Dictionary K


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

K; k: |the 11th letter of the alphabet. used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sounds like k in kilo; key; kerosene; donkey; park; mark; khaki; talk|

Kaabah; Kabah: n |a holy place, small cubicle shrine in the Great Mosque of Masjidilharam in Mecca, which becomes the orientation of a Moslem in his/her prayer|

Kabag {Kepala Bagian}: n chief of a division

Ka. {Kepala}: n /lu/ head, chief.

kab. {kabupaten}: n /frm/ regency, district |an administrative rural region, subor-dinate area of a province – equal to municipality in level|

kabar: n /lu/ 1 news |information about sth that has happened recently| Apa kamu sudah terima kabar dari dia Have you got  any information from her? Saya punya berita baik/buruk ubtuk kamu. I have some good/bad news for you. 2 report. Apa ada kabar tentang cuaca hari ini? Is there any report about weather today? Apa kabar? How are you?
-dikabari: v /pass.v/ be informed.
kabar angin: n rumor |information that is passed from one person to another and which may not be true|
-mengabarkan: v publicate, inform, tell
-pekabaran: n publication, dissemination, promotion
-pekabaran Injil: n evangelist, Bible dissemination.
-surat kabar: n newspaper
-terkabar: n /pass.v./  be spread (a news) Telah terkabar bahwa kamu dipromo-sikan. News has been spread that you were promoted.

kabaret: n /lu/1 entertainment which consists of song, dance, joke, etc. 2 a cafeteria or shop where there is such entertainment

kabel: n /lu/ cable. kabel listrik power cable. kabel telpon telephone cable.

kabin: n /lu/ 1 cabin. kabin pengemudi cockpit. 2 cream crackers.

kabinet: n /lu/ 1 cabinet |all ministers and the head of governmental institutions that are directly subordinated by the president| 2 a large table which has drawers and shelves for storing things

kabisah: kabisat: n /lu/ leap (yearI |a year when February has 29 days instead of 28, which happens every four years|

kabul: n /lu/ 1 an agreement to a request 2 answer (to a prayer)
-mengabuli; mengabulkan: v say yes to a request or prayer
-terkabul: n 1 be granted  2 be answered  2 be accepted 4 be fulfilled
-pengabulan: n 1 fulfilling (of a request) 2 answering (of a prayer).

kabung1: n /lu/ white mourning headband.
-berkabung: v mourn
-perkabungan: n 1 mourning 2 grieving  misa perkabungan: n funeral mass.

kabung2: n /ld/ sugar palm.

kabung3: n /ld/ a unit of length measurement equal to 2 meters

kabupaten: n /lu/ regency, district |an administrative rural region headed by a bupati, subordinate area of a province – equal to municipality in level|

kabur1: adj /lu/ 1 hazy (view), vague, blurred, clouded (vision). Penglihatannya menjadi kabur Her eyesight became hazy  2 fad­ing (of hopes), unclear (of speech,  handwriting, etc.). 3 absurd (situation)
-mengabur: v /intr/ 1 blurt 2 fade away 3 become hazy 4 become vague  Gambar itu akan mengabur dalam jangka waktu lama. The picture will fade away in a long run
-mengaburkan: v /tr/ make sth blurt, hazy, vague, unclear Embun malam telah mengaburkan kaca jendela itu The dew has blurt the window glass Jangan buat rinciannya mengaburkan gagasan utama Don’t let the detail make the main idea unclear
-kekaburan: n haziness, vagueness, fuzziness.
-pengaburan: n 1 blurring of. 3 fading out

kabur2: v 1 bolt |to suddenly run very fast because you are frightened|  Ketika ada tembakan kuda itu kabur dan saya jatuh When there was a shot the horse bolted and I felt down. 2 run off, flee. Putranya kabur dari rumah Her son fled the house.

kabut1: n /lu/ mist, haze, fog.
-kabut asap: n smog.
-berkabut: adj misty, hazy, foggy.
-mengabut: v become a haze. Debu hitam dari ledakan gunung berapi itu terbang mengabut. Black dust from the volcano blast lifted into a thick haze.
-mengabuti: v 1 cover  sth with foggy 2 confuse (sb) 3 darken. Peternak itu mengabuti kotak sarang lebah sebelum mengambil madu. The farmer cover the bee house before taking the honey
-pengabutan: n 1 misting 2 spraying

kabut2: variant of kebut:

kaca1: n /lu/ 1 glass. |a transparent material that is usually used for making windows, bottles, mirror, etc|  Hati-hati menangani kaca jendela itu Be careful to handle the glass of the window 2 kaca cermin: mirror Saya mau ada kaca cermin  pada pintu lemari itu I want the cupboard door with a mirror on it  3 kaca mata: eye glass, spectacles.   4 kaca arloji: watch crystal
-/idiom/: example Perilakunya yang baik seharusnya menjadi kaca untuk banyak orang. His good behaviour should an example for many people
-berkaca: v 1 look in a mirror 2 have glass 3 /idiomatic/ introspect Sebelum menilai orang lain, kaca dulu dirimu Before you judge sb else, you should introspect yourself.
-berkaca-kaca: v 1 shine 2 glisten 3 be glassy
-kaca pembesar: n magnifier glass
-kaca buram: n frosted glass
-kaca depan (mobil): n windshield
-kaca es: n ground glass
-kaca mata debu: n goggles
-kaca mata hitam: n sunglasses
-kaca mati: n framed glass.
-kaca teropong: n periscope.
-kaca spion: n rearview mirror
-kaca tameng: n safety glass

kaca2: n /ld/ page (of book, etc.).

kacang: n /lu/ pea, bean, peanut.
-kacang arab: n small, hard bean, white with black skin, eaten as a snack. ­
-kacang asin: n salted peanuts.
-kacang belimbing: n peas
-kacang Bogor: n a large white bean eaten as a snack.
-kacang buncis: n green beans.
-kacang goreng: n fried and crisp peanuts.
-kacang hijau: n mung bean |small bean seed with green skin – Phaseolus aureus. cultivated especially as the sources of bean sprouts
-kacang jambu mo­nyet: n cashew.
-kacang jawa: n lima bean
-kacang kara: n oval, flat nut.
-kacang kapri: n peas.
-kacang kedelai: n soybean.
-kacang mede/mende: n cashew.
-kacang merah: n kidney bean. ­
-kacang panjang/polong: n legume
-kacang rebus: n boiled peanut
-kacang shanghai: n peanuts fried in batter:
-kacang tanah: n peanuts
-/idiom/: seperti kacang lupa akan kulitnya (like a peanuts forgets its shell) means ‘a person who doesn’t know to say thank you to whom he/she has debt of honor’
-kacang-kacang: n pellet |a small hard ball made from metal|
-kacang-kacangan: n legumes, pulses.

kacau: adj /lu/ 1 disorder 2 chaotic 3 turbulent 4 messy 5 disorganized
-kekacauan: n 1 chaos 2 uproar 3 tumult 4 turmoil 5 upheaval
-mengacaukan: v /tr/ 1 make sth disorder, chaotic, turbulent 3 create chaos, tumult, turmoil, upheaval

kacoa; kacoak: n /lu/ cockroach.

kacung: n /of/ 1 lad, boy. 2 office boy, errand boy, house boy. Saya tidak apa-apa di kantor ini, hanya kacung. I’m nothing in this office, but an office boy.  –syn: pesuruh
-kacung koran: n newspaper boy

kadal: n /lu/ lizard.

kadaluwarsa; kedaluwarsa: adj /lu/ expire

kadam: n /ld/ the bottom of a foot

kadang; kadang-kadang: adv /lu/ 1 once in a while, sometimes 2 occasionally,
-terkadang: variant of kadang-kadang:
-kadang kala: variant of kadang-kadang:
-keterkadangan: n rarity.

kadar1: n /lu/ containment |the intensity of the degree of sth that is contain in sth else -e.g. how many percent of sugar in a solution| Kadar air pada jagung ini sangat rendah The containment of water in this corn is very low. Cincin ini punya kadar 80% mas murni. This ring has 80% pure gold containment 2 intensity Kadar hujan dalam tahun ini sangat tinggi The intensity of rain of this year was very high. 3 sensitivity Seorang pria  dengan kadar temperamen tinggi A man with sensitive temperament. 4 level Kita harus mempertimbangkan kadar pendidikan formalnya. We need to take into consideration his formal education level. 5 standard Kita tidak punya kadar untuk mengukur kesetiaan seseorang We don’t have any standard to measure a sb’s loyalty. 6 fate Tidak ada yang dapat menolak kadar dan takdirnya Nobody can refuse her/his fate. 7 God’s will It’s the Adalah kadar dan takdir dari Tuhan yang membuat kita seperti ini. It’s the God’s will that make us like this.

kadar2; sekadar: adv /lu/ 1 just |only for| Saya main piano hanya sekedar hiburan I play piano just for fun. Hanya sekadar untuk anda tahu, kami sedang memikirkan untuk mempersingkat  masa latihan kita Just for your information, we are thinking about shortening our  training schedule. 2 as much as it needed Beli makanannya sekadar untuk satu kali makan Buy the food as much as we need for one meal. 3 sekadar basa basi:  just a lip service Saya tahu bahwa dia mengundang saya hanya sesekadar basa-basi I know that she invited me only to pay a lip service.
-mengkadarkan: v destine. Demi­kianlah Tuhan mengkadarkan Thus has God destined.

kadaster: n /of/ government office responsible for land usage mapping and registration.

kader: n /lu/ 1 cadre. 2 framework.
-meng(k)aderkan: v make sb a cadre.
-peng(k)aderan: n the process of  making sb a cadre.

kaderisasi: n variant of peng(k)aderan:

Kades: {Kepala Desa}: n village head.

kadet: n 1 cadet,  midshipman. 2 /ld/ white bread 3 /inf/ pickpocket.

KADIN: {Kamar Dagang dan Industri}: n the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

KADINDA: {Kamar Dagang dan Indnstri Daerah}: n the Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

kadipaten: n /of/ area ruled over by an adipati who responsible to the king.

kado: n /lu/ gift, present.
-meng(k)adokan: v use (sth) as a gift.

kadung: v /Jv/ 1 go too far, overdo. 2 take an irrevo­cable step that sb should not. Dia kadung menjual tanahnya. He was too hasty and sold his land before the price went up. –syn: /lu/ terlanjur.

kafan: n /lu/ white cloth used to cover a corpse
-berkafan: v be wrapped with white cloth
-mengkafani: v wrap a corpse with white cloth

kafe: n cafe.

kafeina: n /frm/ caffeine |chemical substance in coffee, tea, and some other drinks that makes people feel more active – C8H10N4O2|

kafetaria: n /lu/ small restaurant with a limited menu in a school or workplace.

kafilah: n /lu/ 1 desert caravan. 2 convoy, column, 3  contingent.             .

kafir: n /lu/ 1 infidel 2 unbeliever.
-mengkafirkan: v consider sb an infidel.
-kekafiran: n 1 infidelity.  2 paganism.

kagak: adv /spo/ no, not. kagak aci no good.

kaget: adj /lu/ surprised,  startled, shocked. Mereka sangat kaget melihat kedatangan saya. They were so surprised to see my coming
-mengagetkan: v surprise, startle, shock
-mengageti: v make sb surprised. startled, shocked
-kekagetan: n state of being startled, surprised, or shock

kagok: adj /inf/ 1 clumsy |difficult (to do sth) because you don’t have a proper preparation or there is a psychological or physical barrier|  Jangan duduk terlalu dekat  dengan supir, nanti dia jadi kagok Don’t too close to the net, otherwise you may be clumsy to catch the ball. Jangan duduk terlalu dekat dengan supir, agar dia tidak kagok. Don’t sit too close to the driver for he is going not going to feel uneasy and embar­rassed. 2 halting |stopping a lot or not fluent when you move or speak, especially because you are nervous: Dia pintar sayangnya dia bicara kagok. He is smart but fortunately he speak haltingly

kagum; mengagumi: v /lu/ 1 admire |approve of and respect someone or something| Kami mengagumi Vera tentang bakatnya dalam musik We admire Vera for her talent of music. 2 surprise, amaze  Mereka pasti kagum atas keberhasilan kamu dalam berbisnis. They must be surprised for your success in business. 3 astonish |to surprise someone very much|  Nenek sangat heran kagum bagaimana dia bisa memenangkan pertandingan tersebut Grandma was astonished by how he win the game.
-dikagumi: v /pass.v/ be admired Dia pasti dikagumi atas keramahannya. She must be admired for her courtesy.
-kekaguman: n 1 admiration 2 surprise 3 amazement 4 astonishment.

-kah: suf. |use to emphasize a question word| Apa(kah) salah meletakkan buku disini. Is it wrong to put books here? Apa(kah) kamu yang memecahkan kaca itu? Were you who broke the glass? Without the suffix ‘kah’ these question words has no different in meaning.

kahyangan: n /lu/ paradise |a place where the God lives|

kaidah: n /lu/ 1 norm |the usual way of doing something, or the acceptable way of behaving| kaidah kehidupan adat keluarga Bali. the values, norms, or traditions of Balinese families  2 law Keputusan harus sesuai dengan kaidah hukum The decision has to be agree with law 3 principle, rule 3 principle kaidah bahasa Indo­nesia principles of Indonesian language  3 theorem Sudah menjadi kaidah fisika bahwa es mulai cair pada suhu 00 Celsius It’s a physics theorem that ice starts melt at 00 Centigrade

kail; mengail: v /lu/  fish with hook and line.
-mengail: v to cath fish with fising hook
-pengail: n 1 sb whose job or hobby is to fish by fishing hook 2 fishing hook –syn: /lu/ (n)pancing;  (v) memencing

kain: n /lu/ 1 cloth, fabric, material. |cloth used for making clothes, curtains etc| 2  clothes |the things that people wear to cover their bodies or keep warm| Ada toko kain dekat kesini. There is a clothes shop near here. 3 kain panjang: a piece of batik used by a woman by twisting it to cover the body from her waist down to the ankle  loincloth.
-berkain: v wear ‘kain panjang’
-kain basahan: n bathing robe
-kain bayang: n transparent cloth
-kain belacu: n unbleached cotton cloth.
-kain bentangan: n ban­ner.
-kain cap: n printed cloth.
-kain caul: n fine cloth from the western coast of India.
-kain cemar/kotor: n menstruation clothe
-kain cita: n chintz |smooth cotton cloth with brightly colored patterns on it|
-kain dewangga: n colored fabric
-kain dondang: n cloth for rocking a baby
-kain dukung: n cloth slung over sb’ shoulder to carry a baby.
-kain gebar: n 1 cover sheet 2 blanket
-kain gerim: n coarse flannel
-kain guni: n burlap
-kain gordin: n curtain
-kain linan: n linen
-kain sarung: n sarong
-kain tenun: n woven cloth.

kais; mengais: v /lu/ 1 scratch |if a hen is trying to find food on the ground by scratching its legs| 2 .idiom/ work hard for living Dia harus mengais seharian menghidupi keluarganya He has to work hard all day long to feed his family 3 scratch a place with sth to find sth

kaisar: n /lu/ 1 Emperor. 2 Caesar.
-kekaisaran: n empire.

kait1: n 1 hook 2 knitting needle

kait2; mengait: v /intr/lu/  knit Ibu saya tahu mengait baju panas. My mother knows to knit a sweater 2 hook |fastened or hung onto something|  Tali layang-layang itu mengait pada dahan sebuah pohon The kite’s string is fastened onto the branch of a tree
-mengaitkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 hook |to fasten or hang sth onto sth else| Kaitkan tali itu ke paku Hook the string onto a nail 2 connect |to find a reason that an issue or a case  is related to other issue or case| Jangan coba mengaitkan kasus itu dengan saya. Don’t try to connect this case to me.
-terkait: v /pass.v./ 1 be hooked |be fastened or hung onto something else| Baju saya sobek karena terkait pada sebuah paku. My shirt tore out because it was hooked onto a nail.  2 be connected Polisi sedang mencoba mencari apakah pembunuhan itu terkait dengan tujuan politik. The police is trying to find out if the murder is connected to a political purpose.
-keterkaitan: n 1 connection 2 relation

kajil: n /lu/ 1 lesson about religion (especially Islam) 2 investigation
-kaji lama: n old teaching
-mengaji: v 1 learn to read Koran 2 learn to read Arabic letter 3 to study, to learn
-pengajian: n 1 reading Koran study  2 the activities related to learning Koran

kaji2: mengkaji: v 1 analyze, learn, inspect, examine, investigate 2 predict, forecast, estimate
-pengkajian: n 1 investigation, prediction, examination, inspection 2 forecasting, estimation
-pengkaji: n 1 researcher 2 investigator 3 examiner 4 inspector 5 forecaster
-tidak terkaji: adj 1 unpredictable 2 inscrutable.

kakak1: n 1 elder brother or sister 2 term of ad­dress or reference (esp. kak) for a person somewhat older than the speaker. 3 term of address to sb’s husband (in some areas).
-berkakak: v to be elder brothers or sisters.  Saya berkakak kepada dia. She/he is my elder brother/sister. Apa kamu berkakak kepada Nadia? Do you call ‘kak’ to Nadia?

kakaktua: variant of  kakatua:

kakanda: n /ltr/ dear elder brother or sister (esp. in letters).

kakang: n /Jv/ elder brother.

kakao: n /lu/ cocoa.

kakapl: n /lu/ 1 name given to many large fish  2 big-time criminal, gangster. 3 large-scale (firm, operation).

kakap2; mengkakap: v 1 patrol, scout. 2 hold, grasp. 3 work a wet rice ­field

kakatua: n 1 cockatoo (bird). 2 pincers, pliers with pincer shape like the beak of a cockatoo (tool)  3 sea fish – Callyodon

Kakbah: variant of Kaabah:

kakek: n /lu/ 1 grandfather or grand-uncle. 2 term of address for an old man.
-kakek moyang: n ancestor.

kakek-kakek: adj very old Saya bertemu dengan seorang kakek-kakek di rumah itu I meet a very old man in the house.

kaki: n /lu/ 1 foot |the part of your body that you stand on and walk on| Berapa ukuran kaki kamu What is the size of your leg?  2 leg. |either of the two long parts of your body between your tight and your foot, or similar part on an animal or insect| Bagaimana kaki kamu bisa patah? How did you break your leg? |in some cases, the tght is also considered as a ‘kaki’| 3 one of the upright parts that supports a piece of furniture| kaki kursi a chair leg kaki meja table leg 4 contact person, representative Perusahaan ini punya kaki di banyak kota This company has branches in many cities 5 kaki-tangan: spy  Saat revolusi dia adalah kaki-tangan musuh At the revolution he was a spy for the enemy. 6 steps Tolong berdiri di kaki tangga saya akan memotret kamu. Please stand on the stairs step, I’ll take your picture. 7 kaki lima: sidewalk 8 feet |a unit of length measurement| Tingginya kira-kira tiga kaki It’s about tree feet high. 9 kaki angkasa: horizon 10 standard kaki papan tulis board standard 11 easel kaki lukisan painting  easel 12 tripod kaki kamera tripod
berkaki: v have leg  sebuah meja berkaki tiga a three-leg table.

kaktus: n cactus.

kaku: adj /lu/ 1 rigid |rigid methods, systems, ideology, etc. or  very strict and difficult to change|  displin yang kaku a rigid discipline 2 stiff |difficult to bend or move| papan plat yang kaku stiff cardboard 3 inflexible |impossible to influence or change| satu pribadi yang berprinsip kaku a very inflexible personality
-kekakuan: n rigidness 2 stiffness 3 inflexibility

kakus: n /lu/ privy, latrine.

kalal: n /lu/ 1 time, era, period, age. Pada suatu kala mereka akhirnya menikah. Once upon a time, finally they married. Tak kala ada peperangan semua kami berpisah At the time there was a war all of us separated 2 /ling./ tense. kala lampau past tense kala mendatang future time kala kini present time
-ada kalanya: adv sometimes, occasionally
-berkala: adv regular, periodic
-berkala-kala: adv from time to time

kala2: n /lu/ 1 kala jengking: scorpion 2 kala lipan: cen­tipede. 2 /Zod./ Scorpio.

kala3: n /ld/ trap |a trap especially to catch a tiger|

kalah1: adj /lu/ 1 defeated, loose |lose the game or war| Negara itu kalah dalam perang The country was defeated in a war. 3 inferior to Saya mengaku bahwa saya kalah terhadap dia dalam hal pengalaman. I admit that I’m inferior to her in terms of experiences.

kalah2: v 1 lose |to not win a game, war, argument, etc.| Kami kalah dalam pertandingan terakhir We lost at the final game|  Kalau saya kalah dalam pemilihan yang akan datang, saya akan pensiun sebagai politisi If I lose the next election, I’ll retire as a politician  Dia banyak kalah berjudi. He lost a lot in gmbling. 2 fail Kalau saya kalah dalam ujian ini, saya akan mengulangi lagi. If I fail this test, I’ll try next time
-mengalah: v give in, give up, yield |to accept to do sth after sb forced or persuaded you, although you can refuse it|  Menteri mengalah pada tuntutan parlemen untuk menurunkan biaya birokrasi The minister yielded to the parliament’s demands for reducing the bureaucrat cost.
-kalah gertak: adv defeated by an intimidation, give up to an intimidation.
-kekalahan: n loss Kekalahan jangan sampai merusak semangat tempur kita. The loss should not ruin our fighting spirit
-mengalahkan: v 1 defeat 2 conquer 3 overcome 4 overpower 5 overwhelm
-terkalahkan: adj can be defeated

kalang: n /lu/ 1 colon  2 support 3 prop.
-kalag hulu: n pillow, headrest.
-berkalang: v have sth to support, be supported. Atap itu berkalang empat tiang The roof be supported by four poles
-mengkalang: v support (sth)
-mengkalangkan: v /tr/ use sth as a support to other thing Kalangkan potongan kayu itu ke kaki meja. Use that wood cut to support the table leg.
-memperkalang: v be supported by (sth) Lemari itu berkalangkan sepotong papan The cupboard is supported by a piece of board.
-terkalang: v 1 be supported  2 be hampered  3 be thwarted  4 be blocked 5 be stuck  Jendela itu terkalang sebuah paku yang menonjol keluar. The window was stuck by a protruding nail
-kalangan: n 1 shipyard, dry-dock. 2 /sport/ arena, field, court kalangan sepakbola soccer filed kalangan tennis tennis court 3 realm |an area of knowledge, interest, or thought| satu penemuan baru dikalangan sejarawan new discoveries in the realm of historian 4 social class |a group of people in a society that earn a similar amount of money, have similar types of job etc.| Calon presiden berjanji akan memotong pajak kalangan menegah ke bawah The president candidate promised to cut tax for the middle and lower class..

kalang-kabut: adv /lu/ helter-skelter Begitu polisi datang mereka lari kalang kabut As the police came they ran helter-skelter

kalap: adj /lu/ 1 incensed |angry beyond control| 2 infuriated |extremely angry 3  violent because possessed by an evil spirit.
-kekalapan: n 1 outrage 2 atrocity 3 bewilderment.

kalau: conj. .lu/ 1 if |in case that sth might happen|  Kalau kita pergi sekarang mungkin kita masih bisa dapat kerta api pertama. If we go now, probably we still can catch the first train  2 whether |used in order to mean “whether” sth is true or really happen| I want to know if she like to go with us.  Saya ingin tahu kalau dia mau ikut kita 3 used when you are asking or deciding something: Apa kamu kebe-ratan kalau saya pakai teleponnya? Would you mind if I used your phone? 4 in a condition Kalau pekerjaan kamu sudah selesai kamu boleh pergi. In a condition that (if ) your work finished you may go.
-kalau-kalau: conj. if (used to intensify the speaker anxiety)
-kalaupun: adv even though, although  |used in order to emphasize that although one thing happens or is true, something else also happens or is true| Dia tidak mau pergi  kalaupun ibunya mengijinkan. She wouldn’t go, even though her mother let her.

Kalbar {Kahmantan Barat}: n West Kalimantan.

kalbu: n /lu/ 1 heart. 2 mind. Jangan simpan sendiri, beritahu kami apa yang ada dalam kalbu kamu Don’t keep it for yourself, tell us what is there in your heart.
Note: Pay attention to the difference between disimpan and simpan in the following sentence Jangan disimpan /simpan dalam hati If you use disimpan, the English sentence will approximately sound ‘It shouldn’t be kept in your heart” If you use simpan the English sentence will sound ‘Don’t keep it in your heart’ It means that simpan is an active voice with ‘you’ as the subject And disimpan is a passive voice with ‘it’ as the subject

kaldera: n /ld/ caldera |a large crater (hole) formed by volcanic explosion| -syn: /lu/ kawah

kaldu: n /lu/ broth, stock (for soup). kaldu ayam chicken broth

kaleidoskop: n /lu/ kaleidoscope

kaleidoskopis: adj /lu/ kaleidoscopic

kalem: adj calm. cool, patient, relaxed. Kalem dulu. Jangan terus marah. Be calm. Don’t get angry.

kalender: n /lu/ calendar.

kaleng: n /lu/ 1 tin can. kaleng penyiram watering can. kaleng susu milk can 2 tin. atap kaleng tin roof. 3 tin plate.
-mengalengkan: v can, preserve food into can
-pengalengan: n the process of putting things to a can
-kalengan: adj in cans. daging kalengan canned meat.

kali1: n /West Java only/ river.

kali2: adv /lu/ times Sekali seminggu dia datang kesini Once in a week he comes here Harga-haraga sudah meningkat dua kali lipat The prices has increased  two times (twice) Tiga kali empat sama dengan dua belas Three times four equal twelve. Kota ini sudah lima kali lipat lebih luas dari 20 tahun  lalu This city has been five times larger than 20 year ago.

kali3: n /lu/ time Kali ini saya maafkan kamu This time I will forgive you. Sudah saya katakan beberapa kali jangan terlambat I told you several times, don’t be late. Ini pertama kali saya melihat dia dalam dua tahun terakhir This is the first time I see her in the last two years.
-berkali-kali: adv several times
-kalian: pron. you (plural)
-mengalikan: v multiply
-perkalian: n multiplication
-pengali: n multiplier.
adv once in awhile
-sekalian1: adv |used to mean sth can be included to sth else| Pulang kerja sekalian kita mampir di bank On the way home we stop by the bank. Kalau kamu mau cuci pakaian, tolong sekalian pakaian saya If you want to wash your clothes please my clothes be included.
-sekalian: deter. all Kamu sekalian harus sampai disini sebelum pkl 700 pagi besok All of you has to be arrived here before 700 a.m

kali4: adv /Jkt/spo/ probably  “Apa ayah kamu di rumah?” “Ya, kali!” “Is your Daddy home” “Probably yes!”

kalian: pron. you /plural/ (pronoun addressed to equals, younger persons or persons of lower status) Apa kalian sudah lapar? Are you hungry?

kaliber: n /lu/ 1 calibre (of gun). 2 importance, class, level  Dia adalah kaliber besar He is a  big shot. kaliber kecil low class
-berkaliber: v 1 have a certain importance 2 has a certain calibre (gun) pistol berkaliber 38 a 38 mm calibre gun

kalibrasi: n /rech/ calibration |the process of marking an instrument or tool so you can use it for measuring|

kalifah: n /lu/ 1 caliph. 2 caliphate

kaligrafi: n /lu/ calligraphy.

Kalimantan: n Borneo.
Kalimantan Utara: n Sarawak and Sabah.

kalimat: n sentence |a group of words,  written or spoken, that has a subject and a verb, and expresses a complete thought in the form of a statement or a question|
-anak kalimat: n clause
-anak kalimat bebas: n independent clause
-anak kalimat terikat: n dependent clause
-kalimat majemuk: n compound sentence
-kalimat aktif: n a sentence with an active voice verb
-kalimat pasif: n a sentence with a passive voice verb
-kalimat perintah: n imperative sentence
-kalimat pernyataan: n sentence
-kalimat sanggahan: n negation sentence
-kalimat tanya: n question sentence
kalimat bersyarat: n conditional sentence |a sentence using if, as if, as …as, etc)

kalio: n /lu/ meat which is boiled with spices and coconut milk until it is very soft.

kalium: n potassium,  nitrate potassium.

kalk: n substance that contains calcium

kalkarim; kalkarium: n wall paint.

kalkir; mengkalkir: v trace sth over sth

kalkulasi: n calculation
-mengkalkulasi: v calculate.

kalkulator: n calculator.

kalkulir; mengkalkulir: v calculate.

kalkulus: n /math./ calculus

kalkun: n turkey.

kalo: variant of kalau:

kalong: n fruit eating bat

kalor: n /frm/ calorie |the energy or heat that is contained in sth| Lemak mengandung banyak kalor Fat contains much calorie (energy)

kalori: n /lu/  calorie |a unit for measuring heat or calorie|  Kentang ukuran biasa rata-rata mengandung 90 kalori.  An average potato has about 90 calories.

kalpataru: n /ltr/ 1 mythological tree that never dies. 2 annual prize awarded to sb who has made an outstanding contribution to pre­serving the environment.

Kalsel {Kalimantan Selatan}: n South Kalimantan.

kalsium: n calcium.

Kalteng {Kalimantan Tengah}: n Central Kalimantan

Kaltim {Kalimanan Timur}: n East Kalimantan.

kalung: n /lu/ necklace 
-berkalung; berkalungkan: v wear a necklace.
-kalung bunga: n leis
-mengalungi: v to put a necklace or leis to sb Seorang gadis kecil mengalungi tamu terhormat itu dengan bunga A little girl put a leis to the honourable guest.
-pengalungan: n putting a leis or a necklace around sb’s neck.

kalurahan: variant of  lurah:

kalut: adj confused, chaotic, puzzled Persoalan ini sangat kalut This case is very confused Suasana politik yang kalut. A chaotic political atmosphere
-kekalutan: n confusion, chaos, puzzlement, bewilderment
-mengalutkan1: v confuse, puzzle, mix up Ketidak stabilan nilai tukar mata uang asing telah mengalutkan banyak importir The unstableness of foreign currency exchange has confused many importers
-mengalutkan2: adj confusing Ini satu kebijakan yang mengalutkan This is a confusing policy

Kalut {Kalimantan Utara}: n North Kalimantan.

kamar1: n 1 room |a part of the inside of a building that has its own walls, floor, and ceiling| kamar tidur bed room kamar mandi bathroom kamar bedah operating room 2 chamber. kamar pembakaran combus­tion chamber  Kamar Dagang Indonesia Indonesian Chamber of Commerce
-berkamar: v to have room Hotel itu berkamar 200 The hotel has 200 rooms
-kamar darurat: n emergency room (first aid station)
-kamar belajar: n studying room, classroom.
-kamar bersalin: n delivery room.
-kamar ganti/rias: n dressing room.
-kamar gelap: n 1 darkroom. 2 prison cell
-kamar induk: n master bedroom.
-kamar jenazah: n morgue
-kamar kecil: n lavatorv, toilet, restroom. ­
-kamar petak: n parti­tioned room.
-kamar rias: n dress­ing room.
-kamar tunggu: n waiting room
-kamar tahanan: n prison cell.

kamar2: n frm/lu/ chamber Kamar Dagang Indonesia Indonesian Chamber of Commerce

kambing: n /lu/ goat. |a common farm animal with horns and with long hair under its chin|
-/idiomatic/ kambing congek: n stupid or ignorant person
-/idiomatic/ kambing hitam: n scapegoat |someone who is blamed for something bad that happens, even if it is not his/her fault|

kamboja: n /lu/ a tree that has flower usually planted to shade grave

Kamboja: n Cambodia |one of the Southeast Asian countries|

kambuh: v /lu/ have or suffer a relapse. Demamnya kambuh lagi Her fever flared up again.

kamera: n camera.

kamerad: n comrade.

kameraman: n camera man.

kamfer: variant of  kamper:

kamhar: n wool from camel hair.

kami: pron. 1 we, us, our (excluding the person ad­dressed). Kami akan mening-galkan tempat ini segera We’re going to leave this place soon Ini adalah rumah kami This is our house Biarkan saja kami yang mengurusnya. Let us take care of it

Kamis: n Thursday. Kamis Putih Maundy Thursday.

kamp: variant of kam:

kampak: n /lu/ axe
-mengampak: v cut with an axe

kampanye: n /lu/ campaign |a series of actions that are intended to achieve a particular result, especially in business or politics| satu kampanye menentang merokok di tempat-tempat umum a campaign against smoking in public places.
-berkampanye: v campaign. |to do things publicly to promote a particular idea, especially in business or politics| Partai Demokrat sedang berkampanye mempromosikan calon mereka untuk gubernur. Democrat Party is campaigning to promote their candidate for governor.  –mengampanyekan: v /tr/ to campaign sth.

kampas: variant of kanvas:

kamper: n /ld/ camphor, mothballs. |a volatile crystalline compound C10H16O obtained from camphor tree|

kampiun: n champion, very clever or skilled.

kampong: variant of kampong:

kampung: n 1village 2 quarter 3 residential area for lower classes in town or city
-kampung Cina: n Chinatown.
-kampung halaman: n home, native village, birthplace.
-sekampung1: n 1 the whole village. 2 of the same village. teman sekampung friend from the same village.
-orang kampong: n a hick
-kampungan: adj 1 boorish 2 countrified
-perkampungan: n 1 settle­ment 2 rural area 3 group of villages.
-perkampungan bersama: n commune. Perkampungan Olympiade Olympic Vvillage.

kampus: n /lu/ campus.

kamsia: intrj. /Chn/ thank you.

kamtibmas {keamanan dan ketertiban masyarakat}: n peace and order in society.

kamu: pron /lu/ you, your (singular and plural). kamu ­sekalian all of you.

kamuflase: n /lu/ camouflage.
-berkamuflase: v /intr/ camouflage
-mengkamuflase: v /tr/ camouflage sth

kamuflasering: n /tech/ camouflaging.

kamuflir; mengkamuflasi: v /lu/ camouflage.

kamus: n /lu/ 1 dictioniary |a book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order, with their meanings in the same or another language| Kamus Inggris-Indonesia English-Indonesian Dictionary  2 lexicon |all the words used in a language or a particular profession, or a book containing lists of these words| kamus istilah komputer a lexicon of computer 3 policy, rule, system  Hukuman cambuk tidak ada dalam kamus hukum Indonesia. There is no lashing punishment in Indonesian legal system.

kan?1: question tag do you?, don’t you?, are you?, isn’t it?, etc.  Kamu tidak pergi kerja dengan bus, kan? You don’t go to work by bus, do you?  Kamu punya dua saudara, kan? You do have two brothers, don’t you? Ini mobil kamu kan? This is your car, isn’t it? Sudah saya bilang sama kamu tentang itu, kan? I told you about it, didn’t I? Jangan pergi kan sudah hujan! Don’t go, it is rain, isn’t it?
Notes: In English, a question tag always comes at the end of the sentences. In Indonesia, it may come first, in the middle, or at the end of the sentence. Examples; 1 Kan sudah malam kenapa harus pergi? 2 Kenapa harus pergi, kan sudah malam. 3 Kenapa harus pergi, sudah malam kan? Each of the three sentences has the same meaning “Why you should go, it is dark, isn’t it?”

kan2: suf. /lu/ 1 |used to emphasize the imperativeness of a verb| Buka pintunya! Bukakan pintunya! (Open the door!)  2 |used to make a verb transitive| Dia menyanyi dengan bagus She sings well (intrans.) compare to Dia menyanyikan lagu ini dengan bagus She sings this song well (trans) 3 |to form a verb from a noun|
: n kata (word) ® v katakan (tell, say)
: n tulisan (writing) ® v tuliskan (write down)  4 |to strengthen imperativeness of a verb|
: v ambil (take) ® v ambilkan (take) 5
|used to form a verb from an adjective|
: adj betul (correct)® v betulkan (correct)
: adj rapi (neat) ® v rapikan (make neat)

kan2: v /lu/  short form of akan
takkan (tidak akan): v won’t Percayalah, dia takkan datang sekarang. Believe me, she won’t come now.

kan3: n /ld/ container for boiling tea.

kan4: see kans:

kanak; kanak-kanak: n /lu/ 1 child. 2 /ltr/ small child
-masa kanak-kanak: n childhood.
-kanak-kanak anyir: n new born baby.
-kekanak-kanakan: adj pue­rile, childish.

kanal: n /lu/ l canal. 2 channel.

kanan: n /lu/ 1 right |on the right, if you face North, the East is on your right side|  Putar ke kanan setelah pompa bensin Turn to the right after the gas station. Angkat tangan kanan kamu Raise your right hand. 2 /pol./ |on behalf of liberalism as compare to communism| sayap kanan the right (right wing)
-kanan luar: n /sport/ outside right.
-kekanan-kananan: adj 1 too much to the right. 2 tend to agree with liberalism
-menganan: v 1 turn to the right. 2 keep to the right. Pada lampu lalulintas kita menganan. At the traffic light we turn to the right
-menganankan: v move sth to the right, turn (a ship) to starboard.
-tangan kanan: n 1 right hand. 2 the second man (the most believable person by a decision maker)
-terkanan: adj the farthest to the right

kanari1: n /lu/ the canary tree or its nuts.

kanari2: variant of kenari:

kancah: n /lu/ 1 caldron |large pot for boiling sth| 2 sth figura­tively comparable to a deep pot: depths (of de­spair), abyss (of misery) 3 field
-kancah informasi: n mine of in­formation.
-kancah kesengsaraan: n depths of despair.
-kancah ­peperangan: n battle field
-kancah perjuangan: n arena of struggle.
-kancah politik: n political arena.
-kancah ekonomi: n economic field.
-terkancah: v be thrown into an abyss of misery.

kancana: variant of kencana:

kancil: n 1 mouse deer 2 a clever individual.

kancing: n 1 button. |a small round flat object on your shirt, coat etc. that you pass through a hole to fasten it| Satu kancing baju saya jatuh. One of my shirt button was dropped  2 lock |a thing that keeps a door, drawer etc. fastened or shut and is usually opened with a key|  Tidak ada kancing pada pintu itu There’s no lock on the door.
-kancing resleting: n zipper
-mengancingkan: v 1 button 2 lock
-pengancing: n ­fastener, catch, lock.

kanda: see kakanda:

kandang: n /lu/ 1 cage, coop, stable, stall, pen. |a small area surrounded by a fence or a construction, that farm animals are kept in| Gudang ini akan di robah menjadi kandang ternak This warehouse will be turned to a cattle stable 2 base |original home| Pada putaran pertama PSMS akan main di kandang sendiri. At the first round PSMS will play in their own base
-kandang ayam: n chicken coop.
-kandang babi: n pigpen.
-kandang bulan: n halo around the moon.
-kandang kapal: n boathouse.
-kandang mobil: n garage.
-kandang monyet: n guardhouse.
-masuk kandang: v be knocked out of a competi­tion.
-mengandang: v go into the stall. Kerbau-kerbau itu ­akan mengandang kalau hari mulai gelap The buffalo will go into their stalls when it begins to get dark.
-mengandangi: v close a yard, pasture, with fence.
-mengandangkan: v 1 put (animal) into a stable, pen, or the like. 2 put into a closed garage (car) 3 defeat or kick out (of a competition) 4 jail (criminal)
-pengandangan: n penning up of sth
-pulang kandang: v back home.

kandas: v /lu/ 1 run aground |if a ship runs aground or ashore (kandas), it cannot move because the water is not deep enough. Kapal itu kandas dua mil dari pantai The ship ran aground two miles from the coast.  2 totally fail. Semua upayanya kandas di tengah perjalanan. All his efforts run ground in the mid way.
-ke­kandasan: n failure.
n 1 make a ship run aground  2 cause sth to fail Satu lawan yang sangat tangguh mengandaskan kami masuk ke sepuluh besar. A very tough contender made us fail to enter the best ten.
-terkandas: v be stranded, be run aground, be failed Impian saya terkandas pada putaran semi final My team was failed at the semi-final match.

kandidat: n /lu/ candidate. ujian kandidat (doctoral) candidacy exam.
-kekandidatan: n candidacy.
-mengkandidatkan: v propose sb to be a candidate.

kandis: n /ld/ wild mango |a tree with small sour fruit, used as a spice instead of vinegar|

kandung1: n /ld/ 1 pouch, pocket, sac, purse |a small leather or cloth bag used for keeping and carrying things in| Dia memasukkan uang ke dalam sebuah kandung. She put money into a purse 2 sac | a part shaped like a small bag inside a plant or animal, that contains air or liquid|
kandung (peranakan): n womb, uterus
kandung kencing: n bladder
-kandung empedu: n gall bladder
-kandung jantung: n pericardium |the membranous sac enclosing the heart|
-kandungan: n 1 pregnancy, fetus, embryo.  Berapa umur kandungan kamu? How old is your pregnancy? 2 contents. Kandungan obat ini tertulis pada kemasan. The contents of this medicine are written on the package.

kandung2; mengandung1: v 1 contain (sth) Air ini mengandung bahan-bahan berbahaya. This water contains harmful substances. 2 carry Saya akan periksa apakah dia mengandung virus flu burung. I’ll check if he is carrying bird flue viruses
-berkandungan: v contain of
-mengandung1: v contain of
-mengandung2: adj pregnant Dia sedang mengandung She is pregnant.
-pengandung: n place or land that deposit a certain mineral Apa daerah ini adalah pengandung emas? Is this area a land that deposits gold
-terkandung: v bear (sth) in (sth) Terkandung dalam hati niat untuk menentang keputusan tersebut. Be borne   in mind an intention to oppose the decision.

kandung3: adj direct, true |use to mean the direct or natural blood relationship not step or made by law| Dia adalah saudara kandung saya He is my direct brother/ sister (brother or sister from the same mother and/or father) Dia adalah kakek kandung saya He is my grand father by birth.
-sekandung: adj from the same (parents) Kami berdua adalah keluarga sekandung We are relatives from the same parents.

kang: variant of kakang:

kangen: v /Jv/lu/ long for, miss sb/sth  Saya kangen untuk pergi ke kampung halaman. I long to go to my homeland. Saya kangen kepada anak-anak I miss the children
-mengangeni: v /tr/ long for sb/sth
-kekangenan: n the quality of being long to sb/sth

kangguru: n /lu/ kangaroo

kangkang1: n /lu/ 1 groin |the part of your body where legs join| 2 space between the two legs under the groin.-syn: kelangkang

kangkang2: mengangkang: v /intr/ 1 berdiri mengangkang stand with your legs stretched apart  2 duduk mengangkang sit with your legs stretched apart
-mengangkangi: v /tr/ 1 straddle |to sit or stand with your legs on either side of something|  anak-anak mengangkangi teralis boys straddling the railings 2 astride |having one leg on each side of something| duduk mengangkangi seekor kuda sitting astride a horse. 3 take sb’s right or belongings with force 4 rape |to force someone to have sex by using violence|

kangker: variant of kanker:

kangkung: n /lu/ 1 edible creeping plant, usually grow well on watery soil – Ipornoea reptans 2 large frog or toad.

kangmas: n /Jv/ 1 older brother. 2 term of address for sb’s husband.

kanguru: variant of kangguru:

kanibal: adj /lu/ cannibalistic

kanibalisme: n /lu/ cannibalism:

kanjeng: n /Jv/ form of address or reference for a high-ranking noble.

kanji: n /lu/ starch.
-menganji: v starch sth

kanker: n /lu/ cancer.
kanker ganas: n malignant tumor.

kanopi: n /lu/ canopy.

kanpas: variant of kanvas:

kans: n /lu/ chance, opportunity. Kansnya kecil untuk diterima She has little chance to be accepted.

kanselir: n /frm/ chancellor. –syn: /lu/ konsul, konsuler

kantin: n /lu/ canteen |a place where you can buy food and soft drink, usually attached to a workplace| .

kantong: variant of kantung:

kantor: n /lu/ 1 office 2 service .
-berkantor: v 1 to have an office 2 work
-jam kantor: n office hours Dia sedang berkantor He is working.
-kantor cabang: n branch office
-kantor imigrasi: n immigration service
-kantor bea cukai: n customs service
-kantor pos: n post office
-kantor pusat: n central office.
-pegawai kantor: n office worker
-perkantoran: n office area

kantuk: n /.lu/ sleepiness, drowsiness.
-kekantukan: n drowsiness.
-mengantuk: v feel sleepy.
-pengngantuk: n sleepy­head.
-terkantuk: v doze off.

kantung: n /lu/ 1 pocket 2 bag, pouch. 3 pouch-like part of body.
-berkantong kempis: adj broke, penniless.
-berkantung: v have a pocket.
-kantung buah zakar: n scrotum
-kantung empedu: n gall bladder.
-kantung belakang: n back pocket.
-kantung dada: n breast pocket.
-kantong kemih/kencing: n bladder.
-mengantungi: v put sth in the pocket 2 gain sth Dia mengantongi kemenangan gemilang. He gain a remarkable victory

kanvas: n /lu/ 1 canvas |a type of strong material that is used for making tents, sails, bags etc.| 2 |a piece of canvas on which a picture is painted| 3 the floor of boxing ring. 3 piece of tire or tube used in patching. 4 brake lining.
-mengkanvas: v patch a tire with a piece of rubber. Dia mengkanvas bannya yang robek He put a patch on the broken tire.
-mengkanvaskan: v /boxing/ knock down to the canvas.

