Dictionary R


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

R; r: |the 18th letter of the alphabet used in bahasa Indpnesia and English – approximately sounds like r in room; roar; ready; marry; dark; prove; paradigm; pearl.|

R. {Raden}: n /frm/lu/ masculine noble title.

RAB {Rencana Anggaran Belanja}: n 1 budget plan. 2 draft budget.

raba1; meraba: v /frm/lu/ 1 touch |to put your hand on the surface of something so you can feel him if its smooth, rough, wet, warm, etc| 2 search |to insert your hand inside sth such as your pocket to find what is inside it| Raba kantong kamu apakah kuncinya disana. Search in your pocket if the key is there. 3 guess Saya mencoba meraba apa yang sedang dipikirkannya. I tried to guess what she was thingking about. 4  grope |to touch someone’s body often with sexual implications|
-rabaan: n touching

raba2: adj /ld/ angry
-peraba: adj temperamental |tending to get upset, excited, or angry very easily|

rabbi: n /Bibl./ Lord.

rabies: n /frm/lu/ rabies.

Rabu: n Wednesday.

rabuk: n /frm/lu/ 1 fertilizer. 2 tinder-wood 3 gun-powder
-rabuk TSP: n phosphoric fertilizer. ­
-rabuk buatan/garam: n artificial fertilizer.
-rabuk hijau: n compost, green manure.
-rabuk kandang: n manure.
-merabuki: v fertilize, manure.
-perabukan: n fertilization

rabun1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 hazy, dim.
-rabun senja: adj 1 dusk, twilight. 2 near­sighted.
-rabun ayam/dekat: adj nearsighted, myopic.
-rabun jauh: adj farsighted.
-kerabunan: n myopia.

rabun2;  merabun: v /ld/ 1 rise. Matahari telah merabun The sun has risen 2 have a ridge.

rabung; perabungan: n /lu/ ridge of a house.

racik1: n /ld/ bird snare.
-meracik1: v catch birds with such snare.

racik2: meracik2: v /frm/lu/ 1 cut into thin slices. 2 blend variou­s proper ingredients into food, medicine, etc.| 3 prepare Dia sedang meracik makanan kita. She is preparing our meal.
-meracik obat: v formulate medicinal ingredients

racun: n /frm/lu/ poison.
-beracun: adj poisonous.
-meracuni: v poison sb or sth meracuni sumur poison the well.
-meracunkan: v 1 use sth to poison. 2 poison sb on behalf of another.
-keracunan: adj 1 poisoned. 2 displaying symptoms of having been poisoned.
-peracun: n 1 poisoner. 2 poisoning agent.
-peracunan: n poisoning.

rada: adv /frm/lu/ 1 rather |fairly or to some degree| Sebagian foto itu rada keabu-abuan dan samar-samar Some of the photographs are rather grainy and blurred. 2 a little; slightly, somewhat Saya merasa rada sakit di dada I feel a little bit painful on my chest

radang1; meradang: v /frm/lu/ 1 become inflamed Paru-parunya meradang His lung become inflamed  2 fly into rage 3 get excited
-peradangan: n 1 infection 2 inflamation |swelling and soreness on or in a part of your body, which is often red and hot to touch|

radang2: n /frm/lu/ |an illness caused by infection that may cause swelling and soreness on a part of sb’s body|
-radang amandel: n tonsillitis.
-radang ­mata: n conjunctivitis.
-radang paru-paru: n pneumonia, in­flammation of the lungs.
-radang gusi: n gingivitis.

raden: n /frm/lu/ 1 title of Javanese nobility 2 den; noble address to a noble person
-raden ajeng: n title of noble unmarried woman.
-raden ayu: n title of noble married woman.
-raden aria: n title of nobility higher than raden panji.
-raden aria adipati: n title given to regents.
-raden bagus: n title of nobility for men, slightly higher than raden.
-raden mas/panji: n title of nobility higher than raden.
-raden tumenggung: n title given to regents.

radiasi: n /frm/lu/ radiation.
-meradiasi: v radiate.

radiator: n /frm/lu/ radiator.

radikal: adj /frm/lu/ radical.
-keradikalan: n radicalism.

radikalisasi: n /frm/lu/ radicalization.
-meradikalkan: v /tr/ radicalize.

radikalisir; meradikalisir: v /tr/frm/lu/ radicalize.

radikalisme: n /frm/lu/ radicalism.

radio: n /frm/lu/ radio.
-radio salon: n console radio.
-meradiokan: v broadcast through radio.

radioaktif: n /frm/lu/ radioactive.
-meradioaktifkan: v make sth to be radioactive.
-keradioktifan: n radioactivity.

radioaktivitas: n /frm/lu/ radioactivity.

radiogram: n /frm/lu/ radiogram.

radiology: n /frm/lu/ radiology.

radiowan: n /frm/lu/ radioman.

radius: n /lu/ radius. dalam radius satu kilometer within the radius of a kilometer.

radmolen: n /frm/lu/ ferris wheel |a very large wheel with seats on it for people to ride on in an amusement park|

raffia: n /frm/lu/ 1 raffia fibre. 2 twine made of thin strips of plastic similar to raffia fibre.

raflesia: n /frm/lu/ raf­f1esia |a parasitic leafless plant of tropical Asia. genus of Rafflesia |

raga1; beraga: v /frm/lu/ 1 boast, show off. 2 hold an exhibi­tion.
-memperagakan: v 1 boast about, show off, demonstrate 2 exhibit.
-peragaan: n 1 showing up 2 exhibition 3 demonstration 4 display
-alat peraga: n 1 model 2  visual aid  3 visual display 4 ostentation

raga2: n /ltr/ 1 simple rattan basket. 2 ball plaited from rattan.
-beraga: v play rattan ball.
-meraga: v 1 make rattan baskets. 2 play rattan ball.

raga3: n /lu/ body.
-jiwa (dan) raga: n body and soul.
-olahraga: n 1 physical exercise 2 sports

ragam: n /frm/lu/ 1 melody, tune. Itu ragam lagu Sunda. It is a melody of Sundanese music. 2 kind |a type or sort of person or thing| Banyak ragam pakaian disini There are many kind of clothes here. 3 manner, behaviour. Setiap orang mempunyai ragam berbeda. Every person has different behaviour.
-beragam1: v differ |to be different| Para siswa beragam dalam pemahaman mereka tentang bahasa Inggris. The students differ each other in their ability to understand English. Pandangannya beragam dari pandangan saya His views differ from mine.
-beragam2: adj various (kind) |different to each other| Kami punya beragam novel disini We have various kind of novel here
-beragam-ragam: v 1 to be different each other 3 be many kinds Ada beragam-ragam hiburan dikota ini. There are many kinds of amusement in this town.
-berseragam: v be in uniform.
-keragaman: n 1 variety 2 diversity
-keseragaman: n uniformity.
-menyeragamkan: v make a number of persons or things in uniform.
-meragamkan: v vary |to make things not be uniform or heterogeneous| Kamu perlu meragamkan makanan kamu dan melakukan olahraga lebih banyak. You need to vary your diet and get more exercise.
-penyeragaman: n the action of making things uniform.
-seragam1: adj uniform Semua mereka memakai kaos seragam. All of the wear uniform T-shirt
-seragam2: n uniform |a particular type of clothing that the members of an organization wear to work| sebuah seragam hijau tentara a green soldier uniform.

ragawi: adj physical ragawi antropologi physical anthropol­ogy.

ragbol: n 1 dust mop, esp. for ceilings. 2 moplike tool for cleaning toilet bowl.

ragi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 yeast |a fermentation agent, a substance used for making bread rise and for producing alcohol in beer or wine|
-beragi: v ferment.
-tidak beragi: adj yeastless.
-meragikan: v rise brad, cake, etc by adding yeast  |if bread, cakes etc. rise, they become bigger as they baked, or because they contain yeast|
-peragian: n fermentation.

ragi2: n /frm/lu/ 1 design 2 pattern 3 color.
-seragi: v to have the same design, color,  or pattern. Mereka berdua sedang memakai pakaian seragi. Both of them are wearing the same pattern of dress.
-meragi: v 1 design 2 develop pattern

ragu1; meragukan: adj /frm/lu/ 1 uncertain 2 doubtful 3 hesitant 3 reluctant Janjinya yang muluk-muluk itu meragukan. His high-sounding promise was doubtful Meragukan bahwa kita akan berlibur musim panas ini. It’s doubtful that we’ll get to take a vacation this summer

ragu2; meragukan: v /frm/lu/ 1 doubt  Saya ragu apakah yang dia katakan itu benar I doubt if what he said was true. 2 ragu-ragu: hesitate |to pause before doing or saying something because you are uncertain| Saya ragu-ragu apa masih dapat pesawat kalau pergi sekarang. I hesitate if I can catch the flight if I leave now. Mereka tidak akan ragu-ragu menggunakan senjata kimia kalau berperang They will not hesitate to use chemical weapon if they involve in a war.
-keraguan: n 1 doubtfulness 2 hesitation 3 reluctance

rahang: n /frm/lu/ jaw. rahang atas upper jaw. rahang bawah lower jaw.

raharja: n well-being, prosperity.

rahasia1: n /frm/lu/ secret. Dia tidak bisa menyimpan rahasia He cannot keep a secret.

rahasia2: adj secret Itu adalah data rahasia It’s secret data. Dia adalah seorang agen rahasia He is a secret agent.
-secara rahasia: adv confidentially
-kerahasiaan: n 1 confidentiality 2 se­crecy.

rahayu: n /ltr/ 1 well-being. 2 greeting, esp. used by adherents of Javanese folk religion.
-kerahayuan: n state of well­being.

rahib: n /frm/lu/ 1 monk. 2 nun.

rahim1: n /frm/lu/ womb, uterus.

rahim2: adj /frm/lu/ merciful (of God).
-merahimi: v have mercy on.
-kerahiman: n mercy.

rahimi: adj /frm/lu/ merciful

rahman; rahmani: adj /frm/lu/ compassionate (of God).

rahmat; rahmatullah: n /frm/lu/ merecy of God.
-merahmati: v have mercy on.                       ‘

rahsia: variant of rahasia:

Rahu: n /ltr/ monster that causes lunar eclipses by swallowing moon.

raib: see gaib:

raih; meraih: v /frm/lu/ 1 reach out |to move your hand or arm in order to touch, hold, or pick up something|  Dia merentangkan tangan kanannya untuk meraih ssu dari rak. He stretch his right hand to reach sth from the shelf. 2 achieve, gain  |to be successful in doing sth| Dia meraih keuntungan besar dari bisnis itu He gained a big profit from the business Dia telah meraih cita-citaya menjadi seorang penerbang. He has achieved his dream to be a pilot. 3 hold and pull Dia meraih tangan putranya dan mereka pergi keluar. She hold and pull her son’s hand and they went out.
-teraih: adj reachable

rais1; merais: v /ld/ sweep off.

rais2: n /frm/lu/ president or chairman, formerly used by the Moslem party.
-rais am: n general chairman.

rait: n /spo/ screeching sound.
-merait: v screech.

raja: n king.
-beraja: v 1 to have a king 2 beraja (pada): to be the people of a particular king.
-kerajaan: n kingdom, empire
-kerajaan serikat: n united kingdom.
-merajai: v overpower, control, dominate |to defeat someone because you are stronger| Barang impor telah merajai pasar. Imported goods have dominated the market
-merajakan: v 1 make sb as a king 2 treat sb like a king. 3 con­sider highly important
-raja muda: n crown prince.
-raja sehari: n bride­groom.
-raja singa: n 1 syphilis. 2 tycoon.
-raja minyak: n oil baron.
-raja makan: n heavy eater. gourmet.
-raja hutan: n the ruler of the jungle (lion or tiger)
-tanda kerajaan: n royal insigna.

Rajab: n /Isl/ the 7th month of Arabic calendar.

rajah1: n 1 /ltr./ figure or design with mystical prop­erties. 2 tattoo. 3 lines in the palm.
-merajahi: v tattoo
-rajahan: n tattoo.

rajah2: variant of raja:

rajakula: n /ltr/ dynasty.

rajalela; merajalela1: adj /frm/lu/ violent and arbitrary.
-merajalela2: v 1 act violently and arbitrarily. Lurah itu bertindak merajalela di desa itu The head of the village acted violently and arbitrarily. 2 spread or break out violently (of disease). Flu burung merajalela di rnusim hujan. Bird flu spread out wildly in the rainy season.
-kemerajalelaan: n violence and arbitrariness.

rajalele: n /frm/lu/ a variety of rice with high quality.

rajam; merajam: v /of/ stone to death.
-rajaman: n stoning.

rajawali: n /frm/lu/ large black hawk.

rajin: adj /frm/lu/ 1 industrious, diligent. Anak ini rajin sekali di sekolah This child really works hard at school. 2 do (sth) frequently. Dia rajin datang mengunjungi kami. He frequently visited us.
-kerajinan: n handy indus­try kerajinan kayu wood­craft kerajinan tangan handicraft
-merajin: v make handicraft |do sth which need a lot of time and patience| Mereka bermata pencarian merajin They make money from making handicraft.
-pengrajin; perajin: n craftsman, artisan. pengrajin kuningan brass artisan.
-pengrajinan: n craft industry.

rajuk; merajuk: v /intr/frm/lu/ pout, sulk. Apa dia sedang merajuk pada kamu? Is she pouting at you?
-merajuki: v /tr// pout about sth Nadia merajuki bonekanya yang hilang. Nadia is pouting about her lost toy.
-perajuk: n who frequently or easily pouts.

rajut; merajut: v /frm/lu/ knit, crochet 1 |to make clothes out of yarn (thick thread) using special sticks to weave or tie the stitches together| Dia sedang merajut sweater untuk saya. She’s knitting me a sweater. 2 |to join people, things, or ideas more closely, or to be closely connected| Dia punya bakat merajut jaringan bisnis. He has a talent to knit a business network (connection) 2 make a net
-perajut: n sb whose job is to knit, to crochet, or to make net
-perajutan: n knitting, crocheting, net making
-rajutan: n crocheted, knitted material.

rak1: n cracking sound.

rak2: n shelf, rack. rak buku bookshelf. rak pengering(an) drying rack.

raka: n /ltr/ 1 elder brother. 2 senior male univer­sity student.

rakaat: n /Isl./ essential unit of prayer ritual, consist­ing of bows and prostrations performed a pre­scribed number of times. Berapa rakaat kamu perlukan untuk sembahyang subuh? How many prayer units do you need for down praying?

rakam; merakam: v 1 stamp, print  Mereka merakam kain putih untuk batik. They  stamp white cloth for batik. 2 embroider. Dia merakam kain sutera denagn benang mas She embroiders  silk with gold thread. 3 record (for pos­terity), mark down. 4 record on a tape or record.
-perakam: n 1 recorder (the tools) perakam pita tape re­corder. 2 recorder (the technician)
-perakaman: n the process or action of re­cording.
-rakaman: n 1 notes, re­corded materials. 2 recording (of music, etc.)

rakan: variant of rekan:

rakanita: n /ltr/ senior female university student.

rakat: variant of rekat:

rakawati: variant of rakanita:

raker {rapat kerja}: n assembly |a meeting of a group of people for a particular purpose|

rakerda {rapat kerja daerah}: n regional assembly.

rakernas {rapat kerja nasional}: n national assembly.

raket1: n /sport/ racket.

raket2: variant of roket:

rakhman; rakhmani: variant of rahman; rahmani:

rakhmat: variant of rahmat:

rakit: n /frm/lu/ raft. rakit penyelarnat life raft.
-berakit: v 1 travel by raft. 2 attached along­side.
-merakit: v 1 make a raft. 2 connect, join, assem­ble. Mobil ini dirakit di Indonesia dengan lisensi Jepang This car is assemble in Indonesia with Japanese licence
-perakit: n assembler.
-perakitan: n assembling. perakitan motor Honda Honda motor­cycle assembly plant.
-serakit: n a pair, a set,  a couple.

rakna: variant of ratna:

raksa: see air:

raksamala: variant of rasamala:

raksasa1: n /frm/lu/ 1 mythical gigantic demon. 2 giant.

raksasa2: adj enormous, gigantic, big  pro­yek raksasa an enormous project.
-meraksasa: v become gigantic.

rakus: adj /frm/lu/ greedy, voracious. rakus makan uang greedy for money.
-kerakusan: n greed.

rakyat: n /frm/lu/ people,  populace, citizen
-rakyat jelata/murba: n masses, com­mon people, proletariat.
-rakyat jembel: n the poor.
-rakyat pemilih: n electorate.
-merakyat: v be familiar to the common people.
-kerakyatan: n 1 population affair 2 democracy.

ralat: n correction (to an error, mistake, esp. typographical).
-meralat: v cor­rect, rectify.

rally: n rally.
-perallyan: n racing.

ram1: n /spo/ rumbling sound.

ram2: n /frm/lu/ 1 window. 2 picture frame.

Ramadan: n /Isl/ 9th month of the Arabic calendar, fasting month.

