Dictionary E – F


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

E; e: |the 5th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English –approximately sounds like e in dental; ethic; every; execute; exhibit; self; fed|

e: intrj. No! |used to warn sb to not doing sth| E, e, e, Jangan buang sampah disitu! No,no,no! Don’t throw garbage there! 2 hey!  |used to attract sb’s attention| E! Saya ada disini! Hey! I’m over here! 3 by the way |used to ask sth| E! Apa sih yang terjadi? By the way! What has happened?

eboni: n /lu/ ebony |a tree with dark hard wood, or the wood itself, used for furniture or carving – Diospyros ebenum|

ebonite: n ebonite.

ecek: mengecek: v /lu/ 1 make a fool of, kid, make fun of,  2 not be serious, just appear as 3 pretend 4 play act
-ecek-ecek1: n kidding, fooling.
-ecek-ecek2: adj pretend
-eceknya: adv apparently, outwardly

eceng: n /lu/ water plant with red leaves and edible flower.

eceng gondok: n /lu/ water hyacinth |any of several bulbous plants of the genus Hyacinthus|

ecer; mengecer(kan): v /tr/lu/ retail Apa kamu mengecer mangkok ini? Do you retail this cup?
-eceran1: adj retail Berapa harga eceran saputangan ini? What is retail price of this handkerchief?
-eceran2: adv retail  Saya membeli sendok perak ini eceran. I bought this silver spoon retail?
-pengecer: n retailer Kami pejual kulakan (grosir) Kalau kamu mau membeli eceran, ada toko pengecer di sebelah sana We are wholesaler. If you want to buy retail, there is a retailer shop over there.
Note: In Indonesia some people use ‘grosir’ instead of ‘perkulakan’ for ‘wholesaler’ Since this term sounds ‘grocery’ so don’t be confused. The ‘grosir’ has nothing to do with ‘grocery’ Indonesian word  for grocery is ‘toko makanan’ for food, and drink, and ‘toko peralatan rumah tangga” for other things used in the home. Traditionally ‘toko makanan’ rarely combine to other things.

edan: adj /lu/ 1 wild |doing sth without thinking about all its consequences| Edan kamu pergi sendiri malam-malam. It’s wild of you to go out at night alone|  2 insane, crazy |completely stupid or crazy, often in a way that is dangerous| Kamu pasti edan bepergian dengan orang asing yang tidak dikenal You must’ve been totally insane to go with a stranger 3 foolish |not sensible or wise| Edan kamu kalau memulai perkelahian dengan mereka It would be foolish of you to start fighting with them
-keedanan: n 1 wildness, craziness, foolishness

edar; beredar: v /intr/lu/ 1 revolve |to spin around a central point, or to make something do this| Roda mulai beredar dengan lambat The wheels began to revolve slowly –syn: berputar 2 turn |to move around a central point that does not move| Layar kincir angin itu beredar mengeliling as oleh kekuatan angin. The sail of the windmill turn around the axis by the wind’s power 3 circulate a) |if information, facts, ideas, etc. circulate, they become known by many people| Ada rumor beredar mengenai perselisihan antara Presiden dan Ketua Parlemenn There’s a rumor circulating about dispute between President and the Parliament Speaker  b) |to move around or have been distributed within a system, or to make something do this| Ada indikasi bahwa ikan tercemar formalin telah beredar di beberapa pasar There is an indication that formaldehyde-contaminated fish has been circulated in some market darah beredar kesekujur tubuh blood circulating around the body Mata uang rupiah palsu telah beredar luas di masyarakat False rupiah bill has largely circulated in the community
-mengedari: v /tr/ 1 orbit |to travel in a circle around a larger object| satelit yang mengedari Bumi a satellite that orbits the Earth
-mengedarkan: v /tr/ 1 circulate 2 distribute 3 publicize 4 spread
-peredaran: n circulation
Notes: Pay attention to the difference between ‘mengedari’ and ‘mengedarkan’ Both of them are transitive verb. The difference is on the object. If we use ‘mengedari’, it means that the subject is the thing which should be moved around and the object is the central point that does not move. And if we use ‘mengedarkan’, it means the object is sth that should be moved, and the subject is sb or sth which make the object move.

edisi: n /lu/ 1 edition (of book, etc.). |the form that a book is printed in| kamus edisi saku pocket edition of a dictionary buku edisi lux a luxurious printed book 2 |the total numbers of a particular book produced at one time| Dalam waktu singkat kami akan menerbitkan edisi ketiga buku ini Soon we are going to publish the third edition of the book –syn: cetakan, terbitan

edit; mengedit: v edit /frm/ |to make a book, movie, article etc. better for people to read or see by arranging the parts, correcting mistakes, and deciding which parts to keep|
-pengedit: n editor.
-pengeditan: n editing.

edukasi: n /frm/ education.

edukatif; edukatip: adj /frm/ educative, instructive.

e-e: /baby language/ doo-doo, feces.

efek1: n /tech/ effect. efek sampingan side-effect.

efek2: n /tech/ effects |moveable goods, property, belongings such as share, stock, etc| Bursa Efek Jakarta (BEJ) Jakarta Stock Market

efektif; efektip: adj /frm/ effective.
-mengefektifkan: v cause to be effective. Kita perlu mengefektifkan mesin-mesin tua itu We need to make the old machineries effective
-keefektifan: n effec­tiveness.
-pengefektifan: n effort to make sth effective. Pengefektifan mesin tua itu akan meningkatkan biaya perawatan Making the old machine effective will increase the maintenance cost

efektifvitas: n /frm/ effectiveness.

efisien: adj /frm/ efficient.
-mengefisienkan: v render efficient.
-keefisienan: n efficiency.
-pengefisienan: n efforts to make sth effi­cient.

efisiensi: n /frm/ efficiency

eforus: n bishop |the highest religious leader of Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP) –a Protestant Congregation using ethnical language (Batak local dialect)

egah1; (m)egah: adj /lu/ 1 luxurious 2 glorious
-memegahkan: v 1glorify 2 make sth luxurious

egah2: mengegah: v /intr/ shuffle, stagger.

egalitaris: adj /frm/ egalitarian |believing that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities

egalisasi: n /frm/ 1 equalization 2 balancing

egaliter: adj /frm/ 1 equal 2 balance 3 uniform 4 fair

egat; mengegatkan: v /ld/ tighten

egois: adj /frm/ egoist, egoistic.
-keegoisan: n egoism

egoistis: adj /frm/ egoistic.

egol; mengegol: v /ld/ 1 pry up, lift with a lever in a jerky motion. 2 sway sb’s hips. 2 move sth with a jerk. Penari itu mengegol pasangannya untuk menarik perhatiannya The dancer jerked her partner to draw his attention.
-teregol-egol: adv jerkily, in jerks. Mesin giling sedang teregol-egol maju mun­dur meratakan jalan The roller was jerkily moving back and forth to level the road

egos: mengegos: v /ld/ evade, avoid Dia tidak bisa mengegos pukulan saya lalu dia jatuh keluar He couldn’t evade my punch and he was knocked out –syn: /lu/ mengelak

egosentris: adj /frm/ egocentric.

egosentrisme: n /frm/ egocentricity.

eh; ugh: intrj. |expressing disgust|

eh: variant of e2:

eigendom: n /of/ |the rights to ownership of sth|

eit: excl. /spo/ used when trying to ayoid physical or verbal attack

eja; mengeja: v /frm/ spell |mention or write a letter by a letter in the correct order to form a meaningful word| Tolong eja nama terakhir anda? Would you please spell your last name?
-ejaan: n spelling, orthography. ejaan yang disempur­nakan official Indonesian and Malaysian spelling system adopted in 1972.

ejakulasi: n /tech/ ejaculation of semen.

ejan1; mengejan: v /ld/ strain abdominal muscles when defe­cating.

ejan2: v /ld/ |to use a lot of effort, supplies, or money to try to do something|

ejawantah: adj /frm/ visible, existing
-mengejawantahkan: v 1 realize |to make something that you have been hoping for, working for, or dreaming for become a reality| Mari kita kerja lebih keras mengejawatahkan impian kita untuk menjadi Negara makmur Let’s work harder to realize our dream of a prosperous country. 2 materialize |if a possible event or plan materializes, it happens| Mari kita alokasikan dana mengejawantahkan niat kita untuk memiliki sebuah rumah sakit modern Let’s allocate some fund to materialize  our intention to have a modern hospital 3 make visible, manifest  Apa kamu yakin bahwa roh nenek moyang mereka telah mengejawantahkan diri di depan mereka? Do you believe that the spirit of their ancestors has made themselves visible in front of them?
-pengejawantahan: n realization, materialization, manifestation, embodiment

ejek: mengejek: v /lu/ mock, ridicule, make fun of, deride
-ejekan: n 1 mockery, ridicule, derision 2 object of ridicule, butt of joke

eka: n /ltr/ one, single, mono (in formal compounds and slo­gans).

ekabahasa: n /frm/ monolingual.

ekabahasawan; ekabasawan: n /frm/ monolingual person.

ekajati: n the lowest rank of Sudra caste (social stratum system of Hinduism)

ekakarsa: n /ltr/ one common effort for one objective

ekamarga: n /ltr/ one-way (traffic, road).

ekamatra: adj /ltr/ one dimension

ekaristi: n Eucharist |the bread and wine that represent Christ’s body and blood and are used during a Christian ceremony, or the ceremony itself|

ekasila: n /ltr/ interpretation of 5 principles (of Pancasila) into one philosophy of life

ekasuku: n /ltr/ monosyllabic.

ekawarna: adj /ltr/ monochrome

ekawarsa: n /ltr/ one single year.

ekeh-ekeh; terekeh-ekeh: v /ld/ panting, out of breath.

elektik: adj /frm/ optional (applied in selecting subject of a study)

eklif: n /tech/ eclipse –syn: gerhana

ekofisiologi: n /tech/ |a branch of science about adaptation of biology to the environment character|

eko: n /frm/ echo.

ekologi: n /frm/ ecology |the way in which plants, animals, and people are related to each other and to their environment, or the study of this|

ekologis: adj /frm/ ecological.

ekonom: n /frm/ economist.