Kanwil {Kantor Wilayah}: n regional office.

kaok; berkaok-kaok: v /inf/ cackle (of chickens) 2 yell, shout (of children).
-mengkaoki: v yell or scream (after sb/sth)
-meng­kaokkan: v cackle or veil about. Penonton mengkaoki wasit yang tidak jujur. The spectators yell at the dishonest referee.
-kaokan: n 1 cackling. 2 yelling, screaming.

-kaos kabel: n thimble.
-kaos kaki: n sock, stocking.
-kaos lampu: n mantle of a pressure lantern.
-kaos ­tangan: n glove.
-kaos dalam: n under­shirt.
-kaos kutang: n singlet.
-berkaos: v 1 wear an undershirt. 2 wear a sock

kap: n 1 hood |the metal cover over the engine on a car| 2 shade (of a lamp, etc.).
-kap lampu: n lampshade.

kapabel: adj /lu/ capable, able.

kapabilitas: n /lu/ capability.

kapak1: n /lu/ axe

kapak2: variant of kepak:

kapal1: n /lu/ 1 ship, boat, vessel. 2 aircraft, airplane
-berkapal: v 1 berkapal laut: go by boat 2 berkapal terbang: travel by air
-dok kapal: n dockyard
-kapal angkasa luar: n outer space ship
-kapal angkutan/barang: n freighter, cargo ship.
-kapal api: n steam ship
-kapal bajak: n pirate boat.
-kapal baling-baling: n propeller craft
-kapal buru/sergap: n destroyer
-kapal capung: n spotter plane.
-kapal curah: n bulk ship
-kapal dayung: n pad­dle boat.
-kapal induk: n mother ship.
-kapal jelajah: n cruiser
-kapal katung: n /of/ helicopter
-kapal keruk: n dredger.
-kapal komando/panji: n flagship.
-kapal latih: n training vessel.
-kapal laut: n ocean vessel.
-kapal layar: n sailboat, sailing vessel.
-kapal pandu: n tug boat
-kapal pesiar: n cruise ship
-kapal perang: n war ship
-kapal penyusur (pantai): n coastal vessel, coaster.
-kapal penambang: n ferryboat
-kapal pendarat: n landing ship.
-kapal penumpang: n passenger boat.
-kapal peti kemas: n container ship
-kapal penyapu ranjau: n minesweeper.
-kapal pengiring: n escort vessel
-kapal penyelamat: n salvage ship
-kapal selam: n submarine.
-kapal tangki: n tanker.
-kapal terbang: n airplane.
kapal tempur: n battle ship.
-pengapalan: n shipping.
-perkapalan: n shipping line

kapal2: n /ld/ callus. |an area of hard rough skin on a human or animal body, or on a plant|  Bob punya kapal di kakinya karena terlalu banyak berjalan. Bob has calluses on his feet from walking too much.

kapal3; kapalan: adj /ld/ 1callous 2 stubborn 3 insensitive.

kapanl: adv /lu/ when Kapan mereka tiba? When they arrived? Saya belum tahu kapan kita akan pergi I don’t know yet when we are going to leave.
-kapan-kapan: n any time (in the future) Kapan-kapan saya akan datang lagi kesini. At any time (in the future) I’ll come here again. Silahkan telepon saya kapan-kapan kamu suka. Please call me any time you like.

kapan2: n /ld/ shroud |unbleached cotton, a cloth that is wrapped around a dead person’s body before it is buried|
-berkapan: v be ­shrouded. Mayat itu sudah berkapan. The corpse has been shrouded (has been wrapped in a shroud)
-meng(k)apani: v shroud (a body) with shroud
-mengkapankan: v put shroud to cover a corpse

kapan3: adv /Jkt/inf/  variant of kan as a tag question: Kapan sudah jelas kenapa tanya lagi? Why you ask, it has been clear, isn’t it?

kapar: n /l/ 1 flotsam, driftwood.
-berkaparan: v be scattered, be lit­tered about. Reruntuhan kapal itu berkaparan di mana-mana. The wreckage of the ship  was scattered everywhere.
-kaparan: n 1 flotsam, driftwood. 2 rubbish.
-meng(k)aparkan: v 1 dis­perse, scatter sth 2 deploy (troops).
-terkapar: v /lu/ be lain down 2 be scat­tered, be spread out or about. Dia sedang terkapar di sofa He is lying down on the sofa  Korban-korban ledakan itu terkapar di jalanan. The victims of the blast were scattered about on the road

kaparat: variant of keparat:

kapas: n /lu/1 cotton. 2 cotton plant 3 fleece. 4 gauze. kapas pembalut ster­ilized gauze .
-kapas-kapasan: n various kind of cotton, plants of cotton family

kapasitas; kapasitet: n /lu/ capacity.
-berkapasitas: v have a certain capacity.

kapatihan: see patih:

kapita: see per:

kapital: n /frm/ capital.

kapitalis: n /lu/ capitalist.

kapitalisme: n /lu/capitalism.

kapitan1: n /of/ leader certain ethnic leaders under the Dutch. kapitan Cina the leader of the Chinese  community in a certain area .

kapitan2; kapiten: variant of kapten:

kapitulasi: n /frm/ capitulation.
-berkapitulasi: v capitulate.

kapling: variant of kaveling:

kapoces; kapocis: n /of/ condom.

kapok1: adj /lu/ 1 learn sb’s lesson Dia sudah tidak mau lakukan itu lagi; dia sudah kapok. He doesn’t want to do it again; he has learned his lesson. Pem­bohong itu tidak ada kapoknya. That liar never learn a lesson.

kapok2: variant of kapuk:

Kapol {[kepala Polisi}: n head of the police.

Kapolda {Kepala Polisi Daerah}: n the head of the provin­cial police.

Kapolres {Kepala Polisi Resort}: n head of the district police.

Kapolri {Kepala Polisi Republik Indonesia}: n The head of the Indonesian Police.

Kapolsek {Kepala Polisi Sektor}: n head of the sub-district police.

kaporal: variant of kopral:

kaporit: n /lu/ chlorine.
-mengkaporit: v 1 chlorinate 2 apply chlorine. Apa kamu sudah mengkaporit kolam renang itu? Have you chlori­nated the swimming pool?

kaprah: adj /ld/ 1 usual 2 ordinary.
-tidak kaprah: adj unusual.

kapri: n /ld/ snow peas.

kapsalon: n /lu/ beauty parlor.

kapstok: n /of/ clothes hook, hatrack.

kapsul1: n /lu/ capsule.

kapsul2: n /lu/ hair piece.

kapt. {kapten}: n /lu/ captain.

kapten: n /lu/  1 captain |someone who commands a ship or aircraft| 2 Captain |an officer who has a middle rank in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines| 3 variant of kapitan:
-mengkapiteni: v /tr/ captain |to lead a team or group of people in sb’s capacity as a captain|

kapuk: n /lu/ 1 kapok |a silky fibre obtained from the fruit of silky-cotton tree, used as padding in pillow and mattress|   2  the tree of kapok. 3 rice granary or barn.
-mengkapuki: v fill pillow, mattress, etc. with kapok

kapur: n /lu/ 1 lime, limestone. a) |any of various mineral and industrial form of calcium oxide differing chiefly in the concentration of its constituents as silica, alumina, iron, and the water contents. b) Calsium |symbol Ca – silvery, moderately hard metallic element, constituting approximately three percent of the earth’s crust, basic component of bone, shells, and leaves. Its compound are used to make plaster, quick lime, cement, etc.| 2 kapur barus: a) camphor |a volatile crystalline compound C10H16O. obtained from synthesizing or from camphor tree, use for several purposes such as an insect repellent, explosives, and medicinally as a stimulant, expectorant, and diaphoretic. b) mothballs. 3 dolomite |a light-tinted, especially gray, pink, or white mineral CaMg(CO3)2 used for many purposes, especially to increase soil Ph  4 any kind of tree which wood usually used to make wooden hardboard.
-berkapur: v 1 contain lime. 2 deposit lime
-kapur hidup: n quicklime.
-kapur pertanian: n dolomite.
-kapur sirih: n lime for chewing with betel leaves.
-kapur tulis: n chalk.
-kapur tembok/cat: n mortar.
-mengapuri: v 1 calcify 2 whitewash.
-pengapuran: n 1 calcification (e.g. in lung) 2 plastering. 3 whitewashing.
-/idiomatic/: sekapur sirih: (drive from the practice of putting a little lime of betel, it should not be too much and not be too less) 1 a little bit.  2 a few words |as a short welcome speech, giving bless, giving advice, introduction, etc| . a short speech. Saya ingin memberikan sekapur sirih senandainya di perkenankan. I would like to say a few words if I might.
-mengapur sirih: v to bless, welcome, fare well sb in a traditional ritual.

karaben; karabin: n /lu/ carbine.

karaeng: n /ld/ title of nobility in South Sulawesi.

karakter: n /lu/ character.

karakterisasi: n /frm/ characterization.

karakterisir; mengkarakterisir: v characterize.

karakteristik: n /lu/ characteristic.

karam: v /lu/ sink Proverb: Dua karam hanya seorang yang dihukum.The two sunk, the only one be punished.
-mengaramkan: v /tr/ 1 sink sth 2 cause to fail. Dia selalu mencoba mengaramkan bisnis saya. He always try to fail my business.

karamba: n basket put in running water for raising fish.

karambol; karambola: n .lu/ a toy billiards.

karang1: n /lu/ 1 coral |a hard coloured substance that grows in warm sea water| 2 reef |a line of sharp rocks or a raised area of sand near the surface of the sea| 3 atoll |a ring-like coral island that encloses a lagoon|.
-berkarang: adj 1 be fulfilled by coral  2 deeply rooted, chronic (of illness etc.).
-terkarang: v run aground on a coral reef
-karang-karangan: n various types of coral.

karang2; mengarang: v /lu/ 1 write, composing (a book, an article, a play script, music, etc.) Dia mengarang sejarah kepahlawanan Sudirman. He wrote the story of Sudirman’s heroism. 2 arrange (flower bucket, decoration) 3 make up (a story, a situation)
-karangan: n 1 composition 2 arrangement 3 writing 4 bouquet (flower)
-mengarang-ngarang: v make up (a story)
-pengarang: n 1 author 2 writer 3 composer 4 arranger (flower)

karang3; pekarangan: n /lu/ 1 yard 2 stay 3 club karang taruna youth club
-pekarangan belakang: n backyard

karangkitri: n /ld/ fruit-producing trees in a yard.

karantina: n /lu/ quarantine.
-meng(k)arantinakan: n /tr/ quarantine, isolate.

karapan sapi: n /lu/ bull race.

karat1: n /lu/ stain. rust.
-berkarat: adj 1 rusty 2 corroded 3 stained
-karat besi: n iron rust.
-karatan: adj 1 rusty 2 corroded 3 stained
-pengkaratan: n 1 corrosion, corroding.

karat2: dtr. /lu/ 1 carat. emas 24 karat 24 carat gold 2 quality, value.

karate: n /lu/ karate.

karateka: n /lu/ sb who engages in karate.

karavan: n /lu/ camper

karawitan: n /Jv/Sd/  traditional music instrument using different type of gong

karbit: n /lu/ carbide.

karbohidrat: n /lu/ carbohydrate.

karbol: n /lu/ carbolic acid.
-meng(k)arbol: v 1 clean with carbolic acid. 2 bawl out.

karbon: n carbon. kertas karbon: carbon paper.

karburator: n carburetor.

karcis: n 1 ticket. 2 card
karcis masuk: n admission ticket.
-karcis pasar: n daily payment for permission to sell in the mar­ket.
karcis pulang pergi: n round-trip ticket
-karcis terusan: n through ticket.
-karcis nama: n calling card.
-berkarcis: adj ­requiring tickets (show, for an event, etc.).

kardinal: n /lu/ cardinal.

kardiograf: n /tech/ cardiographs.

kardiografi: n /tech/ cardiography.

kardiogram: n /tech/ cardiogram.

kardiolog: n /tech/ cardiologist.

kardiologi: n /tech/ cardiology.

kardus: n /lu/ 1 cartoon 2 cartoon box 2 cardboard box.

kare: variant of kari:

karedok: n /Snd/ cooked vegetable salad.

karembong: n /ld/ shawl or stole |a piece of clothe worn over sb’s shoulder, or diagonally across body|

karena: conj. /lu/ 1 because Kami tidak bisa pergi karena ada hujan. We couldn’t go, because there was rain. 2 of  Ayahnya meninggal karena kanker. His father died of cancer  3 cause (by) Tanah longsor itu karena gempabumi. The landslide caused by earthquake

karesidenan: n /of/ residency (administrative unit of the colonial period).

karet: n /lu/ 1 rubber 2 condom
-karet alam: n natural rubber.
-kaet gelang: n rub­ber band.
-karet bongkah: n crumb rubber.
-karet buatan: n synthetic rubber.
-karet busa: n foam rubber.
-karet cair: n latex.
-karet mentah: n crude (rubber).
-karet lembaran: n sheet rubber. ­
-karet penghapus: n eraser.
-karet remah: n crumb rubber.

karet: adj /lu/ 1 unfix 2 elastic Jadwal ini tepat, tidak waktu karet This schedule is fixed, not unfixed time  Apa jam kamu jam karet? Is your watch an elastic (rubber) watch?

kargo: n freight. kargo udara air freight.

kari: n curry |a dish of meat cooked in a spicy sauce| kari ayam chicken curry.

karib: adj /lu/ 1 intimate. Dia adalah teman karib saya She is my intimate friend 2 close related. Apa kamu karib dengan Hun Sen? Are you close related to Hun Sen? 3 get along Bagaimana kamu bisa karib dengan Bob? How do you get along with Bob?  -syn: akrab:
-mengkaribkan: v /tr/ tighten (relationship) Usaha kerjasama ini akan mengkaribkan  kedua negara. This joint venture will tighten the two countries.
-kekariban: n 1 intimacy 2 closeness

karier: n /lu/ career.

karikatur: n /lu/ caricature.

karikatural: adj /frm/ caricatural.

karikaturis: n /lu/ caricaturist.

karir: variant of karier:

karisma: n /lu/ charisma.

karismatik; karismatis: adj /lu/ charismatic.

karma: n /lu/ karma |fate you experienced as the result or influence of what you did in the previous time and the fate you’ll experience in the future as the result of what you are doing now, according to some religions |

karna: variant of karena:

karnaval: n /lu/ carnival.

karnivor: n /frm/ carnivore.

karo {kepala biro}: n head of a bureau (a department of a larger organization)

Karo: n an ethnic group in North Sumatera that is belongs to the larger ethnic of Batak

karosel: n /tech/ carousel. a) |the circular moving belt that you collect your bags and suitcases from at an airport| b) |a circular piece of equipment that you put photographic slides into it for showing a slide through a projector|

karoseri: n /lu/ 1 body of a car. 2 body shop.
-mengkaroseri: v  build the body of a vehicle.
-mengkaroserikan: v send vehicle to the shop to built its body.

karpet: n /lu/ carpet.

karpus: variant of kerpus:

karsa: n /ltr/ wish, intention. karsa dan karya will and work .

kartel: n /lu/ cartel.

kartika: n /ltr/ star. kartika Yudha Yudo  Star Wars.

kartografi: n /tech/ cartography.

karton: n /lu/1 carton. 2 cardboard, hardboard.
-karton gelombang: n corrugated carton.
-karton jerami: n strawboard.

kartotek; kartotik: n card file.

kartu: n /lu/ card.
-kartu anggota: n membership card.
-kartu catu (beras): n (rice) ration card.
-kartu indeks: n index card.
-kartu induk: n master card.
-kartu kuning: n 1 registration card for job job seekers. 2 /sport/ yellow card |last warning for fault|
-kartu lebaran: n Idulfitri post card.
-kartu merah: n red card |expulsion from the game|
-kartu nama: n business card.
-kartu Natal: n Christmas post card.
-kartu pemilih: n 1 ballot 2 voter’s ID
-kartu penduduk: n ID (identification) card.­

kartun1: n /lu/ cartoon.

kartun2: variant of karton:

kartunis: n /lu/ cartoonist.

karu; berkaru; tidak karuan: adj /lu/ 1 confused 2 perplexed 3 puzzled
-kekaruan: n 1 confusion 2 perplexity 3 puzzle
-mengkarukan: v confuse 2 perplex 3 puzzle. Gejala penyakit Sharon mengkarukan para  dokter. Sharon’s symptoms perplexed the doctors.
-tidak karu-karuan: adj completely confused

karuan: variant of keruan:

Karun1: n a very rich person in Moses era who one time drown to the earth with all of his wealth and property.

karun2: adj /lu/ 1 anonymous 2 illegal |about the source of treasure|
-harta karun: n hidden treasure

karung: n /lu/ hag, sack.
-/idiom/: membeli kucing dalam karung buy a pig in a poke.
-berkarung: v /intr/ be in a sack.
-berkarung-karung: v /intr/ consists of several sacks.
-mengarungi: v /tr/ 1 put (sth) into sacks.
-mengarungkan: v /tr/ put sb in a sack to death.

karunia: n /lu/ bless,  gift, grant from above.
-mengaruniai: v give, grant, reward,   Tuhan telah mengaruniai kami kemerdekaan God has granted us independence. Raja mengaruniai mereka sebidang tanah The king presented them a piece of land.
-mengaruniakan: v give (sth) as a gift.  Tuhan telah mengaruniakan kemerdekaan kepada kami. God’s granted independence for us.
Notes: Pay attention to the difference between mengaruniai and mengaruniakan Use mengaruniai if the direct object of the verb is a person. Use mengaruniakan if the direct object of the verb is a thing or something.

karya: n /lu/ work, opus |all creative things such as a writing, paintings, composition, etc. that a writer, artist, composer, architect has done| karya lengkap Shakespeare the complete works of Shakespeare.
-berkarya: v have sth valuable to do
-dikaryakan: v /pass.v/ 1 be used to do sth valuable or frofitable. 2 make sth productive.
-cipta karya: n creative work.
-mengkaryakan: v /tr/ 1 used sb/sth 2 make sb/sth to work or to be productive.
-karya besar: n magnum opus.
-karya cipta: n creation.
-karya tulis: n script, writing.
-karya ilmiah: n scientific paper.
-karya nyata: n empirical work, laboratory.
-karya jasa: n labour work.
-karyawan: n workers |white collar and blue collar workers – but largely interpreted as white collar workers|
-karyawati: n female workers
-karya wisata: n field trip, study tour.
-karya seni: n art work.
-kekaryaan: n 1 sth related to work, productivity 2 employment
-pengkaryaan: n assignment to make a particular work.

kas: n /lu/ 1 case |safety box or a container for keeping something| kas uang a money case  kas permata a jewelry case Untuk sementara simpan saja uang itu di kas Temporarily just keep the money on the case 2 saldo kas: balance |available money or money supply in cash or in a bank| Berapa kas setelah pembayaran semua pengeluaran dan pajak? How much the balance after all expenses and taxes?  2 cashier’s window. Bayarlah di kas Please pay to the cashier’s window.
-buku kas: n balance book
-pemegang kas: n treasurer

kasa1: n /lu/ fine net made from cotton tread, plastic or metal string that is used as an insect net, air filter, water filter, bandage, etc.

kasa2: see kassa:

Kasab [Kepala Staff Angkatan Bersenjata}: n Chief of the Armed Forces dealing with staffing – compare to Pangab {Panglima Angkatan Bersenjata}; n Armed Forces  Chief in Commander.

kasad: n /frm/ 1 objective,  intention,  purpose. 2 connotation, insinuation, implication

Kasad {Kepala Staf Ankatan Darat}: n Army Chief of Staff

kasak-kisik;  kasak-kusuk: v /inf/ 1 silently but aggressively persuade people to agree, to follow, or to do sth you want 2 to do informal campaign 3 lobby

Kasal {Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut}: n Navy Chief of Staff.

kasanah: see khazanah:

kasap: adj /ld/ 1 coarse  2 rough to the touch.

kasar: adj /lu/ 1 coarse, rough, rugged (of facial features). 2 crude  minyak kasar crude oil. 3 cruel, uncouth |behaving or speaking in a way that is rude and unacceptable|
-meng(k)asari: v /tr/ treat roughly or harshly.
-meng(k)asarkan: v /tr/ 1 roughen 2 coarsen sth
-memperkasar: v make sth coarser or rougher.
-kekasaran: n 1 coarseness. roughness. 2 rudeness 3 cruelness.

kasasi: n /lu/ 1 |the jurisdiction of the highest court beyond which there is no appeal| 2 appeal to the higher or supreme court.
-mengkasasikan: v bring a case to a higher court to re-judge.

kasatmata: adj /lu/ 1 obvious 2 transparent 3 plain (in view)

Kasau1 |Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara}: n Chief of Air Force Staff

kasau2: n /lu/ rafter |one of the large sloping pieces of wood that form the structure of a roof|
-kasau betina: n common rafter
-kasau jantan: n main rafter

kasbon: n /lu/  cash that is sb receipt as and advanced payment before payday.

kaset: n /lu/ 1 cassette, tape 1 |a small flat plastic case used for playing or recording sound or pictures|  kaset video video cassette.
-mengkasetkan: v record sth on a cassette.

kasi1; mengasi: v /lu/ 1 give |to provide sb with something, or let someone have sth| Saya mau kasi buku ini kepada Anton I want to give this book to Anton 2 allow Saya akan kasi kesempatan sekali lagi. I’ll allow you to do it once more. (I’ll give you another chance) 3 kasi tahu: inform or let sb know sth Kasi tahu apa sebenarnya yang terjadi Tell what really happened. 4 kasi lihat: show Mereka kasi lihat kami satu pertunjukan luar biasa. They show us an extravagant performance.
-kasi makan: v feed
-kasi salam: v greet
-kasi turun: v take down
-mengasikan: v /tr/ give sth to sb

Kasi2 {kepala seksi}: n administrative section head.

kasian: see kasih:

kasiat: variant of khasiat:

kasidah: n religious chant in Arabic song to the rhythm of a gambus.

kasih1: n /lu/ 1 love |a feeling of likeness or enjoyment of sb or sth| Dia menunjukkan kasih yang tulus kepada kami. She gives us an honest love. 2 affection |a feeling of gentle caring| Brand menunjukkan rasa kasih mendalam kepada orang miskin. Brand  felt great affection for/towards the poor
-belas kasihan: n 1 pity 2 sympathy 3 compassion 4 regret
-kasih hati: mengasih hati: v tolerate Jangan kasih hati terhadap tindakan bejad seperti itu Don’t tolerate such cruel action.
-berkasih-kasihan: v love each other
-kasihan: v pity |to feel sympathy for someone because she/he is in a bad situation|
-kasih mesra: n de­voted love, great affection.
-kasih sayang: n love and affec­tion.
-kasih tidak sampai: n unrequited love.
-kekasih: n sb we love
-mengasihi: v love (sb)
-mengasihani: v /tr/ 1 look pity toward sb. 2 feel sympathy
-mengasihi sesama: v love each other
-pengasih: adj mer­ciful, compassionate.

kasih2: variant of kasi:

kasima; terkasima: adj upset, disconcerted.

kasino: n casino.

kasir: n /lu/ cashier.

kasmaran: v /Jv/ be smitten with love.
-mengkasmarai: v be madly in love with.

kassa: n /lu/ 1 cashier, cashier’s desk. 2 ticket box.

kasta: n /lu/ caste |one of the social classes of Hinduism followers to which sb is born, that cannot be changed.
-kasta brahma: n the caste to which religious leaders belong to.
-kasta kesatria: n the caste to which the members of an autocracy and its apparatus belong to
-kasta waisya: n the caste to which business persons, traders, farmers who has their own land, professional workers belong to.
-kasta sudra: n the caste to which common people such as homeless, beggar, etc. belong to

kastel: n /of/ castle |a very large strong building built in past times to protect the people inside from attack| -syn: benteng

kasti: n children’s game similar to baseball.

kastroli: n /lu/ castor oil.

kasturi: variant of kesturi:

kasuari: n /lu/ cassowary.

kasur: n /lu/ mattress.
-jatuh di kasur: /idiom/ come out well.

kasus: n /lu/  case a) |a particular situation that exists, particularly related to law or legacy| Kasus warisan itu sekarang sudah dibawa ke pengadilan The case of the heritage now has been taken to the court. b) |an example of a disease or illness, or the person suffering this disease or illness|  Ada sepuluh kasus malaria di desa itu baru-baru ini There have been ten cases of malaria in the village recently.

kawah: adj /ld/ stubborn

kata1: n /lu/ 1 word |the smallest unit of phrases or sentences, that usually represents any of the parts of speech such as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.|  “Meja” adalah kata bahasa Indonesia untuk “table” “Meja” is Indonesian word for “table”  Tulis satu karangan tentang keluarga kamu sejumlah 500 kata Write a 500-word essay about your family. 2 word |something that you say or write| Saya tidak mendengar kata-kata yang kamu ucapkan. I didn’t hear/understand the words you said. Saya janji tidak akan mengatakan satu kata-pun tentang kejadian ini kepada ibu. I promise I won’t  say a word about the accident to Mom.

kata2; berkata: v /intr/ 1 speak. Dia berkata dengan tulus He speak honestly 2 say Apa kata kamu? What did you say? 3 tell Saya yakin dia berkata yang sebenarnya, I believe that he told the truth.
-berkata-kata: v talk about
-dikatakan: v be said Telah dikatakan bahwa semua boleh ikut pergi. It has been said that everybody can go.
-mengatakan; katakan: v /intr/tr/ 1 say Mereka tidak mau mengatakan apa yang terjadi. They didn’t want to say what has happened. Katakan saja apa keinginan kamu. Just say what you want. Dia tidak mau katakan (mengatakan) siapa yang berada dibelakang dia dalam kasus ini. He didn’t want to say who behind him in this case. 2 tell Apa kamu sudah katakan masalah kamu ini kepada orang tua kamu? Have you told your parents about your problem?
-perkataan: n word Kita mengikat kerbau dengan tali, tetapi kita mengikat orang dengan perkataannya. We tie a buffalo with a string, but we tie people with his/her words.
-mengatangatai: v gossip (sb)
-kata dasar: n root word.
-kata asli: n native word.
-kata hati/batin: n conscience.
-kata benda: n substantive noun
-kata bentukan: n neologism.
-kata ganti: n pronoun.
-kata kerja: n action verb
-kata kerja bantu: n auxiliary verb.
-kata keterangan: n adverb.
-kata sifat: n descriptive adjective.
-kata lawan: n antonym.
-kata padanan: n synonym
-kata majemuk: n compound words
-kata masukan: n head word, entry word
-kata pendahuluan: n preface.
-kata pengantar: n introduction.
-kata sambutan: n speech kata sambutan kedatangan welcome speech kata sambutan perpisahan farewell speech.
-kata penghubung/perangkai: n conjunction.
-kata tunjuk: n preposition.
-kata sandang: n article.
-kata sandi: n password.

katabelece: see katebelece:

katagori: variant of kategori:

katak: n /lu/1 frog 2 toad.
-/idiom/ seperti katak dibawah tempurung (like a frog in a nut shell): shallow-minded.

katalis; katalisatorn /lu/ catalyst |sb/sth that makes an important event or change happen|  Gerakan mahasiswa telah menjadi katalis dalam perobahan sistim politik The student’s movement became a catalyst for the change in political system.

katalisasi: v /lu/ catalysis
-mengkatalisasi: v catalyze
-katalisator: n catalyzer

katalog; katalogus: n catalog. katalog induk main catalog.

katalogisasi: n /frm/ cataloging (of books).

katapel; katapil: variant of ketapel:

katarak; n /lu/ cataract.

katebelece: n /of/ informal note from a powerful figure to another asking for action (to bypass bureau­cracy or the like).

katedral: n /lu/ cathedral.

kategis: variant of katekis:

kategori: n /lu/ category.
-berkategori: v be categorized
-pengkategorian: n categorizing.
meng(k)ategorikan: v categorize.

kategorial: adj /frm/ categorical. |related to category|
-kategoris: adj categorist |exact, clear, by category|

katek1: n /lu/ armpit.
-men(k)ateki: v tickle.

katek2: see katal:

katekese: n /ld/ catechism.

kateketik: adj /ld/ catechetical.

katekis: n /ld/ catechist. |a person who catechize

katekisasi: n /ld/ catechization

katekismus: n /ld/ catechism.

katekumen: n /ld/ catechumen. |sb who is learning Christian teaching before baptism|

katepel: variant of ketapel:

katering: n /lu/ catering.

kates: n /Jv/ papaya.

kateterisasi: n /ld/ catheterization.

kati: n /of/ catty |a unit of weight equal to 617 grams).
-mengkati: v weight the catty.
-katian: n 1 catty scales. 2 by the catty.

katoda; katode: n /lu/ cathode.

Katolik: n Catholic.
-Roma Katolik: n Roman Catholic:
-kekatolikan: n catholicism.

katrol1; mengkatrol: v /lu/ 1 (physically, quantitatively) lift, hoist, raise by a pulley 2 (normatively, qualitatively) promote, raise, improve.

katrol2: n /lu/ 1 pulley 2 hoist 3 crane raise. Pemilik perusahaan mengkatrol dia ke posisi lebih tinggi atas pengabdian dia yang sudah lama. The company’s owner promoted her to a higher position for her long time dedication.
-pengkatrolan: 1 promotion 2 lifting 3 hoisting |the process and matter related to such activities| |

katul: variant of bekatul:

katulistiwa: see khatulistiwa:

katun: n /lu/ cloth made cotton.

katung: n /lu/ sea turtle.
-terkatung-katung: v 1 float Reruntuhan pesawat yang hancur itu masih terkatung-katung di laut. The debris of the crashed plane is still floating on the sea.  Banyak sarnpah terkatung-katung di sungai A lot of refuse floated in the river. 2 drift, be uncertain, hover. Banyak penumpang terkatung-katung karena penutupan airport Many passengers are now in uncertain caused by the airport closure. Dia terkatung-katung antara harapan dan rasa takut. He hovered be­tween hope and fear.

katup1: n /lu/ valve.
-katup jantung: n heart valve.
-katup keluar: n outlet valve.
-katup masuk: n inlet valve. ­
-katup (peng)aman: n safety valve.
-katup tenggorokan: n epiglottis |an elastic cartilage located at the root of the tongue that folds to prevent food from entering the wind pipe during an swallowing|

katup2; mengkatup: v /lu/ 1 close Katup saja pipa itu dengan tangan kamu Close the pipe with your hand 2 shut tight Mulutnya terkatup rapat selama interogasi. His mouth is shut tight during interrogation 3 clasp. Dia mengkatup kedua tangannya di dada He clasped his hands on his chest.
-terkatup: v be closed, be shut, be locked tightly

kau1: pron. see engkau:

kau2: num. /Chn/ nine. kau ban ninety thousand. kau ban go ninety-five thousand, kau cap ninety.

kaula; kawula: n /lu/ 1 servant Mereka adalah kaula untuk raja. They are servants to the king. 2  people, citizen   kaula Negara people of the country kaula muda youth 3 I /of/ the first person pronoun to a very high person such as kng, queen, princes, etc. Kaula mohon maaf datang terlambat I’m sorry for I’coming late.
-ke-kaula-negaraan: n citizenship.
-kaula swapraja: n dependency (of a nation to another).
-kekaula-swap­rajaan: n /ltr./ the status of dependency.

Kaum1: n /lu/ 1 ethnic group Perkawinan antar kaum sudah semakin biasa. Marriage between ethnic group is becoming common.  2 clan Apa kalian masih sekaum? Do you both belong  to the same clan? 3 social class Dia keturunan kaum bangsawan He is a descendant of noble family. 4 society, community |of particular identity, mission, profession, etc.|
-berkaum: v be in group.
-berkaum-kaum: v be in many groups.
-kaum awam: n common people, lay people.
-kaum bangsawan/bendora: n nobility
-kaum cerdik pandai: n scholars, intellectuals.
-kaum dahrian: n atheists.
-kaum olahragawan: n athlete society.
-kaum pedagang: n business people.
-kaum politisi: n politicians society.
-kaum pendatang: n immigrants.
-kaum penjajah: n colonialist.
-kaum perempuan/hawa: n female, women.
-kaum pria/adam: n male, men.

kaum2: n /ld/ religious official who is in charge of the mosque.
-kauman: n the area around the main mosque often settled by the strongly religious fellowships .

kaus: variant of kaos:

Kaus: n /Zod./ Sagittarius .

kausa: n 1 cause 2 movement.

kaustik: adj /tech/ inflammable

kav. {kaveling}: n /lu/ 1 lot |an area of land used especially for building on| 2 parcel (of land).
-mengkavelingkan: v 1 make (a land) into lots  2 parcel (of land).
-peng(k)aplingan: n parcelling of land.

kavaleri: n /lu/ cavalry.

kaver; mengkaver: v to collect and report news

kawah: n 1 cauldron, kettle. 2 crater.

kawak; kawakan: adj /lu/ 1 old. 2 experienced, veteran.
-wartawan kawakan: n experienced reporter.

kawal; mengawal: v /lu/ l guard 2 escort 3 protect 4 watch.
-kawal batas: n border guard.
-berkawal: v 1be guarded, be escorted, be oversaw, be patroled (an area) 2 be on guard.
-pengawalan: n 1 guarding 2 escorting
-pengawal: n 1 guard 2 sentry 3 security

kawan: n /lu/ 1 friend, comrade. 2 companion. 3 partner (in business, in crime, etc). syn: /lu/ teman, sahabat
-berkawan: v be friend Apa kalian berdua berkawan? Are you both friends? Kami sudah berkawan sejak lama. We have been friends for a long time. 2 have a friend Apa kamu berkawan ketika pergi kesana? Did you have friend when you went there?
-kawan bersaing/berlomba: n com­petitor.
-kawan seperjuangan: n comrade-in arms
-kawanan: n 1 group, peer, gang (of people) 2 herd (of cattle) 3 flock (of birds) 4 school (of fish)
-mengawani: v accompany.
-perkawanan: n friendship.
-persekawanan: n 1 alliance 2 companionship 3 partnership
-sekawanan: n 1 a group (of people) 2 a herd (particular cattle) 3 a flock (particular animal)

kawanisme: n /lu/ cronyism |favouritism shown to cronies without regard for their qualifications such as a political appointment to office|

kawanua: n /ld/ fellow countryman (of Menadonese).

kawat: n /lu/ 1 wire, cable |metal that is shaped like thick thread| pagar kawat a wire fence 3 telegraph Dahulu, kawat adalah cara banyak digunakan dalam komunikasi jarak jauh In the past, telegraph was a popular way to make a long distance communication
-kawat pijar: n bulb filament |a very thin thread, especially the thin wire in a light|
-kawat berduri: n barbed wire.
-kawat kasa: n wire mesh
-kawat nyamuk: n mosquito wire mesh.
-mengawati: v 1 close (sth) with wire mesh 2 tie (sth) with wire.
-mengawatkan: v send (a news) through telegraph.
-kawat listrik: n 1 cable 2 cord.
-kawat telepon: n telephone cord.

kawatir: variant of kuatir:

kawedanaan: n /of/ 1 sub-district within a kabupaten. 2 residence of the subdistrict officer.

kawin: v /lu/1 marry Kapan kamu akan kawin? When are you going to get married? 2 match Kaos kaki ini tidak kawin. These socks doesn’t match. 3 copulate, have an intercourse Mereka sudah kawin, tetapi belum menikah. They copulated, but they are not husband and wife yet. 4 mate |if animals mate they have sex to produce babies| Umumnya burung kawin pada musim kering. Most birds mate in dry season.
-kawin batin: n unofficial marriage.
-kawin campuran: n mixed marriage.
-kawin angkat bapak: v marry a pregnant woman from other man.
-kawin gantung: n a marriage between a boy and a girl whose age is still not enough yet to be married, so they still live separately until their age has been enough to marry.
-kawin lari1: v elope |to go away secretly with someone to get married|
-kawin lari2: n elopement.
-kawin liwat: n variant of kawin angkat bapak:
-kawin massal: n |if a number of couples get married at the same time with the same ceremony in order to reduce the cost|
-kawin paksa: n a marriage that is arranged between the parents without the will of the couple.
-kawin rangkap: v marry more than a person at the same time.
kawin suntik: n insemination.
-mengawini: v /tr/ marry sb
-mengawinkan: v 1 make sb marry sb else 2 to mate a female and a male animal.
-perkawinan: n 1 marriage 2 mating (of animal)

kaya2; kayak: prep. /lu/inf/ like, as, Tingkah lakunya kayak orang kaya saja. He behaved like a rich person.

kayangan: n /lu/ 1 abode of the Hindu Gods 2 heaven as a wonderful place. Tempat ini merupakan kayangan bagiku This place is like heaven for me.

kayu1: n /lu/ 1 wood, timber |the material that tree branches and trunks are made of| 2 splint, lumber |a piece of wood, that is used for particular purposes such as for pole, rafter, furniture, etc.|
-kayu api/bakar: n fire wood
-kayu bangunan: n lumber.
-kayu balok: n timber
-kayu apung: n driftwood.
-kayu basung: n lightweight and porous wood.
-kayu besi: n ironwood.
-kayu bulat/gelondongan: n log.
-kayu cagak: n wooden pole
-kayu cendana: n a very hard wood and with fragrant smell – Santalum album
-kayu gaharu: n aloe wood. |any various tree of  the genus Aloe mostly native to southern Africa and Asia|
-kayu jati: n teak | a tall southern Asian tree, or the very hard wood of this tree used for making ships and furniture.|
-kayu kuning: n fustic. |a small ropical tree having yellow dyestuff| – Chlorophora tinctoria-kayu lapis: n plywood.
-kayu pelarnpung: n driftwood.
-kayu penggaris: n wooden ruler.
-kayu pemukul: n ball bat.
-kayu salib: n the holy cross crossbeam.

kayu2; kayuh1: n /lu/ bolt |a large long roll of cloth about 40 yards in length|

KB {Keluarga Berencana}: n Family Planning.
-ber­-KB: v use contraceptive.

