Dictionary H


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

H; h: |the 8th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sounds like h in horse; home; aha!; ahead; behave; behind; aloha.|

H{Haji}: n Hajj |title used to address who has made pil­grimage to Mecca|

ha1: n hectare |a unit for measuring an area of land, equal to 10,000 sq meters|

ha2: intrj. 1 ha? |expressing a surprise| Ha? Apa benar begitu? What? Is that true? 2 Hump! |expressing a derision| Ha! Bagaimana mungkin itu terjadi! Hump! How it could be! 3 Aha! |an exclamation to express happiness| Ha! Itu dia yang saya masud, Aha! That is it what I mean 4 n sound of laugh

habib: n /ld/ 1 sb who we love 2 respectful term of address for an Arabian

Habil: n /Bib/ Abel

habis1: prep. /lu/ 1 after a) |when a particular time passed| Habis bulan ini kita akan pergi berlibur After this month we’ll go for a vacation. b) |when an event has happened| Habis menonton yang satu ini kamu harus tidur. After watching this one, you have to go to bed.

habis2: adj /lu/1 over |not happen anymore| pertunjukan sudah habis the show is over  2 finished lukisannya sudah habis the painting is finished

habis3; menghabiskan; menghabisi: v /tr/lu/ 1 finish  a) |to complete sth that we work with| Saya baru habis memasak I just finished cooking. b) |to eat or drink all the rest of something|  Habiskan makan malam kamu sebelum pergi tidur Finish your dinner  before going to sleep. c) |to no longer need something that you have been using| Apa kamu sudah habis memakai guntingnya? Are you finished with the scissors? 2 spend Dia habiskan waktunya hanya bersenang-senang He spend all his time only for pleasure 3 use Mesin ini menghabiskan 10 gallon besin per hari This machine use 10 gallons gasoline a day  4 kill |murder a person or an animal| Seorang pembunuh menghabisi dua pria muda tadi malam A murderer killed two young men last night

habis4: adv /lu/ completely  rumah mereka terbakar habis their house completely burnt

habis5: habisnya: conj. /lu/ because Saya tidak pergi ke pestanya, habisnya saya tidak diundang I didn’t go to her party, because I wasn’t invited
-habis-habisan: adv all out pertandingan habis-habisan all out match
-tidak habis-habisnya: phrs never end Dia tidak habis-habisnya memikirkan kamu She never end to think about you
-sehabis-habisnya: phr. to the most  Sehabis-habisnya dia menghamburkan uang, dia masih tetap lebih kaya dari kita As to the most he spend his money, he is still richer than us
-habis akal: phr be at sb’s wit’s end
-habis tempo: phr due time
-habis tenaga: adj exhausted
-habis terpakai/termakan: phr all gone
-kehabisan1: v run out (of sth) Kita kehabisan bensin We run out of gasoline
-kehabisan2: adj exhausted Saya benar-benar kehabisan tenaga I was extremely exhausted
-penghabisan1: n the last Ini penghabisan dari semua pertunjukan This is the last of all the show
-penghabisan2: adj final Kita akan melakukan ujian penghabisan bulan depan We’ll have the final test next month
-terhabiskan: v 1 can be finished Apa makanan ini akan terhabiskan oleh dua orang? Can this food be finished only by two persons? 2 be finished (unintentionally) Maaf, minumannya terhabiskan semua. Sorry, the drink has been finished.

habitat: n /frm/ habitat |natural environment in which a plant or animal lives|

habituasi: n /frm/ habituation |the act of adjusting living in a particular place|

hadang: v /lu/ 1 block up 2 obstruct 3 prevent  Pemberontak coba menghadang penduduk keluar dari wilayah itu The rebels tried to blocked the civilian for going out the area

hadap1: n /frm/ 1 front side of (sth) Mana hadap gedung ini? Which is the front side of this building? –syn: /lu/ depan

hadap2; menghadap: v /intr/lu/ 1 face |to be at a particular direction or toward someone or something|  Berbalik dan menghadap ke dinding Turn and face the wall. Saya senang sebuah rumah yang menghadap ke Timur I like a house which faces East Rumah saya menghadap sebuah mesjid My house faces a mosque  2 call on (sb) |meet sb who is in a higher position than you| Saya akan menghadap bos menanya-kan sarannya dalam hal ini. I’ll call on my boss to ask his advice on this matter
-menghadapi: v /tr/ 1 face |to accept that a difficult situation or problem exists, and to be willing to deal with it|  Saya harap kamu dapat menghadapi situasi sulit ini I hope that you’ll be able to face this difficult situation. Ramon tidak mengakui bahwa dia sedang menghadapi kenyataan butuh bantuan. Nicole doesn’t admit that she is facing the fact that she needs help. 2 deal a) |be dealt with sth| Dia sedang menghadapi  beberapa pilihan sangat berat. She’s dealing with some very tough choices. b) |to deal with someone|  Cepat atau lambat kamu akan menghadapi sendiri orang itu Soon or later you are going to face him by yourself  3 play |to fight against an opponent in a game competition, in a war, in a quarrel etc.| PSMS akan menghadapi PERSIJA pada pertandingan final PSMS will face PERSIJA at the final match
-berhadapan: v /tr/ face  Kalau kamu menyakiti dia lagi kamu akan berhadapan dengan saya If you harm her again you will face me
-berhadap-hadapan1: adv face to face Atur meja itu berhadap-hadapan Set the table face to face  Saya akan berhadapan langsung dengan dia I’ll meet him face to face.
-berhadap-hadapan2: v 1 face each other Rumah dia dan rumah saya berhadap-hadapan satu sama lain dipisah sebuah taman kecil. Her house  and my house face each other with a narrow park between 2 confront |directly have a contact each other| Pasukan kita sekarang sedang berhadap-hadapan langsung dengan pasukan musuh Our troop and the enemy’s troop now are directly facing each other.
-dihadapan: prep. in the front of Ada sebuah bank dihadapan sekolah saya. There is a bank in front of my school. Dihadapan guru kamu harus besikap sopan In the front of a teacher you have to be polite
-di hadapkan: v be presented Dia dihadapkan ke pengadilan dengan tuduhan pelecehan seks He was presented to a court of justice with an accusation of sexual abuse
-menghadapkan: v make (sb/sth) to meet  (sb/sth) Saya akan menghadapkan dia langsung dengan kamu. I’ll tell him to meet you directly. Tolong hadapkan meja saya ke jendela Please turn my table to face the window
-terhadap: prep 1 to Saya sangat hormat tehadap dia I respect to him very much  toward 2 toward Apa kamu masih menyimpan kenangan manis terhadap dia? Do you still keep sweet memory toward her? 3 concerning, regarding Kamu harus bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang kamu lakukan You have to be responsible concerning what you’ve done
-kehadapan: prep. /ltr/ to |a respectful way to address sb in a high position, esp. on a letter| Kehadapan yang mulai sang pangeran hamba memberi laporan. To the honourable prince I submit my report. Kehadapan Tuhan yang agung saya berdoa To my Mighty Lord I pray
-memperhadapkan: v confront Promotor Anton akan memperhadapkan Criss John dengan seorang juara tinju nasional Pilipina Promoter Anton will confront Chris John with a Philiphines national champion.
Notes: 1Pay attention to menghadapi and berhadapan Both are interchangeable without change in meaning. However if you use berhadapan you have to follow it with dengan (berhadapan dengan) i.g;  “Sore ini tim kami akan menghadapi satu tim sangat tangguh” This evening our team will face a very tough team. You can say “Sore ini tim kami akan berhadapan dengan satu tim sangat tangguh
2. There is no significant difference between menghadapkan and memper-hadapakan. It’s only the choice of different style. However, the use of memperhadapkan sounds more formal.

hadiah: n /lu/ prize, gift, present, reward |something that is given to someone who is successful in a competition, race, game of chance etc.: My orchid won the second prize at the flower exhibition
-menghadiahi: v reward, present  Ayah menghadiahi dia sebuah komputer laptop atas nilai A-nya My daddy reward him a new laptop computer for his A grade
-menghadiahkan: v give sth as a prize/present/gift/ to sb  Ayah mengha-diahkan sebuah mobil untuk dia My daddy give her a car as a prize
-hadiah pertama: n first prize
-hadiah hiburan: n consolation prize

hadir: adj present. Tasia tidak hadir dalam rapat kemarin. Tasia wasn’t present in the yesterday meeting.
-menghadiri: v attend, be present Apa kamu menghadiri seminar itu? Did you attend the seminar?
-menghadirkan: v present |to make sb or sth be present| Panitia akan menghadirkan seorang ahli telekomunikasi sebagai pembicara utama The committee will present a telecommunication expert as the main speaker
-kehadiran: n presence |the state of being present in a particular occasion| Kehadiran seorang saksi ahli dibutuhkan pada persidangan ini. The presence of an expert witness is needed in this trial.

hadirat1: n 1 /Reli./ concern (of God). Kami panjatkan doa ini ke hadirat Allah Maha Kuasa We send up this  prayers to be a concern of Almighty God. 2 /of/ female audience hadirat dan hadirin ladies and gentlemen

-hadirat2: kehadirat: prep./of/ to |a respectful way to address sb in a high position|  Kami mengirim petisi ini kehadirat Yang Mulia Sultan We send this petition to his Majesty Sultan.

hadirin1: n /lu/ 1 audience, guests |ladies and gentlemen|  Hadirin yang terhormat! Silahkan berdiri untuk kedatangan Bapak Presiden Honourable ladies and gentlemen! Please be stood up for the presence of Mr. President.

hadis: n /Isl./ Collection of words or deeds of Muhammad which is written or told by his friends to be used as a guidance to understand and to applied Islam law and teaching|

hafal: v /lu/ comprehensively memorize. Dia hafal banyak rumus-rumus kimia He comprehensively memorizes many chemical formulas.

hai: excl.  Hey! (to call sb’s attention). Hai! Anak muda mau kemana? Hey! Young man where are you going?

haid: n menstruation.

hajar;  menghajar: v .lu/ beat up, thrash |to hit someone violently and many times with your hand, a stick etc.| Kerumunan orang menghajar seorang pencopet yang mencoba lari A crowed beat up a running thief.

hajat: n /lu/ 1 wish, desire, intention Itu merupakan hajat saya dulu untuk pergi jauh It was my desire to go away  2 need Saya harus mengakui bahwa Tuhan memenuhi semua hajat saya I admit that God fulfil all my need 3 party (for thanks giving or making wish) Kami akan melakukan hajat dalam waktu dekat We are going to have a thanks giving party soon 4 urine, feces Mereka belum berbudaya; Mereka buang hajat disembarang tempat They are not civilized yet; They throw their feces everywhere
-berhajat: v intend.
-buang hajat: v urinate, defecate
-hajatan1: v make a party in order to ask a wish from God
-hajatan2: n (thanks giving ceremony

haji: n hajj

hajjah: n female hajj

hak1: adj /lu/ right  Seorang hakim harus tau persis mana yang hak mana yang salah A good judge must know exactly which is right and which is wrong Ya! anda benar! Yes! You’re right

hak2: n 1 ownership  Properti ini bukan hak kamu This property is not your own 2 right Hak Azasi Manusia (HAM) Human Basic Right 3 social status Pada saat itu orang pribumi tidak punya hak sama dengan orang penjajah At that time indigenous people has no the same social status to the colonial people 4 heel (of shoes) sepatu hak tinggi high heel shoes
-berhak: v have a right (for sth)
-hak adiraja: n the right to be aristrcrat
-hak amandemen: n the right of the legislative to make an amendment to constitution
-hak angket: n the right of parliament to investigate wrong doing of the executive
-hak asasi: n huan right
-hak suara: n suffrage (the right to vote)
-hak cipta: n patent
-hak guna usaha: n concession, the right to use a property for a business purpose
-hak ingkar: n the right to a refusal
-hak khusus: n privilege
-hak pakai nama: n franchise
-hak milik: n proprietary
-hak terbit: n copyright

hakekat; hakikat: n /lu/ 1 essence Kita cinta damai tetapi kita lebih mencitai kemerdekaan adalah hakekat perjuagan kita We love peace but we love more freedom is the basic of our struggle 2 basic, principle  Satu musuh terlalu banyak seribu teman terlalu sedikit adalah hakekat pergaulan kita One enemy too many a thousand friends too little is the principle of our friendship
-pada hakekatnya: adv 1 essentially 2 principally 3 basically

hakiki: adj 1 absolute Kesamaan hak hukum adalah satu hak yang hakiki untuk semua warga Negara Equality in jurisdiction is an absolute right of citizens 2 natural Perbuatan baik akan dituai adalah satu hukum yang hakiki Good deeds will be cultivated is a natural law

hakim: n /lu/ 1 judge. |the official in control of legal cases in a court and decides how law offender should be punished|  Hakim Agung Judge of the Supreme Court. 2 judge /sport/ |someone who decides on the result of a competition|  Siapa hakim pertandingan itu? Who is the judge of the match?
-berhakim: v seek jus­tice.
-kehakiman: n judicial affairs.
-menghakimi: v punish Kalau kamu menghakimi sendiri seseorang, itu bertentangan dengan hukum. If  you punish sb by yourself, it’s against the law
-hakim-hakim: n /Bible/ Judges.