ekonometri: n /frm/ econometrics.

ekonomi: n /frm/1 economics. |the study of the way in which money, goods, and services are produced and used| ekonomi pertanian agricultural economics. jurusan ekonomi perusahaan (department of) business economics. 2 economy |the way that money, businesses, and products are organized in a particular country, area etc.| Pabrik baru itu akan membantu ekonomi setempat The new factory would help the local economy. Krisis moneter global akan menekan ekonomi Asia Tenggara yang sedang berkembang Global monetary crises will press the growing economies of Southeast Asia
-perekonomian: n 1 eco­nomic matters. 2 economy.

ekonomis: adj /frm/ economical, be economized .
-mengekonomiskan: n /frm/ make sth economical.
-keekonomisan: n /frm/ 1 frugality  2 thriftiness. 3 efficiency of cost

ekor1: n /lu/ 1 tail (of animals). ekor anjing dog’s  tail 2 result, impact, consequences Ekor perselisihan itu masih terasa sampai sekarang The impact of the dispute  is still be felt until now 3 corner ekor mata corner of the eyes  Ekor matanya penuh rasa kebencian The corner of her eyes is full of hatred

ekor2; se-ekor: dtr /lu/ |use as a single life of an animal| seekor kuda a horse Saya punya dua ekor anjing I have two dogs
-berekor: v have tail
-mengekor: v follow (sb else) Dia selalu mengekor pada isterinya He always obey his wife
pengekor1: n follower |in a sense of that sb always depends on sb else|
-pengekor2: adj obedient

ekosistem: n /frm/ ecosystem |all the animals and plants in a particular area, and the way in which they are related to each other and to their environment| Kontaminasi di pantai Utara telah merusak ekosistem Contamination in the northern beach has ruined the ecosystem

eks1: n /frm/ 1 citation code (cited) from. eks Pasal 12 butir 10 kontrak cited from Versus 12 point 10 of the contract  2 imported from. barang eks Jepang goods imported from Japan.

eks2: pron. /frm/  1 former Dia eks gubernur He is a former governor 2 ex- Apa dia eks isteri kamu? Is she your ex-wife?

eks.{eksemplar}: n /frm/ copy, issue, number.

eksak; eksakta: n /frm/ exact sciences (mathematics and physics).

eksamen: n /of/  examination. 1 |an official test of knowledge or ability in a particular subject| eksamen kimia a chemistry exam Kapan kamu akan eksamen terakhir? When do you take/have your final exams? –syn: ujian, testing
-mengeksam: v /tr/ examine.
Note: Eksamen is driven from examination. However, the words rarely used to mean a medical examination. For this verb people use ‘pemeriksaan kesehatan’

eksaminator: n /of/  sb who administers an exam­ination.

eksekusi: n /lu/ execution a) |carrying out or implementation of sth that has been decided| b) |putting to death as a lawful punishment|

eksekutif1: n /lu/ executive |decision maker based on the rule, law, agreement, etc.|

eksekutif2: adj executive |relating to making decisions, especially in a company or business| badan eksekutif an executive committee

eksekutor: n /frm/ sb in the position to implement a decision

eksem; eksema: n /tech/ eczema |a condition in which skin becomes dry and red, and begins to itch| -syn: eksim

eksemplar: n /lu/ 1 the number of copy (of book, document, etc.) 2 issue (of periodical)

eksentrik: adj /lu/ eccentric.
-keeksentrikan: n eccentricity.

eksepsi: n /tech/ 1 exception  2 /law/ |an objection from a defendant to a court before prosecutor read the accusation with an argument that the court is not lawful to such case|

ekses: n /frm/ excess.

ekshibisi; eksibisi: n /frm/ 1 exhibition |a public show where you put something so people can see it|  Koleksi mobil antik sedang di ekshibisi di Balai Kota sekarang A collection of antique cars is on exhibition at the municipal hall now 2 |sport game which is not intended to find the champion but to entertain the spectators|  pertandingan eksibisi exhibitory matches (sports)

eksikator: n /tech/ dryer –syn: pengering

eksim: variant of eksem:

eksistensi: n /frm/ existence.

eksistensialisme: n /frm/ existentialism

eksit: v /frm/ 1 exit 2 resign –syn: keluar
-mengeksit: v expel, dismiss.

ekskavasi: n /tech/ excavation |the action of digging the ground in order to find something that was buried there in an earlier time|Para arkeolog akan mulai ekskavasi besok. The archaeologist will start the excavation tomorrow

eksklusif : adj /frm/ 1 exclusive, selective |used by only one person or group, and not shared| Apa klub ini eksklusif? Is this club exclusive?
-mengeksklusif: v exclude (sb)
-mengeksklusikan: v make sth exclu­sive.
-keeksklusifan: n exclusivity, exclusiveness.

eksklusivisme: n /frm/ exclusivism.

ekskursi: n /frm/ excursion |a short trip, usually made by a group of people| satu ekskursi ke gunung Krakatau an excursion to mount Krakatau
-berekskursi: v go on an excursion.

eksodus: n /frm/ exodus |mass migration out of a place|

eksogen: n /frm/ exogenous.

eksotik; eksotis: adj /frm/ exotic |unusual and exciting because of a connection with a foreign country| bunga eksotis dari Afrika an exotic flower from Africa

ekspansi: n /frm/ expansion (of territory, gas, etc.).
-berekspansi: n carry out an expansion (of territory).

ekspansif: adj /frm/ expansive.

ekspansionis: adj /frm/ expansionist.

ekspedisi1: n /frm/ expedition 1 shipping and delivering goods, letter, package, etc. 2 shipping company  3 record |of formal document delivering (particularly of court decision)| 4 mail room (of large institution)  5 |an organized trip, especially to a dangerous place| expedisi ke daerah pertahan musuh a secret expedition to the enemy’s base satu expedisi ke angkasa luar an expedition to the outer space  6 |a short trip, usually made for a particular purpose| expedisi penyelamatan pesawat yang jatuh a rescue  expedition for the crashed craft
-mengekpedisikan: v send sth through private delivery company
-pengekspedisian: n 1 shipping 2 mailing through private delivery company

ekspeditur: n /frm/ 1 shipping agent 2 sb who responsible for mailing and recorded delivering

eksperimen: n /frm/ experiment |a scientific test done to show how something will react in a particular situation, or to prove that an idea is true| Menggunakan manusia dalam experiment obat melanggar hukum Using human being for drug experiment is against law
-bereksperimen: v experiment |to try using various ideas, methods, materials etc. in order to find out how effective or good they are| Banyak remaja bereksperimen dengan narkoba Many teenagers experiment with drugs.

eksperimental; eksperimentil: adj /frm/ experimental.

eksperimentasi: n /frm/ experimentation.

eksplisit: adj /frm/ explicit |expressed in a way that it is very clear| Apa saya sudah membuatnya explicit? Do I make it explicit?
-mengeksplisitkan: v make sth explicit.

eksploatasi: variant of eksploitasi:

eksploatir: variant of eksploitir:

eksploitasi: n /frm/ exploitation |an endeavour to use something effectively and completely in order to gain what we want| Eksploitasi sumberdaya alam seperti munyak, batu bara, dan kayu harus dikendalikan secara ketat Exploitation of natural resources such as oil, coal, timber must be strictly controlled
-mengeksploitasi: v exploit |to treat or use something completely and effectively but unfairly for sb’s benefit|  Mengeksploitasi anak-anak menjadi tenaga kerja bayaran merupakan pelanggaran hukum serius To exploit children as labour or paid workers is seriously against law
-pengeksploitasian: n /frm/ exploitation
-pengeksploitasi: n who exploit sth or sb

eksploitir: variant of exploitation:
-mengeksploitir: variant of mengeksploitasi

eksplorasi: n /frm/ exploration a) |a trip to a place you have not been, or a place where you are looking for something| Apollo adalah pesawat pertama mendarat di bulan dalam rangka eksplorasi ruang angkasa luar Apollo was the first craft landing on the moon in an outer space  exploration Mereka sedang berlayar dalam rangka eksplorasi minyak They are sailing for an oil exploration b) |an examination or discussion about something to find out more about it|  satu eksplorasi masalah-masalah tahyul an exploration of magic issues
-mengekplorasi: v /tr/ explore a) |to travel through an unfamiliar area in order to find out what it is like and what we can find there| Kami akan pergi mengeksplorasi hutan Leuser untuk memperkirakan jumlah orang-utan yang masih hidup disana We are going to explore Leuser forest to estimate the population of living orang-utan there

eksploratif: adj /frm/ explorative

eksplosi: n /frm/ explosion.

eksplosif: adj /frm/ explosive.

eksplotasi: variant of eksploitasi:

ekspo: n /frm/ expo also exposition 1 |a detailed explanation that is easy to understand| 2 |a large public event at which you show and sell a particular type of product:

eksponen: n /frm/  exponent. 1 |someone who supports a particular idea, belief, etc. and tries to persuade others to accept it| eksponen gerakan reformasi an exponent of reformation movement  2 /match/ A number or symbol, as 2 in (x + y)2

ekspor: n /frm/ export.
-mengekspor: v export.
-pengekspor: n exporter.
-pengeksporan: n exportation, exporting.

eksportir: variant of  pengekspor:

ekspos: mengekspose: v /frm/ 1 expose |to let public know about sth that is not popular before| Banyak media telah mengekspose penemuan barunya Many media exposed her new invention 2 exhibit |to put something in a public place so people can see it| Pasar seni akan mengekspose sebagian lukisan Affandi The art gallery will exhibit some of Affandi’s paintings 3 reveal |to make something known that was previously secret.  Surat kabar itu mengekspose satu pengungkapan besar. The newspaper revealed a huge cover-up. Polisi temukan bukti baru yang mengekspose bahwa dia bersalah. The police found a new proof that exposed he was guilty 4 uncovered Setelah dua bulan kita dapat mengekspose bibit tanaman itu ke sinar langsung matahari After two months we can expose the seedling to direct sun ray
-terekspose: v be clearly visible
-pengeksposan: n /frm/ exposition 1 |a detailed explanation that is easy to understand. 2 a large public event at which you show and sell a particular type of product.

