Dictionary I – J


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

I; i: |the 9th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sound like i in into; idiot; indian; indicate; input; intimidate.|

i: suffix 1 |used by itself or along with other letter to form an adjective from a noun – alam n (nature) ® alami adj (natural); badan n (body) ® badani adj (bodily); dunia n (world) ® duniawi adj (worldly); iman n (faith) ® imani adj (faithful)  2 |used to form a transitive verb from a noun or an intransitive verb  – air n (water) ® airi /tr.v/ water (to pour water on sth); beban n (burden) ® bebani tr.v (burden);  naik intr.v (rise); naiki: tr.v {climb (a ladder), ride (a bike)}; tanding intr.v. (compete, contend) ® tandingi: tr.v. {contest, combat (sb)} 3 |used to indicate an action verb happened or will be happened several times| – kirim v (send) {Saya akan kirim surat itu pada kamu I’ll send you the letter (probably only one letter)} ®  kirimi v {Saya akan kirimi kamu surat. I’ll keep to send you letters (not only one letter)}; pukul v (punch) {He punch me on stomach (it could be only once)} ® Dia pukuli kepala saya beberapa kali. He hit my head several times

ia1: pron. /of/  he or she |a pronoun for the third person| Ia adalah seorang penyanyi. He/she is a singer  –syn: /lu/ dia

ia2: adv /lu/ yes. ialah: yes, indeed, of course yes! –syn: ya!
mengiakan: v 1 agree (with sth) 2 say yes! Saya mengiakan ajakan dia pergi liburan I agree with her invitation to go for a vacation
-seia (sekata): phr v agree with each other Mereka seia-(sekata) untuk menunda perjalanan itu They agree with each other to postpone the journey.

IAIN {Institut Agama Islam Negeri}: n Public Institute for Islam Studies

ialah: be /of/ (am, are, is) /inf/ Indonesia ialah bangsa yang terdiri dari berbagai etnis Indonesia is a nation which consists of many ethnicities  -syn: /lu/ adalah

iba: adj /lu/ 1 anguish |expressing great pain and worry| tangisan iba minta tolong anguish cries for help Dia tidak sedikitpun merasa iba melihat orang miskin She isn’t anguish even a little to see the poor   2 compassionate Saya merasa iba melihat korban banjir itu tanpa tempat berteduh I was so compassionate to see the victims of the flood without shelter.
-mengibai: v 1 to have a pity (about sth) 2 be moved, be touched, be com­passionate.
-mengibakan: adj causing/attracting pity or compassion
-keibaan: n 1 pity 2 compassion 3 sympathy

ibadah; n /lu/ 1 religious ritual, ceremony, service  |a ceremony or set of actions that is always done in the same way to praise who sb believe in|  2 devotion |a strong feeling of love that you show by paying a lot of attention to the needy|  Dia seharus-nya di hargai atas ibadahnya memberi perhatian banyak kepada kaum duafa. Sge should be admired for her devotion to give a lot of attention to the elders
-rumah ibadah: n house of worship (mosque, church, temple, etc)
-beribadah: v 1 join a holy ritual 2 pray 3 devote 4 to follow the God teaching or command

ibadat: variant of ibadah:

ibah: variant of hibah:

ibarat1: n /lu/ 1 idiom |a group of words that have a special meaning that is different from the ordinary meaning of the separate words| “Seperti katak besar di lubuk kecil (dibawah tempurung)” adalah ibarat untuk menggambarkan seseorang yang congkak karena kurang pengalaman “As a frog in a small pond” is an idiom to describe  “an arrogant person because he/she has narrow experience”  2 example 3 comparison 4 simile 5 metaphor
-pengibaratan: n 1 exemplification 2 comparison

ibarat2: prep. 1 like. Dia tampak ibarat seorang tuan putri cantik She looks like a beautiful princes 2 such as Ibarat kata pepatah “satu burung ditangan sama harganya dengan dua burung di semak belukar” Such as a proverb says “one bird in hand is worth two in the bush”

iblis: n devil, satan.

ibni; ibnu: variant of bin:

Ibrani: n /Bib./ Hebrew.

ibtidaiyah: n /Isl./ primary school.

ibu: n /lu/ 1 mother. 2 |used in front of the family name of a woman who is married or in a higher status, to speak to her politely, to write to her, or to talk about her| Ibu Suhato Madam (Mrs) Suharto  3 |the biggest between a group of sth| ibu jari thumb  4 |the central or the main part of sth| ibu kota capital city.
-seibu: prep. from the same mother
-keibu-ibuan: adj 1 motherly 2 feminine
-ibu Negara: n the first lady of a country
-ibu pertiwi: n fatherland
-ibu suri: n queen mother
-ibu angkat: n foster mother
-ibu tiri: n step mother
-ibu bapak: n parents
-ibu kandung: n natural mother
-ibu rumah tangga: n house wife
-ibu kunci: n padlock
-garis ibu: n matriarchy
-kasih ibu: n mother’s love

ibunda: n /ltr/ my dear mother (used in letters).

icak-icak1; bericak-icak: v /ld/ 1 pretend, fake |to pretend to be sick, or to be interested, pleased etc.  when you are not|  Saya kira dia benar-benar tidur padahal dia hanya bericak-icak I thought he was really sleep but he was just pretending/ faking it. 2 simulate |to make or do something that is not real but looks, sounds, or feels as though it is real| Mari kita bericak-icak bagaimana mengajar di kelas Let’s simulate how to teach in a class

icak-icak2: adj 1 pretended |an action as if sth happen but not true| tangis icak-icak a pretended crying  sakit icak-icak pretended hurt
-icak-icakan: n 1 pretention 2 simulation

id: n /Isl/Idul Fitri/ Islam holiday

ida: n /Bali/ title of nobility. Ida Ayu: title of nobility for a woman Ida Bagus: title of nobility for a man

idam; idaman; idam-idaman: n 1 craving |a very strong desire for something| 2 |craving of pregnant woman (e.g. special food)| 3 desire, aspiration. Idaman dia sudah tercapai His aspirations has been achieved  4 longing idaman keibuan maternal longing.
-mengidam: v /intr/ ­1 crave 2 long  3 yearn |to want something very much, especially something that is extremely difficult to get|
-mengidamkan: v /tr/ 1 crave (sth) 2 long for (sth) 3 yearn to get (sth)

idap; mengidap: v 1 suffer |to experience something bad, such as pain, sickness, or chronic disease | Marni mengidap penyakit kanker otak Marni suffers from brain cancer. 2 carry |to have a disease and pass it to others| Saya takut anjing itu sedang mengidap penyakit anjing gila I’m afraid if the dog is carrying rabies  Ayam ini kelihatannya mengidap flu burung This chicken seem to carry bird flu

idayat: variant of hidayah:

ide: n /lu/ idea.

ideal: adj /lu/ ideal.
-mengidealkan: v idealize.

idealis: n /lu/ idealist.

idealisasi: n /frm/ idealization.
-mengidealiskan: v idealize.

idealisir; mengidealisir: v idealize.

idealisme: n /lu/ idealsm.

idealistis: adj /lu/ idealistic.

idem: adv idem |same as what went before|

identifikasi: n /frm/ identification.
-mengidentifikasi: v identify.
-pengidentifikasian: n the process of identification

identifisir; mengidentifisir: v identify.

identik: adj /frm/ identical.
-mengidentikkan: v to make sth identical. 2 consider identical.

identitas: n /lu/ 1 identity 2 identification.

ideology: n /lu/ ideology
-berideologikan: v have a certain ideol­ogy
-berideologikan Pancasila: v have the Pancasila as the ideol­ogy.
-mengideologikan: v make sth the ideology.

ideologis: adj /lu/ ideological.

IDI {Ikatan Dokter Indonesia}: n Indonesian Physicians Association.

idih; idii: intrj. ugh! |expressing distaste|

idiom: n idiom.

idiomatic: adj idiomatic.

idola: n /lu/ idol. idola remaja masa kini the idol of today’s teenagers.

idul: n /Isl/ idul Idul Adha Korban holyday of the sacrifice, the day to commemorate the day when Ibrahim wanted to sacrifice his son Ismail – a holy day associated with the pil­grimage to Mecca. Idul Fitri holyday celebrating the end of fasting period.

ied: variant of id:

iga: n /tech/ rib. iga pendek floating rib. iga se­lungkang: false rib.

igau; mengigau: v 1 talk in sb’s sleep. 2 be delirious |confused, anxious, and excited because you are very sick| 3 rave |to talk in excitedly about something because you think it is very good|  Banyak orang mengigau mengenai film itu, tetapi saya tidak menyukainya. Many people raved about the movie, but I didn’t like it.
-mengigaukan: v 1 |talk about sth while sleeping, delir­ious, or very exciting|
-igauan: n 1 sth sb said while sleeping, raving, or exciting  2 delirium. 3 non­sense. 4 nightmare.

ih: intrj. ugh |expressing disgust|.

ihlas: variant of ikhlas:

ihsan: n /lu/ 1 good deeds. 2 charity.

ihtiar: variant of  ikhtiar:

ihwal: variant of hal:

ijab: n /frm/ 1 final offer. 2 agreement 3 consent.
-ijab kabul/nikah: n consent given by the bride’s family at wed­ding ceremony.
-mengijabkan: v 1 agree with sth 2 perform a wedding cere­mony. 3 answer a prayer, give consent.

ijajah: variant of ijasah:

ijasah; ijazah: n /lu/ 1 diploma. ijasah SMA high school di­ploma. 2 certificate to practice a profession. ijasah ­guru teacher’s certificate.
-berijasah: adj 1 licensed 2 certified. bidan berijasah certified midwife. penerbang berijasah licensed pilot.

ijin; perijinan: n /lu/ 1 permission. 2 permit, license, franchise (operate bus line, etc.).
-diijinkan: adj permissible, allowed
-ijin keluar: n exit permit.
-ijin kembali: n re-entry permit.
-ijin sakit: n sick leave
-mengijinkan: v 1 permit, allow. 2 li­cense sb or sth
-perijinan: n 1 permission. 2 licensing.
-seijin: adv with the permission of

ijon; mengijon: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 buy crops from a farmer by paying for it before harvesting. 2 give a scholarship to sb who promises to work for the donor after graduation.
-mengijonkan: v /tr/ sell sb’s crop before harvesting
-ijonan: n the crops that was sold before harvesting
-pengijonan: n practice of buying and sell­ing rice before harvesting.

ijo: variant of hijau:

ijuk1: n /lu/ palm fiber from the sugar palm. |the outer hairy part of the palm, usually hard and black that is used for making materials such as roof, rope, etc.|
-mengijuk: v become bristly (of mustache).

ijuk2; terijuk: v be embarrassed, be abashed, be ashamed.

ik: pron. /spo/ I.

ikal: adj /lu/ 1 curly |having curved shape| rambut ikal curly hair
ikal mayang: adj curly like palm blossom
-mengikal: v become curly
-mengikalkan: v /tr/ to make (sth) curly
-keikalan: n curliness
-ikalan: n string, thread, etc. rolled up in a ball. seikal benang a ball of thread.

ikan: n /lu/ 1 fish. 2 side dish made of fish
-prikanan: n fishery Dinas Perikanan Fishery Affairs Services
-ikan asin: n salt fish.
-ikan babi: n fish of the coral reef.
-ikan ­basah: n fresh fish.
-ikan belut: n eel.
-ikan buntal: n puffer fish.
-ikan darat: n freshwater fish. ­
-ikan duri: n stonefish.
-ikan garing: n dry-pure freshwater fish. ­
-ikan hiu: n shark.
-ikan kakap1: n 1 big fish 2 /idiom/ big-shot, VIP, big target.
-ikan lele: n catfish
-ikan paus: n whale. ­
-ikan lumba-lumba: n dolphin.
-ikan mas: n goldfish |fresh water fish originated in China – Carassius auratus|
-ikan mujair: n freshwater fish often raised for food – Cichlidae .
-ikan pepes: n fish spiced and roasted in a banana leaf.
-ikan salam: n salmon.
-ikan sebelah: n flatfish
-ikan teri: n 1 anchovy 2 /idiom/ small taget
-ikan sardencis: n sardine

ikat; mengikat: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 tie |to fasten, to join, to connect sth or be fastened with a rope, string etc.|  Tolong ikat rumput itu menjadi satu bongkah Please tie the grass into a bundle 3 engage |to make someone remain commited or interested in something|  Seorang pemapar cerita mampu mengikat khayalan anak-anak A storyteller able to engage the children’s imaginations. Dia mengikat dirinya dalam satu kontrak kerja jangka panjang She engaged herself in a long term working contract 3 bind |to tie someone or sth so that she/he/it cannot move| Mereka mengikat kaki saya dengan tali They bound my leg with rope. 4 mount |to be attached to something and supported by it| Saya minta tukang perhisasan itu mengikat sebuah berlian dengan sebuah cincin emas I asked the jeweller to mount a diamond with a gold ring 5 band Dia mengikat rambutnya dengan sebuah karet gelang She bands her hair with a piece of  rubber band
-ikatan: n 1 tie 2 bond 3 knot
-mengikatkan: v /tr/ 1 to tie sth 2 use sth to tie (sth)
-pengikatan: n 1 binding 2 engagement 3 tying

ikhlas: adj /lu/ 1 sincere |honest and true, or based on what you really feel or believe|  Ambillah, itu pemberian ikhlas dari kami Take it, it is a sincere gift from us.
-keikhlasan: n sincerity Tidak ada keraguan soal keikhlasannya There is no doubt about her sincerity
-dengan ikhlas: adv sincerely Dengan ikhlas, saya ingin membantu mereka. Sincerely, I would like to help them.
-mengikhlaskan: v 1 to give or do sth sincerely Kami mengikhlaskan harta ini untuk digunakan oleh umum. Sincerely we let this property for public use. 2 give sth with devotion 3 sacrifice Mereka ikhlaskan anjing itu untuk percobaan

ikhtiar: n /lu/ 1 initiative. Ikhtiar apa yang telah kamu lakukan menghadapi masalah ini? What initiative you made to face this problem?  2 effort Mereka telah lakukan ikhtiar menyelamatkan korban itu They have made effort to rescue the victims 3 endeavor  |an attempt to do something new or different| Artis itu gagal dalam ikhtiarnya menciptakan gaya baru The artist failed in his endeavour to create a new style.
-berikhtiar: v 1 initiate 2 make an effort 3 endeavour 4 seek a mean to overcome sth

ikhtisar: n 1 summary, recapitulation. ikhtisar laporan. the summary of the report  2 synopsis, abstract, out­line. ikhtisar berita news in brief.
-mengikhtisarkan: v summarize, recapitulate, condense.
-pengikhtisaran: n summarization, recapitulation,   ab­straction.

ikhwal: variant of hal:

ikhwan: n /ld/ 1 brother, comrade. 2 fraternity, broth­erhood
-seikhwal: n compatriot

IKIP {lnstitut Keguruan Ilmu Pendidikan}: n Teach­ing  College.

iklan: n /lu/ advertisement.
-iklan mini: n classified ad.
-iklan udara: n skywriting.
-mengiklankan: v advertise.
-pengiklan: n advertiser.
-pengiklanan: n advertising of sth
-periklanan: n the advertising (busi­ness)

iklas: variant of ikhlas:

iklim: n /lu/ 1 climate. |the typical weather in a particular area| iklim panas dan lembab a hot and humid climate 2 condition |the general situation of a particular activity in a particular place at a particular time| iklim ekonomi sekarang the present economic climate 3 zone iklim panas tropical zone. iklim sedang temperate zone.4 atmosphere iklim politik political atmosphere
-keikliman: n climatology |a meteorolo-gical study of the climate|
-pengikliman: n 1 clima­tization. 2 characterizing of sth

iklimatisasi: n /frm/ acclimatization.

ikon: n /lu/ icon |someone or something famous, that people think represents an important idea during a particular period of time| Tombak bamboo runcing adalah ikon perjuangan selama masa revolusi A sharp bamboo spear is an icon of struggle during the revolution time.

ikonografi: n /frm/ iconography.

ikrar: n /lu/ 1 promise 2 pledge Ikrar pemuda ‘satu nusa, satu bangsa, satu bahasa’ The youth pledge ‘one country, one nation, one language’ 3 declaration, proclamation. Ikrar kemerdekaan RI 1945 Proclamation of freedom for the Republic of Indonesia of 1945  4 statement 5 charter |a statement of the principles, duties, and purposes of a league| ikrar PBB the UN charter
-berikrar: v make a official and public promise/ pledge/statement, etc
-mengikrarkan: v state, pledge, promise (sth)

ikut: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 go along Saya akan ikut pergi I’ll go along Saya akan ikut ke Jakarta I’ll go along to Jakarta. 2 join Apa saya boleh ikut perjalanan itu? May I join the tour? 3 involve Kamu tidak ikut dalam bisnis gelap itu, kan? You don’t involve in this illegal business, do you? 4 stay with Dia ikut tantenya di Bandung She stays with her aunt in Bandung 5 have a right Apa umur 17 tahun sudah ikut memilih? Does a seventeen-person has a right to vote?
ikut berduka: v extend sympathy Bersama ini kami sampaikan rasa ikut berdukacita atas meninggalnya nenek anda. Here with we extend our sympathy for the death of your grandma.
-ikut (ambil) bagian: v take part Saya tidak pernah ikut ambil bagian dalam kasus itu I never take part in that case.
-ikuti: v /tr/imper./ follow (sb/sth) Ikuti dia dari belakang Follow him from behind Ikuti ucapan saya Follow my words
-berikut: conj. 1 with Bus itu berikut semua penumpang tenggelam kedalam sungai The bus with all the passengers sank to the river  2 here with Berikut kami sampaikan katalog produk kami Here with I send the catalogue of our product. 3 as follows, following Barang-barang itu dapat dikategorikan sebagai berikut The goods can be categorized as following Berikut adalah daftar anggota tim kami Following is the list of out team. 4 the next Siapa yang berikut(nya)? Who is the next?
-mengikuti: v /intr/tr/ 1 follow, go along. Mereka mengikuti saya terus They continuously followed me. Sangat sulit mengikuti tempo lagu ini It’s difficult to follow the beat of this song Apa kamu mengikuti ceramah itu? Did you follow the lecture? 2 participate Di tidak mengikuti kegiatan itu She didn’t participate the activity 3 join Apa kamu mengikuti pertandingan itu? Did you join the match? 4 obey Setiap orangyang tidak mengikuti perintah, akan dihukum Any of you who doesn’t obey the order, will be punished 5 follow after, act like Dia mengikuti ibunya dalam cara berpakaian. She follow after her mother in the way she dress 6 accompany Anak-anaknya selalu mengikuti dia kemana saja dia pergi Her kids always accompany her wherever she is going 7 take (a course) Apa kamu akan mengikuti kuliah musim panas yang akan dating? Are you going to take the coming summer course?  8 keep up (news) Kami mengikuti terus laporan cuaca We keep up the weather report.
-mengikutkan: v /tr/  include Saya akan mengikutkan kamu dalam perjalanan nanti. I’ll include you in the next tour.
-keikut sertaan: n participation Keikut sertaan kamu dalam program ini sangat membantu Your participation in this program is very helpful.
-pengikut sertaan: n inclusion Pengikut sertaan anggota muda dalam turnamen ini adalah satu langkah strategis untuk tujuan jangka panjang The inclusion of junior members in this tournament is a strategic step for the long run objective.
ikut campur; mencmpuri: v intervene Tolong jangan ikut campur/mencampuri. Ini urusan pribadi. Please don’t intervene. This is a personal matter.
-pengikut: n 1 follower 2 fellowship 3 participant 4 adherent
-terikut: v be accidently included
-ikut-ikutan: v follow sth without fully understand what it is for.

ilahi: n /Isl/ God  Kodrat Ilahi God’s will.

ilalang: variant of alang-alang:

iler: v /lu/ slobber |salvia that comes out of you mouth|
-mengiler: v slobber |if your saliva come out of your mouth and run down|
-mengilerkan: v make sb slobber

ilham: n /lu/ 1 divine inspiration  2 brain­storm 3 inspiration.
-mengilham: v receive or try to find inspiration.
-mengilhami: v inspire, give inspiration.
-diilhami: v be inspired sajak yang diilhami agama poems that inspired by religion.
-mengilhamkan: v inspire sb with sth mengilhamkan keraguan inspire doubt
-pengilham: n inspirer.

ilir: variant of hilir:

illustrative: adj /frm/ illustrative.

ilmiah: adj /lu/ scientific.
-mengilmiahkan: v cause sth to be scien­tific.
-keimiahan: n scientificness.

ilmiawan: n /lu/ scientist, scholar.

ilmu: n /lu/ 1 a) field of expertise |a tool to find an explanation of a truth, theory, facts, etc that make sb be knowledgeable or be mastered on particular matter or issue|
-berilmu: adj knowledgeable
-ilmu adab: n ethics
-ilmu agama: n theology
-ilmu akaid: n dogma
-ilmu akhirat: n eschatology
-ilmu batin: n mysti­cism, spiritualism
-ilmu beladiri: n martial art
-ilmu filsafat: n philosophy
-ilmu gaib: n occult
-ilmu hitam: n black magic
-ilmu sihir: n black magic
b) science |knowledge that is based on tested theory or a particular area of scientific study| such as;
-biologi: n biology
-ilmu bahasa: n linguistics
-ilmu bumi: n geography
-ilmu falak: n cosmography, astronomy
-ilmu fisika: n physics
-ilmu gaya/pesawat: n mechanics
-ilmu hukum: n law study
-ilmu jiwa: n psychology
-ilmu kimia: n chemistry
-ilmu pasti: n mathematics
-ilmu pengetahuan: n knowledge
-ilmu sosiologi: n sociology
-ilmu terapan: n applied science
-ilmu ukur: n geometry
-ilmu urai tubuh: n anatomy

ilmuwan: see ilmiawan:

ilusi: n illusion.
-berilusi: v have illusions.

ilustrasi: n /lu/ illustration.

imaginatif: adj /frm/ imaginative.

imaji; imaji: n /frm/ image. –syn: /lu/ citra

imajinasi: n /lu/ imagination.
-mengimajinasikan: v imagine

imajinatif: variant of imaginatif:

imajiner: adj /lu/ imaginary. angka bilangan imajiner imaginary number.

