Dictionary G


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

G; g: |the 7th alphabet used in many languages including Indonesian language and English – approximately sounds like g in gap; garden; foreleg; bygone; dig; frigate; magnet.|

G1: usually stands for “gunung” (mount) on a map

G2: 1 stands for “gerakan” (movement) in many cases G30S {Gerakan 30 Sepember) Failed Communism Movement to take over the authority in Indonesia on September 30, 1965.  2   stands for “Gereja” (Church) of many denomination PGI {Persatuan Gereja-Gereja di Indonesia} Indonesian Protestnat Churches Union 3 stands for “guru” (teacher) PGRI (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia) Teachers Union of Republic of Indonesia.

gaba-gaba: n /lu/ 1 garlands and other decora­tions made of palm fronds. 2 bamboo gate decorated with garlands of fronds, etc. 3 roof of sago, palm fronds. 4 dried sago palm stems, esp. for building material.
-mengaba-gabai: v decorate with gar­lands of leaves, etc.

gabah1: n /lu/ un-hulled paddy (rice) before  separated from the stalks.
-menggabahkan: v leave as un-hulled rice.
-mesin penggabah: n huller machine

gabah2: gegabah: adj /lu/ careless, negligent

gabung1: n /lu/ 1 bundle, sheaf. Ikat kertas bekas itu menjadi dua gabung Tie the old paper into two bundles

gabung2: bergabung: v /lu/intr/ 1 join also join in |to begin to take part in an activity that other people are involved in| Apa kamu akan bergabung dengan Partai Nasionalis? Are you going to join the Nationalist Party? 2 join also join to  |to do something together with other people| Kenapa kamu tidak bergabung dengan kami pergi berkemah? Why don’t you join us to go for a camping?
-gabung(kan); menggabungkan: v /tr/ 1 connect |to join two or more things together| Mari kita menggabungkan slang ini dengan pipa itu Let’s connect this hose to that pipe 2 mix |to put two or more different things together| Gabungkan telor itu dengan sedikit garam, sedikit cuka, dan tepung. Mix the egg with a little salt, a little vinegar, and flour.
-gabungan: n federation, conglomerate, mixture, compound, combination
-penggabungan: n conglomeration, compounding, combining, connection, annexation

gabus1: n /lu/ snakehead-like fish |any kind of fresh water fish – Ophiocephalus striatus|

gabus2: n /lu/ 1 the soft part in the middle of a tree which is used as cork, scraper, 2 a kind of tree which wood is soft (not very hard) –Astonia scholaris and Sonneratia acida Usually used as a grinder to sharpen knife
-menggabus: v sharpen knife or other metal tool using such wood
-penggabus: n grinder made of such wood

gabus3: n /ld/ lie Saya kira apa yang dia kaakan itu hanya gabus I think what he said was a lie
-margabus: v tell a lie

gaco: n /ld/ 1 maestro |someone who is expected to win a fight| 2 cruel person who always provoke fighting
-gacoan: n /spo/ 1 fighter that we bet for 2 girl friend or boyfriend

gacok; gacuk: n /lu/ 1 marble, card, coin, etc. which sb pick, collect, and accumulate as the means of winning in children’s  game. 2 sb who illegally replace sb else to join a test (testing jockey)
-gacokan: n 1 preferred marble, card, etc. 2 variant of gacoan:
-menggacok: v illegally replace other testing participant

gacong; menggacong: v /ld/ to harvest other crops and get share 10% of the harvest

gada: n /lu/ bludgeon |a short and heavy club usually of wood that one end thickened and loaded use as a weapon to hit opponent|
-menggada: v bludgeon |to hit with such club|

gada-gada: n /lu/ ship’s weathervane

gadai1: n /lu/ security deposit |a valuable thing you give to a pawnbroker that will be returned to you later if you pay back the money you borrow| Saya pakai kalung mas saya sebagai gadai meminjam sejumlah uang dari tukang gadai I use my gold necklace as a security deposit to borrow some money from a pawnbroker.

gadai2: adj |pertaining to security deposit| Kita tidak boleh memakai mobil itu karena itu adalah mobil gadai We can’t use the car because it is security deposit car
-menggadaikan: v put sth as security deposit Dia menggadaikan jam tangannya kemarin He put his wristwatch as a security deposit yesterday
-tergadai: v be security deposited Rumah ini sedang tergadai This house has being a security deposit
-pegadaian: n 1 pawn shop 2 pawn service
-penggadaian: n pawnbroker

gadamala: n /ld/ a grass that has very hot tube used for spices –syn: lengkuas

gadangl: adj /Min/ large, big. rumah gadang large sprawling house, esp. the matrilineal clan house.
-menggadang: v be arrogant, swagger.

gadang2: n large sieve.

gadang3; bergadang: variant of begadang:

gading1: adj /lu/ yellow-white (colour) Saya membeli tutup meja yang gading I bought a yellow-white table clothe
-menggading: v turn to or become yellow-white

gading1: n /lu/ 1 elephant tusk. 2 ivorv. Tak ada gading yang tidak retak There is no ivory without crack (a popular saying means: There is nobody that absolutely never make any mistake or nothing that is absolutely perfect
-bergading: v 1 to have ivory (elephant) 2 wear sth made of ivory (a person) |

gadis1: n /lu/ 1 girl  2 unmarried female

gadis2: adj virgin  Apa menurut kamu dia masih gadis Do you think she is still virgin? 3  bar barmaid.
-kegadisan: n virginity
-kegadis-gadisan: adj girlish |behave like a girl although has become a mother|
-menggadis: v stay unmarried or remain single (a woman).  2 maiden, virgin. tidak lagi bergadis no longer a virgin.
-menggadisi: v have sexual relations with a virgin.
-kegadisan: n virginity.

gado1: variant of gaduh:

gado1; menggado: v eat side dishes without main food (rice)

gado2; gado-gado: n salad that consists of  various elements with peanuts sauce.

gado3; gado-gado: adj mixed, miscellaneous |made up of many different things| bahasa gado-gado mixed language koleksi buku gado-gado a miscellaneous collection of books bunga gado-gado potpourri

gadong: n /ld/ 1 sweet potato 2  edible tuber of creeping plant which is toxic if not cooked properly

gaduh1: adj /lu/1 noisy, boisterous, rowdy  Jangan gaduh, saya mau tidur Don’t be noisy, I want to sleep. 2 confused, mixed up Pikiran saya sedang gaduh My mind is confused 3 tumultuous
-bergaduh: v /lu/ quarrel, fight, brawl Mereka selalu bergaduh satu sama lain They always quarrel each other
-menggaduhkan: v disturb, mix up
-kegaduhan: n chaos, tumult, commotion,   noise, quarrel.

gadungan: adj /lu/ fake, bogus, imitation, false |not real or coccert| patriot gadungan bogus patriot. intan gadunagn fake diamond.

gaek: adj /lu/ old enough. orang gaek very old man.

gaet: n /lu/ hook, snare.
-menggaet: v 1 snatch |to take something away from someone, especially by force or by cheating| Rekan bisnisnya menggaet ribuan dollar uangnya His business partner snatched thousands of dollar from him 2 hook |to catch a fish with a hook| Brant menggaet ikan bandeng seberat empat pon Brant hooked a four-pound bass. 3 gain |successfully attract sb love| Randy telah berhasil menggaet seorang gadis cantik Randy has gain love of a beautiful girl  4 rake in |to separate or tear apart things that are part of a group by moving something through it with force| Dia menggaet kacamata saya lalu jatuh She raked my eyeglass and felt down
-tergaet: v /pass.v/ 1 get hooked. 2 get caught up by sth Dia tergaet rayuan seorang laki-laki She get caught by a man’s flattery.
-gaekan: n a hook, catch.

gagah: adj /lu/ 1 vigorous |strong and very healthy| seorang pemuda gagah vigorous young man 2 strong and energetic |very strong and active| Dia sudah tua tetapi  masih gagah He is old but still strong and energetic  3 handsome  Kamu kelihatan sangat gagah dengan seragam itu You look very handsome with that uniform 4 gagah perkasa: muscular and brave Dia adalah petarung yang gagah perkasa He was a muscular and brave fighter  5 gagah berani: heroic and courageous Kita punya pasukan yang gagah berani We have heroic and courageous troops
-gagah-gagahan: v pretend like a vigorous person
-kegagahan: n handsomeness, vigorousness, handsomeness, heroism and braveness
-mengagahi: v rape Dia telah  mengagahi seorang gadis He committed in raping a  girl
-penggagahan: n rape

gagak: n /lu/ hawk |any kind of wild bird, black colour, big body, eat death animal – Carvus macrorhyncos|

gagal: v /intr/lu/ fail. Apa kamu gagal ujian itu? Did you fail the exam?
-menggagalkan: v /tr/ 1 fail 2 cause sb/sth fail 3 cancel
-kegagalan: n failure, cancellation, lost

gagang: n /lu/1 handle. gagang pena pen holder. gagang pintu door ­handle. gagang  pisau handle of a knife. gagang telepon telephone receiver. 2 stem, stalk. spadix. gagang bunga flower stem, peduncle
-bergagang: v have a handle, stem.

gagapl; tergagap-gagap: v 1 stutter |to speak with difficulty because sb repeat the first letter of a word| “b…b…but I have to g..gggo now” he stuttered  2 stun Semua tergagap-gagap mendengar jawaban dia yang tidak diduga-duga. Every body stunned to hear her unexpected answer.

gagap2: n /lu/ stutter Gagapnya mulai saat dia mengalami sakit demam berat tahun lalu His stutter started when he suffered a very  bad cold last year.

gagap3;  menggagap: v /lu/ grope. a) |to try to find something with your hand because you can’t see| Dia menggagap sebuah lilin di kegelapan She groped a candle.in the dark b) |search your way along/across etc. to go somewhere by feeling the way with a stick or your hands because you cannot see|
-menggagapi: v grope sth Dia mengagapi kantongnya mencari uang logam He groped in his pocket to find coin

gagas; gagasan: n /frm/ idea, concept, plan
-menggagas: v propose sth (usually an idea, concept, plan)  Siapa menggagas rencana pertemuan ini? Who propose this meeting?
-penggagas: n initiator, concept maker, promoter, thinker, idea founder

gagu: adj /lu/ mute, dumb |unable to speak or quieter than usual| Apa dia gagu? Is she unable to speak? (dumb)
-kegaguan: n dumbness, muteness

gaguk: variant of gagap:

gahari: adj /ltr/ moderate.

gaharu: n /lu/ any kind of tree that release a fragrant scent – Aquilaria malaccensis

gaib; adj /lu/ 1 mysterious  2 supernaturally invisible 3 vanished without a trace 4 opaque
-menggaibkan: v make opaque
-kegaiban: n 1 mystery. 2 mysteriousness.

gairah; kegairahan: n 1 strong desire 2 passion 3 spirit, 4 delight, enthusiasm   gairah seks sexual desire
-bergairah: adj 1 pas­sionate 2 enthusiastic. 3 determined 4 spirited
-menggairahkan: v 1 stir, arouse, stimulate desire 2 allure.

gait; menggaitkan: v 1 hook  2 pull with a hook

gajah: n /lu/ elephant.
-gajah-gajahan: v chess (a play) 2 an illness that make sb’s leg severely swollen – Elefantiasis
-menggajah: v to be look like elephant (to be very big)
-gajah kuning: n /spo/ bulldozer
-gajah-gajahan: n toy elephant
-gajah lalang: n /lu/ tame elephant

Gajah Mada: n 1 A very famous Chief in Command of Majapahit which later became Prime Minister 2 name of a university in Jogyakarta.

gaji: n wage,  salary, pay
-gaji bersih: n net wages (take home fee)
-gaji buta: n pay without doing nothing
-gaji pokok: n base wage
-menggaji: v hire, employ
-penggajian: n waging system penggajian waging policy
-hari gajian: n payday

gajih: n fatty portions of meat
-bergajih: adj fatty.

gajul; begajul: n scoundrel, rascal.
-bergajul: v hang around en­gaging in petty criminal. 2 act like a scoundrel.
-anak gajul: n juvenile delinquent.
-bergajulan: v act criminally
-anak-anak muda begajul: n kids engaged in petty criminal.

gakang: variant of gaang:

gakari: n 1 legation 2 task

gala1: n /ld/ 1 resin, pitch. 2 gala lembut: resin-collecting bee. 3  putty |a soft substance that becomes hard when it dries, among other is used for fixing glass into window frames|

gala2; pertunjukan gala: n /lu/ 1 premiere |the first public performance of a movie or play| 2 field test Apa kamu menyaksikan gala lapangan mesin itu? Did you see the field test of the machine.

galagasi: n /ld/ poisonous spider.

galah1: n /lu/ pole |a long stick, usually it is a bamboo, used to pick fruit from its tree     2 spear |a pole with a sharp pointed blade at one end, used as a weapon|
-bergalah: v hunt with a spear
-menggalah: v pick fruit with a pole
-sepenggalah: num as long as an average pole length

galak: adj /lu/ 1 fierce, vicious  |very angry, violent, and ready to attack| anjing galak fierce dogs | 2 sharp and mean. Matanya sangat galak His eyes are sharp and mean
-kegalakan: n fierceness, ferocity
-menggalakkan: v activate, intensify, hasten, encourage, stimulate Program ini akan menggalakkan industri rumah tangga. This program will encourage home industry.

galaksi: n galaxy.

galang1; galangan: n /lu/ girder, supporting beam,  dock (for boat)
-galang atap: n roof girders
-galang kepala: n head support, headrest.
-galang perahu: n slip, dry dock
-bergalang: v 1 use grider, supported by girders 2 dock |sail to a dock|
-menggalang: v 1 put girders or support with girders 2 strengthen, consolidate (organization, unity, togetherness) Kita harus menggalang persatuan untuk menghadapi bahaya penyalahgunaan obat We have to strengthen our unity in facing the danger of drug abuse.
-menggalangkan: v 1 use sth as a support Dalangkan sepotong karton tebal ke salah satu kaki meja itu supaya dia stabil. Use a piece of thick cartoon to support one of the table’s lake to keep it steady 2 rest on sth Boleh saya galangkan kepala saya di paha kamu? May I rest my head on your tight? 3 risk Saya akan menggalangkan leher saya membela kamu dari orang brengsek itu I’ll risk my life to protect you from that bastard (Literally: I’ll use my neck to protect you from that bastard)
tergalang: adj blocked
-penggalang: n sb who facilitate or encourage the strengthening of togetherness or unity
-penggalangan: n 1 docking (boat) 2 consolidation, strengthening, tightening (human relationship)

galang2; galangan: n embankment or separator of rice field

galan: adj gallant.

galar : n 1 mat made of bamboo,  plaited hat 2 board, two-by-four (2″ width,  16″ length, 4″ height)

galas: n /ld/ 1 carrying pole. 2 goods carried with a pole on shoul­der
-menggalas: v carry with a pole on sboulder. 2 peddle merchandise (carried in containers sus­pended from carrying poles).
-penggalang: n peddler, hawker.
-penggalangan: n 1 peddling, bawking. 2 sales area for peddlers.

galau; kegalauan: n /lu/ hubbub, confusion, uproar.
-bergalauan: v be in a hub­bub, in the midst of confusion

galau2: adj confused Saya (pikiran saya) sangat galau sekarang I am (my mind is) so confused now
-menggalaukan1: v confuse Krisis keuangan telah menggalaukan pemerintah The financial crises has confused the government
-menggalaukan2: adj confusing Itu benar-benar kasus yang menggalaukan It was a real confusing case

galbani; menggalbani: v /ld/ galvanize |to shock sb so much that she/he realizes him/her the needs to do something| Berita tentang kebrutalan musuh telah menggalbani pemerintah untuk mewajibkan lebih banyak orang masuk tentara News of the enemy’s brutality galvanized the government to draft more people.

gali1; menggali: v 1 dig |to break up and move earth with a tool, your hands, or a machine| Anak-anak sedang bermain menggali pasir The kids are playing digging the sand  Kita perlu menggali sumur disini untuk mendapatkan air We need to dig a well here to find water    2 mine |to dig into the ground in order to get gold, coal etc. menggali emas mine for gold 3 search |to find hidden or forgotten information by careful searching| Hakim itu sedang mencoba menggali tambahan informasi dari tertuduh. The judge is trying to find more information from the accused 4 learn Semasa kamu masih muda kamu harus menggali ilmu sebanyak mungkin untuk masa depanmu yang lebih baik While you are still young, you have to learn much knowledge for your better future 4 cultivate Sudah waktunya menggali kentang It’s time to cultivate the potato 5 excavate |to dig up the ground in order to find something that was expected has bee buried for a long time| Para arkeolog sedang menggali sebuah kota kuno The archaeologists are excavating an ancient city 6 recall |try to remember something| Biar saya coba menggali nama dia dari ingatan saya Let me try to recall his name from my memory 7  gali lubang tutup lubang: .idiom/ borrow to pay debt Dia selalu menggali lubang untuk membayar hutang He always borrow money to pay debt
-barang galian: n things that obtained from mining or digging
-penggali: n digger, miner penggali batu bara a coal miner
-penggalian: n digging, mining (the process)
-penggali: n excavator

gali2: n /ld/ a large warship

gali3: n /ld/ 1 street gang 2 criminal syndicate 3 racketeers group

galian: n /Btk/ hand made irrigation

galib: adj /lf/ 1 normal, common, general 2 victorious, fortunate, glorious
-pada galibnya: adv 1 normally, customarily, gen­erally 2 victoriously, fortunately, gloriously,
-menggalibkan: v 1 accustom, habituate, generalize 2 win, glorify, benefit
-kegaliban: n 1 normal behaviour, customs, normality, generality 2 victory, glory, benefit

galir: adj 1 loose (of screws, key, ring, etc.) 2 fluent  3 agile, nimble

gallon: n gallon.
-bergalon: adv by gallon. Apa saya bisa beli munyak gorengnya bergallon? Can I buy the palm oil by gallon?

Galungan: n Balinese celebration, lasting 10 days and occurring once every 210 days according to the Hinduism calendar.

galur: n /lu/ 1 furrow |a long cut and fold in the surface of the soil or the ground|  Galur-galur dalam membuat sulit berjalan menyeberangi lapangan itu The deep furrows made it hard to walk across the field. 2 grove |the line of plant with a particular type of tree| galur pohon palem a palm tree grove 3 line galur keturunan family tree line 4 |similarity between two different variety of animals but still belong to the same family| Sekelompok hewan yang mempunyai galur yang sama dengan kelompok lain dari keluarga berbeda A group of animals that has the same characteristics compare to other group animals from different family

galvanisasi: v /frm/ galvanize.