ekspose: n /frm/ exposé.|a disclosure on television or newspaper that tells people about a dishonest person, event, or situation|

eksposisi: n /frm/ 1 exposition |a detailed explanation that is easy to understand| 2 fair |a large public event at which you show and sell a particular type of product|

ekspres: adj /frm/ express 1 |travel quickly and does not stop in many places, fast| Apa ada kereta api ekspres ke Bandung? Is there any express train to Bandung? 2 instant mi yang masak expres instant noodle 3 spe­cial delivery Saya mau mengirim paket ini dengan pengiriman ekpres I want to send this package with special delivery

ekspresi: n /frm/ expression 1 |a look on someone’s face that shows what s/he is thinking or feeling| satu ekspresi ceria cheerful expression 2 |a word or phrase that has a particular meaning| Sambutan selamat datang  dia merupakan ekpresi keinginan mendapat lebih banyak dukungan dari kita His welcome speech is an expression of the wish to have more support from us 3 |something that you do or give) Saya mengirim bunga ini sebagai ekspresi rasa terima kasih saya I’m sending these flowers as an expression of my thanks.
-mengekspresikan: v express
-pengekspresian: n an act to express sth.
Note of usages: The word ekspres is adopted from ‘express’ in English. However, this word usually used only as an adjective. Therefore, don’t use ‘ekspres’ to mean ‘express’ as a verb. Use ‘mengekspresikan’ to mean (to use words or actions in order to let people know what you are thinking or feeling) Example: Sejumlah mahasiswa mengekspresikan rasa takut tidak mendapat pekerjaan setelah tamat. A number of students expressed the fear that they would never get job after graduation Don’t say Sejumlah mahasiswa express rasa takut ….

ekspresif: adj /frm/ expressive.
-keekspressifan: n expressiveness.

ekspresionis: n /frm/ expressionist

ekspresionisme: n /frm/ expressionism

ekspresionistis: adj /frm/ expressionistic

ekspresionitas: n /frm/ the ability of an artist to express his/her inner feeling and thought, people’s response to a particular condition, nature existence, etc in the form of art

ekstase: n /frm/ ecstasy |a feeling of extreme happiness|

ekstasi: n Ecstasy /lu/ an illegal drug used especially by young people to give a feeling of happiness and energy.

ekstensif: adj /frm/ extensive

ekstensifikasi: n /frm/ an action to make sth more extensive

ekstern: adv /frm/ 1 not a resident 2 outside urusan extern outside business

external: adj external |relating to the outside of something| Obat ini hanya untuk pengobatan external This medicine is for external use only.

ekstra1: adj /frm/ extra, additional, extraordinary Kalau kamu bekerja denan baik, kamu akan kami beri bayaran extra If he works well, we will give you extra payment.

esktra2: adv |being more than the usual amount|  Saya harus bekerja ekstra untuk memenuhi kebutuhan keluarga I have to work extra to fulfil my family needs

ekstra3: n /frm/ extra, addition Ini saya beri kamu satu extra, kamu tidak perlu bayar untuk itu Here give you an extra, you don’t have to pay for it

ekstradisi: n /frm/ extradition |an official action to someone who may involved in a criminal case back to the country where the crime happened
-mengekstradisi: v extradite

ekstrak1; mengekstrak: v /frm/ 1 extract a) |to remove an object or substance from the place where it belongs or comes from|  Saya perlu dokter gigi mengektrak gigi geraham saya I need a dentist to extract my wisdom teeth b) |to make someone give you information, money etc. that s/he does not want to give| Polisi berhasil mengekstrak banyak informasi dari dia The police successfully extracted much information from him. 2 quote |to use word, phrase, definition that is written somewhere else| Saya mengektrak definisi ini dari buku Prof. Steven I quote this definition from Prof. Steven’s book
-diekstrak: v /pass.v./ be extracted Minyak jaitun diekstrak dari tanaman jaitun yang masih hijau Olive oil is extracted from green olives.

ekstrak2: n 1 extract |a substance that is removed from a root, flower etc. by a special process| ekstrak vanilli vanilla extract 2 quotation |a small part of a story, poem, song etc.| satu ekstrak dari puisi Hairul Anwar an quotation from Hairul Anwar’ poem

ekstraksi: n /frm/1 abstract |a short written statement of the most important ideas in a long piece of writing| 2 summary |a short writing that gives the main information about an event, plan, report etc.| Ikuti ceramah itu dan tulis ekstraksinya Follow the lecture and write a summary of it.

ekstraktif: adj /frm/ summary

ekstrakurikuler: n /frm/ extracurricular.

ekstrapolasi: n /frm/ extrapolation |accumulation of related data and information in order to  predict the result of a particular condition|
-mengekstrapolasi: v extrapo­late |to use the information you have to guess what will happen|

ekstraseluler: adj /frm/ |pertaining to sth outside of cell|

ekstrem: adj /frm/ extreme |pertaining to the most outer position, quality, possibility of sth| Perkiraan saya 6% pertumbuhan adalah satu kemungkinan yang extreme My prediction is that 6% growth is an extreme possibility Apa kamu bediri dipihak mereka yang termasuk sayap kiri yang extreme? Do you stand on behalf of them who belong to extreme left wing? Hanya dalam kasus extreme obat ini akan menggangu kehamilan kamu Only in an extreme case this medicine will harm your  pregnancy. Cara kamu mendisplinkan siswa adalah satu metode ekstremYour way to discipline the students is an extreme method

ekstremis: n /frm/ extremist. |someone who has extreme political aims, and who is willing to do unusual or illegal things to achieve them|

ekstremisme: n /frm/ extremism.

ekstremitas: n /frm/ extremity.

ekstrim: variant of ekstrem:

ekstrovert: n /frm/ extrovert.

ekuator: n /frm/ equator –syn: khatulistiwa
-equilibrium: n equilibrium |balance between opposing forces, influences, etc.|

Ekuin {Ekonomi, Keuangan dan Industri}: n economy, finance, and industry

ekuivalen: adj /frm/ equivalent:

ekuivalensi: n /frm/ equivalency.

ekumenis: adj /frm/ ecumenical.

ekwivalen: variant of equivalent:

ekwivalensi: variant of equivalensi:

ela: n /ld/ unit of linear measure, 91.4 cm. or about a yard.

elaborasi: n /frm/ elaboration.
-mengelaborasi: v elaborate.

elak; mengelak: v /intr/lu/ 1 evade |to avoid doing something, or talking about something| Kamu punya hak mengelak menjawab pertanyaan penyidik You have a right to evade answering the investigator  Kalau kamu mengelak membayar pajak ada risiko kamu masuk penjara. If you try to evade paying taxes you have a risk of going to prison. 2 dodge |to move or turn quickly to avoid a physical contact, crash, or hit| Menteri itu dengan cekatan mengelak menjawab pertanyaan wartawan The minister skilfully dodged the reporter’s question. Anjing itu coba mengelak ketika saya lempar dengan batu The dog tried to dodge out when I threw it with a stone
-mengelakkan: v /tr/ evade
-terelakkan: adj avoidable
-pengelakan: n avoidance, evasion, deflection

elang: n /lu/  hawk, eagle,  and any large bird of prey.

elastik; elastis: adj /frm/ elastic.

elastisitas; elastisitet: n /lfrm/ elasticity

elegan: adj /frm/ elegant

elegi: n /frm/ elegy.

elektrifikasi: n /frm/ electrification
-mengelektrifikasi: v /frm/ electrify.

elektris: adj /frm/ electrical.
-mengelektriskan: v electrify.

elektrisir; mengelektrifisir: variant of mengelektriskan:

elektro: n /frm/ 1 sth that related to electrical matters. insinyur elektro electrical engineer. teknik elektro electrical engineer­ing

elektroda; elektrode: n /tech/ electrode.

elektrodinamika: n /tech/ electrodynamics.

elektrolisa: n /tech/ electrolyses

eIektrolit: n /tech/ electrolyte.

elektrolitis: adj //tech/ electrolytic

elektromagnit: n /tech/ electromagnet

electron: n /tech/ electron

elektronik: n /tech/ 1 electronic 2 electronics.

elektronika: n /lu/ electronics.

elektronis: variant of elektronik:

elektroteknik: n /tech/ electrical engineering.

elemen: n /lu/ element a) |a simple chemical substance such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc., that is made of only one type of atom| 2  a small amount of sth Ada elemen kebenaran dalam apa yang dia katakan There’s a small amount of truth in what he said  3 one part of a plan, system, piece of writing etc.: sebuah novel dengan elemen kepahlawanan yang hebat a novel with all the elements of a great heroism

elementer: adj /frm/ elementary 1 |relating to the first and easiest part of a subject| buku matematika dengan latihan elementer a book of elementary math exercises 2 simple or basic kebutuhan elementer akan makanan the elementary human need for food

eleng: n /ld/ rock |that is used in a boat as a balancing weight|

eliminasi; mengeliminasi: v /frm/ eliminate.

eliminir: variant of eliminasi:

eling: v /Jv/ remember (the God that you believe in) Kita perlu eling kepada Tuhan bukan hanya saat kita dalam keadaan bahaya We need to remember God not only when we are in a danger.

elips: n /tech/ ellipse.

ellipsis: n /tech/ ellipsis.

elipsoide: n /tech/ ellipsoid.

elit; elite: n /lu/ elite.

elitis: n /frm/ elitist.             ‘

elitisme: n /frm/ elitism.

elok1: adj /lu/ 1 beautiful, lovely, pretty. 2 good.
-mengelokkan;memperelok: v beautify.
-keelokan: n beauty, loveliness.
-seelok: conj. as beautifull as Dia seelok ibunya She is as beautiful as her mother
-seelok-eloknya: adv as much as beautiful Biar seelok-eloknya kamu berbuat dia tidak akan cinta padamu No matter how well you behave, she is not going to love you

elok2: adv /lu/ well berperilaku elok behave well kelihatan elok look well

elpiji: n /lu/ liquid propane gas.

eltor: n /lu// cholera.

