Dictionary M


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

M; m: |the 13th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian and English – approximately sounds like m in madam; damage; human; sample; tomato; remember.|

M: 1 /written in uppercase/ 1 |the symbol of 1000 in Roman numerals| 2 abraviaton of Messiah (Christ) 200 SM (Sebelum Masehi) 200 BC (before Christ)

m: /written in lower case/ 1 /pronounced ‘em’/euphemism/  have sb’s period. Saya tidak bisa ikut olah raga, sedang em I cannot join the excersise, I am having my period| 2 meter Panjang ruangan itu 6 m The length of the room is 6 meter. Kita perlu sedikitnya ruangan seluas 16 m2 We need at least 16 m2 (meter square) space. 3 minute

ma; mak: n /lu/ mother, mom.

maaf1: n /frm/lu/ 1 pardon Saya minta ma’af . I beg your pardon. 2 forgiveness Boleh saya minta maaf kamu atas kesalahan ini? May I ask your forgiveness for this fault? 3 permintaan maaf: apology Saya harap anda menerima permintaan maaf saya karena tidak menepati janji kita bertemu. I hope you will accept my apology for missing our appointment

maaf2; (me)maafkan: v /frm/lu/ 1 forgive Maafkan saya tuan! Forgive me sir! Apa anda mau memaafakan dia? Would you forgive him? 2 minta maaf: apologize Santo minta maaf karena terlambat Santa apologized for being late. Maafkan saya tuan. Pardon me, sir. 2 forgiveness, pardon.
-minta maaf: v 1 apologize. 2 ask permission to leave.
-bermaaf-maafan: v forgive each other.
-pemaaf: adj easy to forgive (sb).
Note: In some cases “sorry” is identical to “maaf” However, grammatically there is a difference between these two words. Sorry in English is an adjective “I’m sorry” While.  “maaf” in Idonesian is “noun” Saya minta maaf. I beg your pardon. Therefore, the interpretation of “sorry” in Indonesian is “meyesal”  I’m sorry. Saya menyesal. So, don’t saya “Saya maaf” but “Saya menyesal” if you mean “I’m sorry” Since the last phrase isn’t common expression, so just say “saya mohon maaf”.

maag; makh: n /lu/ 1 gastric stomach  |the condition where the stomach is very weak and it usually become the source of sickness|

maalim: n Islam religious teacher.

maam: v /child language/ eat

map1: variant of maaf:

map2: n /frm/lu/ 1 map 2 folder

Mabes: {Markas Besar}: n headquarters |largely used for police and military related activities|

mabok: see mabuk:

mabrur: adj /frm/lu/ accepted by Allah (of sb’s pilgrim­age).

mabuk: adj /lu/ 1 drunk, intoxicated. Serdadu itu mabuk. The soldier was drunk. Dia mabuk cinta He was intoxicated with love. Mabuk bayangan Desire sth impossible. 2 nauseated, on the verge of vomiting. mabuk darat carsick. mabuk laut/ ombak seasick. mabuk udara airsick.
-mabuk-mabukan: adj be drunk most of the time.
-memabukkan: v intoxicate. Minuman itu bisa memabukkan kamu. That drink may intox­icate you.
-pemabuk: v drunkard, a drunk.

mabur: v /Jv/ flee, run away.

macam1: n /frm/lu/  1 kind, sort, quality, type. |a type or sort of person or thing|  Gadis macam apa yang kamu inginkan untuk menjadi pacar kamu? What kind of girl do you want to be your girlfriend?| Kami menjual banyak macam batik. We sell many kinds of batik. 2 way, mean. method Ini macam terbaik melakukan itu. This is the best way to do it.

macam2: conj. /frm/lu/ as if,  like Dia macam harimau lapar He looks like a hungry tiger. Macam sekarang, tidak banyak lagi wanita berabut panjang. Like now, there is not so many women wear long hair.
-(ber)macam-macam: adj various, different kinds  Kami menjual bermacam-macam pakaian disini. We sell various kind of clothes here.
-macam-macam: adj 1 silly, stupid, unreasonable. Jangan berbuat macam-macam disini. Don’t do any stupid thing here.
-semacam: adj certain kind (of). Ini semacam tari penyambutan tamu terhormat. This is a certain kind of  welcome dance for distinguish guest.

macan: n /frm/lu/ tiger.
-macan loreng: n 1 striped royal tiger. 2 camouflage.
-macan ompong: n 1 a toothless tiger 2 /idiom/ a high rank officials without power to make a decision
-macan tutul: n panther.
macan-macanan: n 1 toy tiger 2 children’s game.

macat1; macet: adj /frm/lu/ 1 stuck, blocked, clogged |not running smoothly, out of order|. Saluran itu macat. The drainage is clogged up. Payung parasutnya macat.His parachute failed to open 2 interference, disturbance, jammed |impossible to move because of being stuck|  Pintu bodoh ini macat lagi. The stupid door’s jammed again.

macat2; kemacatan: n /frm/lu/1 jam kemacatan lalulintas traffic jam 2 sticking 3 stagnation kemacatan ekonomi economic stagnation
-memacatkan: v 1 block 2 jam up 3 clog

macik: n /lu/ aunt |the sister of sb’s father or mother|

macis: n /frm/lu/ 1 match |short wooden stick that produces a flame when it is rubbed against a rough surface| 2 lighter |a gadget to light cigarette| Nyalakan macismu supaya kita bisa melihat. Light the match so we can see.

madani: adj /lu/ 1 intellectual 2 civilized 3 respectful to civil right

madarsah: see madrasah:

madat1: n /lu/ opium

madat2; bermadat: v /frm/lu/ smoke opium.
-pemadat: n 1 opum smoker 2 addict. |someone who is unable to stop a harmful habit, such as taking drugs| seorang pemadat a heroin/cocaine addict.
-pemadatan1: n 1 the use of opium 2 opium den |a room in a house where people relax and smoke opium| 2 see padat:

madat2: n /ld/ watchtower.

madia: see madya:

Madinah: n Medina.

madon: v /Jv/ chase after women.

madrasah: n /frm/lu/ 1 Islamic school. 2 institution of learning.
-madarsah jarniah: n university.

madu1: n /frm/lu/ 1 honey 2 very sweet (of a smile).

madu2: n /frm/lu/ co-wife .
-bermadu: v share sb’s hus­band. |to be the second, the third, etc wife|
-dimadu: v be not the only wife |if a husband marry other women, the fist wife be “dimadu”| Dia takut dimadu oleh suaminya. She is afraid to be not the only wife of her husband.
-permaduan: n polygamy.

madukara: n /ltr/ 1 bee 2 silk with golden variation

madya: adj /frm/lu/ 1 middle 2 average.
-marsekal madya: n lieutenant general of the air force.
-teknologi madya: n middle-level technology.

maen: see main:

maestro: n maestro

magang1: v /frm/lu/ do an apprentice Dia sedang magang di perusahaan telepon. He is woking an apprentice for a telecommunication company.

magang2: n /frm/lu/ apprenticeship |the job of being an apprentice, or the time spent as one|.

magang3: adj /ld/ overripe.

magersari: n /ld/ 1 tenant |someone who lives in a house, room etc. and pays rent to the person who owns it| 2 fringe area.

maghrib; see magrib:

magik: n .frm.lu/ magic.

magis: adj /frm/lu/ magical.

magister: n /frm/lu/ master’s degree. Magister Komunikasi Master of Communication.

magnet; magnit: see maknit:

magrib: n /frm/lu/ 1 west. 2 at sunset. 3 sunset prayer.
-magribi: adj western, esp. of western Africa.

mah. {maha}: adj /frm/lu/ great.

mah1: /Jkt/Snd./ particle to mark the topic. Dia mah! Tidak akan berani! Tell you what! He won’t dare.

mah2: see maag:

maha: adj /frm/lu/ great, very.
-maha baik: adj very nice.
-maha besar: adj 1 very large 2 great.
-kemahaan: n the greatness

Mahaasih: n All-loving (God).

Mahabharata: n /ltr/ the Mahabharata, important story in the literatures of Indonesia.

mahadahsyat: adj /frm/lu/ tremendous, fantastic.

Mahadewa: n /ltr/ 1 the Hindu God Siva. 2 supreme deity.

Mahadewi: n /ltr/ the Hindu goddess Batara Durga.

mahaduta: n /ltr/ ambassador.

Mahaesa: n The Great Only God.

mahaguru: n /frm/lu/ professor.
-kemahaguruan: n professorship.

mahakeramat: adj /lu/ most sacred or holy.

Mahakuasa: n the Almighty God
-kemahakuasaan: n almightiness.

mahal: adj /frm/lu/ 1 expensive. Ini sebuah mobil mahal. This is an expensive car 2 scarce, difficult to find. Mahal mencari orang sebaik dia. It’s difficult to find sb as good as he is.
-mempermahal: v make sth become more expensive. Dekorasi mempermahal panggung itu. The decoration makes the stage more expensive.
-kemahalan1: n 1 expensiveness. 2 scarcity.
-kemahalan2: adj too expensive. Ini kemahalan dengan harga $100. One hundred dollar is two expensive for this.

mahamenteri: n /ltr./ Prime Minister |the chairman of ministry board|

Mahameru: n /ltr/ the holy mountain (seat of the gods)

mahamulia: n /frm/lu/ Excellence, Highness.

mahap: variant of maaf:

Mahapencipta: n the Almighty Creator.

mahar: n /lu/ bride price.

maharaja: n /frm/lu/ sovereign, emperor.
-kemaharajaan: n empire.

maharajalela; bersimaharajalela: v /frm/lu/ 1 overwhelm 2 rampant Cacar telah maharajalela Smallpox was rampant. 2 rampage  Mahasiswa maharajalela dijalanan. Drunken college students rampaging through the streets

maharani; maharatu: n /frm/lu/ empress .

maharupa: adj /frm/lu/ extremely beautiful.

mahasayang: adj /frm/lu/ merciful (of God).

mahasiswa: n /lu/ university student.
-mahasiswa pendengar: n auditor.
-kemahasiswaan: n student affairs.

mahasiswi: n /frm/lu/ female university student.

mahasuci: adj /frm/lu/ the most Holy (of God).

mahatahu: adj /frm/lu/ 1 omniscient. 2 arrogant.

mahdi: n /frm/lu/ the Messianic who will come just before the end of the world to lead the judge of all ever live human.

mahir: adj /frm/lu/  skilful, well-versed, clever, fluent to do sth  Dia mahir main piano. He is very skilful to play piano.
-memahirkan: v 1 to make sb proficient, skilful, etc.
-kemahiran: n skill, proficiency.

mahkamah: n /frm/lu/ court of law.
-Mahkamah Agung: n Supreme Court.
-Mahkamah Militer: n Military Court.
-Mahkamah Tinggi: n High Court.

mahkota: n /frm/lu/ 1 crown.
-mahkota alhajat: n 1 life after death. 2 crown of the tooth. 3 sweetheart.
-memahkotai: v 1 crown (a king). 2 award, crown.
-pemahkotaan: n coronation.

mahligai: n /frm/lu/ palace (used figuratively).mahligai harapan sb’s highest hopes (sb’s castles in the air).

mahluk: n /frm/lu/ creature.
-mahluk halus: n 1 supernatural creatures 2 ghost 3 spirit. .

Mahmilub {Mahkamah Militer Luar Biasa}: n special court-martial for members of the armed forces involved in the G30S

mahmud: adj /ltr/ praised.

mahoni: n /frm/lu/ mahogany |a tropical American tree, or the hard dark wood of this tree|

maik: n /lu/ microphone.

main: v /frm/lu/ 1 play. Apa kamu tahu main gitar. Do you know to play guitar? Mereka sedang main cilukba They are playing hide-and-seek. 2 engage in a dishonest collaboration,   (not quite respectable) activity. ­Dia ada main dengan musuh He collaborate with the enemy. 3 start Bioskop mulai pukul 7:00 sore. The movie starts at 7:00 p.m. 4 drop by (for a visit). Kalau kamu ada waktu datanglah main ke rumah saya. If you have time please drop by at  my house.
-bermain-main: adj playful, all in fun
-main hakim sendiri: v punish sb by oneself judgement
-main burit: v commit sodomy.
-main curang: v play unfairly  play.
-main gila: v do sth crazy thing.
-main-main: adj 1 not serious, 2 kid |to say something that is not true, especially as a joke| 3 pretend. Saya hanya main-main. I’m just pretending.
-main mata: v wink, flirt.
-mempermainkan: v play a fool Jangan coba-coba mempermainkan saya. Don’t ever try to play a fool with me.
-permainan: n 1 play permainan jujur fair play 2 game Permainan itu sudah mulai The game has begun 3 performance Permainan kamu sangat bagus. Your performance was excellent  4 acting Permainannya lumayan bagus, Her acting is quite good
-pemain: n 1 actor 3 doer 3 player
-main judi: v gamble.
-tanggal main: n 1 the date of the play 2 the time that sth happen. Kita tunggu saja tanggal mainnya. Let’s just wait what is going to happen.

main2: n /frm/lu/ scandal Saya menyangsikan bahwa mereka ada main. I’m afraid they have a scandal.

maitua: n /ld/ old women

majal: adj /lu/ blunt, dull. Pisau itu majal That knife is dull.

majalah: n /frm/lu/ magazine, periodical. journal.
-majalah bulanan: n monthly magazine.
-majalah kejuruan: n trade or profes­sional journal.

majelis: n /frm/lu/ 1 council, committee.
-majelis luhur: n high coun­cil.
-majelis pengadilan: n 1 court of justice 2 meeting, session. 3 meeting chamber
-Majelis Permusyawara­tan Rakyat: n the People’s Consultative Assembly.

majemuk: adj /frm/lu/ 1 plural 2 compound 3 complex. Itu benda majemuk. ­That is a plural noun.
-memajemukkan: v compound sth
-kemajemukan: n 1 plurality 2 complexity. 3 pluralism.
-pemajemukan: n compounding.

majikan: n /frm/lu/ employer, boss.

maju1: v /frm/lu/ 1 go forward, advance, progress. Jangan mundur, maju terus Don’t retreat, keep going forward. 2 memajukan: move forward. Apa anda bisa memajukan mobilnya. Could you move the car forward? Tolong maju kedepan dua langkah. Please move forward two steps. 3 advance |to move forward to a new position|: Persebaya maju ke pertandingan final. Persebaya advance to the final match. Maju jalan: Forward march!
-maju-mundur: v vac­illate |to continue to change your opinions, ideas etc. because you cannot decide between two choices|

maju2: adj /frm/lu/1 developed  Negara-negara maju bertanggung-jawab atas pemanasan global. Developing countries responsible for the global warming 2 progressive  Dia punya pemikiran maju dalam hal ini. He has a progressive thought on this case.  2 advance |more sophisticated than other| Ini adalah satu pemikiran maju This is an advance idea.
-kemajuan: n 1 progress 2 advance 3 improvement.
-pemajuan: n acceleration

Majusi: n Persian or Zoroastrian’s religion.

mak: n /lu/ 1 mother. 2 term of address or reference for a woman who is older than the speaker and who might fittingly be called “mother”
-mak angkat: n foster mother.
-mak bapa: n parents.
-mak bungsu: n parent’s youngest sister.
-mak sulung: n oldest parent’s sister.
-mak tiri: n stepmother.
-mak tua: n parent’s older sister.

maka: adv /frm/lu/ 1 therefore Maka, saya akan mengusulkan kenaikan gaji karyawan Therefore, I’m going to propose the raise of the workers’ wage 2 that is why, because of that. Kamu menolak, maka saya berikan kepada orang lain. You refused it, that is why I gave it to other person. 3 then Setelah ada aba-aba, maka terdengarlah tembakan bertubi-tubi. After the command, then there was a severe shooting.
-makanya: adv consequently. that is why Makanya da tidak mau ikut. That is why, he doesn’t want to go

makalah: n /frm/lu/ working paper (for a conference, etc.), short paper.

makam: n /frm/lu/ grave, resting place, burial plot., cemetery   makam pahlawan hero’s cemetery
-bermakam: v be buried.
-memakamkan: v /tr/ bury, inter.
-pemakaman: n funeral, buri­al, interment.

makan; memakan: v /frm/lu/ 1 eat, eat a meal. Dia suka makan jagung She likes to eat corn.Dia makan terlalu banyak. She eat too much. 2 take, get, swallow  Apa kamu sudah makan obat (pil)? Have you taken your pill? Kecelakaan itu makan tiga korban. The accident took three casu­alties. 3 exploit |take an advantage from sb| Janganlah makan teman sendiri, itu tidak baik. Don’t exploit (take advantage) from your own friend, that’s not good. Ayo jalan-jalan makan angin. Let’s walk to take fresh air. 4 consume Mobil ini banyak makan minyak This car consume much gas. 5 destroy Api memakan seluruh bangunan itu. The fire destroyed all the building 6 work, function. Remnya tidak makan. The brake doesn’t work.
-dimakan: v 1 be eaten. Semua buah itu sudah dimakan. All the fruit has been eaten. 2 be hit (by) Serdadu itu dimakan peluru. The soldier was hit by a bullet.
-makanan: n food, meal, snack
-makan besar: v to have plenty food (e.g. in a party)
-makanan pokok: n staple food
-makan berpantang: n diet
-makan pagi1: n to take/have/eat breakfast. Pukul berapa kita makan pagi? What time are we going to eat breakfast? –syn: sarapan:
-makan pagi2: n breakfast. Makan pagi sudah siap. Breakfast has been prepared.
-makan siang1: v to take/eat lunch. Dia sedang makan siang. She is taking/eating lunch.
-makan siang2: n lunch. Makan siang kamu apa? What do you have for lunch?
-makan malam1: v to take/eat dinner. Apa kamu sudah makan malam. Have you taken your dinner?
-makan malam2: n dinner. Kita punya ayam gorang untuk makan malam. We have fried chicken for dinner.
-makan asam-garam: v have experiences
-makan gaji: v labor
-makan hati: v be saddened |suffer from sb’s hurting words or act|
-makan riba: v lend money unreasonably high rates.
-makan risiko1: v involve risks
-makan risiko2: adj risky
-makan suap: v take bribe politikus dituduh makan suap politicians accused of taking bribes
-makan tempat: v take a lot of space, take up space.
-makan waktu: v take time.
-makan-makan: v eat special meal. Mereka sedang makan-makan di restoran. The are going to eat in a restaurant. (implicitly to have a special meal)
-makan sumpah: v perjure |to cause to be false to oaths or solemn|
-memakankan: v feed sth to sb/sth. Bagaimana memakankan obat ini kepada seoang anak kecil? How to feed a small kid with this medicine?
-memberi makan: v feed.
-layak dimakan: adj edible.
-pemakan: n 1 eater 2 consumer.
-pemakan darah: n blood sucker (who take profit too much and unfairly)
-pemakan bawang: n sb who easily to be angry
-pemakan daging: n carnivore
-termakan: v 1 can be eaten. 2 be the victim Banyak orang telah termakanoleh  iklan menyesatkan ini. Many people have been the victims of this misleading advertisement. 3 accidentally be swallowed 4 make sense. Alasannya termakan akal. His argument makes sense.
Note: In English, “breakfast”, “lunch”, or “dinner” always stands as a noun in a sentence. However, in Indonesian,  “makan pagi”, “makan siang”, and “makan malam” can be function as a noun or a verb. It’s depends on how you put it in a sentence.

makanya: variant of maka:

makar1: n /frm/lu/ 1 trick, tactics 2 attack, assault 3 commit coup (coup d’état) |make an act in which citizens or the army suddenly take control of the government by force|

makar2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 hard and tough (of fruits and vegeta­bles). 2 unripe (of fruit).

makaroni: n /lu/ macaroni.
-makaroni kruntel: v curlicue macaroni.
-makaroni skatel: n macaroni casserole.