hakimah: adj /ltr/ wise

hakul adam: n /ld/ personal belongings/ property

hakul yakin: n /ltr/ be truly convinced of sth

hal1: n /lu/ 1 matter Itu bukan satu hal penting That is not an important matter. 2 thing Satu hal lagi yang ingin saya tahu One more thing I want to know hal-hal yang menyangkut… things that related to 3 case  Hal seperti itu sering terjadi belakangan ini Such as the case always happen lately 4 reference Seperti kami sebutkan diatas sebagai perihal sura ini …. As we mentioned above as the reference of this letter ….
-hal-ihwal: n all about (thing)

hal2; perihal: prep. on, about, concerning   Merujuk surat anda perihal….. Refer to your letter on/about/concerning ….

hala; berhala: prep toward Mereka sedang berlayar hala/berhala Utara They are sailing toward North

halal: adj /lu/ 1 allowed, permitted )not against faith) ditanggung halal ­guaranteed appropriate 2 rightful, legal. Saya mendapatkannya dengan cara halal I obtained it by lawful means.
-menghalalkan: v allow, permit, authorize, admit (sth isn’t wrong) |to agree or say that something is true, although you know that is against the rule| Dia selalu menghalalkan cara untuk mendapatkan tujuan He always admit all means to get what he want.

halal-bihalal; halal bilhalal: n /lu/ 1 asking and giving forgiveness at the end of the fasting period 2 a gathering of social group (workers at same of­fice, people of same ethnic origin, etc.) soon after Isl. fasting month for such a purpose.

halaman: n /lu/ 1 yard (of a house). halaman belakang rurnah backyard of the house. rumput halaman yard lawn. 2 premises. 3 page (of book). halaman luar outer cover (of book). halaman depan 1 front yard (of a building) 2  front page (of a book) ­

halang; halangan: n 1 barrier, hindrance, obstacle, limit, forbit |something such as situation,  a rule, a problem that prevents or limits us to do sth| satu upaya mengurangi halangan perdagangan an attempt to reduce trade barriers
-menghalangi: v /tr/ 1 prevent sth to happen |stop something to happen, or stop someone from doing something| Saya harus menghalangi perkelahian itu I had to stop the fight Luka di lutut telah menghalangi Nicole pergi keluar A knee injury has prevented Nicole to go out.2 obscure |prevent something from being seen| Kabut tebal telah menghalangi pemandangan pegunungan itu. Thick clouds obscured the sight of the hills. 3 hamper |to make someone or something have difficulty moving, doing something, or achieving something| Cuaca buruk menghalangi tim penyelamat mencari gadis yang hilang itu The bad weather hampered the rescue team to search the missing girl 4 forbid |make someone not to do something| Ada peraturan yang menghalangi kamu masuk kedalam There is a rule that forbid you to go inside
-menghalang-halangi: v try to prevent, to sop.
-terhalang: v 1 be prevented 2 be hampered |unintentionally have difficulty to move, to do, or to achieve sth| Pencarian terhadap pendaki yang hilang itu terhalang oleh cuaca buruk The search for the missing climber was hampered by the bad weather.  3 block |be prevented a moving through a space by filling it| Jalan terhalang oleh bantaran sungai yang longsor The road is blocked up by sliding embankment 4 be forbidden  Seorang pelintas terhalang menyeberangi jalan oleh pagar A passer by is forbidden to go across the road by the fence  5 be hindered  |difficult to do something| Cuaca buruk membuat upaya penyela-matan terhalang . The bad weather make the rescue was hindered. 5 be clogged  |become blocked| Saluran air terhalang oleh kopekan sayur kol The drain was clogged by cabbage peelings 6 be stunted  Pertumbuhan bayi itu terhalang oleh kekurangan gizi.The baby’s  growth was stunted by malnutrition

halau; menghalau: v chase |to make someone or something leave| Anjing itu menghalau ayam pergi jauh The dog chased the chicken away.
Note: The word “chase” in English also means “to quickly follow someone or something in order to catch him, her, or it”, but “halau” in Indonesia doesn’t mean this way. For this expression use “kejar or mengejar” So don’t say “Saya menghalau bus” to mean “I chased the bus” but you must say “Saya mengejar bus”.

halia: n /ld/ ginger.

halilintar: n /lu/1 flash of lightning 2 thunderbolt.

halimbubu: n /ld/ whirlwind.

halimun: n /ld/ mist, fog.

halintar: variant of halilintar:

halma: n Chinese checkers.

halo: excl. hello.

halte: n /lu/ shelter, stop |stopping place for public vehicles| halte bis bus stop.

haluan: n /lu/ 1 prow |the front part of a ship or boat| 2 direction, course. |the direction of movement that someone or something takes| 3 ideology, principle Pancasila adalah haluan Negara Republik Indonesia Pancasila is the ideology of  the Republic of Indonesia 4 orientation Apa haluan organisasi ini? What is the orientation of this organisation?
-berhaluan: v belong to (a particular ideology) Orang berhaluan kiri adalah minoritas di negeri ini People that belongs to left wing is minority in this country
-sehaluan: v belong to the same ideology Apa kalian semua berhaluan sama? Do you all belong to the same ideology?

halus: adj /lu/ 1 smooth |having an even surface| kulit halus smooth skin smooth bahan kain halus smooth fabric 2 refined |made more powdery or finely pounded or granulated| tepung halus refined flour 3 sensitive Dia punya perasaan halus She has a sensitive feeling 4 polite, euphemistic bahasa halus polite/ euphemistic language 5 small in size jagungnya lebih halus dari biasanya the corn is unusually small 6 soft musik/suara yang halus soft music/voice 7 dainty, delicate satu perhiasan halus a dainty jewels  8 gentle sentuhan halus gentle touch 7 invisible thing mahluk halus ghost spirit, ghost.
-kehalusan: n 1 refinement 2 smoothness 3 softness 4 gentleness 5 daintiness, delicateness
-menghaluskan: v 1 refine 2 smoothen 3 soften
-penghalusan: n 1 refinement 2 smoothing 3 softening 4 finishing touch
-penghalus: n 1 refinery, refiner 2 smoother 3 softener 4 finisher

halusinasi: n hallucination.

ham: n ham.

hama: n 1 plant disease 2  pest.  3 scourge of plant

hamba1: n /of/ 1 servant |sb who is paid for house works|  2 worker (sb who dedicate for sth) hamba hukum officials that work for law enforcement
-berhamba: v have slave
-menghamba: v dedicate yourself fo sb/sth
-memperhamba: v 1 make sb as a servant
-menhambai: v work for sb as a servant
-hamba Tuhan: n human being
-hamba nafsu: n sb who will sacrifice everything to fulfil his/her sexual desires
-hamba sahaya: n slave
-perhambaan: n slavery

hamba2: pron. 1 |the first person pronoun used to be polite to sb in a higher status| Hamba mohon maaf tidak segera datang I beg your pardon for not coming soon

hambar: adj /lu/ 1 tasteless Sop itu hambar The soup is tasteless 2 less-enthusiastic Mereka memberi kami sambutan yang hambar They give us less-enthusiastic welcome 3 flat |a flat drink is a drink that does not taste fresh because it has no more bubbles of gas| coca-cola yang hambar flat coke  3 insipid |not interesting, exciting, or attractive|  film dengan cerita yang hambar the insipid movie’s story | suaranya yang hambar his insipid voice
-kehambaran: n 1 tastelessness 2 less-enthusiasm 3 insipidness

hambat; menghambat: v 1 hamper |to make someone have difficulty to move, to do, or to achieve something| Pencarian terhadap pendaki yang hilang itu terhambat oleh cuaca buruk The search for the missing climber was hampered by the bad weather  2 block |to prevent anything from moving through a space by filling it| Jalan terhambat oleh tanggul yang longsor The road is blocked up by sliding embankment 3 forbid Ada peraturan yang menghambat kita pergi kesana. There is a law which forbid us to go there  4 hinder |to make it difficult for someone to do something| Cuaca buruk menghambat upaya penyelamatan. The bad weather is hindering rescue efforts. 5 clog |to block something or become blocked| Kopekan sayur kol itu menghambat saluran air Cabbage peelings clogs up the drain kenderaan padat menghambat jalan bebas hambatan heavy traffic clogged the freeway 6 stunt |to stop someone or something from growing or developing normally| Kekurangan gizi telah menghambat pertumbuhan bayi itu. Malnutrition has stunted the baby’s  growth.
terhambat: adj 1 hampered 2 blocked 3 forbidden 4 hindered 5 clogged 6 stunted 7 futile

hambur: berhamburan: v /intr/ 1 scattered| to move or be made to move in many different directions|  Dia buka gerbang dan ternak berhamburan He open the gate and the cattle scattered. 2 run helter-skelter  Kerumunan itu lari berhamburan The crowd ran helter-skelter
-menghambur: v suddenly run away
-menhamburkan: v /tr/ 1 scattered |to spread or drop a lot of things over a wide area| Dia menghamburkan buku-bukunya di tempat tidurnya. 2 waste (sth) Akhir-akhir ini dia menghamburkan uangnya Lately he waste his money.
-terhambur: v /pass.v./ 1 be scattered
-penghamburan: n 1 dis­persal 2 wasting

hamil: adj /lu/ pregnant
-kehamilan: n pregnancy
-menghamili: v impregnate |make a woman or a female animal pregnant
-penghamilan: n 1 impregnation 2 insemination 3 con­ception.