Ramadhan: variant of Ramadlan:

Ramadlan: n variant of Ramadan:

ramah: adj /frm/lu/ 1 friendly |easy to talk with| 2 courteous 3 hospitable
-beramah-tamah: v 1 hold a friendly meeting or gathering 2 to talk friendly
-keramah-tamahan: n friendliness, hospitality, courteousness
-peramah: n sb who always be friendly person.
-ramah-tamah2: adj 1 courteous and friendly Mereka adalah orang yang ramah-tamah. They are courteous and friendly people 2 friendly, informal Itu adalah pertemuan ramah-tamah. It was an informal meeting

ramai: adj /frm/lu/ 1 crowded, busy. Ramai sekali di pasar! It was really crowded in the market! 2 bustling, lively, festive. Jakarta adalah kota yang ramai. Jakarta is a bustling city. Pestanya ramai sekali! The party was really lively! 3 boisterous, noisy, loud. Saya tidak dapat mendengar suara di HP saya kalau ada suara-suara ramai. I can’t hear the voice on my cellular phone above the boisterous sound Per­debatan itu sangat ramai. The debate was so noisy.  Percakapan itu ramai sekali The conversation was loud.
-beramai-ramai: adv in a large number of people, in a lively group Kami kesana pergi beramai-ramai We went there in a large number of people.
-keramaian: n festivity, crowdedness, liveliness.
-meramaikan: v enliven, cheer up  Mereka meramaikan pesta itu dengan drumband They enlivened up the celebration with drum band.
-orang ramai: n 1 crowd 2 public

ramal; meramal: v /frm/lu/ 1 tell fortunes 2 forecast 3 predict 4 prophesy 5 portend
-peramal: n 1 forecaster 2 fortune teller 3 prophet
-ramalan: n 1 forecast 2 fortune telling 3 prediction 4 prognosis 5 horoscope 6 prophecy   7 portent.
-peramalan: n 1 forecasting 2 fortune telling 3 prediction 4 prognosis (the process or action)

ramanda: variant of ayahanda:

ramas1; meramas: v /frm/lu/ 1 press, knead |to press a mixture of flour and water many times with your hands| 2 squeeze |to twist or press something in order to get liquid out of it| Tolong ramas bebrapa jeruk asam ke lalapan itu. Please squeeze some lemon juice onto the salad.

ramas2: variant of rames:

Ramayana: n /ltr/ great Hindu epic from which many themes of Indonesian literature and public life are drawn.

rambah; merambah: v /frm/lu/ clear away, cut down. Mereka merambah hutan dimana-mana. They cleared away the forest everywhere.
-perambah (jalan): n pioneer, pathfinder.
-perambah (hutan): n sb who destroy the jungle
-rambahan: n what is cut down or cleared away.

rambang1: adj /ld/ broad, wide, extensive.
-rambang mata: adj sensual.
-merambang: adv at random.
-kerambangan: n randomness.

rambang2: variant of rembang:

rambas; merambas: v /frm/lu/ 1 crush sth 2 cut (the grass)

rambat1; merambat1: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 spread 2 creep 3 penetrate 3 diffuse |to make ideas, information etc. available to many people| Ideologi itu telah merambat keseantero negeri. The ideology has diffused throughout the country.
-merambati: v /tr/ 1 spread in  2 creep on 4 penetrate into 5 diffuse.
-merambatkan: v /tr/ 1 spread (sth) 2 creep (sth) 4 penetrate (sth) 5 diffuse (sth)
-merambat2: adj 1 spreading 2 creeping 3 contagious  ubi rambat creeping yam or sweet potato
-perambatan: n 1 propagation (of creeping plant) 2 diffusion 3 penetration
-rambatan: n sth where sth else creeping.

rambat2: n /ld/ a space in a house which floor is made higher as a sitting room for guests

rambu1: n /frm/lu/ 1 fringe, tassel |a decoration on a curtain, piece of clothing etc., made of hanging threads| tutup meja dengan rambu a table cloth with fringe  2 buoy |an object that floats on the water, used for showing boats which parts of the water are safe or dangerous|  3 |short pillar on quay for tying up ships|  4 rambu-rambu (jalan): (traffic) sign
-Dinas Rambu: n Buoy Service.
-merambu: v mark out, plot.

rambut: n /frm/lu/ 1 hair (of the head) 2 body hair
-berambut1: v possess hair
-berambut2: adj 1 hairy |having a lot of body hair 2 berambut panjang: long­haired 3 stringy (food that is stringy has thin hard pieces in it that are difficult to chew)
-kawat rambut: n filament.
-merambut: v become like hair, stringy
-rambut kelamin: n pubic hair.
-rambut panjang: n long hair
-rambut kribo: n Afro-style hairdo
-rambut kuda: n mane.
-rambut kusut: n untidy or tousled hair
-rambut jangkit: n bristling hair.
-rambut palsu: n wig.
-rambut ­sasak: n bouffant hairdo.
-sirambut panjang: n a woman.
-si­pendek rambut: n a man.
-perambut: n lower end of fishing rod.

rambutan: n /frm/lu/ rambutan |tree bearing hairy fruit simi­lar to lychee – Nephelium|           ..

rame: variant of ramai:

rames1; merames: v /frm/lu/ 1 mix by kneading 2 provide with a mix­ture. Dia sedang merames nasi She is providing rice with a mixture. (with side dishes)

rames2: adj mixed (rice) Apa kamu suka nasi rames? Do you like rice mixed with dishes?

rami: n /frm/lu/ hemp, jute |a plant used for making strong rope, a rough cloth, and the drug|
-rami halus: n |thin and lax material to make thread made of this plant|

rampai: adj /frm/lu/ various. 2 mixed, jumble.
-merampai: v mix, put various things together.
-rampaian: n a collection of various things.
– rampai musik: n medley
-rampai karangan: n col­lection of essays.

rampas; merampas: v /frm/lu/ seize, carry away Polisi merampas semua senjata gelap itu The police seized all the illegal guns. Sejumlah bajak laut merampas kapal itu minggu lalu. A number of pirates seized the ship last week.
-merampasi: v repeatedly seize, take away (from many sources). Penjahat itu merampasi penum­pang-penumpang. The bandit held up the pas­sengers.
-rampasan: n loot.
-perampas: n robber.
-perampasan: n 1 robbery,  holdup. 2 expropriation.
-perampasan kuasa: n coup d’etat.

ramping1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 slender, slightly built. 2 disfigured, mutilated. 3 pierced (of ears).
meramping: v /intr/ become slender
-merampingkan: v /tr/ slenderize. 2 worn at the edges.

ramping2; beramping: adv side by side, next to. Kedua rumah itu berdiri beramping The two houses stand side by side.

rampok; merampok: v /frm/lu/ rob, plunder.
-merampoki: v repeatedly plun­der, rob from several sources. Mereka merampoki toko-toko untuk mendapat uang. They robbed a lot of stores to make money.
-rampokan: n loot
-perampokan: n robbery, looting .
-perampok: n robber, plunderer.

rampung: adj /frm/lu/ finished, settled, completed.
-merampungkan: v /tr/ finish, complete.
-perampugan: n act of completing
-tahap perampungan: v 1 final stage 2 finishing.

ramsum: variant of rangsum:

ramu; meramu: v gather, collect.
-ramuan: n 1 ingredients 2 con­coction.

rana1: n /frm/lu/ long-sufrering.
-kemeranaan: n condition of long-term suffering, languishment.
-merana1: adj ailing |weak or sick, and not getting stronger or better| ekonomi Negara yang merana. the country’s ailing economy.
-merana2: v suffer (illness) chron­ically. Dia sakit dengan merana He get sick chronically. 2 lan­guish, waste away. Badannya merana. His body is wast­ing away. 3 keep worrying. Fikirannya merana sebelum anaknya datang He kept worrying before his child came back.

rana2: variant of ratna:

ranah: n 1 meadow, low-lying valley. 2 domain.

rancah; perancah: n /frm/lu/ scaffolding.

rancang: n /frm/lu/ stake, post.
-berancang; merancang: v 2 stake out, place post Petani merancang kebon mereka dengan bambu The farmer stake out their garden using bamboo

rancang2; merancang: v /frm/lu/ 1 plan Mereka sedang merancang pembangunan pelabuhan baru They are planning to develop a new harbour 2 design Apa kamu belajar merancang pusat pertokoan modern di sekolah? Do you learn how to design a modern shopping store in the college? 3 schedule |to plan that something will happen at a particular time| Rapat ini sudah dirancang minggu lalu.  The meeting has been scheduled last week. Satu lokakarya lain telah dirancang untuk bulan depan. Another workshop is scheduled to start next month.
-perancang: n 1 designer 2 planner
-rancangan: n 1 design 2 plan 3 schedule

rancu: adj /frm/lu/ confused.
-merancukan: v confuse.
-kerancuan: n 1 confu­sion. 2 contamination.
-peracuan: n contamination.

rancung: adj /ld/ pointed, acute.
-merancung: v be pointed.
-merancungkan: v 1 sharpen 2 make (sth) pointed.

rang1: n /lu/ rank, position. Apa rang dia? What is his position?
-pengrangan: n ranking.

rang2: n /spo/ clanging sound.

rang3: n /frm/ design, plan.
-rang-rangan: n rough draft, outline.

rang4: variant of orang:

rangka; kerangka: n /frm/lu/ 1 frame |the main structure that supports something such as a house, piece of furniture, or vehicle| rangka baja dinding beton the metal frame of concrete wall 2  skeleton |the structure consisting of all the bones in a human or animal body| rangka manusia the human skeleton 3 chassis |the frame on which the body, engine etc. of a vehicle is built|  4 kerangka dasar: mainframe |the main structure that supports a large thing such as a building or vehicle| 5 kerangka kerja: framework |a set of rules, beliefs, knowledge etc. that people use when making a decision or planning something| Kami bekerja dalam kerangka sistim moneter terkendali. We were working within the framework of controlled monetary system. 6 structure |something that is built to be strong enough| satu kerangka baja yang sangat besar a huge steel structure
-rangka bakar: n grate, grill.

rangkai: n /frm/lu/ bunch (of certain fruits).
-berangkai: v be attaché or tied together (in a bunch) Kedua layangan itu terbang berangkai The two kites are flying attached to each other.
-merangkai: v /tr/ 1 frame sth 2 arrange (sth to be a bunch or a frame) 3 combine 4 connect (a number of structure to be a larger structure) Dia sangat berbakat dalam merangkai bunga. She is very talented in floral arrangement.
-merangkaikan: v /tr/ to join several things to be in a frame.
-perangkai: n connec­tor.
-rangkaian: n 1 design of a frame 2 the connection within a framework 3 series 4 connection
-rangkai hati/jiwa: n sweetheart.
-serangkai: adj connected, tied together.
-tiga-rangkai: n board of tree |triumvirate – tree functions in a government political system, legislative, executive, and judicative|

rangkak; merangkak: v /frm/lu/1 crawl on hands and knees. 2 make slow progress. 3 fawn.
-merangkak-rangkak: v 1 cringe. Dia merangkak-rangkak di hadapan majikannnya He cringes in front of his boss.           ..

rangkap1; memerangkap1: v /frm/lu/ 1 |to catch sth in the curved shape of your hand so what you catch such as a fly or ant won’t be harmed| 2 catch sth with trap.
-perangkap: n trap

rangkap; merangkap2: v /frm/lu/ 1 be more than one (double, triple, etc) 2 duplicate 3 |concurrently take or do other position or job in addition to the one you have| Saya merangkap kepala kantor disamping peneliti. I’m the office manager in addition to my function as a researcher.
-rangkap dua: adj double
-rangkap tiga: adj triple
-rangkap empat: adj quartet
-perangkap2: n a person who concurrently holds more than a job .

rangkul; merangkul: v /frm/lu/ 1 embrace 2 hug
-berangkul-rangkulan: v 1 hug each other 2 be closely associated with.
-rangkulan: n embrace.

rangkum; serangkum: n /frm/lu/ an armful.
-menyerangkumkan: v gather to­gether.
-merangkum: v 1 embrace, enclose. 2 include, enc­ompass. 3 gloss |to provide an explanation of sth through but shortly| 4 wrap up (thesis, argument, opinion, etc.)
-rangkuman: n 1 glossary 3 wrap up 3 conclusion

rangsang1; merangsang1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 exciting, stimulating. 2 inspired 3 inciting 4 enticing 5 arousing 6 erotic

rangsang2; merangsang: v /frm/lu/ 1 excite, stimulate 2  inspire 3 incite 4 entice 5 arouse 6 encourage 7 titillate |to make someone feel excited or interested, especially sexually| sebuah cerita untuk merangsang berahi pembaca. a story to titillate the readers
-perangsang: n 1 stimulus, stimulant 2 incitement 3 incentive 4 motive
-perangsangan: n 1 stimulation 2 incitement 3 motivation
-rangsangan: n 1 stimulus  2 eroticism  3 enticement 4 encouragement

rangsek; merangsek: v /Jkt/ attack.

rangsel: variant of ransel:

rangsum: n /frm/lu/ rations.
-merangsum: v 1 deliver rations. 2 ration out. Palang merah merangsum makanan kepada para korban The red-cross rationed food out to the victims.

Rangun: n Rangoon.

rani1: n /ltr/ queen.

rani2: adj /ltr/ rich.

ranjang: n /frm/lu/ 1 bed 2 baby’s crib.
-ranjang pengantin: n nuptial bed.

ranjau: n /frm/lu/ 1 bamboo spiked booby traps (set around village to wound enemy). 2 antiperson­nel weapon, mine.
-ranjau darat: n land mine.
ranjau laut: n sea mine.

ranjing; keranjingan: adj /frm/lu/ 1 possessed (by bad spirit, etc.) Dia sedang keranjingan oleh roh jahat He was possessed by evil spirit 2 excessively desire sth like a maniac. Dia sedang keranjingan main judi. He was excessively addicted to gambling

ranking: n /frm/lu/ grade, ranking (in schools).
-merangking: v set grades in a rank.
-perankingan: n act of rank­ing or grading.

ransell: n /frm/lu/ 1 knapsack, back pack. 2 duffle bag.

ransom: variant of rangsum:

rantai1: n /frm/lu/ 1 chain rantai besi iron chain  2 se­ries, sequence, connection Coba jelaskan rantai kejadian sebenarnya. Please tell the sequence of the actual incident 3 |measurement unit of width equal to (2 x 20)m = 400 m2Kita perlu sedikitnya 400 m2 untuk gudang itu We need at least 400 m2 space for the warehouse.
-berantai1: v be connected with chain arloji berantai a watch with a chain
-berantai: adj connected Apa pembunuhan itu satu peristiwa berantai? Was the murder a  series of connected occurrences?
-merantai: v tie with chain
-rantai emas: n gold necklace.

rantam; berantam: v /frm/lu/ 1 do sth collectively 2 /inf/ fight

rantang: n /frm/lu/ set of stacked containers for transporting food.
-merantang: v cater by sending meal in such container
-rantangan: n a system of delivering sb’s food on a standing basis.

rantau1: n /ld/ 1 shore 2 reach Mereka berlayar sepanjang rantau They sailed along the shore/ reach

rantau2; merantau: v 1 go abroad  2 migrate  |to go to another area or country for a short time, usually in order to find a place to live or work|
-perantau: n 1 sb who go abroad or migrate 2 migrant 3 settled foreigner
-perantauan: n the place where migrant or traveller to go

rante: variant of rantai:

ranting1: n /frm/lu/ 1 small branch, twig. 2 subsection, sub-branch (of offices, parties, etc.).
-ranting tenggorok: n bronchiole.
-beranting: v 1 have subsection 2 have twigs. Pohon ini beranting banyak. The tree has a lot of twigs.  Pohon ini tidak beranting This tree has no twigs. Pohon itu mulai beranting. The tree is beginning to have twigs.

ranting2: adj /ld/ dried up.
-meranting: v dry up.

ranum: adj /frm/lu/ overripe.
-meranum: v ripen.

raon: variant of rawon:

rapat1: adv /frm/lu/ 1 close |near in space; not far| Taruh meja itu rapat ke dinding Put the table close to the wall. 2 densely Kami menanam bunga itu rapat. We plant the flower closely.   Kami tinggal dekat dengan sekolah. We live close to the school.

rapat2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 close Waktu kosong antara dua kegiatan itu sangat rapat. The vacant time between the two events was very close. 2 intimate  Hubungan mereka sangat rapat. Their relation is very intimate

rapat3: merapat: v /frm/lu/ 1 anchor, moor (in a harbour) Apa kapal itu sudah merapat. Has the ship anchored? 2 become close Hubungan mereka sudah merapat Their relation has become close
-rapatkan: merapatkan1: v 1make things closer to each other 2 move closer 3 tighten Rapatkan kancing mantel kamu itu. Tighten your coat button.

rapat4: n /frm/lu/ meeting Tolong tenang! Ada rapat didalam. Quiet please! There is a meeting inside
-merapatkan2: v discuss sth in a meeting. Mereka akan merapatkan hal itu lusa They are going to discus it in a meeting the day after tomorrow.
-rapat: v hold a meeting. Mari kita rapat membicarakan hal tersebut. Let’s hold a meeting to discuss that matter.
-kerapatan1: n 1 closeness 2 intimacy
-kerapatan2: n /of/ congress

RAPBD {Rencana Anggaran Pendapatan dan Be­lanja Daerah}: n regional budget plan.