Makasar: n Macassar, Macassarese .

makasi: see terima kasih:

Makassar: variant of Makasar:

makbul: adj /lu/ 1 fulfilled, answered. 2 accepted, real­ized. 3 effective. Obat itu makbul sekali That medicine is very effective.
-memakbulkan: v 1 accept. Majikan itu memakbulkan permintaan pegawai-pegawainya The employer accepted his employees’ request. 2 fulfill, real­ize Dia bekerja untuk memakbulkan cita-citanya. He worked hard to realize his dreams (to make his dream a reality).

makcik: see mak:

makelar: n /frm/lu/ broker, intermediary in a sale.
-makelar efek: n share broker.
-makelar rumah: n real estate broker.
-makelara: n sales via a broker.

makenah: see mukenah:

maket: n /frm/lu/ scale model

makhluk: variant of mahluk:.

maki; memaki-maki: v /frm/lu/ abuse, esp. with vulgar language.
-makian: n abuse, abu­sive words. kata makian words of abuse
-pemaki: n sb used to abuse.

makin; semakin: adv /frm/lu/ 1 (become) more |in the form of superlative adjective| Harga-harga semakin tinggi. The prices become higher  2 the more Semakin kamu bekerja keras semakin banyak kamu peroleh. The more you work hard the more you get.  Suaranya semakin keras His voice became louder and louder. Semakin banyak kamu belajar semakin banyak yang ingin kamu tahu. The more you learn the more you want to know.

makjizat: see mukjizat:

maklum: v /frm/lu/ 1 understand Saya maklum bahwa anda sibuk sekarang, tetapi ini sangat penting. I understand that you are busy now, but this is very important. 2 concern Tolong maklum dengan situasi sekarang ini. Please be concern with the current situation
-maklumat: n 1 announcement 2 declaration 3 statement 4 proclamation |written or oral official public statement|
-memaklumi: v /tr/ understand sth.
-memaklumkan: v /tr/ 1 announce  2 acknowledge 3 state 4 declare

makmur: adj /frm/lu/ 1 prosperous 2 rich 3 wealthy. Negeri ini sudah makmur This country has been prosperous. 2 lux­urious. Keluarga kaya itu hidupnya makmur. That rich family lives luxuriously.
-memakmurkan: v make sb prosperous. Pen­duduk bekerja keras memakmurkan daerah itu The inhabit­ants work hard to make the area prosperous.
-kemakmuran: n prosperity.
-persekemakmuran: n commonwcalth.

makna: n /frm/lu/ 1 meaning. Saya tidak mengerti apa makna semua ini. I do’t understand what is the meaning of all of these 2 purpose, sense. Apa makan semua kerja keras ini? What is the  purpose of this hard work?
-bermakna: adj 1 meaningful 2 purposeful.
-memaknakan: v make sth meaningful or purposeful.
-memaknai: v give a meaning to sth.

maknawi: adj /ld/ 1 spiritual. 2 meaningful.

maknawiah: adj /ld/ according to intent rather than lit­eral (of an interpretation).

maknit: n /frm/lu/ magnet.
-memagnetkan: v magnetize.
-kemagnitan: n mag­netism.
-pemaknitan: n magnetization.

makota: variant of mahkota:

makro: adj /frm/lu/ macro.

maksi: adj /frm/lu/ large (scale), major. Dia merombak secara maksi perkembangan musik He has brought about major changes in the development of music.

maksiat: adj /frm/lu/ 1 sinful because against God’s law 2 immoral (esp. sexually immoral).
-bermasiat: v engage in immoral acts.
-kemasiatan: n sin, wickedness.

maksimal: adj /frm/lu/ maximum
-memaksimalkan: v maximize.

maksud: n /frm/lu/ 1 purpose 2 aim 3 intention Apa maksud kamu datang kesini?. What is your purpose to come here. Maksud perkumpulan itu sangat dihargai. The aims of that organiza­tion are admirable. 2  plan. Maksud saya adalah untuk meningkatkan kemampuan kamu. My plan is to improve your ability. 3 meaning, sense. Maksud tanda yang diberikan itu adalah mengingatkan kita supaya lebih berhati-hati. The meaning of the sign was to warn us to be more careful.
-bermaksud: v 1 intend Saya bermaksud mengundang semua teman-teman ke pesta itu I intend to invite all my friends to the party. 2 mean Saya tidak bermaksud menyakiti perasaan kamu. I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling. Kami bermaksud pergi ke luar negeri tahun depan. We plan to go abroad next year.
-dimaksudkan: v 1 to be meant 2 to be intended.

maktub: adj recorded.
-memaktubkan: v write down.
-termaktub: be writ­tcn down, Hal itu termaksub dalam buku ini Abaout that matter has been written in this book..

mal: dtr.  l by /in measurements/. tiga mal empat three by four. 2 times (multiplication). dua mal two times

mala: n /frm/lu/ 1 disaster, misfortune, accident. 2 spot, stain, flaw, blot on sb’s reputation.

malaekat: see malaikat:

malah: adv. /frm/lu/  1  in fact, instead, on the contrary  Setelah minum obat penyakitnya malah menjadi-Jadi. After taking medicine, instead his sickness become worse.
-malahan: adv but rather, in fact, instead. Kamu bilang saya berhutang 10 dollar? Malah kamu harus mengembalikan $5 dollar lagi pada saya. You said I owe you $10? But rather you have to pay me back $5. Dia tidak punya uang untuk makan malah kamu mau meminjam uangnya! He doesn’t even have money to buy food, in contrary you mean to borrow money from him! .

malaikat: n /frm/lu/ angel
-malaikat pelindung: n guardian angel
-malaikat penolong: n guiding angel.
-memalaikati: v be an angel to.

malaikatulmaut: n /frm/lu/ angel of death

Malaka: n Malacca

malakalmaut: variant of malaikatulmaut:

malakama; (buah si) malakama: n /frm/lu/ proverbial fruit which brings bad luck to sb who is dear to the owner if he cats it and equally bad luck to another dear person if he does not eat it. /prov./ bagai makan buah simalakama: damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. ‘

malam1: n /frm/lu/ 1 evening 2 night.
-bermalam: v over night.
-kemalaman: adj too late at night.
-larut malam: adj late (night)
-malam gelap gulita: n pitch black night.
-malam gembira: n merry evening.
-malam hari: n night time.
-malam kemarin: n the night before last night.
-malam kesenian: n cultural evening.
-malam Minggu: n the night before Sunday.
-malam kudus: n holy night.
-malam pengantin: n the first night after wedding ceremony.
-malam-malam: prep. at night time.
-semalam1: adv last night. Dia datang kesini semalam. He came here last night
-semalam2: n (one) night  Kami tinggal disana hanya semalam. We stayed there only one night.

malam2: adj /frm/lu/ night |describe that sth happen or exist at night time| hujan malam night rain; tugas malam night duty kupu-kupu malam (night butterfly) prostitute

malam3: n /ld/ wax, paraffin.

malang1: v /frm/lu/ 1 transverse |across, lying athwart, block side to side|  2 malang melintang  lie across. Pohon-pohon tumbang malang melintang di jalan. Fallng trees lies across on the road.

malang2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 unlucky 2 unfortunate Ini saat malang buat saya. This is unlucky time for me
-kemalangan: v be in sorrow  Dia sedang mengalami kemalangan. She is being in sorrow.

malapetaka: n /frm/lu/ 1 misfortune 2 great disaster.

malar1: adj /lu/  continuous  Hujan malar seharian. Rain was continuous all day long. 2 always 3 still |not moving/changing|

malaria: n /frm/lu/ malaria

malas: adj /frm/lu/ 1 lazy, indolent. Siswa tidak boleh malas A student will not be lazy 2 not feel like, not be up to. Saya malas pergi I do not feel up to going.
-bermalas-malasan: v 1 laze around. |to relax and enjoy yourself without doing very much|  Jeff menghabiskan waktu pagi hanya bermalas-malasan di halaman Jeff spent the morning just lazing in the yard. 2 loaf. 3 take it easy, be idle. Mereka bermalas-malas tidur di rumput They are loafing around on the grass
-memalaskan: v make sb lazy.
-kemalasan: n laziness.
-pemalas: n sluggard, lazy person.

male: adj /ld/ hungry –syn: /lu/ lapar

males: variant of malas:

malikul maut: n /frm/lu/ the angel of death.

malim1: n /frm/lu/ 1 leader,  guide. 2 pilot (of ship). 3 magician.

malim2: variant of maalim:

malin: n /frm/ master in religion teaching
-memalinkan: v call sb “master”
-ke­malinan: n state of being a master in religion.

maling; pemaling: n /frm/lu/ 1 thief 2 robber.
-memalingi: v steal from, rob. Dia tega memalingi temannya. He dare to steal sth from his friends
-kemalingan: v be robbed |become the victim of a robbery| or a thef| Mereka kemalingan tadi malam. They were robbed last night.
-pemalingan: n 1 theft 2 robbery

malinjo: see melinjo:

malu: adj /frm/lu/ 1 shy |too nervous and embarrassed to talk to people in a confident way| Saya sangat malu bicara dengan dia. I was painfully shy to talk to her. 2 bashful. |easily embarrassed; shy| 3 embarrassed. |ashamed, anxious, or nervous, especially in front of other people| Saya merasa malu betapa kotornya rumah saya. I felt embarrassed about how dirty my house was.  4 shameful |so bad that someone should be ashamed| sikap pengecut dan memalukan. a shameful and cowardly action  5 ashamed | feeling embarrassed or guilty about something| Mike merasa malu karena pakaiannya yang sudah usang. Mike felt ashamed of his old clothes. Kamu seharusnya menjadi malu sendiri bersikap seperti itu. You should be ashamed of yourself, acting like that! Fred malu mengakui kesalahannya. Fred was ashamed to admit his mistake.
-memalukan: v 1 embarrass  |to make someone feel embarrassed|  Saya harap saya tidak memalukan kamu didepan keluarga kamu. I hope I didn’t embarrass you in front of your family 2 shame |make sb ashamed|
-pemalu: n tend to be easy ashamed, shy, or embarrassed
-putri malu: n |the bashful plant – mimosa pudica|

Maluku: n Moluccas.

mam: n /lu/  mother.

mama: n /lu/ 1 mother. 2 /Amb/ aunt. 3 /Amb/ term of address for women at the age of sb’s mother.

mamah; memamah: v /frm/lu/ chew, masticate.
-memamah biak: v chew the cud for the 2nd time (of the ruminants).
-memamahkan: v chew for. Dia memamahkan anaknya kue yg keras. She chewed the hard cake for her child.
-mamahan: n cud, sth chewed. Mamahan nasi itu dimasukkan kemulut anaknya She fed the pre­hewed rice to her child’s mouth.
-pemamah biak: n ruminant.

mamak: n /lu/ mother’s brother.  –syn: tulang

mamalia: n /frm/lu/ mammals.

mamanda: n ltr/ term of respect for sb’s mamak

mamang1: adj /ld/ 1 dizzy. Sudah jatuh dia merasa mamang After he fell, he felt dizzy. 2 frightened, confused. Anak kecil itu merasa mamang The child was frightened.

mamang2: n /Snd/ 1 term of address for parents’ younger brother. 2 term of address for men elder than the speaker

mambo: adj /lu/ new, modern, up to date (style, mode) baju mambo new style shirt sandal mambo new style sandal es mambo new taste of ice cream

mami: n /child language/ 1 mother, mommy. 2 ma­dame in a brothel.

mamik: adj /ld/ tasting bad. Karena sudah lama, sop itu mamik rasanya. Because it was kept so long, the soup tastes bad.

mampat; mampet: adj /frm/lu/ 1 solid, compact, compressed. Ban-ban itu tidak cukup mampat, kita perlu memompakan angin lagi. The tires aren’t compressed enough, we need to pump more air.  2 clogged up. Saluran air itu sudah mampat dari kemarin The water drainage has been clogged up since yesterday 3 tight Acara saya mampat sekali My schedule was very tight
-kemampatan: n con­gestian.
-pemampat: n compressor (of air)
-pemampatan: n compression.

mampir: v /frm/lu/ drop in/by, come by  |to visit someone when you have not arranged to come at a particular time or before going somewhere else| I’ll come by about 6:00 to pick up the clothes. Doris dan Darwin mampir disini hari Sabtu lalu. Doris and Darwin dropped by here on last Saturday. Saya akan mampir pukul 6:00 mengambil pakaian. I’ll come by about 6:00 p.m. to pick up the clothes.

mampu: adj /frm/lu/ 1 capable, able. Find sb who is capable to solve the problem. Apa kamu mampu menjangkau pegangan itu? Will you be able to reach the handle. Saya tidak akan mampu  menyelesaikan pekerjaan itu harin ini juga. I’ll not be able to finish that job to day. 2 well to do. Mereka adalah keluarga mampu. They are well to do family.3 afford Saya tidak akan mampu membeli mobil semahal itu. I can’t afford to buy such expensive car
-berkemampuan: v to have a certain capability.
-kemapuan: n 1 capability 2 ability 3 capacity.
-ketidak mampuan: n the lack of ability.
-semampu mungkin: as much as sb be able Saya akan melakukan semampu saya I’ll do it as much as I’m able to do it.

mampus: intrj. /off./lu/ 1 go to hell, go die. 2 |exclamation to express unfortunate| Mampus! Kita tidak punya makanan sama sekali. Dam it, we don’t have food at all.

ma’mur : variant of makmur:

ma’na: variant of makna:

mana1: pron. /frm/lu/ which. |used as a question word to ask the existence of sb or sth Mana buku yang baru kamu beli? Where the book that you newly bought? Mana yang lebih baik diantara kedua mobil itu. Which one is the better between the two cars.
-mana saja: pron. which else Mana saja soal yang tidak bisa kamu pecahkan? Which else the problem that you couldn’t solve?

mana2: adv /frm/lu/ where |the word used to ask or to tell the place of sth – usually comes after a prefix “di”  or “ke” |
-dari mana: adv where (from) Darimana asal kamu? Where do you come from?
-dimana: adv where Dimana ada kemauan disitu ada jalan Where there is a will there is a way. Dimana mereka tinggal? Where they live?
-dimana saja: adv 1 anywhere Taruh dimana saja. Put it anywhere. 2 where else Dimana saja kita bisa menyimpan buku ini. Where else we can keep this book.
-dimana-mana: adv. everywhere Dimana-mana diseluruh negeri ini makanan utama orang adalah nasi. Everywhere in this country people use rice as their staple food.
-dimanapun: adv wherever Dimanapun kamu berada saya akan cari kamu. Wherever  you are I’ll find you.
-kemana: adv where Kamu mau pergi kemana? Where are you going?. Kemana saja kamu selama ini? Where else have you been?
-dikemanakan: v where sth has been taken to. Dikemanakan semua barang-barang saya? Where all my stuff has been taken to?
-manakala: adv 1 whenever Manakala ada hujan kamu harus berteduh Whenever there is a rain you have to find a shelter. 2 when Mana kala ada perang waktu itu semua kami lari kehutan meninggalkan kampung. When there was a war at that time, we all fled the village and ran to the jungle.
-manapula: adv moreover. Ini mahal, mana pula kurang menarik. This is expensive, moreover it’s not attractive.
-manasaja: adv whichever Manasaja kamu suka boleh ambil. Whichever you like, you may take it.
-mana boleh: adv how it could be Mana boleh kita masuk kesana tanpa tiket. How we could go in without ticket.
-mana mungkin: adv how it be possible Manamungkin restoran itu buka sekarang. How it  be possible that the restaurant is open now.
-mananya: adv which parts (of sb/sth) Mananya yang sakit. Which parts of your body hurts
-mana lagi?: adv which else?
-mana tahu: adv who knows Bawa payung, mana tahu ada hujan. Bring an umbrella, who knows there will be a rain.

mana3; manalagi1: intrj. /frm/lu/ moreover |used preceding a statement of a condition that sb doesn’t like| Jalannya rusak, mana jauh lagi The road wasn’t good, moreover it’s far away

manajemen: n /frm/lu/ management.

manalagi2: n /ld/ name given to a good quality of fruits (esp. mangos).
-simana lagi: n certain fruit variety which is particularly delicious.

manasik: n /lu/ manual. guide.
-manasik haji: n guide for those who is going to join pilgrimage.

manasuka: adv /frm/lu/ as you like, as you wish to

mancanegara: n /frm/lu/ foreign countries

mancawarna: adj /frm/lu/ varied colour, multi-coloured.

mancis: n /frm/lu/ matches, lighter.

mancung: adj /lu/ 1 sharp, pointed  |well formed from a little protruding (of a nose)|

2 dry (sheath of a coconut).
-hidung mancung: n a sharp well­formed nose.
-memancungkan: v make sth. sharp or well shaped.

mandala: n /frm/lu/ 1 arena, area in a circle. 2 area or field of operations.

mandar: n /ld/ waterfowl.

Mandar: n ethnic group in Sulawesi.

mandarsah: variant of madrasah:

mandat: n /frm/lu/ 1 official orders 2 man­date. Mereka sudah dapat mandat menembak setiap penyelusup They have official order to shoot every intruder 3 power of attorney |the legal right to do things for someone else in his/her business or personal life, or the document that gives this right|

mandataris: n /frm/lu/ sb entrusted with a mandate or power of attorney.

mandau: n /ld/ sword made in Borneo.

mandeg; mandek: v /Jv/ 1 stop, get stuck, stall. Lalu lintas mandeg seluruhnya. Traffic came to a total jam. 2 stagnate. Ekonomi sedang mandeg berat The economic heavily stagnate
-kemandekan: n 1 a halt, standstill. 2 stagnation, inertia.

mandi: v /frm/lu/ 1 bathe, take a bath. |to clean your body with water|  Saya mau ke atas untuk mandi. I’m going upstairs to wash. Apa kamu sudah mandi? Have you taken a bath? 2 soak Dia sedang mandi keringat. He is being soaked with sweat
-mandi darah: v |a metaphor to describe a severe war or fight with many victims|
-mandi kucing: v perfunctory bathe
-mandi uap: v to have a sauna
-mandi rejeki: v to have significant profit or luck
-mandi junub: v bathe after doing sth ritually impure (required before performing religious duties).
-mandi ­Safar: n /Isl./ the purification ritual held in the month of Safar.
-mandi mayat: n a corpse washing before burial
-mem­permandikan: v 1 baptize. Di gereja mana anak itu dipermandikan? In which church was the child bap­tized?
-permandian: n 1 bathing place 2 baptism.

mandiang: see mendiang:

mandiri1: adj /frm/lu/ self-reliant |the character of being able to act and make decisions by yourself without depending on other people|

mandiri2: v /frm/lu/ 1 be self-reliant 2 be autonomous 3 stand alone
-kemandirian: n 1 self-reliance 2 autonomy

mandor: see mandur:

mandraguna: adj /ltr/ invulnerable.

mandul: adj /frm/lu/ 1 barren 2 sterile 3 infertile Dia wanita mandul She is a barren woman.
-memandulkan: v 1 spay 2 sterilize 3 apply a birth control device such as vasectomy
-pemandulan: n sterilization

mandur: n /frm/lu/ foreman, overseer, supervisor Siapa mandur proyek ini? Who is the workers supervisor of this project?

manfaat: n /frm/lu/ 1 use, benefit. Belajar itu banyak manfaat. Studying has a lot of benefits. 2 profit. manfaat dan mudarat profit and loss;  advantages and disadvantages.
-bemanfaat: adj ­useful, profitable.
-memanfaatkan: v 1 to make use (sth) 2 take benefit. pandai memanfaatkan situasi skilful to  take benefit of particular situation  2 exploit, abuse. memanfaatkan kejujuran seseorang taking advantage of sb’s honesty.

mangan: v /ld/ 1 eat (sth) 2 take/have breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

mangap; terngangap: v /Jv/ 1 gape. Dia mangap melihat gedung setinggi itu He gaped at such high building 2 yawn. |to open your mouth wide and breathe deeply, usually because you are tired or bored|  Dia melihat jamnya lalu terngangap He looked at his watch and yawned. 3 to be or become wide open| Tanah itu goyang lalu terngangap lebar. The ground shook and widely yawned

mangga1: n /lu/ mango.
-mangga golek: n fibrous, elongated mango.

mangga2: intrj. /Snd/ please.

manggan1: n /frm/lu/ manganese.

manggis: n /frm/lu/ mangos teen.

manggung: v /ld/ 1 coo (of doves) 2 /frm/lu/ perform (of a band, theater troupe, etc.).

manggut: v /frm/lu/ nod (in agreement) 2 nod the head. Dia sudah manggut tanda setuju. He has nodded to agree.
-memanggutkan: v /tr/ nod (the head). Apapun yang kamu katakan padanya, dia akan selalu memanggutkan kepala. What ever you ask him he’ll always nods his head.
-termanggut-manggut: v inadvertently nod.

mangir: n /Jv/ powder to lighten the skin .

mangkal1: see pangkal:

mangkal2: see mangkel:

Mangkasar: see Makassar:

mangkat: v /honorific/frm/lu/ pass away, die, depart this world. Beliau mangkat tahun lalu He passed away last year.
-kemangkatan: n death, demise.

mangkin: variant of makin:

mangkir: adj /frm/lu/ 1 be absent. Dia mangkir sekolah kemarin. He was absent from school yesterday. 2 be missing, lack. Satu sekerup mangkir. One screw is missing. 3 fail. Dia mangkir ujian mendapat SIM He failed the test to get a driver license.

mangkok: see mangkuk:

mangku: see pangku:

mangkubumi: n |a high official in the Malay and Javanese courts|

mangkuk: n /frm/lu/ cup, bowl.
-memangkukkan: v to cup sth with hands.

mangoni: variant of mahoni:

mangsa: n /frm/lu/ 1 prey |animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal| Seekor harimau sedang mengintai mangsanya. A tiger is stalking its prey 2 organism which become the food of its predators 3 victim |the target of a criminal action| Janganlah menjadi mangsa empuk sindikat jahat itu. Don’t be a pushover target of that criminal syndicate.
-memangsa: v prey on, make into a victim.

mangu; termangu-mangu: v /frm/lu/ 1 confused, dazed. Waktu ditanya dia termangu-mangu Being  questioned,  he was just confused. 2 taken aback, speechless. 3 thoughtless.

mangut: adj /lu/ 1 confused, dazed. 2 doze.
-bermangut: v be in a daze.

mangut ikan: n /ld/ dish of fish in spicy coconut milk.

mani: n /frm/lu/ sperm.
-pancaran mani: n ejaculation of sperm.
-permanian: n 1 insemination 2 permanian buatan: artificial insem­ination.

maniak: n /frm/lu/ maniac. maniak bola a maniac for football.

manifest: n /frm/lu/ bill of lading, manifest.

manifestasi: n /frm/lu/ manifestation.
-memanifestasikan: v /tr/ manifest sth

manifesto: n /frm/lu/ political statement.

manik: n //frm/lu/ bead |a small ball of plastic, wood, glass etc., usually used for making jewelry|
-manik-manik: n beads
-manik mata: n pupil.
-bermanik-manik: v wear a string of beads.

manikam: n /frm/lu/ gem |precious stone|
-ratna mutu manikam: n all kind of precious stones.