imam: n 1 leader of communal prayer. 2 title of chief of an Islam state.
imam agung: n 1 title of principal mosque leader. 2 great Muslim leader. 3 Cath­olic priest.
imam mahdi: n messiah.
-imam tentara: n army chap­lain.
-mengimani: v lead prayer services at mosque.
-keimanan: n Catholic priesthood.
-pengimanan: n leading prayer services.

imamat: n /ld/ 1 leadership. 2 priesthood.

iman: n /lu/ 1 faith, belief, creed. 2 confidence
-mem­bawa iman: v 1 provide religious guidance. 2 belief in sth
-beriman: adj faithful, pious, religious
-mengimani; mengimankan: v believe in, have faith in. Mereka mengimani ajaran Budha They believe in Buddhism
-pengiman: n believer, zealot. Kami adalah pengiman Kristiani We are believer of Christianity.

imani; imaniah: adj /lu/ religious, pious, faithful

imbal; mengimbal: adj /lu/ 1 lopsided, askew, awry. 2 unbalanced, imbalance, one-sided. 3 unequal. Tonggak itu mengimbal The pole is lopsided Jumlah siswa wanita imbal dengan jumlah siswa pria. The number of female students is unequal to the number of male students in this class.
-imbalan; imbal jasa: n compensation |sth you receive for services yougave to sb else|
-mengimbali: v /ld/ pay for sth good. Mereka mengimbali saya untuk menjaga rumah itu They pay me for helping them to keep the house

imbang; seimbang; berimbang: adj /lu/ 1 a) balanced |giving equal attention to all sides or opinions; fair| laporan berimbang dari kampanye pemilihan balanced reporting of the election campaign b) |including the right amount of different kinds of things or people| diet berimbang a balanced diet. pemupukan berimbang balanced fertilization anggaran berimbang balanced budget 2 matching, matched |having the same colour, style, pattern etc. as something else| kalung safir dengan giwang yang imbang a sapphire necklace with matching earrings  satu perkawinan yang sanagat seimbang a well-matched marriage 3 equal. |the same in size, value, amount etc.| Bagi adonan itu menjadi tiga bagian yang seimbang Divide the dough into three equal parts.| Satu dollar AS seimbang dengan Rp: 9,000.US $ 1 is equal to Rp: 9,000. – 4 comparable Apa kedua tim itu seimbang? Are those two teams comparable? 5 proportional Pemilih wanita tidak seimbang dengan calon wanita The female voters is not proportional to the female candidates  6 rational Kenaikan gaji tidak seimbang dengan laju inflasi. The payment raise isn’t rational to the inflation rate 7 all (point of a match) Angka adalah sepuluh seimbang The point is ten all
-mengimbangi: v 1 balance 2 equalize
-menseimbangkan; memperseimbangkan: v 1 equalize 2 balance out 2 make balance 3 adjust (the quality, or quantity)
-keseimbangan: n 1balance 2 equilibrium 3 equality  3 comparability 4 proportionality
-imbangan: n 1 counterpart  2 match 3 sparring
-pengimbangan; penseimbangan: n 1 equalization 2 balancing out.

imbas; imbasan: n /lu/ 1 impact |the effect that an event or situation has on sb/sth| Krisis keuangan global telah memberi dampak sangat buruk pada industry lokal. The global financial crises has a very bad impact on the local industry  2 result/ effect in form of movement |the force of one object hitting another| Aliran udara dalam terowongan ini adalah imbas dari  sebuah kipas penyedot udara yang sangat besar The air flow in this tunnel is the result made by a big exhaust fan 3 result/ effect in form of permanent change Kerusakan gedung ini adalah imbas dari gempa di kejauhan The damage of this building is the result of an earthquake in a distance 4 mental sickness |shock from hallucination of spirit|
-berimbas: v /intr/tr/ 1 impact, affect, cause 2 /intr/ blow
-mengimbas: v /tr/ blow |if sb/sth make the wind or a current of air blows| Dia mengimbas debu itu dengan mengipaskan koran. He blows the dust by waving a newspaper.
-terimbas: v 1 be affected  Bisnis dia terimbas kelesuan ekonomi His business was affected by the economic stagnation 2 be blown  Atap rumahnya terimbas angin puyuh sampai rusak The roof of his house was blown to damage by tornado.

imbau; menghimbau: v appeal. |to make an urgent public request for sth or to do sth| Pemerintah menghimbau setiap orang untuk menghemat pemakaian listrik The government appealed to everyone to save electricity use.
-himbauan: n appeal.

imbuh; imbuhan: n /lu/ 1 supplement. 2 extra |small addition given in the bargain to please a customer|
-mengimbuh: v give supplement/extra. Ayah mengimbuh uang bulanan saya Rp: 100,000.- Dad gave an extra Rp: 100,000.- to my monthly stipend
-imbuhan: n /ling./ affix.
-pengimbuhan: n /ling/ affixation.

imigran: n /lu/ immigrant. imigran gelap illegal immigrant.

imigrasi: n /lu/ 1 immigration. 2 Bureau of Immigration.
-berimigrasi: v immigrate
-keimigrasian: n matter related to immigration

iming; mengiming-iming: v /lu/ tantalize, entice.
-mengiming-imingkan: v /tr/ use sth to entice.
-iming-imingan: n sth that is tantalized

imitasi: n imitation.

imitatif: adj imitative

imitator: n imitator

imlek: n 1 /Chn./ calendar. 2 Chenese New Year.

immoral; imoril: adj /frm/ immoral.

immoralitas: n /frm/ immorality

impak; impek: n /frm/ impact. –syn: imbas

impas1: n /lu/ impasse, deadlock.

impas2: adj /lu/ 1 square Kalau saya memberikan $50. kepada kamu, kita impas kan? If I give you $50. so we are square, aren’t we? 1 no more Uang saya sudah impas My money has gone
-titik impas: n break-even point.
-mengimpas; mengimpaskan: v payoff (a debt).

imperatif: adj /frm/ imperative.

imperialis: n /frm/ imperialist.

imperialisme: n /frm/ imperialism.

imperialistis: adj /frm/ imperialistic.

imperium: n /frm/ empire.

impersonalitas: n /frm/ impersonality, impersonal char­acter.

impi; impian: n /lu/ dream, hope, vision, wish  gadis impian saya the girls of my dreams.
-mengimpikan: v dream (of sth)..

impit: variant of himpit:

implemen: n /frm/ implement, tool.

implementasi: n /frm/ implementation.

implikasi: n /frm/ implication.
-mengimlikasikan: v 1 implicate. 2 imply.

implisit: adj /frm/ implicit.

impor: v /lu/ import.
-mengimpor: v import, bring in.
-pengimport: n importer.
-pengimporan: n 1 import business. 2 importation.

importir: n /lu/ importer.

impoten: adj /lu/ impotent.

impotensi: n /lu/ impotence. impotensi kelamin sexual impotency.

impregnasi: n /frm/ impregnation.

impresaris: n /ld/ impresario. |one who sponsors or produces entertainment|

impresi: n /frm/ impression.

impresif: adj /frm/ impressive.

impresionis: adj /frm/ impressionist.

improvisasi: n /frm/ improvisation.
-berimprovisasi: v improvise.

impuls: n /frm/ impulse.

impulsive: adj impulsive.

imsak: n /Isl/ predawn, time that the fast must begin

imsakiah: n /Isl./ fasting schedule.

imun: adj /tech./ immune.

imunisasi: n /lu/ immunization.

imunitas: n /tech/ immunity.

imunologi: n /tech/ immunology.

inang: n /lu/1 wet nurse, nursemaid. 2 /Btk/ mother  3 /North Sum./ inang-inang: married female who work as a ped­dler

inap; menginap: v /lu/ stay overnight.
-menginapkan: v put sth up overnight.
-penginapan: n 1 lodging for the night. 2 inn.

inaugurasi: n /lu/ inauguration.

incang; mengincang: v /ld/ 1 aim at. 2 intend  Dia mengincang anak petani kaya itu He is intending to persuade rich farmer’s daughter. 2 peek.|to quickly look at something, especially something you are not supposed to see| Pintunya terbuka jadi saya mengincang kedalam ruangannya The door was open, so I peeked into his room.

incar: n /ld/ drill, borer. |a toll to make a hole (e.g. on a wood board)|

incar2;  mengincar: v /lu/ 1 angle |to try to get something without asking for it directly| Saya kira dia mengincar undangan ke pesta itu I think she’s angling for an invitation to the party. 2 aim sb/sth as a target  3  intend (to have sb/sth)
-incaran: n 1 target, object 2 sb/sth that is wanted by somebody else Polisi sedang mengincar dia The police is wanting (looking for)  him

inci: n /lu/ inch. (²) a unit of  length equal to 2,54 cm

incir: variant of incar:

indah1; mengindahkan: v /lu/ care |to be concerned about or interested in sb/sth|  Dia tidak mengindahkan kita He doesn’t care about us. 2 heed |pay attention| Mereka tidak mengindahkan peringatan penjaga pantai They didn’t heed the beach watcher’s warning.

indah2: adj /lu/ beautiful, attractive, pretty, handsome.
indah permai: adj very beautiful.
-memperindah: v 1 beautify 2 embellish.
-keindahan: n beauty.
-pengindahan: n 1 beautification. 2 embellishment.

indap; mengindap-indap: v /lu/ edge away

indar: variant of hindar:

indehoi; indehoy: v /inf/ 1 have pleasure  2 date |to have a romantic relationship with someone: Kapan kamu akan indehoi dengan dia? When are you going to date her?
-ber­indehoi: v engage in a romantic activity.
-indehoian: n a romantic time

indek; indeks: n /frm/ index a) |an alphabetical list at the end of a book, that lists all the names, subjects etc. in the book and the pages where you can find them| b) |a set of paper or cards with a database or information in alphabetical order such as price list| c) a standard or level you can use for judging or measuring something by
-indeksasi: n indexing.
-indeksasi gaji: n wage indexing
-mengindeks: v index |make an index|
-pengindeksan: n indexation

indekos: v /lu/ stay in a boardinghouse
-indekosan: n boardinghouse

inden1: n /tech/ pivot. |a fixed central point or pin on which something balances or turns like the pin of a watch to which the clock arms attached|

inden2: n /frm/lu/ 1 order |to buy goods (especially imported goods) by advanced payment or partially prepaid| -syn: pesanan, order
-menginden: v order sth with a down payment.

indentifikasi: variant of identifikasi:

indentitas: variant of identitas:

indentor: n sb who order with advanced payment

independen: adj indepen­dent.

Indera: n 1 king of the universe 2 /with capital/ the name of a god in which Hindu followers believe as the absolute king of thesky
-keinderaan: n /ltr/ 1 the heavens 2 abode of the gods.

indera2: n /lu/ the five senses. |the five natural powers of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell| seekor anjing dengan indera penciuman tajam a dog with a strong sense of smell
-mengindera: v 1 sense 2 remotely measure |try to find the characteristics of a particular  substantive object with your natural ability or with your senses power not by technological means|
-indra jauh: n remote sense (as a discernment of geographic facts from the outer atmosphere, etc.).
-indra pemilikan: n sense of belonging
-penginderaan: n sensation

inderaloka: n /ltr/ the abode of the gods.

inderia: n one of the five senses.
-penginderiaan: n sensation.

index: variant of indek:

India: n India |Country of South Asia – the second most populous after China – which capital city is New Dehi|

Indian: n American Indian.

indik; mengindik: v crept |to approach or to pass sb/sth quietly|

indikasi: n 1 indication 2 symptom 3 signal

indicator: n indicator. indikator ekonomi economic indicator.

inding; menginding: v /ld/ 1 attentively listen for sth 2 be on the look out for, lie in wait for.

individu: n /lu/ an individual.
-keindividuanan: n /lu/ individuality.

individual: adj /lu/ individual.

individualisasi: n /frm/ individualization.

individualisir; mengindividualisir: v /frm/ individualize.

individualisme: n /frm/ individualism.

individualistis: adj /frm/ individualistic.

individualitas: n /frm/ individuality.

individuil: variant of individual:

Indo: n /lu/ an Eurasian. Indo Belanda sb who was born to a mixed parents of Dutch and Indonesia Indo Cina/Tionghoa sb who was born to a mixture parents Dutch and Chenese

indoktrinasi: n /lu/ indoctrination.
-mengindoktrinasi: v indoctrinate.

indoktrinator: n /lu/ indoctrinator.

indoktrinir; mengindoktrinir: v /lu/ indoctrinate.

Indologi: n /frm/ Indonesian Studies.

Indonesia: n /lu/ 1 the name of an archipelago country between the continental of Asia the continental of Australia – Republik Indonesia Republic of Indonesia 2 its people, its language, culture, etc
-mengindonesiakan: v Indonesianize |to make sth Indonesia| Apa kamu tahu mengindonesiakan surat ini? Do you know how to translate this letter into Indonesia?
-pengindonesiaan: n the process of making sth Indonesia
-Indonesianisasi: n Indonesianization |the act of making sth Indonesia|
-keindonesiaan: n |matter that express Indonesia in reality and character or relating to it|
-Indonesianisasi: n Indonesianization.

indra: variant of indera:

indrawi: n /lu/ sensory |relating to the five senses| kenikmatan indrawi sensual enjoyment.

indria: variant of inderia:

induk1: n /lu/ 1 mother (usually only for animals) induk ayam hen induk babi sow 2 subject induk kalimat the subject of the sentence 3 essence |a liquid that has a strong smell or taste and is obtained from a plant, flower etc.| induk vanilli vanilla essence induk cuka vinegar essence 4 core, gist, main point induk masalah the core of the problem. 6 plasma or plasm induk tanaman cangkokan plasm of the plant’s tissue
-berinduk: v 1 be bred (by); be subordinated (by); be originated (from) 2 have a mother; have main (office, troop, etc.)
-keindukan: n matter related to sth as ‘induk
-seperindukan: v come from the same ‘induk’ (hen, sow, main office, base, etc)
-induk bako: n relatives from father line
-induk jari: n thumb
-induk kereta api: n locomotive
-induk madu: n honeycomb
-induk utang: n the initial of the debt
-induk semang: n 1 adoptive mother. 2 foster mother 3 female em­ployer. 3 landlady.

induk2: adj /lu/ main, head, central, prime |the most important part of sth| pasukan induk base army (troop) kantor induk headquarter or central office
-induk penya­lur: n chief distributor.
-induk bangunan: n main building.
-klausa induk: n main clause
-induk telur: n ovary

induksi; menginduksi: v induce |to cause a particular physical condition| Obat ini bisa menginduksi rasa kantuk This drug may induce drowsiness.
-induksi: n induction |a particular physical condition driven by accumulated effects from one or several factors or treatment|

induktif: adj inductive.

indulgensi: n indulgence.

indung: variant of induk:

­indusemen: n inducement.

industri: n industry. industry kecil small-scale industry. industry parawisata tourisn industry industri rumah tangga home industry industri berat heavy industry
-mengindustrikan: v industrialize.
-perindustrian: n industry, indutrial affairs. perindustrian besar captain of industry.

industrialis: adj /lu/ industrialist.

industrialisasi: n /lu/ industrialization.

industrialisir; mengindustrialisir: v /lu/ industrialize

industriawan: n /lu/ industrialist.

industrial: adj .lu/ industrial.

industriwan: variant of industriawan:

inefisiensi: n /lu/ inefficiency.

inersi; inertia: n /tech/ inertia. |a tendency for a situation to stay unchanged for a long time|  the problem of inertia in her awake condition (stay awake because difficult to sleep)

infanteri: n /lu/ infantry.

infak: n /lu/ 1 gift 2 donation 3 charity |money or gifts you give to people who need help|  Dia sangat gembira menerima infak itu She’s  very happy to accept the charity.

infeksi: n /lu/ infection.

infertile: adj /tech/ infertile.

infiltran: n /lu/ infiltrator.

infiltrasi: n /lu/ infiltration.
-berinfiltrasi: v /intr/ infiltrate
-menginfiltrasi: v /tr/ infiltrate (sth)             .

infiltrir; menginfiltir: v infiltrate sth

infinitif : n /ling./ infinitive.

inflasi: n/econ./ inflation.

inflatoir : n /tech/ inflationary.

infleksi: n /ling./ inflection ..

influenza: n /lu/ influenza.

info: see informasi:

informan: n /lu/ informant, source of information.

informasi: n /lu/ information.
-menginformasikan: v inform

informative: adj /lu/ informative.

informal: adj /lu/ informal.
-keinformalan: n informality.

infrastruktur: n /lu/ infrastructure.

infus; menginfus: v //lu/ infuse |to put a substance such as medicated mineral water into sb’s body as apart of medical treatment|
-infus; infuse: n /lu/ infusion
-diinfus: v be infused Pasien itu diinfus dengan cairan minral The patient was infused  by mineral liquid.

inga; teringa: v /ld/ 1 astonish, be astound |to surprise someone very much|  Kami teringa melihat betapa pintarnya dia main piano. We astonished to see how well she played piano. syn: /lu/ ternganga

ingat; mengingat: v /lu/ 1 remember. Saya tidak mengingat siapa nama kamu. I don’t remember what is your name 2 recall  Saya mencoba mengingat alamat itu tapi saya tidal bisa I tried to recall the address but I couldn’t. 3 aware |know exactly what happen| Waktu saya terjatuh saya tidak ingat apa yang terjadi When I felt down I didn’t aware at all what happened 4 care Dia tidak ingat lagi anak itu She doesn’t care the child anymore 5 think of Kalau saya tidak mengingat anak-anak saya sudah keluar kerja dari sana If I didn’t think about the chidren I would resign from that job.
-ingatan: n memory, remembrance
-ingat-ingat lupa: adv on the tip of your tongue |if a word, name etc. is on the tip of your tongue, you know it but cannot remember it immediately|
-memperingati: v commemorate.
-mengingatkan; memperingatkan: v remind, warn
-peringatan: n warning, commemoration, admonition
-teringat: v come to mind, appear in mind, be remembered
-pengingat1: n reminder, souvenir, token,
-pengingat2: adj who has a good memory.
-seingat: conj. as far as (sb) remember Seingat saya dia belum pernah menelepon dalam dua bulan terakhir As far as I remember, she never call in the last two months

Inggeris: n 1 England Mereka tinggal di Inggris They live in England 2 English. Dia orang Inggeris He is an English Dia berbahasa Ingris She speaks English Inggeris Raya Great Britain.
-keinggeris-inggerisan: v anglicized.

Inggris: variant of Inggeris:

ingin: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 wish |to hope that something will happen or that you can do something, even though it is very unlikely|  Saya ingin bertemu dia kembali. I wish (that) I could meet her again. 2 want /tr/ |to expect sth is true or to happen| Saya ingin kamu tinggal bersama kami I want you to stay with us. 3 hope /intr/tr/ Saya ingin bahwa semuanya baik-baik. I hope that everything will be fine.
-menginginkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 wish /tr/ Saya menginginkan keberuntungan untuk kamu. I wish you luck 2 want Mereka tidak menginginkan saya pergi sekarang They don’t want me to leave now. 3 hope /tr/ Apa kamu menginginkan saya menang dalam pertandingan itu? Do you hope me to win the game?
-keinginan: n 1 wish 2 hope 3 desire 4 longing
-berkeinginan: v to have anwish/hope/ desire
-keingintahuan: n curiosity

ingkar; mengingkari: v /lu/ 1 deny |to say that something is not true|  Samuel mengingkari bahwa dia telah mencuri uang itu. Samuel denied that he had stolen the money. 2 fail to keep, break  Dia ingkar janji  untuk membantu He failed to keep his promise to help 3 disclaim Presiden terpilih mengingkari bahwa dia berjanji memotong pajak The elected president disclaim that he promise to cut the tax 4 disavow DNA itu membuat tidak seorangpun dapat mengingkari bahwa mereka punya hubungan darah The DNA make that nobody can disavow that they have blood relationship.
-pengingkaran: n 1 denial 2 disavowal

ingsut; mengingsut: v shift, slide, move slowly. Kereta api itu beringsut meninggalkan setasiun The train slowly move out of the station.
-beringsutan: v slide (of several things).
-mengingsutkan: v make sth slide.

ingus: n /lu/ mucus, snot.
-ingusan: adj 1 snotty |have mucus come out from sb’s nose| 2 inexperienced, wet behind the ears  |too young to be responsible|

inheren: adj /lu/ inherent.

inhibisi: n /lu/ inhibition.

ini1: pron. this, these. 1 |something that is closer in time, distance etc. than someone or something else| Paman memberikan buku ini pada saya My uncle gave this book  2 now (this time) Sekarang ini saya serius, percayalah pada saya Now I am serious, believe me. 3 here  Ini dia, ambillah. Here it is, take it. Ini mereka datang Here they are coming 4 next Hari Sabtu ini saya akan pergi Next Saturday I will be leaving

ini2: adv: this |used when talking about the quality, quantity, character, etc.| Saya tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa kita akan selambat ini. I’ve never imagine that we will be this late.  Rumah itu kira-kira sebesar ini. The house is about this big.

inisial: n /lu/ l initial. 2 initials.

inisiasi: n /lu/ initiation.
-menginisiasikan: v initiate.

inisiatif: n initiative.
-berinisiatif: v 1 take the initiative. 2 have initiative.

inisiator: n sb who initiates sth

injak: menginjak: v 1 step on (sth) Hati-hati, jangan menginjak lumpur itu Be careful, don’t step on the mud. 2 press Pelan-pelan injak remnya Slowly press the brake 3 begin Gadis remaja itu telah mulai menginjak kedewasaannya The girl has begun her maturity. 4 attend Apa kamu telah pernah menginjak perguruan tinggi? Have you ever attend a college?  5 visit Saya tidak akan pernah menginjak rumahnya lagi I’ll never visit her house anymore.
menginjak-injak: v 1 damage Kalau kamu mencoba menginjak-injak nama baik saya, kamu akan terima balasannya. If you try to damage my reputation, you will pay for it. 2 trample |to ignore or not care about someone’s  rights, ideas, hopes etc.| Dia selalu menginjak-injak hak orang lain He always tramples sb’s rights   3 disobey, disregard, ignore (regulation, a law, etc.) Jangan pernah menginjak-injak hukum, kalau kamu tidak mau mendapat masalah. Don’t ever disobey law, if you don’t want to have problem
-penginjak-injakan: n 1 trampling 2 disobedience 3 ignorance penginjak-injakan hak-hak manusia a trampling on human rights.

injeksi: n /lu/ injection.
-menginjeksi: v inject, give an in­jection.
-penginjeksian: n injecting.