Gama: n abbreviation for Gajah Mada.

gamang: adj /ld/ 1 nervous 2 feel dizzy from heights
-menggamang: v be nervous.
-menggamangkan: adj dizzying (heights). nervous making
-kegamangan: n l dizziness, ver­tigo.
-penggamang: adj easily to be nervous.
-tergamang: v feel lonely

gambang: n traditional music instrument similar to xylophone.
gambang kromong: n small popular Chinese-Indonesian orchestra. 2  Jakarta’s  gamelan.

gambar; gambaran: n /lu/ picture 1 portrait |photograph, painting, drawing| Saya taruh satu gambar keluarga di dinding I put a photograph  of my family on the wall 2 drawing Apa kamu punya buku gambar? Do you have drawing book?  3 painting Apa kamu punya gambar gunung? Do you have the painting of a mountain?  4 description |the general situation in a place, organization etc. Kekacauan ini adalah gambaran politik yang berkembang akhir-akhir ini The chaos is the description of the current political situation 5 sketch, map. Berikan saya gambar daerah itu Give me the sketch/map of the area. 6 image on screen Gambar televisi ini sangat jelas The image on this TV screen is very clear 7 movie Saya lebih senang menonton gambar layar lebar daripada televisi. I like more to watch a movie than television  8 blueprint. Gambar bangunan itu dibuat oleh seorang arsitek terkenal The blue print of the building was made by a famous architect 8 reflection Sebuah cermin cekung atau cembung akan membuat gambar yang aneh A concave or convex mirror will give you a strange reflection 9 imagination Itu hanya gambaran di benak bukan kenyataan It’s only an imagination,  not a fact
-bergambar: adj illustrated (with picture)
-menggambar: v /intr/tr/ draw, picture, photograph
-mengambarkan: v /tr/ describe, reflect, illustrate, depict, portrait
-gambar denah: n map, sketch
-gambar situasi: n location map
-gambar ejekan: n caricature

gambas: n /lu/ 1 squash. 2 /Btk/ salted-dry fish

gambir: n /lu/ 1 gambier, ingredient used in betel chew­ing, tanning, and dyeing. 2 the climbing plant that produces gamhier.

gamblang: adj /lu/ 1 clear, understandable 2 explicit, staright  Dengan gamblang dia menolak tawaran itu Explicitly he refused the offer
-kegamblangan: n explicitness, clarity.

gambus: n /ld/ 1 six-stringed, plucked music instrument of Arabic origin, usually accompanied by a drum. 2 band with such instrument or a harmonium and with other instruments playing Arabian songs.
-menggambus: v perform with such a band.
-menggambuskan: v arrange  a song to suit such a band.
-gambusan: n musical band of this sort.

gambut: n /lu/ 1 peat moss. 2 turf.

gambyong: n /ld/ woman’s dance.
ngambyong: v perform this dance.

gamelan: n /lu/ 1 an orchestra played by traditional music instruments (Java, Sunda, Bali) origin 2 the instruments used for this kind of orchestra

gamit; bergamit(an) v /lu/ 1 nudge, tap sb on the shoulder. 2 attract sb’s attention.
-menggamit: v nudge, tap sb to att­ract attention.

gampang: adj /lu/ easy
-menggampangkan: v 1 smoothen, make sth easier 2 take lightly, consider sth easy which is hard, underestimate Jangan pernah menggampangkan lawan-lawan kamu Don’t ever underestimate your opponent.
-mempergampang: v make easier, make smoother  Alat ini akan akan mempergampang memotong kuku This gadget will make it easier to cut finger nail
-kegampangan: n easiness

gampar; menggampar: v /lu/ strike, slap.
-menggampari: v strike, slap repeatedly
-gamparan1: n strike, slap
-tergampar: v be stricken, be slapped

gamparan2: n /lu/ wooden clog, flapping slipper.

ganas: adj /lu/ 1 ferocious. |extremely violent or severe| seekor anjing besar dan ganas a big and ferocious dog badai yang ganas a ferocious storm  2 malignant |sth harmful that grows fast| tumor ganas malignant tumor
-mengganas: v 1 rage |happen increasingly with great force or violence| Pertempuran mengganas untuk beberapa hari The battle raged for several days. 2 rampage |to rush around in groups and act wildly or violently| Sekelompok pendukung pendukung sepakbola mengganas di dalam stadiom A group of football supporter rampaging inside the stadium.
-keganasan: n ferociousness, rage, rampage

ganco; gancu: n /ld/ 1 pole, a hook or long stick (e.g. to pluck fruit from trees). 2 boat hook. 3 pickax.
-mengganco: v ­pick or remove sth with a ganco,

ganda1: adj /lu/ double

ganda2: v /intr/lu/ double Jumlah ternak itu sudah ganda The total number of the cattle has doubled
-berganda: v /intr/ increase (especially in quantity)
-berlipat ganda: v /intr/ 1 become double |to become twice in dimension size, quantity|  Simpanan kami telah berlipat berganda selama dua tahun terakhir Our deposit has doubled in the last two years 2 multiply |make sth become two or more in dimension size, quantity, quality, etc.|
-melipat gandakan: v /tr/ |multiply in dimension size, quantity, quality, etc.| Menejer saya berjanji akan melipat gandakan gaji saya tahun depan My manager promised to multiply my salary next year.
-pengandaan: n multiplication, doubling

ganda3: adj /lu/ double Dia adalah pemain ganda bulutangkis She is a badminton double player.

ganda4: n /lu/ double Kita punya dua pertandingan malam ini; Satu single dan dua double We have two matches this evening; One single and two doubles

gandal; gandalan: n /ld/ obstacle, hindrance. –dyn: /lu/ ganjalan.
-penggandalan: n blockage, barricading

gandapita: n /ld/ cake.

gandapura: n /lu/ tree whose fragrant leaves are used for medicinal purposes and whose seeds smell like musk .

gandar: n /lu/ 1 lever |a stick or a pole usually made of bamboo used to carry things that is tied to both end of the pole and we put the pole  to our shoulder| 2 arm of scales. 3 axle of wheel. 4 a pole used to lift up water can from a well|
-gandaran: n load carried on shoulders with pole.
-menggandar: v lift sth with gandar

gandaria; gandariah: n /lu/ tree bearing edible fruit used for medicinal purposes – Bouea macrophylla.

gandrung: adj /ld/ 1 infatuated, be in love with, crazy about 2 de­voted, eager, fond of
-menggandrungi: v 1 be crazy about 2 be crazi­ly in love with. 3 be fond of
-kegandrungan: n 1 infatuation, love, craziness 3  devotedness, eagerness,  fondness

gandu: n /ld/ flat black seed used as a marble – Entada phascoloides

ganduh: n /ld/ sth that we add to one side to make two things equivalent in barter
-menggaduh: v 1 barter 2 exchange by provid­ing sth extra in the exchange.
-menggaduhkan: v use sth in bar­ter or exchange to make the two things equivalent

gandul; bergandul: v /intr/ld/ hang down. Monyet itu bergandul di pohon The monkey is hanging at the tree.
-mengganduli: v /tr/ put sth hanging on sth Mereka mengganduli dinding itu dengan lukisan They use the wall to hang pictures or They hang the pictures on the wall
-mengandulkan: v /tr/ hang sth at sth Mereka menggandulkan lukisan itu di dinding They hang the paints on the wall
-gandulan: n 1 hanger. 2 sth hanging on sth

gandum: n /lu/ 1 wheat. 2 wheat flour.

Ganesa; Ganesha: n /lu/ holy elephant (based on Hinduism)

gang1: n /lu/ 1 alley 2 narrow street. gang buntu dead-end alley. gang mobil driveway. 2 corridor, passageway.

gang2: n gang (of thieves, etc.).

ganggang1: n /ld/ algae, seaweed

ganggang2: n /ld/ space between two objects.
-berganggang: v have a space or gap between. 2 be divorced.
-mengganggang: v 1 to crack or split (board). 2 be open a crack (of window or door).
-mengganggangkan: v crack (a door, window) open.

ganggang3: berganggang: v heat yourself by a fire. 2 warm things on a fire.
-mengganggang: v heat or warm sth by laying it above the fire.
-ganggangan: n warmth, heat ganggangan sinar matahari the warmth of the sun’s rays.

ganggang3: adj /ld/ loose |not tightly attached to each other|

ganggu; mengganggu: v 1 /lu/ disturb  Gang itu mengganggu ketertiban The gang  disturbed the peace 2 interfere with. Jangan mengganggu dia kalau lagi kerja Don’t interfere him while he is working. 3 interrupt  Boleh saya mengganggu anda dengan satu pertanyaan May I interrupt you with a question? 4 annoy, molest Dia mengganggu seorang gadis yang sedang berjalan sendirian He mo­lested a girl who was walking alone. 2 hampered, obstruc­ted. Hujan lebat telah mengganggu proyek itu Heavy rain has hampered the project.
-gangguan: n 1 disturbance 2 interference 3 interruption 4 annoyance 5 obstruction
-pengganggu: n 1 in­truder. 2 disturber (of the peace).
-penggangguan: n 1 teasing. annoying. 2 creating an intrusion, . interference

ganggu-gugat; mengganggu-gugat: v /lu/ bring a case to court

gangsa1: n /ld/ brass.
-pegangsaan: n a place where people make kitchenware from brass

gangsa2: n /ld/ meat dish.
-menggangsa: v fry with little oil.

gangsa3: variant of angsa:

gangster: n /lu/ gangster

ganja: n /lu/ 1 hemp 2 hash |a drug similar to marijuana, made from the hemp|  3 marijuana.
-peng­ganja: n drug addict.

ganjal; ganjalan: n /lu/ 1 wedge |a piece of hard thing such as metal, wood, bamboo, etc. that has one thick edge and one pointed edge, used for keeping a door open, splitting wood, etc|  2 prop |an object placed under or against something to keep or hold it in a position 3 support |an object that hold something else from falling or moving| Kita masih perlu dua lagi gajal atap itu We need two more supports for the roof.
-berganjal: v to have wedge
-ganjal kaki: n foot­rest.
-ganjal-mengganjal: v wedge/hamper/ block each other
-mengganjal: v wedge |to put something under a door, window, etc. to make it stay open or shut| Pintunya telah diganjal terbuka The door has been wedged open. –syn: menghambat, membantut, menahan
-mengganjali: v wedge with a number of wedge
-terganjal: v 1 be wedged |got stuck because there is sth which hampered the move| Jendelanya terganjal Saya tidak bisa menutupnya The window is wedged; I can’t shut it.
-pengganjal: n wedge |sth we use to wedge|

ganjar1; ganjaran: n /lu/ pay back 1 a) reward |something such as an amount of money, plaque, letter of admiration, etc. that is given to someone for doing something good, providing information etc.| b) compensation |money given to someone because she/he has suffered injury, loss, or damage|  2 punishment, discouragement |a way in which a person or an action is punished or discouraged|
-mengganjar: v 1 reward Semua perbuatan baik dan kerja keras kamu akan di ganjar. All your good deed and hard work will be rewarded. 2 punish, discourage. Ini peringatan; Kami akan mengganjar semua kesalahan dan ketidak jujuran. This is a warning; We will punish all mistakes and dishonesty.
-diganjar: v 1 be awarded 2 be punished
-mengganjarkan: v 1 to give sth as a reward Kami akan mengganjarkan promosi kepada dua yang terbaik We will reward a promotion for two of the best  2 give or make sth as a punishment. Perusahaan akan menggarjarkan satu keputusan berat  kepada  siapa yang mengabaikan peraturan ini The company will give a harsh decision to anybody who ignore this rule.
-pengganjaran: n 1 rewarding 2 punishment.
Note: Pay attention to mengganjar and mengganjarkan Both are transitive verb. The difference is on the direct object. Mengganjar takes someone as the direct object. Mengganjarkan takes sth (as a reward or as a punishment) as the direct object.

ganjel: variant of ganjal:

ganjil: adj /lu/1 odd (of numbers). 2 queer, odd, abnormal.
-mengganjil: v act strangely
-mengganjilkan: v 1 make (a number) odd or uneven. 2 arouse a strange or mysterious feel­ing.
-keganjilan: n 1 strangeness 2 oddness 3 peculiarity Keganjilan kela­kuannya itu menakutkan The strangeness of his behavior is frightening.

ganjur1: n lance or poke.
mengganjuri: v 1 spear sth 2 poke sb

ganjur2: v 1 pull suddenly and forcefully
-mengganjur: v 1 withdraw, pull back 2 postpone

ganjur3: berganjur: v /ld/ 1 edge away (from a meeting) 2 leave a place without good bye –syn: menyelinap

gantang: n /lu/ measurement equivalent to 3.125 kg, around one quart. segantang beras a quart of rice.
-menggantangi: v ­measure sth with this measurement unit.
-/idiom/: menggantang asap dilangit (to measure the cloud/smoke in the air) means: impossibility like built a castle in the sky

ganteng1: adj /lu/ handsome, dashing.
-ngganteng; mengganteng: v 1 show off |to try to do things that will make people admire you as a handsome person|

ganteng2; mengganteng: v /ld/ 1 coagulate, congeal |to change from thin liquid into a thicker or solid substance| Putih telor akan mengganteng kalau direbus Egg white coagulates if it is boiled.

ganti; pengganti: n /lu/ 1 substitute |someone who does somebody else’s work while she/he is absent| Rachel kerja sebagai pengganti perawat. Rachel is working as a substitute nurse 2 change |a new, another,  or different thing or person used instead of something or someone else| Bajumu basah; Apa kamu tidak punya ganti/pengganti? Your shirt is wet; Don’t you have a change? 3 replacement |someone or something that replaces another person or thing| Kami sedang menunggu pengganti mobil tua ini. We’re waiting for the replacement of this old car. 4 surrogate Organisasi ini sebagai pengganti keluarga anak-anak yang kabur dari rumahnya. This organization is a family surrogate for the runaways 5 compensation Apa kamu punya polis asuransi untuk pengganti kerugian? Do you have insurance policy for loss compensation?
-pergantian: n shift  pergantian gigi gear shift |Ini waktu pergantian This is the time for shift |the change from one  of the three 8-hour periods in a day during which a particular group of workers are at work to the consecutive period|
-berganti: v /intr/ 1 change |to become different, or to make someone or something become different| Pada musim panas daunnya berganti dari hijau ke kuning emas In the fall, its leaves change from green to gold. 2 metamorphose |to transform to different shape, colour, character, etc| seekor belalang berganti menjadi kupu-kupu a caterpillar  metamorphose into a butterfly
-bergantian; berganti-ganti: v take turn, alternate |one after another| Dia minta siswa bergantian bicara He asked the students to take turn to talk.
-diganti: v /tr/pass.v./ be substituted, be replaced, be compensated,  be rotated Setiap tahun tanaman ini diganti Every year this crops is rotated.
-mengganti: v /tr/ substitute, change, replace, compensate, alternate, rotate
-menggantikan: v to be the substitute Saya kerja disini menggantikan Dr. Michel I work here to substitute Dr. Michel
-penggantian: n substitution, replacement, compensation, alternation, rotation
-pergantian: n 1 shifting 2 metamorphoses 3 turning
-tergganti: v /pass.v./ accidentally be replaced.
Notes: Pay attention to the difference between berganti dan diganti. Berganti is intransitive verb while diganti is transitive verb Most of the sentences with diganti doesn’t mentioned the subject. Therefore, for non-Indonesian speaker, to distinguish this difference can be a problem.

gantol; menggantol: v /ld/ catch/pick (fruit)  with a large hook.

gantole: n /lu/ hang glider.

gantung1; tergantung1: v /intr/tr/ 1 hang (unintentionally)  |to position something somewhere so that its top part is fixed but its bottom part is free to move| Salah seorang penerjun tergantung dengan parasutnya tersangkut di pucuk sebuah pohon tinggi One of the parachutist was hanging with his parachute hooked at the top of a high tree. 2 depend (on) Pemulihan ekonomi sangat tergantung pada kondisi keuangan global The economic recovery is very much depend on global financial condition.
-bergantung: v /intr/tr/ 1 hang (intentionally) Monyet itu bergantung pada dahan pohon The monkey is hanging at the branch of the tree  2 become dependent Jangan bergantung pada belas kasihan orang lain Don’t become dependent of others
-gantungan: n hanger, hook
-mengantung1; mengantungkan:(kan): v /tr/ 1 hang Kamu boleh mengantugkan mantel kamu di ruangan kloset itu You may hang your coat in the closet 2 put Saya gantungkan nasib saya pada kemurahan hati Tuhan I put my fate on the grace of God.
-mengantungi: v use sth as a hanger of sth  Jangan menggantungi tali jemuran itu, tidak cukup kuat menahan kamu Don’t hang on the clothe line, it’s not strong enough to support you.
-penggantungan: n the process of hanging
-ketergantungan: n dependency
-ketidak tergantungan: n independency
-tergantung2: adj dependent
-tidak tergantung: adj independent

gantung2; tergantung2: adj 1 hanging  |attached firmly upward but freely move sideward and downward|   Apa kamu melihat layang-layang yang tergantung itu? Do you see that hanging kite? 2 hanging |not but potential to be finished| Bagaimana pekerjaan kamu yang gantung itu? Apa sudah selesai? How about your hanging work? Is it already finished?

ganyang; mengganyang: v 1 eat up wholly Apa kamu kelaparan? Kamu ganyang semua pisangnya? Are you starving? You eat up all the banana?   2 severely attack Dia mengganyang lawannya sampai menyerah He severely attacked his opponent until he gave up 3 wipe out, destroy Kamu bisa pakai insektisida mengganyang nyamuk itu You can use this insecticide to destroy that mosquito

ganyar: adj /ld/ still hard although has been boiled (tubers).

gap1: n /spo/ sound of slapping on a table. 2 sound of heartbeat.

gap: n /frm/ gap 1 |a lower place that separates two higher parts of land or mountains| 2 |an empty space between two things or two parts of something| satu gap dipagar a gap in the fence 3 |a difference between two situations, conditions, quality, quantity, etc. Pemerintah pusat sedang mencoba menjembatani gap antara provinsi kaya dan provinsi miskin The central government is trying to bridge the gap between rich provinces and poor provinces.

gapai; menggapai: v /lu/ reach 1|to move your hand or arm in order to touch, hold, or pick up something| Dia merentangkan tangannya menggapai layangan tergantung He stretch his hand to reach the hanging kite Jean tidak bisa menggapai kaleng diatas rak Jean can’t reach the cans on the top shelf. 2 achieve Dia telah berhasil menggapai impiannya He has been successful to achieve his dream 3 gain, obtain Dia menggapai gelar Doktor biologi dari IPB She gained Doctorate degree on biology from IPB
-menggapaikan: v stretch (sth) to reach (sth) Dia menggapaikan tangannya memetik buah rambutan He stretched his hand to pick rambutan
-menggapai-gapaikan: v wave (sth) Saya melihat seorang pria menggapai-gapaikan tangannya sebelum tenggelam I saw a man waved his hand before sinking

gapit: n /lu/ pincers, tweezers, clamp.
-menggapit: v pick up, hold with tweezers.

gaple: n /ld/ dominoes.

gaplek: n /lu/ dried cassava.