KBRI {Kedutaan Besar Republick Indonesia}: n Republic of Indonesia’s Em­bassy

ke1: prop. /lu/ to Dia sedang pergi ke sekolah He is going to school

ke2: pref. /prep/ to show direction
-kedalam: into Taruh barang kamu kedalam bagasi mobil. Put your luggage into the trunk
-kesini: adv here  Saya datang kesini tadi malam I came here last night  Mari kesini Come over here.
-kesana: adv there  Mereka sedang pergi kesana. They are going over there. Kenapa kamu tidak pergi kesana? Why don’t you go there?
-kemana: adv where Kemana mereka pergi? Where they are going?

ke3: pref. |used to form noun from other parts of speech, alone or by combining with any suffix| 1 hendak (will – aux. v)  ® kehendak (will – n). 2 pintar (smart – adj) ® kepintaran (smartness– n). 3 cantik (beautiful – adj) ® kecantikan (beauty – n).   3 indah (pretty – adj) ® keindahan (prettiness – n).

ke4: pref. |used to form another adj from an adjective| 1 takut (afraid – adj) ® ketakutan (afraid – adj). 2 bingung (confuse – adj) ® kebingungan (confuse – adj)

ke5: pref. |used to form passive voice and which show that the verb happen accidentally or by chance| 1 temu (meet – v) ® ketemu (run into or meet sb by chance – v). 2 baca (read – v) ® kebaca (read sth by chance). 3 tabrak (hit – v) ® ketabrak (be hit – pass.voice v).
Note: A word that is formed this way (ke5) is considered informal

ke-an: pref. + suff. |combination of prefix and suffix to form adverbial word from a basic word|
-1 malam adj {late at night)  ®  kemalaman (too late at night) Saya tidak pulang kerumah karena sudah kemalaman. I didn’t back home because it was too late at night.
-2 pedas adj {hot) ® kepedasan (too hot) Saya rasa sup  ini kepedasan untuk anak-anak. I think this soup is too hot for children.
-3 terlalu adv (too) ® keterlaluan (too excessively) Dia mempermalukan saya dengan cara keterlaluan. He humiliated me too excessively.

ke2: see tauke:

kebal: adj /lu/ l invulnerable (to bullets, etc.)  2 immune (from prosecution, taxes, etc.). 3 immune |to a paticular disease| 4 insensitive. Dia tidak merasa tersinggung; Dia sudah kebal terhadap kritikan. He does get annoyed; He has become immune to any allusion.
-mengebal: v /intr/ become immune to (sth)
-mengebalkan: v /tr/ im­munize, make sth immune
-kekebalan: n 1 invulnerabil­ity 2 immunity 3 resistance (to disease). kekebalan diplomatik diplomatic immunity.
-pengebalan: n immunization.

kebas1: adj /lu/ 1 paralyzed 2 stiff from fatigue. 3 numb. |unable to feel anything|
-mengebaskan: v cause a feeling of paralysis, stiffness or numbness.

kebas2: mengebas(kan): v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 shake out (a cloth, bedsheet, etc.). 2 flap (wings), wag the tail. Anjing itu mengebaskan ekornya. That dog wagged its tail
-kebasan: n flapping (wings).

kebaya: n woman’s blouse the front of which is pinned together, worn with a sarong.

kebayan1: n /ld/ village official in charge of security.

kebayan2: see nenek: .

kebelet: v in a hurry, have an urgent need to do sth (esp. defecate or urinate).

kebembem: variant of kebambam:

kebiri: mengebiri: v /lu/ 1 castrate, neuter 2 emasculate
-dikebiri: v be castrated, neutered. 2 be emasculated 3 be made powerless
-pengebirian: n 1 cas­tration. 2 emasculation. pengebirian hak-hak pekerja emas­culation of workers’ rights.

keblangsat: adj /lu/infr/ 1 getting involved in a difficult situation 2 suffer misery

keblinger: adj /inf/lu/ confused, dizzy. keblinger puter-puter get dizzy and confused from turning and turning round. Saya keblinger puter-puter mencari kamu. I get dizzy from going around to find you.

kebo: variant of kerbau:

kebon: n /lu/ 1 garden 2 yard 3 plantation, estate  4 kebon binatang: zoo.
-berkebon: v 1 farm  (to do farming) 2 have a garden, plantation, etc
-kebon karet: n rubber estate /plantation
-tukang kebon: n 1 gardener 3 janitor
-kebon raya Bogor: n botanical garden of Bogor.
-perkebunan: n 1 plantation 2 farming estate. 3 commercial agricultural enterprises

kebun: n variant of kebon:

keburu: see buru:

kebut1; (me)ngebut: v /lu/ 1 drive fast Mari kita mengebut supaya samapai satu jam lagi Let’s drive fast so we’ll arrive in an hour  2 race, have a drag race. Mobilnya dikebut ke Bogor He raced his car to Bogor. 3 speed up an activity. Kalau kita kebut pekerjaan ini akan selesai satu minggu If we speed up, we’ll finish this work in a week 4 compete fiercely, push ahead.
-kebut-kebutan: v to compete in a race
-pengebut: n 1 who speeds recklessly. 2 racer

kec. {kecamatan}: n subdistrict.

kecak1: n a Balinese dance conducted by a number of men which describes the story of Rama with monkey soldiers in a Hinduism legend|

kecak2: berkecak pinggang: v /lu/ stand akimbo |with hands on the hips and the elbows bowedoutward|

kecam; mengecam: n /lu/ reproach, reprove, blame  |to criticize someone and try to make him/her sorry for doing something| Pihak oposisi mengecam presiden karena meningkatkan bantuan militer ke Negara asing. The opposition reproached the president for increasing foreign military assistant.
-kecaman: n reproach,  blame, critique, censure.
-pengecam: n 1 critic, fault finder 2 commentator.

kecambah: n /lu/ shoot, sprout.
-berkecambah: v /intr/ sprout, germinate.
-mengecambahkan: v /tr/ sprout, germinate.
-perkecambahan: n germination.

kecamuk: n /lu/ raging, uproar.
-berkecamuk: v rage, be in an up­roar. Perang saudara sedang berkecamuk di negeri itu Civil war is raging in the country.

kecantol: variant of cantol:

kecap1: n /lu/ 1 the sound of smacking tongue. 2 the sound made by the lips and mouth when sb eat sth|
-mengecap1: v 1 taste (food). 2 enjoy Saya belum pernah mengecap kehidupan mewah. I’ve never enjoy a luxurious life. 3 join. Apa kamu pernah mengecap dinas di militer? Have ever joined a military service?

kecap2: n /lu/ 1 soybean  sauce. 2 dish prepared with soybean sauce. ayam kecap chicken prepared with soy sauce

kecap3; mengecap: /idiom/lu/ brag, boast |to talk too proudly about what you have done, what you own, etc.|  Tom selalu mengecap betapa pintarnya dia. Tom’s always bragging about how smart he is.
Usages: At the beginning all soybean sauce is always be promoted as the number one soybean. Never a producer of a soybean promote their product as the number two soybean. This is the  background  why people idiomatically say to brag or to boast “mengecap”.

kecapean: adj /lu/ too tired |see cape: and ke-an:|

kecapi1: n /lu/ 1 plucked stringed instrument. 2 sour fruit grown commercially in some areas.

kece: adj /inf/ld/ good looking, pretty, beautiful.

kecele: adj /inf/ 1 disappointed, upset |especially because unreasonably you fail to meet sb or find sth that you expected very much| 2 feel be cheated or fooled

keceng; mengeceng: v /lu/ wink
-mengecengkan (mata): v wink, blink the eyes
-sekeceng: n wink Saya tidak tidur seke-cengpun I didn’t sleep even in a wink.

kecewa1: adj /lu/ disappointed, upset |unhappy because something did not happen, or because something or someone is not as good as you expected|
-kekecewaan1: n disappointment
-mengecewakan: v disappoint

kecewa2: n /frm/ physical defect, deformity. Dia tidak punya kecewa. He has no physical defect.

kecewa3: v /frm/ fail |be unsuccessful in doing something| Para dokter kecewa menyelamatkan nyawa gadis itu.  Doctors failed to save the girl’s life. Saya kecewa dalam ujian matematika. I failed my math test.
-kekecewaan2: n failure

kecil: adj /lu/ 1 small |not large in size or amount| Sidikalang adalah sebuah kota kecil di Sumatera Utara. Sidikalang is a small town in North Sumatera|   sebuah toko penjual barang-barang kecil a store selling small appliances. 2 young |a small child is young|  Dia punya dua anak kecil untuk diurus. She has two young children to take care of. Saya mengenal dia sejak masa kecil I know her since her childhood. 3 little |not much or many|  Hanya sejumlah kecil orang menghadiri kampanye itu. Only a little number of people attended the campaign. 4 narrow Kami punya sebuah kamar tidur kecil di atas. We have a narrow bed room upstairs.  5 less important Itu hanya masalah kecil. That’s only problem 6 kamar kecil: toilet. Dimana kamar kecilnya? Where is the toilet? 7 minority  Kami termasuk golongan kecil di negeri ini. We are minority in this country.
-berkecil hati: v be annoyed, be irritated, be discouraged. Jangan berkecil hati saya hanya bercanda. Don’t be annoyed,  I was kidding
-kecil hati: adj annoyed, irritated, offended
-kekecilan1: adj too small, narrow, short
-kecil-kecilan: adv small scale Dia melakukan bisnis kecil-kecilan sejak tahun lalu. He runs a small scale business since last year.
-kekecilan2: n 1 smallness  2 shortness 3 littleness
-mengecilkan; kecilkan: v 1 lessen, shorten |to become less, or to make something become less|  Boleh tolong kecilkan suara radionya? Would you please lessen the volume of the radio? 2 shorten Jas ini terlalu besar; Saya perlu mengecilkannya. This jacket is too big; I need to shorten it.
menganggap kecil: v underestimate |to think that something is smaller, less expensive, or less important than it really is or to think that someone is less skilful, intelligent, etc. than she/he really is| Mereka menganggap kecil biaya pembangunan itu. They underestimated the cost of the construction. 4 lower |to become less, or to reduce something in amount, degree, strength etc.|  Tolong kecilkan suara kamu!. Please lower your voice!
-mengecil: v /intr/ 1 shrink |to become smaller or to make something smaller| Sweater saya mengecil di cucian. My sweater shrank in the wash. 2 become less |to become smaller in amount, size, or value|  Jumlah area hutan kita telah mengecil 10 % dalam lima tahun terakhir. The total area of our forest become less by 10 % in the last five years.
-pengecilan: n reduction, diminution, shrinkage.

kecimpung; berkecimpungan: v /lu/ 1 splash around. berkecimpung di kolam renang splash around in a swimming pool. 2 take part (get involved into an activity) Sekarang dia sedang berkecimpung dalam kegiatan politik.Now he is taking part in political activity.

kecoak: variant of kacoa:

kecoh1; kecohan: n /lu/ 1 deception |the act of deliberately making someone believe something that is not true| Orang-orang jadi marah besar setelah mereka tahu tentang kecohan itu.  People were outraged when they learned of the deception.  2 fraud |the illegal action of deceiving people in order to gain money| Polisi menahan dia atas pengecohan pajak. The police arrested him for tax fraud.
-mengecoh(kan): v 1 deceive,  commit fraud, pretend  2 maneuver, stir |to move or turn skilfully, or to move or turn something  skilfully so other doesn’t know what exactly want to do|  Perampok yang sedang lari itu mengecoh di tempat ramai untuk menghilangkan jejak dari polisi. The running robber maneuvered in the crowed place to get rid of the police. 3 spit Dia mengecoh kelantai He spit on the floor
-kecohan; pengecohan: n deception, deceit, maneuver
-pengecoh: n deceiver, swindler
-terkecoh: v be deceived, be cheated, be the loser of a maneuver.

kecoh2: n commotion, noisy, upheaval.

kecuali1; mengecualikan: v except |to not include something| Dalam penerimaan pegawai baru kita tidak boleh mengecu-alikan orang cacad. In the recruitment we can’t except the handicapped people.

kecuali2: prep. except, besides |used in order to show the things or people who are not included in a statement| Kecuali sebagai seorang guru dia juga seorang pemusik Besides as a teacher she is also a musician. Setiap orang pergi ke pertun-jukan itu kecuali Sans dan Grace. Everyone went to the show, except Sans and Grace. Kami buka setiap hari kecuali Minggu. We’re open every day except Sunday. Saya tidak tahu apapun tentang hal itu kecuali yang saya dengar dari televisi. I don’t know anything about it, except what I’ve heard from TV news.

kecuali3: conj. except |used in order to show that the statement you have just made is not true or not completely true in a certain condition|  Saya ingin pergi, kecuali terlalu jauh. I’d like to go, except it’s too far.
-kekecualian: n exception, exempting
-pengecualian: v the act of excepting sb/sth.
-terkecuali: adv with the exception of
-terkecualikan: v be excepted

kecubung: n /lu/ 1 jimson weed |a plant with large trumpet-shaped flowers and poisonous seeds| 2 the colour of this plant’s flower 3 amethyst |a purple or violent form of transparent quartz used as gemstone –SiO2|

kecup: n /lu/ sound of a kiss.
-berkecupan: v kiss each other
-mengecupi: v kiss sb
-kecupan: n kiss.

kecut1: adj 1 wrinkled, shriyeled, shrunken. 2 scared, afraid, frightened.
-mengecut: v /intr/ shrink, shrivel. Wajahnya sudah mulai mengecut Her face starts to shrivel.  Kulitnya menjadi mengecut. His skin became wrinkled.
-mengecutkan: v /tr/ 1 shrivel, shrink  2 frighten, scare sb
-pengecut: n coward |someone who is not brave in dangerous situations|

kecut2: adj sour (of taste, face).

kedai: n /lu/ 1 shop 2 drugstore 3 small place that sells or serves food.
-berkedai: v 1 run a shop 2 have a shop 3 run a small business
-kedai kopi: n café
-memperkedaikan: v put sth for sale.
-terkedai: v be displayed for selling.
-kedaian: n cabinet or case in shop.
-pekedai: n 1 shopkeeper. 2 shop area.

kedaluwarsa: adj expired |no longer effective, usable, or update|

kedap: adj /lu/ 1 hermetic 2 impenetrable 3 tightly sealed
-kedap udara: adj air tight
-kedap air: adj water tight
-kedap suara: adj soundproof
-kekedapan: n impenetrability

kedaung; kedawung: n /lu/ large forest tree. the bark, leaves and seeds of wbich are used as herbal medicine. – Parkia roxburghii

keder: adj /inf/ confused, lose sb’s way.

kedip; kedipan: n /lu/ 1 wink, blink (of an eye) |the action of winking, usually as a signal| Dia menatap Tom dan memberi dia kedipan. He looked at Tom and gave him a wink. 2 flicker. |an unsteady light or movement|  Kedipan lilin yang ditiup oleh angin. The flicker of candle that was blown by wind.
-berkedip: v /intr/ 1 wink, blink. Dia berkedip lalu mengatakan “Jangan beritahu Ibu OK?” He winkled and said “Don’t tell Mom, OK?”  2 flicker |to burn or move in a quick and unsteady way| Lampu itu berkedip; Minyaknya sudah habis. The lamp is flickering; The kerosene has gone.
-mengedipkan: v /tr/ 1 wink, blink (the eyes)

kedondong: n /lu/ a tree the fruit of which shapes like an egg, taste sweet and a little sour, the seed is very hard and fibrous – Spondias dulcis.

Kedubes {Kedutaan Besar}: n Embassy

kehendak: variant of hendak:

kejam1: adj /ld/ closed (of eyes). –syn: pejam
-mengejamkan: v close mengejamkan mata close the eyes. –syn: memejamkan

kejam2: adj /lu/ 1 cruel, brutal. 2 stingy, miser
-mengkejami: v treat cruelly or harshly.
-kekejaman: n cruelty, harshness.

kejang: adj /lu/ 1 stiff. Kaki kiri saya kejang. My left leg was stiff. 2 convulsions |an occasion when someone cannot control the violent movements of his/her body, because she/he is sick| Kelebihan dosis obat ini dapat menimbulkan kejang An overdose of this medicine may cause convulsions
-kejang jantung: n /lu/ angina pectoris. |severe paroxysmal ­pain in the chest associated with an insufficient supply of blood to the hart|
kejang mulut: n lockjaw
-kejang otot: n muscle cramp.
-berkejang: v be convulsive,  seized with a cramp.
-mengejangkan: v stretch out (a limb, etc. so that it’s rigid)
-kekejangan: n cramp.
-pengejangan: n contraction

kejap; kejapan: n /lu/ wink, blink (of the eyes), second, moment –syn: kedip:
-sekejap (mata): n a wink, a second, a moment  Tunggu sekejap. Wait a second.
-berkejap-kejap: v /intr/ 1 blink, wink 2
-berkejapan: v /intr/ flicker  (of stars, of a candle, etc.).
-mngejapkan: v /tr/ 1 wink, blink (the eyes). Dia mengejapkan matanya He blinked his eyes. 2 flicker.

kejar1; mengejar: v /tr/lu/ 1 chase |to quickly follow someone or something in order to catch him, her, or it| Polisi mengejar pencuri itu di jalanan. Cops chased the mugger down the street Seekor kucing sedang mengejar seekor tikus A cat is chasing after a mouse. 2 |to try very hard to make someone like you in a romantic way|  Maria telah mengejar-ngejar Tom berbulan-bulan. Mary’s been chasing Tom for months. 3 run after, compete |to chase someone or something – e.g. if you left behind in terms of an achievement or point collection, and you try to compete the other’s achievement or point| Dia berangkat sepuluh menit lebih awal dari saya, tetapi saya mengejarnya. She left ten minutes earlier, but I ran after her. Tim kami sudah ketinggalan empat poin pada pertandingan paruh  pertama, tetapi kami kejar pada paruh kedua dan akhirnya kami menang. Our team was left behind four points in the first half game, but we ran after in the second half game and finally we won. 4 pursue. |to continue doing an activity or trying to achieve something over a long time|  David sedang mengejar gelar doctor bidang ekonomi. David is pursuing a doctorate in economics.
-dikejar: v be chased
-kejar-kejaran: v /intr/ run chase after each other |to rush or hurry somewhere| Anak-anak selalu berkejar-kejaran keluar dan masuk. The kids are always chasing in and out!
-kejaran: n chasing, pursuing
-pengejar: n chaser, pursuer
-pengejaran: n chasing, pursuing
-terkejar: v can be chased.

kejar2 {kelompok belajar}: n study group.

keji: adj /lu/ 1 despicable, contemptible |extremely unpleasant or cruel and not deserving any respect| , shameful, (deed). -berkeji diri: v stoop low, demean sb
-mengkeji(kan): v 1 de­spise, consider vile. 2 vile /inf/ |very unpleasant|  tabiat yang keji a vile temper

kejora: n /lu/ morning star.

kejut; terkejut: adj /lu/ 1 startled, surprised 2 frightened, scared.
-berkejut (telingaan): v prick up its ears |if an animal pricks up its ears, it raises them and points them toward a sound|
-kejutan: n surprise
-mengejut; mengejutkan1: v 1 surprise, startle 2 frighten, scare Berita itu menge-jutkan semua penduduk desa. The news surprised all the villagers
-mengejutkan2: adj 1 surprising, startling 2 frightening, scaring  Itu berita yang mengejutkan. It was a surprising news
-terkejut: v be startled, be surprised, be shocked.

kejut; kejut-kejutan: n /ld/ a grass, the leaves of which will shrink if sb touch it –Mimosa pudica -syn: putrid malu

kek1: intrj |used to mean whatever, whoever, whenever, etc. it is| Nasi kek, roti kek, pokoknya ada sesuatu untuk dimakan. Rice is OK, bread is OK, the point is that we have sth to it. Siapa kek yang telepon bilang saja saya tidak bisa diganggu. Whoever call, tell him/her that I don’t want to be disturbed

kek2: variant of kakek:

kekal: adj /lu/ l eternal, everlasting. hidup yang kekal everlasting life. persahabatan yang kekal eternal friendship. 2 dur­able, lasting. 3 colorfast.
-mengekalkan: v perpetuate, eternal­ize, make sth everlasting.
-kekekalan: n 1 eternality  2 durability.
-pengekalan: n conservation

kekang: n /lu/ 1 bridle, reins |a set of leather bands put on a horse’s head to control its movements|  2 restraint |something that controls or limits what you can do or say| Pemotongan anggaran telah merupakan kekang untuk pengeluaran pelayanan umum. Budget cuts have put restraints on public spending. 3 curb |the edge of a space (usually bordered by concrete or by a string)  between where you can usually  stand or walk) Tolong jangan keluar dari kekang. Please don’t go beyond the curb.
-mengekang: v restrict, confine, constrain
-pengekangan: n restriction, confinement,  constraint
-terkekang: v be restricted,  be confined,   be constrained

kekar1: adj /lu/ inflated,  unfolded, spread out.
-mengekar: v /intr/ 1 inflate, wide open 2 spread out
-mengekarkan: v /tr/ 1 inflate, open wide 2 spread (sth) out.

kekar2: adj 1 solid, firm (body, etc.). 2 squat, hefty. 3 tight, close (of weaving, etc.)
-kekekaran: n 1 solidity, firmness 2 squatness, heftiness

kekasih: n /lu/ beloved. sweetheart.

kekeh; terkekeh-kekeh: v laugh loudly.
-mengkekeh-kekeh: v laugh loudly with a high pitch.

keker: n /lu/ 1 binoculars. 2 telescope.
-mengkeker: v look through binoculars or a telescope.

kekhi; keki: adj /inf/ 1 annoyed, irritated, resentful. Saya tidak merasa kekhi melihat penampilan dia. I wasn’t annoyed to see her appearance. 2 jealous  Amy akan keki melihat keberhasilan kamu. Amy will be jealous to see your success

kel. {keluarga}: n family.

kel– see also entries with kl-.

kelab: see klab malam:

kelabakan: adv /lu/  helter-skelter Dia kelabakan membersihkan rumah ketika ibunya tiba-tiba pulang. She clean the house helter-skelter when her mother suddenly came home.

kelabang1: n /lu/ centipede.

kelabang2: n /lu/ braid (of hair).
-mengkelabang: v braid the hair.
-kelabangan: n a braid of hair.

kelabu: n gray, ash colored.
-mengelabui: v deceive,  camouflage
-pengelabuan: n deception, camouflage.

keladi: n /lu/ any kind of plants the leaves of  which are large and the tuber of some kinds of it is edible while some is not – Colocasia esculenta
-/idiom/ 1 biang keladi: n a) mastermind of a case b) man behind the gun 2 tua-tua keladi: adj the older the better

kelahi; berkelahi: v /lu/ quarrel, argue, fight.
-perkelahian: n quarrel,  argument,  fight

kelajengking: n /lu/ scorpion.

kelak1: adv /lu/ later |after the present time or a time you are talking about| Saya akan menelepon kamu kelak. I’ll call you later.  Saya bertemu dia pada bulan Mei tahun lalu, tiga bulan kelak  saya mengawini dia. I met her on May last year, three months later I married her

kelak2: adj |coming in the future, or after something else| Kita akan membahasnya pada pertemuan kelak We will discuss it at the later meeting. Kami berharap tidak akan ada lagi perang di waktu kelak.  We expect that there will be no more war in the later time.

kelak2: n bird, cuckoo-dove.

kelak3: variant of kelah:

kelakar: n /lu/ joke, jest, wisecrack.
-berkelakar: v joke, crack a jest, tell a wisecrack.
-mengkelakari: v make fun of, ridicule at (sb/sth).

kelak-keluk: n /lu/ 1 curve, curves. 2 details, ins and outs of sth |all the  details of a complicated situation, system, problem etc| Saya masih mempelajari kelak keluk proposal ini. I’m still learning the ins and outs of this proposal.

kelakson: see klakson:

kelam1: adj 1 dull, overcast. 2 dark, obscure.
-kelam kabut: n foggy. murky
-kelam pekat: n 1 pitch-dark. 2  dim (of eyesight).
-mengkelamkan: v darken.
-kekelaman: n darkness. obscurity.
-pengelaman: n 1 darkening. 2 blackout (during air raid) .

kelam2: n clamp.
-meng(k)elam: v to clamp.

kelambir1: see kerambil:

kelambir2: variant of gelambir:

kelambu: n /lu/ mosquito net.

kelamin: n /lu/ gender |the fact of being male or female|  Seseorang tidak bisa dibeda-bedakan  untuk mendapat kerja berdasar-kan  kelamin. A person cannot be discri-minated to have a job because gender
-alat kelamin: n sex organ
-sekelamin: v have the same sex
-perkelaminan: n sexual affair.

kelamun;  meng(k)elamun: v daydream, muse.
-pengelamun: n day­dreamer,  dreamer.
-pengelamunan: n daydreaming, musing.

kelan: n /ld/ vegetable. Chinese broccoli.

kelana; berkelana: v /lu/ 1 wander 2 move around aimlessly 3 roam, travel, journey
-mengelana: v /tr/ wander, roam (sth)
-pengelana: n who roves.
-pengelanaan: n roving, roam­ing. wandering.

kelangkang: n crotch, groin.

kelantang; meng(k)elantang: v /lu/ bleach |to make something white by using chemicals or the light of the sun|  bleached hair
-kelantangan: n item that is being bleached.

kelap – kelip: n blinking, flickering, sparkling, glittering.
-berkelap-kelip: v /intr/ 1 flick­er 2 sparkle (of a gem) 3 twinkle (of stars), glitter
-mengkelap-kelipkan: v /tr/ blink sb’s  eye.

kelapa: n /lu/ coconut.
-kelapa gading: n coconut with yellow-col­oured hull.
-kelapa kering: n 1 copra. 2 desicated coconut. ­
-kelapa kopyor/puan: n a coconut the flesh of which is very soft and usually blended to be coconut juice.
-kelapa muda: n young coconut |the one cultivated before the flesh of it hard and solid, used for coconut juice like kelapa kopyor|
-kelapa ­sawit: n oil palm.
-mengelapai: v put coconut milk or grated coconut on sth
-perkelapaan: n coconut industry.

kelar1: adj /lu/inf/ 1 ready, done, finished. Makan malam sudah kelar. ­Dinner is ready. Apa semua sudah kelar? Is everything finished?  2 settled, in order, arranged. Segala sesuatunya sudah kelar. Everything has been arranged

kelar2: n /ld/ 1 notch |a V-shaped cut in a surface or edge| Buat kelar pada salah satu ujung tongggak itu. Cut a notch near one end of the stick. 2 cut |small cut you made on the fish flesh in order to make salf and spices easily penetrate the inside parts of the fish. 3 ring-like shell |the harder outer skin that shapes like rings of an animal such as centipede| 4 ring that you put on sth where you tie a rope or string to control it like a band on the neck of a dog|
-mengkelar: v make a notch

kelas1: n /lu/ 1 class (of school) a) |a group of students who are taught together| Nadine dulu teman sekelas saya Nadine was my classmate. b) classroom |the room where a group of students is taught| Ketika guru masuk kelas semua diam. When the teacher came into the classroom everybody was silent.  c) the grade  Sekarang kamu di kelas berapa? What grade are you in know?  2 social status Mereka termasuk kelas ningrat. They are belong to aristocratic class. Ayahnya seorang pebisnis kelas kakap. His father is a big shot businessman 3 sport classification  Akan ada pertandingan tinju kelas berat di televisi sore ini. There will be a heavyweight class boxing match this evening on TV. 4 services classification.  Saya mau memesan dua tiket kelas satu untuk penerbangan ke Darwin. I want to make a reservation for two first class flight ticket to Darwin. 4 field of study Saya akan mengambil kelas statistics semester yang akan datang I’m going to take statistics class next semester.

kelas2: n /ld/ neap tide |a tide of lowest range, occurring when the sun or the moon are in quadrature|

kelasa1: n /ld/ camel’s hump.

kelasa2: /Jv/ mat.

kelasi1: n /lu/ sailor, ordinary seaman.
-kelasi I: n seaman.
-kelasi II: n apprentice seaman.

kelasi2: n /ld/ proboscis monkey- Hylobates leuciscus

kelayang: n /ld/ swallow |a common small bird with pointed wings and a tail with two points| -syn: /lu/ layang-layang

keledai: n /lu/ donkey, ass.

kelelap: v /lu/ 1 be  sink into the water  Dia kelelap di danau.He drowned in the lake. 2 be disappear from sight. Kapal itu telah kelelap dibalik awan The plane has been disappeared behind the cloud.

kelelawar: n /lu/ cave bat.

kelenjar; kelenjar: n /lu/ gland.
-kelenjar air mata: n tear duct.
-kelenjar ­anak ginja: n adrenal gland.
-kelenjar buntu: n endocrine gland.
-kelenjar dada: n mammary gland.
-kelenjar bawah bawah otak: n pituitary gland.
-kelenjar gondok: n thyroid gland.
-kelenjar keringat: n sweat gland.
-kelenjar leher: n ton­sils.
-kelenjar air liur: n salivary gland.
-kelenjar ludah perut: n pan­creas.
-kelenjar minyak: n sebaceous gland.
-kelenjar prostate: n prostate (gland).
-kelenjar susu: n mammary gland.

kelenteng: n /spo/ sound of the tinkling of a bell.

kelenteng; kelenting: n /lu/ 1 Chinese temple 2 pagoda.

kelepak: n /spo/ sound of a hand slapping sth

kelepak: v /ld/ hang limply.
-kelepak baju: n lapel.

kelereng1: n /lu/ 1 marbles. 2 variant of kelerak:
-berkelereng: v play games using marbles.

kelewang: see klewang:

kelewat: see lewat:

kelian1: n /ld/ tin mine.

kelian2: n /Bali/  head of a village officials.

kelian3: variant of kalian:

keliar; berkeliaran: v /lu/ 1 roam or wander about, drift from a place to another. 2 swarm about (of ants, birds, etc.).

kelik1: n /lu/ slight curve, turn.
-berkelik: v 1 bend, have curves (of a road, etc.). 2 evade |avoid a topic to be discussed|
-mengkelik: v /intr/ dodge, move abruptly to avoid sth.
-mengkelitkan: v /tr/ 1 bend or turn (sb’s body) to avoid sth. 2 dodge sth

kelik2; berkelik-kelik: adv /lu/ loudly and repeatedly (sound). Dia menangis berkelik-kelik She cried loudly.
-terkelik: v be gurgled (of the stomach).

keliling: n /lu/ 1 circumference |he distance around the outside of a circle or a round object| Jarak keliling bumi hampir 25.000 mil The earth’s circumference is nearly 25,000 miles. 2 sekeliling: n periphery, surroundings |all the things that are around you, and where they are| Masih banyak tanah kosong sekeliling Jakarta. There is still much unoccupied land in Jakarta’s surrounding.
-berkeliling: v /intr/ go around.
-mengelilingi: v /tr/ 1 go around (sth) 2 surround

kelilip: kelilipan: v /lu/ get a speck in the eye.

kelimpungan: adj /lu/ confused, distraught.

kelinci: n rabbit
-kelinci hutan: n wild rabbit
kelinci percobaan: n /inf/ guinea pig. |someone who is used in a test to see how successful or safe a new product, system etc. is|

kelindas: see lindas:

kelingking: n /lu/ little finger, pinkie.
-kelingking kaki: n little toe .

kelipl; kelip-kelip: n /lu/ 1 firefly. 2 spangles, sequins. 3 flicker.
-(ber)kelip-kelip; berkelipan: v /intr/ flicker, glitter, blink, twinkle. Langit sangat indah ketika bintang berkelipan The sky was very beautiful when the stars twinkle.
-mengkelipkan: v /tr/ flicker (of a lamp light).
-kelipan: n 1 flickering (of lights), blinking, twinkling (of stars). 2 signal with lights.
-sekelip mata: n in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye.

kelip2: n /of/ a coin valued at five cents (in the colonial period.

kelipat; berkelipat: adj /lu/ folded, pleated.
-terkelipat: v be folded
-tidak berkelipat: adj transparent, open |there is no secret| |

kelirl1: n /lu/ color.
-mengkelir: v color (a picture, etc.).

kelir2: n /ld/ 1 curtain, screen. 2 screen for a movie, shadow play, etc. 3 disguise, cover, mask
-kelir belakang: n curtain de­picting background..
-berkelir: v have a curtain over it.
-/idiomatic/ Mungkin biji matanya berkelir. Probably his/her eyes were covered with a curtain. (Probably something wrong with him/her so he/she couldn’t see clearly what has happened)

keliru: adj /lu/ wrong, erroneous, incorrect
Dia tidak tahu beda antara benar dan keliru. He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong
-kekeliruan: n 1 error Itu hanya kekeliruan kecil It’s only a small error. 2 mistake Jangan lakukan sedikitpun kekeliruan Don’t do any mistake. 4 incorrectness  Dapat anda tunjukkan kekeliruan dalam ucapan saya? Can you show me the incorrectness of my speech?

kelok; kelokan: n /lu/ curve, bend, turn.
-berkelok: v curve (of a road. etc.).
-mengkelot: v turn (right or left) . Mobilnya sedang berkelok ke kanan, ikuti dia His car is turning to the right, follow him
-berkelok-kelok: v 1 have many turn  2 zigzag |turn to the left and than to the right at an angle, and then to the right at an angle many times| jalan berkelol-kelok melawati gunung the path zigzags across the mountain.

kelola; meng(k)elola: v /lu/ 1 manage (a business, etc.). 2 carry out, execute (a job, etc.). 3 implement (a task, a program, etc.)
-pengelolaan: n manage­ment.
-pengelola: n 1 manager, organizer. 2 executive body 3 organizer 4 implementer

kelompok: n /lu/ 1 group |several people or things that are all together in the same place, or are connected each other,  or belong to the same owner, or perform sth together, etc.| Sejumlah musisi akan membentuk sebuah kelompok musik rok A number musicians is going to establish a new rock group  2 cluster |a group of things of the same kind that are very close together| sekelompok perumahan mewah a cluster of  luxurious houses sekelompok pohon rambutan a cluster of rambutan trees 3 category Dia termasuk kelompok petinju kelas berat He belongs heavy boxing category. 4 parts kelompok kata parts of speech
-dikelompokkan: v /pass.v/ 1 be grouped 2 be clustered 3 be categorized.
-mengelompokkan: v /tr/ 1 group |to come together to make a group| Setiap orang mengelompokkan diri kedalam kelompok lima Everybody group his/herself into five 2 cluster Petani itu mengelompokkan bunga itu sesuai varitasnya The farmer clusters the flower by the variety. 3 categorize Peneliti itu mengelompokkan respondennya sesuai umur dan tingkat pendidikan. The researcher categorize the respondents by the age and education level.
-pengelompokan: n 1 grouping 2 clustering 3 categorization.

kelon; mengeloni: v /inf/ hold sb (usually a baby) close while lying down next to her/him to make the baby sleep

kelop: adj /inf/ 1 equal |the same in size, value, amount etc balanced| Apa saldo di bank ditambah pengeluaran kelop dengan jumlah anggaran? Is the bank balance plus the expenditures and the total budget equal? 2 fit together Mari kita coba apakah mur ini dengan baut itu kelop. Let’s try weather this nut an that bolt fit together  3 square Kalau kamu memberi saya $5,00. lagi kita akan kelop. If you give me another $ 5,00. then we will be square. 4 balanced Pendapatan dan pengeluaran harus kelop dalam rencana anggaran ini. Revenue and the expenditures must be balanced in this budget planning.
-mengkelopkan: v balance, square.

kelopak: n /lu/ lid |sth, usually a thin thing that function as a cover or a protector of sth else|
-kelopak mata: n eyelid
-kelopak bunga: n bract, sepal |the outer parts of a flower bud|
-kelopak kerang: n shell of clam, oyster, mussel.
-mengelopak; terkelopak: v peel or come off.

kelor: n /lu/ a small quick-growing tree cultivated for its edible pinnate leaves.
-/idiomatic/ Dunia tidak lelebar daun kelor. The world is not only as large as kelor leaves. (don’t easily to give up, the are more chances)

keloset: see kloset:

kelosok; mengkelosok: v rub hard, scour.

kelotok; mengkelotok: v fall off, be shed (of skin. feathers, peels).
-pengkelotokan: n shedding of sth

keluang: n /lu/ fruit-eating bat.

keluar1: adv /lu/ out |away from the inside of a place or container| Dia pergi keluar satu jam yang lalu. He went out an hour ago. Tutup pintunya saat kamu pergi keluar. Close the door on your way out.

keluar2: v /intr/lu/ 1 appear |used in order to say that something comes to sight|   Matahari tidak keluar sepanjang hari.The sun didn’t appear all today long. 2 drop out Apa benar dia keluar dari sekolah? Is that true that he dropped out of the school? 3 resign Saya keluar dari kerja bulan lalu. I resigned from my job last month  4 release Dia akan keluar dari rumah tahanan minggu depan. He is going to release from prison next week. 5 be released Berita ini akan keluar di surat kabar This news will be released on newspaper 6 grow Gidi bayi saya mulai keluar. My baby’s teeth start to grow.
-mengeluarkan: v /tr/ 1 fire Direktur perusahaan mengeluarkan sejumlah pekerja bulan ini. The company’s director fired a number of workers this month. 2 spend Perusahaan telah mengeluarkan banyak uang untuk proyek ini. The company has spent a lot of money for this project. 3 issue Pemerintah mengeluarkan peraturan baru tentang angkuatna umum. The government issued a new regulation on public transportation. 4 publish Penerbit akan segera mengeluarkan novel saya yang baru. The publisher is going to publish my new novel soon. 5 exhale Dokter meminta dia mengeluarkan napas secara pelan-pelan. The doctor asked him to exhale slowly. 6 secrete Seekor musang mengeluarkan cairan berbau untuk mengelabui musuhnya. A civet secretes a fluid with a musky odor to camouflage its enemy. 7 produce Peru-sahaan ini akan mengeluarkan mobil tipe baru. This company will produce a new type of car.
-pengeluaran: n 1 expenditure (cost) 2 dismissal 3 expulsion
-keluaran1: n 1 output  2 product
-keluaran2: adv made in Saya membeli sebuah mobil keluaran Jepang I bought a made in Japan car

keluarga: n /lu/1 family |any group of people who are related to each other such as a mother, father, and their children| Apa keluarga sebelah telah diundang? Has the family next room been invited?   Sebuah rumah yang cukup besar menampung keluarga beranggota lima orang A house that is large enough to accommodate a family of five. 2 relative.  Apa kamu punya keluarga di kota ini? Do you have relatives in this town?
keluarga besar: n a) clan |a large family, especially one that is all together at once|  Koperasi ini didirikan oleh keluarga besar pensiunan ABRI This cooperatives was established by the members of retired army b) |an extended family based on the blood relation that has a tradition to not married each other since a long time ago by keeping their family tree and use the same family name; some of them have lasted for more than 20 generations|  Semua keluarga besar Sihombing di wilayah ini akan diundang ke pesta itu. All the member of the Sihombing clan in this area will be invited to the party.
-berkeluarga: v be marry Apa kamu sudah berkeluarga? Have you been married? (use only for human).
-kekeluargaan: n social relationship. Kami akan menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan semangat kekeluargaan. We’ll settle this case with the spirit of social relationship.
-keluarga berencana: n family planning.
-keluarga inti: n nuclear family (mother, father and their children)
-keluarga sakinah: n harmonious, happy, and prosperous family .

keluh; mengeluh: v /lu/ 1 sigh, moan. 2 complaint 3 make grievance.
-berkeluh-kesah: v 1 tell sb’s sigh, moan 2 make complain, grievance
-keluhan: n 1 sigh,  moan 2 complain, grievance
-mengeluhkan: v 1 complaint about (sth) 2 make grievance about (sth)

keluk: n curved.
-berkeluk: v /intr/ 1 curve 2 bend.
-mengkeluk: v /tr/ 1 curve (sth) 2 bend (sth)
-peng(k)elukan: n 1 curving 2 bending

kelumit: n 1 bit 2 (small) part 3 few
-sekelumit: n 1 a bit (of sth) sekelumit informasi a bit of information 2 a small part (of sth) sekelumit dari pendapatan a small part of the revenue    3 a few (of sth) Hanya sekelumit turis datang mengunjungi tempat ini. Only a few tourist comes to visit this area.

kelung: adj 1 bent 2 hollow, concave.

kelupas; berkelupas; mengelupas: v /lu/ get peeled off.
-mengelupasi: v /tr/ peel (sth) off
-terkelupas: v be peeled off

keluwak: variant of keluak:

keluyur; (ber)keluyuran: v /lu/ 1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose, 2 hang around.

kemah: n /lu/ 1 tent  2 camp 3 awn­ing aboard ship
-berkemah: v 1 camp (go camping) 2 stay at tent.
-perkemahan: n 1 camping area  2 a camp out. 3 /Mil/ camp, encampment.
-kemah induk: n base camp.

kemah-kemih; kemak-kemik: v /intr/ibf/  mumble
-mengkemah-kemihkan: v /tr/ mumble (sth)

kemana: adv, conj./lu/ where |used in order to ask the place which was or will be a destination of a movement| Kita mau pergi kemana? Where are we going to? Kemana kamu taruh kotak itu? Where did you put the box? –see: mana:

kemanakan: see kemenakan:

kemang1: a /ld/ supernatural being that attacks babies.

kemang2: n /ld/ wild mango.

kemangi: n /ld/ basil |any kind of herb – Ocimum. basilicum|

kemanten; kemantin: n /lu/ 1 newlywed 2 bride or bridegroom,                 ‘

kemarau: adj /lu/ dry
-musim kemarau: n dry season:
-musin kemarau panjang: n draught
-/idiomatic/ broke (having no money)

kemaren: sec kemarin:

kemari: v, adv /lu/ come here  Kemari, saya akan tunjukkan sesuatu padamu. Come her, I’ll show you sth.
-dikemarikan: v be put here

kemarin: adv, n /lu/ 1 yesterday Kami datang kemarin.We came here yesterday 2 last time Kemarin ini saya belum melihat ada pusat perbelanjaan disini. In the past I didn’t see a shopping centre here.
-kemarin dulu: n the day before yesterday.
-tahun kemarin: n last year.
-kemarinnya: n the day before:

kemas: adj /lu/ 1 orderly, well kept (of a house, etc.) 2 cleared away, 2 crated, boxed
-peti kemas: n shipping container.
berkemas: v 1 pack 2 get ready Mereka sedang berkemas untuk per­jalanan rnereka They are packing for their trip.
-mengemas: v /tr/ 1 package (sth) 2  get (sth) ready
-mengemasi: v /tr/ 1 tidy (sth) up (a room, etc.), 2 pack (sth) up,
-kemasan: n 1 package 2 packing
-pengemasan: n packaging,

kembali: v /intr/lu/ 1 return a) |to go back to a place where you were before, or to come back from a place|  Edwin baru saja kembali dari Amerika Serikat. Edwin has just returned from United States. b) |to be in a previous state or condition again| Segala sesuatu akan kembali normal dalam waktu dekat. Things will soon return to normal. 2 give change |pay the money that sb get back when she/he paid for something with more money than it costs| Apa uangnya sudah kembali? Has the change given? (Did you give the change?).
-dikembalikan: v 1 be given back be turned back 3 be normalized
-kembalian: n change |the money you received back if you give money more than the cost you have to pay|
-mengembalikan: v /tr/ 1 return (sth) Kembalikan buku itu ke rak. Return the book to the shelf 2 give back (sth) Boleh saya pinjan mobilnya?; Akan saya kembalikan sore ini. May I borrow your car?; I’ll return it back this evening 3|turn  back to the previous position or condition| Pemerintah akan coba mengembalikan situasi ekonomi seperti sebelum krisis.The government will try to turn back the economic condition as it was before the crises.
-pengembalian: n 1 giving back 2 turning back 3 restitution 3 leverage.

kembang1; berkembang1: v /intr/lu/ 1 develop |to begin to increase in terms of quality, quantity, size, etc| Negeri ini berkembang cepat dalam sepuluh tahun terakhir. This country develops fast in the last ten years. 2 proliferate |to rapidly increase in number and spread to many different places| Penggunaan pupuk organic telah berkembang cepat di wilayah ini. The use of organic fertilizer has proliferate in this area. 3 multiply Jumlah penduduk berkembang cepat dalam daupuluh tahun terkahir. The total population rapidly multiplied in the last twenty years. 4 bloom Bunga-bunga mulai berkembang. The flowers starts to bloom. 5 burgeon |grow, increase, or develop very quickly| Pusat-pusat pertokoan berkembang cepat di kota ini. Shopping centres burgeons in this city.  6 swell. Luka ditangannya sedikit berkembang The cut on her skin swell a little. 7 expand Keahliannya berkembang dengan baik. His expertise expand well. 8 increase (in size) Dalam sepuluh menit adonan ituakan berkembang di dalam oven In ten minutes the dough will increase inside the oven.
-berkembang2: adj 1 developing. Banyak Negara berkembang menderita krisis ekonomi sekarang ini. Many developing countries suffer the current economic crises. 2 blossoming Tanaman-tanaman yang sedang berkembang kelihatan cantik. The blossoming plants look nice. 3 spreading Ada berita berkembang bahwa menteri akan mengundurkan diri. There is a spreading news that the minister will resign.
-dikembangkan: v 1 /pass.v./ be developed 2 be inflated 3 be propagated 4 be swollen 5 be marked up.
-mengembangkan: v /tr/ 1 develop. Dia berhasil mengembangkan bisnis keuarga yang kecil menjadi sebuah perusahaan raksasa. He successfully develop a family small business to be a huge company. 2 inflate |to make something larger in size, amount, or importance| satu kebijakan yang mengembangkan hasil pertanian. a policy that inflates agricultural production. 3 grow. Perusahaan kita akan mengem-bangkan kebun kelapa sawit tahun depan Our company will grow a new palm oil plantation next year. 4 mengembang biakkan: a) breed Mereka sedang mengembang biakkan sapi di peternakan ini They are breeding cow in this farm. b) propagate 1) |to share ideas, information, or beliefs with many people| satu jurnal yang mengembangkan ilmu pengetahuan. a journal that propagates science. 2) |to grow or produce new plants, or to make a plant do this| Kami mengembangkan bibit kentang dengan kultur jaringan. We propagate potato seed with tissue culture. 5 swell Panas matahari telah mengem-bankan bintik merah dikulit kamu. The heat of the sun has swollen the red spot on your skin. 6 mark up. Perencana proyek itu ditudauh telah mengembangkan biaya proyek. The project planner was accused of marking up the project cost.
-perkembangan: n 1 development 2 proliferation 3 inflation 4 propagation 5 multiplication 6 expansion.
-pengembang: n developer (largely addressed to a real estate company)

kembang2: n /lu/  1 flower. Mari kita petik beberapa kembang dari taman Let’s go to pick some flower from the park.  -syn: bunga: 2 beautiful girl |someone who is exceptionally beautiful in a particular place.| Ibu kamu dulu adalah salah satu kembang di kota kecil ini. Your Mom was one of the very beautiful girls in this town.
-berkembang: v 1 be blossoming Pohon rambutan itu sedang berkembang. The rambutan tree is blossoming. 2 to have flower. Apa meja makan sudah berkembang? Does the dining table have flower on it?
-kembang api: n firework, firecrackers
-kembang bangkai: n rafflesia |any various parasitic leafless plants of the genus Rafflesia, found in Asia  having one large flower (the one was found in Sumatera has a meter diameter) and usually malodorous|
-kembang gula: n hard candy.
kembang laras: n medical herb.
-kembang latar: n prostitute.
-kembang loyang: n fried crackers made of rice flour that shapes like a flower.
-kembang penganten: n |any kind of plant the flower of which is fragrant – Nycanthes orbor trisitis
-kembang semangkok: n a plant which seeds is used to cure stomachache – Scaphium affinis
mengembang: v blossom.