elu: variant of lu:

elu-elu1: mengelu-elukan: v /lu/ wave (to say welcome or good bye)
-mengelukan: v protrude your head to see sth

eluk variant of luk:

elus; mengelus: v /lu/ stroke |to move your hand gently over something| Dia mengelus-elus kepala bayi itu
-elusan: n 1 caress 2 flattery
-mengeluskan: v stroke with  Dia mengeluskan tangannya ke rambut saya She stroke my hair with his hand

email: n /lu/  enamel |a substance like glass that is put on metal, clay etc. for decoration or for protection|  2 the hard smooth outer surface of your teeth
-mengemail: v put enamel .

emak: variant of mak:

emang: pron. /Snd/ term of address and reference for sb’s uncle.

emang: variant of  memang:

emansipasi: n /frm/ emancipation.

emas: n /lu/ gold.
-beremas: v 1 have gold, wear gold. 2 be well-to-do.
-emas batangan: n gold ingot.
-emas belanda: n 18-karat gold
-emas hijau: n timber
-emas hitam: n pe­troleum, oil.
-emas juita: n sweetheart.
-emas kawin: n dowry
-emas hias: n tinsel.
-kertas emas: n gold leaf.
-keemasan: adj golden. Jaman Keemasan Golden Age. 2 gilded.
-mengemas: v resemble gold, become golden. Padinya mengemas The rice turned golden.
-mengemasi: v 1 gild. 2 bribe.
-peremasan: n gilding.

embacang: n /lu/ any kind of mango

embah: pron. /Jv/lu/ 1 term of address and reference for sb’s grandparent. 2 term of address and refer­ence for old person, teacher, or guru

mbak: pron. /Jv/lu/ 1 term of address and reference for sb’s older sister 2 term of address and reference for old women

emban1: n /ld/ 1 breastband, waistband, sash 2 belly band (for horses).
-mengemban: v carry in a sash slung over the shoulder.

emban2; mengemban: v /lu/ 1 carry out, execute, perform. ­mengemban tugas carry out a task. 2 support.
-mengembani: v /tr/ assign sb (to carry out sth)  Dia sanggup untuk diembani tugas itu She is capable to be assigned for that task.
-mengembankan: v /tr/ |give sth to be carried out, or executed by sb| Saya mengembankan proyek ini kepada dia. I give this project to be carried out by him
-pengemban: n implementer, care taker, executor
-pengembanan: n carrying out, execution.
Note: Both mengembankan and  mengembani are transitive verb; Use mengembani if the person who will execute the task is the object of verb; Use mengembankan if the object of verb is the task.

emban3: n /ld/ nurse-maid.

embara; mengembara: v /lu/ 1 roam |to travel for a long time with no clear purpose| Saya mengembara keseluruh pelosok negeri selama dua bulan tahun lalu I roamed through all over the country for two months last year 2 go for an adventure |to travel for an exciting experience of dangerous or unusual things| Dia sedang pergi mengembara ke negeri seberang He is going overseas for an adventure. 3 rove |to wander about over a wide area|
-mengembarai: v /tr/ wander over, roam in. Dia sudah mengembarai hutan Kalimantan He has roamed over the forest of Kalimantan:
-pengembaraan: n 1 wandering, roaming, roving. 2 place of wandering, roaming, roving
-pengembara: n wanderer, adventurer,  nomad.

embargo: n embargo
-mengembargo: v embargo

embarkasi: n /frm/ embarkation.

embat; mengembat: v /lu/ lash sth down with strip of bamboo, rope, etc.

embel1: n /Jkt/ swamp covered with plant growth.

embel2; mengembeli: v /ld/ cause to fray

embel-embel: n /lu/ 1 unnecessary detail/ addition  Kamu tidak perlu menjelaskan embel-embelnya, cukup pokok-pokok pemikirannya You don’t have to explain all unnecessary details, just tell the main idea. 2 unimportant formality Jabatannya di kantor ini hanya sekedar embel-embel His position in this office just an unimportant formality 3 side issue of little importance. Apa yang mereka bicarakan tadi hanya embel-embel bukan sesuatu yang pokok What they talked about was a side issue of little importance, not the main thing.
-mengembeli: v add with unnecessary things
-embel-embelan: n small or insignificant detail.

ember: n /lu/ pail. bucket.

embi: pron. /Jkt/Snd/ term of address for sb’s aunt.

embik: n 1 bleat. 2 sheep, goat.
-mengembik: v bleat.

emblem: n /lu/ 1 |a small piece of metal that you wear or carry to show people that you work for a particular organization| emblem polisi a police officer’s badge 2 a symbolic picture or shape

embrio: n /frm/ embryo, fetus.

embriologi: n /frm/ embryology.

embun: n /lu/ 1 dew |small drops of water that form on outdoor surfaces during the night| 2 cloud |white or grey mass floating in the sky that consists of very small drops of water| Embun bergerak mendekat di atas kepala Clouds moved closer overhead. 3 fog |thick cloudy air that is difficult for you to see through|
-berembun: adj 1 dewy. 2  cloudy  3 foggy
-mengembun: v 1 resemble dew. 2 turn into dew, condense.
-mengembuni: v
-mengembunkan: v 1 expose sth to foggy air for it become humid or watery by putting it stay out overnight 2 condensate
-pengembunan: n condensation.

embus1; berhembus: v /intr/lu/ blow, gust
-menghembus(kan): v /tr/ 1 blow 2 gust 3 exhale 4 puff –see: hembus:
-hembusan: n 1 blow  2 gust puff
-penghembusan: n ex­halation.

embus2: v /inf/ scoot! go away!
-mengembus: v flee, take to flight, run away.

emeritus: adj /frm/ emeritus |a professor who is no longer working but still has an official title|

emigrant: n /frm/ emigrant.

emigrasi: n /frm/ emigration.
-beremigrasi: v emigrate.
-mengemigrasikan: v make sb emigrate.

eminen: adj /frm/ eminent |famous and admired by many people: seorang professor pengobatan yang eminen an eminent professor of medicine|

emirat: n emirate.

emisi: n /frm/ 1 issue (of banknote, security, stock, etc.). 2 emission (of semen, light, etc.).

emiten: n /frm/ state-owned corporation which issue financial guarantee of a banknote

emitter: variant of emiten:

emoh: adj /ld/ unwilling. Negeri ini dulu emoh ikut ASEAN This country was unwilling to join ASEAN. Aku emoh hidup dalam kemiskinan. I am unwilling to live in poverty. –syn: /lu/ enggan
-mengemohi: v hate (sb or sth)

emong; mengemong: v /ld/ 1 care for, look after. 2 direct an enterprise. –syn: /lu/ urus, mengurusi
-emongan: n sth to take care of.

emosi: n /frm/ emotion.

emosional; emosionil: adj /frm/ emotional.

empang; empang: n /lu/ 1 fishpond. 2 embankment  3 dam 4 bar
-mengempang: v dam (up), block (stream). 2 lie athwart (road, etc.). 3 block (import of drugs, sb’s way, etc.). Dengan dada  yang besar tegap dia mengempang jalan With his broad sturdy chest he blocked the way.
-ter­empang: v /pass.v/ be blocked, barred. Peluru tidak akan tertempang oleh rumput A bullet will never be blocked by grass
-empangan: n 1 fish­pond. 2 dam. 3 barrier. empangan jalan road barricade.
-pengempang: n dam.
-pengempangan: n damming up, blocking, barricade

empas; mengempas: v /intr/lu/  be tossed, dashed against, throw sb. down. Ombak mengempas ke batu The waves dashed against the rocks.
-mengempaskan: v /tr/ 1 throw, dash, hurl sth against sth. Ombak mengempaskan perahu itu ke batu The wave hurled the ship onto the rock 2 slam (door, etc.)
-terempas: v be tossed, flung, hurled.
-empasan: n crashing (waves, wind). empasan gelombang waves crashing

empat: num, quant. /frm/ four (4) empat belas fourteen (14) empat puluh forty (40) empat penjuru angin the four points of the compass at
-mengempat puluh hari: v hold a religious meal 40 days after sb’s death.
-keempat: num. the forth (4th )
-seperempat: quant. one fourth (1/4)
-berempat: v be four (in a group)
-berempat-empat: adv four by four
-memperempat: v divide into four
-perempatan: n crossroad, intersection
-empat mata: adv face to face Saya akan bertemu dia empat mata I’m going to meet him face to face

empati: n /frm/ empathy |the ability to understand someone else’s feelings and problems|

empedal: n /ld/ gizzards. –syn: /lu/ ampelak

empedu: n /lu/ gall, bile.

empe-empe: variant of empek-empek:

empek: pron. /Chn./ term of address and reference for sb’s  parent’s older brother or brother-in-law 2 term of address for old Chinese man.

empek-empek: n fishcake (South Sumatran specialty).

empelas: variant of amplas

empelop: variant of amplop:

emper; emperan: n /lu/ 1 veranda 2  porch

empeyek: n /lu/ cracker made of dried fish or other viand fried with rice flour.

emping: n /lu/ 1 chips made of pounded new rice toasted and served with palm sugar. 2 fried chips made of Gnetun gnemon fruit.
-mengemping: v make such chips.

empiris: adj /frm/ empirical.

empirisisme; empirisme: n /frm/ empiricism.

emplasemen: n /frm/ 1 emplacement. 2  rail-way yard.

empok: pron. /Jkt/ 1 term of address and reference for sb’s older sister. 2 term of address to lower class women.

empu: pron. /appositive/ltr/  1 master craftsman. empu keris master of keris-maker. 2 armorer. 3 master. empu jari thumb. empu ­kaki big toe.
-mengempukan: v acknowledge sb’s master ship. Beliau diempukan sebagai kritikus terbaik He was acknowledged as the best critic
-keempuan: n 1 craftsmanship. 2 quality of being a master craftsman.

empuk: adj /lu/ 1 soft (mattress, etc.). 2 fruitful, well paid Kedudukannya di perusahaan ini empuk She has a well-paid position in this company 3 tender, well-done (of food). 3 easy to defeat or cheat. Janda itu jadi sasaran empuk ­The widow is easy prey. 4 well-worn (of cloth). 5 soft and pleasant (of voice, sounds).
-mengempukkan: v soften sth
-pengempuk: n 1 softener. pengempuk  daging meat ten­derizer. 2 padding, stuffing (in chair, etc.).
-pengempukan: n softening, softening (the process to make sth soft, tender, etc)

empul; mengempul: v bob up and down (of boat, etc.).

