our mother|

budek: n /Jv/ 1 deaf. 2 anonymous. surat budeg anonymous letter.

Budha: n Buddha.

Budhis: n Buddhist |the follower of Buddha|

Budhisme: n Buddhism.

budi: n /lu/1 moral |the ability to make a reasonable and sensible judgement about what is wrong and what is good based on existing social value| 2 behaviour, attitude 4 intelligence 5 character, manner
-akal budi: n intelligence
-berbudi; budiman: adj moral Saya kira dia seorang yang berbudi/budiman I think she is a moral person
-berbudi bahasa: adj polite (speaker)
-berbudi luhur: adj noble
-berbudi tinggi: adj highly intelligent
-budi pekerti: n sense of moral
-budi baik: n generosity, good manner

budidaya; pembudidayaan: n cultivation.
-membudidayakan: v cultivate

budiman: n wise, prudent, sensible, honourable  pendengar yang budiman honourable audience

bugar: see segar: sehat:

bugenfil: n flowering ornamental shrub |bou­gainvillaea|

bugil: adj /lu/ naked
-membugilkan: v undress
-kebugilan: n nakedness.

bui1: n jail, prison
-membuikan: v jail, lock up.
-pembuian: n jailing, incar­ceration.

bui2: n buoy.

buih: n /lu/ foam, froth. buih sabun soapsuds.
-berbuih-buih; membuih: v foam up.  Air sumur itu berbuih-buih The water of the well foams up.

bujang; bujangan: adj /lu/ 1 single, unmarried 2 bachelor 3 male servant.
-membujang: v 1 be single. Dia hidup membujang He leads a bachelor’s life 2 work as a servant. Dia membujang di keluarga ini He works as a servant for this family

bujangga: n /ld/ 1 sage, scholar, learned or wise person 2 poet, man of letters.
-kebujanggaan: n literature, poet dunia kebujanggaan literature world.

bujuk1; bujukan: n /lu/ coaxing, cajolery,  persuasion, enticement bujuk rayu gentle persua­sion,
-membujuk: v persuade  2 coax  3 cajole 4 entice
-membujuki: v repeatedly persuade, coax, cajole, entice
-pembujuk: n ­1 flatterer. 2 cajoler 3 coaxer, enticer

bujuk2: n /ld/ fish |any kind of fish belongs to family of Ohiocephalus

bujur: n /lu/ 1 length |the longest side of a rectangle-shaped space Bujur tanah itu 100 meter dan lebarnya 60 meter The length of the field is 100 meters and the width is 60 meters  2 longitude: |a position on the Earth measured in degrees east or west of an imaginary line from the top to the bottom of the Globe| Posisi kami berada di 150 busur Timur  dan 300 lintang Utara Our position is 150 East longitude and 300 North latitude
-bujur sangkar:
adj square |having four equal sides and four right angles|
-bujur telur: adj oval
-bujur panjang: adj rectangle
-dibujurkan: v be died (from) Dia dibujurkan oleh serangan jantung He died from heart
membujur: v /lu/ stretched out lengthwise
-membujurkan: v /lu/ lay sth in the direction or position of the longest side toward sth Mereka membujurkan mayat itu kearah Utara They laid the body of the death person lengthwise toward the North

buka1: terbuka: adj /lu/ open  Biarkan pintu itu terbuka Let the door open. Apa toko itu sekarang buka? Is the store now open?

buka2: membuka: v 1 open Apa saya perlu membuka jendela itu? Shall I open the window?  2 break  Ini sudah pukul 6:00 sore Mari kita buka puasa It’s 6:00 p.m. let’s break the past  3 build Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum akan membuka jalan baru ke danau itu The Ministry of Public Works is going to build a new road to the lake 4 talk Dia tidak buka mulut kepada polisi siapa memasok narkoba itu kepada mereka He didn’t talk to the police who supplied them the drug  5 run (a business) Ayahnya membuka kedai kopi untuk mencari nafkah His father runs a coffee shop to make money  6 expose Dia membuka pahanya untuk menarik gairah seks pria. She expose her thighs to attract man sexual desire 7 clear Perusahaan berencana membuka lahan ini untuk perkebunan teh The company plan to clear this land for a tea plantation 8 take off Buka sepatu kamu sebelum memasuki tempat suci ini Take off your shoes before entering this holy place 9 release Buka dulu mur baut itu sebelum mengangkat tutupnya Release the nut of the bolt before taking out the cup  10 unwrap Siapa yang membuka bungkusan ini? Who unwrapped  this package? 11 disclose Polisi masih belum bisa membuka konspirasi dibelakang pembunuhan itu The police still can’t disclose the conspiracy behind the murder  11 unfurl (sails) Sekarang waktunya untuk membuka layar This is the time to unfurl the sails  12 unfasten (rope, safety pin) Jangan membuka sabuk pengamannya sebelum pesawat berhenti dengan sempurna Please don’t unfasten your seat belt before the craft completely stop 13 unfold (a pocket knife) Jangan buka pisaunya, itu bisa melukai kamu Don’t unfold the knife, it may hurt you!
kata pembuka: n forewords
-keterbukaan: n 1 openness Saya berharap keterbukaan hatimu menerima maaf saya I expect the openness of your heart to accept my apology 2 transparency  Keterbukaan dalam pertanggungjawaban keuangan adalah satu keharusan Transparency of the financial account is a must
makanan pembuka: n appetizer
-pembuka: n 1 opener, initiator, developer
-pembukaan: n introduction, opening
-terbuka: adj 1 opened  Pintunya terbuka silahkan masuk! The door is open, please come in! 2 available Bea siswa terbuka untuk mahasiswa pasca sarjana The scholarship is available for graduate student