RAPBN {Rencana Anggaran Pendapatan dan Be­lanja Negara}: n the sate budget plan.

rapel; rapelan: n /lu/ back pay

rapi: adj /frm/lu/1orderly ruang makan yang rapi an orderly dining room 2 neat, tidy Saya suka kepangan rambutnya yang rapi. I like her tidy braid
-dengan rapi: adv neatly Dia menata meja dengan rapi. She set the table neatly
-merapikan: v 1 put sth more orderly 2 make sth neater
-kerapian: n neatness, tidiness
-perapi: n 1 sb who always dress neatly 2 straighter.

rapiah: see rambutan:

rapih: variant of rapi:

Rapim {Rapat Pimpinan}: n executive meeting

rapkol: n /ld/ cabbage. –syn: /lu/ kol

rapor; raport; rapot: n school report card.

rapsodi: n /ld/ rhapsody.

rapuh: adj /frm/lu/ 1 brittle 2 likely to snap. Tangga itu rapuh. The ladder is likely to snap. 3 weak  Kepribadian dia sangat rapuh Her personality is very weak 4  sensitive, tender 5 fragile
-kerapuhan: n 1 fragility. 2 brittleness, crispness. 3 weakness
-merapuhkan: v 1 cause to be fragile and brittle 2 discourage Kegagalan pertamanya telah merapuhkan semangatnya. Her failure on the first attempts had discouraged her spirit.
-perapuh: n sth that made sth brittle, weak, or fragile.

ras1: n /spo/ sound of rustling (of papers, leaves, etc.).

ras2: n /frm/lu/ reins. Pegang ras-nya. Hold the reins. –syn: /lu/ res

ras3: n /frm/lu/  race. diskriminasi ras race discrimination.

ras4: n /frm/lu/ thoroughbred. anjing ras a thoroughbred dog

rasa1; perasaan: n /frm/lu/ 1 taste Makanan itu rasanya enak That food tastes delicious. 2 feeling, sense, sentiment Umumnya mereka mempunyai rasa kedaerahan yang kuat Generally they have strong ethnical sentiment. 3 sensation rasa pedih stinging or biting sensation.

rasa2: merasa(kan): v 1 feel Bagaimana kamu merasakannya? (Bagamana rasanya?) How do you feel. 2 taste Apa kamu sudah pernah merasakan obat itu? Have you ever taste that drug? 3 experienced, endure.  Saya belum pernah merasakan pahitnya peperangan. I never experienced the bitterness of a war.
-dirasa-rasa: v think of Kalau dirasa-rasa, kita tidak perlu pergi kesana. If we think of it, we don’t need to go there.
-perasa: adj sensitive. Dia seorang yang sangat perasa. She is a very sensitive person.
-rasa kasihan: v pity Apa kamu tidak rasa kasihan kepada mereka? Don’t you pity to see them?
-rasa-rasanya; rasanya: v it seems  Rasa-rasanya saya pernah bertemu anda sebelumya. It seems that I’d met you before.
v 1 be felt Apa sopnya sudah terasa enak? Has the soup been tasted good/delicious? Terasa sangat panas disini. It is felt very hot here. 2 be noticed, be aware of  Tidak terasa bahwa hari sudah larut malam. It wasn’t noticed that it was late at night.

rasaksa: variant of raksasa:

rasamala: n /frm/lu/ tree with fragrant wood.

rasberi: n /frm/lu/ berry |one of several types of small soft fruits with very small seeds – Rubus idaeus|

rase: n civet cat.

rasia1: variant of rahasia:

rasi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 constellation 2 fortune rasi bintang planet constellation
-merasikan: v 1 consult the stars 2 cast a horoscope
-rasian: n 1 astrology. 2 fortune-telling.
-perasian: n 1 horoscope. 2 fate.
-merasikan: v consult the stars, cast a horoscope.

rasi2: serasi1: adj /lu/ 1 harmonious 2 matching, compatible Da­sinya serasi dengan kemejanya His tie is matching with his long sleeve shirt.
-keserasian: n 1 harmony 2 compatibility.
-menserasikan: v 1 match 2 to make sth harmonious with sth else.
-penyerasian: n 1 harmonization |the process of making things harmonious 2 make things compatible|
-serasi2: v match Ini akan serasi dengan jas kamu. This one will match your jacket.

rasia1: variant of rahasia:

rasial: adj racial.

rasialis: adj racialist.

rasialisme: n racialism.

rasio: n /frm/lu/1 rationale |the reasons and principles on which a decision, plan etc. is based|  Apa rasio dibalik rencana kamu ini? What is the rationale behind your plan?

rasional; rasionil: adj /frm/lu/ rational.
-merasionalkan: v rationalize |to give reasons to what sb’s do or plan, or to explain your behavior or attitudes|  Dia merasionalkan, orang tuanya akan memberikan juga uang itu, maka kenapa tidak diambil saja? He rationalized that his parents would have given him the money anyway, so why not just take it?
-rasionalisasi: n rationalization |an action to make sth rational|

rasisme: n racism.

rasuk2; merasuk: v /frm/lu/ posses |if an evil spirit control your action or behaviour, it means that the spirit “merasuk” into your personality| Roh jahat sedang merasuki dia An evil spirit is possessing him. 2 permeate |to enter something or pass through it, especially when this is difficult| Kita perlu merebus sayur itu sehingga garam dan bumbu merasuk kedalamnya. We need to cook the vegetable so the salt and spices can penetrate inside. Air hujan telah merasuk kedalam dinding. Rain water had penetrated into the walls.

rasul: n /frm/lu/ 1 messenger sent by God. 2 prophet. 3 apostle.
-kerasulan1: n 1 at­tribute of a messenger of God. 2 apostolate.
-merasul: v proselytize.

rasuli: adj apostolic. karya kerasulan apostolic work.

rasulullah: n /Isl./ the Messenger of God. Muhammad Rasulullah: Muhammad the Messenger of God

raswah: variant of rasuah:

rata: adj /frm/lu/ 1 flat, level. Apa permukaan tanah itu rata? Is the surface of the land flat? 2 even a) |flat, level, or smooth| Lantai harus rata sebelum kita meletakkan lemari itu. The floor has to be even before we put the boards down. b) stable |an even rate, temperature etc. does not change much| Simpan bahan kimia itu pada suhu yang rata. Store the chemicals at an even temperature. c) |separated by equal spaces| gigi putihnya yang rata his even white teeth d) equal Setiap orang mendapat pembagian rata. Every body get an equal portion.
-meratakan: v 1 level |to knock something down to the ground and destroy it| Gempa itu meratakan beberapa rumah di kota. An earthquake leveled several buildings in the city. 2 smooth Dia meratakan tutup tempat tidur itu dengan tangannya. She smoothed the bed cover with her hands.
-merata: adv averagely, evenly Taburkan benih itu merata. Scatter the seed averagely.  -rata-rata: adj average Berapa rata-rata hujan turun pada bulan Mei? What’s the average rainfall for May?

ratap; ratapan: n /frm/lu/1 lamentation 2 wail.
-meratapi: v lament over sb/sth.
-ratap tangis: n 1 mourning, lament  Saya sangat tergugah mendengar ratap tangis mereka.
I was so touched to hear their mourning.

ratifikasi: n /frm/lu/ ratification.
-meratifikasi: v ratify.

ratifisir; meratifisir: v /frm/lu/ ratify

ratio: variant of rasio:

ratna: n /ltr/ gem, jewel.
-ratna kendi: n precious stone.
-ratna mutu manikam: n gems of all kinds.
-ratna cempaka: n topaz. wilis emerald.

ratu: n /frm/lu/ 1 Queen  |a female ruler of a country who is from a royal family, or the wife of a king| 2 Miss |the woman who wins a beauty competition| ratu dunia miss universe ratu Asia miss Asia 3 |a large female bee, ant etc. that lays the eggs for a whole group|

ratus1: num. 100 (hundred)
-beratus-ratus: num hundreds. Beratus-ratus rumah rusak akibat banjir itu Hundreds of houses were destroyed by flood dua ratus: 200 (two hundred)
-ratusan: n 1 currency note or coin with the value of 100 (rupiah, cents, etc) 2 above certain hundred dua ratusan between 200 to 300 hundred
-seratus: num 100 (one hundred)

ratus2: n /Jv/ perfumed powder used as in­cense.
-meratus: v dry and perfume (sb’s hair or clothes)

raung: n 1 /spo/ sound of a siren 2  a siren.
-meraung: v 1 a roar. Apa kamu mendengar hariamu sedang meraung? Do you hear a tiger is roaring?  2  moan  Dia meraung kesakitan. She is moaning in pain
-meraungkan: v howl sth
-raungan: n 1 roar. raungan serigala the cry of a wolf. raungan mesin jet the roar of jet engines. 2 moan.

raun-raun1: v /inf/ 1 go on a pleasure trip, stroll about, tour. 2 promenade

raun-raun2: n /infr/ promenade Bagaimana raun-raunnya? How was your promenade?

raup; meraup: v /frm/lu/ scoop up sth with the hands. Raup benih itu lalu tebarkan Scoop the seed with your hands and scattered it.
-seraup(an): n a hand­ful.

raut: n /frm/lu/ profile, contour, shape, form
-meraut: v 1 shape, form  2 sharpen Raut pensil kamu sebelum berangkat sekolah. Sharpen your pencil before going to school.
-raut wajah: n face profile.
-raut permukaan: n surface contour
-rautan: n sharpener (of pencil)

rawa; rawa-rawa: n /frm/lu/ swamp, marsh. be­swampy.
-merawa: v become swamps.
-merawakan: v turn into swamps.

rawan1: adj /frm/lu/1 soft (not hard, firm, or stiff, but easy to press| tulang rawan soft bones 2 vulnerable |easily harmed, hurt, or attacked| Orang tua itu rawan terhadap penyakit. The old man is vulnerable towards illness. 3 unsafe Hati-hati, daerah itu rawan terhadap kejahatan. Be careful, that area is unsafe from crime. 4 sensitive, emotional Kalau bicara dengan dia supaya hati-hati, dia sangat rawan If you talk to her, be careful, she is sensitive.
-kerawanan: n 1 un-safeness 2 vulnerability 3 weakness 4 softness 5 sensitiveness

rawan2: n /ld/ classifier for articles of twine. serawan ­jala a net. dua rawan jala two nets

rawat; merawat: v /frm/lu/ 1 take care of, nurse. Kita butuh seseorang untuk merawat nenek dirumah We need someone to nurse grandma at home. 2 maintain |to keep something in good condition| Biayanya besar untuk merawat sebuah rumah besar. It costs a lot of money to maintain a big house.
-perawatan: n 1 nursery 2 maintenance 3 medical treatment 4 caring
-perawat: n nurse
-terawat: v 1 be taken care of  2 be maintained.

rawe: n /ld/ liana |which causing itching|
-/proverb./ rawe-rawe rantas malang-malang putung: strive onward, no matter what the result (a revolutionary slogan).

rawit1: adj /frm/lu/ fine, small.
-cabai rawit: n very small and very hot chili pepper.

rawit2; karawitan: n music, song.
-rawitan: n overture (esp. gamelan music).

rawon: n /ld/ beef stew made with keluak (a spice made of fruit – Pangium edule)
-nasi rawon: n rice served with such a stew and other fixings.

rawuh: v /ld/ come (said of respected person).

raya: n /frm/lu/ great, large
-hari raya: n ­holiday.
-Jakarta Raya: n greater Jakarta.
-merayakan: v celebrate.
-perayaan: n celebration.

rayap1: n /frm/lu/ termite.

rayap2: merayap1: v /frm/lu/ 1 creep, crawl, continue. Waktu merayap cepat Time drags fast.
-merayap2: adj creeping, climbing tanaman merayap creeping plant.
-merayapi: v 1 creep over sth Sorak sorai kemudian merayapi seluruh aula. Wild applause  then crept over the hall 2 prowl Harimau itu merayap malam hari mencari mangsanya. The tiger prowls at night to find its prey.
-rayapan: n creep, trace. rayapan seekor kura-kura the creeping of a turtle

rayon: n /frm/lu/ area, district.

rayonisasi: n /frm/lu/ the process of dividing into administrative districts.
-merayonisasi: v divide into administrative unit

rayu1: adj /ld/ sad, touched, emotional.

rayu2: merayu: v 1 persuade |to make someone decide to do something by giving good reasons|  Dia mencoba merayu penjaga toko memberikan tambahan potngan harga. She tried to persuade the shop keeper for more discount. 2 seduce |to persuade someone to do something, especially to have sex, by making it seem extremely attractive|  Itu adalah cerita seorang gadis belasan tahun yang merayu seorang pria yang lebih tua. It’s the story of a teenage girl who seduces an older man.
-perayu: n flatterer.
-rayuan: n 1 persuasion. 2 flattery, wooing.
-rayuan gombal: n vulgar seduction.

razia; razzia: n /frm/lu/ 1 raid by police (in red-light district, etc.). 2 unannounced examination of licenses, documents, etc. by police (in speed trap, during house-to-house search, etc.).
-merazia: v temporarily and suddenly make such activity.

RDJ {Republik Demokrasi Jerman}: n Democratic Re­public of Germany.

RDRK  {Republik Demokrasi Rakyat Korea}: n Demo­cratic People’s Republic of Korea.

RDV {Republik Demokrasi Vietnam}: n Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

reaksi: n /frm/lu/ reaction. Itu hanyalah reaksi untuk apa yang telah kamu perbuat kepada dia. It’ s only a reaction to what you did to her.
-bereaksi: v react Bagaimana dia bereaksi terhadap lamaran kamu? How did she react to your proposal?
-mereaksikan: v /tr/ to mix two or more things (usually chemical substances in order to have its reaction)
-pereaksi: n agent.

reaksioner: adj /frm/lu/ reactionary.

reaktor: n /lu/ reactor.

real: variant of ril:

realis: n /frm/lu/ realist.

realisasi: n /frm/lu/ realization.
-merealisasikan: v 1 to implement 2 to bring about sth 3 realize |to achieve something you have been hoping for, working for etc.| 4 actualize

realisir; merealisir: v /frm/lu/ bring sth about |to make something happen|
-terealisir: v 1 be realized 2 be actualized

realisme: n /frm/lu/ realism.

realistis: adj /frm/lu/ realistic.
-merealistiskan: v make sth realistic.

realitas: n /frm/lu/ reality.

realokasi: n /frm/lu/ reallocation.
-merealokasikan: v reallocate.

rebah: v /intr/frm/lu/ fall down 2 collapse. |to fall down and perhaps become unconscious| Dia rebah begitu medengar berita itu She collapsed on hearing the news. Dia rebah dan pingsan. She felt into a faint.
-berebahan: v fall down (plural things) Rumah-rumah berebahan akibat gempa bumi itu. The houses felt down by the earthquake.
-merebah: v /intr/ lie |also lie down to put yourself in this position| Saya keatas untuk merebah. I’m going upstairs to lie down.
-merebahkan: v /tr/ 1 lie (sth) down Dia merebahkan diri di sofa. She lay down herself on the sofa. Badai keras itu telah merebahkan banyak pohon. The hurricane has lain down many trees 2 knock down Dia merebahkan lawannya pada ronde ke-3. He knock down his contender at the third round.
-rebah-rebah: v lie down leisurely
-rebah bangun: n shrub |a small grass – Mimosa pudica|
-rebah tertumus: v /intr/ fall face down
-rebah rempah: v /intr/ fall and roll down
-rebahan: n 1 a place to lie down 2 things that are overturned.

rebak; merebak: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 burst into tears |start to crying| Tiba-tiba Sandra merebak menangis Suddenly Sandra burst into tears 2 burst out/through (news, rumor, etc.| 3 spread out (epidemic illness)

rebana: n /frm/lu/ tambourine.
-berebana: v play tambourine. 2 have tambourine played (at party, et, .).

Rebo: variant of Rabu:

reboasasi; reboisasi: n /frm/lu/ reforestation.
-mereboisasikan: v reforest.

rebung: n /frm/lu/ bamboo shoot.
-merebung: v sprout (of bamboo).

rebus1: merebus: v /frm/lu/ boil Rebus air itu sebelum minum Boil the water before drinking Dia sedang merebus sayur. She is boiling vegetable.

rebus2: adj /frm/lu/ boiled telor rebus boiled eggs.
-perebusan: n boiling ( the process)
-rebusan1: adj boiled (food,  beverage, etc)
-rebusan2: n a container to boil sth

rebut: berebut(an): v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 snatch away |to take something away from someone, especially by force| Penumpang selalu berebutan tempat duduk dekat jendela. Passengers always snatch to have window seat  2 take sth by force. 3 struggle to obtain a goal 4 compete |to try to win or gain something, or try to be better or more successful than someone else| Para siswa mulai berebut tempat di perguruan tinggi pada awal mereka masuk SLTA Kids start competing for college places as early as they enter Senior High School.
-memperebutkan: v /tr/. snatch, compete, struggle, race for sth Mereka sedang memperebutkan pemilikan saham perusahaan itu They are competing for the ownership of the company’s share
-perebutan: n 1 snatching 2 competition 3 struggle 4 fight 5 race Perebutan juara bulutangkis Jakarta terbuka. Competition on Jakarta open badminton championship 3 struggling, fighting.
-merebut: v /tr/ 1 take over |take sth by force) 2 win
-rebut-rebutan: v struggle each other to try gaining sth Sejumlah partai politik sedang rebut-rebutan untuk kursi parlemen. A number of political party are competing to gain parliament seats.

receh: n small value coin/money, see uang:

recok1: adj /inf/lu/ 1 noisy 2 disturbed 3 troubled 4 full of argument 5 bothersome

recok2: merecoki: v /inf/lu/ 1 disturb 2 bother 3 annoy 4 intrude on 5 destroy the quietness (of), 5 stir up trouble  Sejumlah orang merecoki pesta itu A number of people stirred up trouble at the party
-kerecokan: n 1 noise 2 disturbance 3 uproar 4 bother

red1 {redaksi}: see redaksi:

red2: {redaktur}: see redaktur:

reda1; mereda: v /frm/lu/ 1 abate |to become less loud, less-strong, less-painful etc.| Kemarahan publik kelihatannya sudah reda: Public anger seems has been abating. 2 subside |to become less strong or loud| Badai reda menjelang subuh. The storm subsided around dawn.
-meredakan: v 1 calm down 2 subside. Polisi berhasil meredakan huru hara itu. Police successfully calmed down the riot. 2 soothe, calm |to make someone feel less worried, angry, or upset| Untuk meredakan gelombang protes, Perdana Menteri akhirnya mengundurkan diri. In order to soothe the wave of protest, finally the Prime Minister resign.
-peredaan: n quieting down, slowing down (of activity, etc.).

reda2: see rela:

redaksi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 editorial staff. 2 wording (of text), writing syle.
-meredaksikan: v put into words (sentence)
-keredaksian: n 1 matters pertaining to editing 2 editors hip.

redaksionil: adj /frm/lu/ pertaining to editing.

redaktris: n /frm/lu/ female editor.

redaktur: n /frm/lu/ editor.

redam: adj /frm/lu/ 1 vague |unclear because someone does not give enough details| Dia membuat rencana kita untuk musim panas ini redam She made our plans for summer vague.   2  dim, faint |not bright or easy to see well| ruangan redam dengan jendela kecil. a dim room with a tiny window  3 muffled, hushed |cannot be heard clearly| Saya hampir tidak bisa mendengar suara dia yang redam. I could barely hear her muffled voice.
-meredamkan: v 1 deaden 2 muffle 3 dampen (spirit or enthusiasm) |to make someone feel less excited or interested about something|
-peredam: n reducer |device to reduce noise or light|
-peredaman: n dampening (an emotion)

redi: adj /frm/lu/ ready.

redistribusi: n /frm/lu/ redistribution.
-meredistribusikan: v redistribute.

redia; redlo: variant of redha: see rela:

reduksi: n /frm/lu/ 1 reduction. 2 discount.
-mereduksikan: v reduce
-pereduksi: n reducing agent.

