Dictionary S


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

S; s: |the 19th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian and English – approximately sounds like s in sales; spontaneous; scorpion; bless; pressure; skies|

S.1: abbreviation of; 1 Sungai River (on a map) 2 Solo Soprano (music) 3 Strata (academic degree)
-S-0 {stratum 0}: no-degree
-S-1 {stratum satu}: undergraduate program.
-S-2 {stratum dua}: master’s program.
-S-3 {stratum tiga}: doctorate program.

saat1: n /frm/lu/ 1 a) moment |a particular point in a periode of time| Saat itu pintu terbuka, dan dia melangkah masuk. At that moment, the door opened and he walked in. Saya tahu bahwa itu Danny saat saya mendengar suaranya. I knew that it was Danny the moment I heard his voice. b) sesaat: a very short period of time  Sesaat lagi kita akan tiba We’ll arrive in a moment. Makanan akan siap sesaat lagi The food will be ready in a moment. b) 2 the time Ini saatnya kita makan siang. This is the time we have lunch. 3 pada saatnya: in time Untunglah kamu tiba pada saatnya Fortunately you arrive in time.

saat2; sesaat2: adj /frm/lu/ temporary Ini hanya tindakan sesaat. This is only a temporary treatment. Apa yang kita peroleh dari program ini hanya kebutuhan sesaat. What we get from this program is only a temporary need.

saban1: pron.; adv /frm/lu/ 1 each, every. saban hari every day. 2 whenever, any time  Saban saya telepon dia selalu tidak dirumah Any time I call him, he always not at home 2 saban-saban    some time or another. Saban-saban akan kita bicarakan hal itu. Some time we’ll talk about it  3 frequently Dia saban datang kemari She frequently comes here

saban2: n /ld/ disease involving incontinence or dribbling of urine

Sabang: n A city port on the north­ernmost island of Sumatra. “Dari Sabang  smnpai Memuke from Sabang to Merauke”  from end (Sabang) to end (Merauke) of Indo­nesia |a slogan referring to Indo­nesia’s integrity|

sabar1: adj /frm/lu/ patient, calm. Sabarlah Be patient!
/slogan/ Orang sabar dikasihani Tuhan God would love patient person Sdh habis

sabar2: n /frm/lu/ patience  Dia kehilangan sabar lalu memukul He ran out of patience and hit.
-bersabar: v be pa­tient, be calm.
-menyabari: v be calm down about sth.
-menyabarkan: v make sb calm down or be patient of sth
-kesabaran: n 1 patience. 2 tolerance.
-ketidak sabaran: n impatience.
-sabaran: adj /Jkt/ patient, calm.
-penyabar: n a patient person

Sabat: n 1 Saturday. 2 Sabbath.

sabda: n /ltr/ utterance (of God, Muh., Jesus, or exalted personage). Sabda Baginda Raja. His Majesty King’s words.
-ber­sabda: v speak. Raja itu lalu bersabda. The king then spoke.
-mensabdakan: v say, state sth (of deities, kings).

sabel: n /ltr/ sword

saben: variant of: saban:

sabet; menyabet: v /inf/lu/ 1 whip. Seorang ibu menyabet anaknya dengan lidi A mother whipped her child with palm mid ribs. 2 snatch Dompetnya disabet pencuri di bis. Her purse was snatched by a thief in a bus. 3 grab, gain |win a competition or medal| Dia berhasil menyabet medali emas. He successfully gained a gold medal.
-menyabetkan: v whip sth against (sb/sth elese)
-sabetan: 1 a strike (with a whip), a slash with a whipping motion, action of strik­ing. 2 what is gotten by grabbing. Hasil sabetannya dijual dengan murah. What he gets from stealing he sold it chiefly
-sabet-sabetan: v whip each other
-penyabet: n snatcher, robber.

sabil: n /Isl/ 1 the Way 2 holy mean

sabit1: n /frm/lu/ sickle.
-bulan sabit: n crescent moon (symbol of Islam).
-meny(s)abit: v cut (grass, rice, etc.).
-sabit hati: adj heart­rending.
-menyabitkan: v use a sickle to cut sth
-rumput sabit: n grass cut with a sickle.

sabit2: adj /ld/ certain, definitive.
-menyabitkan: v affirm,  ascertain

sablon: n /frm/lu/ silk-screening.
-men(s)yablon: v silk-screen.
-pen(s)ablon: n 1 copier. 2 plagiarist.
-peny(s)ablonan: n pro­cess of silk-screening.

sabot: sabotase: n /frm/lu/ sabotage.

sabot2: meny(s)abotase: v /frm/lu/ sabotage.
-mensabotase: v sabotage.
n saboteur.
-penyabotasean: n sabotaging.

sabotir; menyabotir: v /frm/lu/ sabotage.

Sabtu: n Saturday.
Sabtu malam: n Saturday evening.
-malam Sabtu: n Friday evening.

sabuk: n /frm/lu/ belt, sash
-sabuk pengaman/ penyelamat: n seatbelt, safety belt.
-bersabut: v wear a sash.

sabun1: n /frm/lu/ soap.
-sabun mandi: n bath soap.
-sabun cuci: n laundry soap.
-bersabun: adj soapy.
-menyabun: v 1 lather. 2 /idiomatic/ a) commit to do sth illegal b) masturbate.
-menyabuni: v repeatedly lather sth. Dia menyabunyi anaknya She  lathered his child.
-menyabunkan: v 1 apply soap 2 make sth into soap.
-penyabunan: n act of lathering.

sabun2: adj /ld/ white, pale, albino.

sabung1; bersabung: v /frm/lu/ 1 compete, fight |fight between two an­imals such as cock (for gambling). 2 hash |to discuss something very thoroughly and carefully|  Mari kita kumpul dan bersabung soal ini. Let’s get together and hash this thing out.
-menyabung: v fit, arrange a fight between two animals Mari kita menyabung ayam itu. Let’s make the cock to fight.

sabung2: adj /frm/lu/ fighting Apa kamu punya ayam sabung? Do you have fighting cock? (cock)
-penyabung: n cockfighter.
-penyabungan: n the action of making two cocks, etc. fight.
-persabungan: n 1 cock (kite, etc.) fight. 2 conflict. 3 pit for cockfighting.

sabut: n /frm/lu/ husk, fibrous shell.
-sabut kelapa: n coconut fiber.
-bersabut: adj fibrous.

sadap1; meny(s)adap: v /frm/lu/ 1 make incisions in a tree to obtain sap. 2 sample blood. 3 tap, bug (telephone, in­formation, room, etc.). menyadap pembicaraan tap a con­versation.
-sadapa: n sap tapped.
-penyadap: n tapper.
peny­adapan: n tapping.

sadap2: variant of sedap:

sadaqah; variant of sedekah:

sadar: adj /frm/lu/ 1 aware | realize that sth is true, exists, or happened| Apa kamu sadar bahaya merokok? Are you aware of the dangers of smoking? Apa kamu tidak sadar bahwa putri kamu telah makan narkoba? Aren’t you aware (that) your daughter has been taking drugs?
2 conscious |awake and able to understand what is happening around you| John masih tetap sadar ketika mereka tiba di rumah sakit. John was still conscious when they arrived at the hospital.
-kesadaran: n 1 awareness 2 consciousness
-menyadari: v /tr/ 1 aware of (sth) 2 realize of (sth)
-menyadarkan: v /tr/ make sb aware or conscious
-tersadar: v 1 be aware 2 come to realize 3 come to, regain con­sciousness.
-penyadaran: n the process of making sb aware or conscious

sadis: adj /frm/lu/ 1 sadistic Dia akan memainkan peran sadis dalam cerita itu He is going to play a sadistic character in the story 2 /paradoxical/ terrific, great. Wah, sadis sekali makanan ini! What a terrific dish!
-kesadisan: n 1 sadism. 2 being terrifically good.

sadisme: n /frm/lu/ sadism.

sadistis: adj /frm/lu/ sadistic.

sado: n /frm/lu/ 1 two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage. 2 /Sumatera/ small motorized jitneys or taxis used for urban transportation.
-bersado: v ride a sado.

sadur; saduran: n /frm/lu/ coat |a layer of something that covers a surface| Cincin perak dengan saduran emas. A silver ring with gold coat.
-menyadur: v 1 coat |to cover a surface with a layer of something| Apa kamu dapat menyadur kalung ini dengan emas? Can you coat this necklace with gold?   2 quote (a story). Penulis naskah menyadur cerita itu dari legenda Sunda. The script writer quoted the story from a Sundanese legend
-penyadur: n 1 sb who quote sth 2 coater
-penyaduran: n 1 act of coating 2 the process of a quotation
-saduran1: n 1 sth that is coated 2 quotation
-saduran2: adj coated Satu gelang saduran emas. A gold-coated bracelet.

saf: n /frm/lu/ 1 line 2 series 3 row. Dalam solat berjamaah safnya harus lurus In group prayers the rows of people should be straight.
-bersaf-safan: v do in rows, lined up.
-saf-safan: n 1 column. 2 in layers, in rows.

safaat: n variant of syafaat:

safari: n /frm/lu/ 1 safari 2 traveling group (of entertainers, etc.)
-baju safari: n style of shirt (with matching pants) that imitates a safari costume.
-bersafari: v 1 go on a safari. 2 wear a safari costume.

safier; safir: n /frm/lu/ sapphire.

sago: variant of sagu:

sagu1: n /frm/lu/ sago palm or its products.
-sago belanda: n palm tree – Maranta arundinacea.
-sagu hati: n souvenir
-menyagu: v extract sago
-sagu-saguan: n plants similar to the sago palm.

sagu2: n /ld/ code name for narcotic powder.

saguer; saguir: n /North Sulawesi/ palm toddy.

sah1: adj /frm/lu/ valid, legal. Itu tidak sah. That is not legal (That is invalid). anak tidak sah illegitimate child.

sah; mensahkan: v /frm/lu/ 1 legalize 2 formalize 3 approve 4 authorize 5 ratify 6 confirm
-kesahan: n 1 legality 2 formality
-pengesahan; pensahan: n 1 ratification, confirmation. 2 legalization, au­thorization.
-secara sah: adv 1 legally 2 officially 3 formally

sah2: variant of syah:

sahabat: n /frm/lu/ friend.
-bersahabat1: v be friend with.
-bersahabat2: adj friendly.
-persahabatan: n friendship.
-sahabat karib/ kental: n 1 pal 2 intimate friend.
-sahabat Nabi: n disciples of Muh.
-sahabat pena: n correspondence mate.

sahadat: variant of syahadat:

sahaja1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 simple 2 natural.
-bersahaja: v be simple 2 be uncompli­cated. Penghidupannya bersahaja: His way of living was simple.
-suku yang bersahaja: v un-acculturated tribe.
-mem­persahajakan: v simplify sth Mereka mempersahajakan gaya hidupnya. They simplify their life-style.
-kesahajaan: n simplicity, simpleness.
-pensahajaan: n simplification.

sahaja2: adv /frm/lu/ 1 intently 2 on purpose. Dia sahaja melakukan itu. He intently to do it.

sahaja3: variant of saja:

saham: n /frm/lu/ 1 share, stock. 2 contribution. 3 part, role (in an affair, etc.).

sahbandar: variant of syahbandar:

sahdu: variant of syahdu:

sahid: variant of syahid:

sahih: adj /frm/lu/ valid, genuine.
-kesahihan: n validity.

sahur1: n /frm/lu/ the meal eaten before daybreak dur­ing the fasting month.
-bersahur: v have this meal.

sahur2: variant of saur:

sahut: n /frm/lu/ answer to sb’s call.
-bersahut-sahutan: v call each other Cengkerik di sana-sini bersahut-sahutan dengan katak The crickets and the frogs called back and forth to each other
-menyahut: v answer back a call or question.
-menyahuti: v 1 answer a call, response to sb’s question
-penyahutan: n replying.

sahwat: variant of syahwat:

Sailan: n Ceylon.

saing1; bersaing1: v /frm/lu/ compete. Mereka bersaing satu sama lain. They compete each other.

saing2: bersaing2: adj /frm/lu/ competitive. Itu adalah harga bersaing It’s a competitive price
-menyaingi: v /tr/ compete (sb/sth)
-persaingan: n competition
-pesaing: n 1 competitor 2 rivalry
-tersaingi: v be competed

saing2: n /ld/ fang, tusk |a long sharp tooth of an animal such as a snake or dog| -syn: taring

sains: n science.

sair; sa’ir: variant of syair:

sais: n /frm/lu/ coachman.

saja1: adv /frm/lu/ 1 only a) |nothing or no one except the person or thing mentioned| Mereka butuh hanya dua orang saja yang akan direkrut. They need only two persons to be recruited. b) bukan saja: not only… but |used in order to say that something is even better, worse, or more surprising than what you have just said| Dia bukan saja cantik tetapi juga cerdas. She is not only pretty but also smart.  2 just a) |say to simplify what should sb do| Taruh saja buku kamu di meja saya. Just put your book on my desk. b) |giving advice what sb should do| Tunggu saja pembalasanku Just wait my revenge Tunggu saja disini, saya akan kembali cepat. Just wait here, I’ll back soon. Telepon saja dia kalau hanya mau minta maaf. Just call her, if only to say you’re sorry. c) |to say that sth almost happen| Saya baru saja mau pergi ketika kamu menelepon. I just want to leave when you called. d) |to say that a certain amount, quantity, or quality is fair or acceptable| Berikan dia Rp: 2000,- saja, itu cukup. Give him just Rp:2000,- it’s enough. 3 else |in addition to| Siapa saja yang akan pergi bersama kamu. Who else will go with you? 4 just (like equal, the same, exact like) Sama saja bunuh diri kalau mengebut secepat ini. Just like to commit suicide if you wildly drive like this. 5 kapan saja: whenever (any time) Kapan saja kamu mau pergi terserah pada kamu. Whenever you want to go it’s up to you. 6 apa saja: whatever. Apa saja yang kamu katakan, saya tidak peduli. Whatever you say, I don’t care. 7 berapa saja: how much ever  Berapa saja kamu mau jual saya tidak keberatan. How much ever you want to sell it, I have no objection. 7 baru saja: only just a) |a very short time ago|  Kami baru saja mulai rapat. We’re only just beginning the meeting. b) tinggal … saja: |almost not; hardly|  Tinggal untuk dua orang saja ruangan disini. There’s only just room here for two people.

saja2: adj /frm/lu/ only 1 |with no others of the same kind| Dia saja orang yang saya tahu tidak senang coklat. She’s the only person I know who doesn’t like chocolate. Jalan santai, itu saja latihan yang saya lakukan. Jogging is the only exercise I get. 2 hanya saja: the only thing is | used before you begin to talk about something that might be a problem|  Saya ingin datang menjumpai kamu, hanya saja mobil saya lagi di perbaiki. I’d like to come see you, the only thing is my car’s being fixed.
Note: learn this words together with ‘hanya’. In some cases ‘hanya’ and ‘saja’ can be used together as a compound words with a single meaning, e.g. ‘hanya saja’ means ‘but’; ‘however’  In some case ‘saja’ is a synonym of ‘hanya’ e.g. “ bukan hanya” has the same meaning with “bukan saja” However in some sentences ‘saja’ means ‘just’, e.g. She just gone. Dia baru saja pergi;  in some sentence it means ‘only’ e.g. I give this just for you. Saya berikan ini hanya untuk kamu.

sajadah: n /frm/lu/ prayer rug.

sajak: n /frm/lu/ 1 poem, verse, lyrics. 2 /Bib/) Book of Lamenta­tions. 3 rhyme. sajak akhir end-rhyme.
-bersajak: v 1 rhyme (of words, phrases, stories) 2 be in rhyming form. cerita bersajak a story in rhyme. 3 write poetry. 4 recite poetry.
-bersajak2: adj poetic
-menyajak: v compose a poetry.
-menyajakkan: v make a poem of, put into rhyme.
-penyajak: n poet

sajarah: variant of sejarah:

sajen: n /ld/ offering of flowers or food (to spirits, ete.).

saji: sajian: n /frm/lu/ dishes laid out on the table.
-menyajikan: v 1 serve, dish out |to serve food to people| Ibu menyajikan daging panggang. Mom dished out the barbecued steaks.. Mereka meyajikan makanan lezat. They served delicious food. 2 provide, supply, present. Ming­guan ini menyajikan berita-berita ekonomi. The weekly magazine presents business report.
-penyajian: n presentation. Saya akan memberi penyajian mengenai laporan perkembangan perusahaan. I’m going to give a presentation on the company’s progress.
-tersaji: adj 1 served 2 laid out (food on a table) 2 see sajen:

saka: also pusaka: n /frm/lu/ 1 heritage. 2 heirloom.
-saka baka: n ancestors.

Saka: n Javnese year in the calendar beginning 78 A.D. tahun saka in the Javanese year  (used to refer to pre-15th century events).

sakaguru: variant of sokoguru:

sakaratulmaut: variant of: sakratulmaut:

sake: n /frm/lu/ alcoholic beverage, sake.

sakelar: n /frm/lu/ electric switch.

sakelek: adj /of/ 1 gentle 2 fair 3 objective 4 businesslike.

saking: conj. /inf/lu/ 1 on account of. Dia tidak dapat melihat apa­-apa saking gelapnya He could not see anything on account of the darkness. 2 due to

sakit: adj /frm/lu/ 1 ill, sick |suffering from a disease or not feeling well|  Dokter bilang Patty sakit serius. Doctor said that Fatty suffers a serious illness 2 sore, painful |painful as a result of a wound, infection, or too much exercise|: Lutut saya sedikit sakit akibat lari kemarin. My knee’s a little sore from running yesterday. tenggorokan sakit. a sore throat 3 hurts |suffering pain or injury|  Jangan lakukan, itu sakit. Don’t do it, it’s hurts. OK, tidak ada yang akan merasa sakit (yang akan disakiti) It’s okay, nobody got hurt. 4 sakit (hati): upset or unhappy Saya sangat sakit hati dengan apa yang dia katakan. I was very hurt by what he said.

sakit: n /frm/lu/ 1 illness |a disease of the body or mind, or the state of having a disease or sickness| Sakit kamu akan segera terobati Your illness will soon be cured. 2 pain |the feeling you have when part of your body hurts| Tentara tergeletak di tanah menahan sakit. Soldiers lay groaning in pain Obat itu tidak banyak menghilangkan sakit dia. The drugs don’t do much to relieve her pain. Ada sakit di punggung saya. (feeling of pain) There is a pain in my back.
-sakit ayan: n epilepsy
-sakit gajah: n elephantiasis
-sakit gondok: n thyroid
-sakit gula/kencing manis: n diabetes.
-sakit hati: adj offended, harboring resentment.
-sakit ingatan: n insane, crazy.
sakit karang/batu: n kidney stones.
-sakit kelamin: n venereal disease
-sakit kepala:
n headache.
-sakit ­keputihan: n leucorrhea.
-sakit kuku dan mulut: n foot-and-mouth disease.
-sakit ­kuning: n jaundice.
-sakit mangga: n swelling in the groin.
-sakit mental: n mental illness.
-sakit panas: n 1 fever. 2 feverish.
-sakit paru-paru: n TBC ­
-sakit pendarahan: n hemorrhage.
-sakit perempuan: n venereal disease.
-sakit perut: n stom­achache.
-sakit pinggang: n nephritis.
-sakit pitam: n ap­oplexy.
-sakit sabun: n gonorrhea.
-sakit-sakitan: adj 1 ailing 2 sickly
-sakit saraf: n nervous disorder.
sakit senewen: n 1 nervous disorder.
-sakit serius: n serious illness.
-sisakit: n patient.

sakit: menyakiti: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 hurt |to injure yourself or someone else, especially not very seriously|  Mereka menyakiti diri sendiri dengan main lempar-lemparan batu. They hurt themselves by  throwing stones to each other. Sam! Jangan melparkan batu, kamu bisa menyakiti seseorang. Sam! Don’t throw the stone, you might hurt somebody! 2 /intr/tr/ to feel pain or cause pain in a part of your body| Kaki saya benar-benar sakit setelah perjalanan itu. My feet really hurt after all that walking! Berlari terlalu cepat menyakiti lutut saya. Too fast running hurts my knees. 3 |to make someone feel very upset or unhappy| Maaf, saya tidak bermaksud menyakiti perasaan kamu.  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
-kesakitan: v 1 be hurt 2 suffer a hurt Bob sangat kesakitan setelah jatuh dari tangga. Bob was very hurt after falling down from a ladder.
-keterpenyakitan: n morbidity |the quality or level of being morbid|
-menyakitkan: adj 1 hurt |very upset or unhappy| Apa yang kamu katakan sangat menyakitkan. What you said was very hurt. 2 hurting |make sb fell hurt| Itu adalah satu situasi menyakitkan.It was a hurting situation.
-penyakitan: adj morbid |having many unhealthy interest in unpleasant subjects, especially that make sb feel very upset, unhappy, or hurt| Begitu banyak orang penyakitan di masyarakat ini. So many morbid persons in this community.
-penyakit: n 1 disease 2 illness 3 sickness 3 ailment 4 malady 5 morbid condition
-sesakit-sakitnya: adv as hurt as (she was) Sesakit-sakitnya dia, saya kira dia akan sembuh. What so ever hurt herself, I believe she’ll be cured.

saklar: variant of sakelar:

sakral: adj /frm/lu/ sacred, holy. Perkawinan itu sakral. A marriage is sacral.
-meny(s)akralkan: v sanctify, make (sth) holy. Jangan mensakralkan patung itu. Don’t ever sanctify the statue.

sakramen: n /ld/ sacrament |Christian holy ceremony such as communion|
sacramental: adj pertaining to sacrament

sakratul maut: n /frm/lu/ death agony.

saksama: variant of seksama:

saksi: n /frm/lu/ witness a) | someone who sees an accident or a crime and can describe what happened|  Sayang tidak ada saksi perampokan itu. Unfortunately there were no witnesses to the robbery. b) |someone who describes in a court of law what s/he has seen or what s/he knows about a crime| Hakim menanya saksi sebaik apa dia mengenal tersangka. The judge asked the witness how well she knew the defendant. c) |someone who watches another person sign an official document, and then signs it also to prove| Kita perlu dua saksi untuk menandatangani perjanjian kesepakatan itu. We need two witness to sign the agreement.
-kesaksian: n testimony |something such as a statement that shows or proves something else is true, happened. or exist especially made in front of a court with oath| Saya akan memberi kesaksian bahwa dia tidak bersalah. I’m going to make a testimony in the court that he is innocent.
-saksi ahli: n an expert that give a scientific statement about something that can be used as an evidence in a court.
-saksi mata: n eye-witness

saksi2: menyaksikan: v /frm/lu/ 1 witness |to see something happen, especially an accident or a crime|  Sedikit orang yang benar-benar menyaksikan kejadian itu. Few people actually witnessed the accident. 2 to be a witness |to watch someone sign an official document, and then sign it that it’s valid| 3 watch Apa kamu menyaksikan pertunjukan tadi malam? Did you watch the last night’s show?
-bersaksi: v testify |give a testimony or  formal statement of what is true, especially in a court of law| Dua orang bersaksi bahwa kamu ada disana waktu itu. Two persons testified that they saw you were there at that time. Saya tidak bisa bersaksi memberatkan suami saya. I can’t testify against my husband.
-penyaksian: n the process of witnessing or watching of sth.

saksofon: n /frm/lu/ saxophone.

saksofonis: n /frm/lu/ saxophonist.

sakti: adj /frm/lu/ 1 supernatural, divine power. Dia tidak dapat luka karena sakti. He was invulnerable because of his supernatural power. 2 having magic or divine power. Kabarnya rumah itu tempat sakti. They say that the house has magical powers. 3 sacred. Banyak orang percaya keris itu sakti Many people believe that the dagger is sacred.
-kesaktian: n supernatural powers.
-mensaktikan: v render sth be supernaturally power­ful.

saku: n /frm/lu/ 1 bag, sack. saku kerja workbag, briefcase 2 pocket.

sakura: n /frm/lu/ 1 cherry tree. 2  other trees bearing pink blossoms.
-negeri sakura: n Japan.                ‘

sakwasangka: see syak:

sal1: n /frm/lu/ hospital ward sal bersalin lying-in ward.