empunya: n /lu/ifr/ owner. Siapa yang empunya mobil ini? Who is the owner of this car? 2 si empunnya tanah: landlord; 3 si empunya cerita: the storyteller. –syn: /frm/  yang punya

emrat : /Jkt/ large watering can.

emulsi: n /frm/ emulsion

enak1: adj /lu/ 1 delicious Ini makanan enak This is a delicious food 2 comfortable Sangat enak duduk di kursi ini It’s comfortable sitting on this chair 3 nice Itu benar-benar lagu yang enak It’s really a nice song
-enakan: adj better, more comfortable Enakan tinggal dirumah daripada keluar hujan-hujan seperti ini It is better to stay home than go out in the rainy day like this
-keenakan: v be ecstatic |feel good by the comfort of sth| Mereka sudah keenakan tinggal disini gratis They have been ecstatic to stay here for free
-mengenakkan: v make comfortable |frequently used in negative| Tidak mengenakkan buat mereka kalau kita tinggal lama disini. It doesn’t make them comfortable if we stay longer here.
-seenaknya: adj 1 as comfortable as to your self Jangan bertindak seenaknya Don’t do anything just as comfortable as to yourself (Don’t do anything just based on what you think good for you) 2 at random Jangan buang sampah seenaknya. Don’t throw garbage just anywhere you like it

enak2: adv well Apa kamu tidur enak tadi malam? Did you sleep well last night?

enam: num.quant. /lu/ six (6) or (VI) enam belas sixteen (16) enam puluh (60) sixty keenam sixth (6th) seperenam one-sixth (1/6)
-berenam: v be six together Kami datang kesini berenam We came here sixth together

enau: n /lu/ sugar palm.

encer: adj 1 watery, liquid |not so thick that it fails to flow| Sop itu masih terlalu encer, tambahkan lagi tepung The soup is still too watery, add some more flour 2 weak, thin. Buat kopi itu encer Make the coffee thin 3 smart, quick (of the mind) Dia seorang siswa yang rajin dengan otak yang encer She is an industrious student with smart brain intelligent. 4 easy, not difficult. “Bagaimana ujiannya?” “Encer! Tidak perlu takut” “How was the exam?” “Easy! Don’t worry!”
-mengencerkan: v dilute, thin sth
-memperencer: v make sth more watery or more dilute
-keenceran1: n diluteness, liquidness
-keenceran2: adj too watery
-pengencer: n thinning agent, thinner.
-pengenceran: n dilution, thinning.
Note: Pay attention to the difference between pengencer (thinner) against pengecer (retailer).

encik: n. /Ch/ 1 term of address and reference for father’s younger brother. 2 (Ch) term of address for a man of sb’s father’s generation. 3 term of address for a female teacher. 2 full-blooded Chinese.

encim: n /Ch/ 1 term of address for father’s youner brother’s wife 2 term of address or refer­ence for woman of sb’s mother’s generation. 3 wife of the store owner.

encok: n 1 /lu/ rheumatic, stiff. 2 rheumatism. 3 gout.

endap1; mengendap: v /lu/ 1 settle |become sediment| Jangan minum kopinya sebelum bubuknya mengendap Don’t drink the coffee before the powder of it settled Kalau debunya sudah mengendap kita akan dapat melihat kerusakan akibat tornado itu When the dust settled, we could see the damage done by the tornado 2 deposit Stagnasi ekonomi membuat bank ini harus mengendap-kan sejumlah besar uang di Bank Sentral Economic stagnation made this bank has to deposit a huge amount of money in Central Bank  3 cool down Saya berharap rasa marah diantara mereka akan segera mengendap I hope the anger  between them will be cool down soon
-endapan: n sediment, deposit, dreg
-pengendapan: n process of sedimentation, cooling down

endap2: mengendap-endap: v move stealthily |the action of doing something quietly and secretly|

endasan: n /ld/ chopping board.

endemic: n /frm/ endemic disease.

endemis: adj /frm/ endemic. Penyakit itu sudah menjadi endemis The disease has become endemic.

enderia: variant of inderia:

endon; mengendon: v /Jv/  stay for a considerable length of time.
-endonan: n who stays for some time.

endosemen: n /frm/ endorsement (of checks).

endosir; mengendosir: v endorse (checks).

endrin: n en­drin a poisonous liquid used for pesticide

endus; mengendus: v /lu/ 1 get wind of,  smell, whiff. Anjing ini telah dilatih untuk mengendos narkoba This dog has been trained to smell drug.

endut; endut-endutan: n /spo/ throb, beat, pound. –syn: /frm/ denyut; denyutan

energi; enerji: n /frm/ energy. tenaga surya solar energy.

enerjetik: adj /frm/ energetic.

enersi: variant of energi

enes; mengeneskan: v /ld/ languish from sadness –syn: /lu/ menenaskan

engah1: adj /Jkt/ aware, conscious.

engah2; engah-engah: n /lu/ gasp
-terengah-engah: v gasp |make a short sudden noise when you breathe in, usually because you are surprised, shocked, or very tired|  “Ah tidak, tidak!” dia berkata sambil terengah-engah No! no! He said whit short breath

engak: adj /ld/ 1 drowsy, sleepy 2 comatose 3 dazed. –syn: ngantuk

enggan: adj /lu/ reluctant, averse, unwilling.
-keengganan: n 1 aversion 2 dislike. 3 unwillingness.

enggang: n /lu/ hornbill.

engkang; mengengkang: v /ld/ walk with legs wide apart. –syn: /lu/ hengkang (esp. if it’s referred to a person)

engkar: see ingkar:

engkau: pron. /lu/of/ you |a pronoun for 2nd person singular that we know well and averagely at the same level with or lower than you, often abbreviated as kau|  Apa engkau sudah terima pesan saya Did you receive my message? –syn: kamu, anda.
Note: Don’t use “engkau or kau” to the elder or sb in a higher position Use bang, pak, ibu, anda etc instead. However it’s appropriate addressed to God in prayer.

engkol; mengengkol: v /inf/ 1 crank (to manually start a machine). 2 turn back (vehicle)

engkong: n /Ch/Jkt/ term of address and reference for grandfather.

engsel: n /lu/ hinge. 2 switch.

enjot;  enjut; mengenjot: v 1 push or pull with a jerk. 2 pedal (a bicycle, etc.) 3 give pressure to sb

ensiklopedi: n /lu/ encyclopedia

ensim; ensima: n /lu/ enzyme

entah: adv /lu/ 1 who knows, nobody knows Entah berapa banyaknya tamu yang datang itu Heaven knows how many guests came. entah bagaimana somehow
-entahlah: intrj. /a negation/ who knows
-entah-berentah: phr. anywhere unknown (place)

entak; mengentak: v /lu/ 1 stamp on with force. 2 thrust, stab. 3 pound, throb as if being stamped on
-mengentakkan: v pound or stamp with sth Dengan kesal dia entakkan kakinya ke tanah. He stamped his foot on the ground in irritation.
-terentak: v /pass.v./ be thrown down.
-entakan: n stamping, pounding. peng- pounder, pestle.

entar: adv /inf/lu/ 1 in a moment  “Ayo kita pergi! Cepat!” “Ya! Entar saya datang”  “Let’s go! Hurry up!” “Yes! I’ll come in a moment”  “Mana teh nya?” “Ya! Entar”   “Where is the tea?” “In a moment”  2 this (later time) Entar sore  saya akan telepon kamu I’ll call you this evening.  3  it could make sth happen: Entar Ibu  marah kalau kamu tidak sekolah It could make Mom mad if you don’t go to school

entas; mengentaskan: v /lu/ 1 take or pull sth out. Dia mengentaskan penggorengan She took the chips out of the frying pan. 2 /frm/ raise (a child) Mereka mengentaskan saya seperti anak sendiri They raised me like their own son 3 /frm/ empower Program ini bermaksud mengentaskan rakyat dari kemiskinan The program aim to empower people to get rid of  poverty

ente: pron. /Jkt/Arb/inf/  you.

enten; mengenteng: v /ld/ implant |to cut a part of a plant and put it into other plant tissue so it will grow with the characteristic of the host plant| -syn: /lu/ cangkok, mencangkok

enteng: adj /lu/ 1 light (in weight) Apa itu cukup enteng untuk diangkat oleh satu orang? Is it light enough to lift by a person?   2 easy (feelings, etc.) Saya sudah merasa enteng setelah minum obat itu I feel easy after taking the medicine 3 lightly (not serious) Oke! Apa pun yang kamu katakan saya setuju dengan ituJawabnya enteng “What ever you say, I agree with it” He answered lightly 4 mild |not strong or hot-tasting, or not contain much harmful substance| rokok yang enteng mild cigarette minuman enteng soft drink

entimun: variant of  mentimun:

entog: n /lu/ Manila duck.

entomolog: n /frm/ entomologist.

entomologi: n /frm/ entomology.

entomologis: adj /frm/ entomological.

entot; ngentot: v /vulg./ fuck, make love

entri: n /frm/ entry (in dictionary, etc.).

entrog; mengentrog: v /ld/ shake

enyah: v go away, get out. Enyah kamu dari sini Go away from here!
-mengenyahkan: v chase away, evict, terminate
-pengenyahan: n 1expulsion 2 termination 3 abolition.

enyak; mengenyak: v tread on, step on, press, stamp.
-mengenyakkan: v make fall down.
-teperenyak: v fall down with thud (in a chair etc.).

enzim; variant of ensim:

epidemic: n /frm/ epidemic.

epidemiologi: n /frm/ epidemiology.

epigrafi: n /frm/ epigraphy

epik: n /frm/ epic.

epilepsy: n /frm/ epilepsy.

episentrum: n /frm/ epicentre .

episode: n /frm/ episode.

epistemology: n /frm/ epistemology.

epolet:n /frm/ epaulette.

era: n /frm/ era

erak; bererakan: v /intr/lu/ spread out |spread out to open space so that it covers a big area, or to put a number of things over a big area| Penduduk bererak tidak merata diseluruh negeri The population is unevenly spread across the country. Dia duduk dengan buku dan kertas-kertas bererak di atas tempat tidurnya He sat with books and papers spread over the her bed
-menerakkan: v /tr/ make sth spread out

eram; mengeram: v /lu/  incubate |if a bird incubates its egg or if an egg incubates, it is kept warm under a bird’s body until it hatches (=the baby bird comes out)| Pagi tadi ayam betina itu mulai mengeram.This morning the hen started incubating
-mengerami: v /tr/ incubate  Jangan diganggu saat  ayam betina itu sedang mengerami telurnya Don’t disturb while it is incubating its egg.
-dierami: v /pass.v./ be incubated Berapa telur yang sedang dierami? How many egg are being incubated?
-pengeraman: n incubation
-pengeram: n in­cubator.

erang; mengerang: v /lu/ groan |to make a long deep sound because you are in pain, or are not happy about something|  Marta sedang memegang lengannya dan mengerang. Marta is holding his arm and groaning.
-erangan: n groan.