Manikebu {Manifesto Kebudayaan|: n anticommunist intellectual manifesto of 1964.

manikuris: n /lu/ manicurist.

Manipol {Manifesto Politik}: n Sukarno’s 1959 man­ifesto of political orientation.

manipolis: n /frm/ sb who support Sukarno’s 1959 man­ifesto.

manipolisasi: v /frm/ making society into conformity with Sukarno’s 1959 manifesto.

manipulasi: n /frm/lu/ manipulation.
-bermanipulasi: v /intr/ engage in manip­ulation.
-memanipulasi: v /tr/ manipulate sth

manipulir; memanipulir: v /tr/frm/lu/ manipulate sth.

manis: adj /frm/lu/1 sweet. Kopi ini terlalu manis This coffee is too sweet. 2 nice Dia selalu bersikap manis pada saya She always nice to me. 3 pretty Apa kamu kenal gadis manis itu? Do you know that pretty girl? 4 attractive Dekorasi itu sungguh manis. That decoration is really nice
-bicara manis: adj talking sweetly.
-kemanisan1: adj too sweet. Kue itu kemanisan.The cake is too sweet.
-kemanisan2: n 1 sweetness 2 beauty 3 niceness.
-manisan: n different kind of fruit that is made sweeter with sugar solution.
-mempermanis: v make sweeter.
-pemanis: n sweetener |sth that you add to sth else to make it nicer, sweeter, more attractive, etc.|
-semanis: adv as sweet as Rasanya semanis madu. The taste is as sweet as honey.

manja: adj /frm/lu/ 1 spoiled. Anak itu manja sekali The child is very spoiled. 2 attached, friendly. Anak itu manja sekali kepada ibunya That child is very much attached to his mother.
-memanjakan: v make sb spoiled.

manjur: adj /frm/lu/ effective |usually used to describe medicine, advice, magic formula, charm, curse|

manover: n /frm/lu/ maneuver.

manpaat: variant of manfaat:

mantab: see mantap:

mantan: adj /frm/lu/ former. Dia mantan guru kami. He is our former teacher.

mantap: n /frm/lu/ 1 steady, stable, unwavering Letak/berdirinya meja itu sudah mantap The position/ stand of the table has been stable  2 comprehensive Pengetahuan dia tentang sejarah kerajaan ini sangat mantap. His knowledge about the history of this kingdom is very comprehensive. 3 established. Dalam beberapa tahun lagi perkembangan negeri ini akan mantap. In a few years to go the development of this country will be established.
-memantapkan: v 1 to strengthen (a position of sth) 2 comprehend 3 establish 4 stabilize
-pemantapan: n 1 stabilization 2 consolida­tion 3 comprehension 4 strengthening.

mantel: n /frm/lu/ 1 coat, cardigan, cape. mantel hujan raincoat. 2 casing. 3 condom.

manten: see pengantin:

mantep: variant of mantap:

mantera: n /frm/lu/ magic formula.
-memanterai: v cast a spell on |read a magic formula to affect sth| Obat itu telah dimanterai. The medicine was treated with charms. Dukun itu sedang memanterai pasiennya. The healer is casting a spell on his patient.

manteri: see mantra:

mantik: n /frm/ logic |the way of thinking based on reason rather than emotion| ilmu mantik logic as a discipline

mantra: variant of mantera:

mantri1: n /frm/lu/ 1 supervisor, overseer, superintendent mantri kehutanan forest overseer 2 paramedic 3 assistant mantri hewan veterinarian’s as­sistant.

mantri2: see menteri:

mantu1: v /Jv/ hold wedding for sb’s daughter.

mantu2: see menantu:

manunggal: v /frm/lu/ be united, be in union.
-kemanunggalan: n 1 total integration 2 unity

manusia1: n /frm/lu/ human |man, women, child| Kami manusia, jangan perlakukan seperti binatang. We are human, don’t treat us like animals.
-manusiawi: adj 1 human |typical of ordinary people such as weakness, emotions, etc| Saya tidak menyalahkan dia menjadi marah pada kamu. Itu manusiawi I don’t blame her for get angry with you. It’s a human nature. 2 civilized |behaving in a polite and sensible way| Itu bukan satu cara manusiawi memperlakukan tahanan. That’s not the civilized way to deal with prisoners.
-berperikemanusiaan: adv humane |treating people or animals in a way that is kind, not cruel|
-perikemanusiaan: n 1 humanitarianism 2 humanness
-kemanusiaan: n 1 humanity 2 human nature
-memanusiakan: v humanize |respect sb’s human rights or treat without violating his/her human rights|
-sumberdaya manusia: n human resurces.
-paham kemanusiaan: n humanism: |concerned with improving bad living conditions and preventing unfair treatment of people|
-ras manusia: n human being.
-secara manusiawi: adv humanly Kita harus memperlakukan tawanan perang secara manusiawi. We have to treat the war prisoners humanly.

manut: adj /Jv/ obedient |tending to follow orders from above| manut pada perinlah Tuhan obedient to the orders of the Lord.
-manutan: n |of an obedient type|
-panutan: n 1 idol 2 model

manuver: variant of manover.

manyala; menyala Bob: intrj. /lu/inf/  excellent, terrific. Mobilnya menyala Bob! His car is terrific!

maoni: variant of mahoni:

map: n /frm/lu/ file folder, map ordner /ortner/ |thick folder with clips| map snelhekhter binder with clips.

mapan: adj /Jv/ 1 established 2 in proper place, order. 3 permanent Ekonomi negeri ini sudah mapan This country’s economic has been established
-kemapanan: n the state of being established
-memapankan: v 1 establish 2 foster 3 strengthen
-pemapanan: n establishment.

Mapram {Masa Prabakti Mahasiswa}: n Student Orientation Period |the time of ini­tiating freshmen as full-fledged members of the student body|

mara1: n /frm/lu/ 1 danger 2 mara bahaya: disaster, ca­lamities of all sorts 3 perils.
bermara1: v have a risk
-bermara2: adj dangerous

mara2: v /ld/ 1 step (forward) Tolong mara sedikit Please move forward a little 2 advance, progress, approach. My team advanced to the semi-final
-(me)marakan: v /tr/ 1 move forward (sth) 3 improve (sth) Saya akan memarakan mobil saya. I’ll move my car forward Tolong marakan kursi kamu sedikit Please move (forward) your chair a little
-kemarakan: n progress

marabunta: n /lu/ voracious African ant.

marah: adj /frm/lu/ 1 angry Apa kamu marah pada saya? Are you angry with me? 2 mad Apa yang membuat kamu begitu marah? What make you so mad?
-(ber)marahan: v be not speak to each other.
-memarahi: v /tr/ 1 be angry (at sb) Dia memarahi saya tanpa alasan. She is angry with me without any reason 2 scold |to tell sb sth in an angry way|  Ibu memarahi dia karena pulang terlambat Mom scolded her for coming back late.
-kemarahan: n 1 anger 2 fury
-pemarah: adj ill-tempered, hot head, bad-tempered.

Marah: n /Min./ a  title of nobility below Sutan.

marak1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 common |existing in large numbers and in many places| Flu burung sedang marak disini. Bird flue is being common around here. 2 trendy Pewarnaan rambut sedang marak dikalangan pemuda. Colouring hair is being trendy among youth

marak2; semarak: n /frm/lu/ 1 glow |a gentle steady light, especially from something that is burning without flames|  Langit penuh dengan semarak bintang. The sky was filled with the glow of stars. 2 luster |an attractive shiny appearance| Saya terkagum-kagum oleh semarak parade itu . I was amazed by the luster of the parade. 3 lively
-menyemarakkan: v liven (up) |become more exciting, or to make something more exciting|  Sebuah pertunjukan langsung musik telah menyemarakkan kampanye tersebut. A live music will liven the campaign.
-kesemarakan: n liveliness

marathon: n /frm/lu/ marathon.

Maret: n March.

marga1: n /frm/lu/ 1 clan. 2 /Bio./ genus. 3 /Sumat./ district. 4 family name.

marga2: n /ltr/ street, road. bina marga highway (road) construction or road maintenance.

margarin: n /frm/lu/ margarine.

margasatwa: n /frm/lu/ wild animals, fauna.

marhaban: intrj. /Isl./ Welcome!
-lagu marhaban: n melody for praising the Prophet on Mikraj.

marhaen: n /frm/lu/ working classes: peasantry, petty ven­dors, small-time artisans.
-kalangan marhaban: n proletariat |the people in a society who are poor, own no property etc.|
-kemarhaenan: n proletarian ideology.

marhaeni: n /frm/lu/ female marhaenis .

marhaenis: n /frm/lu/ sb who in favor of proletarian ideology.

marhaenisme: n /frm/lu/ movement to fight for the interests of the have-nots.

marhumah: n /frm/lu/ the late (female). marhumah ibunda my late mother.

mari: v /frm/lu/ come here.
-kemari: v (come) here  Kemari, saya mau memberi kamu sesuatu. Come here, I want to give you sth
-kemari: adv here Kapan kamu datang kemari? When did you come here?
-ke sana ke mari: adv here and there.
-mengkemarikan: v 1 put, bring sth here. 2 please (do).

marijuana: n /frm/lu/ marijuana.

Marikh: n Mars .

marin: variant of kemarin:

mariner: n /frm/lu/ rnarine, marines .

maritim: n /frm/lu/ maritime.
-kemaritiman: n maritime affairs.

marjin: n /frm/lu/ margin

markas: n /frm/lu/ 1 station, office. 2 army or police post. barracks
-markas besar: n headquarters.

markisa: n /frm/lu/ |any climbing plant the fruit of which averagely as big as a hen egg used for syrup flavour – Passiflora edulia| 2 syrup made from this fruit.

markonis: n /frm/lu/ ship’s radio operator.

Marksis: adj /frm/lu/ Marxist.

Marksisme: n /frm/lu/ Marxism.

marmar; marmer: n /frm/lu/ marble.

marmot; marmot: n /frm/lu/ guinea pig.

mars: n /frm/lu/ marching tune.

marsda {marsekal muda}: n major general in the air force.

marsdya {marsekal madya}: n lieutenant general in the air force.

marsma {marsekal pertama}: n brigadier general in the air force.

martabak: n /lu/ thick folded crepe filled with spices and pieces of meat cooked like pizza.

martabat: n /frm/lu/1 prestige  Orang itu tinggi martabatnya. That person has a high prestige  2. rank, grade, status.3 value. martabat kemanusiaan human values. 4 /Chem./ valence.
-bermartabat1: v have moral. prestige
-bermartabat2: adj prestigious, moral
-kemartabatan: n dignity.
-martabat insani: n human dignity.

martel: see martil:

martil: n /frm/lu/ hammer.
-memartil: v hammer.

martir: n /frm/lu/ martyr |someone who dies for his/her religious or political beliefs, and whose death makes people believe more strongly in those beliefs|
-kemartiran: n martyrdom.

Marxis: variant of Marksis:

Maryam: n /frm/lu/ l Mariam |common name given to a woman| 2 Mary, the mother of Jesus.

mas: n /frm/lu/ 1 sir, brother (used to address or refer to contemporary males, including wife to hus­band, usually only among Javanese)  2 Javanese title below raden. 3 variant of emas:

masa1: n /frm/lu/ 1 time, period. Pada masa itu saya di masih sekolah. At that time I was a student.
-kemasabodohan: n ignorance
-masa awali: n prehistoric times.
-masa berlaku: n duration, validity.
-masa bodoh: phrs. doesn’t care. Kamu ikut saya atau tidak masa bodoh. You want go with me or not I don’t care .
-masa depan; masa akan datang: n future time Akan kita lakukan itu di masa depan We’ll do it in the future.
-masa-kemasa1: adj chronological, periodical
– masa ke masa2: n chronology, periodiza­ion.
-masa kini/sekarang: n present time, nowadays.
-masa lalu/silam: n past time.
-masa nifas: n postnat­al period.
-masa pancaroba: n 1 change of agricultural easons 2 puberty
-masa perubahan: n transit­ional period.
-masa percobaan: n probation, trial period
-masa purba: n ancient time.
-masa remaja: n puberty, adoles­cence.
-masa tenggang: n recess
-masa tunas: n inc­ubation period.
-memasa bodohkan: v ignore
-masa getir: n depression, slump time.
-masa tapa brata: n a time when sb goes into seclusion to meditate and live as an ascetic.
2 contemporary.
-semasa1: prep. during.
-semasa2: n a period, a pahse.
-semasa3: adv temporarily.  –syn: sesaat:

masa2: see masak:

masaalah: see masalah:

masak1: intrj. /frm/lu/ 1 Ah! |said in order to express surprise, disagreement, pleasure etc.| Masak, apa itu benar? Ah!, is that true? 2 how can Masa saya bohong pada kamu! How can I lie to you!

masak2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 ripe Beri saya sebuah pisang yang sudah masak. Give me a ripe banana. 2 cooked, boiled, done Nasi sudah masak. The rice has been cooked Apa airnya sudah masak? Has the water boiled? 3 mature Umur dan cara berpikirnya sudah cukup masak His age and his way of thingking have been mature enough. 4 experienced, ready to handle. Dia sudah masak menghadapi masalah seperti ini. He has been experienced to face such case.
-kemasakan1: n maturity, ripeness kemasakan kepribadian emotional matu­rity
-kemasakan2: adj too ripe, overcooked.
-masak mangsai: adj overripe.
-masak-masak: adv carefully, deeply, through and through. Pikirkan hal itu masak-masak sebelum di jawab. Think that matter carefully before giving a response.
-memasak: v cook,  boil, bake
-masakan: n 1 food, cooking |sth that has been cooked| Masakan kamu selalu enak rasanya. Your cook­ing always tastes good 2 cooking pan Dimana masakan airnya? Where is the water cooking pan?
-memasakkan: v /tr/ cook sth for sb/sth. Kamu harus memasakkan nasi untuk anak-anak. You have to cook rice for the children. 2 ripen sth Mereka memasakkan pisang dengan cara menutup dengan daun-daun.  They ripen banana by covering it with dry leaves.
-pemasak/juru masak: n cook
-pemasak roti: n bakery.

masakini: n /frm/lu/ the present time.

masal: adj /frm/lu/ 1 massive 2 collective
-kuburan massal: n mass grave.
-kawin massal: n collective marriage. |if in an occasion there are a number of couples are organized to share the wedding ceremony for reducing the cost or for a sensation|
-memassalkan: v to conduct sth massively or collectively

masalah: n /frm/lu/ 1 problem, complication Apa ada masalah? Is there any problem? 2 matter Masalah itu telah dibahas berkali-kali. That matter has been discussed several times
-mempermasalahkan: v take sth to be argued about
-permasalahan: n set of problems.

masam: adj /frm/lu/ sour, acid. Mangga muda ini masam sekali. This young mango is very sour.
-kemasaman: n acidity
-kemasam-masaman: adj a little sour, rather sour.
-memasam: v become sour. Susu itu telah memasam: The milk has become sour.
-memasamkan: v 1 make sour, pickle. Ibu memasamkan timun. Mother makes pickles out of cucumbers. 2 acidify. Orang memakai dolomite memasamkan tanah itu. People use dolomite to acidify the soil.
-muka masam: adj sullen, glum. Dia datang dengan muka masam. He came with sullen.

masarakat: see masyarakat:

masase: n /frm/lu/ massage
-memasase: v massage

masayu: n /ld/ an address to noble female used in Palembang.

Masehi: n Jesus, the Messiah.

masgul: see masygul:

mashaf: n handwritten text of the Koran.

mashur: see masyhur:

Masih: see Masehi:

masih1: adv /frm/lu/ 1 still, yet. Dia masih di kantor. He is still in the office
-masih saja: adv still despite everything. Kau masih saja cantik seperti dulu dulu You are still pretty as before, despite every­thing.
-semasih: adv when. Dia teman saya semasih kuliah He was my friend when I was in college.

masih2: v /Jv/ be related in a certain way Mereka masih keluarga saya They are related to me.

masin: adj /Jv/ 1 salty, briny.
-masin lidah/mulut: adj talkative, verbose.

masing-masing: adv /frm/lu/ 1 each. Masing-masing dapat dua kesempatan bertanya. Each person  has two chances to ask question 2 self Jagalah diri masing-masing Everyone, take care yourself

masinis: n /frm/lu/ engineer of a ship or locomotive.

Masir: see Mesir:

masjid: see mesjid:

maskapai: n /of/ company, enterprise. Apakah ini maskapai asing? Is this a foreign company? Maskapai Perdagangan Trading Company. –syn: /lu/ perusahaan

maskawin: n /frm/lu/ dowry

masker: n /frm/lu/ 1 make up mask (for a facial). 2 gas mask, fencing mask.

maskot: n /frm/lu/ mascot.

maskulin: adj /frm/ masculine.

maslahat: adj /frm/lu/ useful, beneficial, profitable
-kemaslahatan: n use, benefit, profit. analisa kemaslahatan cost-benefit anal­ysis.
-memaslahatkan: v use, benefit, profit.

masmur: see /lu/ mazmur:

massa: n /frm/lu/ mass.
-aksi massa: n mass action.
-media massa: n mass media.
-memasa: v mingle, be popular with the masses.

master: n /frm/lu/ 1 expert in a certain field master komunikasi master of communication master kung-fu  a master of kung fu 2 a document, record etc. from which other copies are made

masturbasi: n /frm/lu/masturbation.

masuk: v /frm/lu/ 1 enter, go into. Silahkan masuk Please come in. 2 ­set (of the sun). 3 catch Dia masuk angin tadi malam. She caught cold last night.  4 be present (at a particular place), attend. Hari ini dia tidak masuk sekolah She wasn’t present at school today. He will not be in today. Apa kamu masuk kelas kemarin? Did you attend the class yesterday? 5 go (to sleep) Mari kita masuk kamar. Let’s go to sleep. 5 belong, be included.  Mereka masuk pada kelompok kita. They belong to our group 6 join, participate. Apa kamu sudah masuk perkumpulan itu? Have you joined the club? 7 become Dia masuk Kristen sejak dia kawin. She became a Christian since she get married  6 penetrate Pasukan musuh memasuki wilayah utara kita. The enemy’s troop entered our northen territory.
-bermasukan: v |many things enter sth| Kelereng itu bermasukan kedalam lobang. The marbles entered the hole.
-kemasukan: v 1 be possessed Apa kamu yakin dia kemasukan setan? Do you believe that she was possessed by a devil? 2 lose the point |if our contender successfully make a point against us| Selama pertandingan kami kemasukan 15 angka. During the mach we were lost 15 points
-masukan: n 1 input, contribution
-memasukkan: v /tr/ 1 take or put sth (into) 2 enrol, registered Dia memasukkan anaknya ke taman kanak-kanak He is enrolling her boy into a kindergarten 2 import Kami memasukkan tekstil dari Jepang. We import textile from Japan.
-memasuki: v /tr/ enter (sth)
-masuk akal: adj reasonable, stand to reason.
-pemasukan: n 1 in flow (in a business or company’s cash flow) 2 income 3 net profit
-termasuk: adv include Rekening itu termasuk pajak dan rekening telepon. The bill includes taxes and telephone call.

masya Allah: intrj. Good heavens! My God! (an exclamation expressing strong disapproval).

masyakat: see masakat:

masyarakat: n /frm/lu/ 1 community,  inhabit­ants masyarakat pedesaan rural community. 2 society masyarakat pencinta lingkungan environmentalist society 2 public Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat {Puskesmas} Public Health Centre 3 people  masyarakat Eropah European people
-bermasyarakat1: v maintain relationship with certain clan, group Dia sangat pintar bermasyarakat. She is successful in maintaining relationship with the community.
-bermasyarakat: n relationship (with community) Bermasyarakat adalah salah satu faktor penting bagi seorang politisi Relationship with the public is a very important factor for a politician.
-kemasyarakatan: n public affair.
-pemasyarakatan: n 1 socialization 2 rehabilitation Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Rehabilitation Institute |the name given to the organization that control prisons|
-memasyarakatkan: v socialize Kita perlu memasyarakatkan program itu sebelum pelaksanaannya. We need to socialize the program before implementation
-memasyarakat: v 1 be conform to so­ciety’s norms, be socialized, mingle with society. 2 well known by public. 3 be public (a profitable company). P.T Century mulai memasyarakat tahun 2010. Century Ltd started public (offer its share to the public) in 2010.

masygul: adj /frm/ sad, downhearted, pitiful, concerned. Hatinya masygul melihat orang gelandagan itu. He was pitiful to see the homeless people.
-kemasygulan: n anxiety. concern .

masyhur: adj /frm/lu/ well-known, famous.
-kemasyhuran: n 1 popularity 2 fame 3 renown
-memasyhurkan: v 1 publicize  2 make famous Tulisan itu telah memasyhurkan namanya. The writing has made his name famous.
-termasyhur: v be famous, be well known.