reduktor: n /tech/ reductor.

redundansi: n /frm/ redundancy.

redup: adj /frm/lu/ 1 overcast Langit sudah mulai redup The sky is starting to be overcast 2 dull, dreary. a) |not interesting or exciting| Pesta yang redup What a dull party b) |not bright or shiny| langit yang redup a dull grey sky c) |is not clear or loud| Saya mendengar suara redup dari lantai atas. I heard a dull voice from upstairs. 3 extinguished (of embers, flame, light).
-meredup: v be overcast.
-meredupkan: v 1 cloud sth 2 muffle. 3 dim the lights.
-keredupan: n the state of overcast.

reduplikasi: n /frm/lu/ reduplication.
-mereduplikasikan: v reduplicate.

reedukasi: n /frm/ re-education
-mereedukasi: v reeducate.

reekspor; mereekpor: v /frm/lu/ reexport.

reevaluasi: n /frm/ reevaluation.
-mereevaluasi: v re-evaluate.

referat: n /frm/ university level course relying on a single reference book.

referensi: n /frm/lu/ reference (logical, bibliographical, etc.) .

refleks: n /frm/lu/ reflex |sudden physical reaction that you have without thinking about it| pemain basket yang memiliki refleksi sempurna. a basketball players with good reflexes (the ability to react quickly)
-berefleksi: v show reflex.

refleksi: n /frm/lu/ reflection.
-berefleksi: v /tr/ reflect.
-merefleksikan: v /tr/ 1 cause reflection. 2 reflect sth

reflector: n /frm/lu/ reflector.

reformasi: n /frm/lu/ reformation.
-mereformasikan: v /tr/ reform sth

reformer’ mereformir: v /frm/lu/ reform.

reformis: n /frm/lu/ reformer

reformisme: n /frm/lu/ reformism.

reformulasi: n /frm/lu/ reformulation.
-mereformulasikan: v reformulate sth

reformulir;  mereformulir: v /frm/ reformulate sth

refraksi: n /frm/ refraction.

refrain: n /music/frm/ refrain, chorus.

regang: adj /frm/lu/ 2 tightly stretched 2 tense |unable to relax because your muscles feel tight and stiff|
-beregang: v 1 become stretched 2 be tense
-beregang-regang: v repeatedly stretch out tightly
-meregang: v /intr/ stretch. Seutas tali meregang di lantai A piece of rope stretch on the floor
-meregangkan: v /tr/ stretch (sb’s body hands or legs)
-meregang-regang: v repeatedly stretch out.
-peregangan: n the process of stretching

regenerasi: n /frm/lu/ regeneration.

regi1: n /of/ administrator of public company.

regi2: n /of/ film director.

regiem: regim: variant of rezim:

regimentasi: n /frm/ regimentation.
-meregimentasi: v /tr/ regiment |strictly control|

regional: adj /frm/lu/ regional.

regionalisasi: n /frm/lu/ regionalization (of power, etc.).

registrasi: n /frm/lu/ registration.
-meregistrasi: v register sth/sb

reglemen: n /of/ regulation.

reglementasi; reglementering: n /of/ imposition of regulation.

regresi: n /frm/lu/ regression.

regu: n /frm/lu/ 1 team regu sepakbola football team regu penolong/penyelamat rescue team 2 group group penguasa ruler group 3 squad regu tembak firing squad. 2 shift. pekerja tiga regu three shifts of workers.
-beregu: v be in groups
-meregukan: v divide into shifts.

regular; reguler: adj /frm/lu/ regular.
-meregularkan: v regularize.

regularisasi; regulerisasi: n /frm/lu/ regularization.

regulasi: n /frm/lu/ regulation.

rehabilitasi: n /frm/lu/ rehabilitation.
-merehabilitasi: v rehabilitate

rehabiliter; rehabilitir; merehabilitir: v /frm/ rehabilitate.

reindoktrinasi: n /frm/ re-indoctrination.
-mereindoctrinasi: v re-indoctrinate.

reinkarnasi: n /frm/lu/ reincarnation: |the act of being born again in another body after you have died|
-bereinkarnasi: v reincarnate.

rejan: adj /frm/lu/ strained, forced, severe (of coughs, etc.). batuk rejan whooping cough.
-merejan: v become severe (of coughs, diarrhea, etc.).

rejeki: variant of rezeki:

rejim: variant of rezim:

rejimentasi: variant of regimentasi:

reka; mereka: v /frm/lu/ 1 invent, create  |to make, design, or produce something for the first time| Siapa mereka bola lampu listrik? Who invented the electric light bulb? 2 trick, ruse |to think of an idea, or to make up story etc. that is not true, usually to deceive people| 3 plan, schedule. Mari kita mereka kemana saja kita akan pergi Let’s plan wherever we’ll go. 3 guess, infer |imagine things, indulge in fancies| Mari kita reka apa yang akan dia lakukan sekarang Let’s guess what she is doing right now.
-pereka: n inventor.
-rekaan: n 1 invention, plan. 2 fabricated story, fiction. 3 improvisation.
-rekayasa: n trick a) |something you do in order to deceive someone| Itu hanya rekayasa untuk membuat saya setuju. It was just a trick to get me agree. b) |something you do to surprise someone and make other people laugh|

rekah: adj /frm/lu/ cracked, split, broken. Bibirnya merekah seperti delima: Her lips are cracked like a ripe pomegranate (beautifully red and full)
-merekah: v split up, crack apart, break. Fajar merekah pada pukul 5:30 pagi Dawn breaks at 5:30 a.m.
-terekah: v be open up.
-rekahan: n crack.

rekam; merekam: v /frm/lu/ record a) |to write information down so that it can be looked at in the future| Semua data direkam di komputer. All the data is recorded on computer. b) |to store pictures, a television show etc. on video| Boleh anda merekam wawancara tv itu untuk saya? Will you record this tv talk show for me? Seorang teman yang punya alat perekam telah merekam acara perkawian itu untuk mereka. A friend who owns a camcorder recorded their wedding for them. c) |to store music, sound etc. on something so that it can be listened to again| Baru-baru ini group itu telah selesai merekam album ketiga mereka. Recently the group finished recording their third album. d) |to measure the size, speed, temperature etc. of something so that it can be seen| Alat ini akan merekam turun naiknya suhu This equipment will record the temperature’s fluctuation.
-perekam: recorder
-rekaman: n record

rekan: n /frm/lu/ comrade, colleague. rekan sekerja/sejawat: colleague. rekan sekelas: classmate.
-rekan-rekan: n friends
-berekan: v 1 be a com­rade of 2 be partner
-rekanan: n 1 steady customer 2 steady partner
-per-rekanan: n partnership.

rekap; rekapitulasi: n /frm/lu/ recapitulation.
-merekap; merekapitulasi: v recapitu­late.

rekat; merekat: v /intr/ /frm/lu/ be stuck to
-kerekatan: n adhesiveness.
-merekatkan: v /tr/ 1 stick sth on 2 glue sth together or glue sth to sth else.
-perekat: n glue, ad­hesive.
-perekatan: n the procees of gluing, sticking

rekayasa1; merekayasa: v /frm/lu/ engineer (changes, etc.). make up
-perekayasaan: n engineering (changes). perekayasaan sosial social engineer­mg.

rekayasa2: see reka; rekayasa:

reken: mereken: v /of/ 1 count. 2 calculate 3 count over and over 4 take into account, bother about sth  Ah cuma anak kecil, kok direken? Ah, he is just a small kid, why you should take it into account?
-rekenan: n calcula­tion, mathematics.

rekening: n /frm/lu/ 1 bill  2  (bank)  account. rekening deposito: fixed deposit account. rekening giro clearing account. rekening koran current account. rekening tabungan savings account.

rekes: n /of/ 1 petition 2 formal request for sth
-merekes: v 1 request 2 file a petition.

reklamasi: n /frm/lu/ reclamation.
-mereklamasi: v reclaim |to make something able to be used, when it has never been used or has not been used for a while| Organisasi itu sedang mencoba mereklamasi gurun itu untuk pertanian. The organization is trying to reclaim the desert for farming.

reklame: n /frm/lu/ advertisement.
-mereklamekan: v /tr/ advertise.

rekol; merekol: v recall |to ask a member of a parliament to resign for disagreement with party’s policies. Partai Demokrat akan merecall 3 anggota mereka dari DPR. Democrat Party is going to recall 3 of their alien in People’s Representative Board.

rekomendasi: n /frm/lu/ recommendation.
-merekomendasikan: v recommend.

rekomendir: merekomendir: v /frm/lu/ recommend.

rekonsiliasi: n /frm/lu/ reconciliation.
-merekonsiliasikan: v reconcile

rekonstruksi: n /frm/lu/ 1 reconstruction. 2 reconstructing (of the crime, events, etc).
-merekonstruksi: v /intr/tr/ recon­struct.

rekonstruktif: adj /frm/lu/ reconstructive.

rekor: n /frm/lu/ record (in sports, politics, etc.).

rekreasi1: n /frm/lu/ recreation

rekreasi2; berekreasi: v /frm/lu/ go out for recreation.

rekrut: merekrut: v /frm/lu/ recruit
-perekrutan: n recruiting.

rekrutir; merekrutir: v /frm/lu/ recruit.

reksa: v /ltr/ 1 watch over  2 guard 3 manage reksa dana manage fund .

rekstok: n /sport/ exercise bars (esp. on walls).

rektifikasi: n /frm/ rectification.

rector: n /frm/lu/ president or head of an university.

rektorat: n /frm/lu/ office of the university’s president.

rektorium: n /frm/lu/ 1 presidium governing university. 2 university president’s office.

rekuiem; rekuim: n /ld/ requiem |a Christian ceremony of prayers for someone who has died, or a piece of music written for this ceremony|

rekuisisi: n /frm/ requisition.

rekuisitoir; rekuisitor: rekwisitoar: n /frm/tech/ sentence demanded by public prosecutor, prosecutor’s summation.

rel: n /frm/lu/ 1 railway track. rel mati siding side track. rel kereta trolley tracks.
-keluar rel: v be derailed.

rela1; merelakan: v /frm/lu/ 1 volunteer |to offer to do something without expecting any reward|. Saya merelakan waktu membantu para korban I volunteered my time to help the victims 2 sacrifice Saya merelakan sebagian tanah saya untuk perluasan jalan. I sacrifice some of my land to be used for road extension. 3 acquiesce |to agree with someone without arguing or complaining, often when you do not want to| 4 allow, consent |to give your permission for something to happen|  Ayahnya tidak akan pernah merelakan Susan kawin dengan Tom. Her father will never consent Susan’s marrying Tom.

rela2: adv /frm/lu/ 1 voluntarily /lu/ Erna rela mencuci peralatan makan. Ernie voluntarily wash the dishes 2 willingly  Apa kamu rela melakukan ini tanpa pembayaran? Do you willingly to do this without payment?

rela3: sukarela: adj /frm/lu/ 1 voluntary Apa kamu perlu bantuan sukarela? Do you need voluntary contribution? voluntary 2 non-compulsory batuan sukarela non-compulsory help 3 free-will “Berapa harus saya bayar?” “Suka rela” “How much I have to pay?” “Free-will”

rela4; kerelaan: n /frm/lu/ 1 willingness 2 consent
-sukarelawan: n volunteer

relai; merelai: v /frm/lu/ crumble, fall to pieces (of cakes, etc.).

relaks: variant of releks:

relasi: n /frm/lu/ 1 customer, client. 2 relations.

re1atif: adj /frm/lu/ relative.
-kerelatifan: n relativity

relativis: n /frm/lu/ relativist.

relativisme: n /frm/lu/ relativism.

relativitas: n /frm/lu/ relativity.

relawan: n /frm/lu/ volunteer.

relevan: adj /frm/lu/ relevant.
-merelevankan: v make sth relevant.

relevansi: n /frm/lu/ relevance.

relief: n /frm/lu/ relief on temple walls, etc.

religi: n /frm/ religion. –syn: /frm/lu/ agama; kepercayaan

religiositas: n /frm/ religiosity.

religius: adj /frm/ religious.
-kereligiusan: n religiousness.

reliwan: n /frm/ participant of a rally.

rem: n /frm/lu/ brake.
-rem angin: n air brakes
-rem bahaya: n emergency brake.
-rem cakram: n disk brakes.
-rem kaki: n foot brake. ­
-rem tangan: n hand brake.
-rem tromol: n disk brakes on bicycles and motorbikes.
-rem torpedo: n back-pedalling brake (on bicycles).
-merem; mengerem: v put on the brakes.
-pengereman: n braking.

remaja: n /frm/lu/ adolescent.
-meremajakan: v 1 rejuvenate a) |to make someone feel or look young and strong again| Latihan meremajakan tubuh. Exercise rejuvenates the body. b) |to make a system or place better again| daerah kota yang diremajakan. the rejuvenated downtown area 2 replant (plant) meremajakan kebon kelapa sawit tua. replant the old palm plantation. 2 replace (older per­sons by younger one) Perusahaan akan meremajakan pekerja tua dengan yang muda. The company will replace some of old workers by the young recruits
-peremajaan: n 1 rejuvenation 2 renovation 3 replacement

remang1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 cloudy, overcast. 2 obscure, vague. 3 blurred, barely visible. 2 dim, obscure.
-keremang-remangan: n 1 vagueness 2 dimness, obscurity 3 blur.

remang2: meremang (tegak): v /intr/frm/lu/ stand on end.
-meremang-tegakkan bulu: v /tr/ make the hair stand on end, horrify.

remang3: n .ld/ 1 buzz, hum of insects. 2 stream, flow (of perspiration, tears).

remas: variant of ramas:

rematik: n /frm/lu/ rheumatism.

rembes1; merembes: v /frm/lu/ 1 ooze (out), leak |if a liquid oozes from something or if something oozes a liquid, liquid flows from it very slowly|  darah sedang merembes dari luka itu blood is oozing from the cut  2 permeate, seep in |to spread through every part of something| Bau asap itu merembes kedalam rumah. The smell of smoke permeated into the house| 3 diffuse |to make heat, a gas, light etc. spread over a larger area|  4 spread out Kebencian etnis itu telah merembes kemana-mana. The ethnicity hesitation has spreads out everywhere
-keterembesan: n permeability.
-merembesi: v /tr/ 1 ooze out,  leak, filter through sth. Air ka­mar mandi merembesi dinding kamar tidur. Bathroom water has leaked through the bedroom wall. 2 penetrate |to enter something or pass through it, especially when this is difficult| Minyak merembesi pakking itu. The oil penetrates the packing
-perembes: n permeating agent.
-perembesan: n 1 oozing 2 leakage 3 infiltration 4 penetration.
-rembesan: n oozing, seepage
-terembes: v be pene­trated.

rembes2: n /Jv/ eyes disease in which the eyes are watery.

rembet1: adj /ld/ hampered, obstructed.
-merembet(kan)2: v /intr/tr/ hamper, obstruct. Banjir itu merembetkan perjalanan kami The flood hampered our journey.

rembet2; merembet: v /frm/lu/ 1 creep, climb up. Tanaman itu merembet pagar The plant is creeping up the hedge 2 hang down. Buahnya merembet ke tanah The fruits are hanging down to the ground. 3 spread. Penyakit itu telah merembet di seluruh kota The disease has spread to the whole city. Perkara itu merembet ke seluruh keluarganya That affair came to involve all his family members.
-perembetan: n involvement.
-merembetkan2: v /tr/ 1 cause sth to creep or hang. 2 spread sth Mereka tidak sengaja merembetkan penyakit itu They unintentionally spread the disease. 3 involve. Dia merembetkan saya dalam perkara itu. He involved me in the case.

rembulan: n /Jv/ moon, sth similar to the moon.

remeh1; meremehkan: v /frm/lu/ 1 belittle |to say or do things that make someone or something seem less important|  Saya tidak ingin meremehkan upaya dia tetapi itu tidak cukup. I don’t want to belittle her efforts, but it’s not enough. 2 underestimate |consider sth a trifle (of no importance) 3 take sth lightly 4 disparage Kamu jangan meremehkan lawan kamu itu. Don’t  disparage your contender.  2 take lightly, under­estimate. Syarat-syarat itu tidak boleh kita remehkan. We can’t underestimate that preconditions.
-peremehan: n disparagement.
-keremehan: n triviality, slightness, pettiness.

remeh2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 trivial |unimportant or of little value| Kami tidak melihat isu itu satu hal yang remeh. We don’t view the issue as a trivial matter. Itu satu perkara yang remeh It’s a case of no consequence. 2 disparaging |showing that you think someone or something is not very good or important| komentar remeh disparaging remarks/comments.

remi: n /lu/ rummy |any of several simple card games for two or more players|

remis1: n /ld/ mussel |a small sea animal with a black shell and a soft body that can be eaten|.

remis2: adj /sport/frm/lu/ remise, draw. equal  |have the same point|

remisi: n /frm/lu/ remission.

rempah1: n /frm/lu/ spices (as a commercial, not culinary ob­ject).
-merempah: v make sth spicy.
-merempahi: v /tr/ 1 add spices to. 2 embalm |to use chemicals to prevent a dead body from decaying|.
-perempah: n 1 who spices. 2 embalmer.
-rempah pawah/perawis/piah: n various spices or ingredients.
-rempah ratus: n 1 herbal medicine consisting many different items 2  various spices. 3 /ltr/  drugs ingredients.

rempah2: variant of rebah:

rempak1; serempak: adv /frm/lu/ in unison, all together. Mereka maju serempak. They advanced together.
-menyerempak: v advance to gether in unison.
-keserempakan: n 1 unison, synchronization

rempak2: adj /ld/ chipped.

rempela: n /frm/lu/ chicken gizzard.

rempelas: variant of remplas:

rempelo: variant of rempela:

rempeyek: n /lu/ crisp, thin chip made of flour and peanuts, shrimp or small fish.

remplas: n /lu/ 1 fig tree. 2 sandpaper |sth to scour with|
-meremplasi: v scour, sand.

remuk: adj /frm/lu/ crushed, shattered.
-keremukan: n state of being crushed.
-meremukkan: v crush to bits.
-remuk redam/rempu: v be crushed to bits.
-remuk hati: v 1 emotionally upset, be brokenhearted. 2 mutilated, absolutely crushed.
-remukan: n smashing, crushing.