érang: n, adj /ld/ black, dark blue.

erat1: adj /lu/ 1 tight, firm. Pintunya tertutup erat The door was firmly closed. 2 firm (of promise, etc.). 3 close (of relationship). Dia punya hubungan yang erat dengan ibunya She had a close relationship with her mother

erat2: adv closely related Kasus ini berhubungan erat dengan yang satu sebelumnya This case closely related to the previous one.
-keeratan: n close­ness. Keeratan hubungan dengan adiknya membuat mereka tidak mau berpisah The closeness of her relation with her sister make they don’t want to be separated

ereng1: variant of reng:

ereng2: adj /ld/ askew, not vertical or horizontal
ereng-gendeng: adj awry |to not happen in the way that was planned|
-mengereng: v go awry, go down or up (to not level)

eret; mengeret: v /ld/ 1 drag, pull. 2 snare, lure |to catch someone, especially by tricking him/her|  Ships patrol the coast to snare drug dealers.
-eretan: n a cart that move by dragging
-pengeret: n 1 puller, dragger. 2 /Jkt/ sb who is clever at win­ning another’s favor for personal gain.
-pengeretan: n baggage cart.

erik; mengerik: v /ld/ 1 scream, shout, trumpet (of elephant).

erloji: variant of arloji:

erobik: n /lu/ 1 aerobic. 2 exercise.

Eropa, Eropah: n Europe, European.

Eropanisasi: n Europeanization.

erosi: n /frm/ erosion. |the process of eroding (erode) something|  erosi tanah soil erosion erosi nilai sosial the erosion of social values

erot1; adj /ld/ distorted, abnormal
-berot benyot: adj askew, go awry.
-mengerotkan: v 1 distort  2 twist  (face in pain, etc.). 2 make sth askew.

erot2:  bererot: v /ld/ 1 move in a row  2  come/arrive one after another continuously (not simultaneous)
-bererotan: v go in a large group one after another

erotik; erotis: adj /frm/ erotic.

erotisme: n /frm/ eroticism.

erte: see RT.

erti; mengerti: v /lu/ 1 understand. Apa kamu mengerti isi surat itu? Do you understand the content of the letter?
-mengertikan: v /intr/ 1 find the meaning of sth 2 /tr/ make sb understand sth
-pengertian: n understanding:

erwe: see RW2.

es: n ice
-es balok: n block ice
-es batu: n ice cube
-es krim: n ice cream
-es cmpur: n ice mixed with fruits and syrup
-es teler: n iced fruit-cocktail

esa; adj. /ltr/frm/ single, sole. Tuhan Yang Maha Esa The only one God. Esa hilang, dua terbilang For each of the lost, two the same things will take place.
mengesakan Tuhan acknowledge the oneness of God.
-keesaan: n oneness, unity

esde see SD.

esei: n /tech/ essay.

eselon: n /frm/ echelon.

esema: see SMA.

esembling: variant of asembling:

esempe: see SMP.

esens: n /tech/ essence, odor, scent.

esensi: n /frm/ essence, quintessence, gist.

esensiil: adj /lu/ essential.

esha: see SH.

eskadron: n /frm/ squadron.

eskalasi: n /frm/ escalation.

eskas: n icebox, refrigerator.

eskatologi: n /tech/ eschatology.

eskatologis: adj /tech/ eschatological.

Eslandia: n Iceland.

esok: n /lu/ 1 tomorrow, the next day pertemuan esok the next days meeting,  esok hari tomorrow,  esok pagi tomorrow morning, syn: besok 2 the future time
-hari esok: n in the future.
-esok ­lusa: n the day after tomorrow
-esoknya: n the day after
-keesokannya: n the following day
-esok-esok: n one day later
-mengesokkan: v postpone

esot: variant of ingsut:

espos: variant of ekspos:

espres: variant of ekspres:

esrar: see tanda:

estafet; estapet: n /lu/ relay race.
-mengestafetkan: v pass sth from a person to another.

estetika: n /lu/ aesthetics.

estetis: adj /lu/ aesthetic

et: variant of eit:

etalag;, etalase: n /lu/ shop window.

eter: n /tech/ 1 ether, upper layer of the atmosphere 2  |a clear liquid, used in past times to make people sleep during a medical operation|

eternit: n /lu/ |plasterboard made of a substance that does not burn easily, which used as building material|

ethika; etika: n /lu/ ethics. |moral rules or principles of behavior for deciding what is right and wrong|

etik; etika: n ethic |an idea or belief that influences people’s behavior and attitudes| etik Buddha the Buddhist ethic

etiket1: n /lu/ label (on bottle, etc.). etiket harga price tag.
-beretiket: v be labeled.

etiket2: n /frm/ etiquette.

etimologi: n /frm/ etymology.
-mengetimologikan: v etymologize.

etiologi: n /frm/ etiology.

etis: adj /frm/ ethical.

etnis: n /frm/ ethnic.

etnisitas: n /frm/ ethnicity.

etnografi: n /frm/ ethnography.

etnolinguistik: n /frm/ ethnolinguistics.

etnologi: n /frm/ ethnology.

etnologis: adj /frm/ ethnological.

etos: n /frm/ ethos |the set of ideas and moral attitudes belonging to a person or group| etos kerja working ethos

etsa: n /tech/ the result of etching
-mengetsa: v etch |to cut lines on a metal plate, piece of glass, stone etc. to form a picture|

evakuasi: n /frm/ evacuation.
-berevakuasi: v /intr/ evacuate.
-mengevakuasi: v /tr/ evacuate sb or sth

evaluasi: n /frm/ evaluation.
-mengevaluasi: v evaluate.

evaluir: mengevaluir: variant of evaluasi; mengevaluasi:

evangelis: n /frm/ 1 evangelist 2 evangelical.

evangelisasi: n /frm/ evangelization.

evolusi: n /frm/ evolution.
-berevolusi: v evolve.

evolusioner: adj /frm/ evolutionary

ewe; ngewek; mengewek: v /vulg/inf/ have sexual in­tercourse, copulate.

ex: variant of eks:

eyang: n /Jv/lu/ term of address and reference for grandparent. eyang putri grandmother. eyang kakung grandfather.

EYD. {Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan}: official Indone­sian and Malaysian spelling system since 1970­

eyel: adj obstinate in argument.
-ngewel: v be obstinate in argument.
-eyelan: n sticking to sb’s own view in an argument.


F, f: |the 5th letter  of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sounds like f in half; staff; freedom; fall; fried; focus; friend.|

fa: n /tech/ |he fourth of eight diatonic tone for which we use number 4 as the written sign|

faal1: n /frm/ 1 deed, work 2 |function of internal organs of the body| faal jantung function of heart

faal2: n /ld/ omen |a sign of what will happen in the future| satu faal bagus/jelek a good/bad omen 2 horoscope |a description of your character and things that will happen to you, based on the position of the stars and planets when you were born| Apa kamu bisa membaca faal seseorang? Do you know to read sb’s horoscope?

faali: adj /ld/ physiological.

fabel: n /frm/ fable |a tale, often about animals, that teaches a moral lesson|

fabric: variant of pabrik:

fadil: adj /ld/  prominent, eminent, famous

faedah: n /lu/ use, benefit, profit, advantage. Beli ssu atas dasar faedahnya Buy things based on its usefulness
-berfaedah: adj useful, beneficial,  profitable, advantageous Saya yakin apa yang telah kita lakukan akan berfaedah dimasa depan. I believe that what we did will be advantageous in the future

faham: variant of paham:

fail: n 1 file 2 filing board, failing cabinet

failit: variant of faylit:

fetakompli: n /frm/ fait accompli.

fajar: n /lu/ dawn. fajar kizib dawn before sunrise. fajar menyingsing daybreak, crack of dawn.

fakih: n /Isl/ expert in canon law (Islam Law)

fakir: adj /lu/ poor, destitute, indigent, marginal, lack of need. fakir miskin the poor and needy, the indigent.
-kefakiran: n poverty, destitution.

faksi: n /lu/ faction |a smaller group within a large organization or group, who have different ideas, tasks, or orientations  from the other members|

faks: n /lu/ facsimile

fakta: n /lu/ fact.
-memfaktakan: v 1 make factual. 2 prove with facts. -syn: membuktikan

faktor: n /lu/ 1 factor, element. |one of several things that influence or cause a situation|  Weather is a dominant factor in outdoor  game. 2 /tech/mat/ |a number that divides into another number exactly|  3 is a factor of 15

faktual; faktuil: adj /frm/ factual.

faktur: n /frm/ invoice.

fakultas: n /lu/ school of certain field of study at university level Fakultas Hukum School of Law  Fakultas Keguruan School of Teaching

fakultatif, fakultatip: n /frm/ optional.

fakultet: see fakultas

falak: n /frm/ 1 celestial sphere. ilmu falak astronomy, esp. to calculate the proper dates for ritual schedule 2 outer space.

