Dictionary C


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

C; c: t∫  |the 3rd letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sound like ch in: charge; cherish; cherry; chess; chick; chief; child; china|

C: n 1 |symbol used for Celsius or temperature degree in centigrade| 2 |the third grade given to a student performance| 3 |if written in capital letter, the Roman numeral for 100|

cabai n /lu/ pepper, chilli  -syn: /lu/ cabe
-cabe merah: n red peper
-cabe rawit: n small and very hot chilli
-cabe paprika: n bell pepper.
-sambal cabai: n chilli sauce
-/idiom/: kecil-kecd cabai rawit small but courageous/brave/determined/ smart/ intelligent

cabang: n /lu/frm/ 1 branch (of a tree) 2 |lower unit of an organization| 3 |a particular subject /field of study/ sport, etc| 4 |smaller part of road/ river| Ini adalah cabang kali Ciliwung This is a branch of Ciliwung river
-bercabang: v /intr/ 1 branch Jalan ini bercabang dua setelah pompa bensin This road branches after the gas station  2 split  Pikiran dia bercabang kemana-mana His thought split away  everywhere (not focus)
-bercabang-cabang v /intr/tr/ have many branches. Sungai ini bercabang-cabang sebelum mencapai pantai This river has many branches before reaching the coast
-cabang: adj branch Ini kantor caban,  sehingga kami tidak boleh mengambil keputusan tentang itu This is a branch office, so we can not make a decision about it.

cabe: n /lu/ variation of cabai:

cabik: v /tr/  /lu/  tear  Hati-hati jangan cabik kertas itu. Be  carefull, don’t tear the paper.
-tercabik: v /intr/ be torn Apa yang membuat baju kamu tercabik? What made your shirt torn?
-tercabik-cabik: phr v tear up  Dia-mencabik-cabik habis photo si James She tore up James’ photo.
-secabik: dtr a piece of  Saya temukan secabik kain di halaman. I found a piece of  cloth in the yard.

cabir: n /ld/ tear or rip
-bercabiran: adj completely ruined,  goes in tatters Semua rencana besarnya telah bertabiran. All his great plans lay in tatters

cabo: n /lu/ prostitute

cabul: adj /lu/frm/ 1 vulgar, very rude, offensive, and often relating to sex   kata-kata cabul vulgar language 2 sexy |sexually provocative, intending to make someone sexually excited| Dia selalu memakai pakaian cabul She always uses a sexy dress.
-mencabuli: v /tr/ commit adultery |to have illicit sexual relation|  Dia mencabuli seorang gadis muda He committed an adultery with a young girl. 2 rage, spread (epidemics). Penyakit kolera sedang mencabuli penduduk desa itu Cholera ha being spreading between the villagers
-percabulan: n /lu/ adultery  Dia telah di hukum karena percabulan He has been punished for an adultery. syn: pemerkosaan

cabut: v /lu/frm/ 1pull Mari kita cabut rumput-rumput itu Let’s pull the weed out?
2 yank out Jangan cabuti rambut saya Don’t yank my hair out 3 draw Giliran siapa mencabut kartu? Whose turn is to draw the card? 5 walk out Ada tiga siswa cabut dari sekolah tadi pagi There were three students walked out of the school this morning.
-mencabut:  v /tr/lu/ 1 to pull sth out Dia mencabut pistol dari kantungnya lalu mengarahkan pada kasir He pulled  a gun out then he pointed it to the cashier. 2 withdraw |to stop giving something or stop making something available, especially because of an official decision|  Pemerintah akan mencabut surat izin perkayuan (penebangan kayu) di hutan ini. The government will withdraw the license for lumbering in this forest. 3 take a life of so Tuhan mencabut nyawanya sepuluh tahun yang lalu. God took her life ten years ago.  4 take back  Cabut kembali perkataan kamu, kalau tidak saya akan menuntut kamu melakukan tuduhan palsu. Take back your words, otherwise I’ll sue you for false accusation 5 extract Gigi geraham saya sudah tercabut. I’m having my wisdom teeth extracted. 6 rescinder  Oposisi telah mendesak pemerintah untuk mencabut kerjasama militer dengan Negara adidaya. The opposition urged the government to rescind the military pact with the superpower country.

cacad: see: cacat:

cacah1: n /lu/frm/ number, amount cacah jiwa population census.
-cacahan: adj digi­tal. kamera cacah digital camera
-pencacah: n census taker
-pencacahan: n census taking

cacah2: n /lu/ tattoo, a picture, word etc. that is put permanently onto your skin by cutting or using a needle and ink.

cacah3: adj minced daging cacah minced meat. –syn: cincang
-mencacah: v /tr/ chop also chop up  Mereka mencacah daging untuk membuat bakso They chop up the meat to make meatball.

cacar: n /lu/frm/ 1 smallpox 2 pustular skin,  eruption 3 vaccine
-cacar air: n chicken pox.
-cacar sapi: n cowpox.
-mencacar: v vaccinate  Apa kamu sudah dilatih mecacar bayi? Have you been trained to vaccinate a baby?
-pencacaran: n vaccination Apa pencacaran untuk cacar air tersedia di Puskesmas ini? Is vaccination for smallpox available in this Public Health Center?

cacat1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 defective |used to describe that so/sth not made correctly or not working correctly| Dia cacat moral He is morally defective Barang-barang cacat harus dikeluarkan The defective goods should be taken out   Kasus itu membuat reputasinya cacat The case caused his reputation defective  2 handicap, disabled, unable,   physically abnormal Sekalipun Sharon cacat tubuh, dia sangat pintar. Though Sharon is physically defective, he is very smart Akan ada turnamen olahraga internasional untuk para atlit cacat. There will be an international sport tournament for unable athletics 3 flawed |spoiled by having mistakes, weaknesses, or damage| Skandal itu membuat seluruh peristiwa penting itu cacat. The scandal made the whole event was flawed.

cacat2: n /lu/frm/ 1 |a condition in which part of someone’s body is not the normal shape| Dia punya bakat kuat dalam musik, sayang dia mendapat cacat pendengaran sejak kecelakaan itu. She has a good talent of music, unfortunately she has impaired listening since the accident. 2 damage |a condition in which part of sth is not as good as it is expected| Mobil itu masih baru tetapi sudah ada cacat  di bagian kiri badannya. The car is new, but it has a damage on the left-side body.

caci: v /lu/frm/ taunt, jeer, insult Dia caci gadis  itu sampai menangis He jeered the girl to crying
-mencaci-maki: v to jeer/curse/threaten/ insult/ humiliate severely

caci2: caci-makian: n /lu/frm/ words that used to insult/humiliate sb Caci-maki dia telah memancing kemarahan saya Her jeer has provoke my anger.
-pencaci: n someone who jeer/taunt

cacing: n /lu/frm/ worm

cadang; cadangan: n /lu/frm/ spare, reserve, stock Cadangan air sudah rendah sampai tingkat membahayakan Water reserve is dangerously low. Kami menyimpan sejumlah uang untuk cadangan darurat We keep some money in reserve for emergencies. Cadangan militer telah bergerak kearah garis depan Military serserves has moved toward front line. Negara punya cadanagan emas dengan jumlah sangat besar. The country has a big amount of gold reserve
-suku cadang: n spare parts
-pemain cadangan: n spare player  Apa kamu punya kamar cadangan? Do you have spare room?  Ini kursi cadangan untuk orang penting. These are reserved chairs for VIP.
-cadangkan; mencadangkan: v /tr/lu/ reserve, spare Apa anda boleh cadangkan dua kamar single untuk saya? Would you please spare/reserve two single rooms for me? Kami sampai di airport dengan mencadangkan waktu 10 menit We made it to the airport with 10 minutes to spare.

cadar: n 1 /lu/frm/ veil |worn by Islam women, bride, etc.|  2 something that stops you knowing the full truth about a situation| Cadar yang menutupi rahasia kematian Ahmad A veil of mystery surrounded Ahmad’s death.

cadas: n /geol/lu/frm/ a sedimentary rock formation such as sandstone or tuff 2 rocky ground

cagak: n /lu/ 1 a long stick or pole (bamboo, wood, or metal pipe) used to support sth such as a baranch of a tree 2 source  Kami menggarap tanah ini sebagai cagak kehidupan kami We cultivate this land as the source of our life 3 junction  Pada cagak jalan selanjutnya belok kekiri. At the next junction turn to the left.
-bercagak: v stand quite long  Saya sudah bercagak disini satu jam menunggu kamu I have stood here for an hour waiting for you.

cagar: n 1 /lu/frm/ protection  cagar alam natural reservation cagar budaya cultural reservation 3 guarantee cagar pembayaran advance payment

cahari; cari; mencari: v /lu/frm/ find, get, search, make (money) Dia mencat mobil bekas untuk mencari nafkah He paints used car to make money
-pencaharian: n wage, take home pay, income, earning

cahaya: n /lu/frm/ light |the energy from the sun, a lamp etc. that allows you to see things|  Tolong buka jendelanya agar cahaya masuk kedalam ruangan Please open the window to let light come into the room Cahaya disini tidak begitu bagus (terang) The light in here isn’t very good.
-/idiom/ cahaya hati sweetheart, beloved

cailah!: excl. to express surprise

cair: adj /lu/frm/ 1liquid, fluid  2 thin, weak, diluted susu cair ­diluted milk 3 normal Hubungan diplomatic antar kedua Negara itu sudah cair kembali. The dilomatic relation between the two countries has been normal again 4 cashable Apa cek ini boleh cair hari ini? Is this check cashable today?
-cair; mencair: v /intr/lu/ melt Es mencair pada 00 C atau kurang The ice melts at 00 C or lower.
-cairkan; mencairkan: v /tr/1 melt |make a solid thing to be liquid Cairkan jus beku itu dengan mengeluarkannya dari lemari es. Melt the frozen juice by taking it out of refrigerator. 2 cash Apa saya boleh mencairkan cek ini disini? Can I cash this check here?
-cairan: n liquid substance  Ada cairan di dalam bejana itu There is some liquid substance in the container.
-dicairkan: v /pas v./ 1 be melted Es itu boleh dicairkan di mangkok besar ini The ice can be melted in this bowl. 2 be cashed Apa ceknya sudah dicairkan? Has the check been cashed?
-pencairan: n cashing (payment)   Pencairan dana proyek yang terlambat akan mengakibatkan denda 5%. Late payment of the project cost will result in 5% fine.

caisim: n /lu/ vegetable Brassica chinensis

cakalang: n /ld/ tuna fish

cakal-bakal: n /lu/ a founder of a village, a pioneer.

cakalele: n /ld/ a dance which describe a war ln the Moluccas and Minahasa

cakap1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 able, capable, clever, skilful  Dia cakap menjalankan tugas She is skilful to perform a task 2 adroit  pemanjat cakap dan berani a brave and skilled climber. 3 /ld/Mdn/ good-looking. Dia seorang gadis yang cakap She is a good looking girl.
-kecakapan: n /lu/ ability, expertise, skill (in doing sth)

cakap2; bercakap-cakap: v 1 /lu/frm/ chat, talk Dia sedang bercakap-cakap di telepon She is chatting on the phone 3 speak Arnold bisa cakap Inggris Arnold can speak English.
-percakapan: n conversation Apa isi percakapan mereka? What’s the subject of their conversation. -syn: perbincangan
-percakapkan: v converse Apa kamu sudah percakapkan hal itu kepada ayah kamu? Have you conversed that matter with your father? –syn: perbincangkan
-bahasa percakapan: n conversational language pembicaraan

cakar: n /lu/frm/ claw, pincers, talon (of birds)
-bercakar-cakaran: v 1 fight, quarrel 2 scratch each other with claws
-cakar ayam: n chicken paw
-mencakar: v /lu/ scratch with pincers or claw
-pencakar: n sb/sth that scratch
-pencakar langit: n skyscraper |a very tall building or tower in a city|
-/idiom/: tulisan cakar ayam poor hand writ­ing.

cakep: variation of cakap adj /lu/

cakeram: variant of cakram:

cakiak: variation of bakiak:

cakra: n 1 /lu/ wheel |one of the round things under a car, bicycle etc. that turns and allows it to move| 2 a round and sharp metal that used as a weapon 3 Vishnu’s mythical weapon

cakrabirawa: n /lu/ a special security to the president in Sukar­no era

cakrakbuana: n /ltr/ the wheel of the earth

cakram: n /lu/ 1 plate, disk  |optic cakram optical disk| cakram angka/nomor! the round plate with a hole to dial telephone number

cakrawala: n /lu/frm/ltr/ horizon |the place where the land or ocean seems to meet the sky|  2 |the view or scene of the outer space from the earth|
-bercakrawala: v to have and follow a guidance in doing something

cakrawati: n a female ruler or the decision maker in an organization

cakup; mencakup: v /intr/tr/lu/frm/ 1 to catch something with mouth Cicak itu sedang mencakup nyamuk The lizard is cathing mosquitos with the mouth  2 arrest so/ sth with force Jepang mencakup putrinya menjadi wanita penghibur. Japanese troop took his daughter  to be an entertainer woman 3 embrace, entail, 4 include Apa laporan itu mencakup perkembangan bulan lalu? Does the report include the last month progress?   Apa saja yang dicakup dalam asuransi ini? Whatever are included in this insurance claim? Ajaran-ajarannya mencakup segala segi hidup manusia His teachings encompass all aspects of human life
-cakupan: n /lu/ scope, inclusion, cov­erage  Cakupan tanggung jawabnya sangat luas The scope of his responsibility is very wide. Bila tulisan itu harus di persingkat, kita harus mengurangi cakupan issu  pendukung. If the writing need to be shorthen, we’ve to reduce the inclusion of peripheral issues.

calo: n /lu/frm/ temporary travel agent – passenger recruiter for public vehicel 2  ticket scalper
-percaloan: n matter related to this activities

caloisme: n an attitude that support the practice of calo

calon: n 1 /lu/frm/ candidate  Jackson adalah calon partai democrat untuk jabatan kepresidenan Jackson is the democrat party’s candidate for presidency. 2 nominee  Dia adalah calon penerima hadiah Oscar. She is an Oscar  nominee  calon ibu mother-to-be 3 prospective  calon isteri prospective wife (bride)
-mencalonkan: v nominate, run for an official position
-pencalonan: n /lu/ nomination

cam1; camkan; mencamkan: v /lu/ 1 pay attention to Camkan apa yang saya terangkan Pay attention to my explanation Dia tidak berupaya mencamkan nasehat ayahnya He/she didn’t pay much attention to his/her father advice  2 comprehend Ceramah itu tidak bisa saya camkan. I couldn’t comprehend the lecture 3 convince  Coba camkan mereka bahwa kita tidak bermaksud menyakiti. Try to convince them that we don’t intend to harm.

cam2: see kecam:

camar: n /lu/ sea gull |a common grey and white bird that lives near the sea and has a loud cry|

camat: n /lu/frm/ someone who is appointed  to lead the public administration of a sub-district
-kecamatan: n subdistrict |an  administrative area lead by a camat|

cambah; kecambah: n /lu/frm/ sprout, shoot

cambang: n /lu/ whiskers, sideburns
-bercambang: adj /lu/ bearded, whiskered

cambuk: n /lu/frm/ whip |a long thin piece of rope or leather with a handle, used for making animals move or for hitting sth|  -/idiom/: cambuk pemacu stimulus, motive |sth that makes sb or sth move or react| 2 cambuk petir thunderclap
-cambukan: n 1 the action of whipping  Cambukannya sangat cepat His whipping is very quick 2 the result of whipping Cambukan itu meninggalkan banyak luka di kulitnya. The whip leave a lot of cuts on his skin.
-mencambuk: v /lu/ lash |hit so/sth very hard with a whip, stick etc| 2 motivate, stimulate Pengalaman pahit telah mencambuk dia untuk bekerja keras. Hard experiences motivated him to work very hard.
-mencambuki: v to whip repeatedly  Dia mencambuki kudanya. She lashed his horse repeatedly
-mencambukkan: v use sth to whip

camil: camilan: n /lu/ snacks 2 refreshment |food and drinks that are provided at a meeting, party, sports event etc – usually between two meals|  Camilan akan disajikan setelah konser Refreshments will be served after the concert

campak1; mencampakkan: v /lu/frm/ throw,  throw away Jangan mencampakkan sampah ke rumput itu. Don’t throw the garbage on the grass.

campak2: n /lu/frm/ measles

campak3: n /ld/ a kind of folk dance

camping1; compang-camping: adj /lu/frm/ torn, ripped, ruptured Dia tidak peduli memakai pakaian compang-camping He doesn’t mind to wear a ripped cloth  Permadani itu sudah compang-camping, tidak bergunalagi. The rag has been rupture everywhere, it’s useless.