sal2: variant of syal:

Sala: variant of Solo:

salada: variant of selada:

salah1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 wrong |not correct, not the one you intended, or not the one you should use|  Kamu salah. Dia bukan pacar saya tetapi saudari saya. You’re wrong. She is not my girl friend but my sister.  Saya membeli ukuran yang salah. I bought the wrong size. Kamu telah memberi jawaban salah terhadap pertanyaan itu. You gave a wrong answer to the question. Maaf salah nomer. Sorry, I get a wrong number. Apa yang salah dengan kata-kata saya? What’s wrong with my words? 2 immoral Dia tidak berbuat sesuatu yang salah! He didn’t do anything immoral! 3 unacceptable Apa yang salah dalam proposal ini? What’s unacceptable with this proposal? 4 not suitable: Ini waktu yang salah pergi main ski. It’s not a suitable time to go skiing. 5 not match Mereka adalah pasangan yang salah They are not a match couple.

salah2: v /frm/lu/ mis- 1 salah-tingkah: misbehave Arthur selalu salah tingkah di kelas. Arthur’s always misbehave in class. 2 salah urus/mengendalikan: mislead; mismanage: Kamu sudah salah mengendalikan perusahaan ini. You’ve mislead the company. 3 salah-tafsir: misinterpret Jangan salah tafsir apa yang saya katakan. Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. 4 salah-timbang: v misjudge (a law case)  5 salah-paham: misunderstand. 6 salah kaparah: mis-orient |folk-etymology, a deviation from real meaning of word or phrase due to widespread misinterpretation|
-bersalah: adj guilty
-meyalahkan: v blame.

salah3; kesalahan: n /frm/lu/ 1 mistake. Kamu punya banyak kesalahan dalam lembar jawaban kamu. You have so many mistakes on your answer sheet.2 wrongdoing Kesalahan apa lagi yang kamu perbuat? What wrongdoing did you do again? 3 fault Setiap kesalahan akan di ganjar dengan memotong angka. Any fault will be punished by cutting your point. Kesalahan siapa itu tidak penting. Whose fault was it is not important. 4 error Apa kamu bisa betulkan kesalahan pada sistim ini? Can you fix the error in this system?
-kesalahan patal: n blunder
-penyalahgunaan: n 1 misused Kasus itu adalah penyalah gunaan fasilitas negara untuk kampanye politik. The case was a misused of public property for political campaign 2 abuse |the use of something in a way that it should not be used| Satu artikel disebuah Koran menyebut tindakan presiden sebagai pemyalahgunaan kekuasaan. An article on a newspapers are calling the President’s action as an abuse of power.
-penyalahtafsiran: n misinterpretation
-salah langkah: n mis-track

salah4; salah-satu: pron. /frm/lu/ 1 one of, any of (you, them, the thing) Saya mengenal salah-satu diantara guru-guru. I know one of the teachers. 2 any Apa ada salah satu dari kalian yang tahu jwabannya? Is there any of you know the answer?

salai: adj /frm/lu/ 1 smoked. ikan salai smoked fish. 2 dried. pisang salai sun-dried banana chips.
-meny(s)alai: v 1 smoke. 2 dry  (by fire or in sun).
-salaian: n grill, grate.

salak1: n /frm/lu/ the Zalacca palm and its fruit.

salak2: n /frm/lu/ high-pitched bark.
-meny(s)alak: v /intr/ bark.
-meny(s)alaki: v /tr/ bark at

salam1: n /frm/lu/ 1 peace (in greetings). 2 greetings. |something that you say or do when you meet someone| Kedua pria itu saling memberi salam The two men exchanged greetings. (said hello to each other)
-bersalaman: v 1 shake hands 2 greet.
-bersalam-salaman: v shake hands each other
-menyalami: v greet by hand shaking.
-salam hangat: n warm regards.
-salam hormat: n respect regards, cordial greetings
-salam mesra: n intimate greetings
-salam penutup: n complimentary close in a letter.
-salam sejahtera: n may God bless us |large used as a formal greeting|.
-salam takzim: n sincerely yours
-salam temple: n sth given while shaking (could be a bribe, present, etc.)

salam2: see daun:

salam3: see ikan:

salam’alaikum: variant of assalam alaikum:

salap: variant of salep:

salat1: n /frm/lu/ salad.

salat2: variant of solat:

salawat: variant of selawat:

saldo: n /frm/lu/ balance. saldo akhir net balance.

sale: variant of salai:

saleh: adj /frm/lu/ pious, virtuous, godly, steadfast
-kesalehan: n piety.

salempang: see selempang:

salep: n /frm/lu/ ointment, salve.

salesman: n /frm/lu/ salesman.

salib: n /Christ./ 1 the Cross 2 variant of salip:
-menyalibkan: v crucify.
-penyaliban: n crucifixion.

salim: adj /ltr/ healthy

salin; bersalin: v /frm/lu/ 1 change clothes. 2 bear a child, give birth.
-bersalin-salin1: v continuously change
-bersalin-salin2: adj erratic. Kelakuannya bersalin-salin.His behavior was eratic.
-meny(s)alinkan: v 1 change (sth) to substitute sth else. Salinkan baju basahmu dengan kaus ini. Change your wet shirt with this T-shirt.  2 copy (with hand writing) Sebelum kedatangan mesin fotocopy, segala ssu harus kita salin untuk membuat rangkap (salinan) Before the coming of photocopy machine, we have to hand write everything to make copy. Tolong salin surat kesepakatan ini. Please write the copy of this agreement ­3 translate.
-salinan: n 1copy 2 duplicate
-peny(s)alin: n copier.
-persalinan: n 1 baby delivering 2 childbirth Rumah Sakit Bersalin Baby Delivering Hospital.

saling: adv /lu/ mutually |reciprocate each other, or or do sth reciprocal action| Mereka saling membantu satu sama lain. They mutually help each other  Saya berharap semua kita saling mencintai satu sama lain. I hope we reciprocally love each other.
-saling ketergantungan: n mutual dependence.
-saling menghindari: v mutually exclusive.
-saling pengertian: v mutually understand.
-saling tergantung: adj mutually dependent.

salinitas: n /tech/ salinity.

salip; menyalip: v /frm/lu/ 1 pass (car on the road) Dilarang menyalip No passing. 2 overtake |to develop or increase more quickly than someone else| 2 cross Salip Jesus Jesus Cross
-salip-salipan: v mutually overtake each other.

salju: n /frm/lu/ snow.
-bersalju: v be covered by snow.
-salju batu: n hail.

salon: n /frm/lu/ 1 drawing room 2 parlor salon kecantikan beauty parlor 2 console. salon radio radio console.

salto: n /frm/lu/ somersault.
-salto mortal: n sumersault in the air.
-bersalto: v somersault.

salur; saluran: n /frm/lu/ 1 gutter, duct. 2 line, channel  3 out let saluran biru blue stripes. 4 line, channel (telephone, TV, radio) Saluran ini menyiarkan berita setiap jam. This channel broadcast news every hour 6 facility Apa kita perlu mengirim dokumen ini melalui saluran diplomatik? Shall we send the document through diplomatic facility? 7 track saluran pernapasan respiratory tract
-bersalur-salur1: v 1 having lines
-bersalur-salur2: adj striped  mata bersalur merah: n bloodshot eyes.
-menyaluri: v make sth pass or flow through (a channel, gutter, line, etc) Air hujan menyaluri got-got sekeliling rumah. The rain water flowed the gutter around the house.
-menyalurkan: v /tr/ 1 make sth flow Pipa ini akan menyalurkan air ke kota. This pipe will bring the water flow to the city 2 distribute Palang Merah menyalurkan obat-obatan kepada korban bencana alam. The Red Cross distributes medicine to the victims of the catastrophe.
-pnyalur: n distributor.
-penyaluran: n distribution.
-saluran air: n canal, drainage
-saluran hukum: n legal procedure.
-saluran petir: n lighting conductor.
-saluran resmi: n official procedure/ channel.
-saluran udara: n ventilation

salut1: n /ld/ 1 cover, envelope. 2 wrap­per 3 case.
-bersalutkan: v be covered, plated (with sth)
-bersalut emas: v be plated with gold.
-meny(s)aluti: v cover, coad, plate.

salut2: v /frm/ 1 salute. 2 greetings. 3 respect, admire. Saya salut akan keberaniannya I admire her courage.

salvo: n /frm/ salvo |the firing of several guns in a battle or as part of a ceremony|

sama1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 same Kedua mereka berumur sama. Both of them have a same age. Itu sama saja buat saya It’s the same to me. 2 similar. Ini sama dengan yang saya beli kemarin This is similar to what I bought yesterday.

sama2: v /frm/lu/ equal Tiga tambah tiga sama dengan enam. Three plus three equals six
-menyamakan: v 1 equalize Mereka mencoba menyamakan kedudukan tetapi gagal. They tried to equalize the pint, but it was failed. 2 menyamaratakan: generalize. Jangan menyamaratakan semua mereka, itu tidak adil. Don’t generalize all of them, it’s not fair
-bersamaan1: adj concurrent |existing or happening at the same time| Akan ada tiga peristiwa besar yang bersamaan tahun ini. There will be three concurrent big events for this year.
-bersamaan2: adv simultaneously
-bersama; bersama-sama: adv together 2 collectively
-kesamaan: n 1 similarity 2 equality
-mempersamakan: v 1 compare sth with sth 2 treat equally. 3 treat the same as 3 consider two or more things) equal
-menyamai: v equal |to be as good as something or someone else| Dia telah menyamai rekor Olimpiade. He has equalled the Olympic record!
-penyamarataan: n 1 generalization. 2 levelling
-persamaan: n 1 equality 2 /math./ equation
-sama dan sebangun: n /math/ con­gruent.
-sama kaki: adj /math/ isosceles |having two equal size of sides|
-sama kuat: n /sport tie |the result of a game, competition, or election in which two or more people get the same number of points, votes etc.| Pertandingan berakhir dengan sama kuat The game ended in a tie.
-sama rata: adj averagely equal.
-sama sekali: adv absolutely. Saya sama sekali tidak mengenal dia. Absolutely I don’t know him.
-sama sisi: adj /math/ equilateral Sebuah segi tiga sama sisi. An equilateral triangle.
-sesama1: n 1 fellow Sesama putra bangsa The fellow countrymen. Hargailah perjuangan sesama patriot Admire the effort of your fellow countryman 2 peer |someone who is the same age as you, or who has the same type of job, rank etc.|  Budi telah mendapat penghargaan dari sesama. Budi has gained the respect of his peers. Dia teman sesama tahanan. He is a friend of feloow prisoner.
-sesama2: prep. between Ini hanya sesame kita. This is only between us.

sama2; sama-sama; bersama: adv /frm/lu/ together.  Mereka pergi bersama-sama They went together
-kebersamaan: n togetherness
-kerjasama; bekerjasama: v cooperate Dia tidak mau bekerja sama dengan kita. He doesn’t want to cooperate with us.

sama3: prep. /frm/lu/ 1 to Saya telah berikan uang itu sama dia I gave the money to her with 2 with Saya senang (sama) dia I like (with) her 3 for  Saya lakukan itu semua sama kamu I did all of it for you.
-bersama ini: adv herewith
-mau sama mau: /phr/ mutually agree
-tahu sama tahu: adv connive with each other

samar: adj /frm/lu/ indistinct, vague |unclear|
-ketersamaran: n 1 dusk. 2 obscureness, vagueness. 3 camouflage. ketersamaran tem­pat persembunyian camouflage of a hiding place.
-menyamar: v /tr/ 1 be in disguise. Dia menyamar sebagai seorang sipil He was in disguised as a civilian. 2 be incognito |if a famous person does something incognito, s/he is hiding who s/he really is|  Raja itu pergi dalam penyamaran: The king went incognito.
-menyamarkan: v /tr/  conceal, hide sth Dia menyamarkan diri diantara orang ramai She concealed herself into the crowd. Dia menyamarkan maksudnya She concealed her intentions.
-nama samaran: n pseudonym.
-penyamaran: n camouflage, dis­guise. penyamarann sempurna perfect camouflage
-samaran: n object of disguise, camouflage.
-tersamar: v be disguised, be hidden pengangguran tersamar. hidden unmployment.

sama rata: see sama:

sama sekali: see sama:

sambal: n /frm/lu/ condiment that containing chili peppers.
-menyambal: v prepare this sauce.
-sambal bajag/bajak: n fried spices.
-sambal dendeng: n condiment with dried
-sambal goreng: n fried spicy sauce.
-sambal terasi: n sauce made with shrimp paste.
-sambal ulek: n sauce made by crushing spices in a mortar.
-sambal-sambalan: n various spicy side dishes.

sambar; menyambar: v /frm/lu/ 1 strike sth |as of flash of lightning| Petir menyambar sebatang pohon besar. The lightening struck  a big tree. 2 swoop down and seize. Burung elang itu menyambar anak ayam The hawk swooped down and seized the baby chick. 3 suddenly seized Pi­saunya disambar lawannya His knife was seized by his opponent. 4 grab and take away, Sialan, jamku disambar penjambret. What bad luck! My watch was grabbed and taken away by a robber. 5 suddenly burn Lalu lidah api itu menyambar atap rumah The flame then suddenly burnt the roof. of the house.
-sambaran: n strike, stroke.
-tersambar: v 1 be seized. 2 be struck.

sambel: variant of sambal:

sambet; kesambet: v /inf/lu/ 1 be struck by a sharp object. 2 struck with disease.

sambil: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 while, at the same time. Dia menyanyi sambil ber­main piano She sang while playing the piano. Dia tertawa sambil mengangkat tangan keatas. He laughed and raised her hands at the same time. 2 in passing Hal itu sudah disebut tetapi hanya sambil lalu. It was mentioned but only in passing.
-mensambillalukan: v do sth as a sideline job.
-sambil lalu1: adv |if sb do sth at the same time with other activity and it’s doesn’t bother s/he to do the main activity| Apa kamu dapat sambil lalu menurunkan anak-anak di sekolah dalam perjalanan kamu ke kantor tanpa mengganggu? Can you drop the child at the school on your way to the office without bothering?
-sambil lalu2: adj sideline Itu hanya pekerjaan sambil lalu saya. It’s only my sideline job
-sambil-sambilan: adv just as a sideline

sambit; menyambit: v /intr/inf/lu/ throw sth agaist sth
-bersambit-sambitan: v /intr/ throw each other with sth Suami-isteri itu sering sambit-sambitan dengan bantal The couple frequently throw each other with pillows.
-menyambiti: v /tr/ throw at. Anak-anak myambiti baliho itu. The children throw the mural /tr/ throw sth.
-menyambitkan: v /tr/ throw sth against sth Jangan sambitkan batu-batu itu, boleh melukai sso Don’t throw the stones, it may hurt sb. Pisau itu disambitkannya ke pohon. She threw the knife onto a tree.

sambuk: n /frm/lu/ whip.
-menyambuk: v whip.
-sambukan: n whipping. Kegagalan itu merupakan sambukan baginya supaya be­kerja lebih keras His failure was a whip for him to work harder.

sambung; menyambung: v /frm/lu/ 1 join, connect (two or more things together) 2 continue, go on  (action or even)  |to keep happening, existing, or doing something without stopping|  Mari kita tutup rapat ini sekarang dan kita sambung setelah istirahat makan siang. Let’s stop this meeting now and we continue it after lunch break. “Lalu anak gadis itu lari dari rumah” sambungnya. “Then the girl ran away form home” he continued.  Menyambung diskusi kita sebelumnya, saya ingin mengutarakan bahwa ….To continue our previous discussion, I’d like to say that….. 3 dial (phone number) Maaf, salah sambung Sorry, wrong number. (dial a wrong number) 4 knit |to join people, things, or ideas more closely, or to be closely connected| Dokter menyambung tulangnya yang patah dengan rapih. The doctor knitted his broken bones neatly 5 refer Menyambung surat kami terdahulu, …… Refer to our previous letter……
-bersambung1: adj 1 continuous |continuing to happen or exist without stopping or pausing| Tanaman ini memerlukan pasokan air segar yang bersambung. These plants need a continuous supply of fresh water. 2 continued Dia sedang menulis sebuah cerita bersambung She is writing a continued story 3 connected Kita tidak punya kabel utuh 10 meter tetapi yang bersambung We don’t have a single piece of 10 meters cord, but connected cord. 4 prolonged Waktu itu negeri mengalami bencana yang bersambung At that time the country experienced prolonged disaster  5 serial  Saya senang menonton cerita bersambung ini. I like to watch this serial story.
-bersambung2: v 1 be continued Ceritanya akan bersambung The story will be continued  2 be connected Penerbangan kami ke Tokyo bersambung di Singapur. Our flight to Tokyo was connected in Singapore.
-bersambungan: v to have connection.
-bersambung-sambung: adj continuously connected, successively connected.
-berkesinambungan: adj sustainable Negeri ini memerlukan pembangunan berkesinambungan. This country needs a sustainable development.
-disambung: v be connected. Kabel pendek ini perlu disambung This short cord need to be connected.
-kesinambungan: n sustainability.
-penyambung: n 1 connector 2 penyambung lidah: speaker Sukarno selalu menyatakan dirinya sebagai penyambung lidah rakyat. Sukarno always claim himself as the people’s speaker.
-sambungan1; persambungan: n 1 connection |the point where two or more things are connected, especially by electricity, telephone, computer etc.:  Pasti ada sambungan yang longgar, kita tidak dapat arus. There must be a loose connection, we don’t have any power. 2 extension, link (telephone line)
-sambungan2: adj connected Kita tidak punya pipa tunggal yang utuh tetapi sambungan. We don’t have a single pipe but connected one.

sambut; menyambut: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 greet |to say hello to someone or welcome him/her| Ibu Sally menyambut dia dengan pelukan dan ciuman. Sally’s mother greeted her with hugs and kisses. Pidato presiden telah disambut dengan sorak-sorai dan tawa The president’s speech was greeted with cheers and laughter. 2 welcome |to say hello in a friendly way to someone who has just arrived|  Ayah menyambut tamunya di pintu. Dad is welcoming his guests at the door. 3 accept |gladly agree with an idea, suggestion, etc.|  Mayoritas rakyat menyambut reformasi di bidang politik. Majority of the people welcome the political reformation.  3 receive Siapa yang akan menyambut kedatangan tamu di bandara. Who is going to receive the coming of our guest at the airport.  4 accept (agree with) Tidak satupun yang menyambut gagasan yang saya usulkan. Nobody agree with the idea I proposed.
-bersambut: v 1 be responded to 2 be answered  Apa saran kamu bersambut? Was your suggestion responded?
-bersambut-sambutan: v response to each other (argue to each other)
-penyambutan: n 1 reception 2  welcoming 3 greeting
-sambutan: n speech sambutan selamat datang welcome speech sambutan perpisahan farewell speech .

Samiri: n /Bib./ Samaritan.

samodera: variant of samudera:

sampah: n /frm/lu/ 1 rubbish 2 trash 3 garbage .
-menyampah: v become trash, rot.
-persampahan: n trash heap, trash can.
-sampah masyarakat: n scum of society.

sampai1: prep. conj. /frm/lu/ 1 until |used in order to say that something stops happening or being done at a particular time or when something else happens| Kami ada rapat sampai pukul 12: siang hari ini We have a meeting until 12:00 noon today Saya libur sampai hari Senin I’m on vacation until Monday. 2 |something will not happen before other event happen| Saya tidak akan pergi tidur sampai suami saya pulang ke rumah. I’ll not going to bed until my husband come home. Pindah tanam tidak akan dimulai samapai musim hujan tiba The transplanting won’t be started until rainy season. 3 to Akan saya hitung sampai tiga lalu mulai! I’ll count until 3, and go! 4 till Saya terjaga sampai pkl 1:00 I was up till 1:00 a.m. 5 as far as Dia dapat berjalan sampai sejauh 10 mil. She could walk as far as 10 miles
-penyampaian: n 1 delivery 2 presentation Itu satu penyampaian gagasan yang hebat. It was an excellent presentation of an idea.
-penyampai: n 1 conveyer 2 deliverer 3 presenter
-/phrs/ Sampai jumpa! See you Sampai jumpa besok! See you tomorrow!
-/phrs/ sampai hati: v dare Dia sampai hati meninggalkan bayinya selama satu hari She dares to leave her baby for a day.
-/phrs/ samapai ke up to Mereka mendaki sampai ke puncak gunung They climbed up to the top of the mountain.
-/idiom/ sampai botak; sampai tua: 1  never 3 until hell freezes over  Sampai botak kamu tidak akan dapat mengalahkan dia. You’ll never win over him.

sampai2: v /frm/lu/ 1 arrive Biasanya saya sampai rumah pukul 7:00 sore. Usually I arrive home at 7:00 p.m. 2 reach Dia telah pernah sampai puncak gunung itu He had reached the top of the mountain. 3 sth happened |go as far as to, get to the point of| Kalau kamu sampai kalah, berarti karir kamu akan berakhir If it happen that you loose the game, it means your carrier will be terminated.
-sampaikan; menyampaikan: v 1 extend (say sth to sb) Sampaikan salam saya kepada orang tua kamu. Extend my greetings to your parents. 2 express Saya ingin menyampaikan rasa penghargaan saya kepada anda semua I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you. 3 deliver. Yang terhormat bapak presiden dipersilahkan untuk menyampaikan kata sambutan (pidato) The excellence Mr President will be pleased to deliver a speech.4 convey Tolong sampaikan pesan ini ke saudara kamu. Please convey this message to your brother.

sampai3: adj /frm/lu/1 sufficient Penghasilannya tidak sampai menutupi semua kebutuhan keluarga dia. His earning isn’t sufficient to cover all his family needs 2 enough Kabelnya tidak sampai ke stop kontak. The cable isn’t enough to reach the socket.

sampai4; sesampai: prep. /frm/lu/ at arrival, upon arrival. Sesampai kamu di Surabaya, telepon kami. At your arrival in Surabaya, call us.
-sampai-sampai: prep. so that, to such extend that.  Dia sangat kecanduan pada game komputer sampai-sampai dia lupa makan siang. He was so addictive to computer game so that he always forget to eat his lunch.

sampai5: adv /frm/lu/ even Sampai komputer mainanpun dibawa lari oleh pencuri itu.  Even a toy computer has been taken away by the thief
-kesampaian: v 1 be achieved 2 be accomplished 3 be realized 5 be true  Mimpinya menjadi dokter tidak pernah kesampaian His dream to be a doctor never be achieved

sampai6: menyampai: v /ld/ hang up to dry.
-menyampaikan: v 1 put on (a dress). 2 carry on a pole.
-sampaian: n 1 rack, hat­rack. 2 drying frame, clothesline.

sampan: n /frm/lu/ canoe, rowboat |a long light narrow boat that is pointed at both ends, which you move using a paddle or an oar|.
-bersampan: v ride in a canoe or rowboat.
-bersampan-sampan: v ride in these boats for fun.
sampan tunda: n tow boat.

sampanye: n /frm/lu/ champagne.

sampean: pron.n /Jv/ you (polite).

sampel: n /frm/lu/ sample.

samper; menyamperi: v /inf/lu/ 1 call on or visit sb. 2 drop by to pick sb. up. Tolong samperi saya kalau anda mau pergi keluar. Please stop by for me when you are going out.
-kesamper: v ­get hit by sth,  afflicted by sth evil.

sampeyan: variant of sampean:

samping1: n /frm/lu/ side a) |the place or area directly next to someone or something|  Ibunya selalu berada disampingnya di rumah sakit. Her mother was always at her side in the hospital. b)  |edge the part of an object or area that is farthest from the middle|.  Dia sedang berdiri waktu itu disamping lapangan. He was standing at that time at the side of the field. c) |a surface of something that is not its front, back, top, or bottom| Ada sebuah baliho besar disamping kiri gedung itu. There is a large mural on the left side of the building.
-disamping1: prep. at the side of, next to  Disamping rumah ada taman bunga Next to the house there is park.
-bersampingan: prep. side by side
-disamping1: prep. on the side (of)
-disamping2: adv besides |in addition to| Disamping kuliah dia bekerja 15 jam seminggu. Besides going to college, she works 15 hours a week.
-menyamping: v prep. 1 on the edge 2 (move) from the edge
-mengesampingkan: v 1 ignore 2 make sth less-important 3 put aside
-sampingan1: n an addition to
-sampingan2: adj 1 side 2 additional Apa kamu punya pekerjaan sampingan? Do you have side job?