hampa: adj empty
-hampa udara: adj vacuum
-hampa tangan: adj empty-handed.
-perasaan hampa: adj desperate
-menghampakan: v 1 empty out (the air)

hampar; menghampar: v /intr/ spread out.
-menghamparkan: v /tr/ spread sth out
-menghampari: v cover sth spread on sth karpet merah menghampari jalan lintas raja itu red carpet cover the king’s pathway.
-terhampar: v /pass.v/ be laid out Perkebunan sawit itu terhampar di sebidang tanah subur di Sumatera Utara The palm plantation is laid out on a fertile land in North Sumatera

hampir: adv /lu/ 1 almost |describe the distance| Bank itu hampir satu mil dari rumah saya The bank is almost a mile from my house  2 almost |describe time| Rapat sudah hampir dimulai ketika dia datang The meeting was almost started when she came 3 almost |describe similarity in quality, quantity, character, etc| Warna ini hampir sama dengan warna baju oblong saya This cokor is almost the same with the color of my T-shirt.
-menghampiri: v approach, come near |to move closer to someone or something| Seorang wanita datang menghampiri saya menanyakan satu alamat. A women approached me asking an address
-berhampiran: v be closed (to) Rumah dia berhampiran dengan rumah Mona Her house is closed to Mona’s house
-hampir-hampir: adv 1 very close (to)  2 very near (to) 3 next (to)  Sebuah kecelakaan hampir-hampir terjadi An accident was next to happened
-menghampirkan: v to make sth almost (arrive, happen, the same, etc) Artis itu mencoba menghampirkan lukisannya dengan lukisan Basuki The artist tried to make his paint similar to Basuki’s painting
-penghampiran: n approaching

hancur: v /intr/lu/ 1 shatter, smash, crush |suddenly break into small pieces| Piala itu hancur jatuh ke lantai The trophy fell to the floor and shattered. 2 be demolished Gedung itu hancur akibat sebuah ledakan bom The building was demolished by a blast of a bomb. 3 totally fail Impian dia menjadi juara hancur akibat lukanya. His dream to be a champion totally failed from his injury. 4 dissolve Tablet ini mudah hancur dalam air This tablet dissolve easily in water  5 be destroyed Jangan biarkan karir kamu hancur dengan ikut dalam bisnis yang tidak sah ini. Don’t let your carrier be destroyed by joining this illegal business. 6 disintegrate  Uni Soviet akhirnya hancur  Soviet Union finally disintegrated
-menghancurkan: v /tr/ 1 shatter, smash, crush 2 demolish 3 dissolve 4 destroy
-kehancuran: n 1 demolition 2 dissolution 3 destruction 4 disintegration
-penghancuran: n 1 shuttering, smashing, crushing, 2 demolishing 3 dissolving 4 destructing 5 disintegrating

handai: n /lu/ friend, companion.
-handai taulan: n friends.
-berhandai-handai: v engage in friendly exchange, be on intimate terms with each other

handal: variant of andal:

handikap: n /sport/  handicap.
-berhandikap: v have a certain handicap.

handuk: n towel.

hangar: variant of hanggar:

hangat: adj /lu/1 warm |slightly hot, especially pleasantly| Apa kamu suka minumannya dingin atau hangat? Do you like your drink cold or warm? 2 headline Kasus itu menjadi berita hangat di suratkabar-suratkabar. The case become a headline news of newspapers 3 interesting. Ini benar-benar berita hangat It’s really an interesting news 4 cold Badannya sedikit hangat He has a cold
-hangatkan; menghangatkan: v /tr/ 1 warm up Tolong hangatkan sop itu Please warm up the soup 2 heat, incite (sth) Pertentangan dalam penentuan harga minyak telah menghangatkan suasana politik The controversy on the oil pricing has heated up the political atmosphere.
-menghangat: v /intr/ become hot Situasi politik sedang menghangat Political situation is becoming hot
-kehangatan: n 1 warmness 2 heat 3 eagerness
-hati hangat: n de­lighted heart.
-situasi hangat: n critical situation.
-perdebatan hangat: n serious debate
-/idiom/: 1 hangat-hangat kuku: adj lukewarm 2 hangat-hangat tahi ayam: adj fleeting enthusiasm.

hanggar1: n 1 airplane hangar 2 sports hall

hangus: adj 1 burnt  Aula yang hangus itu akan dibangun kembali The burnt hall will be  rebuilt  2 over baked Kita tidak dapat memakan roti itu, sudah hangus We can’t eat the bread, it’s over baked 3 seared, scorched |to be burnt by strong heat| Kulitnya hangus oleh panasnya api unggun Her skin was scorched by the heat of the campfire 4 outdated |no longer effective| Surat Ijin mengemudi kamu sudah hangus Your driver license has been outdated
-menghanguskan: v 1 burn to ashes 2 scorch, sear |to burn something with a sudden very strong heat|  The strong sun shine seared her skin. 3 over bake, over roast  Oven telah menghanguskan kue itu The oven over baked the cake  4 blaze Arus pendek listrik telah menghanguskan gudang itu Electricity short cut blazed the warehouse 5 outdate Agen penerbangan akan menghanguskan tiket ini kalau tidak dipakai sebelum bulan Augustus The flight agent will outdated this ticket if it isn’t used before August

hanjuang: n any plant the family of Cordylin fruticosa

hantam; menghantam: v beat, hit, pinch, attack
-berhantam: v collide, fight or strike (each other)
-hantam kromo: v do sth wildly without regard to propriety, be completely at random
-hantaman: n blow, smack, punch, severe attack.
-menghantamkan: v 1 use sth to hit (sth) 2 collide sth

hantar1; berhantaran: v /intr/ spread out |many things lay apart from each other and cover a wide area or space| Korban tsunami itu berhantaran disana sini The victims of the tsunami spread out here and there.
-menghantar: v /tr/ put or lay things here and there

hantar2; berhantar: v be accompanied Kalau kamu pulang malam kamu harus pulang berhantar If come home at night you has to be accompanied
-menghantar: v 1 present, introduce Siapa yang akan menghantar pembicara pada sesi berikutnya? Who is going to introduce/present the speaker at the next session?
-penghantar; pengantar: n /lu/ 1 introduc-tion (of a book, of a speaker in a seminar, etc)  2 electric current medium |thing such as metal where electricity can flow| Kawat tembaga adalah bahan penghantar listrik yang sangat efektif Copper wire is a very effective electricity medium.

hantu: n /lu/ 1 ghost |the imaginary person-ifycation of a dead person that some people believe they can see or feel| Mereka percaya bahwa hantu nenek moyang mereka masih menempati rumah tua itu They believe that the ghost of their ancestors still haunts the old house. 2 spirit |a living thing without a physical body such as an angel or ghost| hantu jahat evil spirit hantu air sea spirit, river spirit, sea spirit hantu pocong the spirit covert by white cloth
-berhantu: adj 1 haunted 2 possessed by spirit
-menghantui: v frighten, scare, terrorize, terrify, horrify

hanya: adv 1 only Saya mempunyai hanya satu saudara I have only one brother  2 however. Dia mau pergi bersama kita, hanya ibunya tidak mengijinkan. She want to go with us, however her mother didn’t permit her. 3 hanya saja: on condition that. Oke! Kamu boleh memakainya, hanya saja harus kamu kembalikan sore ini. OK! You may use it, on condition that you give it back this evening

hanyut: v /intr/lu/ 1 drift. |to move or go somewhere without any plan or purpose| Kami melihat kapal itu hanyut dibawa ombak We watched the boat drift with the waves 2 sweep away Semua rumah-rumah di desa itu hanyut bersama banjir The houses in the village swept away with the flood. 3 be buoyed Imaginasi saya hanyut mendengar suaranya yang merdu My imagination was buoyed to hear her sfot song
-menhanyutkan1: v /tr/ 1 drift  Sungai itu menghanyutkan pohon-pohon tumbang selama angin  topan The river drifted the falling trees during the typhoon 2 sweep away Air hujan telah menghanyutkan kotoran-kotoran dari jalan The rain water has swept away the dirt from the road 3 buoy Janji-janjinya telah menghanyutkan kita semua His promises have buoyed all of us
-menghanyutkan2: adj 1 sweeping  banjir yang menghanyutkan sweeping flood 2 drifting arus air yang menghanyutkan drifting water current 3 buoyant senyum menghanyutkan a buoyant smile

hapus; menghapus: v 1 erase |to remove written or recorded information so that it cannot be seen or heard again| Boleh tolong hapus semua tulisan yang di papan putih? Would you please erase the writing on the white board?  2 delete |to remove a letter, word, phrase, etc. from a piece of writing or to remove a piece of information from a computer’s memory| Saya sudah punya file lain untuk ini jadi saya hapus saja. I have another file of this, so I just delete it. 3 abolish  Akhirnya semua negara setuju menghapus perbu-dakan Finally all countries agree to abolish slavery  4 eliminate Koperensi ini bertujuan untuk menghapuskan senjata nuklir This conference aim to eliminate nuclear weapon 5 wipe Dia menghapus air matanya dengan sepotong tissue She wiped her tears with a piece of tissue 6 nullify |to state officially that something doesn’t have effect anymore| Pemerintah baru menghapus kewajiban membayar fiscal kalau mau ke luar negeri The new government nullified the obligation to pay tax for goimg out abroad
-dihapus: v /pass.v/ be excluded |make sth not the part of sth else anymore| Sebagian data telah dihapuskan dari laporan itu Some of the data was excluded from the report.
-penghapusan: n 1 erasing 2 deletion  3 abolition 4 elimination  5 exclusion 6 wiping 7 nullification
-penghapus: n 1 eraser, eradicator  2 wiper 3 eliminator penghapus tinta ink eradicator.
-terhapus: v /pass.v./ 1 be accidentally erased, deleted, be abolished,  wiped, etc. Ya ampun! Datanya telah terhapus. Oh my God! The file had been wiped out.

hara: n 1 any kind of fresh water fish – Osteochilus melanopleura 2 nutrient |substance that is available in the soil which is needed by plant|

harafiah: variant of harfiah:

harakiri: n /Jpn/ suicide.
-berharakiri: v commit suicide.

haram: adj /Isl/ 1 harmful |if sth is ‘haram’ it is forbidden or proscribed to use, to eat, to do based on Islam teaching|  Daging babi­ haram bagi orang Islam Pork is forbidden to Muslims. 2 on no account Haram kalau orang lain yang menderita padahal kita yang berbuat salah It’s on no account if other has to pay the bad things we did  3 swear  (an exclamation of strong denial). Haram! Aku tidak akan pernah mencuri mencuri apapun! Swear! I will never steal anything

haramjadah; haramzadah: n illegitimate (child).

harap; berharap: v /intr/ 1 hope. “Saya berharap Tuhan memberkati kamu” “Terima kasih, saya berharap”.  “I hope God bless you.” “Thank you! I hope!”  2 expect, waiting “Apa kamu berharap kedatangan mereka hari ini?”  “Ya saya berharap”  “Do you expect their coming today?”  “Ye,1 I do”
-mengharapkan: v /tr/ 1 hope  Saya mengharapkan agar tidak seorangpun mendapat cedera I hope no body will get hurt. Mengharapkan hujan turun saat ini hampir tidak mungkin Expecting rain at this time is almost impossible  2 expect Mereka sedang mengharapkan pinjaman lunak dari pemerintah They are expecting some soft loan from the government
-harapan; pengharapan: n 1 hope Harapan saya kamu ikut bersama kami My hope is that you go with us.  2 expectation Jangan buat harapan kamu terlalu optimis, segala sesuatu bisa berubah. Don’t put your expectation too optimistic, everything can be changed.
-harap-harap cemas: expecting but not very sure

harapiah: variant of  harfiah:

harbor; hardbord: n beaverboard, hardboard.

hardik; menghadik: v /lu/ 1 snarl |to speak or say something in an angry way| “Diam!Dia menghardik “Shut up!” He snarled 2 scold |to say sth to someone in an angry way that she/he did something wrong|  Ibu menghardik saya karena pulang terlambat Mom scolded me for coming late
-hardikan: n 1 snarl 2 scolding

harfiah: adj /frm/ literal, word for word, terjemahan harfiah a lit­eral translation.