Injil: n /lu/ 1 Bibble, Gospel. Injil Al-Kudus Holy Gospel. 2 /Bib/  New Testament 3  the sacred book revealed to the prophet Jesus.
-pengijil: n evangelist, preacher.
-menginjil: v introduce, spread the Bible
-penginjilan: n biblical teaching

injili; injiliah: adj /lu/ evangelical.

inkarnasi: n incarnation.
-menginkarnasikan: v incarnate.
-reinkanasi: n reincarnation

inkaso: n |activity related to debt collection include procedure, administrative tool, information about the risk from the bank to the debtor, etc.|
-mengingkasokan: v present a check to the issuing bank for payment.

inklaring: n /lu/ banking clearance.

inklinasi: n /frm/ inclination.

inklusif: n /frm/ inclusive.

inkompatibilitas: n /tech/ incompatibility.

inkonsistensi: n /frm/inconsistency.

inkonstitusional; inkonstitusionil: adj /frm/ unconstitu­tional.

inkonvensional; inkonvinsionil: adj /frm/ unconven­tional.

inkorporasi: n /frm/ incorporation.
-menginkorporasi: v incorporate.

inkubasi: n /lu/ incubation.

incubator: n /lu/ incubator.

inkuisisi: n /frm/ inquisition.

inlander: n /of/ indigene (during colonial times, often Derog.).

Inmas {intensifikasi massal}: n program of agricul­tural intensification on a massive scale.

inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un: intrj. /Isl./ May God accept the spirit of the death return to Him  (in obituaries and eulogies).

inokulasi: n /frm/ inoculation.

inovasi: n /lu/ innovation.

inovatif: adj /lu/ innovative.

inpentaris: n /lu/ inventory

inplensa; inplinsa: n /lu/ flu (see influenza)

inporman: variant of informan:

Inpres {Instruksi Presiden}: n Presidential Directive: sekolah Inpress a school built with funds specially allo­cated by a particular presidential directive.
-menginpresskan: v issue an executive order.

inreyen; menginreyen: v /lu/ drive for warm-up |to turn on a new machine for a period of time with moderate speed before using it with full capacity| Kalau membeli sepeda motor baru mesin harus diinreyen- dulu kurang lebih 1.500 km If you buy a new motorcycle you have to drive it for warm-up around 1,500 km.

insaf: v /intr/lu/ confess |to admit that you have done something wrong or illegal| Akhirnya dia insaf dan mengaku melakukan sesuatu yang salah Finally she confess and admit that she did sth wrong.
-menginsafkan: v make sth voluntarily confess his/her sinful action.

insan: n /lu/ man, human being.
-keinsanan: n humanity.

insang: n fish gills.

insani; insaniah: n /lu/ human.
-hubungan insani: n human rela­tionship. tubuh insani: n human body.

insektisida: n /lu/ insecticide.

inseminasi: n /lu/ insemination. inseminasi tiruan artificial insemination.

insentif: n /lu/ incentive.

insersi: n /lu/ insertion.

insiden: n incident.

insidensi: n /tech/ incidence. angka insidensi incidence rate

insidentil: adj /lu/ incidental.

insinuasi: n /lu/ insinuation.
-menginsinusi: v insinuate.

insinyur: n /lu/ engineer. insinyur listerik electrical engineer. ­insinyur mesin mechanical engineer. insinyur pertambangan mining engineer.
-keinsinyuran: n engineering.

insisi: n /tech/ incision.

inskripsi: n /tech/ inscription.

insolvensi: n /tech/ insolvency

inspeksi: n /lu/ 1 inspectorate. 2 inspection.
-menginspeksi: v inspect.

inspektorat: n /lu/ inspectorate.

inspektur: n /lu/ inspector.

inspirasi: n /lu/ inspiration.
-menginspirasikan: v inspire.
-terinspirasi: v be in­spired.

instalasi: n /lu/  installation 1|an event where a new officer be stated to start function| 2 |the placement of sth in a system| instalasi listrik sebuah gedung installation of a building’s electricity

instalatur: n /lu/ installer, fitter, electrician.

instansi: n /lu/ 1 institution, institute |a large organization that has a particular purpose, such as scientific, educational, or medical work| instansi  pemerintah government /public institution instansi swasta private institution  2 official body, agency, office instansi-instansi tingkat kabupaten district level agency/official body/ office

insting; instink: n /lu/ instinct.

institusionalisasi: n institutionalization.

institusionil: adj /lu/ institutional.

institut: n /lu/ institute.

instruksi: n /lu/ 1 instruction, directive. 2 order, command
-menginstruksikan: v /lu/ instruct.

instruktur: n /lu/ instructor.

instrument: n /lu/ instrument.

instrumental: adj /lu/ instrumental.

instrumentasi: n /lu/ instrumentation.

insubordinasi: n /frm/ insubordination.

insya Allah: excl. /Isl./ God willing.  Insya Allah saya akan kembai besok If God will, I’ll be back tomorrow

insyaf: variant of insaf:

intai; mengintai: v spy, unobtrusively observe, remotely watch  |to secretly watch an activity to find out what happened to sb/sth|
-pengintaian: n espionage, secret observation, remote watching

intan: n diamond. intan permata jewelry. intan mentah rough diamond.

integeral; integral: adj /lu/ integral.

integrasi; integrasi: n /lu/ integration.
-mengintegrasikan: v integrate.
-pengintergrasian: n integrating.

integratif: adj /frm/ integrative.

integrir; mengintegrir: v /frm/ integrate.

integritas; integritas: n /lu/ integrity.

intell: n /lu/ intelligence (service). 2 intelligence agent, informer. 3 agent of provocateur.

intelek: n /lu/ intellect.

intelektual: adj /lu/ intellectual

intelektualisme: n /lu/ intellectualism.

intelektuil: adj /lu/ intellecnual.

inteligensi; inteligensia: n intelligence. Saya dapat melihat inteligensia dia yang tajam I can see her sharp intelligence

intelijen; intelijens: n 1 intelligence, intelligent. 2 intelligence service.

intendan; intendans: n /mil./ quartermaster.

intens: adj /lu/ intense.

intensi: n /lu/ intention.

intensif: adj /lu/ intensive.
-mengintensifkan: v intensify.

intensifikasi: n intensification.
-mengintensifikasikan: v intensify, step up.mengintensifikasikan pemungutan pajak intensify tax collection

intensitas; intensitet: n /lu/ intensity.

interaksi: n interaction.
-berinteraksi: v interact.

interdependensi: n /frm/ interdependence.

interen: see intern:

interes: v /frm/ interest (in sth).

interesan: adj interesting.

interferensi: n /frm/ interference.

interim: adj interim.

interinsuler: adj interinsular.

interior: n /lu/ interior.

interjeksi: n /lu/ interjection.

intercom: n /lu/ intercom.

interlokal: n /lu/  long distance call
-meninterlokal: v /lu/ make a long distance call.

intermeso; intermeso: n /lu/ intermezzo.

intern: adj /lu/ 1 internal, domestic. urusan intern internal mat­ter. 2 local ujian intern local examination

internasional: adj /lu/ international.
-menginternasionalkan: v 1 make sth go international 2 internationalize standards.
-keinternasionalan: n internationality

internasionalisasi: n internationalization.
-menginternasionalkan: v internationalize.

internasionalisme: n internationalism.

internat: n /of/ school dormitory

internis: n /med./ internist.

internit: variant of eternit:

interogasi: n interrogation.
-menginterogasi: v /lu/ in­terrogate .

interogatif: adj /lu/ 1 interrogative. 2 questioning. pandangan interogatif a questioning look.

interpelasi: n /leg./ interpellation.

interpiu: variant of interviu:

interpolasi: n /tech/ interpolation.
-menginterpolasi: v interpolate.

interpretasi: n /lu/ interpretation.
-menginterpretasikan: v interpret, construe.

interupsi: n /lu/ interruption.
-menginterupsi: v /lu/ interrupt.

intervensi: n intervention.

interviu: n /lu/ interview.
-menginterview: v /lu/ interview.

inti: inti sari: n 1 /tech/lu/ kernel, nucleus. inti atom nucleus of an atom 2  core, gist. inti bumi earth’s core. 3 inner contents inti kue pasta pie contents 4 essence inti fanilli vanilla essence 5 digest, abstract intisari buku book abstract 6 summary intisari laporan report summary
-berintikan: v have/contain sth as the core
-pengintisarian: n 1 abstraction 2 digestion 3 summarization
-mengintisarikan: v 1 abstract 2 digest 3 summarize
-intisari suku kata: n /ling./ syllabic nucleus.
-inti kurikulum: n /tech/ ­core of a curriculum.
-inti persoalan: n gist or heart of the matter.
-inti hidup: n the meaning of life.

intikad: n /litr./ criticism, argument

intil; mengintil: v /lu/ follow on sb’s heels.

intim: adj /lu/ intimate, close (friend, etc.).
-mengintimkan: v intimate.

intimidasi: n /lu/ intimidation.
-mengintimidasi: v intimidate.

intip; mengintip: v /lu/ 1 spy on, peep at 2 surveillance.
-pengintipan: n spying, surveillance.

intisari: variant of inti:

intoleran: adj /frm/ intolerant.

intonasi: n /lu/ intonation.

intra: see intra-universiter:

intransitif: adj /tech/ intransitive.

intra-universiter: n intrauniversity.

intrik: n /lu/ 1 intrigue 2 conspiracy 3 plot.
-mengintrik: v engage in intrigue.

intrikatif: adj /frm/ full of intrigues.

introduksi: n /frm/ introduction.

introdusir; mengintrodusir: v /lu/ introduce.

introspeksi: n /lu/ introspection.

introversi: n /frm/ introvert

intrusi: n /frm/ intrusion.

intuisi: n /lu/ intuition.

intuitif: adj /lu/ intuitive.

invalid: adj /lu/ 1 invalid 2 handicapped

invasi: n /lu/ invasion.

inventaris: n /lu/ 1 inventory 2 list of stock in a store.
-penginventarisan: n inventorying.

inventarisasi: n /lu/ stock list taking.
-menginventarisir: v 1 inventory 2 list the stock.
-menginventariskan: v make sth become inventory

inverse: n /frm/ inversion.

investasi: n /lu/ investment.
-menginvestasikan: v invest.

investigasi: n /lu/ investigation.

investigator: n /lu/ investigator

investor: n /lu/ investor.

invitasi: n /frm/ 1 invitation. 2 /sport/  invitational (tennis, golf, etc.).

ionis: adj /tech/ ionic.

ionisasi: n /tech/ ionization.

ionosfer; ionosfir: n /tech/ ionosphere.

IPA {Ilmu Pasti Alam}: n mathematical and physic sciences

ipar: n /lu/ brother or sister in-law.
-beripar: v be a brother or sister ­in-law.

IPB {Institut Pertanian Bogor}: n Bogor Institute of Agriculture.

Ipeda {Iuran Pembangunan Daerah}: n local tax.

ipil-ipil: n /ld/ lamtoro |any kind of fixing tree – a rapidly growing leguminosa planted as a shade for coffee plants, for firewood,  and animal fodder|

iprit1; mengiprit: v /ld/ run away out of fear.

IPS {Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial}: n social studies.

Ir. {insinyur}: n engineer |sb who designs the way roads, bridges, machines, etc. are built|

irama: n /lu/ rhythm, cadence. |a regular repeated pattern of sounds in music, speech, movement,  etc|
-berirama: adj rhythmical
-seirama: adv in the same rhythm.

irasional; irasionil: adj /lu/ irrational.

Ireda{luran Rehabilitasi Daerah}: n special  tax for regional rehabilitation.

irelevan: adj /lu/ irrelevant.

iri: sdj /lu/ jealous a) |feeling unhappy because someone else has a quality, thing, or ability that is more than you have| Diana iri sama saya karena saya lulus ujian sementara dia tidak Diana was jealous of me because I passed the test while she didn’t  b)  |feeling angry or sad because someone you love is paying attention to another person, or because another person is showing too much interest in someone you love| Biasanya membuat saya iri kalau dia berdansa dengan pria lain It used to make me jealous when he danced with other man.
-keirian: n jealousy
-pengiri: adj easily to be jealous.

irigasi: n /lu/ irrigation.
-mengirigasikan: v irrigate.

iring: mengiring/i: v /lu/ accompany a) |to go somewhere with someone, especially in order to help or take care of him/her|  Saya selalu mengiring anak saya menyeberang jalan I always accompany my children to cross the road b) |play music instruments in accordance with a song tune and rhythm| Saya perlu seorang pemain piano mengiringi saya kalau saya bernyanyi I need a pianist to play to my song
-beriringan: adv one after another Mereka berjalan beriringan They walked one after another
-iring-iringan: n 1 procession 2 rally 3 fleet iring-iringan kapal fleet of ships
-seiring; seiringan: adv 1 in accordance
-pengiring: n 1 follower 2 escort 3 companion.

iris: v /lu/ slice thinly
-seiris: n a slice.
-irisan: n slice |a flat piece of bread, meat etc. cut from a larger piece|  Irisan –irisan  mentimun itu terlalu kecil.  The slice of that cucumber is too thin.
-mengiris: v slice sth
-mengiriskan: v use sth to slide
-pengiris: n a tool to slice

irit1: adj /lu/ economical, frugal.
-mengirit: v econ­omize, save.
-menngirit bensin: v economize on gas.
-mengirit air: v save water.
-pengiritan: n economizing.

iritasi: n /lu/ irritation.

ironi: n /lu/ irony.

ironis: adj /lu/ ironic.

Isa: n /lu/ Jesus.

isak: n /lu/ sob. isak tangis crying and sobbing.
-terisak-isak: v sob. Wanita itu terisak-isak, mengusap air mata The lady was sobbing, wiped her tears.
-isakan: n sob.

isap; mengisap: v /lu/ 1 inhale, sniff, respire, breath in |to breathe in air, smoke, or gas| Coba jangan menghisap asap rokok itu Try not to inhale the smoke of the cigarette 2 absorb Tanah ini mengisap cairan dengan cepat This soil absorb liquid fast
-penghisap: n 1 absorber 2 respirator 3 smoker Dia adalah penghisap ganja He is a marijuana smoker.
pengihisap darah: n 1 bloodsucker a) |animal that suck blood of other animal or human| b) |sb who unfairly take benefit from other|  2 extortionist |a person, organization, or state that exploit other person, organization, or country by force|
penghisap debu: n vacuum cleaner

isarat: variant of isyarat:

isbat: n /ld/ 1 confirmation 2 ratification.
-mengisbatkan: v confirm, ratify.

iseng1: adj /lu/ 1 frivolous |not serious| Tidak usah terlalu ditanggapi. Itu hanya permintaan iseng Don’t be serious. It was only a frivolous request. 2 thoughtless, careless Ini satu pekerjaan iseng This is a thoughtless work  3 fun bersepeda iseng fun bike

iseng2: n /lu/ 1 fun Kami melakukan ini hanya untuk iseng We do this just for fun  2 joy Mari kita main kartu untuk iseng Let’s play card for joy

iseng: adv 1 carelessly Jangan bekerja secara iseng Don’t work carelessly 2 thoughtlessly Kami melakukannya secara iseng maka hasilnya tidak sempurna. We did it thoughtlessly so the result isn’t perfect

isi1: n /lu/ 1 contents. a) |substance that are available in sth such as a container|  Apa isi kotak-kotak itu? What is the contents of the boxes? b) |non-substantive things such as information, opinion, data, image, etc that is available in something else such as a song in a cassette| Daftar isi menunjuk-kan bahwa buku itu kaya dengan informasi dan gagasan The list of the contents shows that the book is rich of information and idea. 2 volume capacity Berapa isi tanki itu? What is the volume capacity of the tank? Isi botol ini hanya 700 cc The volume capacity of this bottle is only 700 cc
-berisi1: v 1 contain Pidato itu penuh berisi himbauan The speech contains much appeal. Koper ini berisi hanya barang-barang pribadi saya. This case contains my personal belongings only 2 smart, knowledgeable Otak dia berisi His brain is smart/knowledgeable 3 corpulent Badannya cukup berisi His body is fairly corpulent.
-berisi2: adj 1 contained Apa tangki itu berisi? Is this tank contained? Padi berisi akan menunduk Contained rice will be bending (an idiom meaning “experienced and knowledgeable people will be humble)  2 meaningful Ceramah dia itu  cukup berisi. Her lecture  was meaningful. 3 loaded senapang berisi loaded gun 4 knowledgeable orang yang berisi a knowledgeable person

isi2; mengisi: v 1 fill up |to make sth such as a container contains sth| Isi bak itu dengan air Fill the basin up with water 2 fill in |to put something in a hole or crack in order to make a smooth surface or to write sth in the blank space of a form| Dinas pekerjaan umum sedang mengisi retak di jalan yang diakibatkan oleh gempa dengan adukan beton The public work service is filling in the crack on the road caused by the earthquake with concrete Baca dengan cermat sebelum kamu mengisi formulir ini Read carefully before you fill in the form 3 fulfil  Pemerintah akan merekrut sejumlah tenaga baru untuk mengisi lowongan yang akan ditinggalkan pegawai yang pensiun. The government will recruit a number of new workers to fulfil the vacant from the retired personnel. Mengisi kebutuhan rakyat akan pelayanan kesehatan adalah prioritas kita. To fulfil the need of the people for health services is our priority. 4 occupy Rombongan turis itu telah mengisi semua kamar hotel. The tourist group has occupied all the hotel rooms. 5 take part Apa kamu akan ikut mengisi acara pertunjukan malam ini? Are you going to take part in this evening performance. 5 recharge mengisi baterei recharge battery. 5 take up Program ini mengisi banyak memori computer. This program takes up a lot of computer memory. 6 take on mengisi bensin take on gasoline
-pengisian: n record |to store music, sound etc. on something so that it can be listened to again|  Mereka sedang mengisi musik latar untuk film itu. They are recoding background music for the movie.
-pengisi: n 1 filler
pengisi waktu: n time killer
-seisi: adj entire (sth) Seisi desa ini mengenal dia dengan baik The entire villagers know him well.

islah: v /lu/ settle the dispute.

Islam: n /lu/ Moslem
-pengislaman: n Islamization.

Islamisasi: n Islamization.

isme: n -ism.

isolasi1: n /lu/ cellophane tape. isolasi ban friction tape.

isolasi2: n /lu/ isolation.
-mengisolasi: v 1 isolate. |to keep sth apart|  2 tape |to stick something onto something else using tape|

isolasionisme: n /frm/ isolationism.

isolir; mengisolir: v /lu/ isolate. 2  insulate. |to cover or protect something so that electricity, sound, heat etc. cannot get in or out|

isra: n Prophet Muhammad’s journey at night from Masjidilharam in Mecca to Masjidilaksa in Baitulmukadas

issue: see isu:

istana: n /lu/ .palace, castle. isatana presiden the president’s official residence.

isteri: variant of istri:

istiadat: n /lu/ custom, tradition.
-mengistiadatkan: v institute sth as a custom.

istibra: n /Arb/ period of sexual abstinence for a woman after divorce or widowhood so that there may be no question of the paternity of a baby she might be carrying.

istigfar: v /Arb/ |utter astaghfirullah to ask God’s forgive­ness thereby|
-beristigfar: v utter this formula.

istilah: n /lu/ 1 jargon 2 technical term
-mengistilahi: v give sth a particular term.
-mengistilahkan: v give a term or name to sth
-peristilahan: n terminology. Komisi Peristilahan Terminology Commission.

istimewa: adj /lu/ 1 special, different from others. sidang istimewa special session. daerah istimewa Yogyakarta the special district of Yogyakarta. 2 extraordinary pertunjukan yang istimewa an extraordinary show.
-mengistimewakan: v regard or treat sth spe­cial or in particular way.
-diistimewakan: v be specialized, be given pri­ority, be treated specially.
-teristimewa; sangat istimewa: adj 1 very special, very ex­traordinary. 2 most specially, in particular.
-keistimewaan: n 1 peculiarity 2 distinctness 3 particularity 4 speciality Terima kasih atas keistimewaan yang anda berikan pada saya Thank you for peculiarity you gave me on your service.

istiqlal: n /lu/ independence,  liberty, freedom,.

istirahat1; beristirahat: v rest, pause, break, take recess   |to stop doing something and relax or sleep for a period of time| Apa kamu mau beristirahat sebelum kita lanjutkan? Do you want to rest before we proceed?

istirahat2: n 1 intermission, rest, pause, recess. |a period of time when you can relax or sleep or between two parts of a play| Mari kita lakukan istirahat Let’s take a rest. Apa istirahatnya terlalu singkat? Was the intermission/ recess/ pause/ too short? Dia peru istirahat di tempat tidur She needs a bed rest 2 leave Dokter memberi dia istirahat sakit dua hari The doctor gave her two days of sick leave.
-mengistirahatkan: v make sb/sth rest.
-peristirahatan: n 1 villa 2 bungalow.

istri: n /lu/ wife |the woman that a man is married to| Ini isteri saya Uli. This is my wife, Uli.
-beristeri: v be married (have wife)

isu: n 1 issue |a subject or problem that people discuss| 2 rumors. |information that is passed from one person to another and which may not be true|
-mengisukan: v 1 make an issue of  2 gossip about sth  Dia diisukan selingkuh. He is being issued to have a love affair.

isya: see sembahyang:

isyarat: n /lu/ 1 signal |a sound, action, or event that gives information or tells someone to do something|  Atlit pelari menunggu isyarat untuk berlari The runner athletic is waiting for the signal to run. 2 gesture |to move your hand or arm to show that you want someone to move toward you| Polisi memberi isyarat pada dia untuk mendekat The  police give him gesture to come closer.
-mengisyaratkan: v 1 signal Cuaca bergolak ini mengisyaratkan datangnya hujan lebat This turbulent  weather signal the coming of heavy rain. 2 beckon Guru mengisyaratkan saya untuk datang ke depan kelas. The teacher beckoned me to come to the front of the class.

itam: variant of hitam:

ITB {Institut Tiknologi Bandung}: n Bandung In­stitute of Technology.

itik1: n /lu/ duck.

itik2; mengitik: v /ld/ 1 rouse |excite a desire to eat sth| 2 stimu­late |awaken a wish to do sth|

itikad: n /lu/ 1 conviction. 2 determina­tion, will. 3 intention  dengan itikad baik with good intentions.
-beritikad: v have conviction, intention.

itil: n /vulgar/ clitoris.

itu1: n /lu/ 1 that |used when talking about sb or sth that is farther away in time, distance, etc. than sb or sth else|  Apa itu mobil kamu? Is that your car?  Apa yang kamu lakukan waktu itu? What did you do at that time? 2 the Saya beli buku itu tadi pagi. I bought the book this morning Buku itu berjudul “lima langkah untuk berhasil” The book titles “‘five steps to be successful” 3 those Apa kamu melihat rumah-rumah itu? Satu diantaranya adalah rumah saya. Do you see those house? One of them is my house.

itu2; begitu: adv 1 that long/much/big etc. |used when talking about a relative size, number, or quality of sth|  Tidak akan selama itu! It’s not going to be that long! 2 not that much/big, etc/ Dia orangnya baik tetapi tidak begitu cantik. She is a nice girl but not that pretty.

itu3; disitu: prep. 1 (over) there |in or to a particular place that is not considered at the same place where you are|  Kamu boleh meletakkan mejanya disitu. You may put the table over there.  Pesta itu hampir selesai sesampai saya disitu The party was almost over by the time I got there. b) |at a particular point in time, in a story etc.| Saya akan baca Bab ini dan berhenti disitu I’ll read this chapter and stop there. 2  there is (for sb/sth) Dimana ada kemauan disitu ada jalan Where there is a will there is a way.

iudisasi: n /lu/ promotion of the use IUD, a contraceptive method for family planning program.

itung: variant of hitung.

iur; iuran: n /lu/ 1 fee |regular contribution or payment for a particular purpose e.g. to keep your membership of a club, etc.| 2 levy
-bayar iuran: v 1 contribute 2 pay contribution .
-beriuran: v to have contribution.

iya: variant of ya:

iyuran: variant of iuran:

izin; variat of ijin.