Camping2: v /ld/ drop into water or liquid substance –syn: /lu/ cemplung

campur1: v /lu/intr/tr/frm/ mix Dia sedang mencampur semen ke pasir He is mixing cement indo sand. Campur semua bumbu itu dan masukkan kedalan sop Mix all the spices and put it into the soup.
-bercampur: v /intr/ 1 be mixed, be mingled, be put together Mentega, gula, dan susu telah bercampur dalam adonan ini. Butter, sugar, and milk have been mixed together into this dough.
-bercampur-aduk: v /intr/ 1 be mixed up 2 be mingled Buku, majalah, dan surat kabar semua bercampur-aduk diatas meja Books, magazines, newspapers are all mixed up on the table Rasa marah bercampur-aduk dengan rasa takut dan rasa kesal. Anger mingled with fear and disappointment
-bercampur-baur: variant of bercampur-aduk:
-campuran1: n 1 mixture Film itu adalah campuran hiburan dan rasa ketakutan The movie was the mixture of amusement and scare. Beton itu adalah campuran semen, pasir dan besi The concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and iron 2 hodgepodge |a lot of things put together with no order or arrangement| campuran buku-buku lama a hodgepodge of old books  |
-mencampurkan: v put sth together with sth else Jangan mencampurkan kain kotor itu dengan kain bersih Don’t put the dirty clothes together with the clean one.
-campuran2: adj mixed  Cin-cin itu bukan mas murni tetapi mas campuran. The ring is not pure gold but mixed gold.
-mencampur-aduk: v /tr/ mix up Jangan Jangan campur-aduk masalah  pribadi dengan tugas. Don’t mixed up your personal problem with your task.
-mencampur-baur: variant of mencampur aduk:
-mencampuri: v get involve Jangan campuri kasus itu. Don’t get involve with the case
-pencampuran: n mixing Kamu bisa melakukan pencampuran dengan blender You can do the mixing with a blender
-pencampur bauran: n mixing up |the process of a mixing – up| Pencampur bauran ini terjadi karena tidak ada petunjuk jelas The mixing up happened because there was no fixed direction

campur2; bercampur; campur-aduk: adj /lu/frm/ 1 mixed  Apa kamu suka nasi campur? Do you like mixed rice? (rice mixed with vegetable, fish, meat, egg, etc)| Ini bukan katun asli tetapi adalah bahan campuran This is not a pure cotton, but it is mixed material 2 contaminated Air ini telah bercampur bahan kimia beracun This water has been contaminated by poisonous chemical substances 2 mixed up Banyak ras telah campur-aduk di kota ini Many races have been mixed up in this town
-campur tangan: v intervene, interference Kita tidak perlu mengundang pihak ke-tiga campur tangan dalam perdebatan kita We don’t need to invite a third person to intervene our debate
-dicampuri: adj /lu/ be intervened  Apa kasus itu dicampuri oleh pemerintah? Is the case be intervened by the government?

camuk2: berkecamuk: adj /lu/frm/ violent    Ada demonstran yang berkecamuk diluar sana There are violent demonstrators out there.

canang: n /ld/ a round small piece of metal that hangs in a frame and is hit with a stick to make a loud sound as a signal of emergency or to summon people into a particular place to pay attention to a ruler’s order or publication
-mencanangkan: v /lu/frm/ 1 to make public, to popularize, to promote Presiden akan mencanangkan perang melawan penyalahgunaan narkoba dengan menyampaikan pidato melalui siaran TV dan Radio yang disiarkan secara nasional The president will promote the war against drug abuse by delivering a speech on a nation wide TV and Radio broadcasting program 2 to publicize or proclaim a ruler’s new law, plan, or policy using small gong
-pencanangan: n /lu/ acknowledgement, promotion, proclamation Pencanangan kemerdekaan Indonesia dilakukan oleh Sukarno Hatta pada 17 Augustus 1945 The proclamation of Indonesia’s independence was made by Sukarno Hatta on 17 August 1945

cancang: mencancang: v /ld/ to put something in an upright position  Kami akan mencancang pohon Natal itu di pojok We’ll stand the Christmas tree in the corner Rumah itu mencancang kosong selama 20 tahun The house has stood empty (=not been lived in) for 20 years|
-mencancangkan: v to tie sth in an upright standing position
v stand upright Sekarang ada lapangan parkir dimana dulu sebuah bioskop tercancang There’s now a parking lot where the theater once stood.

canda1: n /lu/frm/ 1 joke 2 kidding

canda2: v /lu/frm/ 1 joke  2 kid

candak: adj /lu/frm/ can be picked up/catched  easily pinjaman candak kulak credit scheme for small investors

candi: n /lu/frm/ ancient Hindu or Buddhist temple or shrine candi bentar (Bali) split gate to a Balinese temple
-mencandikan; mempercandikan: v to honor a famous Hindu or Budhist leader by establishing a temple
-percandian: n 1monumental matters 2 everything related to a temple

candra: n /ltr/1 moon 2 myth |a person that is a personification of God|

candra2; mencandrakan: v /intr/ltr/ 1 named,  symbolize, represent Borobudur dan candi lain mencandrakan kejayaan Hindu dan Budha pada jaman dulu di Indonsia Borobudur and other temples symbilize  the superiority of Hindu and Budha in the past in Indonesia
-pencandraan: n /ltr/ symbolization Pencandraan kematian dengan warna hitam kelihatannya berlaku dimana-mana didunia.Symbolization sorrow by black color seems universal.

candrabirawa: n /ltr/ mythical leader -see: aji

candradimuka: n /ltr/ a legendary crater from which infants immediately emerge as adults and where someone can be changed to be very powerful  2  /Military/ officer candidate trainees

candrasangkala: variant of candra1:

candu: n /lu/frm/ opium (ready for use)
-kecanduan: n addiction kecanduan pada obat drug addiction Kecanduan dia pada alkohol membuat dia sangat kurus.His addiction to alcohol makes him very thin
-kecanduan: adj to be addicted to  Dia telah kecanduan pada judi He has been addicted to gambling  2 lover, fan, devotee kecanduan bir beer lover kecanduan bioskop movie fan.

cangah; tercangah: adj /ld/  widely opened Dia tercangah melihat mayat abunnya He was stunned to see his mother corpse  -syn: /lu/ terperangah

canggi; canggih: adj /lu/frm/ sophisticated Ini satu mesin canggih This is a sophisticated machine  teknologi canggih sophisticated technology

canggung: adj /lu/frm/ 1 clumsy, awkward Dia canggung memakai sepeda motor itu He is really clumsy to drive a motorcycle  Dia merasa canggung ­mengendarai mobil di jalan ramai. He fells un­easy to drive a car in a crowded road| 2 ill at ease Dia canggung bercakap-cakap dgn gu­runya She is ill at ease when she talks with her teacher  3 insufficient, inade­quate kemampuan yg canggung insufficient ability  pengha­silan canggung inadequate income
-kecanggungan: n /lu/ 1 clumsiness, awkwardness  2 (physical) handicap
-mencanggungkan: v /lu/ to cause awkwardness  Sikap orang tuanya mencanggungkan dia melakukan sesuatu His parents’ attitude created difficulties to him to talk to people.

cangkir: n /lu/frm/ 1 cup, small mug Tolong berikan saya secangkir kopi Please give me a cup of coffee cangkir tinta inkwell 2 /ld/ spur (of a fowl, bird)

cangkok; mencangkok: v /lu/frm/ 1 clone |to develop a new plant or animal from the tissue, the parts of a plant, animal, or human such as muscles, skin, leaves etc. that are made up of groups of similar cells| 2 cutting the shoot |to cut the shoot of a plant and grow it to be a new plant| 3 transplant |transplanting a human or an animal organ to replace the same organ of another person or another animal|
-pecangkokan: n transplanting  satu pencangkokan ginjal a kidney transplanting
-/idiom/cangkokan: false, unqualified Rumah sakit itu dituduh mempekerjakan paramedic cangkokan The hospital was accused of hiring unqualified paramedics

cangkol: n /lu/frm/ hoe |a farmer tool with a long handle, used for making the soil loose, removing wild plants, digging or cutting the soil|
-mencangkol: v /lu/ to cut/dig/loose the soil using hoe

cangkul: variation of cangkol:

cantle; cantelkan; mencantel: v /lu/frm/ 1 hook, to fasten, hang, or connect something onto something else  Cantelkan tali itu ke paku Hook the rope over the nail
-mencanteli: v /lu/ to use sth to hook something else on it  Kami mencanteli dinding dengan segala sesuatunya We made the wall hooked by everything
-cantelan: n sth that use to be hooked

cantik: adj /lu/frm/ 1pretty, beautiful (in appearance)
-bersolek cantik: v dress up
-cantik molek: adj 1 nice looking 2 (sport) well executed (smash, goal, etc.)
-kecantikan: n charm, beauty,sweetness, attractiveness Kecantikannya tidak membuat dia terlalu bangga.Her beauty doesn’t make her very proud
-mempercantik: v beautify,  to make up (an appearance)
-salon kecantikan: n beauty parlor

cantol: v variation of cantle:

cantrik: n /ld/ the follower of Buddhist or Hindu’s priest.

cantum; bercantum: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 connected together, joined  Kulit tersayat di kaki kamu akan bercantum kembali dalam beberapa hari The cutted skin on your leg will be connected again in a few days  2 to be fastened to Satu lencana bercantum pada bajunya A badge is fastened to his shirt  3 to be attached to Grafik ini akan bercantum pada makalah itu These graph will be attached to the paper
-dicantumkan: v /pass.v/ be added to
-mencantumkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 to write down Apa kamu telah mencantumkan tanda tangan kamu pada surat itu? Have you written down your signature on the letter?
-pencantuman: n attaching, attachment  Pencantuman lebih banyak data akan membuat makalah itu lebih informative. Attaching more data will make the paper more informative.
-tercantum: v /intr/lu/ 1 be written Apa nama saya tercantum dalam daftar? Is my name written on the list? 2  included Jadwal penyerahan barang sudah tercantum dalam dokumen contrak itu. The goods delivery schedule has been included in the contract document.

capl: n /lu/frm/ 1 stamp Tolong buat stempel organisasi kamu pada perjanjian ini Please put your organization stamp on this agreement  2 seal Pastikan bahwa cap pada surat rahasia itu tidak rusak Make sure that the seal of the confidential letter is not broken cap pemerintah government seal 3 mark Cap pada surat itu menunjukkan bahwa surat itu diposkan di Semarang The mark in the letter shows that it was posted in Semarang cap air water mark cap lak wax seal cap dagang trademark cap pos postmark 4 print cap jari finger print cap jempol thumb print
-mencap: v 1 stamp, mark, label, print  2 brand, stigmatize Kawan-kawan sekan­tor dia  mencap dia pengecut His office mates brand/stigmatize him as a coward Kerja tukang pos itu bukan cuma mecap surat The job of  the postal clerk is not merely stamping letters

cap2: adj printed batik cap printed batik.

cap3: num ten cap go fifteen.

capa1{calon perwira}: n senior military cadet’s rank.

capa2: n |a wild plant which can be used as a medicine – Blumea balsamifera|

capa3: n |a game of heads or tails|

capai1; mencapai: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 reach Apa kamu bisa mencapai pucuk pohon itu? Can you reach the top of the tree? Saya mencapai kota itu dengan mengenderai sepeda I reached the town by riding a bicycle   2 has been Nenek saya telah mencapai umur 75 tahun. My grandma has been 75 years old. 3 achieve Dia telah mencapai semua cita-citanya. He has achieved all his dream 4 obtain Marchel mencapai gelar PhDtahun lalu. Marchel obtained his PhD degree last year.
-pencapaian: n achievement.
-tercapai1: v be reached
-tercapai2: adj reachable.

capai2; kecapaian: adj /lu/frm/ tired, exhausted, weary Saya sangat capai ketika sampai disana. I was very tired when I arrived there.

capcai: n /lu/ hodge­podge |Chinese food made of vegetable, mushroom, fish, broccoli, etc mixed together|

capeg {Calon Pegawai Negeri}: n /lu/frm/ new recruited civil workers

capek: variation of capai:

capgome: n |celebration of Chinese new year on 15th day of the first month|

caplok: n /lu/frm/ 1snatch |to take sth away from someone, especially by force| Saya melihat dua laki-laki mencaplok dompet dia I saw two men snatch her purse. 2 illegally take over the ownership of sth Saya tahu mereka berniat mencaplok tanah ini. I know that they intend to take over the ownership of this land illegally. 3 seize or annex (a country) Musuh mencaplok negeri ini bertahun-tahun lamanya The enemy annexed this country for years
-pencaplokan: n annexation

capung: n /lu/frm/ dragonfly

cara: n /lu/frm/ 1 the way to do sth Kami senang melihat cara dia kerja di kebon We like to see the way he worked in the garden 2 method Ini satu cara bagus mengajar bahasa Inggris This is a good method of teaching English 2 manner Penyakit itu biasanya diobati dengan cara seperti ini The disease is usually treated in this manner 3 character Cara berbicaranya kedengaran seperti orang Cina The character of his speech sounds like a China 4 style Dia berpakaian sama seperti cara orang Barat He dresses like the western style
-secara1: prep. /lu/ based on Mereka mengadakan pesta kawin itu secara adat mereka. They conducted the marriage party based on their custom.
-secara2: adv /lu/ |word used to modify an adjective to be an adverb; <secara + adjective> as follows;
:baik (good) secara baik (well)
:hati-hati (careful) secara hati-hati (carefully)
:serius (serious) secara serius (seriously); etc. Mari kita pikirkan hal itu secara serius Let’s think that matter seriously 2 secara jujur: honestly Secara jujur saya katakan bawa saya tidak bermaksud menyakiti kamu. Honestly, I’d tell you that I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Note: The word dengan is also used as a modifier; see: dengan

caraka: n /lu/ 1 envoy, representative  caraka Negara asing foreign diplomatic envoy 2 messenger. -syn: /lu/ utusan

carawati: n /lu/ 1 delegates that represents female concern in a meeting 2 female envoy or delegates

cari; mencari: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 look for Dia sedang mencari rumah untuk disewa She is looking for a house to rent 2 take (a break) Mari keluar sebentat mencari angin Let’s go out to take a break 3 cause, provoke Dia selalu cari masalah dengan tetangganya He always causes a problem with his neighbour. 4 seek, hunt for Dia selalu mencar kesalahan orang lain She always seek for others mistakes cari nafkah seek for money   cari alasan seek for an excuse cari sesuap nasi to earn sb’s living  cari akal seek for the way to do something  cari tahu seeking for information cari kerja looking for job.
-bercari-carian: v a) look for each other b) play hide-and-seek.
-pencarian; pencaharian: n /lu/ revenue, take home pay, income.
-/idiom/: 1 cari muka being polite and nice to someone, usually in a higher position for a hidden purpose 2 cari gampang easygoing 3 cari penyakit looking for trouble.

carik: adj /ld/ torn, ripped (of paper, cloth) –syn: /lu/ sobek
-bercarik-carik1: deter many pieces
-bercarik-carik2: adj striped |having a pattern of stripes|
-mencarik: v /ld/ 1 tear Dia mencarik satu surat sewaktu dia menangis She torn a letter when she was crying.
deter. a piece secarik kain katun a piece of cotton textile

carik2: n /lu/ chief clerk of a village.

carter; charter; mencarter: v /lu/frm/ to charter (vehicle etc.).
-carteran: adj /lu/ chartered Apa kita sebaiknya menggunakan mobil carteran atau taxi? Shall we use a chartered car or a taxi?  pesawat terbang carteran chartered aircraft
-pencanter: n who charters sth (car, etc.)

caruk1;  mencaruk: v /ld/ 1 notch, indent. 2 tap (for rubber).

caruk2: adj ravenous, gluttonous.
-mencaruk: v be glut­tonous.

cas1; mencas: v /lu/ recharge (a bat­tery)

cas2: adj /lu/ in good condition (battery) 3 bright enough (bulb)

cas-cis-cus: adv /lu/ speak to much but it’s not clear

cat: n /lu/frm/ 1 paint 2 tint, tinge
-cat air: n paint that use water as the thinner
-cat alis: n eyebrow pen­cil
-cat batik: n color material for batik
-cat bibir: n lipstick
-cat dasar: n primer, undercoat
-cat duko: n spray paint
-cat kuku: n nail polish
-cat luar: n outer coat (of paint)
-cat minyak: n oil paint.
-cat rambut: n hair tint
-mencat: v paint Dia sedang mencat pagar He is painting the fence
-bercat: adj painted Taruh gambarnya pada dinding yang bercat Put the picture on the painted wall.
-pengecatan: n painting Pengecatan rumah itu akan makan waktu lama The painting of the house will take much time

catat; mencatat: v /lu/frm/ 1 record Kita butuh seseorang mencatat data lapangan We need some one to record the field data. 2 taking note Apa saya perlu mencatat pembicaraan ini? Do I need to take note of this conversation? 3 write down Apa kamu sudah mencatat nomer teleponnya? Did you write down his phone number? 4 chalk up |to succeed in winning or getting something Lagi-lagi, tim Merah mencatat kemenangan atas tim Biru Again, Red team chalked up another win over Blue team
-catatan: n 1 note  Apa kamu punya catatan ceramahnya? Do you have a note of his lecture? Apa kamu akan membuat catatan kaki dalam buku itu? Are you going to put a foot note in the book 2 label/tag Tidak ada catatan harga pada gaun ini There is no price label/tag on this dress. 3 quotation catatan dari Shakespeare a quotation from Shakespeare.
-catatan harian: n diary Jangan pernah membaca catatan harian saya. Don’t ever read my diary
-mencatatkan: v /tr/ register (sth) Apa kamu sudah mencatatkan nama untuk kursus musim panas? Have you registered for the summer course? -syn: mendaftar.
-pencatatan: n registration, recording   Pencatatan peserta seminar akan dilakukan melalui Email Registration for the seminar participants will be done by Email Kami punya sistim pencatatan dan pelaporan yang akurat We have an accurate recoding and reporting system. pencatatan jiwa population cen­sus
-tercatat: adj registered Surat tercatat sedikit lebih mahal dari surat biasa A registered mail costs a little higher than common mail Apa mobilmu tercatat di Negara bagian ini? Is your car registered in this state?