harga1: n /lu/ 1 price  Berapa harga mobil ini? What is the price of this car?  2 cost Itulah harga yang harus kita bayar akibat satu kesalahan That is the cost that we have to pay for a mistake.  3 value. Harga berlian ini setara dengan harga sebuah mobil. The value of this diamond equal to a new car
-berharga: v cost  Saya membeli satu apartemen berharga US $ 200,000. I bought an apartement which costs US $ 200,000.
-dengan harga: prep. at the cost. Kamu boleh membeli sebuah laptop dengan harga US $1000. You can by a laptop at the cost of  US $ 1,000.
-menghargai: v 1 admire, honor, respect, appreciate  Saya sangat menghargai dia I respect her very much 2 value Mereka menghargai property kita kurang dari 1 miliiar US $ They value our property less than  US $ 1 million 3 appraise |to make an appraisal (a judgement of how effective and valuable sb or sth|
-penghargaan: n 1 admiration, respects,  appreciation, honor  Bersama ini kami mengirimkan penghargaan kami atas apa yang telah anda perbuat pada negeri ini Here we’re sending our appreciation for what you’ve done to this country. 2 medal, trophy, certificate

hari: n day /lu/ 1 |a period of time equal to 24 hours|  Saya akan menyelesaikannya dalam dua hari I’ll finish it in two days. 2 on |a proposition that pointed to a particular day| Kami akan berangkat ke Arizona hari Senin minggu depan We’re leaving for Arizona on Monday next week. Saya melihat Margo hari sebelum peristiwa itu. I saw Margo downtown the day before the case 2 |the period of time between when the sun starts shine in the morning until when it becomes dark in the evening, when most people are awake|  Matahari bersinar cerah sepanjang hari The sun shines brightly all day long.  3 |a period of time in the past or in the future| Dulu saya tinggal disini; Pada hari-hari itu sangat nyaman berjalan kaki melintasi jalan ini. I lived here in the past; At that days it was very comfortable to walk this road.  Saya bercita-cita jadi bintang film terkenal; Pada hari-hari itu gambar saya akan menghiasi majalah-majalah film I dream to be a famous film star; At that days my picture will decorate all movie’s magazine 4 one time Satu hari nanti saya akan menemui kamu One time later I’ll meet you.
-berhari: v do sth on particular day Mereka sedang berhari libur They are on vacation Mereka sedang berhari lebaran They are on holy day
-berhari-hari: n several days  Mereka sudah berhari-hari melakukan pekerjaan itu They have been working on it for days
-harian: adj daily
-hari demi hari: adv continuously (day after day)
-keseharian: n daily activity/ need/ habit
-sehari: n a day
seharian: comp. all day long Kami jalan keliling keliling pantai seharian We walk around the beach all day long
-sehari-hari: adv usually (everyday)

haribaan: n 1 lap |the upper part of your legs when you are sitting down| duduk di haribaan nenek sitting on Grandma’s comfortable lap 2 midst diharibaan masyarakat in the midst of so­ciety
-/ltr/idiom/: dibawah haribaan Tuhan in the protection of God

harimau: n /lu/ tiger.
-harimau belang: n striped tiger.
-harimau akar/dahan: n clouded leopard
-harimau kumbang: n black panther
-harimau tutul: n leopard. –syn: macan

harini: prep. /lu/ today.

harkah; harkat: n /ltr/frm/ 1 value |the importance or usefulness of something especially in a relation to the social life| harkat hidup manusia the vale of human life 2 rate, value, standard (of power, cost, price) Berapa harkat rupiah terhadap US $? What is the rate exchange of rupiah against US $?  harkat politik political power harkat kerugian the cost of the lost 3 dignity Setiap orang harus menghormati harkat sidang pengadilan Everybody has to respect the dignity of a court
-pengharkatan: v 1 appraisal 2 rating 3 pricing
-mengharkatkan: v honour, respected Kamu harus mengharkatkan apa yang telah kamu lakukan sebelum orang lain mengharkatkannya You have to honour what you’ve done before other honour it

harmoni; keharmonisan: n harmony.
-harmonis; harmonic: adj harmonic, harmonious
-harmonica: n harmonica
-harmonisasi: n harmonization
-mengharmoniskan: v 1 harmonize 2 reconcile
-pengharmonisan: n harmonization

harta: n property, wealth.
-berharta: adj propertied, landed, rich
harta bawaan: n dowry.
harta benda: n property
harta kekayaan: n wealth, riches.
harta bergerak: n movable goods.
-harta tidak bergerak: n unmovable property
harta bersama: n common property.
-harta dunia: n worldly possessions.
-harta karun: n hidden treasure.
-harta pusaka: n inherited possessions, legacy
-harta wakaf: n charitable legacy
-seharta: v jointly possess (sth)

hartawan: n wealthy person, person of means.

haru1; mengharukan1:  v /tr/ sadden, grieve, dishearten |to make someone feel very sad or unhappy| Kematian ayah kamu benar-benar mengharukan kami semua The death of your father really dishearten all of us
-keharuan: n sadness, grief, sorrow
-mengharu: v stimulate sorrow, stir sadness, arouse grief
-mengharukan2: adj 1 saddening  2 grieving 3 disheartening satu malapetaka yang mengharukan a disheartening catastrophe
-terharu: v /intr/pass.v/ Semua kami terharu mendengar berita buruk itu All of us were saddened to hear the bad news

haru2; haru biru: n /ltrl 1 tumult, chaos, commotion, uproar
-mengharu-birukan: v 1 stimulate a chaos 2 confuse 3 stir commotion 3 encourage tumult
-pengharu: n /ltr/ agitator, provocateur, trouble maker

harum1: adj /lu/ 1 fragrant, aromatic |releasing pleasant smell| 2 fame, well-known

harum2; keharuman: n 1 fragrance 2 aroma |the peasant smell of sth| Harumnya bunga menarik perhatian lebah The fragrance of flower attract bees 3 fame
-harum-haruman: n 1 deodorant 2 perfume
-mengharumkan: v 1 cause sth smells fragrant Bumbu ini mengharumkan makanan ini. This spices cause the food smells fragrant 2 cause sth famed and admired Keberhasilan kamu akan mengharumkan nama bangsa Your success will make your country famed and admired

Harun: n 1 /Bib./ Aaron. 2 /Isl./ one of the prophets.

harungguan: n /Btk/ people assembly

harus: v /lu/ have to, must. Saya harus pergi sekarang I have to go now Kamu harus bayar tepat waktu You must pay on time.
-diharuskan: v /pass.v./ 1 be obliged 2 be required
-mengharuskan: v 1oblige 2compel 3 require
-keharusan1: n 1 obligation 2 necessity 2 requirement  3 a must  4 imperative
-keharusan2: adj obligatory, compulsory  Satu keharusan untuk anak-anak bersekolah sampai tahun ke -9 It’s obligatory for all children to go to school until grade nine

hasiat: variant of  khasiat:

hasil: n /lu/ 1 crop. |the amount of sth such as corn, wheat etc. that is produced in a single season| sejumlah besar hasil panen apel a bumper crop of  apple   2 product. Apa hasil yang kalian peroleh dari usaha itu? What is the product you have from this business? 3 quotient |a number that is the result of one number being divided by another| 4 output, result, outcome Hasil perusahaan itu bertambah terus setiap tahun The product of the company increases every year  4 gain |an increase in the amount or level of something|  Kami senang atas hasil mereka mencapai popularitas pada akhir-akhir ini We were delighted by their recent gain in popularity|
-penghasil: n producer.
-penghasilan: n 1 production. 2 yield. 3 in­come, earnings.

hasrat: n /lu/ 1 longing 2 desire 2 craving 3 thirst 4 wish.
-berhasrat: v 1 long 2 desire 3 wish 4 crave

hasta: n /of/ cubit |a unit of  linear measure,  equal to the length of forearm from the tip of middle finger to the elbow|
-menghasta: v measure in cubits.

hastakarya: n handicrafts.

hasut; menghasut: v /lu/ 1 |incite, goad, stir up. |to deliberately make someone feel so angry or excited toward sb else or sth| Seorang pria dimasukkan penjara karena menghasut orang melakukan kekacauan One man was jailed for inciting people to make a riot 2 instigate, provoke, agitate, foment  |to make something start to happen, especially to start something that will cause trouble|  Seorang politisi dituduh telah menghasut organisasi buruh melakukan demonstrasi yang beringas. A politician was accused of instigating labour organizations to conduct a violent demonstration. 3 abet |to help someone to do an illegal activity
-penghasut: n 1 provocateur 2 instigator 3 agitator 4 trouble maker
-penghasutan: n 1 provocation 2 instigation 3 agitation

hati: n /lu/ 1 liver |a large organ in your body that cleans your blood or the liver of an animal used as food| 2 heart |one of your psychological sense that make you able to feel strong emotions such as love, anger, sadness, etc.|  Dari dalam lubuk hati, saya sangat mencintai dia. From the bottom of my heart, I love him very much Dengan segenap hati saya berharap kamu akan menang I hope with all my heart that you would win. 3 deed Dia seorang wanita yang baik hati He is a women with a good deeds  4 feeling Ma’af! Saya tidak bermaksud menyakiti hati kamu I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling  5 mind  Saya betarnya dalam hati, siapa yang salah, dia apa saya? I have a question in my mind, who did a mistake, she or I?  Saya sdang membaca dalam hati I’m reading to my mind.
buah/jantung hati: n sweet heart.
-berhati binatang: adj uncivilized
-bersenang hati: adj happy
-dari hati-kehati: adv in an honest way Kita perlu bicara dari hati-kehati. We need to talk in an honest way.
-hati bimbang: adj anxious
-hati kecil/sanubari: n conscience, inner feelings
-hati nurani: n emphatic feeling
-hati busuk: n evil wish
-hati pilu: n grief
-hati putih/tulus: adj honest
-hati tungau: adj coward
-hati walang: adj worry
-kehati-hatian: n carefulness
-keras hati: adj determined
-teguh/sali hati; adj consistent
-rendah hati: adj humble, modest
-sampai hati: v dare |to be brave enough to do something, used especially in negative sentences| Robinson tidak sampai hati mengatakan kepada bossnya bahwa perusahaan itu akan bangkrut. Robbins wouldn’t dare tell his boss that the company is going to be bankrupt
-sakit hati: adj incensed, annoyed
-sehati: v have the same feeling
-tinggi hati: adj arrogant, haughty

hati2: hati-hati: adj careful Itu satu tindakan yang hati-hati It was a careful action
-berhati-hati: v be careful Berhati-hatilah mengangkat patung itu Be careful to lift the statue
-kehati-hatian: n carefulness Keselamatan barang  pecah belah ini tergantung pada kehati-hatian kamu menanganinya. The safety of this fragile goods depends on your carefulness to handle it.
-memperhatikan: v /tr/ pay attention
-pemerhati: n observer
-perhatian: n attention, interest , care

hatsil: variant of hasil:

hatur: variant of atur2:

haus1: adj /lu/ 1 thirsty. |feeling that you want to drink something|  Let’s get something to drink, I’m thirsty 2 eager to have sth |having a strong desire for something| Rakyat haus akan pelayanan kesehatan yang bagus People are thirsty for good heath service
-kehausan: n 1 thirst 2 eagerness (to have sth)

haus2: variant of aus:

hawa: n /lu/ 1 air |the mixture of gases that we breathe and that surrounds the Earth| Apa kamu merasa hawanya panas? Do you feel that the air is hot?  2 climate, weather |the typical weather conditions in a particular area| Hawa pegunungan itu sangat dingin The weather in that mountainous area is very cold
-berhawa: v have enough air
-menghawa: v 1 broadcast 2  evaporate
-menghawai: v 1 let fresh air come inside 2 let air blow to the surface of sth
-hawa nafsu: n sexual/carnal desire

Hawa: n /Bib./ Eve.
-Siti Hawa: n /Isl./  Eve.
-si hawa: n a woman
-kaum hawa: n female

hawar: n /ld/ 1 blight. daun hawar blight leaf 2 contagious illness (of animal, plants, or human)

hawatir: adj /lu/ worry

hayal; hayalan: n 1 imagination 2 fantasy
-menghayal: v 1 imagine 2 fantasize

hayat: n /lu/ life. |the period of time between someone’s birth and death| Sampai akhir hayat saya akan mencintai kamu Until  the end of my life, I’ll always love you
-menghayati: v internalize |to take in (cultural value for example) and make it an integral part of one’s attitudes or beliefs|
-penghayatan: n internalization

hayati: adj /lu/ 1 biological 2 vital. bahan hayati. living matter. sum­ber-sumber hayati biological resources, baik hayati maupun nabati both animal and vegetable.

he: intrj. hmm |a sound that you make to express doubt or disagreement| He! Jangan ambil itu! Hmm! Don’t take it!

he: intrj ha! |said when you have discovered something, or are proud of yourself| He! Akhirnya saya tahu! Ha! Finally I know it!