kembar1: n /lu/ 1 twin. |one of two children who are born at the same time to the same mother|  Tony dan Tono adalah kembar yang sangat mirip Tony and Tono are identical twins. Saya punya saudara kembar I have a twin brother.

kembar2: adj twin Menara kembar itu diledakkan oleh teroris tahun 1999. The twin towers were blasted by terrorist in 1999. They have twin daughters. Mereka memiliki anak perempaun kembar.
-kembaran: n pair Mana kembaran kaos kaki ini? Where is the pair of this sock?
-kembar siam: n Siamese twin |a pair twins born with the bodis joined together|
-kembar tiga: n triplets
-kembar empat: n quadruplets.
-mengembarkan: v 1 duplicate 2 pair

kemboja: variant of kamboja:

kembung1: adj /lu/ filled with air, puffed up, puffing.
-kembung-kempis: v heave up and down Dadanya kembung kempis Her chest was heaving.
-mengembung: v /intr/ puff up.
-mengembungkan: v /tr/ puff up (sb’s cheeks), inflate, blow up (a balloon, etc.).
-penggembungan: n inflation (of balloon, tire, etc.)

kembung2: n /ld/  round rice basket.

kemelut: n /lu/ crisis, chaos, critical stage (of illness, fever, po­litical situation, etc.).
-kemelut naik: n turn for the worse.
-kemelut ­turun: n turn for the better.

kemenakan: n /lu/ 1 kemenakan laki-laki: nephew 2 kemenakan perempuan: niece.

kemenyan: n /lu/ incense derived from gum benzoin.

kemerlap: variant of: gemerlap:

kemih: n /frm/ urine.-syn: /lu/ air kencing
-berkemih: v urinate.
-perkemihan: n uri­nation.

kemilau: adj /lu/ shiny, shining (smooth metal, glass, jewel, silk, stars, sheen, etc.).

kemiri: n /lu/ candlenut tree and its fruit.

kemis1; mengemis: v /lu/ beg. mengemis makanan beg for food.
-pengemis: n beggar.
-pengemisan: n begging.

kemis2: see penatu:

Kemis: n Thursday, variant of Kamis:

kemotrapi: n /tech/ a treatment to cure a sickness by insertion of chemical medicine into sb’s body.

kempa: n /lu/ a pressure |the force or weight that is being put on something, or the strength of this force or weight|
-kempa air: n a tool to press sth that uses water’ weight as the pressure.
-mengempa: v press sth with sb’s hand or with a tool
-terkempa: v be pressed
-pengempaan: n pressing.
-kempaan: n pressed thing.

kempal: adj /lu/ 1 solid 2 has no hole inside

kempas: n /ld/ any kind of very hard and tough tree the wood of which is used as a pole of sailing boat.

kempes: variant of kempis

kempis: adj /lu/ 1 deflated, flat (tire, etc.). 2 sunken (cheeks, chest, etc.). 3 penniless. kantong kempis: adj broke.
-mengempis: v 1 deflate 2 become flat 3 collapse (of lung, vein).
-mengempisi; mengempiskan: v /tr/ deflate, let the air out of (a tire, balloon).
-pengempisan: n deflation, collapse (of a lung, etc.).

kemplang1; mengemplang: v /lu/ 1 strike (esp. with the fist). 2 hit Gong itu telah dikemplang tiga kali. The gong was struck for three times
-kemplangan: n blow, hit.

kemplang2; mengemplang: v /ld/ 1 sell fruit wholesale to middle­man before harvesting. 2 not pay. Dia mengemplang semua hutangnya. He did not pay all his debt. 3 embezzle Kasir itu mengkemplang sebagian uang tunai. The cashier has embezzled some of the cash.
-kemplangan: n embezzled items.

kempo: n /lu/ a kind of martial art.

kemudi: n /lu/ 1 steering wheel, helm |a wheel used for guiding a ship’s direction| 2 rudder |a flat part at the back of a boat or aircraft that is turned in order to change the direction of the vehicle movement| 3
reins |a long narrow band of leather that is fastened around a horse’s head in order to control it| 4 decision makers (government,  management, etc.).
-berkemudi: v 1 use a rudder. 2 have a rudder. 3 hold the rudder.
-kemudi arah: n direction wheel.
-mengemudikan: v /tr/ 1 drive, steer mengemudikan mobil drive a car 2 pilot mengemudikan kapal terbang pilot a plane. 2 govern, lead mengemudikan organisasi lead the organization
-pengemudi: n 1 driver 2 helmsman 3 pilot, captain  3 manager, director.
-peng(k)emudian: n piloting, steering.
-pengemudian jarak jauh: n remote control.

kemudian1: prep /lu/ after |when a particular time or event has happened| Setelah kami makan malam kemudian kami pergi menonton sepakbola. After having a dinner we went to see a soccer game.  Sebulan kemudian setelah terbakar, rumah itu dibangun kembali. A month after the fire, the house was rebuilt.

kemudian2: conj. then |when an activity happened and the another activity in a series come to happen| Setelah kami selesai serapan pagi, kemudian kami pergi ke kantor pos When we finish our breakfast, then we went to the post office.

kemudian3: adv 1 afterwards |after something else has happened| Kami bertemu disekolah tetapi kami tidak bertemu sampai dua tahun kemudian. We met at school but we didn’t met until two years afterward. 2 later Mari kita biarkan begitu saja, kita boleh menyelesaikannya kemudian (hari). Let’s leave if that way, we can finish it later. 3 kemudian (hari): 1 later on in the future 2 next time

kemuka: see muka:

kemuning1: adj /ltr/ yellow

kemuning2: n /ld/ a tree producing beautiful yellow wood – Murraya paniculata.

ken1: n /old fash./ |appositive  for a boy or a girl| Ken Arok Ken Dedes

kena: v /lu/ 1 get |to reach a particular place, position, or objective| Peluru itu kena sasaran The bullet got the objective. 2 get |suffer a bad thing such as an illness| Dia kena penyakit malaria sejak bepergian ke Afrika He suffers the malaria since his tour to Afrika. 3 kena (batunya): receive |if sb experience sth bad as the result of what she/he did| Dia kena batunya akibat perbuatan jahatnya selama ini. He received the consequence of his previous evil deeds. 4 be imposed |be included to the object (of a law or a rule) Penghasilan dari bunga uang kena peraturan pajak penghasilan Money interest is imposed to revenue tax. 5 agree Kebijakan seperti itu tidak kena dengan kondisi ekonomi saat ini. Such policy doesn’t agree with the current economic condition. 6 against (sth) Dia kena tabrak di jalan bebas hambatan. He got crashed on a highway 7 be subjected (to) Perusahaan kita kena denda karena penyerahan barang terlambat. Our company be subjected to pay fine for  late delivery. 8 what the total kena berapa? what the total (of the bill/cost)
-berkenaan: v related, refer  (to) Berkenaan dengan permintaan anda, disini kami mengirimkan brosur produk tersebut. Related to your request, here we’re sending the brochures of the product.
-kena akibat: v received a consequence.
-kena bala: v get misery.
-kena dakwa: v be accused.
-kena hukum: v be punished.
-kena marah: v get an anger.
-kena penyakit: v get sick.
-kena pukul: v get punched.
-pengenaan (pajak): n (tax) im­position.

kenal; mengenal: v /lu/ 1know |to be familiar with a person| Apa kamu kenal dia? Do you know him? Apa kalian saling kenal? Do you know each other?  2 |understand sth well| Saya tidak mengenal daerah ini dengan baik. I don’t know well this area. 3 able to identify or recognize (sth) Dari jauh saya sudah dapat mengenal suaranya. From a distance I can identify (know) his voice. 4 acquaint |to know about something, because you have read, used, practice it| Tidak semua kami sudah mengenal prosedur pendaftaran. Not all of us have acquainted with the bidding procedures.
-berkenalan: v get to know Ini kesempatan buat kita untuk berkenalan satu sama lain. This is a chance for us to get to know each other.
-keterkenalan: n 1 popularity 2 famousness 3 fame 4 notoriousness (for bad thing)
-mengenali: v 1 understand  Tidak mudah mengenali sifat pribadi seseorang hanya dari penampilannya. It’s not easy to understand sb’s personal character only from his/her appearance. 2 identify, recognize Apa kamu dapat mengenali tulisan tangan siapa ini? Can you identify whose hand writing is this? 3 diagnose Dokter sedang mengenali penyakit itu dari gejalanya. The doctor is diagnosing the illness from its symptoms. 4
-memperkenalkan: v 1 introduce 2 promote.
-pengenalan: n 1 identification 2 recognition 3 introduction.
-pengenal: n 1 identity 2 identification Kartu Pengenal Identification Card.
-perkenalan: n 1 introduction. Kita akan menggunakan limabelas menit pertama untuk perkenalan. We’ll use the first 15 minutes for introduction 2 identification
-terkenal: adj 1 well-known  2 famous  3 famed 4 terkenal jahat: notorious.

kenalpot: see knalpot:

kenan2; berkenan: v /fr/lu/ 1 be pleased. |used to express a humble request or  invitation| Kalau anda berkenan silahkan duduk di barisan depan. Would you be pleased to have a seat at the front row. Kami berharap anda berkenan menghadiri pesta perkawinan kami. We hope that you’ll be pleased to attend our wedding party. Apa anda berkenan menerima kami nanti siang? Would you be pleased to meet us this afternoon? 2 agree Akhirnya mereka berkenan membahas masalah itu dengan kita. Finally they agree to discuss the matters  with us.
-memperkenankan: v /tr/ please Apa anda memperkenankan kami duduk disin? Do you please us to seat here?
-diperkenankan: v be allowed Tidak seorangpun diperkenankan membawa senjata kedalam. Nobody allowed to bring a gun inside.
-perkenan: n 1 readiness 2 agreement 3 permission 4 approval

kenang; mengenang: v /lu/ 1 reminisce |to talk or think about pleasant events in your past|  Ronald duduk mengenang penga-lamannya yang menyenangkan sebagai seorang bintang film yang berhasil. Ronald  sat reminiscing his pleasant experiences as a successful film star 2 memorize |to learn and remember words, music, or other information| Sebagai warganegara yang beradab setiap orang perlu mengenang sejarah masa lalu kita sebagai satu bangsa. As a civilized citizen everybody need to memorize our past history as a nation.
-kenangan: n 1 reminder 2 memory 3 remembrance 4 memorandum.
-kenang-kenangan: n 1 souvenir 2 token 3 memento 4 emblem 5 keepsake 5 memento 6 memoirs.
-terkenang: v 1 be memorized 2 be recalled 3 be reminisced.

kenanga: n /lu/ a plant the flowers of which produce oils for perfume – Canangium odoratum

kenapa: adv, conj./lu/ 1 why |for what reason|  Kenapa kamu belum menyelesaikannya? Why haven’t you finished it yet? Kenapa makanannya begitu mahal? Why is the food so expensive? Kenapa kamu tidak mencoba yang ini? Why don’t you try this one? 2 kenapa tidak why not: “Saya tidak menelepon dia kemarin” “Kenapa tidak” “I didn’t call her last night” “Why not?”

kenari1: n /lu/ the canari tree and its nuts.
-kenari Belanda: n almond.

kenari2: n canary |a small yellow bird that sings and is often kept as a pet|

kencan; berkencan: v /lu/ date |to have a romantic relationship with someone|  Sudah berapa lama kamu kencan dengan Mona? How long have you been dating Mona?
-berkencan: v have a date

kencana: n /ltr/ gold. gelang kencana gold bracelet kereta kencana gold cart

kencang1: adj /lu/1 fast |moving, or able to move quickly|  pelari kencang a fast runner 2 heavy hujan kencang heavy rain 3 violent angin kencang violent wind 4 tight ikatan kencang pipa-pipa a tight joint of the pipes. 5 taut |stretched tight| tali kencang a taut rope 6 well penjualan yang kencang a well sale

kencang2: adv 1 fast |move with a high speed| dia berlari kencang she run fast 2 violently angin berhembus dengan kencang the wind blew violently 3 heavily hujan turun dengan kencang the rain came heavily 4 tightly ikat kotak itu dengan kencang tie the box tightly.
-mengncangkan: v 1 fasten 2 tighten 3 accelerate   4 speed up
-kekencangan1: n 1 speed, acceleration. 2 tension, tautness. Kurangi kekencangan-nya Reduce the speed. Can you reduce the tension of the cable? Apa kamu dapat mengurangi kekencangan tali itu?
-kekencangan2: adj 1 too fast 2 too tight 2 too taut

kencing1: v /intr/ urinate
-dikencingi: v be urinated.
-mengencingi: v /tr/ urinate.
-terkencing-kencing: v accidentally urinate

kencing2: n urine
-kantong kencing: n bladder
-kencing batu: n kidney stone
-kencing darah: n blood in the urine
-kencing manis: n diabetes
-kencing nanah: n gonorrhea
-saluran kencing: n ure­thra

kencur: n /lu/ any root crop the tuber of which resemble ginger, used as spice and medicine – Kaempferia galanga.
-/idiomatic/ anak bau kencur: young or inexperi­enced person.

kendala: n /lu/ 1 constraint |something that restricts what you are doing| bekerja dibawah kendala biaya working under time/ budget constraints| 2 obstacle |something that makes it difficult for you to succeed| Kurangnya pelayanan umum yang memadai menjadi kendala serius dalam laju pembangunan. The lack of appropriate public services becomes a serious obstacle for the development progress.
-berkendala: v have obstacle.

kendali: n /lu 1 control |the power or ability to make decide what someone or something do| Mereka hilang kendali terhadap anak mereka. They lost their control over their son. 2 |the ability to keep sth work normally|  Supir mobil itu kehilangan kendali lalu menabrak tonggak listril. The driver of the car lost the control and then he hit an electricity pole 3 |the power to rule or govern a state, organization, or company| Jurubicara militer mangatakan bahwa Negara saat ini dibawah kendali dewan militer. A military spokesman said that the state now is under the control of the military council 4 |the action or method of limiting the progress or growth of something| Setelah empat jam pemadam kebakaran membuat api di bawah kendali After four hours fire fighters brought the fire under control 5 |the ability of sb to remain calm even when she/he is angry or excited|  Saya diluar kendali lalu saya pukul dia. I was out of control then I punch him  6 reins |a long narrow band of leather that is fastened around a horse’s head in order to control it| Pegang kuat kendali kuda itu. Hold tight the horse’s reins 7 guide |sth or sb that direct sb/sth else to do or to move in a particular way| peluru kendali guided missile
-mengendalikan: v 1 control 2 guide 3 direct 4 manage 5 hold the reins
-pengendalian: n 1 controlling 2 supervision 3 management 4 guidance
-pengendali: n 1 director 2 leader 3 controller 4 supervisor 5 the reins holder 6 manager
-terkendali: adj 1 under control 2 controlled

kendara; berkendara: v /intr/tr/lu/1 ride |to sit on an animal, especially a horse, or on a bicycle, and make it move along|  Kami pergi berkendara sepeda ke danau We went riding bicycles to the lake.  Apa kamu dapat berkendara kuda? Can you ride a horse? 2 drive |to go or move along using a vehicle| Saya berkendara mobil setiap hari ke kantor. Everyday I drive a car to work.
-mengendarai: v /tr/ 1 ride (sth) Apa kamu tahu mengendarai sepeda motor? Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?  2 drive (sth) Dia sedang belajar mengendarai mobil She is practicing to drive a car.
-berkendara: v /intr/ 1 to go by a vehicle 2 to travel in a vehicle 3 to have a vehicle
-mengendarakan: v 1 ride (sth) for (sb) 2 drive (sth) for (sb)
-pengendara: n 1 driver 2 rider.

kendati; kendati: conj. /lu/1 although |in spite of, the fact that; though| Kendati (pun) mobilnya sudah tua, masih tetap berjalan dengan bagus. Although the car’s old, it still runs well. 2 kendati (pun/demikian): in spite of  Sarah mencintai suaminya kedatipun ternyata dia sering mabuk. Sarah loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank too much. 3 not to mention, much less. Kendati berkunjung pada kami, mene-leponpun tidak pernah. Don’t mention to visit us, he never even to call us.

kendi: n /lu/ earthenware flask with a neck and spout (used for drinking water).

kendor: see kendur:

kendur: adj /lu/1slack |freely hanging (rope), not very busy (business), not serious (doing sth) periode kendur dalam bisnis perjalanan a slack period in travelling business  2 loose |not firmly attached, too big, not tightly controlled| Ban itu berputar goyang karena baut-bautnya kendur. The tire is wobbly because the bolts are lose. 3 relax |to become more calm and less tired;  or to make someone do this| Mari istirahat sejenak untuk membuat otot kita kendur Let’s take a break to let our muscles relax. 4 flabby |having too much soft loose flesh and fat instead of strong muscles| Sejak saya berhenti olahraga badan saya menjadi kendur. Since I’ve stopped exercising my body have gotten flabby. 5 lax |not strict or careful about standards of behaviour, work, safety etc.|  keamanan kendur di bandara lax security at the airport.
-mengendur: v /intr/ 1 slacken 2 loosen 3 relax 4 make flabby
-mengendurkan: v /tr/ 1 slacken (sth) 2 loosen (sth) 3 relax (sth) 4 make (sth) flabby.
-kekenduran1: n 1 slackness 2 looseness 3 relaxation 4 laxity
-kekenduran2: adj too loose
-pengenduran: n 1 slackening 2 loosening 3 relaxation 4 laxity

kenduri: n /lu/ a ritual gathering for a commemoration of religious event, to conduct a communal praying for a certain purpose, etc. where traditional meals are served.
-berkenduri: v 1 hold such event 2 participate such event
-mengendurikan: v organize such event for particular purpose.

kenek: n /lu/ assistant to a bus driver.

kening: n /lu/ forehead

kensel: v /lu/ cancel, annul |to say or decide that something you have planned will not happen| Saya harus kensel semua janji-janji pertemuan saya. I had to cancel all my appointments.
-pengenselan: n 1 cancellation 2 annulment.

kental: adj /lu/ 1 thick (dough, milk, wet paint) 2 strong (syrup, coffee). 3 close (friendships).
-mengental: v /intr/ coagulate (cream), congeal (blood), curdle (milk).
-mengentalkan: v thicken (gravy, etc.), become con­geal, curdle (milk).
-kekentalan: n thickness (liquid), closeness (friendship), level of concentration (mixture)
-pengentalan: n coagulation, con­gealment, curdling.

kentang: n /lu/ potato.
-kentang goreng: n fried potatoes.
-kentang pure: n mashed potatoes.

kentara: adj /lu/ 1 remarkable |very unusual or noticeable in a way that deserves attention or appear differently| Ada bercak yang kentara di belakang baju kamu. There is a remarkable spot on the back of your shirt. 2 noticeable |easy to taste or recognize| Kehadiran anggota keamanan di tengah kerumunan itu sangat nyata. The presence of security personnel among the crowd was very noticeable. Rasa asam jeruk dalam sup itu tidak kentara. The taste of lemon in the soup isn’t noticeable  3 discernible, apparent, evident. Perbedaan-perbedaan antara dua tanaman itu tidak kentara. The differences between the two plants aren’t discernible.
-mengentara: v intr/ become vis­ible.
-mengentarakan: v /tr/ make sth remarkable.

kentut1: n /lu/ 1 flatus, stomach gas.

kentut2: v 1 break wind 2 fart.
-mengentuti: v /tr/ 1 fart (on sth)  2 /inf/ laugh off, disregard. Para pejabat begitu saja mengentuti sumpah yang mereka ucapkan saat pelantikan.  The officials just laugh off the oath they made at instalment
-terkentut-kentut: v break wind suddenly and unexpectedly

kenyal: adj /lu/ resilient, rubbery, elastic |able to return to its usual shape when pressure is removed and not easy to be broken|
-meng(k)enyal: v 1 become resilient, elastic, rubbery
-kekenyalan: n 1 resilience 2 elas­ticity.

kenyam; mengenyam: v /lu/1 taste, enjoy  2 savor 3 experience Masyarakat sudah mengenyam hasil pembangunan itu The community has enjoyed the result of the development. Saya tidak mengenyam belajar di perguruan tinggi sewaktu saya muda. I didn’t experience going to college when I was young.

kenyang: adj /lu/ 1full |having eaten so much food that you cannot eat any more| “Apa mau lagi nasinya?” “Terima kasih, saya sudah kenyang” “Would you like some more rice?” “No thank you, I’m full.” 2 saturated |very full of a particular type of thing| Dia seorang pria yang sudah kenyang dengan pengalaman mengem-bara. He is a man who has been saturated with long experience of adventure. 3 satiate |full of appetite, or desire|
-mengenyangkan: v 1 satiate 2 make full 3 saturate
-kekenyangan1: n 1 satiation 2 fullness 3 the quality of being saturated.
-kekenyangan2: adj 1 too full 2 over saturated 3 over satiated
-pengenyang: n sth that satiates

kenyat-kenyit; kenyat-kenyut: v /inf/ pulsate, throb –syn: /frm/ berdenyut-denyut.

keok1: adj /lu/inf/ defeated, beaten (in sports).
-mengkeokkan: v /tr/ de­feat, beat sb.

keok2: n /lu/ cackle, cluck.
-berkeok-keok: v cackle, cluck (of chickens).

keong: n /lu/1 snail 2 shape of a snail’s shell, coil, or spiral
-keong daratan: n land snail..

kep.1{keputusan}: n 1 decision, decree. 2 {kepulauan}:  archipelago.

kepada: see pada:

kepak1: n /lu/ wing (of bird, fowl).
-berkapak: v be winged.
mengkepak-kepak: v 1 flap wings 2  flutter

kepak2; mengepak: v .lu/ carry sth on hip and hold it with arm.

kepaksa: see paksa:

kepal: kepalan: n /lu/ lump |a small piece of something solid, with the average size that sb can press with one hand and the five fingers, and does not have a definite shape| sekepal tanah liat a lump of clay 2 kepal (tinju) fist Dia mengangkat kepal tinjunya keatas dan berkata “Akan saya pukul kamu!” . He raised his fist and said “I’ll punch you!”
-mengepal: v 1 to press sth sticky thing on your hand 2 clench (sb fist)

kepala: n /lu/ 1 head |the top part of sb’s body where the eyes, mouth, nose,  etc. attaché| Dia tundukkan kepala menga-takan ‘ya!’ He nod his head to say ‘yes!’ 2 leader |the leader or the most important person in an organization, state, etc.| Kepala-kepala Negara ASEAN akan mengadakan pertemuan bulan depan. The heads of ASEAN countries will hold a summit next month. 3 brain, mind a) Dia seorang yang kepala udang. He is a brainless (stupid) person. b) Dia anak kepala batu He is a stubborn kid  4 front parts Kepala pesawat itu mirip moncong ikan hiu. The head of the plane looks like a shark’s snout. 5 |the widest or top part of sth| Kepala paku ini tidak rata. The head of this nail isn’t flat. 6 temper |a tendency to become suddenly angry| Kamu boleh marah tetapi kepala harus dingin. You may angry but your temper should be kept cool (calm) 7 thinking Saya tahu semua nama-nama mereka diluar kepala, I know all their names without thinking.
-berkepalakan: v have sb as a head Saya berkepalakan seorang wanita. I have a female head. (My boss is a female)
-besar kepala: adj bigheaded.
-dikepalai: v be led (by sb) Bagian ini dikepali seorang menejer Jepang. This section is led by a Japanese manager.
-kepala batu: adj stubborn, obstinate
-kepala udang: adj stupid.
-kepala dingin: adj calm.
-kepala botak: adj bald head.
-kepala encer: adj egghead person.
-kepala surat: n upper part of a letter.
-kepala sekolah: n principal.
mengepalai: v 1 lead 2 chair 3 command 4 manage
-satu kepala: n 1 a person 2 individual.
-/phrs/: ular kepala dua: adj double spy (work for two opposites sides).

kepalang: adj /lu/ 1 insufficient 2 inadequate
-kepalang tanggung: adj halfway done.

kepang: n /ld/ 1 |any kind of tree the fibre of which is resilient and used to make rope – Aquilaria malaccensis|  2 /lu/ braid, plait |a length of hair or a narrow band of material that has been separated into three parts and then woven together| seorang gadis berambut kepang a girl with her hair in braids|  3 crisscross thread or string |a thread or string that consists of three smaller part which been woven cross over each other|
-berkepang: adj braided, plaited, crisscross
-kepangan: n plaited, braided, or crisscross thing
-mengepang: v crisscross (hair, string, etc)

keparat: n /lu/vul./ bastard |a rude word for a person you hate or are angry with| Kamu orang keparat!

kepayang: n /ld/ |large tree the fruit of which is used for spice ‘keluwak’ Pangium edule|

kependudukan: n population affairs (see duduk:)

kepeng: n /of/ coin with square hole in center formerly worth 1/8 of a cent (in the colonial era).

kepengin: see kepingin:

kepepet: see pepet:

kepet4; ngepet: v /lu/ magically turn into an animal.
-babi ngepet: n a supernatural being that turns into a pig and steals for his master.

kepil: prep, adv near, close or next to, alongside (of a ship).
-meng(k)epil: v .ld/ go alongside. Perahu itu berlayar mengepil pantai . The boat sailed the coastline.
-meng(k)epilkan: /tr/ bring sth close. Dia mengepilkan mobil itu ke pagar. He parked the car close to the fence. mengepil kapal berth a ship.
-terkepil: v 1 be placed close. 2 moored, tied up.

kepincut: v /ld/ attracted, drawn to.

kepinding: n /lu/ bedbug.

keping: n /lu/ 1 chip, fragment, piece. sekeping kayu a chip of wood. two pieces of wood board keping rem brake disc 2 splinter. sliver, shard. sekeping gelas a  piece of cup
-berkeping-keping: adv in pieces or slivers. Piring itu pecah berkeping-keping. The plate broke into pieces. 2 in tatters (of flag, etc.). 3 in tresses, locks.
-meng(k)eping: v 1 split (a plank). 2 slice, cut into thin pieces.
-kepingan: n fragment.

kepingin: v /lu/inf/ desire |want sth strongly|
-kepingin tahu: v /tr/ curious, eager to know. –syn: /frm/ ingin

kepiting: n /lu/ crab.
-/idiomatic/ seperti kepiting batu: adj miserly. stingy, tight­fisted.

keplak; mengeplak: v /lu/ slap |to hit someone quickly with the flat part of your hand| Dia berputar lalu saya keplak mukanya. I spun around and slapped his face.
-mengeplaki: v slap repeatedly.
-mengeplakkan: v /tr/ slap sth against sth. Dia mengeplakkan penggaris ke kepala muridnya She slapped a ruler against the head of her student.

kepleset: v /lu/ slip. Dia jatuh kepleset She slipped and fell.

keponakan: n /lu/ 1 keponakan laki-laki: nephew 2 keponakan perempuan: niece

Keppres {Keputusan Presiden}: n presidential decree, executive order.
-mengkepreskan: v issue sth as a presi­dential decree.

kepul; mengepul; berkepul: v /lu/ billow (smoke, cloud)
-meng(k)epulkan: v /tr/ billow (sth) Ledakan gunung berapi itu mengepulkan banyak sekali debu panas. The eruption billowed a huge of hot dust.
-kepulan: n billow (of smoke, cloud, dust)

kepundan: n /lu/ volcano
-lubang kepundan: n crater.

kepung; mengepung: v /lu/1 surround  2 block up 3 besiege  |surrounded by a lot of people| para penggemar mengepung idola Indonesia the fans besieged the Indonesian idol
-pengepungan: n 1 besiegement 2 blockage 3 encirclement 4 cordon |a line of police, soldiers, or vehicles that are put around an area to protect or enclose it|
-pengepung: n besieger

kera: n /lu/ ape, monkey

kerabang: n eggshell.

kerabat: n relative, family
-berkerabat: v be related (by blood)
-kekerabatan: n 1 kindship 2 blood or genetic relationship
-kerabat dekat: n close relative

kerabu2: n /of/ ear studs (jewelry). –syn: giwang

kerah1; mengerahkan: v /lu/ 1 concentrate, mobilize, conscript, (workers, militia, etc.). 2 assemble (to carry out sth) Serikat buruh menge-rahkan beribu-ribu pekerja dalam aksi protes itu. The labour union mobilized thousands of workers in the protesting rally.
-pengerahan: n mobilization, con­scription, concentration  pengerahan tenaga kerja human resources  recruitment.

kerah2: n /lu/ collar. kejahatan kerah putih white collar crime

kerak: n /lu/ 1 crust |the hard brown outer surface of bread, the baked or boiled outer part of foods such as pies, rice, etc.| kerak nasi rice crust 2 the hard outer part of sth as the result of encrustation|the crust of corroded metal plate 3 sediment |the solid material, such as dirt, that settles at the bottom of a liquid| kerak pada dasar tangki air the crust on the bottom of the water tank.
-berkerak: v 1 have crust 2 be encrust.

keram1: v /lu/ have cramps |a severe pain when sb’s muscle becomes very tight|

keram2; meng(k)eram: v /lu/ 1 incubate |if a hen incubates its egg, it is kept warm under the hen’s body until it hatches| 2 /idiom/: be  in imprison,  be locked up.

keramas: n /lu/ shampoo.
-berkeramas: v /intr/ shampoo
-mengkeramasi: v /tr/ shampoo sb’s hair.

keramat: adj /lu/ 1 sacred, holy. 2 possessing super­natural qualities. 3 haunted 4 shrine, sacred spot.
-mengkeramatkan: v 1 consider sth sacred, haunted, etc. 2 respect sth as or possessing supernatural power. 3 excessively or overly respect sb/sth  Banyak orang mengkeramatkan Sukarno. Many people overly repected Sukarno.

keramik: n ceramics.

keran1: n /lu/ tap, faucet, outlet (of liquid) keran kebakaran fire hydrant.

keran2: n /lu/ crane, derrick.

keran3: n /lu/ brazier, portable stove.

keranda: n /lu/ bier  |a framework in which a corpse without coffin is placed when people bring it to funeral place|

kerang1: n /lu/1 cockle shells. 2 mollusks and their shells. 3 shellfish
-kerang hijau: n green mussel.

kerang2; kerang-kerangan: n /lu/ 1 loose stones (bricks, etc.) arranged as a path (through muddy ground, shallow water, etc.)  2 /Amb/ tortoise shell.

kerangga: variant of kerengga:

keranggang: see semut:

kerangka: n /lu/ 1 skeleton  2 framework a) |the main structure that supports a building, a bridge,  vehicle, etc.| b) |a set of system, rule, beliefs, knowledge etc. that people follow when they work on sth|  Kami bekerja dalam batas kerangka sesuai prosedur kerja We were working within the framework of our working procedures. 3 hull |the main part of a ship.
-berkerangka: v have a frame
-kerangka acuan: n terms of reference

kerani: n /of/ office clerk.

keranjang: n /lu/ basket.
-berkeranjang-keranjang: v consists of several basketful.
-bola keranjang: n basketball.
-keranjang pakaian: n clothes hamper.
-keranjang sampah: n wastebasket, bin
-mengkeranjangi: v put sth in basket.

keranji: n /lu/ timber tree.

keranjing; meng(k)eranjingi: v /lu/ 1 fond of (sth) 2 prefer Sekarang orang lebih mengeranjingi makanan cepat saji. Now, people prefer fast food.
-keranjingan: v 1 be a mania for (sth) 2 be fond of (sth)

kerap1: adv /lu/ often, frequently |many times; frequently| Mereka kerap mengun-jungi kami. They visit us often close. 2 tightly Kain ini ditenun dengan kerap. This cloth is tightly woven. 3 closely Susun kursi-kursi itu dengan kerap /rapat Set the chairs closely.
-kerap kali: adv very often. very tightly, very closely
-kerap-kerap: adv often and repeatedly
-kekerapan: n 1 frequentness 2 closeness

kerap2: adj continuous

kerap3; meng(k)erap: v race (bulls)
-kerapan sapi: n bull race.

kerapu: n /lu/ any kind of fish which lives in seawater as well as in freshwater – Serranus.

keras: adj /lu/ 1 hard |firm and stiff, and difficult to bend, cut, press, or break| Saya tidak bisa tidur di kasur yang keras. I can’t sleep on a hard mattress. Daging itu masih terlalu keras untuk dimakan The meat is still too hard to eat. 2 strict |demanding many rules that should be obeyed| Orangtua saya sangat keras mendisplinkan kami My parents were very strict to discipline us. 3 difficult Hidup dikota besar kadang-kadang sangat keras. Living in a big city sometimes is very hard. 4 with a lot of effort Saya harus bekerja kerasa agar bisa sekolah ke perguruan tinggi. I have to work hard to enable me go to college. 5 alcoholic Saya tidak suka minuman keras. I don’t like alcoholic beverages. 6 by force Polisi harus membubarkan kerumunan beringas itu dengan tindakan keras. Police had to dismiss the violent crowed by force. 7 strong. Pukulannya sangat keras. His punch was very strong. 8 chemically very active Setiap obat keras harus melalui resep dokter. Any medicine that is chemically very active should be delivered by a medical doctor’s prescription. 9 severe Dia melancarkan satu kritikan keras kepada parlemen. He launched a severe critique toward the parliament. 10 stern Menejer memberi dia peringatan keras untuk tidak melakukan kesalahan yang sama lagi. The manager gave her a stern warning for not doing the same mistake. 11 loud Jangan bicara terlalu keras. Don’t talk too loud.
-bersikeras: v 1 persist (to do sth)  2 be determined
-keras kepala: adj stubborn
-keras hati: adj determined.
-kekerasan: n 1 violence 2 hardness 3 harshness 4 coercion 5 force
-mengeras: v /intr/ became hard
-mengerasi: v /tr/ 1 force 2 treat cruelly
-mengeraskan: v 1 harden 2 strengthen 3 tighten.
-pengeras: n 1 hardener 2 amplifier 3 boster (sound)
-pengerasan: n hardening.

kerasan: v /lu/ 1 stand (to do sth) |to be likely to do or have something, especially to stay in a new place|  Pada awalnya kami merasa tidak nyaman di kota kecil ini, tetapi sekarang semua kami sudah kerasan. At fist we feel uncomfortable to live in this small town but now all of us stand for it. 2 like, feel comfortable (to be in a particular situation) Saya kerasan tinggal bersama bibi. I feel comfortable to live with my aunt.

keras-keras: n /lu/ crispy cookie.

keras-tulang: n /ld/ a plant, the leaves of which are used for medicinal purposes.

kerat1: n /lu/ 1 slice, piece, part.
-berkerat: v be in pieces, in packages, in slices.
-mengerat1: v cut to pieces
-sekerat daging: n a slice of meat
sekerat coca cola: n a box of coca cola.
-sekerat tali: n a piece of string.

kerat2: n /spo/ sound of munching.
-mengerat2: v nibble, gnaw.
-pengerat; binatang pengerat: n rodent.

kerat3: variant of karat:

kerat4: variant of krat:

keraton: n palace, esp. of a Javanese ruler.
-kekeratonan: n sth that relates to the palace.

kerawang: n /lu/1 small holes on a knitted cloth. 2 em­broidery that has holes on it
-meng(k)erawang: v embroider
-/idiom/ mengkerawang lan­git: v fantasize (embroider the skies). Dia mimpi mengkerawang langit. She dream to embroider the sky (He fantasize)

kerbau: n /lu/ 1 carabao, water buffalo.
-kerbau pendek: n /hum/ pig
-/prov/ membeli kerbau di padang; |ltr. buy a caribou in a somewhere place| to buy a pig in a sack

kerdil: adj /lu/ 1 dwarf, stunted. 2 small-minded, narrow-minded.
-mengkerdilkan: n dwarf, stunt (growth, etc.).
-kekerdilan: n dwarfish­ness, smallness, narrowness. Kekerdilan cara pandang bisa disebabkan karena kurang pengalaman The narrowness of the way of thinking can be happen as the result of the lack of experiences.

kerdip: variant of kedip:

kerei: variant of kerai:

kerempang;  kerempeng: adj /lu/ emaciated, thin.
-kekerempengan1: n thinness.
-kekerempengan2: adj too thin

keremunting: variant of kemunting:

keren1: n /lu/1 good looking, handsome (of a man). 2 dash­ing, well-dressed. 3 gorgeous,  impressive Wah, keren sekali baju itu! Hey, what so gorgeous that dress!

keren2: variant of kern:

kereta: n /lu/ carriage, cart.
-berkereta: v ride a bicycle
-kereta bayi: n baby carriage.
-kereta angin: n bicycle. –syn: sepeda; lereng:
-kereta api: n train.
-kereta baja: n armored car.
-kereta kuda: n horse-drawn buggy. –syn: sado, delman:
-kereta dorong: n pushcart, wheel barrow.
-kereta gandengan: n trailer.
-kereta gantung: n cable car.
-kereta jenazah: n hearse.
-kereta kencana: n golden chariot. ­
-kereta pasien: n hospital cart.
-kereta pengiring: n fore rider
-kereta penambang: n rental cart/car
-perkereta-apian: n railway affairs.

keretek1: n /ld/ 1 bridge. 2  horse-drawn two-wheeled cart

keretek2: variant of kretek:

kering1: adj /lu/ 1 dry |not wet – having no water or other liquid inside or on the surface of sth| Apa handuk itu kering? Is that towel dry? 2 not rainy Musim kering telah berlangsung lebih dari dua bulan. The dry season has lasted for more than two months. 3 /idiom/ broke Kantong saya kering sekarang My pocket is dry now (I’m broke now)  4 not lucrative, not well-paid.  Ini adalah jabatan kering. This is not a well paid position. 5 doesn’t have enough natural liquid as usual|  Apa kamu punya sesuatu untuk diminum? Kerong-kongan saya kering. Do you have something to drink? My throat is dry.
-kering kerontang: adj very dry, dried at all.
-mengering: v /intr/ dry up
-mengeringkan: v /tr/ dry (sth) up
-kekeringan1: n 1 dryness 2 aridness
-kekeringan2: adj too dry
-pengering: n dryer
-pengeringan: n 1 drainage 2 draining 3 drying up 4 dehydration

kering2: n /spo/ sound of ringing.
-berkering-kering: v make a ringing sound.

keringat1: n /lu/ sweat, perspiration.

keringat2; berkeringat: v 1 sweat 2 perspire 3 be sweaty
-keringat buntat/buntel: n rash, prickly heat.
-keringat dingin: n a cold sweat.
-keringatan: adj 1  sweaty 2 perspiring.

keriput: adj /lu/ wrinkled. furrowed. wizened (skin, cloth, leaf, etc.).
-berkeriput: v be wrinkled.
-mengkeriput: v become wrinkled.

keris: n /lu/ double-bladed dagger (usually considered as a weapon)
berkeris: v wear this weapon
-keris berdarah: n blooded keris (a keris that had been used to kill sb)
-keris sakti: n magical keris.