renang; berenang: v /frm/lu/ swim.
-berenangan: v swim in a group leisurely Anak-anak berenangan dengan santai The children are swimming leisurely.
-kolam renang:
-merenangi: v /tr/ swim on (a lake, river, sea) Apa kamu sudah pernah merenangi sungai ini? Have you ever swim to cross on this river?
-merenangkan: v /tr/ 1 swim sb/sth |if you take your baby while you are swimming, you swim your baby| 2 let sb swim 3 let sth float on the water.
-perenang: n swimmer
swimming pool.

rencana; perencanaan: n /frm/lu/ 1 plan Apa kamu ada rencan pergi keluar negeri tahun ini? Do you have a plan to go abroad this year? 2 schedule, tentative. Apa kamu telah membuat rencana  perjalanan kita untuk liburan yang akan datang? Have you made our tentative for the next vacation?  3 planning perencanaan kota city planning  4 draft. Rencana Anggaran Belanja Budget Draft 5 design rencana rumah house design
-keluarga berencana: n family planning
-merencanakan: v plan Musuh sedang merencanakan satu serangan The enemy is planning an attack.
-perencana: n planner
-rencana kerja: n work schedule, work program.
-rencana pelajaran: n curriculum.
-rencana perjalanan: n itinerary.

rencana2; berencana: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ plan Kami berencana pergi keluar sore ini. We plan to go out this evening.
-merencanakan: v /tr/ plan (sth)
-terencana1: adv by planning Kami melakukan itu (secara) terencana We do it by planning.
-terencana2: v be planned Semua ini sudah terencana sejak lama All of this has been planned since long time.

rencong: n /Achenese dagger with curved handle.

renda: n /frm/lu/ lace.
-berenda: v 1 to have a lace 2 decorate with lace.
-me­enda: v crochet.

rendah: adj /frm/lu/ low 1 |not high, or not far above the ground| Letak tanah ini rendah dari permukaan laut (higher but not very high) The level of this ground is not very high from the sea level langit-langit yang rendah low ceiling b) |small in degree or amount| temperature rendah a low temperature kualitas rendah low quality c) |bad, or below an acceptable standard| angka rendah untuk matematika a low grade in math penilaian rendah terhadap pekerjaannya a low opinion of his work d) quiet and seep Kita perlu penyanyi bersuara rendah. We need a singer with low voice Apa kamu dapat menyanyikan nada rendah? Can you sing low tones?
-kerendahan1: adj too low Apa kunci C kerendahan untuk suara kamu? Is C key too low for your voice?
-kerendahan: n 1 lowness 2 modesty Kerendahan suhu membuat saya sakit. The lowness of the temperature made me sick
-kerendah-­hatian: n modesty. Pastor itu selalu menampakkan kerendah hatian The priest always shows  modesty.
-merendah: v 1 descend  Pesawat sedang mulai merendah The plane is starting to descend 2 be modest. Dia selalu merendah dalam berbagai hal. He is always modest about many things.
-merendahkan: v /tr/ 1 lower 2 decrease 3 humble 4 humiliate 5 disparage
-rendah (hati): adj modest, unpretentious |unwilling to talk proudly about your abilities and achievements|  Dia sangat rendah hati dengan keberhasilannya. He’s very modest about his success.

rendam; berendam: v 1 /intr/frm/lu/ submerge Kerbau suka berendam di sungai ini. Water buffalo like to submerge in this river. 2 remain in one place for a long time. Kami harus berendam di rumah selama musim dingin We had to stay home for a long time during the winter.
-merendam: v /tr/ soak, steep Dia merendam pakaian itu sejak kemarin She soaked the clothes since yesterday.
-perendaman: n soaking
-perendam: n soaking agent or device.
-terendam: v 1 be soaked,  be submerged.
-perendam: n soaking agent or device.

rendem: variant of rendam:

rendemen: n /tech/ sucrose content of sugar cane crop or sample.

rendeng1; berendeng (dengan): v /inf/lu/ 1 be simultaneous |to happen, exist, or be used together| Masa panen padi berendeng dengan panen jagung. The harvest time of the rice is simultaneous with the harvest time of corn 2 be coupled Rumah saya dan rumahnya berendengan Her house and my house are coupled. –syn: /frm/lu/ berdamping
-merendengkan: v 1 put (together) in line 2 put (place) sth next to Jangan merendengkan kursi itu dengan sofa. Don’t put the chair next to the sofa.

rendeng2; berendengan: adv /inf/lu/ next to each other Kami duduk berendengan di bioskop. We sit next to each other in the theatre. –syn: /frm/lu/ berendengan

rendeng3; berendengan: adj /inf/lu/ coupled Kami akan membeli rumah yang berendengan We are going to buy coupled houses.  –syn: /frm/lu/ berdempetan

renegosiasi: n /frm/lu/ renegotiation.

reng: n /frm/lu/ laths used to support or press down roof tiles.

rengat1: n /frm/lu/ crack, split.
-merengat: v 1 crack, split, chap. 2 erupt. 3 have shooting pains.
-merengatkan: v cause sth to crack.
-rengatan: n rockery |garden that full of rocks|

rengat2: n /ld/ insect that eats paper.

rengek: merengek: v /inf/lu/ whine, whimper |to complain about something in a sad annoying voice|  Dia selalu merengek kalau minta sesuatu. He always whines any time he wants sth. –syn: /lu/ bersungut-sungut.
-perengek: n sb who nags.
-merengekkan: v /tr/ say whiningly.
-rengetan: n whimper, nagging.

renggang: adj /frm/lu/ 1 distant |distantly spaced|, widely apart. Persaha­batan mereka mulai  renggang. Their friendship starts to be distant 2 loose (of knot).
-kerenggangan: n aloofness, distance, gap Kerenggangan itu membuat mereka jarang bertemu. The gap made them barely never meet each other.
-merenggang: v /intr/ be apart, spaced.
-merenggangkan: v /tr/ 1 withdraw from 2 make a gap Mengapa di merenggangkan persahabatan kalian. Why did he make a gap with you?
-memperenggang: v 1 space sth at a distance |widen space between two or more things| Dia memperreng kursi-kursi itu He widen the space between each of the chairs 
-perenggang: n the cause of things be distant.

renggut; merenggut: v /lu/ 1 tug at, yank out, take away with force, 2 caused to death Kecelakaan itu merenggut banyak nyawa The accident caused to death many people. 3 |obtain, gain sth with great endeavour| Dia berhasil merenggut gelar juara itu He successfully gained the championship.

rengsek: variant of ringsek:

renovasi: n /frm/lu/ renovation.
-merenovasi: v renovate

renta; merenta-renta: v /ld/  speak in a loud voice, raise sb’s voice (in anger).

renta: adj /lu/ 1 worn-out 2 old
– tua renta: adj very old and decrepit.

rentabilitas: n /frm/ potentiality for producing a profit, re­munerativeness.

rentak1; serentak: adv /frm/lu/ 1 all at once Mereka tiba serentak They arrived all at once 2 be simultaneously |do sth together| Mari kita menari serentak Let’s dance together simultaneously
-keserentakan: n 1 togetherness 2 harmony 3 simultaneousness Kita masih perlu meningkatkan keserentakan untuk mulai bernyanyi. We still need to improve our simultaneousness to start the song.
-menyerentakkan: v /tr/ harmonize |to do sth well by making it together or to do sth simultaneously|  Tolong menyerentakkan langkah-langkah kamu dengan yang lain Please make your steps simultaneous with the others

rentak2: rentakan: n /frm/lu/ 1 tug |a sudden strong pull|

rentak3: merentak: v /frm/lu/ tug |suddenly pull | Kuda itu merentak ingin berlari The horse tugged at the reins in an effort to run. 2 stamp |to lift up your foot and put it down hard, or to walk in this way|  Tony merentak di lantai atas. Tony stamped his foot on the upstairs floor.
-terentak: v be suddenly pulled off  Tali itu putus karena terentak.The string broke because it was suddenly pulled off.
-rentakan: n 1 sudden pull 2 rentakan kaki: foot’s stamp 3 rhythm, beat

rentan: adj /frm/lu/ 1 susceptible (to illness, tantrums, etc.). 2  ­get angry easily 3 vulnerable
-kerentanan: n sensitivity, susceptibility, vulnerability .

rentang1; rentangan: n /frm/lu/1 scope |the range of things that a subject, activity, book etc. deals with| rentang kendali a management scope |the unit of an organization under a manager| Gambar ini menunjukkan kepada kamu rentang kendali dibawah menejer produksi. This chart shows you the unit of the organization under the production manager. 2 stretch a) |a continuous period of time| Rentang waktu istirahat makan siang adalah satu jam. The normal stretch of lunch break time is one hour. b) distance |a distance between one point to another point| Rentang yang dapat dicapai satu rol kabel ini kurang lebih 50 meter The distance that a roll of this cable can reach is about 50 meters c) width (a space) |an area of water or land| Ini batas rentang berbahaya jalan ini. This is the limit of dangerous stretch of this road 3 span a) |the amount of time during which something continues to exist or happen| Umumnya anak-anak memiliki rentang waktu pendek untuk memusatkan perhatian. Most children have a short attention span. Lalat hanya mempuyai satu rentang waktu hidup dua hari The fly has only a two-day life span. (lives for two days)  b) |a period of time between two dates or events| Selama rentang lima tahun mereka menanam 20,000 pohon kelapa sawit. Over a span of five years, they planted 20,000 new palm trees. c) |the distance from one side of something to the other| rentang sayap tiga kaki a wing span of three feet 4 range, limit |the limits within which amounts, levels, ages etc. can vary|  Rentang turun naik inflasi tahun lalu adalah antara 2% s/d 3,5% The last year fluctuation range of inflation was from 2 % to 3,5%

rentang2: merentangkan: v /frm/lu/1 stretch 2 extend 3 spans
-perentang: n stretching device
-terentang: v 1 be extended  2 be stretched out 4 be spanned

rente; renten: n /frm/lu/ interest (of money)
-merentei: v 1 borrow money and pay interest Dia merentei uang dari seorang rentenir He borrow money at interest from a pawn broker
-merentekan: v lend money out at interest.

rentenir: n /frm/lu/ informal creditor, loan shark, pawn broker.

rentet; berentet: adv /frm/lu/ 1 one after the other. Masalah selalu datang berentet The problems always happen one after the other 2 sequentially Kecelakaan itu terjadi berentet. The accident happened sequentially
-rentetan: n 1 series 2 sequence 3 consequence

renung; merenung: v /frm/lu/ 1 muse, ponder 2 daydream Sehari-hari dia duduk merenung. He sits,  stares, and daydreams everyday 3 seriously think.
-merenungi; merenungkan: v /tr/1  muse over (sth) Dia sedang merenungi kekasihnya. He is  pondering his sweet heart. 2 ponder 3 seriously think (sth)
-perenungan: n 1 musing 2 pondering 3 mediation.
-perenung: n dreamer, daydreamer.

renyah: adj /ld/ 1 crisp 2 crispy 3 crunch 4 brittle 5 melodious, sft (of voice)

renyah; merenyah: v /frm/lu/ 1 do sth carefully 2 pick and choose tidbits 3 economize


reog; reok: n /ld/ 1 cackle 2 /Jv/ masked dance. 3 /Snd/ singing comedy group.

reol: variant of riol:

reorganisasi: n /frm/lu/ 1 reorganization 2 reshuffle
-mereorganisasi: v 1 reorganize 2 reshuffle
-pereorganisasian: n the process of reorganizing.

reorganisir; mereorganisir: v reorganize.

reorientasi: n reorientation
-mereorientasikan: v /tr/ reorient sth

reot: variant of reyot:

Rep. {Republik}: n republic.

reparasi; mereparasi: v /intr/tr/lu/ repair (sth)
-mereparasikan: v take sth (to a workshop) to be repaired.

repas: adj /ld/ dry and brittle, crumbly.

repatriasi; merepatriasi: v /frm/lu/ repatriate.

repatriasi: n /frm/lu/ repatriation.
-merepatriasikan: v /tr/ repatriate sb.

Repelita {Rencana Pembangunan Lima Tahun}: n Five Year Development Plan.

repertorium: n repertory (of dance, drama, etc.).

repet; merepet: v /lu/inf/ 1 chatter, blabber 2 splatter (of an oar, etc.).
-repetan: n 1 chatter, gossip. 2 splatter.
-perepet: n ­chatterbox, blatherer.

repetir: v /frm/ 1 repeat (inoculations). 2 repeating (ri­fle).

repetisi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 rehearsal  2 quiz 3 repetition 4 exam 5 evaluation.

repliek; replik: n /law/ counterplea. rejoinder.

repolper: n /frm/lu/ revolver.

repolusi: variant of revolusi:

repormir: variant of reformir:

reportase: n /frm/lu/1 report |an activity to collect and report news| 2 article |a piece of writing in a newspaper, magazine etc.| Apa kamu telah membaca reportase tentang pesawat luar angkasa itu? Did you read the article on the space shuttle?
-mereportasikan: v /tr/ report on sth

repot: adj /frm/lu/ occupied |busy doing or thinking about something that is complicated or too much things to do|  Kita akan sangat repot kalau kita hanya punya waktu dua hari mempersiapkan pesta itu. We’ll be very occupied if we have only two days to prepare the paty.  Saya membeli sejumlah boneka untuk membuat anak-anak repot I brought along some toys to keep the kids occupied. –syn: /lu/ terlalu sibuk
-merepotkan: v make sb occupied Apa kedatangan saya akan membuat kamu repot? Will my coming make you be occupied?
-kerepotan1: n 1 bus­tle 2 the condition of being busy
-kerepotan2: adj 1 too busy 2 very occupied

representasi: n /frm/lu/ delegation, representative.

representative: adj /frm/lu/ representative.

represi: n /frm/lu/ repression.

represif: adj /frm/lu/ repressive.

reproduksi: n /frm/lu/reproduction.
-mereproduksi: v /intr/tr/ reproduce.

reptil: n /frm/lu/ reptile.

republik: n /frm/lu/ republic. Republik Indonesia Republic of Indonesia Republik Rakyat Cina People’s Republic of China.

republiken: n /of/ republican.

reputasi: n /frm/lu/ reputation.

requisitoir: variant of rekuisitor:

rerak: v /ld/ broken into pieces.

reramuan: n /frm/lu/ ingredients (in culinary or medicinal preparations).

rerangka: n /frm/lu/ framework.

rerantingan: n /frm/lu/ all manner of branches and twigs.

rerasan: n /Jv/ thinking and talking (about sb.).
-rerasan dan bisik-bisik: n backbiting and whispering.

rerata: adv /ld/1 on average 2 averagely –syn: /lu/ merata

reribu: num. thousands.

rerintih: n /frm/lu/ moans, groans.
-merintih: v moan, groan

rerintik: n /frm/lu/ drizzle, drops.

rerumput; rerumputan: n /frm/lu/ grassy field.

reruntuh(an); reruntuk(an): n /frm/lu/ wreckage, debris, ruins. Reruntuh pesawat itu telah bercampur dengan mayat penumpangnya The wreckage of the plane was mixed with the passengers’ bodies.
-reruntuh masyarakat: n prostitute
-reruntuh mobil: n automobile wreckage.

Res1 {Residen}: n /of/ Resident.

Res2 {Risimen}: n /frm/lu/ Regiment.

resah: adj /lu/ fidgety, restless, stained (voice)
-meresahkan1: v cause (sb) nervous or uneasy
-meresahkan2: adj disturbing (news)
-keresahan: n unrest, restlessness. keresahan sosial social unrest.

resap; meresap: v /intr/frm/lu/ penetrate |to enter something or pass through it, especially when it happen slowly|. 2 be absorbed |if some liquid substance penetrate a porous solid substance| Bumbunya benar-benar mesesap kedalam daging. The spice is really absorbed into the meat. 3 be internalized  Saya berharap nasehat saya meresap kedalam hati kamu I hope my advice will be internalized in your heart 4 be dissolved |to mix with a liquid and become part of it, or to make something do this| Gula akan cepat meresap kalau airnya panas. The sugar will be easily dissolved if the water hot.
-meresapkan: v /tr/ 1 penetrate 2 make sth absorbed 3 internalize 4 dissolve
-peresapan: n 1 penetration 2 absorption
-teresap: v be absorbed

resensi: n /frm/lu/ review. Ini resensi bukunya. This is the review of the book
-meresensikan: v /tr write a review (sth)
-peresensi: n reviewer.

resensor: n /frm/ reviewer.

resep: n /frm/lu/ 1 recipe. 2 prescription 3 recommended program 4 formula satu resep stabilitas ekonomi a formula for eco­nomic stability.
-resep-resepan: v /inf/ be bothered by getting a prescrip­tion. Beli obat di situ tidak usah pakai resep-resepan: You can buy medicine there without bothering with getting a prescription.

resepsi: n /frm/lu/ reception.
-meresepsikan: v hold a reception for sb.

resepsionis: n /frm/lu/ receptionist.

reseptif: adj /frm/ open minded |acceptable to other opinion or new condition|

reseptor: n /frm/ the most sensitive of sb’s sense organ

reserse; resersir: n /frm/lu/ detective.

reses: n /frm/lu/ recess |a time when the parliament has no official meeting|

resesi: n /frm/lu/ recession.

resi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 receipt (esp. for mailed or shipped items). 2 baggage check.

resi2: n /ld/ title for ascetics in wayang stories.

resia: variant of rahasia:

residen: n /of/ resident, head of a residency (in colonial administration)
-kersidenan: n residency.

residivis: n /frm/lu/ repeated offender, former convict.

residu: n /frm/lu/ residue.

resik: adj /Jv/ pure, clean.

resiko: variant of risiko:

resim: variant of rezim:

resimen: n /frm/lu/ regiment.

resipen: n /frm/ recipient

resiprok: n /math/ opponent of a fraction 3/5 is the ‘resiprok’ of 5/3.

resiprokal: adj /frm/ reciprocal.

resiprositas: n /frm/ reciprocity.