J; j: |the 10th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sounds like j in January; jealous; eject; ajar; ejaculate; majestic; majority.|

jab: n /tech./ a short straight punch in boxing

jabang; jabang bayi: n /lu/ newly born baby

Jabar1: n /Arb/ Almighty.

Jabar2 {Jawa Barat}: n West Java

jabar: adj /lu/ 1 detailed 2 elaborate |having a lot of small details or parts that are connected together in a complicated way|
-menjabarkan: v 1 elaborate 2 make into detail 3 comprehensively explain 4 spell out 5 clarify
-penjabaran: n 1 elaboration 2 explanation in detail 3 clarification

jabat; menjabat: v /lu/ 1 hold |to have something firmly in your hands or arms|  Dia sedang menjabat dayung He is holding the oar (a long pole with a wide blade at one end, used for rowing a boat| 2 occupy, act, function |work for a particular function or position in an organization or government office| Febri menjabat Direktur Keuangan perusahaan itu. Febri occupies the Financial Director of the company. Ayah dia  menjabat ketua satu partai politik. Her father holds the chairman of a political party
-berjabat tangan: v shake hands.
-jabatan: n 1 function. 2 duty  3 position 4 job, post, occupation.
-jabatan penting: n key position
-pejabat: n 1 official |someone who has a responsible position in an organization| pejabat serikat a union official| 2 acting |transitional or temporary post similar to ad interim| pejabat gubernur acting governor |in case an elected governor for a certain reason is not available to execute his/her official duty than sb is appointed to do it|
-sejabat: n colleague from the same office.
-tunjangan jabatan: n additional payment for holding a responsible post.
-pejabat penting: n key official.

jabir-jabir; berjabir-jabir: adj /ld/ slovenly, sloppy (of clothes).

Jabodetabek {Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi|: n the megalopolis of Jakarta and its satellite cities.

jadah; see haram jadah:

jadah anak: n illegitimate child.

jadi1: v /lu/ 1 to be Dia lahir jadi seorang pemimpin He born to be a leader 2 be happened |used to state that an action verb happened or has happened in the past which in is English stated by past tense or past participle| Kemarin dia jadi pergi ke Singapore Yesterday he left (has gone) for Singapore. Rapat itu tidak jadi The meeting didn’t happened (failed to happen,  was cancelled, or delayed) Apa kita jadi berangkat? |asking if we still want to go| We still want to go, don’t we?  Jadilah seperti apa yang Kamu hendaki. Shall it be as You wish. Sudah jadi seperti apa yang mereka rencanakan It has happened as they planned. 3 be realized |used in order to say that the thing that you afraid of or you want for actually happened| Apa yang dia inginkan selalu jadi What ever he want always be realized. 4 become Dia jadi seorang dokter sekarang He become a medical doctor now 5 turn (to) Pawai itu jadi kacau The rally turned to a chaos. 6 get Lem itu jadi kering. The glue get dry. 7 germinate, grow Bibit itu sudah jadi. The seed has germinated.  7 deal “Tawaran terakhir, $350., jadi?” “Jadi!” “The last bargain, $ 350., deal?” “Deal!”
-jadi-jadian: n 1 man made (magic, monster) 2 imitation 2 camouflage
-jadinya: n 1 result, outcome Bagaimana jadinya kerjasama itu? What is the outcome of the cooperation? 2 end Bagaimana jadinya perkelahian itu? What was the end of the fighting?
-kejadian: n 1 occurrence 2 occasion 3 event 4 incident Bagaimana kediannya? How was the incident?
-menjadi-jadi: v become more and more (worse or better) Tabiat buruknya semakin menjadi-jadi His bad behaviour become more and more (remarkable). Penyakitnya sudah menjadi-jadi His illness has become worse
-menjadikan: v 1 create Tuhan menjadikan sejagat ini dalam enam hari God created the universe in 6 days  2 make sth reality Pertanyaan adalah bagaimana menjadi-kan impian kamu satu kenyataan. The question is how to make your dream to be a reality 3 appoint Presiden menjadikan dia seorang menteri The president appointed him a minister
-terjadi: v happen,  take place Kecelakaan itu terjadi di pintu keluar no 25 The accident took place at the exit gate no: 25

jadi3: adj 1 finished  Apa pesanan saya sudah jadi Has my order been finished? Tolong taruh di meja saya laporan yang sudah jadi. Please put on my table the finished report. 2 /spo/ successful Dia sudah jadi. She has been successful

jadi4: adv 1 so Jadi kamu maunya apa? So, what do you want? Jadi seperti itu akhirnya? So, it finally it is like that?  2 therefore Saya lihat mobil kamu tidak disana, jadi saya kira kamu tidak dirumah.  I saw you’re car wasn’t there, therefore I thought you weren’t at home. 3 thus. 4 hence..

jadwal: n /lu/ 1 schedule |a plan of what someone is going to do and when each activities will take place| Jadwal saya hari ini sangat padat. My schedule of today is very busy 2 time table |a list that shows the times and destination that buses, trains etc. leave or arrive at a particular place|  Sesuai jadwal kedatangan pesawat dia akan tiba pukul 315 sore besok. According to the flight arrival schedule, she will arrive at 315 p.m. tomorrow.
jadwal acara: n program Dalam jadwal acara tertulis bahwa pertunjukan berakhir pada pukul 10.00 malam. On the program is written that the show will finish at 10.00 p.m.
-menjadwalkan: v put/list (sth) on the schedule
-penjadwalan: n scheduling.

jaga; terjaga: v wake up. |to stop sleeping, or to make someone stop sleeping|  Diam, jangan buat bayi itu terjaga Be quiet, don’t wake the baby up. Saya terjaga pukul 5.00 tadi pagi I woke up at 5:00 a.m. this morning.
-berjaga: v /intr/ guard |to protect sb or sth from being attacked or stolen, or to prevent a prisoner from escaping|  Polisi berjaga didepan kantor The police guard in the front of the office. Saya berjaga di kamar pasien sepanjang malam. I guarded in the patient room all night long  2 watch Perawat berjaga kalau ada pasien gawat datang ke rumah sakit The nurse watch if there is a critical patient come to the hospital.
-berjaga-jaga: v 1 seriously guard or watch  2 stay awake (to watch sb or sth)
-menjaga: v /tr/ 1 guard Kita butuhkan anggota keamanan untuk menjaga gudang We need security personnel to guard the ware house. 2 watch Apa kamu siap menjaga pasien malam ini? Are you available to watch the patient tonight? 3 keep Bank Central bertanggungjawab menjaga stabilitas nilai tukar uang. The Central Bank  is responsible to keep the stability of currency exchange rate. Polisi harus bekerja keras untuk menjaga keamanan selama pertunjukan itu. The police had to work hard to keep the security during the show. 4 take care Siapa yang akan menjaga anak-anak? Who is going to take care of the children? 5 protect, preserve Presiden menghimbau masyarakat untuk bekerjasama menjaga hutan dari kehancuran. The president appeal the people to work together to preserve our forest from destruction. 6 maintain menjaga kemurnian air to maintain the purity of the water
-penjaga: n 1 guard  2 watcher 3 protector 4 keeper
-penjagaan: n 1 surveil­lance 2 security check
-terjaga: v /pass.v./ 1 be awaken 2 be guarded
-penjaga anak: n babysitter.
-penjaga dada: n /sport/ chest protector.
-penjaga garis: n /sport/ linesman.
-penjaga gawang: n /sport/ goal keeper.
-penjaga keamanan: n security personnel.
-penjaga lift: n elevator operator.
-penjaga pintu: n doorkeeper, doorman.
-penjaga malam: n sentinel.
-penjaga pompa bensin: n gas station attendance.
-penjaga telepon: n telephone operator.
-penjaga tempat duduk: n usher.
-penjaga toko: n shopkeeper.

jagad: variant of jagat:

jagal1: n /ld/ small scale trader.
-berjagal: v trade in retail goods
-jagalan: n small wares.

jagal2; menjagal: v /lu/ 1 butcher, slaughter a) |to kill animals and prepare them to be used as meat| b) | to kill a lot of people in a cruel or violent way|
-penjagal: n butcher, slaughterer.
-pejagalan: n 1 butchering ,  slaughtering, murderer |the process or the action| 2 butchering house. (the place to butcher  animal)

jagat: sejagat; n /lu/ universe, cosmos.
-jagat besar/raya: n macrocosm.
-jagat kecil: n microcosm.
-sejagat: adj universal, world-wide. federasi buruh sejagat international labour federation. lomba ratu kecan­tikan sejagat the world-wide Miss Universe beauty contest.

jago: n /lu/1 maestro |someone who can do something very well| Rudi Hartono dulu adalah jago bulutangkis Rudi Hartono was a maestro of  badminton 2 ayam jago: cock, rooster. 3 the expert, very good in sth Dia jago matematika She is very good in math. 3 master Tom adalah jago karate Tom is a master of karate  4 paragon |someone who is a perfect example of something| Dia adalah jago berunding He was a paragon of negotiator  5 big Marno adalah seorang jago perokok Marno is a big smoker.
-jagoan: n 1 favourite Siapa jagoan kamu yang akan jadi pemenang? Who is your favourite to be the winner? 2 fighter, gang member, powerful person
-kejagoan: n 1 expertise Kejagoannya  membuat dia menjadi seorang konsultan bergaji tinggi His expertise made him a well paid consultant 2 mastery Tidak perlu dipertanyakan tentang kejagoaanya dalam menata rambut There is no question about her mastery in hair dressing.
-menjagokan: v support/expect sb to be the winner Tidak banyak orang yang menjagokan dia jadi pemenang Not so many people predict him to be the winner.
-menjagoi: v dominate, win. Kami berharap kontingan kita dapat menjagoi SEA games yang akan datang We expect our contingent will dominate the next South East Asia Games

Jagorawi {Jakarta Bogor Ciawi}: n |the first freeway in Indonesia|

jagung: n /lu/ corn, maize. jagung bakar roasted corn. jagung brondong popcorn.

jagur: adj /lu/ 1 robust, sturdy  |strong and healthy or not likely to have problems| 2 bigger than usual 3 ­name of a very old cannon at the national museum in Jakarta.

jahanam: adj /lu/ 1 evil |deliberately cruel or harmful| seorang dictator jahanam bertanggung jawab atas penculikan aktifis an evil dictator responsible for the kidnapping of the activists 2 criminal, crook, felon Enyah kamu ke nereka jahanam! Go to hell, criminal!  3 ruined, destroyed Rumah tangganya kelihatannya akan jahanam His marriage seems to be ruined.

jahanam: n /ld/ 1 the fire flame in the hell 2 curse

jahat: adj /lu/ 1 bad, wicked, evil, criminal
-berjahat: v commit sinful/criminal action, do sth wrong, 2 de­fame, malign |to say or write unpleasant and untrue things about someone| 3 seduce (a female).
-menjahati: v 1 treat (sb) badly Preman jalanan itu selalu menjahati orang-orang lemah The street gang always treat weak people badly
-kejahatan: n 1 crime 2 brutality 3 sadism  4 evil, wickedness
-penjahat: n 1 criminal 2 sinner 3 crook 4 felon. penjahat perang war criminal

jahe: n /lu/ ginger

jahil: adj /lu/ 1 naughty |behaves badly and do sth rude but not really criminal| Dia seorang anak yang jahil 2 mischievous |liking to have fun by playing tricks on people or doing things to annoy or embarrass them| 3 sneaky 4 be a rascal  5 stupid, less-educated |particularly about religious teaching| 6 ignorant |particularly about moral value|
-kejahilan: n 1 naughtiness 2 rascality 3 mischievousness
-menjahili: v 1  mistreat 2 play sth naughty
-kejahilan: n 1 stupidity on religious teaching  2 ignorance on moral value

Jahiliah: n /Aeb/ the age of paganism before the Islam era.

jahit; menjahit: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 sew, stitch |to join pieces of cloth or other materials together or attach something to a piece of cloth using a needle and thread or sewing machine|  Boleh kamu jahitkan baju saya yang robek? Can you sew my torn shirt? 2 join |to join separated thing such as a cut on skin| Dokter itu butuh waktu satu jam menjahit luka di badannya The doctor needed an hour to join all the cut on his body
-berjahit: adj sewn Celana kamu sudah berjahit Your trouser has been sewn.
-dijahitkan: v /pas.v./ have sth sewn (at/by) Baju ini dijahitkan pada ‘style tailor’ This jacket was sewn at ‘style tailor’
-jahitan: n 1 seam, stitch | one of the small lines of where a piece of cloth has been joined by sewing|  Bajunya sobek pada jahitan bahu His shirt was ripped at the shoulder seams. 2 jahitan silang: cross stitch
-penjahit: n 1 tailor 2 seamstress
-menjahitkan: v /tr/ give sth to a tailor to sew it.
-menjahiti: v sew, stitch (several things)

jail: variant of jahil:

jailangkung: n device used in a séance |a straw person into which the spirit of a departed person not personally familiar to the audience has entered – this is fitted with sth to write responses to ques­tions|
-jailangsek: n formula used in calling out this device.

jaipong; jaipongan: n a Sundanese dance with an erotic movement which is very easy to practice by many people
-berjaipongan: v to dance such dance

jaitun: see zait:

jaja; berjaja; menjaja: v /intr/tr/lu/ hawk, peddle, vend. |to sell goods by carrying them around and shouting about what they are selling| Dia pergi berkeliling kota menjaja. He went around town peddling.
-jajaan: n merchandise that is peddled.
-penjaja: n hawker, peddler.
-menjajakan: v /tr/  peddle, hawk sth.

jajag: variant of jajak:

jajah; menjajah: v 1 colonize, take over (a country). 2 tra­verse menjajah hutan traverse the forest
-menjajahi: v traverse,  tour.
Note; |’i’ is a suffix to indicate that the action verb take place intensively or done repeatedly|.

-terjajah: v be colonized.
-jajahan: n 1 colony 2 subjugated territory
-penjajah: n colo­nizer.
-penjajahan: n1 colonial domination. 2 coloniza­tion

jajak; menjajak; menjajaki: v /lu/1 sound out, probe 2 search 3 study 4 try
-jajak pendapat: n polling
-menjajaki pendapat: v poll
-menjajaki kemungkinan: n visibly study
-penjajakan: n 1 survey 2 investigation 3 examination 4 scrutiny

jajal; menjajal: v /lu/ 1 try 2 test.

jajan: v /lu/ 1 buy snacks. 2 eat snacks. 3 to have sex with a prostitute (of married men).
-jajanan: n snacks |sth that we buy an eat as a hobby or extra food|

jajar1; berjajar: v /lu/ position in parallel line or in row
-bersejajaran: adv in the same row or level Mereka duduk bersejajaran They sit in the same row
-jajaran: n 1 level 2 row 4 line
-jajaran genjang: n parallelogram
-kesejajaran: n 1 equilibrium 2 equation 3 paralleliza­tion
-mensejajarkan: v 1 equalize 2 make (sth) parallel to (sth) else 3 put in the same row 4 equate |to consider that one thing is in the same position as something else| Jangan mensejajarkan kritik dan saran Don’t equate criticism with suggestion.
-pensejajaran: n 1 alignment 2 juxtaposi­tion 3 making parallel.
-sejajar: adj 1 parallel. Mereka bangun jalan baru sejajar dengan rel kereta api They build a new road which is parallel to the railway 2 equal |at the same position| Posisi saya sejajar dengan posisi saudara saya. My position is equal to my brother’s (at the same level)

jajar2; menjajar: v /lu/ plow, pull, drag sth
-jajaran: n furrow. |long and deep cut in the surface of sth such as skin or the soil|

jaka: perjakan bachelor.
jaka tingting: n young man who has never had sex.
-keperjakaan: n bach­elorhood.

jakar: variant of zakar:

jakat: variant of  zakat:

jaket: n /lu/ coat, sport coat.

jakpot: n /lu/ jackpot.

jaksa: n /lu/ 1 public prosecutor  2 district attorney. ­
-jaksa agung: n general attorney.
-jaksa penuntut umum: n public attorney.
-jaksa tinggi: n (higher) regional public prosecutor.
-kejaksaan: n the office of the counsel for the prosecution from the general attorney down to the district prosecutor

jala: n /lu/  net, esp. a hand-held casting net. jala kawat wire net. jala kerap small-mesh casting net. jala serit dragnet. 2 a small net. jala rambut hairnet.
-menjala: v catch ­fish with a casting net.
-penjala: n fisherman who uses a casting net.

jalak1: n /ld/ 1 bird |various kind of  starlings and mynas with yellow beak and legs – Sturnupostor jala|
-jalak hitam: n the common myna.
– jalak kaleng: n the jungle myna.
-jalak putih: n white starling with black wings.
-jalak suren: n white-breasted starling.

jalak2: adj brave

jalal: adj /in fixed phrases only/ most holy, su­preme. Allah yang jalal  The Almighty God,  Supreme God.

jalan1; berjalan: v /intr/lu/ 1 walk Apa kamu jalan/ berjalan ke sekolah> Do you walk to school? 2 work (on) Biarkan mesin itu berjalan sepuluh menit lagi Let the machine work for another ten minutes. Apa jam kamu berjalan? Does your watch work? 3 be in progress  Jangan masuk keruangan selama rapat berjalan Don’t enter the room while the meeting in progress. 4 flow (e.g. come out of a faucet)  Apa air jalan di kamar mandi? Does the water flow in the bathroom? 5 move Mobil itu berjalan pelan-pelan The car moved slowly. 6 be active Pemerintahan telah berjalan sebagai-mana diharapkan The governance has been active as it was expected 7 be understandable Kalimat ini tidak jalan. This sentence isn’t  understandable. 8 be going on Proyek itu sedang berjalan The project is going on 9 going to be Dia jalan umur sepuluh tahun He is going to be ten years old.
-jalan-jalan; berjalan-jalan: v /intr/ 1 go for sight seeing 2 walk/wonder around.
-menjalankan: v /tr/ 1 run, start, switch on. operate (engine) 2 turn on (light, water) 3 drive (vehicle) 4 implement (task) 5 execute (order,command) 6 perform, carry out, Dia menjalankan tugas itu dengan baik He carry out (perform) the task well 6 put into effect Mereka tidak jalankan peraturan itu. They don’t put the regulation into effect
-menjalani: v /tr/ 1 walk (on) Apa kamu pernah menjalani jalan ini? Did you ever walk this road? 2 to be involved (on sth) 2 join Setiap orang harus menjalani tes kesehatan Everybody has to join a medical test. 3 carry out Saya menjalani satu latihan yang ketat sebelum memulai tugas sebagai agen rahasia I carried out a very tight training before starting as a secret agen.  4 follow. Kamu seharusnya menjalani petunjuk itu sejak awal You should follow the instruction since the beginning. 5 undergo Dia harus menjalani operasi besar jantung He have to undergo major heart surgery. 6 serve Dia jalani hukuman tiga tahun di penjara He served three years punishment in prison.

jalan2: n /lu/ 1 road,  path,  street,  boulevard Jalan Sudirman Sudirman Sudirman Avenue 2 process Jalan pemeriksaan terlalu lama. The process of the clarification was too long. 3 method Jalan perhitungan kamu seperti apa. What is like the method you used to calculate? 4 chance Saya tidak pernah dapat jalan masuk universitas itu. I’ve never have a chance to enter that university. 5 flow  Jalannya air ini terlalu lambat The flow of this water is too slow 6 movement Jalannya mesin ini tersendat-sendat. The movement of this machine was interrupted (not perfect) 7 progress Bagaimana jalannya usaha kamu? How was the progress of your business?
-perjalanan: n tour, journey, trip.
-perjalanan darah: n blood circulation
-perjalanan nafas: n respiration.
-pada jalannya: adv properly Mereka tidak melakukan itu pada jalannya They didn’t do it properly.
-pejalan kaki: n pedestrian
-sejalan: adj 1 parallel 2 agree each other on sth 3 be in accordance Kelakuannya tidak sejalan dengan kedudukan­nya. His behaviour is not in accordance with his position.
-jalan-jalan: n a walk Mari kita jalan-jalan Let’s take a walk.
-jalan bebas hambatan: n freeway, highway, bypass.
-jalan besar/raya/protokol: n main road.
-jalan buntu: n 1 dead end, blind alley. 2 deadlock, impasse, stalemate.
-jalan butulan/samping: n access road.
-jalan tol: n toll road.
-jalan niaga: n trade road.
-jalan pintas: n 1 short cut.
-jalan setapak: n path
-jalan simpang: n side road.
-jalan tembus: n thoroughfare.
-jalan tikus: n tiny path.
Idiomatic usages:
-jalan pikiran: n the way of thought.
-jalan bela­kang: adj underhanded.
-jalan sesat: n cunning means
-jalan terobosan: n breakthrough.
-jalan lepas: n solution Tidak ada jalan lepas dari masalah ini. There is no solution to this problem.