Keristen: variant of Kristen:

kerisut: variant of kisut:

kerit: n /spo/ sound of scraping on metal.
-berkerit: v make a scraping sound.
-kerit dayung: n cricket.
-kerit gigi: n gnash the teeth.
-mengkeritkan: v cause sth to make a scraping sound.

keritik1: n /spo/ sound of crackling.
-berkeritik: v crackle 2 sputter (engine).

keritik2: variant of kritik:

keriting1: n /lu/ curl Keritingnya itu asli Her curl is natural

keriting2: adj 1 curly  2 kinky (hair). Rambutnya keriting Her hair is curly.
-mengkeritingi: v curl (the hair).

kerja1; bekerja: v /lu/intr/ 1 work |to do something in order to earn money, or to do an activity or duty that is a part of sb’s job| Dia bekerja di Jakarta sejak tahun lalu She works in Jakarta since last year. Saya dulu kerja di bank I used to work at a bank Kami kerja membantu anak-anak yang berkendala belajar. We’re working with children who have learning difficulties. 2 operate |if a tool or a machine does what it has been designed to do| Apa traktor itu sedang bekerja sekarang? Is the tractor working right now? 3 have a job Dia belum kerja sejak dia tamat. She doesn’t work yet since she graduated. 4 react. Obat ini akan bekerja dalam beberapa menit lagi. This medicine will react in a few minutes. 5 function Apa alat ini bekerja dengan baik? Does this equipment function well? 6 be active Gunung berapi itu sedang bekerja. The volcano is being active.
-dikerjakan: v be done Segala sesuatunya sudah dikerjakan dengan baik Everything has been done well.
-dipekerjakan: v be employed Sebagian dari kalian akan dipekerjakan di kantor cabang. Some of you will be employed at the branch office.
-mempekerjakan: v /tr/ employ Peru-sahaan ini mempekerjakan 500 orang. This company employs 500 persons.
-mengerjakan: v /tr/ 1 do (sth) Mari kita kerjakan sekarang juga. Let’s do it right now. 2 carry out Apa kamu punya waktu untuk mengejakan ini semua? Do you have time to carry out all of these? 3 process Berapa hari kamu butuhkan mengerjakan dokumen itu? How many days you need to process the document?

kerja2; pekerjaan: n /lu/ 1 job |a particular duty or responsibility, that sb has to do permanently|  Darwin telah mendapat pekerjaan baru di sebuah bank. Darwin has found a new job in a bank.2 respon-sibility Pekerjaan kamu membersihkan kamar hari ini. It’s your responsibility to clean the room to day. 3 business Kami punya kontrak kerja dengan dinas pekerjaan umum. We have a business contract with the public works office. 4 duty Mobil ini hanya untuk pekerjaan dinas. The car is only for official duty. 5 product |something that sb has accom-plished or has to accomplish| Ini satu hasil kerja seni yang sangat mengesankan. This is a very impressive art work. Ini benar-benar pekerjaan bagus. This is a real good job? Apa kamu tidak punya pekerjaan rumah? Don’t you have a home work? 6 activities Pekerjaan saya sekarang hanya mengurus anak-anak.My activity now is only to take care the children. 7 things to do Saya banyak pekerjaan di rumah. I have a lot of things to do at home. 8 post, employment. Kami butuh seorang yang berpendidikan tinggi dan berpengalaman luas untuk pekerjaan ini. We need a highly-educated and broad-experienced person for this employment. 9 profession Pekerjaan dia adalah pengacara. His profession is a lawyer 10 carrier Pekerjaan sebagai politisi punya banyak sekali tantangan A carrier as a politician has a lot of challenges. 11 habit Sudah pekerjaannya berkata bohong. It’s her habit to tell a lie. 12 purpose Apa kerja kamu datang kemari? What is your purpose to come here? 12 task Apa saja pekerjaan panitia ini? Whatever the tasks of this committee? 13 /inf/  ceremony. Kami punya pekerjaan kawinan minggu depan We are going to have a wedding ceremony next week.

kerja3: adj /lu/ working  Telepon saya hanya pada jam kerja Call me only at a working hour. Hari kerja kami adalah Senin sampai Jumat Our working days are from Monday to Friday.
-pengerjaan: n 1 implementation Pengerjaan proyek ini akan dilakukan oleh satu perusahaan yang punya reputasi. The implementation of this project will be conducted by a reputable company. 2 execution Apa ada masalah dalam pengerjaan di lapangan? Is there any problem with the execution in the field?
-kerja keras: n hard work.
-kerja sambilan: n 1 part time job 2 spare work (extra work).
-pekerja: n worker.
-pekerja kasar: n labour.
-pekerja tani: n farmer.
-pekerja seks komersil: n prostitute.
-pekerja sukarela: n volunteer.
-pekerja tambang: n miner.
-pekerja kantor: n office worker (with a connotation ‘white collar workers’)
-pekerja musiman/kontrak: n seasonal worker.
-pekerjaan lembur: n overtime job.
-rekan kerja: n colleague.

kerjasama1: n /lu/ cooperation.

kerjasama2: v /lu/ cooperate

kerling1; meng(k)erling: v /lu/ 1 glance sidewise 2 eye |to look at someone in a way that shows you think s/he is sexually attractive| Liz terus mengerling pacar saya tadi malam. Liz kept eyeing my boyfriend last night. 3 ogle |to glance at someone in a way that shows like her/him|
-kerlingan: n 1 an ogling 2 side glance

kerling; meng(k)erling: adj /lu/ shining, gleaming, sparkling. bintang-bintang yang mengerling sparkling stars

kerlip1: n /lu/1 flicker (of light) 2 wink
-berkerlip: v /intr/ 1 flicker 2 wink 3 fall in love.  Dia kerlip pada seorang gadis di tempat kerjanya. He fall in love with a girl at his work place.
-mengerlipkan: v /tr/ 1 flicker 2 wink 3 blink 4 make sb fall in love. Sikapnya yang sopan santun telah mengerlipkan saya pada dia. His gentle attitude make me fall in love with him.
-sekerlip (mata): n in a wink

kernek: variant of kenek:

kernet: variant of kenek:

kerok1: n /lu/ currycomb |a comb with metal teeth used for grooming horse|
-mengkerok: v 1 curry |groom a horse with currycomb| 2 dig (sth) out |to get something out of a place using a tool or your hands| Kerok dulu endapan pada dasar tangki air itu sebelum mengisinya. Dig the sediment from bottom of the water tank out before filling it. 2 chafe |rub sb’s skin with a coin as a medical treatment|
-kerokan: n 1 tool that is used to dig (sth) out 2 coin used to rub for chafing

kerok2: variant of keruk

keroncong1: n /spo/ 1 sound of clanking, jingling (such as horse bell) 2 /lu/ popular Indonesian music originating from Portuguese songs. 3 small guitar or ukulele.
-gelang keroncong: n a set of bracelets worn together.

keroncong2; berkeroncong: v /lu/ 1play such music instrument 2 sing to such music
-berkeroncongan: v 1 /intr/ produce bubbling sound |if there is sound inside sb’s stomach – usually because hungry or catching cold|  2 grumble, growl.

keroncong3: n /ld/ deepest recess of a fish trap. mengkeroncongkan (bibir) round the lips like the shape of a fish trap.
-/prov/: Seperti ikan dalam keroncong Sth beyond a help or sth intolerable.

keroncong4: n /ld/ plant which furnishes green fer­tilizer.

keropos: adj /lu/ 1 porous, spongy. 2 hollow, rotten. 3 rarefied (gas).

kerosin: n /frm/ kerosene. –syn: minyak lampu, minyak tanah

keroyok; mengeroyok: v /lu/ gang up on, swarm over, over­whelm. |if several people attack a person at the same time – attack by overwhelming numbers|
-pengeroyok: n attackers (with such way).
-pengeroyokan: n an unbalanced attacking.

kertas1: n /lu/ paper |thin sheets used for writing or drawing on, wrapping things in etc.| selembar kertas tipis a piece of thin  paper
-kertas ampelas: n sandpaper.
-kertas pelapis dinding: n wall paper.
-kertas koran: n newsprint
-kertas bertinta: n carbon paper
-kertas bungkus: n wrap­ping paper.
-kertas buram: n scratch paper.
-kertas bungkus kado: n gift wrap.
-kertas berharga: n stocks, securities
-kertas cetak: n printing paper
-kertas embun/serap: n blotting paper.
-kertas folio: n foolscap paper.
-kertas jiplak: n tracing paper
-kertas karton: n cardboard
-kertas kaca: n cellophane
-kertas kloset: n toilet paper.
-kertas kerja: n paper (comprehensive writing on sth).
-kertas kraft: n bond paper.
-kertas krep: n crepe paper
-kertas lap: n tissue paper.
-kertas minyak: n wax paper.
-kertas perak: n tinpaper.
-kertas tapis/saring: n filter paper.

kertas2: n /spo/ sound of paper being crumpled.

keruan: adj /lu/ 1 fixed, definite, known |mostly used in negative form| . Kedatangannya belum keruan. His arrival is not yet fixed. 2 well-arranged. Susunan meja itu tidak keruan. The set of the table is not well arranged. 3 make sense.Penya-jianya tidak keruan. His presentation didn’t make sense. 4 vague Rumah-rumah itu tampak tidak keruan saat ada kabut. The houses doesn’t look clear (vague) in the fog. 5 unreasonable Kegelisahannya tidak keruan. Her anxiety was unreasonable

kerubung; berkerubung: v /lu/intr/  crowd |gather together in large numbers, filling a particular place|  Orang-orang berke-rubung disekitar tempat kejadian People crowded around the scene of the accident.
-mengerubungi: v /tr/ crowd Lalat menge-rubungi seekor ikan busuk. Flies crowed a rotten fish.
-kerubungan: n crowd |a large group of people in a particular place|  Kerubungan orang banyak berkumpul menyaksikan sebuah mobil yang sedang terbakar. A large crowd gathered to watch a burning car.

kerubut1: meng(k)erubut: v /lu/tr/ 1 gang up on |to join a group in order to protest or attack someone, or want to get sth| Para pengungsi mengerubut pembagian  jatah makanan. The refuges gang up on the allotment of food. 2 swarm over. Semut-semut mengerubuti kaki saya Ants swarmed over my foot.

kerubut2: n /lu/  parasite of bearing showy flowers.

kerucut2; meng(k)erucut: v 1 to be come smaller to the end. 2 to be more specific Masalah yang sangat meluas itu telah mulai mengerucut. That broad matter has become more specific.

kerudung: n /lu/ 1 veil |a thin piece of material that women wear to cover their hair| 2 lampshade. 3 cover. (sth that is used to cover sth that is not necessarily tightly tied)
-berkerudung: v /intr/ wear veil
-meng(k)erudungi: v /tr/ cover sth with veil.

keruh1: adj /lu/ 1 turbid, muddy |having sediment, mud or foreign particles stirred up and dissolved in a liquid|  2 unclear (case or matter) 3 complicated (problem)
-kekeruhan: n 1 turbidity 2 muddiness 2 unclearness 4 complicatedness
-mengeruh: v /intr/ become turbid, muddy, cloudy
-mengeruhkan: v /tr/ 1 complicate 2 make (sth) turbid 3 make sth cloudy

keruh2: n /ld/ 1 snore |a loud noise each time you breathe while you are sleeping| 2 purr (of a cat).

keruk1: n /ld/ scratching, scraping sound.

keruk2; mengeruk: v /lu/ 1 dredge |remove mud or sand from the bottom of a river, a lake, or the sea| 2 exploit |unfairly to get profit from sb, community, or a country|
-kapal keruk: n dredger ship
-mengeruk untung: v take as much as possible profit
-pengerukan: n 1 dredging 2 exploitation

kerukut; meng(k)erukut: v /intr/lu/ 1 curl up |if paper, leaves etc. curl up, their edges become curved and point up| Daun yang berjatuhan itu mulai meng(k)erukut dan berubah menjadi kuning. The fallen leaves had begun to curl up and turn yellow. 2 shrink |to become smaller in size or to make something smaller|  Kulit tangan kamu akan mengkerukut kalau kamu taruh terlalu lama dalam air dingin itu. Your hand’s skin will shrink if you put it too long into the cold water.
-meng(k)erukutkan: v /tr/ 1 curl up 2 shrink.

kerumun; berkerumun: v /intr/lu/ crowd  |gather together in large numbers, filling a particular place|  Orang-orang berke-rumun disekitar tempat kejadian People crowded around the scene of the accident.
-mengerumuni: v /tr/lu/ Lalat mengeru-muni seekor tikus mati. Flies crowed a died rat.
-kerumunan: n crowd |a large group of people in a particular place|  Kerumunan orang banyak berkumpul menyaksikan sebuah rumah yang sedang terbakar. A large crowd gathered to watch a burning house.

kerunia: variant of karunia:

kerupuk1: n /lu/ chips or cracker made of flour flavoured with fish, shrimp, fruit,  etc. .
-kerupuk belinjo: n chips made from the fruit of the belinjo.
-kerupuk kerak: n chips made of hard-boiled rice and fruit.
-kerupuk kulit: n chips made of  buffalo’s skin.
-kerupuk udang: n shrimp chips

kerupuk; kerupukan: adv 1 helter-skelter 2 confusingly

kerut1; berkerut1: v /intr/lu/ 1 furrow 2 wrinkle 3 shrivel 4 contract 5 frown
-berkerut2: adj 1 furrowed 2 wrinkled
-mengerutkan: v /tr/ 1 furrow 2 wrinkle 3 shrivel, shrink  4 contract 5 frown

kerut2: n /lu/ 1 furrow 2 wrinkle  3 frown
-peng(k)erutan: n 1 furrowing 2 wrinkling 3 shrinking 4 contrac­tion 5 frowning

kerut2: n /spo/ sound of scraping.

kes.1 {kesebelasan}: n soccer team.

kes.2 {kesehatan}: n health.

kes3: n /lu/ cash. Pembayaran kes silahkan lewat disini. Payment with cash, please this way.

kesah1; berkesah: v /lu/ moan, sigh. |to breathe out loudly and slowly, especially when you are tired or in order to express a strong emotion| Dia berkesah dengan rasa lega She sighed with satisfaction.

kesah2: n moan, sigh
-keluh-kesah: n sth that sb’s worry or concern about

kesal: adj /lu/ l dejected |sad and disap-pointed|  Saya kesal melakukan itu semua untuk dia I was dejected to do all of it for him. 2 be piqued |feel be annoyed or upset of sth or sb|  Jangan kesal tentang apa yang dia katakan pada kamu, dia tidak bermaksud menyakiti kamu. Don’t be piqued with what he told you, he didn’t mean to hurt you.
-kekesalan: n 1 dejection 2 annoyance 4 disappointment

kesambi: n /lu/ tree yielding wood for charcoal.

kesamping: see samping:

kesan: n /lu/ 1 impression |the opinion or feeling you have on sth or about sb because of the way she, he, or it seems or acts|  Apa kesan kamu tentang penam-pilan dia? What was your impressions about her appearance? Kesan yang kamu buat pada pertunjukan pertama sangat menentukan pada karir kamu selanjutnya. The impression you made on your first show is critical to your next carrier.2 feeling  Saya ada kesan bahwa ada sesuatu yang tidak benar disini. I have a feeling that there is something wrong here.
-berkesan: v be impressive
-mengesankan1: adj impressive
-mengesankan2: v impress
-terkesan: v /pass.v/  be impressed  Pertunjukan itu terkesan bagus The show was impressed well.

kesana: see sana:

kesandung: see sandung:

kesasar: see sasar:

kesatria: n /lu/ 1 a gallant and dedicated soldier 2 noble caste |a person who belongs to the second highest social class based on Hinduism|
-kekesatriaan: n 1 gallantry 2 no­bleness.
-kesatriaan: n military base, headquarters.

kesejatian: see sejati:

keseleo1: v /intr/ be sprained  Tangan saya keseleo waktu saya jatuh. My arm was sprained when I fell down.
-/idiom/ lidah keseleo: slip of tongue.
Notes: In English the word ‘sprain’ is usually used as an active voice of transitive verb. In Indonesian people use it as a passive voice (intransitive). Grammatically we can use it as an active and transitive verb by using suffix ‘kan’ ® ‘keseleokan’ but it is not common.  So, don’t say, Saya keseleokan lutut saya (I sprained my knee)  but say, Lutut saya keseleo My knee was sprained  -see: patah:

kesemuanya: see semua:

kesian: variant of kasihan:

kesiap; terkesiap: v be startled.

kesima; terkesima: v 1 be surprised 2 shaken up 3 be unnerved.

kesini: see sini:

kesra {kesejahteraan rakyat}: n the peo­ple’s welfare.

kesuari: variant of kasuari:

kesuma: n /ltr/ 1 flower. kesuma bangsa flower of the na­tion (the hero of the nation). 2 a beautiful woman 3 noble women.

kesumat: n /lu/ 1 conflict, altercation. 2 enmity. 3 ha­tred.

ketahuan: see tahu:

ketam1: adj /ld/ 1 tightly closed 2 with teeth set. 3  crab (in some regions only)
-ketam mulut: n lockjaw |a symptom of tetanus in which the jaw is locked close|
-ketam mulut: v shut the mouth tightly
-meng(k)etam: v close or press tightly. ketam bibir press sb’s lips tightly to­gether.
-pengetam: n ­1 pair of pincers. 2 clamp.

ketam2;  mengetam: v /lu/ harvest rice with a knife held within sb’s palm.
-ketamanan: n item harvested.
-pengetam: n knife for harvesting rice.
-pengetaman: n harvesting of rice.

ketam3: n /lu/ plane |a carpenter’s tool that has a flat bottom with a sharp blade in it, used for making wooden surfaces level and smooth|
-ketam betina: n grooving plane.
-ketaman: n item to smoothen by a plane
-ketam kasar: n jack plane.
-mengetam: v smoothen wood using a plane.

ketan: n sticky or glutinous rice.
-ketan hitam: n black sticky rice.
-ketan urap: n boiled sticky rice with grated coconut.

ketapang: n almond tree growing near the sea­shore which bears oily seeds – Terminalia katapa.

ketapel; ketapill: n /lu/ catapult, slingshot 2 a sling to catch landing planes.

ketat: adj /lu/fr/ 1 tight |fitness of a cloth| jeans yang ketat tight jeans. 2 firmly pulled or stretched Tarik talinya dengan ketat. Pull the thread tight. 3 firmly fixed Pastikan baut itu ketat. Make sure the screws are tight. 4 firmly controlled |very strictly| Keamanan yang ketat di bandara. A tight security at the airport. 4 the cash flow of money kebijakan keuangan yang ketat. a tight money policy. 5 strict time Agenda pertemuan itu sangat ketat. The schedule of the meeting was very tight. 6 close (friendship) Hubungan mereka sudah semakin ketat. They’re getting pretty tight relation 7 passionate Dia memberi saya rangkulan ketat. She gave me a passionate hug.
-keketatan: n tightness.
-mengetat: v become tight
-memperketat: v tighten
-pengetatan: n tightening, firming.

ketawa; (ter)tawa: v /intr/lu/ laugh.
-di tertawai: v become the object of laughter.
-ketawa cekikikan: v giggle.
-mengetawai; mengetawakan: v /tr/ 1 laugh at. Kamu mengetawakan apa? What are you laughing at?  2 make sb laugh.
-tertawaan: n 1 laughter |the action of laughing, or the sound of people laughing| gemuruh tertawaan dari hadirin.  a roar of laughter from the audience. 2 the object of laughing
Notes: The words “ditertawai, ditertawakan, diketawai” are passive voice and they have the same meaning. Each of them has a prefix “di”  And “mengetawai, mentertawakan, mengetawakan” are active voice and they also have the same meaning. Each of them has a prefix “men(g)”

ketek1: n /Jkt/ armpit.
-mengketeki: v tickle under the arm.

Ketek2: adj /Min./ small, little.

ketel1: adj /ld/ 1 thick, close together (of leaves, etc.). 2 crowded, dense (of population).

ketel2: n /ld/ drop (liquid).
-seketel (air): n a drop of water
-berketel: v fall in drops.

ketel3: n /lu/ kettle |a metal container used for boiling and pouring water|
-ketel kukus: n boiler.

ketela: n /lu/ 1 yams |starchy root crops| 2
-ketela manis: n sweet potato
-ketela pohon: n cassava.

ketemu: see temu2:

keteng: n /of/ half cent coin (of the colonial era).
-seketeng: n a half cent.
-meng(k)eteng: v retail |sell and buy at a particular price for each smallest unit of things|
-ketengan: adv by piece. Apa kamu menjual piring ini ketengan? Do you sell the plate by retail?
-pengeteng: n retailer.

ketengah: see tengah:

ketepel: variant of ketapel:

keteter; keteteran: v /lu/ 1 fall or lag behind, unable to keep up, left behind. 2 be on the verge of defeat.

keti: n /of/ 100,000.
-seketi: 100,000.
-berketi-keti: adv by the hundreds of thousands.
-ketian: adv by the 100,000.

keti2: n /sport/ wooden ball.

ketiak: n /lu/ armpit. –syn: ketek
-mengketiaki: v put or carry sth under the arms.

ketiban: v /Jv/ get (sth) unexpectedly
-/idiom/ 1 Dia ketiban durian runtuh (He had a ripe durian fall on him).He had unexpected good luck Saya ketiban sial. I have a wind­fall of bad luck. 2 ketiban pulung: get a blessing in disguise

ketik1: n /spo/ ticking sound
-berketik-ketik: v make a ticking sound (of watch, heart, etc.)

ketik2: v /intr/tr/lu/ type |to write something using a computer or typewriter|
-mengetikkan: v /tr/ type (sth).
-mesin ketik: n typewriter.
-pengetik: n typewriter.
-pengetikan: n typing.

ketika1: adv /lu/frm/ |used when asking what time something did or will happen| Ketika saya bertemu dia, saya ajak dia datang kerumah in When I met him, I asked him to visit us here? Ketika hujan tanaman ini akan tumbuh kembal When it rain this plant will grow well again. Kolam mini berisi air hanya ketika ada hujan. This pool contains water only at the rainy time (only at a time of rain)

ketika2: n /lu/frm/ time  |at a certain time| Kemarin dia datang kesini dan ketika itu saya bilang pada dia bahwa kamu sedang mencari dia. Yesterday she came here and at that time I told her that you’re looking for her.
-seketika1; satu ketika: n one time Satu ketika ada seorang raja yang sangat bijaksana. Once upon a time there was a very wise king.
-seketika2: adv at the same time (no longer than)  Dia pulang seketika itu juga. He came back no longer than he left. Dia datang kesini kemarin dan seketika itu juga saudarinya pergi. She came here this morning and at the same time her sister left.

ketika3: conj. /lu/frm/ when |used in asking a probability of what happen in a particular situation|  Ketika kamu bertemu Sally tolong bilang dia menghubungi saya. When you see Sally tell her to call me.

ketika4: variant of kartika:

ketimbang: adv /lu/ 1 rather than |use to compare sb/sth to the other| Saya lebih memilih yang biru muda ketimbang yang hijau. I prefer the light blue rather than the green. 2 compare to Cuaca hari ini lebih bagus ketimbang kemarin. The weather of today is better than it was yesterday Berbuat sesuatu yang kurang sempurna lebih baik ketimbang tidak berbuat apa-apa. Doing sth imperfect is better than doing nothing. –syn: daripada:

ketimun: see mentimun:

ketimus: n /Jv/ cake made of corn or cassava with coconut and palm sugar.

ketip1: n /of/ dime, a coin equal to ten cents of rupiah.
-seketip: n a dime.
-ketipan: n sth that worth in a dime.

ketip1; mengetip: v /ld/ bite or nip (of a small insect).
-diketip: v /pass.v./ be nipped, be bitten

ketir-ketir: adj /lu/ fearful, apprehensive.

ketok: variant of ketuk:

ketoprak: n /Jv/1  drama depicting historical or pseudo-historical events. 2 /Jkt/ salad consisting of bean sprouts, tofu, rice oodles and a peanut sauce.

ketua: n /lu/ 1 chairperson |someone who is in charge of a meeting, a committee, or an organization|  2 moderator |a person who in charge in to manage or moderate a discussion, debate, seminar, presentation|
-ketua harian: n duty director.
-ketua umum: n main chairperson
-wakil ketua: n vice or deputy chairman.
ketua pelaksana: n acting chairperson
-mengetuai: v chair, preside over.
-pengetua: n ­leader. elder.

ketuban: n /lu/ fetal membrane.

ketuk1; mengetuk: v /tr/lu/ 1 knock, tap. Tolong ketuk pintunya sebelum masuk. Please knock the door before coming in. 2 arouse |to make someone have a particular feeling| Penderitaan hidup di lokasi peng-ungsian itu telah mengetuk rasa iba kami. The misery of life in the refugee camps has aroused our sympathy.
-ketuk dan las: n /lu/ car body work (pounding and welding)
-ketuk tilu: n /Snd/ popular melody for ronggeng (a Sundanese traditional dance)
-mengetuki: v knock sth repeatedly.
-ketukan: n 1 knock |the sound of something hard hitting a hard surface| 2 tempo |the speed at which music is played| Ketukan lagu ini harus tiga perempat The tempo of this music should be three fourth. 3 tapping sound.
-ketuk palu: v pound gavel (punish) Hakim telah ketuk palu mengirim  dia masuk penjara dua tahun. The judge has pounded the gavel to send him two years in prison.
-mengetukkan: v /tr/ pound sth against sth else.

ketuk2: n /Jkt/ gamelan instrumem, a horizon­tally suspended bronze kettle.

ketuk3: n /spo/ sound of a hen clucking.
-berketuk: v cluck.

ketumbar: n /lu/ any kind of plant the seed of which is very popular spice – Coriandrum sativum

ketumbe; ketumbi1: variant of ketombe:

ketumbuhan: see tumbuh:

ketupat: n /lu/ rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves.

ketus1: adj /lu/ sharp (in reply), speaking in an angry tone.

ketus2; meng(k)etus: v snap |to speak quickly in an angry way|  Maaf saya ketus pada kamu. I’m sorry I snapped at you.

kewalahan: v /lu/ be deluged |get a lot of things to handle, to pay attention to, to do at the same time| Station radio itu kewa-lahan menghadapi pengajuan keberatan The radio station was deluged with complaints. 2 be snowed under (with sth). |to have more work than you can deal with|  Saya senang pergi tetapi saya sedang kewalahan (menyelesaikan pekerjaan) sekarang. I’d love to go, but I’m totally snowed under right now.

kewan: variant of hewan:

kewartal: see kuartal:

kewatir: see kuatir:

kg. {kilogram}: n /wrt/ kilogram.

Kg. {kampung}: n /wrt/ village, neighborhood.

khabar: variant of kabar:

khadam;, khadim: n /ltr/ 1 servant, slave. 2 wage earner.

khalayak: n /lu/ 1 audience, spectator |the people watching or listening to a concert, speech, movie etc.| Ada 500 orang khalayak pertunjukan itu. There were over 500 people in the audience of the show –syn: pemirsa 2 public Jaman dulu hukuman mati dlaksanakan didepan khalayak (ramai). In the past, death penalty was done in public. 3 creature |any living thing such as human, animal, fish, or insect, except plants|  Kami percaya bahwa semua khalayak ciptaan Thuan harus disayangi. We believe that all living creatures should be respected 4 community, group khalayak pencinta binatang animal devotee community khalayak muda youth group khayak pembeli buyers.
-mengkhalayak: v /intr/ be socialized
-mengkhalayakkan: v /tr/ socialize (sth)

khalifah: n /lu/ caliph |the secular and religious leader of Moslem state|

khalik: n /lu/ the Creator.

khalikah: n /lu/ 1 creation 2 character, behavior.
-khalikah raya: n universe

khas1: adj /lu/ special, exclusive, for private use. Mereka menyambut kami dengan cara khas. They welcome us with a special mean.

khas2: n specifialty (to sth) Sup ini adalah khas restoran kami This soup is a specialty of our restaurant.
-memperkhas: v treat sth to make it a special
-mengkhaskan: v reserve sth for special use.

khasanah: see khazanah:

khasiat: n /lu/ 1 special quality or virtue, merit, etc. (especially to cure an illness
-khasiat manjur: adj effective to cure (illness)

khasis: n /lu/ chassis.

khatib: n /lu/ 1 preacher at the mosque. 2 a mosque official.

khatulistiwa: n /lu/ equator.

khawatir: see kuatir:

khayal; khayalan: n /lu/ 1 imagination |the ability to form pictures or ideas in your mind|  Kamu harus menyadari bahwa rasa takut kamu itu hanya dalam khayalan kamu. You should realize that your fear is only an imagination. 2 hallucination |something you see, feel, or hear that is not really there, or the experience of this, usually caused by a drug or mental illness| Tidak ada orang disini, itu hanya khayalan kamu. There is nobody here, it’s only your hallucination. 3 fantasy |imagined situations that are not realities|  Ketika saya muda saya punya khayalan menjadi seorang pembalap mobil When I was young, I had fantasies about becoming a car racer. 4 vision |a picture or idea in your mind of the way a situation could happen|  Apa kamu punya khayalan masa depan negeri ini? Do you have a vision of the future of this country?
-berkhayal: v 1 imagine 2 hallucinate 3 fantasize 4 think a future vision
-pengkhayal: n 1 imaginative person 2 hallucinative person 3 dreamer
-pengkhayalan: n 1 imagining 2 fantasizing 3 hallucinating

khayat: variant of hayat:

khazanah: n /lu/ 1 treasure 2 treasury 3 property 4 storage area for valuable objects 4 vocabulary of a language.

khewan: variant hewan:

khianat; berhianat: v /intr/lu/ 1 betray 2 commit treason 3 be disloyal 4 be treacherous
-menghianati: v /tr/ 1 betray 2 be treacherous to sb 3 be disloyal to sb 4 be traitorous
-penghianat: n 1 betrayer 2 traitor
-penghianatan: n 1 betrayal 2 treason 3 disloyalty.

khidmat: adj /lu/ 1 respectful pendengar yang khidmat respectful audience 2 solemn Hari pahlawan selalu menjadi satu peringatan khidmat Heroism day is always become a solemn commemoration
-berkhidmat: v 1 be respectful 2 be solemn 3 be serious
-kekhidmatan: n 1 solemnity 2 respect 3 seriousness of a ceremony..

khilaf: v /lu/ accidentally make a mistake
-kekhilafan: n unintended error, mistake

khitan: n circumcision.
-berkhitan: v circumcise
-mengkhitankan: v circum­cise
-mengkhitani: v circumcise several people.
-khitanan: n feast to celebrate a circumcision.

khlor: n /tech/ chlorine.

khlorida: n /tech/ chloride.

khlorinasi: n /tech/ chlorination.

chloroform: n /tech/ chloroform

khodrat: see kodrat:

khotbah: n /lu/ sermon.
-berkhotbah: v /intr/ 1 preach, deliver a sermon. 2 pontificate.
-mengkhotbahi: v /tr/ 1 preach at 2 lecture sb  Dia mengkhotbahi kami agar tidak berkelahi lagi He preach us not to fight again.
-mengkhotbahkan: v /tr/ preach sth to sb
-pengkhotbah: n preacher.
-pengkhotbah Injil: n evangelist.

khotib: variant of khatib:

khrom: n /tech/ chrome.

khronis: adj /lu/ chronic.

khuatir: variant of kuatir:

khusus: adj /lu/ special |better, more important, or deserving more love and attention than ordinary things, events, or people|  Ini satu peristiwa khusus This is a special occasion.
-khusunya: adv 1 especially 2 particularly 3 specifically
-mengkhusus: v /intr/ become special
-mengkhususkan: v /tr/ 1 make sth special. 2 set sth aside.
-kekhususan: n 1 particularity 3 specificity
-pengkhususan: n 1 specialization 2 specification.

khusyu; khusyuk: adj /lu/ 1 devout |submissive and humble be­fore God| Saya yakin dia adalah seorang wanita yang khusyuk. I believe that she is a devout lady. 2 engrossed in |so deeply absorbed and interested in something that you do not notice anything else| Dia mengikuti ceramah itu dengan perhatian yang khusyuk. She follow the preach with engrossed attention.
-berkhusyuk: v /intr/ be devout (to his/her religion)
-mengkhusyukkan (diri): v /tr/ try to be engrossed in (sth) Dia coba mengkhusuk-kan diri dalam menjalankan agamanya. She tried to be engrossed in practicing her belief.

ki: n /ld/1 title of respect for a men learned in religion teaching. 2 title used with certain objects of ven­eration. Ki Jagur The name given to an ancient can­non in ]kt.

kiai: n /lu/ 1 title or reference for a venerated scholar, teacher of Islam. 2 district head (in S. Kalimantan). 3 variant of ki:

kiamat1: n /lu/ 1 doomsday ®  Judgement Day |a time after death when everyone is judged by God, according to some religions| 2 end of the world, disaster.

kiamat2: v /intr/lu/ 1 end, stop, be finished Klub kita akan kiamat kalau tersingkir dalam kompetisi ini. Our club will be finished if we fail in this competition. 2 go disastrous. Kita sedang mau kiamat We’re going disastrous.

kian1: adv the more. Kian tinggi matahari kian panas sinarnya. The higher the sun the hotter it shines. Kian cepat kamu berangkat kian baik –syn: semakin:

kian2; sekian: quant. 1 that’s all. Sekian dulu untuk hari ini! That’s all for today! Sekian dan terima kasih! That’s all and thank you! 2 sekian (kali) as many (time) Sekian kali saya minta sekian kali mereka menolak As many time I asked, as many time they refused. 3 that much, that many. Apa kamu bisa bawa sekian banyak? Can you carry that much. Sekian banyak orang saya kenal di kota ini, satupun tidak bersedia menolong. I know that many people in this town, but none of them want to help.
-berkian-kian1: adj 1 many 2 very much.
-berkian-kian2: adv repeteadly, again and again.
-kesekian (kali): adv /lu/ umpteenth time |a word used when you think that the exact number is not important but just to emphasize that sth is not the first in an order, or not only once happened and the number is unreasonably large| Ini yang kesekian kali saya datang kesini. This is the umpteenth time I came here.- compare to:  Ini kedua kali saya datang kesini.  This is the second time I came here. Kamu adalah orang kesekian dalam daftar itu. You are the umpteenth (not the first – there is a number before you) in the list.

kian3: adv. there Dia berjalan kian kemari menunggu hasil operasi isterinya. He paced here and there (up and down) waiting for the result of his wife’s operation.

kias; kiasan: n /lu/ 1 simile, comparison, analogy |an expression in which you compare two similar things using the words “like” or “as,”  for example “as red as blood”| Apa kita bisa membuat komputer sebagai kiasan otak manusia? Can we draw an analogy between a computer and a human brain? Darah biru adalah kiasan untuk orang bangsawan. Blue blood is a simile of noble people. 2 allusion, idiom, proverb |the act of speaking or writing in an indirect way about something| Batu bergelinding tidak akan pernah ditumbuhi lumut adalah kiasan untuk “Kalau seseorang selalu berganti bidang (pelajaran atau pekerja-an) tidak akan pernah menjadi ahli di satu bidang tertentu. A rolling stone never gather a moss is an idiom for “If sb always change her/his field (of study or work), she/he’ll never be an expert in a particular field.
-berkiasan: v have illusion
-mengkiaskan: v 1 compare sth to sb/sth else  2 analogize sth as sth else or make sth the analogy of sth else.

kiat1: adj stiff, cramped (of neck, limbs, etc.).
-berkiat: v be stiff, be cramped.
-mengkiatkan: v sprain sth

kiat2: n 1 trick 2 tactic 3 stratagem |a skilful planned action used for achieving something| kiat seorang salesman yang berhasil the tactics of a successful salesman

kiat3; mengkiat: v shuffle cards.

kibar; berkibar: v /intr/lu/ 1 wave, flutter, fly (of flag). 2 be displayed. Bendera itu tampak berkibar dari sini. The flag is seen waving from here.
-mengibarkan: v /tr/ wave, flutter, display, put out.
-pengibaran: n display (of flags).

kibas; mengibas: v /intr/lu/ wag (tail), swa, flap.
-mengibaskan: v /tr/ wag, sway, flap (sth) Pucuk pohon itu dikibas-kibaskan angin The tree’s top was swayed back and forth by the wind. Seekor anjing akan mengi-baskan ekornya kalau dia gembira. A dog will wag its tail if it is happy .

kiblah; kiblat: n /lu/1 praying position |the direction toward Mecca that sb has to face when she/he is praying|  2 orientation |the objective of an activity especially related to ideology, belief, school of tought, etc| Apa kiblat gerakan ini? What is the orientation of this movement?
-berkiblat: v 1 orient Kebijakan ekonomi kita berkiblat ke kapitalisme bebas. Our economic policy orients liberal capitalism 2 have a particular orientation. Apa gerakan kalian punya kiblat tertentu? Does your movement has a particular orientation?

kibul; ngibul: v /intr/lu/ lie.
-mengibuli: v /tr/ tell a lie to sb, cheat sb, deceive sb.

kicau; berkicau: v /lu/ 1 chirp, twitter, warble. 2 chatter.
v twitter and chirp (of several hirds).
-/idiom/: mengicaukan: v to talk idly of, chatter about. 2 boast about.
-kicauan: n warble, chirp.

kidal: adj /lu/ left-handed.
-sikidal: n southpaw.
-kekidalan: n left-hand­edness.

kidul: n /Jv/ the south.

kidung: n /ld/ ballad, hymn
-kidung gereja: n hymn.
-kidung rohrni: n a spiritual hymn.
-meng(k)idung: v sing a ballad.
-meng(k)idungkan: v sing a ballad.

kihanat: n 1 /ld/ astrology 2 augury |the act, ability, art, or practice of auguring|

kijai: n large timber tree – Santiria griffithi.

kijang: n /lu/ 1 small antelope. 2 brand name of a family car.

KIK {Kredit Investasi Kecil}: n Small Loans Scheme for middle lower business.

kik: n /ld/ loom.

kikil: n /lu/ l thick skin and muscles on an animal’s feet (buffalo, cow, goat)

kikir1: n /lu/ file, rasp.
-kikir kuku: n nail file.
-berkikir: adj 1 filed. 2 coarse, twinkled (of skin).
-meng(k)ikir: v file (a metal object).
kikiran: n filings.

kikir2: adj 1 stingy 2 tightfisted. 3 economical
-kekikiran: n stinginess.

kikis; mengikis: v /lu/ 1 scraped. 2 erode. Ombak laut mengikis pantai The sea waves eroded the coast. 2 make sth disappear bit by bit.
-kikis habis: v eradicate
-mengikiskan: v scrape (sth on the surface of sth else).
-pengikis: n scraper
-pengikisan: n 1 erosion 2 eradication

kikuk: adj /lu/ clumsy, awkward.
-kekikukan: n clumsiness, awk­wardness.

kilaf: variant of khilaf:

kilah1: n /lu/ trick, deception, ruse, pretext.
-berkilah: v 1 make up reason 2 be far fetched , forced (argument). 3 make spurious ar­gument .
-mengkilah-kilah: v twist words, distort facts or an argument.

kilah2: n /ld/ snail like mollusk.

kilang1: n /lu/ 1 mill |a large machine used for crushing food such as corn, grain, or coffee into a powder| 2 factory |a building and the machines where materials such as paper, steel, or cotton cloth are made| 3 refinery |an industry area where used to refine crude oil| 3 |an area where consumer goods such as powdery milk, sugar, etc. are processed|
-mengilangkan: v /tr/ processed (sth) in a factory.
-peng(k)ilangan: n refining.
-perkilangan: n 1 refinery area 2 refinery matter.
-kilang padi: n rice mill.
-kilang getah: n rubber factory.
-kilang minyak: n oil refinery.

kilang2: n /ld/ sugarcane or palm tree sap before fermenting to turn it to alcoholic drink.

kilang-kelok: adj /ld/ winding, tortuous (road, path).

kilap; kilapan: n /lu/ shine, gloss, sheen, luster
-berkilap; mengkilap: v /intr/ shine
-kilap baba: n afterglow
-mengkilapi: v flash sth with light
-sekilap mata: adv in a flash.

kilas1: n /ld/ 1 noose made of rattan. 2 rattan rings used for climbing trees or poles.
-mengkilas: v 1 trap (ani­mals, birds). 2 tighten up (string, rope, etc.)
-kilas tali kurung: n tighter string of a bag.

kilas2; kilas: n /lu/ 1 flash 2 kilas-balik: n flashback.
-kilasan: n flash, glance
-mengkilas (pada): v /tr/ glance at.
-mengkilaskan: v flash or glance sth |make sth flash| mengkilaskan mata kepada seseorang glance sb’s eyes at sb.
-sekilas: n a glance.
-sekilas lintas pandang: phr. in a flash,  in a wink, in the twinkling of an eye.
-terkilas: v be flash to sb’s mind.

kilat1: n 1 flash of lightning. 2 shine, gleam, sheen.3 done in a flash (in set expressions).
-mengkilat1: v 1 flash 2 shine
-mengkilat2: adj 1 shiny 2 glossy 3 glistening
-mengkilatkan: v make sth shiny, glossy, or glistening

kilat2: adj /lu/ 1 very fast 2 express
-kiriman kilat: n very fast delivery
-kilat khusus: n special express delivery
-surat kilat: n fast delivery letter.

kilat3: n /ld/ any kind of trees which grows well in a swamp near a coast – Rhizo-phora conjugate; Rhizophora mucronata

kilau; kilauan: n /lu/ luster |an attractive shiny appearance|  kilauan rambut hitamnya yang panjang the luster of her long dark hair 2 glare.
-berkilau: v 1 sparkle 2 glitter
-kilau-kemilau: n 1 bright shine, bright  sparkle (of stars, diamonds)
-mengkilau: v ­shine brightly

kili-kili: n nose ring of rope or rattan for an ox or water buffalo.
-kili-kili buaya: n sea-nettle |a wild plant with rough leaves that sting you|

kilir1; mengkilir: v /ld/ 1whet |sharpen a tool by rubbing it on whetstone|  2 grind |sharpen a metal tool by grinding|
-kiliran: n 1 whet­stone 2 grindstone.
-peng(k)iliran: n 1 whetting 2 sharpening 3 grinding
-peng(k)iliran budi: v sharpening the intellectuality

kilir2; terkilr: v /lu/ be sprained. Lengan saya terkilir I sprained my arm.(My arms is sprained)

kilo1: n /lu/ kilo |1000 of smallest units of sth}
-kilogram: n 1000 grams
-kilometer: n 1000 meters

kilo2: n /lu/ balance, weighing |an equipment that is used to measure the weight of sth|
-berkilo-kilo (meter, liter, etc): n several kilometre, kilo­gram, etc.
-mengkilo: v measure sth in kilo­grams.
-mengkiloi: v weigh sth out.
-kiloan: adv by the kilogram. Beras itu dijual kiloan ­That rice is sold by the kilogram,

kim: n any kind of gambling similar to bingo where the numbers are given out in rhymed verses.