GAPMI {Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan-Minu­man Indoesia}: n Association of Food and Beverages  Producers

gapura: n /lu/ gate, gateway, portal. –syn: gerbang

gara-gara: n 1 provocative chaos  2 scene in traditional wayang depicting turbulence and war 3 provocation Siapa yang memulai gara-gara? Who started provocation?  4 cause Siapa yang memulai gara-gara? Who started  the cause

gara-gara2: conj. because Gara-gara sikap kamu yang tidak terkendali, dia pergi meninggalkan kita Because of your uncontrolled behaviour, she left us

garase: variant of  garasi:.

garam: n lu/ 1 salt a) |natural white mineral that is added to food to make it taste better – its chemical symbol is NaCl|  b) /tech/ |a type of chemical, formed by combining acid with another substance| 2 good example Jadilah garam dunia Be a good example in the world
garam asam: n /lu/ wisdom Dia telah banyak makan asam garam He has learned a lot of wisdom
-bergaram: adj salted
-menggarami: v salt, put salt on sth
-penggaraman: n the place eople make salt

garang1: adj /lu/ 1 fierce, cruel, ferocious. 2 vivid (of col­ours). 3 very strong. garang  bekerja work very hard. 4 angry.
-menggarang: v rage, storm.
-kegarangan: n fierceness, ferocity.

garang2; menggarang: v /ld/ 1 roast sth. 2 dry sth
-garangan: n 1 roasted meat 2 fire place above which we roast the meat

garansi: n /lu/ guarantee, warrant.
-bergaransi: v be guar­anteed against (sth) Apa jam tangan ini bergaransi? Is this wristwatch guaranteed?

garap; menggarap: v /lu/ 1 cultivate |to prepare and use land for growing crops|  2 exploit |to make use of something effectively and completely| Negara perlu menggarap lebih banyak lagi sumberdaya alam The country need to exploit more natural resources. 3 work on (sth) Kami sedang menggarap film yang klosal We are working on a colossal movie
-garapan: n 1 the area of cultivation| 2 the field of exploitation
-penggarap: n 1 cultivator 2 who do exploitation
-penggarapan: n 1 cultivation 2 exploitation
-tergarap: v /pass.v./ be cultivated 2 be exploited

garasi: n /lu/ garage.

garda: n /lu/ guard, vanguard
-garda depan: n 1 front line defence 2 frontier

gardan: n /lu/ differential gear.

garden; gardin: variant of gorden:

gardu: n /lu/ 1 guard house, sentry post, ticket booth (on toll road). 2 bus shelter. 3  depot, dump 4 /tech/ relay station.
-gardu listrik: n electricity relay station.
-gardu  telepon: n telephone relay station.

gari: n /lu/ handcuffs.
-menggari: v handcuff, shackle, shackle.

garing: adj /lu/ 1 dry and crispy, crunchy. 2 cool (of a relationship). Hubungan keduanya sudah garing The relation between them has been tenuous.
-menggaringkan: v make sth crispy and dry
-kegaringan1: n crispness, crunchiness.
-kegaringan2: adj too crispy

garis: n /lu/ 1 line |a thin continuous mark, as that made by a pen, pencil, brush, etc. applied on a surface| 2 grain |the lines or patterns you can see in things such as wood or rock|  Belah kayu itu sesuai garis-garisnya. Split the wood along the grain. 3 vein |a thin layer of a valuable metal or mineral in rock| Batu ini kaya dengan garis-garis emas This rock is rich of vein of gold.
-garis batas; n border, demarcation |the official mark that separates two different area| Bola jatuh diluar garis The shuttlecock drop out of border
-garis lurus: n straight line |a long thin mark on a surface, especially one that has been drawn| Tarik garis lurus di kertas kamu sepanjang 10 cm Draw a straight line on your paper 10 cm long
-bergaris: n lined kertas bergaris lined paper
-garis balik: n tropic
-garis balik Selatan: n tropic of Capricorn
-garis balik sartan/Utara: n tropic of Cancer
-garis bapak: n patriarchy
-garis bawah: n underlining
-garis belakang: n baseline, home front, rear guard
-garis berat: n median
-garis besar: n outline
-garis cacah lubang: n perforated line
-garis goresan: n scratch
-garis tangan: n fate
-garis akhir: n finish line.
-garis alas: n base line
-garis arah: n alignment
-garis arsiran: n hatching lain
-garis bagi: n bisecting line
-garis cacah: n lobang:
-garis edar: n orbit
-garis haluan: n directory
-garis kemelaratan: n poverty line
-garis pantai: n beach line
-garis petunjuk: n tracing line (on a map)
-garis tengah: n diameter
-garis busur: n longitude
-garis ibu: n matriarchy
-garis jari-jari: n radius
-garis keturunan: n family tree
-garis lengkung: n curve
-garis pemisah: n median
-garis tegak: n vertical line
-garis datar: n horizontal line
-garis langit: n horizon
-garis lingkaran: n circumference
-garis liku-liku: n zig-zag
-garis lintang: n latitude
-garis miring: n aslant line
-garis potong: n crossing line
-garis putus-putus/titik-titik: n dotted line
-garis sejajar: n parallel line
-garis sempadan: n outer edge of a building toward the road
-garis singgung: n tangent
-garis sumbu: n axis
-garis tangan: n fate
-garis tegak: n perpendicular line.
-garisan: n ruler
-menggaris(i): v 1 draw a line 2 scratch
-menggariskan: v stipulate |to say that something must be done| Kontrak itu menggariskan kita memberi penghargaan potongan harga 15% The contract stipulates that we award the partner 15% discount. 2 outline |to describe the main ideas or facts about something|  Dia menggariskan ide pokok proposal itu hanya dalam tiga halaman He outline the main idea of the proposal only in three pages
menggaris bawahi:v underline
-tergaris: v /pass.v./ scratched

garit1: n /lu/ scratch.
-bergarit: adj scratched
v scratch..
-tidak bergarit: adj unscathed.

garit2: n /ld/ movement
-menggarit: v move.
-menggaritkan: v make sth move to scratch  mengaritkan tangan move sb’s hand to scratch sth .

garmen: n /lu/ garment

garnisun: n /lu/ garrison.

garong: n /lu/ robber.
-kegarongan: v be robbed
v 1 rob, commit a robbery. 2 plunder, loot, pillage.
-penggarong: n 1 robber. 2 plunderer, pillager, looter.
-penggarongan: n 1 robbery, banditry. 2 looting, pillag­ing.

garpu: n /lu/ fork. garpu penala tuning fork.
-garpu tanah: n 1 har­row. 2 pitchfork.
-bergarpu: v use a fork.
-menggarpu: v pick up with a fork.

garu1: n /lu/ harrow.
-menggaru: v harrow.
-penggaru: n harrow.

garu2: variant of gaharu:

garuda: n /frm/ 1 mythical bird, mounted by God Vishnu. 2 bird in official seal of Republic of lndonesia.
-menggarudai: v give wings to. Menggarudai Indonesia Give wings to lhdonesia.

garuk: v /lu/ 1 scratch. |to rub a part of your body with your fingernails when it’s itchy Boleh tolong garut punggung saya? Will you please scratch my back? seekor anjing menggaruk sendiri a dog scratching itself 2 round up |to find and gather together a group of people or things| Polisi menggaruk 20 orang penjudi untuk ditanyai Police rounded up 20 gamblers  questioning. 3 rob, clean out. Pencuri merampok dia sampai habis The thief has cleaned her out.
-menggaruk-garuk: v keep scratching. menggaruk kepala scratch the head.
-garukan: n 1 scratch(es). 2 scratching.
-penggaruk: n ­rake, curry, comb, scraper.
-penggarukan: n scraping, scratching.

garut; menggarut: v chafe |if sth ‘menggarut’ your body, it becomes hurt|

gas: n 1 gas |also gasoline; a liquid made from petroleum, used to produce power in the engines of cars, planes etc.| Kita perlu membeli gas pada toko berikut We need to buy gas in the next shop  2 |a substance like air that is not liquid or solid, and usually cannot be seen|  gas hidogen hydrogen gas 3 /inf/ |the condition of having air or gas in your stomach| Memakan terlalu banyak makanan yang digoreng membuat saya mengeluaskan gas Eating too much fried food gives me gas. 4 the gas also gas pedal |the part of your car that you press to make the car move faster| 4 vapor from gasoline.
-bergas: v be filled with gas.
gas air mata: n tear gas.
-gas alam: n natural gas. ­
-gas buangan: n exhaust (from car, etc.).
gas burni: n natural gas.
-gas cair: n liquid gas.
-gas karbit: n acetylene.
-lampu ­gas: n kerosene lamp with air pressure
-menggas: v 1 evapo­rate. Alkohol itu mudah menggas Alcohol evaporates eas­ily. 2 accelerate, give gas to.
-menggasi: v give the gas to.

gasak; menggasak: v /lu/ 1 fight. 2 hit.
-(ber)gasak-gasakan: v fight, hit each other. Kedua anak itu gasak-gasakan The two boys fought.
-gasakan: n blow, drubbing, hitting
menggasak: v 1 rub, steal  2 severely attack, assault, thrash. Pada pertengahan kedua tim tuan rumah menggasak tim tamu In the second half, host team significantly defeated the guest team  6 devour. Digasaknya semua makanan itu He devoured all the food.
-penggasakan: n 1 robbing, stealing 2 attacking, assaulting, hitting, thrashing

gasing: n /lu/ top |a toy that spins and balances on its point when you twist it|
-bergasing: v play a top

gasket: n /lu/ gasket.

gasoline: n /lu/ gasoline.

gastronomy: n /frm/ art skill on making delicious and alluring meal

gatal1: v /intr/lu/ itch. Punggung saya gatal My back itches. 2 eager to have sth (particularly making love)

gatal2: adj 1 itchy Mana yang gatal? Which part is itchy?  2 itching Ini daun gatal; Jangan sentuh This is an itching leaf; Don’t touch it.
-kegatalan1: n itchiness. 2 irritation.
-kegatalan2: adj prone to have sth (i.g. sex)
-menggatalkan: v cause itchy, irritate  Daun-daun bamboo itu menggatalkan kulit saya Bamboo leaves itched my skin.

gatot: n /ld/ sliced dried cassava boiled with coconut milk.

gatra: n /tech/ 1 phrase (in a sentence or in music) 2 point of view 3 shape |physical form| 4 aspect

gatuk: v /Jv/ 1 match, meet, coincide.
-gatukana: adj matched, harmonious, compatible, conform, agreeable
n harmony, conformity, compatibility, agreement kegatukan derap ­irama the harmony of the rhythm.

Gatutkaca: n son of Bima, one of the Pendawa brothers in the Javanese tale

gaul; bergaul: v 1 make relation/friend 2 build relationship Dia hanya bergaul dengan orang-orang terkenal. He makes  relationship only with prominent people
-bergaul intim: n make intimate relation
-menggaulkan: v mix, stir (food).
-menggauli: v have intercourse with.
-pergaulan: n 1 association 2 relationship, friendship
-pergaulan bebas: n free sex

gaun: n /lu/ gown, woman dress.
-bergaun: v have, wear a gown.
-gaun tidur: n nightgown.
-gaun rumah: n housecoat, dressing gown.

gaung1; n /lu/ 1 echo 2 reverberation.
-bergaung1; menggaung: v echo, reverberate.
-bergaung2: /idiom/ publicized, well-known Ucapannya “Jangan tanya apa yang dapat diperbuat negara untuk kamu tetapi tanya diri kamu sendiri apa yang dapat kamu perbuat untuk negara kamu” sudah menggaung ke seluruh dunia His saying “Don’t ask what your country can do for you but ask yourself what you can do for your country” has well-known all over the world.

gaung2: n /ld/ hole, ravine.
-menggaung2: v dig, excavate.

gawang: n /lu/ 1 gate. 2 /sport/ goal posts. 3 /sport/ hur­dles.
-gawangan: n wicket.

gawat: adj /lu/1 critical, serious, grave. 2 dangerous, risky 3 bad, terrible. 4 emergent  Temanmu sedang dalam keadaan gawat Your friend is on an emergent condition
-kegawatan: n criticalness, dangerousness, severity, graveness, emergency
v be critical, be severe, be dangerous
-mengawatkan: v make more critical, endanger

gawe: n /Jkt/Jv/ 1 work, task 2 event, celebration, party, feast.

gaya1: n /lu/ 1 mechanical power |the ability to make physical movement that needs force| 2 psychological power |the ability to make social behaviour and attitude changes that need motivation, spirit, and will| 3 natural power |the ability to drive chemical process| gaya tarik pull power  -see: daya
a) physical power
-gaya apung: n buoyancy
-gaya berat: n gravity
-gaya dorong: n thrust
-gaya lentur: n flexibility
-gaya tarik: n adhesion
-gaya tolak: n repulsion
-gaya ledak: n detonation capacity
-gaya tahan: n resistance capability
-gaya pegas: n resilience , elasticity
-gaya percepatan: n acceleration
-gaya putar: n centrifugal power
b) psychological (non-physical) power
-gaya beli: n purchasing power
-gaya hayal: n imagination ability
-gaya pikir: n thoughtfulness ability
-gaya ramal: n forecasting ability
c) natural power
-gaya larut: n solubility |the ability of a substance to be solved in liquid substance|
-gaya hidup: n life expectancy
-gaya biak: n fertility
-gaya kebal: n immunity

gaya2: n 1 style, art, method  |a way of doing, making, painting etc. something that is typical of a particular period of time or group of people| Dia meniru gaya lukisan Van Gogh He copied Van Gogh’s painting style. 2 life style |particular way that someone acts, behaves, or deals with other people|  Nadia punya gaya mengajar yang tidak formil Nadya has an informal style of teaching.3 fashion style |a fashion or design, especially in clothes and hair| Dia senang gaya rambut traditional She likes traditional hair style 4 sport style gaya renang swimming style (swimming, fencing, jumping, boxing, etc.) 5 personal style |particular way you do things that makes people like or admire you| Saya tidak suka melihat dia, tetapi saya akui dia punya gaya I don’t like her, but I admit that he has style. 6 architectural style Rumah kamu kelihatannya seperti rumah gaya Spanyol Your house looks like Spain house style.
gaya baru: n new style
-gaya bahasa: n language style
-gaya seni: n art style
-gaya lukisan: n painting style
-gaya musik: n music style
-gaya bernyanyi: n singing style
-gaya bahasa: n language style
-gaya tari: n dancing style
-gaya tulisan: n writing style
gaya hidup: n lifestyle
-gaya kuno: n ancient lifestyle
-gaya sederhana: n plain lifestyle
-gaya modern: n modern lifestyle
-gaya mewah:n extravagant lifestyle
gaya penampilan: n fashion style
-gaya berpakaian: n dressing style
gaya olah raga: n sport style
-gaya bebas: n free style
-gaya kupu-kupu: n butterfly style
-gaya lumba-lumba: n dolphin style
-gaya estafet: n rally run style
-personal style
-gaya berjalan: n walking style
gaya duduk: n sitting style
-gaya bicara: n vocal style
gaya arsitek: n architect style
gaya joglo: n joglo style (any Javanese house model)
gaya rumah gadang: n rumah gadang style
-bergaya1: adj stylish
-bergaya2: v have particular style
-gaya-gayanya: adv seemingly Gaya-gayanya dia seorang berpendidikan tinggi Seemingly she is a well educated person
-bergaya-gaya: v 1 pretend 2 to have style
-mengaya: v style
-menggayakan: v show a particular style (mode)

gayungl: n /lu/ water dipper, scoop.
-bergayung: v take liquid with ‘gayung’

gayung2: n /ld/ long stick with one end sharpen use as a weapon
-bergayung: v fight using such weapon
-mengayung: v attack sb or sth with such weapon

gayut; bergayut: v /lu/ hang, swing. Anak itu sedang bergayut pada dahan pohon The child is hanging at the branch of a tree
-bergayutan: v hang (describe that there are several things) Banyak kelelawar sedang bergayutan di pohon. There were many bats were hanging on at the tree
-mengelayuti: v hang on Monyet-monyet  sedang menggayuti phon itu Monkeys are hanging on the tree
-menggayutkan: v hang sth Kamu boleh menggayutkan handuk kamu yang basah di jmuran itu You may hang on your wet towel at that clothe line
-gayutan: n hanger |sth where sth else can hang|
penggayut: n sth that make sth else hang

GBHN {Garis-garis Besar Haluan Negara}: n /frm/ The main Outlines of the Nation’s  Policy

gebrak: n /spo/ sound of a door slamming, board crashing to floor, etc.
-bergebrakan: v pound against each other. (of boxers, etc.).
-mengebrak: v 1 thump, pound on (a table, ctc.) 2 seized |to take control of a place suddenly using force|
-gebrakan: v 1 severe pounding on sth 2 sudden seizure 3 sudden attack.

gebu; menggebu-gebu: v /lu/ 1 flare up (of tire, revolt). 2 rage (storm) Badai masih terus menggebu-gebu The storm is still continuously raging 3 be tense and excited with enthusiasm, worked up for ac­tion.

gebuk; menggebuk: v /lu/ beat (a drum).
-menggebuki: v pummel, beat repeatedly
-menggebukkan: v use sth to beat sth. Dia menggebukkan tongkat itu ke anjing
-gebukan: n beating, pummeling.
-gebuk-gebukan: v beat each other.

gebyar: v /lu/ sparkle, shine, glisten

gede: adj /spo/lu/ big, large.
-gedean: adj larger, bigger Buat gedaan dari ini. Make it bigger than this one.
-menggedekan: v enlarge, make bigger
-kegedean: adj too big, too large Baju ini kegedeaan untuk saya This shirt is too large for me
-penggede: n big shot. Ayahnya seorang penggede. Her father is a big shot

gedebak-gedebuk: n /spo/lu/ sound of sth heavy having fallen more once. 2 sound of footsteps on a floor.
-(ber)gedebuk: v make heavy steps. Langkahnya bergedebuk His steps were heavy-sounding.
-bergedebukan: v have heavy sound (of many things).
-menggedebukkan: v stamp sth down hard. Dia menggedebukkan kaki karena marah He stamped his foot in anger.

gedong: n /lu/ fancy house, mansion
-gedongan: adj pertaining to fancy house Dia termasuk orang gedongan He belongs to a community of fancy housing area

gedor; menggedor: v /lu/ pound

gedubrak; menggedubrak: v make a sudden popping or crashing noise.

gedung: n building (us. of brick or concrete), edi­fice.
-gedung pengadilan: n law court.
-gedung arca: n museum.
-gedung ber­tingkat: n multi-storied building.
-gedung pertemuan: n convention hall.
-gedung bioskop: n theatre, movie house, movie theater.
-gedung flat: n apartment
-gedung induk: n main building.
-gedung instansi: n government office

gegabah: adj /lu/ rash, reckless, hasty. tindakan gegabah reckless deeds.

gegap1: gegap-gempita: adj /lu/ uproarious, noisy, clamorous.
-kegegap gempitaan: n clamor, uproar, tumult.
-meng­gempita(kan): v make uproarious. Menggempitakan seluruh masyarakat: Bring the crowd to a roar.

gegap2; variant of gagap1:

gegar: n /lu/ rumble, thunder, roaring |sudden, deep, and continuous sound|
-bergegar: menggegar: v rumble, thunder, roar
-bergegaran: v make a lot of roar or rumble.
-gegar gempa bumi: n the roar of the earthquake
-gegar meriam: n the thunder of the cannon
-gegar budaya: n the roar of culture promotion
-gegar otak: n brain storm |a sudden and violent disturbance in the brain|
-menggegar-gegar: v intensively and continuously rumble and thunder.
-menggegarkan: adj rumbling, thundering, roaring Satu suara menggelegar tiba-tiba memecah kesunyian malam itu A thundering sound suddenly disturb that silent night

gegas; bergegas: v /lu/ hurriedly do s th  Dia sedang bergegas mau pergi She is hurriedly preparing to leave
-bergegas-gegas: v be in a hurry Tolong jangan ganggu,  saya sedang bergegas-gegas mau pergi kerja. Please don’t disturb, I’m in a hurry to go to work  -syn: tergesa-gesa:

geger; mengegerkan1: adj /lu/ 1 tumultuous |a state of confusion, excitement, or other strong emotions| Mereka geger mende-ngar berita serangan teroris itu They were tumultuous to hear the terrorist attack 2 chaotic Pawai itu telah berubah menjadi kerumunan yang mengegerkan The rally has changed to a chaotic crowd
-menggegerkan: adj astonishing Kasus itu telah menjadi berita paling mengegerkan pada tahun itu. The case was the most astonishing news of the year.
-mengegerkan2: v 1 astonish  Berita mutilasi itu menggegerkan seluruh kota The news of the mutilation astonish the town 2 frighten Telepon ancaman dari terrorist itu tidak mengegerkan polisi A threatening telephone call  from  the terrorist didn’t frighten the police.
-kegegeran: n commotion, tumult Kegegeran akibat huru-hara itu masih segar diingatan saya The tumult caused by the chaos is still fresh in my memory

gegetuk: variant of getuk:

geguyon: v joke, make ajoke.

gejala: n /lu/ 1 symptom |a sign that a serious problem exists| Pertumbuhan angka kejahatan merupakan satu gejala penurunan moral bangsa Rising crime rates is a  symptom of nation’s moral degradation 2 indication. |a sign that sth exists or is likely to be true|  Kenaikan suhu udara tiba-tiba adalah satu gejala akan datangnya musim hujan Sudden increasing in air temperature is an indication of the coming of rainy season

gejolak: n /lu/ 1 upheaval  |a sudden and significant change that often causes problems|  Gejolak politik 1965 tidak akan pernah terlupakan Political upheaval in 1965 will never be forgotten. Akhirnya pemerintah berhasil mengatasi gejolak ekonomi. Finally the government successfully overcome the economic upheaval 2 fluctuation |a state of sth that fluctuate| Tanaman ini telah dipengaruhi gejolak suhu These plants are affected by emperature’s fluctuation.
-bergejolak: v 1fluctuate Angka inflasi bergejolak antara 9% s/d 15% dalam lima tahun terakhir The inflation rate fluctuated between 9% to 15% in the last five years 2 be in upheaval situation Secara politis Negara sedang bergejolak pada saat itu Politically the country was in upheaval situation at that time.
-gejolak jiwa: n unstableness of sb’s psyche

geladah: variant of geledah:

geladak1: n deck (ship)
-geladak belakang: n afterdeck.
-geladak depan: n foredeck.

geladak2: n 1 mongrel |a dog that is a mix of several breeds of dog| 2 criminal.

geladi: n rehearsal |an a tryout when all the people in a play, concert etc. practice it before giving a public performance|

geladi bersih: n the last rehearsal.