samping2: n /ld/ ceremonial sarong (silk with gold threads).

sampo; sampu1: n /lu/ shampoo.

sampul: n /frm/lu/ cover, wrapper.
-bersampul: v be covered, be wrapped, placed in an envelope.
-menyampuli: v wrap, place in an envelope, put a cover on.
-sampul bantal: n pillowcase.
-sampul buku: n book cover.
-sampul surat: n envelope. sampul surat tertutup sealed envelope.
-tersampul: v be wrapped.

samudera; samudra: n /lu/ ocean. Samudra Indonesia Indian Ocean.

samun1: n /ld/ bushes, shrubs.

samun2; menyamun: v /frm/lu/ violently rob
-kesamunan: v be robbed
-penyamunan: n robbery
-penyamun: n robbery.
-samunan: n robbed article

samurai: n /frm/lu/ 1 samurai |Japanese sword|
-menyamurai: v hit with samurai.

sana; disana: prep./frm/lu/ 1 there Saya. menaruhnya disana I put there. Saya melihat banyak sampah disana sini. I saw a lot of trash here and there.
-kesanakan: v move, put, send (it) over there

sanak: n /frm/lu/ relative.
-bersanak saudara: v be a relatives. Mereka bersanak saudara. They are relatives (brothers and sisters)  bersanak saudara seharusnya tidak bertengkar. Orang bersanak saudara seharusnya tidak bertengkar. People who are related should not quarrel
-tan­pa sanak saudara: adv without a relative (alone)

sanatorium: n /frm/lu/ sanatorium, health resort.

sanca: see ular:

sandal: n /frm/lu/ sandal, open-toe slipper
-berandal: v wear sandals.
-san­dal jepit: n sandals with a thong.

sandang1; penyandang: n /frm/lu/ shoulder, strap.
-menyandang: v 1 carry sth with strap over the shoulder. Dia menyandang senapannya He carried his gun over the shoulder. 2 bear |to be responsible for or accept something| Dalam posisi ini kamu harus meyandang tanggung-jawab besar.  In this position, you must bear a heavy responsibility.
-menyandangkan: v /tr/ attribute sth Presiden menyandangkan bintang pahlawan kepada jenderal itu.  The president attributed a medal of heroism to the general.
-penyandang cacad: adj disabled person

sandang2: n clothing.
-sandang pangan: n clothing and staple food Sandang pangan adalah kebutuhan dasar yang harus terpenuhi. Clothing and staple food are the basic necessity that must be fulfilled
-menyandangi: v clothe

sandar; sandaran: n /frm/lu/ sth to which sb lean on
-bersandar: v lean Jangan bersandar ke tembok itu catnya masih basah. Don’t lean on the wall the paint is still wet. 2 moor, tie up (ship). Kapal itu telah bersandar sejak kemarin. The ship has anchored since yesterday. 3 depend on Negeri ini bersandar pada hasil pertanian The country depends on the agricultural production. 4 put against sth Dia menyandarkan sepedanya ke dinding. She put her bicycle against the wall.

sandel1: variant of sandal:

sandel2: see kuda:

sandera: n /frm/lu/ 1 hostage. 2 debt bondsman.
-menyandera: v take as a hostage.
-penyanderaan: n taking of hostages.
-tersandera: v be taken hostage.

sandi: n /frm/lu/ code. kata sandi codeword.
-bersandi: adv in code.
-meny­andikan: v encode.
-penyandian: n encoding.

sanding1: adj /frm/lu/ close, near.
-bersanding: v seat closely together (of bride and groom at marriage ceremony).
-menyandingi: v accompany, go in company with, escort, be next to
-sandingan: n companion, partner, spouse.

sanding2: n /frm/lu/ sharp angle.
-bersanding: adj 1 angular. 2 sharp, biting. Perkataannya bersanding Her words were shrap.

sandiwara: n /frm/lu/ 1 play, drama. 2 theatrical troupe. ­
-bersandiwara: v 1 be on the stage. Dia bersandiwara untuk mencari nafkah. He plays drama to make money 2 pretend, play-act. Dia bisa bersandiwara sangat sedih untuk menarik simpati. She could pretend to be very sad to draw sympathy.
-meny(s)andiwarakan: v dramatize. 2 adapt for the stage.
-penyandiwaraan: n dramatization (of novel, etc.).
-sandiwara keliling: n travelling show.

sandra: variant of sandera:

sandung: n /frm/lu/ pedal of weaving loom.
-menyandung: v 1 make sb stumble, trip up. 2 undermine. menyandung program pemerintah undermine government programs.
-tersandung: v be stumble. Kakinya tersandung pada batu He stumbled over a stone.
-sandungan: n stumbling block.

sanering: n /tech/ currency revaluation.

sang: n /frm/lu/ 1 honorable epithet (also used in sar­castic or derogatory way) 2 definite article “the”
-sang Budha: n the Buddha
-sang Dewi: n the Goddess.
-sang Hyang/Yang: n the God
-sang Saka Merah Putih: n the Indonesian flag. (the red white)
-sang Nata: n His Majesty.
-sang pencuri: n the thief.
-sang Penebus: n /Bib./ the Redeemer, the Savior .
-sang Prabu: n His Majesty.
-sang suami: n the (hon­orable) husband.
-sang Surya: n the sun.

sangat: adv /frm/lu/ 1 very Saya sangat lapar I’m very hyngry sangat sedih very sad Dia sangat me­ngerti She understood very well. 2 extremely  Penampilan sangat menakjubkan An extremely impressive appearance  3 critically Issu yang sangat penting A critically important issue

sangga; menyangga: v /frm/lu/ prop. support.
-sanggaan: n support sanggaan buku book rest.
-sanggaan kejutan: n shock absorber., sock breaker
-sangga mara: n 1 crossbar. 2  gaff (sailing vessel).
-penyangga: n support, prop, buffer

sanggah1: /Bali/ house-shrine.

sanggah2; menyanggah: v /frm/lu/ protest, oppose, contradict. Dia selalu menyanggah kebenaran berita itu He contradicted the truth of the report. 2 deny Simmons menyanggah bahwa dia telah membunuh isterinya. Simmons denied that he had murdered his wife.
-sanggahan: n protest, rejoinder, rebuttal.
-penyanggah: n 1 opponent 2 discussant 3 sb who pro­tests.

sanggama: variant of gama:

sanggar: n /frm/lu/1 small house, temple. 2 studio.
-sanggar kerja: n workshop, atelier.
-sanggar poto: n photo studio.
-sanggar seni: n art shop.

sanggul;  sanggulan: n /frm/lu/ knot of hair, hair bun.
-bersanggul: v wear sb’s hair in a knot.
-disanggul: v be putted into a knot Apa kamu suka rambutnya disanggul Do you like your hair is putted into a knot.
-menyanggul: v put hair up in a knot.
-sanggul duduk: n hair bun worn low.

sanggup: adj /frm/lu/ able, capable. Apa kamu sanggup memimpin perusahaan itu? Are you able to manage the company?
-kesanggupan: n ability, capability Apa kamu yakin tentang kesanggupan dia memimpin negeri ini? Are you sure about his capability to lead the country?:
-menyanggupi: v promise |give a statement that sb will be able to do sth|
-menyanggupkan: v make sb/sth capable

sangka; sangkaan: n /frm/lu/ 1 supposition, guess, hunch Dalam sangka saya itu adalah ssu yang mustahil In my opinion, it’s a nonsense. 2 suspicion. |a feeling or belief that something is probably true| Patrick telah ditahan dengan sangkaan penyalah gunaan obat. Patrick was arrested on suspicion of misusing drug. Saya belum merasa pasti siapa yang menghapus file itu, tetapi ada sangkaan (kepada sso). I’m not sure who erased the file, but I have my suspicion. 3  presupposition, ex­pectation, estimation.
-berprasangka: v to have preliminary suspicion  Tidak baik berprasangka tidak baik terhadap sso. It’s not good to have bad preliminary suspicion toward sb
-menyangka: v 1 suspect 2 thought |something that you think of, think about| Saya sangka kamu tidak akan menghadiri pesta itu. I thought that you are not going to attend the party? 3 suppose |to think that something is probably true|  Saya menyangka itu tidak begitu penting. I suppose it’s not very important.
-prasangka: n preliminary suspicions Kita harus menerapkan prasangka tidak bersalah. We have to adopt preliminary suspicions of innocent.
-tersangka: n suspected Polisi telah menahan tersangka pembunuhan itu The police has arrested the suspected of the murder.

sangkakala1: n /frm/lu/ 1 trumpet used in cere­monies to make taps. 2 /rel/ Last Trumpet.

sangkal1: n /ld/ handle (of hammer, adz, etc.).

sangkal2; menyangkal: v /frm/lu/ 1 deny Dia menyangkal berita itu He denied the report. Tidak tersangkal bahwa kamu yang telah melakukan itu. It was undeniable, that you did it. 2 disavow Mereka sangkal tuduhan itu They disavow the suspicion 3 reject Dia menyangkal permohonan itu. He rejected the request
-bersangkal: v make a reason to reject sth Dia bersangkal menepati janjinya He made a reason not to keep his promise.
-sangkalan: n 1 disavowal. 2 denial. 3 rejection 4 refusal
-penyangkal: n denier

sangkar1; sangkaran: n /frm/lu/ 1 bird cage 2 chicken coop.
-menyangkarkan: v cage sth
-penyangkaran: n caging

sangkar2: n /frm/lu/ diagonal.
-bujur sangkar: adj square

sangking: variant of saking:

sangkur: n /frm/lu/ bayonet.
-bersangkur: v have a bayonet. bedil bersangkur a ­rifle with bayonet attached.
-meny(s)angkur: v stab with bayonet.

sangkut: v /frm/lu/ hook onto.
-bersangkutan: v 1 concern 2 relate 3 connect Saya tujukan referensi ini kepada siapa yang mungkin bersangkutan I address this reference to whom it may concern.
-bersangkut paut: v /intr/ 1 have to do with sth I don’t have anyting to do with the case. Saya tidak bersangkut paut dengan kasus itu 2 be related |to be concerned with or connected to a particular subject|  Argumen Harrison bersangkut paut dengan strategi pemasaran. Harrison’s argument was related to the marketing strategy. 3 be closely joined 4 be relevant 5 be connected.
-ketersangkutan: n involvement.
-menyangkutkan: v 1 hang 2 hook. 3 attach Saya sangkutkan baju panas itu di balik pintu I hung the sweater in the back side of the door.
-menyangkut pautkan: v /tr/ 1 relate 2 connect 3 involve 4 make relevant 5 concern Jaksa penuntut mencoba menyangkutpautkan pembunuhan itu dengan rasa kecemburuan. The prosecutor was trying to relate the murder with jealousy.
-sangkutan: n 1 peg, hook 2  obstacle
-sangkut paut:
n 1 relation 2 connection 3 relevance. Pembunuhan itu tidak ada sangkut pautnya dengan politik. The murder has no relation to (has nothing to do with) politics
-tersangkut: v 1 be hung  up 2 be involved 3 be connected 4 be related 5 be attached Apa dia tersangkut dalam perkara itu? Was he involved in the law case?
-tidak bersangkutpaut: adj irrelevant.

sangsaka {Sang Saka Merah Putih}: n the red and white (the Indo­nesian flag)

sangsakala: n /frm/ bugle |a musical instrument like a trumpet, which is used in the army to call soldiers|

sangsang1; menyangsang: v /ld/ hook onto sth Layang-layangnya menyangsang di pohon His kite got caught in a tree.
-tersangsang: v be caught.

sangsang2: n /Btk/ dish made of pork meat which is cut into small pieces and cooked with the blood
-man(s)angsang: v to cook such dish.

sangsara: vaiant of sengsara

sangsekerta: variant of sanskerta::

sangsi1: v /frm/lu/ doubt. Saya sangsi apakah dia akan datang hari ini. I doubt whether he will come today.
-sangsi-ragu: adj doubtful.
-menyangsikan: v be doubtful (about). Saya menyangsikan kemampuannya memimpin.  I am doubtful about his ability to lead.
-kesangsian: n doubt, skepticism.
-penyangsian: n doubting.

sangsi2: n /frm/lu/ sanction |something, such as a punishment, that makes people obey a rule or law|  Apa sangsi kepada mereka yang datang terlambat? What will be the sanction to whom coming late.

sangu: n /inf/lu/ 1 provisions. 2 traveling funds.
-menyangoni: v /Jv/Jkt/ give sb provisions or money for a trip.

sanitair: variant of saniter:

sanitasi: n /frm/lu/ sanitation.

saniter: n /frm/lu/ sanitary.

sanjak: variant of sajak:

sanjung; mey(s)anjung: v /frm/lu/ 1 honor 2 praise. 3 appease 4 cater to
-menyanjungkan: v /tr/ praise sb or sth to sb
-sanjungan: n 1 flattery 2 sb who deserve to be praised:
-penyanjung: n sb who gives praise.
-penyanjungan: n act of giving praise.

sanksi: variant of sangsi2:

Sanskerta: n Sanskrit.

santa: n (female) saint. Santa Maria Saint Mary.

santai1; bersantai: v /frm/lu/ relax |to become more calm and less worried, or to make someone do this| Dia sedang santai d rumah. She is relaxing at home

santai2; dengan santai: adv /frm/lu/ leisurely Dia menyelesaikan PR nya dengan santai He worked with his home work leisurely.

santai3: adj /frm/lu/ relaxed Jangan paksa mereka melakukan itu, ini waktu santai. Don’t push them to do it, it’s relaxed time.

santan: n /frm/lu/ coconut milk (liquid squeezed from coconut)

Santana: n /Snd/ title of lower nobility.

santap; bersantap: v /frm/lu/ 1 dine (of royalty). 2 have a meal (written or formal speech).
-menyantap: v eat, partake of.
-santap malam: v eat (have) dinner.
-santapan: n food, meal.
-santapan rohani: n spiritual nourish­ment.
-santap siang: v eat, have lunch.

santen: variant of santan:

santer: adj /frm/lu/ 1 strong, heavy (of meteorological phe­nomena). angin santer strong wind. 2 lively (con­versation). berita santer hot news. pembicaraan santer lively discussion. 3 spread Santer berita bahwa dia akan mengundurkan diri. News spread that he want to resign.
-meny(s)anterkan: v spread (news, etc.)

santet: n /lu/ black magic.
-meny(s)antet: v practice black magic.
-penyantet: n practitioner of black magic.
-penyantetan: n practicing of black magic.

santiaji: n /frm/lu/ briefing, indoctrination, or coaching given by sb’s superiors.
-meny(antiaji: v give a briefing.
-penyantiaji: n sb who gives a briefmg.
-penyantiajian: n briefing, indoctrination (esp. in ideology).

santo: n (male) saint. Santo Petrus Saint Peter.

santri: n /frm/lu/ 1 student at traditional Muslim school. 2 strict adherent of Islam.

santrinisasi: n /frm/ process of making conduct (esp. of public affairs) strictly in accordance with princi­ples and ceremonies of Islam.

santun: adj /frm/lu/ 1 well mannered, well behaved. 2 good manners. Dia orang santun He is well mannered person.
-meny(s)antuni: v 1 sympathize (with). Dia selalu menyantuni kesusahan temannya.He always sym­pathizes with his friend’s difficulty. 2 help, assist. Dia senang menyantuni orang  terlantar She like to helps homeless people.
-ke­santunan: n good manners, modesty.
-santunan: n 1 aid, help, sympa­thetic care 2 compensation paid by insurance company.
-penyantun: n sb who is benevolent, inclined to help. Dewan Penyantun Board of Trustees. Organisasi Penyantun Charity
-penyantunan: n 1 action of giving help. 2 compensation payment (in in­surance) .

sanubari: n /frm/lu/ inner personality, sb’s inner self.

saos: variant of saus:

sapa1; menyapa: v /frm/lu/ 1 greet Apa dia menyapa kamu? Did she greet you? 2 say hallo (to sb)
-bersapa-sapaan: v 1 greet each other  2 say hallo to each other .
-tersapa: v be bewitched, ill because of being addressed by spirits.
-sapaan: n greeting.
-penyapaan: n action of extending a greet­.

sapa2: variant of siapa:

saparila: variant of sarsaparilla:

sapi: n /frm/lu/ 1 cow, bull, ox. 2 /zod/ Taurus
-sapi bantai/potong: n beef cattle.
-sapi hutan: n dwarf buffalo.
-sapi pemacak: n stud bull.
-sapi perahan: n dairy cow.

sapih; menyapih: v /frm/lu/wean a child.
-sapihan: n child that has been weaned.
-penyapihan: n weaning.

sapir: variant of safier:

saprodi {sarana produksi}: n /frm/lu/ infrastructure for production.

sapta: num. seven (in slogans or other coined expres­sions). Sapta Usaha Tama Seven Basic Efforts.

Saptamarga: n /frm/ The Seven Articles, of the Armed Forces oath.

saptamargais: n /frm/ sb who has taken the Armed Forces oath (a follower of the seven articles).

Saptu: variant of Sabtu:

sapu: n /frm/lu/ 1 broom. 2 wiper
-menyapu tangan: n 1 wipe off, brush off. 2 sweep. 3 finish sth
-menyapukan: v 1 sweep, wipe, brush  sth away Boleh kamu  menyapukan kotoran di lantai itu? May you wipe off the dirt on floor?  Dia menyapukan minyak ke dadanya. He wiped the oil on his chest.2 smear (medicine) on to. Saya menyapukan minyak itu ke punggungnya . I smeared the medicated oil on his back.
-penyapu: n 1 wiper 2 sweeper
-penyapu jalan: n street sweeper..
-penyapu kaki: n 1 doormat. 2 foot sweeper.
-penyapu ranjau: n mine sweeper.
-sapu bersih: v cleanly sweep, wipe out.
-sapu ijuk: n broom made of sugar palm fiber.
-sapu kaca: n windshield wiper.
-sapu lidi: n broom made of split co­conut midribs.
sapu rata: v level off, demolish.
-sistem sapu lidi: adv strongly united.
-sapu ta­ngan: n handkerchief.
-tersapu: v be swept away. Banyak rumah tersapu banjir. There are many houses swept away by the flood.

saput: n /frm/lu/ cover, shroud, veil.
-disaputi: v 1 be covered 2 dusted Lapangan disaputi oleh salju. The field was dusted with snow. 2 be painted, be coated   3 white­wash. |an attempt to hide the true facts about a serious accident or illegal action| Ada upaya menyaputi kegagalan pemerintah. There is an attempt to whitewash the government’s failure.
-meny(s)aputi: v /tr/ cover (sth)

saputangan: n /frm/lu/ handkerchief.

SARA {Suku, Agama, Ras}: n /frm/lu/ |matters pertaining to ethnic, religious, and racial rela­tions|  Pidato itu bernada hasutan dan isyu sara. The speech had a provocative tone which spread rumors regarding ethnic, religious, and racial relations.

saraf1: n /frm/lu/ nerve.
-saraf mata: n optical nerve.
-persarafan: n sth that having to do with the nerves.
-sistem saraf manusia: n the human nervous sys­tem.

saraf2: n /ling./ derivation of Arabic words from the same root.

sarakah: variant of serakah:

saran: n /frm/lu/ 1 suggestion 2 advice 3 proposal 4 proposition
-menyarankan: v 1 suggest 2 advise 3 propose

sarana: n /frm/lu/ medium, tool, means, instrument, facility Apa sarana perhubungan memadai? Is the means of transportation appropriate?

sarang1: n /frm/lu/ 1 nest, lair, web. 2 hide-out, hideaway 3 hotbed, breeding place 4 emplacement (for machine , gun, etc.)
-bersarang: v 1 nest, make a nest, nestle. 2 lodged. Sebuah peluru bersarang di pahanya A bullet was lodged in his thigh. 2 harbour Rasa dendam bersarang di pikirannya. The feeling of revenge is harboured in his thought
-menyarangi: v use sth to be nest Bangsat-bangsat kecil telah menyarangi pakaian-pakaian tua itu. Bedbugs used the old clothes to be their nets.
-menyarangkan: v kick the ball in |put the ball into the goal| )
-sarang burung: n bird’s nest.
-sarang laba-laba: n spider web.
-sarang lebah: n beehive.
-sarang madu: n honeycomb.
-sarang penyakit: n breeding place of disease.
-sarang perzinaan: n den of adultery.
-sarang semut: n ant hill.

sarang2: adj /frm/lu/ porous.
-bersarang-sarang: adj full of holes.
-kebersarang-sarangan: n po­rosity.

sarap1; sarapan; bersarapan: v /intr/frm/lu/ have breakfast. Marilah sarapan sebelum pergi. Let’s have breakfast before going.
-(me)nyarapi: v /tr/ 1 feed, stuff, gorge (us. of animals). 2 serve breakfast.
-sarapan (pagi): n breakfast. Apa kita sudah punya sarapan pagi? Do we have breakfast?

sarap2: adj /frm/lu/ crazy. Kamu sudah sarap ya? Are you crazy?

sarasehan: v /Jv/inf/ discussion, meeting.

saraswati: n female singer.

sarat1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 loaded, laden, full. Truk itu sarat berisi pasir The truck was loaded with sand. Hati saya ­sarat dengan kesusahan. My heart was full of sorrow. 2 /nat/ draft (of a ship)
-disarati: v be filled with sth Kapal itu disarati banyak pelancong. The ship  was filled up with travellers
-kesaratan1: adj too loaded, too full.
-kesaratan: n density. kesaratan makna density of meaning.
-meny(s)arati: v load sth with. Para pelancong menyarati kapal itu. The travellers filled up the ship.
-men(y)saratkan: v make sth loaded.

sarat2: variant of syarat:

sarden; sardencis;  sardine: n .lu/ tinned sardines.

Sarekat Islam: n Islam League |an early nationalistic organization of 1911 and 1920’s

sari: n 1 /frm/lu/ concentrate 2 essence 3 nucleus, main point 4 pollen. 5 abstract 6 sum up 7 summary 8 digest
-mensarikan: v 1 reduce to an essence 2 extract the essence 3 make an abstract 4 sum up 5 summarize .
-sari berita: n headline news .
-sari nanas: n essence of pineapple.
-sari pati: n 1 main point, core, gist. Apa sari pati pidatonya? What was the essence of her speech? 2 /Bio./ pollen.
-sari susu: n cream.

sariawan: see seriawan:

saring; meny(s)aring: v /frm/lu/ 1 filter, strain, sift. 2 refine, distill. Menyaring minyak refine petroleum. 3 sift, separate, sort out (information, meaning, etc.). Mereka selalu menyaring berita sebelum disiarkan They always sort out the news before broadcasting it. 4 screen (personel for job).
-penyaring: v filter, strainer. saringan air water filter.
-penyaringan: n 1 sifting. 2 filtering. 3 screening, selection (of personnel).
-saringan: n 1 sieve, strainer, filter.
-saringan minyak: n oil filter.
-saringan udara: n air filter.
-tersaring: v be strained, filtered.

saripati: see sari:

sarjana: n /frm/lu/ 1 scholar, academician, college degree-holder 2 title of degree {Stratum 1 (S 1) – equal to Bachelor;  S2 – equal to Master; S 3 – equal to PhD}

sarjananisasi: n /frm/lu/ the process of requiring employees to get college’s degrees.

sarkasme: n /frm/ sarcasm.

sarkastis: n /frm/ sarcastic.

saroja: variant of seroja:

sarong: variant of sarung:

sarsaparilla: n sarsaparilla (drink) drink.