hebat: adj /lu/ |a word to describes the superiority of a positive quality or quantity of sth – e.g. if we expect a fighter to be brave, so “seorang pejuang hebat” means “a very brave fighter” or “a very successful fighter” and if we expect a park to be beautiful, so, “sebuah taman yang hebat” means “a very beautiful park”, seorang murid yang hebat “a very smart student, etc.|
-kehebatan: n superiority
-sangat hebat: adj very very (beautiful, nice, good, etc.)

heboh: adj /lu/ topsy-turvy |completely disorganized and in a state of confusion|  2 boisterous |noisy and cheerful|  seorang anak heboh boisterous children 3 rowdy |behaving in a noisy way that is not controlled|  sekelompok anak-anak heboh a group of rowdy children 4 sensational |intended to shock or excite people| satu berita heboh tentang pembunuhan a sensational news report of the murder
-kehebohan: n 1 boisterousness 2 rowdiness 3 sensation

hee: intj. uh huh, yes.

heeh: intj. ha .

hegemoni; hegemoni: n /frm/ hegemony. |the predominant influence of one (person, organization, country) over others|

heh: intj. hey!

hei: intj halo

hektar: n /lu/ hectare.

hektoliter: n /frm/ hectoliter.

hela; menghela: v /drag/ 1 drag, haul, pull (carriage, wagon, etc.) Mereka memakai lembu menghela pedati itu They use cow to drug the wagon  2 take, inhale (a breath)
-menghela  napas: v 1 take a breath 2 inhale air.

helai: n /lu/ 1 sheet (of paper, etc.). 2 a unit for paper, cloth, leaf, etc. sepuluh helai kertas ten pieces of paper
-berhela: adv in sheets Apa kamu menjual lap tangan ini per helai? Do you sell this napkins in sheets

helat1; perhelatan: n 1 celebration 2 party 3 the guests of a party
-berhelat: v celebrate with a party.

helat2: adj 1 foreign  2 strange

hélat3: n 1 trick, stratagem, device 2 deceit, fraud, trap 3 reason
-berhelat: v to have or use stratagem/ device/ trap/ reason to achieve sth
-menghelat: v deceive, trap, reason

heli {kelikopter}: n /lu/ helicopter.

helicak: n /lu/ three-wheeled motorized pedicab

helikopter: n helicopter.

helipad {kelikopter pad}: n helicopter pad.

helm; helem: n motorcycle helmet, hard hat.

hemat1: n /lu/ judgment, observation, opinion. Menurut hemat saya, dia tidak bersalah Based on my opinion, he is not guilty

hemat2: adj /lu/ economical, thrift.
-menghemat: v economize, curtail budget, retrench expenses
-penghematan: v retrenchment, thrift, curtailment

hembalang: n /of/ |a device made of very strong string – you fold in the middle and put sth hard thing like a stone and then you hold the two ends of the string and you hurl it over your head like a cowboy hurl a lasso. After the string has turned many times, you throw the stone by releasing  one end of the string.
-berhembalang: v 1 fall tumble down  2 run helter-skelter
-menghembalangkan: v 1 hurl 2 throw violently
-terhembalang: v be hurled head over heels.

hembus: variant of embus:

hempas; terhempas: v /intr/ fall down |accidentally move or drop down toward the ground|
-menghempaskan: v /tr/ to fall (sth) down Dia mengangkat kotak itu, tetapi karena terlalu berat dia menghempaskannya ke lantai He lifted the box, but because it’s too heavy he felt it down to the floor
-hempasan: n 1 the place where sth fall down 2 the act of falling fall

hendak; berkehendak: v /intr/lu/ 1 want |to have a desire or need for something (to do sth)| Saya hendak pergi sebentar lagi I want to go in a moment. Mereka hendak mengundang kamu merundingkan kasus itu They want to invite you to discuss the case. Kamu hendak kemana? Where do you want to go? 2 wish Saya berkehendak melakukan hal itu tetapi tidak ada waktu sekarang I wish to do it but I don’t have time now. Kalau Tuhan berkehendak apapun bisa terjadi If the God wish, whatever can be happen  3 will  Dia sudah berjanji hendak membayarnya kembali. He promised that he will pay it back 4 about to Kelihatannya ini hendak hujan. It seems that it about to rain  Kami berjanji hendak membantu mereka We promised that we will help them 5 intend Dia berkehendak menjadi seorang penerbang She intend to be a pilot
-menghendaki: v /tr/ want (sth) Sonya menghendaki saya pergi. Sonya want me to go.
-kehendak: n 1 wish 2 intention 3 want |something that you desire or need but do not have|  Kami rencanakan liburan ini memenuhi kehendak anak-anak We plan this vacation trip to fulfil the want of the children.
-hendaknya: v should  Hendaknya kamu mendengarkan saran dia You should hear his advice.
-sekehendak(hati): adv by sb’s judgement  Dia berbuat hal itu sekehendak hati He did it by his own judgement

hengkang: v /lu/ 1 walk out (from a meeting) 2 retreat, resign |to decide not to do what you have promised or planned because it seems too difficult or extreme|  3 leave a place where you usually reside

hening: adj /lu/ silent, quiet, calm  Malam hening itu tiba-tiba berubah menjadi situasi kacau ketika gunung berapi itu meletus The silent night suddenly turned to a chaotic situation when the volcano blasted
-mengheningkan cipta: v be silent for a moment to memorize and honor the hero
-keheningan: n silence, quietness, calmness Lukisan itu menggambarkan keheningan sebuah desa The paint reflect the calmness of a village.

hentak; menghentakkan: v stamp (your foot on) Dia menghentakkan kakinya ke lantai lalu pergi jauh He stumped his foot on the floor and he went away
-hentakan: n foot stamping 2 sudden pull

hentam; menghentamkan: variant of menghentakkan:
-hentaman: n 1 variant of hentakan 2 the effect of an explosion.

henti: berhenti: v /intr/ 1 stop  |to end a movement, an action, an activity, an event| Dilarang berhenti disini. It’s forbidden to stop here Saya berharap hujan akan segera berhenti I hope the rain will stop soon. Kami tidak bisa berhenti tertawa We couldn’t stop laughing Kapan mereka berhenti berkelahi? When did they stop the fight? 2 pause |to delay an activity| Mari kita berhenti untuk makan siang Let’s pause for lunch time 3 terminate |to finish or stop, and activity| Rapat itu berhenti untuk melakukan lobi The meeting terminated for lobbying. 4 end Kedua Negara setuju menghentikan perang dan mengadakan konperensi perdamaian Both countries agree to end the war and hold a peace conference. 4 halt |to stop or make something stop in the middle of activity| Dewan kota telah menghentikan pengembangan busway The city council had halted the expansion of the busway
-menghentikan: v /tr/ 1 stop |to prevent sb or sth to move or from doing sth| Kami tidak bisa menghentikan dia pergi We couldn’t stop her from leaving. Saya menghentikan mobil itu untuk memeriksa ban I stop the car for checking the tires. Kalau kamu ingin mengisi bensin kamu harus menghentikan mesinnya If you want to refill the gasoline please stop the machine. 2 terminate Mereka sepakat menghentikan kerjasama itu They agree to terminate the cooperation. 3 pause Apa kalian setuju kalau kita menghentikan rapat Do you agree if we pause the meeting? 4 end Mari kita menghentikan semua perdebatan yang kontrversial ini Let’s end all of the controversial debate
-hentikan: v /intr//tr/impr/ stop Hentikan merokok kalau tidak sakit jantung kamu akan tambah parah Stop smoking otherwise your heart disease will be worst. Hentikan mobilnya pada bahu jalan Stop the car on the road’s shoulder. Hentikan itu! Kamu bisa mencelakai seseorang Stop it! You may hurt someone.
-penghentian: n the act of stopping/ termination/ ending, etc Penghentian proyek itu terjadi karena masalah keuangan. The termination of the project happened doe to the financial problem.
-pemberhentian: n 1 terminal 2 shelter |the place where usually people stop from driving, walking, travelling for sth or because of sth| 3 variant of penghentian

henyak; terhenyak: v /intr/lu/ alight |suddenly be aware of sth|

hepatitis: n /lu/ hepatitis.

heran: adj /lu/ 1 surprised, amazed |having a feeling of surprise| Kami heran bahwa Roy mengundurkan diri dari pekerjaan itu. We were surprised (that) Roy resigned from the job. Saya heran kenapa dia tidak menerima bantuan saya I’m surprised why he didn’t accept my help 2 astonished |very surprised about something|  Parsa  heran kenapa rumah baru itu harus di renovasi? Parsa astonished why that new house should be renovated?
-mengherankan1: adj surpring, astonishing Satu jawaban yang mengherankan An astonishing answer
-menherankan2: v 1 surprise, astonish. Keputusannya untuk mengundurkan diri tidak mengherankan saya sama sekali
His decision to resign didn’t surprise me at all
-keheranan: n 1 surprise Satu keheranan melihat kamu disini What a surprise to see you here! 2 astonishment Satu keheranan dia bisa memenangkan pertandingan itu It’s an astonishment that she win the match 3 wonder 4 miracle
-terheran-heran: v greatly surprise

herba: n /lu/ herb.

herbisida: n /lu/ herbicide.

herder: n /lu/ German shepherd dog.

heroic: adj heroic.

heroin: n heroin.

heroisme: n heroism.

heterogen: adj /lu/ heterogeneous.
-keheterogenan: n heterogeneity.

heteroseks: adj /lu/ heterosexual.

hewan: n /lu/ 1 domesticated animal. 2  pet. 3  animal (as a class). ­
-hewan jagal: n lives stock (beef, cattle, croiler)
-hewan kunyah: n ruminant.
-hewan menyusui: n mammal.
-hewan pengerat: n rodent.
-hewan bertulang belakang: n vertebrate.
-kehewanan: n pertaining to animals. Fakultas Kehewanan Department of Veterinary Science.

hewani; hewaniah: adj /lu/ bestial protein hewani  animal protein.

hei: intrj hi, hello  Hei Mau kemana! Hi! Where are you going?

hi: intrj. Hah!

hianat; berhianat: v /intr/lu/ betray |to be disloyal to a friend, the country, etc., for example by working on behalf of the enemy| Akan lebih baik masuk penjara daripada berhianat It would be better to go to jail than betray.
-menghianati: v /tr/ betray Siapa saja meghianati bangsa kita akan dihukum mati Whoever betray our nation will be sentenced to death
-penghianat: n betrayer
-penghianatan: betrayal

hias; berhias: v /intr/lu/ 1 make up, dress up Dia selalu berhias setiap kali mau pergi keluar. She always dress up any time she go out
-menghias: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 /intr/ dress up Kamu tidak perlu menghias untuk pergi ke sekolah.You don’t need to dress up to go school  2 /tr/ a) decorate Dia sedang menghias ruang makan He is decorating the dining room. b) Dia sedang menghias pengantin wanita She is dressing up the bride. 3 garnish |to decorate food with a small piece of a fruit or vegetable| 4 embellish |to make something more beautiful by adding decorations to it| Sebuah cicin berlian menghias jarinya A diamond ring embellishes her finger. 5 adorn |to decorate something| ukiran yang menghias dinding aula carvings that adorn the hall walls 6 beautify |to make sth more beautiful| Sebuah taman baru telah menghias balai kota. A new park beautifies the town hall.
-menghiasi: v /tr/ dress up/ make up/ decorate (sb/sth) Mereka mulai menghiasi aula itu tadi pagi They started to dress up the hall this morning.
-hiasan: n decoration, embellishment, ornament, adornment, illustration
-perhiasan: n jewellery
-penghias1: adj |pertaining to the likeness  to dress up|
-penghias2: n decorator, dresser, cosmetic devices

hibah: n /lu/ 1 grant |an amount of money or valuable things given by a government to someone, to an organization, or other government for a particular purpose| WHO memberikan hibah berjumlah besar kepada pemerintah Indonesia untuk dana melakukan penelitian dibidang flu burung WHO gave a big amount of grant to Indonesian government to conduct a research on bird flu  2 donation  3 bequest

hibernasi: n /frm/ hibernation.

hibrida: n /lu/ hybrid.