gelagapan: v 1 stutter |to speak with difficulty because you repeat the first sound of a word; “I w-w-want to g-g-go too,”| 2 confused, flus­tered Dia gelagapan dan lupa apa yang akan mau dia katakan. He got flustered and forgot what he was supposed to say 3 losing direction. 4 make gasping noises when drowning.

gelagat: n 1 sign, indication, omen (of sth that is going to happen) Dia tidak pernah menunjukkan gelagat bahwa dia akan menikah. She never show any indication that she is going to marry 2 symptom Embun ini adalah gelagat hujan This cloud is a symptom of the rain 3 attitude, habit Gelagat mereka menunjukkan bahwa mereka akan berbuat ssu yang jahat Their attitude show that they are going to do sth evil
-gelagat baik: n good omen
-gelagat buruk: n bad omen

gelak; gelak tawa: n laughter |the sound of a laugh|
-gelak gejolak: n loud laughter
-gelak senyum: n wide smile
-gelak manis: n sweet smile
-gelak setan: n frightening laugh
-gelak sumbing: n chuckle
-menggelakkan: v make people laugh
-tergelak: v spontaneously laugh
-tergelak-gelak: n laugh continuously, chortle

gelam: n /ld/ a tree and its bark which leaves’ extract is used for medicine – Melaleuca leucodendron

gelandang: n /Sport/ halfback. gelandang tengah center half­back.
-gelandangan: n vagrant, homeless people, drifter
-bergelandangan: v loafing around, wander aimlessly, fooling around  |to waste time in a lazy way when you should be working| Mereka habiskan waktu mereka bergelandangan di taman selama  jam sekolah They spend their time loafing around the park during school hours .
-menggelandang: v 1 take in, arrest for vagrancy  2 be a vagrant.

gelang1: n /lu/ 1 bracelet  2  sth that circle-shaped
-bergelang: v 1 use bracelet 2 have sth circle thing on it
-gelang jam: n watch band.
-gelang kaki: n anklet bracelet.
-gelang karet: n rubber band.
-gelang keroncong: n a series of bracelets
-gelang kunci: n key ring.
-gelang rantai: n link (in a chain).
-gelang silinder: n piston ring.
-gelang-gelang: n hoop.
-pergelangan: n where two things that shape like tube joint together
-pergelangan kaki: n ankle
-pergelangan tangan: n wrist.

gelang2: n /lu/ purslane |a trailing weed that has fleshy leaves – Portulacaoleracea|

gelanggang: n /lu/ 1 arena |a building with a large flat central area surrounded by raised seats, used for entertainment or sports. 2 ring |a raised stage for sport match| gelanggang tinju boxing ring 3 forum gelanggang  pertemuan warga untuk mengatasi masalah preman neighborhood forum for dealing with gang problems 4 centre gelanggang remaja youth centre 5 a round area which forms the background for sth gelanggang matahari halo around the sun
-bergelanggang: v 1 fight in a sport arena 2 be a circular area for a public event.
-menggelanggang: v organize/ arrange a sport arena

gelantang; menggelantang: v /lu/ 1 bleach 2 dry in the sun before bleaching

gelanting; bergelantung: v /intr/ hang down, dangle, steady sb/sth by holding onto sth above.
-bergelantungan: v /intr/ hang down (of many things or person) The fruit of mango nicely hanging down
-menggelantungkan: v /tr/ hang sth down
-tergantung: v 1 be hanging from. 2 depend (on)

gelap: adj /lu/ 1 dark |with very little or no light| Buka jendelanya, gelap disini. Open the window, it’s dark in here. 2 illegal |against the law| Saya tidak ingin kamu terlibat dalam kegiatan bisnis gelap. I don’t want you involve in an illegal business  3 unclear, obscure. Kasus itu masih gelap buat saya The case is still not clear for me. 3 secret, illicit, clandestine |secret and often illegal| Saya kira mereka punya hubungan gelap I think they have illicit connection  a clandestine meeting
-menggelapkan: v 1 illegally take sth Polisi menuduh dia menggelapkan uang rakyat Police accused him illegally used the public fund 2 darken Kita perlu gordin yang tebal untuk menggelapkan ruangan ini dari sinar matahari We need a thick curtain to darken this room from the sun light
-penggelapan: n 1 darkening |the process of making a place dark| 2 blackout |a period of time when the lights do not work, because the electricity supply has failed or intently cut off| 3 corruption |illegal use of sth (particularly money)|
-kegelapan: n darkness, obscurity, illegality

gelar1: n /lu/ 1 title |word or name that describes someone’s rank, position, royal status, academic degree, profession. etc| such as Datuk: Prince Tengku: Leader Prof. Dr., etc: Academic degree. Juragan /toke: key person in a particular business
2 social status |additional name after married, after having child, after having grand child, the first child in a family, etc| (Ibu) Sukarno (Mrs) the wife of Sukarno. (Ompu) Serevina the grandpa of Serevina  (Made) Astawa Astawa the first son of the family 3 appositive |word or name given to sb based on her/his profession, habit,  character, appearance, etc| (Pak) Gendut
(Mr) Fat  Si Jangkung Mr Long  Pak  Supir (Mr) Driver. (Pak) Polisi Mr Policeman (Bu) Bidan Mrs/Ms Midwife (Suster) Yohana (Nurse) Yohana
-menggelar; menggelarkan: v 1 publicize  a) |if you “menggelar” (publicize) a case, plan, etc. you make it clear to the people to be understandable|  Polisi akan menggelar kasus itu dalam sebuah konperensi pers The police will publicize the case in a press conference b) unfold  |to open something that was folded| Tolong gelar peta itu diatas meja Please unfolded the map on the table 2 exhibit |to put something in a public place so people can see it|  Pagelaran seni itu akan menggelar sejumlah lukisan tua. The art gallery will exhibit a number of old paintings. 3 perform |to play something in public|  Kami menggelar “Tari Kecak” setiap hari Sabtu dan Minggu sore. We perform “Kecak Dance” every Saturday and Sunday evening
-pergelaran: n 1 performance 2 exhibition 3 expose
-pegelaran: n gallery a) |a room, hall, building, etc where people exhibit famous paintings and other types of art|  b) a store where people can look at and buy expensive art| Ada sejumlah pegelaran di lantai dasar hotel There are  a number of galleries on the ground floor of the hotel.

gelas1: n |a glass container that we use for drinking liquids| Apa kamu telah menuangkan air minum kedalam gelas-gelas itu? Have you poured the drinking water into the glasses?
-gelasan: n glass powder mix with glue
-menggelas: v layer threat with such glass powder to make kite string sharp and can cut other kite’s string.
Notes: Even though gelas sounds to have been driven from “glass”, but gelas doesn’t applicable to mean eye glasses or glass as a transparent material. Indonesian word for it is kacakaca mata eye glasses – kaca jendela window’s glass  So don’t say gelas mata or gelas jendela

gelas2: n stock |a supply of something that is kept to be sold or used later|

gelatik: n /lu/ bird that eats rice crops

gelayut: variant of gayut:

geledah; menggeledah: v /lu/ search through (a building, a room, an area), frisk (a per· son), ransack
-menggeledahi: v ran­sack repeatedly or many things.
-penggeledah: n raider.
-penggeledahan: n 1 raid. 2 ransacking.

geledang; menggeledang: v /ld/ extend the arms (as if to ward or hold off sb/sth).

geledek: n /lu/ thunder, lightning.
-menggeledek: v thunder, rumble. Guruh mengeledek sepanjang malam Thunder rumbled all night long.
-menggeledeki: v 1 thunder at. 2 burst out angrily at. Ayah mengeledeki dia ketika pulang larut malam Father angrily burst out at her when she returned home late at night.

gelegak; bergelegak; menggelegak: v /ld/1 bubble, effervesce, fizz, seethe. 2 wheeze.|to breathe with difficulty, making a whistling sound in your chest|

gelegapan: variant of gelagapan:

gelegar1: n /ld/ (floor) beam, girder, joint.

gelegar2: n /lu/ thundering, rumbling, sound of can­non.
-menggelegar: v 1 thunder, rumble. 2 make sth thunder. Satu ledakan yang mengelegar bumi An explosion that made the earth thunder.

gelembung: 1 n /lu/ bubble |a ball of air inside liquid or solid substance| gelem-bung sabun soap bubble. gelembung permen karet chewing gum bubble 2  vesicle. |A small bladder or sac containing fluid|  3 swollen skin. |a part of your body that is bigger than usual because of injury or sickness|
-bergelembung; menggelembung: v be in­flated. Balon itu sudah menggelembung. The balloon has been inflated.
-bergelembung-gelembung: v bub­ble, fizz.
-mengelembungkan: v 1 inflate (sth). 2 distend (the abdomen, etc.).
-gelembungan: n bubble.
-main gelembungan: v blow bubbles.

gelendong; gelondongan: n /lu/ 1 bobbin |a small round object that you wind thread onto| 2 reel, spool a) |a round object onto which things such as special string for fishing or film can be wound| b) |the amount that one of these objects will hold| segelondong tali  a reel of string
-menggelondong: v wind (thread, string, film)  around a bobbin, spool, reel, etc.

geleng; bergeleng: v turn or shake from side to side (of sb’s head).
-menggelengkan: v shake (of the head).
-menggeleng-gelengkan: v keep shaking (of the head).
-gelengan: n shake (of the head)

gelepar; bergelepar; menggelepar: v /lu/ 1 flutter,  flap  |if a bird or insect flutters, or flutters its wings, its wings move quickly and lightly up and down|  capung bergele-par diatas permukaan air dragonfly fluttering above the water surface 2 twitch |if a part of your body twitches, it makes a sudden small uncontrolled movement| Ekor anjing itu bergelepar secara mengerikan The dog’s tail twitched irritably. 3 floun­der, squirm |to move awkwardly or with difficulty, such as if a live fish move in a dry place| Saya melihat banyak ikan bergelepar begitu nelayan itu mengangkat jaringnya I saw many fishes flattered when the fisher lifted the net
-menggeleparkan: v make sth flutter, flap. Dia menggeleparkan tangannya yang disengat lebah He flattered his hand that was bitten by a bee
-geleparan: n flutter(ing).

geletak: v /lu/ flounder, flutter.
-geletak-geletik: n floundering, fluttering.
-bergeletakan: v be sprawled, scattered, strewn about. Mereka bergeletakan di karpet They were sprawled on the carpet. Koran-koran itu bergeletakan di meja The newspapers scattered on the table.
-menggeletakkan: v 1 sprawl (sth) on (sth)  Dia mengeletakkan dirinya di lantai He sprawled himself on the floor. 2 scatter Petani menggeletakkan benih itu diatas pembibitan The farmer scattered the seed on the seedling bed
tergeletak: v be sprawled Korban ledakan itu tergeletak di tanah The victims of the explosion lay sprawled on the ground

geletar; bergeletar; menggeletar: v /lu/ shiver, tremble |to shake slightly because you are cold or frightened| Anak itu menggeletar kedinginan The boy is shivering with cold. 2 beat (of sb’s heart).
-bergeletaran: v repeatedly  shiver
-menggeletari; mengeletarkan: v make sth shiver. Udara dingin mengeletari tangan saya Cold  weather is shivering my hand.

geletik; menggeletik: v /lu/ 1 move agitatedly,  twitch, squirm. 2 make tick-tack sound (of watch or clock). 3 throb, beat (of sb’s heart).

geli1; kegelian: n /lu/ 1|feeling that you  have when sb tickle you or sth make your feeling between amused and affaid| Saya merasa geli ketika seekor ngengat berjalan di leher saya I felt be tickled when a moth walk on my neck 2 amusement |the feeling you get when something makes you laugh or smile| Dia berbakat membuat cerita yang memberi kita kegelian He has a talent to make up story that give us amusement .

geli2; menggelikan: adj /lu/1 funny Gurauan dia sangat geli Her joke was so funny. Saya sangat geli melihat tingkah lakunya I was amused watching his attitude  2 ticklish Pijatan kamu menggelikan Your massage is tick­lish
-penggeli: adj ticklish. Jangan sentuh saya, saya penggeli Do not touch me. I am ticklish. -syn: lucu

geliat; menggeliat: v /lu/ 1 writhe, twitch |to twist your body because you are suffering pain|  ayam jantan sekarat itu mengeliat dalam penderitaan the dying cock writhing in agony 2 wriggle |move with twist from side to side, or to move part of sb’s body this way|  Ular itu menggeliat melewati pasir The snake is wriggling through the sand 3 stretch after sleeping.
-menggeliatkan: v writhe or stretch (the body) after sleeping.
-tergeliat: v be twisted. Kaki Amy tergeliat Amy’s ankle was twisted.

gelimang; bergelimang: v/intr/lu/ 1|spread liquid or soft substance on a surface, or to become spread on a surface| Kaki Greg bergelimang lumpur Greg’s feet smeared with mud 2 be occupied by sth |if something occupies you or your time, you are busy doing it| Kami bergelimang banyak pekerjaan We are occupied by a lot of work 3 be full of sth Mereka bergelimang banyak harta They are full of property  Saya bergelimang dosa I’m full of sin.
-menggelimangi: v /tr/ 1 occupy or cover (sth) with (sth else) 2 smear (sth) with. (sth) Uang telah menggelimangi dia sehingga lupa pada kita Money has occupy him that is why he forget of us

gelimpah; gelimpang; bergelimpang: v /intr/lu/  sprawled face up Ada seorang pria bergelimpang di jalan. There is a man sprawling on the road
-bergelimpangan: v /intr/ many persons or things sprawl Banyak korban bergelimpangan dimana-mana Many victims sprawled everywhere.
-menggelimpangkan: v make sb or sth sprawl Juara tinju itu menggelimpangkan lawannya pada ronde ke-tiga The boxer champion sprawled his opponent at the third round

gelinang; menggelinang: v /lu/ sprout out Air mata bergelinang di matanya Tears sprouted of her eyes

gelincir; menggelincir: v /intr/lu/ slip, skid, stumble
-tergelincir: v be slipped
-mengelincirkan: v /tr/ make sth slip

gelinding; menggelinding: v /lu/ roll, revolve |to move by turning over and over, or from side to side, or to make something do this| Jangan biarkan bola itu meng-gelinding ke jalan Don’t let the ball roll into the street.
-menggelindingkan: v /tr/ make sth roll
-digelindingkan: v be rolled by sth balon itu digelindingkan oleh angin The balloon was rolled by the wind
-gelindingan: n /lu/ roll skate

gelingsir; bergelingsir; menggelingsir: v /intr/lu/ 1 slide or slip down a) |to move smoothly on or along a surface anak-anak bergelingsir di es children sliding on the ice  Batu-batu itu bergelingsir dari lereng gunung. The stones slid down from the mountain slope. b) descend |to become lower in value, number, or amount etc.| Penjualan alat elektronik menggelingsir 0,5% pada tahun lalu Electronics sales slid 0.5% in last year
-menggelingsirkan: v /tr/ |make something move in this way| Dia menggelingsirkan mobil mainannya menyeberang meja He  slid his toy car across the table.
-tergelincir: v /pass.v/ intentionally be slipped

gelinting; menggelinting: v /lu/1 roll over  2 writhe, squirm |to twist your body from side to side because you are boring, nervous, or uncomfortable|  Berhenti menggelinting supaya saya bisa memotong rambut kamu Stop squirming so I can cut your hair!

gelintir: n /lu/ 1 pellet. 2 |a small amount or number of sth|. Hanya ada segelintir orang di ruangan itu The are only a few people in the room 3 |a small piece of thing| Saya menemukan beberapa gelintir berlian I found a few small pieces of diamond
-menggelintir: v form into a pellet

gelisah: adj /lu/ 1 nervous, on edge, restless. Kenapa kamu gelisah? What made you nervous? 2 worried, concerned. Kami semua gelisah ketika kamu tidak pulang sampai larut malam. We were all worried when you didn’t come until late in the evening.
-mengelisahkan1: v make sb worry, nervous, etc.
-mengelisahkan2: adj worrisome

gelitik: n /lu/ 1 tickle, tickling. 2 stimulus, incitement, inducement. 3 beat of sb’s heart
-menggelitik: v 1 tickle. 2 prod, encourage, incite.
-menggelitiki: v tickle repeatedly
-gelitikan: n tickling, tickle. Gelitikan ibunya membuat dia tertawa His mother tickle made him laughing
-penggelitik: n stimulus, incitement

gelojak; bergelojak; tergelojak: v /ld/ slap, wash against (of waves against side of boat).

gelombang: n /lu/ 1 water wave |an area of raised water that moves across the surface,  especially of the ocean|  Gelombang besar menghempas ke batu-batuan Huge waves slammed onto the rocks. 2 political movement |a sudden increase in a particular emotion, activity, number etc| Polisi sedang berusaha mengatasi gelombang demonstrasi yang ganas belakangan ini. Police are trying to fight the recent wave of violent rallies. 3 people movement gelombang besar imigrasi dari Asia Tenggara a huge wave of immigrants from Southeast Asia  4 curling hair Dia punya gelombang rambut yang rapat She has crowded waves of hair 5 voice, electricity, light frequent movement Mereka menyiarkan gelombang radio itu melalui frequency yang sangat tinggi They broadcast the radio wave  at  an ultra high frequency  6 batch, phase |a group of things or people that you deal with at the same time| Saya termasuk gelombang pertama pada pelatihan ini I’m belong to the first batch of this training. Kami mengatur keberang-katan haji itu dalam tiga gelombang We arranged the departure of the hajj into three phases
-bergelombang1: adj wavy
-bergelombang2; menggelombang: v wave, surge.
-menggelombangkan: v cause to wave

gelondong: n /lu/ roll, bunch. segelondong tembakau a roll/bunch of tobacco.

geloral: n /lu/ seething, tempestuousness, turbulence gelora laut seething of the sea. gelora angin turbulence of wind  2 enthusiasm, passion. gelora hati impulse, passion. gelora gembira happiness.
-bergelora; menggelora: v 1 rage, seethe (of ocean)  2 impassioned (of speech), 3 full of spirit (will to do sth)
-menggelorakan: v stir up, whip up, incite.

gelora2 {gelanggang olahraga}: n Sport Stadium

geluduk: n /ld/ thunder.
-bergeluduk: v rumble.
-geludukan: adj (pertaining to thunder) Dengan cuaca geludukan seperti ini  saya tidak mungkin pergi With thundering weather like this, it’s impossible for me to go.

gelugur: n /lu/ yellow edible fruit and its tree  similar to mangosteen but the taste is sour.

geluncur: variant of gelincir:

gelundung1; bergelundung: v /lu/ roll downward
-bergelundungan: v (several things) roll downward
-menggelundungkan: v make sth heavy roll.

gelundung2: variant of gelondong:

gelut; bergelut: v /lu/ 1wrestle |to fight by holding onto someone and trying to push or pull him/her down| 2 fight |to try to deal with a difficult problem or emotion| Bertahun-tahun negeri ini bergelut dengan kemiskinan For years the country fought with poverty. 4 romp |to play in a noisy way by running, jumping etc.| anak-anak kucing itu sedang bergelut di halaman puppies romping in the yard 3 quarrel.
-menggeluti: v deal with |seriously do particular business or activity| Sudah bertahun-tahun sejak dia menggeluti bisnis hiburan It has been years since he deal with entertainment business

gema: n /lu/ echo, reverberate.
-bergema; menggema: v 1 echo, rever­berate  Suara guruh itu bergema sepanjang  lembah The thunder reverberated all along the valley 2 largely published or broadcasted  Seruan “bilang tidak untuk narkoba” secara luas telah bergema keseluruh pelosok negeri The call for “say no to drug”  has largely broadcasted all over the country

gemah ripah: adj /Jv/ very prosperous.

gemala: n /lu/ magic stone, probably bezoar.