Masyumi {Majlis Syuro Muslimin Indonesia}: n a mod­ernist Islamic party prior to 1960.

mata1: n /frm/lu/ 1 eyes 2 magic eye of radio, TV (the light that turns on). 3 /in some regions only/ fruit similar to the lychee 4 holes for shoelaces. 5 mata-mata: spy, detective.
-bermata: v have eyes.
-bermatakan: v used (sth) as the eye catcher  Cincin itu bermatakan berlian. The ring has a diamond attached on it.
-mata alamat: n objective, tar­get.
-mata angin: n points of the compass.
-mata air: n spring source, well.
-mata anggan belanja: n line item in a budget.
-mata awas: adj sharp (sight/eyes).
-mata ayam: adj bear sighted.
-mata bakup: n black eye.
mata ­bedil: n bead (of a gun).
-mata benda: n the value of things
-mata betung: adj dumb, uneducated, ignorant.
-mata bajak: n plowshare.
-mata beliung: n cutting edge of an ax.
-mata bisul: n core of a boil.
-mata buatan: n glass/lens eye.
-mata buaya: n sb  who is constantly on the lookout for women.
-mata buku: n knuckle.
-mata bulan: n dimly visible moon.
-mata cincin: n stone in a ring.
-mata dacing: n gauge (on scales).
-mata dekat: adj myopic, near­sighted.
-mata duitan: adj craving for money.
-mata elang: n ea­gle-eyed.
-mata gelap: n amuck.
-mata gunting: n sharp edge of scissors.
mata hati: n inner feelings
-mata ikan: n corn on toe.
-mata jalan: n 1 watch­man 2 scout.
-mata jauh: adj farsighted.
mata jala: n mesh of  a net
-mata jarum: n the hole/point  of a needle.
-mata kail: n fish hook, barb.
-mata kaki: n ankle.
-mata ­kayu: n knot on wood.
-mata kepala: n sb’s own eyes.
mata keranjang: adj sex lover
-mata kucing: n semi­precious stone..
-mata kuliah: n subject of a study.
-mata panah: n arrowhead.
-mata pedoman: n points of the compass.
-mata ­pelajaran: n subject of curricula
-mata pena: n pen
-mata pengajaran: n subject of instruction. ­
-mata penghidupan/pencarian: n take home pay
-mata petir: n flash of lightening.
-mata piano: n piano key.
-mata pisau: n knife blade.
-mata rabun: n almost blind eyes.
-mata rantai: n link (of sth, of chain)
-mata sangkur: n sharp point of a bayonet.
-mata sapi: n halfdone fried egg.
-mata sipit: n slant-eyed.
-mata susu: n nipple.
-mata tangga: n rung of ladder.
-mata tombak: n sharp point of spear.
-memata-matai: v 1 investigate, look into. 2 spy on.
-mata uang: n currency Bolaeh saya bayar dengan mata uang asing? May I pay with foreign currency?
-permata: n jewellery, precious stone.
-termata: adj 1 obvious  2 transparent

mata2; semata;  semata-mata: adv /frm/lu/ only |nothing other than| Apa yang dia katakana, adalah dusta semata. What he said was nothing but a lie.Kedatangan dia kesini semata-mata untuk bergosip. Her coming here only for gossiping

matahari: n /frm/lu/ the sun |the large bright star in the sky that gives us light and heat, and around which the Earth moves|
-matahari beralih: n evening |after 5:00 p.m.|
-matahari berayun: n around 4:00 p.m.
-mathari masuk/tenggelam: n sun set
-matahari mati: n sunset
-matahari naik: n sunrise.
-matahari terpijak: n noon.

mata-mata: n /frm/lu/ spy, secret agent

matang: adj /frm/lu/ 1 ripe. Buah mangga sudah matang. The mango has been ripe. 2 mature, adult. kepribadian yang matang mature personality. –syn: masak
-kematangan1: adj 1 overripe 2 overcooked
-kematangan: n ripeness, maturity
-mematangkan: v ripen, cook, bake, boil
-pematangan: n maturation.

matari: variant of matahari:

matematik; matematika: n /frm/lu/ mathematics.

matematikus: n /frm/lu/ mathematician.

matematis: adj /frm/lu/ mathematical.

mateng: variant of matang:

materai: see meterai:

materi1: see patri:

materi2: n /frm/lu/ 1 material 2 subject matter.

materialis; materialistis: adj /frm/lu/ materialistic.

materiil: adj /frm/lu/ material

mati1: v /frm/lu/ 1 die, be dead. Anjingku mati kemarin. My dog died yesterday. 2 malfunction, doesn’t work Apa yang membuat mesin itu mati? What make the machine doesn’t work 3 stop  Kerannya mati, apa yang terjadi? The faucet stop, what happen? 4 extinguished (fire) 5 off Radionya sudah mati The radio has been off.
-kematian: n death
-mematikan1: adj deadly Itu racun mematikan. It was a deadly poison.
-mematikan2: v extinguish, turn off, stop, kill.

mati2: adj /frm/lu/ fix Apa itu harga mati? Is it a fix price?
-mati angin: adj 1 weak 2 out of air
-mati ayam: v croak
-mati bebang: n pre-natal death
-mati beranak: n maternal death
-mati bersebab: v natural death (not by an accident)
-mat bongkong: adv die in vain.
-mati garing: v die of hunger or malnutrition
-mati haid: n menopause.
-mati konyol: v die in vain.
-mati kutu: adj power­less, impotent.
-mati langkah: n /chess/ checkmated, stymied.
-mati lepur: v suffocate in mud.
-mati lidah: adj speechless.
-mati lumrah: n die of a natural death.
-mati mampus: v die right away.
-mati-matian: adv all out, with all efforts  Dia bekerja mati-matian He works all out
-mati modar: v /vul./ kicked off. ­
-mati pucuk: adj impotent.
-mati rasa: adj senseless, apathetic
-mati sabil: v die for a worthy cause.
-mati sahid: v die in a holy war.
-mati sesat: v commit suicide.
-mati suri: v suspended animation.
-mati tersalai: adj asphyxiated.

matine: n matinee.

Matius: n 1 Matthew. 2 /Bib./ the Book of Matthew.

matra: n /frm/ 1 dimension |a measurement of space in a particular direction, such as length, height, or width| 2 musical measure, bar.
-kematraan: n dimensionality.

matras: n /frm/lu/ mattress, mat.

mau1: v /frm/lu/ 1 shall, will. Apa kamu mau datang besok? Will you come to morrow? Dia mau datang sore ini She will come this afternoon.  2 want Apa kamu mau kopinya pahit? Do you want your coffee black?  Dia tidak mau pergi bersama kita. He didn’t want to go with us. Tuan ­mau apa? What do you want? 3 wish Saya mau tetapi saya tidak bisa.I wish but I couldn’t.

mau2: n /frm/lu/ wish, desire, hope, intention. Itu maunya Tuhan.It is the God wish. Maunya sih saya ikut dengan dia. My wish actually, I want to go with her.
-berkemauan: v 1 be wishful Dia berkemauan tinggi menjadi seorang arsitek. He’s wishful to be an architect. 2 have a will. desire, wish.
-kemauan: n 1 wish 2 desire 3 hope 4 intention.
-kemautahuan: n curiousity.
-mau tahu: v be curious
-mau sama mau: adv mutually liking. Kalau kedua mereka mau sama mau, siapa peduli? If both of them mutually like each other, who care?
-mau tidak mau1: adv willy-nilly |a condition when you’re between to say “yes” or “not”| Dia belum pasti ikut, masih antara mau tidak mau. It didn’t fixed yet if she want to go or not, she stands willy-nilly 2 |if you are in a situation that you have no other choice| Pada waktu itu saya tidak ada pilihan lain, mau tidak mau saya harus pergi. At that time I have no other choice, like or not I have to go.
-semaunya: adv just as sb wish |without considering the other’s need, opinion, or norm|  Dia melakukan itu semaunya. He did it just as he wish. Jangan semaunya dong? Don’t do it just as you wish, will you?

maulana: n /Isl./ our Lord. 2 the Honorable |title of a Muslim scholar|.

maulid, maulud: n /Isl./ 1 Muhammad’s birthday. 2 stories of Muhammad’s birth.

maupun; mau pun: conj. /lu/ 1 and 3 or Evi maupun Eri tidak akan ada bedanya. Evi or Eri doesn’t make any difference 4 (Either) … or …. Baik kereta api maupun pesawat udara, dua-duanya nyaman. Either train or plane are comfortable 3 Neither …nor… Baik kereta api maupun bus kedua-duanya tidak mahal Neither train nor bus aren’t expensive  4 as well as Anthony maupun Judith mengenal kita dengan baik Anthony as well as Judith know us very well.

maut1: n /frm/lu/ 1 death. Maut telah membawanya pergi Death had taken him away 2 time of death.  Bertobatlah sebelum waktu kedatangan maut.Repent before the coming of time of death

maut2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 deadly Tyson punya pukulan maut. Tyson has a deadly punch. Itu satu kecelakaan maut. It’s a deadly disaster

mawar: n /frm/lu/ 1 rose.

mawas1: n /frm/lu/ orangutan.

mawas2; mawas(diri)1: n /frm/lu/ 1 self-introspection, self-correction, self-appraisal. Mawasdiri sangat perlu bagi seorang pemimpin yang baik. An introspection is important for a good leader. Dia tidak pernah mawas diri He never do an self-introspection
-mawas(diri)2: v to do a self-introspection.
-mawas(diri)3: adj introspective. Sepanjang saya tahu dia adalah orang yang mawasdiri. As far as I know, he is an introspective person

maya1; kemayaan: n /frm/lu/ illusion, hallucination.

maya2: adj /frm/lu/ clear and trans­parent.

maya3: dunia maya; n cyberspace

mayam: n /ld/ a unit of gold weight. |10 grams equal to 3 mayam|

mayang: n /ld/ spadix, palm blossom

Mayang: /zod./ Virgo |the sixth sign of the zodiac, represented by a virgin| 2 sb born between August 23 and September 22

mayat: n /frm/lu/ corpse |a dead body|

mayeng: adj /ltr/ continuous

mayeur: see mayor:

mayor1: n /frm/lu/ 1 major. |also Major an officer who has a middle rank in the Army, Air Force, or Marines| 2 Major Jenderal: Major General.

mayor2: n /tech/ major |key of a music as compare to minor|.

mayoritas: n /frm/lu/ majority.

mazhab: n /Isl./ school of thought concerning Muslim law. ulama-ulama yang mazhab Safi’i scholars of the Shafi’i   2 sect. 3 school of thought, school of scientific discipline.

mazmur: n /Bib./ Book of Psalms. 2 psalm.
-bermazmur: v praise God by singing the psalm.

MB {Markas Besar}: n headquarters.

MBAU {Markas Besar Angkatan Udara}: n Air Force Headquarter .

mbah: n /ld/ 1 leader 2 maestro, master, champion. Dia adalah mbahnya kung fu He is a master of kung fu 2 variant of embah:

mbak; mbakyu: n /ld/ term of address to a Javanese woman

mbok1: intrj. /inf/ |a coaxing particle| Mbok sudah, jangan mena­ngis. Come on! Don’t cry!

mbok2: n /ld/inf/ |form of address for older.Javanese woman of humble origin|.
-mbok; embank: n nursemaid.

MCK {mandi cuci kakus}: n public bathing, washing, and toilet facilities.

mebel: n /ld/ furniture.
-permebelan: n the furniture business.

mebeler: adj /ld/ pertaining to furniture

medali: n /frm/lu/ medal.

medalyon; medallion: n /frm/lu/ pendant.

medan: n /frm/lu/ 1 field, plain, square. 2 domain, realm
-medan gaya/maknit: n magnetic field.
-medan perang/laga: n battlefield.
-medan ramai: n public domain.

media: n /frm/lu/ media. media massa: mass media.

median: n /tech/ median.

mediasi: n /frm/lu/ mediation.

medio- mid-: adj medio Juni. mid-June.

medis: adj /frm/lu/ medical.

meditasi: n /frm/lu/ meditation.
-bermeditasi: v /intr/ mediate
-memeditasikan: v /tr/ meditate on.

medok1: adv /ld/ pronounce words with a strong accent of particular language.
-memedokkan: v /tr/ say sth with a strong accent (of a particular language)
-kemedokan: n strength (of particular accent.)

medok2; meduk: adj /ld/ 1 porous. 2 dirty, filthy. 3 done. cooked. Makin meduk makin enak The more it’s cooked the better it tastes.

MEE {Masyarakat Ekonomi Eropah}: n European Economic Community.

meester: see mester:

mega: n /ltr/ cloud.
-mega mendung: n heavy cloud |the cloud that tends to change into shower|

megafon: n /lu/ megaphone.

megah: adj /frm/lu/ 1 luxurious, grandiose |very comfortable, beautiful, and expensive| kamar megah di sebuah hotel di pantai a luxurious room in a hotel on the coast 2 extravagant |spending a lot of money on things that are not necessary, or costing a lot of money| gaya hidup megah bintang film the extravagant lifestyles of movie stars pesta yang megah extravagant parties  3 glorious. |beautiful or extremely nice or wonderful| Itu satu hari yang megah It was a glorious day! (beautiful sunny weather)
-bermegah-megah: adv extravagantly Mereka selalu hidup bermegah-megah. They always live extravagantly.
-memegahkan: v /tr/ make sth extravagant.
-kemegahan: n extravagance, luxury

megap-megap: v /frm/lu/ gasp for breath.

megapon: variant of megafon:

Mei: n May.

meja: n /frm/lu/ 1 table.
-meja abu: n /Chn./ ancestral altar.
-meja biliar: n billiard table.
-maja bundar: n round table.
-meja hijau: n court.
-memeja hijaukan: v bring a case to court.
-meja hias: n dress­ing table.
-meja kedai: n shop counter.
-meja kursi: n furniture.
-meja ­makan: n dining table
-meja tarik: n ex­tension table.
-meja tulis: n desk, writing table.

mekanik; mekanika: n /frm/lu// mechanics.

mekanis: adj /frm/lu/ mechanical. Itu gerakan mekanis. It’s a mechanical movement. Dia bekerja secara mekanis He works mechanically.

mekanisasi: n /frm/lu/ mechanization.
-memekanisasikan: v mechanize.
-memekanisir: v mechanize.

mekanisme: n /frm/lu/ mechanism.
-mekanisme harga: n price mechanism.

mekar; memekar: v /frm/lu/ 1 blossom forth, rise,  open up, blossom, grow. Kembang melati itu mulai­ mekar. The jasmine has started to blossom. 2 rise, Ado­nan kue itu mekar The cake dough is rising. 3 enlarge, expand, extend |to become bigger, or to make something become bigger| Saya mau foto ini di mekarkan I’m going to get some of these pictures enlarged.
4 get better Hatinya yang mulai mekar kuncup kembali He was just beginning to feel good when he went back into a depression.
-bermekaran: v blossom in quantity.
-memekarkan: v 1 make blossom or rise. 2 enlarge  Ragi dipergunakan untuk memekarkan adonan They use yeast to make the dough rise. 2 spread out. Saya memekarkan payung I opened the umbrella.
-pemekaran: n enlargement, expansion |a process of making blossom out, enlarge, expand, etc| Pemekaran Kabupaten-kabupaten menjadi provinsi. The expansion of districts to become a province

Meksiko: n Mexico.

melainkan: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 but, other than. Bukan dia yang saya maksud melainkan saudaranya. He is not what I man but his brother. 2 except. Tidak ada yang tahu melainkan dia Nobody knows but he. (except he)

Melaka: n Malacca.

melambang: n /ld/ flat-bottomed boat.

melamin: n /frm/lu/ melamine |colourless substance that is soluble and used as a layer of solid substance and plastic|

melankolik; melankolis: adj /lu/ melancholy.

melar: v /frm/lu/ stretch, expand, enlarge. Bahan ini akan melar kalau terkena panas. This substance will enlarge if it is exposed to heat

melar: adj /frm/lu/ elastic

melarat: adj /frm/lu/ poor, miserable.
-memelaratkan: v impoverish, make poor and miserable. Kekacauan politik telah memelaratkan rakyat Political chaos has impoverished the people
-kemelaratan: n misery, pov­erty.

melas; memelas: adj /frm/lu/ miserable |inspiring pity and very unhappy, especially because you are lonely or sick|  Dia dirumah melas menderita flu. She’s at home feeling miserable with the flu. Dengan suara memelas dia minta bantuan saya. With a pitiful voice he beg my assistance.

melatat-melotot: v /lu/inf/ bulge (of the eyes)

melati: n /frm/lu/ jasmine.