bukan: adv /lu/ 1 not Dia bukan pacar saya She is not my girlfriend   2 it isn’t Bukan itu maksud saya It isn’t what I mean! Ini bukan main-main, saya sungguh-sungguh! This isn’t a joking, I mean it! 3 isn’t it?, aren’t you?, do you?, right?, etc. – often contracted (‘bukan’ ® ‘kan’)  Ini mobil kamu, kan? This is your car, isn’t it? Kamu senang pada dia bukan/kan? You like her, do you?  Kita mau pergi ke pasar, kan? We were going to the market, right?
bukan main: so, very  Itu bukan main jauhnya dari sini! It’s very far from here Bukan main cantiknya gadis itu The girl is so beautiful!
bukankah: isn’t, aren’t  Bukankah pria bertopi putih itu paman kamu? Isn’t the man with the hat your uncle? Bukankah kamu yang pergi keluar bersama dia? Weren’t you who went out with her?
-(yang) bukan-bukan: nonsense Jangan pernah bicara yang bukan-bukan pada saya Don’t ever tell me a nonsense.
bukannya; bukankah: 1 isn’t (sb/sth) that Bukannya dia yang mengatakan itu pada kamu? Isn’t he that told you that? 2 don’t/doesn’t (sb/sth) that Bukankah kamu yang mengatakan itu kepada saya? Didn’t you who tell it to me?

buket: n /lu/frm/ bouquet.

buking; membuking: v /lu/ 1 book 2 reserve  Kamar hotel ini se­mua sudah dibuking All of this hotel’s rooms have been reserved
-pembukingan: n reservation
-terbuking: v been booked.

bukit: n /lu/ hill
-berbukit: adj hilly, moun­tainous.
-bukit pasir: n dune |small hill made of sand|
-membukit: v form a hill, heap, pile up. Buah kela­pa itu  membukit The coconuts piled up 2 resemble a hill
-perbukitan: n hilly area

bukti: n /lu/ proof, evidence, fact
-bukti diri: n ID card
-bukti garansi: n warranty, guarantee
-bukti penerimaan:
n receipt

-bukti pelang­garan (tilang): n traffic ticket.
-bukti saksi: n testimony. -(dapat) dibuktikan: adj provable
-membuktikan: v prove, demonstrate, es­tablish, show
-pembuktian: n 1 authen­tication 2 proving.
-terbukti: adj has been proven.

buku1: n /lu/ book
-buku alamat: n directory/address book
-buku acara: n program, agenda
-buku agenda: n date book, diary
-buku bacaan: n reading book
-buku bajakan: n pirated book
-buku catatan: n notebook
-buku cerita: n novel book
-buku harian: n diary
-buku kas: n ledger
-buku petunjuk: n directory
-buku penuntun: n manual
-buku pintar: n reference book
-buku saku: n pocket book
-buku tamu: n guest register
-buku tulis: n writing book
v note (into a book)
-pembukuan: n bookkeeping
-perbukuan: n book matters.

buku2: n /lu/ 1 knuckle, joint. 2 knot 3 |word used to quantify grain, pellet, lump (of salt, sand, etc.). dua buku garam two lumps of salt. sebuku tanah a  lump of soil sebuku sabun a bar of soap
-berbuku: adj jointed, have joints.
-buku jari: n knuckle.
-buku kaki: n ankle.
-buku leher: n vertebra
-membuku: v 1 form knots or joints. 2 be pent up (of emotions)
-perbukuan: n /anat/  joint. perbukuan kaki joint of foot. 2 foundation, cornerstone.

bulai: n /lu/ 1 albino. 2  white-skin person, Caucasian.