catu1: n /lu/frm/ share, portion, ration Apa kamu punya catu beras? Do you have ration of rice?
-catuan: n share, portion, ration.
-mencatu: v 1 ration, limit amount (i.e. of gasoline per day) Karena harga minyak melambung secara tidak masuk akal, pemerintah harus mencatu pemakaian bensin Since the price of oil raised irrationally, the government has to ration the use gasoline 2 distribute, dole out (bit by bit).
-mencatukankan: v ei dole out, ration. Pemerintah memutus­kan mencatukan  beras karena persediaan terbatas. The government decided to dole out rice because the supply was limited
-pencatuan: n 1 rationing, doling. 2 allocation.

catu2: adj /lu/frm/ ration  beras catu ration rice

catuk1; mencatuk: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 peck at |if a bird pecks something, it quickly moves its beak to hit or pick up something, especially food| 2 rap |hit or knock something quickly and lightly| 3 tap on |gently hit your finger or foot against something especially with the sharp edge of a weapon| 4 cut into (a coconut). 5 hammer.

catuk2: n 1 spoonful. Berikan saya secatuk gula Give me a spoonful of sugar 2 contents of half a coconut shell.

catuk3: tercatuk: v sit with head bowed.

catur1: n /lu/frm/ chess.
-bercatur: v play chess
-caturangga: n chess board
-pe(n)catur: n chess player
-percaturan: n 1 matter related to chess play 2 configuration, pattern, assemblage, arrangement, 2 set percaturan politik luar negeri foreign policy set up

catur2: n /frm/ltr/ four (only in slogans and titles)
catur warga: n a family of four persons (parents and two kids)
catur tunggal/caturwangsa: n a four-function board of executive  |governor, military commander, police chief, and public prosecutor are the members of decision maker board at provincial level
(Indonesia’s political concept of the 1960s)|
-caturjalma: n a four-level caste |some people believe that each person born into one caste of  four castes that can’t not be changed|
-caturwulan: n |one of three periods into which a year consists of  three periods and a period consist of four months and the first period usually starts from January|

catur3: v (Jv) talk.
caturan: n topic of conversation.

catus: variant of cetus:

catut: n /ld/ 1 tweezers, forceps. 2 tongs, pincers 3 /lu/ black marketer, scalper, corrup­tor
catutan: n /lu/ |income from black marketing, scalping, abusing of authority, etc.| 2 the thing that is black marketed
-catut kawat: n /ld/ wire clipper
-mencatut: v /intr/tr/ 1 extract, pull (a tooth, nail, etc.) 2 operate on the black market, be a scalper. 3 swindle, cheat, misuse sb’s position for gain
-mencatutkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 sell on the black market. 2 scalp.
-pencatutut: n /lu/ 1 black marketer. 2 profiteer, scalper.
-percatutan: n /lu/ black marketing.

catutisme: n mental attitude characterized by ef­forts to make a profit from sb’s official position.

caung: adj /ld/ concave |the shape of sunken cheek from too thin or if there is no more teeth| Pipinya caung karena kekurangan gizi His cheeks are  concave from malnutrition

cawakl: n /ld/ leash.

cawak2: n 1 dent 2 dimple |by a small hollow place on your cheek or chin, especially one that forms when you smile
-bercawak: v have a dimple

cawan: n /lu/frm/ bowl
-cawan lebur: n crucible.
-cawan petri: n petri dish.
-cawan pinggan: n porcelain plate

cawangl: n /ld/ check mark.
-mencawangi: v mark sth with a check.
-tercawang: adj given a check mark.

cawang2: varian of cabang:

cawat: n /lu/ loincloth, G-string.
-bercawat1: v wear a loincloth.
-bercawat2: v have tail between its legs (of a dog). 2 be very scared.

cawe-cawe: v /Jv./ work together, work hand by hand

cawik: secawik: deter. a handful.
-cawis; memncawiskan: v prepare.
-cawisan: n 1 stock 2 materials that have been prepared. cawisan enam lusin six dozes in stock.
men­cawik: v take up (liquids or grains of sth in cupped hands)

cb {cabang}: n /wrt/ 1 branch (of a firm, organization, etc.). 2 branch (of  tree, river, etc.)

CB {Citizens’ Band}: n citizens’ band radio.

cc: deter. cubic centimeter.

cd: see kertas:

CD {Corps Diplomatik}: n 1 license plates of cars used by diplomats. 2 Compact Disc

cebak; mencebak: v dig, mine.
-cebakan: n mineral deposit.
-cebakan bijih: n 1 ore deposit. 2 mine.

ceban: quant. /spo/Jkt/Ch/ 10,000, in daily trading.

cebok: v /intr/infr/ wash |to clean genitals or anus with water after defecating or urinating|
-mencebok: v to wash sb’s  genitals or anus
-cebokan: n water and the container used for “cebok

cebol: adj dwarf.
-/saying/: sicebol merindukan bulan the dwarf is longing for the moon, means “seek for sth that is impos­sible to reach  or gain”

cebong: n /ld/ tadpole.

cebur: mencebur: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 drop 2 jump 3 plunge. 3 fall down |usually into liquid thing|
-menceburkan: v /tr/1  to plunge David menceburkan saudaranya ke kolam David plunged his brother into the pool 2 to get involved into an affair or case  Jangan menceburkan diri kedalam jaringan pengedar narkoba Don’t get involved into a drug trafficking
-tercebur: v /pass.v/ be fallen into sth (usually into liquid thing)

cecar; mencecar: v /lu/frm/ 1 bully 2 pester 3 bombard with a lot of question

cecer; tercecer: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 be spilled, be scattered (in small quantities). 2 lost |get lost from the mainstream, get left behind in progress made by a majority|
-berceceran; tercecer: v 1 be spilled everywhere 2 be scattered everywhere (on the ground).
-mencecerkan: v /tr/ 1 spill, scatter about. 2 sow, scatter (seed).
-tercecer: v /intr/ 1 be scattered, be spilled

cecok: v /lu/ 1 harshly argue each other  2 quarrel 3 dispute  –syn: cekcok:
-percecokan: n 1 quarrel 2 dispute

cecunguk: n /lu/ 1 cockroach 2  betrayer  3 corrupt secret police 4 thief

cedal: variant of cadel:

cedera1; percederaan: n /frm/1 disagreement 2 conflict 3 bickering 4 ­quarrel 5 dispute
-bercedera: v /intr/ 1 disagree 2 dispute 3 quarrel 4 conflict 5 dispute
-mendererai: v to be disagree

cedera2: v adj /lu/frm/ 1 damaged  2 flowed 3 tainted Hubungan mereka sudah cedera Their  relationship has been tainted.

cedera3: v /lu/frm/pass.v/ be injure, be hurt, be damaged Supir itu cedera parah pada kecelakaan itu The driver was severely injured at the accident
-dicederai: v /pass.v/ 1 be injured by 2 be damaged by  3 be broken by Seorang pejalan kaki telah dicederai seorang supir brengsek A passerby was injured by a crazy driver
-mencederai: v /tr/ 1 injure |to hurt a person or animal| Tabrakan bus itu mencederai dua penumpang The bus crash injured two passengers
mencederai: v /tr/ 1 break 2 hurt Kenapa kedua negeri itu mencederai kerjasama ekonomi mereka? Why the two countries broke their economic cooperation? 3 betray  Dia telah dituduh mencederai negeri dia sewaktu masa revolusi He’s accused of betraying his country during the revolution

cedera4: mencedera: v /tr/of/ inspect |to make an official visit to a place, organization,  etc. to check if everything is going well and that rules are being obeyed| Menejer secara berkala mencedera unit pemadam kebakaran apakah unit itu delalu siap siaga. The manager inspect the fire department regularly to see if the unit is always stand by
-dicedera: v /pass.v/ 1 be inspected  2 be controlled

cegah; mencegah: v /lu/frm/ 1 prevent |to stop something from happening, or stop someone from doing something| Saya sedang mencoba mencegah perkelahian itu ketika polisi dating I was trying to prevent a fight when the police arrived Luka lutut telah mencegah Larry bermain tennis  A knee injury has prevented Larry from playing tennis 2 stop Cegah dia jangan masuk kedalam Stop him not going inside 3 protect |to prevent someone or something from being harmed or damaged| Pakai kacamata hitam mencegah matamu dari terbakar sinar matahari Use sun glass to protect you eyes from sunburn 3 keep out Cegah binatang masuk kedalam kebun Keep the animal out of the garden
-bersifat mencegah: adj 1 preventive 2 protective
-pencegahan: n 1 prevention 2 protection

cegat; mencegat: v /lu/frm/ 1 intercept Maradona tiba-tiba mencegat bola Maradona suddenly intercepted the ball 2 block Pagar betis polisi mencegat orang banyak itu melewati gerbang istana A police cordon block the crowd passing the palace gate 3 ambush |to attack someone from a place where you have been hiding| Sejumlah pemberontak mencegat iring-iringan kenderaan polisi A number of armed rebels ambushed the police convoy   4 stop, hail, flag down (a taxi) Mari kita mencegat taxi disini Let’s stop a taxi here.
-pencegatan: n 1 interception 2 blockage

ceguk: v /lu/ 1 gulp 2 hiccup
-cegukan: n 1 hiccup 2 gulp

cek1: n /lu/frm/ 1 check 2 bank draft

cek2: v /lu/frm/ 1 examine 2 check out. 3 verify |to find out if a fact, statement etc. is correct or true|
-pengecekan: n examination 2 checking out 3 verification pengecekan kesehatan medical examination or medical check up

cek3: see encik:

cekak1: n /lu/ |the size of sth that you can hold by your forefinger and thumb or the size of the circle that you can make by putting the end of your thumb and your fore finger| secekak benang a thumb and a forefinger that can be held of thread
-mencekak: v 1 hold sth with your forefinger and your thumb
-bercekak1; bercekak pinggang: v |open the fore finger and the thumb of your arms and put it on both sides of your waist while you are standing and usually you do it to show that your are relax, you are angry, or you are ready to fight|  -syn: bertolak pinggang

cekak2: adj /lu/1 short. 2 insufficient, inadequate. 3 too narrow, tight (of clothes). 4 rude, coarse (be­havior).

cekak3: n /ld/ 1 fight. 2 dispute 3 struggle
-bercekak: v 1 fight 2 dispute 3 struggle |compare to bercekak1 which is usually followed by “pinggang” (waist)|

cekak4: v /chess/lu/ check mate |attack the opponent’s king|

cekakan: n /inf/ a smallest unit of morphine in the black drug trafficking

cekal: adj /ld/ 1 relentless 2 gallant 3 steadfast Tim itu tetap cekal menghadapi keganasan cuaca The team was relentless in facing the wildness of the weather
-cekalan: n the ability to hold tightly Cekalan pegulat itu sudah cukup kuat The ability of the wrestler to hold tightly is strong enough

cekal2: v /lu/frm/ 1 arrest, capture 2 prevent, 3 tightly hold  Kantor imigrasi mencekal sejumlah bankir untuk pergi ke luar negeri The immigration office prevent a number of bankers from going abroad
-pencekalan: n prevention Pencekalan bankir itu keluar negeri dilakukan atas perintah pengadilan The prevention of the bankers from going abroad based on the court order.

cekam1; mencekam: v /lu/frm/ 1 |give or make a condition or situation which make we don’t feel free or safe|  Tinggal di tempat terpencil ini sangat mencekam perasaan Living in this remote place make our feeling unsafe and being trapped  2 hold |keep sth tightly with pressure or with an effort to prevent it to go or release again| Donny mencekan anak kucing itu didalam sebuah kotak selama perjalanan ke tempat berkemah Donny keep the kitten in a box during the way to camp

cekatan: adj /lu/frm/ 1 adroit, deft, adept. |able to use your hands quickly and perfectly,  or to think and use words quickly|  seorang penerbang yang cekatan adroit pilot
-kecekatan: n adroitness, dex­terity.

cekcok: v /lu/ quarrel, squabble, bicker, fall out. Dia sedang cekcok dengan seorang tetangganya She is quarrelling with one of her neighbour
-percecokan: n 1 dispute, 2 quarrel 3 altercation
-mempercecokkan: v /tr/ 1 bicker (about sth)  2 dis­pute (on sth)

cekdam: n /lu/frm/ embankment |a concrete wall on the bank of the river to protect erosion|

cekek: variabt of cekik:

ceker1: 1 n /lu/ foot of birds 2 claw.
-menceker: v scratch |turn upside the ground with leg to find sth (chicken)| -syn: ais; mengais

ceker2: variant of cekel:

cekeram: see cengkeram:

ceki: n /Chn/  card game. daun ceki the thin and small cards used in this game.

cekik; mencekik: v /lu/frm/ 1 strangle, choke, throttle |to kill someone by tightly pressing his/her throat with your hands, a rope etc.| 2 tremendously harden Harga bahan-bahan pokok telah mencekik kehidupan The prices of basic need has tremendously harden the life

cekikik: n /spo/ sound of a giggle.
-cekikikan: n chuckle, giggle.

ceking: adj /lu/ 1 thin, slender Dia sangat tinggi sehingga kelihatannya ceking He is very tall that’s why he looks thin  2 frugal, economical. |careful to only buy what is necessary|
-kecekingan1: adj 1 too thin 2 too frugal
-kecekingan2: n 1 thinness 2 frugalness

Ceko: n Czech.

cekok: cekokan: n /ld/  powdery herbal medicine |medicine that is usually taken by force|
-mencekokkan: v /tr/ forcefully put medicine into a child mouth 2 intensively indoctrinate sb on a certain ideology or belief
-mencekok; mencekoki: v /tr//lu/ 1 |physically force sb (usually a child to take medicine|
Note: Both mencekokkan and mencekoki are transitive verbs. Use mencekokkan if the direct object is medicine (sth). Use mencekoki if the direct object is the kid (someone)

Cekoslowakia: n Czechoslovakia.

cekung: adj /lu/frm/ 1 concave |curved inward like a bowl| sbuah lensa cekung a concave lens 2 sunken |built or placed at a lower level than the surrounding area| kebun yang cekung a sunken garden 3 hollow |having an empty space inside| pipi cekung hollow cheeks mata cekung hollw eyes
-kecekungan: n concavity
cekungan kaki: n arch |the curved middle part of the bottom of your foot|
cekungan tangan: n palm |the inside surface of your hand between the base of your fingers and your wrist|

cela1: n /lu/frm/1 flaw, stigma 2 defect, shortcoming, fail­ing, blemish 3 disgrace, shame.
-bercela: adj 1 flawed Pertunjukan itu telah tercela The performance was flawed.2 stigmatic Dia punya latar belakang yang bercela He has stigmatic family background 3 defective Masalah itu disebabkan oleh sistim yang bercela The problems caused by defective system
-tercela; dicela: v /pass.v./ 1 be blamed 2 be condemned 3 be disapproved 4 be disgraced   .

céla2: n /ld/ |a type of cotton fabric with plaid pattern|

celah: n /lu/frm/ 1 gap celah gigi gap be­tween teeth 2 crevasse celah batu es ice crevasse 3 pass celah gunung mountain pass 4 fissure  celah pada lumpur kering fissure on dry mud 5 furrow celah di tanah furrow on soil 6 rift |a serious disagreement| celah yang berkembang diantara dua Negara a growing rift between the two countries 7 slot |a long narrow hole made in a surface|  Celah mana tempat memasukkan kartu ATM? Which slot does the ATM card go in? 8 celah paha groin 9 chance, opportunity |a time or situation that you can use to do something that you want to do| Saya sedang mencari celah untuk masuk dalam jaringan sindikat itu I’m looking for a chance to join the syndicate network
-bercelah: v to have gap

celak1: n /lu/ cosmetic used to blacken eyelid.
-bercelak: adj made-up with such a cosmetic (celak)
-mencelaki: v apply “celak” on sth

celak2: bercelak: v /lu/ sparkle, shine, glisten, gleam.