Melayu1: n 1 Malay |one of well-known Southeast Asia ethnic whose dialect become the root of bahasa Indonesia|  2 people who belongs to this ethnic
-Malayan: adj |pertaining to the characteristic of this ethnic| Malayan song, Malayan dance, etc.
Melayu Raya: n 1 |a political union of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei proposed by Su­karno in the 1960s. 2 Indonesian and not Cauca­sian (self-deprecatory).
-Dasar Melayu!: intrj. /off./ No wonder! That’s all we Indonesians can do!
-spion Melayu: n bumbling inept spy.
-memelayukan: v translate into Malay.

melek: adj /frm/lu/1 be awake, have sb’s eyes open. Bayi sudah melek ­The baby is awake. 2 be aware of the world, educated. Dia belum melek huruf. He isn’t literate yet.
-kemelekan huruf: n literacy.
-memelekkan: v /tr/ open sb’s eyes to.

melempem: adj /inf/lu/ 1 soggy, not properly dry and crisp. Kue itu jangan ditinggalkan di luar, nanti melempem. Do not leave the cookies out or they will get soggy. 2 lack of hardness, grows weak. Perjuangan kita tidak boleh­ melempen. Our struggle must not be allowed to grow weak.

meleng: see meling:

meleset: adj /frm/ lu/ 1 miss the target, be wrong. Dugaanya tidak melest His estimation wasn’t wrong. 2 depressing, slump.

meligi: adv /ld/ only, purely.

melioner: see milyuner:

melodi: n /frm/lu/ melody.

melodika: n /frm/lu/ wind instrument with keys like a piano.

melongo: variant of longo:

melulu: adv /lu/inf/ exclusively, only. Uang ini melulu untuk makanan kamu This money is exclusively for your meals.

melur: n /ld/ jasmine.

mem-: pref. makan → memakan; lukis; lukisan → melukis; buat, buatan → membuat

memang: adv /frm/lu/ |used as a statement to say that sth is true but it doesn’t necessarily we fully agree or support it| 1 that right/true Ya, memang saya yang melakukan itu. Yes! that’s true that I who did it. Memang benar tidak jauh dari sini. It’s true that it’s not far from here. 2 that is it Memang itu yang saya maksud. That is it what I mean. 3 memangnya: in so far Memangnya siapa yang bilang demikian? In so far who said that? 4 memang sebenarnya: actually Memang sebenarnya dia berhak untuk itu. Actually she has a right for it. 5 so Memang kenapa? So what?

memar: adj /frm/lu/ bruised.
-mememarkan: v bruise.

membara: v /frm/lu/ blaze,  burn

membasir: see mubasir:

memble: adj /lu/inf/ 1 pout |to push out your lips because you are annoyed, or in order to look sexually attractive| Jangan memble, makan makanannya. Stop pouting and eat your dinner. 2 sullen. |silently showing anger or bad temper| 3 ugly, lousy, not very well.

membrane: n /tech/ 1 filter in automobile engine. 2 membrane.

meminta: variant of minta:

memoir: n /frm/ memoirs

memori: n /frm/lu/ 1 explanatory statement, memorandum 2 memory  ­
-memory banding: n brief for an appeal.

mempan: adj /frm/lu/ 1 effective, sensitive |producing the result that was wanted or intended| Apa obat ini mempan mengobati flu? Is this medicine effective to cure flu?| 1 be vulnerable. Baja ini tidak mempan di tembus peluru? This metal isn’t penetrable by a bullet

mempelai: n /frm/lu/ bride and/or bridegroom.

mempelajari: v /frm/lu/ to learn |see ajar|

memper: v /ld/ resemble, be similar to. Kenapa tidak memper ibu­nya, ya? Why she does not resemble her mother?

Embacang: n /frm/lu/ a fruit that is simi­lar to a mango.

mempunyai: see punya:

men-: pref. to form verb |coba: v try; percobaan: n trial; → mencoba: v try.; contoh: n example → mencontoh: v copy, take sth as a model or as an example; janji: n promise → menjanjikan: v promise;  takut: adj afraid → menakut-nakuti: v frighten/
Note: coba as well as mencoba is a verb Mostly coba used as an imperative verb, while mencoba mostly used as a transitive verb, e.g. Coba dulu baju ini apakah cocok sama kamu! Try this shirt if it fits you!  Dia sedang mencoba baju itu diruang pas. She is trying the dress in the fitting room.

mena; semena:mena: adv /frm/lu/ 1 abusively. Dia memperlakukan tahanan itu semena-mena He treads the prisoner abusively Mereka menggunakan uang itu semena-mena. They used the money abusively. 2  with no reason, immorally, unlawful Musuh membom dengan semena-mena. The enemy bombed for no reason.

Menag {Menteri Agama}: n Minister of Religious Affairs.

menang; memenangkan: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/  1 win, come out on top. Siapa menang pertandingan akan mendapat hadiah Who win the game will get a price. 2 pass (an examination) Apa dia menang ujian itu? Did he passed the test?
-kemenangan: n 1 victory Kami tidak butuh apa-apa kecuali kemenangan. Nothing we want but victory. 2 point, gaining, obtain, occupy. Paratai Nasional memenangkan 55% keanggotaan parlemen. National Party gain 55% of parliament membership.
-pemenang: n winner

menantu: n /frm/lu/ son or daughter-in-law.
-bermenantukan: v to be son or daughter-in-law. Saya ingin bermenantukan John I like John to be my son-in-law.

menara: n /frm/lu/ tower. menara air watertower. menara lampu lighthouse.
-/idiom/ menara gading sth that is difficult to attain. Masuk perguruan tinggi buat saya adalah menara gading. Going to a college is a difficult thing to do with me.

mencak; mencak-mencak: v /inf/lu/ 1 fly into rage |be out of control because is very angry| Apa yang membuat dia mencak-mencak? What made him to fly into rage? 2 move/act convulsively  Dia mencak-mencak setelah melihat ada ular. She move convulsively seeing a snake

mencang-mencong: adj /inf/lu/  contorted  |not in a straight line or normal shape| Tata letak pameran itu mencang-mencong. The lay out of the exhibition area was contorted. Seorang pria yang mulutnya mencong: A man with contorted mouth

menceret: v /frm/lu/ have diarrhea: see ceret:

mencla-mencle: adj /Jv/ inconsistent |unreliable because easily change his/her commitment|

mencong: adj /lu/ 1 askew, aslant |without any specific direction or aim|
memencongkan: v twist askew. memencongkan bibir twist the lips.
-kemencongan: n 1 declivity. 2 going off in a skewed direction.

mencos: v /Jkt/ miss a target, fail, not be in a straight line.

mencret: variant of menceret:

mendadak: adv /frm/lu/ accidentally, suddenly; see dadak:

Mendagri {Menteri Dalam Negeri}: n Minister for Inter­nal Affairs.

mendali: variat of medali:

mendam: v /frm/lu/ 1 be hide away 2 be buried –syn: terpendam: see pendam:

mendap: v /lu/ sink, settle.
-(m)endapan: n sediment, deposit.

mendiang: n /frm/lu/ the late. mendiang tuan Ali the late Mr. Ali.

Mendikbud {Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan}: n Minister of Education and Culture.

mending; mendingan: adv /frm/lu/ 1 (fairly) accepted)  |reasonable and acceptable according to what people normally accept as being right| Apa kualitasnya mendingan? Is the quality fairly accepted? 2 |used to expressed that sth is more fairly accepted compare to others| Mobil ini masih mendingan dari pada yang satu lagi This car is more fairly accepted than the other one. Keadaan di sini masih mendingan The situation here is still more tolerable 3 |used to express that sth not even fairly accepted or enough based on a normal standard| Bagaimana kamu bisa kerja di luar negeri, mendingan kamu bisa berbahasa Inggris. How can you work abroad, not even your English fairly good

mendung: adj /frm/lu/ cloudy, overcast.
-memendungi: v 1 cloud over. 2 cast a cloud over.

mendusin: variant of dusin:

menejer: n /frm/lu/ manager.

meng: pref. 1 used to change a the function of a word i.g. from noun to adjective, from adjective to verb, etc.|  ambang: n threshold: → mengambang: v be situated at the threshold level; kuat: adj strong → menguat: v become stronger; kandungan: n pregnancy →  mengandung: pregnant; etc|  2 |used to modify an informal verb to be a formal verb i.g; ngebut (inf) ® mengebut (frm); ngambang (inf) ® mengambang (frm)

mengah; (ter)mengah-mengah: v /inf/ huff and puff, out of breath.

mengangah: v /ld/ 1 have fiery coals. 2 blaze, burn; see api:

mengap: v 2 pant, gasp for breath. –syn: gape

mengapa: adv /frm/lu/ 1 why? Mengapa kamu lakukan itu? Why did you do it? 2 what make: Mengapa dia menangis? What made she crying?

mengecat: mencat: v /frm/lu/ paint; see cat:

mengenai: adv /frm/lu/ 1 concerning, about. |on or dealing with a particular subject| Saya akan mengatakan semua hal mengenai itu nanti. I’ll tell you all about it later. Sebuah buku mengenai bagaimana mula terbentuknya sejagat A book about how the universe began.

mengenai: v /frm/lu/ hit, be hit or reach by sth. Tembakan itu tidak mengenai sasaran The shoot didn’t hit the target. syn: kena:

mengepas: v /lu/ to fit; see pas:

mengepel: see pel:

mengerti: v /frm/lu/ understand. Saya mengerti apa maksud kamu I understand what you mean.
-penertian: n understanding.

mengetahui: see tahu:

mengga: adj /ld/ complete, perfect.
-semengga: adv the only Saya harus menjual mobil semengga itu. I have to sell the only a car I have.
-semengga-mengganya: adv completely, perfectly.

mengkal: adj /lu/ 1 unripe (of fruit). 2 improperly rip­ened because of defect. 3 annoyed, irritated. Hatinya mengkal melihat kamu. He is very much annoyed to see you.
-ber­hati mengkal: v be irritated, annoyed.
-memengkalkan: v annoy, irri­tate. memengkalkan hati annoying sb’s feeling

Mengkasar: variant of Makasar:

mengkeret: v /ld/ 1 shrink. Baju ini biasanya mengkerat setelah dicuci This shirt usually shrinks after washing. 2 angry. Jangan mengkerat bung! Do not be get angry, my friend. 3 afraid, scared. Pencuri itu mengkerat sekali melihat polisi The thief became very afraid to see the police. 4 double up with pain. Dia mengkerat kesakitan She doubled up in pain.
-mengkeratkan: v make sth shrink.

mengkerut: v /intr/frm/lu/ shrink
-mengkerutkan: v /tr/ shrink Dia mengkerutkan dahinya penuh tanda tanya. She shrink her forehead anxiously.
-dikerutkan: v be shrunk, be decreased Posisinya telah dikerutkan dari tingkat atas menjadi menegah. His position has been shrunk from a high level to middle level.

mengkilap; berkilap: v /frm/lu/ shine;  see kilap:

mengkilat: see kilat:

mengkudu: variant of bengkudu:

Menhankam {Menteri Pertahanan dan Keamanan}: n Minister of Defense and Security.

Menhub {Menteri Perhubungan}: n Minister of Transportation.

meni: n /frm/lu/ orange paint used as antirust primer.

menir: n /frm/lu/ finely ground grains of rice.

menit: n /frm/lu/ minute.

menjak: see semenjak:

menjangan: n /Jv/ltr/ deer.

Menkeh {Menteri Kehakiman}: n Minister of Justice.

Menkes {Menteri Kesehatan}: n Minister of Health.

Menkesra {Menteri Kesejahteraan Rakyat}: n Minister of People’s Welfare.

Menkeu {Menteri Keuangan}: n Minister of Finance.

Menko {Menteri Koordinator}: n Coordinating Minis­ter.

Menkop {Menteri Koperasi}: n Minister of Coopera­tives.

Menlu {Menteri Luar Negeri}: n Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Menpan {Menteri Negara Penertiban Aparatur Ne­gara}: n State Minister for Public Administration Control

Menpen {Menteri Penerangan}: n Minister of Infor­mation.

Menpera {Menteri Negara Urusan Perumahan Rak­yat}: n State Minister of Public Housing.

Menperdag {Menteri Perdagangan}: n Minister of Trade.

Menperhub: variant Menhub:

Menpora {Menteri Negara Pemuda dan Olah Raga}: n State Minister of Youth and Sports.

Menneg PPLH {Menteri Negara Pembinaaan dan Peles­tarian Lingkungan Hidup}: n State Minister of En­vironmental Affairs.

Menristek {Menteri Negara Riset dan Teknologi}: n State Minister of Research and Technology.

mens1: n lu/ menstruation

mens2: v /lu/ menstruate.

Mensekneg; Mensesneg {Menteri Sekretaris Nega­ra}: n State Secretary.

mensiu: see mesiu:

Mensos: {Menteri Sosial}: n Minister for Social Affairs.

menstruasi1: n /frm/lu/ menstruation.

menstruasi2: v /frm/lu/ menstruate.

mentah: adj /frm/lu/ 1 unripe, raw, uncooked. Buah mentah itu asam The unripe fruit is sour. 2 incomplete, unfin­ished. Sekolahnya mentah di pertengahan. His study was half-incomplete. 3 failed Upaya artis itu menciptakan gaya baru telah mentah.The artist endeavour to crate a new style failed  4 refused Usulan kita itu telah mentah kembali. Our proposal was refused again .
-mementahkan: v make sth fail, unfinished, incomplete, etc.

mental1: v /frm/lu/ 1 bounce off, rebound. Bola itu mental jauh sekali The ball bounced very far away. 2 be launched (of a vessel).

mental2; sikap mental: n /frm/lu/ mentality |a particular type of attitude or way of thinking| sikap mental yang agresif. an aggressive mentality

mentalisme: n /frm/lu/ mentalism.

mentalitas; mentalitet: n /frm/lu/ mentality.

Mentan {Menteri Pertanian}: n Minister of Agricul­ture.

mentang; mentang-mentang: adv /inf/lu/ just because Mentang-mentang orang kaya,  dia berbuat  semaunya saja Just because he is rich he thinks he can do as he likes.

mentari: variant: variant of matahari: .

mente: n /lu/ cashew.
-kacang mente: n cashew nut.

mentega: n /frm/lu/ 1 butter. 2 margarine mentega buatan/tiruan artificial margarine.
-mementegai: v smear with butter.

Menteng: n an elite housing area of Jakarta.

mentera: variant of mantera:

mentereng: adj /frm/lu/ 1 dressed up. Mentereng seperti itu, mau kemana? Where are you going, with such dressed up? 2 lux­urious, magnificent. Rumah orang kaya itu mentereng sekali. The house of that rich family is very magnificent.
-kementerengan: n luxury, magnificence.

menteri: n /frm/lu/ minister Menteri Luar Negeri. Minister of Foreign Affairs  Menteri Negara State Minis­ter
-kementerian: n ministry, department. Kementerian Keuangan Finance Department (Ministry) Kementerian Luar Negeri. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

mentimun: n /frm/lu/ cucumber.

mentok: n /Jv/ 1 breast of chicken 2 turkey |bird similar to duck and averagely bigger|

mentol: n /lu/ menthol.

mentua: variant of mertua:

menu: n /frm/lu/ menu 1 |a list of all the kinds of food that are available for a meal in a restaurant| Coba kita lihat apa yang ada dalam menu. Let’s see what’s on the menu. 2 |a list of things that you can choose from or ask a computer to do, that is shown on the screen|

menung; bermenung: v /frm/lu/ 1 muse |to imagine or think a lot about something or an unreal thing|  Tamatan baru perguruan tinggi bermenung tentang bagaimana kirannya masa depan. New college graduates musing on/over what the future might hold 2 mediate 3 |to think quietly and seriously for a long time about something you intend to do, or in order to understand something:  Bahkan saya tidak bisa bermenung tentang mengambil liburan saat ini. I can’t even contemplate taking a vacation right now.
-kemenungan: n 1 |a state of musing or deep meditation|  -memenungkan: v /tr/ 1 muse sth  2 mediate sth 3 contemplate (sth)
-pemenung: n dreamer
-pemenungan: n 1 musing 2 meditation 3 contemplation
-termenung: variant of bermenung:

Menwa {Resimen Mahasiswa}: n students with military training.

meny-: pref. |use to form verb e.g. serang ® menyerang; serah ® menyerah; selesai; ® menyelesaikan|

menyan: variant of kemenyaan:

menyesal: see sesal:

menyolok: variant of colok2 & colok3:

meong: n 1 /spo/ sound made by a cat, meow. 2 /lu/ cat.

mepet: see pepet:

merah1: n /frm/lu/ red.
-kemerah-merahan: adj reddish.
-merah bata: n brick-red.
-merah bungsu/bungur: n pur­ple.
-merah dadu: n pink.
-merah darah: n blood-red.
-merah hati: n wine ­colored.
-merah jambu: n pink.
-merah lembayung: n crimson..
-merah merang: n reddish brown.
-merah muda: n 1 pink 2 blush­ing.
-merah padam: n hot red.
-merah pijar: n bright red.
-merah telur: n yolk.
-merah tua: n dark red.
-memerah: v 1 redden 2 become red. Bunga itu sedang memerah The flowers are turning red
-memerahkan: v make red.
-pemerah: n 1 reddening agent 2 pemerah bibir: lipstick 3 pemerah pipi: rouge.
-sang)merah putih:
n the Indonesian flag

merah2: adj /frm/lu/ red Saya suka dasi merah I like red tie. Siapa itu yang berblus merah? Who is that with red blouse?
-kemerah-merahan: adj reddish

merak: n /lu/ peacock.

meram: see merem:

merana: adj /frm/lu/ 1 miserable and poor. 2 miserable and lonely. Hidupnya sangat merana. His life is very miserable.

merang: n /ld/ rice straw (of paddy).

meranti: n /frm/lu/ any kind of tree which is very popular to make timber.

merata: see rata:

merawan: n /ld/ |any kind of big tree good for house materials and furniture – Diptero – carpaceae|

mercon: see mercun:

mercu: n /ltr/ 1 top point, summit, crow’s nest. 2 tree’s top
-mercu suar: n lighthouse.
-mercu gunung: n mountain peak.

mercun: n /frm/lu/ fireworks.
-mercun bumbung: n bamboo cannon using carbide.

mercy: n Mercedes-Benz (esp. as a symbol of opulence).

merdeka: adj /frm/lu/ independent |not controlled by other country| Indonesia menjadi Negara merdeka sejak 17 Augustus 1945 Indonesia becomes an independent country since August 17, 1945.
-kemerdekaan: n independency
-memerdekakan: v to liberate (a country) from control.
-pemerdekaan: n liberation.
Note: There are a number of synonyms to this words such as bebas (free), lepas (liberated), etc. Merdeka mostly used to describe that a country is not controlled by other country. Don’t use this word to mean that sth not having any of particular substance such as “susu merdeka lemak” to mean “fat-free-milk”  but “susu bebas lemak” and don’t say “ambil ini merdeka” to mean “take it for free” but say “bisa diambil gratis

merdu: adj /frm/lu/ melodious, nice, clear, soft |all this word used to describe music, song, and voice| She has a very melodious voice to sing.
-kemerduan: n |the state of being melodious|
-memerdu: v sound sweet/nice/melodious

merek: see merk:

mereka: pron. /frm/lu/ 1 they  Mereka sudah tinggal disini selama 10 tahun. They have live here for 10 years 2 them Mari kita undang mereka makan malam bersama kita. Let’s invite them to have a dinner with us. 3 their Apa ini rumah mereka? Is this their house? 4 theirs Ya, kamu benar. Ini milik mereka. Yes, you are right. This is theirs. 5 mereka sendiri: themselves   Apa mereka sendiri yang membeli rumah ini? Did they buy this house by themselves?
Note: Pay attention to the difference role of the pronoun in each of the above sentences. In “tata bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian rammar)”  although the role of a pronoun changed  but the spelling doesn’t  changed. So use “mereka” as a subject  pronoun (they), object pronoun (them), possessive adjective pronoun (their), possessive pronoun (theirs),  reflexive pronoun (themselves). This rule is also applicable to other pronoun.

merem: v /lu/inf/ |be with closed eyes|
-memeremkan: v close (eyes). Sesudah bebe­rapa jam baru dia bisa merem Only after sev­eral hours he could close his eyes. –syn: /lu/frm/ memejamkan mata

meres: adj even, level.

merger: v /frm/lu/ merger.

meriah: adj /frm/lu/ merry, lively, gay |bright and attractive)
-memeriahkan: v make sth merry.
-dimeriahkan: v /pass.v./ be merry, be lively, be gay Arak-arakan itu dimeriahkan oleh drum band. The parade was lively by a drum band

meriam: n /frm/lu/ cannon, artillery piece.
-meriam buluh: n long, smooth, and cylindrical cannon.
-meriam penangkis: n anti­aircraft cannon.
-meriam penembak cepat: n rapid-fire can­non.
-meriam sundut: n ancient type of cannon.
-memeriami: v attach (a target) with cannon.

meriang: see riang:

merica: n /lu/ pepper, esp white pepper.
-merica bubuk: n ground pepper.
-merica bulat: n pepper corns.

merinding: v /frm/lu/ stand on end |if sb’s hair on the nape  stand on end because she/he is scared, or feel very cold|

meringis: v /frm/lu/ grin, show sb’s teeth.

merjer: variant of  merger:

merk: n /frm/lu/ 1 brand, make. Mobilny  merek apa? What is the brand of his car? 2 trade-mark, label. Merknya ada tertulis di bagian belakang The trade mark is written on the back. 3 qual­ity. 4 signboard.
-bermerek: v 1 have a trademark. 2 have a sign on it. 3 be well known as have a good quality Dia selalu memakai sepatu bermerek. He always put on shoes with well-known high quality.

merkurokrom: n /tech/ mercurochrome.

merosot: see rosot:

merpati: n /frm/lu/ pigeon, dove.
-merpati jambul: n the crested dove.
-merpati ­mahkota: n crown pigeon.
-merpati perdamaian: n the dove of peace.
-merpati pos: n carrier dove

merta: see serta:

mertamu: v /Jv/ pay a visit.

mertua: n /frm/lu/ parent-in-law.
bermertua: v have sb as a father­ or mother-in-law.

meru: n /ld/ 1 pagoda of Hindu temple. 2 rice heaped into a mountain shape.

mes: n /frm/lu/ residence belonging to an organization, accompany, or government body for temporary accommodation of its employees.

mesem: v /Jv/ smile.

mesera: see mesra:

mesin: n /frm/lu/ 1 machine |a piece of equipment that uses power such as electricity to do a particular job| mesin cuci washing machine| 2 engine |a piece of machinery that produces power from oil, steam, electricity etc. and uses it to make something move| mesin mobil the engine of a car| mesin disel diesel engine 3 device |a piece of equipment that is usually small which does a special job| mesin ketik type writer mesin penetas telur egg incubator. 4 equipment |the tools that you need for a particular activity| mesin perang war machine
-bermesin: v be motorized.