Sartan: n /jod./ Cancer.

saru1: adj /frm/lu/ dim, vague.
-menyaru: v 1 disguise Penyelidik itu menyaru sebagai seorang pedagang kaki lima. The detective disguised himself as a vendor. 2 pretend
-penyaru: n sb in disguise.
-penyaruan: n disguise.

saru2: n Australian pine.

saru3: adj /Jv/ indecent, obscene.

sarung1: n /frm/lu/ 1 sarong. 2 case, container. 3 sheath 4 wrapper 5 condom
-bersarung: v 1 wear a sarong  2 sheathed.
-disarungi: v be sheathed Apa pedang itu sudah disarungi? Has the sword be sheathed?
-meny(s)arungi: v /tr/1 encase. 2 put sth on. 3 sheathe. Belum ada yang menyarungi bantalnya. No body has encased the pillow.
-menyarungkan: v put into sheath Tolong sarungkan pistolmu itu. Please put your pistol into its sheath.
-sarungan: adj wearing a sarung. orang sarungan people who use sarung
-sarung bantal: pillowcase.
-sarung gigi: n crown of tooth.
-sarung jari: n thimble.
-sarung korsi: n slip cover. ­
-sarung pelekat: n sarong with block pat­terns.
-sarung pelor: n cartridge shell.
-sarung pistol: n holster.
-sarung sepatu: n overshoes.
-sarung tangan: n glove. ­
-sarung tinju: n boxing gloves.
-tersarung: v be kept in a cove, case, sheath, etc.

sarung2; menyarung: v interrupt

sasak: n /frm/lu/ 1 wattle 2 coarse plaitwork of split bamboo. 2 bouffant (women’’s hairdo).
-meny(s)asak: v 1 tease up sb’s hair in a bouffant 2 comb back.
-sasakan: n bouffant.

sasana: n /frm/lu/ 1 auditorium 2 public center.
-sasana krida: n 1 university auditorium 2 student center. 2 gym­nastics training camp.
-sasana tinju: n boxing arena

sasap1; meny(s)asap: v /ld/ pull up weeds.

sasap2: variant of susup:

sasar: adj /frm/ 1 mad, insane. 2 dazed.
-(me)nyasar1: v 1 miss sb’s target. Tembakannya menyasar His shoot missed the target 2 go astray. Seorang laki-laki telah nyasar di hutan lebat itu. A man got strayed in that heavy forest.
-menyasarkan: v 1 cause sth stray 2 cause sth get lost 3 cause a shoot miss the target.
-nyasar2: adj stray Dia disambar sebutir peluru nyasar. He was hit by a stray bullet.
-tersasar also kesasar: adj 1 lost 2 strayed away.

sasaran1: n /frm/lu/ target, aim, objective. sasaran jangka panjang long term objective

sasaran2: n /Jv/ playing field, field for practicing sports, shooting etc.

sasis: n /frm/lu/ chassis.

sasmita: n /frm/ hint, divine signal, omen.

sas-sus: n /inf/lu/ rumor.

sastera: variant of sastra:

sasterakanta: n /frm/ thesis.

sasterawan: variant of sastrawan:

sasterawati: variant of satrawati:

sastra: n /frm/lu/ books, literature, language system  Sastra Jawa Javanese literature. Fa­kultas Satra: School of language system.
-bersatra: v compose litera­ture.
-kesastraan: n |things pertaining to literature| memenuhi syarat-syarat kesastraan meet the criteria of liter­ature.

sastrawan: n /frm/lu/ man of letters.
-kesastrawanan: n matters pertaining to men of letters.

sastrawati: n /frm/lu/ woman of letters.

satai: varaiant of sate:

satan: variant of setan:

sate: n /frm/lu/ small pieces of meat roasted on skewer or brochette
-(me)ny(s)ate: v 1 to prepare such food 2 to eat such food 3 /idiomatic/ to cut meat into small pieces
-pensatean: n dissension (divisions into small pieces like sate).

satelit: n /frm/lu/ satellite.
-kota satelit: n satellite city.
-persatelitan: n matters concerning satel­lites. studi persatelitan the field study of satellite.

saten: variant of satin:

sateru: variant of seteru:

satgas {satuan tugas}: n task force.

satin: n /frm/ satin.

Satpam {satuan pengamanan}: n security unit.

satria: variant of kesatria:

satron; meny(s)atroni: v /inf/ be hostile toward.

satu1: num. /frm/lu/ pron. article 1 one Coba tulis nomer satu sampai lima Try to write down number one to five Mereka datang kesini satu demi satu They come here one by one  2 the first. Nama kamu adalah nomer satu dalam daftar itu. Your name is the first on the list. 3 a, an Saya hanya punya satu mobil. I only have a car. Saya perlu satu telor I need an egg. 4 a few Hanya satu dua orang menjalani jalan setapak ini setiap hari. There is only a few (one or two) people walks this path everyday. 5 satu-satunya: the only Ini satu-satunya harta yang saya miliki. This is the only property I have 6 satuan: unit |the smallest unit of counting sth| Satuan panjang yang dipakai dalam map ini adalah millimeter untuk menggambarkan mil The measurement unit applied to this map is millimetre to represent mile. Di negeri ini orang menggunakan sentigrade (Celsius) sebagai satuan ukuran suhu. In this country people use Centigrade as the unit of temperature measurement.

satu2: v /frm/lu/1 have the same Kami satu rumah We have the same house (We live in the same house) 2 belong to the same Kami berdua satu partai politik. Both of us belong to the same political party. 3 come from the same Semua kami satu daerah. All of us come from the same region (province, district) 4 of the same Kami satu nenek moyang We are of the same great-grandparent.

satu3; bersatu1: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 unite 2 unify 3 combine 4 join 5 consolidate 6 ally
-bersatu2: adj 1 unified 2 allied 3 unified 4 combined 6 joined 6 consolidated.
-bersatu padu: adj firmly united
-kesatuan1: n 1 unity 2 oneness 3 wholeness 4 totality
-kesatuan2: adj united Negara Kesatuan United States
-meny(s)atukan; also mempersatukan: v /tr/ 1 unite 2 unify 3 combine 4 join 5 consolidate 6 ally 7 put (sth) together.
-persatuan: n 1 union 2 unification 3 organization 4 federation
-pemersatu: n 1 unifier 2 organizer 3 combiner 4 joiner 5 integrator |sb or sth that make things be united|

satu4: adj /frm/lu/ mono satu nada monotone perkawinan satu orang per orang monogamy
-kesatunadaan: n monotony.

satwa: n /frm/lu/ wild animal, fauna.
-satwa lindungan/dilindungi: n protected species.

satwaboga: n carnivore.

satwacarita: n animal fable.

Satyalancana: n /frm/lu/ Indonesian award for merit, Medal of Honor.

saudagar: n /frm/lu/ large-scale merchant.

saudara: n /frm/lu/ 1 brother |a male who has the same parents as you| Berapa saudara dan saudari kamu? How many brother and sister do you have? 2 /spo/ |a word meaning a male friend| Hai saudaraku, mau kemana Hi, brother, where are you going? 3 |man who belongs to the same race, religion, organization etc. as you| Mari berdoa untuk saudara-saudara dan saudari-saudari kita dimana pun mereka berada sekarng. Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters wherever they are now 3 saudara sepupu: n cousin 4 saudara tiri: step brother, half sister, half brother 5 fellowship saudara-saudara sebangsa dan setanah air country fellowship 5 saudara kandung: brother or sister from the same parants 6 perang saudara: civil war 7 ladies and gentlemen Saudara-saudara yang saya hormati …. Honorable ladies and gentlemen,… 8 you |a polite address among educated or civilized people| Apa saudara akan datang besok? Are you coming tomorrow?
persaudaraan: n 1 brotherhood 2 friendship 3 fraternity.
Note: Initially ‘saudara’ means brother and ‘saudari’ means ‘sister’ But there is a tendency not to differentiate these  words, probably because it sound gender discrimination. So if sb say “saudara”, it’ll be understandable that it means ‘brothers and sisters’ or “ ladies and gentlemen’.

saudari: n /frm/lu/ formal term of address that means sister (see Note: saudara)

sauh1: n /frm/lu/ 1 anchor.
-membongkar sauh: v weigh anchor.
-membuang sauh: v cast anchor.
-bersauh: v be at anchor.

sauh2: variant of sawo:

saung: n /frm/lu/ cave, grotto.

saur1; bersaur: adj /ld/ interlocking, entangled. |connected firmly together|
-meny(s)auri1: v grow over densely.
-tersaur: v get caught on, stumble.

saur2: variant of sahur:

saus: n /frm/lu/ 1 sauce, gravy 2 mixture to give flavor to sth else.
-saus tomat: n 1 tomato catsup.

saw {salla’llahu ‘alaihi wasallama}: May Allah bless him and give him peace (said after uttering Muh.’s name).

sawah: n /frm/lu/ wet rice field.
-bersawah: v 1 own rice fields 2 cultivate the rice fields
-persawahan: n fields for rice cultiva­tion, cluster of rice fields.
-sawah basah: n irrigated rice field.
-sawah bengkok/lungguh: n rice field given to village officials.
-sawah berbandar langit: n dry rice field.
-sawah bera: n fallow rice field.
-sawah kas: n village ­treasury land.
-sawah lebah: n rice field in swampy area.
-sawah ­tadah hujan: n rice field dependent on rain.

Sawal: variant of Syawal:

sawala: n debate.
-bersawala: v debate.

sawan: n /frm/lu/ 1 epilepsy. 2 convulsions. |an occasion when someone cannot control the violent movements of his/her body, because s/he is sick|
-sawan bangkai: n apoplectic stroke.

sawi: n /frm/lu/ mustard greens.
-sawi putih: n Chenese cabbage |light colored mustard greens|
-sawi hijau: n dark colored mustard greens.

sawit: see kelapa:

sawo1: n /frm/lu/ 1 fruit-bearing tree, sapodilla 2 brown
-sawo kecik: n sapodilla with firm flesh.

sawo2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 tan 2 brown |like the skin of sapodilla|.
-sawo matang: adj darkbrown.

saya: pron. /frm/lu/ 1 /subj. pron/ I. Saya akan kembali besok I’ll be back tomorrow 2 /obj. pron/ me. Dia mengatakannya pasa saya kemarin.He told me that yesterday. 3 /poss. pron/. my. Itu mobil saya That is my car. 4 mine Ini punya saya. This is mine

sayambara: variant of sayembara:

sayang1; menyayangi: v /frm/lu/ 1 like, love |to care very much about someone or something that is very special to you|   Saya sayang pada dia I like her. Dia sangat sayang kepada anaknya. He loves his child yery much. 2 be kind of  Dia tidak sayang pada binatang. He isn’t kind of animal. 3 merasa sayang: feel be regretful Saya kira kertas ini masih berguna, saya merasa sayang membuangnya. I think this paper is still useful, I fell be regretful to throw it away?
-disayangi: v be loved Dia anak yang disayangi temannya. He is loved by his friends. (His friends love him)
-kesayangan: n favorite a) |someone or something that you like more than any other one of its kind| Ini adalah makanan kesayangan saya. This is my favourite food. b) |someone who receives more attention and love than others| Dia adalah anak kesayangan di keluarga ini. She is a the favorite child in this family  Seorang guru seharusnya tidak bisa memiliki anak kesayangan A teachers shouldn’t have favorites.
-meny(s)ayangkan: v be regretful Saya menyayangkan tindakan dia yang kurang bersahabat itu. I was regretful of his unfriendly attitude.

sayang2: n /frm/lu/1 darling. Apa kamu di rumah sayang? Are you home darling?  2 dear Suamiku sayang! My dear husband!  Datang kesini sayang! Come over here my dear.
-penyayang: n 1 lovers penyayang binatang animal lovers 2 charitable 3 merciful 4 devotee

sayang3: adv /frm/lu/ unfortunately. Sayang saya tidak bisa datang besok. Unfortunately, I can’t come tomorrow.

sayang43: adj /frm/lu/ too valuable Makanan ini sayang untuk dibuang. This food is too valuable to be thrown away.

sayap: n /frm/lu/ 1 wing. sayap belakang rear wing. 2 mudguard, fender. 3 wing (of a political party} 4 side (football field/area) sayap kiri penyerang the left side attacker.
-bersayap: v be ­winged.

sayat; meny(s)ayat: v /frm/lu/ 1 slice also slice up |to cut meat, bread etc. into thin flat pieces|  Boleh kamu menyayat roti itu? Could you slice the bread? 2 slash |to cut or try to cut something in a violent way with a sharp weapon, making a long deep cut.| Polisi mengatakan bahwa pembunuh itu menyayat kerongkongan korban dengan pisau cukur. Police said that the murderer slashed the victim’s throat with a razor.
-menyayati: v cut sth in multiple slashes. ­
-tersayat: v 1 be sliced into, slashed. 2 deeply wounded.
-sayatan: n slice.

sayembara: n /frm/lu/ prize contest.
-meny(s)embarakan: v 1 make a contest of to get sth. Mereka menyaembarakan ijin kerja di AS They held a contest for working green card in USA  2 hold a contest over a car They held a contest in which the winner got a car.

sayonara: intrj /Jpn/ goodbye.

sayu: adj /frm/lu/ 1 melancholy, downcast |sad, or making you feel sad| satu pandangan yang sayu a melancholy look 2 droopy. Matanya sayu ketika melihat kami Her eyes were droopy at looking us.
-bersayu: v ask for pity.
-kesayuan: n sadness, melan­choly, wistfulness.
-meny(s)ayu: v become melancholy or droopy. Matanya mensayu akibat kurang tidur. His eyes drooped because he sleep less.
-menyaukan: v make sth vague. Asap itu menyaukan pemandangan. The smoke made the sight vague

sayup1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 soft, faint (of sound) 2 blurred, indistinct, faintly (of sight).

sayup2: adv /frm/lu/ 1 scarcely (heard) Musik itu terdengar sayup-sayup The music scarcely be heard 2  hardly (seen) Pantai itu kelihatan sayup-sayup dari sini The beach is hardly seen from here
-menyayup: v become faint or blurred (of sound). Suara musik itu bersayup ditelan gemuruh tepukan tangan. The sound of the music became faint as it was swallowed up by noisy applause.
-kesayupan: n blurredness, indistinct­ness, faintness.

sayur: n /frm/lu/ 1 vegetable 2 vegetable soup.
-sayur-mayur: n all kinds of vegetables.
-sayuran: n vegetable (in general)
-menyayur: v cook or prepare sth as a vegeta­ble dish Saya akan menyayur papaya itu I’ll cook the papaya as vegetable dish.
-sayur asam: n sour vegetable soup.
-sayur asinan: n spiced raw vegetable salad.
-/idiom/ seperti sayur dengan rumput as different as day and night (like vegetables and weeds)

SB {serikat Buruh}: n labor union

S’baya. {Surabaya}: n Surabaya.

sbb. {sebagai berikut}: abr /wrt/ as follows.

sbg. {sebagai}: prep. as.

schors: variant of skors:

schorsing: variant of skorsing:

s/d, s.d. {sampai dgn}: prep. /wrt/1 to 2 up to and including. Dari pukul 10 pagi  s/d pukul 5 sore From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SD {Sekolah Dasar}: n elementary school.

sda. {seperti di atas}: prep. /wrt/ as above, idem

sdg. {sedang}: /wrt/ see sedang:

sdr. {saudara}: /wrt/ see saudara:

sdri. {saudari}: /wrt/ see saudari:

se-l: article, determiner, modifier /frm/lu/ 1 a, one se-bentar a moment; se-hari a day, se-lusin a dozen, etc. 2 once se-kali lagi once again 3 same Kami tinggal serumah We live at the same house   4 as a) se-umur hidup. as long as sb’s live b) semau as sb want or like Dia pergi semaunya tanpa permisi She went as she like without permission. 5 at Telepon saya se-tiba kamu disana Call me at your arrival there. 6 as the same a) Dia seumur saya She is as old as I am b)  mate Dia se-kelas dengan saya She is my classmate

SE {Sarjana Ekonomi}: n sb who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

seantero: see antero:

seba; berseba: v /ld/ call on |to visit sb in a higher position for a short time| Sersan itu sedang berseba letnan. The sergeant is calling on the lieutenant 2 present before a king.

sebab1: conj. /frm/lu/ because. Dia tidak pergi karena sakit He did not go because he was sick.

sebab2; penyebab: n /frm/lu/ 1 cause Apa penyebab kerusakan ini? What was the cause of the damage? 2 motive Kami yakin bahwa penyebab pembunuhan itu adalah kecemburuan. We believe that the motive for the murder was jealousy 3 reason Apa sebabnya kau katakan itu? What is the reason for you saying that? Sebab apa kamu tidak datang? What was the reason that you didn’t come?
-faktor penyebab: n 1 causal factor. 2 /chem./ agent.
-sebab-musabab: n various reasons
-sebab-akibat: n cause and effect.

sebagai: see bagai:

sebagaimana: see bagaimana:

sebal1: adj /inf/lu/ resentful. Hatinya sebal ketika permintaannya tidak dikabulkan. He was resentful when his wish was not granted.
-kesebalan: n re­sentment.
-menyebalkan1: adj resentful.
-menyebalkan2: v 1 make sb resentful 2 cause resentment.

sebal2; menyebal: v /inf/lu/ deviate (from a principle).

sebaliknya: see balik:

sebanding: see banding:

sebangun: see bangun:

sebar1: adj /ld/ asleep, numb (of arms or legs).

sebar2: menyebar: v /frm/lu/ 1 spread 2 disseminate 3 propagate
-bersebaran: v /intr/ 1 spread out 2 disseminate 3 propagate 4 scatter.
-menyebarkan: v /tr/ 1 spread 2 disseminate 3 propagate 4 scatter 5 strew 6 distribute
-menyebarluaskan: v /tr/ 1 spread out 2 disseminate 3 propagate.
-penyebar: n 1 disseminator 2 distributor 3 propagator.
-penyebaran: n 1 scattering 2 spreading 3 disseminating 4 distributing 5 propagating
-penyebar luasan: n 1 spread 3 dissemination 3 propagation.
-sebaran: n 1 spread 2 dissemination 3 propagation.
-tersebar: v 1 be spread out 2 be scattered 3 be dispersed.

sebarang: see barang:

sebatangkara: see batang:

sebaya: see baya:

sebel: variant of sebal:

sebelah: see belah:

sebelas: num. eleven
-kesebelasan: n soccer team (which consist of 11 players).

sebelum: see belum:

sebentar: n /frm/lu/ 1 a while |a period of time, especially a short one| Apa kamu tidak bisa tunggu sebentar atau kamu harus pergi sekarang? Can you wait a while or do you have to leave right now? 2 a moment Ibu kamu akan kembali sebentar lagi. Your Mom will be back in a little while. 3 in a few minutes Sebentar lagi saya sudah siap untuk pergi. In a few minutes I’ll be ready to go. 3  this (afternoon, evening) Sebentar siang akan ada tamu datang. This afternoon there will be guests coming.

sebentar-sebentar: adv /frm/lu/ once in a while (frequently) Sebentar-sebentar anak ini menangis. Once in a while the baby cries.

seberang1: prep. /frm/lu/ 1 ke seberang: across |toward the opposite side of sth| Andy sedang pergi keseberang sungai. Andy is going across the river. 2 di seberang: across |on the opposite side of sth| Sekolah ada di seberang jalan. The school is across the road 3 diseberang lautan: overseas Mereka sedang pergi keseberang lautan They are going overseas (abroad)
-meny(s)eberang: v /intr/ (go, walk, drive, swim, etc) across. Berhenti disini, ada anak-anak menyeberang. Stop here, there is a child walking across. Bagaimana mereka menyeberang?
How they went across.
-berseberangan: v 1 be opposite (each other) |if one thing or person is opposite another, they are facing each other| Rumah dia dan rumah saya berseberangan. Her house and my house are opposite each other Kedua pihak mempunyai pendapat yang saling berseberangan. Both sides have opposite opinion to each other.
-menyeberangi: v /tr/ (go, walk, swim. etc) across sth. Hati-hati menyeberangi jalan ramai. Be careful to walk across the busy road. Mereka sedang berlayar menyeberangi teluk. They are sailing across the bay.
-menyeberangkan: v /tr/ take or bring sth across. Kita akan menyeberangkan mobil ini dengan ferry We will take this car across by ferry.
-penyeberang: n crosser.
-penyeberangan: n crossing jembatan penyeberangan crossing bridge.
-terseberangi: v be able to go across by Sungai itu tidak terseberangi berjalan, terlalu dalam. The river isn’t able to walk across by, it’s too deep.
-terseberangkan: n be able to be taken across sth. Apa menurut kamu semua mereka akan terseberangkan hanya dengan satu kapal kecil? Do you think that all of them would be able to be taken across only by a small boat?

seberang2: adj /frm/lu/ foreign Mereka adalah orang seberang They are foreign people

sebut; menyebut(kan): v /frm/lu/ 1 mention. Jangan menyebutkan namaku Don’t mention my name. 2 name. Orang menyebutkan Bandung kota kembang. People name Bandung a flower.city 3 tell 4 call Dia menyebut-nyebut nama kamu beberapa kali sebelum dia meninggal. She called your name several time before she died.
-menyebut-nyebut: v 1 bruit about |to spread news about, repeatedly mention Orang menyebut-nyebut dia sebagai calon presiden yang akan datang. People bruit him as the next president candidate. 2 keep mentioning. Dia menyebut-nyebut kamu sebagai pacarnya. She keep mentioning you as her boyfriend.
-penyebut: n 1 /math./ denominator 2 /ling./ predicate Frase ini adalah penyebut kalimat. This phrase is the predicate of the sentence
-penyebutan: n addressing, mentioning
-sebutan1: n 1 name Apa sebutannya? What is the name of it? 2 terminology |the technical words or expressions that are used in a particular subject| Sebutan ilmiahnya adalah hydroponics The scientific terminology is hydroponics 3 designation |the description or title that someone or something is given| Orang asing dengan sebutan ‘bule’ hanya diberlakukan  kepada orang berkulit putih. A foreigner with the designation “bule” is applied only to white-skinned people. 4 nama sebutan: nick name Nama sebutan anda apa? What is your nick name?
-tersebut: v be mentioned Seperti tersebut diatas. As it’s mentioned above.