gemar: adj /lu/ be fond of, delight in. Dia gemar mengajar anak-anak She is fond of  teaching children
-mengemari: v like Shinta mengemari bolabasket Shinta likes basketball
-kegemaran: n hobby
-penggemar: n 1 devotee Apa kamu penggemar video game? Are you a video game devotee?  2 fan Mereka adalah penggemar kamu. They are your fans  3 lover Dia penggemar pendakian He is a hiking lover

gemas: adj /lu/ 1 annoyed, irritated |a slight angry| Saya gemas sama dia I’m slight angry with him  2 be irritated with somebody we love
-kegemasan: n annoyance,  irritation |the feeling of being slightly angry|  Maria tidak bisa menyembunyikan kegemasannya kepada pacarnya. Mary couldn’t hide her annoyance to her boyfriend.
-menggemaskan: adj annoying

gembala; penggembala: n /lu/ 1 shepherd, herdsman. 2 keeper gembala pintu gate­keeper. 3 Jesus Christ Jeus Kristus adalah gembala manusia Jesus Christ is the shepherd of people
-/idiom/: gajah seekor dua gembala (one elephant with two keepers) – one girl with two lovers
-mengembalakan: v herd, to do job as a shepherd
-penggembalaan: n shepherding, herding, watching, caring

gembar-gembor1: v /intr/tr/lu/  rant a) |to talk or complain in a loud, excited, and confused way|  Dia gembar-gembor tentang betapa bosnya memperlakukan dia tidak adil She ranted about how unfairly her boss treated her b) |to disclose an information which is should not to| Ada seseorang gembar-gembor adanya perpecahan diantara pentolan organisasi There is someone who ranted the friction among the organization stake holders
-mengembar-gemborkan: v /tr/ rant, tout, propagandize sb/sth.

gembel: n /lu/ 1 homeless people 2 sb with very low status

gembira;: adj /lu/ 1 happy Kami gembira melihat kamu ada disini. We are happy to see you here.  2 glad  Dia gembira mendengan kamu lulus ujian itu He was glad to know that you pass the test 3 cheerful Dia selalu gembira She is always cheerful 4 delighted Kami gembira mendengar berita baik mereka We were delighted to hear their good news
-bergembira: v feel happy, be delighted, be cheerful, be glad Saya akan bergembira kalau kamu menang. I’ll feel happy if you win
-kegembiraan: n happiness, rejoice, gladness, delight
-menggembirakan: adj 1 delighting Itu berita menggembirakan It’s a delighting news  2 pleasing Kondisi ekonomi sekarang sangat menggembirakan The current economic condition is very pleasing  3 cheering Betapa satu pencapaian yang menggembirakan What so a cheering achievement?
-penggembira: n cheers group, cheers leader

gembleng; bergembleng: v /lu/ 1 be united, be fused, be welded into one 2 forge, harden, drill, indoctrinate, discipline, train |to teach, to train, to provide someone to accept a particular set of beliefs, mid, system, etc. or to be skilful of a particular field or expertise| Sekolah sebaiknya tidak menggembleng anak sekolah dengan masalah politik Schools may not indoctrinate children with a political idea
-menggembleng: v 1 ­unite, fuse, put together 2 forge, teach, drill, indoctrinate, discipline, train
-penggemblenagan: n unification, fusion 2 indoctrination, training, drilling, teaching
-penggembleng: n 1 initiator of the unity, facilitator of fusion 2 indoctrinator, trainer, teacher

gembok: n /lu/ padlock.
-bergembok: adj locked 2 provided with a padlock.
-menggembok: v padlock.
-tergembok: v be padlocked. (unintentionally)

gembong; gembong: n leader, brain behind an activity

gembong, gembong: n leader, brains, prominent figure. gembong rakyat yang tertindas the leader of the oppressed people gembong gerombolan leader of the rebel

gembor: n /lu/ watering can.

gembos: adj /lu/ deflated.
-menggemboskan: v deflate (a tire)

gembrot: adj /Jv/lu/off/ big-bellied, paunchy.

gembung1: adj swollen, distended. puffed (of stom­ach, cheek, etc.). 2 stuffed, filled.
bergembung; menggembung: v /intr/ swollen.
-/idiom/: bergembung dada be proud, be puffed with pride.
-menggembungkan: v /tr/ swell sth up, in­flate. 2 puff up sb’s cheeks.
-kegembungan: n swelling.

gembur: adj /lu/ 1 loose (of soil). 2 crumble (of bread).
-menggembur: v /intr/ become loose (of soil).
-menggemburkan: v /tr/ loosen (soil, etc.).

gementar: variant of gemetar:

gemercak: n /lu/ splatter, splashing.
-bergemercak: v splatter, splash  (of water, etc.).

gemercik: variant of gemerisik:

gemercing: variant of gemerincing: .

gemerincing; n /spo/ sound of clinking or tinkling (e.g. glass breaking, jingling coin, etc.).
-bergemerincing: v tinkle (of bells).
-bergemerincingan: v (more than one things) tinkle or clink each other Piring-piring itu bergemerincingan. The plates tinkle each other

gemerlap; gemerlapan: v /lu/ shine, gleam, sparkle brightly
-bergemerlapan: v (plural things) be gleaming, sparkling
-kegemerlapan: n 1 gleam, shine 2 luxury, extravagance

gemes: variant of gemas:

gemetar: v tremble. Dia gemetar ketakutan She trembled with fear.
-bergemetaran: v (plural things) tremble. Mereka bergemetaran mendengar ancaman itu They trembled to hear the threat.
-menggemetarkan: v make sb tremble.
-kegemetaran: n trembling, tremor.

gemilang: adj /lu/ brilliant, shining, bright. bintang yang gemilang the brilliant stars. kemenangan gemilang brilliant victory. masa depan gemilang brilliant future.
-kegemilangan: n bril­liance.

geming; bergeming: v /lu/ keep quiet, be motionless
-tergeming: v be quiet

gempa: n /lu/ quake 1 tremor make by quake. 2 gempa bumi: earthquake
-gempa tektonik: n tectonic earthquake |earthquake resulting from structural deformation in the earth’s crust|
-gempa vulkanik: n volcanic earthquake |earthquake resulting from volcano eruption|
-bergempa: v /intr/ shake, quake (of the earth)
-menggempakan: v /tr/ shake, jolt. Letusan gunung itu menggempakan seluruh pulau. The eruption jolted the whole island
-wilayah gempa: n seismic zone.

gempal1: adj /lu/ sturdy, plump (of build).
-kegempalan: n sturdi­ness. Kegempalan tubuh kamu perlu dikendalikan The sturdiness of your body need to be controlled

gempal2: variant of gimpal:

gempar: adj /lu/ 1 excited Semua penduduk kota gempar mendengar wali kota terlibat korupsi The whole town were excited to hear that  the mayor involved corruption
-menggemparkan: adj 1 exciting Itu benar-benar satu penemuan menggemparkan It’s really an exciting invention 2 sensational Kami ambil berita menggemparkan tentang pembunuhan itu menjadi topik berita hari ini We put a sensational news report of the murder for today’s head line news
-ke­gemparan: n excitement, sensation, uproar, tumult.

gempita; menggempita: adj /lu/ loud, thundering, blatant, clamorous
-keplokan menggempita: n thundering applause.
-gegap-gempita: adj extremely loud/ thundering/ blatant/ clamorous

gempur; menggempur: v /lu/1 attack a) |to make a sudden intrusion or attack on a place| Sekelompok pasukan menggempur pusat komando musuh A group of soldiers attacked the enemy headquarters. b) |to severely criticize someone or something| Sebuah harian menggempur presiden atas kegagalan memotong pajak Newspapers attacked the President for failing to cut taxes. 2 raid |if the police raid a place, they enter it suddenly to search for something illegal|
-gempuran: n attack, rain, feint
-penggempur: n attacker, raider

gemuk1: adj /lu/ 1 fat. corpulent, obese (body) 2 fertile (soil)

gemuk2: n /lu/ 1 fat 2 plant oil 3 lubricant, grease
-menggemuk: v 1 became fat ((human, animal) 2 become fertile (plant)
-menggemukkan: v 1 fatten up 2 fertilize
-penggemukan: n 1 fattening up 2 fertilization
-menggemuki: v lubricate, grease
-kegemukan1: n fatness, obesity
-kegemukan2: adj too fat, obese, overweight

gemulai: adj /lu/ 1 lithe, pliable, graceful |moving in a smooth and attractive way, or having an attractive shape|  penari yang gemulai lithe dancer gerakan gemulai graceful movement
-menggemulaikan: v make (sth) to sway Angin menggemulaikan daun kelapa itu The wind make the palm leaves sway

gemuruh: n 1 thundering, cannonading. 2 clam­orous, tumultuous.
-bergemuruh; menggemuruh: v thunder. Himbauan presiden menggemuruh keseluruh negeri The president’s appeal thundered throughout the entire nation.
-menggemuruhkan: v make sth thunderous.

gen: n gene |part of a cell which controls the development of a quality that is passed on to a living thing from its parents|

gena: n cheek |the side of sb’s head where ears grow|

genang; bergenang; menggenangi: v flood |to fill a place with water, or to become filled with water|  Sungai menggenangi sawah itu setiap musim hujan The river floods the rice field every rainy season
-tergenang: v be flooded Gudang tergenang dan segala sesuatunya terendam air. The warehouse was flooded and everything got soaked.
-penggenangan: n the pocess of filling a place (such as pool) with water

genap: adj 1 even (as the opposite of odd) 2 full, enough |reach the determined amount| Apa jumlah siswa sudah genap? Has the number of students enough? exactly enough, whole.
-menggenapi: v 1 to make a number, a total, or a figure even Kamu punya kembalian Rp:2,975; Saya genapi, ini saya berikan Rp:3,000.- Your change is Rp 2,975.- I make it even and here I give you Rp 3,000,-  2 fulfil Jangan lupa menggenapi janji kamu minggu depan. Don’t forget to fulfil your promise next week 3 enough, been achieved Kehamilannya sudah genap sembilan bulan Her pregnancy has been nine  months 3 complete Kedatangan kamu ke tim ini akan menggenapi satu formasi yang ideal Your coming to this team will complete an ideal formation
-penggenapan: n fulfilment, completion
-segenap: n the whole, all Segenap siswa satu kelas akan diundang. The whole students of the class will be invited.

gencar: adj incessant, intensive, severe |done rapidly, continuously, intensively| Pemberontak melancarkan satu serangan gencar ke satu pos polisi The rebel launched an incessant attack to a police station Pemberitaan gencar mengenai skandal itu membuat menteri mengundurkan diri The incessant report about the scandal made the minister resigning.
-menggencarkan: v to make more incessant
-kegencaran: n incessantness Kegencaran serangan memaksa pemberontak menyerah The incessantness of the attack forced the rebel to surrender
-kegencaran: adj too incessant/ much/ intensive Kritik kamu sudah kegencaran untuk seorang politisi terhormat seperti itu Your critique was too incessant to such honourable politician

gencat: menggencat: v 1 cease, stop, halt, suspend. Polisi menggencat pemeriksaan ka­rena bukti tidak cukup The police suspended the interrogation for the lack of evidence. 2 stunt (growth, development). Kekurangan vitamin telah menggencat pertumbuhan bayi itu The lack of vitamin has stunted the growth of the baby
digencat: v /pass.v./ be stunted/ stopped/ halted
-gencatan: n the action ceasing gencatan senjata ceasefire
-tergencat: adj ceased, halted, stopped, suspended, stunted.

gencet1; menggencet: v /Jkt/lu/ 1 squeeze |to press something firmly inwards, especially with your hand or your feet Jim menggencet lengannya dengan pelan Jim squeezed her arm gently. 2 press (physically)  a) |to push something with your finger to start a machine or to make an electronic equipment work| Gencet tombol ini untuk menghidupkan komputer ini Press this knob to start the computer. b) |to push something firmly against something else and keep it there for a period of time|  Sebuah kotak jatuh menggencet kakinya dengan parah A falling box pressed his foot severely Gencet luka itu dengan jari kamu. 2 press (mentally, psychologically) a) |to try very hard to persuade someone to do something or tell you something| Pendapat umum telah menggencet presiden memangkas anggaran biaya The public opinion has pressed the president to cut the budget  b) |to create a psychological situation which make sb follow what you tell| Pemeriksaan yang gencar telah membuat dia mengungkapkan semua rincian semuanya Incessan interrogation has made him to disclose the details
-gencetan: n pressure
-tergencet: v /pass.v./ be pressed

gencet2: v /Jkt/ grown together (of fingers, bananas, etc.).

gendak: n /Jkt/Jv/ mistress, concubine. |a woman that a man has a sexual relationship with even he even though he is married to someone else|
-bergendak: v have a mistress.
-menggendaki: v establish a concubinal relationship
-pergendakan: n matter related to a mistress

gendala: n /ld/ hindrance, obstacle. syn: /lu/ kendala
-menggendalakan: v obstruct, hinder, hamper.
-tergendala: adj obstructed. Jalan itu tergendala oleh pohon tumbang The road was obstructed by a falling tree.

gendang1: n /lu/ 1 drum. 2 mosque drum
-gendang hati: n inner voice.
-gendang raya: n large drum.
-gendang rampah: n music instrument that consists of several drum
-gendang telinga: n eardrum, ear membrane.
-bergendang: v play the drum.
-gendang tangan: n clap, applause
-menggendangi: v 1 play drum as an ac­companiment to other instrument. 2 agree with, support sb’s effort.
-(ber)gendang paha: v /ltr/ be pleasure over an­other’s misfortune (slap sb’s thigh)
-(ber)gendang lutut: v do nothing, be unemployment

gendang2: n /ld/ 1 a roll (of paper) 2 membrane, film

gendeng: adj /Jv/ dumb, stupid.

gender: n /ld/ a game­lan instrument |it has metal keys suspended on thongs or cords over sounding tubes|

genderang: n /ld/ large drum.
-gendering suling: n drum and flute.

gending: n /Jv/ musical composition for gamelan.

gendong; menggendong: v carry (esp. baby) on a piece of cloth hanging crossly from one shoulder to the opposite armpit.
-gendongan: n a piece of clothe to carry a baby in such way

gendut: adj /lu 1 corpulent, potbellied. pria gendut dan tinggi a corpulent and long man  2 pregnant Perutnya sedang gendut She is pregnant  3 rich Ayahnya seorang pengusaha gendut His father is a rich business man
-menggedutkan: v cause a potbelly. Bir bisa menggendutkan perut Beer can cause a potbelly make your stomach
-kegendutan1: n corpulence.
-kegendutan2: adj too fat.

genealogi: n /tech/ genealogy.

genealogis: adj /tech/ genealogical.

generalisasi: n /frm/ generalization.
-menggeneralisasikan: v generalize.

generalisir; menggeneralisir: variant of mengeneralisasikan:

generasi: n /frm/ generation. generasi penerus the future/the next generation.

generatif: adj /tech/ generative.

generator: n /lu/ generator.

genetika: n /tech genetics.

genggam1: v /lu/ 1 hold, grasp, grip, clutch (physically) |to have something firmly in your hands or arms| Dia mengenggam sebuah pisau untuk memotong tangkai bunga itu. He is holding a knife with his hand to cut a stem of the flower 2 hold,  grasp, grip, clutch (economically, socially, politically) Seorang rentenir telah menggenggam dia menjadi seorang penghutang tetap A pawnbroker has grasp him to be a permanent debtor
-genggaman: n hold, grasp, grip, clutch

genggam2; segenggam: n .lu. a handful (of sth)

gengsi1: n /ltr/ collateral relative.

gengsi2: n /lu/ prestige. |the respect or admiration that someone attain, usually as a result of success, high quality, etc| Saya tidak bisa melakukan itu, pikirkan gengsi saya I cannot do such business, think of my prestige
-bergengsi: adj prestigious.

gengsi3: v /lu/ put on airs Jangan gengsi Kita hanya orang biasa seperti mereka. Stop putting on airs. We are just common  people like them

genial: adj /frm/ genial.

genialitas: n /frm/ geniality.

genit: adj /lu/ flirtatious, vain.
-menggenitkan: v cause sb. looks flirtatious.
-kegenitan1: n flirtatiousness
-kegenitan2: adj too flirtatious

genitive; genitip: adj /tech/ genitive.

genjer: n /lu/ edible water plant.

genjer-genjer: n /lu/ song associated with Indonesian Communist Party.

genjot; menggenjot: v .lu/ 1 drive a pedal or treadle. Ali menggenjot beca Nono selama dia sakit Ali pedalled Nono’s pedicab while he was ill ­ 2 do sth all at once Mari kita genjot, kita tidak punya banyak waktu Let’s do it all at once, we don’t have much time.
-becak pedal: n a pedicab.
-genjot-genjotan: v attack each other severely

genta: n /lu/ bell (in churches, bell on the neck of a cattle , etc.). genta tangan handbell. genta suam forceful echo,
-bergenta: v ring out. Lonceng gereja itu bergenta beberapa kali The church’s bell rang a couple of times.

gentar: adj /lu/ 1 vibrate (or plucked string), quivel 2 tremble (with fear), fear. Saya tidak gentar menghadapi dia I am not afraid to confront her. –syn: /lu/ gemetar
-bergentar; menggentar: v /lu/ vibrate, quiver, tremble. Mereka bergentar ketakutan They were trembling with fear.
-menggentarkan: v 1 frighten  2 make sth vibrate/ quiver/ tremble Bom nuklir itu mengentarkan seluruh dunia. The nuclear bom frighten all over the world  Atomic energy has severely shaken all human being
-gentaran: n 1 vibration. 2 fear, nervousness.
-kegentaran: n fright, fear, nervousness
-penggentar1: adj coward
-penggentar2: n 1 instrument for plucking a guitar. 2  terrorism 2 sth that is used to vibrate

gentayangan: v /lu/ 1 fooling/ wandering around |to spend time walking somewhere  without particular objective| Mereka sedang gentayangan di pantai They are fooling around at the beach. 2 |used to suggest the presence of something somewhere| Ada hantu gentayangan disana pada malam hari. There are ghosts fooling around there at night. Masalahnya, para penjual narkoba sealu gentayangan dimana-mana. The problem is that the drug traffickers fooling around everywhere

genteng: v /lu/ roof-tile.
-genteng berombak: n corrugated tile.
-genteng kodok: n thick tile.
-menggenteng: v put roof tiles

gentingl: adj /lu/ 1 narrow, thin, slender in the middle. tanah genting isthmus. 2 frayed, worn thin |sth that almost broke off| . Ada beberapa bagian genting pada  tali itu There are several frayed spots on that rope. 3 critical  Keadaannya Negara sangat genting The country situation is critical.
-menggenting: v become critical
-menggentingkan: v render sth critical, endanger sth Krisis ekonomi global menggentingkan situasi local. The global economic crises endanger local situation
-kegentingan: n crisis, critical junction.

genting2: variant of genteng:

gentong: n /ld/ water container made of clay

geofisik: n /tech/ geophysical.

geofisika: n /tech/ geophysics.

geofisikawan: n /frm/ geophysicist.

geografi: n /frm/ geography.

geografis: adj /frm/ geographical.

geokimia: n /tech/ geochemistry.

geologi: n /tech/ geology.

geologis: adj /tech/ geological.

geologiwan: n /frm/ geologist.

geometri; geometrika: n /frm/ geometry.

geometris: adj /tech/ geometrical.

geopolitik:n /frm/ geopolitics.

geopolitis: adj /frm/ geopolitical.

gepeng: adj /lu/ flat and rather thin |the shape of a cake that fails to rise, a malformed head, a plate rather than a soup bowl, etc.).
-menggepengkan: v flatten sth

geplak1: n /Jv/ Jkt/ sweet cake.

geplak2; menggeplak: v /lu/ strike with the back of the hand.

gepok; gepokan: n 1 bundle, sheaf.
-segepok: n 1 a sheaf or bundle 2 an amount or a number (of sth) segepok uang a wad of money.
-bergepok-gepok: n several bundles, in bundles or wads.

geprak; menggeprak: v /lu/ hit with banging sound

gepuk1: adj /Min./ fat, obese.

gepuk2; menggepuk: v 1 beat, pound. 2 crack (with ham­mer). mengepuk es crush the ice.

gerabah: n /lu/ earthenware vessels.

gerah1: adj /lu/ 1 slightly hot Saya merasa gerah, mungkin akan hujan I fell slightly hor, probably it’s going to rain. 2 restless, uneasy  |a condition that sb feel uncomfortable just like if you in a hot place| Apa yang membuat kamu gerah? What make you restless?
-kegerahan1: n restlessness, uneasiness,  uncomfortableness
-kegerahan2: adj too hot
-menggerahkan: v 1 cause sb feel hot 2 cause sb fell restless

gerah2: variant of geruh:

geraham: n /lu/ molar. geraham bungsu wisdom tooth.