Mesir: n Egypt.

mesiu: n /frm/lu/ ammunition.

mesjid: n /frm/lu/ mosque. |a building where Muslims go to have religious services|

meski; meskipun: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 although, in spite of (the fact that). Meski sulit akhirnya dia berhasil juga menyelesaikannya. Although it was difficult, he succeeded anyhow. 2 meski demikian:  nevertheless. Meski demikian, kita perlu juga pergi melihat dia. Nevertheless, we need to go to see him.

mesra: adj /frm/lu/ 1 very close (of human relationship) 2 intimate |relating to sex|  Virus itu dapat menular hanya melalui hubungan mesra. The virus can be transmitted only by intimate contact.
-bermesra-mesraan: v to have intimate relationship between lovers.
-kemesraan: n intimacy (in relationship of two lovers)

mess: variant of mes:

mester: n /of/ 1 lawyer, jurist. 2 title of those holding a Dutch or Indonesian law degree. 3 teacher.

mesti1: adv /frm/lu/ certainly, surely. Kalau kamu belajar keras mesti kamu lulus ujian. If you study hard you will certainly pass the test.

mesti: v /frm/lu/ must, have to. Saya mesti berangkat sekarang juga I have to go now.
-semestinya: v should have been. Itu semestinya sudah selesai sekarang. It should has been finished today.

mestika: n /frm/ magic jewel, precious stone.
-mestika hati: n sweet­heart.

mesum: adj /frm/lu/ 1 immoral |morally wrong, and not accepted by society|  perbuatan mesum immoral sexual acts 2 dirty, filthy. polluted. Wilayah itu telah menjadi mesum. The area has become dirty  3 improper, indecent. Isi bacaan itu mesum. The content of the reading is inde­cent.

meta: adj /ld/ mad, drunk, in a rage.

metabolisme: n /frm/lu/ metabolism.

metafisik: adj /frm/lu/ metaphysical.

metafisika: n /frm/lu/ metaphysics.

metafor; metafora: n /frm/lu/ metaphor.

metal: n /frm/lu/ metal

metalik: adj /frm/lu/ metallic.

metan; metana: n /frm/lu/ methane.

metari: variant of matahari:

meteorologi: n /frm/lu/ meteorology.

meter; meteran1: n /frm/lu/ meter. meteran air water meter. meteran listrik electricity meter.
-meteran2: adv by meter |use meter as the smallest unit of sth| Apa kamu menjual kabelnya meteran? Do you sell the cord by meter?
-meteran3: adj meter (taxi) |using odometer to determine the cost| taxi meteran a taxi using odometer

meterai; meterai: n /frm/lu/ stamp, seal to indicate payment, revenue stamps. meterai surat postage stamp. meterai tempel seal on receipts, checks, etc.
-bermeterai: v have a seal affixed.
-memeteraikan: v stamp, put a seal on.
-termeterai: v be stamped, sealed.

metoda; metode: n /frm/lu/ method. metoda penelitian research method

metodik: adj /frm/lu/ methodical.

metodis: n Methodist.

metodologi: n /frm/lu/ methodology.

metrik: adj /frm/lu/ metric. ukuran metrik metrical scale.

metrika: n /frm/ metrics.

metrology: n /frm/lu/ metrology.

metro mini: n /frm/lu/ medium-sized city bus.

metropolisasi: see metropolitanisasi:

metropolitan: adj /frm/lu/ metropolitan.

metropolitanisasi: n /frm/ the process of making several areas become metropolitan. .

meubel: variant of mebel:

mewah: adj /frm/lu/ 1 luxurious 2 extravagant. jamuan makan malam yang mewah an extravagant –syn: /lu/ megah
-kemewahan: n luxury, extravagance. =syn: /lu/ kemegahan

mh. {marah} (M): n /ld/ a title for male nobility.

Mhd. {Muhammad}: n prophet Muhammmad                 .

mhs. {[mahasiswa}: n /frm/lu/ university student.

mi1: n /frm/lu/ noodles. mi bakso noodles with meatballs.

mi2: n see mami:

miara: see pelihara:

midodareni: n /Jv/ celebration on the eve before wedding

mie: variant of mi:

migas {minyak dan gas bumi}: n /frm/lu/ oil and natural gas.

migran: n /frm/lu/ migrant |people, bird, or animal that regularly moves from one area or country to another| pekerja migrant yang di upah selama perang. migrant workers hired during the war

migrasi: n /frm/lu/ migration.
-bermigrasi: v migrate.

mihun: n /frm/lu/ 1 thin rice noodles 2 dish containing dried noodles with bits of vegetables. –syn: /lu/ bihun
-mihun kuah: n soup with these noodles.

mik: n /frm/lu/ microphone.

mika: n /frm/lu/ mica.

mikro: adj /frm/lu/ micro.

mikroba; microbe: n /frm/lu/ microbe.

mikrobiologi; mikrobiolokhi: n /frm/lu/ microbiology.

mikrobis; microbus: n /frm/lu/ mediumsized bus.

mikrofis: n /tech/ microfiche |a sheet of microfilm that can be read using a special machine, especially at a library|

mikrofon: see mikropon:

mikrolet: n /frm/lu/  a small car used for public transportation like a jitney. .

mikron: n /frm/lu/ micron .

mikropon: n /frm/lu/ microphone.

mikroskop: n /frm/lu/ microscope.

mikroskopis: adj /frm/lu/ microscopic.

mil: n /frm/lu/ mile. mil laut nautical mile.

millennium: n /frm/lu/ millennium.

mili: n /frm/lu/ millimeter.

milligram: n /frm/lu/ milligram.

milik: n /frm/lu/1 property, possession. Ini milik siapa? Whose property is this? 2 fate Memang itu sudah milik saya. It is just my fate.
-memiliki: v possess Mereka sangat ingin memiliki sebuah rumah. They eagerly want to posses a house.
-milik pribadi: n private property. ­
-milik teralihkan: n alienable possession.
-(ke)pemilikan: n ownership, possession
-pemilik: n owner, proprietor.

milimeter: n /frm/lu/ millimeter.

milioner: see milyuner:

milisi: n /frm/lu/ 1 militia. 2 military man. 3 military service.
-memilisikan: v draft into service.

militan: adj /frm/lu/ militant (as in political movement).
-kemilitanan: n militancy.

militansi: n /frm/ militancy.

militer: n /frm/lu/ 1 soldier. 2 military.
-kemiliteran: n military
-kemiliter-militeran: adj affecting a soldier like stance, trying to be mili­tant in character.

militerisasi: n /frm/lu/ militarization.
-memiliterkan: v militarize.

militerisme: n /frm/lu/ militarism.

militeristis: adj /frm/lu/ militaristic.

miliun: see milyun:

milo: see MULO:

milyar: n /frm/lu/ billion.
-milyaran: adv by the billions.

milyarder: n /frm/lu/ billionaire.

milyun: n /frm/lu/ million.
-milyunan: adv by millions.

milyuner: n /frm/lu/ millionaire.

mimbar: n /frm/lu/ 1 pulpit, rostrum |speaker’s platform or a structure like a tall box at the front of a hall, from which someone speaks| 2 special column from the editor to the readers of a printed media|

mimik1: n /frm/lu/ facial expression |the way someone speaks, moves, or behaves|

mimis: n /frm/lu/ 1 round pellet for rifles  2 small round metal use to smoothen a rotary movement like a wheel|

mimisan: v /lu/ suffer from nosebleed.

mimpi1; bermimpi: v /frm/lu/ dream. Saya bermimpi bertemu ular besar tadi malam. I dreamed to meet a big snake last night.
-memimpikan: v /tr/ dream (of sth) Dia memimpikan menjadi seorang selebritis She dreams to be a celebrity.

mimpi2: n /frm/lu/ dream Itu benar-benar satu mimpi buruk .It’s really a nightmare dream   /ltr/ Bagai mimpi disiang bolong. It was like a bad dream
-pemimpi: n dreamer. 2 escapist.

min: prep. /math./ minus. a – b  a minus b.

Mina: n /zod/ Pisces 1 |the twelfth sign of the zodiac, represented by two fish| 2 |someone born between February 19 and March 20|

minal’aidin walfaizin: n /frm/lu/ congratulations expressed at the end of the fasting month.

Minang; Minangkabau: n ethnic |a large ethic group which origin is West Sumatera| -syn: Padang

minat1; berminat: v /tr/frm/lu/ interest Dia berminat belajar musik. He interests to learn music.
-diminati: v /pass.v./ be interested (in)  Jazz adalah musik yang banyak diminati belakangan ini. Jazz is a music which many people were interested in lately.
-peminat: n devotee.

minat2: n /frm/lu/ interest  Apa kamu punya minat bermain sepakbola? Do you have interest to play soccer?

minder: v /lu/ feel inferior.

mindering: v /ld/ sell merchandise on the installment plan traveling through villages.
-minderingan: n merchan­dise bought and sold on this basis.

minerologi: n /tech/ mineralogy.

mineur: n /tech/ 1 snide remark. 2 minor key. 3 melancholy (of atmosphere).

minggat: v /Jv/ 1 flee, run away. 2 get out of a place!

minggir: see pinggir:

minggu: n /frm/lu/ 1 week. 2 Sunday.
-bermingu-minggu: adv for weeks at a time.
-mingguan: adv weekly. Majalah itu mingguan atau bulanan? Does the magazine published weekly or monthly. Does that magazine appear once a week or once a month?
-dua mingguan: adv bi-weekly.
-semingguan: adv once weekly

mingkin: varian of makin:

miniature: n /frm/lu/ miniature.
-meminiaturkan: v make sth small.

minikar: n /frm/lu/ a three-wheeled motorized taxi.

minikata: n /ltr/ play using few words.

minim: adj /frm/lu/ minimum. |the minimum number, amount, or degree is the smallest that it is possible to have|  $30,000 adalah harga minim yang dapat kami terima. $30,000 is the minimum price that we would accept. Kamu perlu membuat pembayaran minim $50 per bulan You need to make a minimum payment of $50 a month.
-minimumkan: v minimize.

minimal: adj /frm/lu/ minimal. |extremely small in amount or degree and therefore not worth worrying about| Operasi baru itu akan menyebabkan rasa sakit minimal terhadap pasien. The new operation causes a minimal amount of pain to the patient.
-meminimalkan: v minimize.

minimalisir; meminimalisir: v /frm/lu/ minimize.

minit: variant of menit:

minoritas; minoritet: n /frm/lu/ minority.

minta1: v /frm/lu/ 1 ask Minta dia untuk datang besok. Ask her to come tomorrow. 2 request |to ask for something politely or formally| Kami minta agar setiap orang diam. We request that everyone be quiet. 3 beg |strongly ask for something in an urgent or anxious way| Saya minta dia untuk tetap disini, tetapi dia tidak mau. I begged him to stay, but he wouldn’t. Dia berlutut minta maaf. He sank to his knees and begged for forgiveness. 4 hope Saya minta tidak ada yang pulang sebelum pukul 5: 00 sore. I hope that nobody going home before 5: 00 p.m. 5 require Bencana itu minta lebih banyak perhatian dari lembaga-lembaga internasional. The disaster requires more attention from international bodies. 6 demand Para pekerja minta terlalu banyak dari majikan. The workers demand too much from the employer. 7 claim. Kejadian itu minta banyak korban The incident claimed many victims.
-diminta; dimintai: v /psdd.v/ be asked ( for/to do sth) Saya telah dimintai untuk ikut dengan mereka. I was asked to go with them.
-minta banding: v appeal Terdakwa dan pengacaranya minta bandig The defendant and his lawyer appealed to the higher court.
-minta belet: v ask for a letter of appointment. ­
-minta berhenti: v tender sb’s resignation.
-minta cerai/pisah: v file for divorce (of women).
-minta diri: v ask to be excused to leave.
-minta doa: v ask for blessing
-minta perhatian: v ask for attention, favor.
-minta ­jalan: v request permission to pass.
-minta lihat: v let (me) see (it).
-minta maaf: v ask for pardon.
-minta mati: v ask for trouble/risk.
-minta musyawarat: v propose to consult.
-minta nyawa: v take a victim to die.
-minta sambung: v ask to be connected with (by tele­phone).
-minta tabik: v /of/ say goodbye, take leave.
-memintakan: v ask for/on behalf of sb. Kami memintakan kepada orangtuanya agar dia ikut We asked for her to going with us from her parents.

permintaan: n /frm/lu/ 1 request 2 appeal 3 petition 4 demand

mintak:vatiant of minta:

mintal: see pintal:

minum: v /frm/lu/ I drink, absorb. Dia suka minum kopi He likes to drink coffee
/idiom/ Sambil menyelam minum air While diving, drinking water. Kill two birds with one  stone. 2 take in (air, smoke). minum hawa take in fresh air. minum madat smoke opium. minum obat take medicine. minum  rokok smoke.
-meminum: v /tr/ drink sth
-meminumi: v drink sth repeatedly
-meminumkan: v make sb/sth to drink sth. lbu meminumkan obat kepada bayinya. Mother make her baby to take medicine.
-minuman: n 1 drink 2 beverage
-terminum1: v drunk sth accidentally. Awas! jangan sampai air di gelas kotor itu terminum. Be careful not to drink the water in that dirty glass.
-terminum: adj drinkable..
-peminum: n drinker.

minus: adj /frm/lu/ 1 /math/ minus 2 poor, lacking in economic potential.
-daerah minus: n backward or unproductive region.
-keminusan: n unproductiveness.

minyak: n /frm/lu/ oil, grease, fat.
minyak angin: n medicinal sniffed or rubbed on various places of the head and neck to relieve headaches, nausea, etc.
-berminyak: v have oil, be greasy.
-meminyaki: v oil, grease. Dia meminyaki mobilnya He greased his car.
-minyak atar: n perfume.
-minyak babi: n lard.
-minyak bakar: n fuel oil.
-minyak bumi: n pe­troleum.
-minyak cat: n linseed oil.
-minyak gas: n gasoline.
-minyak gandapura: n herbal rubbing oil.
-minyak goreng: n cooking oil.
-minyak ikan: n cod-liver oil.
-minyak jarak: n castor oil.
-minyak jelantah: n oil left in frying pan.
-minyak kacang: n peanut oil.
-minyak kelapa: n coconut oil.
-minyak ladan: n fuel made from damar resin.
-minyak majemuk: n mixture of oils, perfumes.
-minyak mentah: n crude oil.
-minyak pelumas: n lubricating oil.
-minyak penat: n ointment. |a soft oily substance that you rub into your skin, especially as a medical treatment|
-minyak rengas: n varnish.
-minyak samin: n cooking oil.
-minyak sawit: n palm oil.
-minyak semir: n lubricating oil.
-minyak serai: n citronella.
-minyak suci/urapan: n holy oil.
-minyak tanah: n 1 petroleum. 2 kerosene.
-minyak wangi: n perfume.
-perminyakan: n petroleum or refin­ery affairs.

miring: adv /frm/lu/ 1 askew |not exactly straight or level| Tonggak itu berdiri miring arah ke dinding. The pole stand askew toward the wall. 2 aslant |at a slant| Rumah itu berdiri miring The house sit aslant. 3 at angle Gambar itu tergantung miring. The painting hang at an angle.
-memiringkan: v angle

miring: adj /frm/lu/ 1 sideways  |toward one side, or with the side facing forward| Kami putar meja itu ke posisi miring agar dapat melewati pintu We turn the table  into sideways position to get it through the door  2 crazy Dia sudah menjadi miring. He is getting crazy
-kemiringan: n 1 slant  2 slope 3 craziness

mirip1: v /frm/lu/ 1 resemble. Dia mirip tantenya. She resembles her aunt.
-bermiripan: v resembles each other
-kemiripan: n resemblance: |if there is a resemblance between two things or people, they are similar to each other|  Ada sedikit kemiripan antara Mike dan sepupunya. There is a little resemblance between Mike and his cousin. (they look like each other)

mirip: adj /frm/lu/ akin (to) |similar to something| Musiknya lebih mirip pada jazz daripada rock. His music is much more akin to jazz than rock.

mis. {misalnya}: prep. for example.

misa: n Mass.
-Misa Agung/Besar: n High Mass.

misai: n /frm/lu/ mustache.
-bermisai: v have a mustache.

missal: n /frm/lu/ example, instance.
-misalnya: prep. for example.
-semisal: v be like. Perbuatan anak itu semisal orang diwasa saja The behavior of that child is just like an adult’s.
-memisalkan: v as­sume. Kita memisalkan ramalan itu benar. We assume that the forecasting is true.
-pemisalan: n 1 assumption, premise. 2 taking an example.

misan: n /Jkt/Jv/ first cousin.

misbah: n /ld/ lamp, light, lantern .

misbar {grimis bubar}: n /of/ open-air cinema that lets out when it starts to drizzle.

misi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 mission misi sosial social mission. 2 delegation misi perdagangan trade delegation:

misi2: see miss:

misiologi: n /frm/lu/ study of missionizing activities.

misionaris: n /frm/lu/ missionary.

miskalkulasi: n /frm/lu/ miscalculation.

miskin: adj /frm/lu/ poor, needy, destitute.
-miskin papa: adj very poor
-memiskinkan: v impoverish. Pajak yang tinggi akan memiskinkan penduduk. High taxes impoverish the people.
-kemiskinan: n poverty, destitution.
-garis kemiskinan: n poverty line.
-pemiskinan: n pauperization.

miskram; miskran: variant of miskam:

mismis: adj /Jkt/ 1 avaricious. 2 overly meticulous.

missa: variant of misa:

missi: n /frm/lu/ ideological role. missi negara the nation’s mis­sion (in history, etc.).

mistar: n /frm/lu/ 1 ruler, line 2 crossbar at goal
-mistar hitung: n slide ruler..

mister: n /frm/lu/ 1 term of address or reference for a Cau­casian male. 2 term of address for male and female Caucasians.

misteri: n /frm/lu/ mystery

misterius: adj /frm/lu/ mysterious.
-penembak misterius: n mysterious gun man.

mistik: n /frm/lu/ 1 mystic. aliran mistik mystical movement (in religion). 2 one of a pair of numbers which go together as determined by a lottery in gambling. Dua mistiknya Lima The number which turns out to go with two is five.
-memistik: v figure out which numbers are going to end up going together.
-kemistik-mistikan: adj hav­ing to do with mystical like matters.

mistikus: n /frm/lu/ mystic.

mistis: adj /frm/lu/ mystical.

mistisi: n /frm/lu/ mystics.

mistisisme: n /frm/lu/ mysticism.

mitologi: n /frm/lu/ mythology.

mitologis: adj /frm/lu/ mythological.

mitos: n /frm/lu/ myth.
-memitoskan: v make into a myth.

mitra1: n /frm/lu/ 1 friend 2 partner 3 companion .
-lingkar mitra budaya: n circle of culture lovers.
-mitra usaha: n business partner.

mitra2: n /ld/ miter |a tall pointed hat withpeaks in front of it|.

mitraliur; mitralyur: n /frm/lu/ machine gun.

ml. {mili liter}: n /lu/ millilitre

mobil: n /frm/lu/ car, automobile.
-mobil Derek: n towing truck. ­
-mobil dinas: n official car.
-mobil baja: n armored |car that is protected against bullets or other weapons by a strong layer of metal| mobil baja an armored car.
-bermobil: v 1 go by car. 2 have a car
-mobil gerobak: n truck.
-mobil kerangking: n truck for transporting pris­oners or animals.

mobiler: variant of mebeler:

mobilet: n /of/ moped or motorbike.

mobilisasi: n /frm/lu/ mobilization.
-memobilisasi: v mobilize.

memobilisir: v /frm/lu/ mobilize.

mobilitas; mobilitet: n /frm/lu/ mobility.