falakiah: n /frm/ astrology

falsafah; falsafat: n /frm/ 1 philosophy |the study of what sth means to exist, what good and evil are, what knowledge is, or how people should live| Falsafah hidup bangsa Indonesia adalah Pancasila Indonesia’s philosophy of life is Pancasila  2 |a set of ideas about  particular  subjects| Apa falsafah kamu tentang cinta? What is your philosophy about love? 3 |a set of beliefs about how you should live your life, treat your friends, do your job etc.| satu falsafah baru tentang bisnis a new business philosophy
-berfalsafah: v philosophize |to talk or think about a certain subjects, ideas, or fact in a serious way|

falsafi: adj /frm/ philosophical.

fam: n /ld/ family name (esp. in East Indonesia).

famili: n /frm/ 1 family 2 relatives
-berfamily: v be relative to each other  Nadia dan suamiku berfamili. Nadia and my husband be relative to each other
-berfamilikan: v to be relative Dengan perkawinannya dia berpfamilikan satu keluarga Cina With his marriage he become a relative of a Chinese family

familier: adj /frm/ 1 familiar, accustomed, used to doing. 2 intimate, know well  3 have an intimate or homelike atmosphere. Apa lagu ini familier buat kamu? Is this song familiar with you?

familiisme: n /frm/ nepotism |the practice of giving the best jobs to members of your family when you are in a position of power|

fana: adj /frm/ transitory, mortal, not eternal  fieeting.
-kefanaan: n transitoriness, imperma-nence, fleetingness

fanatic: adj /frm/ fanatic |adhering strictly to a particular idea or religion|
-kefanatikan: n fanaticism

fanatisme: n /frm/ fanaticism.

fani: adj /ld/ perishable.

fantasi: n /frm/ fantasy |imagined situations that are not related to the real world|  Ketika saya masih muda saya punya fantasi menjadi bintang film hebat When I was young, I had a fantasy about becoming a super film star 2  illusion |an idea or belief that is false| Itu hanya fantasi dalam pikiran kamu saja It’s only an illusion of your thought 3 decoration, ornament Kolom ini tidak menunjang apa-apa, hanya fantasi saja This column support nothing, its only an ornament

fantastis: adj fantastic.

fantom: n /frm/ imaginative shape (particularly of a person)

farmakolog: n /frm/ pharmacist

farmakologi: n /frm/ pharmacology

farmakologis: adj /frm/ pharmacological

farmakope: n /frm/ pharmacopoeia.

farmasi: n /frm/1 pharmacy 2 drugs tore.
-kefarmasian: n pharmaceutical affairs.

fasad: n /ld/ damage (particularly of moral-related value)

fasal: variant of pasal:

fase: n /frm/ phase, stage |a particular state or level that someone or something reaches in a process|

faset: n facet

fasid: adj /ld/ imperfect.
-memfasidakan: v render imperfect, annul . Pengadilan agama mefasidakn  per!wwinan mereka The religious court annulled their marriage.

fasih: adj /lu/ fiuent Dia fasih berbicara berbahasa Inggris She is fluent to talk in English
-kefasihan: n fluency, articulateness.

fasik: adj /frm/ godless, atheistic.

fasilita; fasilitas: n /frm/ facility  or convenience put at sb’s service.

fasis: n /frm/ fascist.

fasisme: n /frm/ fascism.

fatal: adj /frm/ fatal |having a very bad effect that is couldn’t be recovered or  could resulting sb’s  death or| satu kejadian/kesalahan fatal a fatal accident/mistake
-kefatalan: n fatalism.
-fatalis: n fatalist.
-fatalitas: fatality

fatom: n /ld/ a unit of length measuring equal to 6 feet or 1,8 m

fatri: n /ld/ a group of relative based on patriarchal or matriarchal which form a local clan

fatsal: variant of pasal:

fatsun: n /of/ etiquette |formal rules for be polite in a society or in a particular group|

fatwa: n /lu/ 1 |opinion, advice, statement or decision about sth given or made a by religious person or representative board| 2 spiritual command or instruction 3 prophesy |to use religious or magical knowledge to say what will happen in the future|
-berfatwa: v /intr/ give or make ‘fatwa’  Orangtua itu ingin berfatwa tetapi orang tidak mau mendengarkannya The old man was want to give a prophesy but nobody will hear him Orang tua itu berfatwa tentang adanya malapetaka  yang akan datang tetapi tidak ada yang percaya The old man gave a forecasting about the coming disaster but nobody believe it
-menfatwakan: v /tr/ state, acknowledge sth MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) telah menfatwakan bahwa Ajaran Ahmadyah menyimpang dari Ajaran Islam MUI (Indonesian Muslim Ulemas Council) has given a ‘statement’ that Ahmadyah Teaching is awry from Muslim Teaching
-difatwakan: v /pass.v./ be stated Bahwa minuman yang mengandung lebih dari 5% alcohol haram difatwakan oleh MUI That all drink which contains more than 5% alcohol is harmful stated by MUI.
Note: Pay attention to the difference between ‘berfatwa’ and ‘menfatwakan’ in grammar rule, berfawa can be used transitively and intransitively. Menfatwakan can be used only as a transitive verb. Appendix “kan’ in this word refer to the existence of a direct object the verb. You may find many words with similar characteristic to this one.

favorit1: n /lu/ favourite Apa kamu punya favorit diantara guru-guru kita? Do you have a favourite among our teachers?

favorit2: adj favourite Biru adalah warna favorit kamu, kan? Blue is your favourite colour, isn’t it?

faylit: adj /frm/ bankrupt.

FE {Fakultas Ekonomi}: n School of Economics.

Feb. {Februari}: n February.

federal: n /frm/ federal.

federalis: n /frm/ federalist.

federalisme: n /frm/ federalism.

federalistis: adj /frm/ federalist.

federasi: n /frm/ federation.

felbet: n cot.

feminine: adj /frm/ feminine.

feminisme: n /frm/ feminism.

fenomen; fenomin: n /frm/ phenomenon.

fentilasi: see ventilasi:

feudal: adj /frm/ feudal.
-kefeodalan: n feudalism.

feodalistis: adj /frm/ feudalistic.

feri: n /lu/ ferry |a boat that carries people, often with their cars, across a narrow area of water that separates two lands such as a strait or a river|

fermentasi: n /frm/ fermentation
-memfermentasikan: v ferment |to change sugar in fruit or other materials to alcohol with a certain process|

fertilitas: n /frm/ fertility |the potency or capability of a female human, female animal, or plants to propagate|

ferum: n /tech/ ferri- ferric iron, ferricianide with chemical symbol Fe

festival: n /frm/ festival.
-memfestifalkan: v celebrate with a festival.

fetsin: variant of vetsin:

FH{Fakultas Hukum}: n School of Law.

fiasco: n /of/ fiasco, failure |something that has done but completely unsuccessful| Upaya mereka untuk meraih kejuaraan telah menjadi fiasco total Their effort to compete for championship has been a total fiasco

fiducia: n /law/ |a legal action of delegating sb’s  money or property to be controlled by somebody else|

figur: n /frm/ 1 figure, shape |the shape of sb’s body, used when describing how attractive it is| Dia memiliki figure tubuh yang sangat hebat She has a great figure 2 personage |someone with a particular type of character, position, appearance etc.| Sukarno adalah figure politisi yang sangat harismatik. Sukarno was a charismatic political figure.
Notes of usages: Though figur was adopted from figure but figur isn’t much used to mean a figure that related to a number or a mount of sth like the original word ‘figure’. And if it related to the shape of something intead of figur people use figura.

figura: n /frm/ 1 picture, painting 2 sculpture |objects made from clay, wood, metal etc. as a form of art and often shaped like people or animals| figura seorang pahlawan a sculpture of a hero figura perunggu bronze sculpture  3 picture or painting frame

figuran: n /lu/ actor or actress that play peripheral role

fihak: variant of pihak:

fikir: variant of  pikir:

fiksi: n /frm/ fiction.

fiktif: adj /frm/ fictitious.
-kefiktifan: an fictitiousness.

filament: n /frm/ filament.

filantrop: n /frm/ philanthropist.

filantropi: n /frm/ philanthropy

filantropis: adj /frm/ philanthropical.

filateli: n /frm/ philately

filatelis: n /frm/ philatelist.

filem: variant of film:

filial: n /frm/of/ 1 branch (of a firm, etc.) 2 su-ordination

filing: n /frm/ 1 feeling, intuition. Saya punya filing hari ini mereka akan datang I had a feeling that they will come today 2 hunch |a feeling that something is true or that something will happen, even if you do not have any facts or proof about it| Saya punya filing akan mendapat loterei I have a hunch of winning the lottery

Filipin; Filipina; Filipinas: n the Philippines.

film: n 1 film for camera. 2 movie film berita newsreel. film biru pornographic movie. film bisu silent film.
-memfilmkan: v make a film of sth Mereka akan memfilmkan jalannya peristiwa itu They are going to make a movie about that event
-perfilman: n movie industry.

filosofi: variant of falsafat:

filosofis: variant of falsafi:

filsafah; filsafat: variant of falsafah:

filsafati: variant of falsafi:

filsuf: n /frm/ philosopher.

filusuf: variant of filsuf:

final1: adj /lu/ 1 |last in a series of actions, events, or parts of something|  pertandingan final bola pantai the final match of the beach volley 2 unable to be changed or doubted| Apa itu keputusan final kamu? Is that your final decision?

final: n /lu/ final 1 |the last game in a series of competition|  Dia bermain sangat bagus di final. She did it very well in the final. Final SEA-Games SEA-Games finals.
-finalisasi: n finalization
-memfnalkan: v finalize

finalis: n /lu/ finalist.

finansial; finansiil: adj /lu/ financial.

finansir: n financier.
-memfinansir: v finance, fund

fineer; finir: n veneer |a thin layer of good quality wood that covers the outside of a piece of furniture that is made of a cheaper material|

Finlandia: n Finland.

fiqh; fiqih: fikih: n a study of laws pertaining to ritual obligations.

Firaon: variant of Firaun:

firasat: n /lu/ 1 ability to forecast the future. 2 instincts  3 hunch, foreboding.