Secaba {Sekolah Calon Bintara|: n Training School for non-commissioned military officers.

secara: see cara:

sedan: n /frm/lu/ sedan. sedan atap terbuka. a convertible

sedang1: adj. /frm/lu/ 1 average |having qualities that are typical| Dia tidak sangat cantik hanya sedang saja. She is not very pretty, just average. 2 moderate |neither very large nor very small, neither very tall nor very short, etc.| Ini satu perkiraan sedang This is a moderate estimation.  3 medium |of middle quality or quantity|  Berikan saya satu kaos oblong dengan ukuran sedang. Give a T-shirt with medium size.

sedang2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 |a determiner of present continuous tense| Dia sedang pergi ke kota. He is going to the city? Kamu sedang melakukan apa? What are you doing? Saat itu saya sedang tidur ketika dia mengetuk pintu. I was sleeping when he knocked the door. Saya sedang dalam perjalanan ke Surabya besok pukul 8: pagi. I’m going to Surabaya at 8: a.m. tomorrow.

sedang1: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 while |during the time that something is happening| Mereka tiba waktu kami sedang makan. They arrived while we were having dinner. Saya senang mendengar radio ketika sedang mandi. I like to listen to music while I’m taking a bath. 2 sedangkan: |used in order to say that although something is true of one thing, it is not true of another| Bagaimana mungkin saya akan membeli mobil, sedangkan membeli sepeda motor pun saya tidak punya uang. How could I buy a car, even to buy a motorcycle I don’t have enough money.

sedap: adj /frm/lu/ 1 delicious, tasty. Makanan itu sedap The food was delicious. 2 nice, pleasing. Bau bunga itu sedap The flower had a pleasing fragrance. pe­mandangan yang sedap a nice view. 3 fresh Udaranya sedap ya? The weather is fresh, isn’t it? 4 pleased Perasaannya tidak sedap mendengar kata-kata kamu itu. She wasn’t pleased to hear your words.
-menyedapkan: v 1 season 2 cause sth more delicious
-penyedap: n flavouring spice
-sedap-sedapan: n delicacies

sedap: adv /frm/lu/ well Badan saya tidak merasa sedap sekarang. I don’t feel well right now.

sedap malam: n /frm/lu/ tuberose |a plant native to Mexico cultivated for its fragrant white flowers – Polianthes tuberosa|

sedar: variant of sadar:

sedari: see dari:

sedekah: n /frm/lu/ 1 alms |money or foods given to the poor in a charity| 2 offering given to spirits  3 thanksgiving ceremony performed by farmers or fishermen 3 sedekah desa: rural thanksgiving cere­mony after harvest. Kami mau sedekah malam Jumat nanti We are going to have thanksgiving gathering next Friday
-meny(s)edekahi: v 1 give alms to. Dia mensedekahi pengemis itu He gave alms to the beggar. 2 give an offering to the spirit on behalf on sb

sederhana: adj /frm/lu/ 1 simple a) |not difficult or complicated; easy| soal matematika sederhana. a simple math problem b) |without a lot of decoration or things that are not necessary| satu hiasan sedeharna a simple decoration 2 plain pakaian putih sederhana a plain white dress c) makanan sederhana a simple meal 3 casual a) |happening by chance without being planned| sambutan sederhana a casual remark b) |not formal, or not for a formal situation| makanan sederhana a casual meal. 4 modest |unwilling to talk proudly about your abilities and achievements|  Dia berkepribadian sederhana He has a modest personality 5 economical |using time, money, products, etc. without wasting any| biaya hidup sederhana an economical cost of life
-kesederhanaan: n 1 simplicity 2 modesty 3 moderateness
-menyederhanakan: v 1 simplify 2 moderate |to make something less extreme or violent, or to become this| Mengurangi berat badan, sederhanakan makanan yang kamu makan To lose weight, moderate the amount of food you eat 3 economize
-penyederhanaan: n 1 simplification 2 moderation

sedia; bersedia: v /frm/lu/ be ready |someone that is ready is prepared or able to do something| Apa kamu sudah bersedia pergi? Are you ready to go? 2 will be ready Apa kamu bersedia membantu? Will you be ready to help?
-kesediaan; ketersediaan: n 1 availability 2 readiness 3 willingness. Saya hanya ingin tahu kesediaan kamu untuk menolong, I just want to know your willingness to help.
-menyediakan: v 1 provide |to give or supply something to someone| Saya bekerja untuk satu pelayanan yang menyediakan tempat singgah para tunawisma. I work with a service that provides shelter for the homeless. Apa anda boleh menyediakan semua rincian proposalnya untuk kami? Would you provide us with all the details of your proposal. 2 prepare |make available| Siapa yang akan menyediakan makanan kita? Who is going to prepare our meal?
-penyedia: n 1 provider 2 supplier 3 distributor
-penyediaan: n 1 provision |the act of providing something that someone needs now or will be needed in the future| penyediaan pelayanan kepada orang berusia lanjut. the provision of services for the elderly. 2 preparation.
-persediaan: n 1 stock 2 provisions 3 supply
-sedianya: adv 1 initially Sedianya rapat dimulai pukul 8: a.m tetapi diundur menjadi pukul 10: a.m. Initially the meeting starts a t 8: a.m. but it’s postponed to 10 a.m. 2 actually Sedianya saya tidak ingin pergi tetapi dia mendesak saya. Actually I didn’t want to go but she pushed me.
-tersedia: adj available Makan siang akan sudah tersedia pukul 12 tenga hari. Lunch will be available at 12: noon.

sediakala: adv /frm/lu/ 1 formerly, previously  Sediakala Jakarta hanya sebuah desa besar Formerly Jakarta was only a big village  2 as usual Kondisinya telah seperti sedia kala His condition has been as usual. 3 as used to be. Dia kelihatan muda seperti sediakala. His looks young just as it’s used to be.

sedih: adj /frm/lu// sad, distressed |unhappy, especially because something unpleasant has happened to sb| Kenapa kamu kelihatan sedih hari ini? Why you look very sad today?
-menyedihkan: adj melancholy 1 |a sad event, story etc. that makes you feel unhappy|   Apa kamu telah menonton film menyedihkan tentang seorang anak jalanan itu? Have you seen the melancholy movie about a street child? Menyedihkan bahwa dua taman harus ditutup. It’s melancholy that two city parks had to be closed down. 2 very bad or unacceptable. Adalah masalah Negara menyedihkan kalau seseorang tidak lagi merasa aman dirumah. It’s a sad state of affairs (=bad situation) when a person isn’t safe at home anymore.
-menyedihkan2: v sadden |make sb sad| Akan menyedihkan kalau dia mendengar berita itu It will sadden if she hear the news (The news will sadden her)
-penyedih: n sb who easily to be sad

sedikit1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 a little |small in size| seorang anak kecil a little child sebuah rumah kecil a little house 2 a few (more) Waktu kita tinggal sedikit lagi. We have only a few minute more time. Sedikit hari lagi dia akan tiba In a few days he will arrive. 2 small jumlah pengunjung yang sedikit a small number of visitors
-mempersedikit: v 1 lessen 2 reduce 3 make a total of sth smaller

sedikit2: adv /frm/lu/ slightly Kepala saya sedikit pusing. My head is slightly dizzy.
-sedikit banyak: adv more or less |said when the quality, quatity, or density of sth isn’t very important| Sedikit banyak saya tahu tentang kasus itu More or less I know about the case.
-sedikit lagi1: adj a little more Sedikit lagi sudah cukup A little more will be enough.
-sedikit lagi: adv almost |nearly but not quite|  Sedikit lagi dia tertabrak mobil. He was almost hit by a car.
-sedikitnya: adv at least Sedikitnya kamu pernah mendengar isu itu kan? At least you ever heard the issue, didn’t you?
-sedikit sedikit: adv gradually |in a way that happens or develops slowly over time| Sedikit-sedikit perkawinan mereka menjadi baik. Gradually, their marriage got better. 2 frequently |if sth happen many times without a clear reason|  Sedikit-sedikit dia keberatan. Frequently (without strong argument) she complains
-sedikitpun: adv even a little, at the least Sedikitpun dia tidak kelihatan seperti ibunya She doesn’t look like her mother even a little (at the least)

sedimentasi: n /frm/ sedimentation.

sedot; menyedot: v /frm/lu/ 1 suck. Anak itu masih menyedot ibu jarinya. The child still sucks her thumb. 2 inhale, sip from.
-penyedot: n instrument to absorb. pompa penyedot ­sump pump, drainage pump.
-penyedotan: n suction. penyedotan rahim suction curettage.
-tersedot: v be sucked in. Anak itu tersedot ­pusaran air The child was sucked into the whirlpool.
-sedotan: n 1 a straw 2 a puff, inhalation. sedotan hidung inhaler.

seduh1; meny(s)eduh: v /frm/lu/ steep (sth into hot water).
-terseduh: v be steeped.
-penyeduhan: n steeping.

seduh2: variant of sedu:

segala; segala sesuatu1: pron. /frm/lu/ everything Segala sesuatunya tergantung pada kamu. Everything depends on you.
-segalanya: adv entirely |completely| Segalanya berbeda sekarang.  Things are entirely different now. Keputusan segalanya ada pada kamu. The decision is entirely yours. Segalanya sudah kita bahas. We have discussed everything

segan: adj /frm/lu/ 1 respectful Saya sangat segan kepada dia I’m respectful to him. 2 |reluctant to do sth because it may be considered inappropriate by sb in higher status| 3 |unwilling to do sth for a certain reason|  4 |shy, ashamed to do sth|
-disegani: v be respected.   ­
-menyegani: v /tr/ respect (sb)

segar: adj /frm/lu/ 1 fresh. Sayur-sayuran itu masih segar The vege­tables were still fresh. 2 fit, like new.
-menyegarkan: v make sth fresh.
-penyegar: n refresher
-penyegaran: n refreshing.

segel: n /frm/lu/ 1 seal, stamp (notarizing, etc.) 2 ration coupon
-segel temple: n receipt stamp.
-bersegel: v be sealed.
-menyegel: v seal, stamp. Mereka menyegel surat perjanjian itu They sealed the contract. Rumah dia disegel karena tak ada izin bangunan. His house was sealed because it has no construction permit.
-penyegelan: n sealing.

segenap: see genap:

segera: adv /frm/lu/ 1 soon |in a short time from now, or a short time after something has happened| Segera saya akan pergi ke pasar. Soon I’m going to the market 2 immediately |at once and with no delay|  Kalau ada masalah segera telepon saya. If there is a problem call me immediately.
-menyegerakan: v 1 speed up, accelerate. 2 urge sb to work fast.
-sesegera mungkin: /phr/ as soon as possible Saya akan bayar kamu kembali sesegera mungkin. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.

segi: n /frm/lu/ 1 angle Apa kamu tahu menggambar sebuah segi tiga? Do you know to draw a tri-angle? 2 aspect Kita perlu mempertimbangkan berbagai segi sebelum memutuskan. We need to take into account different kinds of aspects before making a decision. 3 point  Ditinjau dari segi ke­manusiaan Seen from the humane point of view. syn: /lu/ sudut
-segi empat: n quadrangle.
-facet: n |one of the flat sides of a cut jewel|

segini: see gini:

segitu: see gitu:

segmen: n segment.

segmentasi: n segmentation.

sehat: adj /frm/lu/1 well Saya merasa sehat setelah pengobatan itu I feel well after the medication  2 healthy a) |physically strong and not likely to become ill| seorang bayi yang sehat a healthy baby b) |good for your body or your mind|  gaya hidup sehat a healthy lifestyle Kita semua berhak akan tempat kerja yang sehat. We all have the right to a healthy workplace. c) |successful and likely to stay that way| Bank sentral harus memantau setiap bank Central bank has to monitor every banks to know if all of them are healthy hubungan ekonomi yang sehat a healthy business relationship. 3 sound ekonomi yang sehat sound economy
ekonomi -kesehatan: n health
-kesehatan: n health  kesehatan masyarakat public health Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat (Puskesmas) Public Health Center
-penyehatan: n recovery |the process of returning to a normal condition after a period of trouble or difficulty| penyehatan ekonmi sebuah perusahaan. a company economic recovery
-sehat walafiat: adj 1 hale and healthy 2 safe and sound.

seher: n piston.

sehingga: variant of hingga:

seimbang: variant of imbang:

sein: see see sen2:

seismik: n /lu/ seismic.

seismograf: n /frm/lu/ seismograph.

sejahtera1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 prosperous 2 safe.

sejahtera2: v /frm/lu/ prosper
-kesejahteraan: n 1 prosperity. 2 safety.
-mensejahterakan: v 1 make sb prosperous. Pemerintah mensejahterakan kehidupan buruh The government gave the working class a more prosperous life. 2 make safe.

sejajar: see jajar:

sejak: conj. /frm/lu/ since |at or from a particular time in the past| Saya tidak melihat dia sejak kita bertemu tahun lalu. I didn’t see her since we met last year

sejak2: variant of sajak:

sejaman: see jaman:

sejarawan; sejarahwan: n /frm/lu/ historian.

sejarah: n /frm/lu/ history. Itu sejarah panjang It’s a long story.
-bersejarah: adj 1 historic(al), full of history 2 memorable Hari 17 Agustus adalah hari bersejarah bagi Indonisia August 17th is a historic day for Indonesian. 3 legendary  Juara Bulutangkis Dunia bersejarah Rudy Hartono A legendary World Badminton Champion Rudy Hartono.
-kesejarahan: n things having to do with history.
Sejarah Kejadian: n /Bib./ Book of Genesis.

sejati: adj /frm/lu/ genuine, pure, true, authentic  Dia adalah pahlawan sejati He is a true hero.
-kesejatian: n authenticity, genuineness.

sejoli: see joli:

sejuk: adj /frm/lu/ 1 cool, chilly. |slightly cold and fresh| Udara sejuk diluar sana. The weather is cool out there. 2 comfortable, calm, relax (emotion) Apa suasana hati kamu sudah sejuk sekarang? Has your emotion ben relax now?
-kesejukan: n 1 cold, coolness 2 calmness, comfortableness
-menyejuk: v /intr/ 1 become cool down (air) 2 become calm down, become cheer up (emotion, feeling)
-menyejukkan1: v /tr/ 1 cool (sth) down 2 calm (sth) down, cheer up (emotion, feeling)  Sikap dia selalu menyejukkan perasaan kita His attitude always cheer up our feeling.
-menyejukkan2: adj 1 cooling udara yang menyejukkan a cooling air nasehat yang menyejukkan a cheering up advice
-penyejuk: n cool­er.

seka; menyeka: v /frm/lu/ 1 rub, wipe. polish. Dia menyeka mukanya dengan tissue. He wiped his face with tissue.
-menyekakan: v /tr/ 1 brush (tears) away  2 use sth to wipe. Dia menyekakan handuk itu ke mukanya. He use the towel to wipe her face.
-penyeka: n wiper |sth used to wipe or sb who wipe sth|

sekadar: see kadar:

sekak: n /frm/lu/1  chess. 2 checkmate.

sekakmat: intrj. /frm/lu/ checkmate.

sekali1: adv /frm/lu/ 1 very. Dia baik sekali She is very nice 2 once |one time in a certain period| Sekali seminggu saya mengunjungi nenek Once a week I visit my grandma. 3 sekaligus: all at once. Saya akan beli sekaligus keperluan kita dalam seminggu I’ll by our needs for a week all at once. Mereka menangis sekaligus. They all cried at once. 4 sekali-sekali: once in a while Sekali-sekali dia merokok Once in a while he smokes Mereka sekali-sekali datang kesini. They come here once in a while

sekali2: conj. /frm/lu/ once |from the time something happens|  Sekali kamu coba ini, kamu tidak akan pernah ingin berhenti. Once you try this, you’ll never want to stop.

sekalipun: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 although; though |in spite of the fact that| Sekalipun mobilnya tua, masih tetap berjalan lancar. Although the car’s old, it still runs well. 2 even though |used in order to emphasize that although one thing happens or is true, something else also happens or is true|  Dia tidak mau pergi berselancar, sekalipun Rom menawarkan bantuan. She wouldn’t go to the ski slope, even though Rom offered to help her.

sekam: n /frm/lu/ husk. chaff, hull of rice.
-meny(s)ekam: v shut in. repress.

sekap; menyekap: v /frm/lu/ 1 ripen fruit by covering it with sth.  2 lock sb up. Polisi telah menyekap pembunuh itu di penjara. The police has locked up the murderer in prison.
-penyekapan: n locking up (of sb).
-sekapan: n 1 ripened fruit 2 prisoner.
-tersekap: v get locked up or trapped in. Mereka tersekap dalam gua. They were trapped in a cave.

sekar: n /Jv/ flower.
-sekar malang: n palm blossom (esp. used in wedding ceremonies).
-sekar suhun: n neck­lace.
-menyekar: v bring flowers to a place for decora­tion etc. (esp. to a tomb or a sacred place)

sekarang: adv /frm/lu/ 1 now Saya harus pergi sekarang I have to go now 2 sekarang ini: a) nowadays Sekarang ini harga-harga sedang meningkat. Nowadays prices are going up. b) this very moment, right now. Saya harus pergi sekarang ini juga. I have to go this very moment.

sekarat: n /frm/lu/ 1 agony 2 dying |very severe pain or suffering, the condition when sb is going to die|
-bersekarat: v be in death’s throes. bersekarat maut risk sb’s life.

sekat1; penyekat: n /frm/lu/1 screen 2  partition 3 insulator .
-ber­sekat: v have screen, have partitioned
-disekat: v be screened, be partitioned  Kedua kamar itu disekat. The two rooms were partitioned off.
-menyekat: v 1 partition off. 2 bar. Divisi kedua menyekat gerakan musuh The 2nd division barred the en­emy’s movements. 3 isolate, insulate. Dia menyekat di­ri selama setahun She went into seclusion for a year.
-penyekatan: n isolation
-sekat rongga badan: n diaphragm, midriff.
-sekat rongga hidung: n internasal septum.
-sekatan buku: n 1 flyleaf (in book). 2 obstruction.
-tersekat: v be obstructed. Kerongkonganku tersekat I throat was obstructed.

sekat2: n /frm/lu/ ice skates.

sekata: see kata:

sekaten: n /ld/ a festival held in Solo and Yogyakarta in honor of Muhammad’s birthday.

sekedar: see kadar:

sekehendak: see hendak:

sekelar: variant of saklar:

sekeliling: see keliling

sekema: variant of skema:

sekerat: variant of sekarat:

sekering: variant of sekring:

sekerja: see kerja:

sekertariat: variant of sekretariat:

sekertaris: variant of sekretaris:

sekerup: variant of sekrup:

seketsel: n screen, partition.

skeet: n /frm/lu/ sketch.
-pen(y)skeet: n sketcher.

sekher: variant of seher:

sekian: see kian:

sekilas: see kilas:

sekiranya: see kira:

sekitar: see kitar:

sekjen {sekretaris~jenderal}: n secretary-general.

sekoci1: n /frm/lu/ boat, sloop.
-sekoci penolong: n /lu/ lifeboat.

sekoci2: n /ld/ bobbin, shuttle.

sekolah1: n /frm/lu/ 1 school a) |a place where children are taught|  Kamu sekolah dimana? (Kemana kamu pergi sekolah) Which school did you go to? Saat sekarang ini anak-anak masih di sekolah At this time the children are still at school. (studying in the school building) b) |the time spent at school| Apa yang kamu lakukan setelah sekolah? What are you doing after school? c) |a place where a particular subject or skill is taught| sekolah seni an art school. 2 college, university. Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi. School of Economics (A College for Economics Study) Sekolah Pelayaran Nautical School (A College for Nautical Study) Sekolah Tinggi Theologia A College for Theology.
-sekolahan: n school. (school complex) Tidak ada seorangpun yang bisa merokok disekolahan. Nobody is allowed to smoke at school.
-sekolah aliyah: n Islamic Senior High School.
-sekolah dasar: n elementary school.
-sekolah ibtidayiah: n Islamic Elementary School.
-sekolah kejuruan: n vocational school.
-sekolah lanjutan: n secondary school.
-sekolah lanjutan pertama: n junior secondary school.
-sekolah lanjutan atas: n senior secondary school.
-sekolah tinggi: n 1 college 2 university.

sekolah2; bersekolah: v /frm/lu/ 1 go to school Dia sedang sekolah He is going to school. 2 study (go to school)  Mari kita pergi sekolah Let’s go to school 3 learn Dia bersekolah ilmu hitam He learn black magic.
-disekolahkan: v be sent to school. Saya disekolahkan orangtua hanya ke sekolah dasar. I was sent to school by my parents only to elementary school.
-menyekolahkan: v sent (to school). Orang tua saya tidak punya uang cukup menyekolahkan saya ke perguruan tinggi. My parents didn’t have enough money to send me to college.

sekon: n /frm/lu/ second (of time).

sekonar: n /ld/ schooner |a fast sailing ship with two sails|.

sekoneng: n /frm/lu/ levelling in a piece of wood so that it fits into another.

sekongkel; sekongkol: see kongkol:

sekonyong: see konyong:

sekop: variant of skop:

sekorsing: variant of skorsing:

sekoteng; sekoteng: n /Jv/ ginger-f1avored drink served hot.

sekout: variant of sekaut:

sekr. {Sekretariat}: n secretariat.

sekresi: n /frm/ secretion.
-mensekresikan: v secrete.

sekretariat: n /frm/lu/ secretariat. Sekretariat Negara State Secretariat.
-kesekretariatan: n things pertaining to a secretariat.
-tugas sekretariat: v secretarial tasks.

sekretaris: n secretary.
-sekretariat jenderal: n general secretariat.
-Sekretaris Negara: n State Secretary.

sekring: n /frm/lu/ fuse for electric circuit.

sekrup: n /frm/lu/ screw, bolt.
-meny(s)ekrupkan: v screw sth.

seks; jenis seks: n /frm/lu/ 1 sex |the condition of being male or female – see kelamin:| Saya tidak peduli jenis seks bayi itu, yang penting dia sehat. I don’t care what sex the baby is, the most important is that the baby is healthy. 2 kegiatan seks: n sexual activity, intercourse
-main seks: v have sexual intercourse (see senggama, tubuh; ‘bersetubuh’)
-pendidikan seks: n sex education.

seksama1: adj /frm/lu/1 accurate, precise |exactly correct| satu pemeriksaan yang seksama tentang apa yang terjadi. an accurate observation of what happened 2 comprehensive and complete |including everything that is necessary| Ini laporan seksama tentang penelitian itu. This is a comprehensive report on the study.

seksama2: dengan seksama: adv /frm/lu/1 accurately Mereka melakukan penjajagan kemungkinan itu dengan seksama. They did the possibility study accurately. 2 thoroughly 3 precisely 4
-keseksamaan: n 1 accuracy 2 comprehensiveness 3 thoroughness 4 precision.

seksi1: n /frm/lu/ 1 section. 2  platoon.

seksi2: adj /frm/lu/ sexy.
-keseksian: n sexiness.

seksofon; seksopon: variant of saksofon:

sekstan: n /tech/ sextant |a tool or method that used to measure the position of a ship in the sea|

seksual: adj /frm/lu/ sexual.

seksualitas; seksualitet: n /frm/lu/ sexuality.

seksuil: variant of seksual:

sektaris: n /frm/ sectarian.

sektarisme: n /frm/ sectarianism.

sekte: n /frm/lu/ sect:

sektor: n /frm/lu/ sector.

sektoral: adv /frm/lu/ by sector.

sekuens: n /frm/lu/ sequence (in movie).

sekularis: adj /frm/lu/ secularistic.

sekularisasi: n /frm/lu/ secularization.

sekularisme: n /frm/lu/ secularism.

sekuler; sekulir: adj /frm/lu/ secular.
-mensekularkan: v secularize.

sekunder: adj /frm/lu/ secondary

sekuriti: n /frm/lu/ security, security forces.

sekuteng: variant of sekoteng:

sekuter: variant of skuter:

sekutu: n /frm/lu/ 1 ally |persons or countries that help each other, especially in war|  Belanda dan sekutunya. Dutch with their ally 2 partner a) |someone with whom you do a particular activity, for example dancing, or playing a game against two other people| sekutu main bulutangkis saya my badminton partner b) |one of the owners of a business| Dia sekutu bisnis saya. He is my business partner 3 companion |someone whom you spend a lot of time with, especially someone who is a friend|  Hanya dialah sekutu saya menghadapi satu kesulitan. He was the only my companion in facing a difficulty.
-bersekutu: v ally |to join with other people or countries to help each other| 2 work together.
-mempersekutukan: v 1 ally 2 unite, unify 3 confederate, federate 4 merge
-persekutuan: n 1 alliance 2 companion 3 league 4 union 5 federation 6 partnership

sel; sell: n /frm/lu/ cell 1 |a small room in a police station or prison where prisoners are kept| sell tahanan prisoners cell 2 |the smallest part of an animal or plant that can exist on its own| sell darah merah red blood cells 3 |the small room in a battery| 4 |the smallest unit of a political organization| sistim sel partai komunis cell system of communist party.

sela1: n /frm/lu/ crack, opening, gap. sela gunung mountain pass.

sela2; men(s)ela: v /frm/lu/ interrupt
-bersela: v to have gaps or intervals
-tersela: v be interrupted.
-tidak bersela; tidak tersela: adj uninterrupted 2 unbroken.

sela3: adv /frm/lu/ 1 interruptedly 2 every other (day, plant, season, etc) Mereka menyiram tanaman sela hari. They water the plants every other day. Mereka menanam kopi dengan sela tanaman lamtoro Mereka menanam kopi bersela dengan pohon lamtoro

sela4: n /frm/ mixture.

sela5: n /ld/ saddle.

sela6: n /ld/ stone.
-menyelakan: v throw with stones.

sela7: adj /ld/ squinting.

selada: n /frm/lu/ lettuce. selada air watercress.

seladeri; seladri: variant of selederi:

selagi: see lagi:

selai: n /frm/lu/ jelly, jam. selai kacang peanut butter.

selain: see lain:

selaju: see laju:

selak1: n /frm/ bolt, bar to hold door closed.
-menyelak: v bolt or bar a door.
-selak-menyelak: v urge or push each other (to do sth)

selak2; terselak: v /frm/lu/ be choked.

selak3: menyelakkan: v /frm/lu/ suddenly open (sb’s shirt, etc.). 2 reveal 3 discover

selakangan: n crotch.

selaku: adv, prep. /frm/lu/ 1 as  2 see laku:

selalu: adv /frm/lu/ always

selam1; menyelam: v /frm/lu/ dive. Berapa lama kamu dapat menyelam dalam air? How long can you dive under the water?
-kapal selam: n submarine.
-menyelami: v /idiomatic/1 internalize 2 deeply understand (sth)
-penyelam: n diver
-penyelam indah: v fancy diving
-penyelaman: n 1 diving  2 immersion, submersion.

selama: adv, prep. /frm/lu/ 1 as far as 2 during: 3 see lama:

selamat1: adj /frm/lu/ survived 1 |continued to live after an accident, illness, etc.| Semua penumpang selamat dalam kecelakaan itu. All the passengers were survived at the crash. 2 |continued to exist or be involved in an activity in spite of difficulties| Sedikit usaha kecil selamat dari resesi itu. Few small businesses were survived from the recession. Team yang selamat akan main sesama  mereka hari Minggu. The survived teams will play each other on Sunday. 2 saved |get rid of or protected from harm, danger, destruction, death, loss, etc.| Apa hutan tropis di pulau itu selamat dari penebangan liar? Are the tropical forest in that island is saved from illegal logging?
-menyelamatkan: v 1 save Batas kecepatan diharapkan dapat menyelamatkan lebih banyak nyawa The speed limit is expected to save more lives. 2 salvage 3 rescue 4 redemption
-keselamatan: n 1 safety 2 salvage 3 rescue 4 redeem
-penyelamat: n 1 saviour 2 salvager 3 rescuer 4 re­deemer.
-penyelamatan: n 1 rescue 2 salvation 3 saving

selamat3: intrj. /frm/lu/ 1 good |used to express a speaker willingness of happiness, good luck, etc.| Selamat pagi/siang/sore/malam Good morning/ afternoon/ evening/ night  Selamat datang welcome Selamat tinggal Good bye Selamat ulang tahun Happy birthday Selamat Tahun Baru Happy New Year. Selamat Hari Raya. Happy Idulfitri Selamat Hari Natal Merry Christmas 2 congratulation Selamat atas promosinya. Congratulation for your promotion.

selampai; selampe: n /frm/lu/1 scarf, kerchief. 2 handker­chief.
-meny(s)elampekan: n sling sth over the arm or shoul­der.