Mobrig {Mobil Brigade}: n paramilitary branch of national police in the Sukarno era.

mocok: v /inf/lu/ fill in for a person who is absent. Sebelum didapatnya pekerjaan tetap, dia mocok. Before getting a permanent job, he is only able to fill in once in a while.

modal: n /frm/lu/ 1 financial capital. 2 share
-modal kerja: n working capi­tal.
-modal dan tenaga: n funds and forces.
-modal deng­kul: adv without any capital or anything of value other than sb’s own will and energy.
-modal penyertaan: n equity capital.
-modal tetap: n real estate.
-semodal: v enter into a partnership. Dia semodal dengan orang Jepang He enter into a partnership with a Japanese.
-bermodal: v have capital.
-bermodalkan: v have sth as capi­tal.
-modal keberanian: n have boldness as (sb’sonly) capi­tal.
-memodali: v finance.
-dimodali: v /pass./ be financed Perusahaan itu dimodali oleh negara.  The enterprise is financed by the government.
-pemodal: n capitalist
-permodalan: n capitalization, provision of capital for sth.

modalitas: n /frm/ modality.

modar: v /vul./Jv/ die.

mode: n /frm/lu/ fashion (of clothes).

model: n /frm/lu/ 1 model a) |someone whose job is to show clothes, hair styles etc. by wearing them and being photographed| model peraga pakaian terkenal a top fashion model b) |a small copy of something such as a vehicle, building, or machine, especially one that can be put together from separate parts| Toko pakaian besar dengan berbagai pilihan model. A clothe store with a large selection of models c) |someone who is employed by an artist or photographer in order to be painted or photographed| Apa kamu mau menjadi model lukisan saya?. Do you mind to be the model of my painting? d) |a particular type or design of a vehicle, machine, weapon etc.| Toyota akan mengeluarkan dua model baru mobil balap. Toyota is going to produce two new racing car models. e) |a person or thing that is a perfect example of something good and it is therefore worth copying|  Karir Sinta adalah model sempurna satu keberhasilan. Sinta carrier is a perfect model of success. 2 style Saya suka model gaun dia. I like the style of her dress

moderat: adj /frm/lu/ moderate.

moderator: n /frm/lu/ moderator (of a panel)
-memoderatori: v act as moderator for sth.

moderen: adj /frm/lu/ modern.
-memoderenkan; mempermoderen: v modernize.
-kemoderenan: n modernity.
-pemoderenan: n modernization.

modern: variant of modern.

modernisasi: n /frm/lu/ modernization.

modernisir; memodernisasi: v /frm/lu/ modernize.

modifikasi: n /frm/lu/ modification.
-memodifikasi: v modify.

modis: adj /frm/lu/ stylish.

modiste: n /frm/lu/ dress maker, designer.

modul: n /frm/lu/ module.

modulasi: n /frm/lu/ modulation.

module: variant of modul:

modular; memodulir: v /frm/ modulate.

modus: n /frm/lu/ 1 modus 2 mood.

mofet: n /tech/ (CO2) poisonous gas  that come out of a volcano

moga; moga-moga; semoga: modal v /frm/lu/ 1 may |used in order to express what we want to happen| Semoga Tuhan memberkati kamu. May God bless you. 2 /v/ hope Semoga demikian. I hope so.

mogok: v /frm/lu/ 1strike Serikat Kerja menganjurkan anggotanya untuk mogok. The workers Union suggest its members to strike 2 stall, fail, break down. Mobilnya mogok di jalan. His car stalled on the road. Dia menderita mogok ginjal. He suffered kidney failure. 3 not do sth that has to be as a protest. Sejumlah mahasiswa mogok makan berhari-hari. A number of student strike by don’t eat anything for days.
-kemogokan: n stop­page.
-pemogok: n striker
-pemogokan: n strike.

Moh.: Muhammad

mohon; memohon: v /frm/lu/ 1 ask, request. Dia mohon tidak masuk kerja hari ini He asked for off the work today. 2 take a leave Saya mau mohon diri I want to take a leave. 2 implore, beseech. mohon maaf ask forgiveness. 3 apply
-memohonkan: v 1 plead for sth 2 plead on behalf of 3 beg from.
-pemohon: n 1 applicant. 2 supplicant, petitioner.
-permohonan: n 1 request, appeal, petition. 2 application. permohonan visa application for a visa.

mojang: n /Snd/ young girl.

mok: n /lu/ mug.

molek: adj /frm/lu/ pretty, cute. Gadis itu molek sekali. That girl is very beautiful.
-mempermolek: v make more beautiful.
-kemolekan: n loveliness., beauty.

molekul: n /frm/lu/ molecule

molekuler: adj /frm/lu/ molecular.

molen: n /frm/lu/ cement mixer.

moler: n /Jkt/ prostitute.

molor: v /inf/ 1 become longer and longer in time or space. 2 laze around. 3 /Jkt/ sleep. Dia sudah molor sekarang. He has been sleeping right now.

molos: v /ld/ 1 penetrate. 2 go away without paying.

momen1: n /frm/lu/ moment.

momen2: n /frm/ 1 temporary police roadblock or speed trap. 2 check motorists in temporary roadblock.

momen3: n /frm/ torque. momen gerak/kakas torque.

momen4: n /frm/lu/ momentum

momok: n /frm/lu/ 1 ghost,

mashur: see mashyur:

ma’siat: variant of maksiat:

momong: v /inf/ take care of a baby.
-memomong: v take care of a baby.
-momongan: n child taken care of.

Monas {Monumen Nasional}: n the obelisk like na­tional monument in the center of Lapangan mer­deka Jakarta.

moncong: n /frm/lu/ 1 snout, muzzle. 2 spout.
-memoncong: v pro­trude. Mulutnya memoncong ke depan His jaw stuck out.
-memoncongkan: v make sth protrude.

mondar: see mundar-mandir:

mondok1: adj /ld/  short but plump

mondok2: see pondok:

moneter: n /frm/lu/ monetary.

monggol: adj /ld/ knotted, gnarled.

monitor; memonitor: v /frm/lu/ monitor sth.

mono1: n /frm/lu/ single channel used in audio broadcasting

mono2: pref. that means singular, one, or the only monoteisme monotheism

monogamy: n /frm/lu/ monogamy.

monografi: n /frm/lu/ monograph.

monogram: n /frm/lu/ monogram.

monoksida: n /frm/lu/ monoxide.

monolitik; monolitis: adj /frm/lu/ monolithic.

monolog: n /frm/lu/ monologue.

monoloyalitas: n /frm/lu/ loyalty to only one thing.

monopoli: n /frm/lu/ monopoly.
-memonopoli: v /frm/lu/ monopolize.
-pemonopolian: n monopolizing.

monopolisir; memonopolisir: v /frm/lu/ monopolize.

monorail: n /frm/lu/ monorail.

monoton: adj /frm/lu/ monotonous.

monster1: n /frm/lu/ sample of merchandise.

monster2: n /frm/lu/ monster.

monstrans: n /frm/ monstrance.

montang-manting: v /inf/ moving about restlessly.

montase: n /frm/lu/ 1 assembly. montase mobil automobile assembly.2 editing (of movie).

monte: see mote:

montir: n /frm/lu/ 1 mechanic 2 repairman.
-memontiri: v 1 repair 2 do mechanical work. Apa kamu bisa memontiri mobil ini? Do you know how to repair this car?

montok: adj /lu/ well built, plump and full (of child’s body or breasts).
-memontok: v become full and plump.
-kemontokan: n plumpness.

montor: see motor.

monumen: n /frm/lu/ monument |a building or other large structure that is built to remind people of an important event or famous person| Monumen Nasional berdiri di depan Istana Merdeka National Monument stands in front of Merdeka Palace.

monumental: adj /frm/lu/ grandiose, monumental.

monyet: n /frm/lu/ 1 monkey 2 term of abuse.

monyong1: v /inf/lu/ stick out 2 protrude (of the mouth, from buck teeth or pouting).

monyong2: adj /hum/off/ |term of address to an inti­mate| Hei monyong Darimana saja kamu? Hey you bastard! Where have you been!

moped: n /of/ motorbike.

mopong; memopong: v /lu/ carry a baby in sb’s arms.

morak-marik: see morat-marit:

moral: n /frm/lu/ morality.
-bermoral: v have high moral standards.

moralis: n /frm/lu/ moralist.

moralitas: n /frm/lu/ morality.

morat-marit: adj /inf/lu/1 disorganized 2 messy.

morfem: n /ling./ morpheme.

morfin: n /frm/lu/ morphine.

morfinis: n /frm/lu/ drug addict.

morfologi: /ling./ morphology.

mori: n /ld/ unbleached plain cloth (used for batik. shrouds, etc.).

moril: variant of moral:

morong: n /ld/ coffeepot, teapot.

morphin, morphinis: variant of morfin, morfinis:

morse: n Morse code.

mortalitas, mortalitet: n /frm/lu/ mortality.

mortar: n /frm/lu/ artillery mortar.
-memortir: v to fire shells at something

mosaik: n /frm/lu/ mosaic.

mosi: n /frm/lu/ motion, vote. mosi tidak percaya statement of no confidence.

Moskwa: n Moscow.

mosterl: n /lu/ mustard. moster basah prepared mustard.

moster2: variant of monster:

mote: n /ld/ beads (for necklaces).

motif1: n /frm/lu/ motif, design. |idea, subject, or pattern that is regularly repeated and developed in a book, movie, work of art etc|
-bermotif: v have a motif.

motif2: n /frm/lu/ motive |the reason that makes someone do something, especially when this reason is kept hidden| Kami yakin motif pembunuhan itu adalah kecemburuan. We believe that the motive of the murder was jealousy.
bermotifkan: v have sth as sb’s motive. Pembunuhan itu bermotifkan iri hati Jealousy was the motive for the murder.

motip: variant of motif:

motivasi: n /frm/lu/ motivation.
-bermotivasikan: v have sth as a motivation.

motol: n /lu/ motto.

moto2: n /tech/ monosodium glutamate.

motor: n /frm/lu/ 1 motor |the part of a machine that makes it work or move by changing power into movement| Mesin bor itu digerakkan oleh sebuah motor listrik. The drill is powered by a small electric motor. 2 engine |a piece of machinery that produces power from oil, steam, electricity etc. and uses it to make something move|  3 car Motor siapa itu? Whose car is that? 4 motorcycle Dia naik motor ke sekolah He goes to school by motorcycle. 5 initiator, mover |sb or an unit of an organization that function to initiate the movement of the larger organization.| Siapa menurut kamu motor dari gerakan ini? Who do you think the initiator of this movement? Dia adalah motor dibelakang tim sepakbola itu. He was the moving force behind the soccer team
-bermotor: v 1 have motor­  2 moved by a motor 3 go by car (in some area “go by motorcycle”)

motorboat: n /frm/lu/ motorboat.

motoris: n /frm/lu/ engineer, motorman .

motorisasi: n /frm/lu/ motorization.

motorkap: n a car with  removable roof

motorpit: n /of/ motorcycle.

moyang: n /frm/lu/ great-grandfather, great-grandparents.
-moyang asal: n common ancestor of a group.
-bermoyang: v have sb as an ancestor.

M.Pd. {Magister Pendidikan}: n Master of Education.

MPO {menghitung pajak orang}: n make taxation of personal tax.

mpok: n /Jkt/ term of address to young woman of low class.

mpot-mpotan: adj physically or emotionally painful.

MPP {Masa Persiapan Pensiun}: n period prior to re­tirement.

MPR, MPR(S) {Majelis Permusyawamtan Rakyat}: n (Temporary) People’s Consultative Council.

mps. {menurut pendapat saya}: phrs based on my opinion.

Mr. {Meester (in de Reehten)}: n /of/ a law degree used as a title by its holder.

mrongos: adj /Jv/ buck-toothed.

M’Thai. {Muang Thai}: n Thailand.

MTQ {Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an}: n contest of Ko­ranic recitation.

M.Ts. {Madrasah Tsanawiyah}: n Isalam Junior High School.

MU {Majelis Umum}: n General Assembly.

mua1: n /ld/ eel.

mua2: see semua:

muafakah; muafakat: see mufakat:

muai; memuai: v /frm/lu/ expand, swell.
-pemuaian: n expan­sion.
-muai panjang: n linear expansion.

muak: v /frm/lu/ 1 nauseated, revolted. 2 loathe (food or drink).
-memualkan: v nauseating,  repugnant.
-kemualan: n feeling of loathing.

mual: adj /frm/lu/ 1 queasy |feeling nausea|  Ketika saya hamil saya merasa mual terus-menerus. When I was pregnant I was always queasy 2 feel loathing. |be loath to do sth or to be unwilling to do something|  Saya mual menyentuh kotoran itu. I was loath to touch that dirt.
-memualkan: v 1 sicken  2 make sb. feel nauseous. Susu itu memualkan perutku. The milk sicken my stomach.

mualaf: n recently converted to Islam

mualamat: n /Isl/ science.

mualim; muallim: n /frm/lu/ 1 (religious) teacher. 2 naviga­tor. 3 pilot, guide. 4 /Navy/ deck officer, mate, first mate.

Muangtai: n Muang Thai, Thailand.

muara: n /frm/lu/ 1 estuary, mouth (of a river). 2 orifice |the mouth or aperture of a tube, pipe, or similar object|
-bermuara: v ­empty into Sungai kecil ini bermuara ke Kali Cilwung. This brook empty into Ciliwung river
-muara lambung: n opening from intestines into stomach.
-memuarakan: v empty (sth). out into (sth) Mari kita muarakan saluran ini ke terowongan bawah tanah. Let’s empty this drainage into the underground tunnel. .

muasal: n /frm/lu/ origin.
-berasal: v originate.

muat; memuat: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 hold, accommodate. Truck itu ­memuat 5 m3 pasir The truck holds 5m3 of sand. Hotel itu dapat memuat lebih dari 500 tamu The hotel can accommodate more than 500 guests.  2 seat Bus ini memuat 35 orang penumpang This bus seat 35 passengers 3 publicize Koran hari ini memuat pesan presiden tentang penyalahgunaan obat Today’s paper publicize the president messages on drug abuse 3 include. 4 bring Kapal itu memuat minyak mentah. The ship brings crude oil. 5 contain Makanan ini memuat banyak lemak. This food contains much fat  6 carrying Hati-hati, kawat itu memuat arus listrik. Be careful, the cord is carrying electricity. 6 be charged Kabel itu bermuatan arus listrik. The wires is charge with electricity current 7 load Apa kita punya buruh untuk memuat truk itu. Do we have labor to load the truck?
-bermuatan: v /intr/ be contained Apa container itu bermuatan? Is the trailer contained (have a load or be loaded)
-muatan: n 1 load 2 contents 3 passenger Berapa orang muatan kamu? How many passengers do you have?
-termuat: v be contained, be carried, be published.
-pemuatan: n loading, placing, publication. pemuatan foto pribadi di Koran harus seijin orangnya. Publication of a personal picture on a mass media should have a permission from the owner.

mubalih; muballigh: n /Isl./ preacher, sb who expounds a certain idea.

mubarak: adj /ld/ blessed, fortunate.

mubarat: v /ld/ be divorced at the request of the wife.

mubasir; mubazir: adj /frm/lu/ superfluous, waste. kata-kata mubasir .superfluous words, redundancy.
-kemubasiran: n super­fluousness, waste.

muci: n /ld/ prostitute.

mucikari: n see muncikari:

muda: adj /frm/lu/ 1 young (in age). Waktu itu dia masih ­sangat muda. At that time he was so young. 2 deputy. Dia adalah seorang Menteri Muda. He is a Deputy Minister  3 unripe, green. Buah itu masih muda, rasanya pasti asam. The fruit is unripe the taste must be sour
-memudakan: v rejuvenate |to make someone feel or look young and strong again or to make sth look new or fresh| Olahraga memudakan badan. Exercise rejuvenates the body.
-kemudaan: n youth |the period of time when someone is young, or the quality of being young| Semasa kemudaannya dia tinggal di Eropah. During his youth he lived in Europe.
-pemuda: n 1 youth  2 young person 3 juvenile
-kemuda-mudaan: adj youthful sikap kemuda-mudaan youthful attitude.
-kepemudaan: n matters pertaining to youth.

mudah: adj /frm/lu/ easy, simple. Soal itu mudah dipecahkan. The problem was easy to solve.
-kemudahan: n 1 ease |with ease: if you do something with ease, it is very easy for you to do it| Perusahaan itu memenangkan lelang proyek itu dengan kemudahan yang mereka peroleh dari pejabat. The company won the bid of the project with ease they get from the officials. Randi memanjat tangga itu dengan kemudahan  Randy climbed the ladder with ease. 2 facilitation
-mempermudah: v 1 make easier 2 simplify 3 facilitate.
-mudah-mudahan: modal v 1 may it be  Mudah-mudahan kamu selamat di perjalanan. May you are save on your trip. Mudah-mudahan Tuhan memberkati anda semua. May God bless you all.  2 hope so  “Saya berharap kamu lolos ujian itu!” “Mudah-mudahan” “I wish you pass the exam!”  “I hope so”

mudarat1; mudharat; mudhorat: n /frm/ 1 disadvantage.  Peraturan pajak baru adalah mudarat buat pengusaha. The new tax regulation is a disadvantage to the business person.

mudarat2: v /frm/ fail. Dia mudarat mendapat gelar sarjana He failed to gain an university degree.

mudarat3: adj /frm/ disadvantageous. Saya adalah seorang pedagang mudarat. I was a disadvantageous merchant.

mudi: see kemudi; muda:

mudik: adv /frm/lu/ 1 upstream, upcountry, inland (away from the sea). Berlayar mudik tidak mudah Sailing upstream is not easy 2 go home to the village. Banyak penduduk Jakarta mudik setiap Idul Fitri. Many Jakarta’s inhabitants go home to the village every Idul Fitri

mufakat: v /frm/lu/ 1 agree Kami mufakat untuk menunda membahas kasus itu We agreed each other to suspend the discussion on the case.
-bermufakat: v to discuss to find an agreement. Hal pertama yang perlu kita lakukan adalah bermufakat. The first that we need to do is to discuss to find an agreement.
-kemufakatan: n agreement
permufakatan: n discussion, conspiracy
-semufakat: v agree each other Apa kalian sudah semufakat untuk bekerja bersama? Have you guys agree each other to work together?

mufti: n /Isl./ adviser on religious law for a region (above the kadi in authority).

Muh. {Muhammad}: n the prophet Muhammad.

Muhammadiyah: n a Muslim movement.

Muharram: n first month of the Islam year.

muhibah; muhibbah: n /ld/ goodwill.
-bermuhibah: v go on a good will mission.

muhrim: n /Isl./ degree of consanguinity between a man and woman that renders marriage impossi­ble but gives them the right of association.