celaka: v /intr/lu/frm/ suffer |to experience something bad, such as pain, sickness, or the effects of a bad situation| Kematian ayahnya akan membuat kehidupan keluarga itu celaka The death of his father will make the family live suffer difficulties
-kecelakaan: n accident |a situation in which someone is hurt or something is damaged without anyone intending it to happen| Kecelakaan lalu lintas telah membuat satu lengannya hilang A traffic accident made him to lose one of his arm
-mencelakai: v /tr/ harm Seorang pengemudi brengsek telah mencelakai seorang pejalan kaki A crazy driver has harmed a pedestrian
-mencelakakan: v damage  Hati-hati dengan alat ini. Ini bisa mencelakakan Be careful with this tool, it can be harmful

celaka2: intrj /lu/ 1 Damn! Celaka! Saya ketinggalan kunci mobil. Damn! I left my car’s key. 2 celaka dua belas: n /spo/ big problem Celaka dua belas, polisi sedang mengepung tempat ini. Big problem, police is seizing this place

celana: n /lu/frm/ trousers, pants.
-celana berenang: n swim trunks.
-celana bunting: n cut-offs
-celana cut-bray: n bell bottoms.
-celana dalam: n underpants, panties.
-celana jengki: n dungarees.
-celana katok: n short pants, shorts.
-celana kolor: n shorts with a draw­string.
-celana monyet: n 1 children’s playsuit. 2 coveralls
-celana Napoleon: n blue jeans.
-celana pen­dek: n shorts.
-celana tanggung: n knickers.
-bercelana: v wear trou­sers.
-mencelanai: v put trousers on sb

celekit: nyelekit: v /inf/lu/ 1 annoy  2 hurt (sb’s feeling)

celemek: n /ld/ apron |a piece of cloth you wear to protect your clothes when you cook or eat|

celemot; celemotan: adj /ld/spo. |full of or covered with crumb or leftovers from eating|  Bibirnya celemotan oleh es cream Her lips full of ice cream’s dribble

celeng: n /lu/inf/ 1 wild boar. 2 wild pig. 3  jerk. –syn: /lu/frm/ babi hutan
-celengan: n /lu/ 1 money box, piggy bank 2 deposit
-mencelengi: v put money in a piggy bank (saving box)
-uang celengan: n saving money, board money.

celoteh: n /lu/frm/ 1 chatter Saudarinya banyak celoteh Her sister has a lot of chatter 2 prattle |silly or unimportant things that someone talks about continuously|
-berceloteh: v /intr/ 1 chatter |to talk a lot about things that are not important| 2 talk prattle
-mencelotehi: v /tr/ tell sb chatter or prattle continuously

Celsius: n /lu/frm/ centigrade (oC) |a temperature scale in which water freezes at 0C° and boils at 100 0C. -see Selsius:

celup; mencelupkan: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 immerse, dip. Saya suka mencelupkan roti ke dalam susu I like to dip bread in milk. Celupkan kwas itu ke cat lalu mulai melukis. Dip the brush in the paint and then start to paint. 2 immerse |to put something completely in a liquid, usually to dye|
-celupan: n 1 dip 2 dye
-pencelupan: n 1 immersion  2 dipping
-tercelup: v /pass.v/ gotten immersed.

celurit: see clurit:

celurut: n /lu/ rat |small animal which release musk, Suncus murinus linnacus|

celus: adj loose |not firmly attached to something| Cincin saya menjadi celus My ring is coming loose. –syn: /lu/ longgar

cemar; tercemar: adj /lu/frm/ 1 contaminated |spoiled by containing a dangerous or poisonous substance| 2 polluted |dangerously dirty| 3 defiled |less pure, good, or holy|
-mencemari; mencemarkan: v /tr/ 1 contaminate 2 pollute 3 defile
-pencemaran: n 1 contamination 2 pollution 3 defilement
-pencemar: n 1 contaminator 2 polluter 3 defiler

cemara1: n /lu/frm/ casuarina tree.

cemara2: n /lu/ long switch of hair or wig twisted into chignon.

cemas: adj /lu/frm/ 1 worried Kemana saja kamu? Saya cemas tentang kamu Where were you? I was worried about you?  2  apprehensive Jangan terlalu cemas akan masa depan kamu Don’t be too much apprehensive about your future 3 frightened Dia masih terlalu cemas untuk tinggal sendiri di rumah He is still too frightened to stay home alone 4 concerned Mereka cemas tentang apa yang terjadi pada kita They were concerned about what happened to us. 5 anxious  Mary sangat cemas mengenai hasil interview itu Mary’s anxious about the results of the interview 6 edgy |nervous and easy to upset| Ben sangat cemas setelah kalah dalam pertandingan itu Ben was edgy after losing the game
-cemas: v 1 worry 2 frighten 3 concern
-kecemasan: n 1 worry 2 fright 3 concern 4 anxiety
-mencemaskan: adj 1 worrying 2 frightening

cemas2; cemas-cemas: adv /ld/ 1 almost 2 nearly 3 about Pasien itu cemas-cemat mati ketika ambulan tiba The patient almost die when the ambulance arrived

cemberut: adj /lu/ sullen, glum, morose. |silently showing anger or sadness|

cembung: adj /lu/ convex |curved outwards, like the outside edge of a circle| sebuah lensa cembung a convex lens  –ant: cekung (concave)

cemburu: adj /lu/frm/ 1 jealous. a) |feeling angry or unhappy because someone you love is paying attention to another person, or because another person is showing too much interest in someone you love| Saya cemburu ketika dia berdansa dengan saudari saya I was jealous when he danced with my sister b) |feeling angry or unhappy because someone else has a quality, thing, or ability that you wish you had|  Ray cemburu dengan promosi saya Ray was jealous of my promotion. –syn: iri, sirik 2 en­vious |want very much that you had sb else’s things or achievement|  Banyak diantara kami cemburu atas keberhasilan Dora Many of us were envious of Dora’s success. –syn: iri
-kecemburuan: n 1 jealousy 2 enviousness
-pencemburu: n jealous isteri pencemburu jealous wife

cemerlang1: adv/lu/frm/ shine brightly Matahari cemerlang sepanjang hari The sun was shining brightly all day.

cemerlang2: adj /lu/frm/ 1 bright Kamu punya masa depan yang cemerlang You have a bright future  2 smart, intelligent Dia mempunyai pemikiran cemerlang He has a very smart thought Itu satu ide yang cemerlang It’s a smart idea 4 optimistic harapan cemerlang optimistic hope
-kecemerlangan: n 1 brightness Saya senang kecemerlangan panggung itu I love the brightness of the stage 2 smartness Kecemerlangan pemikiran dia membuat dia dihargai The smartness of his though made him admirable 3 optimism Kecemerlangan harapam dia telah memotivasi dia belajar keras The optimism of his dream has motivated him to study hard
-mencemerlangkan: v brighten Kerja keras kamu akan mencemerlangkan masa depan kamu Your hard work will brighten your future.

cemeti: n /lu/frm/ whip.
-cemeti dewa: n lightning.
-mencemeti: v 1 whip 2 lash.

cemil: secemil: quant a little bit.

cemong: adj /lu/ 1 dirty, soiled. 2 scratched (face).

cemooh: see:  cemuh:

cempaka: n /lu/ 1 tropical magnolia , champaca. 2 frangipani (and other similar flowering shrubs).

cempedak: n /lu/ a tree similar to jackfruit.

cempelung: variant of cemplung:

cemplung: v /intr/lu/ plunge |to fall down, especially into liquid, or to push something down with a lot of force|  Sebuah bus menikung keluar dan cemplung ke sungai A bus ran off a curve and plunged into the river. Jam saya cemplung kedalam kolam My watch plunged into the pool
-cemplangan; cemplungan: n /lu/ cesspool |a container under the ground where waste water from a house is collected| -syn: safety tank  -mencemplungkan: v /tr/ 1 cause to sink sth 2 insert sth into sth Seorang pencopet mencemplungkan tangannya kedalam kantong seseorang lalu dia lari kabur A thief inserted his hand into sb’s pocket and he strode away

cempoa: n /lu/ abacus. –see: sempoa:

cencang1: variant of cincang:

cencang2: v /ld/ manually clear an cultivate a piece of land

cendana: n /lu/frm/ |a very hard tree and smells fragrant genus Santalum album|
-/popular saying/: Sudah gaharu cendana pula Why you ask something that you already know about?

cendawan: n /lu/frm/ 1 mushroom, toadstool. 2 fungus, mildew, mold.

cendekia: adj /lu/frm/ 1 knowledgeable 2 well-educated 3 clever 4 intellect
-kecendekiaan: n 1 knowledgeableness 2 cleverness 4 intellectuality.
-pencedekiaan: n intellectualization

cendekiawan: n /lu/frm/ 1 knowledgeable person 2 well-educated person 3 clever person 4 intellect, intellectual.
-kecendekiawanan: n intellectualism.

cendera2; cendera mata: n /lu/frm/1 souvenir 2 memento 3 token

cendera3: adv /lu/ well (sleep) tidur dengan cendera sleep well or sleep soundly

cenderawasih: n /lu/frm/ bird of paradise. |Paradisidae heimii|

cenderung1: v /lu/frm/ 1 tend |to be likely to be a particular thing|  Ini cenderung akan sangat panas hari ini It tends to be very hot today 2 cenderung (memilih/memiliki): prefer |to like someone or something more than someone or something else| Dia cenderung memilih mobil warna putih daripada yang hitam She prefer to have white car rather than black car 3 like more Kami cenderung kepada pelamar sarjana baru tamat We like more the newly-graduate applicants  4 incline |to slope at a particular angle|  Tiangnya agak cenderung ­The pole incline a little

cenderung2: adj /lu/frm/ 1 preferential 2 likely, willingly 3 inclined
-kecenderungan: n 1 tendency 2 preference 3 likeness, willingness 4 inclination

cendok: n /of/ 1 spoon  2 scoop  –syn: sendok, skop –syn: sendok

cendol: n /lu/1 droplets made of doughy rice-flour  2 syrupy beverage made mixed with such droplets.

cengar-cingir: v grin /lu/inf/ |to smile continuously with a very big smile|

cengeng: adj /lu/ 1 snivelling |behaving or speaking in a weak complaining way, especially while crying| anak cengeng dan bandal snivelling brat 2 whining  |to complain about something in a sad annoying voice|

cengenges: cengengesan: v /Jv/ jeer |to shout, speak, or laugh in order to annoy or frighten someone you dislike|

cengir-cengir: variant of cengar-cengir:

cengkal: n /ld/ unit of length (about 3.75 m.). Petani kecil itu hanya memiliki secengkal tanah That peasant farmer owns only a tiny piece of land.

cengkam; cengkaman: n /ld/ 1 grip 2 squeeze 3 hold  lapiscengkam- supporting layer of road between surface and bed.
-mencengkam: v /lu/ ­1 grip 2 squeeze 3 grasp. Burung elang itu mencengkam mangsanya The eagle griped its prey 2 squeeze |to press something firmly inwards, especially with your hand|  Dia mencengkam lengan John dengan lembut She squeezed John’s arm gently. 3 grasp |to take and hold something firmly|  Dia cengkam sejumlah jagung brondong lalu dia pergi He grasped some of the popcorn and he left

cengke; cengkeh: n /lu/ clove |any kind of plant which flower or fruit tastes hot and smell good, used for herbal medicine, spices, and for kretek cigarette genus Eugenia aromatica
-bercengkeh1: v 1 plant cengkeh
-bercengkeh2: adj spiced with clove 
-percengkehan: n matter pertaining to clove cultivation

cengkeram1; mencengkeram: v /intr/tr/lu/frm/ tightly grip, hold, grasp, seize sth by claw or fingernail
-mencengkeramkan: v use claw or fingernail to tightly grip sth Harimau itu tiba-tiba melompat dan mencengkeramkan kuku pada mangsanya The tiger suddenly jumped and use its claw to grip its prey
-cengkeraman2: n grip, grasp, hold, seizure

cengkeram3: n 1 down payment 2 deposit |money we pay in advance for sth we ordered|
Notes: “mencengkeram” can be an intransitive and transitive verb. In case it is transitive, use  mencengkram if the direct object (directly after verb) is sth to be gripped  Use mencengkeramkan if what you use to grip such as claw, fingernail, etc is the direct object after the verb

cengkerama: n /lu/frm/ chat, talk, joke
-bercengkerama: v /intr/lu/ chat, talk, joke Dia sedang bercengkerama di telepon

cengkok: adj /ld/ crooked, twisted, bent, curved

cengkung: variant of cekung:

cengkung3; bercengkung: v /lu/ squat.
-mencengkungkan: v bend down.

cengli: adj /Ch/ 1 reasonable, rational 2 honest 3 appropriate

cengut; tercengut: variant of cengung:

centang1; centang-perenang: adj /ld/ 1 totally in disarray 2 messy
kecentang-perenangan: n disarray

centang2; mencentang: v /ld/ 1 hit 2 slap.

centang3: n /lu/ 1 check mark |usually √ sign at the line or word that need to be corrected| 2 sharpness (of photo)
-pencentang: ­n /lu/ brightening agent. pencentang bibir a substance that puts a gleam on sb’s lips.
-pencentangan: n enlightenment.

centeng: n /lu/ 1 guard, watchman. 2 foreman on pri­vate land 3 hired thug, hit-man.

centil: adj /lu/ showy, flirtatious (girl) |behaving in a way that tries to attract sexual attention, but not in a serious way|

cepak1: v /lu/ smack your lips
-mencepak-cepok: v smack sb’s lips while eating sth

cepak2: adj /lu/ 1 short (hair) berambut cepak with short hair

cepat1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 fast |moving, or able to move quickly or doing something or happening in a short time| pelari cepat a fast runner  mobil cepat a fast car  Subway adalah jalan tercepat untuk pergi ke pusat kota The subway is the fastest way to get downtown. seorang pembaca cepat a fast reader 2 speedy |happening or done quickly, or in a short time| Kami berharap gangguan ini berakhir cepat. We’re hoping for a speedy end to the troubles. chip komputer yang berkemampuan cepat speedy computer chip 3 quick |quick actions or events are done or happen in a relatively short time|  Saya akan makan pagi yang cepat dulu I’ll just take a quick breakfast first Natasia cepat mengerti permasalahan Natasia is quick to understand the problem  Janganmembuat gerakan cepat, atau kamu akan membuat takut kelinci itu Don’t make any quick movements, or you’ll scare the rabbit. Saya berjanji akan cepat, beri saya waktu satu menit bicara dengan dia I promise I’ll be quick, just give me a minute to talk to her. 4 early Pukul berapa penerbangan paling cepat berangkat What time the earliest flight?

cepat2: adv /lu/frm/ 1 fast |moving or doing sth quickly| Dia berjalan dengan cepat She walked fast. Kami akan selesaikan masalah itu secara cepat We are going to settle the problem fast  2 early Dia pulang dengan cepat hari ini She went home early this morning 3 quickly Apa kamu dapat melakukannya dengan cepat? Can you do it quickly? Dia merenggutkan kunci itu dari tangan saya dan dia keluar dengan cepat She grab the key from my hand and she went out quickly
-kecepatan: n 1 speed 2 quickness 3 fastness 4 promptness 5 rapidity 6 velocity
-mempercepat: v 1 speed up 2 faster up 3 accelerate 4 quicker up
-pemercepat: n accelerator
-percepatan: n 1 acceleration

cepek: num. /Jkt/Ch/spo/ 100 (a hundred) in commercial transactions.

cepek-ceng: num /Jkt/Ch/spo/ 100,000.

cepeng: num. a half of cent. Saya tidak punya uang secepengngpun I don’t have money even a half of cent
-secepengan: adj 1 cheap 2 not worth much. cinta secengan cheap (false) love.

ceper1: adj /lu/ shallow and rimmed (of bowl, saucer). pi­ring ceper soup dish.
-/idiom/: dapat piring ceper get a soup dish (shallow bowl) means: be unfortunate, have small livelihood.

ceper2: n /lu/ tray

ceplas-ceplos: sdv /lu/inf/ 1 speak out frankly 2 speak unin­hibitedly Kebiasaan dia bicara ceplas-ceplos It’s his habit to speak out frankly

ceplok1: n /lu/ circle-shaped. kain ceplok cloth with a large polka dot pattern. telur ceplok fried egg |without stirring or mixing the white and the yolk|
-ceplok piring: n /ld/ flower.
-menceplok: v fry (of eggs).

ceplok2: n /spo/ sound of stamping feet. 2 repeated stamping sound. Sudah tahu ada orang tidur kok jalan menceplok di dalam rumah You know that sb is sleeping but you still shuffle and stamp in the house.

ceplos; menceplos: v /lu/ blurt out |to say sth suddenly and without thinking the consequence of it, usually because you are nervous or excited|  “Karena saya cinta kamu” Bob menceplos “Because I love you!”  Bob blurted.
-keceplosan1: v be blurted out
-keceplosan2: n blurt |the sate of being blurted| Wajahnya merah menyadari keceplosan itu He grew red in the face upon aware that he was blurted out

cepret: n sound of clicking (cameras, etc.), sound of squashing (an insect).
-mencepret: v squash sth flat.