gerak; gerakan;  pergerakan: n /lu/ 1 move Apa sudah ada gerak dalam proyek itu? Is there any move in the project? 2 movement. Tarian seperti ini memerlukan gerakan gemulai Dance like this needs pliable movement Tarian ini mempunyai gerakan yang in­dah That dance has beautiful movements. ­3 gestures |a movement of your head, arm, or hand that shows what you mean or how you feel| satu gerakan yang halus a graceful gesture. 4 beat Tolong periksa gerakan jantungnya Please check her heart beat. 4 steps gerakan mundur backward steps gerakan maju forward steps 5 progress Tidak ada pergerakan sama sekali dalam proyek ini There is no progress at all in this project 6 action Tanpa gerakan massal tidak akan ada perobahan dinegeri ini Without a massive action there will be no change to this country 7 drive Apa yang kami lakukan hanyalah gerakan sosial What we do is only a social drive 8 fluctuation  Pergerakan nilai rupiah terhadap mata uang asing sangat tidak terduga The fluctuation between Rp (rupiah) and foreign currencies was very unpredictable
-gerakan hati: n intuition
-gerak jalan: n march
-meng­gerakkan: v /tr/ move (sth)
-mengerak-gerakkan: v /tr/ move (sh) repeatedly
-tergerak: v be inspired, be motivated Hati saya tergerak untuk ikut dalam tim penyelamat itu I was inspired to join the rescue team.
-penggerak: n 1 initiator Evan adalah penggerak missi sosial ini Evan was the initiator of this social mission  2 motor Bung Tomo adalah salah satu penggerak utama program pendidikan di Indonesia Bung Tomo was one of the main motor of educational program in Indonesia
-penggerakan: n initiation of a movement

geram1: adj /lu/ infuriated, furious, enraged  |very angry|
-menggeram: v /intr/ 1 become infuriated/ furious/ enraged (someone) 2 growl (animal like dog, cat)
-menggeramkan1: v /tr/ infuriate, enrage, inflame, outrage
-menggeramkan2: adj infuriating, enraging, inflaming, outraging
-kegeraman: n furiousness, anger, outrage

geram2: n sound of growl.

geranat: variant of granat:

gerang: n tooth blackener:
-menggerang: n blacken the teeth.

gerangan: phr. v. /lu/ could be  |an expression of wandering or doubt| Siapa itu gerangan. Who it could be? Apa gerangan kepentingan mereka? What it is possibly their interest?    Benarkah gerangan hal itu terfadi? Did it possibly really happen?

gerayangl; menggerayang: v /intr/lu/ 1 crawl, creep, slither |move by dragging the body, on hands and knees, or go on all legal (of insects, snakes, etc.) 2 scratch 3 pervade Bau tengik ikan busuk itu menggerayang kemana-mana The odor of the decayed fish pervade everywhere
-menggerayangi: v /tr/ 1 crawl, creep, slither (on sth) Semut menggerayangi kakinya Ants were crawling on his leg 2 scratch (sb/head) Dia selalu menggera-yangi kepalanya kalau sedang menangis She always scratches  her head if she is crying. 2 grope (especially for stealing sth) 3 poke |if your hand creep on sb’s body particularly for stimulating sex desire|
-gerayangan: n a poke,  a touch, a grope.

gerbangl: adj /ld/ disheveled (of hair).
-gerbang-gersul: adj tangled, tousled |twisted together and looks messy (of hair, string)|.
-menggerbangkan: v /lu/ 1 to let down sb’s hair, undo sb’s hairdo. 2 spread out. Burung itu menggerbangkan sayapnya The bird spread its wings.

gerbang2: n /lu/ gate, esp. ceremonial arches.

gerbong: n /lu/ railway coach.
-gerbong barang: n freight car.
-gerbong restoran: n dining car.

gerebak; gerebeg; gerebek; menggerebek: v /lu/ 1 suddenly seize, raid  Polisi mengge-rebek  persembunyian teroris itu The police suddenly seized the place where the terrorist hiding 2  /Jkt/ gang up on sb
-penggerebekan: n raiding, sudden attack.

gereget: n /lu/ spirit, will, enthusiasm, ethos
-geregetan: adj infuriated, furious, enraged  |very angry| -syn: geram

gereja: n /lu/ 1 church. Apa kamu mau pergi ke gereja? Are you going to church? kebaktian gereja church service  2 denomination Gereja Protestan Indonesia Bagian Barat (GPIB) Protestant Churches  (Denomination), in Western part of Indonesia

gerejani: adj /frm/ ecclesiastical.

gerejawan: n /frm/ churchman, an ecclesiastical.

gerejawi: variant of gerejani:

gerek: n /lu/ 1 drill. 2 cavity, hollow
-gerek kayu: n auger, gimlet.
-bergerek-gerek: adj 1 perforated. 2 to have hollows or cavity
-menggerek: v 1 drill (a hole), perforate. 2 bore (of a rodent).
-mengerekkan: v drill or bore sth for sb
-penggerekan: n drilling, boring, perforation

gerendel: n variant of grendel:

geret; menggeret: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 scratch, scrape. 2 screech, squeak. Engselnya menggeret sebab sudah lama tidak di gemuki The hinge squeaked because it had not been greased for a long time. 3 drag along 4  tow Mereka akan menggeret mobil kamu kalau parkir disini They will tow your car if you park here
-menggerekkan: v /tr/ use (sth) to scratch (sth) Dia menggeretkan paku itu ke daun meja He scratch the nail on the table
-geretan: n 1 matches, lighter. Apa kamu punya geretan? Do you have a matches? 2 a pull, a drag, a scratch, a tow Kamu akan ditagih $ 50 untuk satu geretan You’ll be charged $ 50 for a tow

gergaji: n saw.
-gergaji bolak-balik: n crosscut saw.
-gergaji piring: n circular saw.
-gergaji pita: n band saw.
-gergaji ­tarik: n crosscut saw
-gergaji rantai/mesin: n chainsaw
-abu gergaji: n sawdust
-penggergaji: n sawyer
-pengergajian: n sawing
-mennggergaji: v saw.

gerhana: n /lu/ eclipse.
-gerhana bulan: n lunar eclipse.
-gerhana penuh: n total eclipse.

gerigi: n /lu/ serration |a series of botches|
-bergerigi: adj 1 serrated, toothed (saw, etc.). 2 jagged (edge).

gerilya: n guerrilla.
-bergerilya: v wage guerrilla warfare.
-menggerilyai: v attack sth with guerrilla tactics.

gerilyawan: n male guerrilla fighter.

gerilyawati: n female guerrilla fighter.

gerimis: n /lu/ drizzle. -bergerimis; menggerimis: v drizzle. |mist and light rain come down from the sky|  Sudah mulai menggerimis. It’s starting to drizzle.

gerincing: n sound of tinkling.
-menggerincingkan: v jingle sth (keys, etc.).

gerinda: n /lu/ grind, grindstone
-menggerinda: v grind (sth)

gerinding1: n /lu/ a toy musical instrument with a string you put between your open lips and you pick it to make sound

germo: n /lu/ 1 pimp,  procurer,  panderer. 2 brothel keeper.
-pergermoan: n matters pertaining to pandering.
-penggermoan: n pimping.

gerobak: n /lu/ 1 cart, wagon. (traditional carriage driven by ox, horse, or caribou)  2  truck (especially pick-up)

gerogi: adj groggy |weak and unable to think clearly, because you are ill or tired|

gerogol: n a hut (a small house with only one or two rooms) above water surface

gerogot: menggerogoti: v /Jkt/ gnaw on (of rats, etc.) 2 chew at. 3 undermine (a plan or duty). mengerogoti nama baik organisasi undermine the organization reputation 4 embezzle |steal a little by a little|  Dia dituduh telah menggerogoti uang perusahaan He has been accused for embezzling the company’s money
-penggerogotan: n embezzlement, plundering.
-penggerogot: n panderer, embezzler, corruptor

gerombol; bergerombol; menggerombol: v assemble, collect. Pen­duduk desa itu bergerombol menyambut kedatangan gubernur The vil­lagers gathered to welcome the governor.
-gerombolan: n 1 gang, band (of thieves, etc.) 2 group of rebel Pos polisi itu telah diserang gerombolan pemberontak The police station was attacked by a group of rebel

gerontang: n sound of erratic chattering or clatter­ing (falling cans, etc.).
-gerontang kering: n empty threat/ bluff.
-menggerontang: v 1 make such a noise. 2 threaten with loud noises.

gerpol {gerilya politik}: n underground political movement

gersang: adj dry (skin, hair, etc.) 2 barren (soil).
-menggersang: v become dry/ barren.
-kegersangan: n dry­ness, barreness.

gersik: n coarse sand.

gertak; menggertak: v 1pretendingly threaten. |to say that you will cause someone trouble, pain etc. if she/he does not do what you want, whoever you are not going to do it even though she/he refuse it| 2 intimidate |to make someone afraid, often by using threats, so that s/he does what you want|
-gertakan: n 1 threat 2 intimidation
-gertak sambal: n 1 false threat 2 empty intimidation

gerumut; menggerumut: v /intr/ 1 swarm |to move in a large uncontrolled crowd| Semut menggerumut diatas meja Ants  swarmed on the table.
-menggerumuti: v /tr/ swarm over sth Lebah menggerumuti bunga itu The bees swarm over the flower 2 crowd Banyak masalah menggerumuti pikiran saya Many problems crowded my mind.
-digerumuti: v /pass.v/ be swarmed Presiden digerumuti oleh wartawan The president was swarmed by journalists  2 crowd (the thoughts). Pikiran saya digerumuti banyak persoalan My mind is crowded by many problems.

gerundel; menggerundel: v complain, pout  -syn: menggerutu

gerung: n roar, cry, howl, shout
-menggerung: v 1roar, howl, shout Mesin itu menggerung seperti pesawat jet The machine roar like a jet  2 cry loudly. Nancy menggerung mendengar berita kematian suaminya Nancy cry loudly to hear her husband’s death

gerunggung: n tree. –syn: pohon

gerunjal; menggerunjal: v 1 jolt 2 appear suddenly. 3 cause jolts.

gerup: n a part of a loom to which the comb is fixed. (knitting tool)

gerupis; menggerupis: v scrutinize the detail of sth

gerus: n snail shell used to polish cloth – Crypraea tigris.
-menggerus: v 1 polish sth with a shell until it shines. 2 crush, grind. Air banjir itu menggerus lembah itu The flood crushed the valley
-pengerusan: n the process of crushing or grinding

gerut: n /spo/ sound of scratching.
-gerutan: n 1 scratch. 2 claw.

gerutu1: adj rough, coarse (of texture) .

gerutu2: n /lu/ grievance |something that you complain about because you think it is unfair|
-menggerutui: v grumble about.
-penggerutu: n grumbler.

gesa; bergesa-gesa: adv in a hurry, in haste. Dengan bergesa-gesa dia keluar In a hurry she went out
-tergesa-gesa: adj hasty Keputusan yang tergesa-gesa A hasty decision
-ketergesa-gesaan: n hastiness.

gesek; menggesek: v /lu/ 1 rub |to press your hand against a surface and move your hand  over the surface while pressing| Boleh gesekkan sedikit lotion ke punggung saya? Would you rub some lotion on my back please? 2 |to move around while pressing against another surface| Ban menggesek aspal ketika saya menginjak rem secara tiba-tiba The tires rubbed the asphalt when I suddenly pressed the barake  2 provoke |if someone lead you to hate somebody else by giving wrong information| Jangan pecaya dia; Dia ingin menggesek kamu dengan saya. Don’t believe him; He wants to rub you against me. 3 play Dia sangat pintar menggesek biola He is very good to play violin. 4 debit Silahkan gesek rekening saya dari kartu kredit ini Please debit my account from my credit card
-digesek: v /pass.v./ be rubbed
-gesekan: n rub |an act of rubbing|

geser: v move a little Boleh kamu geser sedikit supaya saya bisa duduk? Could you move a little so I can sit?

gesit: adj 1 adroit |able to use your hands skilfully, or to think and use words quickly|  seorang pemain sulap yang gesik –syn: tangkas, cekatant 2 adept |good at doing something that needs care or skill|  Melisa adalah sekretaris yang gesit Melissa is an adept secretary –syn: telaten | Dia telaten memasak makanan Indonesia He is adept at cooking Indonesian dishes.

gesper: n clasp, buckle.
-menggesperkan: v buckle (belt, ete).

Gestapu {Gerakan Tiga Puluh Septem­ber}: 30th September Movement |an attempt in 1965  to seize control of Indonesian government|

getah: n 1 sap, latex, resin. 2 excess |a result, or a reaction to sb’s action| Dia yang berbuat salah tetapi saya yang mendapat getahnya He did something wrong but I who get the effect

getar; getaran: n 1 tremble |the shake because you are upset, afraid, or excited| 2  trill. |a musical sound made by quickly repeating two notes that are very similar|  3 vibration
-bergetar: v 1 tremble  2 trill 3 vibrate Kabar mengenai pembunuhan itu membuat hati saya bergetar The news about the murder vibrate my heart.
tergetar: v 1 be trembled 2 be trilled 3 be vibrated My heart was vibrated by the murder news

getas1: adj /lu/ brittle (of wood, etc.). 2 easily broken, oversensitive.

getas2: adj /Jkt/ clear, distinct

getek1: n /Jkt/ small raft.

getek2: variant of gitik:

getir1: adj bitter. Dia tertawa dengan getir: He laughed bitterly. pengalaman getir a bitter experience
-menggetirkan: v make bitter, em­bitter. Kelakuan jeleknya menggetirkan perasaan isterinya His bad behaviour embitters his wife feeling
-kegetiran: n bitterness kegetiran hidup bitterness of life

getir2: see getil:

getok; getokan: n 1 pounding. 2 stick (sth that you use to hit sth)
-menggetok: v 1 hit, strike. 2 knock on (with a hammer, gavel, knuckles, etc.).

getol: adj 1 eager  2 determined 3 industrious 3 hard working.
-kegetolan: n eagerness, determination, industriousness, diligence.

getuk: n /Jv/ sweet steamed loaf of pounded cassava.
-getuk lindri: n multicolored confection of steamed cassava.

geulis: n variant of gelis:

gewang1: n mother-of-pearl.

gewang2: variant of giwang:

GIA: Garuda Indonesian Airways

giat: adj 1 active |always doing things, or always ready and able to do something|  Nadine adalah seorang pelajar yang sangat giat. Nadine is a very active student 2 hard |be always intensive in doing sth| Kalau kamu tidak mau gagal dalam ujian terakhir, kamu harus bekerja belajar dengan giat If you don’t want to fail the final exam, you have to work (study) hard 3 industrious  Dia bukan saja pintar tetapi juga giat She is not only smart but also industrious
-berkegiatan: v to have activity
-kegiatan: n activity Silahkan uraikan seluruh kegiaan produksi Please elaborate the whole production activity
-menggiatkan: v activate  |to make sth start work or to make an activity more intensive or productive| Kita perlu mengiatkan semua sumberdaya kita untuk meningkatkan produksi We need to activate all our potential resources to increase our production
-mempergiat: v make sth more active
-penggiat: n activator
-penggiatan: n activation

giga: num. |every billion| satu giga bytes one billion (1,000,000,000.) bytes

gigi: n /lu/ 1 tooth. |one of the hard objects in your mouth that we need to bite and to chew|  Sikat gigi kamu sebelum pergi tidur! Brush your teeth before going to sleep! 2 gigi persneling: transmission gear Apa kamu sudah memeriksa gigi persneling mobil itu? Have you check the transmission gear of the car? 3 pointed part of a fork finger Satu dari gigi garpu itu patah One of the pointed part of the fork is broken 4 power Pemerintah yang sekarang tidak punya gigi The current government has no power
-gigi asu: n upper canine tooth
-gigi bungsu: n wisdom teeth
-gigi pengiris: n incisor
-gigi graham: n molar
-gigi taring: n fang |a long sharp tooth of an animal such as a snake or dog|
-dokter gigi: n dentist
-sikat gigi1: n toothbrush
-sikat gigi2: v to brush tooth
-odol gigi: n toothpaste

gigih1: adj persevering, determined |having a strong desire to continue to do something even though it is difficult or boring|  Dia seorang pengacara yang sangat gigih She’s a very determined lawyer
-kegigihan: n perseverance, determination

gigih2: n half-cooked rice.

gigih3: see gigil:

gigil; gigir; menggigil: v /lu/ shudder, shiver, tremble. Udara dingin membuat seluruh badan saya meggigil The cold air makes my whole body tremble.

gigit; menggigit: v /lu/ bite (sth)
-digigit: v /pass.v./ be bitten
-gigitan: n /lu/ bite 1 |the act of cutting or crushing something with your teeth| Gigitan anjing itu sangat sakit. The bite of the dog was very painful. 2 |the piece of food that is cut| Dia mengambil satu gigitan roti saya He take a bite of my bread  3 |a wound made when an animal or insect bites you| Apa bintik merah itu gigitan nyamuk? Is that red spot mosquito bites!
-mengigiti: v keep biting, bite (sth) all over.
-tergigit1: v /pass.v./ accidentally be bitten
-tergigit2: adj able to be bitten
-/idiom/: gigit jari: feel disappointed from losing a chance.

gigolo: n male paid spouse

gila: adj /lu/ 1 insane |completely stupid or crazy, often in a way that is dangerous, or permanently mentally ill| Seharusnya pemerintah tidak membiarkan orang gila bebas pergi keman-mana The government shouldn’t let an insane person to go freely everywhere 2 crazy a) |not very sensible of danger or risk| Kamu pasti sudah gila mengendara mobil secepat itu. You must be crazy to drive with that speed! b) |to like someone or something very much| Serevina dan Nicole gila main selancar Serevina and Nicole are crazy about surfing Janganlah menjadi gila harta Don’t be crazy about properties 3 mad Dia menghabiskan uangnya secara gila-gilaan. He spend his money madly
-anjing gila: n rabies-infected dog
-gila air: adj not really insane but absent-minded
-gila bahasa: adj slightly insane but not dangerous
-gila babi: n epilepsy
-kegila-gilaan: adj slightly mad/ crazy/ insane
-kegilaan: n craziness, insanity, obsession
adj beyond  control  Semua harga-harga sudah menggila All prices have been beyond control
-tergila-gila: adj obsessed, infatuated |thinking about someone or something continuously, so that you cannot think of anything else|  Rahul tergila-gila kepada seorang gadis desa Rahul is obsessed with a country girl.

gilang-cemerlang: adj /lu/ glittering and bright.

gilang-gemilang: adj bright and brilliant. dgn hasil gilang gemilang with brilliant results. jaman gilang gemilang a glorious/gold age.

gilap; gemilap: v brilliantly shining.
-menggemilang: adj lustrous, shining (polished or smooth surface).
-menggemilangkan: v /tr/ cause sth to shine.

gilas; menggilas: v /lu/1 crush, pulverize. 2 run over. Truk itu menggilas kucingku The truck ran over my cat. 3 overrun, cross over. Garis itu tidak boleh digilas oleh roda-roda kendaraan The vehicle’s wheels may not cross the line.
-batu penggilas cabe: n a stone to crush chilli
-menggilaskan: v 1 pulverize, crush 2 run over
-penggilas: n crusher, pul­verizer.
penggilas es: n ice crusher.
-penggilas jalan: n steam machine roller.
-tergilas: v 1 unintentionaly be run over Anjing itu mati tergilas mobil The dog die because it was run over by  a car

giling; giling-giling: n /lu/ steam roller.
-gilingan: n 1 mill. (a tool or a machine that functions to mill) gilingan padi paddy  mill. 2 grin gilingan kopi coffee grind 3 roller mesin giling jalan steam roller
-menggiling: v 1 roll out |flatten sth to make something flat by moving something round and heavy over it| Giling adonan itu sampai tipis Roll the pie crust thin. 2 mill, grind |to crush grains (wheat, coffee, pepper, etc.) in a mill. 3 crush | to press something so hard that it breaks or is damaged, or to injure someone seriously this way:
-penggilingan: n action or process of milling
-tergiling: v /pass. v./ be  milled. Semua padi sudah tergiling All the paddy has been milled
-tergiling: v 1 be rolled, be millied 3 variant of tergilas:

gilir1; bergilir; bergiliran1: adj /lu/ alternate |happening in a regular way, first one thing and then the other thing| menejer jaga bergiliran alternate duty manager penjaga bergiliran alternate guardian
-giliran: n turn, shift |one of the three 8-hour periods in a day during which a particular group of workers are at work| Sore ini adalah giliran saya bekerja This evening is my shift to work

gilir2; bergiliran2: adv turn/shift (to do sth) Kita harus bergiliran menjaga pasien itu We have to take turn to watch the patient
-pergiliran: n rotation, shift schedule

gimana: variant of bagaimana:

gimnastik: n /frm/ gymnastics.