jalang: adj /lu/ 1 wild | grow or live naturally, not controlled by people| kuda jalang wild horses bunga jalang wild flowers 2 immoral wanita jalang prostitute pria jalang lovers

jalangkung: variant of jailangkung:

jalar1; menjalar1: v /lu/ 1 creep |grows long stems that attach themselves to other plants, trees, buildings etc.| Batang melon itu menjalar kemana-mana. The vines of the watermelon creeps everywhere  2 spread Virus flu burung itu telah menjalar di peternakan itu. The bird flue virus has spread in this farm  3 crawl |to move very carefully and quietly so that no one will notice you| Saya menjalar di lantai coba tidak membangunkan si bayi I crept on the floor, trying not to wake up the baby. 4 runs Pengaruhnya menjalar luas dikalangan pemuda His influence largely runs among the youth 5 climb Tanaman itu menjalar dipagar. The plants climb on the fence.
-menjalari: v /tr/ 1 crawl over Semut itu menjalari meja The ant has crawled over the table.
-dijalari: v /pass.v./ be crawled/coverd by vines Semua wilayah itu telah dijalari  oleh tanaman menjalar The whole are has been covered by vines.
-jalaran: n climbing pole.
-penjalaran: n 1 climbing, creeping. 2 pole or stake for climbing plants.

jalar2; menjalar2: adj 1 creeping 2 spreading  3 contagious

jail: adj /ld/ 1 obvious 2 remarkable |especially about God revelation|

jali-jali: n /ld/1 grass which produces hard edible seeds  2 name of popular song of old Batavia.

jalin; menjalin: v /lu/ 1 weave |to make something by weaving or by twisting pieces of things together|  menjalin keranjang weaving a basket 2 braid |weave the hair into braid| 3 develop, tie (relationship) 3 compose (story, history, etc)
-berjalin: adj 1 weaved 2  intertwined 3 tied together
-berjalin-jalin: adj 1 complicated 2 intricate

jalur: n /lu/ 1 strip, stripe. 2 lane. 3 track 4 alley 5 column 6 space between two rows of sth
-jalur ­hijau/pemisah: n median (on highway), green belt.
-jalur cepat: n high lane
-jalur lambat: slow lane
-jalur suara: n sound track. ­

jam: n /lu/ 1 hour |a period of 60 minutes| dua jam two hours. 2 time |a particular point in time that a clock shows in hours and minutes| Jam berapa kita pergi? ­What time shall we go? Jam  berapa sekarang? What time is it? –syn: pukul.  3 time for doing sth jam besuk visiting hours in hospital. ­jam makan siang lunch time 4 watch, clock |a tool that show the time| jam tangan wrist watch jam kantong pocket watch jam dinding wall clock 5 /idiom/ jam karet rubber watch (not on time habit)
-jam kerja: n working hour
-jam malam: n curfew
-jam gadang: n a well-known big clock in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera,  located directly on the equa­tor.
-jam salon: n grandfather clock.
-jam weker: n alarm clock.
-berjam-jam: adv for hours Saya sudah disini berjam-jam I’ve been her for hours.
-jam-jaman: adv on hourly bases Saya akan menggaji kamu jam-jaman. I’ll pay you on hourly bases

jamaah: variant of jemaah:

Jamaah: n /Arb/ name of a fundamentalist sect.

jamadat: adj /ld/ inanimate. |not living| Batu-batuan adalah jamadah Rocks are inanimate objects

jamah; menjamah: v /lu/ 1 touch, feel, handle sth with hand 2 have sexual relations with. 3 occupy   Jangan coba-coba menjamah wilayah ini! Don’t ever try to occupy this land|
-terjamah: v /pass.v./ accidentally be touched Cat basah itu terjamah oleh seseorang The wet paint was accidentally touched by someone 2 be handled Masih banyak pekerjaan yang belum terjamah. There are still many work that can’t be handled yet. 3 be cultivated  Hutan ini belum pernah terjamah oleh siapapun This forest has never been cultivated by anyone.
-jamah-jamahan: n /of/ mistress
-penjamah: n /lu/ sb who work on sth Berapa orang penjamah pekerjaan ini? How many persons are the workers for this job?
-jamahan manusia: n man-made thing

jamak1: adj /lu/ plural. |a state of being more that one unit|
-menjamakkan: v pluralize
-kejamakan: n pluralism

jamak2: adj /lu/ 1 common. Ini bukanlah suatu kejadian yang jamak. This is not an ordinary incident  Tidak jamak disini memakan wortel yang mentah It is not common here to eat a raw carrot
-menjamakkan: v make or consider sth customary or common.

jamal: n /ld/ beauty.

jaman: n /lu/ 1 period |a particular length of time particularly in history or in a person’s experience| satu jaman kekacauan yang panjang selama perang saudara a long period of chaos during the Civil War | jaman keemasan Mozart the golden  period of Mozart
jaman kejayaan: n epoch |a period in history during which important events or developments happened| jaman kejayaan Majapahit the epoh of Majapahit
-bukan jamannya lagi: /phr/ 1 no longer in style  2 not up-to-date
-menjaman: v be up-to-date.

jambak1: n /lu/ 1 bunch (of flowers, onions, keys, etc.), tuft (of hair), plume (on horses) 2 rose-apple |any kind of fruit – Eugenia malaccensis|

jambak2; menjambak: v /lu/ grasp and pull sb’ hair
-berjambak-jambakan: v pull each other hair out.

jamban: n /lu/ privy |a small building outside the house, in which there is a toilet|
-jamban kencing: n a privy for urinating only.

jambangl; jambangan: n /lu/ 1 vase, pot. 2 large earthen cooking pot. 2 toilet stool.

jambang2: variant of cambang:

jambarl: n /ld/ shelter, temporary shed or hut.

jambar2: n 1 serving 2 portion. makan sejambar eat one serving (portion)

jambatan: variant of jembatan:

jamboree: n jamboree.

jambret: n /lu/ sb who snatches purses, jewelry, etc.
-menjambret: v snatch, seize (purse, etc.).
-terjambret: v /pass.v./ be snatched.
-jambretan: n 1 loot gotten by snatching. 2 plagiarism.
-penjambret: n snatcher. penjambret dompet purse snatcher.
-penjambretan: n snatching.

jambrut: variant of jamrud:

jambu: n rose-apple.
-jambu air: n tree with edible watery fruit.
-jambu kelutuk: n guava.
-jambu mede: n cashew fruit.

jambul: n /lu/ l tuft, plume (on horse). 2 crest (on bird). 3 front wave (in hair), tuft of hair. 2 cowlick.
-berjambul: v have a tuft.
-menjambul: v develop a crest. Setelah diberi hair-spray rambutnya menjambul After the application of hair spray her hair was developed into a crest.

jamin; menjamin: v /lu/ 1 guarantee |to promise that something will happen or be done| Kami menjamin ada pemeliharaan setelah beli. We guarantee to provide you after sale maintenance. Pendidikan tidak menjamin adanya pekerjaan bagus. An education doesn’t guarantee a good job 2 warrant |to make a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it has a problem within a specific time|  Semua produk kami dijamin terhadap kegagalan untuk setahun All our product are guaranteed against failure for a year. 3 insure |an arrangement with a company in which you pay it money each year and it pays the costs if anything bad happens to you or your property, such as having an illness or an accident|  Apa kamu jaminkan (asuransikan) kerusakan mobil kamu? Do you insure a damage to your car?
-jaminan: n 1 guarantee |a formal and written promise that something will be done or will happen| 2 collateral |property or money that you promise to give to someone if you cannot pay back a debt|  3 security jaminan hari tua old-age security jaring jaminan sosial social security net
-keterjaminan: n 1 assuredness. 2 guaranty 3 certainty 4 security
-penjamin: n 1 guarantor 2 insurer.
-terjamin: adj 1 guaranteed 2 assured 3 certain 4 secure

jampang: variant of cambang:

jampi; jampi-jampi: n /lu/ magic formula or spell, incantation.
-berjampi-jampi: v /intr/ believe and possess magic formula.
-menjampi-jampi: v /intr/ 1 utter or practice the formula. 2 treat sb with an incantation or magic formula.
-menjampikan: v /tr/ apply a certain thing as an incantation.
-jampian: n formula chanted.
-penjampi: n sb who utters incantations, sorcerer.

jamrud: n /lu/ emerald.

jamu1: n /ld/ 1 guest, visitor, invitee   2 jamuan: meal, offering (in set phrases) |food or drink that we served for the guest or visitor|
-berjamu: v host |to meet guest or visitor| Ayah sedang di teras menjamu seorang pengunjungnya My father is in the veranda to meet his visitor
-menjamu: v 1 host |to be the host of a social gathering where meal is served| 2 treat |invite sb to have a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) Menteri luar negeri akan menjamu timbalannya dari Singapura untuk makan malam sore ini. The minister of foreign affair is going to host his counterpart from Singapore at a dinner this evening.
-mennjamukan: v serve the meal at such event
-perjamuan: n 1 banquet, reception, party  |an event where sb host sb else for a meal|
perjamuan kudus: n /lu/ Holy Communion |the Christian ceremony in which people eat bread and drink wine as signs of Christ’s body and blood|
-penjamu: n host. –syn: tuan/nyonya rumah

jamu2: n /lu/ herbal tonic |traditional tonic made of medicinal herbs| jamu-jamuan medicinal herbs.

jamur: n 1 fungus 2 mushroom 3 toadstool.
-berjamur: v 1 be covered by moss
-jamuran: adj moldy makanan sudah jamuran moldy food
-menjamur: v mushroom |appear fast, vastly and densely| Segera setelah krisis keuangan para pedagang kaki lima menjamur dimana-mana Soon after the financial crises, street vendors mushroom (appear fast, vastly, densely everywhere)
-jamur karang: n moss or polyps growing on coral
-jamur kulit: n skin fungus.
-jamur kuping: n tree ears |edible fungus|
-jamur ­merang: n small round edible mushrooms.
-jamur nasi: n thin edible mushrooms.
-jamur padi: n cultivated mushroom on the ashes of paddy bran.
-jamur paying: n wide mushrooms.
-penjamuran: n mushrooming. Penjamuran akan lebih cepat kalau kelembaban udara tinggi. Mashrooming will be faster if the humidity is high

janda: n 1 widow 2 divorcee.
-janda berhias: n childless widow.
-janda laki-laki: n widower (most common) –syn: /lu/ duda
-janda belum berlaki: n girl deserted by her lover after being seduced (divorcee that has never been married).
-janda cerai: n divorcee
-janda kembang: n 1 girl who was divorced prior to consummation of marriage 2 girlish divorcee.
-menjanda: v become a widow
-kejandaan: n widowhood.

jangan1: adv /lu/ 1 (do) not. Jangan lakukan itu Don’t do it. 2 should not Jangan kamu yang melakukan itu It shouldn’t you to do it or You shouldn’t do it by yourself. Jangan sampai dia yang datang kesini. He shouldn’t who come here. 3 jangankan: don’t say that. Jangankan anak-anak, orang dewasa saja belum tentu mampu melakukan hal seperti itu. Don’t say that a child (can do it), a grown up person is not certainly can do it. 4 don’t let it make (sth) Cepat, jangan sampai itu membuat kita terlambat Hurry up, don’t let it make us late. 5 jangan menjadi: don’t be (sth) Tenang, jangan menjadi bingung seperti itu! Calm down, don’t be confused like that! 6 janganlah: no! “Apa perlu saya pukul dia?” “Janganlah! Itu tidak baik!” “Do I need to hit him?” “No! It’s not good!” 7 jangan-jangan: it’s possible, it could be Jangan-jangan dia tidak dirumah sekarang. It could be that he isn’t home now.

jangan2: n /Jv/ vegetables cooked with soup a gravy. janganan green vegetables.

janggal: adj /lu/ l awkward, clumsy. 2 inelegant, displeasing (of sound or sight), discordant. 3 unbecoming, improper, indecent (of behavior).
-menjanggalkan1: v 1 render sth awkward, unbecoming, or discordant. 2 consider sth
-menjanggalkan2: adj awkward, unbecoming, discordant.
-kejanggalan: n awkwardness, discordant impropriety.

janggut: n /lu/ 1 beard. 2 chin.
-berjanggut: adj bearded.

jangka1: n /tech/ 1 a tool to draw a circle or to measure the diameter of a circle etc.  2 priod of time. dalam jangka satu tahun within (a period of) a year
-tanpa jangka waktu: adv unlimited time
-jangka lama: adj long term
-berjangka (waktu): adj periodical.

jangka2: n period of time, term.
-jangka panjang: long term
-jangka pendek: short term

jangkar1: n /lu/ anchor.
-berjangkar: v /intr/ |to lower the anchor on a ship or boat to keep it from moving|  Kemarin saya melihat tanker itu berjangkar di pelabuhan. Yesterday I saw the tanker anchored in the harbor.
-menjangkarkan: v /tr/ anchor

jangkar2: n /ld/ the root of a tree of plants that hang above the ground.

jangkau; menjangkau: v /lu/ 1 reach |to stretch your hand or arm to touch, hold, or pick up something| Taruh obat itu di rak atas supaya anak-anak tidak dapat menjangkau Put the medicine on the upper shelf so the children can’t reach it. 2 be enough to reach |to be big enough, long enough etc. to get to a particular level or point| Apa tangga ini bisa menjangkau atap? Will the ladder reach the roof? 3 be able to posses sth  Gaji saya tidak mungkin bisa menjangkau harga mobil yang semahal itu My salary isn’t possible to reach such expensive car  4 achieve sth |be successful on sth| Kamu harus kerja keras untuk menjangkau cita-cita kamu. You have to work hard to achieve  your dream. 5 cover Buku ini menjangkau topik yang luas. The book covers a broad topic.
-terjangkau: adj 1 achievable 2 reachable Pemerintah harus menyediakan bahan makanan pokok dengan harga terjangkau The government has to provide staple food with reachable price.
-jangkauan: n 1 reach |the distance that you can touch by stretching out your arm| 2 jangkauan (pikiran): n understanding, comprehension Itu sudah berada diluar jangkauan pikiran saya.It is beyond my understanding. 3 coverage Jangkauan stasiun radio ini sngat luas The coverage of this radio station is very vast.

jangkit1; berjangkit: v /intr/lu/ 1 spread  Demam berdarah sedang berjangkit di daerah ini. Dengue is spreading in this area. 2 diffuse Eforia reformasi telah berjangkit luas dikalangan masyarakat Aphorism on reformation has largely diffused among the people 3 infect bakteri yang dapat berjangkit pada buah bacteria that can infect fruit.
-menjangkiti: v /tr/lu/ 1 spread 2 infect 3 defuse 4 contaminate |to spoil something by putting harmful substance or influence sb’s feeling or the way of thinking by misleading information| Flu burung telah menjangkiti manusia Bird flu has infected human being
-kejangkitan: n 1 spread 2 diffusion 3 infection
-terjangkit: v 1 be spread out 2 be contagious, be infected 3 be diffused.
-keterjangkitan: n the state of having gotten infected.

jangkit2; berjangkit: adj 1 epidemic Kolera adalah infeksi yang berjangkit Cholera is an epidemic infection  2 contagious HIV/ AID adalah virus berjangkit HIV/AID is a contagious virus 3 diffusive Anti militerisme adalah satu issu yang sifatnya berjangkit di negeri ini Anti militarism is a diffusive issue in this country. 4 infectious Flue babi adalah virus  berjangkit Swine flu is an infectious virus.

jangkrik1: n /lu/ cricket.

jangkrik2: intrj /Jv/  |used to indirectly express sb satisfaction toward sth|

jangkung: adj /lu/1 heron. 2 tall, long-legged (of a per­son).
-jangkungan: n stilts |a pair of poles you can stand on, used for walking high above the ground|

janin: n /lu/ fetus, embryo.

janji; perjanjian: n 1 promise Janji harus ditepati A promise must be paid 2 agreement Dalam perjanjian tertulis setiap keterlambatan dalam penyerehan barang harus di denda On the agreement is written that any delay in delivery time must be fined 3 engagement Saya tidak punya janji kepada siapapun I have no engagement to any body 4 appointment Saya ada janji (bertemu seseorang) siang ini I have an appointment (to meet somebody) this evening 5 condition Kamu boleh pergi dengan janji bahwa kamu harus kembali sebelum gelap You can go with a condition that you come back home before dark. 6 pledge |a serious, formal promise| Pada saat pelantikan, gubernur baru terpilih berjanji akan menurunkan uang sekolah di sekolah negeri At the installation the new elected governor gave a pledge to reduce public school fee. 7 covenant, pact, treaty |a formal agreement between two or more people or groups| perjanjian perdamaian peace treaty  8 vow |a deep and very personal promise| Dia membuat janji pada dirinya sendiri bahawa dia tidak akan pernah merokok lagi. She made a vow to herself that she would never smoke again 9  /Bib./ Perjanjian Lama: Old Testament, Perjanjian Baru: New Testament
-berjanji: v 1promise Saya berjanji tidak mengganggu kamu lagi I promise not to disturb you again 2 agree Mereka berdua berjanji akan bekerjasama They both agree to cooperate 3 make an appointment Saya telah berjajni akan bertemu dokter I’ve made an appointment to see the doctor 5 pledge Negara-negara industri berjanji akan menyediakan dana lebih besar untuk reklamasi hutan kita The industrial countries pledged to provide more funds for our forest reclamation. 6 vow Saya berjanji ke diri saya sendiri tidak akan menyalahgunakan obat lagi I vowed to myself not to misuse drug anymore 7 make covenant Kami mengikat perjanjian untuk meningkatkan dan menyempurnakan kerjasama pendidikan We made a covenant to improve and to increase our cooperation in education.

jantan1: n /lu/ male (of animals).
-ayam jantan: n ­rooster
-babi jantan: n boar
-sapi jantan: n ox

jantan2: adj /lu/ 1 masculine, manly, virile,  macho 2  bold, brave, valiant, vigorous, gutsy
-berjantan: v /intr/ have sexual intercourse
-pejantan: n stud. |an animal such as a horse that is kept for breeding| ternak pejantan a stud farm
-perjantanan: n pederasty |an anal  intercourse especially with young boy|

jantera: variant of jentera:

jantik: variant of jentik:

jantung: n /lu/1 heart a) |the inside organ of a person or animal  that pumps blood through the body| Saya bisa merasa denyut jantung saya lebih cepat I can feel the beats of my heart faster  b) |a shape used for representing love| Jantung adalah lambang cinta Heart is a sign of love c) |sth that emotionally is considered as the most important in sb’s life| Dia adalah jantung hati saya She is my life or She is everything in my life  d) |the central point or the middle of sth| Kita sekarang berada di jantung kota. We are now in the central part of the town.  e)  |a playing card with one or more red heart shapes on it|
-jantung pisang: n banana blossom
-jantung cangkokan: n transplanted heart
-jantung hati: n sweet heart, darling, favourite child, apple’s of sb’s eyes
-janting kaki: n calf
-jantung paha: n fleshy part of thigh
-jantung tangan: n heel of the hand
-jantungan: v suffer a heart attack or heart dis­ease.
-serangan jantung: n heart attack.
Notes: see hati: Both jantung and hati, in many cases are interchangeable words. However, some ‘heart’ in English will be more compatible with “jantung” in Indonesian and some will be more meaningful if it’s translated to “hati”  For example: Saya pahami itu dalam hati. I learnt it to my heart. Hanya dia gadis dalam hati saya She is the only girl at my heart. Selesaikan pekerjaan rumahmu, lalu kamu dapat main video game sesuka hati kamu Finish your homework, and then you can play video games to your heart’s content. Simpan saja itu dalam hati kamu Just keep it in your heart Dia seorang wanita berhati baik He is a kind-hearted lady. While some ‘heart’ in English will be more meaningful if we translate into ‘jantung’ such as Ayahnya meninggal kareana serangan jantung. His father died of heart attack. Denyut jantung dia cepat. His heart pulse fast  examples. But don’t say “Perbuatlah sesuka jantung kamu” if you mean “Just do it to your heart”   but you must say “Perbuatlah sesuka hati kamu” Therefore, it’s suggested that when you learn this word (jantung) see also “hati

Januari: n January.

janur: n /lu/ young coconut leaf.

japit: n /lu/ tongs, clamp

jarah1; jarahan: n /lu/ plunder, booty, spoils |things that are stolen by robber or by fighters during an attack or war|
-menjarah: v plunder 2 pillage 3 pirate 4 rob
-penjarah: n 1plunder 2 pillager 3 robber 4 pirate
-penjarahan: n 1 pillaging  2 plundering 3 robbing 4 pirating.

jarak1: n 1 distance |the size between two places or things| Berapa jarak dari Semarang ke Surabya? What’s the distance from Semarang  to Surabaya? Pompa bensin masih berjarak. The gas station is still some distance. Monumen Nasional masih dapat dilihat dari jarak beberapa kilometer The National Monument is still visible at a distance of several kilometres. 2 space Buat jarak antara meja kamu dan dinding Make some space between your table and the wall. 3 range of time to reach a place Danau itu berjarak kurang lebih lima belas menit berkenderaan dari sini The lake is about fifteen minutes driving from here 3 distance in terms of social relation   Jaga jarak dengan mereka. Keep a distance with them (don’t have close relationship) 4 less-openness |avoid telling someone your private thoughts or feelings| Kami sudah lama kenal satu sama lain tetapi saya rasa dia masih mengambil jarak dari saya We’ve known each other for years, but I felt she keeps me at a distance. 5 time space |the amount of time between two events| Hanya dua bulan jarak antara bertunangan dan perkawinan mereka. There was only two months space between their engagement and marriage. 5 gap Ada jarak yang dalam antara orang muda dan orang tua dalam cara pandang mereka mengenai pendidikan seks There is a deep gap between the youth and the old people in their perception about sex education.
-berjarak: v 1 be at a particular distance Jembatan itu berjarak satu mil dari sini The bridge is at a mile distance from here  2 have a distance Parkir mobil kamu berjarak sekitar satu meter dari mobil disampingnya.  Park your car at about a meter distance from the next car. 3 be (at a particular) distance Pohon itu berjarak tiga meter dari rumah The tree is three meters from the house 2 put dis­tance between two things. Tanam bunga itu berjarak Plant the flowers with some distance.
-menjarakkan: v 1 separate 2 put in a distance  Wasit menjarakkan kedua petinju The referee separated the two boxers.
-penjarakan: n spacing (of pregnancy, planting season, etc.)