cerabut: n /lu/ uproot.
-tercerabut: v 1 be uprooted 2 collapse

ceracah: n /ld/ sound of rain, brooks, etc.
-menceracah: v babble (brook)

cerah: adj /lu/frm/ 1 bright (day, sun, moon, light, color, etc) a) hari cerah bright day, matahari cerah bright sun bulan cerah bright moon, warna cerah bright color 2 clear (weather, glass, sight) cuaca cerah clear weather kaca cerah clear glass penglihatan cerah clear sight 3 prospective, hopeful (career, future) karir yang cerah prospective career masa depan yang cerah hopeful future 3 auspicious (plan, effort, endeavour, beginning, hope) rencana/upaya/perjuangan  yang cerah auspicious planning/effort/endeavour permulaan yang cerah auspicious beginning (of a career) harapan yang cerah auspicious hope 4 sharp, detailed (picture, thought/idea, proposition) foto yang cerah sharp picture pemikiran yang cerah sharp idea/thought  dasar-dasar pertimbangan yang cerah sharp proposition
-kecerahan: n 1 brightness 2 sharpness 3 prospect
-mencerahkan: v 1 brighten 2 sharpen 3 give and effort to be prospective
-pencerahan: n 1 brightening 2 sharpening 3 the state of being prospective

cerai; bercerai: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 divorce  Orangtua saya bercerai waktu saya masih di sekolah lanjutan My parents divorced when I was at a secondary school 2 separate The litter separated from the hen when an hawk tried to attack Anak-anak ayam itu bercerai dari induknya waktu seekor elang mencoba menyerang
-cerai-berai: v /intr/ disperse |to scatter in different directions| Kerumunan itu cerai-berai setalah polisi menggunakan gas air mata The crowd dispersed after police used tear gas  2 spread out |move apart from each other to cover a wide area|  Kalau kita cerai berai kita akan mudah diserang musuh If we spread out we’ll be vulnerable to be attacked by the enemy
-menceraikan: v /tr/ divorce sb Dia menceraikan isterinnya hanya setahun setelah pernikahan He divorced his wife just a year after the marriage
-mencerai-beraikan: v /tr/ disperse Polisi mencerai-beraikan kerumunan itu dengan gas air mata The police dispersed the crowd by using tear gas
-perceraian: n 1 divorce |the legal ending of a marriage| Sebenarnya saya tidak menginginkan perceraian ini, tetapi isteri saya Actually I didn’t want this divorce but my wife 2 separation 3 disintegration 3 disassociation
-tercerai: adj 1 separated 2 remote 3 disconnected

ceramah: n /lu/frm/ 1 lecture a) |a long talk to a group of people about a particular subject|  Dia sedang memberi ceramah tentang kosmetik yang berhasiat obat She’s giving a lecture on medical cosmetics b) |a long serious talk that criticizes someone or warns him/her about something: Orang tua saya memberikan ceramah lagi tentang tugas-tugas sekolah saya. My parents gave me another lecture about my school work. 2 speech |a talk, especially a formal one about a particular subject, given to a particular audience|  Menteri memberi ceramah pada seminar tentang pemanasan global tersebut The Minister gave a speech in the seminar on the global warming  3 preach |to give a speech, usually in a church, about a religious subject|  Pendeta itu akan memberi ceramah singkat kepada pengantin The pastor will make a short preach to the bride and the bridegroom
-berceramah: v /intr/ 1 lecture 2 give speech 3 preach
menceramahi: v /tr/ 1 lecture sb 2 give speech to sb 3 preach sb

cerber {ceritera bersambung}: n /lu/ serial story.

cerbergam {cerita bergambar}: n /lu/ comical story

cerbersam: variant of cerber.

cerca; mencerca: v /lu/frm/ 1 scorn |to tell or to make a statement  that you think a person, idea, or suggestion is stupid or not worth acceptable| Dia selalu mencerca pendapat siapa saja yang tidak sependapat dengan dia He always scorns the opinions of anyone who disagreed with him 2 deride |to say that something is silly, not perfect, or not valuable|  3 revile |to express hatred of someone or something|
-cercaan: n 1 scorn 2 derision 3 disdain
-pencerca: n 1 critic 2 faultfinder

cercah; secercah: deter. /lu/ |a little bit or amount of sth| 1 shaft secercah sinar a shaft of light 2  bit secercah harapan a bit of expectation 3 bite secercah coklat a bite of chocolate 4 glance secercah pandangan a glance of look 5 pinch secercah garam pinch of salt
-mencercah: v 1 cut into small pieces 2 slice
-cercahan: n 1 small cutting 2 thin slice 3 slice 4 pinch

cerdas: adj /lu/frm/ 1 intelligent Dia seorang politisi cerdas He is an intelligent politician 2 smart Apa dia seorang siswa yang cerda? Is she a samart sudent? 3 bright Itu satu pemikiran cerdas It’s a bright thought 4 shrewd Dia seorang pebisnis wanita yang cerdas She is a shrewd business-woman 5  clever Seekor kucing yang cerdas A clever cat 6 agile Dia sudah 92 tahun tetapi secara mental masih cerdas She’s 92, but still mentally agile.
-kecerdasan: n 1smartness 2 brightness 3 intelligence 4 intellectuality 5 agility 6 shrewdness
-mencerdaskan: v 1 educate 2 smarten 3 sharpen 4 intellectualize sb’s mind 5 develop sb’s mind,
-cerdas cermat: adj smart and scrupulous
-cerdas tangkas1: adj smart and adroit
-cerdas tangkas2: n quiz contest.

cerdik: adj /lu/frm/ 1 shrewd 2 clever 3 agile 3 cunning 4 tricky
-cerdik pandai: n intellectual
-kecerdikan: n 1cleverness 2 astuteness 3 cun­ning 4 shrewdness.
Notes: In many ways cerdas and cerdik have many similarities. Both relate to the ability to think, to apply expertise, or to use skill. However, using cerdik must be a little careful. In many cases it implicitly means or it is interpretable to have negative meaning such as the ability of deceiving people.

cerecek: n /ld/ a kind of freshwater fish – Cyclocheilichthys apogon

cerek: n /lu/ 1 boiling kettle 2 watering can.

cerek2: n /ld/ any grass which leaves are used for herbal medicine – Clausena excavata

ceremai: variant of cermai:

ceret: variant of cerek:

cerewet1: adj /lu/spo/ 1 fussy |too much complain about things that are not very important| 2 finicky, hard to please |someone who is only likes a few kinds of thing that is needed and will grumble if what he/she want is not available| 2 grumbler, carp,  |complain too much in slightly angry way|

cerewet2: mencereweti: v /lu/ fussy |complain and upset| Berhenti cerewet! Kita sebentar lagi akan tiba. Stop fussing! We’ll be home soon!

ceria: adj /lu/frm/ 1 cheerful 2 pure, clean, fresh. 3 cloudless.
-menceriakan: v /intr/ 1 cheer 2 cleanse 3 purify
-keceriaan: n 1 cheerfulness 2 pu­rity 3 cleanness

ceria2: n /ltr/ 1 oaths and formulas read at the in­stallation of a king 2 protocol |the system of rules for the correct way to behave on official occasions in a kingdom|

ceringis1: n /lu/ wide grin.

ceringis2: v /lu/ grin widely

cerita: n /lu/frm/ 1 story |a description of an event that is intended to entertain people| Film itu didasarkan pada cerita sebenarnya. The movie is based on a true story. cerita tentang hantu a ghost story satu cerita percintaan a love story 2 chronology |the process of an event, occasion, or occurrence| Coba katakan bagaimana cerita kejadian itu Tell me the chronology of  the occurrence/ event/incident| 3 tale Nenek selalu menuturkan cerita sebelum tidur Grandma always tell me a tale before sleeping 4 experience Dia menuturkan pada kami ceritanya selama dalam perjalanan. He told us his experience during his tour 5 novel Saya sedang menulis sebuah buku cerita I’m writing a novel
-banyak cerita: adj story teller Dia orang yang banyak cerita He is a story teller man
-bercerita; menceritakan: v 1 tell the story 2 give the report
cerita antah berantah: n yarn
-cerita bergambar: n comic book
-cerita bersambung: n serial
-cerita dongeng: n tale
-cerita karangan: n fiction
-cerita sebenarnya: n true story
-cerpen {cerita pendek}: n short story
-pendek cerita: adv to shorten Pendek cerita, kemudian kami membawanya pulang To shorten the story, then we took him home.
-pembaca/pembawa cerita: n narrator, reporter

ceritera: variant of cerita

ceriwis: adj /ld/ talkative |liking to talk a lot|

cerlang; cemerlang: adj /lu/frm/ 1 bright 2 gleaming.
-kecemerlangan: n 1 smartness 2 brightness 3 brilliance

cerlih: n /ld/ any kind of squirrel – Callosciurus

cermai: n /ld/ 1 a small red fruit often candied 2 the tree of such fruit – Phyllantus acidus

cermat1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 accurate, precise, punctilious 2 careful, prudent, cautious, frugal 3 neat, orderly, con­scientious 4 adroit, agile Apa menurut kamu perkiraan ini cermat? Do you think that this calculation is accurate?  Dia membuat peta yang cermat He drew an accurate map Dia cermat dalam  mengambil keputusan He is agile in making a decision

cermat2: adv /lu/frm/1 accurately, precisely, punctiliously 2 carefully, prudently, cautiously, frugally 3 neatly, conscientiously Dia selalu mengatur perabotannya dengan cermat She always set her furniture neatly
-kecermatan: n 1 accurateness  2 precision 3 punctiliousness 2 carefulness, prudence, cautiousness, frugality 3 neatness, conscientiousness
-mencermati: v 1 observe 2 scrutinize

cermin: n /lu/frm/ 1 mirror 2 model |a person or thing that is a perfect example of something good and is therefore worth copying| Kartini adalah cermin kepahlawanan wanita Indonesia Kartini was a model of the Indonesian women’s heroism 3 representative Jakarta adalah cermin keragaman budaya di Indonesia Jakarta is a representative of Indonesian cultural heterogeneity 4 reflection Jajag pendapat ini bermaksud untuk melihat cermin pendapat rakyat tentang aborsi This pooling aims to see the reflection of people opinion about abortion
-bercermin: v 1 too see your reflection on a mirror 2 /idiom/ to learn sth from other people or take sth as an example  3 have a mirror (on sth)
-cerminan: n 1 reflection 2 image
-mencerminkan: v reflect Sikapnya tidak mencerminkan pendidikannya yang tinggi His attitude doesn’t reflects his high education
-tercermin: v /pass,v/ be reflected Bahwa dia punya pengalaman panjang sebagai diplomat tercermin pada cara dia bicara That he’s a long experience as a diplomat was reflected on his way to talk

ceroboh: adj /lu/frm/ 1 careless a) |not paying enough attention to what you are doing| Kamu sangat ceroboh meninggalkan kunci di dalam mobil It was very careless of you to leave your keys in the car. b) |done without much effort or attention to detail| Ini pekerjaan yang sangat ceroboh Jangan berbuat seperti itu lagi This is very careless work Don’t do it again! 2 improper Itu satu keputusan ceroboh It was an improper decision
-kecerobohan: n 1 carelessness 2 improperness

cerobong: n /lu/frm/ 1 chimney 2 smokestack |a tall chimney  at a factory or on a ship| 3 funnel |a tube with a wide top and a narrow bottom, used for pouring liquids or powders into a container|

cerocos; mencerocos: v /lu/infr/ interruptedly and unexpectedly speak in the middle of a meeting or a serious conversation

cerpen {ceritera pendek}: n /lu/ short story.

cerpenis: n /lu/ short story writer.

cerucut: n cone.
-cerucut es: n icicle.

cerutu: n cigar

cespleng: adj /lu/spo/ instant (in curing or pain relief)

cet: n /lu/ paint Saya perlu cet untuk pagar ini I need paint for this fence –syn: cat:

cetak; mencetak: v /lu/frm/ 1 print |to produce words, numbers, or pictures on paper, using a machine that puts ink onto the surface|  Mesin ini mampu mencetak 60 lembar per menit This machine can print 60 pages a minute
-barang cetakan: n printed material
-cetak biru: n blue print
-cetak percobaan: n proofs, proof sheet
-cetak roda: v cast a wheel
-cetak ulang:
v reprint
-kue cetakan: n shape cookies
-pencetak: n 1 printer (tool, machine) 2 |a person, organization, or company who manage printing process|
-percetakan: n printing house, press Apa kamu sudah mendengar dari percetakan kapan bukunya akan diserahkan? Have you heard from the printing house when the book will be delivered?
-pencetakan: n printing (the process) Pencetakan akan mulai hari ini The printing will be start today
2  mold, cast |to shape a solid substance by pressing or rolling it or by putting the liquid form of it into a mold or matrix| 3 produce |to prepare |to make something happen or develop, or have a particular result| Pusat pelatihan ini
telah berhasil mencetak beberapa juara bulu tangkis tingkat nasional, regional, dan internasional The training centre has successfully produce a number of national, regional, and international  badminton champions  4 gain |to get, win, or achieve something that is important, useful, or valuable| Saya berharap kontingen kita akan mencetak banyak prestasi pada turnamen yang akan datang I hope that our contingent will gain a lot of prestige in the next tournament.

cetek1: adj /Jkt/lu/inf/ 1 shallow (river, etc.). 2 superficial (knowledge, experiment, observation, experience) –syn: /lu/frm/ dangkal

cetek2: n /spo/ sound of a click.
-mencetekkan: v click on (a switch).

cetus: n /lu/frm/ 1 sound of sth being struck  against stone. 2 cetus api: fire spark
-cetusan: n grievance  |something that you complain about because you think it is unfair| Buruh menuliskan ungkapan hati mereka pada  spanduk besar. The labour wrote down their grievance on a big banner
-mencetuskan: v /tr/1 proclaim, declare, state |to state officially and publicly that something is happening or that something is true| Sejumlah politisi mencetuskan pendirian sebuah partai politik baru tadi pagi A number of politicians declared the establishment of a new political party this morning 2 disclose |to make something known by other people| Dalam rapat ketua partai mencetuskan niatnya mengundurkan diri akhir tahun ini At the meeting the chairman of the party disclosed his intention to resign by the end of this year 4 burst out Tiba-tiba dia mencetuskan “Saya cinta pada kamu” Sudenly he burst out to say “I love you” 4 initiate Gubernur mencetuskan program ini dua tahun yang lalu The governor initiated this program two years ago
-pencetus: n 1 declarer 3 initiator
-tercetus: v /intr/ 1 be declared 2 be disclosed 3 be stated Bahwa dia mencintaiku tercetus dari dia sendiri
That he loves me was stated by himself -pencetusan: n 1declaration 2 statement 3 disclosure 4 acknowledgement 5 initiation

cewek: n /lu/inf/ 1 common address for young woman or girl Siapa cewek itu? Who is that girl? 2 girl friend. Apa kamu punya cewek? Do you have a girlfriend?

cibir; mencibir: v /intr/lu/frm/ pout a) |to push out your lips because you are annoyed|  Berhenti mencibir dan makan makanan kamu Stop pouting and eat your food b) |in order to give a sign that you are interesting on sth especially if it’s followed by smile| Apa maksud dia? Dia selalu mencibir setiap kali kita bertemu. What does she mean? She always spout on you any time we meet c) |look down on sth| Dia selalu mencibir setiap kali dia melihat saya pakai sepatu baru She always spout any time I put a new shoes
-mencibirkan: v /tr/lu/ spout |sb’s lip|
-mencibiri: v /tr/lu/ spout (at sb or sth)

cibit; mencibit: v /lu/ pinch |to press a part of someone’s flesh very tightly, either between two hard surfaces or between your finger and thumb|  Aduh! Ibu, Natasia mencubit tangan saya Ow! Mammy, Natasia pinched my arm!

cicak: n /lu/frm/ small house lizard.
cicak terbang: flying liz­ard.

cicil1; mencicil: v /lu/ pay in instalments.
-cicilan: n instalment Boleh saya bayar dengan cicilan? Can I pay it in instalment?
-mencicilkan: v let sth to be paid by instalment Dealer mobil itu akan mencicilkan penjualan mobil itu The dealer of the car will sell the car paid by instalment
-pencicilan: n instalment Pencicilan akan berlangsung dalam dua tahun The instalment will last for two years

cicil2; mencicil: v /ld/ pay instalment

cicip1; mencicipi: v /lu/frm/ 1 taste (during preparation of food) Kepala juru masak selalu mencicipi makanan sebelum penyajian The chef always tastes the food before serving  2 sip at, eat (a bit) Dia mencicipi sop itu dan berkata; Bagus! Rasanya enak. She sip the soup and said “Good! Tastes delicious  3 enjoy |experience sth| Apa anda sudah pernah mencicipi kemewahan hotel kami? Have you ever enjoy the luxury of our hotel?
-cicipan: n sample to be tasted
-pencicip: n taster.

cicip2: n /spo/ sound of birds, chicks, etc.
-mencicip: v chirp, twitter, cheep.

cicit1: n /lu/frm/ great-grandchild, great-great-grandchild.

cicit2: n /spo/ sound of an animal squeaking.
-mencicit: v 1 squeak (of a mouse, etc.). 2 tweet (of a canary).

cidera: variant of cedera:

ciduk; menciduk: v /lu/frm/ 1 arrest. 2 seize 3 kidnap
-pencidukan: n 1 detention 2 arrest 3 seizure 4 kidnapping

cik: see encik:

cikal: n /Jv/ young coconut.
-cikal bakal: n 1 founder 2 pioneer 3 the main sources of sth 4 the basic material of making sth 5 seed

cikutan: v /ld/ hiccup |a sudden repeated stopping of the breath, usually caused by eating or drinking too fast|

cilaka: variant of celaka:

cilawagi: n /ld/ ancestor |five generation from us – the grandparents of our grandparents|

cili: n /Amb./ chilli –syn: /lu/ cabai

cilik: n /ld/ 1 little 2 small (esp. of children). seorang gadis cilik a little girl. –syn: /lu/ kecil

cilok; mencilok: v /Min/ 1 steal 2 pilfer. 3 do pick pockets. –syn: /lu/ mencopet
-pencilok: n­ 1 thief  2 pickpocket.