KIM {Kartu Ijin Menetap}: n Stay Permit.

kimia: n /lu/chemistry
-kimia analitis: n analytical chemistrv
-kimia anorganik: n inorganic chemistry
-kimia fisika: n physical chemistry
-kimia khayat: n biochemistry.

kimiawi: adj /lu/ chemical.
campuran kimiawai: n chemical compound (mixture).

kimono: n /lu/ kimono |a loose piece of clothing with wide sleeves, traditionally worn in Japan|
-berkimono: v wear a kimono or dressing gown.

kina: n /lu/ quinine.

kinantan1: adj /lu/ white (of cock, horse, etc.) ayam kinantan white cock, kuda kinantan white horse.

kinantan2: n /Mdn/ 1 fighter cock or gamecock 2 brave and powerful person 3 champion.
-/idiom/ Bagaikan ayam kinantan kehilangan taji: A powerless ruler

kinasih: adj /lu/ pitied |sb or sth that we pity and care for|

kincir: n /lu/ spool, reel, wheel
-kincir air: n waterwheel
-kincir angin: n 1 windmill. 2 propeller.
-kincir padi: n rice mill (operated by water power).
-kincir ria: n ferris wheel.
-kinciran: n waterwheel.

kinerja: n /lu/ 1 achievement 2 performance 3 accomplishment
-berkinerja: v having good performance/    accomplishment/achievement

kineskop: n /tech/ 1 video copy taken from TV. 2 TV screen

kini: adv /lu/ 1 now, this time, currently  Kini, saat tepat memulai penanaman. Now, it’s a perfect time to start planting. Kini, tidak ada lagi film hitam putih. This time (currently) there is no more black and white movie. Dia kini sedang belajar ilmu komputer. She’s currently studying in computer science.

kinine: n /lu/ quinine.

kios: n /lu/1 kiosk. 2  stall |a small building where you can buy things such as newspapers or tickets|
-kios buku: n bookstall

kipas: n /lu/ 1 fan 2 propeller (of plane, etc.).
-kipas air: n windshield wiper.
-kipas angin: n 1 electric fan 2 ven­tilator.
-kipas hujan/kaca: n windshield wiper.
-berkipas: v 1 use or have a fan. 2 wag , fan, wave.
-berkipas-kipas: v /intr/ swish (of tail of horse, cow, ~tc.).
-mengkipas-kipaskan: v /tr/ flutter (of the heart).
-meng(k)ipasi: v fan sb or sth (repeatedly)
-meng(k)ipaskan: v 1 wag (tail, ear) sth. 2 ward off (with wing, hand, etc.).

kiper: n /lu/ goalie, goalkeeper.

kiprah1: n /lu/ 1 dynamics |the way in which systems or people behave, react, and affect each other| Kita dengan mudah dapat merasakan kiprah pembangunan sekarang ini. Easily we can feel the dynamics of the current development 2 enthusiasm |a strong feeling of interest, excitement, or admiration that bring an acceleration in doing sth| Motivasi dan keteguhan hati telah membawa kiprah yang tinggi dikalangan pekerja. Motiva-tion and determination have brought strong enthusiasm among the workers.
-berkiprah: v do sth with great enthusiasm Mereka telah lama berkiprah untuk meningkatkan kemakmuran rakyat. They have work with a great enthusiasm for long time to improve people’s prosperity.
-terkiprah: v be devoted to do sth Mereka telah terkiprah melaksananakan perintah Tuhan They have been devoted to carry out God’s teaching.

kiprah2: n /ld/ the quick and dynamic movement in a Javanese dance.

kir: n /lu/ examination |the process of looking at sth carefully (particularly public transportation or vehicles) in order to make sure that  all safety requirements meet the official standards| Semua kenderaan angkutan umum harus di kir setiap tahun All vehicles for public transportation are obliged to be examined every year.
-mengkir: v examine (a vehicle)
-mengkirkan: v /tr/ take (a vehicle) to be examined

kira; meng(k)ira: n /lu/ 1 count Tolong kira berapa potong roti itu. Please count how many pieces the bread. 2 guess Saya kira jumlah turis itu lebih dari seratus orang. I guess the number of the tourists is more than one hundred persons. 4 think Saya kira kamu ada disana waktu itu. I thought that you were there at that time.
-kira-kira1: adv 1 about |a little more or less than a particular number or amount; approximately|  Danau itu kira-kira 10 mil dari sini. The lake is  about 10 miles from here. 2 whereabouts |used in questions when you are asking where a place is|  Kira-kira dimana dia menurut kamu? Whereabouts do you think he is?
-kira-kira2: n guess Itu hanya kira-kira, tidak pasti. It’s only a gues, not exactly
-memperkirakan: v 1 guess 2 estimate 3 calculate 4 forecast 5 reckon.
-mengira-ngira: v 1 guess 2 estimate 3 approximate
-perkiraan: n 1 guess 2 estimation 3 calculation 4 forecasting 5 reckoning.

kirab1: n /lu/ carnival

kirab2: n /Jv/ a ritual procession moving in a circle (e.g. bridal couples, heirlooms, etc.).
-ngirab: v parade (sb) around a room.

kirap1; mengkirap: v /intr/lu/ 1 hit (with its wings, of an angry goose, hen, etc.). 2 flap. 3 flutter (of wings, flag).
-mengkirapkan: v /tr/ flap, spread (wings, a sheet), unfold (cloth), wag (a tail).

kirap2; mengkirap: v /intr/ld/ disappear, vanish (of ideals, etc.).

kiri1: n /lu/ 1 left |the left side or direction| Pintu kedua disebelah kiri anda. It’s the second door on your left. 2 socialism or communism Mereka adalah pengikut aliran kiri. They are communism’s followers.

kiri2: adj /lu/ 1 left |on the side of your body where your heart placed| Ambil itu dengan tangan kiri kamu. Take it with your left hand. Dia patahkan tangan kirinya. He broke his left leg 2 unlucky Langkah kiri. An unlucky situation.

kiri3: adv /lu/ 1 left |toward the left side| Putar kiri di lampu jalan berikutnya. Turn left at the next traffic light.
-kiri-kanan: prep. at both sides Hati-hati, ada jurang di kiri-kanan jalan. Be careful, there are ravines at both sides of the road.
-mengiri: v move to the left side.
-mengirikan: v 1 direct to the left side 2 put aside (ignore) Kirikan saja tidak jadi masalah. Just ignore it, there is no problem.
-kekiri-kirian: v tend to be communism followers.

kirim; mengirim; menirimkan: v /lu/ 1 send |to arrange for sth to be taken to another place or another person, by mail, by electric communication network, by a person, etc.| Saya telah mengirim postcard kepada saudari saya. I’ve sent my sister a post card. Kamu boleh mengirim proposal kamu itu melalui E Mail. You can send us your proposal through E Mail  Bagaimana caranya kamu akan mengirim paket ini? How are you going to send this package? 2 dispatch Kami telah mengirim beberapa tenaga kesehatan ke daerah bencana itu. We have dispatched a number of medical workers to the disaster area. 3 leave Saya mengirim pesan kepada kamu lewat sekretaris kamu, apa kamu sudah terima? I left a message for you to your secretary, did you get it?
-dikirim; dikirimkan: v be sent Apa surat itu sudah dikirim Has the letter been sent?
-kiriman: n post, freight, package,  |sth you send or sth sb send you|
-pengiriman: n posting, sending, delivery, shipment
-pengirim: n sender.
-terkirim: v be sent. Disini terkirim sebuah katalog yang anda minta Here a catalog is sent as you looking for.

kisah: n /lu/ 1 story |a description of an event that is intended to entertain people| Novel itu didasarkan padasebuah kisah nyata. The novel is based on a true story 2 legend |an old well-known story, often about the adventures of a brave peperson| kisah patih Gajah Mada the legend of an army chief of Gajah Mada. 3 kisah seribu satu malam: tale |a story about imaginary events| Nenek tahu banyak tentang kisah seribu satu malam. Grandma know much about “one thousand at one night” legend.
-berkisah: v tell a story, legend, talent.
-mengisahkan: v narrate (sth)
-peng(k)isah: n story teller, narrator
-pengisahan: n narration.

kisar1; kisaran: n /lu/ 1 rotation |a complete turn around a fixed point|  kisaran bumi pada sumbunya. the rotation of the Earth on its axis. Roda itu membuat 10 kisaran dalam satu menit. The wheel makes 10 rotations a minute 2 shift |one of the three 8-hour periods in a day during which a particular group of workers are at work| Saya akan kerja pada kisaran malam minggu depan. I’ll work on the night  shift next week.
-berkisar: v 1 /intr/ rotate |to turn around a fixed point, or to make something do this| Bumi berkisar setiap 24 jam. The Earth rotates every 24 hours. 2 shift |to change the 8-hourworking time| Jam kerja kami di rumah sakit berkisar setiap 8 jam. Our working time at the hospital shifts every 8 hours. 3 range |to vary between particular limits| Sewa bulanan apartemen berkisar antara $500 sampai $1250. Apartment monthly rent ranges between $500 to $1250.
-kisarkan; mengisarkan: v /tr/ 1 rotate Kisarkan tuas itu ke kanan. Rotate the handle to the right. 2 shift Kami mengisarkan jam kerja malam ke jam kerja siang pada pukul 8 pagi. We rotate the night working hour to day working hour at 800 a.m. 2 shift. 3 range Kisarkan harga boneka itu dari $10 sampai $25. Range the price of the toys from $10 to $25.
-kisari: v turn around (sth)
-mengisari: v turn around (sth)
-pengisaran: n rotation

kisar2: prep/lu/ on. bout Diskusi itu berkisar pada metoda analisis data. Our discus-sion was about the data analysis method.
Notes: The different between “kisarkan; mengisarkan”  and “kisari; mengisari” is on the direct object. Use “kisarkan; mengisarkan” if the direct object is sth that turn around an axis. e.g.: Kisarkan roda itu dua kali. Rotate the wheel two times.  Use “kisari; mengisari” if the direct object is an axis or a point of the rotation. Mari kita mengisari pulau itu dengan perahu ini. Let’s rotate the island with this boat. Use “kisarkan or kisari” as an imperative verb but in some cases you can also use them as non-imperative verb. e.g  Kisari  lapangan itu dua kali. Rotate the field two times. (Don’t say; Mengisari lapangan itu dua kali), but;  Saya kisari (mengisari) lapangan itu dua kali. I rotate the field two times.

kisar3: n /lu/ cross breeding chicken between domesticated chicken and wild chicken.

kisi: n /lu/1 bar |metal or wooden bars that are put closely in a frame to protect people or animal to freely pass by a window, a door, etc without blocking the sight or air passing through| 2 grate  |the metal bars or frame that holds wood, coal etc. in a fireplace| 3  spokes of a wheel. 4 square shape on a level space like any one of 64 squares on a chess plate
-berkisi: v 1 to be closed by bars  2 center. Semua perhatian berkisi pada cuaca yang bergolak All attention centred on the turbulent weather.

kismis: n /lu/ raisin.

kisruh: adj /lu/ 1 chaotic, anarchic. 2 confused, disor­ganized.
-mengkisruhkan: v 1 upset 2 disrupt.
-kekisruhan: n 1 confu­sion 2 chaos 3 muddle.

kissah: variant of kisah:

kisut1: adj /lu/ 1 wrinkled, dried up (of skin, etc.). 2 creased (of clothes, etc.).
-kisut mirut: adj /lu/ wizened, shrivelled.
-menkisutkan: v 1 crease 2 wrinkle 3 shrivel 3 make sth wizened 4 move closer Tolong kisut sedikit ke dinding Please move a little toward the wall.

kisut2: v /ld/ sift |to put flour, sugar etc. through a sieve in order to remove large pieces|
-kisutan: n sieve

kit: n /lu/ 1 set 2 kit |a set of tools, equipment etc. that you use for a particular purpose or activity| Kit Perlengkapan Pertolongan Pertama (PPK)  a first-aid kit

kita: pron. /lu/ 1 we (including person addressed), our, us. 2 I (somewhat more humble than aku/gua). kita orang we. Tidak ada org lain. Hanya kita orang saja. There is no one else, it’s going to be us only.
-kekitaan: n state of being in agroup. rasa kekiitaan sense of being belong to a group.

kitab1: n /lu/ 1 book.
-kitab kemitab: n various books.
-kitab logat: n dictionary.
-kitab nujum: n 1 book of astrology. 2 astro­logical tables. 3 book of prophecy.
-kitab undang­-undang hukum pidana: n penal code.
-kitab suci: n holy book.
-Kitab Injil: n the Scripture.
-Kitab Perjanjian Baru: n New Testament
-Kitab Perjanjian Lama: n Old Testament.
-berkitab: v have a book
-pengkitaban: n writing on a book
-pengkitaban hukum: n compilation of laws, law code.

kitab2: n /ld/ partition in a cow’s stomach.

kitabullah: n /Arb/ God’s Book, Alquran

kitar1: sekitar: prep /lu/ around 1 |on all sides of sth, so that it is surrounded| Kami memasang pagar sekitar halaman. We put a fence around the yard. 2 |to or in many parts of a place, room etc.| Santy menunjukkan pada saya keadaan sekitar desa Santy showed me around the village. Di sekitar kota ini banyak daerah kumuh. There were many slam areas around this city. 3 |outer (surrounding) areas of a particular place| Jakarta dan sekitarnya Jakarta and its outer areas

kitar2: sekitar: adv /lu/ approximately, about, circa Jumlah penduduknya sekitar 2 juta orang. Its population is about 2 million.

kitar3: berkitar: v /intr/lu/ turn, revolve Roda itu mulai berkitar The wheel began to turn.
-mengitari: v /tr/ revolve, turn, rotate, orbit. Bulan mengitari bumi dan bumi mengitati matahari. The moon revolves the earth and the earth revolves the sun.
-mengitarkan: v /tr/ make sth rotate sth else.
-kitaran: n or­bit.
-pengitaran: n revolving, rotation, revolution.

KJRI {Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia}: n Indo­nesian Consulate General.

KK {Kepala Keluarga}: n /lu/ 1 head of family, households. 2 kartu keluarga family or household identity card.

KKN {Korupsi Kolusi Nepotisme}: n Corruption, Collusion, Nepotism

KKO {Korps Komando}: n Marine Corps.

kl {kelas}: n /wrt/ class.

klab malam: n /lu/ nightclub.

klaim: mengklaim: v /lu/ claim. |file a calim|
-klaim: n compensation
-pengklaim: n claimant.
-pengklaiman: n act of claiming.

klakson: n /lu/ horn | especially auto horn|
-meng(k)lakson: v blow the horn.

klan: n /frm/ clan.

klar: variant of kelar:

klarifikasi: n /lu/ clarification.
-mengklarifikasi: v clarify

klarinet: n /lu/ clarinet.

klas: variant of kelas:

klasemen: n /lu/ classification.

klasi: variant of kelasi:

klasifikasi: n /lu/ classification.
-mengklasifikasikan: v classify.
-pengklasifikasian: n classifying, classification.

klasik, klasika: adj /lu/ classic.

klasikal: adj /lu/ classical.

klausa: n /tech/ clause.
-klausa bebas: n independent clause.
-klausa terikat: n dependent clause.

klausul; klausula: n /lu/ clause, article (law).

klaver: n /lu/ club |a playing card with one or more figures with three leaves on it|

clavier; klavir: n /ld/ piano.

kleneng: n small bell.
-klenengan: n concert of gamelan music.

klenteng: n /Chn/ Chinese Temple 2 pagoda.

klep: n /lu/ valve. klep ban tire valve. klep jantung heart valve.

klerk: n /of/ clerk. mengklerekkan: v make sb a clerk.

klewang: n /lu/ 1 single-edged saber  2 sword with broad curved blade.

k1ien: n /lu/ client, customer.

klik1: v /lu/ click (of camera, etc.).

klik2: n /lu/ clique.
-klik-klikan: n cliquish.

klimaks: n /lu/ climax.

klimatologi: n /frm/ climatology.

klinik: n /lu/ clinic.
-klinik berjalan: n mobile clinic.
-klinik bersalin: n maternity clinic.
-klinik mata: n eye clinic.

klinis: adj clinical.

kilo1: n .lu/ kilo (thousand) –gram, meter, watt, liter

kilo2: n /ld/ spicy dish of meat stewed with coconut milk

kliping: n /lu/ clipping (as from newspaper).

klir: adj /lu/ clear
-mengklir: v be clear, become clear.
-mengklirkan: v /tr/ 1 clear sth 2 accomplish sth mengklirkan pekerjaan accomplish a job (task) Mari kita mengklirkan salah paham ini. Lets clear up this misunderstanding.

kliring: n /lu/ bank clearance.
-mengkliring: v get a clearance. (e.g. of a check)

klise: n /lu/ 1 negative of photo. 2 print, picture slide 3 photographic illustration. 4 cut, engraving.
-klise kayu: n woodcut, woodblock. 5 cliché |an idea or phrase that has been used so much that it is no longer effective or does not have any meaning| Klise lebih baik dari pada tidak ada A cliché is better than nothing.
-mengklisekan: v /tr/ 1 develop (a nega­tive film) 2 copy

Kliwon: n /Jv/  |the 5th day of the five-day week of Javanese calendar|.

klompen1{kelompok pendengar}: n audience or fans of a certain radio group .

klompen2: n /ld/ wooden shoes.

klon; cloning: n /tech/ clone.
-mengklon; mengkloning: v clone.
-pengklonan: n cloning.

klontang-klantung: v /infr/ hang around or go about idly or without purpose.

klonyo: variant of kelonyo:

klop: variant of kelop:

klorin: n /frm/ chlorine.
-mengklorine: v chlorinate.

kloset: n /lu/ water closet, toilet bowl.

klotok: n /ld/ small motorized boat ranging in size from a dugout to a small commercial boat.

klub: n /lu/ 1 club. 2 clubhouse.

kluntang-kluntung: v /inf/ hang around, roam about aimlessly

klutuk: see jambu:

kluyur: variant of keluyur:

KM {Kapal Motor}: n motorship.

km.1 {kilometre}: n kilometer.

km.2 {kamar}: n room.

KMB {Konperensi Meja Bundar}: n Round Table Conference. |refer to peace conference between Indonesia and Dutch where the Indonesian dependency admitted by Dutch|

kmd. {komandan}: n commandant.

KMD {Koran Masuk Desa}: n a government program by which newspapers are made widely available in rural areas.

knalpot: n car’s exhaust

knop: n 1 knob 2 button

knot: n knot |a unit for measuring the speed of a ship, equal to 6080 feet per hour or about 1853 meters per hour|

KO {kao}: adj /lu/ 1 knocked out. 2 (Humorous) unconscious, asleep.  Jam delapan saya sdh KO. I was out like a light by eight o’clock.

koa: n /Chn/  card game.

koaci: see kwaci:

koalisi: n /lu/ coalition.

koar: berkoar-koar: v /lu/ 1 scream, shout, yell  2 talk big 3 be arrogant

kobar; berkobar: v /lu/ flames (forest, etc.).
-berkobar: v /intr/ 1 flare up, rage (of flames, battle, etc.). 2  be ablaze. 2 yehement. 3 inflammat (speech). 4.be spiritd  Semangatnya berkobar-kobar. His spirit was exuberant.
-kobaran: n raging.
-mengobarkkan: v /tr/ 1 fire, excite (the spirit). 2 inspire 3 inflame a situation 4 spirit

kober: n /Jv/ have time, opportunity, or chance. Saya belum kober  membetulkan sepeda tuan. I don’t have yet chance to repair your bicycle sir. 2 n /of/ Christian graveyard of colonial times.

koboi: n /lu/ 1 cowboy. 2 brave person
-kekoboi-koboian: adj /lu/ 1 reckless. 2 run wild, corn crimes.
-mengkoboi: v act big and tough.

kobok1: n /ld/ 1 group (of people). 2 (Pol.) party

kobok2: v /ld/ wash sb’s. hand
-kobokan: n finger bowl.

kocak1: adj 1 hilarious, amusing. 2 smart, dashing.
-berkoca; mengoocak: v jest, be amusing.
-kekocakan: n 1 hilarity.

kocak2; mengocak: v shake (of a liquid).
-berkocak: v /intr/ be shaken.  2 strike (of waves on shore). 3 become troubled. shook up (of feelings).
-mengocakkan: v /tr/ 1 shake (a bottle, etc.) 2 trouble

kocar-kacir: variant of kucar kacir:

kocek: n /lu/ pocket of the shirt or trouser

kocik: variant of kocek:

kocok : mengocok: v /tr/ 1 shake. 2 mix sth kocok dulu baik-baik sebelum pakai Shake well before using. Lawakannya mengocok perut. His jokes made people shake (with laughter). 2 mix, stir (eggs. dough), shuffle, car 3 rub hard. 4 incite sb to do sth 5 masturbate.
-kocokan: n shake
-pengocok: n shaker. Penggocok perut joke that makes people laugh.
-pengocokan: n 1 shaking. 2 bingo 3 mixing, shuffling.

kodak: n /of/ camera. –syn: kamera:
-mengkodak: v take a picture.

Komdak {Komando Daerah Kepolisian}: n Regional Po­lice Command.

Kodam {Komando Daerah Militer}: n Regional Mili­tary Command.

kodar: variant of kadar:

Kodau {Komando Daerah Udara}: n Regional Air­-force Command.

kode: n /lu/ code.
-berkode: v using code. surat berkode a letter in code
-kode etik:
n code of ethics.
-kode pos: n zip code.
-kode area: n area code..
-mengkodekan: v encode.
-pengkodean: n codification.

kodein: n /tech/ light narcotic used for medical purposes  – C18H21NO

kodi: n a unit of package of twenty pieces of things.   Saya perlu membeli  dua kodi (40 potong) baju lengan pendek.  I need to buy two lots (40 pcs) of  shirts
-berkodi: adv in lots
-kodian: adj 1 mass-produced (clothing) 2   of low quality

koderat: see kodrat:  .

kodifikasi: n /tech/ codification.
-mengkodfikasikan: v /tr/ codify.
-pengkodifikasian: n codification.

Kodim {Komando Distrik Militer}: District  Military Command.

kodok: n /lu/ 1 frog. 2 piston
-kodok hijau/ijo: n frog of the ricefield.
-kodok puru: n toad

kodrat: n /lu/God’s will, God’s omnipotence. 2 power (of nature). 3 nature or character.
-berkodrat: v be ­having the nature or power of.

kodrati: see adi:

kodya {kota madya}: n municipality.

koe: pron. /inf/ you

koefisien: n /tech/ coefficient.

koeksistensi: n /tech/ coexistence.

kogellaher: n /lu/ ballbearing.

kohabitasi: n /tech/ cohabitation.

Kohanudas {Komando Pertahanan Udara  Nasional}: n National Air Defence Command.

koheren: adj /tech/ coherent.

koherensi: n /tech/ coherence.

koesi: n /tech/ cohesion.

kohir: n /of/ tax assessment list.

koin: n /lu/ coin.

koinsidensi: n /frm/ coincidence.

koit: v /vul/ die, dead.

koitus: n /frm/ coitus.

kok1: adv 1 why? 2 how come? Kok mau? How come? Kok banyak nyamuk di sini? How come there are so many mosquito here? Bukan kok! Not really!

kok2: tag statement |a particle at the end of a phrase denying a presumption or statement|   Tidak jauh kok! It’s not far, believe me Tidak apa-apa kok! That’s OK!

kok3: n /lu/ shuttlecock.

kokain: n /lu/ cocaine.

kokainisasi: n /tech/ anesthetization

kokang; mengkokang: v /lu/ cock a rifle for firing.

kokas: n /lu/ charcoal
-kokas alami: n mining coal

koki: n /Chn/ cook, chef.

koko: n /ld/ term of address or reference for sb’s elder brother.

kokoh: see kukuh:

kokok: n /spo/ sound of a crow
-kokok beluk: n owl.
-berkokok: v 1 make such sound 2 /idiom/ boast, brag.

kokol1: n /ld/ fern |a plant with green leaves shaped like large feathers, but no flowers|

kokol2: v /ld/ hunched over, doubled up (sitting or lying down).
-berkokol: v shiver (caused by fever).
-meng­kokol: v double or hunch up.

kokpit: n /lu/ cockpit.

koktil: n /lu/ cocktail.

kol1: cabbage.
-kembang kol: n cauliflower.
-kol putih: n white cabbage.

kol2: n /lu/ minibus, name given to passenger vans in general.

kol3: n /lu/ colt pistol.

kol4: dikol: v /lu/ 1 be calculated, estimated. 2 be collated.

kol5: n brush (of a generator).
-kol dynamo: n generator brush.

kol6: mengkol: v 1call 2 bid (a lottery)

Kol. {kolonel}: n colonel.

kolaborasi: n /lu/ collaboration, esp. with the enemy.
-berkolaborasi: v collaborate.

kolaborator: n /lu/ collaborator.

kolak1: n /lu/ sweet soup made of starchy fruits (cas­sava, bananas, etc.) stewed in coconut milk and sugar.
-mengkolak: v prepare this dish.

kolak2: variant of kulak:

kolam: n /lu/ 1 pond, pool. 2 tank
-kolam re­nang: n swimming pool.
-kolam ikan: n fishpond.
-kolam kaca: n aquarium.

kolang-kaling1: n /ld/ the fruit of the sugar palm.

kolang-kaling2: adv /inf/ to and fro, back and forth, up and down.

kolega: n /lu/ colleague.

kolegial: n /lu/ colleague like.

kolegialitas: n /lu/ collegiality.

koleksi: n /lu/ collection.

kolekte: n /ld/ church collection.

kolektif: adj /lu/ collective.
-kehidupan kolektif: n collective life.

kolektivisme: n /lu/ collectivism.

kolektor; kolektur: n /lu/ collector of the land tax.

kolera: n /lu/ cholera.

kolese: n /frm/ 1 lecture. 2 college.

kolesom: n /frm/ ginseng.

kolesterol: n /lu/ cholesterol.

koli: n piece, bag, bale  tiga koli bagasi three pieces of luggage.

kolintang: n /lu/ Minahassan musical instrument similar to the marimba.

koloid; koloida: n /frm/ colloid.

kolokan: adj /lu/ easily spoiled (applied for a child)

kolokasi: n /frm/ collocation.

kolokial: adj /frm/ colloquial.

kolokium: n /frm/ colloquium.

kololit: n /lu/ liquid shoe polish.

kolom: n /lu/ printed column.
-kolom harian: n daily column.

kolomnis: n /lu/ columnist.

kolone: n /frm/ column.

kolonel: n colonel.

kolong1: n /lu/ 1 underneath space of sth (a house, table, sky, bridge etc) kolong jembatan space beneath a bridge.
-kolong langit: n sublunary world.
-kolong layar: n banner (for adver­tisement, etc.).
-kolong rumah: n cellar, basement. 2 pit (as in mine).
-kolong timah: n tin mine.

kolong2; kolongan: n /ld/ rattan ring or bracelet.

koloni: n /lu/ colony.

kolonial: adj /lu/ colonial.

kolonis: n /lu/ colonist.

kolonisasi: n /lu/ colonization.

kolonisir; mengkolonisir: v /frm/ colonize.

kolonjono: n /ld/ tall grass used as fodder.

kolonyet: n /lu/ perfumed tissue.

kolor: n /lu/ 1 drawstring. 2 shorts or under wear.

kolosal: adj /lu/ colossal.

kolot: adj /lu/ 1 old-fashioned, traditional. 2 conservative.
-kekolotan: n conservatism

kolporteur; kolportir: n /ld/1 peddler, hawker 2 canvasser (of subscriptions).

kolt: variant of kol2:

kolumnis: variant of kolomnis:

koma1: adj /lu/ comatose .

koma2: n /lu/ comma. |the mark (,) used in writing to show a short pause|

komak-komik: see komat-kamit:

komala: variant of gemala:

komandan: n /lu/ 1 commander. 2 commandant
-komandan parade: n parade commander.
-mengkomandani: v command, lead.

komandemen: n /lu/ commandment.

komandite: n /of/ passive business partner (in a business who provides part of the capital without getting involved in the management).

komanditer: n /of/ limited partnership.

komando: n /lu/1 command 2 military instruction 3 order

komat-kamit: v /lu/ moves lips but not with aloud sound (as in offering a silent prayer).
-berkomat-kamit: v move lips in this way.

kombat: n /frm/1 war 2 fight 3 struggle

kombinasi: n /lu/ combination. fitting combination plug or socket.
-mengkombinasikan: v combine.

Komdak {Komando Daerah Kepoiisian}: n Regional Police Quarter.

komedi: variant of komidi:.

komentar1: n /lu/ comment.
-meng(k)omentari: v comment

komentator: n commentator.

komersial: adj /lu/ commercial.
-mengkomersialkan: v commercialize.

komersialisasi: n /lu/ commercialization.
-mengkomersialisasikan: v commercialize.

komersiil; komersil: variant of komersial:

komet: n /lu/ comet.

komfor: variant of kompor:

komfort: n /frm/ comfort.

komedi: n /lu/1 comedy. 2 theater.
-komedi kuda: n merry-go-round.
-komedi setambul: n touring stage show.
-mengkomedikan: v make fun of sb

komik: n /lu/ 1 clown, humorist, comic. 2 comics.

kominike: n /frm/ communique.

kominis: variant of komunis:

komisariat: n /lu/ 1 office of the commissioner 2 police headquarters.

komisaris: n /lu/ 1 commissioner. 2 superintendent.
-komisaris utama: n initial commissioner.
komisaris polisi: n police commis­sioner.

komisi1: n /lu/ 1 commission. 2 committee (in parliament, etc.).
-mengkomisi: v /lu/ ­inspect, investigate.

komisi2: n /lu/1 commission on a sale. 2 tip, bribe.
-mengkomisikan: v sell sth on commission.

komisioner: n 1 commission agent. 2 stockbroker.

komit: variant of komet:

komite: n /lu/ committee.

komitmen: n /lu/ commitment.

komoditi: n /lu/ commodity, raw materials as an item of trade.

komodo: n /lu/ 1 the name of an island in Eastern part of Indonesia. 2 an ancient dragon like animal found on this island.

komodor: n /lu/ commodore.|an officer who has a high rank in the Navy|

kompak: adj /lu/1 solid (relationship in a team) 2 cohesive (of a group). 3 closely related salam kompak friendly greetings.
-memperkompak; mengkompakkan: v /tr/ 1 firm sth up. 2 make a group cohesive or solid
-kekompakan: n har­mony, solidarity, togetherness, cohesiveness (of a group or a team).

kompani: variant of kompeni:

kompanion: n /frm/ associate, colleague (esp. in busi­ness).
-berkompanion: v 1 associate 2 be colleague with (sb)

komparatif: adj /lu/ comparative.

kompartemen: n /lu/ 1 |any one of smaller unit or enclosed space inside something larger| Gedung itu akan dibagi menjadi 24 kompartemen. The building will be devided into 24 compartments

kompas1: n /lu/ compass |an instrument that shows directions| Apa yang saya miliki hanyalah sebuah peta dan sebuah kompas All I had was a map and a compass

kompas2: v /lu/ intimidate |to make someone afraid, often by using threats, so that she/he gives what you ask for|

kompatibel: adj /lu/ compatible

kompatibilitas: n /lu/ compatibility.

kompatriot: n /frm/ compatriot |someone who was born in or is a citizen of the same country as someone else|

kompeni: n /of/ 1 popular term for the Dutch East India Company. 2 Dutch East Indies soldier or army during the early colonial period.

kompensasi: n /lu/ compensation.
-mengkompensasikan; mengkompensir: v /tr/ compensate sth to sth else.

komperensi: variant of konferensi:

komperes: variant of compress:

kompes; mengompes: v /of/ interrogate |to ask someone a lot of questions, sometimes in a threatening way|  Polisi sedang mengompes tersangka sekarang Police are interrogating the suspect now.

kompeten: adj /lu/ competent.
-berkompeten: v 1 be competent 2 have authority.

kompetensi: n /lu/ competence.

kompetisi: n /lu/ competition.
-berkompetisi: v /intr/ compete |to try to win or gain something, or try to be better or more successful than someone else| Anak-anak mulai berkompetisi untuk mendapat tempat di perguruan tinggi begitu tamat dari sekolah menengah atas.  Kids start competing for college places as early as they graduated from high school. Kami sama sekali tidak dapat berkom-petisi dengan perusahaan besar seperti mereka. We just can’t compete with/against big companies like theirs. Berapa pelari akan berkompetisi dalam pertandingan itu. How many runners will be competing in the race?

kompi: n /lu/ company |a group of about 120 soldiers who are usually part of a larger group|

kompilasi: n /lu/ compilation.
-mengkompilasikan: v 1 compile  2 make a compilation of sth.

komplek1; kompleks: n complex 1 consisting of many closely connected parts or processes| Ada satu jaringan jalan yang komplek yang menghubungkan kedua kota itu There’s a complex network of roads connecting the two cities 2 full of small details, and therefore difficult to understand or explain  Ini satu issu yang sangat kompleks This is a very complex issue.

komplek2: n 1 site 2 complex (of buildings) kompleks perkantoran office romplex kompleks perumahan housing complex.

kompleksitas: n /lu/ complexity.

komplemen: n /lu/ complement 1 |someone or something that emphasizes the good qualities of another person or thing| Anggur yang bagus adalah komplemen untuk hidangan yang bagus. A fine wine is a complement to a good meal 2 |the number or quantity needed to make a group complete|  Departemen bahasa Inggris sudah memenuhi komplemen untuk guru The English department already has its full complement of teachers. Compare to compliment
-mengkomplemen: v complement sth.

komplementaritas: n /frm/ complementarity.

komplementer: n /frm/ complementary.

komplet: adj /lu/ complete. bistik komplet beefsteak with all its trimmings. Rumah itu complete dengan perabotan The house is complete with furniture.
-secara complete: adv completely
-kekompletan: n completeness, wholeness, totality.

komplikasi: n /lu/ complication.

komplimen: n /lu/ compliment |something you say or do in order to praise someone or show that you admire or respect him/her|  “Kamu kelihatan hebat” “ Terima kasih atas komplimennya” “You look great” “Thanks for the compliment”. Inilah komplimen paling tinggi yang pernah diberikan oleh seseorang kepada saya. This is the highest compliment anyone has ever paid me.

komplit: varint of komplet:

komplong1: adj /Jkt/ stupid.
-mengkomplong: v be agape.

komplot; komplotan: n /lu/ 1 accomplice |someone who helps someone do something wrong or illegal| 2 henchman |someone who faithfully obeys a powerful person such as a politician or a criminal| 2 gang, ring
-berkomplot: v conspire |to secretly plan with other people to do something harmful or illegal| Seorang polisi jahat berkomplot dengan sekelompok geng melakukan perdagangan narkoba. A bad police conspired with a gang to conduct drug trafficking.

kompoi: variant of  konvoi:

Kompol {Komisaris Polisi}: n Police Commissioner

komponen: n /lu/ component |one of several parts that make up a whole of sth such as a machine or a system|

kompong: adj /ld/ 1 mutilated, mangled. 2 amputate(only a stump left (of limbs).

komponis: n /lu/ componist (song writer).

kompor: n /lu/ 1 stovc 2 brazier

kompos: n /lu/ compost.
-meng(k)omposkan: v turn sth. into compost.
-peng(k)omposan: n composting.
-perkomposan: n the process of composting.

komposer: n /lu/ composer.

komposisi: n /lu/ composition.
-berkomposisi: v be composed of.

komprador: n /frm/ comprador |a native person used by a foreign company as an agent or interpreter|

komprang: adj /lu/ loosc-fitting (of pants)
-celana komprang: n bell-bottom trouser.

komprehensi: n /frm/ comprehension.

komprehensif: adj /lu/ comprehensive. Satu penjelasan komprehensif A comprehend-sive explanation.
-mengkomprehensifkan: v make sth  comprehensive.

kompres: v /lu/ compress |to press something or make it smaller so that it takes up less space| bawang putih itu dikeringkan dan dikompres  menjadi bentuk pil. The garlic is dried and compressed into a pill.
-kompresan: n sth that has been compressed.

kompresi: n /lu/ compression.

kompresor: n /lu/ compressor.

kompromi: n /lu/ compromise |an agreement that is achieved after everyone involved accepts less than what she/he wanted at first| Masih ada harapan bahwa pihak yang sedang berperang akan mencapai kompromi.  There is still hope that the warring sides will reach a compromise. Tidak satupun yang ada dalam pertemuan itu sudah disiapkan untuk membuat satu kropomi No one at the meeting was prepared to make a compromise.
berkompromi: v compromise.
-mengkompromikan: v /tr/ compromise (sth)

kompromistis: adj /lu/ compromising (a situation).

komputasi: n /frm/ computation.
-mengkomputasikan: v compute.

komputer: n /lu/ computer.
-komputer cacahan: digital computer.

komputerisasi: n /lu/ computerization
-mengkomputerkan: v computerize.

Komres {Komando Resort}: n Police District Quarters

Komsat {Kommunikasi Lewat Satelit}: n satellite communication.

Komsek {Komando Sektor}: n Police Sub-district Post.

Komtabes {Komando Kota Besar}: n Metropolitan Po­lice Quarter.

komunal: adj /lu/ communal.
-tanah komunal: n communal land.
-mengkomunalkan: v communalize, collectivize.

komunalisme: n /frm/ communalism.

komune: n /frm/ commune.

komuni: n /frm/ communion.

komunikasi: n /lu/ communication.
-mengkomunikasikan: v communicate sth
-komunikasi massa: n mass communication.

komunikatif: adj /lu/ communicative.

komunike: n /lu/ communique.

komunis: n /lu/ communist.
-mengkomuniskan. v 1 communize 2 make sth communistic.
-kekomunisan: n state of being a communist.
-pengkomunisan: n communizing.

komunisme: n /lu/ communism.

komunitas: n /lu/ community

komutasi: n /frm/ commutation.

komutator: n /frm/ who commutes a trial sentence.

konan; mengkonani: v /tr/ld/ assault, beat up sb.

konang; mengkonangi: v /tr/ discover, find out about (sth)
-konangan: n discovery, finding:

konci1: n female friend.

konci2: variant of kunci:

konco: n /lu/ 1 buddy 2 crony.
-berkonco: v l be cronies. 2 have cronies as
-konco-koncoan: v 1 be crony with each other 2 crony sys­tem.

kondai: n /ld/ 1 chignon 2 hair bun. |a roll or not of hair wear at the back of sb’s head|
-berkondai: v wear a chignon.
-berkondai dua: v having a chignon filled in with an extra switch of hair.
-mengkondai: v /tr/ put (the hair) up in a bun.

kondang1: adj /lu/ famous Ayahnya dulu adalah politisi kondang Her father was a famous politician.  2 high official Dia adalah kondang bagian keuangan He is a high official of the finance department.
-kondang kuncara: adj very famous.

kondang2; mengkondang: v /ld/ invite.
-kondangan1: n 1 invitation Apa kamu memberi dia. kondangan? Did you give her an invitation? 2 party Mereka sedang pergi ke kondangan They are going to a party.

kondang3: n /ld/ ditch, canal, small river.

konde: variant of kondai:

kondektur: n /lu/ conductor |someone who works to assist a driver of a public transportation|.

kondensasi: n /frm/ condensation.
-mengkondensasikan: v condense.

kondensator: n condenser.

kondisi: n condition.
-mengkondisikan: v condition sth.

kondite: variant of konduite:

kondom: n condom.

kondomisasi: n spreading the use of condoms.

kondor; kondoran: n inguinal hernia.

konduite: n /of/ performance report (of a worker, a military member, a police, a student, etc) Selama dinas di kepolisian dia mendapat konduite yang baik. During his service in police department he has a good performance report. –syn: kinerja

kondum: variant of kondom:

koneksi: n /lu/ connection with (sb in power).

koneksitas: n /leg./ interconnection of jurisdiction

koneometri: n /frm/ geometry involving problems.

konfederasi: n /frm/ confederation.

konfeksi: n /lu/ ready-made clothes industry.

konferensi: n /lu/ conference.
-mengkonferensikan: v make sth the subject of a conference. Aturan baru itu akan dikonferensikan sebelum diterbitkan That new rule will be discussed in a conference before applying.

konfidensi: n /frm/ confidence.

konfidensial; konfidensiil: adj /lu/ confidential.

konfigurasi: n /lu/ configuration.

konfirmasi: n /lu/ confirmation.
-mengkonfirmasikan: v /tr/ confirm sth.

konfiskasi: n /lu/ confiscation.
-mengkonfiskasi: v confiscate.

konflik: n /lu/ conflict.
-berkonflik: v be in conflict with each other.

konform: v /lu/be in conformity.

konfrontasi1: n /lu/ confrontation |a situation in which there is a lot of angry disagreement|

konfrontasi2: adj confrontational (attitude, behavior).
-mengkonfrontasikan: v /tr/ make sth become the reason of a confrontation.

konfrontir; mengkonfrontir: v confront.

kong; kong cu: n /Chn./  master, teacher, champion.  Dia tinggal bersama kong cu. He lives  with the teacher.

kongesti: n /frm/ congestion.

konggres: variant of kongres:

Konghucu: n /lu/ Confucius.

kong-kalikong: n /inf/1 intrigue 2connivance |secretly make an agreement with sb in power to get a favour|.
-berkong-kalikong: v 1 conspire 2 connive. Mereka berkong-kalikong dengan orang dalam untuk mendapat proyek itu. They conspired with internal officers to get the project.

kongko: n /Chn/lu/ 1 talk, chat 2 council of Chinese Officers (at colonial period).
-berkongko: v to have a chat with (sb).

kongkol: n /lu/ 1 chat on sth 2 plan on sth
-sekongkol; bersekongkol: v 1 conspire 2 collaborate |to work together for a special purpose|  Dia sekongkol dengan penipu itu. He collaborated with the deceiver.
-persekongkolan: n 1 scheme 2 collusion 3 collaboration 4 conspiracy.

kongkongl: n /lu/ loud bark of a dog.
-mengkong-kong: v bark
-kongkongan: n barking (of a dog).

kongkong2: variant of kungkung:

kongkow: variant of kongko:

kongkret; kongkrit: see konkret:

kongkur: variant of kongkurs:

kongkuren; kongkurensi: see konkurensi:

kongkurs: variant of konkurs:

konglomerat: n /lu/ conglomerate.
-konglomerasi: n conglomeration.

kongregasi: n /frm/ congregation.

kongres: n /lu/1 congress 2 convention.

kongruen: adj /frm/ congruent. |corresponding, congruous)

kongsep: variant of konsep:

kongsi: n /lu/ 1 commercial association, partner­ship. 2 group, association. kongsi peniagaan trading house
-berkongsi: v enter into a commercial partner­ship
-perkongsian: n 1 consortium 2 merchant’s associa­tion.

kongsol: variant of konsul:

KONI {Komite Nasional Olah Raga Indonesia}: n the Indonesian National Sports Committee.

conifer: n conifer |any tree that makes cones |hard woody brown fruit|.