jarak2: n castor oil plant.
-minyak jarak: n castor oil.

jarang’ jarang-jarang: adj /lu/1 rare  Mutiara semacam itu jarang That type of pearl is rare. 2 spaced gigi yang jarang spaced teeth  2 wide apart rumah yang jarang-jarang wide-apart houses 4 coarse in texture (cloth) tenunan kain itu jarang the clothe is coarse  5 sparse tanaman yang jarang-jarang sparse plants 6 scanty rambut yang jarang-jarang scanty hair
-memperjarang: v thin out. Petani itu memperjarang tana­man mereka. The farmers thin out their plants.

jarang2: adv /lu/ 1 seldom Kami jarang makan sayur mentah We seldom eat raw vegetable 2 infrequently Jarang dia mengalami sakit kepala Infrequently she suffers headache 3 rarely Dia jarang  mengunjungi kami He rarely visited us.

jargon: n jargon.

jari: n /lu/ 1 digit (finger or toe). 2 |a unit of measuring as thick as a normal finger|  3 digit-like projection (eg. wheel-­spokes, squid tentacles, etc.). 4 radius |spoke of wheel|
menjari: v stand or stick out (like fingers).
-ibu jari: n thumb
-jari telunjuk: n forefinger/index finger
-jari tengah/panjang: n middle finger.
-jari manis: n ring finger
-jari kelingking/renik: n little finger/pinkie
-jari kaki: n toe
-jari rimpang: adj widely spaced finger
-jari lima: n star fish.

jaring: n /lu/ 1 dragnet a) |a net used to catch animal or fish| b) |a net used for catch ball in a game| 2 network |coordinated system,  procedures, such as the one used in apprehension, broadcasting, business interconnection, etc.| 3 maintenance |a special effort or humanity project to empower poor people to maintain their minimum needs| Proyek Jaring Pengaman Social Security Net Project
-jaring laba-laba: n web |a net of sticky thin threads made by a spider  to catch insects|
-jaringan pembuluh darah: n blood vessel
-jaringan lemak: n fatty tissue
-kultur jaringan: n tissue culture
-menjaring: v catch or pick up in a net.

jarotan: adj 1 old (mature) and solid 2 fibrous

jarum: n needle |a small thin piece of steel used for sewing, that has a point at one end and a hole at the other end|
-jarum tangan: n a needle for swing
-jarum suntik: n injection needle |the sharp hollow metal part on the end of a syringe|.
-jarum rajut: n crocheting needle |a long thin stick used in knitting (knit)|
-jarum jam: n clock needle |the small pointed part of a clock that shows time|
-jarum infus: n hypodermic needle
-jarum goni: n coarse needle for sewing sacks
-jarum pentul: n pin
-jarum peniti: n safety pin

jarum-jarum: n any kind of grass – Ixora concinna

jas: n /lu/ coat.
-jas buka: n open jacket with lapels.
-jas/luar mantel: n overcoat.
-jas hujan: n raincoat.

jasa: n /lu/ 1 merit |a valuable or good quality thing that makes sb/sth deserve praise or admiration| seorang pahlawan dengan jasa yang besar a hero of great merit. 2 service |a business that provides help or does jobs for people rather than producing things| Dia menjalankan satu usaha jasa pengepakan dan pengiriman She operates a packaging and shipment service.
-berjasa: adj meritorious Sukarno adalah negarawan yang sangat berjasa Sukarno was a very meritorious statesman.

jasad: n //lu/  1 body. 2 organism.
-jasad renik: n micro organism.

jasmani: n body. Dalam jasmani yang sehat terdapat rohani yang sehat A sound mind in a sound body.
-kejasmanian: n materialism
-penjasmanian: n 1 materialization 2 embodimen

jasmaniah: adj /lu/ bodily. kebutuhan jasmaniah physical needs.

jatah: n /lu/ 1 allotment 2 allocation.
-menjatahkan: v 1 allot 2 allocate.
-penjatahan: n 1 alloting 2 al­locating. 3 distributing.

jatayu: n the name of a big eagle in an ancient tale

Jateng {Jawa Tengah}: n Central Java. (Middle Java)

jati1: n hardwood tree, teak. |a very popular wood which is largely used for furniture – Tectonia grandis|

jati2: also sejati: adj 1 true 2 genuine 3 real
-jati diri: n personality |someone’s true character, especially the way she/he behaves toward other people: Anita punya jati diri yang kuat Anita has a strong personality.

Jatim {Jawa Timur}: n East Java.

jatuh: v 1 fall /intr/lu/ |to move or drop a certain height to the ground| Beberapa pohon di jalan jatuh karena badai Some of the big trees fell over in the storm. Sebuah mangkok telah jatuh dari tangan saya. A cup had fallen from my hand. 2 fall |accidentally fall onto the ground when you are standing, walking, running etc.|  Saya tergelincir dan jatuh ke lantai I slipped and fell on the floor. 3 decrease, down |to become lower in position, rank, level, degree,  quality, etc.| Mari kita tunggu sampai temperatur jatuh ke bawah 400 C Let’s wait until the temperatures fall below 400 Harga minyak telah jatuh dari $60 menjadi $ 50 per barel. Oil price has fallen from $ 60 to $50 per barrel. 4 become |from one condition changed to 5 occupy  |to be belonged to sb| Negeri ini jatuh ke tangan Jepang pada tahun 1942 This country occupied by Japanese in 1942. 6 occur, happen, take place  Tahun ini Idulfitri akan jatuh pada hari Minggu. This year Idulfitri will occur on Sunday. 7 fail Dia jatuh pada test terakhir He failed at the final test. 8 (up and) down Bisnis saya telah jatuh bangun dalam dua tahun terakhir My business has up and down in the last two years 9 (hang) down Rambut Natasia jatuh terurai ke pundaknya. Natasia’s hair falls over her shoulder. 10 died (victims) Tabrakan berakhir dengan jatuh korban dua orang The crash ended in two died victims. 11 fall (apart)  Dia membuat baki itu jatuh berantakan. He made the tray fell apart.
-jatuh tidur: v fall asleep
-jatuh sakit: v fall to be sick,
-jatuh miskin: v become poor, etc.
-jatuh cinta: v fall in love Dia jatuh cinta pada kamu She falls in love with you
-menjatuhkan: v /tr/ 1 impose, decide Pengadilan -menjatuhkan hukuman sepuluh tahun penjara untuk dia The court imposed a punishment of ten years in prison for him. 2 defeat Tim tuan rumah menjatuhkan tim tamu pada babak kedua pertandingan.The host team defeated the guest team in the second-half of the match. 3 cut down Persaingan bebas perdagangan akan menjatuhkan harga-harga. The free trading competition will cut down the prices. 4 ruin Kebiasaan minum kamu dapat menjatuhkan nama baik kamu Your drinking habit can ruin your reputation. 5 cast (a choice) Apa kamu sudah menjatuhkan pilihan siapa yang akan kamu dukung? Have you cast a choice who are you going to support?
-kejatuhan: n 1 fall kejatuhan harga minyak yang mendadak a sudden fall in oil prices.  2 drop |a decrease in the amount, level, or number of something| Kejatuhan nilai tukar rupiah terhadap dollar AS telah mendongkrak harga-harga barang import The drop of rupiah exchange rate has elevated the imported goods’ prices  4 decrease kejatuhan penjualan the sales decrease.
-penjatuhan: n 1 pronouncement of a sentence 2 dropping of sth.

jauh1: adj /lu/ 1 far (in distance) |at a long distance from something else| Kita dapat berjalan kalau tidak jauh We can walk if it’s not far 2 distant |far away from where you are now, or at a much different time than now|  kota yang jauh the distant town jauh dimasa lalu the distant past. 3 remote |far away in distance| planet yang jauh a remote planet sebuah desa yang jauh a far away village 4 not closed-related Dia adalah kerabat jauh saya She is my far relative

jauh2: adv 1 far  |moving over a long distance| Saya tidak suka pergi terlalu jauh. I don’t want to go very far. Perahu itu telah bergerak jauh dari pelabuhan The boat had moved far away from the harbor  2 |much different in quality| Lukisan kamu sekarang jauh lebih bagus dari seblumnya. Your present painting is far better than the previous one. 2 much |different in quantity| Mobil saya jauh lebih murah dari mobil kamu My car is much cheaper than your car is.
-sejauh: adv 1 as far as Sejauh saya ketahui, dia tidak terlibat kasus itu As far as I know, he didn’t involved with the case. Sejauh tidak menyangkut urusan kamu kenapa harus risau hal itu? As far as it is not your concern, why should you worry about it! Sejauh mungkin saya akan  membantu As far as possible I will help. 2 at a distance (of) Mereka tinggal sejauh dua mil dari sini They live at a distance of two miles from here.
-berjauhan: adv far from each other Kami tinggal berjauhan satu sam lain We live far from each other.
-menjauhi: v keep away Kamu harus menjauhi semua perbuatan jahat You have to keep away from evil things.
-menjauhkan: v keep sb/sth away from sth else Kamu harus menjauhkan anak-anak kamu dari penyalahgunaan obat. You have to keep your children from the drug abuse.
-kejauhan: n 1 distantness 2 remoteness
-menjauh: v keep a distance Dia selalu menjauh dari kami She always keep a distance from us
-penjauhan: n 1 avoidance 2 separation.

jauhar: n /ld/ jewel.

jauhari: n /ld/ 1 jeweler. 2 expert, specialist

Jauza: n /Zod./ Gemini.

Jawa: n 1 Java 2 Javanese.

jawab; menjawab: v /intr/tr//lu/ 1 answer Silahkan jawab pertanyaan no 1 – 10 Please answer question 1 – 10. Jawab  pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut; Answer the following questions; 2 reply “Sudah tentu” dia menjawab  “Of course,” she replied. Saya belum menjawab suratnya I haven’t replied to his letter yet. 3 response Pemilih menjawab kenaikan harga minyak dengan tidak memilih partai yang berkuasa.  Voters responded to the tax increases by voting against the ruling party.
-jawaban: n 1 answer 2 reply 3 response.
Notes: Both jawab and menjawab can be intransitive or transitive and both can also translated to English “answer “, “reply”, or “response” depend on the context in English sentence. Use jawab if the subject of the sentence doesn’t appear before this word or if the word sounds  imperative. For example; Jawab saya, ya! atau tidak! Anwer me, yes! or not! And use menjawab if the sentence has a subject. Saya tanya dia, tetapi dia tidak menjawab I ask her but she didn’t answer. (in this sentence the subject is mentioned or written). Between jawablah and jawab has no grammatical difference. Jawablah implicitly expresses “please” while jawab sounds more imperative. So interpret “Jawab pertanyaan berikut” into “Answer the following question” and “Jawablah pertanyaan berikut” into “Please answer the following question”.

jawara: n variant of jagoan:

jawat;  sejawat: n /lu/ colleague.
-bersejawat tangan: v /of/ shake hands.
-menjawat tangan: v /of/ 1 shake sb’s hand  2 re­ceive, welcome (gift, task, etc.). 3 hold an office or position.
-menjawatkan: v /of/ appoint (sb)  for an official of­fice.
-Jawatan: n /of/ 1 office, division, bureau. 2 corporation, agency –syn: /lu/ kantor
-Jawatan Bea dan Cukai: n /of/ Customs and Excise Service.
-Jawatan Kereta Api: n Railways Corporation
-/idiom/: Pe­tang sudah berjawat tangan dengan senja Afternoon was replaced by dusk.

jawi1: n /ld/ ox, cow. -syn: /lu/ sapi. lembu

Jawi2: n /ld/ Malay script
-menjawikan: v translate into Malay script.

jawi-jawi: n /ld/ large ficus tree. – Ficus rhododendrifolia -syn: /lu/ beringin

jaya1; berjaya: adj /lu/ 1 victorious,  triumphant, successful Dia sedang berjaya atas kemenangannya. He is being glorious of his victory 2  glorious, prosperous, doing very well. Semoga Negara berjaya dan makmur Be the country glorious and prosperous.
-menjayakan: v 1 glorify, extol 2 make sb or a country victorious, glorious, etc.
-kejayaan: n 1 victoy 2 glory 3 prosperity 4 supremacy 5 wealth

Jaya2 {Jakarta Raya}: n 1 Greater Jakarta. 2 Jakarta and surrounding area

jazirah: n /lu/ peninsula.

jazz: n jazz.

jeans: n /lu/ 1 denim. 2 jeans.

jebak; menjebak: v /lu/1 trap, frame, snare |forcefully place sb/sth into a place from which it/she/he cannot escape| Kobaran api menjebak sekitar 25 orang dalam gedung yang terbakar itu The flame traped about 25 persons in the burning building. 2 entrap, snare |to deceive someone so that she/he is caught doing something that she/he doesn’t like to do| Mereka menjebak saya ikut dalam perdagangan obat haram. They entrapped me into a drug trafficking
-terjebak: v /pass.v./ 1 be trapped 2 be entrapped  Sejumlah anggota polisi telah terjebak ikut dalam satu kudeta. A number of police officers was entrapped into joining a coup d’état.
-jebakan: n 1 trap, frame 2 entrapment. 3 snare
-penjebak: n 1 trapper 2 entrapper

jeblok1: adj /lu/inf/ 1 muddy 2 watery
-kejeblok: v 1 be stuck, mired in mud. 2 be tricked, cheated.

jeblok2: v 1 sag 2 sink  3 drop (of prices, inflation, etc.)

jeblos: adj /lu/inf/ 1 drop or fall loosely  (price, sales, etc.) 2 break or go down loose (vehicle brake)
-memjebloskan: v bundle sb (into prison)
-kejeblos: v /pass.v./ 1 be dropped 2 be sunk 3 be bundled (into jail) 4 be cheated 5 be fooled 6 be tricked.
-terjeblos: v 1 accidentally step or drive into a hole or ditch. 2 accidentally sunk down, dropped, etc.

jebol1: v /intr/lu/ 1 break down |suddenly stops working| Mesin truk itu jebol ditengah persimpangan jalan The truck engine has broken down in the middle of the intersection. 2 tear down Bendungan baru itu jebol akibat gempabumi. The new dam has torn down by the earthquake.
-menjebol: v /tr/ 1 break down 2 break through 3 turn down 4 penetrate Seorang hacker komputer tanpa nama telah berhasil menjebol pusat data bank. An anonymous  hacker has successfully penetrated the bank data base.
-jebolan: n /lu/ a drop-out  or graduate of an university Marilyn adalah seorang jebolan perguruan tinggi Marilyn is a college graduate

jebol2: adj /lu/ 1 broken Tanki air itu sudah jebol The water tank has been broken 2 damaged Ini mesin fotocopy yang jebol itu. This is the damage copy machine.

jeda: n /lu/ 1 rest, respite, break. jeda kopi coffee break. 2 /ltr/tech/ caesura. |a pause in a dictated line or verse of a poet|  3 /tech/ juncture pada jeda ini at this juncture or at this point (in an activity or time)
-berjeda: v take a rest.
-tak berjeda: adj 1 unceasing 2 incessant.

jegal; menjegal: v /lu/ 1 stop, intercept sb 2 put down |prevent, stop sb to proceed in an activity|  Parlemen menjegal usul inisiatif presiden menaikkan anggaran militer The parliament put down the president initiative to increase military budget Manchester City menjegal Arsenal maju meraih kemenangan lebih bear. Manchester City stopped Arsenal to proceed further victory.
-penjegalan: n 1 interception 2 blockade 3 stoppage

jejakl: n /lu/ 1 track, foot­print, mark Kami sedang mengikuti jejak kaki. We are tracing the footprint  2 footstep Saya dapat mendengar jejak seseorang diluar I can hear sb’s footstep outside 3 good deeds Ronny mengikuti jejak kakeknya Ronny follows his grandpa’s good deed 4 indication Dia berupaya menghilangkan indikasi kejahatannya. He is trying to hide his crime indication.
-berjejak: v 1 step 2 leave tracks 3 mark
-jejak jari:
n /of/ fingerprint. –syn: /lu/ sidik jari
-jejak kaki: n footprint.
-menjejak: v 1 step on (sth)  2 tread on 3 set print on
-menjejaki: v 1 trace a tract 2  trail, track down (criminal, etc.). 3 investigate. Polisi sedang menjejaki perampokan itu The police is investigating the robbery.
-menjejakkan: v step foot
-terjejak: v /pass.v./ be trailed. be tracked.

jejak2: adj /lu/ 1 straight, erect. 2 stable.

jejaka: n /lu/ 1 bachelor |unmar­ried young man|

jejal; berjejal: adj /lu/ 1 crowded  |too full of people or things| sebuah bus yang berjejal a crowded bus
-berjejal-jelal: v crowd /intr/tr/ |if people crowd somewhere or around something, they gather together in large numbers, filling a space|  Orang berjejal ingin melihat kecelakaan itu People crowded wanting too see the accident.
-dijejali: v /pass.v./ be crowded by (sth) Bus itu dijejali oleh penumpang The bus was crowded by passengers
-menjejali: v crowdedly fill (a particular place) Akhir-akhir ini orang desa menjejali kota-kota besar Lately urban people crowdedly filled the big cities.
-menjejalkan: v /tr/ 1 stuff, cram |to push sb/sth into a small space|  Saya tidak mau terlambat, jadi saya jejalkan diri saya kedalam sebuah bus yang sudah sesak I didn’t want to be late, so I stuffed myself into a crowded  bus.

jejamu: n /lu/pl/ herbs of various sorts.

jejas: n /ld/ lacerated, laceration, lesion. Dia jatuh ke tanah untunglah dia tidak mendapat jejas She fell down to the ground, fortunately she has no any laceration

jejer: n series, row, line.
-berjejer: adv in a row. Mereka duduk berjejer They sit in row
-menjejerkan: v /tr/ put sb/sth in row, arrange sth in a row.
-menjejeri: v 1 get into a row, 2 line with other in a row
-jejeran: n series, row, line.

jeksi: see injeksi:

jelajah1; menjelajah: v /lu/ 1 traverse, cruise  |to move across, over, or through a large area| Kami menjelajah sepanjang pantai selatan pulau Jawa We cruised along the southern part of Java coastline 2 explore |to travel through an unfamiliar area in order to find out what it is like| Kami habiskan waktu seminggu menjelajahi hutan buas di Kalimantan Tengah. We spent a week exploring the wild forest of Central Kalimantan.
-menjelajahi: v 1 traverse, cruise (an area) 2 explore (an area) 3 voyage (a distance)
-penjelajahan: n exploration
-penjelajah: n 1 voyage 2 exploration
-penjelajah: n 1 voyager 2 explorer

jelajah2: v /lu/ 1 elaborate 2 explain in detail

jelang; menjelang: v /of/ 1 make a courtesy visit/call  2 call on 3 pay sb respects to. Pada hari raya Idulfitri setiap orang berkesempatan menjelang presiden On Idulfitri everybody has an opportunity to make a courtesy visit on the president. 2 to, refer to (on a letter) Menjelang Ayahanda: To my dear father: 3 /lu/ face, anticipate Menjelang tahun anggaran baru kita perlu melakukan rapat kordinasi In facing (to anticipate) the new fiscal year, we need to conduct a coordination meeting. 4 approach Kita sedang menjelang pelabuhan udara Sukarno-Hatta We are approaching the Sukarno Hatta airport. Mereka tiba  menjelang tengah hari. They arrived at the time approaching midday. 5 watch Dia menikmati menjelang bulan purnama. He enjoys watching full moon

jelangkung: variant of jailangkung:

jelantah: n /lu/ oil that has been used for frying and will be reused.

jelas: adj /lu/1 clear Do I make it clear? 2 distinct Ada perbedaan-perbedaan jelas diantara kedua tim itu There is a distinct differences between the two groups 3 remarkable Pantai sangat jelas dari puncak menara itu The coastline is remarkable from the top of the tower  4 understandable Setelah penyajian kamu segala sesuatunya sekarang sudah jelas After your presentation everything is now understandable 5 unequivocal Tujuan proyek ini sudah cukup jelas. 6 explicit. Anada boleh mengetahui prosedur yang jelas dalam buku petunjuk You can find explicit procedure on the instruction book
-menjelaskan: v 1 explain 2 elaborate 3 describe 4 spell out 5 clarify
-penjelas: n 1 elaborator 2 clarifier
-penjelasan: n 1 explanation 2 elaboration 3 description 4 spelling out 5 clarification
-kejelasan: n 1 clearness 2 elaborateness 3 comprehensiveness.

jelata: see rakyat:

jelek: adj /lu/ 1 ugly |very unattractive or unpleasant to look at| muka jelek an ugly face 2 bad |not good, unpleasant, or poor in quality|  Saya mendengar ada berita jelek buat kamu, apa itu benar? I heard some bad news for you, is it true? bau sangat jelek a really bad smell. Buang saja buah yang jelek Just throw away the bad fruit.  –syn: buruk 3 evil, criminal. Dia punya niat jelek He has an evil intention  Tindakan jeleknya harus di hukum. His criminal action must be punished. –syn: jahat.
-menjelek-jelekkan: v discredit (sb/sth) |to make people stop trusting or having respect for someone or something| Ada rumor yang menjelek-jelekkan sang senator There is a rumor that discredits the senator.
-memperjelek: v worsen.
-kejelekan: n 1 ugliness 2 badness 3 evilness 4 criminality

jelentik; menjelentik: v tap or touch sth lightly (especially with the tip of your finger)

jeli1: adj /lu/1 charming, ravishing, beautiful (of eyes)  2 observant |good and quick at noticing things| Seorang penjaga yang jeli melaporkan ada tiga kotak yang hilang An observant guard reported that there were three boxes missing.
-kejelian: n 1 beauty, prettiness. 2 the quality of being observant

jeli2: n /ld/ cosmetic cream.