bulak: n /ld/ lonely place in a road. Di bulak itu sering terjadi perampokan In that lonely area there are lots of robbery –syn: /lu/ jalan lengang

bulak-balik: variant of bolak-balik:

bulan: n /lu/ 1 month |one of the 12 periods of time that a year is divided into| Bulan Mei mendatang saya akan pergi ke Jepang In the coming May, I’m going to Japan. 2 |any period of time equal to about four weeks| Saya akan bepergian selama dua bulan I’ll be away for two months. Kami akan kembali satu bulan dari sekarang We’ll be back a month from today 2 moon |the round object that can be seen shining in the sky at night| Bulan itu sedang sembunyi di balik awan. The moon is hiding behind the cloud
-berbulan-bulan: n several months.
-bulanan: adv monthly majalah bulanan a monthly jour­nal
-bulan bintang: n crescent moon and star – the symbol of Islam
-bulan kabisat: n February in which consists only 28 days
-bulan madu: n honeymoon.
-bulan muda: n the beginning of each moon, associated with pay day
-bulan puasa: n fasting month, the 9th month of Muslim year
-bulan purnama: n full moon
-bulan sabit: n crescent (moon)
-bulan tua: n the end of a month, associated with when people are waiting for pay day
-datang bulan: v menstruate
-membulan: v 1 become like a moon. Wajahnya kelihatan membulan ­Her face look like a moon  2 on the moon Apollo itu sudah membulan The Apollo has been on the moon.

bulat: adj /lu/ 1 circle Permukaan danau itu benar-benar bulat The surface of the lake is really circle  2 round, spherical Apa bentuk bintang-bintang itu bulat? Is the shape of the stars round? angka bulat non-fractional number 2 complete, final, definite tekad bulat definite intention rencana bulat definite plan 3 unanimous. Keputusan diambil dengan suara bulat The decision was made unanimously pendapat bulat unanimous opin­ion
-bulat bola: adj globular
-bulat bujur: adj elliptical
-bulat buluh: adj cylindrical.
-bulat cekung: adj concave.
-bulat cem­bung: adj convex.
-bulat gepeng: adj round and flat.
-bulat hati: adj resolute
-bulat panjang/torak:
adj cylindrical, oblong.
-bulat ­pipih: adj round and flat (as a coin).
-bulat telor: adj oval­
-kebulatan: n 1 |the state of being united, complete, overall| kebulatan tekad determination 2 roundness
-membulatkan: v /lu/ 1 round off |to change an exact figure to the nearest whole number –e.g  79,96 ® 80| 2 unite Mari kita bulatkan upaya kita untuk masa depan yang lebih baik Let’s unite our effort to a better future 3 concentrate Saya harus membulatkan ingatan saya untuk menemukan kembali namanya I have to concentrate my memory to recall her name
-membulat: v become round 4 come to agreement Mari kita membulatkan kesepakatan dalam hal ini Let’s come to an agreement on this matter

buldog: n /lu/ bulldog.

buldoser; buldozer: n /lu/ bulldozer

bule; bulek: variant of bulai:

buletin: n bulletin.

bulgur: n /lu/ grain product made of the nutritious portions of wheat

bulian: n /lu/ iron wood tree

buli-buli: n /lu/ gourd |the hard shell of a large fruit that is used as a container|

bulu: n /lu/ 1 body hair |the things like thin threads that grow on a person’s or animal’s skin| Kakinya ditumbuhi bulu yang lebat His leg are covered with heavy hair 2 fur |the thick soft hair that covers the bodies of some animals such as dogs, cats, sheep, etc.| Wol adalah bahan yang terbuat dari bulu domba Wool is material which is made of sheep’s fur 3 feather |one of the light soft things that cover a bird’s body|
-berbulu: v /lu/ wear fur, covered with fur  Harimau berbulu domba Tiger that wear sheep’s fur |A very popular saying to describe sb who covered his/her evil with excellent manner and attitude|
-bulu kuduk: n hair on nape Bulu kuduk (roma) saya berdiri waktu itu My hair on my nape erected at that time (I was so scared)
-bulu mata: n eyelash |the hair at the edge of eyelid| –syn: alis
-bulu roma: n the fine body hair
-bulu tangkis: n badminton
-membului: v remove the feathers or fur

buluh: n /lu/ bamboo. buluh perindu mythical bamboo |used to make flutes that produce melodies irresistible to women|  bagai buluh perindu very melodious (voice)
-pembuluh: n /anat./ 1 artery |one of the tubes that carries blood from your heart to the rest of your body|  2 pembuluh balik: vein  |tubes through which blood flows to your heart from other parts of your body| 3 pembuluh darah: blood vessel  ­

bulutangkis: n badminton.