Konjen {Konsulat Jenderal}: n Consulate General.

konjungsi: n /frm/ conjunction.

konjungtur: n /frm/ 1 business outlook 2 business cycle 3 upswing, favorable market.

konklusi: n /lu/ conclusion.
-berkonklusi: v /intr/tr/ conclude.
-mengkonklusikan: v /tr/ conclude.

konkordansi: n /frm/ 1 concordance  2 agreement.

konkret: adj /lu/ 1 concrete 2 tangible 3 solid contoh konkret a concrete example
-mengkonkretkan: v 1 concretize 2 ob­jectify.
-kekonkretan: n concreteness.
-pengkonkretan: n concreti­zation.

konkretisasi: n concretization.
-mengkonkritkan: v 1 concre­tize 2 objectify.

konkretisir; mengkonkritisir: v concretize.

konkuren: adj /lu/ concurrent |existing or happening at the same time: Pada tahun 2005 lukisan ini dipamerkan dalam 3 pameran seni yang konkuren In 2005, this paint  was displayed in three concurrent art exhibitions.
-berkoncuren: v concur

konkurensi: n /lu/ concurrence |an agreement or the sameness of the opinion on sth|

konkurs: v /frm/ concur 1 match 2 harmonize

konon: adv lu/ 1 reportedly (that) Konon terjadilah perkelahian diantara mereka. Reportedly that it happened a fight between them. 2 could be Apa konon yang menyebabkan perusahaan  memecat dia? What it could be that made company fired him?
-memperkonon: v .lu. mislead (with rumors)
-mengkononkan: v re­port as hearsay.

konosemen: n /frm/ bill of lading.

konotasi: n /lu/ connotation.
-mengkonotasikan: v connote.

konpeksi: variant of konfeksi:

konpensi: variant of konvensi:

konperensi: variant of konferensi:

konpergensi: variant of konvergensi:

konpoi: variant of konvoi:

konsekrasi: n /frm/ consecration.
-mengkonsekrasi: v /tr/ consecrate sth.

konsekrir; mengkonsekrir: v /frm/ consecrate.
-pengkonsekritan: n conse­cration. pengkonsekresian uskup consecration of a bishop.

konsekuen: adj /lu/ consistently responsible
-mengkonsekuenkan: v make consis­tent to be responsible .
-kekonsekuenan: n /lu/ consistency of being responsible

konsekuensi: n consequence.

konsekwen: variant of konsekuen:

konsekwensi: variant of konsekuensi:

konselet: variant of kortsleting:

konseling: n counselling. Lembaga Konseling Mahasiswa Stu­dent Counseling Agency.

konselor: n /lu/ counsellor.

konsensus: n /lu/ consensus.
-mengkonsensuskan: v agree on sth by common consent.

konsentrasi: n /lu/ concentration.
-berkonsentrasi: v concentrate.
-mengkonsentrasikan: v /tr/ concentrate sth
-terkonsentrasi: v be concen­trated.

konsentrat: n /lu/ concentrate |a substance or liquid that has been made stronger by removing most of the water from it|

konsentrik: adj /frm/ concentrated.

konsentrir: mengkonsentrir: v /frm/ concentrate.
-terkonsentrir: v be concen­trated.

konsepl: n /lu/ 1 draft 2 rough copy
-mengkonsepkan: v /tr/ draft.

konsep2; konsepsi: n /lu/ 1 concept 2 notion 3 idea
-mengkonsepsi: v conceive sth

konsepsional: konsepsionil: adj /lu/ conceptual.
-secara konsep: adv conceptually.

konseptor: n /lu/ 1 conceiver 2 drafter (of a plan)
-konseptual: adj conceptual.

konseptualisasi: n /frm/ conceptualization.
-mengkonsepsikan: v conceptualize.

konser; konsert: n concert, concerto. konser biola violin concerto.

konservasi: n conservation.
-mengkonservasikan: v /tr/ conserve.

konservatif: adj /lu/ conservative.
-kekonseravatifan: n conservatism.

konservatisme: n /lu/ conservatism.

konservator: n /frm/ curator (of a museum),

konservatori: n /frm/conservatory (of music).

konserven: n /frm/ conserved area |an area of land or water that is kept for private hunting and fishing|

konsesi: n /lu/1 concession, special privilege. konsesi untuk mene­bang hutan a timber concession.  konsesi tarif a special tariff agreement. 2 concessions |partial surren­der of sb’s own interest| Kedua belah pihak bersedia memberi konsesi Both sides are prepared to make con­cessions.
-mengkonsesikan: v to let an area under a concession.

konsideran; konsiderans: n /lu/ preamble.

konsignasi: variant of konsinasi:

konsili: n /Rel./ church council.

konsinyasi1: n /frm/ confinement to military base.
-mengkonsinyasikan: v confine to base.

konsinyasi2: n /frm/ consignment.
-mengkonsinyasikan: v /tr/ consign.

konsinyator: n /frm/ consignor.

konsinyering: n /lu/ confinement to base
-mengkonsinyering: v confine to base.

konsinyi1: n /frm/ consignee.

konsinyi2: variant of konsinyir:

konsinyir1: adv /Mil./ on alert.
-mengkonsinyir: v make sb on alert. Semua tentara di Jakarta sedang di konsinyir. The whole army in Jakarta are putting on alert.

konsisten: adj /lu/ consistent.
-kekonsistenan: n consistency.

konsistensi: n /lu/ consistency
-mengkonsistenkan: v make sth consistent.

konsol: variant of konsul:

konsolidasi: n consolidation.
-berkonsolidasi: v consolidate.
mengkonsolidasikan: v /tr/ consolidate (sth)
-pengkonsolidasian: n consolida­ting.

konsolidir; mengkonsolidir: v consolidate sth.

konsonan: n /lu/ consonant.

konsorsium: n /lu/ consortium.

konspirasi: n /lu/ conspiracy.
-berkonspirasi: v conspire

konspiratif: adj /lu/ conspiratorial.

konstan1: n /lu/ a constant.

konstan2: adj /lu/ constant, fixed.
-kekonstanan: n constancy.

konstatasi; mengkonstatasi: v /frm/ 1 draw a conclusion 2 establish a fact.

konstatering: n /frm/ ascertaining, establishing.

konstatir; mengkonstatir: v 1 mention, state. 2 establish a fact, ascertain.

konstelasi: n /lu/ constellation.

konstipasi: n /lu/ constipation.

konstituante: n /of/ constituent assembly.

konstitusi: n /lu/ constitution.
-mengkonstitusikan: v establish, constitute sth.

konstitusional; konstitusionil: adj /lu/ constitutional.

konstruir; mengkonstuir: v /frm/ construct.

konstruksi: n /lu/ construction.
-mengkonstruksikan: v /tr/ construct sth.

konstruktif: adj /lu/ constructive.

konsul1: n /lu/ consul. Konsul Jenderal Consul General. Konsul Muda Vice Consul.

konsul2: n /lu/ consultation.
-mengkonsul: v consult.

konsulat: n consulate. Konsulat Jenderal Consulate General.

konsulen: n /lun consultant. konsulen pajak tax consultant.

konsuler: n /lu/ consular (affairs).

konsult: variant of konsul:

konsultan: n consultant.

konsultasi1: n 1 consultation

konsultasi: v consult.
-berkonsultasi: v have consultation:
-mengkonsultasikan: v consult sth.

konsultatif: adj /lu/ consultative.

konsumen: n /lu/ consumer.

konsumerisme: n /lu/ consumerism.

konsumir; mengkonsumir: v /tr/lu/ consume.

konsumsi : n /lu/ consumption. konsumsi mewah conspicuous consumption.
-mengkonsumsi: v consume.

konsumtif: adj /lu/ consumptive.

kontak1: n /lu/ contact |communication with a person, organization, country etc.| Apa kamu masih punya kontak dengan salah satu teman sekolah kamu? Have you kept/stayed in contact with any of your school friends? Kami tidak ada kontak dengan bagian-bagian  lain. We don’t have much contact with other depart-ments. 2 light switch |an electrical part that completes a circuit when it touches another part| Dimana kontak untuk menyalakan lampu ini. Where is the switch of this light? 3 kunci kontak: ignition (to start a car) 4 short circuit Hati-hati jangan sampai terjadi kontak. Be careful, don’t make any short circuit.
-kontakan: n switch  Cari kontakan  listriknya. Find the electric switch.

kontak2; mengkontak: v 1 contact 2 switch on Boleh tolong kontak lampunya? Would you please swith on the light?
-pengkontak: n connector:

kontaminasi: n /lu/ contamination.
-mengkontaminasi: v contami­nate.
-terkontaminasi: v be contaminated.

kontan: n /lu/ cash.
-dengan kontan: adv 1 cash Apa kamu akan membayar kontan? Are you going to pay cash? 2 suddenly, at that very moment. Dia minum obat dan kontan muntah. She drank the medicine and suddenly she vomit.
-mengkontani: v pay in cash.

kontang-kanting; berkontang-kanting: v /inf/ dangle. Jam itu kontang kanting pada sebuah rantai. The watch dangled on a chain.
-terkontang-kanting: v /pass.v./ be dangled.

konteks: n /lu/ context. 1 |the words and sentences that come before and after a word and that help you understand its meaning| “Cerdik” dapat berarti “cerdas” atau “licik” tergantung pada konteks. “Smart” can mean “intelligent” or “sarcastic”’ depending on the context. 2 take sth out of context |to repeat a sentence or phrase without describing the situation in which it was said, so that its meaning is not clear| Wartawan itu mengutip komentarnya yang sama sekali keluar dari konteks.  Journalists had taken his comments completely out of context.

konteler; kontelir: n /of/ district officer of the colonial era (controller).
-konteleran: n residence of the controller.

kontemplasi: n /frm/ contemplation |quiet and serious thinking and consideration about something you intend to do, or in order to understand something|
-berkontemplasi: v contemplate.
-mengkotemplasikan: v /tr/ contemplate sth.

kontemplatif: adj /frm/ contemplative.

kontemporer: adj /lu/ contemporary.

kontensius: adj /frm/ contentious |likely to cause a lot of argument| Pencangkokan pada manusia adalah salah satu issu yang kontentius dalam bioteknologi. Cloning on human was one of the most contentious issues in biotechnology.

kontes: n /lu/ contest.
-mengkonteskan: v hold a contest over sth.
-kontes-kontesan: n contests of various kinds. Buat apa diadakan kontes-kontesan? Why do we have to have all these contests?

kontestan: n /lu/ 1 contestant. 2 candidate (in election).

kontestasi: n /frm/ dispute, conflict.

kontet: adj /lu/ stunted in growth.

kontinen: n /lu/ continent.

continental: adj /lu/ continental.

kontingen: n /lu/ contingent, part.

kontinu: adj /lu/ continuous.

kontinuitas: n /lu/ continuity.

kontinyu: variant of kontinu:

kontol: n /vul/ penis.
-kontol bebek: n spiral-shaped ma­chine part.
-kontol kambing: n spherical cake made of red glutinous rice.

kontra: pref. /lu/ contra- 1against 2 versus 3 opposite
-kontra produktif: adj contra-productive  meng-(i) oppose sth

kontradiksi: n /lu/ contradiction.
-mengkontradiksi: v contradict.

kontradiktif: adj /lu/ contradictory.

kontradiktoris: adj contradictory.

kontrak: n /lu/ 1 contract |a legal written agreement between two people, companies etc. that says what each side must do for the other|  Chris John menan-datangani sebuah kontrak untuk menjadi pelatih tinju selama 3 tahun. Chris John signed a 3-year contract to be a boxing instructor. 2 lease sth by contract.
-dikontrakkan: v /pss.v./ Pekerjaan bangunan itu di kontrakkan. The development of that building is given out by contract.
-mengkontrak-kerjakan: v have sth done on contract.
-mengkontrak: v contract sth,  lease sth with a contract.
-mengkontrak-sewakan: v lease sth out.
-pengontrak: n contractor. 1 who work for sth by contract 2 who use sth by leasing.
-pengontrakan: n contracting.
-kontrakan: adj /lu/ leasing Rumah ini adalah kontrakan. This is a leasing house.

kontraksi: n /frm/ contraction (of money supply)
-berkontraksi: n be contracted.

kontraktan: n /frm/ contracting party.

kontraktor: n /lu/ contractor.

kontraktual; kontraktuil: adj /lu/ contractual.

kontras: adj /lu/ contrast.
-mengkontraskan: v contrast sth.
-kekontrasan: n contrast.

kontrasepsi: n /lu/ contraception.

kontraseptif: n /lu/ contraceptive.

kontrelir: variant of konteler:

kontribusi: n /lu/ contribution, donation.

kontrol; kontrole: n /lu/ 1 control, supervision.
-kontrol; mengontrol: v control, supervise.
-pengontrolan: n 1 control, controlling, supervision.

kontrolirl: n controller, ticket taker.

kontrolir2: variant of konteler:

kontroversi: n ,lu/ controversy.

controversial; kontroversiil: adj /lu/ controvcrsial.

kontur: n /lu/ contour |the shape of the outer edges of something such as an area of land or someone’s body|
-mengkontur: v appear in outline.

konveks: n /frm/ convex.

konveksi: n /lu/ convection. |the act of process of transmitting or conveying|

konvensi: n /lu/ 1 convention, congress. 2 agreement. ­konvensi Geneva the Geneva Convention. 3 custom.

konvensional; konvensionil: adj /lu/ conventional.

konvergen: adj /frm/ convergent.

konvergensi: n /frm/ convergence.

konversasi: n /frm/ conversation.

konversi: n /lu/ conversion.
-mengkonversikan: v /tr/ convert.
-pengkonversian: n converting |the process of convertion|

konvertibel1: adj /lu/ convertible.

konvertibel2: n /frm/ convertible (car).

konvoi: n /lu/ convoy.

konvulsi: n /lu/ convulsions.

konyak: n cognac.

konyan: n Chinese New Year’s celebration.

konyol: adj /lu/inf/ 1 foolish, totally wrong.  Kamu tidak tahu? ­Konyol menyimpan senjata tanpa izin. Don’t you know? It’s  totally wrong to keep a gun without a license.  2 in­competent, not up to snuff.
-kekonyolan: n stupidity, foolishness.

konyong; sekonyong-konyong: 1 adj /lu/ suddenly. serangan sekonyong-konyong sud­den attack. 2 adv /lu/ Sekonyong-konyong di jatuh Suddenly she fell down.

konyungsi: variant of konjungsi:

konyungtur: variant of konjungtur:

kooperasi: see koperasi:

kooperatif: see koperatif:

Koorps {Komando Operasianal}: n Operational Com­mand.

kooptasi: n /frm/ cooptation |selection of new fellows of members of a group or organization done by the existing members or fellows|
-mengkooptasi: v co-opt

koordinasi: n /lu/ coordination.
-mengkoordinasikan: v coordinate.
-pengkoordinasian: n coordinating |an act or a process of a coordination|

koordinat: n |the measure used to identify the position of sth of a space such as an island on a map|

koordinator: n /lu/ coordinator.

koordinatorat: n /frm/  |the office or the centre where a coordination is initiated|

koordinatif: adj /lu/ coordinative

koordinir; mengkoordinir: v coordinate.
-pengkoordiniran: n coordinating |the act or process of coordination|

kop1: n /lu/ 1 head. 2 letterhead
-kop berita: n headline.
-kop surat: n letterhead.
-kop telepon: n ear and mouthpiece of a phone.
-mengkop: v hit (a ball) with sb’s head.
-kopan: n strike of a ball with sb’s head.

kop2: n /lu/ cupping suction treatment by ap­plying a heated glass to the skin.

kopah; berkopah-kopah: v /ld/ gush out of blood.

kopak1: mengkopak: v /lu/ peel (potatoes, etc.).

kopak2: adj /lu/ broken, damage

kopek1: adj /lu/ flaccid |soft and weak instead of firm| buah dada yang kopek flaccid breasts.

kopek2; mengkopek: v /lu/ peel sth with a pointed tool

kopel: adj /lu/ in pair |something made of two parts that are joined and used together or two things of the same kind that are joined such as two houses which share the same wall in one side|

kopeleng; kopeling: n /lu/ 1 clutch (of a car)  2 connection.

kopelrim: n /lu/ a broad army belt (for carrying grenades, etc.).

koper: variant of kopor:

koperak: variant of koprak:

koperal: variant of kopral:

koperasi: n /lu/ a cooperative (economic enterprise).
-berkoperasi: v 1 cooperate |work in coopera­tion| 2 be a member of cooperative enterprises
-mengkoperasikan: v organize into cooperatives.
-perkoperasian: n 1 matter related to cooperatives. 2 system of cooperation.

koperatif: adj /lu/ cooperative.

koperator: n /frm/ cooperator.

kopet: adj /ld/ narrow (of opening, street, passage).

kopi1: n /lu/ coffee.
-kopi bubuk: n powdered coffee.
-kopi hitam: n black coffee (no cream).
-kopi luak: n coffee beans col­lected from the civet cat’s feces.
-kopi pahit: n 1 black coffee (without sugar) 2 /idiom/ a scolding, a bawling out.
-kopi tubruk: n coffee prepared by pouring boiling water over powdered coffee.
-meng(k)opi: v ­have a cup of coffee.
-peng(k)opi: n a coffee lover

kopi2: n /lu/ copy
-mengkopy: v /tr/ copy sth

kopiah: n /lu/ rimless cap |headdress worn by Mus­lim men and also by Indonesian men in general as a symbol of national identity|
-kopiah setambul: n fez.

koplak; koplakan: n halt |place where carts, minibuses, and other vehiches gather to wait passengers|.

koplam; koplamp: n /lu/ headlight.

koplet: variant of kuplet:

kopling: variant of kopleleng:

kopok; kopokan: adj /ld/ |pertaining to a runny ear|

kopong: adj /Jkt/ empty, hollow.

kopor: n /lu/ 1 trunk, footlocker. 2 suitcase.

kopra: n /lu/ copra.
-mengkoprakan: v turn into copra.
-perkopraan: n copra production.

koprak: n bamboo dapper to frighten birds.
-mengkoprak: v ­scare away birds with a dapper.
-koprakan: n dapper (use to frighten birds).

kopral: n 1 corporal. 2 /Navy/ petty officer  3 third class.

koprol: n /ld/ somersault, tumble.

kopula: n /tech/ copula. |a verb as a form of  be or feel that identifies the predicate of the sentence|

kopur; kopure: n /of/ denomination, note of money.

kopyok; mengkopyok: v /inf/ 1 shake sth esp. to blend or mix it up. Kopyok sayur itu dengan air. Rinse the vegetables with water. 2 shake up pieces of paper for lottery.
-kopyokan: n 1 the thing in which sth is shaken up. 2 a lottery, drawing.
-pengkopyok: n beater, blen­der.

kopyor: n /lu/ a coconut that has developed differently from the others in the bunch and has soft flesh blended with the juice and it has special taste|.

kor: n /lu/ choir.

korah: adj /ld/ spherical.

koral: n /lu/ coral |a hard coloured substance that grows in warm sea water|.

Koramil {Komando Rayon Militer}: n Military Head­quarters at the sub-district level.

Koran: n /lu/ the Qur’an.

koranl: n 1 newspaper.
-koran kuning: n yellow journal, scan­dal sheet.
-koran pagi: n morning paper.
-mengkorankan: v published sth through newspaper.

koran2: see rekening:

korat-karit: adj /inf/ dislocated, scattered, in disorder.

korban: n /lu/ 1 sacrifice 2 religious offering 3 victims
-korban idul adha: n the offering made at rites celebrating idul adha.
-korban ­misa: n the sacrifice of the Mass.
-korban jiwa: n casualty (in war, accident).
-korban kebaka­ran: n victim of a fire.
-korban perang: n war victim.
-ber­korban: v make a sacrifice. Berkorban pada dewa-dewa. Make a sacrifice to the gods. Dia sudah banyak berkorban pada Negara He did a lot for the country.
-pengorbanan: n 1 sacrifice 2 dedication

korden: variant of gorden:

kordinasi: variant of koordinasi:

kordinat: variant of kordinat:

kordinir: variant of koordinir:

kordon: n /lu/ cordon worn with an academic gown.

kored: n /ld/ small hoe with short handle.

korek1; korek api: n /lu/ matches, cigarette lighter.
-korek kuping: n earpick.

korek2; mengorek: v /lu/ 1 scrape |to remove something from a hole in order to deepen it| Kita perlu mengorek saluran air yang sudah dangkal. We need to scrape the shallow drainage 2 to dig out sth from a surface in order to make a hole on it|  Mari kita mengorek sebuah sumur disini. Let’s dig a well here.
-mengorek kuku: v scrape the dirt from under sb’s nails.
-mengorek rahasia: v pry out secrets.
-mengoreki: v /tr/ scrape sth out.
-pengorek telinga: n earpick.

koreksi: n correction.
-koreksian: n 1 corrected material. 2 writing to be corrected.
-meng(k)oreksi: v /tr/ correct sth.
-peng(k)oreksian: n correcting, proofreading |the act or process of correction|

korektif: adj /frm/ corrective.

korektor: n /lu/ 1 proofreader. 2 corrector.

korelasi: n /lu/ correlation.
-mengkorelasikan: v /lu/ 1 correlate sth to sth else 2 make things to be correlated.

koreng1; korengan: adj /lu/ 1 spotted 2 scratchy

koreng: n /lu/ 1 asore, ulceration. 2 scab (over a sore).
-koreng-moreng: v be all scabs.
-berkoreng: v have a sore or scab.
-mengkoreng: v develop a scab.
-korengan: v suffer from skin in­fections.
-sakit koreng: n scabies.

koreografer: n /lu/ choreographer.

koreografi: n /lu/ choreography.

koresponden: n /lu/ correspondent.

korespondensi: n /lu/ correspondence.

koret1; koretan: n /lu/ leftovers. |food that remains at the end of a meal and is kept to be eaten later|
-mengkoret: v use the leftovers.
-mengkoreti: v scrape the leftovers.

koret2: variant of korek:

koridor: n corridor.

korma: variant of kurma:

korned: variant of kornet:

kornel: n /lu/ colonel

korner2: variant of corner kick:

kornet1: n /lu/ canned corned beef.

kornet2: variant of kenek:

koroh: n /ld/ throat.

korok1: n excavation, excavated tunnel.
-mengkorok: v dig, excavate sth.

korok2; mengkorok: v snore.
-korokan: n snoring.

korologi: n /tech/ the estimation of geographically distribution of animals

koroner1: n /lu/ a coronary (heart attack).

koroner2: n /frm/ coroner |an official whose job is to discover the cause of someone’s death, if it is sudden or unexpected, especially by examining his/her body|

korong: n /ld/ area |a particular part of a place, city, country, rural, etc.| Ibu lahir di korong pedesaan Jawa Tengah. Mom grew up in a rural area of Central Java.

korosi: n /frm/ corrosion.

korosif: adj /frm/ corrosive.

Korporasi: n /lu/ Corporation.

korporat: adj /lu/ corporate |relating or belongs to corporation|.

korporatif: adj /lu/ corporative |has the character of corporation|.

korpulensi: adj /frm/ corpulent |very fat|

KORPRI{Korps Pegawai Republik Indonesia}: n the In­donesian Civil Service Corps.

korps: n /lu/ corps 1 |a trained group of people with special duties in the military| Corps Marinir  the Naval Corps 2 |a group of people who do a particular job| korps pers the press corps

korsase: n /ld/ corsage |a small group of flowers that a woman wears on her dress for special occasions|

korsel: n /ld/ a merry-go-round, carousel.

Korsel {Korea Selatan}: n South Korea.

korset: n /lu/ corset.

korsi: variant of kursi:

korsleting: variant of kortsleting:

korteks: n /tech/ outer space of an animal internal organ.

korting: n /lu/ discount.
-mengkorting: v discount.

kortison: n /tech/ cortisone |C21H25O5 – active in carbohydrate metabolism|

kortsleting: n 1 short circuit 2 /idiom/ get mad by misunder­standing.

korum: variant of kuorum:

korup1: adj /lu/ corrupt |dishonest and ready to accept money to do something illegal| Janganlah menjadi pejabat yang korup. Don’t be a corrupt officer.

korupsi2: n corruption Korupsi harus di hapus di negeri ini.  Corruption must be eliminated in this country.

korupsi3: v corrupt Kamu tidak korupsi mendapat uang ini, kan? You didn’t corrupt to get this money, did you?
-dikorupsikan: v /pass.v./ 1 corrupt 2 use public fund for personal need. Seorang ahli memperkirakan bahwa 30% ang-garan pembangunan telah dikorupsikan. An expert estimated that 30% of the development budget had been corrupted.
-meng(k)orupsikan: v /tr/ corrupt sth. Dia ditahan karena mengorupsikan uang Negara. He was detained for corrupting public money.

koruptor: n sb who involve corruption.

Korut {Korea Utara}: n North Korea.

korve: n corvée  |a day of unpaid work required by feudal lord|

korvet: n warship, a corvette.

kos: n 1 room and board or just board.
-anak kos: n boarder.
-bapak kos: n /lu/ landlord.
-ibu kos: n /lu/ landlady.
-rumah ­kos: n /lu/ boarding house.
-mengekos: v board at.
-mengekoskan: v rent out to roomers or boarders.

kosa-kata: n /lu/ vocabulary, glossary.

kosak-kasik: adj 1 rustling 2 fidgeting, restless.

kosambi: variant of kesambi:

kosar: n auto-carpus tree yielding edible fruits and timber.

kosbas: n /ld/ landlord, landlady.

kosek: n lu/ door mat.
-mengkosek: v 1 clean a floor with a brush. 2 rinse or wash food. 3 run water on whetstone while sharpening.

kosel; terkosel: v /ld/ 1 hem and haw. 2 work in fits and starts. 3 have difficulty with tough meat.

kosenl: n /lu/ window or door frame.

kosen2: adj /ld/ brave, courageous, daring.
-kekosenan: n daring, bravery, courage.

koset: variant of keset:

kosinus: n /Math./ cosine.

kosmetik; kosmetika: n /lu/ cosmetics.

kosmografi: n /tech/ cosmography.

kosmologi: n /tech/ cosmology.

kosmonaut; kosmonot: n /lu/ cosmonaut.

kosmopolit; cosmopolitan: n cosmopolite: n /lu/ a sophisticate urban area .

kosmos: n /lu/ cosmos.

kosok-balik: n /tech/ antonym, opposite, reverse.

kosong: adj /lu/ 1 empty, blank 2 zero, nought  3 idle, empty (words, promises) 4 unoccupied Apa rumah ini kosong? Is this house unoccupied? 5 vacant. |a vacant job is available for someone to start doing|
-mengosongkan: v /tr/ 1 empty out (sth) 2 evacuate 3 vacate (a position or job)
-pengosongan: n evacuation.
-kekosongan: n 1 emptiness 2 vacancy 3 hiatus 4 depletion.

kosponsor: n .lu/ cosponsor.
-mengkosponsori: v to cosponsor.

kost: variant of kos:

koster: n manager of a rectory.

kosthuis: n /of/ boarding house.

kostik: n /ld/ caustic (soda).

kostim; kostum: n 1 costume. 2 woman’s Western­-style clothing 3 uniform dress, formal dress.
-berkostum: v wear a costume.

kota1: n /lu/ 1 city, town. 2 area kota pelajar students area |a town or a city where there are many school and college.
-kota administratif: v urban area where the government offices are located and as a preparation to be a municipality.
-kota madya: n municipality.
-pengkotaan: n urbanization.
-kekotaan: n the characteristic of a city.
-kekota-kotaan: adj pertaining or relating to a city or town.

kota2; mengotakan: v fulfil (a promise)

kotah1: adj /ld/ total.

kotah2; sekotah: adv /ld/ all together.

kotai: adj /ld/ 1 hang down (as of old fruit). 2 old, ripe (fruit, food) 3 extremely thin
-terkotai: v hang down.

kotak: n 1 box 2 kit 3 compartment 4 cubicle 5 drawer  4 box-­shaped section of a garden divided into beds (of paddy fields, etc.)
-kotak ajaib: n magic box.
-perkakas: n tolls kit.
-kotak pos: n mail box.
-kotak suara: n ballot box
-berkotak-kotak: adj 1 checkered (pattern) 2 compartmentalized
-dikotak-kotak: v be divided into com­partments, parts.
-mengkotakkan: v 1 make sth non-active.
-masuk kotak: v be eliminated from a competition.

kotak katik: n /inf/ sound of motion which indicates the presence of sb.  Barangkali dia pergi karena kotak-katiknya tidak terdengar lagi. Probably he has gone because there is no sound of movement anymore.
-meng(k)otak-(k)(ng)atik: v try to do sth to fix sth (e.g. an engine). Dia sangat senang mengotak-nagatik mobilnya. He likes to do sth to fix his car.

kotak lema: n /ld/ whale |a very large animal that swims in the ocean and breathes through a hole on the top of its head|

kotamara: n /ld/ parapet. |protective wall or railing along the edge of a balcony, deck of a ship, wall of a fortress.

kotangen; kotangens: n /match/ cotangent.

kotbah: variant of khotbah:

kotek1: n /ld/ 1 tail feather. 2 tail plumed with a tuftlike end (e.g. of a comet).
-berkotek: v have a tail.

kotek2: n a cackle (of a hen).
-berkotek: v cackle.

koteka: n penis sheath of  Papua.

koteng; terkoteng: adj alone, friendless.

koterek: see kotrek:

kotes: n bits of thread or lint.
-sekotes: n a little bit.
-mengkotes: v remove small bits of thread, lint, etc. ~

kotipa: n /ld/ immunization against cholera. typhoid, and paratyphoid.

kotok1: adj /ld/ defective (sight) vision
-kotok ayam: adj near­sighted or suffering from night blindness.
-kotokan: n night blindness.

kotok2: adj /ld/ short (of pants legs).

kotong; mengkotong: v /ld/ 1 cut off 2 amputate.
-dikotong: v /pass.v./ be amputated.

kotor: adj /lu/ 1 dim, soiled, filthy. 2 dirty, vile, filth (words, etc.). Dia kotor mulut He likes like to talk dirty. 3 gross (income, profits).
-kekotoran: n filthiness, dirtiness.
-kotoran: n 1 feces, dung, manure.
-kotoran burung: n bird droppings.
-kotoran kuda: n horse manure.
-kotoran manusla: n human waste, feces
-mengkotori: v /tr/ contaminate sth 2 pol­lute, foul (a river, the environment).
-mengotorkan: v 1 dirty 2 soil, defile (sb’s name).
-pengotoran: n pollution, littering, dirtying.

kotrek: n corkscrew |a tool used for pulling corks out of bottles|

kotum: n /lu/ quota.

kover; mengkover: v /lu/1 cover |to report the details of an event for a newspaper or a television or radio program| Dia datang untuk mengkover pemilihan umum. He came to cover the general elections 2 include |make sth be the part of the larger thing |to include or deal with something|  Buku itu mengkover sejarah Indonesia dari abad ke 16 samapai ke 19 The book covers the Indonesian history from 16th to 19th century. –syn: /lu/ meliput

KOWAD {Korps Wanita Angkatan Darat}: n Female Army’s Corps.

kowak; berkoak-koak: v /lu/ 1 jabber, chatter. 2 shout wildly with joy or excitement.

KOWAL {Korps Wanita Angkatan Laut}: n Female Navy’s Corps.

kowe: pron. /off/Jv/Jkt/ you.
-mengkoekan: v address sb with kowe

Kowiltabes {Komando Wilayah Kota Besar}: n Metro­politan Police Command.

koyak: adj /lu/ 1 torn, ripped. 2 lacerated (of the hand, etc.) 2 in rags or tatters.
-koyakan: n tear, rip, rent.
-meng(k)oyak-ngoyak: v rip, tear into tatters.
-peng(k)oyak: n who tears, violator
-peng(k)oyakan: n lacerating.
-terkoyak: v be torn, get torn, be ripped.

koyan: n /ld/ |measurement of weight equal to about 27 to 40 bushels|

koyam: n /ld/ soup made of sticky rice.

koyo1; koyok1: n /lu/ nonsense.
-jual koyok: v talk a nonsense.

koyo2;: koyok2: n /Chn/ salve put in a medical plaster.

koyok3: n /ld/ undomesticated or wild dog.

kozyn: variant of kosen:

kpd. {kepada}: prep. /wrt/ to.

krah: variant of kerah:

kram: variant of keram:

krama: see kromo:

kraman: n /ld/ rebellion.

kramat: variant of keramat:

kran: variant of keran:

kranggang: n red ant.

krans: n /lu/ funerary wreathe.

krasan: adv feel at home, like a place Saya pulang karena tidak kerasan di sana. I went back home because I didn’t like the place.

krat: n /lu/ crate, case of 24 bottles.

kraton: variant of keratin:

kre: variant of kerai:

kreasi: n creation. Tarian itu adalah satu kreasi baru. That dance is a new creation.
-berkreasi: v do acreation.
-mengkreasikan: v /tr/ create sth.

kreatif: adj /lu/ creative.

kreativitas: n /lu/ creativity.

kreator: n /frm/ creator.

krebo: variant of kribo:

krecek: n /ld/ buffalo skin processed for eating.

kreda: variant of krida:

kredap; berkredap: v glitter, shine, flicker.

kredep: adj /ld/ scintillating

kredibilitas: n /lu/ credibility.

kredit: n /lu/ credit. membeli dengan kredit buy sth on credit
mengkreditkan: v /tr/ sell sth on credit.
-pengkreditan: n crediting.
-perkreditan: n credit matters.
-mengkredit: v buy sth on credit.

kreditir; kreditor: n creditor.

kredo: n /frm/ credo, creed.

krei: variant of kerai:

krem: n /lu/ 1 cream of milk. 2 skin-care salve. 3 cream colored, light-yellow.

kremasi: n /lu/ cremation.
-mengkremasikan: v /tr/ cremate.

krematorium: n /frm/ crematorium.

kremes: n /ld/ cake made of cassava and palm sugar.

kremi: variant of keremi:

krempeng: variant of kerempang:

kremus; mengkremus: v chew sth crispy into small pieces.

kreolin: n creolin, a preparation of creosol resin soap used as a deodorant and disinfectant.

krepyak: adj /ld/ blind.

kreseh-peseh: variant of kareseh-peseh:

kresek1: variant of keresak:

kresek2; krecek: n thin plastic bag with handle.

kresendo: n /tech/ a gradual augmentation of the voice volume while you are sing.

Kresna: n central figure of the Mahabharata.

Kresten: variant of Kristen:

kretek1: n /lu/ cigarette containing chopped cloves.

kretek2: n /Jv/ horse-drawn cart.

KRI {Kapal Republic Indonesia}: n lndonesia’s Flagship.

kriat-kriut: variant of keriang-kericut:

kribo: adj /lu/ frizzy |very tightly curled|
-berambut kribo: v have frizzy hair.

krida: n /lu/ activity, physical activity (as opposed to office and school work). Hari Sabtu adalah hari krida. Saturday is a day for extracurricular activities (everybody comes to the office or school to involve in physical activities).

kridit: variant of kredit:

kriditor: n /of/ student who must repeat many school subjects.

krim: variant of kream

kriminal1; kriminil: adj /lu/ criminal |relating to crime| Adalah criminal membunuh binatang seperti itu. It’s criminal to kill such animal.

kriminal2; kriminil: n /lu/ criminal |someone who is proved guilty of a crime|

kriminalitas; kriminalitet: n /lu/ criminality.

kriminologi: n /lu/ criminology.

kriminologis: adj /lu/ criminological |relating to criminology|

kring1: n /ld/ cell |small group of believers who work together (e.g. Catholics, etc.)|

kring2: variant of kering2:

kring3: n /spo/ sound of a bell or a telepon.

kripik: variant of keripik:

krisis: n /lu/ crisis.
-mengkrisiskan: v cause a crisis.

kristal: n /lu/ crystal.
-berkristal: v to have crystal
-kristalisasi: n crystallization.
-mengkristal: v /intr/ crystallize |become crystal|
-mengkristalkan: v /tr/ crystallize
-pengkristalan: n crystallizing.

kristalisir; mengkristalisir: v /intr/tr/ crystallize.

Kristen: n 1 Christian 2 Protestant. Apa anda Protestan atau Katolik? Are you Christian or Catholic?
-kekristenan: n Christianity.
-kristenisasi; kristianisasi: n Christianization.
-mengkristenkan: v christianize.
-pengkristenan: n Christianizing.

Kristus: n Christ

criteria: n /sing./ criteria.

kriterium: n /pl/ criterion.

kritik: n /lu/ 1 criticism.
-kritik sastra: n literary criticism.
-mengkritik: v 1 criticize, give a critical opinion. 2 criticize, say sth bad about sth
-kritikan: n criticism.
-pengkritik: n 1 critic. 2 fault finder.
-peng(k)ritikan: n criticizing.

kritikal: adj critical.

kritikawan: n /lu/ literary critic.

kritikus: n /lu/ critic. kritikus sastra literary critic.

kritis: adj critical, serious (of patient, situation).
-kekritikan: n criticality tingkat kekritikan criticality level.

kritisi: variant of kritikus:

kriuk-kriuk: variant of keriuk:

kriwil: see priwil:

kriya: n skill. kriya seni artistic skill.

kriyawan: n /of/ salesman. –syn: sales

kriyawati: n /of/ saleswoman. –syn: sales

kroco: n /lu/ 1 small snail. 2 of little value, of no great importance. Dia adalah bos dan aku hanya kroco. ­He is a boss and I am only a small fry. 3 low­est economic class.

kroket: n croquettes.

krol: adj artificially curly

kromo: n /Jv/ 1 |a polite form used to and among upper-class people| 2 common people
-kekromoan: n condition of being proletariat
-kromo inggil: n honorific forms of language.

kromosom: n /tech/ chromosome.

krompyang: n /spo/ 1 sound of sth crashing to the floor. 2 sound of tin cans.

kron: variant of keron:

kroncong: variant of keroncong:

krong: variant of kerong:

kronik: n /frm/ chronicle.

kronis: adj /lu/ chronic.

kronologi: n /lu/ chronology.

kronologis: adj /lu/ chronological.

kropok: adj 1 empty, without content. 2 soft, weak. 3 moldy.

krosak: variant of kerosak:

krosboi: n /lu/ punk |a boy or young man who likes to start fights, do things that are illegal, etc.|
-krosboi ingusan: n newly young punk.
-ng(k)rosboi: v act like a punk.

krosgirl: n /lu/ female punk.

krosmama: n /lu/ a woman who goes after young men.

krosok: variant of kerosok:

krospapa: n /lu/ a man who goes after young women.

kroto: n 1 red ant eggs (fed to birds) 2 blossoms of the gnenom gnetum eaten as a vegetable.

kru: n /lu/ crew 1 |all the people that work together on a ship, plane etc.| 2 |a group of people with special skills who work together on something| pemain dan kru film the movie’s cast and crew

kruis: n crotch |the part of your body between the tops of your legs, or the part of a piece of clothing that covers this|

kruk: n /ld/ crutches |a special stick that you put under your arm to help you walk when you have hurt your leg|

krul: variant of kerul:

kruntel: adj /Jv/ rolled up, curled.

krupuk: variant of kerupuk:

krupukan: adj, adv /ld/ confused, doing sth hastily.

krus: variant of kerus: see kurs:

krusial: adj /lu/ crucial.

krutuk: v /ld/ bombard.

k.s. {kredit semester}: n /Acad./ semester credit.

KS {Kepala Staf}: n Chief of Staff.

ksatria: variant of kesatria:

KTP {Kartu Tanda Penduduk/Pengenal}: n residence identification card.

KTT {Konperensi Tingkat Tinggi}: n Summit Conference.

ku: see kue:

-ku: suff. /lu/ |the genitive of aku – used as a possessive pronoun that function like “my”| Ini adalah bukuku This is my book. Rumahku jauh dari sini. My house is far from here.

ku-: pref. /lu/ |first person subject pronoun that function like “I”| Dimana susu yang kubeli (aku beli) kemarin? Where the milk that I bought yesterday? Kunci itu kuberi (aku beri) pada Susan. I gave the key to Susan.

kuaci: see kwaci:

kuade: n /ld/ seat at which couples sit in wedding ceremony.

kuadran: n /tech/ quadrant |a quarter of a circle|

kuadrat: adj /lu/ square Satu hektar adalah 100 m2 (meter kuadrat) A hectare is 100 m2 (meter square)

kuah: n /lu/ gravy, broth, thin sauce, (thin) dressing.
-berkuah: v be with broth. serabi berkuah waffles that has  syrup.
-mengkuahi: v put broth on sth
-mengkuahkan: v make a dish with broth.

kuai; terkuai-kuai: v /ld/ be excited and shout

kuak1: n /spo/ croak |a low deep sound made in the throat, like the sound a frog or a buffalo|
-mengkuak: v croak 1 |to speak in a low deep voice as if you have a sore throat| 2 |to make a deep low sound like the sound a frog makes|

kuak2: n .ld/ big frog.

kuak3: menguak: v /tr/intr/lu/ 1 uncover |to discover something that had been kept secret or hidden| 2 disclose |to make something known publicly| 2 widely open
-menguakkan: v /tr/ 1 uncover 2 disclose 3 widely open
-terkuak: v /pass.v./ 1 be uncovered 2 be disclosed Otak dibalik persekongkolan itu telah terkuak. The brain behind the conspiracy has been uncovered.

kuala: n /lu/ 1 estuary |the wide part of a river where it goes into the ocean|
-berkuala: v have an estuary.

kualahan: variant of kewalahan:

kualat: adj /lu/ 1 be cursed 2 be damned.

kuali: n /lu/ wide-mouthed clay pot for cooking. 2 (in some regions only) iron wok.

kualifikasi: n /lu/ qualification 1a skill, personal quality, or type of experience that makes you suitable for a particular job or position| Kualifikasinya termasuk pengajaran matematika dan sains. Her qualifications include teaching math and science. 2 |the achievement of an official standard in order to do a job, enter a sports competition etc.| Dia memenuhi kualifikasi untuk menjadi anggota tim renang Olimpiade. She met qualifications for the Olympic swimming team. 3 |something that you add to a statement to limit its effect or meaning| Kamu punya hak menolak tanpa kualifikasi. You have the right to refuse without qualification.

kualitas: n /lu/ quality.
-berkualitas: v have a certain quality.

kualitatif: adj qualitative.

kualitet: n /lu/ quality.

kuantitas: n /lu/ quantity.

kuantitatif: adj quantitative.

kuantum: adj /frm/ quantum. |a very large and important improvement| satu kuantum dalam ilmu kesehatan.  a quantum leap in medical science

kuap: n /lu/ a yawn.
-meng(k)uap: v yawn |to open your mouth wide and breathe deeply, usually because you are tired or bored| Dia melihat jamnya dan menguap.  He looked at his watch and yawned.

kuar; meng(k)uar: v /lu/ loosen or enlarge sth such a hole on the ground with a stick.
-meng(k)uarkan: v /tr/ use sth to pry loose.

kuarsa: n /tech/ quartz |a hard mineral substance that is used in making electronic watches and clocks|

kuarsit: n /tech/ quartzite  |a metamorphic rock resulting from the crystallization of quartz sandstone|

kuartal: n /lu/ 1 quarter |a word meaning a period of three months, used when discussing bills, wages, and income| 2 a semester that last for 3 months.
-kuartalan: n /lu/ 1 quarterly examina­tion. 2 the beginning of a three­month period. Tiap kwartalan guru memberikan laporan pengajaran. Each semester the teacher submit the teaching report.

kuartir: n /lu/ quarter.

kuas1: n /lu/ 1 small brush for painting, writing.
-kuas cat: n 1 paintbrush 2 shaving brush 3 applicator. kuas lem glue applicator.
-meng(k)uas: v brush.

kuas2: n /lu/ lemonade.

kuasa: n /lu/ 1 power, might.Kuasa Tuhanlah yang menentukan kematian seseorang The power of God is that determines the death of sb. 2 proxy Saya menyewa seorang pengacara sebagai kuasa saya dalam kasus itu. I hired a lawyer as my proxy in the case.  3 kekuasaan: a) authority Siapa yang berkuasa disini? Who’s in authority here? b) /litr./ might Dia menggunakan semua kekuasaannya untuk melindungi bisnis keluarganya. She tried with all his might to protect his family business.
-berkuasa1: v have power. Dia berkuasa menentukan setiap perobahan. He has a power to make any change.
-berkuasa2: prep in power. Partai berkuasa adalah Partai Buruh. The party in power is the Labor Party.
-Duta berkuasa penuh: n Ambassador plenipotentiary.
-surat kuasa: n power of attorney.
-kuasa usaha: n charge d’affaires |a government official who temporarily placed in charge of diplomatic affairs while the ambassador or minister is absent|
-maha kuasa: adj mighty Semoga Tuhan maha kuasa selalu bersama anda.Be the mighty God always with you.
-menguasai: v 1 dominate 2 govern 3 take the power to rule or reign 4 take command or control over sth.
-memberi kuasa: v empower
-penguasaan: n 1 the ability to control 2 overpowering 3 controlling over sth 4 mastery on sth

kuas-kais; mengkuas-kais: v /inf/ scratch the ground (of a chicken, etc.).

kuat1: adj /lu/ 1 strong |having a lot of physical power| Kita perlu beberapa orang kuat mengangkat kotak itu. We need a few strong people to lift the boxes. Dia memiliki otot yang sangat kuat He has a very strong muscles. 2 powerful  a) |able to control and influence events and other people’s actions| Dulu Sukarno adalah politisi yang sangat kuat. Sukarno was a very powerful politician. b) |having a lot of power, strength, or force| Ini adalah satu mesin yang kuat. This is a powerful engine satu ledakan kuat a powerful explosion c) |having a strong effect on someone’s feelings or ideas| Kebencian adalah satu emosi yang sangat kuat mempengaruhi sikap kita. Hate is a powerful emotion to influence our attitude. Serangan jantung adalah alasan kuat mendukung kampanye anti merokok. Heart attack is a powerful argument supporting anti-smoking campaign. d) |having a strong effect on your body: a powerful drug/medicine. Kayu ini dikategorikan sebagai satu bahan kuat. This wood is categorized as a powerful material. 3 sturdy |strong and not likely to break or be hurt| Meja ini dibuat dari kayu yang kuat. This table is made of sturdy wood. 4 forceful Kate adalah wanita dengan kepribadian yang kuat. Kate is a lady with a forceful personality. 5 fervent (believer, etc.) |believing or feeling something very strongly| Jono adalah seorang penganut Islam yang kuat Jono is a fervent Islam follower. 6 loud |making a lot of noise| Suara TV itu terlalu kuat. The TV sound is too loud. 7 determined |having a strong desire to continue to do something even when it is difficult|  Dia adalah seorang wanita yang berpendirian kuat. She’s a very determined woman. 8 able to afford |to have enough money to buy something| Saya tidak kuat membeli sebuah mobil baru. I can’t afford to buy a new car.

kuat2; kekuatan: n 1 power Kekuatan mesin ini setara dengan 10 TK (tenaga kuda) The power of this machine equal to 10 HP (horse power) 2 force |power that is used or produced when one thing moves or hits another thing| Orang tua itu mempunyai kekuatan batin. The old man has a spiritual force Ombak menghantam batu-batu itu dengan kekuatan luar biasa. Waves were hitting the rocks with great force. Kekuatan ledakan itu melemparkan dia kebelakang. The force of the explosion threw her backwards. 3 strength |the physical power and energy that you have|  Saya tidak punya kekuatan untuk berdiri. I don’t have the strength to stand up. 4 durability Kekuatan batrey ini hanya untuk dua hari. The durability of this battery  is only two days. 5 ability Apa dia mempunyai cukup kekuatan membeli rumah itu. Does he have ability to buy the house?
-memperkuat; menguatkan: v /tr/ 1 strengthen 2 fortify. 3 reinforce 4 confirm 5 affirm (a statement) 6 corroborate (an idea, a story, a testimony, etc., 7 brace |to prepare for something unpleasant that is going to happen| Kuatkan dirimu menghadapi satu berita buruk! Brace yourself for some bad news! 6 add the power .
-sekuat tenaga: adv as much as sb can Saya akan membantu kamu sekuat tenaga. I’ll help you as much as I can.
-sekuat-kuatnya: adv 1 as strong/loud as possible. 2 at the top of my lungs. Saya berteriak sekuat-kuatnya tetapi tidak ada yang mendengar. I shouted at the top of my lungs but nobody heard.

kuatir: adj /lu/ worried |unhappy or nervous because you are worrying about someone or something|  Kami sugguh kuatir tentang kamu We were really worried about you! Saya menjadi kuatir setelah kamu tidak menelepon. I got worried when you didn’t call. 2 apprehensive |worried or anxious, especially about the future| Dia merasa kuatir akan reaksi Johan.  She felt apprehensive at the thought of Johan’s reaction. 3 afraid Dia kuatir suratnya tidak sampai. She was afraid her letter would not arrive. –
-dikuatirkan: v be sb or sth that sb else worry about. Satu hal yang perlu dikuatirkan adalah bahwa mereka tidak membawa sesuatu untuk dimakan. Something that we need to worry about is that they didn’t bring anything to eat.
-kekuatiran: n 1 worry 2 anxiety.
-meng(k)uatirkan: v 1 make worry 2 cause an apprehension Berita itu benar-benar menguatirkan kami. The news really made us worried.