jelimet; menjelimet: adj /lu/ scrupulous, meticulous |done very carefully so that every detail is correct|  laporan perhitungan pajak yang menjelimet scrupulous taxation report.
-kejelimetann: n 1 scrupulousness 2 meticulousness.

jelita: adj /lu/ 1 lovely, sweet, 2 graceful, charming 3 beau­tiful, pretty, nice
-kejelitaan: n 1 loveliness, sweetness 2 gracefulness 3 beauty, prettiness, niceness
-memperjelita: v 1 beautify 2 make more lovely, sweet, graceful, pretty, nice

jelma; menjelma: v /lu/ 1 materialize |suddenly appear and physically visible in a way that is strange, unexpected, or unbelievable| Seorang pria menjelma dari bayangan A man materialized from the shadows.  Tukang sihir itu membuat asap menjelma menjadi seekor burung The wizard materialized some smoke into a bird
-menjelmakan: v 1 create  Tuhan menjelmakan manusia pertama dari debu God created the first man from dust.  2 realize, bring about Bagaimana kamu menjelmakan cita-cita kamu tanpa bekerja keras? How are you going to realize your dream without working hard?
-terjelma: v come into being,
-penjelmaan: n 1 incarnation, creation, 2 realization, materializ­ation 3 thing into which sth has been transformed.

jelujur; menjelujur: v /lu/ 1 baste (a hem), 2 tic or stitch to­gether.
-menjelujuri: v 1 stitch sth on  2 hold sth together with a thread. 3 go over the length of sth 4 investigate: Polisi sedang menjelujur jaringan penyelundupan itu Police is trying to investigate the smuggling network.
-penjelujuran: n 1 investigation 2 basting 3 stitching.

jemaah; jemaat: n /lu/ 1 community, assembly, 2 congregation.
-jemat gereja: n parish.
-jemat haji: n pilgrimage group to Mecca

jemari: n /pl/lu/ fingers

jembatan: n /lu/ bridge a) |a structure built over a river, road etc., that allows people or vehicles to cross from one side to the other| jembatan Ciliwung the Ciliwung bridge b) |something that provides a connection between two ideas or subjects| Buku dia yang baru adalah jembatan antara seni dan sain His new book acts as a bridge between art and science.
-menjembatani: v bridgre
-jembatan air: n aqueduct.
-jembatan angkat: n vertical lift bridge, drawbridge
-jembatan apung: n floating bridge
-jembatan emas: n /idiom/ golden bridge, good chance or oppor­tunity
-jembatan gantung: n suspended bridge
-jembatan layang: n traffic fly­over
-jembatan lengkung: n arched bridge, cantilever bridge
-jembatan pelampung: n pontoon bridge
-jembatan semanggi: n cloverleaf bridge
-jembatan timbang: n truck weighing station.

jembrana: n /lu/ a cow infection for the first time found in Jembrana Bali

jembut: n /Jkt/ful./ pubic hair

jempol: n /lu/ thumb
-jempolan: adj 1 super Dia adalah bintang jempolan She is a super star 2 superior 3 outstanding 4 great
-kejempolan: n 1 superiority 2 greatness

jemput1; menjemput: v /lu/ pick (sb/sth) up a) |to go somewhere, usually in a vehicle, in order to get someone or something|  Pukul berapa saya harus menjemput kamu di bandara? What time should we pick you up at the airport? b) |to hold someone or something and lift him, her, or it from a surface|  Anak-anak sedang menjemput kerang di pantai Kids are picking up shells at the beach.
-jemput bola: v /idiom/ take an initiative
-jemputan: n 1 picker 2 shuttle
-penjemputan: n picking up.
-penjemput: n picker

jemput2; sejemput: n /lu/1 a pinch sejemput garam a pinch of salt 2 a little bit of sth
-menjemput: v pick (sth) with fingertips

jemu: adj /lu/ 1 bored |tired and impatient because you do not think something is interesting or because you have nothing to do| Saya jemu dengan ceramah itu jadi saya pergi.I was bored with the lecture, so I went out.
-mennjemukan1: v bore |make someone feel bored, especially by talking too much|  Maaf saya menjemukan anda (membuat anda jemu) dengan semua rincian ini I’m sorry to bore you with all the details| 2 tired |get annoyed of and activity and want to terminate it because it doesn’t interest you| Saya merasa jemu dengan pekerjaan rumah tangga. I get tired with house works.
-menjemukan2: adj 1 boring Itu film yang menjemukan It was a boring movie. 2 tiring Pekerjaan itu menjemukan jadi saya hengkang The job was tiring so I quitted.
-kejemuan: n 1 boredom, boringness 2 tiredness.

jemur; berjemur: v /intr/lu/ 1 sunbathe 2 heat 3 dry in the sun. 4 heat |also heat up to become warm or hot, or to make sth warm or hot, especially with the sun shine|
-menjemur; menjemurkan: v /tr/ 1 expose sth to the sun light 2 dry sth using the sun heat.
-jemuran: n 1items being dried by sun heat or sunlight 2 clothesline or rack where to put sth to dry it. –syn: bening,  berbening

jenak1: n /lu/ moment.
-sejenak: n 1 a moment 2  a few minutes

jenak2: adj /ld/ 1 comfortable  2 pleasant 2 enjoyable

jenaka: adj /lu/ 1 funny |amusing you and making you laugh| Aksinya sangat jenaka His acting was so funny. Kamu akan menikmati buku itu, sangat jenaka. You’d enjoy that book, it’s really funny. | a funny joke. 2 humorous Dia bumbui pidatonya dengan cerita-cerita jenaka He spiced his speech with humorous story 3 comical  Kadang-kadang lebih nikmat menonton drama TV jenaka daripada yang serius. Sometimes it is more enjoyable to watch comical TV drama than a serious one.–syn: banyol:
-berjenaka: v 1 joke  2 be witty or humorous.
-kejenakaan: n 1 joke 2 humor, clown,      humorousness , 3 jest

jenakawan: n humorist, comedian.

jenangl: n /lu/ 1 doorframe, window frame. 2 door­post.

jenang2: n /ld/ 1 referee at cockfight. 2 /navy/ steward
-menjenangi: v /ld/ supervise  Dukun menjenangi jalannya upacara The shaman supervised the course of the ceremony.
-penjenang: n 1 supervisor, foreman, 2 ref­eree. 3 judge

jenasah; jenazah: n corpse, mortal remains, cadav­er.

jendela: n window.
-jendela gisir: n sliding window.
-jendela jalusi: n venetian blind.
-jendela (kaca) kubah: n bay window.
-jendela nako: n jalousie windows.
-jendela sorong: n sliding window.
-berjendela: v have a window.

jenderal: n 1 general (rank).
-gubernur jenderal: n governor general.
-mayor jenderal: n 1 major general.

jeng: pron. polite form of address for a woman at the same age or younger than speaker.

jenggot: n /lu/ beard.
-berjenggot: v have a beard.
-jenggotan: adj bearded

jengkal: n /lu/ a unit of measuring from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your middle finger if you stretch them open.
-menjengkal: v to measure a length of sth with this unit.
-menjengkal2: v underestimate sb
-/idiom/: 1 menjengkal dada underestimate sb’s quality.  2 diberi sejengkal maunya sedepa we give sb now a dollar she/he will ask double the next time.

jengkel: adj /lu/ annoyed, irritated, irked. Saya jengkel melihat kelakuannya I was annoyed to see his attitude
-menjengkeli: v make sb annoyed
-menjengkekan: adj annoying
-kejengkelan: n 1 annoyance 2 irrita­tion.

jengki: n /lu/ a cowboy style
-celana jengi: n jeans.
-sepa­tu jengki: n high-heeled shoes.
-sepeda jengki: n bicycle with a v-shaped frame and double bars running down­ward from the handlebars.

jengking1: menjengking: v /inf/ lie with bottom up.
-menjengkingkan: v /tr/ turn sth upside down, tilt sth

jengking2: see kala2:

jengkol: n /lu/ tree the beans of which are eaten raw, the Pithecolobillm.
-jengkolan: v suffer excessive uri­nation from eating too many of these beans.

jengkrik: variant of jangkrik:

jenguk; menjenguk: v /lu/ 1 raise, or protrude sb’s head (to look sb/sth) Dia menjenguk dari jendela melihat siapa yang datang She stuck out her head through the window to see who was coming. 2 visit, pay a call. Saya akan pergi menjenguk nenek di rumah sakit sore ini. I’m going to visit my grandma in the hospital this evening.

jenial: adj /frm/ brilliant, gifted, talented.

jenialitas: n/frm/ genius, talent.

jenis: n /lu/ 1 kind, sort Mereka memelihara bebagai jenis hewan disini They grow different kinds of animal here. 2 type, genre. Apa jenis darah kamu? What is the type of your blood? 3 /tech/ species, race, family, variety. Apakah pisang termasuk jenis semak atau jenis pohon? Does banana belong to the family of grass or any kind of tree?
-jenis kelamin: n gender, sex Seseorang tidak bisa di perlakukan beda karena umur, keturunan, atau jenis kelamin.
A person cannot be discriminated because of age, race, or gender.
-penjenisan: n 1 classification 2 grouping

jenjangl: n /lu/ 1 rank |the position or level that someone has in an organization|  Dia baru dipromosikan ke jenjang letnan. He’s just been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant 2 stage |a particular state or level that someone or something reaches in a process| Proyek itu sudah pada jenjang penyelesaian. The project is in its final stages 3 step (of a stairs) Berapa jenjang tangga itu How many steps are of the stairs? 4 stratum jenjang sosial social stratum
-berjenjang: adj step by step  Itu adalah struktur organisasi berjenjang. It was a step by step organizational structure
-berjenjang: adv step by step Kamu harus bangun karir kamu secara berjenjang. You must build your carrier step by step.
-menjenjang: v 1 stratify 2 structuralize
-penjenjangan: n 1 stratification 2 structuralization

jenjang2: variant of jinjing:

jentelmen1: n gentleman  Seorang jentelmen memberi dia pekerjaan A gentleman gave him a job.

jentelmen2: adj |pertaining to a gentleman| Perbuatan dia sungguh sangat gentlemen. His attitude is really like a gentleman

gentlemen3: adv gentlemanly Secara gentlemen dia mengaku telah salah Gentlemanly he admitted that he was wrong

jentera: n /ltr/1 wheel in a machine or device. 2 mill, turbine. 3 spinning wheel.
berjenter: v having wheels.

jentik: n /lu/ 1 mosquito larva.
-mencentik: v /intr/tr/ 1 pinch, tweak, nip. 2 flick, rap with the fingers. 3 rap, scold, criticize sb
-menjentikkan: v /tr/ flick (sth) on (sth)

jenuh1; menjenuhkan: v /lu/ 1 surfeit |to feed or supply to fullness or excess| Kondisi lingkungan kerja yang monoton telah menjenuhkan semangat kerja saya The monotonous working condition has surfeited my working spirit satiate 2 satiate |to satisfy (an appetite or desire) Tanpa variasi makanan telah membuat selera saya jenuh Without diversity of the food my appetite has satiated. 3 saturate Penguapan di dalam ketel telah jenuh The evaporation in the kettle has saturated
-kejenuhan: n 1 satiation 2 saturation

jenuh2: adj /lu/ 1 surfeiting 2 satiated 3 saturated

Jepang: n 1 Japan 2 Japanese.

jepit; menjepit: v 1 /intr/tr/lu/ clamp |to hold something tightly so that it does not move|  Dia menjepit sebuah buku di ketiaknya She clamped a book in her armpit. 2 clench Dia menjepit pencil dengan bibirnya sementara dia mengangkat sebuah kotak He clench a pencil with his lips while lifting a box. 3 pinch 4 squeeze
-jepitan: n 1 clench, clamp |the result of clenching or clamping| Jepitan dia dengan tangan sangat kuat. His clamp with his hand was very strong
-penjepit: n clamper, tweezers, clips, tongs, etc. |a tool or something you use to clamp or to clench| jepitan/penjepit rambut hairpin; jepitan/penjepit kertas paperclip.
-menjepitkan: v /tr/ 1 clamp (sth) 2 clench (sth) 3 squeeze (sth) 4 pinch (sth)
-terjepit: v /pass.v./ be clamped, be clenched, be clichéd, be squeezed.

jepret1; menjepret: v snap a picture (photograph)

jepret: n /spo/ sound of clicking or snapping.

jera: v /lu/ 1 learn a lesson |suffer a bad or difficult experience from doing something wrong that you will not do it again| Saya tidak akan pernah pulang larut malam lagi, saya sudah jera I’ll never back home late at night again, I learned a lesson. Saya menghukum dia karena saya ingin dia jera. I punished him because I want him to learn a lesson.

jerih: adj /lu/ 1 exhausted 2 tired 3 worn out.
-jerih-payah: n hard working Apa yang dia peroleh sekarang adalah hasil jerih-payah dia What he’s gained now is the fruit of his hard working.

jeram: n /lu/ rapids |part of a river where the water looks white because it is moving very fast over rocks|
-(arum) jeram: v /sport/cruise the rapids

jerambab: variant of jerembab:

jerami: n /lu/ 1 dried rice stalks. 2 straw

jerapah: n /lu/ giraffe.

jerat; menjerat: v /lu/ 1 snare, lasso. 2 entrap, ruse, trick, deceive, entice, inveigle  3 tangle, bunch up, round up (criminal) 4 accused Polisi menjerat dia dengan undang-undang tindak pidana Police accused him for against criminal  law
-terjerat: v /pass.v./ 1 be snared. 2 be enticed 3 tangled.
-jeratan: n sth that is entrapped by sb
-jeratan/penjerat: n noose,  trap |sth that is used to entrap|
-jeratan pasir: n sandtrap (in golf).
-penjeratan: n 1 entrapment 2 garrotting  3 strangulation.
-sejerat: n a bunch (of , flowers, etc.)

jerawat: n pimple, blackhead, acne.
-berjerawat; jerawatan: adj 1 pimply. full of acne.

jerembab; jerembap; terjerembap: v /lu/ suddenly fall face down or fall headlong |fall with your face or breast against the floor or the ground or your head go first after loosing your physical balance|
-menjerembabkan: v /tr/1 cause sb to fall headlong. 2 push sb to fall.
-terjerembap: v /intr/ v be fallen headlong.

jerigen: variant of jeriken:

jerih: n /lu/ tired, weary.
-jerih-payah: n 1 hard-working 2 serious effort 3 endeavour Keberhasilan dia adalah hasil jerih payah His achievement is the result of his hard working/serious effort
-berjerih-payah: v 1 work hard 2 make an endeavour 3 make a serious effort. Kalau kamu mau berhasil, kamu harus berjerih  payah If you want to be successful, you have to make a lot of effort.

jeriji2: variant of jeruji:

jeriken: n /lu/ jerrycan.

jerit; menjerit: v /intr/lu/ 1 scream, shriek. 2 yell or shout at the top of sb’s voice 3 complaint  strongly
-jeritan: n scream, shriek, yell, cry
v /tr/ scream, shout, cry loudly
-pencerit: n 1 screamer. 2 siren.

jermal: n /lu/ fish trap consisting of closely spaced stakes behind which the fish get caught when the tide goes out.

Jerman: n German, Germany.

jernih: adj /lu/ 1 clear (of water, air, eyes, thought, situation, etc.). Suasana politik yang jernih A clear political atmosphere  2 pure (of liquids, chemical substances, water, etc.).
-menjernih: v /intr/ 1 clear itself up 2 become clear
-menjernihkan: v /tr/ 1 clear, clear up, calm down (a misunder­standing, etc.) 2  menjernihkan suasana clear atmosphere  2 purify, cleanse.
-memperperjernih: v make sth clearer, or clearer  sth up.
-kejernihan: n clarity, purity
-penjernih: n purifier. penjernih air water pu­rifier.
-penjernihan: n 1 purification. 2 clarification

jeroan: n /lu/ innards, entrails (animal internal organs which some used for food)

jeruji: n /lu/ 1 trellis, grating, lattice. 2 grid. grating, iron bars on window, latticework, grill
-berjeruji: v equipped with a grating or iron bars

jeruk: n /lu/ a citrus fruit, such as an orange, has a thick skin, juicy flesh, and grows on a tree.
-jeruk bali: n pomelo
-jeruk bodong: n sour lime.
-jeruk manis/siam: n orange. ­
-jeruk nipis: n calamondin.
-jeruk purut: n small fragrant |lime used as medicine|
-menjeruki: v pickle |to preserve food in vinegar with salt or sugar and various spices|

jerumus; menjerumuskan: v /tr/lu/ 1 push sb/sth fall down onto a hole. 2 plunge, entrap into misery |encourage sb to do sth evil or illegal activity| Jangan biarkan mereka menjerumuskan kamu ke dalam bisnis kotor itu Don’t let them entrap you to that dirty business
-terjerumus: v /pass.v./ 1 be fallen into a misery  2 entrapped into a lawless business

jetset: adj /frm/ 1 sophisticated, well trained. 2 ugly but fashionable.

jewer; menjewer: v /lu/ 1 pinch or tweak and pull sb’s ear. 2 reprimand, scold sb |informally punish sb for his/her mistake|
-jeweran: n 1 tweak, pinch (of the ear). 2 reprimand, scolding.

jiarah: variant of ziarah:

jigo: num. /spo/Chn./ 25 .

jihad: n /Arb/ holy war.
-berjihad: v involved  in a holy war.

jihat: n /ld/ 1 direction 2 side.

jijik1; menjijikkan: adj /lu/1 repugnant |very unpleasant and offensive|  perilaku menjijikkan secara moral morally repugnant behavior 2 nauseating |making you feel nausea| bau ikan busuk yang menjijikkan a nauseating smell of rotten  fish. 2  disgusting |very unpleasant or unacceptable| Bau disana itu sangat jijik. The smell in there is disgusting! Sepuluh ribu rupiah segelas kopi sangat menjijikkan Ten thousand rupiah for a cup of coffee is really disgusting

jijik2: menjijikkan: v /intr/tr/lu/ |to make someone feel strong dislike and disapproval| Kotoran dan bau yang ada di kota menjijikkan kami. The dirt and smells of the city disgusted us. Apa kamu tidak jijik melihat sampah itu? Don’t you disgust to see that garbage?

jijik3; kejijikan: n /lu/ 1 filth  Bersihkan jijik yang ada dikaki kamu itu. Clean that filth on your shoes. 2 repugnance Saya bisa melihat kejijikannya terhadap perilaku buruk kamu itu. I can see his nausea to see your bad behaviour

jika; jikalau: conj. /lu/ 1 if |used in order to talk about something that might happen| Akan saya lakukan sendiri jikalau kamu tidak bisa membantu. I’ll do it myself if you can’t help me 2 when |used in order to say what will happen in a particular situation| Kalau kamu sudah memikirkan hal itu , beritahukan saya. When you think it over, tell me. 3 in case Jika hal itu benar, apa yang akan kamu lakukan? In case it’s true, so what are you going to do?

jilat; menjilat: v /lu/ 1 lick |to move your tongue across the surface of something in order to taste or to eat it|  Anjing itu sibuk menjilat tulang. The dog is busy to lick the bone. 2 fawn, flatter Dia selalu menjilat boss untuk mendapat perhatian lebih banyak. She always flatter the boss to have more attention. 3 singe |to burn something slightly on the surface or edge, or to be burned in this way|  Untunglah api hanya menjilat dinding. Fortunately, the fire only singed the wall. 4 kiss /very offensive/ Jilat pantat saya Kiss my ass
-penjilat: n bootlicker

jilat-jilat; menjilat-jilat: v lick repeatedly

jilbab: n /lu/ female headgear that exposes face not ears, neck, or hair.

jilid: n /lu/ volume. dua jilid two volumes. jilid kedua the second volume
-berjilid: v bound (of book, etc.).
-berjilid-jilid: v consists of many volume
-menjilid: v bind (book, periodic)
-menjilidkan: v give sth to bind
-penjilidan: n binding.
-penjilid: n bookbinder.

jimat: n /lu/ charm, talisman, amulet.

jin1: n /lu/ 1 genie. 2 evil spirit.

jin2: n /ld/ gin.

jina; jinah: variant of zina:

jinak: adj /lu/ 1 tame, domesticated (animal). 2 docile, moderate. 3 benign (tumor)
-/idiom/: jinak-jinak merpati pretending to be shy but in reality she like a man.
-menjinakkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 tame (an animal) 2 make sth (a tumor) benign 3 neutralize (bomb, poison)
-penjinakan: n taming, domestication.

jingga: n /lu/ colors ranging from orange to bright red.
-menjingga: v become ‘jingga’ Langit menjingga di angkasa The sky turned red in the highest reaches.

jingkat; berjingkat-jingkrat: v /lu/ tip­toe
-menjingkatkan: v make (feet) be on tiptoe.
-terjingkat: v be startled.

jingkrak: berjingkrak-jingkrak; v /intr/lu/  jump up and down happily.

jinjang: variant of jenjang:

jinjing1; menjinjing: v lift sth light with hand
-jinjingan: n hand luggage |small bags that you carry with you when you travel, especially on a plane|
-/idiom/ tangan menjinjing bahu memikul (hand lift sth shoulder carry other thing) means “Be responsible with what you did”

jinjing2: n /lu/ fast-growing tree that yields cheap lumber.

jinjit1; berjinjit: v /lu/ stand or walk on tiptoes.
-menjinjitkan: v make sth be on tiptoe.

jinjit2;  menjinjit: v /lu/ carry sth in the hand.

jinjit3; menjinjit: v 1 pull sth that is not stiff. 2 tweak (an ear).

jip: n jeep.
-berjip: v go by jeep.

jipang1: n branch, twig.

jipang2: n melon, gourd.

jipang3: variant of bipang:

jiplak; menjiplak: v 1 copy 2 cheat on an exam, crib. 3 plagiarize, fake
-jiplakan: n 1 a copy. 2 plagiarism 3 imitation
-penjiplak: n 1 plagiarist 2 duplicator 3 copier machine

jiprat; menjiprat: v /lu/ 1 splash 2 splatter Air dari slang bocor itu menjiprat saya Water from the leaking hose spattered me.
-jipratan: n a splash of water, mud, oil, dirt, spark of fire, etc.
-kejipratan: v be splattered with sth
-menjipratkan: v /tr/ make (sth) splattered on (sth)
-terjiprat: kejipratan: v /intr/tr/pass.v/ be splattered 2 be splashed.
-/idiom/ kejipratan rejeki get unexpected luck She received a share of the windfall.

jiran: n /lu/ 1 neighbor. 2 kin, relative.
-berjiran: v be neighbour
-jiranan: v be a neighbour (of each other)

jirigen: variant of jeriken:

jitak; menjitak: v /lu/ slap

jitu: adj extremely good,  accurate, precise, exact. tembakan jitu accurate shot jawaban jitu smart answer
-kejituan: n accuracy, excellence

jiwa: n 1 live person Ada berapa jiwa penghuni kota ini? How many persons are the inhabitant of this town? 2 life (soul) |the part of a person that is not physical and contains his/her thoughts, feelings, character etc. which many people believe exists after death| Dua jiwa melayang pada kecelakaan itu. Two life (souls) have gone at the accident. Sesuai kepercayaan kamu, kemana jiwa kamu pergi kalau kamu sudah meninggal? Based on your belief, where will your soul go after your death? 3 mental Rumah Sakit Jiwa Hospital for mentally sick people. 4 spirit Pancasila adalah jiwa UUD 1945 Pancasila is the spirit of 1945 Constitution.
-ahli ilmu jiwa: n psychologist.
-berjiwa: v be alive
-ilmu jiwa: n psychology.
-masalah kejiwaan: n psychological matter.
-menjiwai: v 1 internalize 2 inspire
-penjiwaan: n 1 internalization 2 aspiration

jiwani: adj /frm/ psychic, psychological.