resistensi: n /frm/lu/ resistance.

resital: n /frm/lu/ music recital.

resitasi: n /frm/lu/ recitation.
-meresitasi: v recite

Reskrim {Reserse Kriminil}: n Criminal Investigation Bureau (of police).

resmi: adj /frm/lu/ 1 official, legitimate, legal 2 formal.
-meresmikan: v inaugurate |to have an official ceremony in order to show a new building or start a new service with a ceremony| Presiden akan meresmikan pembukaan Jakarta Fair besok pagi The president will inaugurate the opening of the Jakarta Fair tomorrow morning|
-peresmian: n inauguration

resolusi: n /frm/lu/ resolution.
-meresolusikan: v make a resolution.

resonansi: n /frm/ resonance.
-meresonansikan: v resonate sth.

resort: n /frm/lu/ 1 police administrative unit at county level. (the kabupaten level). 2 army administrative level just below division 3 the Protestant Church administrative level who coordinate about ten to twenty smaller Churches

resosialisasi: n /frm/lu/ resocialization.

respek: v /frm/lu/ respect |to admire someone because of his/her knowledge, skill etc.| Siswa suka dan respek kepasa dia The students like and respect him|
-rasa respek: n respect Apa kamu tidak punya rasa respek sedikitpun kepada dia? Don’t you have even a small respect toward him?

respon; respons: n /frm/lu/ response,

responden: n /frm/lu/ respondent (esp, in surveys).

response: n /frm/lu/ review session (at college)

responsibilitas: n /frm/lu/ responsibility.

responsive: adj /frm/lu/ responsive, lively.

restan1: n /frm/lu/ remainder, remnant.

restan2: see pos:

restitusi: v /frm/lu/ restitution |the act of giving back to the owner something that was lost or stolen, or of paying for damage, or excess payment|

restoran: n /frm/lu/ restaurant.
-perestauranan: n matter related to restaurant management.

restorasi1: n /frm/lu/ food service on a train.
-gerbong restorasi: n dining car.

restorasi2: n /frm/lu/ restoration (of monuments, etc.)
-me­restorasi: v restore sth

restriksi: n /frm/.lu/ restriction
-merestriksikan: v restrict.

restrukturisasi: n /frm/lu/ restructuring
-merestrukturisaasi: v restruc­ture sth

restu: n /frm/lu/1 blessing |something that is good or helps you|  2 approval |sb’s encouragement or agreement for a plan, activity etc.|  Saya mau menikah tetapi saya belum mendapat restu dari orang tua I want to get married, but I don’t have my parents approval yet. 3 grace |the kindness shown to people by God|
-merestui: v 1 bless  2  approve 3 give grace (by God)

resultan;  resultante: n /tech/ burden |the power that is needed to support a total weight of several vertical burdens at a certain horizontal level|

resume: n /frm/lu/ summary
-meresumekan: v summarize.

retak1; retakan: n /frm/lu/ 1 crack |a thin line on the surface of something that is damaged| 2 fissure |a deep crack in rock or the ground|

retak2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 broken 2 cracked 3 to have fissure
-meretakkan: v /tr/ 1 crack 2 break 3 cause a rift (on a rock) cause a disharmony (between people in a community)
-/prov./ Tidak ada gading yang tidak retak There is no ivory without crack (Nobody without fault – No body is perfect)

retas; meretas: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/rip open, take apart. Mereka meretas dinding They broke through the wall. meretas jahitan take sewing apart by pulling out the thread. meretas jalan cut a road through.
-peretas: n sb who breaks through.
-peretas jalan: n 1 pioneer. 2 instrument for opening sth

retensi: n /frm/tech/ retention.

retih1: adj /ld/ cracked |something that is cracked and has thin lines on its surface because it is damaged|

retih2: n /spo/ crackling sound. retih api crackling of a fire.
-meretih: v crackle.

retorika; retorika: n /frm/lu/ rhetoric.

retoris: adj /frm/lu/ rhetorical.

retorsi: n /frm/lu/ retorsion.

retret: n /lu/ retreat.

retribusi: n /frm/lu/ 1 toll or fee to use a public facility. retribusi jalan road tax. 2 dues (for club).

retrospeksi: n /frm/lu/ retrospection.

retrospektif: adj /frm/lu/ retrospective.

retul: variant of ritul:

retuling: variant of rituling:

retur: n /frm/ round trip ticket (of plane tickets).
-mereturkan: v return (a letter) to sender.

reuni: n /frm/lu/ reunion.

reunifikasi: n /frm/lu/ reunification.

revaluasi: n /frm/lu/ revaluation.

revans: n /frm/lu/ revenge (esp. in sports, cards, etc.).

revisi: n /frm/lu/ revision.
-merevisi: v revise.

revisionis: adj /frm/ revisionist.

revisionisme: n /frm/ revisionism.

revisir: v /frm/ revise.

revitalisasi: n /frm/lu/ revitalization.

revolusi: n /frm/lu/ revolution.
-merevolusi: v /lu/ revolutionize.

revolusioner: adj /frm/lu/ revolutionary.
-merevolusi: v revolutionize.

revolusionerisme: n /frm/lu/ an outlook based on revolu­tionary principles.

revolusionisasi: n /frm/lu/ revolutionizing.

rewel: adj /inf/lu/ 1 hard to please, fussy. Guru itu rewel The teacher is hard to please. 2 troublesome. Mobil bekas sering rewel A second hand car is often troublesome. Apa yang membuat ibu kamu rewel? What made your Mom fussy?

reyog: n East Java folk dance.

reyot: adj /frm/lu/ 1 near falling to pieces 2 decrepit (of houses, etc.).

rezeki: n /frm/lu/ 1 livelihood. mencari rezeki make sb’s way in life. 2 luck, fortune. Kalau ada rezeki  tentu saya akan men­dapat pekerjaan itu If I have any luck, I will get that job. Itu sudah rezekinya. That was his good for­tune. rezeki jangan ditolak do not reject any opportunity, luck, etc. 3 blessing (of God).
-kerezekian: n prosperity.

rezim: n /frm/lu/ regime.

RFJ {Republik Federalsi Jerman}: n Federal Republic of Germany.

rg. {regu}: n /frm/lu/ small team.

reumatik: variant of rematik:

RI {Republik Indonesia}: n Republic of Indonesia.

ria1; beria: adj /lu/ cheerful.
-beria hati: adj delight, delightful.
-ria riuh: adj 1 merry, happy 2 enjoyable 3 leisurely
-keriaan: n 1 good time 2 joy 3 cheerfulness 4 fun.

ria2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 proud, jealously proud, 2 haughty.

riadat: n /ld/ practice of penance and mortification for spiritual enlightenment.

riah1: see meriah:

riah2: variant of  ria2.

riak1: n /frm/lu/ 1 ripples |a small low wave on the surface of a liquid ripples| 2 indication, intention |a sign that something exists or is likely to be true| Kita dapat melihat riaknya bahwa dia akan mendukung kita. We can see the indication that she is going to support us.
-beriak-riak: v continuously ripple
-meriak: v /intr/ 1 ripple |to move in small waves, or to make something do this|
-meriakkan: v /tr/ 1 to make sth have ripples 3 indicate

riak2: n /frm/lu/ phlegm, mucus.
-beriak2: v cough up phlegm.

riak3: see ria2:

rial: n 1 Saudi Arabian currency. 2 money.

riang: adj /frm/lu/ 1 cheerful, joyful. 2 dizzy |having a feeling of not being able to balance yourself, especially after spinning around or because you feel sick|
-beriang hati: v be in high spirits
-keriangan: n cheerfulness, exhilaration.
-meriang: v feel dizzy and feverish, out of sorts. Badanku merasa meriang My body feels feverish.
-meriangkan: v 1 cheer up, make happy, exhilarate. 2 excite.
-periang: adj cheerful Dia orang periang She is a cheerful person.
-riang gembira: adj very delighted Saya riang gembira kamu datang I am delighted that you are coming.

riap; meriap: v /frm/lu/ protrude, swell out. Dadanya pernah meriap subur Her breast was once buxom.
-meriap-riap: v stick out every which way. Rambutnya meriap-riap His hair stuck out in every direction.

rias1; berias; merias: v /frm/lu/ makeup. Dia sangat ahli dalam merias pengantin She is excellent in dressing a bridal couple

rias2: n /frm/lu/ dressing
-meja rias: n dressing table.
-merias meja: v dress a table
-merias panggung: v makeup stage.
-merias rupa: v makeup (a face)
-merias mata: v beautify sb’s eyes.
-perias: n dresser perias rambut hair dresser
-riasan: n ornament of adornment |something that is used as jewelery or to decorate a thing or place|

riba1: haribaan: n /frm/lu/ 1 lap |the upper part of your legs when you are sitting down| 2 /ltr/ protection Di haribaan Allah saya tidak merasa takut kalau benar In the protection of God, I never be afraid if I do nothing wrong
-meriba: v sit on sb’s on your lap or to make sb sit on your lap. Dia sedang meriba seorang anak. She is sitting a child on her lap.

riba2: n /frm/lu/ 1 usury 2 excessive interest (of money)
-periba: n usurer.

ribak1: adj /Btk/ torn

ribak2: variant of rebak:

ribu: num. thousand. seribu a thousand tiga ribu three thousands
-beribu-ribu: adv thousands.
-bisu seribu bahasa: phr. v doesn’t speak at all.
-keseribu: num. thousandth.
-menyeribu hari: v com­memorate the thousandth day of a person’s death.
-seribu maaf: n deep par­dons
-seribuan1: n a currency note or coin with the value of Rp: 1000,-
-seribuan2: adv by thousands Kelompokkan responden seribuan untuk setiap kategori. Group the respondents by thousands for each category.
-seperseribu: n one-thousandth. (1/1000)
-seribu satu:
adj one thousand one |many, variety, innumerable|. Seribu satu cara dia lakukan untuk mencari uang. Variety of ways he did to make money.

ribu-ribu: n /ld/ plants that belongs to the family of fern |a plant with green leaves shaped like large feathers, but no flowers|

ribut: adj /frm/lu/ 1 noisy |making a lot of noise, or full of noise| 2 rowdy |behaving in a noisy way that is not controlled|  sekelompok anak ribut a group of rowdy children 3 clamorous |loudly and wildly to complain about or demand something| 4 uproarious |having a lot of noise or angry protest about something|  5 turbulent |full of strong changing movements (weather) 6 strident |a sound that is strident is loud and unpleasant| suara ribut strident voice 7 boisterous |noisy and cheerful| anak senang ribut boisterous children
-angin rebut: n 1 turbulent weather 2 gale 3 storm
-keributan: n 1 chaos 2 uproar 3 noise 4 unrest condition 5 stir 6 commotion 7 disturbance
-meributkan: v /tr/ 1 clamour (about sth) 2 make uproar (on sth) 3 loudly and widely protest (sth) 4 widely and noisily argue
-meributi: v 1 cause sth unrest 2 make fuss over sth 3 make trouble.
-peribut; pembuat ribut: n troublemaker.

rica: n /ld/ hot chilli
-rica-rica: n /Mnd/ a meal made of meat with a lot of hot chilli.

ricu(h): adj /frm/lu/ chaotic, quarrelsome
-kericuhan: n chaos,  brawl

rida: variant of rela:

rifri: n /sport/ referee.

rigi-rigi; gerigi: n /frm/lu/ cog, tooth.
-bergerigi: v 1 toothed with cogs.
-merigikan: v notch.

rigu: variant of terigu:

rihal: variant of rehal:

rihat: variant of istirahat:
-berihat; beristirahat: v take a rest, pause

riil; riyil: adj /frm/lu/1 real pendapatan riil real income 2 actual
-meriilkan: v 1 realize |make sth that you hope a reality 2 actualize
-keriilan: n 1 reality 2 actuality

rijal: n /ld/ male

rikoset: n /frm/lu/ ricochet.

rikuh: adj /frm/lu/ 1 cringe 2 awkward |ashamed in the pre­sence of sb|.
-kerikuhan: n feeling of embarrass­ment.

ril: see rel:

rila; rilah: see rela:

rilek; rileks: adj /frm/lu/ 1 relax 2 carefree.

rilis: v /lu/ release (of a tune, record).

rim1: n 1 ream |a measurement for paper+ 2 a carton (of cigarettes).

rim2: n /frm/lu/ military style belt (for ammunitior. etc.).

rimba: n /frm/lu/ jungle, forest.
-merimba: ­v become a jungle or wild area.
-rimba belantara: n vast forest.
-rimba piatu: n jungle.
-rimba raya: n vast forest.
-/prov./ hilang tidak tentu rimbanya: lost without any trace.

rimbas: n /ld/ small adz or adze |an axe-like tool with a curve blade used for dressing wood|
-merimbas: v cut with an adz.

rimbun: adj /frm/lu/1 thick 2 dense, heavy (of foliage, forests, etc) . Daunnya rimbun The leaves are thick.
-kerimbunan: n lushness, denseness.
-merimbun: v become dense (of foliage, etc.).
-merimbuni: v cover sth over with dense foliage, etc. Atap kami dirimbuni pohon bugenfil Bougainvillea covers our roof.

rimis: n /of/ half a cent (money).

rinci: adj /frm/lu/ detailed

rinci; rincian: n /frm/lu/ 1 detail 2 break down |a statement explaining the details of something such as a bill| Saya mau rincian angka-angka ini. I want the detail /breakdown of these figures. 3 item 4 feature 5 component 6 elaboration
-merincikan: v 1 make in detail 2 break down |to make something such as a job, report, plan etc. simpler by dividing it into parts| Kamu bisa merinci pertanyaan ujian itu ke dalam tiga bagian untuk mempermudahnya. You can break the exam question down into three parts to make it easier. 3 itemize 4 arrange by component 5 specify the details 6 elaborate
-terperinci: adj 1 in detail  2 itemized 3 by component 4 by section 5 elaborated.

rindang: adj /frm/lu/1 leafy, luxuriant. 2 shady.
-rindangan: n luxuri­ance, lushness.

rinding; merinding: v /frm/lu/ feel suddenly frightened, feel eerie
-merindingkan: v cause sb to feel eerie.

rindu: v /frm/lu/ 1 feel homesick | feeling sad because you are away from your home| Pada hari pertama di perkemahan, Sheila merasa sangat rindu kepada keluarganya. On her first night at camp, Sheila felt very homesick for her family. 2 yearn |to want something very much, especially something extremely difficult to get| Mereka rindu pulang kampong halaman. They yearned to go to their home village. 3 fell longing |have a strong feeling of wanting someone or something very much| Kami rindu akan perdamaian. We have a strong feeling of wanting a peace (longing for peace)
-kerinduan: n 1 longing 2 homesick 3 yearning
-merindukan: v 1 /tr/ long for 2 yearn for 3 get homesick for 4 miss.

ring1: n /lu/ ring.
-ring seher: n piston ring.

ring2: n /sport/ boxing ring.

ring3: n /spo/ sound of ringing.

ringan: adj /frm/lu/ light 1 |not heavy| Tas punggung kamu lebih ringan dari punya saya. Your backpack is lighter than mine. 2 small |not serious or difficult| Itu hanya persoalan ringan. It’s only a small problem. 3 low |doesn’t need much cost| Percaya pada saya, biayanya akan ringan. Believe me, the cost will be low. 4 soft |not alcoholic| minuman ringan soft drink
-keringanan: n 1 lightness 2 relief 3 reduction (of pain, problem, payment, burden, etc.)
-luka ringan: n minor wound/injury.
-makanan ringan: n refreshment |food and drinks that are provided at a meeting, party, sports event etc.|  Makanan ringan akan disajikan setelah konser selesai. Refreshments will be served after the concert. 5 minor |not serious or dangerous|
-meringankan: v 1 lighten 2 alleviate |to make something less bad or severe| Aspirin seharusnya meringankan rasa sakit. Aspirin should alleviate the pain. Jalan itu dibangun untuk meringankan beban lalu lintas.The road was built to alleviate traffic burden.
-operasi ringan: n minor operation /surgery.
-peringanan: n 1 lightening 2 alleviation 3 dispensation 4 reduction (of a sentence, responsibility, etc.)
-ringan tangan: adj generous |quick to help|
-ringan tulang: adj active, industrious, hard working.
-sajian ringan: n light show |comedy on TV)

ringgit: n /of/ 1 two-and-a-half rupiah (note). 2 a gold coin (often used for pendants). 3 national cur­rency of Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam

ringis; meringis: v /frm/lu/ 1 scowl |to look at someone or something in an angry or disapproving way| Dia meringis kesakitan He scowl in pain. tertawa meringis laugh with a sneer.
-meringiskan gigi: v show sb’s teeth.

ringkas: adj /frm/lu/ brief, succinct, concise.
-dengan ringkas: adv briefly, concisely, succinctly.
-memperringkas: v 1 shorten 2 make more concise
-meringkas­kan: v 1 shorten, make brief. 2 summarize, con­tract.
-peringkas: n sb who summarize sth.
-ringkasnya: adv in brief, in a word.
-ringkasan; keringkasan: n succinctness , resume, precis, summary, abstract
-ringakasan cerita: n synopsis

ringkok: n /frm/lu/ deep dish or shallow bowl to eat from.

ringkuk; meringkuk: v /frm/lu/ 1 bent over, stooped |to bend your body forward and down, especially your head and shoulders| Dia meringkuk memungut sebuah koin. He stooped to pick up a coin. 2  tarry, be confined. |to have to stay in a place, especially because you are ill, or you are in jail| Bob sedang meringkuk di penjara. Bob is confining in a jail.
-meringkukkan: v 1 cause to bend. 2 imprison, jail, confine.
-ringkukan: n 1 stooping over. 2 imprisonment.

ringkus; meringkus: v /frm/lu/ 1 catch by binding the limbs. Dia meringkus burung dengan itu dengan memerangkap kakinya He caught a bird by snaring its legs. 2 take into custody, catch, detain |to officially stop someone from leaving a place| Polisi meringkus tersangka untuk di periksa. The police detained two suspects for questioning.

ringsek: adj /frm/lu/ 1 contort, mangle, totally broken 2 damaged, wrecked Mobilnya ringsek karena tabrakan His car was totally wrecked in crash 3 bad shape, cheap. perempuan ringsek cheap whores.