Selan: n Sri Lanka.

selancar: see lanca:

Selandia Baru: n New Zealand.

selang1: n /frm/lu/ 1 interval |a period of time between two events, activities etc.| Selang beberapa hari kemudian dia datang kembali. After an interval of few days he came back. Kami tidak lama menunggu, hanya selang beberapa menit. We didn’t have to wait long, it’s only after an interval of few minutes. Selang sehari tanaman harus di siram. Every other day the plants should be watered. 2 an object between other two objects 3 space between two things.
-berselang: adj intermittent |happening at some times but not regularly or continuously| awan yang berselang hujan. cloud with intermittent rain
-diselang-selingi: v be alternated (by sth)
-selang-seling; berselang-seling: adj alternate |happening in a regular way, first one thing and then the other thing| hujan dan panas yang beselang-seling alternate rain and sunshine: Gadis itu menggunakan benang merah dan biru berselang-seling pada jahitannya. The girl used red and blue thread alternately in the sewing: see seling:

selang2; menyelang: v /ld/ lend.
-menyelangkan: v /tr/ lend sth.

selang3: variant of slang:

selangkang; selangkangan: n /frm/lu/ groin.

selaput: n /frm/lu/ 1 membrane, film 2 coating, layer, lamination
-ber­selaput: v to have membrane, layer, or coat.
-diselaputi: v be covered with membrane, coat, or layer. Wajahnya diselaputi asap sampah yang sedang dibakar. His face was covered with a thin layer of smoke from the trash that was being burnt.
-menyelaput: v form a thin layer or coat around sth.
-menyelaputi: v /tr/ 1 put membrane 2 coat 3 layer 4 laminate
-selaput dara: n hymen.
-selaput mata: n retina.
-selaput jantung: n pericar­dium.
-selaput otak: n cerebral membrane.
-selaput pelangi: n iris.
-selaput renang: n web (of ducks, etc.).

selar: n /frm/lu/ a kind of sea fish

selar; menyelar: v /ld/ 1 creep 2 crawl Tanaman menjalar itu menyelar dibatang pohon. The vines creep on the tree trunk.

selaras: see laras:

Selasa: n Tuesday. Selasa Kliwon Tuesday that coincides with Kliwon, first day of Javanese calendar, considered a sacred day.

selasar: n /lu/ open veranda.

selasih: n /ld/ basil |a herb with aromatic leaves having spikes of small white flowers – Ocimum bacillicum|

selat: n /frm/lu/1 straits, narrows, sound. Selat Sunda Sunda Straits. 2 passage.
-menyelat: v sail through a strait.
-menyelatkan: v insert, thrust between.
-diselatkan: v be inserted Diselatkannya sesuatu kedalam kantongnya. He inserted sth into his pocket.

selatan: n /frm/lu/ south.
-arah Sselatan: adv southward
-terselatan: adj southernmost.

selawat: n /frm/lu/ invocation, short prayer consisting of verses from the Koran.

selawe: num. /Jv/ 25.

selayang: see layang:

selebaran: n /frm/lu/ leaflet. selebaran gelap illegal and unsigned leaflet.

selebor: variant of slebor:

selederi: n celery.

selekit; nyelekit: adj /inf/lu/ offensive |tending to hurt sb’s feel­ing| Omongan dia selalu nyelekit. The way she talks is always offensive.

seleksi;  seIeksi: n /frm/lu/ selection.
-meny(s)eleksi: v select.

selektif: adj /lu/ selective.
-keselektifan: n selectiveness.

selempang1: adj /ld/ afraid, frightened.
-menyelempangkan: v worry about.

selempang2; terselempang: v /frm/lu/ fall astraddle.

selempang3: n /frm/lu/ 1 shoulder belt 2 sash worn across the body.
-selempang tanda dokter: n doctor’s hood.
-berselempang: v ­wear a belt or sash over sb’s shoulder or over the shoulders and across the body.
-berselempangkan: v /tr/ wear sth as a shoulder sash.
-meny(s)elempangkan: v /tr/ put sth over a shoulder. Dia menselempangkan sarung. He put  a sarong over his shoulders.
-selempangan: n banner.

selendang: n /frm/lu/ shawl or stole worn over sb’s shoulder or diagonally across body.
-berselendang: v wear a shawl or stole.
-meny(s)elendangkan: v /tr/ wear sth as a shawl or stole over the shoulder. Dia menyelendangkan tas buku He carried a book bag over his shoulder.
-meny(s)elendangi: v /tr/ put a shawl or stole on sb

selender: variant of silinder:

selenggara; menyelenggarakan: v /frm/lu/ 1 run 2 organize 3 implement 4 op­erate 5 conduct. Indonesia akan menyelenggarakan pertemuan tingkat tinggi Negara-negara Asean Indonesia is going to organize a summit meeting of Asean countries
-penyelenggaraan: n 1 implementation 2 operation
-penyelenggara: n 1 organizer 2 implementer 3 executer 4 caretaker 5 operator
-penyelenggaraan: n 1 implementation 2 execution 3 operation Penyelenggaraan pameran itu akan di mulai minggu depan. The implementation of the exhibition will be started next week.
-terselenggara: v 1 be done, be organized 3 be implemented Seminar itu telah terselenggara dengan baik. The seminar has been well organized.

selentingan: n /frm/lu/ rumor
-(secara) selentingan: adv 1 in passing 2 incidentally. Secara selentingan saya dengar kamu akan dipromosikan. Accidentally I heard that you are going to be promoted.

selepa: n /lu/ cigarette case, betel box.

selera1: n /frm/lu/1 appetite. |a strong desire or liking for something, especially food| Sampah itu telah merusak selera saya. The garbage ruined my appetite. Marlon kelihatannya telah kehilangan selera bepergian. Marlon seems to have lost her appetite for travel. 2 taste |the enjoyment of something|  Dia tidak pernah kehilangan selera untuk menari. She never lost her taste for dance.
-berselera: v 1 have desire Dia sangat berselera memenangkan pertarungan itu . He has a strong desire to win the fight. 2 be eager Dia berselera menjadi seorang penyanyi She is eager to be a singer 3 lust |to want something very much because you do not have it yet|  Umumnya politisi berselera terhadap kekuasaan. Most of politicians lusts for power

selera2: n /lit./ body.

selesai: adj /frm/lu/ 1 finished, accomplished, done. Pekerjaannya sudah selesai. His work has been finished. Desertasinya sudah selesai. He had accomplished his dissertation.
-menyelesaikan: v 1 finish Saya akan menyelesaikannya dalam waktu dua hari. I’ll finish it in two days 2 accomplish Kami telah menyelesaikan tujuan kami mengumpulkan $45,000.
We’ve accomplished our goal of raising $45,000.
-penyelesaian: 1 accomplishment 2 finishing 3 completion 4 solution 5 settlement 6 completion. .

selesma; selesma: n /frm/lu/ cold, sniffles.

seleweng; menyeleweng: v /frm/lu/ deviate |to be or become different from what is normal or acceptable| Pelaksanaan peneletian ini menyeleweng dari apa yang di tentukan dalam proposal. The implementation of this study deviated from what was designed in the proposal. 2 digress |to begin talking about something that is not related to the subject you were talking about| Perdebatan telah menyeleweng dari topik seminar. The debate has digressed from the topic of the seminar. 3 en­gage in improper activity. 3 be unfaithful in an amorous relationship.
-menyelewengkan: v /tr/ 1 miss-use Bendahara itu telah menyelewengkan uang organisasi. The treasurer has miss-used the organization money. 2 deviate Presiden telah menyelewengkan haluan negara yang dibuat oleh parlemen. The president has deviated the state guidelines made by the parliament.
-penyelewengan: n 1 deviation 2 digression 3 corruption
-penyeleweng: n crook.

selidik; meny(s)elidiki: v /frm/lu/ 1 investigate 2 search 3 scout, spy
-diselidiki: v be investigated. Korupsi itu sedang diselidiki. The corruption is being investigated.
-penyelidikan: n 1 research 2 investigation 3 observation 4 interrogation 5 inquiry 6 survey
-penyedidik: n 1 researcher 2 investigator 3 observer 4 interrogator 5 spy

selimut: n /frm/lu/ 1 blanket 2 camouflage |the act of hiding something by making it look the same as the things around it, or the things you use to do this|
-menyelimuti: v 1 cover with blanket 2  camouflage |to hide something by making it look like the things around it| Tentara menyelimuti diri untuk menyembunyikan diri mereka sendiri. The soldier used camouflage to hide themselves. 3 cover Awan tebal menutupi semua daerah itu Thick cloud covered all the area. 4 occupy Banyak persoalan sulit menyelimuti pikiran saya. Many difficult problems is occupying my mind.
-penyelimutan: n 1 covering. 2 camouflaging.

selinap; menyelinap: v /frm/lu/ 1 sneak |to go somewhere quietly and secretly| Tiga orang anak mencoba menyelinap melewati penjaga. Three boys tried to sneak past the guard 2 creep |to move very carefully and quietly so that no one will notice you| Dia menyelinap ke aula bawah, mencoba tidak membangunkan ibunya. She crept down the hall, trying not to wake up her Mom 3 intrude |to go into a place or get involved in a situation where you are not wanted| Seorang provokator telah menyelinap kedalam para pemrotes. A provocateur has intruded into the protester.
-penyelinap: n 1 intruder 2 sneaker 3 creeper

selindung; berlindung: v /frm/lu/ 1 be hidden 2 be protected 3 take shelter
-perlindungan: n 1 shelter 2 protection 3 custody.
-pelindung: n 1 shelter 2 protector 3 custodian.

seling; selingan: n /frm/lu/ 1 inter-space |narrow space between two or more things| 2 intermission |a short period of time between the parts of a play, concert etc.| 3 interval, interlude |a period of time between two events, activities etc.|  Bioskop itu dibuka kembali setelah seling lima tahun. Theatre opened again after an interval of five years.; see selang:
-berselingan: v having interval
-diselingi: v be alternated Pertunjukan itu diselingi iklan komersil The shoe was alternated by commercial break.  see selang: diselang-selingi.
-menyelingi: v intervene |to happen between two events, especially in a way that interrupts or prevents something|  Mereka selingi film itu terlalu lama They intervened the picture too long.
-penyeling: n alternative
-selang-seling; menyelang-nyelingi: v alternate |to do or use first one thing and then the other| Selang-selingi lapisan itu dengan adonon kemudian saus daging Alternate the layers of pasta and meat sauce.

selingkuh; berselingkuh: v /frm/lu/ 1 having sex scandal 2 commit dishonesty 3 commit adultery

selip1; menyelip: v /frm/lu/ 1 slid, insert 2 slide in 3 put between Kami menyelip di antara orang ramai We slipped into the crowd.
-menyelipkan: v /tr/ insert sth between Saya menyelipkan leaflet itu di dalam majalah. I  inserted the leaflet into a magazine.
-terselip: v 1 be inserted 2 be slipped in 3 implanted Wajahnya masih terselip dalam ingatan saya. Her face is still inserted into my memory.

selip2: v /frm/lu/ skid |if a vehicle skids, it slides sideways suddenly and you cannot control it| Mobil mereka slip dan masuk ke selokan. Their car skidded on the ice and went in a ditch.
-terselip: v be skided

selip3: menyelip: v /frm/lu/ drag, tow.

seliput; meny(s)eliputi: v /tr/frm/lu/ cover, envelope. Kabut pagi menyeliputi seluruh kota The morning fog covered the whole city.
-terseliputi: v be covered

selir1: n /frm/lu/ mistress, concubine.
-berselirkan: v have sb as a concubine.
-memperselirkan: v take sb as a concubine.
-perseliran: n concubinage.

selir2: n /ld/ sound of breeze.
-berseliran: v murmur (of a breeze).

selira: variant of selera:

selisih: n /frm/lu/ 1 difference 2 distinction 3 dissimilarity 4 contrast 5 variation  2 perselisihan: quarrel, dis­pute.
-berselisih: v 1 quarrel 2 argue 3 disagree 4 differ 5 conflict 6 diverge.
-perselisihan: n 1 conflict 2 disagreement 3 quarrel 4 dispute.

seliwer; (ber)seliweran: v /frm/lu/ mill around |if a lot of people are milling around, they are moving around a place and do not seem to have a particular purpose| Wisatawan berselweren di jalan-jalan. Tourists were milling around the streets.

selokan: n /frm/lu/ 1 gutter, drainage  2 sewer 3 ditch.
-perselokan: n ­drainage system.

seloki: variant of sloki:

selongsong: n /frm/lu/ 1 cover 2 a muzzle (dog) 3 shell of bullet

selonong; meny(s)elonong; nyelonong: v /frm/lu/ 1 go astray, slide into (by accident). 2 go through, in, or out without permission.  Eh, ini anak nyelonong saja tidak permisi. Hey, this child going through (my property) without permission.

selop1: n /frm/lu/ slipper, sandal with closed toes.
-selop jengkek: n high-heeled slippers.

selop2: variant of slof:

seloro; seloroh: adj /frm/lu/ 1 funny, amusing. 2 joke, witty remark.
-berseloroh: v joke, crack jokes.

selotip: n /frm/lu/ cellophane tape.

selsius: n /frm/lu/ Celsius.

selubung: n /frm/lu/ 1 cover, veil. 2 wrapper.
-berselubung: v be covered
-meny(s)elubungi: v 1 cover with a veil or wrapper. 2 make sth secret Mereka menyelubungi kasus itu. They make the case a secret.
-penyelubungan: n act of covering or making sth secret.
-selubung anak: n placenta.
-terselebungi: v be secretly covered.

seluk1: n /frm/lu/ curve, bend, coil.
-berseluk-beluk: adj 1 complicated 2 twiste, winding Persoalan itu sangat berseluk beluk The matter is very complicated.
-seluk beluk: n 1 details 2 com­plications.

seluler: adj /frm/lu/ cellular.

selulosa;  selulose: n /frm/lu/ cellulose.

selundup; meny(s)elundup: v /frm/lu/ 1 duck into, hide. 2 smuggle. 3 infiltrate.
-barang selundupan: n contraband.
-menyelundup: v /intr/ 1 infiltrate 2 smuggle
-menyelundupkan: v /tr/ smug­gle sth in.
-penyelundup: n smuggler.
-penyelundupan: n smug­gling.
n things that are smuggled.

seluruh: adv /frm/lu/ 1 entire, whole. seluruh negeri the entire country Dia mengabdikan seluruh hidupnya kepada negara. He devoted his entire life to the state. 2 all Seluruh murid akan mendapat buku All of the students will get book
-keseluruhan: n all, the whole Keseluruhan perdebatan itu adalah mengenai kenaikan pajak. The whole debate was about the increase of the tax.
-menyeluruh: adj comprehensive Itu satu pembahsan menyeluruh. It was a comprehensive evaluation
-seluruhnya: adv 1 all of it 2 everything, everybody.

selusur: n /frm/lu/ handrail, banister.
-meny(s)elusur: v slide on handrail. Anak itu menyelusur The boy slid down the banisters.
-meny(s)elusuri: v /tr/ 1 go along, follow Mereka menelusuri sungai itu sampai ke pantai. They went through the river until the beach  2 go through sth carefullv. Ditelusurinya Koran itu mencari iklan kerja. Carefully he went through the newspaper to find an advertisenment of vacant position.

semacam: see macam:

semadi: n /frm/lu/ 1 meditation 2 meditate.
-bersemadi: v meditate.
-meny(s)emadikan: v meditate over sth
-penyemadian: n medita­ting.

semai: n /frm/lu/ seedling.
-menyemai: v seed |to plant seeds in the ground, make seeds germinate.
-penyemaian: n seedling |the process of raising seed|
-semaian; persemaian: n 1 seedbed 2 nursery.

semak1: n /frm/lu/ 1 bushes |a short plant like a small tree with a lot of branches| 2 scrub |low bushes and trees that grow in dry soil|  3 semak-belukar: |unfertile forest where small tress mixed with bushes|
-bersemak: v be covered with bushes.
-menyemakkan: v /tr/ 1 let the weeds and bushes grow wildly (on a garden) 2 confuse |to make someone feel unable to think clearly or understand something|  Petunjuk itu benar-benar menyemakkan saya. The directions really confused me.
-/prov/ dari semak ke belukar: just the same thing

semak2: v /inf/lu/ have the same mother

semak3: variant of simak:

semakin: see makin:

semampai: adj /frm/lu/ slender.

semang: see 1 anak 2 induk:

semangat: n /frm/lu/ 1 zest 2 spirit 3 enthusiasm
-bersemangat: v 1 be spirited 2 full of zest 3 be enthusiastic 4 energetic
-bersemangat kambing: adj coward
-menyemangati: v 1 inspire 2 encourage

semanggi: n /frm/lu/ 1 clover |edible herb with trifoliate leaf. 2 /Jv/ |dish of vegetables steamed with spices|.

semangka: n watermelon.

semangkin: see mangkin; makin:

semantic: n /frm/ semantics.

semantic: adj /frm/ semantic.

semaput: adj /frm/lu/ 1 unconscious, fainted. 2 have a fit.

Semar: n chief of the servants of the Pandawas in Wayang.

semarak: n /frm/lu/ 1 shine, luster. 2 ornament. 3 shining, glittering. prosesi semarak a gala procession.
-bersemarak: adj radi­ant, splendid.
-mempersemarak; menyemarakkan: v 1 embellish, adorn. 2 cheer up, brighten.
-kesemarakan: n 1 splendor 2 luminosity 3 brilliance 4 glitter

semasa: see masa:

semasih: see masih:

semat: n /lu/ pin, peg, hook.
-meny(s)emati: v /tr/ pin on sb with sth Presiden menyemati jenderal itu dengan tanda jasa The president pined the general withan insignia.
-menyematkan: v /tr/ fasten, pin, attach sth to sb.
-penyematan: n 1 pinning (of medals, etc.) 2 embedding.
-sematan: n an appendix to a book.
-tersemat: v be fas­tened on.

semata; semata-mata: see mata:

semau; semaunya: see mau:

semayam; bersemayam: v /frm/lu/ lie down, lie, reside, sit (of royalty)
-meny(s)emayamkan: v bury.
-persemayaman: n 1 throne 2 residence.

sembada: adj /frm/ capable, able to carry through.

sembah1; sembah sujud: n /frm/lu/ 1 respectful greeting  2 obedience

sembah2; menyembah: v /frm/lu/ 1 pay homage |something that you say or do to show respect for an important person| Pengunjung datang menyembah Ratu The visitors paid homage to the Queen. 2 worship |to show respect and love for a god, especially by praying in a church, temple etc.| Jangan menyembah apapun kecuali Tuhan. Don’t worship anything but the God.
-dipersembahkan: v /tr/ be dedicated (to)
-mempersembahkan: v /tr/ 1 dedicate Saya mempersembahkan buku ini kepada ibunda tercinta. I dedicate this book to my beloved mother. 2 offer |to give sth as a part of worshiping God| 3 presented Seniman itu mempersembahkan sebuah patung perunggu ke museum nasional. The artist presented a bronze statue to the national museum.
-persembahan: n /lu/ 1 offering |sth that is given to express sb’s respect to God a s a part of worship| 2 tribute 3 gift 4 dedication.
-penyembahan: n 1 adoration 2 worship.
-penyembah (Tuhan): n worshiper (of God).
-penyembah berhala: n idolater.

sembahyang: n /frm/lu/ prayer service, prayer.
-bersembahyang: v /intr/ 1 pray 2 worship
-menyembahyangkan: v /tr/ pray for (sb/sth)
-persembahyangan: n a place were to pray or to worship.

sembarang; sembarangan: adv /frm/lu/1 of any kind Apa kamu perlu sepatu merek tertentu atau sembarang sepatu? Do you need a particular trade mark of shoes or just any kind of shoes?  2 not particular Jangan taruh buku kamu ditempat sembarangan. Don’t put your book just anywhere? 3 ­haphazardly Mereka selalu sembarangan bicara kepada siapapun. They always speak haphazardly to anyone. 4 at random Ambil saja sembarangan Just take it at random 5 common Dia bukan orang sembarangan, dia seorang pahlawan. He is not a common person, he was a hero.

sembari: conj. /frm/lu/ while. Sembari menunggu mereka datang mari kita siapkan makanan. While we are waiting for them let’s prepare the meal.

sembelih; menyembelih: v /frm/lu/ slaughter.
-sembelihan: n 1 an animal to be slaughtered 2 slaughtered animal.
-ternak sembelihan: n livestock |animals that are kept on a farm|
-penyembelih: n butcher.
-penyembelihan: n slaughter, butchering.

semberani: variant of sembrani:

semberono: variant of sembrono:

semberut: v /frm/lu/ scowl |to look at someone or something in an angry or disapproving way| Tom semberut saja pada saya ketika kami bertemu Tom just scowled at me when we meet.

sembilan: num. nine. sembilan belas nineteen (19) sembilanpuluh ninety (90)
-berbersembilan: adv do sth in a group of nine.

sembilu: n /frm/lu/ blade of split bamboo (traditionally used to cut umbilical chord).
-meny(s)embilu: v 1 cut (with such a blade) 2 sadden |to make sb sad| Kematian isterinya menyembilu hati saya His wife’s death sudden my heart.

sembir1: n /frm/ edge, margin.

sembir2: adj /frm/ marginal
-cata­tan sembir: n marginal note.
-menyembir: v deviate.
-nilai sembir: n marginal value.
-sembiran: n margin, suburb.

sembodo: variant of: sembada:

semboja: variant of kemboja:

semboyan: n /frm/lu/ 1 slogan, motto, catchword. 2 sign, signal.
-bersemboyankan: v have (sth) as a slogan.
-meny(s)emboyankan: v 1 give a prearranged signal. 2 use sth as a slo­gan.