ciluk ba: intrj. /spo/ peekaboo.

cim: variant of encim:

Cina: n China, Chinese.
-Cina gundul: n a cheat who dishonestly takes advantage from other
-kuncir Cina: n pigtail (hair)
-pecinan: n Chinatown.
-Cina buta: n a person who married a divorced woman just for she can remarried her ex-husband |in Moslem law, a woman who has divorced twice can marry her ex-husband only after she marry other man|
-China kolong: n a Chinese who work as a labor
-mencina: v be like a Chinese

cincai: adj /Ch/spo/ not important, it does not matter. Cincailah! Bayar saja Rp: 5000,- That’s OK You may pay Rp 5,000.-

cincang; mencincang: v /lu/frm/ 1 hack,  chop,  mince |cut into small pieces -meat or other food| 2 mutilate |cutting the body into several parts after killing|
daging cincang: n chopped meat:

cincau: n /lu/ gelatin used in cool drinks. 2 drink made from this gelatin. 3  plant the leaves of which are used to produce this gelatine – Cyclea barbata

cincin: n /lu/frm/ 1 ring |a piece of  jewelry that you wear on your finger| cincin pertunangan engagement ring cincin kawin wedding ring  2 |a circular line or mark| Ada lima cincin pada Logo Olimpiade The are five rings on the Olympic Logo  3 |an object in the shape of a circle| sebuah cincin gantungan kunci a key ring 4 concrete wire |metal wire that is used to tie metal bars to enforce concrete Berapa ukuran cincin-cincin beton itu? What is the size of the concrete wire? 5 |cylinder shape tube made of concrete to build underground drainage| Kita membutuhkan 50 potong ring beton ukuran 2 meter untuk saluran air ini We need  50 pieces of  2-meter concrete rings for this drainage  4 booster (of bolt) Pasang dulu cincin sebelum memasang baut-baut itu Insert first booster before putting the bolts

cincing; mencincingkan: v rise up (of skirt arms, pants).
-/idiom/ mencincingkan lengan 1 ready to work hard 2 be prepared to help others

cincong: variant of cingcong:

cingcong: n /lu/ fuss. Jangan banyak cingcong Do not make a lot of fuss and bother.

cingur: n cartilage and meat of the nostrils and ears of cattle (often used in salads).

cinse: variant of sinse:

cinta1; mencintai: v /tr/lu/frm/ love |to care very much about someone or something that is very special to you| Saya sangat cinta pada kamu I love you very much. Dia mencintai negerinya He loves his country

cinta2: n /lu/frm/  love |a strong romantic feeling for someone| Cinta saya pada dia diatas segalanya My love with her is above all
-bercinta-cintaan: v 1 being in love (each other) 2 making love
cinta kasih: n affection |a feeling of gentle love and caring|  Anak-anak membutuhkan cinta kasih dari orangtuanya, bukan hanya kebutuhan jasmani mereka. The children need affection form their parents, not just their biological need
-cinta sejati: n honest/true love
cinta membabi buta: n emotional love
-cinta monyet: n puppy love
-cinta laut: n sea minded
-jatuh cinta: v fall in love
-kecintaan: n love  Kecintaan terhadap kampung halaman medorong saya pulang kampung setiap tahun My love with my home village always motivates me to go there every year
n 1 lover |sb whose love is very much influenced by his/her sexual drive or need| –syn: mata keranjang, bandit 2 devotee |someone who enjoys or admires someone or something very much| seorang pencinta bola a football game devotee 3 admirer |sb who respects someone or something because they think its valuable and worthy| Green Peace adalah satu gerakan yang dibentuk dan dimotori oleh para pencinta lingkungan alam Green Peace is a movement organized and motorized   by environment admirers 4 nut |someone who is extremely interested in a particular activity| seorang pencinta permainan video a video game nut
-tercinta: n be loved (sb)

cintamani: n /lu/1 diamond which by some people believe that it brings fortune to the owner 2 a snake which also by certain  people believe that it give the owner happiness particularly that one related to love

cintrong: variant of  “love”  used among youth

ciplak1; menciplak: v /lu/  drive sb’s appetite Bumbu ini akan menciplak selera makan kamu This spice will drive your appetite

ciplak2: see jiplak: (copy, imitate)

cipoa1: n /ifr/ cheat, deceive.
-mencipoa: v cheat,  trick

cipoa2: variant of sempoa: (abacus)

cipok; mencipok: v /inf/ 1 kiss (only among youngsters) 2 kiss with sound “mma” (for a baby)

ciprat: menciprat: v /intr//lu/ 1 splash |if water or liquid splashes or you make it splash, it falls or come out by a pressure and pour on something or hits against it| Air dari selang itu menciprat pakaian saya The water from the hose splashed my cloth
-kecipratan: v /pass.v/ 1 be splashed Saya kecipratan air kotor ketika sebuah mobil melewati saya di jalan. I was splashed by dirty water when a car passed me on the street 2 get unexpected share or luck  Ketika boss sedang memberi tambahan bonus pada staff senior, saya kecipratan sekalipun saya tidak termasuk diantara mereka When the boss was presenting additional bonus to the senior staff, I get share although I’m not one of them  -mencipratkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 spalsh Dia mencipratkan sedikit minyak wangi ke ketiaknya He splashed a little deodorant on his armpit 2 /tr/ spray Kita tidak punya semprotan, pakai saja tangan kamu mencipratkan air ke pakaian sebelum disetrika We don’t have sprayer, just use your finger to spay water on the cloth before ironing

cipta1; daya cipta: n /lu/frm/ creativity |the ability to create sth new| Dia punya daya cipta luar biasa He has an extraordinary creativity
-ciptaan: n creation
-ciptakarya: n the work of creation
-menciptakan: v /tr/ create Apa kamu menciptakan lagu itu atau hanya menggubahnya? Do you create the song or just you rearrange it?
-pencipta: n creator Kalau yang kita maksud mencipta adalah membuat sesuatu dari yang tidak ada, hanya Tuhanlah pencipta sebenarnya. If we mean to create is to make sth from nothing,  God is the only absolute creator.
-tercipta: v /pass.v/ be created
-berdaya cipta: adj creative
-daya cipta: n creativity power
-penciptaan: n creation

ciril: n /lu/frm/ 1 distinctiveness |sth that clearly marking a person or thing as different from others| Bilang pada saya ciri orang yang sedang kamu cari Tell me the distinctiveness of the person that you are looking for 2 uniqueness  |unusually good and special| Suara lembut menjadi ciri mesin ini Soft sound is the uniqueness of this machine  3 particularity |what makes sth special| Gerakan tiba-tiba bola mata adalah ciri tari Bali Sudden move of the eyes ball is a particularity of Balinese dance  4 feature |a part of something that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or typical| Dengan fisik yang di kecilkan tanpa mengurangi kemampuan adalah ciri komputer ini Compacted size without decreasing capacity and capability is the feature of this computer  5 character Ciri suara dia cocok jadi penyanyi tunggal The character of her voice is appropriate to be a soloist
-berciri: v to have distinctiveness
-pencirian: n making distinctiveness

ciri2: n /ltr/  words (of fidelity) read at the installa­tion of a ruler.

cirit; cirit birit: n /spo/1 diarrhea 2 dregs or grounds. cirit kopi coffee dregs
3 sediment cirit di dasar tangki air sediment on the bottom of the water tank
– cirit bintang: n meteor
-cirit tunjang; mencirit tunjang: v deliver a baby
mencirit; menciritkan: v /intr/tr/ throw watery feces  -syn: mencret

cital: n /lu/frm/ 1 taste |the feeling that is produced when your tongue touches a particular food or drink|  Saya tidak suka cita pedas bawang putih I don’t like the hot taste of garlic. 3 feeling |something that you feel such as anger, sadness, or happiness| Tidak ada alasan untuk anda punya cita bersalah There’s no reason for you to have guilt feelings | satu cita percaya diri a feeling of confidence  2 sentiment. |an opinion or feeling that you have about something| Masyarakat ini masih tetap memelihara cita kemargaan mereka This community still keep their clan sentiment –syn: rasa, sanubari 4 desire, hope |sth that we expect to happen| Cita utama saya adalah menjadi seorang politisi My main desire is to be a politician
-bercita-cita: v /intr/ 1 hope (to be)  2 dream (to be)
-mencita-citakan: v /tr/ hope sth (to be exist or to be happened)

cita2: n /lu/ colourful knitted material made of cotton

citra: n /lu/frm/ 1 image. 2 impression
-citraan: n imagery
-citra diri: n self-image
-mencitrakan: v 1 build an image 2 create an impression
-pencitraan: n image building

Citra: n an annual film festival awards.

cium; mencium: v /intr/tr/lu/frm/ 1 smell a) |to notice or recognize a particular smell|  Saya mencium ada yang terbakar I smell something burning!  Saya sedang demam dan tidak bisa mencium sama sekali I’ve got a cold and I can’t smell at all b) |to put your nose near something and breathe in, to discover what type of smell it has| Cium daging itu untuk mengetahui masih bagus atau tidak Smell the meat to find if it is still good or not. 2 kiss |to touch someone with your lips as a greeting, or to show love| Dia mencium putranya di pipi. She kissed her son on the cheek. 3 sniff (sth out) |to discover or find something by its smell| Polisi memakai anjing untuk mencium keberadaan narkoba Police use dogs to sniff out drugs 4 learn |to find out information, news etc. by hearing it from someone else| Polisi telah mencium bisnis haram mereka The police has learned about their illegal business 5 catch |identify sth by its whiff| Begitu dia berjalan melintas saya dapat mencium parfumnya As she walked past, I caught a whiff of  her perfume
-berciuman; ciuman: v kiss each other with lips
-ciuman: n kiss
-indera pencium: n sense of smelling |one of the five senses which can recognize the smell of something| Saya sedang demam berat sehingga indera penciuman saya tidak berfungsi I’ve a very bad cold so my sense of smelling doesn’t work
-penciuman: n kissing (the action of kiss)
-tercium: v smell Ikan itu tercium busuk The fish smelles stink.
Note: 1. Mencium means that someone kiss someone else. In this case, one is the subject while the other is the object. Berciuman means two persons are doing the same thing. Since using lips is the only way to kiss, so “berciuman” means kissing on lips or kissing to show love done by two lovers. It means “mencium” as well as “berciuman” are transitive. 2 tercium is a passive voice (be smelled) However we have active voice with the same meaning, they are “bau” or “berbau” (smell) and they are intransitive.   Ikan itu berbau busuk The fish smells putrid  So, don’t say  “Ikan itu mencium bau busuk”  because it means “The fish smell something putrid” So use “mencium” if you mean “smell” as a transitive verb or “to kiss” Use “berbau” or “bau” if you mean “smell” as an intransitive verb.

ciutl; menciut: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 shrink |to become smaller or to make something smaller in size| Sweater saya menciut di pencucian My sweater shrank in the wash 2 narrow down |to become less in number, range etc., or to make something do this| Tahun lalu ada 800 peserta dan sekarang menciut menjadi hanya 600 Last year there were over 800 participants, and now it narrowed down to 600 only 3 weaken |to become less determined, or to make someone do this: Tekadnya untuk menjadi seorang politisi menciut setelah pernikahannya Her intention to become a politician weakened after her marriage 4 lighten Setelah peringatan dari kami akhirnya nyalinya memanjat tebing itu menciut After warning from us finally his courage to climb the cliff  become lighten
-menciutkan: v /tr//lu/ 1 shrink Panas akan menciutkan ukuran besar dan beratnya rumput itu Heat will shrink the volume and the weight of the grass 2 narrow down Sekaitan keterbatasan dana, perusahaan berencana menciutkan anggaran untuk kegiatan bersifat upacara Due to the lack of the fund the company plan to narrow down the total fund for ceremonial events  3 weaken Tidak akan ada yang dapat menciutkan tekad dia untuk berhasil Nothing could weaken her resolve. 4 lighten Krisis ekonomi tidak menciutkan ambisi perusahaan untuk memperluas usahanya. The economic crises didn’t  lighten the company’s ambition to expand their business
-penciutan: n 1 reduction 2 reduction 3 deduction

ciut2: n /spo/ sound of squeaking.
-berciut-ciut: v 1 squeak (of shoes, brakes, etc.). 2 whistle (of wind through trees).
-ciutan: n squeak, squeal, screech.

clurit: n /lu/ sickle (often used as weapon).

cm {centi meter}: n /lu/frm/ centimeter.

coak; mencoak: v /ld/ make narrow cuts on a tree to step on by climber of the tree

coang; mencoang: v /intr/ld/ 1 protrude 2 stick out  Apa kamu bisa melihat tonggak yang mencoang itu? Can you see that sticking out pole?
-bercoangan: v /intr/ld/ 1 protrude 2 stick out  Hati-hati, banyak potongan bambu bercoangan di dasar kolam itu Be careful, there are many cut of bamboo stick out on the bottom of the pond
-men­coangkan: v /tr/ld/ stick out upward
-tercoang: v /pass.v/ be stuck out upward.
Note: Both mencoang and bercoangan are intransitive verb. Use mencoang if the subject is singular. Use bercoangan if the subject plural  

coba; cobak; mencoba: v /lu/frm/1 try |to attempt to do something| Silahkan coba  datang lebih awal Please try to come early. Greg mencoba keras berhenti dari merokok Greg tried hard to get rid of smoking  Coba saja berbuat yang terbaik – kalah menang tidak jadi masalah Just try your best – it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. 2 test  Bisa saya coba apa suara pianonya masih bagus? May I test if the sound of the piano still good? 3 taste Boleh coba makan sedikit sebelum memutuskan membeli You may taste a little before you buy it 4 |to see if sth (usually cloth) fit you| Apa ada ruangan mencoba disini? Do you have a fitting room here?
coba-coba: v try but not in a serious way
-percobaan: n 1 trial |a test to know if something works well and safe| percobaan klinik untuk obat baru clinical trials of a new drug 2 test mengemudi percobaan test driving 3 try Apa kamu mau melakukan percobaan? Do you want to make a try 4 experiment Percobaan ini tidak boleh dilakukan pada manusia This experiment can not be applied to human being  6 please Coba tunggu sebentar saya akan segera datang Please wait a moment I’ll be back soon 7 think, look  Coba, bagaimana bisa dia pergi keluar tanpa memberitahu kita? Look! How could she went out without telling us! 8 wait a moment Coba sebentar! Kalau dipikir harganya cukup murah. Wait a moment! If we calculate, the price is fairly cheap 9 tell or show Coba! Mana buktinya bahwa kamu kenal dia! Show me! What is the evidence that you know her! 10  probation a) Pengadilan menghukum dia dengan 3 bulan hukuman percobaan The court sentenced him 3 months in probation b) Dia bekerja dengan masa percobaan selama 2 tahun He is working on probation for 2 years

cobak-cabik: adj /lu/ completely torn up.

cobek: n /ld/ plate that made of stone or mortar where spices or condiments is grinded

coblong; coblongan: n /ld/ small hole
-bercoblong: v have holes in it.
-mencoblong: v ­make a hole
-mecoblongi: v make several or many holes
-tercoblong: v gotten a small hole in it

coblos; mencoblos: v /lu/frm/ 1 poke a hole |poke sth to make a hole in it by pushing a pointed object such to make a choice on a ballot|
-hari pencoblosan: n voting day (with such election method)
-pencoblosan: n voting with poking method
-pencoblos: n voter that use such method.

cocakrawa: variant of cukcakrawa:

cocok1: adj/v /lu/frm/ 1 a) compatible |able to exist or be used together without causing problems| Kami punya suku cadang yang cocok dengan mobil kamu We have spare part that are compatible with your car b) |two people who are compatible are able to have a good relationship, because they share interests, ideas etc.| 2 match  Dasi merah cocok dengan kemeja kamu Red tie match your shirt 3 agree Hasil penelitian kamu tidak cocok dengan angka sensus Your research finding doesn’t agree with the census figure. 4 fit Saya rasa ukuran medium akan cocok dengan kamu I think medium size will fit you 5 correct Apa waktu yang ditunjuk jam ini cocok Is the time shows by this watch correct? 6 come true Apa perkiraan kamu tentang kecenderungan inflasi cocok? Did your forecasting about the inflation trend come true? 7 like Kalau cocok boleh ambil If you like you may take it. 8 suitable Lokasi ini cocok untuk hotel This location is suitable for a hotel
-kecocokan: n 1 fitness 2 compatibility 3 harmony
-mencocokkan: v 1 fit  2 adjust 3 harmonize 4 match 5 compare 6 synchronize

cocok2: n /ld/ 1 pin, needle 2 skewer. dua cocok sate two skewers of barbecued meat
-cocok keluan: n rope for a cattle’s nose
cocok kondai sanggul: n hairpin.
-bercocok tanam: v cultivate a land
-mencocok: v 1 stick (sth) 2 prick (sth) Perut saya seperti dicocok-cocok My stomach feels like it is being pricked with needles.
-tercocok: v be stuck

cocol1; mencocol: v /intr//ld/ 1 thrust out 2 protrude. Potlot­nya mencocol dari kantongnya His pencil protruding out from his pocket.

cocol2: mencocolkan: v /tr/ make sth touch something else (a dip)  2 insert sth (i.g. a stick on sth)

cocor; mencocor: v /lu/frm/ 1 hit with fist. 2 kick (a ball) with the tip of the foot.

coel; mencoel: v /lu/inf/ touch with the tip of the finger

cokelat1: n /lu/frm/ 1 chocolate 2 brown Kamu senang yang mana, merah atau cokelat? What do you like, red or brown 3 cocoa

cokelat2: adj /lu/frm/ brown sepatu cokelat brown shoes

coklat1: n /lu/frm/ variant of colelat1.

coklat2: adj /lu/frm/ variant of colelat2:
-mencoklat: v become brown.
-kecoklat-coklatan: adj brownish.

cokol; bercokol: v /lu/frm/ 1 settle, reside. Dia sudah lama bercokol di Paris She has resided in Paris for a long time  2 squat 3 be in exis­tence Tinggal beberapa lagi harimau Sumatera yang masih bercokol Only a few number of Sumatera tigers still survive
-mencokol: v /ld/ 1 occupy, be headquartered. Belanda mencokol di Indonesia lebih dari 3oo tahun Dutch occupied Indonesia for more than 300 years. –syn: /lu/ bercokol 2 domi­nate Barang import sudah mencokol pasar tradisional kita Imported goods has dominated our traditional market
-mencokolkan: v /ld/ position |to put something or someone in a particular place| Polisi mencokolkan sejumlah anggotanya disekitar bank Police positioned a number of the personnel around the bank.