bumbu: n /lu/ cooking spices, flavor.
-membumbui: v 1 flavor |to give something a particular taste or smell| Bumbui sop itu dengan sedikit jus lemon Flavor the soup with adding a little lemon juice 2 spice up |to add interest or excitement to something| Perlu beberapa lelucon membumbui pidato saya It’s needed a few jokes to spice up my speech 3 season |to add salt, sugar, vinegar, etc. to food in order to make it has better or different taste|
-bumbu-bumbuan: n different kinds of spice

bumbun1: adj /ld/ thick |growing very close together with not much space in between| Ada satu pohon berdaun sangat bumbun di pekarangan belakang The is a tree with very thick leaves in the back yard –syn: /lu/ rindang, lebat, rimbun.

bumbun2: n /lu/ 1 heap, pile.  2 shelter for hunter
-membunbun: v heap. pile
-sebumbun: n a heap, a pile

bumerang: n /lu/ boomerang.

bumi: n /lu/ 1 earth |the world that we live in, especially considered as a planet| bagai bumi dan langit like the earth compare to the sky |a popular saying to say that two things or persons are totally opposite or different|  2 country  Lakukan ssu untuk bumi tercinta ini Do something for this beloved country 3 land Peliharalah bumi tempat kamu berpijak Preserve the land where you belong to (where do you stand/stay)
-membumi: v return to earth |popular statement to describe a direct-to-the-point argument or explanation|
-membumi hanguskan: v completely destroy –syn: meluluh-lantakkan
-pembumi hangusan: n total destruction
-mengebumikan: v bury (corpse) –syn: memakamkan:

bumiawi: adj /lu/ earthly, terrestrial. benda bumiawi terrestrial object.

bumiputera: n /lu/ native people/citizen
-kebumiputraan: n aboriginality (of sb), indigenousness (of sb)

BUMN {Badan Usaha Milik Negara}: n state-owned corporation.

buncis: n /lu/ string bean

buncis merah: n /lu/ kidney bean.

buncit1: adj /lu/ 1 distended, bloated, puffed up. 2 preg­nant.
-membuncitkan: v distend, expand, puff out (ab­domen) .

buncit2: adj /lu/ 1 the least in grade   nomer buncit: the lowest grade 2 the last in a queue or in a line up

bunda: n /lu/ mother |respectful term of reference and address| Bunda Kudus Holy Mother (Mother Mary)

bundar1: adj /lu/ round, circular, spherical. Meja itu bundar ­The table is round. bundar gemuk plump bundar telur oval.
-membundar: v /intr/ 1 be rounded. 2 formed to be a circle.
-membundarkan: v /tr/ make sth round.
-bundaran: n 1 circle. 2 traffic circle. budaran semanggi highway cloverleaf. 3 hoop, disk, etc.
-pembundaran: n rounding, labialization, lip-rounding. pembundaran pinggir rounding of an edge.
Note: Words  bulat and bundar in many cases used interchangeably just like ‘round’ and ‘circle’ However bulat is more associated with the round shape like a ball, and bundar is more associated with the a circle shape like a coin. see: bulat.

bundar2: n /ld/ clothes brush.-syn: gundar

bundle1: n /lu/ 1 bundle, sheaf, wad. 2 collection. ­bundel puisi poetry collection. 3 bound volume of jour­nal.
-membundel(kan): v 1 bundle sth,  put in bundles, file. 2 bind (papers, journal issues). 3 collect, assemble, gather (poetry, etc.)
-bundelan: n bundle.
-pembundelan: n the process of placing of items in bundles.

bundel2: n /lu/ knot.
-membundel: v /intr/ become knotted (of string, thread, etc.).
-membundeli: v /tr/  tie knot on sth
-bundelan: n knot
-bunder: variant of bundar:

bung1: n /lu/ 1 fellow, buddy. Ada apa bung! What’s up, fellow! 2 brother (affectionate title for some popular leaders). Bung Hatta Brother Hatta.

bung2: n /spo/ sound of a drumbeat.

bung3: see rebung:

bunga: n /lu/ 1 flower |the colored part of a plant or tree that produces the seeds or fruit| serangkai bunga a bunch of flowers 2 |a plant that is grown for the beauty of a place| halaman yang penuh dengan bunga a yard full of flowers 3 motive |a shape, subject, color, or pattern that is regularly repeated and developed in a space like book, clothes, floor, wall, etc.| Bunga baju kamu sangat menarik The motif of your dress is very attractive 4 interest |money that you get from a bank when you keep your money there| Berapa tingkat bunga uang bulan ini?  What is the interest rate for this months? 5 nation’s future generation Kamu adalah bunga bangsa You are the  future generation whom the nation depends on 6 belle |the most attractive/beautiful girl or woman in a given place| Dia adalah bunga desa She is the belle of the village 7 tread bunga ban tire tread
-berbunga: v 1 blossom, flower 2 yield |to produce something| Kerja kerasnya berbunga dan sekarang dia di promosikan His hard works yielded and now he has been promoted
-berbunga-bunga: adj very excited |show an expression that she/he is very happy, interested, or hopeful because something good has happened or will happen| Dia berbunga-bunga ketika ayahnya berjanji membelikan dia sebuah mobil She is very excited when her father promised her to buy a new car
bunga angin: gentle breeze -bunga matahari: n sunflower
-bunga api: n 1 fireworks  2 spark
-bunga bangkai: n rafflesia |any of various parasitic leafless plant, a tropical Asia plant having very large, often malodorous flowers, genius name, Rafflesia,  given after Sir Stamford Raffles (1781 – 1826)|
-bunga-berbunga: adv compound interest (money)
-bunga-bungaan1: n artificial flower
-bunga-bungaan2: n many kinds of flower
-bunga kol: n cauliflower
-bunga sakura: n 1 cherry blossom 2 tree with pink blossom 3 heroine |female hero|
bunga tanah: humus |organic substance on the outer layer of the soil| -bunga rampai: n 1 bouquet, bunch of various kind of flowers 2 anthology
-membungai: v 1 decorate with flower 2 borrow money with certain interest 3 embellish, enhance
-membungakan: v lend at interest
-pembunga: n money lender
-pembungaan: n flowering, blossoming, budding
-perbungaan: n matter related to flower

bungalo: n /lu/ lodge, country retreat place.

bungkam: adj /lu/frm/ 1 quiet, silent. 2 speechless, struck dumb bungkam seribu bahasa completely quiet, totally silent. 3 not go off, not explode (of firecracker, etc.).
-kebungkaman: n silence, blackout, stillness
-membungkam1: v /intr/ remain silent.
-membungkam2: v /tr/ gag, apply, stifle, blackout on a news, muzzle.

bungkem: variant of bungkam:

bungkuk1; membungkuk: v /intr/lu/  bend down |to move a part of your body so that it is no longer straight or so that you are no longer standing upright| Dia (mem) bungkuk kebawah mengikat tali sepatunya He bent down/over to tie his shoelace 2 bow Biasa disini membungkuk untuk menyapa orang lebih tua It’s common here to bow to greet your elder

bungkuk2: adj /lu/ bending Apa kamu kenal wanita tua yang bungkuk disana? Do you know the bending old women over there?
-pembungkukan: n bending, stooping, bowing. Dia buat tulang punggungnya terkilir akibat pembungkukan tiba-tiba He sprain his back bone from sudden bending

bungkus1: bungkusan: n /lu/ parcel, pack, package sebungkus rokok a pack of cigarettes Apa bungkusan ini milik kamu? Does this package belong to you?

bungkus2: membungkus: v /tr/lu/  pack,  wrap, cover Tolong bungkus barang-barang itu secara terpisah Please pack that things separately  Boleh tolong saya membungkus koado ini? Would you help me to pack this gift?
-dibungkus: v /pass.v/ be wrapped Bom itu dibungkus dengan tas plastik The bomb was wrapped with plastic bag
-pembungkus: n 1 sb who pack or wrap sth 2 wrapper, wrap |the thing you use to wrap or cover|
-pembungkusan: n wrapping, packaging, covering |the process|
-terbungkus: v be wrapped  Gunung itu telah terbungkus dengan salju The mountain has been covered by snow.
Note Both dibungkus and terbungkus have the same meaning The difference is in the form of the verb.  Use dibungkus if in your mind there was a subject who did it – means it sound transitive without mentioning the subject. Use terbungkus if it was happened by itself, means it sounds intransitive.

bunglon: n /lu/1 chameleon. 2 vacillator. 3 opportu­nist. 4 tube, valve housing.
-membunglon: v practice opportunism, vacillate.

bungsu: adj /lu/ 1 youngest offspring. sibungsu the youngest kid in family. 2 the last in series. hujan ­bungsu the last rain of the season. isteri bungsu: the most recent wife.

bungur: n |any of various kind of tree of the genus Langerstroemia speciosa which has  white or purple flower

bunian: n imaginary race of invisible people of forest

bunker; bungker: n bunker.

buntal1: n swollen, bloated.
-buntalan: n swollen. 2 bun­dle.

buntal2: n a poisonous sea fish  which body will be swollen if sth touch it

bunting: adj widely opened (eyes of choking or dying person)  2 stiff (of carcass).
-terbuntang: v 1 stretched out stiffly (corpse)  2 rise, emerge (to surface). 3 wide open (eyes).
-membuntangkan: v 1 stare 2 stretch, strain. 3 raise, pull up.

buntat1: n /lu/ |accumulated calcium on the animals or plants tissue| /prov./  buntat hendak jadi gemala Someone who needs to be introspective

buntat2: adj /lu/  blocked, stopped up, clogged.