Firaun: n 1 Pharaoh. 2 tyrant.

firdaus: n /ltr/ paradise.

firdausi: adj heavenly, paradisiacal

firma: n company, enterprise

firman: n /lu/saying, decree (of divine or royal). Firman Allah Commandment of God.
-berfirman: v decree, speak, proclaim  Tuhan berfirman kepada Yeremia The Lord said to Jeremiah.
-memfirmankan: v make sth a decree or a proclamation

firus: n /lu/ turquoise |a bright blue-green colour gemstone|

FIS {Fakultas Ilmu Sosial}: n School of Social Sci­ences.

fisik: n /frm/ physical body |the physical structure of a person or animal| fisik yang kuat a strong healthy body

fisika: n physics |the science that deals with the study of physical objects and substances, and natural forces such as light, heat, movement etc| fisika terapan applied physics.

fisiografi: n physiography.

fisiografis: adj physiographic.

fisiologi: n physiology

fisioterapi: n physiotherapy.

FISIP {Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik}: n School of Social and Political Sciences.

fiskal: n /frm/ fiscal. |relating to government taxes, debts, revenue, budget, etc.| Tahun fiskal Indonesia dimulai pada 1 April sampai 31 Maret tahun berikutnya. Indonesian’s Fiscal year start from April 1 to  March 31 of the consecutive year.

fit: adj /lu/ good or suitable physical condition to do sth

fitnah: n /lu/ slander |a spoken statement about someone that is not true and is intended to damage the good opinion that people have of him/her| Fitnah lebih kejam dari pembunuhan Slander is more cruel than muder (A popular saying to remind people that make slander is a very bad thing)
-menfitnah: v address slender to sb
-pemfitnah: n slanderer

fitrah1: n /Isl/ obliged gift to the needy at the end of fasting month in the form of cash or staple food
-berpitrah: v give such gift
-memfitrahkan: v give sth away as such gift.

fitrah2; fitrat: n /ld/ 1 natural tendency 2 disposition, 3 natural char­acter, talent

fitri: adj /ld/ 1 pure, natural. 2 original

fitting: n /lu/ light socket, fixture. fitting lampu light socket or wall plug built into wall or ceiling.

FK {Fakultas Kedokteran}: n. School of  Medicine

FKG {Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi}: n School of Dentis­try

FKH {Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan}: n School of Vet­erinary Medicine.

FKIP {Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pen­didikan}: n School of Teaching and Education

flai: adj /ld/ euphoric and disoriented due to drugs or intoxicating beverages 2 get high (in a group).

flamboyan1: n /lu/ a tree with dense leaves usually is planted as a shading plant –Poinciana regia

flamboyan2: adj /lu/ flamboyant |noticeable because of being brightly colored, expensive, big etc.|  dekorasi yang flamboyant a flamboyant decoration

flannel: n flannel.

flat: n /lu/ apartment.

fleksi: n /tech/ 1 |the change to a word due to tense, subject and verb agreement, etc| 2 flexibility of bones connection such as kneecap, spine, etc

fleksibel: adj /lu/ flexible.

fleksibilitas: n /lu/ flexibility.

fles: variant of ples.

flet: variant of flat.

flipper: n /ld/ dolphin -syn: /lu/ lumba-lumba

floret: n /ld/ fencing –syn: anggar

flu: n /lu/ influenza, a cold.
-flu burung: n bird flu
-flu babi: n swine flu

fluktuasi: n /lu/ fluctuation.
-berfluktuasi: v fluctuate.

fluor: n fluoride .

fluoroskop: n fluoroscope.

fly: variant of flai:

flyover: n /lu/ traffic overpass.

fobi: variant of phobi:

foklor: n folklore.

fokus: adj /lu/1 focus (of lens)  2 concentrated
-berfokus (pada): v focus (at)
-memfokuskan: v make sth be focus or concentrated
-pemfokusan: n focusing.

folio: n /lu/ 1 |a large sheet of paper folded once in the middle, making two leaves of four pages of a book or manuscript| 2 |writing or printing paper usually 14” in height and 9” in wide|

fondamen: n /of/ foundation. –syn: /lu/ fondasi

fondasi: n foundation.

fonds: n /of/ fund. –syn: /lu/ dana

fonem: n /tech/ phoneme |one of the set of the smallest unit of speech such as b in bat in English or m in mei in Indonesia|

fonemik: adj /tech/ phonemics. |of or pertaining to phoneme|

fonemis: variant of fonemik:

fonetik: n /tech/ phonetics. |the science and study of speech sounds|

fonetis: adj /tech/ phonetic. |relating to the sounds of human speech|

fonologi: n /tech./ phonology |the science of speech, sounds, including phonetics and phonemics|

fonologis: adj /tech/ phonological.

forklift: n /lu/ forklift.

formal: adj /lu/ formal.
-memformalkan: v formalize.
-memformalisir: variant
memformalkan: v formalize.
-keformalan: n for­mality
-formalitas: n formality
-formalistis: adj very formal

formalin: n /lu/ formaldehyde |a strong-smelling liquid that can be mixed with water and used for preserving things such as parts of a body|

formasi: n /lu/ 1 formation |something that is formed in a particular shape, or the shape in which it is formed| Efektifitas penyerangan akan tergantung pada formasi pasukan The effectiveness of the attack will depend on the troop’s formations bebek terbang dalam formasi”V” ducks flying in a “V”  formation  2 position, function  Apa ada formasi kosong di perusahaan anda? Is there any vacant position in your company?
Notes: Although formasi sounds like  formation in English. However, it doesn’t mean formation in terms of the process by which something develops into a particular thing or shape. For this purpose use ‘pembentukan’

format: n /frm/ form, lay out

formatir; formatur: n /frm/ person or committee appointed by an assembly to form the executive leadership, cabinet. etc.

formika: n Formica.

formil: variant of formal:

formulasi: n /lu/ formulation.
-memformulasikan: v formulate.

formula: n formula.

formulir: n form, declaration, blank. formulir lamaran ap­plication form. formulir pertanyaan questionnaire.
-memformulirkan: v put in a form.

forsir: memforsir: v /lu/ force, compel. Jangan forsir tenagamu, kamu boleh istirahat Don’t force your strength, you may take a rest

forum: n /frm/ forum, open discussion.

fosfat: n phosphate.

fosfor: n phosphorus.

fosil: n fossil.

foto: n /lu/ photograph, picture. Foto Ronsen X-ray. foto tustel camera. foto udara aerial photo.
-memfoto: v take a pic­ture.

fotograf; fotografer: n /lu/ photographer.

fotografi: n /lu/ photography.

fotokopi: n /lu/ 1 photocopy. 2 print of a video cassette.
-memfotokopikan: v make a photocopy of sth

fotosintesa: n /tech./ photosynthesis |the way green plants make their food using the light from the sun shine|

foya; foya-foya: n /lu/ extravagance
-berfoya-foya: v do sth extravagantly

FPS {Fakultas Pasca Sarjana}: n Graduate School.

fragmen; fragmenta: n /lu/ fragment.

fragmentaris: adj /lu/ fragmentary.

fraksi: n /frm/ faction (in parliament), section (of political party).

frambos: n /lu/ raspberry.   .

frambosen: adj raspberry flavoured Syrup.

frambus: variant of frambos:

franko, frangko: n /tech/ |the last destination of a shipping as which surcharge paid to the shipping company|

frasa; frase: n /tech/ phrase.

frater: n /rel./ a pastor candidate

fraternitas: n brotherly |terminology used in Catholic Churches|

fregat: n frigate.

frekuensi; frekwensi: n /tech/ frequency.

frigiditas: n /tech/ sexual frigidity.

friksi: n /lu/ friction.

friser: n /lu/ 1 freezer  2 refrigerator

freon: n /lu/ gas or liquid used for air conditioner – CCl1F2

friksi: n /lu/ 1 difference 2 disagreement

front: n /frm/ 1 political organization or movement |used in the names of political objectives or unofficial military organizations| Front Pembebasan Irian Barat West Irian Liberation Front 2 military position front terdepan pertahanan front lines of military zone

frontal: adj /lu/ frontal, head-on. konfrontasi frontal head-on confrontation.

frustrasi: adj /lu/ frustrated |feeling annoyed or angry because you are unable to do what you want to do|  Jangan menjadi frustrasi, belajar bahasa butuh waktu. Don’t be frustrated; learning a language takes time.
-memfrustasikan: v frustrate Krisis ekonomi global memfrustrasikan pemerintah. The global financial crises frustrated the government.
-kefrustrasian: n frustration.

FS {Fakultas Sastra}: n School of Literature

fuad: n /ltr/ heart. fuad fuad (al) zakiah a pure heart.

fufu: n /ld/ copra |dried meat of coconut|

fulan: variant of polan:

fulus: n /ld/ money.

fumigasi: n /tech/ fumigation.
-memfumigasi: v fumigate.

fumigator: n fumigator

fundamen: n /lu/ foundation, base

fundamental; fundementil: adj /lu/ fundamental.

fundamentalis: n /lu/ fundamentalist

fundamentalisme: n /lu/ fundamentalism

fungisida: n fungicide.

fungi: n /tech/ fungi  -syn:/lu/ jamur

fungsi: n /lu/ function, office, job  2 function, pur­pose. fungsi sosial social function, societal function, public service role.
-berfungsi: v function (as) memfungsikan: v make sth function, put sth into function.

fungsional: variant of fungsionil:

fungsionalisasi: n functionalization.
-memfungsionalisasikan: v functionalize, render function

fungsionalisme: n functionalism.

fungsionaris; fungsioner: n functionary, official.

fungsionil: adj functional.

fungus: n /tech/ fungus

Funisia: n Phoenicia.

furak: n /ld/ difference, dissimilarity.

furuj: n /ltr/ star. –syn: /lu/ bintang .

furuk: n /ld/ teaching of ethics based on principles of religion.

fusi: n /tech/ 1 fusion. 2  coalition.
-ber­fusi: v  coalesce, merge
-memfusikan: v merge sth

futbal: n /ld/ soccer –syn: /lu/ sepakbola

future: n /tech/ future

futurology: n /frm/ futurologist.

futurology: n /frm/ futurology.

futurologist: adj /frm/ futurological.

fuyonghai: n /Ch/ an omelette with meat and vegetables served with sweet and sour sauce.


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