sembrani: see kuda; besi:

sembrono: adv /frm/lu/ haphazardly Dia selalu bicara sembrono He always talk haphazardly
-kesembronoan: n frivolity

sembuh: v /frm/lu/ recover, heal |to get better after an illness, injury, shock etc.| Paman saya telah sembuh dari serangan jantung. My uncle has been recovered from a heart attack.
-kesembuhan: n recovery |the process of getting better after an illness, injury etc.| penyembuhan cepat dari flu a quick recovery from the flu
-menyembuhkan: v cure. Dokter itu telah berhasil menyembuhkan banyak orang sakit. The doctor has been successful to cure many sick people.
-penyembuhan: n healing.
-tersembuhkan1: v be recovered
-tersembuhkan2: adj curable.

sembul; bersembulan: v /frm/lu/ 1 emerge, appear partially 2 swell, bulge, protrude
-meny­(s)embulkan: v make sth appear partially, emerge, swell, bulge, or protrude.
-tersembul: v 1 be emerge, appeared, swelled, bulged, or protruded  2 be outstanding.

sembuni; sembunyi; bersembunyi: v /intr/frm/lu/ hide |to go to or stay in a place where no one can see or find you| Saya akan sembunyi dibalik pohon. I’ll hide behind the tree.
-menyembunyikan: v /tr/ 1 hide 2 conceal.
-persembunyian: n a place to hide.
-secara tersembunyi: adv secretly
adj /lu/ 1 hidden |difficult to see or find| Marcia menyimpan suratnya tersembunyi dalam sebuah kotak Marcia kept her letters hidden in a box. 2 concealed.

sembur; menyembur: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 spurt |to flow out suddenly with a lot of force| Darah menyembur dari lengannya Blood spurted from his arm. 2 squirt  |if liquid forcedly broke out of a narrow hole in a thin fast stream| 3 spray |to make a liquid come out of a container, hose etc. in a stream of very small drops| Semburkan sedikit parfum pada leher baju kamu. Spray a little perfume on your shirt’s collar. 4 scold |to tell someone in an angry way that s/he has done something wrong|
-menyemburkan: v /tr/ make sth spurt, squirt Anak itu mnyemburkan teh dari mulutnya. The boy forced the tea to spurt from his mouth.
-penyembur: n sprayer |an instrument to make liquid spurt or squirt|
-penyemburan: n |the act of spurting, squirting, or spraying|
-semburan: n 1 outpouring 2 spraying out.
-tersembur: v be sprinkled, sprayed, squirted.

semedi;  semedi: variant of semadi:

semen: n /frm/lu/ cement.
-menyemen: v cement.
-semen bata/merah: n pulverized bricks.
-semen beton: n concrete.

semenanjung: n /frm/lu/ peninsula.

semenjak: conj. /frm/lu/ since.

sementara1: conj /frm/lu/ while Sementara menunggu hujan berhenti kami main catur While we’re waiting for the rain to stop, we played chess. 2 at the same time Kami sedah mau berangkat, sementara itu dia datang. We were about going out, at the same time he came.

sementara2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 provisional undang-undang sementara provisional constitution 2 temporary tindakan sementara temporary treatment 3 ad interim. pejabat menteri luar negeri sementara ad interim foreign minister.

sementara3: n /frm/lu/ 1 a while, a moment Saya pergi hanya sementara I’m going just for a moment. 2 the time being Itu sudah cukup untuk sementara waktu. It’s enough for the time being..
-kesementaraan: n temporariness.

sementara4: pron /frm/lu/ 1 some, a certain Ada sementara orang yang tidak senang makan makanan mentah There are some people doesn’t like to eat row food.

semerbak: adj /frm/lu/ 1 fragrant. Bunga-bunga itu semerbak haunya The flowers were fragrant. 2 pervade (fra­grance).

semesta; semesta: adj /frm/lu/ whole, entire, total.
-semesta alam: n uni­verse. atlas semesta dunia world atlas. rencana pemhangunan semesta overall development plan.
-kesemestaan: n 1 totality 2 entireness 3 wholeness 4 universalism.

semi: n /frm/ young shoot.
-bersemi; meny(s)emi: v sprout. Di hatinya bersemi harapan masa depan. Hope for the future sprouted in her heart.

semi1: adj /inf/lu/ loose, improperly fixed, unbalanced, out of gear. Stirnya sudah semi Its steering wheel is out of balance.

semi2: adv /frm/lu/ half |not fully| semi-otomatis semi-automatic semi-permanen semi-permanent

seminar: n /frm/lu/ seminar.
-meny(s)eminarkan: v /tr/ hold a seminar(on sth)
-diseminarkan: v be taken to a seminar Tatahahasa Indonesia akan diseminarkan tahun depan Indonesian grammar will be taken to a seminar next year.

seminari: n /frm/ seminary .

seminaris: n /frm/ seminarian.

semingkin: variant of mangkin:

semir: n /frm/lu/ polish.
meny(s)emir: v polish. 2 spread sth oily or greasy on, lubricate. 3 bribe, grease sb’s palm Pegawai itu harus  disemir supaya ijin kita cepat ke luar That official has to have his palms greased in order to have our permit issued fast.
-menyemirkan: v polish, smear sth on sth.
-penyemir: n 1 who polishes shoes. 2 sth to polish with.
-semir oli: n lubricating oil.
-semir sepatu: n shoe polish.
-tersemir: v be polished.

semisal: see missal:

semoga: see moga:

semokel: n /frm/lu/ smuggling.
-bersemokel: v smuggle.
-mensemokelkan: v /tr/ smuggle (sth)
-persmokel: n smuggler.

sempadan: n /frm/ 1 border, demarcation. 2 /sport/ finishing line.
-bersempadan: v border on.
-meny(s)empadani: v delimit.

sempal1: meny(s)empal: v /frm/lu/ 1 block |to prevent anything from moving through a narrow space by filling it| Pakai perekat ini menyempal kebocoran itu. Use this adhesive to block the leak.
-tersempal: v be blocked Hidung saya tersempal. My nose is blocked up. Kelihatannya bak air itu tersempal. It looks like the sink is blocked. 2 gag |to tie someone’s mouth with a piece of cloth so that s/he cannot make any noise|  Perampok itu menyempal mulut penjaga keamanan dengan sehelai kain. The robber gagged the guard with a piece of clothe.

sempal2: adj /Jv/ 1 broken 2 chipped.
-sempalan: n fragment. kelompok sempalan splinter group.

sempat: v /frm/lu/ have time (to do sth) Apa kamu sempat mampir ke kantor pos dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja? Do you have time to stop by the post office on your way to work?
-berkesempatan: v to have time, chance, or opportunity.
-kesempatan: n 1 chance Saya akan mencoba mencari kesempatan untuk mengunjungi kamu sewaktu-waktu. I’ll try to find a chance to visit you sometime. 2 opportunity Saya belum pernah mendapat kesempatan mendapat beasiswa I never have an opportunity to get scholarship 3 time Mari kita pakai kesempatan ini membahas liburan kita. Let use this time to discuss our vacation.
-meny(s)empatkan: v to make time (to do sth) Ayo kita menyempatkan makan sebelum berangkat. Let’s have time to have a meal before leaving.

semperong: variant of semprong:

semperot: variant of semprot:

sempil; menyempil: v /lu/ stick out so that a small part can be seen. Pada lantai papan itu  kelihatan menyempil sebuah paku. On the wood floor there is a nail stick out.

sempit: adj /frm/lu/ 1 narrow, Jalannya sempit The street was narrow. pandangan sempit a narrow-minded view­point. 2 small ruangan sempit small room 3 tight (fitting of dress, etc.). Jadwal saya sempit sekali My schedule was very tight 3 limited Kesempatan saya sangat sempit My opportunity was very limited.
-bersempit-sempit: adj packed like sardines.
-menyempitkan; mempersempit: v tighten, narrow, constrict.
-kesempitan1: adj too narrow, tight, small Baju ini kesempitan untuk saya This shirt is too tight for me.
-kesempitan2: n 1 narrowness The narrowness of the room makes the air here isn’t fresh. 2 narrow-mindedness.
-penyempitan: n constriction, contraction
-penyempitan pembuluh darah: n arteriosclerosis. |a chronic deseas in which thickening and hardening of arterial walls interferes with blood circulation|.

sempoa: n /Chn/ abacus.

sempoyongan: v /frm/lu/ totter, stagger from drunkenness.

semprit1; sempritan: n /lu/ 1 a whistle 3 the sound of a whistle.
-meny(s)emprit: v blow (a whistle).
-menyempriti: v blow a whistle at. Polisi menyempriti saya The policeman blew a whistle at me.

semprit2: n /lu/ S-shaped cookie made of sago or tap­ioca flour.

semprong: n /frm/lu/ 1 lamp chimney 2 chimney, smoke­stack, ship’s funnel 3 tube, telescope.

semprot1: n /frm/lu/ syringe, squirt gun.
-meny(s)emprot: v 1 spray 2 scold. Guru itu menyemprot muridnya dengan kata-kata kasar The teacher scolded the children with harsh words.
-meny(s)emproti: v spray sth. Petani itu menyemproti tanaman dengan pestisida. The farmer sprayed the plant with pesticide.
-menyemprotkan: v spray, squirt sth out. Polisi menyemprotkan air untuk menghalau para demonstran. The police squirted water to chase the protestors.
-penyemprot: n sprayer.
-penyemprotan: n spraying. -semprotan: n 1 squirt 2 spurt Semprotan meriam air itu sangat kuat. The spurt of the water canon was very strong.
-tersemprot: v be sprayed.

semprot2: n /lu/ S-shaped cookie made of sago or tapioca flour. –syn: semprit

sempurna: adj /frm/lu/ 1 perfect |of the best possible type or standard| ini adalah pekerjaan yang sempurna This is a perfect work 2 complete. |having all the parts, details, facts etc. that are necessary or usual| Kalimat ini belum sempurna This sentence isn’t perfect yet. 2 finished
-disempurnakan: v 1 be perfected 2 be completed, be finished
-kesempurnaan: n 1 perfection 2 completion
-menyempurnakan: v /tr/ 1 perfect |to make something perfect or as good as you are able to| 2 complete |to finish doing or making something| Saya perlu beberapa hari menyempurnakan makalah itu.
-penyempurnaan: n 1 completing 2 perfecting 3 finishing |the process of making sth perfect finish, or complete|

semrawut: adj /frm/lu/1 messy |dirty, or not arranged in an organized way| satu meja yang semrawut a messy desk satu tulisan yang semrawut a messy writing 2 disorderly, disorganized. Pameran itu sangat semrawut. The exhibition was very disorganized  Lalulintas di Jakarta  sungguh sangat semrawut The traffic in Jakarta is totally dis­organized.
-kesemrawutan: n 1 mess 2 disor­ganization.

semu: adj /frm/lu/ 1 abstract |existing as a general idea, or based on general ideas rather than a specific example or real event| Kecantikan adalah satu nilai yang semu Beauty is an abstract value. 2 obscure |unclear or difficult to understand| Jarret tidak suka rencana itu dengan alasan yang semu. Jarrett didn’t like the plan for some obscure reason 3 hidden Krisis ekonomi global telah meningkatkan kemiskinan semu di negeri ini The global economic crises has increased hidden poverty in this country. 4 pseudo Penulis menggunakan nama semu dalam buku itu The writer used a pseudo name in  the book. Itu satu kemenangan semu It’s a pseudo victory

semua: pron /frm/lu/ 1 all Semua kalian harus ikut saya All of you have to follow me. 2 everybody Saya mengenal setiap orang (semua) di ruangan ini. I know everybody (all) people in this room. 3 everything Setiap (semua) yang kamu butuhkan selama perkemahan akan tersedia. Everything (all) you need during the camp will be available.
-kesemuaan: n totality
-kesemuaannya: n the total Kesemuaannya biaya akan melebihi anggaran The total of the expenditures will exceed the budget
-kesemuaan: n totality. kesemuaan penyelenggaraan the to­tality of implementation.

semuhun: variant of sumuhun:

semula: see mula:

semur: n /frm/lu/ dish of meat and sometimes bean curd, empeh, etc. stewed with spices.
-meny(s)emur: v stew.

semut: n /frm/lu/ ant.
-menyemut: v swarm |to move in a large uncontrolled crowd| Turis menyemut disekitar museum. Tourists swarmed around the museum
-kesemutan: n numb (as of arm or leg) |to make someone unable to feel anything| Udara dingin membuat muka saya kesemutan. The cold wind numbed my face. 2 go to sleep Kaki saya kesemutan. My foot has gone to sleep.
-/prov./ semut jauh kelihatan tetapi gajah di depan mata tidak tampak (lit., an ant that is faraway could be seen but not the elephant in front of sb’s eyes). It easy to see sb’s fault but not our own fault.

sen1: n /lu/ cent.

sen2: n /frm/lu/ turn signal lamp (of  a vehicle)

senam1: n /frm/lu/ gymnastics |a sport involving physical exercises and movements that need skill and control, and that are often performed in competitions|

senam2: v /frm/lu/ 1 exercises |to do physical activities regularly so that you stay strong and healthy| Hartono senam setip pagi hari. Hartono exercises everyday in the morning.
-pesenam: n gymnast

senandung: n /frm/lu/ a hum.
-bersenandung: v hum
-mensenandungkan: v /tr/ hum (sth) Dia mensenandungkan lagu-lagu cinta He hums love songs

senang1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 happy |having feelings of pleasure, often because something good has happened to you| Kamu kelihatan lebih senang hari ini daripada kemarin. You look happier today than yesterday. Saya senang bertemu anda. I am very happy to meet you. 2 glad |happy or satisfied about something good that has happened| Ibu akan benar-benar senang kalau kamu segera datang Mom’s will be glad if you could come soon.

senang2: v /frm/lu/ like |want sth| Saya senang apple I like apple.
-bersenang-senang: v have a pleasure
-menyenyangkan1: v 1 please 2 amuse 3 entertain 4 satisfy
-menyenyangkan2: adj 1 pleasing 2 amusing 3 satisfying.
-kesenangan: n 1 amusement 2 favorite 3 fun 4 pleasure 5 happiness.

senantiasa: adv /frm/lu/ always.

senapan; senapang: n /frm/lu/ rifle, gun.
-bersenapang: v have a rifle.
-senapang angin: n air rifle. ­
-senapang bambu: n bamboo toy gun.
-senapang mesin: n machine gun.

senapati: n /Jv/ commander in chief.

senar: n /frm/lu/ string (of musical instrument, racquet, for fishing, etc.).
-senar hati: n heartstrings.

senat: n /frm/lu/ 1 faculty senate. 2  senate.

senda-gurau: n /frm/lu/ joke, banter.
-bersenda-gurau: v joke, banter back and forth.
-mempersendaguraukan: v make fun of sth

sendal: variant of sandal:

sendang: n /Jv/ spring, source.

sendat: adj /frm/lu/ stagnant |not flowing freely, changing, or improving (water, sound, progress of sth)  Pertumbuhan ekonomi sendat The economic growth is stagnat Suaranya sendat Her voice is choked.
-kesendatan: n stagnation
-meny(s)endatkan: v 1 stagnate 2 choke
-tersendat1: adj 1 be stagnant 2 be choked
-tersendat2; tersendat-sendat: adv stagnantly Dia bernafas tersendat-sendat. He breathe stagnantly.

sendawa1: n /frm/lu/ 1 salt powder |potassium nitrate| 2 gunpowder

sendawa2: n /frm/lu/ a burp.
-bersendawa: v belch |to let air from your stomach come out in a noisy way through your mouth|.

sendi; persendian: n /frm/lu/ 1 hinge, joint 2 socket 3 pivot 4 principle, base.
-bersendi: v have hinge
-bersendikan: v have sth as a principle Partai itu besendikan ajaran agama. The party has the religion teaching as a principles.
-sandi engsel: n hinge (joint).
-sendi peluru: n ball-and-socket joint.
-sendi rangka: n spinal col­umn.
-sendi tulang: n joint of bone

sendiri1: on /frm/lu/ 1 self  |the essential qualities distinguishing one individual from another| Dia sendiri yang mengatakan itu pada saya. He himself told me that. Apa kamu melukis sendiri gambar ini? Did you paint this picture by yourself? Dia mulai merasa seperti diri sendiri sebelumnya He’s starting to feel like his old self again. (feel normal again, after feeling bad or sick)

sendiri2: pron /frm/lu/ 1 self- a) myself  Itu akan saya lakukan sendiri I’ll do it myself  b) dia sendiri; himself/ herself Dia beli sendiri mobil itu He bought the car himself Dia pergi sendiri She went by herself c) themselves Mereka masak hanya untuk mereka sendiri They cook only for themselves d) yourself  Apa kamu masak sendiri makanan kamu. Do you cook your food by yourself? 2 own Dia putri saya sendiri She is my own daughter Saya lihat dengan mata saya sendiri. I saw it with my own eyes.

sendiri3; sendirian: adj /frm/lu/ alone 1 |away from other people| Dia tinggal sendirian She lives alone. 2 only: Sendirian dia akan dapat melakukan itu He alone can do it  3 to stop annoying someone| Pergilah biarkan saya sendirian Go away and leave me alone. 4 do sth without help Apa kamu akan pergi ke sana sendirian?Are you going there alone?
-berdiri sendiri: adj self-reliant.
jalan sendiri: adv automatically run.
-menyendiri1: v be alone.
-tersendiri2: adj apart, separated, individual.

sendok: n /frm/lu/ 1 spoon. 2 ladle. 3 spoonlike tool (e.g. trowel, etc.)
-bersendok: adv by spoon.
-menyendok: v 1 spoon 2 ladle up, ladle out.
-menyendoki: v /tr/ take sth out by spoon.
-menyendokkan: v /tr/ use sth to spoon.
-sendok teh: n teaspoon.
-sendok makan: n table spoon.
-sndok sop: n ladle
-sendok sepatu: n shoe horn.

sendratari {seni, drama, dan tari}: n /frm/lu/ dance­-drama, ballet.
-meny(s)endratarikan: v perform sth as a dance-drama.

sendu: adj /frm/lu/ sad.
-kesenduan: n sadness.

senduduk: n /ld/ flowering shrub.

senduk: variant of sendok:

Senen: n Monday.

senentiasa: variant of senantiasa:

senewen: adj /frm/lu/ 1 nervous 2 mad, insane.

seng: n /frm/lu/ 1 zinc 2 iron sheet
-atap seng gelombang: n corrugated iron sheets (used for roofing).

sengaja: adv /frm/lu/ intentionally, deliberately, expressly. Saya sengaja merobek kertas itu. I intentionally tore the paper.
-kesegajaan: n 1 intentionality 2  deliberateness.
-tidak sengaja: adv unintentionally.

sengal-sengal; tersengal-sengal: v /frm/lu/ being difficult (of breathing). Dia bernafas tersengal-sengal. She breathed with difficulty.

sengat: n /frm/lu/ stinger of an insects.
-bersengat: v ­have a stinger.
-disengat: v be stung (by a bee)
-meny(s)engat: v sting sth Panas matahari menyengat kulit saya The heat of the sun stung my skin.
-penyengat: n stinger  bangsat-bangsat penyengat 1 stinging bedbugs 2 wasp.
-tersengat: v be stung.
-sengatan: n pain or wound resulting from a sting.

sengau: v /frm/lu/ talk nasaly
-meny(s)engaukan: v nasalize |make a sound come through the nose|
-peny­angauan: n nasalization
-sengauan: n nasalized sound.
-tersenagukan: v be nasalized.

senggak: v /frm/lu/ 1 snarl. |to speak or say something in an angry way|  “Diam kamu!” dia meny(s)enggak “Shut up!” he snarled. 2 applaud, cheer (in dancing and singing).
-menyenggak-nyenggak: v speak harshly, growl. Jangan menyenggak-nyenggak kalau bicara kepada orang lebih tua. Don’t snarl if you talk to an elder.

senggama: n /frm/lu/ coitus |a sexual intercourse|
-bersenggama: v have coitus (sexual intercourse)
-persenggamaan: n coital act.
-senggama terputus: n coitus interruptus |interrupted sexual intercourse|

senggang: adj /frm/lu/ 1 free |unoccupied (of time)| 2 leisurely waktu senggang ­free time.
-bersenggang-senggang: adj relax |pass sb’s free time|
-meny(s)enggangkan: v make a time (free ) for sth
-kesenggangan: n leisureli­ness, leisure.

senggol; menyenggol: v /tr/frm/lu/ nudge |touch or push someone or something gently, especially with your elbow|  Seseorang menyenggol saya dan berkata, “maaf” Somebody nudged me and said, “I’m sorry”
-bersenggol-senggolan: v touch against each other.
-senggolan: n nudge

sengit: adj /frm/lu/ 1 stinging (an insect) 2 sharp (odor, words, etc.). Kata-katanya sangat sengit Her words were stinging. 3 violent, poignant, bitter. pertempuran sengit a bitter fight.
-bersengit: v feel bitter.
-bersengit-sengitan: v feel angry at each other Sudah lama kedua tetangga itu bersengit-sengitan It’s been long since the two neighbors had bitter feelings toward each other
-kesengitan: n acrimony, fierceness.

sengit: variant of senget:

sengkalan: n /frm/lu/  chronogram.
-sengkalan memet: n puzzle of pictures suggesting a date.
-sengkalan sastra: n puzzle of letters suggesting a date.

sengketa: n /frm/lu/1 lawsuit, legal action. 2 quarrel, dispute.
-bersengketa: v dispute |to argue or disagree with someone, especially about who is right or who is wrong, or whether something is true| 2 have a legal dispute.
-meny(s)engketakan; mempersengketakan: v dispute, quarrel over sth  Keluarga itu mau mempersengketakan tanah itu ke pengadilan. The family wanted to dispute the (ownership of the) land in the court.
-persengketaan: n contention, dispute, conflict. persengketaan perburuhan labor dispute.

sengsara1: adj /frm/lu/ miserable, suffering. kehidupan yang sengsara miserable life

sengsara2: adv /frm/lu/ miserably Mereka hidup sengsara They live miserably
-kesengsaraan: n misery Kesengsaraan telah membuat dia sangat tangguh. Misery had made him very though.
-menyengsarakan: v /tr/ 1 torment 2 make sb suffer misery.

seni1: n /frm/lu/ art 1 |the ability to represent things or express ideas with drawing, song, etc.| Apakah seni itu hasil bakat atau hasil keahlian? Is the art as a product of talent or a product of skill? Sebagian orang berkata bahwa menejemen adalah perpaduan seni dan keahlian. Some people said that management is a combination of art and skill  Steve sedang belajar seni di perguruan tinggi. Steve’s studying art at college. 2 |things that are produced by art, such as drawings, paintings etc.| seni lukis modern modern painting art  satu pameran seni rupa painting and curving art exhibition Seni suara termasuk menyanyi, mengarang lagu, main musik, dsb. Musical art includes to sing,  to write music, play music instruments, etc. 3 |the skill involved in making or doing something| seni menulis the art of writing seni berpidato the art of speech.
-berseni: adj 1 artful 2 artistic.
-gedung kesenian: n art hall.
-kesenian: n 1 art matter 2 things that related to art
-pameran kesenian: n art exhibition
-pelajaran kesenian: n art study.

seni2: see air:

seni3: see zeni:

seniman: n /frm/lu/ artist Banyak artis papan atas menjadi selebriti Many top rank artist become celebrities

Senin: see Senen:

senior1: n /frm/lu/ senior |sb who has more authority, more experience, etc.|

senior2: adj /frm/lu/ higher in ranking, older in age, more experienced.

seniorita: n /frm/ female university seniors.

senirupa: n /frm/lu/ fine arts |art that related to beauty such as painting, drawing, curving, etc|

senirupawan: n /frm/lu/ artist.

seniwati: n /frm/lu/ female artist.

senja: n /frm/lu/ twilight, dusk.
-buta senja: adj late twilight.
-senjakala: n twilight time.

senjang1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 asymmetrical, imbalanced 2 differ­ing, unlike.
-kesenjangan: n asymmetry, discrepancy |a difference between two amounts, details, etc. that should be the same|  Apa latar belakang kesenjangan sosial dinegeri ini? What was the background of the social discrepancies in this country? kesenjangan generasi generation gap.