bunting: adj /lu/inf/ 1 pregnant {some people consider this word is less polite for a woman – instead they use ‘hamil’}. Kuda itu sudah bunting The horse is pregnant. 2 full, filled out (of paddy, etc.).
-bunting besar/tua: n mature pregnancy.
-­bunting gelap: n secretly pregnant.
-bunting jolong: n first pregnancy.
-bunting ­kecil: n early stage of pregnancy.
-bunting padi: n have the shape of a fully formed rice grain.
bunting sarat/tua: n ad­vanced pregnancy
-kebuntingan: n gesta­tion (of animals).
-membunting: v /intr. fill up, become full.
-membuntingi: v /tr/ 1 impregnate (of ani­mals). 2  knock up (a woman).
-pembuntingan: n insemination, im­pregnation (of animals).
-/idiom/ Betisnya bunting padi Her calves are beautifully formed.

buntu: adj /lu/ 1 blocked, stopped (up), dead ended. 2 dead­locked. 3 stumped, stymied.
-kebuntu­an: n deadlock, impasse, dead end, blind alley
-membuntukan: v 1 block (alley, road, etc.).
pikiran buntu: n stuck thought

buntung: adj /lu/inf/ 1 lopped off or amputated (arm, leg, tail etc.) 2 unlucky, unfortunate. Kita  lagi buntung We are being unlucky
-membuntungkan: v amputate, lop off.

buntut: n /lu/ 1 tail. sup buntut ox’s tail soup. 2 rear end, latter part, follower. Mereka semua mau jadi kepala, tidak mau jadi buntut All of them want to be a  leader, not to be the follower. 3 the end pada buntut bulan ini at the end of this month. 4 stern buntut kapal the stern of a ship buntut arak-arakan tail end of  a procession. 3 aftermath, consequence. |the condition or situation after something bad has happened| Bahaya kebakaran sebagai buntut gempa tersebut The danger of fire in the aftermath of the earthquake Kejadian itu pasti ada buntutnya There will be an aftermath to that incident. 4 the last three digits of a lottery judi buntut gambling of bidding three of the last digits of a lottery
-berbuntut: v 1 have a tail 2 cause an aftermath or consequence
-berbuntut-buntut: v having successive consequences
-membuntuti: v follow, trail behind |to follow a short distance behind someone|  Anak-anak itu berjalan membuntuti ibunya The kids walked trailing behind their mother
-membuntut: n imitate, follow what sb is doing, parrot
-membuntuti: v follow, trail, shadow. Dia ­selalu membuntuti ayahnya He always trail behind his father 2 follow at rear.
-paling buntut: adj the latest Mereka datang paling buntut They were the latest to come
-pembuntut: n follower.

bunuh; membunuh: v /tr/lu/ kill  |to make a living thing die| Pertama dia membunuh suaminya kemudian dia membunuh dirinya sendiri First she killed her husband, then she killed herself. Bahan kimia ini bisa membunuh. These chemicals can kill. 2  |to make something stop, end, or finish|  Tolong beri saya resep obat yang bisa membunuh rasa sakit ini.
-bunuh diri: v commit suicide
-pembunuh: n murderer, killer
-pembunuhan: n murder, homicide, assassination, manslaughter, killing
-terbunuh: adj killed, murdered, assassinated

bunyi: n /lu/1 sound |something that you hear, or something that can be heard| bunyi gelas pecah the sound of breaking glass Apa kamu mendengar bunyi satu tembakan? Do you hear the sound of a shooting? bunyi derak a creaking sound. bunyi dengung buzzing sound 2 noise |a sound or sounds that is loud, annoying, or not comfortable|  Mesin cuci itu mengeluarkan bunyi aneh The washing machine is making a weird noise. bunyi ledakan blast noise  bunyi guruh thunder noise bunyi tabrakan crash noise 3 substance Bagaimana bunyi perjanjian itu? What is the substance of the agreement? 4 contents Apa bunyi surat itu? What is the contents of the letter?
-berbunyi: v /intr/ 1 sound Biola itu berbunyi dengan merdu. The violin sound melodiously  2 ring Kalau lonceng  berbunyi setiap orang harus masuk ke dalam kelas If the bell ring, everybody should go into the class 3 work Alarm itu tidak berbunyi The alarm doesn’t work
-bunyi beradu/tepuk: n flap, tap
-bunyi-bunyian: n musical instrument
-bunyi desis: n sibilant.
-bunyi ­gelegar: n sonic boom.
-bunyi geletar/getar: n trill.
-bunyi geser: n spirant, frica­tive.
-bunyi hidup: n vowel.
-bunyi kembar/rangkap: n diphthong.
-bunyi letup: n stop, plosive.
-bunyi panjang: n dial tone.
-bunyi pepet: n the mid-central vowel.
-bunyi sampingan: n lateral. sound
-bunyi sengau: n nasal sound.
v /tr/ 1 cause sth to sound 2 play Seseorang sedang membunyikan saxophone Someone is plying saxophone 3 Ayo pergi membunyikan lonceng Go and ring the bell  4 set off  Ayo mari kita bunyikan petasan itu Let’s set the firecrackers off.
-pembunyian: n phonation, vocalization, sound making

bupati: n /lu/ regent, goverment officer in charge of a regency.