hibur; menghibur: v entertain, cheer up, comfort.
-hiburan: n entertainment, consolation, solace, comfort
-penghibur: n entertainer, comforter, consoler

hidang; menghidangi: v /tr/lu/  serve with. Ny Margaret menghidangi tamu itu dengan teh.  Mrs Margaret served the guests with tea.
-dihidangi: v /pass.v./be served Tamu itu telah dihidangi kopi The guests were served by coffee.
-menghidangkan: v /tr/ serve sth Ny. Margaret menghidangkan teh untuk tamunya Mrs Margaret served tea for the guests.
-dihidangkan: v /pass.v./ be served  Kopi itu sudah dihidangkan kepada tamu The coffee has been served with the guests
-hidangan: v meal or drink (to be served)
-terhidang: v be served, be  provided  Makan siang telah terhidang di meja The lunch has been served on the table.
-penghidang: n server
-penghidangan: n serving.
Notes; Pay attention to the difference between “menghidangi” and “menghidangkan” The first takes the guest (sb) as the direct object. The second takes the dring (sth) as the direct subject. The passive voice ‘dihidangi’ also takes the guests (sb) as the direct object and ‘dihidangkan’ takes the coffee (sth) as the direct object

hidayah; hidayat: n /lu/ (God’s) guidance.

hidmat: adj /lu/solemn |very serious| Itu adalah satu upacara yang sangat hidmat It’s a very solemn ceremony
-dengan hidmat: adv solemnly Mereka mendengar penghotbah itu dengan hidmat They listen to the preacher solemnly
-kehidmatan: n solemnity Kehidmatan upacara itu membuat saya sangat terkesan The solemnity of the ceremony impressed me.

hidrat: n /Chem./tech/  hydrate.
arang hidrat: n carbohydrate.

hydrogen: n hydrogen.

hidrolik: adj hydraulic.

hidrolistrik: adj hydroelectric.

hidrologi: n hydrology.

hidrologis: adj hydrological.

hidu;  menghidu: v 1 smell 2 sniff  3  inhale.

hidung: n 1 nose. 2 the protruding front part of a plane
-hidung belang: n womanizer, philanderer.
-hidung ceret: n spout of a kettle.
-hidung mancung: n sharp, fine­shaped nose.
-hidung pesek: n flat nose.
-suara hidung: n nasal voice

hidup1: v /lu/ 1 be alive |living and not dead| Apa kakek kamu masih hidup Does your grandpa still alive? 2 live a) |to be alive or to continue to stay alive| Nenek saya hidup selama 88 tahun My grandma lived for 88 years b) |to have a particular type of life| Banyak orang hidup dalam kemiskinan terselubung Many people live in hidden poverty. 3 grow Apa pohon yang didepan rumah itu masih hidup? Does  the tree in the front of the house still grow. 4 work, function Kenapa kamu biarkan mesin listrik itu tetap hidup? Why you let the electric generator still work?  5 on Apa lampu dikamar kamu hidup? Does the bulb in your room on? 6 burn Api itu masih hidup The fire still burning 7 exist, active  Apa tim bolavolli kamu masih hidup? Does your volleyball team still exist/ active?

hidup2: adj /lu/ 1 alive Apa anjing kamu masih tetap hidup? Is your dog still alive? Mereka tidak berharap menemukan seseorang masih hidup setelah ledakan itu They didn’t expect to find anyone alive after the explosion  2  live Dia memberi makan ularnya dengan tikus hidup She feeds her snake with live rats  Ini siaran hidup dari Jakarta This is a live broadcasting from Jakarta
-menghidupkan: v 1 start (sth to work) Ini sudah waktunya menghidupkan mesin Now it’s time to start the machine    2 turn on Tolog hidupkan lampunya Please turn on the light! 3 activate Kami akan menghidupkan club itu kembali We are going to activate the club again 4 run Saya menghidupkan mesin selama duapuluh menit sebelum menyetir mobilnya I run the machine about twenty minutes before driving the car.
-hidup; kehidupan: n life  1 |the period of time between someone’s birth and death| Ayah saya tinggal di daerah pedesaan sepanjang kehidupan dia. My father lived in rural area all his life. Itu adalah satu hari paling menyenangkan sepanjang hidup saya It was one of the happiest days of my life. 2 |all the experiences and activities that are typical of a particular way of living| Kehidupan di satu daerah pedesaan sangat berbeda dengan kehidupan di satu kota besar. Life in a rural area is much different to the life in a big city 3 |the type of experience that someone has during his/her life| Nadia mempunyai kehidupan bahagia dan makmur Nadia had a happy and prosperous life 4 |living things such as people, animals, or plants| Apa kamu yakin ada kehidupan di planet lain? Do you think there is life on other planets 5 |life activities relate to sex, social activities, friendships, etc.| Dia punya kehidupan social yang unik She has a very unique social life 6 |related to movement| Tidak ada tanda-tanda kehidupan di pulau itu There is no signs of life in the island. 7 | quality of life the level or quality of health, success, and comfort in someone’s life| Bagaimana kehidupan kamu selama di luar negeri, apa kamu bahagia? How was your life abroad, were you happy? 8 |the period of time that something continues to work or exist|  Hidup Indonesia! Long-life Indonesia! Baterai hidup lama long-life batteries.
-menghidupi: v 1 feed Dia bekerja sangat keras untuk menghidupi keluargannya He work very hard to feed his family 2  support  Ada sebuah organisasi sosial menghidupi para yatim-piatu ini There is a charity to support these orphans 3 grow Mereka menghidupi saya seperti putra sendiri They grow me like their own son.
-penghidupan: n 1 livelihood 2 income, earning

hierarki: variant of hirarki:

higienis: adj hygienic.

hijau1: adj /lu/ 1 green |having the color of grass| cat hijau green paint   2 permission Mereka telah memberikan lampu hijau They have given us green light (permission) 3 inexperienced. Dia masih hijau He is inexperienced 4 covered by plants Di sebuah pulau yang hijau In an island that covered with plants. 5 unripe padi belum matang green rice pisang hijau green banana

gijau2: n /lu/ 1 chlorophyll  2 the flat area covered by grass around the hole in a golf course
-kehijauan: n greenish,
-menghijau: v turn to green (be covered with plants)
-menghijaukan: v to make (a land) green
-penghijauan: n reforestation

hijrah: n /Isl/ the migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina.
-berhijrah: v migrate
-menghijrahkan: v evacuate, move (sb/sth)
-penghijrahan: n migration, evacuation (of troops).

hijriah: n /Isl/ Islamic calendar.

hikayat: n 1 tale, story, romance.  2 history, account, narration
-menghikayatkan: v 1 made an event a story/history/tale, etc
-berhikayat: v 1 narrate 2 tell stories 3 tell tale, etc

hikmah; hikmat: n /lu/1 wisdom, philosophy.  Setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya 2 hikmah Illahi: God’s wisdom  3 magical power. 4 power in general
-berhikmah: adj 1 wise 2 useful 3 meaningful/ philosophical/ 4 powerful 5 magical
-menghikmahi: v 1 empower Kepahlawanan bapaknya telah menghik-mahi dia sebagai seorang politisi His father heroism has empower her as a politician 2 enchant 3 bewitch

hilang; menghilang: v /intr/lu/ 1 lose |to disappear or stop being controlled or possessed by sb| Kucing itu hilang miggu lalu The cat lost last week 2 disappear |not exist anymore| Sejumlah jenis tanaman dan binatang hilang dalam satu decade terakhir A number of plants and animal species disappeared in the last decade  3 vanish |to disappear suddenly, especially in a way that cannot be easily explained| Ketika saya lihat kembali dia sudah hilang When I looked again, he’d vanished. 4 fade |to gradually disappear or become weaker|  Semangat tempur dia sedang mulai hilang. His fight spirit is beginning to fade.
-menghilangkan: v /tr/ 1 lose |to stop having something valuable or important that you need or have| Dia telah meng-hilangkan mobil ayahnya. He has lost his father’s car Dia selalu menghilangkan kuncinya She always loses her keys   2 erase (sth) Mereka menghilangkan jejak dengan cara berjalan melalui sungai They lost the trace by walking through the river. 3 reduce |to make sth less or not exist anymore| Saya perlu menghilangkan sebagian berat badan I need to lose some  weight.| 4 abandon (sth) Dia menghilang-kan banyak kesempatan untuk menang She lost a lot of chance to win
-kehilangan: v /tr/ lose: 1 |be stopped to have something valuable or important that you need| Saya kehilangan pekerjaan selama krisis ekonmi itu I lost my job during the economic crises  Kami kehilangan banyak uang dalam kerjasama itu We lost a lot of money on that deal. 2 |to no longer have a particular quality, belief, attitude etc.| Anak-anak sudah kehilangan minat untuk bertanding The kids were losing interest in the game. Judy kehilangan kendali dan memulai perkelahian Judy lost his temper and started fighting. 3 |to stop being able to see, remember things, talk etc.| Dia kehi-langan ingatan akibat satu kecelakaan dahsyat. He lost his memory from a severe accident
-dihilangkan: v /pass.v./ be lost (by) Kunci itu dihilangkan oleh Roy The key was lost by Roy
-penghilangan: n 1 removal. 2 eradication 3 elimination.

hilir: adv 1 downstream. Kayu itu hanyut ke hilir The wood floated downstream. Dia berjalan ke hilir He walked toward down stream

hilir-mudik1: adv back and forth Dia berjalan hilir mudik. He walked back and forth.

hilir-mudik2: n direction, purpose, point of view Dia bicara tanpa jelas hilir-mudiknya He talked without a clear point of view
-menghilir-mudikkan: v direct,  lead, command Nancy sedang mencoba menghilir-mudikkan suaminya Nancy tried to direct her husband
-berhiliran: v flow downstream
-menghilir: v travel or sail downstream

himbau; menghimabu: v /lu/ 1 advocate 2 appeal 3 advise

himne: n /lu/ hymn

himpit; berhimpit: v /lu/ 1 be very closed (each other) 2 coincide |to happen at the same time| Ulang Tahun perkawinan mereka berhinpit dengan ulang tahun kelahiran saya Their wedding anniversary coincides with my birthday.
-berhimpit-himpit; berhimpitan: v be pressed together, be overlapped
-menghimpit: v press, squeeze
-menghimpitkan: v put sth to pres sth else
-himpitan: n pressure, crush
-penghimpitan: n pressing, squeezing-

himpun;  menghimpun: v /tr/ 1 assemble Kami berencana menghimpun para ekonom membicarakan hal ini We plan to assemble the economists to discuss this matter   2  collect  3 gather 4 summon, meet  5 total, add up
-berhimpun: v /intr/ 1 be assembled  Para anggota club akan berhimpun hari ini The club members will be assembled today  2 gather 3  convene 4 meet
-himpunan: n 1 total 2 sum 3 collection
-perhimpunan: n 1 assemblage 2 association 3 organization 4 union 5 league
-terhimpun: v /pass.v./ 1 be assembled 2 be collected 3 be associated 4 be organized

hina: adj /lu/ 1 contemptible |not deserving any respect| perilaku hina contemptible behavior 2 un-respected |not respected by other| 3 low (status)  Jangan pernah berpikir bahwa kamu orang hina Don’t ever think that you are low person 4 insolent |rude and not showing any respect|  Dia telah ditegur karena menunjukkan perangai yang hna He was suspended for showing insolent attitude
-menghina: v 1 humiliate 2 insult
-penghinaan: n 1 humiliation 2 disgrace 3 dishonour 4 abasement
-kehinaan: n 1 humility  2 disgrace 3 abasement

hindar; menghindar: v /intr/ 1 dodge |to move quickly in order to avoid someone or something|  Untunglah saya dapat menghindar ketika dia mencoba memukul saya. Fortunately I could dodge when he tried to punch me.
-menghindarkan: v /tr/ 1 dodge Mari saya tunjukkan pada kamu cara menghindar  satu pukulan tonjok atas Let me show you the way to dodge an upper cut punch 2 avoid Kita harus menghindarkan anak kita dari penyalah gunaan obat We must avoid our children from drug abuse.
-menghindari: v 1 (get) rid of  Cerita sama saya bagaimana kamu bisa menghindari minum-minum Tell me how did you get rid of drinking 2 avoid (sth) Kami akan menghindari pertikaian ini We are going to avoid this fighting  3 dodge (sth) Pem-batasan kecepatan bermaksud untuk menghindari tabrakan The speed limit aims to dodge severe crash 4 evade Dia dihukum karena menghindari pajak He was punished for evading tax
-penghindaran: n 1 avoidance 2 prevention 3 dodging 4 evasion (of responsibility)
-terhindar: v /pass.v/ 1 escape |to not be noticed by someone| Tidak seorangpun terhindar dari pengamatan kami No body escaped from our observation 2 be missed of target Dia terhindar dari penembakan He was missed of a shoot 3 be safe |not in danger of being harmed or be a victim|  Tidak ada yang dapat kita perbuat untuk menjaga kota terhindar dari serangan teroris Nothing we can do to keep the city safe from terrorist attacks.