Cokorda: n high caste |one of the social classes in India and Bali into which people are born, that cannot be changed based on Hinduism|

colek; colak-colek: v /lu/infr/ touch lightly with the fingertips and pinch.
-secolek: n /lu/infr/1 a pinch, a dash (of salt, etc.). 2 a dab, a pat (of butter, etc.) 3 a slice (bread) 4 a piece (paper, cloth, etc)
-mencolek: v /intr/tr/ 1 take a small piece of sth Boleh saya colek es krim kamu? May I take a pinch of your ice cream? 2 touch Evi mencolek lenga saya Evi touched my arms 3 remove, dig out (wax from ear, thorn from foot). 4 scratch, scrape.
-tercolek: v be accidentally touched and pinched.
-mencolek-colek: v take a pinch of something repeatedly
-colekan: n sth that are prepares to be pinched
-pencolek: n sb who pinched sth
-pencolekan: n the process of pinching

coleng; mencoleng: v /lu/ steal sth by force or by damaging sth
-pencoleng: n thief
-pencolengan: n theft.

colokl: n /lu/1 torch made of worn cloth that is dipped into kerosene 2 palm leaf rib that is used to light sth |i.g. by burning the rib on an active kerosene lamp and that use the flame on the top of the rib to light other lamp, etc.| 3 |white stripe or spot of a white dog|
-mencolok: v /lu/frm/ 1 light sth (singular) with torch 2 light a dark place with a torch
-mencoloki: v light sth (plural) with a torch |more than one to be lighted|

colok2: n /ld/ 1 a container into which we dip a piece of cloth for coloring  2 social status Dia telah turun dari colok dia karena mengawini wanita luar He has fallen down from his social status by marrying foreign women

colok3; mencolok1: v /lu/frm/ 1 poke sth with finger (eyes with finger) 2 poke sth with stick (billiard ball)  3 poke on a hole (ball with stick)
-mencolok: adj 1 distinctive 2 attractive 3 remarkable  (particularly that one which related to sexual drive)

colong; mencolong: variant of coleng:
-kecolongan: v /pass.v/ 1 be the victim of stealing 2 lose sth due to the lack of awareness or alert| Tim sepakbola kita kecolongan hanya 45 detik setelah tendangan pertama Our football team unconsciously lost a point only 45 seconds after first kick off.

comberan: n /lu/infr/ drainage, ditch, sewer. air comberan: sewage wa­ter. –syn: /lu/frm/ got, saluran

comblang: n /spo/ 1 matchmaker 2 go-between 3 informal arbitrator or commissioner
-mencoblangi: v in an informal way bridge the provider and the procurer of things (goods, services, etc.)

comel1; comelan: n /ld/ 1 grievance |something that you complain about because you think it is unfair| Bijaksanalah menanggapi comelan mereka Be wise in responding to their grievances  2 grumbling 3 nagging. Jangan terlalu banyak comelan Don’t too much grumbling
-mencomel: v 1 grumble 3 grouse 3 nag 4 complain Dia tidak pernah mencomel didepan bapaknya She never complain to her father .
-mencomeli: v scold, rebuke, reprimand. Dia selalu mencomeli anak tirinya She always scolds at her step child
-pencomel: n 1 grumbler 2 complainer 3 nagger

comel2: adj /ltr/ 1 dainty, exquisite. 2 winsome, pretty. 3 petite |a woman who is petite is short and thin in an attractive way|

comot1: adj /ld/ 1 grimy, dirty, filthy 2 comot-comot: adj very dirty

comot2; mencomot: v /lu/ 1 pick sth with fingers Cuci tangan kamu sebelum mencomot kue itu Wash you hand before picking the cake  2 seize and take away Polisi mencomot tiga orang pencopet dari bus The police seized and took away three pickpocket from a bus 3 fire, halted  |to make someone leave his/her job| Persiden telah mencomot sejumlah pejabat tinggi dari jabatannya karena terlibat menerima sogok The president fired a number of high officials from their position who involved in receiving bribe
-comotan: n 1 stolen goods 2 whatever sb picked up.
-pencomotan: n firing |the process and action to fire sb|

compang-camping: adj /lu/frm/ 1 tattered, ragged |old and torn| gordin compang camping tattered curtains, 2 frayed |if a cloth or rope frays, its threads become loose because it is old or torn| jaring compang camping frayed net

combro: n /lu/ fried cake made of milled cassava with potato, meat, spices inside

condong: adj /lu/frm/ askew, inclining to one side. Tonggak itu condong 50 arah ke utara. The pole is askew 50 toward the north  2 tendd |to have a particular opinion, but not have it very strongly|  Saya condong setuju dengan kamu tetapi masih perlu saya pertimbangkan lebih jauh I tend to agree with you but I need to dee it further 3 seems to be inclined  Harga-harga minyak sedang condong naik The oil prices seems to be inclined Matahari telah condong The sun has set. 4 off, insane. Pikiran dia sedikit condong He was slightly insane.
-berkecondongan: v have particular trend
-condong-mondong: adj sharply askew
-kecondongan: n 1 tendency 2 trend 3 inclination
-mencondongkan: v 1 bend, turn, or direct toward particular position  2 cause to incline.

congak; mencongak: v /lu/ 1 raise sb’s head | hold sb’s head high as an expression of being proud| 2 calculate in sb’s head/brain 3 dictate mathematics problems.
-mencongakkan: v /tr/lu/ raise or cock (sb’s) head.

congek: adj /spo/ 1 deaf  2 less-attentive to sth

conggok; menconggok: v /ld/ stand or sit erect.
-menconggokkan: v set sth into erect position

congkakl: adj /lu/frm/ 1 proud, arrogant, snooty.
congkak-bongkak: adj very arrogant.
-ke­congkakan: n pride, arrogance, haughtiness.
mencongkak: v hold up the head arrogantly

congkak2: n /ld/ 1 conch shell. 2 board game with receptacles often played with shells as tokens.

congkel: variant of cungkil:

congok: variant of conggok:

contek: variant of sontek:

conteng; menconteng: v smear, stain, blemish.
-berconteng-conteng: adj smeared stained, blemished
-mencontengkan: v /lu/ use sth to smear, stain, blemish.

contoh: n /lu/frm/ 1 specimen, sample Ini contoh buku yang sudah direvisi tersebut This is the sample of the revised book  2 model Kami sedang membangun sebuah rumah sebagai contoh We are building a house as a model sebuah contoh bangunan ramah lingkungan a model of an environment-friendly building  3 example Lihat contoh-contoh berikut; See the following examples; 4 pilot Ini satu proyek contoh pembangkit tenaga listrik dengan menggunakan biogas This is a pilot project of electricity power plant using biogas
-mencontoh: v copy |make sth like sth else| Jangan mencontoh karya orang lain Don’t copy other’s work
-mencontohkan: v give an example Ketika dia memberi ceramah tentang pertumbuhan ekonomi dia mencontohkan bagaimana hal itu terjadi di Malaysia When she gave a lecture on today’s economic growth she gave an example how it happened in Malaysia
-percontohan: n a group or an area of example (if consists of different examples) Pemerintah menggunakan kampung ini sebagai percontohan pembangunan pedesaan The government use this village as the examples of rural development program

cop1: n /lu/ 1 electric plug or socket. 2 lightbulb socket.

cop2: mencop: v /lu/ smash shortly |to hit an object or surface violently, or to make something do this – in badminton, to hit the cock and it drop not far from the net| Rudy Hartono melatih saya melakukan cop bola pada posisi seperti itu Rudy Harono coach me how to shortly smash the cock in such in such position

copet: pencopet: n /lu/frm/ pickpocket. Hati-hati sama pencopet Beware of pickpock­ets!
-mencopet: v pick pockets.
-kecopetan: v lose sth from pickpocketing
-pencopetan: n pickpocketing, pilfering.

copot: v /lu/frm/ 1 be dislodged  The nail can’t be dislodge Pakunya tidak dapat copot 2 be released Satu giginya copot dengan sendirinya One of his toot has released by itself  3 be detached Kulit luar pohon itu sudah copot The outer skin of the tree has been detached 4 break loose/free  Pencopet itu copot dari genggaman polisi The thief broke free from the grab of the police
-mencopot: v /tr 1 dislodge, pull out, extract  |to force or knock something out of its position| Leo mencopot  paku itu dengan sebuah tang Leo dislodge the nail using a tongs 2 release, free  Jangan copot label pada kotak itu Don’t release the label on the box  3 detach, untie |to remove part of something that is designed to be removed|  Lepaskan bautnya sebelum mengangkat tutup mesinnya Detached the bolt before lifting the cup of the machine 5 pull out Mari kita copot tanaman yang sudah tua Let’s pull out the old plant 6 remove Panglima telah mencopot beberapa penjabat tnggi militer The chief in commander has removed a number of high military officials
-pencopotan: n 1 removal. 2 dismissal 3 firing.

cor;  mencor: v /lu/frm/ 1 cast  2 pour liquid concrete into its final place
-pencoran: n casting

corak: n /lu/frm/ 1 design, motif, pattern. corak batik batik de­sign. 2 color. coraknya merah the color is red. 3 stripe (of flag). 4 type, form. 5 feature, characteristic, colour, orientation Apa corak partai politik kamu? What is the orientation of your political party?
-bercorak: v to have particular pattern Tutup meja itu bercorak bintik-bintik The table cloth is dotted
-corak-carik: adj 1 tattered  2  broken into pieces
-mencorak-carikkan: v tear to shreds.

corat-coret: n /lu/frm/ 1 rough (of draft, sketch). 2 first draft (of composition). 3 scrawled.
-mencorat-coret; mencorat-coretkan: v scrawl |to write something in a fast, careless, or messy way| Dia mencorat-coretkan nomer telepon itu diatas secarik kertas. She scrawled the telephone number on a piece of paper 2 make doo­dles or rough sketches on sth

coreng: n /lu/frm/1 bold and long line 2 scratch 3 streak. 4 smear.
-bercoreng: adj 1 streaked 2 striped macan bercoreng striped tiger muka bercoreng streaked face
-bercoreng-moreng: v /pass.v/ be filled with many dirty marks or streaks.
-corengan: n 1 scratch 2 streak 3 smear (of lip­stick).-coreng-moreng: adj full of streaks or scratches.
-mencoreng: v ­1 cross out Coreng nama siswa yang tidak masuk Cross out the name of the absent student  2 draw lines over Saya telah mencoreng kata-kata yang salah ketik I drew lines over the mistyped  words 3 streak Kelakuan kamu yang buruk telah mencoreng muka kami Your bad behaviour has streaked ourm reputation Keringat telah mencoreng mukanya The sweat has streaked her face
-mencorengi: v repeatedly scratch sth
-mencorengkan: v scratch (sth) on (sth)  Dia mencorengkan bolpoin ke buku saya He scratched a ballpoint on my book

coret; mencoret: v /lu/frm/ 1 scratch out |to remove a person or thing from a list|  Nama dia telah dicoret dari daftar peserta pertandingan Her name had been scratched out from/off the list of competitors 2 wipe out, erase |to completely remove written or recorded information| Coret setiap jawaban yang salah Erase any incorrect answers. Ben mencoret salah satu tape kesayangan saya Ben erased one of my favourite tapes. 3 mencoret-coret: doodle |to draw lines, shapes etc. without really thinking about what you are doing| Evan sedang mencoret-coret taplak meja Evan is doodling on the table clothe  5 write down graffiti Siapa yang mencoret-coret dinding? Who wrote the graffiti on the wall?
-bercoret: adj 1 underlined. 2 streaked 3 smeared.
-mencoret: v 1 scratch, streak 3 doodle
-mencoreti: v repeatedly scratch/streak Dia suka mencoreti buku saya He likes to scratch my book
-coretan: n 1 scratch, line, stripe. 2 pen drawing. 3 graffiti.
-pencoretan: n 1 removal 2 erad­ication 3 scratching out.

coro: n /Jv/1 cockroach 2  creep |someone you dislike a lot, especially because s/he annoys you or frightens you a little| Enyah kamu anak coro! Get lost, you little creep! 3 bum |someone who is very lazy| Bangun kamu orang coro! Get out of bed, you bum!

corongl: n /lu/frm/ 1 funnel |a tube with a wide top and a narrow bottom, used for pouring liquids or powders into a container| 2 shaft |a passage from which fresh air come into a room|  3 chimney, flue |a pipe through which smoke or heat from a fire place or from machine can pass out of a building or a ship| 3 the part of electronic from which the amplified voice go out to the air 4 speaker |broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, etc. that speak on behalf of a particular political power| Koran ini adalah corong Partai Republika This news paper is the speaker of Republic Party

corong2; mencorong: v /lu/ 1 shine, glare. lampu corong lamp with glass tube 2 radiate.
-mencorongkan: v point the shine on sth

corps /korps/: n corps. |a group of trained people with special duties especially in the military| Corps Polisi Police Corps Corps Angkatan Laut Naval Corps

cowok: n /lu/inf/ 1 common adress of young male Siapa cowok yang sedang berjalan dengan dia itu? Who that young man walking with her? 2 boyfriend. Dia cowok kamu, kan? He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he? –ant: see: cewek:

CPM{Corps Polisi Militer}: n Military Police.

cuaca: n /lu/frm/ 1 weather |the condition that related to temperature,  sun, rain, and wind| Bagaimana cuaca pada waktu liburan kamu? Apakah kering, hujan, panas, atau dingin? What was the weather like on your vacation? Is it dry, wet, hot, or cold? Cuaca cerah setelah badai tadi malam. The weather was clear after last night’s storm.
Note: In general, Indonesia has only two seasons; They are dry or hot season and wet or rainy season. Here are the words that are used to describe the weather during the two  seasons;.

-angin bohorok: n seasonal strong wind in North Sumatera.