ringsut; meringsut: v /intr/frm/ decline. Harga minyak terus meringsut The oil price continues to decline.
-meringsutkan: v /tr/ cause to decline

rintang1: rintangan: n /frm/lu/ 1 blockage, barrier, hindrance |something that is stopping movement of sth| rintangan pada saluran air blockage on the drain 2, obstacle, holdup, prevention, restriction  syn: hambatan

rintang2; merintangi: v /frm/lu/ 1 blockade, obstruct, choke, bar, halt, prevent, hamper, barrier |to block a road, path, passage, sb’s view or movement, or to prevent sb to do sth| Menara baru itu merintangi pandangan ke danau. The new tower partially obstructs the view to the lake Truk itu merintangi kita bergerak lebih cepat. The truck is obstructing us to go faster. 2 hamper |to make someone have difficulty moving, doing something, or achieving something| Pencarian terhadap pendaki yang hilang itu terhambat oleh cuaca buruk The search for the missing climber was hampered by the bad weather  3  block |to prevent anything from moving through a space by filling it| Sliding embankment has hampered the road Tanggul yang longsor telah merintangi jalan. 4  forbid Ada peraturan yang merintangi kita pergi kesanan. There is a law which forbid us to go there  4 hinder |to make it difficult for someone to do something| Awan tebal telah merintangi pesawat mendarat. The thick cloud hindered the plane to land. 5 clog |to block something or become blocked| Kopekan sayur kol itu menghambat saluran air Cabbage peelings clogging up the drain 6 stunt |to stop someone or something from growing or developing normally| Kekurangan gizi telah merintangi pertumbuhan bayi itu. Malnutrition has stunted the baby’s  growth.

rintih; rintihan: n /frm/lu/ groan, whimper.
-merintihkan: v /tr/ moan, whimper about sth  Bosan aku men­dengar dia merintihkan  penderitaanya I am fed up with lis­tening to her whine about her sufferings.
-perintih: n mourner.

rintik: n /frm/lu/ 1 spot, fine spot. 2 droplet. 3 rintik-rintik: small spots, dots. Ada rintik-rintik pada kulitnya There are small spots on the skin. 4 drizzle |weather that is a combination of mist and light rain| Ada hujan rintik-rintik diluar There is drizzle outside.
-berintik: v to have fine dots.
-merintik: v 1 fall in small drops. 2 drip. Peluh merintik di dahinya Sweat dripped down her forehead

rintis; merintis: v /frm/lu/ 1 clear a way or path. Dia merintisjalan di hutan He cleared a way through the forest. 2 do pioneer­ing work. Mereka sedang merintis usaha dagang They were pioneering a commerce ventures. 3 initiate an effort 4 lead the way
-keperintisan: n pioneering
v /tr/ clear a path for sb
-perintis: n 1 pioneer 2 leader (of a new effort)
-rintisan: adj 1 pioneering  2 pilot Ini proyek rintisan This is a pilot project.

riol: n /lu/ sewer, drain.

riolering: n /frm/ drainage system, sewer system

RIS {Republik Indonesia Serikat}: n Federal Republic of Indonesia (1949-1950).

risalah;  risalat: n /frm/lu/ 1 essay, composition, treatise. 2 circular, brochure. 3 minutes (of meeting), proceedings. 4 report (of assets).

risau: adj /frm/lu/ 1 restless 2 nervous 3 worried .
-kerisauan: n 1 worry 2 restlessness.
-merisau: v become worried.
-merisaukan: v 1 worry about sth Aku merisaukan anak-anak itu. I worried about the children. 2 make restless, cause worry. Soal itu merisaukan pikiran saya That problem wor­ried me.

riset;  riset: n /frm/lu/ research.
-meriset: v do research on.
-periset: n re­searcher.

risih: v /frm/lu/ 1 feel uncomfortable about sth. 2 be risqué |be slightly shocking because it is about sex, taboo|
-merisihkan: v cause sb to feel uncom­fortable. Kata-katanya merisihkan saya Her words made me uncomfortable.

risik; berisik: v /frm/lu/1 make rustling (noise). 2 be noisy.
-merisik2: v rus­tle. Daun kering itu merisik ditiup angin The leaves rustle blown by the wind.
-merisikkan: v cause a rustling sound.

risiko: n /frm/lu/ risk, peril. Dia memikul risiko itu sendirian. He took the risk by herself.
-berisiko1: v be full of risk
-berisiko2: adj risky

riskan: riskant: adj /frm/lu/ risky.

Ristek {Riset dan Teknologi}: n Research and Tech­nology.

rit: n /frm/lu/ trip made by a public vehicle. Bis ini jalan empat rit sehari This bus makes four trips a day.

ritme: n rhythm.

ritmis: adj rhythmic.

rits; ritsleting: n /frm/lu/ zipper.

ritual1: n /frm/lu/ ritual.

ritual2: adj /frm/lu/ ritual.

ritul; meritul: v /of/ 1 reform  2 reorganize. Struktur organisasi ini perlu diritul. The structure of the organization needs to be reorganized 2 refashioned Mereka telah meritul penampilan panggung itu. They have refashioned the appearance of the stage. 3 purge (in Sukar­no era) |to force your opponents to leave an organization or place, often by using violence| Tentara telah meritul siapa saja yang dianggap pemerintah berbahaya.  The army was purged of anyone the government considered dangerous. –syn: /lu/ rombak
-peritulan: n retooling, reorganization, purging

ritus: n /frm/ rite.

riuh: adj /frm/lu/ noisy, vociferous |loud and determined in expressing your opinions| tuntutan yang riuh vociferous complaints.
-keriuhan: n clamor.
v increase vol­ume of noise, make sth noisy. Dia meriuhkan tertawanya

She laughed louder.
-riuh miuh: n noise
-riuh rendah: adj 1 noisy 2 boisterous |noisy and cheerful| anak-anak yang riuh rendah boisterous children.           .

rival: n rival.

rivalitas: n /frm/lu/ rivalry, competition.

riwayat: n /frm/lu/ 1 story, narrative, tale, legend 2 his­tory
-beriwayat1: v 1 narrate 2 tell a story
-beriwayat2: adj 1 legendary 2 historical
-meriwayatkan: v /tr/ tell a story of, legend of
-riwayat hidup: n 1 biography, curriculum vitae
-riwayat singkat: n brief account.

RK1 {Rum Katolik}: n Roman Catholic.

RK2: {Rukun Kampung}: n village community association |community organization that consists of a number of neighbouring households  just below the vil­lage level|

R.M. {Raden Mas}: n /Jv/ title of minor male nobility.

RMS {Republik Maluku Selatan}: n South Moluccan Re­public (an separatism attempt (1950s – 1960s).

robek: adj /frm/lu/ torn.
merobek: v tear.
-merobeki: v rip repeatedly, tear to shreds.
-perobekan: n an act of tearing.
-robekan: n scrap robekan ­kertas scrap of paper.

Robbi: n God. Ya Robbi! Oh, God!

robber: n /ld/ rubber.

roboh: v /frm/lu/ 1 collapse |to fall down or inward suddenly| Banyak bangunan roboh selama gempa bumi itu. Many buildings collapsed during the earthquake. 2 fall |to come down and perhaps become unconscious|  Dia roboh mendengar berita itu. She felt down on hearing the news.
-merobohkan: v /tr/ 1 cut (sth) dowm 2 knock (sb/sth) down 3 demolish 4 overthrow, bring down 5 ruins
-kerobohan: n 1 collapse 2 falling down 3 knocking down 4 demolition
-robohan: n debris, rubble.

robot1: n /Jkt/ sound of explosion.
-merobot: v explode.

robot2: n /frm/lu/ 1 robot. 2 unimaginative person.

roda: n /frm/lu/ wheel.
-beroda1: adj wheeled kursi beroda wheeled chair. sebuah gerobak beroda empat a four-wheeled cart
-beroda2: v have wheel
-merodai: n put a wheel
-roda air: n water wheel.
-merodai: v put a wheel.
-roda angin: n bicycle
-roda dua: n (motorcycle) bike.
-roda empat: n car.
-roda gigi: n cogwheel. ­
-roda gila: n /auto/ flywheel.
-roda kehidupan: n life opportunity, fate.
-roda pilih: n telephone dial number
-roda stir: n steering wheel.
-roda tiga: n 1 pedicab. 2 three-wheeled vehicle (in general).

rodentisida: n /frm/lu/ rat poison .

rodi: n /of/ forced labor, corvee (of colonial period).
-berodi; merodi: v 1 do forced labor. 2 (Call.) work extra hard.

rogoh; merogoh: v /frm/lu/ 1 grope, search (in pocket, bag, etc.) Dia merogoh kantongnya He groped around in his pock­et. 2 grope after sth rogoh geretan poke around for a lighter.
-merogohi: v /tr/ repeatedly grope in sth. Mereka ­merogohi saku saya. They groped in my pocket.
-perogoh: n sb who gropes.

roh: n /frm/lu/ spirit, soul. Dia meniupkan roh ke dalam tubuh manusia. He breathed a soul into the human body.
-roh kudus: n holy spirit
-roh insani: n spirit of human.

rohani: adj /frm/lu/ spiritual.
-rohani dan jasmani: adj spiritual and physical
-nyanyian rohani: n church (spiritual) hymn.
-santapan rohani: n lessons in religion.
-kerohanian: n spirituality.
-prestasi kerohanian: n spiritual achievement.

rohaniah: adj /frm/lu/ spiritual.
-merohanikan: v spiritualize.

rohaniawan; rohaniwan: n /frm/lu/ male religion leader

rohaniawati; rohaniwati: n /frm/lu/ female religion leader.

rohmat: variant of rahmat:

Rohu’l Kudus: n the Holy Spirit.

rok: n /frm/lu/ skirt.
-baju rok: n women’s Western-style dress.
-berok: v wear a skirt
-rok jadi: n ready-made dress.
-rok jengki: n tight-­fitting skirt.
-rok plisir: n skirt with factory-made pleats.
-rok span: n tight-fitting skirt.

roker: n /frm/lu/ rock musician.

roket: n /frm/lu/ rocket.
-meroketkan: v rocket sth
-peroketan: n rocketing
-roket bertingkat: n multistage rocket.
-roket ken­dali: n guided missle.
-roket penggerak: n booster rocket.
-roket peluncur: n launcher rocket

rokok: n /frm/lu/ cigarette.
-merokok: v smoke Dilarang merokok. No smok­ing.
-perokok: n smoker, habitual smoker.
-rokok daun/ klobot: n cigarette made with corn husk or palm leaf wrapper.
-rokok klembak: n cigarette made with tobacco and incense.
-rokok kretek: n c1ove-flavored cigarette.
-rokok linting: n rolled ciga­rette.
-rokok putih: n cigarette without clove flavoring.
-rokok ­serutu/ cerutu: n cigar.

rol1: n role.

rol2: n /frm/lu/ 1 roll dua roll film two rolls of film. empat roll tisu four rolls of toilet paper 3 roller 4 a numerical classifier for rolled things
-mengerol: v roll sb’s hair
-rol mesin tulis: n typewriter platen.
-rol rambut: n roll to put the hair up in.
-rol-rolan: n hair rollers.

rol3: n /frm/lu/ small bread.

rolet: n /frm/lu/ roulette.

rom: n /frm/lu/ cream.
-mentega rom: n butter

roma: n see bulu:

Roma: n Rome.

Romadhon; Romadlon; Romadon: variant of Ramadan:

roman1: n /frm/lu/ figure, looks.
-roman cantik: a pretty figure.
-roman cilik: n a petite figure.
-roman muka: n countenance.

roman2: n /frm/lu/ novel.
-peroman: n novelist.
-roman picisan: n dime novel.

roman3: beroman-roman: v /spo/ be in passionate love with each other

romansa: n /ltr/ romance.

romantik: adj /frm/lu/ romantic.
-beromantik: adj full of romanticism.

romantika: n /frm/lu/ romance.
-romantika kehidupan: n the romance of life.

romantikus: n /frm/lu/ romantic thinker.

romantis: adj /frm/lu/ romantic.
-meromantiskan: v romanticize.

romantisir; meromantisir: v /frm/lu/ romanticize.

romantisme: n /frm/lu/ romanticism.

Romawi: variant of Rumawi:

rombak; merombak: n /frm/lu/ 1 reconstruct 2 change the ap­pearance of sth 3 remodel 4 renovate  Pengusaha itu merombak rumah itu. The contractor renovated the house. 3 reorga­nize, reshuffle |change the composition of the cabinet|
-rombakan: n result of an reorganization.
-perombak: n 1 renovator 2 sb who reconstruct sth 3 reorganizer.
-perombakan: n 1 reconstruction 2 remodelling 3 renovation 4 reshuffle 5 re­organizing.

rombeng: adj tattered, torn. Dia cuma punya satu sa­rung rombeng. He only has a worn out sarong.
-merombeng: v buy and sell secondhand articles.
-merombengkan: v /tr/ sell sth sec­ondhand.
-rombengan: n 1 junk 2 of a cheap kind.
-mobil rombegan: n a junk car.

rombong; berombongan: adv /lu/ in large groups. Mereka datang berombongan They came in large groups.
-merombongkan: v form a group.
-rombongan2: n 1 group, party. rombongan gubernur the governor’s party. rombongan turis tourist group. 2 gang.

romeo: adj /frm/lu/ handsome, romantic youth.

room: n /ld/ term of address or reference to Roman Catholic priest.

rompak; merompak: v /frm/lu/ commit piracy.
-perompak: v pirate.
-perompakan: n pi­racy.

rompang-ramping: adj /frm/lu/ tattered and torn, in shreds.

rompi: n /frm/lu/ waistcoat, vest.
-rompi pelampung: n life jacket.

rompyok: n /ld/ 1 layer (of a gown)  2 multilayered (of gowns).

romusa; romusha; romusya: n /of/ 1 program of invol­untary labor during Japanese occupation. 2  brutally exploited labor.
-meromusakan: v send to forced labor.

ronda1: v /frm/lu/1 patrol |to regularly check an area in order to prevent problems or crime| Tentara sedang meronda satu kamp tahanan perang The soldiers are patrolling a prisoner-of-war camp 2 rounds Penjaga malam secara berkala meronda gedung The sentinel regularly rounds the building

ronda2: n /frm/lu/1 surveillance Apa ada ronda di lingkungan ini? Is there any surveillance in this neighbouring 2 ronda malam: night guard Kapan giliran kamu melakukan ronda malam? When is your turn to make  night guard.
-peronda: n 1 patrol 2 moving guard.
-perondaan: n patroling, making the rounds.
-pos ronda: n guard post.

ronde1: n /sport/frm/lu/ a round .

ronde2: n /ld/ ginger drink with peanuts and rice flour balls.

rongga: n /frm/lu/ hollow space, cavity, hole.
-berongga: v be hollow.
-merongga: v hollow |to remove the inside of something to make a hole|
-rongga dada: n thoracic cavity.
-rongga hidung: n nasal cavity.
-rongga mata: n eyes socket. ­
-rongga mulut: n oral cavity.

ronggeng: n /Jv/lu/ paid dancing or singing girl some­times in an open stage.
-meronggeng: v dance, serve as a dancing girl.

rongkongan2: see kerongkongan:

rongrong; merongrong: v /frm/lu/1 undermine |to gradually make someone or something less strong or effective| Dia berupaya merongrong nama baik saya He’s trying to undermine my reputation 2 destroy, ruin |to make sb/sth lose all his/her/its valuable things or capacity| Korupsi telah merongrong kemampuan keuangan perusahaan. Corruption has ruin the company’s financial capacity. 3 damage Erosi telah merongrong fundasi bendungan itu. Erosion has damaged the foundation of the dam.
-rongrongan: n 1 undermining 2 eradication 3 destruction

rongsok: adj /frm/lu/ damaged, worn-out.
-rongsokan: n worn-out articles, wreckage.
-rongsokan besi tua: n heap of scrap iron.

ronsen: n x-ray.

ronta; meronta: v /frm/lu/ struggle to get loose. Kuda itu meronta dari talinya. The horse struggled to free himself from the rope.
-meronta-ronta: v keep struggling to get free.
-merontakan: v cause to struggle to get loose.
-rontaan: n struggle.

rontog; rontok: v /frm/lu/ drop off, fall off, shed. Gigiku sudah rontok: My teeth have fallen out.
-musim rontok: n fall, autumn.
-merontok: v drop off, shed. Rambutnya merontok dengan cepat sekali Her hair shed  quickly.
-merontokkan: v /tr/ cause to shed, fall off. Luka dan kuman telah merontokkan seluruh bulu­nya. Sores and scabies has losen all its fur. merontokkan ­jagung husk corn.
-rontokan: n sth fallen off.
-perontok: n sth or sb that causes things to fall off.
-alat perontok: n huller .

ronyok; meronyok: v /ld/ crumpled up. (paper, etc.)

roos: variant of ros:

rorod; merorotkan: v /ld/ remove husk by shaking.

rorompok: n /Snd/ house (in polite, self-depreciating reference to sb’s own house)

ros1: n /lu/ rose.

ros2: n /ld/ bull’s eye (in a target).

ros3: variant of ruas:

rosario: n /frm/lu/ rosary.

rosbang: variant of resbang:

rosella: n /frm/lu/ fibre that is used to make sacks and ropes.

roset1: n rose-like ornament.

roset2: see kayu:

rosot; merosot: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 slip off. Celananya merosot His trousers slipped off. 2 decline, sink. Harga minyak merosot tajam. Oil price declined sharply
-kemerosotan: n decline.
-memerosotkan: v /tr/ 1 decline or decrease sth 2 bring sth down 3 make sth decrease
-pemerosotan: n declining |the process of bringing sth down|

roster1: n schedule (of classes).

roster2: n opening for ventilation.

rosul: variant of rasul:

rotan: n /frm/lu/ rattan

rotasi: n /frm/lu/ rotation

roti: n /frm/lu/ 1 bread 2 bakery

rotor: n /auto/frm/lu/ rotor.

royal: adj /frm/lu/ extravagant, profligate |wasting money in a careless way|
-beroyal-royal: v splurge, waste money.
-keroyalan: n extravagance.
-meroyalkan: v /tr/ waste sth Mereka meroyalkan uang banyak sekali. They wasted a lot of mney.
-peroyal: n a profligate person.

royalis: n /frm/lu/ royalist.

royalty: n /frm/lu/ royalty.

royokan; keroyokan: v /frm/lu/ fight each other (a group by one or by other group)

royong: see gotong royong:

Rp. {rupiah}: n rupiah.