Hindia: n Indian Lautan Hindia Indian Ocean

Hindu: n Hindu

hangar: n adj /lu/ noisy
-hangar binger: adj very noisy
-kehangar-bingaran: n noisiness

hingga1: prep./conj. 1 until Saya akan menunggu kamu hinggai pukul 500 sore I’ll wait you until 500 p.m. 2 up to Hingga sekarang dia belum datang Up to now she isn’t coming

hingga; perhinggaan: n /lu/ limit Gurun ini keihatannya seperti tidak ada hingganya This desert seems to have no limit
-berhingga: v have limit
-menghinggakan: v limit
-sehingga: adv therefore, for that reason
-terhingga: adj limited
-tidak terhingga: adj unlimited

hinggap: v /lu/ 1 perch |if a bird ‘hinggap’, it stop flying and stand or sit  on something| 2 affect, infect  |if an illness ‘hinggap’ on sb/sth the illness affect the health of it| Flu burung dapat hinggap atau menular pada manusia Bird flu can affect or infect human.
-menghinggapi: v 1 affect sb/sth 2 infect sb/sth

hiperbol: n /frm/ hyperbole:

hiperbolis: adj /frm/ hyperbolic

hiperbolisme: n /frm/ hyperbolism

hipertensi: n /frm/ hypertension

hipnotis: n /lu/ hypnotic
-menghipnotis: v hypnotize

hipnotisir; menghipnotisir: v hypnotize

hipnotisme: n /frm/ hypnotism

hipokrasi: n /frm/ hypocrisy

hipokrit: n /frm/ hypocrite.

hipotek: n /frm/ mortgage.
-menghipotekkan: v mortgage

hipotenusa: n /Math./ hypotenuse.

hipotesa; hipotesis: n hypothesis.

hirap; menghirap: v /intr/ld/  disappear, vanish.
-menghirapkan: v /tr/ disappear, vanish, hide.

hirarki: n /frm/ hierarchy.

hirarkis: adj /frm/ hierarchical.

hirau; menghiraukan: v /lu/ heed, note, pay attention to. Dia tidak menghiraukan kata -kata bapaknya She doesn’t pay attention to her father’s advice.

hiru-biru: variant of haru-biru:

hiru-hara: variant of huru-hara:

hiruk-pikukl: n /lu/ 1 tumult, hullabaloo, hurly-burly (of the crowd).
-kehiruk-pirukan: n racket, noise, din.
-menghiruk-pikukkan: v 1 make a fuss over sth  2 cause a com­motion, disturb.
-penghiruk-pikuk: n who causes a distur­bance.

hirup; menghirup: v /lu/ 1 inhale |to breathe in air, smoke, or gas| Jangan pernah menghirupbau lem. Don’t inhale the fumes of the glue 2 slurp (up), sip at. |to drink a liquid while making a noisy sucking sound between lips| Jangan menghirup minuman jamunya, tenggak saja. Don’t slurp your herbal drink, just gulp it.  3 sniff in. |to breathe air through your nose with a loud sound, especially in short breaths| Dia menghirup asap lalu dia batuk He sniffed in smoke so he cough
-hirupan: n whiff, sniff
-penghirupan: n inhalation.

histeri: n /frm/ hysteria.

histeris: adj /frm/ hysterical.

histology: n /frm/ histology.

histologik: adj /frm/ histological.

historikus: n /frm/ historian.

historiograti: n /frm/ historiography.

histories: adj /frm/ historic, historical.

historisitas: n /frm/ historicity

hit: n/lu/ a popular song  Lagu ini akan menjadi hit bulan depan This song is going to be a hit next month.

hitam1: adj /lu/ 1 black. |having a color that is darker than every other color, like coal, asphalt, sky at night, etc.| dasi hitam a black tie | 2 dark Gunung itu kelihatan hitam membelakangi langit. The mountains looked dark against the sky. 3 without sugar Apa kamu suka kopi hitam Do you like black coffee 3 magical |containing magic, or done using magic| Mereka masih menggunakan ilmu hitam They still practice  magical powers
-menghitam: v become black
-menghitamkan: v make (sth) black, blacken
-kehitam-hitaman: adj blackish
-kehitaman: n blackness
-penghitam: n blackener
-penghitaman: n blackening

hitam2: n black Hitam adalah lambang berkabung Black is the sign of mourning Hitam adalah waran yang menyerap panas matahari lebih banyak dari warna lain Black is the color that absorbs more sun’s heat compare to other color
-hitam pekat: adj pitch black
-hitam arang: adj carbon black
-hitam lembam di mata: n black eye
-daftar hitam: n black list
-ilmu hitam: n black magic
-hitam putih: n black printing on white paper

hitung: berhitung: v /intr/ 1 count  |also count up – to say numbers in order, one by one or in groups|  Putri saya sedang belajar menghitung dalam bahasa Inggris My daughter is learning to count in English. 2 |to calculate the total number of things in a group| Apa kamu sudah menghitung pengeluaran kita selama  perjalanan? Have you counted our expenses during the trip? 3 include
-diperhitungkan: v /pass.v./ taken into account,  be considered Saya minta mereka supaya lebih bijaksana tetapi saran saya tidak pernah diperhitungkan I ask them to be more wise but my suggestion never be taken into account Apa laju inflasi sudah diperhitungkan Has the inflation rate been considered?
-memperhitungkan: v /tr/act.v/ consider, take (sth) into account Saya katakan pada menejer jangan memecat dia, tetapi i mereka tidak pernah memperhitungkan saran saya itu. I told the manager not to fire him, but they never consider (take into account) my suggestion.  Kita harus memperhitungkan setiap risiko yang mungkin terjadi pada proyek ini We have to consider every possible risk of the project.
-menghitung: v /tr/ 1 count Perawat sedang menghitung biaya pengobatan saya The nurse is counting the cost of my medication 2 calculate Apa kamu sudah menghitung berapa harus kita bayar untuk pajak? Have you calculated how much we have to pay for tax?  3 include Hitung berapa orang akan ikut makan malam, dan jangan lupa menghitung kamu dan saya! Count how many persons will be at the dinner, and don’t forget to count you and I?
-perhitungan: n 1 calculation 2 estimation 3 taxation
-ilmu hitung: n arithmetic |the science of numbers involving adding, dividing, multiplying etc. – compare to mathematic|
hitung-hitung: adv regard (sth) as a compensation for (sth) Jangan sedih atas kerugian itu, hitung-hitung saja sebagai pengorbanan buang sial Don’t be upset for your loss, just regard is as a sacrifice for getting rid of unlucky fate. Lupakan saja hutangnya, hitung-hitung kalah judi.  Just forget his debt, just consider it as a gambling loss
-hitung-hitungan: v deliberately count sth on the balance between profit and loss or take and give Tidak baik hitung-hitungan dengan teman It’s not good to count sth with a friend only on the bases of profit and loss
-terhitung: adj 1 considerable Sepuluh dollar sekali makan itu terhitung mahal Ten dollar for a meal is considerable expensive. 2 start from Terhitung dari sekarang tidak ada lagi yang bisa pulang larut malam. Start from now, nobody will be allowed to back home late at night

hiu: n shark.
hiu gergaji: n sawfish.
hiu kepala martil: n hammerhead shark.
hiu pari: n beaked ray.

hiung;  menghiung: v /ld/ whistle. –syn: siul; bersiul

HKBP {Huria Kristen Batak Protistan}: n Batak Protestant Church.|A largest congregation of Protestant Churches in Indonesia|

HMI {Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam}: n Muslim Students Association.

ho: intrj. oh! Ho! Itu maksud kamu? Oh! That what you mean?

Hoakiau;  Hoakiauw: n /Chn./ overseas Chinese.

hobi1: n /lu/ 1 hobby |sth that you like very much|

hobi2: v /lu/ like Dia hobi main catur He likes to play chess

hoki: n /Chn./ good luck. Rumah itu membawa hoki untuk saya The house brings me luck

hokki: n /sport/lu/  hockey.

homo: n male homosexual.
-berhomo: v engage in (male) homosexual activities.

homogen: adj homogeneous.
-kehomogenan: n homogeneity.

homonim: n homonym.
-kehononiman: n homonymy

homoseksual; homoseksuil: adj homosexual

homoseksualitas: n homosexuality.

honda: n 1 trade mark of Honda  2  motorcycle.

Hongaria: n Hungary.

honor; honorarium: n 1 honor, honorarium |an amount of money paid regularly to someone who has worked for something although she/he is not or not yet officially recruited for the job| 2 |A payment given to a professional person for service for which fees are not regularly required|

honorer: n 1 someone who work on a bases of a temporary job for an institution because she/he can’t take it as a permanent job for any reason. 2 somebody who has been working for an institution while waiting for an official recruitment.

horas: greetings /Btk/lu/ long live! |it is used to mean good morning, good evening, good bye, welcome, etc. – largely used like “haloha” of Hawaiian|

horden; hordeng: n /lu/ curtains, drapery.

hore: intrj. Hurrah! Hurray!

horizon: n horizon.

horizontal: adj horizontal.

hormat1; menghormat: v /intr/lu/ salute |to move your right hand to your head in order to show respect to an officer in the Army, Navy etc.| Kepada komandan upacara, hormatttt, gerak! To the chief in command! saluuuute, move!
-(meng)hormati/ hormat (kepada): v /tr/ respect 1 |to admire someone because of his/her knowledge, skill, social status, age, etc.| Murid yang baik harus menghormati (hormat kepada) guru, orang tua, dan yang lebih tua. A good student has to respect her/his teacher, parents, and elders. 2 |be careful not to do anything against someone’s wishes, rights etc| Saya hormati apapun keputusan kamu I respect whatever you decide 3 |to be careful not to disobey the law, Constitution, etc.| Semua warga Negara harus menghormati hukum All citizen has to respect the law.

hormat2; (rasa)hormat: n 1 salute  Kepada pahalawan mari kita beri hormat To the hero let give our salute 2 respect  Tolong sampaikan rasa hormat saya kepada orangtua kamu Please extend my respect to your parents 3 honor Rasa hormat, itulah satu-satunya  yang pantas untuk dia. Honor is the only thing he deserved.
-penghormatan: n 1 salutation 2 respectability 3 honor
-kehormatan: n 1 honor  Satu kehormatan buat saya, bersama anda hari ini It’s an honor to me to be with you today. 2 anggota kehormatan: associate member /honorary member 3 kunjungan kehormatan: courtesy call/ honorary visit.

hormone: n /frm/ hormone.

horoskop: n /frm/ horoscope.

hortikultura: n /frm/ horticulture.

hortikulturis: n /frm/ horticulturist.

hospital: n /frm/ hospital.
-menghospitalkan: v hospitalize.

hospitalisasi: n /frm/  hospitalization.

hostes: n /lu/ 1 taxi dancer, bar waitress. 2 prostitute.

hostel: n /ld/ cheap hotel (just for overnight sleep)

hosti: n host, consecrated wafer.
-hasti Suci: n Holy Eucharist.

hot: adj /lu/ 1 sexy. 2 sexually aroused. Aku merasa hot I feel horny. 3 very popular. lagu hot very popular song.

hotdog: n sandwich in hot dog bun.

hotel: n /lu/ hotel.
-hotel kelas kambing: n fleabag hotel.
-hotel megah: n luxury hotel.
-hotel prodeo: n /spo/ jail, prison.
-menghotel prodeokan: v jail, imprison, confine, incar­cerate.
-menghotelkan:v put sb in a hotel.
-perhotelan: n hotel affairs, hotel management. sekolah perhotelan hotel management school.