-cuaca sepoi-sepoi: n breeze, gentle wind
-cuaca cerah: n sunny and dry weather
-cuaca berawan: n cloudy weather
-cuaca panas: n hot weather
-cuaca buruk: n windy and rainy season

cuak1: adj /ld/ afraid, scare, fearful, terrified, frighten

cuak2: v /ld/ 1 neglect 2 look down on 3 ignore –syn: /lu/ cuek

cual: n raw silk

cuap; mencuap: v /lu/ talk
cuap-cuap; mencuap-cuap: v talk a lot

cuar; mencuar: v /intr//lu/ 1 stick up high, project upward. From a distance we can see the tower project upward high 2 remarkably emerge Belakangan ini supermarket mencuar dimana-mana Lately,  super market remarkably emerge everywhere  3 protrude,  jut out, stick out  2 bulge, swell, belly, push forward  –syn: menonjol: 4 bounce back,  bend back, spring |to jump suddenly and quickly in a particular direction | Begitu lonceng beker berdering dia mencuat dari tempat tidur As the clock’s alarm rang he sprang out of bed. –syn: melenting: meloncat
-mencuarkan: v /tr/lu/ stretch up sb’s arms Anak itu mencuarkan lengannya untuk menjangkau permen dari meja The child stretched up his arm to reach candy from the table.

cuat1; mencuat: variant of cuar:

cubit; mencubit: v /lu/ pinch |to press a part of sb’s flesh tightly, either between two hard surfaces or between your finger and thumb| Jangan cubit saya! Sakit! Don’t pinch me! It’s hurt!
-cubitan: n pinch
-mencubiti: v repeatedly pinch
-cubit-cubitan: v pinch each other. –syn: saling cubit
-secubit: a pinch

cucak rawa; cucak rowo: n |any of yellow-crowned bird, genus Trachycomus zeylanicus|

cuci; mencuci: v /tr/ 1 wash |to clean something with water|  Dia sedang mencuci pakaian She is washing clothes Pergi cuci tangan kamu Go wash your hands! Cuci lumpur itu dari kaki kamu Wash the mud off  your feet
-dicuci: v /pass.v/ be washed Apa handuknya sudah dicuci? Has the towel been washed?
-mesin cuci: n washing machine
-pencuci mulut: n dessert
-cuci darah: v 1 artificial blood dialyzing 2 natural blood purification
-cuci mata: v sight seeing
-cuci perut: v applying laxative
-cuci rambut: v shampoo
-cuci film: v develop negative film
-bak cuci: n wash basin
-tukang cuci: n laundry person.
Note: Don’t say “Pergi cuci badan” (wash your body) if you mean “Go take a bath or take a shower” Say “Pergi mandi!”.

cucimaki: variant of cacimaki:

cucu: n /lu/frm/ grandchild.
-bercucu: n have grandchildren.

cucuk1: n /Jv/ld/ 1 bill, beak. 2 /mil/  front line. 3 /Snd/ spine

cucuk2: variant of cocok

cucunda: n /lu/ dear grandchild (esp. in writing letters)

cucunguk: variant of cecunguk:

cucup; mencucup: v /ld/ 1 kiss. 2 suck in, slurp, drink through a straw.

cucur1; cucuran: n /lu/frm/ a flow, trickle, drip  cucur darah hemorrhage. cucuran air water drop/pour
-bercucuran: v /intr/lu/ flow, stream, gush. Air matanya bercucuran begitu dia mencoba menjelaskan kecelakaan itu Her tears flowed down as she tried to explain the accident
-mencucuri: v /tr/ pour or drip on sth Air dari bocoran itu mencucuri tilam The water from the leak poured the mattress
-mencucurkan: v /lu/tr/ pour, squirt |if you squirt liquid or it squirts, it is forced out of a narrow hole in a thin fast stream| Luka itu mencucurkan banyak darah The cut squirted a lot of blood
-cucuran; kucuran: n 1 pouring, flood, flow, stream, squirt |a fast thin stream of liquid| cucuran kecap a squirt of ketchup 2 kucuran uang: cash flow Kucuran uang dari Bank Pusat sedikit terlambat The cash flow from Central Bank was a little late

cucur2: n /ld/ fried cake made of rice flour and sugar.

cucurut: variant of cecurut:

cucut1: n shark – Pleurotremata
cucut biru besar: n shark with big body and blue skin – Prionace glauca
-cucut gergaji: n /ld/ any kind of fish that look like a saw – Pristis peetinatus
-cucut martil: n /ld/ shark which head shape like a hammer – Sphyrna zygaena
-cucut putih: n /ld/ white shark – Carcharodon carchacias

cucut2; mencucut: variant of cucup:

cuek: adj /inf/ ignorant, unconcerned |not anxious or worried about something| Negara-negara industri tidak bisa cuek terhadap pemanasan global Industrial countries cannot be ignorant about the global warming –syn: /frm/  mengabaikan

cuil; mencuil: v /infr/ l take sth with one of sb’s fingertip 2 chipped.
-secuil: n 1 a little bit. 2 a bit (of sth) secuil usaha a bit of effort. tanpa ada secuilpun catatan without any notes whatever.

cuilah: intrj. Lord! Gosh! Cuilah! Kamu sudah bicara seperti boss! Oh my God!  You’ve talked like a boss.

cuit: n /ld/ movement of fingers.
cuit gamit: n finger trembling |shaking move­ment of fingers of nervous or fear|
-mencuit: v tap with finger

cuka: n /lu/frm/ vinegar. cuka belanda artificial vinegar. cuka jawa vinegar made from juice of palm blossoms.
-mencukai: v put vinegar

cukai: n /lu/frm/ 1 (customs) duty, toll, tax. 2 excise duty. cukai tembakau duty on tobacco, tobacco tax. 3 tariff.
-mencukai: v impose a duty.

cuki-mai: intrj. /vul/off./ Fuck you!

cukil: variant of cungkil:

cukong: n /lu/inf/ 1 well-to-do financier, financial backer 2 capitalist (engaged in illegal practices). 3 bro­ker, wholesale distributor.
-mencukongi: v 1 finance, un­derwrite the costs 2 treat sb to do sth
-percukongan: n mat­ters regarding financiering

cukongisme: n /lu/ a practice of collusion |the act of agreeing secretly with someone else to do something dishonest or illegal especially between a business person with government official|

cukup: adv /lu/frm/ 1 enough |as big, as well, as far, as much, as many, etc. as necessary| Ruangan ini tidak cukup luas untuk menampung semua perabotan kita This room isn’t big enough to accommodate all our furniture|  Mata saya masih cukup baik membaca tanda itu My eyes are still well enough to read the sign.2 sufficient |as much as you need for a particular purpose| Mereka punya bukti yang cukup untuk mengirim kamu ke penjara They had sufficient evidence to send him to prison. 3 adequate |can fulfil what we need for a particular purpose| Apa kita punya cukup informasi tentang kasus ini? Do we have adequate information about this case? Penghasilannya hampir tidak cukup membayar tagihan itu Her income is hardly adequate to pay the bills. Apa persediaan beras cukup? Is the rice stock adequate? 4 quite, rather |not very, but in an acceptable way|  Dia cukup baik tetapi tidak berarti dia cinta pada kamu She’s  nice enough, but it doesn’t mean that she loves you.  Ini cukup untuk hari ini This is enough for today. Dia sudah cukup matang untuk menikah He is mature enough to be married 5 fit Coba apakah jas ini cukup untuk kamu Try if this jacket fit you. 6 reach Apa umur kamu sudah cukup 17 tahun untuk menonton film ini? Have your age reach 17 years so you can watch this movie?
-berkecukupan: adj well-to-do Mereka adalah keluarga berkecukupan They are well-to-do family
-cukupan: adj fairly enough “Apa kamu punya banyak uang?” “Tidak juga, hanya cukupan untuk bayar tagihan” “Do you have much money?” “Not really just fair enough to pay the bill”
-kecukupan: n 1 adequateness 2 sufficiency Kecukupan dana akan menentukan sukses tidaknya program ini The adequateness of fund is critical to the success of this program
-mencukupi1: adj enough Apa sejumlah itu cukup? Is that much enough?
-mencukupi2: v /tr/ fulfil Berapa lagi kamu butuhkan mencukupi biaya perjalanan kamu itu? How much more you need to fulfil your travelling expenses? Pengalaman-pengalamannya tidak mencukupi persyaratan itu Her experiences doesn’t meet the requirement
-mencukupkan: v 1 fulfil  2 meet |to have or do enough of what is needed, or to make sth enough to meet particular standard| Apa kamu punya penghasilan lain untuk mencukupkan gaji kamu membayar biaya bulanan Do you have another income to fulfil your salary for your monthly cost?
-pencukupan: n fulfilment |the act or state of meeting a need, demand, or condition| Persetujuan kami terhadap penawaran anda sangat tergantung pada pencukupan spesifikasi yang kami minta. Our acceptance to your offer will be very much depend on the fulfilment of the specifications required.
-secukupnya: adv 1 fairly enough 2 as much as needed Jangan bawa terlalu banyak pakaian, secukupnya saja. Don’t bring too much clothes, just as much as needed
-tercukupi: adj fulfilled.
Note: Pay attention to the difference between “mencukupi1 and mencukupkanMencukupi1 takes what to be fulfilled as the object, i.g. Gaji saya tidak mencukupi kebutuhan keluarga My salary doesn’t meet my family needs. Mencukupkan takes what you have to fulfil as the object. Saya akan mencukupkan gaji saya untuk kebutuhan keluarga I’ll make my salary to be enough for my family need

cukur: n /lu/frm/ 1 razor, shaver.
-bercukur: v /intr/ shave. Dia sedang pergi bercukur He is going to shave
-cukur batok: v to cut all hair on sb’s head
-cukur suci: n tonsure | usually as a preliminary to becoming a priest or a biksu (Hindu’s religious leader)|
-dicukur: v be shaved Besok semua rambut panjang sudah harus dicukur. Tomorrow, all long hair must have been shaved!
-mencukur: v /tr/ 1 shave. Apa saya perlu mencukur kumisnya? Shall I shave your mustache?  2 significantly defeat: Tim tamu mencukur habis tim tuan rumah dengan 3 – 0 The visiting team significantly defeated the host team by 3  to 0
-mencukurkan: v /tr/ use (sth) to shave. Aduh, sakit. Apa kamu mencukurkan pisau cukur tumpul? Ow, it’s hurt! Are you using blunt razor?
-tukang cukur: n barber. Dia sedang pergi ke tukang cukur He is going to a barber.

cula: n /lu/frm/ rhinoceros horn

culak1: n /ld/ |a kind of tree| – Callicarpa maingayi

culak2: menculak: variant of mencuat2:

culas1: adj /lu/ 1 lazy, indolent. 2 slow, plodding, poky 3 clumsy, awkward.
-keculasan1: n laziness, indolence, slowness, awkwardness
-penculas1: n lazy person, indolent person, awkward person

culas2: adj /lu/ 1 deceitful, dishonest, not straightforward.
-keculasan2: n 1 deceit 2 fraud.
-menculasi: v /tr/ deceive  Gustav mencoba menculasi kami dengan mengaku bahwa dia adalah seorang pengusaha. Gustav try to deceive us by telling that he is a business person
-penculas2: n deceiver

culik1; menculik: v 1 kidnap 2 abduct.
-penculik: n 1 kidnapper 2 ab­ductor.
-penculikan: n 1 kidnapping 2 abduction

culik2: n /ld/ |an animal which hunt its prey at night – Chalcococyx honorata |

cuma1: adj, adv /lu/inf/ 1 only |not more than a particular amount, number, etc.| Saya cuma punya sepuluh ribu rupiah di tangan I have only ten thousand rupiah in hand 2 merely |used in order to emphasize that something is exactly what you say it‘s not better or worse, more or less, etc; just|  Saya tidak bermaksud membantah pernyataan anda, apa yang saya katakan cuma fakta yang saya temukan di lapangan I don’t mean to argue your statement, what I’m saying merely the fact I found in the field 3 but Saya ingin pergi bersama kamu, cuma saya punya janji pada waktu yang bersamaan I want to go with you, but I have an appointment at the same time. 4 all Cuma itu? Is that all?  –syn: /lu/frm/ hanya

cuma2; cuma (sth): adj 1 only  Cuma informasi itu yang saya tahu tentang dia It’s the only information I know about her Cuma dia orang yang saya kenal She’s the only person I know who doesn’t like chocolate| Cuma jalan kaki olahraga yang saya lakukan Walking is the only exercise I do. 2 mere |it’s used to say that something small or unimportant has a big effect|  Cuma kemacetan lalulintas penyebab kemungkinan kita terlambat The mere cause that we might be late is a traffic jam. 3 but, on the condition Kamu boleh tinggal disini, cuma saja jangan lebih dari dua hari You may stay here, on the condition, that it will be no more than two days
-cuma-cuma: adj, adv gratis, free of charge Kamu boleh mengambil majalah ini dengan cuma-cuma You can take this magazine free
-percuma: adj 1 useless Percuma bawa peralatan masak, segala sesuatu tersedia disana It’s useless to bring cooking wares, everything is available there 2 ineffectual Percuma naik mobil kesana, jaraknya bisa ditempuh jalan kaki It’s ineffectual to drive a car there, the distance is reachable by walking

cumbu; cumbu (rayu): n /lu/ flirtation |attitude or behavior that shows you are sexually attracted to someone, though not in a serious way|
-bercumbu; bercumbu-cumbuan: v flirt /tr/ each other |reciprocal action|
-cumbuan: n 1 the action of flirting 2 the words you use to flirt sb
-mencumbu: v /tr/ flirt |sb flirt his/her sexual partner – one side action|

cumi-cumil: n /lu/ squid |any kind of boneless fish (Mullusca) family Cephalopoda and Ommastreephes  sloani pacificies

cumi-cumi2: n /lu/ 1 evildoer, criminal. 2 traitor 3 en­emy’s spy.

cumpang-camping: variant of compang-camping:

cundangl; mencundangi: v /tr/lu/ defeat.
-kecundang; terkecundang : v /pss.v./  be defeated
-pecundang1: n /lu/ 1 looser  2 sb who is defeated.

cundang2; mencundangi: v /tr/lu/ 1 incite |to deliberately make someone feel so angry or excited that s/he does something bad| 2 instigate |o make something start to happen, especially to start something that will cause trouble| 3 foment. |to make people do something that causes a lot of trouble in a society
-pecundang2: n /lu/ troublemaker, instigator, fomenter.

cundang3: n /lu/ 1 evil words 2 instigation 3 provocation 4 fomentation

cungkil: n /lu/frm/ 1 crowbar |a strong iron or wood bar used for lifting, opening, leveling things| 2 lever |a stick or handle on a machine that you move to make the machine work|
-mencungkil: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 pry |to force something open, or to force it away from something else with a crowbar|  Saya memakai obeng mencongkil laci itu supaya terbuka I used a screwdriver to pry the drawer open. Dia cungkil tutup cat itu dengan paku supaya terbuka. She pried the lid of the paint with a nail 2 gouge Dahulu orang mencongkil mata pencuri sebagai hukuman. In the past, people gouge the eyes of a thief as a punishment 3 dig Petani itu mencungkil batu-batu dari tanah sebelum menanam tanaman muda The farmer dig stones out of the soil before planting crops  3 pick |to take out small thing from a narrow space or hole| Jangan cungkil giginya, sikat saja Don’t pick your teeth, just brush it

cuping: n /ld/ ear lobe
-cuping hidung: n nostril.
-bercuping: v to have ear (handle) on it (i.g. a bowl with handle)

cuplik; mencuplik: v /lu/frm/ 1 cite, quote |pick out or copy a small portion (of writing, play, design, etc.)
-cuplikan: n citation, quotation.

curah1: n /lu/frm/  drop, fall, shower
-curah hujan: n rainfall.
-barang curah: n bulk goods.

curah2; mencurah: v /lu/intr/frm/ fall (of rain). Hujan terus mencurah dari langit The rain kept falling from the sky.
-curahan hati: n /lu/frm/1 devote attention 2 hearty concern
-dicurahi: v /pass.v/ be showered  Anak itu dicurahi pemberian The child was showered with gifts
-mencurahi: v /tr/1 pour sth on (sb/sth). Hu­jan mencurahi daerah ini sepanjang malam Rain poured this area all night long
-mencurahkan: v /tr/lu/frm/ use (sth) to pour (sth) Helikopter mencurahkan air ke hutan yang sedang terbakar itu The helicopter pour water to the burning forest
-pencurahan: n outpouring

curam: adj /lu/frm/1 steep, sheer |a road, hill etc. that is steep, it slopes at a high angle| 2 precipitous |sudden, abrupt, and unpleasant change| kejatuhan  harga property yang curam a precipitous drop in property values
-mencuram: v steepen, become steep
-kecuraman: n steep­ness, abruptness, precipitousness.

curang: adj /lu/frm/1 dishonest 2 fraudulent 3 deceitful 2 unfair. suami yang curang dishonest husband (two-timing husband)
-permainan curang: n unfair play
-kecurangan: n 1 deceit 2 fraud 3 corruption
-mencurangi: v deceit, defraud, cheat, treat unfairly, corrupt

curi; mencuri: v /frm/ steal |to take something that belongs to someone else without his/her permission, and not give it back| Dua orang anak muda telah ditahan karena mencuri mobil. Two young men were arrested for stealing a car. Kapan kamu tahu teman kamu telah mencuri ssu dari kamu? When did you find out that your partner was stealing sth from you? 2 rob |to take money or things from a person, bank, etc. using force or threat| Sejumlah preman berhasil mencuri uang dari penukaran uang asing A number of gangs successfully robbed a money changer
-barang curian: n stolen thing
-mencuri-curi: adv do sth secretly
-pencurian: n 1 robbery 2 looting  3 stealing
-pencuri: n robber, pickpocket,  thief, bandit, burglar
-curi pandang: n hidden glance.

curiga: adj /frm/ suspicious |not willing to trust someone or something| Saya curiga terhadap maksudnya I’m suspicious of her intentions.
-mencurigakan:adj suspixius 2 |making you think that something bad or illegal is happening| Para penumpang harus melaporkan setiap kantongan yang mencurigakan. Passengers should report any bags that look suspicious.
-mencurigai: v suspect |to think that someone may be guilty of a crime| Polisi mencurigai mereka menjadi bagian dari jaringan perdagangan narkoba The police suspected them to be a part of drug trafficking
-kecurigaan: n 1 suspicion 2 distrust  Kecurigaan polisi tidak punya alas an yang cukup The police suspicion has no enough reasons

cuti: n /frm/ 1 leave  2 vacation Dia lagi cuti She is on leave/vacation. cuti tahunan annual leave/vacation.
-mencutikan: v give a leave, give a vacation

cuwek: adj /spo/lu/ 1 not surprised 2 not attentive 3 unconcerned

cuwil: variant of cuil.



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