RPA {Republik Persatuan Arab}: n United Arab Re­public.

RPH {rumah Potong Hewan}: n slaughterhouse.

RPKAD {Resimen Pasukan Komando Angkatan Darat}: n crack troops, storm troops.

RRC, RR Cina {Republik Rakyat Cina}: n People’s Republic of China.

RRI {Radio Republik Indonesia}: n Indonesian Radio Broadcasting

RRT {Republik Rakyat Tiongkok}: n People’s Republic of China.

RS {Rumah Sakit}: n hospital.

RSI {Rumah Sakit Islarn}: n Islamic-run hospital.

RSU {Rurnah Sakit Umum}: n public hospital.

RSUD {Rurnah Sakit Umum Daerah}: n regional public hospital.

RSUP {Rurnah Sakit Umum Pusat}: n central public hospital.

RSV {Republik Sosialis Vietnarn}: n Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

RT {Rukun Tetangga}: n neighborhood association, the lowest administrative unit.

rua: adj /ld/ extensive, broad |very wide|
-meruak: v expand, widen

ruadat: n /ld/ a ceremony to express a respect.

Ruah: n the eighth month of the year.

ruah1; meruah: v /frm/lu/ pour out, spill out.
-meruahkan: v empty sth
-keruahan: n overflow (of sth).

ruah2; seruah: n /ld/ within calling distance.
-meruah: v call, shout at.
-ruahan: n a call.

ruak: variant of rua:

ruam: n /ld/ skin eruption.
-ruam saral: n shingles |one of many thin pieces of wood or other material used for covering a roof or a wall|
-meruam: v break out in a rash.

ruang; ruangan: n /frm/lu/ 1 space 2 column (in magazine, newspaper, etc.) 3 room 4 hall.
-ruang angkasa: n outer space.
-ruang kelas: n class room.
-ruang kuburan: n tomb.
-ruang lingkup: n scope.
-ruang pameran: n show room.
-ruang tunggu: n waiting room.
-ruang udara: n 1 air space. 2 air chamber.
-ruang baca: n reading room.

ruas: n /frm/lu/1 space between joints 2 piece (of road) Ruas jalan Jakakarta – Bogor panjangnya 15 km The piece of roard between Jakarta – Bogor is 15 km
ruas bambu: n joints of bamboo.
-ruas jari: n knucklebone. ­
-ruas tulang belakang: n vertebra.

rubah1: n /ld/ fox.

rubah2: variant of ubah:

rubai; rubayat: n quatrain.

rubel: n ruble, Russian currency.

rubrik: n /frm/lu/ 1 heading 2 column 3 short article (writing).

rubuh: variant of roboh:

rubung; merubung: v /frm/lu/ 1 flow together in large quantities 2 gather around. Orang tambah banyak merubung. More and more people crowded around.
-merubungi: v /tr/ crowd (a place), flow over sth in large quantities. Lalat terus merubungi makanan itu Flies continuously swarm over the food,
-rubungan; kerubungan: n crowd, large quantity.

rudal {peluru kendali}: n /frm/lu/ guided missile.
-merudal: v shoot with a missile.

ruet: variant of ruwet:

rugi; merugi: v /frm/lu/ 1 suffer a financial loss. Aku rugi setengah juta! I lost a half million. 2 lose out. Kamu akan rugi kalau tidak datang ke pesta itu. You’ll loss sth if you don’t come to the party.
-kerugian: n 1 financial loss. 2 detriment. 3 loss
v /lu/1 inflict a financial loss Kebijakan itu merugikan para pedagang The policy will inflict financial loss to the trader 2 damage, harm. Perbuatan itu merugikan kehonnatan negara That action is damaging to the prestige of the nation.

rugos: n /frm/lu/ lettering sheet (rubbed with pencil).

ruhak: n /ld/ embers |a piece of wood or coal that stays red and very hot after a fire has stopped burning| -syn: /lu/ bara

rujak: n /frm/lu/ fruit salad with pungent dressing.
-merujak: v prepare salad of this sort.
-rujak ­cingur: n vegetable or fruit salad with slices of beef snout.
-rujak gobet: n unripe mango with tangy sauce.
-rujak manis: n fruit salad with sweet sauce.

ruji1: n /lu/ l trelliswork, grill.
-ruji sel: n bars of a jail cell.
-beruji: v be with trelliswork.

ruji2: n /frm/lu/ radius.
-ruji ligat: n radius of gyration.

rujuk; merujuk: v /frm/lu/ 1 reconcile |to have a good relationship with someone again after arguing with him/her| Ayahnya rujuk lagi dengan ibunya setelah cerai beberapa lama. His father now reconciled again with his mother after being separated for some time 2 send |to recommend someone or something to another place or person for further information, advice, or treatment| Dokter praktek itu merujuk dia untuk pergi ke rumah sakit diamana ada dokter spesialis penyakit dalam. The medical practitioner recommend him to go to a hospital which has an internist. 3 merujuk pada: refer to  a) |to look at a book, map, piece of paper etc. for information| Merujuk pada pasal 4 butir 2 perjanjian tersebut. Refer to article 4 point 2 of the agreement
-perujukan: n reconciliation
-rujukan: adj referral system rujukan referral system

rukiat1: n /ld/ magic.

rukiat2: variant of rukyat:

rukun1: adj /frm/lu/ harmonious Mereka pasangan yang rukun They are harmonious couple.

rukun2: kerukunan: n /lu/ 1 harmony, concord Mereka hidup dalam kerukunan dan damai They live in harmony and peace 2 rukun tetangga: neighborhood association |administrative unit for a number of neighbouring households just below village level| 3 rukun warga: administrative unit that consist of a number of rukun tetangga at the next-to-lowest level in city. 3 cooperative organization rukun tani farmer’s cooperative at neighbor­hood level.
-merukunkan: v 1 harmonize 2 appease 3 bring peace about.

rukun2: n /Isl/ pillar, essential principle. lima rukun Islam five pillars of Islam
-rukun iman: n pillars of faith.
-rukun haji: n obligatory ceremony during the hajj.
-rukun syarat: n customary, minimally obligatory rules.

Rum: n 1 Byzantium, Istanbul. 2 Rome. Rum Katolik Roman Catholic.

rumah: n /frm/lu/ 1 house, dwelling. 2 apartment 3 chase, holding 4 home 5  rumah tangga: households
-berumah: v have a house
-berumah tangga: v be married.
-(ibu) rumah (tangga): n house wife.-merumahkan: v lay off
-(kepala) rumah (tangga): n head of a household
-perumahan: n housing area
-rumah duka: n mourning house |a place where a death body is kept while people give the last respect|
-rumah gadang: n /Mng/ traditional hall that house a clan families
-rumah gadai: n pawnshop
-rumah gedung/batu/ semen: n cement or brick house.
-rumah makan: n restaurant.
-rumah ibadah: n holy house (mosque, church, temple|
-rumah instansi: n government official’s house.
-rumah jaga: n guardhouse, sentry pos
-rumah kembar/ kopel: n duplex house
-rumah keong: n snail’s shell.
-rumah kos: n boarding house.
-rumah mesin: n machine holder.
-rumah monyet: n sentry box
-rumah obat: n dispensary, pharmacy
-rumah panggung: n house on stilts.
-rumah penginapan: n inn
-rumah perdiping/ loteng: n storey-house |house that has more than one floor|
-rumah petak: n serial/row houses |a number of houses shares the same wall|
-rumah potong: n slaughter house
-rumah-rumahan: n toy house.
-rumah sakit:
n hospital
-rumah sewa: n rental house.
-rumah sakit bersalin: n maternity hospital.
-rumah tahanan: n prison.
-serumah: v be under one roof.

Rumawi: n Roman. angka Romawi Roman numerals. Kaisar Romawi Roman Emperor.

rumba: n the rumba.

rumbai: n /frm/lu/ tuft, tassel.
-berumbai-rumbai: v be tasseled, fringed.
-merumbai: v grow in strands.

rumbia: n /frm/lu/ sago palm.

rumet; rumit: adj /frm/lu/ 1 hard, difficult. 2 complicated, complex, intri­cate, knotty.
-kerumitan: n 1 difficulty, complexity 2 complication.
-merumitkan: v complicate, make difficult.

Rumi: variant of Rumawi:

rumpun: n /frm/lu/ 1 clump |a group of trees, bushes etc. growing close together|  rumpun bambu bamboo clump 2 clan |a large family, especially one that is all together at once| Kami termasuk dalam satu rumpun yang sama We belong to the same clan. 3 cluster Ada dua rumpun anggur di dalam keranjang. There are two cluster of grapes in the basket 4 root Bahasa Indonesia adalah rumpun bahasa Melayu Indonesian language is the root of Malay
-berumpun: v be in a cluster, be in group
-serumpun: v belong to the same clan, cluster, or root

rumput: n /frm/lu/ 1 grass  2 weeds
-berumput: v have weeds or grass.
-merumput: v be covered with weeds
-merumputi: v clean sth from weeds.
-perumputan: n grassland, pasture.
-rumput air: n swamp grass.
-rumput benggala: n pasture grass for cattle.
-rumput gajah: n wide-leaved decorative grass.
-rumput Jepang: n fine decorative grass.
-rumput laut: n seaweed.
-rumput Manila: n spongy grass for lawns.
n all kind of grass.

Rumuhun: n /Snd/ ancestor. Sang Rumuhun The Ancestors.

rumus: n /frm/lu/ 1 formula 2 abbreviation.
-merumuskan: v formulate.
-perumus: n formu­lator.
-perumusan: n formulation.
-rumusan: n formulation.

runcing: adj /frm/lu/ sharply pointed (of pencil, arrowhead, etc.).
-bambu runcing: n bamboo spikes.
-meruncing: v 1 become sharply pointed. 2 become critical, become seriously aggravated. Keadaan itu akhirnya meruncing. The situation finally become critical.
-keruncingan: n 1 sharpness (of a point). 2 criticality (of bad relation)
meruncingi: v /intr/tr/ sharpen (a pencil, etc.).
-meruncingkan: v /tr/ 1 sharpen (a point) 2 aggravate, exacerbate, worsen (to make hostility between two persons or countries worse) Kegagalan perundingan itu membuat permusuhan kedua negara meruncing. The failure of the negotiations aggravated the hostility between the two countries.
-peruncingan: n 1 act of sharpening to a point. 2 act of increasing tension.

runding; berunding: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 confer 2 discuss 3 negotiate.
-merundingkan: v /tr/ discuss sth, confer about. Kita perlu merundingkan rencana ini We need to discuss this plan.
-perundingan: n 1 discussion. 2 con­ference 3 negotiation 3 de­liberation

runduk1; merunduk: v /frm/lu/  stoop, bend, bow. Jangan merunduk terlalu rendah. Don’t bow too low

runduk2; runduk rusa: n /frm/lu/ stalk of deer.

rundung; merundung: v /frm/lu/ afflict |to make someone have serious problems| Malang selalu merundung dia. Bad luck always inflicts him.
-dirundung: v be inflicted Mereka selalu dirundung oleh cuaca buruk. They were always be inflicted by bad weather

rungut; berungut-ungut: v /ld/ grumble, gripe.
-merunguti: v /tr/ grumble on sth

runtuh: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 collapse, fall down, cave in. Rumah tua itu sudah runtuh. The old house has collapsed. 2 break down, disintegrated, fall to pieces Akhirnya federasi itu runtuh Finally the federation disintegrated 3 become unconscious, swoon, faint Mendengar berita buruk itu dia tiba-tiba runtuh. Hearing the bad news she suddenly faint
-meruntuhkan: v /tr/ 1 collapse 2 damage 3 ruin 4 break to pieces
-keruntuhan: n 1 destruction 2 disintegration 3 collapse 4 cave in  5 ruins, debris, rubble.
-peruntuh: n the cause of a col­lapse.

runtun1; beruntun: adv /frm/lu/ 1 one after the other, in a row. 2 consecutively
-meruntunkan: v link, join together, put (sth) serial
-runtunan: n series (of inoculations, regulations, etc.).

runtun2; meruntun: v /frm/lu/ pull out.

runtut1: adj /lu/ consecutive
-keruntutan: n consecutiveness

runtut2: variant of runtun:

runut: n /frm/lu/ 1 trace 2 groove 3 furrow.
-merunut: v trail, track, follow, trace.
-runutan: n trace.
-perunut: n tracer.

runyam: adj /lu/ 1 complicated 2 difficult
-kerunyaman: n 1 complication 2 difficulty 3 confusion.
-merunyamkan: v 1 make difficult 2 complicate 3 confuse.

rupa1: n /frm/lu/ 1 form, shape, appearance. Rupanya seperti apa. What the appearance looks like?  2 sort, kind. Ada berbagai rupa lukisan dijual disini. There are different kinds of paint sold here. 3 face Apa kamu kenal rupanya? Do you know his face? 4 rupa-rupa various kind Dia beli rupa-rupa oleh-oleh. She bought various kinds of souvenir.
-berupa: adv/prep. in form of Apa pembayaran harus berupa uang kontan? Is the payment has to be in form of cash money? Bahan kimia ini tersedia hanya berupa cairan. This chemical is available in form of liquid substance only.
-keserupaan: n similarity.
-menyerupai: v be equal to  Cuaca tahun ini menyerupai cuaca tahun lalu. The weather of this year was equal to the last year’s
-merupakan: v express, show Apa yang saya lakukan hanya merupakan tanda simpati saya. What I’ve done is only to show my sympathy.
-menyerupakan: v make similar appearance.
-penyerupaan: n standardization
-perupa: n artist (usually applied to painters, sculpture)
-seni-rupa: n art (applied to painting, sculpture)
-serupa: adj /lu/ 1 same Mereka berdua memakai dasi yang serupa warnanya. Both of them wear the same color of tie. 2 similar Berikan saya dua pasang yang serupa sepatu ini. Please give me two similar pairs of this shoes. 3 like Dia kelihatan sangat serupa dengan ibunya. She looks very much like her mother. 4 equal Taruh dalam dua tempat yang serupa beratnya. Put it in two containers with equal weight.

rupa2; rupanya; rupa-rupanya: v /frm/lu/ 1 apparently |according to what you have heard is true, although you are not completely sure about it| Rupanya isterinya memergoki dia tidur dengan wanita lain. Aparently his wife caught him in bed with another woman. Rupanya mereka sudah pindah ke Surabaya. Apparently, they have moved to Surabaya. 2 rupa-rupanya: it seems Rupa-rupanya dia akan segera pergi. It seems that she is going soon.

rupawan: n /frm/lu/ good-looking person.
-kerupawanan: n beauty, handsomeness.

rupiah: n /frm/lu/ Indonesian currency
-merupiahkan: v con­vert to rupiah.
-perupiahan: n conversion to rupiah.

rurut; merurut: v 1 fall down 2 slip off. Cincinnya merurut. Her ring slipped off.

rusa: n /lu/ deer.

rusak: adj /frm/lu/ 1 out of order. Mobil itu tiba-tiba rusak dalam perjalanan pulang. The car was suddenly out of order on the way home. 2 tainted, contaminated, spoiled, decayed Susu itu sudah rusak. The milk has been spoiled  3 ruined, destroyed  Perang membuat semua bangunan ini rusak The war made all these building ruined. 4 depraved, bad Moralnya yang rusak membuat tidak ada orang suka pada dia. Her depraved moral makes nobody likes her.
-kerusakan: n 1 damage 2 flaw 3 stain 4 disturbance 5 devastation 6 contamination 7 decay
-merusak: v 1 ruin, break, damage, destroy 2 devas­tate, contaminate, stain 3 worsen, disharmony, disturb.
-pengrusakan: n 1 damaging 2 devastating 3 worsening 4 contaminating
-perusak: n 1 destroyer 2 contaminator 3 disturber 4 vandal 5 breaker

rusbang: variant of resbang:

rusia: variant of rahasia:

Rusia: n Russia, Soviet Union.
-merusiakan: v translate into Russian

rusuh: adj /frm/lu/ 1 restless, disturbed, chaotic 2 tumultuous, disorderly, turbulent
-kerusuhan: n 1 chaos, riot, turmoil, uproar 2 disturbance, turbulence 3 commotion, unrest, disorder.
-merusuh(kan): v 1 riot 2 disturb 3 terrorize
-perusuh: n 1 rioter 2 terrorist 3 disturber

rusuk: n /frm/lu/ 1 side |the part of an object or area that is farthest from the middle| Dia sedang berdiri di rusuk lapangan itu He was standing at the side of the field. 2 rib a) |the side of a person’s or animal’s body between the ribs and the hip| b) flank |the side of an army in a battle|  Musuh menyerang kami dari rusuk kiri. The enemy attacked us on our left flank.
-merusuk: v stab
-tulang rusuk: n rib.

rutan {rumah tahanan|: n /lu/ detention center.

rute: n /frm/lu/ route (of bus line, parade, etc.).

rutin1: adj /frm/lu/ routine.
-merutin: v become ordinary, routine.
-merutinkan: v make sth a routine.
-kerutinan: n routineness.

rutin2: n /frm/lu/ routine Itu adalah satu rutin buat saya It’s one of my routine

RUU {Reneana Undang-Undang}: n draft of a law.

Ruwah: variant of ruah:

ruwet: adj /frm/lu/ complicated, complex, knotty.
-ruwet bundle: adj extremely complicated.
-beruwet: v be complicated.
-meruweti: v complicate, render difficult, obscure
-keruwetan: n complication, complexity.

RW1: {Rukun Warga}: n administrative unit at city area next to the lowest level, consisting of several ­RTs .

RW2: n an euphemism for cooked dog meat (from Tombulu, Minahassan)


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