HPH {Hak Pengusahaan Hutan}: n logging concession

hubar-habir: adj /ld/ messy

hubung; berhubungan: v /lu/ 1 /intr/ connect. Kedua kejadian itu berhubungan satu sama lain The two incidents connect each other  2 due to Berhubungan dengan musim hujan kami harus mengundurkan masa panen. Due to the rainy season we had to delay harvesting.  3 owing to Berhubungan dengan permintaan rekan kerja kita, proyek perlu dilakukan sesegera mungkin Owing to our client’s request, we need to start the project as soon as possible. 4 relate Apa kalian berhubungan satu sama lain Do you relate to each other? 5 get in touch Usaha-kan selalu berhubungan dengan mereka Keep always get in touch with them..
-dihubungi: v 1 /pass.v./ be contacted Kamu akan dihubungi oleh pegawai kami tentang usulan anda ini You’ll be contacted by our officer about your proposal. 2 be called Saya sudah dihubungi Nancy bahwa dia akan kembali segera. I was called by Nancy that she’ll be back soon.
-dihubungkan: v /pass.v./ be connected to Apa kabel ini sudah dihubungkan dengan colokan? Has this cable been connected to a socket?
-hubungan: n 1 connection  2 relation 3 contact 4 joint
-menghubungi: v /tr/ 1 contact Saya akan menghubungi muntir untuk memperbaiki mobil kamu I’ll contact a mechanic to fix your car 2 call  Apa kamu sudah menghubungi ibu kamu? Have your called your mother?
-menghubungkan: v /tr/ 1 connect Dimana saya dapat menghubungkan laptop in dengan arus listrik? Where I can connect this laptop to electricity current? Para ilmuan menghubungkan pemanasan global dengan pencemaran udara The scientists connected the global warming to the air contamination 2 join Kenapa kamu tidak menghubungkan kedua potong slang itu? Why don’t you join the two hoses? Jalan ini menghubungkan Semarang dan Surabaya This road connects Semarang and Surabaya
-penghubung: n 1 contact person,  liaison officer 2 connector
-perhubungan: n transportation Menteri Perhubungan Minister of Transportation
-sehubungan dengan: prep. 1 regarding  Sehubungan dengan permintaan anda, disini kami mengirimkan katalog produksi kami. Regarding your request, here we are sending the catalogue  of our product  2 with regard to Sehubungan dengan nota kesepahaman kita sebelumnya kami ingin mengajukan satu usaha kerjasama dibidang telekomunikasi seperti konsep terlampir. With regard to our previous memorandum of understanding (MOU) we would like to propose a joint venture telecommunication company as the attached draft  3 in connection with Sehubungan dengan proposal anda, bersama ini kami mengundang saudara untuk menandatangani kontrak secepat mungkin sesuai kesediaan anda In connection to your proposal, herewith we would like to invite you to sign a contract at your earliest convenient

huh: intrj. n ha! Ha! Kamu bilang dia orang baik. Mana bisa? Huh! You said that he is a nice person!  How come?

hujan: n rain /lu/.
-kehujanan: v get soak in rain, get trapped in rain.
-menghujan: v come in a huge amount
-penghujan: adj rainy musim penghujan rainy season
-menghujani: v flood (sb/sth) with (sth) Mereka menghujani saya dengan pertanyaan-pertanyaan They flooded me with a lot of question.
-hujan badai: n cloudburst.
-hujan batu/es: n freezing rain
-hujan buntut: n steady drizzle.
-hujan gerimis/rintik-rintik: n drizzle
-hujan lebat: n downpour.
-hujan peluru: n a hail of bullets
-musim hujan: n rainy season.
-/proverb/: Hujan batu di negeri sendiri lebih baik daripada hujan emas di negeri orang |freezing rain in our own country is better than gold rain in foreign country| means In whatever condition, living your own country is better than living in foreign country.

hujung: variant of ujung:

hukum: n /lu/ 1 law.
-menghukum: v punish
-hukuman: n punishment, sentence
-terhukum: n prisoner
-hukum acara: n legal procedure.
-hukum pidana: n criminal law.
-hukum pedata: n civic law
-hukum alam: n natural law
-hukum rimba: n reign by power
-hukum dagang: n trading law
-hukum tata Negara: n constitutional law
-hukum militer: n military law
-hukum perang: n law of war
-hukum adat: n traditional law
-hukum agama: n religious law
-hukuman mati: n sentence to death

hula-hula: n /ld/ the bride or the wife’s relatives in Dalihan Natolu (Tree Functions) of Batak’s  extended family system, as compare to Boru (families who married to the daughters of  a clan and the other one is “Dongan Tubu”, the families of the same clan.

hulu: n 1 upper course (of river). 2 beginning (of sth) hulu dinihari early morning (around four a.m.) hulu malang the beginning of all misery. 3 upper end (of a pole) 4 hilt hulu pedang the hilt of a sword or a knife 5 top of head, head (in certain phrase only). hulu kepala crown of head
-berhulu: v have a handle or a hilt
-berhulukan: v have a handle made (of  sth)  Pedang itu berhulukan kayu keras The sword has the hilt made of hard wood
-menghulu: v go upstream, get to the headquarters.
-menghulukan: v serve (sb) as a leader Kami selalu menghulukan dia. We always serve him as our leader
-hulu-huluan: n upriver region
-penghulu: n chief of a village
pe(r)huluan: n interior, the middle of (sth)  di perhuluan Kalimantan in the interior of Borneo.

hulubalang: n 1 chief in commander, war chief. 2 /Aceh/ distric chief.
-menghulubalangi: v command (a troop)

huma: n /lu/ 1 field for dry rice cultivation. 2 newly cleared land for agriculture.
-berhuma: v 1 cultivate a piece of land  2 gardening
-perhumaan: n 1 dry land for rice or crops cultivation  2 clearing (of field). perhumaan berpindah-pindah shifting cultivation.

humaniora: n /frm/ humanities.

humanisme: n /frm/ humanism.

Humas {Hubungan Masyarakat}: n Public Relations.
-kehumasan: n public relation affairs

humiditas: n /tech/ humidity

humor: n /l u/ joke.
-cerita humor: n funny story

humoris: n .lu/ humorist.

humoristis: adj humorous.

humus: n /lu/ organic matter on the upper layer of the soil

huni; berhuni; berpenghuni: adj occupied. rumah berpenghuni occupied house.
-menghuni: v /tr/ 1 occupy Siapa yang menghuni rumah ini Who occupy this apartment? 2 dwell Mereka telah menghuni rumah ini selama dua tahun They dwell on this house for two years 3 reside Mereka menghuni desa ini sejak dulu They reside this village since long time ago
-hunian: n 1 residence 2 dwelling
-penghuni: n 1 occupant  2 dweller
-penghunian: n 1 occupancy 2 dwelling 3 inhabitation

hunjam; menghunjam: v 1 flying down vertically |usually done by an eagle from a height to the ground to catch its prey|  2 hurt (sb’s feeling) |this word is also used to illustrate an action that severely hurt sb’s feeling or harshly discredit sb| Pernyataan dia itu menghunjam perasaan saya. His statement deeply hurt my feeling. Ajaran mereka menghunjam Tuhan kami Their teaching badly discredited our God 3 thrust |to push something somewhere with a sudden or violent movement|  Dia menghunjam korbannya di perut dengan sebuah belati tajam He thrust his victim on stomach with a sharp blade. 4 hit heavily Dia menghunjamkan beberapa kali pukulan kepada lawannya. He hit his opponent with a number of punches
-hunjaman: n 1 thrust 2 shove 3 poke
-menghunjamkan: v /tr/ thrust (sth) into (sb/sth) Pemburu itu menghunjamkan sebuah tombak ke tubuh rusa itu The hunter thrust a spear into the deer body.

hunjuk: variant of unjuk:

hunus; menghunus: v unsheathe, draw (sword).
-terhunus: v unsheathed (sword, dagger).

hunyi: variant of huni:

hura: excl. Hooray! (exclamation of pleasure, delight).
-berhura: v shout hurrah.

hura-hura: n /lu/ extravagance |an activities that spend a lot of time or money just for pleasure|

huria: n /ld/ Christian denomination                .

huruf: n /lu/ letter, characters.
-buta huruf: adj illiterate
-huruf buta: n vowel-less Arabic script.
-huruf balok: n block letters.
-huruf besar: n capital letters.
-huruf hidup: n vowel
-huruf mati: n consonant:
-huruf cetak: n printed characters.
-huruf miring: n italic letter
-huruf latin: n roman script
-huruf sambung: n cur­sive script letters.
-huruf tebal: n bold letter
-huruf timbul: n embossed/raised letter.

huru-hara: n /lu/ 1 chaos |a state of complete disorder and confusion| Ada huru-hara setelah gempa itu There was a chaos after the earthquake 2 riot |a situation in which a crowd of people behaves in a violent and uncontrolled way| Para provocator telah memancing terjadinya huru-hara The provocateurs has stimulated the riot 3 disturbance. |a situation in which people fight or behave violently in public| Polisi telah berhasil mengatasi huru-hara rasial itu The police has successfully overcome the racial disturbance.
-berhuru-hara: v 1 riot. 2 create chaos 3 provoke disturbance.
-menghuru-harakan: v /tr/ excite to violence, bring about confusion.

hurung: variant of urung:

husus: variant of khusus:

HUT {Hari Ulang Tahun}: n anniversary, birthday.

hutan: n /lu/ forest. |a very large number of trees, covering a large area of land|  Pembalakan kayu yang tidak terkendali telah merusak hutan lama kita The uncontrolled lumbering has damaged our ancient forests
-kehutanan: n forestry Menteri Kehutanan Forestry Affairs Minister
-menghutan: v become forest
-menghutankan (kembali): v reforest
-menggunduli hutan: v deforest
-penghutanan (kembali): n reforestation
-penggundulan hutan: n deforestation
-hutan belantara: n wild jungle
-hutan lebat: n dense jungle
-hutan belukar: n young forest
-hutan suaka: n reserved forest
-hutan conservasi: n conservation
-hutan perawan: n virgin forest
-hutan tropis: n tropical/rain forest

hutang: n /lu/ 1 debt a) |money that you owe or you have to pay to a bank or to someone| Saya berharap kamu dapat membayar kembali semua hutang kamu. I hope that you can pay off your debts. 2 obligation |a moral or legal duty to do something| Pajak adalah kewajiban atau hutang kepada Negara. Tax is obligation or debt to the country. 3 credit |an agreement with a bank, store etc. that allows you to pay later what you buy now| Saya membeli mobil ini dengan hutang I bought this car on credit. hutang tanpa bunga jangka 6 bulan a six months of interest-free credit (=credit with no additional charge) 4 hutang budi: debt of honor |to owe sb good deeds for what she/he has done for you|
-berhutang: v 1 be in debt 2 owe |to have to pay someone because you borrowed money or you bought sth on credit from him/her| Saya berhutang pada kamu $2,000., kan? I owe you $2,000., don’t I?
-hutang piutang: n debit and credit
-menghutangkan: v loan or lend (money or sth valuable)
-penghutang: n debtor
-penagih hutang: n debt collector
-pemberi hutang: n creditor

huyung; menghuyungkan: v /ld/ cause sb to stagger, stumble, or falter.
-terhuyung-huyung: v stag­ger, falter, stumble. Dia terhuyung-huyung keluar rumah. He stag­gered out of the house.

hwa-hwe: n /Ch/ popular gambling with predicting numbers.


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