gin: n gin.

gincu: n /lu/ lipstick.
-bergincu: v use lipstick.

ginekolog: n /frm/ gynaecologist

ginekoliogi: n /frm/ gynaecology.

ginjal, ginjel: n /lu/ kidney.

ginseng: n /lu/ a very famous herb from East Asia – Pandare aralia ginseng

giok: n /Chn/ jade.

gips: n /lu/ 1 gypsum. 2 plaster cast (on sprain or fract­ure).
-menggips: v put sth in a cast. Kakinya yang patah harus digips His broken leg  has to be put in a cast.

girang: adj /lu/ glad, happy. Dia sangat girang melihat kamu She was very happy to meet you. 2 cheerful.
-kegirangan: n gladness, hap­piness.
-kegirang-girangan: adj overjoyed.
-menggirangkan: adj cheering, gladden. berita yang menggrangkan cheering news
-penggirang: adj cheerful (person).

girik: n /of/ 1 certificate (particularly on the ownership of a piece of land)  2 chit, receipt, bill, voucher. |a short note that shows how much money someone owes or has paid| 3 ID card 4 guardianship schedule

girik-girik: n /ld/ nut crusher.

giring1; menggiring: v /lu/ 1 herd, drive (livestock). mengiring bola drive the ball toward the goal. 2 escort a criminal (to prison, court, etc.). Polisi menggiring koruptor itu ke penjara. The police escort the corruptor  into the prison
-menggiringkan: v herd (sth) on be­half of sb
-penggiringan: n driving, herding.

giring2: see temu:

giring-giring1: n /ld/ bell (on bicycle, clothing, church, etc.)

giring-giring2: n /ld/ a kind of plants used for fertilizer.

giro: n /lu/ 1 clearing, clearing account. 2 credit transfer 3 check for deposit only.
-penggiroan: n transfer of funds through a credit transfer

giro pos: n 1 postal money transfer. 2 postal clearing.

giroskop: n /tech/ gyroscope.

gitar: n /lu/ guitar.
-bergitar: v play guitar.

gitaris: n /lu/ guitarist.

gitik; menggitik: v /ld/ have sex with a woman.

gitu: /spo/ 1 variant of begitu: 2 so-so, all the same 3 begitu-begitu saja:  just like as usual Kea­daannya gitu-gitu saja: His condition is always so-so, never change.
-begituan: adv that sort of (bad, dirty) thing. Saya tidak mau begituan I do not want to do that |implicitly immoral or illegal thing| Jangan begitu dong! Don’t like that, please!
-begitulah: that is it!
-begitukah? Begitukah cara kamu memperlakukan orang tua kamu? Is it the way you treat your parents?
-begitu: adv so |an expression of unexpected reality| Begitu marahnya dia sampai tidak mau bertemu lagi dengan saya! That he was so mad at me which made him don’t want to meet me again  Begitu besarnya cinta kami pada kamu namun kamu tidak pernah mengerti hal itu That is so great we love you, but you never understand it.
n be treated like that (badly). Saya kok dibegitukan? Why do they treat me like that?

giur; menggiurkan1: adj /lu/ 1 attractive |pretty or beautiful, especially in a sexual way| seorang gadis yang menggiurkan an attractive girl  2 alluring |attractive by seeming to offer something pleasant or exciting| makanan yang menggiurkan alluring food 3 seductive |sexually attractive| seorang wanita dengan gaya yang menggiurkan a woman with a seductive style  4 tempting |has potency to make someone want to have or to do something although it is wrong, bad, silly etc., by making it seem beneficial or pleasant|  Mereka menawarkan pada saya bisnis yang menggiurkan They’re offering me a tempting business 5 enticing |to persuade someone to do something by offering him/her something nice| iklan yang menggiurkan lain tentang sebuah mobil baru another enticing ad on a new car
-menggiurkan2: v 1 attract 2 allure 3 seduce 4 tempt 5 entice

giwang: n /lu/ ear stud, earring

gizi: n /lu/ nutrient.
-bergizi: adj nutritious, nourishing.

gladi: variant of geladi:

gladiol; gladiole: n gladiolus. |any of various plants of the genius Gladiolus native to tropical areas, widely cultivated, has sword shape leaves with spike and variously coloured flower|

glamour: adj glamour

glasir: n /tech/ the hard emulsion on the outer surface of ceramics or porcelain
-menggelasir: v put the cover of sth indoor to make it harder, smother, or nicer

glaucoma: n glaucoma.

global: adj /lu/ 1 global, overall. 2 broad, all-encompassing. secara global rough­ly, broadly.
-globalisasi: n globalization

globe: n globe

glondongan: n /lu/ un-processed timber

glosarium: n /ltr/ glossary.

glotalisasi: n /tech/ glottalization.

glotokronologi: n /tech/ glottochronology.

glugut: n /ld/ fine hairs of the bamboo.

glukosa: n /tech/ glucose.|natural form of sugar that is available in fruits and vegetable|

go: num /Chn./ five. go ban :50,000. go cap 50. go ceng 5,000. go pek 500. go tiau five million.

goa: n /lu/ cave

goal: variant of gol:

gobah: variant of kubah:

goban: see go:

gobang: n /of/ colonial era coin (valued at two-and­-a half cents) with a hole in  the middle.

gobar: adj /ld/ somber. gobar hati sad.

gobek: n /ld/ metallic cylinder with plunger to mince betel chew, esp. for toothless elders.
-menggobek: v /ld/ ­pound betel with such a device.

gobernor: /of/ variant of gubernur:

goblok: adj /lu/ stupid.
-kegoblokan: n stupidity, folly.

gocap: num /spo/ 50: see go:

gocek; menggocek: v /ld/ maneuver |to move or turn sth skilfully|  John mengocek bola dengan manis lalu menendang bola ke gawang John made a gentle manuever and kick the ball to the gate.

goceng: num, /spo/ 5000: see go:

goda; menggoda: v 1 tempt. 2 allure Dia mencoba menggoda saya dengan uangnya. He is trying to allure me with his money. 2 attract, seduce  Mereka mencoba menggoda perhatian kita They are trying to attract our attention
-godaan: n temptation, allurement, seduction.
-penggoda: n seducer
-tergoda: v be attempted, be allured, be seduced

godam: n /lu/ sledgehammer.
-menggodam: v strike, pound (using fist, club, sledgehammer, etc.).
-bergodam: v to have growing sideburns. |hair that grows down the sides of a man’s face in front of his ears|

godog; godok: adj /lu/ boiled mi godok boiled noo­dles. telur godok boiled egg.
-menggodok: v 1 cook (sth) by boiling (e.g. poach egg, boil stew, etc.). 2 indoctrinate,  train intensively. Dia telah digodok soal ideology sosialisme He had been indoctrinated about the socialism ideology   3 discuss, debate, think over deeply. Kami telah menggodok proposal itu secara mendalam. We have discussed the proposal deeply
-penggodokan: n indoctrination, intensive training.

go-go: see sistim.

gogo1: n /lu/ non-irrigated rice field
-gogo rancah: v plant rice by directly spread the seeds

gogo2; go-go: n dance.

gokart: n go-cart.

gol1: n /lu/ l goal, score, point. Ramos mencetak dua gol untuk Indonesia Ramos scored two goals for Indonesia

gol2: adj successful Upayanya lolos ujian itu telah gol Her effort to pass the test has been successful
-menggolkan: v 1 make a point Dia menggolkan bola dua kali He made two points 2 make success Apa kamu bisa bantu menggolkan proposal itu? Can you help to make the proposal accepted?

golak; bergolak: adj 1 turbulent (political or social condition) |experiencing a lot of sudden changes and often wars or violence|  tahun bergolak sebelum reformasi the turbulent years before the reformation  2 turbulent (weather) Tolong tetap di tempat duduk, cuaca sedang bergolak Please stay on your seat, the weather is being turbulent 3 mixed up, bewildered (feeling) |very confused and not sure what to do or think|
-pergolakan: n turbulence, bewilderment, mixing up

golek1; bergolek: v 1 turn around while you’re lying on your bed 2 make sudden move (for example, if a snake that we thought has been died, suddenly make a movement|  2 change Inflasi telah stabil dalam waktu lama dan belum ada tanda untuk bergolek The inflation has been stable for long and there is no yet clue to change

golek2: n /ld/ wooden rod-puppet used in a genre of wayang. wayang golek a genre wayang
-golekan: n /Jv/ toy, doll, puppet.

golf: n golf.
-pegolf: n golfer.

Golkar {Golongan Karya}: n a political party

golok: n /lu/ machete (often somewhat short).
-menggolok: v to cut sth with such tool

golong1; menggolongkan: v /lu/ classify, group. Kami menggolongkan responden berdasarkan pendidikan, umur, dan kelamin We classify the respondents based on their education level, age, and gender.
-penggolongan: n /lu/ classification, grouping
-tergolong: v be classified. 2 belong to. Kami tergolong orang miskin We belong to poor people
-golongan: n 1 group. golongan minoritas minority group golongan pendesak pressure group. 2 type golongan darah blood type. 3 rank, class, category, stratum  golongan gaji wage scale, golongan kepangkatan level of rank (government worker rank) golongan sosial tinggi/ rendah high/ low social class

golong2; menggolong: v /frm/ suppress |to restrict people from opposing the government policy and action|

golonganisme: n /frm/ nepotism

golput {golongan putih}: n /lu/ |people who don’t use their right to vote with a reason they don’t believe the system|

gombal: n /inf/ 1 worn out clothes 2 liar, looser 3  poorly made thongs 4 false cinta gombal false love

goncang: adj /lu/ 1 shaky |not solid or firm| tangga yang goncang a shaky ladder 2 fluctu­ated Krisis ekonomi global telah membuat pasar modal goncang Global financial crises has made the share market fluctuated 3 unstable Politik yang goncang telah berakibat pada pertumbuhan ekonomi Unstable politics has affected economic growth
-menggoncang: v /tr/ shake, agitate |make sth unstable or not firm|
-goncangan: n shake, jolt, un-stability

gonceng: variant of bonceng:

gondang: n /Jv/ 1 snail, slug. 2 name for various kind of mollusks. 2 /Btk/ traditional music which uses flute, gong, and drum

gondok1: n /lu/ 1 goitre or goiter |a chronic non-cancerous enlargement of the thyroid gald, visible as a swelling at the front of the neck|

gondok2: adj /lu/ 1 short and fat 2 upset, annoyed |in a suppressed way|
-gondokan: adj easily irritated.

gondol1; menggondol: v /lu/ 1 achieve, win Tim kita menggondol piala emas Our team win gold medal 2 steal Pencuri menggondol semua barang-barang elektronik kami The thief took away all our electronics 3 /Jv/ carry in mouth (of dog, etc.).
-penggondol (medali): n winner, champion (of a tournament).

gondol2: variant of gundul:

gondrong: adj /lu/ long-haired, esp. of men.
-kegondrongan: n excessiveness (of hair).
-menggondrongkan: v allow (sb’s hair) to grow long.

gong: n gong

gonggong1: n /spo/ sound of barking.
-bergong-gong; menggonggong: v /intr/ 1 bark (of dog). 2  scold.
-menggonggongi: v /tr/ 1 continuously bark (at sth) 2 carry in mouth (of ani­mals).

gongseng; menggongseng: v /lu/ fry without oil. mengongseng kelapa fry grated coconut.

goni: n /lu/ 1 jute. 2 gunny-sack.

goniometri: n /frm/ goniometry.

gono-gini: n /ld/ property acquired jointly, esp. during marriage, and which is divided equally in event of divorce.

gonorea; gonori: n /lu/ gonorrhea.

gonta-ganti1: adv /intr/ 1 mutually, reciprocally.

gonta-ganti2: v /intr/ take turns, changing repeatedly.
-bergonta-ganti: v alternate.
-penggonta-gantian: n constant changing.

gontai: adj /ld/ slow.
-bergontai(an): v move slowly and leisure
-menggontaikan: v move sth slowly.
-tergontai-gontai: v moving slowly.
-kegontaian: n slowness of move­ment.

gontok; gontok-gontokan: n /lu/ quarrel, conflict, fist­fight, clash, scourge, etc.  Gontok-gontokan tidak menyelesaikan masalah A quarrel will not solve a problem
-bergontokan: v quarrel, conflict, fight with fist, clash, scourge, etc

gopek: num. 500 : see go:

gopo; tergopoh-gopoh: adv /lu/  in a rush, in a hurry, hurriedly. Dia pergi tergopoh-gopoh tadi pagi He went in a hurry this morning

gorden; gordin: n /lu/ curtain. gordin gullung windowshade, blinds.

gorek; n /lu/ matches. –syn: korek
-menggorek: v 1 scratch. 2 light a matches
-menggorek-gorek: v re­peatedly scratch.
-menggorekkan: v use (sth) to scratch Jangan menggorekkan pisau itu ke batu Don’t use the knife to scratch the stone

goreng; menggoreng: v 1 fry Apa kamu ingin saya menggoreng satu telur untuk kamu? Do you want me to fry an egg for you? 2 roast Dia sedang menggoreng kopi She is roasting coffee 3 maneuver |to move or turn the ball skilfully – at a soccer game|
-gorengan: n fried food.
-goreng pisang: n fried banana
-minyak goreng: n cooking oil (palm oil)
-menggoreng-goreng: v turn (sth) repeatedly while in the frying pan
-penggoreng: n fryer
-penggorengan: n frying fan

gores; goresan: n /lu/ scratch.
-bergores: v to have a scratch (on sth)
-menggores: v scratch
-penggores: n sketch pen
-tergores: v be accidently scratched.

goret: variant of gores:

gorilla: n gorila.

gorok; menggorok: v /lu/ 1 cut or slit (a throat). 2 strangle, throttle |to kill someone by tightly pressing his/her throat with your hands, a rope, etc.|.
Notes  “Menggorok” that means strangle or throttle commonly used to describe economics difficulties harga menggorok leher throttle prices.

gorong-gorong: n /lu/ under surface water-channel.

gossip: n /lu/ gossip. Saya tidak ingin mendengar gossip kamu I don’t like to hear your gossip
-menggossip; bergosip: v /intr/ gossip Dia tidak melakukan apa-apa selain menggosip She does nothing but gossiping
-menggosipkan; mempergosipkan: v /tr/ to gossip sth Akan banyak orang menggosipkan kasus ini. There will be many people gossip this case.

gosok; menggosok: v /lu/ 1 brush  Pergi dan gosok gigi kamu Go and brush your teeth. 2 iron Apa kamu boleh bantu menggosok gaun saya? Can you help me to iron my dress? 3 polish Biar saya gosok sepatu kamu sampai mengkilat Let me polish your shoes to shine 4 repeatedly rub Gosok lantai kamar mandi sampai bersih Rub the bathroom floor to clean Jangan gosok mata kamu, bisa iritasi Don’t rub your eyes, it may be irritated 5 stir up, provoke |to make someone feel a strong hatred toward sb| Jangan percaya dia. Dia sudah mengosok kamu untuk membenci saya Don’t believe her, she provoked you to hate me
-penggosok: n 1 abrasive, polisher (material). 2 who pol­ish, brush, rub (sth), etc (worker)

gosongl: n /ld/ sandbank

gosong2: adj /lu/ burnt, scorched, singed.
-menggosongkan: v scorch or singe sth

gossip: variant of gosip:

got: n gutter, drain.

gotong; menggotong: v /intr/tr/lu/ carry sth heavy by two or more people together
-gotongan: n heavy burden, shared load.

gotong-royong: n community self-help, mutual co­operation.
-bergotong royong: v cooperate, share to work.
-kegotong-royongan: n togetherness, coop­erativeness, the will to work together
-menggotong-royongkan: v to do (sth) together.

goyah: adj 1 loose, wobbly (of teeth, chair legs, etc.)  2 vulnerable |easily harmed, hurt, or attacked|  Kedudukan pemerintah sekarang sedang goyah The current government position is vulnerable

goyang: adj /lu/ shaky, wobbly, unsteady. Tiang bendera itu sedikit goyang The flag pole is a little shaky  Langkah-lang­kahnya goyang His steps were wobbly Harga pasar modal sedang bergoyang The share market prices is still unsteady  The prices of goods are still un­steady.
-bergoyang: v /intr/ 1 shake, wobble, sway, swing, jolt  2 rock while singing
-menggoyang: v /tr/ 1 shake, wobble, sway, swing, jolt, rock sth (physically) 2 rock by opposing, petitioning (sb) to resign (politically) Bayak politisi berpengaruh ingin menggoyang perdana menteri yang sekarang Many influential politicians want to rock the current prime minister 3 fluctuate Perobahan besar dalam sistim politik kita telah menggoyang laju inflasi The big change in our political sytem has fluctuated the inflation rate.
-/idiom/: bergoyang kaki take easy (enjoy the state of doing nothing) Semua orang sedang sibuk tetapi kamu hanya bergoyang kaki Everybody was busy  but you just doing nothing

grad: n /of/ degree. 1000 1 seratus grad Celsius 1000C one hundred Cen­tigrade. –syn: /lu/ derajat

gradasi: n /frm/ gradation. |a step in a set of changes, or one level in a number of levels of development|  gradasi perobahan warna dari kuning ke putih gradations of colour change from yellow to white

gradual: adj gradual.

graf: n /of/ graph, letter (of a writing system).
-paragraf: n paragraph

grafik; grafika: n /frm/ graph. grafik jantung cardiograph

grafis: adj /frm/ graphic.

grafit: n graphite.

graha: variant of gerha:

graham: variant of geraham:

gram: n /lu/  gram.

gramatika: n /frm/ grammar.
-gramatika generatif: n generative grammar.
-gramatika semesta: n universal grammar.

gramatikal: adj /frm/ grammatical.

gramopon: n /lu/ phonograph.

granat: n /lu/ grenade.
-granat bensin: n molotov
-menggranat: v ­throw a grenade at, attack with a grenade.
-peng­granatan: n grenade attack.

granit: n granite.

grapik: variant of grafik:

grasi: n /frm/ clemency grant by the head of state.

gratifikasi; gratification: n /frm/ |sth we made to pleased and satisfied sb such as bonus (for workers), dividend (for shareholders)|

gratis: adj /lu/ free, gratis. pertunjukan gratis a free show
-menggeratiskan: v give away for free.
-gratisan: n for free

gravir; menggravir: v /lu/ engrave (in trophies, etc.).

gravitasi: n /tech/ gravity.

grebeg; grebek: variant of garebek:

gregatan: variant of geregetan:

greget: variant of geregetan:

grehon: n greyhound.

grendel: n /lu/ latch, door bolt.
-menggrendel: v secure a latch.

grimis: variant of gerimis:

grobak: variant of gerobak:

grogi: variant of gerogi:

grogol: variant of gerogol:

grogot: variant of gerogot:

grojok; menggrojok: v /lu/intr/ gush forth.
-menggrojoki: v /tr/ gush forth over sth mengerojoki kakus flush the toilet.
-grojokan: n flushing.

grombolan: variant of gerombolan:

gros1: n /lu/ gross |unit of measurement equal to twelve dozens|

gros2: adj /Amb/ large.

grosir: n /lu/ wholesaler, distributor.

grup: n group.