MUI {Majelis Ulama Indonesia}: n Indonesian Islam Scholars Council.

mujahidin: n /Isl./ defenders of the faith.

mujair: n /frm/lu/ freshwater fish widely stocked in inland waters and an important food.

mujarab: adj /frm/lu/ effective, efficacious. Obat itu sangat mujarab. The medicine is extremely effective.
-kemujaraban: n ef­fectiveness, efficacy.

mujarad: adj abstract, not concrete.

mujarrab: variant of mujarab:

mujarrad: variant of mujarad:

mu’jizat: see mukjizat:

mujtahid: n /Isl/ expert in Muslim law who gives an independent interpretation of the Koran and Hadisth.

mujur1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 lucky |having good luck; fortunate |  Dia mujur masih tetap hidup setelah kecelakaan itu. He’s lucky to still be alive after the accident.  Kamu mujur masih dapat bus yang terakhir. You were lucky that you just got the last bus.
-kemujuran: n luck, fortune
-/prov/ mujur tidak bisa diraih malang tidak bisa ditolak (fortune cannot be obtained, misfortune cannot be refused) means: nobody can get rid of his/her fate.
-pemujur: n lucky person.

mujur2: adj /frm/lu/ straight ahead. straight. Jalan itu mujur The road is straight.

muka1: n /frm/lu/1 face. Muka anak gadis itu serupa ibunya The face of the girl resembles her mother’s. 2 person Ada beberapa muka baru di club itu yang belum saya kenal. There are a number of new persons in the club that I don’t know yet. –syn: wajah 3 side (of a box or the like)  muka atas top side muka kiri left side. -syn: sisi 4 front. Dia sedang berada di muka rumah He is at the front of the house. 5 (in) advance Semua pesanan harus dibayar di muka. All the orders must be paid in advance 6 the previous (thing) Penjelasan di muka menunjukkan bahwa ada kecenderungan harga sedang menurun. The previous elaboration shows a trend that the price is going down –syn: depan (4,5,6)
-bermuka dua: adj two-faced |saying different things about something to different people, in a way that is not honest or sincere|
-/idiom/ muka tembok: adj insensitive Dia seorang yang muka tembok. He is insensitive to others feeling.
-mengemuka: v become a hot issue Masalah kerusakan lingkungan sekarang sudah mengemuka. The environment destruction now become a hot issue.
-mengemukakan: v propose Kalau ada diantara anda yang ingin mengemukakan pendapat, kesempatan diberikan untuk anda. If any of you want to propose your opinion, floor is yours
-pemuka: n leader, pioneer
-permukaan: n surface  Ada lapisan berminyak pada permukaan air itu.There is an oily layer on the surface of the water
-terkemuka: adj prominent, famous

muka2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 next (time) Saya akan berangkat minggu muka.  I’ll leave next week.  2 advance Ini pembayaran muka untuk pesanan saya. This is the advance payment for my order. –syn: depan

mukadas: adj /ld/ holy, clean, innocent

mukadimah; mukaddimah: n /frm/lu/ introduction, pref­ace.

mukenah: n /lu/ white cloak covering a woman’s head and body worn at prayer.

mukhrim: variant of muhrim:

mukim; bermukim: v /intr/frm/lu/  stay at, be a resident of. Mereka bermukim di sini sejak tahun lalu The stay here since last year.
-pemukiman: n 1 residence 2 housing area
-memukimkan: v /tr/ 1 reside (sb/peole) 2 settle (sb/people)

mukjizat: n /frm/lu/ miracle.

mukmin; mukminin: n /Isl/ the believers, the followers (of Islam teaching)

muktamar: n /frm/lu/ congress, conference.

mula; permulaan: n /frm/lu/ beginning |initial time, the start,  or first part of something| Dari mula sampai akhir pertemuan itu adalah perdebatan sengit. From the beginning to the end, the meeting was a severe debate. Pada mulanya dia setuju dengan rencana itu. At the beginning he agreed with the plan. 2 cause, reason Apa mulanya pertengkaran itu? What was the reason of the arguing?
-bermula: v /pass.v/ 1 caused by  Perang itu bermula pada tidak kesepakatan dalam perbatasan. The war was caused by border disagreement. 2 based on Rencana itu bermula dari keinginan masyarakat memiliki satu taman di tengah kota. The plan was based on the community intention to have a park in the middle of the city.
-mulai: v start 1 /intr/ Tahun ajaran sekolah mulai pada awal bulan Juli setiap tahun. The school years starts at the beginning of July every year. 2 /tr/ Kami mulai bekerja pukul 8:00 pagi dan berhenti pukul 16: 00 sore. We start work at 8:00 a.m. and stop at 4:00 p.m.
-memulai2: v /tr/ 1 start Dialah yang selalu memulai pertengkaran. He who always starts fighting. 2 initiate Siapa yang memulai proyek besar ini? Who initiated this mega-project?
-semula1: adv firstly, originally. Semula saya menolak ajakan dia, tetapi akhirnya saya mau. Firstly I refused his invitation but later on I accepted it. Apa yang terjadi sama sekali lain dari harapan semula. What hap­pened is totally different from what was originally ex­pected.
-semula2: prep. at the beginning Semula kami rencanakan rapat itu sekarang tetapi kemudian kami tunda sampai besok. At the beginning we plan to conduct the meeting today but later we postponed it until tomorrow.
-pemula: n beginner Saya belum bisa bermain golf dengan baik, saya hanya seorang pemula. I can’t paly golf well, I am only a beginner.

mulas: v /frm/lu/ upset (sb’s stomach) Perut saya sedang mulas Something is making my stomach upset.
-mulas perut: n stomach upset, colic.
Note: In Indonesian sentence Perut saya sedang mulasperut saya my stomach” also functions as the direct object of  “mulas upsetting”  In English its is not grammatically common that “a subject” as the same time is “the direct object” of a transitive verb. Therefore if we interpret such Indonesian sentence into English sentence, we need to add something (similar to pseudo subject) as the subject of the sentence. It mean that this sentence means “Something is upsetting my stomach”

mules: variant of mulas.

mulia: adj /frm/lu/ noble, honourable, sublime, lofty, supreme. Dia orang mulia: He is a noble person.
-Yang Mulia: n Excellency |a title or form of address for certain high officials such as President of a state, ambassador, bishop, etc.|
-memuliakan: v deeply honor
-termulia: adj be exalted, respected
-kemuliaan: n 1 excellency 1 honor
-pemuliaan: n /tech/ propagation or breeding of a plant or animal
-muliawan: n person worthy of deep esteem.

multi-: pref. /frm/lu/ multi. multinasional multinational. system multi partai multiple party system.

multipleks: n /frm/lu/ plywood.

multiplikasi: n /frm/lu/: variant of maulid:

muluk; muluk-muluk: adj /frm/lu/1 high-sounding. 2 bombastic, pompous.  Jangan janji muluk-muluk  kalau tidak bisa dltepati Do not make high­sounding promises if you cannot pay it.
-bermuluk-muluk: v build up in sb’s imagination, dreams, etc.
-kemulukan: n pomposity.

mulus1: adj /frm/lu/ flawless, pure, smooth. Kapas itu putih mulus The cotton is pure white. Krim ini akan membuat kulit kamu mulus This cream will make your skin smooth and flawless. 2 honest Pegawai itu mulus The employee is honest.

mulus2: adv /frm/lu/ flawlessly, purely, smoothly. Perundingan itu telah berlangsung dengan mulus. The negotiation has done smoothly.
-kemulusan: n flawlessness, pureness, smoothness.

mulut: n /frm/lu/ 1 mouth. 2 opening 3 muzzle
-bermulut besar: v talk big
-berita mulut ke mulut: n gossip |information that spread from mouth to mouth|
-mulut busuk: adj nasty (in talking).
-mulut manis: adj gentle (in speech)
-mulut ringan: adj talkative.
-mulut sumbing: n harelip |the condition of having a top lip that is divided into two parts|
-mulut jurang: n the edge of the precipice
-mulut gunung: n crater.
-mulut sungai: n estuary.
-mulut gua: n the opening of a cave
-mulut meriam: n muzzle

mumbul: v /frm/lu/ rise, protrude

mumet: adj /inf/lu/ confused Pikiran saya sedang mumet My thought is being confused.

mummi: variant of mumi:

mumpung: adv /inf/lu/ being available, being advantageous. Mumpung masih ada, silahkan ambil. Being available, you can take it. Dia sedang mumpung. He is being advantageous.
-aji mumpung1: v take advantageous.
-aji mumpung2: n opportunist

mumpungisme: n opportunism.

munafik: adj /frm/lu/ hypocritical |pertaining to someone who pretends to believe something or behave in a good way when really s/he does not|
-orang munafik: n hypocrite
-kemunafikan: n hypocrisy.

Munas {Musyawarah Nasional}: n National Consultative Convention

muncikari: n /frm/lu/ pimp |a personn who controls prostitutes and makes money from them|

muncrat; memuncrat: v /intr/frm/lu/ spurt.
-memuncratkan: v spray, squirt sth. out.

muncul: v /frm/lu/ emerge, appear, come (to the surface) Dia muncul kembali setelah pergi jauh selama dua tahun. He appears again after he went away for two years. Sejumlah partai politik baru muncul tahun lalu. A number of new political parties emerged last year. Kami menunggu beberapa jam sebelum penyelam itu muncul ke permukaan We wait a few hours before the diver came up to the surface.
-kemunculan: v appearance, emergence
-memunculkan: v 1 bring up out of the water. Perenang itu sekali-sekali memunculkan kepalanya dari air. Once in a while the swimmer bring out his head off the water. 2 propose (sth to be discussed)  Oposisi kembali memunculkan issu kenaikan harga minyak itu untuk di perdebatkan. The opposition brought again the issue of oil price increase into a debate. 3 show Station TV kembali memunculkan film-film dokumenter lama. The TV station show again  the old documenter film.  4 set in a context, cause sth. to appear in a certain setting. Model itu muncul pertama kali abad 18. The model appeared firstly at 18th century .
-pemunculan: n appearance, publication.

muncung: variant of moncong:

mundar-mandir: v /frm/lu/ paced up and down |to walk backward and forward when you are waiting or worried about something| Darwin mondar-mandir di ruang tunggu. Darwin paced back and forth in the waiting room

mundur: v /frm/lu/ 1 move back, back up. Tolong mundur sedikit supaya saya bisa lewat. Please move back a little so I can go through. 2 decline, decrease, deteriorate Program pendidikan di negeri ini mundur di banding sebelumnya The education program in this country declined compare to the previous time. Kesehatannya sedikit mundur Her health a little declined. 3 retreat. |if an army retreats, it stops fighting and moves away from the enemy|
-kemunduran: n 1 de­cline, decrease. 2 deterioration. 3 cutback (in production).
-memundurkan: v make sth back up.
-pemunduran: n pulling sth back.
-pemunduran {diri}: n resignation |the act of resigning, or a written statement to say you are doing this| Apa Johnson telah menyerahkan pengunduran dirinya? Did Johnson hand in his resignation? (give his resignation to the manager)

mungil: adj /frm/lu/ cute, sweet.
-kemungilan: n cuteness.

mungkar; memungkari: v /lu/ 1 deny. Dia mungkar akan janjinva He denied his promise. 2 ignore  Jangan mungkar akan kewjiban kamu Do’t ignore your responsibility. 3 disavow
Dia tidak pernah memungkari tugasnya. He never disavow his work –syn: mungkir; memungkiri
-kemungkaran: n 1 denial 2 ignorance

mungkin: adj /frm/lu/  possible. Is that possible? Apa itu mungkin?
-kemungkinan: n possibility.
-memungkinkan: v 1 be possible Apa memungkinkan untuk kamu pergi sekarang? Is it possible for you to go now? 2 enable E Mail memngkinkan saya lebih banyak kerja dirumah. E Mail enables me to work more at home.
-sejauh mungkin: adv as far as possi­ble Sejauh mungkin saya akan membantu. I’ll help as far as possible.
-semungkin-mungkinnya: adv the most possible. Semungkin-mungkinnya saya bisa datang lusa. The most possible I’ll come the day after tomorrow.

mungkir: variant of mungkar: 2 memungkiri: /tr/ renege |to not do something that you promised to do|  Perusahaan itu menuduh bahwa dewan kota memungkiri janji. The company claims that the city reneged on the deal/promise. Dia mungkir akan janjinya. He did not keep his promise. 3 break (a promise).
-pemungkiran: n denial.

mungpung: variant of mumpung:

mungsi: n /ld/ herb.

munisi: variant of ammunisi:

munjung: adj /frm/lu/ heaping full. delapan sendok munjung garam eight heaping tablespoons of salt.

Munkar: n /Isl./ one of two angels who interrogate a dead person soon after he has been buried.

muntaber {muntah berak}: n /frm/lu/ diarrhea and vomiting, esp. as cholera symptoms.

muntah1: v /frm/lu/ vomit, throw up. Dia muntah karena masuk angin He is vomiting because he caught a cold
-muntah berak: n intestinal disorder with vomiting and diarrhea.
-memuntahi: v /sth/ vomit on. Anak itu memuntahi baju ibunya The child vomited on his mother’s clothe.
-memuntahkan: v /tr/ vomit up, out.
-memuntahkan pelum: v spew bullets.
-muntahan: n the vomit.
-muntah-muntah: v repeatedly vomit.

mupakat: variant of mufakat:

muqaddimah: variant of mukadimah:

Mur: n Moor

mur1: n /frm/lu/ 1 myrrh. 2 nut for a bolt. mur dan baut nut and bolt.

murah: adj /frm/lu/1 cheap  inexpensive. Di pasar tradisional barang ba­rang lebih murah. Things are cheaper at the traditional market. 2 easy, not subject to a number of conditions. Gadis itu tidak murah untuk dikawini. That girl is going to be difficult (to marry). 3 murah hati: generous: Dia adalah seorang yang murah hati. He is a generous person   4 magnanimous. | kind and generous toward other people| 3 tolerant. Kamu harus murah hati terhadap pekerja kamu. You must be tolerant to your workers.
-kemurahan: n 1 (price) cheapness, inexpensive­ness. 2 (personality) generosity, magnanimity.
-murah mulut: adj gentle (in speaking)
-mempermurah: v make things cheaper.
pemurah: n generous

murai: n /lu/ small bird.

muram: adj /frm/lu/ gloomy, depressed, sad Dia muram sepanjang hari He was sad all day.
-bermuram durja: v look gloomy.
-kemuraman: n gloom, dejection.

murat-marit: variant of morat marit:

murba: adj /frm/lu/ common people, proletarian. Mereka termasuk dalam golongan rakyat murba. They belong to the common people. Partai Murba Proletariat Party.
-kemurbaan: n ordinari­ness.

murid: n /frm/lu/ 1 pupil |student of a school or a college| 2 student |sb who is learning a special skill, expertise, supernatural ability such as kung fu, magic healing method, etc.| 3 disciple, follower. Dua belas murid Jesus The twelve Jesus’ disciples 4 follower Dia adalah murid ideology Sukarno. He was a follower of Sukarno’s ideology

murka1: kemurkaan: n /lu/ 1 anger, fury.

murka2: adj /frm/lu/ angry (esp. of roy­alty).
-memurkai: v /tr/ be angry (with sb)
-memurkakan: v infuriate sb
-kemurkaan: n 1 fury, rage, anger. 2 greed.

murni: adj /frm/lu/ 1 original Pendapatnya itu murni dari pemikiran sendiri. His opinion is original from his own thought. 2 pure  Saya punya 100 grm mas murni I have 100 grams pure gold. 3 clean Apa air itu murni? Is the water clean? (not being contaminated)
-kemurnian: n 1 purity, genuineness. 2 chastity.
-memurnikan: v purify, clean. Kita memiliki beberapa metoda memurnikan air yang sudah tercemar. We have a number of methods to purify contaminated water.
-pemurni: n cleanser.
-pemurnian: n cleansing, purify­ing.

murtad1: n /Isl/ apostate. |sb who abandon religious faith|  2 renegade from social values.
-memurtadkan: v consider sb an apostate.
-kemurtadan: n apostasy.

murtad2: adj /frm/lu/ being consider as an apostate. Dia adalah murid murtad He is an apostate follower.

murung: adj /frm/lu/ melancholy, depressed.
-bermurung-murung: adj in a de­pressed mood.
-memurungkan: v make sb depressed.
-kemurungan: n melancholy, depression.
-pemurung: n tending to be de­pressed.  –Syn:: benguk: (adj) 1 crest fallen | disappointed and sad| 2 wistful |showing slight sadness because you know you cannot have something you want|  3 downhearted | to feel sad about something|

Musa: n Moses. (of the Holy Book)

musabab: see sebab:

musabaqah; musabaqoh: n /frm/lu/ contest for reciting the Koran.

musafir: n /frm/lu/ traveler.
-bermusafir: v travel.

musalla: see musholla:

musang: n /frm/lu/ civet.
-musang tenggalung: n civet cat.
-/idiom/ musang herbulu ayam: analog to “wolf in sheep’s clothing.

musawarah: see musyawarah:

museum: n /frm/lu/ museum.

musholla: n /frm/lu/ small building or room set aside in a public place for performance of religious duties of Islam.

musibah: n /frm/lu/ calamity, disaster.

musik: n /frm/lu/ music.
-bermusik: v play mu­sic.
-musik kaleng: n canned music.
-musik pop: n pop music.
-musikolog: n musicologist.
-musikologi: n musicology.
-musikus: n musician.
-pemusik: n musician.

musim: n /frm/lu/ 1 season, period. 2 monsoon
-bermusim: v to have seasonal (fruit) Pohon buah-buahan bermusim. Tree with seasonal fuits.
-musiman: adj seasonal.
-musim Barat: n West monsoon. ­
-musim bah: n flood season.
-musim bunga: n spring.
-musim dingin: n winter.
-musim gelombang: n stormy, nasty weather.
-musim gugur: n autumn. ­
-musim hujan: n rainy season.
-musim kemarau: n dry season. ­
-musim panas: n summer.
-musim pancaroba: n transitional periods between seasons.
-musim penghujan: n rainy season, mon­soon with rain
-musim paceklik: n period of shortage be­fore harvest.
-musim rending: n rainy season.
-musim rontok: n autumn.
-musim semi: n spring.
-musim tanam: n planting time.
-semusim: n 1 one season in length 2 a short period Cin­tanya hanya semusim Her love lasted short.

musisi: n /frm/lu/ musicians.

museum: variant of museum:

muskil: see musykil:

muslihat: n /frm/lu/ 1 trick. 2 strategy, tactics.
-memuslihati: v deceive by means of a ruse.

muslim: n Moslem

muslimah; muslimat: n /frm/lu/ Female Moslem.

muslimin: n /frm/lu/ Moslems (plural form of Moslem)

musnah: adj /frm/lu/  annihilated, destroyed. Semua wilayah itu sudah musnah oleh api. All the region has been destroyed by fire.
-kemusnahan: n annihilation, destruction, extinction.
-memusnahkan: v annihilate, destroy.
-pemusnahan: n annihilation |the act of destroying|
-pemusnah: n agent for destroying, disinfectant.
-pemusnahan: n annihilation.

musolla: variant of musholla:

Muspida {Musyawarah Pimpinan Daerah}: n Local Consultative Body |a body which consists of  executive, legislative, and judicative functions at local level|

mustahil: adj /frm/lu/ impossible, out of the question. Mustahil hal itu terjadi. It is impossible that it could happen.
-memustahilkan: v render sth impossible. Pertahanan yang melibatkan rakyat memustahilkan musuh masuk. The defence system in which all people involve makes it impossi­ble for the enemy to invade.
-kemustahilan: n impossibility.

-kemustajaban: n efficacy.

mustakim: adj /ld/ straightforward, sincere.

musti: variant of mesti:

mustika: variant of mestika:

musuh: n /frm/lu/ 1 enemv, adversary, competitor, contender, rival 2 buyer Saya mau menjual rumah ini tetapi saya belum menemukan musuhnya. I want to sell this house but I don’t find the buyer yet.
-bermusuhan: v be enemy each other, hostile to each other
-memusuhi: v compete against (sb)
-musuh alam: n natural enemy, predator.
-musuh bu(be)buyutan: n sworn enemy.
-musuh dalam selimut: n enemy in disguise.
-permusuhan: n hostility.

musyafir: variant of musafir:

musyarakah; musyarakat: n /frm/ partnership.

musyawarah; musyawarat: n /frm/lu/ 1 meeting, conference. 2 discussion, deliberation.
-musyawarah besar: n conven­tion.
-bermusyawarah: v discuss (sth) to find an agreement. Para kepala sekolah bermusyawarah tentang perbaikan kurikulum. The school principals held a meeting on the improvement of curriculum.
-memusyawarahkan: v take (sth) to dis­cuss, deliberate over. Kami perlu memusyawarahkan hal itu dulu We need to discuss that matter first.
-permusyawarahan: n discus­sion, conference, deliberation.

musykil: adj /frm/lu/ difficult or almost impossible (to know or prove)
-kemuskilan: n abstruseness.

musyrik: n /frm/ polytheist
-kemusyrikan: n polytheism.

Musytari: n Jupiter (the planet)

mutakhir: adj /frm/lu/ 1 sophisticated  2 very latest, most up-to-date (fash­ion, etc.).

mutalaah: v /ld/ study carefully, scrutinize.
-memutalaahkan: v /tr/ 1 study (sth) carefully 2 scrutinize (sth)

mutalak: see mutlak:

mu’tamar: variant of muktamar:

mutasi: n /frm/lu/ 1 mutation. 2 transfer |move from one position to other position in bureaucracy or a student from a school to other school|.

mutawatir: v /ld/ be handed down from person to person for generations.

mutiara: n /frm/lu/ pearl.

mutlak: adj /frm/lu/ absolute, unconditional. jaminan mutlak uncon­ditional guarantee. Dia diberi hak mutlak He was given an absolute rights.
-memutlakkan: v make sth absolutely es­sential.
-kemutlakan: n absoluteness.

mutu: n /frm/lu/ 1 quality 2 grade. 3 carat.
-bermutu1: v 1 have quality 2 have excellent grade.
-bermutu2: adj 1 quality 2 excellent

mutung: adj /inf/lu/ 1 burnt, lost by fire. 2 brokenhearted, discouraged. 3 give up.


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