Jkt. {Jakarta}: n /wrt/ Jakarta.

J1., Jln. {Jalan}: n /wrt/ street, road.

jlimet: variant of jelimet:

jlh: {jumlah}: n /wrt/ total amount.

Jng. {Jatinegara}: n /wrt/ the down town of East Jakarta municipality.

joblos: variant of jeblos:

jodo; jodoh: n /lu/ 1 soul mate Sabarlah, satu waktu kamu akan menemukan jodoh kamu Be patient, one day you are going to meet your soul mate 2 pair Dimana jodohnya kaus kaki ini? Where is the pair of this sock?  3 true love partner Saya bahagia dengan perkawinan saya. Isteri saya benar-benar adalah jodoh saya. I’m happy with my marriage. My wife is my true love partner. 3 fate Jangan frustrasi, mungkin pekerjaan itu bukan jodoh kamu.  Don’t be frustrated, probably it is not your fate to have the job.
berjodoh: v 1 match Apa menurut kamu dasi merah ini berjodoh dengan baju kuning saya? Do you think this red tie match my yellow shirt? 2 be a harmonious couple Akhirnya Susan dan Bob adalah pasangan yang berjodoh Finally Susan and Bob are a harmonious couple   3 fit together. Saya kira kedua mereka berjodoh. I think both of them fit together.
-menjodohkan: v 1 mediate two persons to be a couple Saat ini masih ada orang tua yang menjodohkan putra atau putrinya menjadi pasangan seseorang. Now there are still parents want to mediate their son or daughter to be the couple of somebody else.
-perjodohan: n matter that related to fate who is going to be sb’s couple

joget: n /lu/ 1 classical dance accompanied by gamelan. 2 dance to live music for couples.
-berjoget: v dance such classical dance
-penjoget: n sb who performs a dance of this type.

joglo: n /Jv/ steep upper section of the roof of tradi­tional Java mansion.

johan: n /ld/ 1 world, universe. 2 champion. 3 hero
-johan arifin: n /ld/ 1 a brilliant person 2 man or woman of the world 3 a person of courage.

joharl: n /lu/ fast-growing shade tree the crown of which yields firewood.

Johar2: n Venus

johar3: n diamond

johari: variant of jauhari:

jojing; ajojing: n /lu/ a dance with a very dynamic movement.

jok: n 1 seat (of car, motorcycle, etc.). jok depan front seat. 2 upholstery. jok kursi sofa upholstery.

joki: n /lu/ jockey.
menjokikan: v let jockey do (sth)

joli: n /lu/ 1 pair  2 team of horses.
-sejoli: n a couple, twosome.

jombang: adj /ld/ 1 handsome, pretty, beautiful.
-kejombangan: n 1 handsomeness 2 beauty. 3 prettiness

jomlo: n /ld/ old female that never married.

jompo: adj /lu/ old, decrepit, infirm. rumah jompo old folks’ home.

jonggol: n /ld/ representative, responsible person. jonggol Negara asing foreign country representative
-menjonggoli: v represent
-jonggolan: n responsibility

jongkok; berjongkok; menjongkok: v /lu/ squat.
-terjongkok: v fall into squatting position.
-terjongkok-jongkok: v walk in a squatting position.

jongos: n /of/ houseboy, waiter.

jon towel: n /of/ young fellow that puts on airs.

jontor: adj /ld/ swollen |on lips as a result of a punch or clash against sth|

jor-joran: v /Jv/ vie |compete each other without any formal rule play|

jornalis: variant of jurnalis:

jorok1: adj /inf/lu/ 1 slovenly 2 slipshod 3 untidy
-kejorokan: n 1 slovenliness 2 dirtiness 3 slipshodness
-tempat jorok: n squalor.
-orang jorok: n 1 scoundrel 2 /inf/offen./ swine
-menjoroki: v annoy sb with dirty or offensive words

jorok2; menjorok: v /intr/lu/ stick out, project, protrude.  Tanah yang menjorok ke laut disebut semenanjung. A land that stick out the sea is called a peninsula. Pohon yang menjorok keluar pagar A tree that extends out the fence
-menjorokkan: v /tr/ make sth protrude or stick out Kenapa kamu menjorokkan tonggak itu keluar pagar? Why you protrude the pole beyond the fence?
-terjorok: v /pass.v./ be projected, sticked out, or protruded
-jorokan: n a protrusion. jorokan atap eaves |the edges of a roof that stick out beyond the walls|

jotos; menjotos: v /tr/lu/ punch
-berjotos; jotos-jotosan: v /intr/ fight each other with the fists.
-menjotoskan: v /tr/ strike sb with the fist.
-jotosan: n 1 boxing, fisticuffs. 2 punch.
-terjotos: v 1 be punched 2 be stricken

jrs. {jurusan}: n /wrt/ 1 direction 2 academic field.

jua: adv /lu/ 1 nothing … but. Sekalipun dia sudah bekerja sebaik mungkin, namun omelan jua yang dia dapat. Although she has done her best to work, she got nothing but scolding  2 (in fact) only. Tuhan jua yang dapat menolong kita. In fact, the only God who can help us.  3 finally,  nevertheless. Dia terima jua akhirnya Nev­ertheless (finally) she accepted it. 4 still (in negative form) Dia belum datang jua He still not arrive yet. 5 that |used as a pronoun of a pseudo subject of negation| Siapa jua yang tidak mau pergi? Who (that) doesn’t want to go? |making a clarification that sb want to go, so the information that she/he doesn’t want to go is not true|

jual; menjual: v /tr/  sell
-jual beli: v trade
-berjualan: v trade several things
-penjualan: n sale |the act of selling| 2 sales |the result of selling|
-penjual: n 1 seller 2 sales person
-penjual eceran: n retailer
-penjual kulakan/grosiran: n grocer

juang; berjuang: v struggle.
-(yang) diperjuangkan: n be the object of a fighting
-medan juang: n battlefield.
-perjuagan: n struggle
-semangat juang: n fighting/struggling spirit
-memperjuangkan: v /tr/ fight/struggle (for sth)  memperjuangkan kemerdekaan fight for freedom
-pejuang: n 1 fighter 2 warrior
-seperjuangan: adv at the same side in a war  Dia teman saya seperjuangan He was my comrade in the war/revolution.

juang-juang: n /ld/ shrub.

juara: n /lu/ 1 champion.
-juara bertahan: n defender cham­pion.
-juara dunia: n world champion.
-juara hedua: n runner-up.
-kejuaraan: n championship.
-menjuarai: v win out, come up as champion.

jubah: n /lu/ long flowing robe |including religious habits|
-berjubah: v wear such a robe.

jubal; jubel; berjubel: adj /lu/ crowded

jubir {juru bicara}: n 1 spokesperson. 2 speaker.

judas; judes: adj /lu/ 1 cruel, vicious  2 harsh and rude. unmannered.

judi: n /lu/ gambling.
-berjudi; menjudi: v /intr/ gamble.
-menjudikan: v /tr/ gamble sth away. Dia menjudikan banyak uang di Las Vegas He gambled a lot of his money in Las Vegas
perjuadian: n gambling
-penjudi: n gambler.

judo: n judo.
-berjudo: n play judo
n judo hall.
-pejudo: n judoka |judo player, judo trainer|

judul: n /lu/ 1 title (of book, etc.).
-judul tambahan: n subtitle.
-berjudul: v be entitled
-menjuduli; beri judul: v entitle, label.

juga: adv /lu/ 1 also |in addition|  Kami tidak  mengkhususkan pada buku, tetapi kami juga menjual alat tulis kantor We don’t specialize in book, but we also sell office supplies. 2 too |also| Evan ingin datang juga Evan wants to come too. 3 bagaimanapun juga: nevertheless Bagaimanapun juga di minta maaf pada saya, tetap saya tidak suka pada dia Nevertheless she apologized but I still don’t like her. 4 biarpun juga: even if, no matter if  Biarpun juga terlambat saya akan datang Even if I’ll be late but I’ll come. 5 that (see jua) |a pronoun of a pseudo subject in a negation sentence| Siapa juga yang mau pergi. Who (that) want to go.

jugul: adj /Btk/ stubborn.

juhut: n /Btk/ 1 meat 2 meal especially the meat which served in a wedding ceremony.

juita: adj sweet, lovely, beautiful.

jujur: adj /lu/ l honest |someone who is honest does not lie, cheat, or steal|  Dia orang yang jujur He is an honest person 2 fair |reasonable and acceptable according to what people normally accept as being right| Satu tindakan yang jujur An honest action

jujur2: adv /lu/ 1 honestly Dia berkata jujur He speak honestly. Hakim memutuskan dengan jujur The judge decided it honestly. 2 fairly Keputusan kamu cukup jujur Your judgement was fairly enough
-kejujuran: n 1 honesty 2 fairness

julai: n slender end of stem of a creeping plant
-berjulai; menjulai: v /intr/ld/ dangle.
-berjulai-julai: v /intr/ dangle here and there
-terjulai: v /pass.v./ be dangled

julang; menjulang: v /lu/ 1 soar /intr/ a) |increase quickly to a high level|  Tempe-ratur menjulang tinggi 100 C diatas normal. The temperature soared highly 100 C above normal b) fly high Pesawat itu sudah menjulang tinggi ke angkasa The plane has flown high to the sky c) appear high Mercu suar itu menjulang tinggi diatas sebuah pulau kecil The lighthouse appears high on a small island 2 /tr/ put sth on the shoulder Ayah menjulang adik saya di bahunya. My father sit my little brother on his shoulder. 3 high admire Rakyat Indonesia menju-lang tinggi Sukarno sebagai pendiri Negara. People of Indonesia admire high Sukarno as the founding father of the country.

Juli: n July.

juling: adj /lu/ cross-eyed.
-menjulingi: v steal a glance at, glance at a bit.

julo; julo-julo: n /lu/ a gathering, usually by neighbourhood house wife, to aggregate a sum of money, and they conduct a lottery to find whose turn to get the aggregated money or the thing that has been bought with the money.
-berjulo-julo: v join such activity   –syn: arisan

juluk1; menjuluk: v /ld/ to have sb in mind |if a young man have a girl in mind to be his future girl friend or fiancée|

juluk2; menjuluki: v /lu/ nickname |give sb a silly name or a shorter form of a real name, usually given by friends or family| Keluarga menjuluki dia “si gendut” karena dia gendut The family nickname him “si gendut” because he is fat.(gendut – corpulent)   Disini orang menjuluki orang kulit putih atau orang Eropah “bule” Here people call white people or European people “bule”
-julukan; nama julukan: n nickname
-penjulukan: n nicknaming. Penjulukan dia “si pelit” menurut saya tidak adil. Nicknaming him “Mr. stingy” I think isn’t fair.

julur; menjulur: v /intr/lu/ 1 stretch out Lidah seekor cicak menjulur unutk menagkap mangsa A lizard’s tongue creep out to catch the prey. 2 creep |to move very carefully and quietly so that no one will notice you| Dia menjulur turun tangga, mencoba jangan mendapat perhatian yang lain. She crept down the stairs, trying not to be noticed by others. 3 grow by creeping Tanaman ini tidak tumbuh keatas seperti pohon tetapi menjulur datar diatas tanah This plant doesn’t grow upward like a tree but it creep on the ground.
-menjulurkan: v /tr/ creep Seekor ular terus-terusan menjulurkan lidahnya A snake continuously creep out its tongue. 2 stretch far |to extend your reach with your hand| Julurkan tangan kamu mengambil kelereng dibawah temapt tidur itu Stretch your hand to reach the marble under the bed.
-penjulur1: n panhandler (because they stretch their hand to ask for sth)
-penjulur2: adj creeping Ubi jalar adalah sebuah tanaman penjulur Sweet potato is a creeping plant.

Jumadilakhir: n the 6th month of the Arabic calen­dar.

Jumadilawal: n the 5th month of the Arabic calen­dar.

jumantara: n /ltr/ firmament, outer or upper atmosphere.

jumanten: n /ld/ emerald.

Jumat: n 1 Friday. Jumat Agung Good Friday.
-berjumat: v join the Friday prayers at a mosque.

jumbai: n /lu/ tassel, fringe.
-sejumbai: n a bunch of sth that hangs down. sejumbai kunci a bunch of keys.
-berjumbai: adj /intr/ 1 tasselled, fringed, hang 2 frayed. 3 flutter. Akar udara pohon beringin itu berjumbai ditiup angin. The air root of the banyan tree was tasselled blown by the wind.
-terjumbai: v /pass.v./ be hung loosely sebuah parasut telah terjumbai di pohon yang tiggi a parachute was hung loosely on a high tree.

jumlah: n /lu/ sum, amount, total. |the final number of something after all the parts have been added together| Pemerintah kota membutuhkan jumlah uang yang banyak untuk memelihara milik-milik umum. The city needs a large sum of money on public property maintenance.
-berjumlah: v 1 amount to 2 total to 3 have a total/amount of  Siswa sekolah ini berjumlah 200 orang The students of this school is totalled to 200 persons. Hutang Jim berjumlah $ 150. Jim’s debt total to $ 150.
jumlah terbanyak: n majority
-menjumlahkan: v /tr/ 1 total 2 sum 3 amount 4 add |to add up to a particular amount| Apakah kamu sudah menjumlah biaya bulanan kita? Have you totalled our monthly expenses?
-penjumlahan: v the process of totalling
-sejumlah: n 1 a number of  2 an amount of

jumpa; berjumpa: v /intr/lu/ meet Kita akan berjumpa lagi We’ll meet again.
-jumpa pers: n press conference
-menjumpai: v /tr/ 1 meet Saya akan menjumpai beberapa teman disanan I’ll meet some friends there.  2 visit Apa kamu akan menjumpai orangtua kamu pada hari Natal yang akan dating? Are you going to visit your parents on the coming Christmas?  3 find Saya berharap kamu tidak menjumpai kesulitan apapun disana. I hope you don’t find any difficulty there.
-perjumpaan: n 1 meeting 2 encounter

jumput: n pinch
-sejumput: n a pinch of sth sejumput garam a pinch of salt.

jungkal; menjungkal: v /lu/ 1 overturn 2 overthrow, bring down (a regime, etc.).
-terjungkal: v be tumbled for­ward. Mobil itu hampir terjungkal masuk jurang. The car almost tum­bled into the ravine.

jungkang; jungkang-jungkit: v /inf/ bob up and down.
-menjungkang-jungkit: v bob up and down.

jungkar; menjungkar: v project, protrude, stick out.

jungkat-jangkit: 1 variant of jungkang-jungkit 2 shake 3 tilt upward
-terjungkat-jangkit: v seesaw.

jungkir; jungkir balik: v /intr/ upside-down, topsy-turvy. 2 somersault. 3 be in a dither.
-menjungkir-balikkan: v 1 turn sth upside down. 2 flip over 3 reverse
-penjungkir-balikan: n 1 re­versal. 2 somersault. 3 flip-flop. 4 reversion
-berjungkiran: v be upside down (of many things)
-terjungkir: v /pass.v./ be upside down, re­versed.

jungkit; menjungkit: v /intr/tr/ rise, lift |to go up in one end|
-terjungkit: v /pass.v./ be lifted (in one end)

Juni: n June.

junjung; junjungan: n /ld/ 1 husband. 2 idol 3 sb who deserve admiration and adoration 4 pole to support climbing plant
-berjunjungan: v have a husband (married)
-menjunjung: v 1 carry sth on the head, shoulders, or high on the back. Di desa, seorang wanita biasa menjunjung sesuatu diatas kepala. In the village, a woman usually carry sth on her head. 2 respect, praise Mereka menjunjung nama bangsa dan megara They praise high the nation and the country reputation 3 revere Kita harus menjunjung dia sebagai pahlawan We should revere him as a hero
-penjunjungan: n respecting, worshiping

junta: n junta.

juntai; berjuntai: v /intr/lu/ dangle
-menjuntai: v intr/tr/ dangle, to make sth dangling
-terjuntai: v /pass.v./ be dangled
-berjuntaian: v (many things) dangle
-menjuntaikan: v /tr/ dangle sth to hang down. Ibu menjuntaikan kain basah pada tali jemuran   Mom dangles wet clothes from the clothe line

juntrung: adj /ld/ organized, orderly.
-(dengan) jantrung: adv well organized, orderly
-menjantrungkan: v /tr/ organize, put in order, ar­range. Mari kita menjantrungkan kursi-kursi itu. Let’s organize the cahirs
-jantrungan: n 1 organization, unit. Kita perlu satu juntrungan yang kuat untuk melakukan program ini We need a solid organization to execute this program 2  objective, aim purpose. Saya belum melihat dengan jelas apa yang menjadi juntrungan utama proyek ini. I don’t see yet what is the main purpose of this project.

juragan: n 1 skipper (of small craft). 2 owner of an enterprise. 3 (in some regions only) respectful ad­dress by villager to a man of nobility or higher class. Mau ke mana, juragan? Where are you going, sir?

jurai: n 1 bunch. sejurai bunga a bunch of flowers. 2 row, sequence.
-berjurai; menjurai: v /intr/ dangle, be hanging
-menjuraikan: v /tr/ dangle Dia menjuraikan rambutnya diatas bahu.She dangle her hair over her shoulder
-terjurai: v /pass.v./ be dangled, hang down (of hair, tassels, etc.).
-berjuraian: v (many of things) dangle,  hang down.

jurang: n /lu/ 1 ravine, gorge, chasm.2 gap, difference  jurang pemisah antara si kaya dan si miskin the gap. between the rich and the poor

juri: n 1 jury. 2 referee
-menjuri: v be a member of the jury in a competition.
-penjurian: n judging a case by a Jury. sistim penjurian jury system.

juridis: adj /frm/lu/ lawful

jurisdiksi: variant of yurisdiksi:

jurisprudensi: variant of yurisprudensi:

jurnal: n 1 a book contains a series of note on particular activity. 2 publication on particular issu 3 a record on chronological progress of sth 4 a scientific publication 4 sport report

jurnalis: n journalist, reporter.

jurnaIistik: n journalism

juru: n 1 the expert (of a particular job) 2 direction
-juru kamera: n cameraman
-jurumudi: n captain (of a ship or boat)
-juru bicara: n speaker.
-juru tulis: n note taker, office clerk, meeting secretary.
-juru bahasa: n interpreter
-juru damai: n peace keeper
-juru bayar: n cashier
-juru gambar: n draftsman
-juru ketik: n typist.
-juru hitung: n accountant.
-juru masak: n chef
-juru pijat: n massager
-juru kisah: n storyteller.
-juru kuasa: n proxy. ­
-juru kunci: n 1 caretaker in a graveyard. 2 gatekeeper. 3 /sport/ the lowest in rank
-juru penerang: n motivator
-juru penengah: n 1 arbiter. 2 um­pire, referee.
-juru pustaka: n li­brarian.
-juru ramal: n fortune-teller.
-juru rancang: n plan­ner, planning expert.
-juru rawat: n nurse.
-juru  rias: n beauty specialist.
-juru selamat: n the Savior.
-juru silat: n expert at martial arts.
-juru taksir: n appraiser, evaluator.
-juru teluh: n magic formulas.
-juru tenun: n weaver.
-juru tenung: n fortune-teller
-juru ukur: n surveyor.
-juru warta: n corre­spondent, reporter.
-kejuruan: adj 1 vocational.
-menjurubicarai: v speak or act on behalf of (sb)
-penjuru angin: n any of the eight direction (East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North, Northeast)
-sekolah kejuruan: n vocational school.

jurus1; menjurus: v /lu/ 1 point (to a particular direction) 2 aim at
-menjuruskan: v direct |to aim a movement or sth in a particular direction| Dia menjuruskan lampu sorot itu ke rumah He directed the light towards the house. Belok kanan dan kita akan menjuruskan perja-lanan ke Utara Turn right and then we will direct our way to the North.
-jurusan: n destination, direction  (the travel line toward particular place) Jurusan mana bus ini? What is the destination of this bus?

jurus1: n 1 straight direction steps Ini jurus menuju pelabuhan This is the straight direction to the harbour. 2 type of position, strategy, and method in a martial art Apa kamu pelajari jurus Cimande? Did you ever learned Cimande strategy? (a type of “Pencak Silat”, Indonesian origin of a martial art)

jurus2: n moment. sejurus a moment Tung-gulah sejurus Please wait a moment. beberapa jurus kemudian several mo­ments later.
-berjurus-jurus: adv 1 consecutively 2 repeatedly

jus: n /lu/ juice.
-menjus: v make a drink out of fruit. Biar saya menjus advokat untuk kita. Let me juice some avocado for us

justru: conj. 1 |used to emphasize that what has mention was true or wrong which is quite similar to exactly, or precisely| Justru itu yang saya maksud That is precisely what I mean. 2 |to negate sb’s statement or fact| Justru dia yang coba memprovokasi saya. The truth is that he the one who tried to provoke me. 3 |the way to express that sb doesn’t want sth happen| Ya ampun, dia datang justru saat saya sangat


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