Gua1: n /lu/ cave, grotto.
-gua-garba: n womb.

gua2: pron /Jkt/Chn/  I, me, my |fist person pronoun|

guam: n /lu/ thrush (children’s disease).

Gub. {gubernur}: n governor.

gubah1; menggubah: v /lu/ 1 arrange (flowers, music). 2 com­pose (stories, melodies, etc.).
-gubahan: n 1 arrangement, composition (of music, flowers). 2 literary work.
-penggubah: n 1 arranger. 2 composer. 3 author. penggubah sandiwara play-scriptwriter

gubah2: variant of  kubah:

gubernur: n /lu/ governor.
-keginernuran: n /lu/ governor’s residence or office.

gubris; menggubris: v /lu/ heed, pay attention to (a request, etc.). Dia sama sekali tidak menggubris saran saya He didn’t pay attention at all to my suggestion satu permintaan yang tidak digubris an unheeded request.

gubuk: n /lu/ hut, shack. 2 shelter in rice field.

guci: n /lu/ porcelain or earthenware jug.
-guci wasiat: n secret

gudang: n /lu/ 1 warehouse, storehouse.
-gudang gandum: n granary.
-gudang persediaan: n 1 stock room. 2 storeroom, pan­try
-bergudang-gudang: quant. 1 several warehouses. 2 a lot
-menggudangkan: v store, place in a store­room.
-penggudangan: n storing, storage.
-pergudangan: n stor­age,  warehousing. fasilitas pergudangan storage facilities

gudeg: n /Jv/ young jackfruit cooked in coconut milk with spices.

gue: variant of gua2: pron 1st person pronoun

gugah1; menggugah: v /lu/ 1 awaken |start aware or understand a situation and its possible effects, or to make someone do this| Presiden menggugah masyarakat akan bahaya penyalahgunaan obat The president awaken the people to the danger of drug misused 2 drive Iklan layanan sosial ini akan mengugah niat masyarakat membantu korban bencana itu This social advertisement will drive people’s intention to help the disaster victims 3 stimulate Hipotesa kamu telah menggugah saya untuk memulai penelitian itu. Your hypothesis has stimulated me to start the research
-gugahan: n awakening, stimulation, motivation
-tergugah: v /pass.v/ be awakened, be motivated, be stimulated Saya telah tergugah meneruskan study saya karena keberhasilan kamu I was stimulated to extend my study by your success

gugat2; menggugat: v /lu/ 1 accuse, charge. Jaksa mengugat dia telah terlibat dalam penyeludupan The prosecutor accused him to be committed with smuggling 2 claim Seorang penulis lagu menggugat satu perusahaan rekaman telah meng-gunakan gubahan dia tanpa membayar royalty A song writer charged a recording company for using a composition without paying any royalty  3 demand. Demo buruh itu menggugat kenaikan gaji minimum regional. The labour rally demand the raise of regional minimum wage
-gugatan: n accusation, claim, demand.
-tergugat: n accused (sb as the target of an accusation)

gugat2; gugatan: n /ld/  a shock, jerk, jolt, shake

gugup: adj /lu/  panicky, nervous, jittery.
-kegugupan: n panic, nervousness, jumpiness.
-menggugupkan: v make sb panicky. Pertanyaan dia yang tiba-tiba itu menggugupkan saya His sudden question made me nervous.
-penggugup: n a nervous person. (someone who easily to be nervous)

gugur: v /intr/lu/ 1 fall |release from where it attached and move or drop down toward the ground; as hair, leaves| Beberapa rambut saya gugur kalau saya sisir Some of my hair felt when I comb it 2 abort |to deliberately end a pregnancy when the baby is still too young to live| Kandungan dia gugur ketika dia jatuh di tangga Her pregnancy aborted when she felt down the stairs 3 to be destroyed  Beberapa bibit tanaman gugur karena panas matahari berlebihan Some of the seed was destroyed by excessive sun light. 4 be killed Ayahnya gugur dalam satu peperangan Her father died in a war 5 be terminated (from a tournament) Tim saya gugur pada semi-final My team was terminated at the semi final. 6 be demolished Semua tuduhan gugur dengan alibi yang dibuktikan oleh pengacara All accusation was demolished by an alibi proved by the lawyer 7 be halted Impian saya untuk belajar di luar negeri telah gugur karena kekurangan dana My dream to study abroad has been halted by the lack of fund
-keguguran: v miscarry
v 1 abort, damage, terminate
-penguguran: n abortion, damage, termination, demolition

gugus: n /frm/ group, cluster.
-bergugus-gugus: adv in bunches or groups.
-gugus kata: n row of words (phrase)
-gugus tugas: n task force.
-menggugus: v group, cluster.
-segugus: n a cluster, a group, a bunch (of bananas), a herd of cattle), a school (of fish)

gula: n /lu/ sugar
-bergula: v contains sugar
-menggulai: v sweeten with sugar
-gula-gula: n 1 candy 2 mistress
-gula batu: also gula aren: n bunched sugar |driven from palm sap|
-gula tebu: n sugar driven from sugarcane
-gula pasir: n granulated sugar or refined sugar
-pergulaan: n everything that related to sugar (particularly about production, pricing, distribution, and marketing)
-/idiom and proverb/: seperti gula dimulut sth that very easy to do; dimana ada gula disitu ada semut rich country will be occupied by a lot of people.

gulai: n /lu/  curry.
-menggulai: v cook curry.
-menggulai­kan: v cook sth as the way to make curry.

gulat; bergulat: v /lu/ 1 wrestle 2 struggle Saya harus bergulat dengan berbagai kesulitan sebelum saya menemukan pekerjaan ini. I had to struggle with many difficulties before I find this job
-pegulat: wrestler Kedua kakak beradik itu adalah pegulat tangguh Both the brothers are tough wrestler
-pergulatan: n wrestling

gule: variant of gulai:

guli: n /lu/ marbles.

guling; bantal guling: n /lu/ bolster

guling; berguling: v /intr/lu/ 1 roll |move by turning over and over from side to side, or to make something do it| Jangan biarkan gundi itu berguling ke dalam lobang Don’t let the marble roll into the hole  Sebuah batu besar berguling dari pegunungan itu ke sungai A big stone rolled from the hill to the river 2 sleep with a bolster Apa kamu mau tidur berguling? Do you want to sleep with a bolster?
-menggulingkan: v /tr/ 1 to roll sth, to make sth roll 2  coup d’état (overthrow, the ruling government) Sayap kiri telah gagal menggulingkan pemerintah sayap kanan yang sedang berkuasa. The left wing failed to overthrow the right wing ruling government. 3 wallow |to roll around in mud, water etc. for pleasure| Pada tengah hari kerbau itu beguling di kubangan ini At noon the caribou wallows in this water hole  3 defeat Pada ronde ketujuh Muhammmad Ali mengulingkan juara tinju dunia itu. At the seventh round Muhammad Ali defeated the world boxing champion 4 fall Bus itu terguling kesebuah lembah The bus felt into a valley
-penggulingan: n over throw, coup d’état
-/proverb/: Batu berguling tidak akan ditumbuhi lumut Rolling stone never gather the moss (If you keep changing your job you’ll never be an expert)

gulir; bergulir: v /lu/ 1 revolve |to move in circles around something| Bulan bergulir mengelilingi bumi The moon revolves around the earth. 2 move, roll on, go. Waktu bergulir dengan cepat Time goes fast.
-menggulirkan: v 1 roll.Dia menggulirkan bola dengan tangan He roll the ball with the hand  2 initiate, start, launch Seorang wakil rakyat menggulirkan kasus itu supaya menjadi perhatian umum A senator launched the case to be a public concern

gulita: adj /lu/ dark.
-gelap gulita: adj totally dark
-malam gulita: n a dark night.

gulma: n /lu/ weeds.

gulung; menggulung: v /tr/lu/ 1 roll |to curl or wind something into the shape of a tube or globe|  Gulung benang itu menjadi bulat. Roll the thread into a ball. Bob sedang menggulung karpet Bob is rolling the carpet 2 coil |to wind or twist into a round shape, or to wind or twist something in this way|  Boleh kamu gulung benang layangannya? Would you coil the kite’s string? 3 seize |to take control of a place suddenly using force| Polisi berhasil menggulung jaringan teroris itu Police successfully seized the network of the terrorist.
-bergulung: v /intr/ roll Ombak itu bergulung menuju pantai The wave rolls toward the beach
-gulungan: adj rolled Kami menyediakan kertas gulungan We make available the rolled  paper
-penggulung: n roller penggulung film a film roller
-segulungan: n a roll segulungan tikar a roll of mattress

gumal: adj /ld/ l wrinkled, creased (of cloth). 2 rumpled, crumpled (of paper).
-menggumalkan: v 1 wrinkle sth 2 rumple or crumple sth

gumam; bergumam: v /lu/ 1 mumble |to say something too quietly or not clearly pronounced so it’s difficult for someone to understand you|  Dia bergumam menga-jukan pertanyaan itu sehingga saya harus minta dia mengulanginya He mumbled her question and I had to ask him to repeat it.

gumpal; gumpalan: n /lu/1 clod |a solid piece of clay, soil, etc.|  2 clump |a group of trees, bushes etc. growing close together| 3 wad a) |a thick pile of thin sheets of something, especially paper|  segumpal majalah lama a wad of old magazines b) |a thick soft mass of material that has been pressed together| segumpal kapas a wad of cotton
bergumpal: v become a clod, become a clump, clot
-bergumpal-gumpal: v consist of many clods/ clumps
-gumpalan darah: n blood clot.
-gumpalan mas: n gold nugget.
-gumpalan lemak: n glob of fat.
-gumpalan karet: n coagulated latex
-segumpal: n a lump segumpal keju a lump of cheese

gumul;  bergumul: variant of bergulat:
-menggumuli: v be intensively involved (in a study, a job, etc) Dia telah menggu-muli bisnis hiburan selama dua tahun. He has involved in an entertainment business for two years
-pergumulan: n endeavour |an attempt or effort to do something challenging thing|  Artis itu gagal dalam pergumulannya untuk mendapatkan satu penghargaan The artist fails in his endeavour to achieve an award.

guna1; kegunaan: n /lu/ 1 use Mesin tua ini tidak ada guna lagi. This old machine has no use any more Kita harus menilai sesuatu atas dasar kegunaannya We have to value things based on its use 2 function Apa gunanya meja ini? What does this table function? 3 purpose Apa gunanya kita menunggu disini? What is the purpose of we are waiting here? 4 for Untuk apa gunanya ini? What is this for?
-berguna: adj useful Karet sangat berguna untuk banyak hal. Rubber is very useful for many things.  Apa kertas ini berguna? Is this paper useful?
-penggunaan: n 1 the use Apa menurut kamu penggunaan zat ini tidak merusak? Do you think that the use of this substance is harmless? 3 utilization Penggunaan sistim ini akan menguntungkan Utilization of this system will be beneficial 3 application |the use of a machine, a method, idea etc. for a practical purpose| Penggunaan elektronik bank akan mengurangi biaya operasional The application of electronic banking will reduce our operational cost  There are limits to the application of his theory.
-menggunakan: v to use (sth) Meng-gunakan sabuk pengaman adalah keharusan. To use safety belt is a must.

guna-guna: n /lu/ magic, magical formulas.
-mengguna-gunai: v use magic to influence sb

guna apa: pron. what for?

guna: prep. for  guna kepentingan kita for our necessity

gunawan: n 1 virtuoso, noble. 2 useful per­son.

guncang: variant of goncang:

gundah: adj /lu/ 1 depressed, dejected 2 anxious, restless
-gundah gulana: adj despon­dent.
-menggundahkan: v depress, sadden
-kegundahan: n depres­sion, dejection, despondency, desperation

gundar: n /lu/ coarse brush (for cleaning a horse, etc.).
-menggundar: v to clean sth with such brush.

gundi: variant of legundi:

gundik: n concubine, mistress.
-mempergundikkan; menggundiki: v take sb. as sb’s mistress
-pergundikan: n concubine matters

gundu: n /lu/ nut used to substitute marble. 2 marble.
-ber­gundu: v play marbles.

gundul: adj /lu/ 1 bald (head)  2 bare, barren (land). 3 leafless (tree) 4 totally defeated (sport)
-menggunduli: v 1 shave sb’s head bald. 2 deforest (hill). 3 make a tree leafless. 4 defeat (opponent) completely 5 strip sb of sth |to take away something important from someone such as his/her possessions, rank, or property| Judi telah menggunduli dia Gambling took everything from him
-penggundulan (hutan): n deforestation

gunjing: n gossip.
-bergunjing; menggunjing: v /intr/ gossip
-menggunjingi; mempergunjingkan: v /tr/ gossip about (sth) Mereka selalu meng-gunjingi kehidupan pribadi orang They always gossip people personal life
-pergunjingan: n gossiping Pergujingan itu tidak baik The gossiping is not good
-penggunjing: n gossiper
-gunjingan: n the topic of gossiping

gunting: n /lu/ 1 scissors, shears, clippers.
-gunting mesin: n hair clip­pers.
gunting pagar: n hedge clippers.
-gunting besi: n iron cutter. ­
-gunting karcis: n ticket puncher.
-gunting ­rambut: v hair cutter
-gunting papan: n crew cut
-menggunting: v 1 cut, clip, trim  with scissors or shears. 2 deceive, swindle.
-mengguntingi: v cut sth with scissors. (of many things)
-tergunting: v accidentally cut.
-guntingan: n 1 clipping (from newspaper, etc.). 2 cut, style of cutting (a pattern, etc.). Guntingan gaun itu bagus. The style of that dress is nice
-penggunting: n sth used to cut.
-pengguntingan: n 1 the process of cutting 2 devaluation (of currency value)

guntur: n /lu/ thunder.
-berguntur: v be accompanied by thun­der. hujan berguntur rain with thunder.
-mengguntur: v 1 thun­der. 2 boom out (of a sound). Suaranya mengguntur Her voice thunders
-menggunturkan: v utter (sb’s voice)

gunung: n /lu/ mountain.
-gemunung: n various mountains, ranges of moun­tains.
-gunung berapi: n volcano.
-bergunung-gunung: adj 1 mountainous. Daerah itu bergunung-gunung That region is mountainous. 2 in large piles like mountains. padi yang bergunung-gunung big heap of rice.
-meng­gunung: v 1 pile up, mount up. Buah-buahan itu menggunung di atas meja The fruit piled up on the table. Hutangnya menggunung di bank. His debts piled up in bank. 2 resemble a mountain. Perutnya meggunung Her belly resembled a mountain.
-menggunungkan: v make into a big (high) heap
-gunungan: n /Jv/  mountain like figure in the wayang play symbol­izing the universe.
-gunung-gunungan: n 1 imitation mountain. 2 toy  mountain. 3 hillock, hill. 4 heap, pile.
-pegunungan: n mountain range.

guram1: adj /ld/ 1 dull, dim, hazy. 2 insignificant, inconse-quential.

guram2: n /ld/ 1 chicken flea. 2 gums.

gurami: n /lu/ edible fresh water fish – Osphromenus alfax

gurat1: n 1 scratch, line. 2  scratch or line in the palm it.

gurat (batu): adj /ld/ permanent, obstinate, implacable.
-bergurat: v /intr/ have scratch
-bergurat-gurat: v /intr/ have many or full of scratches or lines.
-guratan: n 1 sketch, outline. 2 facial wrinkle. Tak ada guratan di wajahnya There is no line in her face
v /tr/ scratch, make lines.
-menggurati: v /tr/ sketch (the face, etc.). .
-pengguratan: n inscribing, relief-making.

gurau; gurauan: n /lu/ 1 joke |something funny that you say or do to make people laugh|  Gurauan dia membuat kami tertawa dan melek sampai larut malam Her jokes made us laughing and stayed up until late at night  2 prank |a trick to make someone look silly| Teman-teman kelas saya membuat gurauan ketika saya memasuki ruangan kelas. My classmate pulled a prank at me when I came into the classroom 3 kidding Tidak ada gurau, semua benar. No kidding, everything is true –syn: guyon:
-bergurau: v 1 joke Jangan sedih saya hanya bergurau Don’t be upset, I’m joking 2 make prank Nadia sangat berbakat bergurau Nadia is very creative to make prank 3 kid Apa kamu bergurau? Are you kidding?  .

gurdi: n /lu/ drill, auger. gurdi kecil gimlet.
-menggurdi: v 1 drill 2 bore.
-penggurdian: n drilling, boring.

gurem: variant of guram:

guri; guri-guri: n small clay pot.

gurih: adj delicious in terms of  tasting naturally or delicious in general

gurinda: variant of gerinda:

gurindam: n /ltr/ two-line aphorism which meaningful as a fatherly advice such as; baik-baik memilih kawan, salah-salah menjadi lawan be careful to choose friends, otherwise would become enemy

guris: variant of gores:

gurita: n /lu/ 1 octopus 2 baby’s vest.

guru: v /lu/1 teacher. 2 trainer 3 facilitator 4 advisor
-berguru: v learn (sth) from sb (commonly used in a non-formal education)
-keguruan; jurusan keguruan: n teaching study (teaching department)
-menggurui: v tell sb what to do |sounds an allusion| Bagaimana kamu bisa menggurui dia; Dia terlalu pintar untuk menjadi guru kamu How could you tell him what to do; He is too smart to be your teacher
-guru agama: n teacher of religion.
-guru bantu: n auxiliary teacher.
-guru besar: n professor.
-guru besar luar biasa: n acting professor.
-guru injil: n evange­list.
-guru kepala: n principal, head master
-guru pengajian: n Al Qur’an citation facilitator
-perguruan: n college
-perguruan tinggi: n university
-/proverb/; Kalau guru kencing berdiri, murid akan kencing berlari If a teacher releases urine with a standing position, the students will do it while they are running. Means; A teacher should be a perfect model for the students, so don’t show them any bad habit.

guruh: n thunder.
-guruh gemuruh: n roaring thunder.
-berguruh; mengguruh: v ­thunder, boom. Meriam itu mengguruh The cannon boomed. sambutan yang mengguruh a thunderous applause.

gurun: n wasteland
-gurun pasir: n desert.
-penggurunan: v turn a fertile land into wasteland or desert.

gusar: adj angry.
-menggusari: v /intr/ make sb angry.
-menggusarkan: adj |make sb angry|
-kegusaran: n anxiety, concern, worry,   uneasiness

gusi: n /lu/ gums.

Gusti: n 1 the Lord. Dia mohon restu dari Gusti Allah. She begged blessing from the Lord Almighty. 2 interj. Lord! |exclamation of hope|. Ya! Gusti Allah! Lord Almighty! 3 aristocratic title. Gusti Kanjeng His Lordship.

gusur; menggusur: v /lu/ 1 relocate, removed |to force someone to leave a place with a reason that she/he doesn’t have a legal right to live or make a business there|  Polisi menggusur orang-orang dari rumah disekitar areal taman kota The police relocated people from their houses around city park area| 2 flatten, damaged |to destroy illegal buildings from a public property| Sejumlah bulldozer sedang menggusur semua bangunan liar di bantaran sunagai ciliwung. A number of bulldozers are destroying all illegal constructions on the ciliwung river embankment. 3 kick out Seorang pendatang baru telah berhasil menggusur juara tahun lalu dari turnamen tennis nasional A new comer has successfully kick out the last year champion from the national tennis tournament
-tergusur: v /pass.v./ 1 be relocated, be removed 2 be flatten 3 be kicked out
-penggusuran: n relocation, removing, flattening, kicking out.

guyon; berguyon: v /Jv/ 1 joke 2 kid 3 make prank Jangan berguyon saat belajar Do not joke when you’re studying  –syn: gurau
-guyonan: n joke, object of fun.

guyub1: adj /ld/ friendly, close, mutually helpful.
-paguyuban: n community organiza­tion based on reciprocal social relationship.

guyub2: variant of kuyup:

guyur: berguyur: v be soaked (be very wet)
-menguyur: v 1 spray, splash, soak, flush  mengguyur kakus flush (out) the toilet.
-guyuran: n splash.
-mengguyurkan: v to flash (sth) with (sth) Dia mengguyurkan air ke lantai He splashed the water to the floor
-pengguyuran: n splashing, soaking
-terguyur: v /pass.v./ be soaked, be splashed.


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