bupet: variation of bufé:

burai; berburai; memburai: v /intr/lu/ hang out in strands (of hair, etc.), spread out (rice, cement, etc.)  -syn: urai; berurai; mengurai; terurai
-terburai: v be hung out, be spread out  Beras itu terburai ke lantai The rice was spread out on the floor

buram1: n /lu/ 1 blueprint, design, plan. 2 sketch, draft, outline. buram naskah manuscript copy. 3 unregis­tered.

buram2: adj /lu/ 1 not clear, dull. 2 dark, be clouded (of face).
-keburaman: n 1 vagueness haziness,  cloudiness  2 unclearness (of light). Keburaman lampu itu akibat tekanan arus listrik turun The haziness of the lamp caused by the decrease in current voltage
-memburamkan: v darken, blur, make hazy, make cloudy.

buras1: n /lu/ chitchat, small talk, chat, talk.
-pemburas: n chat­terer, chatterbox.
-memburas: v ­1 discuss, talk about. 2 coax, soothe by making small talk.
-memburaskan: v bring sth to talk about

buras2: n /ld/ 1 rice cake made with coconut cream wrapped in banana leaves 2 unsolved problem,   undecided case by the court

buras {bukan ras}: adj non-hybrid (chicken)

buras4: adj erased, wiped out, eradicated. Duit gua udah buras sama sekali My money is all gone!

burik: adj 1 dotted, speckled (of feathers, skin). 2 pockmarked.

burit: n posterior, rear, behind.
berseburit: v commit sodomy.
-menyeburiti: v sodomize.
-seburit: n sodomy.
-seburitan: n ship’s stern. angin seburitan: wind from behind.

burjuasi: variant of borjuasi:

burjuis: variant of borjuis:

burokrasi: variant of birokrasi:

buron;  buronan: n /lu/ fugitive from justice,  wanted person

bursa: n /lu/ stock exchange. bursa efek stock exchange.
-membursakan: v place on the stock exchange.

bursuasi: variant of borjuasi:

buru1: terburu-buru: adv /lu/ hurriedly   Dia keluar dengan terburu-buru She went out hurriedly

buru2: terburu-buru: adj /lu/ hurried:  Dengan langkah terburu-buru kami sampai sebelum gelap With hurried steps we arrived before dark

buru3; buruan1: v /lu/ hurry (up) Ayo buru nanti kita terlambat Hurry up otherwise we’ll be late.
-keterburu-buruan: n hurriedness Keterburu-buruan membuat saya ketinggalan ponsel Hurriedness made me left my cellular phone
-diburu-buru: v be hurried Pelan bung, tidak ada yang perlu diburu-buru Slow down man, there is nothing to be in a hurry

buru4: v /tr/ chase Buru dia! Dia baru berangkat 10 menit lalu Chase after him! He just left ten minutes ago.
berburu: memburu: v /lu/intr/  hunt Dia berburu setiap hari He hunts every day /tr/ Mereka memburu rusa itu minggu lalu tetapi mereka tidak bisa They hunt the deer last week but they couldn’t
-binatang pemburu: n predator
-buruan2: n 1 prey 2 sth you hunt for Buruan kalian apa? What do you hunt for? -compare to buruan1 of buru3)
-pemburu: n hunter
-pemburu sergap: n interceptor fighter
-perburuan: n hunting

buruh: n /lu/ worker, laborer.
-buruh borongan: n piece worker.
-buruh ­cuci: n washerwoman.
-buruh kasar: n manuallaborer, un­skilled worker.
-buruh lepas/musiman: n seasonal worker.
-burh pelabuhan: n dockworker, longshoreman.
-buruh rendahan: n lower-paid workers.
-buruh tani: n farmhand.
-memburuh: v labor |to work very hard| Dia memburuh di sebuah peternakan untuk menghidupi keluarganya He labours in a farm to feed his family
-perburuhan: n matters concerning workers Kementerian Perburuhan Ministry of Labor Affair

buruk1: adj /lu/ 1 old, worn out, dilapidated. pakaian buruk worn out clothes  2  bad, foul, nasty. cuaca buruk bad weather. sikap buruk foul attitude penampilan buruk nasty appearance nama buruk bad reputation gizi buruk malnutrition kondisi buruk bad condition
-keburukan: n badness, worseness, the lack of (sth), negative effect, evil, wickedness