Kuba: n Cuba

kuba; mengkuba: v /ld/ hijack (a plane).

kubah: n /lu/ dome |a round curved roof on a building or room|  kubah mesjid mosque dome  2 turret |a small tower on a large building, especially a castle|
-berkubah: v have a dome. gedung berkubah a domed building.

kubak; meng(k)ubak: v /ld/ 1 peel (potatoes, etc.). 2 strip (bark from a tree).

kubang; kubangan: n /lu/ mudhole, waterhole, mud puddle, crate, trash dump.
-berkubang: v wallow |to roll around in mud, water etc. for pleasure|  Kerbau itu sedang berkubang di kubangan. The buffalo is wallowing in a mudhole. 2 be covered with mud.
-kubangan: n mud­hole.

kubat: n /ld/ arch |a curved structure at the top of a door, window, bridge etc., or something that has this curved shape|

kubik1; meng(k)ubik: v /ld/ peel (with the fingernails).

kubik2: n /lu/ cubic |cubic inch/centimeter/ yard, etc., a measurement of space in which the length, width, and height are all equal| dua meter kubik two cubic meter

kubil: adj /Jkt/ swollen (of eyes).

kubin: n /ld/ flying lizard.

kubis: n /lu/ cabbage.

kubit: n /ld/ tiny, bit sekubit a tiny, a bit
-meng(k)ubit: v /tr/ 1 pinch sth or sb. 2 tap sb on the arm or shoulder to attract his attention.
-mengkubitkan: v use sth to pinch.

kubra1: adj unsuccessful

kubra2: v fail. left undone.
-meng(k)ubrakan: v 1 cause to fail. 2 leave sth unre­solved or undone.

kubu: n /lu/ 1 side, front |used in the names of political parties or unofficial military organizations| kubu nasionalis lawan kubu agama nationalist front versus religion front 2 fortification, fortress, stockade. 3 bunker, entrenchment. kubu meriam turret. kubu pertahanan bunker.
-berkubu: v 1 make use of a fortification. 2 set fortification Setelah mereka mendarat rnereka berkubu di pantai. After landing they set up fortifica­tions on the beach.
-meng(k)ubui: v fortify sth
-perkubuan: n fortification.

kubungl: n /ld/ flying lemur.

kubung2: n /ld/ box for raising mushrooms.

kubur1; kuburan: n /lu/ cemetery, graveyard,  grave, tomb.

kubur2; mengubur(kan): v /lu/ bury, interlay to rest. Mereka menguburkan jenazah temannya di dekat pantai They buried the corpse of their companion next to the shore.
-penguburan: n burial.

kubus: n cube.

kucai1: n /ld/ leek or green onion.

kucai2;  meng(k)ucai: v isolate from sb’s friends.

kucak: variant of kocak2:

kucam: adj pale, wan, drained (of energy or vitality).

kucar-kacir: adj. adv 1 disorderly, messy. 2 disorganized, inadequately supervised. Musuh itu lari kucar-kacir The enemy fled in disorderly.
-meng(k)ucar-ngacirkan: v scatter sth in confusion. Serangnya tiba-tiba itu mengocar-ngacirkan mereka The sudden attack has scattered them in confusion.

kucek; mengucek: v /ld/ 1 rub. Jangan mengucek mata kamu! Don’t rub your eyes! 2 do the laundry. 3 crush, grind, mash.

kucel: adj /ld/ rumpled, dirty.

kucica: n /ld/ a kind of small bird.

kucil; meng(k)ucil(kan): v 1 expel (from family, clan, rela­tionship, political party, etc.), ostracize, excom­municate 3 quarantine |put a person or sth apart from others in case she, he, or it has a disease| Mereka mengucilkan anjing itu selama tiga bulan. They quarantined the dog for three months.Apa perlu seorang penderita kusta di kucilkan? Does a leper need to be ostracized? 2 squeeze out (toothpaste, glue, etc.).
-peng(k)ucilan: n banishment, expulsion, os­tracism, excommunication, quarantining

kucing: n /lu/ cat, a feline.
-kucing belanda: n rabbit.
-kucing hutan/jalang: n alley cat.
-kucing-kucing: n 1 calf (of leg). 2 biceps, muscle of leg or arm.
-kucing-kucingan1: v seek and found
-kucing-kucingan2: n 1 toy kitten 4 play tag.

kucir: n /lu/ 1 tuft of hair (left on top of a child’s shaved head). 2 tassel. 3 pigtail.

kucupl: n /lu/ sth that folds up.
-meng(k)ucupkan: v close sth up Kucupkan payungnya! Close up the umbrella!

kucup2: variant of kecup:

kucur1; kucuran: n /lu/ 1 gush |a large quantity of liquid that suddenly flows from somewhere| satu kucuran air a gush of water  2 flow a) |continuous movement of something from one place to another| Kucuran minyak dari penyulingan ke tempat kapal tanki. The flow of oil from refinery to the tanker. b) cash flow Kucuran dana pembangunan tidak pernah tersendat. The cash flow of development fund is never stuck.

kucur2; mengucur: v /intr/ 1 gush 2 flow
-mengucurkan: v /tr/ 1 gush 2 flow 3 pour Lukanya mengucurkan banyak darah. His wound gushed a lot of blood.

kucur3: n fried cake of rice flour.

kucur3: adj stupid Dia benar-benar orang kucur. He is a stupid person.

kucut: variant of kecut:

kuda: n /lu/ horse.
-berkuda: v ride a horse.
-kuda air: n tapir.
-kuda balap: n racehorse. ­
-kuda beban: n packhorse.
-kuda belang: n zebra.
-kuda bibit: n 1 stud (horse) 2 mare.
-kuda hitam: n 1 dark horse 2 /idiom/ unex­pected winner.
-kuda kayu: n foul play.
-kuda nil: n hippopotamus
-kuda jantan: n stallion.
-kuda sembrani: n /ltr/ winged horse
-kuda-kuda: n 1 rafter 2 buttress 3 scaffold
-kuda-kudaan: n toy horse.
-kuda putar/pusing: n marry-go-round.
-kandang kuda: n stable.

kudai: n /ld/ 1 small rattan basket. 2 round silver betel leaf holder.

kudang: ng(k)udang: v coo, talk to a baby |to make soft loving noises| seorang ibu ngudang  pada bayinya. a mother cooing to her baby.

kudangan: n /ld/ wish or request by fiancée that her future husband must fulfil!

kudap;kudapan: n /lu/ 1 snack 2 tidbit.
-mengudap: v 1 taste sth 2 eat snack
-pengudap: n snacker |sb who eat snacks between meals|

kudeta: n /lu/ coup d’etat.
-mengkudeta: v carry out a coup d’etat.

kudian: variant of kemudi:

kudil; kudis: n /lu/ scabies.
-berkudis: v suffer from scabies.
-kudisan: n have scabies.

kudrat: variant of kodrat:

kudrati: see adi:

kudu1: n /ld/ flower.

kudu2: v /ld/ must, have to. Aku kudu pergi I have to go

kudu3: n /ld/ red dye.

kuduk1: n /lu/ nape of the neck.

kuduk2: see nasi:

kudungl: adj /ld/ crippled, maimed, amputated
-mengkudung(kan): v 1 chop off (a hand, etc.). 2 maim, mutilate.
-pengudungan: n mutilation, amputation.

kudung2: n /lu/ veil.
-berkudung: v 1 be veiled 2 wear a veil.

kudus: adj /lu/ holy, sacred, sacrosanct. Hari Natal yang kudus. Holy Christmas. Roh kudus Holy spirit.
-mengkuduskan: v 1 sanctify 2 make sth hallowed or sacred.
-kekudusan: n sanctity (of home, marriage, etc.).
-pengkudusan: n sanctification.

kue; kueh: n /lu/ cooky, cake.
-kue acuan: n cupcake
-kue andapita: n pastry tidbits.
-kue apem: n cake of rice flour with leavening.
-kue basah: n boiled, or steamed cake.
-kue dadar: n macaroon.
-kue dadar gulung: n pancake.
-kue donat: n doughnut.
-kue lapis: n layer cake.
-kue mangkuk: n cupcakes.
-kue putu: n steamed cake
-kue limping: n flat round cracker.

KUHAP {Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Acara Pidana}: n Criminal Law Code.

KUHD {Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Dagang}: n Business Law Code.                 –

KUHP{Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana}: n Criminal Law.

kuil: n /lu/ temple or shrine currently used by practicing Bali Hindus

kuin: n /lu/ queen.

kuini: n /lu/ any kind of mango.

kuintal: n /lu/ a unit of measurement of 100 kilograms.

kuintet: n /lu/ quintet |five singers or musicians who perform together|

kuir: n /ld/ weeding sickle.

kuis1; mengkuis(kan): v /inf/ 1 kick sb/sth aside. 2 scratch the earth (of a chicken, etc.). 3 stir up (a fire).

kuis2: n /lu/ quiz,

kuit; kuit gamit: n /ld/ 1 beckon |a sign by moving finger or hand| 2 tap, prod (with a finger or pencil to attract attention)
-mengkuit gamit: v beckon |to move your hand or arm to show that you want someone to move toward you| Dia mengkuit kita bergabung dengan dia. He beckoned us to join him.
-mengkuit kapai: v 1 scratch through the garbage 2 rummage through sth.
-mengkuit kapaikan: v 1  row (by moving a paddle repeatedly left and right sideways from the stern). 2 paddle a raft.

kuitansi: see kwitansi:

kuiz: variant of kuis2:

kujang: n /ld/ cleaver, chopping knife.

kujur1: n /ld/ spear for catching fish.

kujur2: adj /ld/ stiff, rigid.
-sekujur: n /lu/ the entire sekujur tubuh the whole/entire body.

kujut: berkujut: v /ld/ hang strangle or choke (if sb suicide)
-mengkujut: v strangle, garotte.

kukang1: see kungkang:

kukang2: variant of kokang:

kukila: n /ld/ bird

kuku: n /lu/ 1 fingernail, toenail.
-kuku cengkam: n ingrown nail.
-kuku kaki: n toenail.
-kuku tangan: n fingernail.
-/prov/ 1 bagai kuku dengan daging virtually inseparable 2 seujung kuku: adv very little, a teeny bit.
-/idiom/ tidak berkuku powerless

kukuh: adj /lu/ 1 sturdy, strong (house, etc.), hefty. perawakan badan yang kukuh a strong body. 2 firm, tenacious. pen­dirian yang kukuh a firm stand.
-bersikukuh: v 1 be firm in, be tena­cious 2 be determined Dia bersikukuh dalam pendapatnya. He is firm with his opinion.
-dikukuhkan: v /pass.v./ be installed   Dia telah dikukuhkan sebagai gubernur terpilih yang baru. He was installed as a new elected governor.
-kekukuhan: n 1 sound­ness. sturdiness. 2 firmness, tenacity.
-memperkukuh: v 1 strengthen, solidify. 2 brace, fortify sth
-mengukuhkan: v 1 install. inaugurate.
-pengukuhan: n 1 strengthening,  affirmation. 2 inauguration.

kuku-keruyuk: n cock-a-doodle-doo.

kukul1: n /lu/ 1 acne 2 pimple  |skin disease that causes small red spots to appear, especially on someone’s face|

kukul2: variant of kokol2:

kukuruyak: variant of kukukeruyuk:

kukus: n /lu/ steam, vapor.
-berkukus: v be cover with steam.
-dikukus: v /pass.v./ be steamed up
-kukusan: n steamer.
-mengukus: v steam 1 |cook sth with steam| 2 send out the steam.

kulai; terkulai: v /intr/1 be hanging down 2 be drooped limply.
-berkulaian: v /intr/lu/ 1 hang limply. 2 drooping Bunga-bunga sedang berkulaian karena panas. The flowers were drooping by the heat.
-mengkulaikan: v /tr/ let sth hang limply

kulak1: n /lu/ a cubic measure for rice, etc.

kulak2;  mengkulak: v buy goods for resale.
-perkulakan: n whole­sale grocery.
-tengkulak: n a merchant who pay in advance with low price.

kuli: n /lu/ coolie, laborer, porter.
-berkuli; mengkuli: v 1 labor  2 work as a labor.

kuliah1: v /lu/ attend university’s class. Apa kamu akan kuliah hari ini? Are you going to attend the class today?
-mengkuliahi: v /cynical/ lecture Jangan kuliahi mereka. Mereka tahu lebih banyak dari kamu. Don’t lecture at them, they know more than you.

kuliah: n /lu/ lecture
-memberi kuliah: v lecture |to teach a group of people about a particular subject, especially at a college| Pukul berapa kamu memberi kuliah hari ini? What time are you going to lecture today?
-perkuliahan: n college study. Bagaimana perkuliahan kamu? Apa susah? How is your college study? Is that difficult?

kulintang: variant of kolintang:

kulit1: n 1 skin 2 cover 3 outer layer 4 crust 5 husk 6 shell 7 bark 8 scalp
-kulit adam: n new skin under the nail.
-kulit ari/selaput: n epidermis.
-kulit badak: n thick-skin.
-kulit bundar: n ball for soccer or football.
-kulit daging: n relatives. Mereka adalah kulit daging saya. They are my relatives.
-kulit warna: n coloured people (non-white people)
-kulit hitam: n black people.
-kulit kayu: n tree bark.
-kulit kelamin/khitan: n foreskin.
-kulit kepala: n scalp.
-kulit lender: n mucous membrane.
-kulit mati: n numb, insensitive skin.
-kulit putih: n white people.
-kulit sawo matang: n brown-skinned people.
-kulit depan buku/majalah: n front cover of a book/magazine.
-kulit belakang buku/majalah: n back cover of a book/magazine.
-kulit bumi: n top soil or earth’s outer crust.
-kulit kuning: n Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean.
-kulit lawang/manis: n cinnamon’s bark  – Cinnamomun cullilawan.
-kulit mentah: n preserve animal skin.
-kulit samak: n tanned hide.
-kulit sampul: n dust cover/jacket.
-kulit sekam: n rice husk

kulit2; menguliti: v /tr/lu/ 1 peel 2 skin |to remove the skin of sth such as a fruit, vegetable, animal|
-pengulitan: n flaying, scalping, peeling
-perkulitan: n tannery
-sekulit: v be from the same stock/parents. Ayam betina ini sekulit dengan ayam jantan itu.  This hen is from the same stock with that cock.

kulkas: n /lu/ refrigerator, icebox.
-mengkulkaskan: v /tr/ refriger­ate sth.

kulliah: variant of kuliah:

kulminasi: n /lu/ culmination.
-mengkulminasi: v /intr/ 1 culminate 2 be at the pinna­cle.
-mengkulminasikan: v /tr/ culminate

kulon: n /Jv/ west.
-mengkulon: adv westward.
-berlayar mengkulon: v sail westward.

kulo nuwun: /greet./lu/ 1 (jv) hallo Kulo nuwun! Any body home (from a guest)  Kulo nuwun Silahkan masuk! Hai, please come in! (from the host)  Kamu harus kulo nuwun dulu sebelum masuk. You have to ask permission before you go ahead.

kultivir;  mengkkultivir: v cultivate. pengkultivir: n cultivator.

kultur: n /lu/ culture 1 |the art, beliefs, behavior, ideas etc. of a particular society or group of people| 2 |the process of growing bacteria  for scientific use, or the process o growing plants or animals by propagation of its tissue| Mereka membudidayakan kentang dengan kultur jaringan. They propagate potatoes with tissue culture.

cultural; kulturil: adj /lu/ cultural.

kultus: n /lu/cult |an extreme religious group that is not part of an established religion|
-kultus individu: n a cult that praise an individual
-mengkultuskan: v /tr/ praise (sb) just like religious people praise the God.

kulum; mengulum: v /lu/ 1 suck.2 mumble (sb’s words). mengulum senyum smile and not say anything (to sb he/she dislikes)
-terkulum: v be sucked on, be forced (of a smile).

kumal: adj /lu/ 1 rumpled, disheveled of clothes 2 dingy (of a room) 3 dog-eared (of magazines).
-mengkumalkan: v rumple sth.

kumala: see gemala:

kuman: n /lu/ germ, microbe. kuman bibit seed strain.

kumandang: n /lu/ echo, reverberation.
-berkumandang: v /intr/ echo, reverberate. Sorak yang berkumandang. Resounding cheer.
-mengumandangkan: v /tr/ echo, reverberate, broadcast. Station TV ini mengumandangkan lagu kebangsaan atau lagu-lagu kepahlawanan setiap pagi. This TV station broadcast national anthem or heroic song every morning.  2 launch sound or voice Pawai itu mengumandang-kan seruan “pergi keneraka dengan bantuan luar negerimu” sepanjang perjalanan. The rally launched yell, yell “go to hell with your foreign aid” along the way.

kumat: v /lu/ have a relapse.
-kumat lagi: v recur (of an illness).
-berkumat-kumat: v repeatedly recur.

kumat-kamit: variant of komat-kamit:

kumbah; meng(k)umbah: v /ld/ 1 wash, do the laundry 2 rinse.
-kumbahan: n laundry.
-peng(k)umbahan: n laundering, rinsing.

kumbang1: n /lu/ 1 bumblebee 2 beetle.
-mengumbang: v buzz |make a sound like bee|
-kumbang moncong: n wee­vil.
-/idiom/ seperti kumbang dengan bunga attracted to each other (of young men and women).

kumbang2: adj /ld/ black (color or animal).
-an­jing kumbang: n a black dog.
-mengumbang: v buzz.

kumis1: n /lu/ mustache.
-kumis kucing: n a herbal plant the leaves of which shapes like a cats mustache.
-berkumis: v have a mustache.

kumis2: variant of komis:

kumisi: variant of komisi:

kumkuma: see kurkuma:

kumpal1: n /ld/ any kind of grass that grow well at swamp area – Panicum stagninum.

kumpal2: variant of gumpal:

kumpal3; terkumpal: v be tossed about (esp. in a difficult situation).

kumpar; mengkumpar: v /lu/ wind (thread, twine, etc.) on a spool.
-kumparan: n 1 spool, reel. 2 coil, bobbin.

kumpul; berkumpul: v /intr/lu/ 1 assemble 2 get together (in one place) 3 unite, associate (in a group)
-kumpulan: n 1 collection 2 file 3 horde 4 herd (of cattle) 5 school (of fish) 6 drove (people/ animal)
-mengumpulkan: v /tr/ 1 gather Sejumlah orang berkumpul berkeliling melihat perkelahian itu. A crowd gathered around to watch the fight. 2 assemble Guru mengumpulkan siswa di depan sekolah The teacher assem­bled the students in front of the school.3 collect  Mari kita kumpulkan sumbangan untuk korban bencana itu. Let’s collect donation for the catastrophe victims.
-perkumpulan: n 1 union 2 association 3 assembly 4 organization 5 club.
-pengumpul: n collector, gatherer

kumuh: adj /lu/ dirty, vile, base, low.
-meng(k)umuhkan: v debase, defile.
-kekumuhan: n dirtiness.
-daerah kumuh: n slum, squalor,  |an area of a city with old buildings in very bad condition, where many poor people live| Dia besar didaerah kumuh Jakarta. She grew up in the slums of Jakarta.

kumulasi: n /lu/ cumulation.

kumulatif: adj /lu/ cumulative.

kumur; berkumur: v /lu/ rinse the mouth.
-berkumur-kumur: v gargle.

kumus: n /lu/ forest tree yielding good timber and resin.

kunang; kunang-kunang: n /lu/ 1 firefly 2 glowworm.
-berkunang-kunang: v 1 sparkle like fireflies 2 glitter. Bintang berkunang-kunang di langit Stars glittered in the sky. Penglihatannya berkunang-kunang ketika ia kena pukulan di kepalanya. His sight was glittering when he was hit on the head.

kunci1: n /lu/ 1 key 2 solution, answer (to a problem) 3 wrench, bolt driver |a tool that you use to tighten or to loosen a bolt.  4 set of note |a set of seven musical notes that have a particular base note, or the quality of sound these notes have|
-berkunci: v have a lock.
-kunci G: n the key of G (G = do)
-kunci cadangan: n duplicate key.
-kunci kontak: n igni­tion key.
-kunci maling: n skeleton key.
-kunci pengaman: v safety lock (of a grenade, etc.)
-kunci Inggris: n monkey wrench
-kunci pas: n open end wrench.
-kunci ring: n box wrench.
-kunci roda: n lug wrench.
-kunci sok: n socket wrench.
-kunci ­tabung: n pipe wrench.
-kunci paha: n 1 joints 2 groin
-mengunci: v lock
-terkunci: v be locked

kunci2: see temu:

kuncup: n /lu/ 1 bud (of flower) 2 closed (of flowers). ­
-kuncup jantung: n contraction of the heart.
-meng(k)uncup: v /intr/lu/ 1 close. Setelah matahari tcrbenam, bunga-bunga menguncup ­After the sun sets, the flowers close their petals 2 contract, shrink 3 cringe, be afraid, be frightened, be filled with fear.  .
-menguncupkan: v /tr/ fold up sth menguncupkan tangan fold the hands (in greeting). menguncupkan payung fold an umbrella.

kungkang1: n sloth |a slow-moving animal from Central and South America}
-mengkungkang1: v 1 act like a sloth 2 act sluggishly.

kungkang2: n./ld/ large frog.

kungkang3: mengkungkang2: v /ld/ gnaw at sth.

kungkung; kungkungan: n /lu/ shackles |one of a pair of metal rings joined by a chain, that is used for keeping a prisoner’s hands or feet together| 2 locks (for a prisoner).
-mengkungkung: v 1 shackle, restrain. 2 impede movement. 3 dom­inate.
-mengkungkungi: v 1 put shackles on 2 restrict 3 deter
-terkungkung: v 1 be shackled (as a slave) 2 be restricted 3 be deterred.

kuning1: adj /lu/ yellow.
-kuning gading: adj ivory colored, cream col­ored.
-kuning kepodang: adj canary yellow.
-kuning langsat/langsep: adj creamy yellow (considered a beautiful color of skin).
-kuning mas: adj golden.
-kuning telur: n egg yolk.
-menguning: v turn yellow.
-menguningkan: v make sth yellow.
-kekuning-kuningan: adj yellowish.
-kuningan: n brass.

kuning2: n /lu/ yellow Saya suka kuning. I like yellow.

kunir: see kunyit:

kunjung1;  berkunjung: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 visit 2 pay a visit 3 call on sb.
-berkunjung-kunjungan: v visit each other.
-mengunjungi: v /tr/ 1 visit, see, call on. 2 attend (a conference, etc.).
-kunjungan: n visit, call.
-kunjungan balasan: n reciprocal visit
-pengunjung: n visitor.
-perkunjungan: n 1 visit. 2 visitation.
-kunjungan kehormatan: n courtesy call.

kunjung2: tak kunjung: adv 1 never (was it, will it be). Sudah cukup lama saya menuggu, tetapi dia tidak kunjung pulang. It’s been so long I wait for him, but he never came back.   Perang  itu tak kunjung padam. The war never be terminated. 2 have not yet   Barang yang saya pesan belum kunjung diantarkan. The goods  I ordered have not delivered yet.

kuno: adj /lu/ 1ancient Ini satu sejarah kuno. This is an ancient history. 2 old fashion. Model seperti ini sudah kuno. A model like this has been old fashion. 3 old Bahasa Jawa kuno Old Javanese language  3 out dated gaya kuno out dated style.
-kekunoan: n ancientness.

kuntianak; kuntilanak: n a malicious super­natural being that is the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth and that appears as a beautiful young woman with a hole in her back.

kuntit; meng(k)untit: v /lu/inf/ tail, shadow, follow sb.
-penguntit: n sb who tail sb elese
-peng(k)untitan: n tailing or trailing (of sb).

kuntum: n /lu/ 1 flower bud ready to open. 2 /ltr./ a young girl 3 quantifier or counter for flowers.
-sekuntum bunga: n a piece of flower
-meng(k)untum: v bud (of a flower).
-terkuntum: v be reached the stage where it is about to open (of flower).

kunyah; meng(k)unyah: v /lu/1 masticate, chew. 2 digest (ad­vice, a problem, etc.).
-meng(k)unyah-(k)unyah: v chew (food)
-meng(k)unyahkan: v chew, masticate sth
-peng(k)unyahan: n chewing, mastication.
-terkunyah: v be chewed, be masticated.
-/idiom/ terkunyah di batu: unfortunately ter(k)unyah di nasi: fortunately,  luckily

kunyit: n /lu/ turmeric.

kunyuk: n /lu/inf/ 1 monkey 2 /off/ a stupid person, an idiot. Kunyuk lu! You’re stupid!

kuorum: n /lu/ quorum.

kuota: n quota. kuota ekspor export quota.

kupak: adj broken, damaged.
-berkupak: v has damage
-mengkupak: v 1 be broken open 2 be damaged.

kupang1: n shellfish.

kupang2: n a coin of former times.

kupas; meng(k)upas: v 1 peel, remove the shells or skin (of sth) 2 analyze, discuss (a problem).
-kupasan: n 1 peels 2 analysis.
-meng(k)upaskan: v /tr/ peel sth (for sb’else) Boleh tolong mengupaskan nanas itu untuk kita? Would you please to peel the pineapple for us?
-pengupas: n sb who analyzes a problem.
-pengupas kulit: n sheller.
-pengupasan: n 1 peeling. 2 analyzing.
-ter(k)upas; terkelupas:
v be peeled, shelled.

kupiah: variant of kopiah:

kuping: n /lu/ ear
-kuping gajah: n 1 anthurium |any of various tropical American plants of genus Anthurium cultivated for its showy flowers| 2 caladium |any of various tropical plants genus Caladium, cultivated for their showy flowers| 3 cookie in the shape of an elephant ear.
-kuping menjan­gan: n 1 perennial herb with bananalike leaves and flowers in spikes.
-kuping tikus: n black fungus used in Chinese dishes, earlobe. 2 fried cassava chip sprinkled with sugar.
-meng(k)uping: v eavesdrop |secretly listen to other people’s conversations|
-menguping sana-sini: v keep an ear to the ground.
-peng(k)uping: n 1 sb who eavesdrops 2 instruments to eavesdrop.
-penguping telepon: n 1 sb who taps a telephone 2 instrument for tap­ping.

kupon: n /lu/ coupon.
-kupon bagasi: n baggage check.
-kupon berha­diah: n ticket or receipt of a lottery.

kupu; kupuan: n /ld/ social rank (by birth, nobility).
-sekupu: adj equal (in rank).

kupu-kupu: n /lu/ butterfly.
-kupu-kupu malam: n /lu/ prostitute.

kurai: n /ld/1 grain in wood 2 vein in marble, dama­scened veins in a blade.
-berkurai: v 1 be grained,  be veined 2 have grain, have vein.

kura-kura: n /lu/ turtle.
-kura-kura jendela: n window sill or ledge.
-kura-kura kaki: n instep.
-kura-kura tangan: n back of the hand.
-/idiom/ kura-kura dalam perahu pretend to don’t know/ not want to do.  (a reference to the phrase it rhymes with pura-pura tidak tahu/mau, pretend to don’t know or want).

Kuran: variant of Koran:

kurang1: adv /lu/ less |not so much, or to a smaller degree| Mereka kurang tidur tadi malam. They slept less last night. Saya sedang mencoba lebih banyak olahraga dan makan kurang.  I’m trying to exercise more and eat less. Kelihatannya dia kurang yakin dengan penampilannya. It seems that she was less confident with her appearance. Dia kurang hati-hati. She’s  careless.
-kurang-lebih: adv 1 more or less  2 approximately

kurang2; berkurang: v /intr/ 1 decrease 2 be subtracted Berat badan saya berkurang 2 kg dalam dua bulan terakhir. My weight decreased two kilograms in the last two months.  Kegiatannya makin berkurang His activity is decreasing.
-kekurangan: n 1 lack |the state of not having something or not having enough of something| Kekurangan dana membuat proyek itu dibatalkan. The lack of fund caused the project was cancelled. 2 wrong Apa kekurangan dia? What’s wrong with him?
-kekurangajaran: n 1 lack of respect 2 rudeness.
-kurang ingat: adj absentminded.
-kurang ingatan: adj insane.
-kurang tenaga: adj weak
-mengurangi: v /tr/ 1 subtract  2 reduce 3 lessen 4 discount 5 mark down 6 slash 7 cut
-pengurangan: n 1 subtraction 2 deduction 3 detachment 4 reduction withdrawal.

kurang3: prep. /lu/match./ minus 1 |used in mathematics when you subtract one number from another| 17 kurang 10 sama dengan 7 17 minus 10 is 7 (17-10 = 7) 2 |used to tell the time that it is needed several minutes to reach a certain time| Ini sudah pukul 8 kurang 10, mari kita masuk ke ruang rapat. It’s already 10 to 8 o’clock, let’s go to the meeting room. 3 not enough Anggaran belanja itu masih tetap kurang. The budget is still not enough.
-sekurang-kurangnya: prep. at least

kurap: n ;lu/ ringworm.
-berkurap: v have scabs.
-kurap anjing:
n mange.
-kurapan: adj 1 cov­ered with scabs (of animals). 2 fraudulent.

kurapat: variant of khurafat:

kuras1: n /ld/ printed paper folded over several times for binding into a book.

kuras2; menguras: v /tr/lu/ 1 empty also empty out |to remove everything that is inside of something else| Saya menemu-kan sebuah cin-cin emas ketika saya menguras bak air. I found a gold ring when I was emptying out the water basin. Perusahaan Freeport telah menguras cadangan emas alam di daerah ini. Freeport Company has emptied out the natural gold deposit in this area. 2 exhaust a) |to make someone very tired| Perjalan-an ini telah menguras sama sekali tenaga (melelahkan) kita. The trip totally exhausted us. b) to use all of something|  . 3 drain Persoalan itu telah menguras otak saya. That problem had drained my brain. Mari kita bersihkan got itu dengan menguras pakai aliran air. Let’s clean the drainage by draining. 4 deplete |to reduce the amount of something| Liburan ini telah menguras kantong saya. This vacation has depleted my pocket. Pemerintah yang korup telah menguras kekayaan Negara. Corrupt government has depleted the country’s wealth.
-penguras: n ­drainer.
-pengurasan: n 1 draining, cleaning by draining 2 exhaustion (of the resources).
-terkuras: v be exhausted Kita sedang dalam bahaya terkuras pasokan minyak dunia. We are in danger of be exhausted  of the world’s oil supply

kuratif: adj /lu/ curative, healing, therapeutic.

kurator: n /lu/ 1 curator, keeper. 2 /leg./ receiver (in bankruptcy).

kurau: n /ld/ edible saltwater fish.

kurawal: n /lu/ braces (of graphics) – {(a+b) – )} ® “{…} is kurawal

kurban: variant of korban:

kurcaci: n /ld/ 1 Brownie Scout. 2 gnome, a small su­pernatural being.

kuret: n /tech/ curette |a surgical instrument shapes like a small scoop or spoon used to remove dead tissue from sb’s part of body|
-mengkuret: v scrape sth (esp. the womb) using curette.

kurfa: n curve.

kuria: n /ld/  curia, parish |the area served by a particular church or the members of a particular church| Kuria (Huria) Kristen Batak Protestan. (HKBP) Batak Protestant Christian Parish. Kuria Rumani The Roman Curia.

kurikuler: adj /lu/ curricular |pertaining or related to curriculum|

kurikulum: n /lu/ curriculum |all of the subjects that are taught at a school, college etc|

kuring: adj /ld/ scabby |covered by scabs|

kuriositas: n /frm/ curiosity.

kurir: n /lu/ courier.

kuririk: n /ld/ cricket.

kurkuma: n /lu/ turmeric |a plant having yellow flowers and aromatic root stock – Curcuma longa|

kurma: n /lu/ date palm, dates.

kurnia: variant of karunia:

kurs: n /fin./lu/ a rate of exchange.
-kurs bebas: n free market rate.
-kurs gelap: n black-market rate.
-kurs resrmi: n official rate.
-kurs tetap: n fixed rate.

kursemangat: variant of kur:

kursi1: n /lu/ 1 chair 2 (official) position Dia punya kursi sangat bergengsi di kantor ini. He has a very prestigious position in this office 3 membership (of parliament) Partai buruh mempunyai 20 kursi di parlemen ini. Labor party has 20 memberships in this parliament.
-kursi ayunan: n 1 rocking chair. 2 porch swing.
-kursi roda: n wheelchair.
-kursi lipat: n folding chair.
-kursi malas: n easy chair.
-kursi panjang: n davenport, sofa.
-kursi putar: n swivel chair.

kursi2: variant of ayat:

kursif: adj /tech/ italics |type of letters|

kursis: n a course attendants.

kursus: n /lu/ 1 course (of study). 2 non-degree course offered outside of the college or university sys­tem.
-kursus kilat: n crammed course.
-kursus penyegar: n refresher course.
-meng(k)ursus: v train sb., give sb. a course.

kurun: n /lu/ 1 period |a particular length of time in history or in a person’s life| Saya masih ingat ketika kami meninggalkan negeri ini pada satu kurun waktu tenang dimana tidak ada perang I still remember when we left this country at a period of calm time where there was no war.  Saya lahir pada kurun waktu pendudukan Jepang. I was born in a period of Japanese occupation. 2 span of time Liburan dua bulan benar-benar satu kurun waktu yang panjang Two months vacation is really a long span of time  3 time frame Akan berapa lama kurun waktu untuk menye-lesaikan tugas ini? What will be the time frame to accomplish this task?

kurung; kurungan: n /lu/ 1 cage 2 prison cell 3 tanda kurung: n parenthesis, brack­ets.
-chiken cage: n kurungan ayam.
-kurung besar besar; variant of kurawal: n 1 brackets 2 braces. “{…}”
-kurung kecil: n parentheses “(…)”
-kurung buka: n opening parenthesis. “(….”
-kurung tutup: n closing parenthesis. “….)”
-mengurung: v 1 detain 2 enclose, surround |to surround an area, especially with a fence or wall| Dinding yang tinggi mengurung (mengelilingi) pekarangan itu. A high wall enclosed the yard. 3 shut Sejak isterinya meninggal, dia mengurung diri dirumah. Since his wife death he has shut himself in his house. 3 en­closed in brackets (of a word) 4 put in a cage. Dia mengurung burung itu She put the bird in a cage 5 imprison, jail, incarcerate Polisi mengurung dia karena menggelapkan pajak. The police imprison him for tax fraud.
-pengurungan: n 1 imprisonment 2 incarceration 3 confinement 4 encirclement
-terkurung: v 1 be trapped 2 be blocked.

kurus: adj /lu/1 thin, emaciated, lean. 2 meager |very small in amount| 3 barren, dry (land).3 scrawny |looking thin and weak in an unattractive way| anak kecil yang kurus dan lemah a scrawny little kid
-kurus pan­jang: adj slim, slender.
-kekurusan1: n thin­ness, slenderness, slimness.
-kekurusan; terlalu kurus: adj too thin.
-menjadi kurus: v become thin.
-meng(k)uruskan: v emaciate, make thin.

kuruyuk: n crow (of a cock).

kusa: n /ld/ elephant goad |a long stick with pointed end used for prodding animal especially an elephant|
-mengkusa: v ride an elephant using a goad.

kusal;  meng(k)usal: v /ld/ roll sth between the hands (like a cigarette). mengusal segumpal adonan roll a lump of dough between the palms of sb’s hands.

kusam: adj /lu/ 1 dull, lusterless 2 dim 3 pallid (of face) 4 ashen (face)
-kekusaman: n dullness, dimness, pallor.
v become dull, dim, pallid. Mukanya tiba-­tiba mengkusam Her face suddenly become ashen.
-rambut kusam: n lusterless hair.

kusau: adj 1 confused, mixed up. 2 tousled (of hair).

kusen: variant of kosen:

kusir: n /lu/ horse cart driver.
-mengkusir: v /intr/ work as a horse-cart driver
-mengkusiri: v drive a horse-cart

kuskus: n /ld/ cuscus |any of marsupials (animal like kangaroo that carries its babies in a pocket of skin of its body), genus Phalanger, of New Guinea and adjacent areas having protruding eyes, yellow nose, and a long prehensile tail|

kusta: n /lu/ leprosy.

kusuk1: berkusuk: v /lu/ rub the body with herbal leaves.
-mengkusuk: v /tr/ rub sth

kusuk2: variant of khusyuk:

kusuma: n /ltr/ flower.
-kusuma bangsa: n a nation’s he­roes.

Kusus: variant of khusus:

kusut1: adj /lu/ 1 tousled (of hair)
-berkusut: v be di­sheveled.
-kusut mangasai/masai: adj 1 all in a tangle, disheveled. 2 tangled (of thread, etc.). 3 rumpled (of clothes). 4 complicated, involved, intricate.
-kusut kusau: adj confused, mixed up
-kusut murut/musai: adj /ld/ thoroughly confused, all mixed up.
-kekusutan: n 1 kink 2 twist 3 confusion 4 state of being, tousled, rumpled.
-meng(k)usut: v become tangled.
-meng(k)usutkan: v /tr/  tangle, tousle (hair). Angin mengusutkan daun-daun kelapa The wind piled the coconut leaves into a tangled bunch.
-peng(k)usutan: n 1 entanglement 2 tangling of sth.

kusut2: variant of usut:

kutak; meng(k)utakkan: v /lu/ shake sth hard.

kutak-katik; meng(k)utak-katik: v /lu/1 try to working on sth complicated  2 tinkering with, working on various things. Jangan kutak-katik komputer saya Don’t do something that are not important with my computer. 2 tamper with things that do not belong to or concern to sb Jangan kutak katik barang-barang ini Keep your hands off these things.
-meng(k)utak-katikkan: v 1 bully 2 make a situation difficult

kutang: n /lu/ 1 camisole  |a woman’s under blouse used instead of a brassiere| 2 brassiere. 3 armored vest.
-kutang kebal peluru: n bullet proof vest.

kutat-kutet: v /inf/ be busily engaged in sth
-berkutat-kutetan: v 1 be locked tightly together. 2 be deeply involved in a discussion. 3 refuse to give in, maintain a never­say-die attitude. 4 struggle to the utmost for sth 5 want sth at all costs.

kutet: variant of kutat-kutet:

kuti; mengkuti: v tear into very small strips.

kutik; berkutik: v /lu/ move slightly. Saya mendengar tikus berkutik di belakang lemari. I heard a mouse make a slight movement behind the cupboard. Tidak seorang pun berani berkutik. No body dared to move. Prajurit yang luka parah itu tidak berkutik lagi: The seriously wounded sol­dier no longer showed any sign of movement.
-kutikan: n slight nudge or touch.
-meng(k)utik: v 1 tinker with. meng(k)utik mesin mobil. tinker with the car’s engine. 2 pick (sb’s nose). 3 cavil, look for faults in another person.

kutikula: n /lu/ cuticle |the hard thin skin at the bottom of your fingernails|.

kutil: n /lu/ wart.
-bersekutil: v have warts.
-mengkutil: v nibble sth.
-sekutil: n a nibble. tiny piece.

kutilang: variant of ketilang:

kuting; berkuting-kuting: v /inf/ constantly follow.

kutip; meng(k)utip: v /lu/ 1 pick up small bits (money, rice grains. etc.). 2 copy, quote, or cite a portion of a writing, speech, idea, etc.
-pengutip: n excerpter.
-peng(k)utipan: n quoting, citing, excerpting.
-kutipan: n citation, quotation, excerption

kutu: n /lu/ 1 louse 2 name for fleas, ticks, and other insects which infest people or animals.
-berkutu: v have lice
-berkutu-kutuan: v delouse each other.
-/idiom/ kutu buku: n who spend most of his/her time to read books.
-meng(k)utui: v /tr/ de­louse.
-sekutu: see sekutu; bersekutu; persekutuan: n union, league
-kutu busuk: n bedbug. ­
-kutu daun: n aphids.
-kutu pasar: n petty hoodlum.

kutub: n /lu/ pole.
-meng(k)utubkan: v polarize.
-peng(k)utuban: n polarization.
-kutub berganda: adj bipolar |pertaining to or having two poles|.
-kutub Selatan: n South Pole.
-kutub Utara: n North Pole.
-kutub positif: n anode.

kutu baru: n a piece of cloth sewn between the lapels of a kebaya to cover the bosom.

kutuk1; kutukan: n /lu/ 1curse 2 malediction. Dia kena kutuk oleh korban-korbannya. He was under the curse of his victims. 2 bane, curse (of sb’s existence), blight.
-kutukan: n a curse.
-meng(k)utuki: v /tr/ 1 put a curse on (sb) 2 denounce, condemn, curse.


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