buruk2: adv 1 bad,  badly  berperilaku buruk He behave bad Dia berbicara buruk She talks badly

buruk3: perburuk; memperburuk: v /tr/lu/  worsen,  deteriorate, Cuaca buruk telah memperburuk penyelamatan Bad weather has worsen the rescue 2 degrade Jangan perburuk nama baik kamu dengan mencampuri kasus itu Don’t degrade your reputation by interfering the case
berburuk sangka: v misunderstand
-pemburukan: n deterioration, decay, decomposition, degradation

burung: n /lu/ 1 bird. |an animal with two legs, wings, and feathers that lays eggs and can usually fly| 2 /spo/inf/ male sex organ
-burung angin ribut: n albatross.
-burung babi: n stork.
-burung bangau: n heron
-burung beo/nuri: n parrots
-burung berkik (kedidi): n sandpiper
-burung-burungan: n artificial bird
-burung camar: n seagull
-burung cenderawasih: n bird of paradise |any kind of tropical bird (Papua) with colourful feathers and long tail family Paradisidae heimii
-burung cucak-rawa: n any of yellow-crowned bird, genus Trachycomus zeylanicus
-burung dara: n pigeon.
-burung elang: n hawk
-burung enggang: n hornbill. |any of tropical bird with very large bill the family Bucerotidae
-burung foniks: n phoenix
-burung garuda: n 1 mythical bird 2 official logo and seal of the Republic of Indonesia
-burung gereja: n sparrow.
-burung hantu: n owl
-burung kakatua: n cockatoo
-burung kelelawar: n bat
-burung kenari: n canary
-burung layang-layang: n wave bird
-burung merak: n peacock
-burung merpati: n dove
-burung nuri: n small bird with red eyes genus Aplonis strigatus
-burung pelican: n pelican
-burung perkutut: n turtle dove
-burung pipit: n tit |any various small birds family Pridae
-burung tutukorok: n woodpecker
-burung wallet/layang-layang: n swallow

burut: n hernia

bus: n variant of bis:

busa1: n /lu/1 foam, lather, suds  busa sabun lather. 2 sponge, spongy rubber
-berbusa: v to have foam/suds/or lather
membusa: v become foam/suds/or lather .

busa2: membusa: v 1 gasp |to quickly breathe in a lot of air to move bubbles from the surface of liquid or to move dirt from sth  membusa debu di meja blow dust on the table 2 |to quickly and abnormally breathe in a lot of air because you are breathing problem  or too tired| -syn; embus; mengembus 3 blow |put air into sth by force with your mouth such as to fill balloon and to shape glass tube|
-membusakan: v 1 blow up (balloon, etc.). 2 blow out, spray (water, etc.).
-pembusa: n blower

busana: n /lu/frm/ clothes  |used mostly related to fashion|  busana muslim traditional dress for Islam busana malam evening dress

buset: excl. /inf/ oh my God |show a little surprise and disappointment| Buset! Saya tinggal payungnya! Oh my God! I left the umbrella!    .

busi: n /lu/ sparkplug.

busuk: adj /lu/ 1 putrid, rotten, decomposed, pu­trefied. Jangan makan buah itu, sudah busuk! Don’t eat the fruit, it’s been decomposed  2 depraved, dishonest, evil, vile, immoral.  Dia berperilaku busuk He behave immorally
-kebusukan: n depravity, rottenness,  decomposition.
-membusuk: v decomposed, decay, rot,  putrefy.
-/idiom/: busuk-busuk embacang appear to be stupid, actually smart but quiet

busung1: adj /lu/ 1 bloated, distended, protruded 2 swelled |caused by excessive accumulation of serous liquid on plant or animal tissue| 3 bulged |to stick out in a rounded shape| 4
-busung kencing: n bladder disease
-busung lapar: n bloating on belly due to starvation or malnutrition
-busung muka: adj puffed-up face.
-membusung: v /intr/ swell, distend, be bloated, puff up.
-membusungkan: v /tr/ 1 pump up, inflate (a tire), puff up (o.’s chest) -/idiom/ : 1 busung dada: adj proud, con­ceited. 2 busungkan dadamu: v /imper./ 1 be proud 2 show your force or show what you can be proud of

busung2: n /ld/ 1 elevated land. 2 sandbank, shoal.
-membusung: v form sth into a shape of a mount |to accumulate such as grain, sand, powdery things on a flat space and it form a shape of a mount|

busur1: n /lu/ 1 arc |part of a circle or any curved line|  bow  a) |a tool used for shooting arrows, made of a piece of wood held in a curve by a tight string| b) |a long thin


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