senjang2: variant of senja:

senjata1: n /frm/lu/ 1 weapon a) |something that you use to fight with, especially a knife or gun| b) |an argument, a reason, etc. that you can use to win in a debate, quarrel, etc|  2 rifte, gun
-bersenjata: v to have gun in hand
-dipersenjatai: v /pass. v/ be armed |be facilitated with weapons, gun, ammunition|
-mempersenjatai: v /tr/ to equip with weapons, guns, ammunition, etc.
-persenjataan: n 1 weaponry 2 armament 3 matter pertaining to weapon.
-senjata tajam: n knife and the like that is used as a weapon.
-/prov./ sejata makan tuan sb’s own gun hurt him/herself (sb suffer from the result of his/her mistake)

senjata2: n /frm/lu/ a vowel sign in Arabic script.

senopati: variant of senapati:

sensasi: n /frm/lu/ sensation

sensasional; sensasionil: adj /frm/lu/ sensational

sensitive; sensitive: adj /frm/lu/ sensitive.

sensitivitas: n /frm/lu/sensitivity.

sensor; sensur: v /frm/lu/ censor.
-meny(s)ensor: v censor sth
-penyensor: n ­censor.
-penyensoran: n censoring.

sensus: n /frm/lu/ census.
-meny(s)ensus: v take a census.

sentak1; meny(s)entak: v /frm/lu/ 1 snap at sb 2 verbally abuse sb 3 tongue-lash.

sentak2; menyentak: v /frm/lu/ pull, pull out violently.
menyentakkan: v /tr/ pull at, jerk at sth .
-menyentak-nyentak: v repeatedly jerk at sb Dia menyentak-nyentak tali kekang kuda itu He repeatedly jerk the horse’s rein.
-tersentak: v be startled |be suddenly surprised or slightly shocked| Dia tersentak dan terbangun. He was startled and wake up.
-sentakan: n a jerk, jolt  Sekali sentakan dia sudah jatuh With a jerk he’d fallen down.

sentausa: variant of sentosa:

senter1: n /frm/lu/ flashlight, spotlight.
-menyenter: v /lu/ 1 shine, light sth with a flashlight  2 intend |to have something in your mind as a plan or purpose| Dia sedang menyenter seorang gadis muda di kantornya .He is intending a young girl in his office.

senter2: n /football/ centre player |in football, the player who starts the ball moving in each play|

senterpor: n /football/ centre forward.

senti: n /frm/lu/ centimeter.

sentil1; tersentil: v /frm/lu/ protrude a little.

sentil; menyentil: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ 1 flick with sb’s finger 2 criticize, reprimand.
-menyentilkan: v /tr/ flick sb fingers at sth.
-sentilan: n scolding, criticism.

sentimen1: n /frm/lu/ 1 bad sentiment 2 grudge 3 bad feeling 4 bias.

sentimen2: v /frm/lu/ 1 have or hold a grudge 2 have ill feelings.Jangan sentimen kepada saya, ya! Don’t hold a grudge toward me, okay?
-bersentimen: v bear grudges, have ill feelings.
-menyentimeni: v have bad feelings toward or on account of.

sentimentil: adj /frm/lu/ sentimental.
-kesentimentalan: n sentimentality

sentimentalitas; sentimentalitet: n /frm/lu/ sentimentality.

sentimental: variant of sentimental:

sentimeter: n /frm/lu/ centimeter.

sentiong: n /Jkt/ Chese’s graveyard.

sentosa: adj /frm/lu/ 1 quiet, tranquil 2 safe, peaceful.
-kesentosaan: n 1 peace, tranquillity, rest. 2 safety.
-meny(s)eontosakan: v /tr/ 1 protect 2 provide rest and safety 3 make sb peaceful

sentral: adj /frm/lu/ central. pasar sentral the central market.

sentral: n /frm/lu/ centre sentral industri industrial centre sentral listrik cen­tral power station.

sentralisasi: n /frm/lu/ centralization.
-meny(s)entralkan: v centralize.

sentraliser; mensentralisir: v /frm/lu/ centralize.

sentralisme: n /frm/lu/ centralism.

sentralistis: adj /frm/lu/ centralistic.

sentrap-sentrup: adj /Jv/ nasal, esp. of sb’s voice while weeping or suffering from a cold.

sentrifugal: adj /tech/ centrifugal.

sentrifuse: n /tech/ centrifuge.
-mensentrifusekan: v centrifuge sth mensentrifuse lateks put latex through a centrifuge.

sentris: adj /frm/lu/ centrally (located). daerah sentris centrally lo­cated area.

sentrum: n /frm/lu/ 1 center. sentrum pengolahan berita news pro­cessing center. 2 centrum.

sentuh; menyentuh: v /frm/lu/ touch, be in physical contact. Saya tidak pernah menyentuh makanan kamu. I never touch your food
-bersentuhan: v 1 have contact with sth 2 touching each other/
-bersentuh-sentuhan: v repeat­edly come in contact with each other.
-sentuhan: n contact, touch sentuhan lembut gentle touch  sentuhan akhir finishing touch.
-tersentuh: v be touched.

sentul: n /frm/lu/ a tall tree bearing yellow fruit similar to the mangosteen but sour.

senyap1: adj /frm/lu/1 very quiet, deserted. 2 silent, quiet. 3 sound asleep.
-kesenyapan: n silence. kesenyapan alam silence of nature.

senyap2: variant of lenyap:

senyawa: see nyawa:

senyum: n /frm/lu/ a smile
-senyum hambar: n 1 expressionless smile. 2 forced smile.
-senyum manis: n sweet smile.
-senyum sumbang/ sinis: n cynical smile.
-senyum simpul: n smile out of embarrass­ment.
-tersenym: v smile

seok-seok; terseok-seok: adv /frm/lu/ clumsily Dia berjalan terseok-seok setelah mabuk He walked clumsily after he’s drunk.

sepadan: adj /frm/lu/ equal, matching  Perabot ini tidak sepadan dengan luasnya ruangan. The furniture isn’t matching the space of the room.

sepah1: n /frm/lu/ remains, residue, dregs, leavings, scraps of sth |indigestible fibres of sth after milling, chewing, pressing, etc.| Apa kita dapat menggunakan sepah tebu untuk makanan sapi? Can we use sugarcane dregs to feed cow?
-meny(s)epah: v chew on sth to extract its juices.
-sepah raja: n bird of paradise.

sepah2; tersepah: v /frm/lu/ scattered around disorderly.

sepak; menyepak: v /frm/lu/ kick (a ball, etc.)
-sepakan: n 1 kick |an act of hitting something with your foot|  Kalau gerbangnya tidak terbuka, buka saja dengan sepakan kuat. If the gate won’t open, just give it a good kick. (kick it hard) 2 sepak terjang: action Kamu harus mampu mengendalikan sepak terjangnya yang liar itu You have to be able to control his wild actions.
-sepakbola: n football (soccer)

sepakat: see pakat:

sepakbor: variant of spatbor:

sepala-pala: see pala2:

sepanduk: variant of spanduk:

sepantun: see pantun:

Sepanyol: n Spain, Spanish.

separasi: n /frm/lu/ separation.

separatis: n /frm/lu/ separatist.

separatisme: n /frm/lu/ separatism.

separo; separoh; separuh: see paro:

sepasar: see pasar:

sepasi: variant of spasi:

sepat1: adj /frm/lu/ astringent to the taste.

sepat2: n /ld/ fresh water fish found in flooded rice fields.

sepatbor: variant of spatbor:

sepatu: n /frm/lu/ 1 shoes 2 footwear.
-bersepatu: v 1 put on shoes 2 shod
-persepatuan: n matters pertain­ing to shoes and shoe making.
-sepatu air: n water ski:
-sepatu jengki: n short boots.
-sepatu jinjit: n high-heeled shoes.
-sepatu karet/ kits: n canvas shoes.
-sepatu ­katak: n scuba flippers.
-sepatu kuda: n horseshoes
-sepatu rem: n brake lining.
-sepatu roda: n roller skates.

sepeda: n /frm/lu/ bicycle.
-balap sepeda: n bicycle racing
-bersepeda: v ­bike.
-sepeda balap: n racing bicycle.
-sepeda aerobic: n ex­ercise bicycle.
sepeda jengki: n old-fashioned bicycle with a V-shaped bar connecting the seat and rear wheel with the handle-bars and front wheel.
-sepeda ­kumbang: n motorcycle.

sepele: adj /frm/lu/ 1 unimportant, trivial. 2 valueless 3 ignorant.
-kesepelean: n ignorance, triviality.
-meny(s)epelekan: v ignore

sepemeluk: see peluk:

sepeninggal: see tinggal:

seperai; seperei: variant of seprai:

seperti: prep./frm/lu/ like, as.
-seperti biasa: /phrs./ as usual.
-sepertinya: /phrs./1 as it should be 2 it is as if  3 it seems (that) Sepertinya hari akan hujan. It seems that is going to be raining.

sepesan: n /ld/ centipede.

sepesial: variant of spesial:

sepi: adj /frm/lu/ 1 quiet, still. 2 desolate, lonely. 3 slack (busi­ness market).
-kesepian1: adj 1 lonely 2 (too) quiet
-kesepian2: n loneliness
-menyepi; nyepi:
v 1 grow still, become desolate. 2 retire into seclusion. Dia suka menyepi ke puncak gunung Lawu He often goes in seclusion to the peak of mount Lawu. 2 |a Hinduism religious event in Bali, a day every year when there is no economic and social activity|
-mempersepi: v make quieter or more lonely 2 be quiet for a day.
-menyepikan: v 1 cause to be lonely. Kehidupan ini menyepikan dan memen­cilkannya This life made her lonely and isolated. 2 cause to be quiet. Pasar mulai menyepi setelah pukul 10: malam. The shopping area starts to be quiet after 10: p.m.

sepidol: variant of spidol:  see spidol:

sepintas: see pintas:

sepion: variant of spion:

sepoa: variant of sempoa:

sepoi1; sepoy: n /of/ Indian mercenary soldier of colonial period.

sepoi2; sepoi-sepoi (basah): adj /frm/lu/ gentle (of wind).
-bersepoi-sepoi: adv softly (of breeze ) Angin berhembus bersepoi-sepoi basah. The wind is blowing softly.

seporos: see poros:

seprai; sepre; seprei: n /frm/lu/ 1 bedsheet. 2 coverlet.

seprit: see kue:

Sept. {September}: n September

September: n September.

sepuh1: n /frm/lu/ plating material.
-bersepuh: adj 1 tempered 2 plated 3 gilded.
-menyepuh: v /tr/ 1 temper 2 plate 3 gild
-penyepuhan: n 1 gilding 2 plating. (electrolytic process of plating)
-sepuh perak: n silver plating
-sepuh emas: n gilt.
-sepuhan: n gilded thing Ini cincin sepuhan This is a tempered ring

sepuh2; sesepuhan: adj /frm/lu/ old.  Dia sudah sepuh She has been old.

sepuh2; sesepuh: n /frm/lu/ elder para sesepuh desa the elders of the village.

sepuluh: see puluh:

sepur: n /frm/lu/ 1 rail 2 railway. 3 train.
-stasiun sepur: n 1 train station. 2 railway platform.
-nyepur: v go by train.
-sepuran: n railway fare.

serabai; serabi: n /frm/lu/ 1 rice f1our 2 pancake.

serabut1: n /lu/ fibre

serabut2; serabutan1: adj /frm/lu/ 1fibrous, coarse 2 chaotic, mixed up
-serabutan2: adv helter-skelter Dia lari serabutan. He run helter-skelter.

seragam: see ragam:

serah: v /frm/lu/ |a basic word that is mostly modified by prefix or suffix or used in a phrasal verb that means to give, surrender, bestow, transfer, ect.|
-diserahi: v 1 be entrusted to do sth Panitia itu disrehi tugas menilai pelaksanaan progam itu.The committee was entrusted to evaluate the implementation of the program  2 assigned President diserahi tugas melaksanakan pemilihan umum The president was assigned to conduct a general election.
-menyerah: v /intr/ 1 surrender 2 give up 3 lay down arms, show white flag.
-menyerahkan: v /tr/ 1 hand over 2 transfer 3 give 4 deliver.
-menyerah-terimakan: v /tr/frm/ officially transfer or hand over (sb’s official positition, function, public property, etc)
-penyerahan: n |the process of transferring or handing over of sth| Penyerahan kekuasaan itu dilakukan tanpa paksaan atau tekanan The handing over of the authority was done without any pressure or force.
-terserah: v be up to sb, be on sb decision, as sb will Apapun yang kamu lakukan itu semua terserah pada kamu Whatever you do is up to you.

serak1: adj /frm/lu/ hoarse, husky (of voice).
-keserakan: n rasp (in voice).

serak2; berserak-serak: v /frm/lu/ scatter around, disperse around.
-berserakan: v be scattered around. Puntung rokok berserakan dimana-mana Cigarette butts were scattered around.
-diseraki: v be scattered by sth Halaman penuh diseraki oleh daun-daun kering The ground was fully scattered by dry leaves.
-menyeraki: v scatter sth Daun-daun kering menyeraki halaman belakang. Dry leaves scattered the back yard.

serakah: adj /frm/lu/ greedy.
-keserakahan: n greed.
-mensarakahi: v covet.

serakahisme: n /frm/lu/ greedy mentality.

seram1: n /frm/lu/ hair-raising.
-seram kulit: n goose flesh.
-meny(s)eramkan: v 1 cause sb’s hair to stand on end. 2 terrify.
-keseraman: n frightfulness.

seram2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 horrible 2 frightening

Seram: n the South Maluku island of Ceram.

serambi: n /frm/lu/ 1 front porch, veranda. 2 platform (of a station)
-serambi jantung: n auricle of the heart.

serampang1: n /frm/lu/ 1 trident. 2 harpoon
-meny(s)erampang: v attack with a trident or harpoon.

serampangan1: adj /frm/lu/ random contoh serampangan random sample

serampangan2: adv /frm/ ran­domly menyerang serampangan randomly attack
keserampangan: n randomness.

serampang dua belas: n /frm/lu/ traditional Indonesian social dance.

serampangisme: n /frm/ mentality marked by doing whatever sb likes to do without regard to societal norms.

serang; menyerang: v /frm/lu/ attack
-diserang: also terserang: v 1 be attacked Surabaya diserang sekutu waktu itu. Surabaya was attacked by the Allied Forces at that day. 2 suffer Ibu diserang penyakit paru-paru. Mother suffered from lung disease.
-penyerang: n 1 attacker 2 agressor.
-penyerangan: n attack, aggression.
-serangan balasan: n counter attack.
-serangan jantung: n jantung heart attack.
-serang-menyerang: v attack each other  Pada hari itu Sekutu menyerang Surabaya. At that day the Allied Forces attacked Surabaya.

serangga: n /frm/lu/ insect.

Serani; also Nasrani: n /ltr/ Christian. Dia masuk Serani He became a Christian.
-meny(s)eranikan: v 1 con­vert sb to Christianity. 2 legally marry an Indo­nesian wife (in the colonial period).

serap1; meyerap: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 absorb (liquid substance) 2 pervade /intr/ 3 internalize Dia menyerap semua moral baik yang diajarkan oleh orangtuanya. He internalized  good morals taught by her parents
-(bersifat) penyerap: adj absorbent
-keterserapan: n absorbability
-penyerap: n absorber
-penyerapan: n absorption
-serapan: n 1 ab­sorbency.
-terserap1: adj absorbable
-terserap2: v be absorbed.

serap2: n /frm/lu/ reserve. spare. Berikan pada saya serap ban itu. Give me the spare of the tire

serap3: adj /frm/lu/ 1 reserve 2 spare Apa kamu punya ban serap? Do you have a spare tire?
-meny(s)erapkan: v hold in reserve, lay aside.

serapah: n /frm/lu/ curse.
-meny(s)erapah: v /intr/ curse.
-meny(s)erapahi: v curse sb or sth
-sumpah serapah: n serious curse

serasi: see rasi:

serat1: n /frm/lu/1 fibrous parts of fruit, etc. 2 fibre
-berserat: adj fibrous. Ini mangga berserat This is fibrous mango

serat2: adj /frm/lu/ tight. jammed.
-meny(s)erat: v make tight.
-terserat: v stuck fast.

seratus: see ratus:

Serawak: n Sarawak (a state in Malaysia)

serba: adv, adj /frm/lu/ completely, very much so.
-keserba-anekaan: n diversity.
-keserba-anekaan: n multi purposeness
-keserba-bedaan: n heterogeneity.
-keserba-samaan: n homo­geneity.
-serba ada: adj complete toko serba ada general store.
-serba aku: adj egotistic.
-serba aneka: adj all different varieties. Barang-barang serba aneka di­pamerkan di situ. All sorts of goods are displayed there.
-serba beda: adj hetero­geneous.
-serba bisa: adj all-round, versatile.
-serba dua: n dualism.
-serba mewah: adj everything completely deluxe.
-serba salah: adj all wrong.
-serba sama: adj homogeneous.
-serba sedikit: adj very little.
-serba-serbi: all sorts of (things), miscellaneous.

serbak; semerbak: adj /frm/lu/ smelly, smelling good Bunga-bunga itu semerbak The flowers is smelly
-menyerbak: v /intr./ smell good Ada sesuatu menyerbak diskitar ini. There is sth smell good around here.
-menyerbakkan: v spread (fragrant smell) Tanaman ini menyerbakkan bau harum This plant spread fragrant smell (aroma).

serbaneka; serba-aneka: adj /frm/lu/ varied
-keserba-anekaan: n diver­sity.

serbet: n /frm/lu/ napkin.
-meny(s)erbeti: n wipe off with a napkin.

serbu; meny(s)erbu: v /frm/lu/ attack or invade in a throng. Anak-anak sudah mulai menyerbu santapan itu The children already started to attack the refreshments.
-penyerbu: n attacker.
-penyerbuan: n attacking, invasion.
-serbuan: n attack  Serbuan ke per­kubuan musuh Attack on fortifications of the enemy.

serbuk: n /frm/lu/ 1 dust. 2 pollen 3 powder.
-agen penyerbuk: n pollinating agent.
-menyerbuk: v become pulverized, become powder.
-menyerbuki: v pollinate.
-menyerbukkan: v 1 make sth to be­come powder, pulverize 2 pollinate
-penyerbuk: n ­pollinator.
-penyerbukan: v pollination.
-serbuk besi: n iron filings.
-serbuk gergaji: n sawdust.
-serbuk heroin: n heroin powder.
-serbuk kelantang: n bleaching powder.
-serbuk sari: n pollen.

serda {sersan dua}: n sergeant.

serdadu: n /frm/lu/ 1 soldier 2 mercenary
-keserdaduan: n soldiery.

serempak: see rempak:

serempet; (ber)serempetan: v /intr/frm/lu/ graze, brush against each other |to touch something lightly while passing it, sometimes damaging it|  Satu truk serempetan de­ngan satu bus A truck and a bus brushed against each other.
-menyerempet; nyerempet: v /tr/lu/ 1 graze, brush against Sebuah peluru menyerempet bagunya. A bullet grazed his shoulder. 2 menyempet-nyerempet (bahaya) risk a danger.
-menyerempetkan: v graze sth against sth. Sopir itu menyerempetkan mobilnya ke sebatang pohon. The driver grazed the car against a tree.
-serempetan: v stumble over each other.
-terserempet: v be, get grazed, be sideswiped Anak bermain sepatu selancar itu terserempet sebuah taxi. The boy who were playing a skateboard was sideswiped by a taxi

serenta: adv /frm/ as soon as, immediately Serenta mendengar teriakan itu kami berhamburan keluar. As soon as we heard the shout we all rushed outside..

serentak1: adv /frm/lu/ simultaneously |if a number of persons do the same thing at the same time, or a number of events happen simultaneously| Kedua mereka menjawab serentak. Both of them answered “yes” simultaneously.

serentak2: adj /frm/lu/ simultaneous Setiap orang membuat gerakan serentak Every body make a simultaneous movement jawaban serentak simultaneous answer
-keserentakan: n simultaneousness, simultaneity.

seret1: adj /frm/lu/ stagnant |not flowing freely| 2 dry (of throat) so that sb has difficulty to swallow. 3  sluggish (of traffic, the movement of goods, business, etc). Bulan ini bisnisnya seret This month the business was sluggish.
-keseretan: n sluggishness. keseretan penyalu­ran sluggishness of distribution. -menyeretkan: v make sth sluggish menyeretkan penjualan make sales slow.

seret2; menyeret: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 drag, trailing behind. Saya menyeret karung beras itu ke gudang I dragged the rice sack into the storage house
-diseret: v be drugged
-terseret: v be involved (in an activity) Dia terseret masuk jaringan perdagangan narkoba He was involved with drug trafficking.

seret3: n /ld/ the unadorned  edge of a batik cloth.

sergah: v /frm/lu/ snarl |to speak or say something in an angry way| “Tutup mulut kamu” sergahnya “Shut up!” he snarled.
-sergahan: n snarl.

sergap;  meny(s)ergap: v /frm/lu/ 1 attack, ambush |to attack someone from a place where you have been hiding|  2 catch (in a raid, etc.) Polisi menyergap pencuri itu saat beraksi. The police catch the thief while was in action.
-penyergapan: n 1 attack 2 ambush.

seri1: n /ltr/1 |honorific royal title|. Seri Paduka His Majesty. Seri Paus the Excellency Pope. 2 cahrm, splendor, gleam, Sinar matahari menambah seri dan cantiknya The sun shine in­creased her charm and beauty. seri panggung star of the stage, prima donna. seri walah the gleam of a face.
-berseri-seri: v shine, beam, gleam Mukanya berseri melihat kedatangan ibunya. Her face shone at seeing the coming of her mother/

seri2: adj /frm/lu/ equal |the result of a game, competition, or election in which two or more people get the same number of points, votes etc – a tie result| Permainan itu seri The points of the contending parties are equal (The game ended in a tie)

seri3: variant of sari:

seri4: see hilang:

seri5: n /frm/lu/ series.
-berseri: v be in a series. Cerita itu berseri This story is in a series.

seriawan: n /frm/lu/ 1 ulcer in the mouth.

seribu: num a thousand; see ribu:

serigala: n /frm/lu/ jackal, wolf.

serikat; perserikatan: n /frm/lu/ 1 union 2 alliance 4 organization 5 association
-Amerika Serikat: n United State of America
-berserikat: v 1 be in union 2 be unified
-Perserikatan Bangsa Bangsa: n United Nations
-Serikat Buruh: n Labor Union.
-Serikat Buruh International: n International Labor Organization

serikaya: n /frm/lu/ 1 sweetsop fruit. 2 jam made of eggs, sugar, and coconut milk cream.

sering1: adv /frm/lu/ often Dia sering menyanyikan lagu itu He often sing the song.
-keseringan1: adj too often
-keseringan2: n frequency.
-sesering: adv as often as Apa dia datang sesering itu kemari? Is she comes here as often as that?

sering2: adj /Mn/ slender.

sering3: adj /ld/ firm and tight (of plaited or braided ma­terials).
-meny(s)ering: v plait or twine sth.

seriosa: n /frm/lu/ semi-classical and classical music.

serius: adj /frm/lu/1 serious Apa kamu serius dalam hal ini? Are you serious on that matter? 2 solemn |humourless person, occasion, action| satu upacara serius a solemn ceremony satu janji yang serius a solemn promise  (one that you will definitely keep) 3 real Itu satu kejahatan serius It’s a real crime
-keseriusan: n 1 seriousness 2 solemnity

seroja: n /frm/lu/ lotus |an aquatic plant native to Southern Asia – Nelumbo nucifera|

serok1: n /frm/ bay, inlet.
-serokan: n drain, ditch.

serok2: n /frm/lu/ scoop, round spatula.
-menyerok: v scoop up (food, etc.).

serong: adj /frm/lu/1 askew, slanting. garis serong a slanting line. 2 unfaithful, unfair Permainan ini serong This play is unfair
-menyerong: v /intr/ go askew.
-meny(s)erongkan: v /tr/ 1 crisscross 2 tilt sth 3 slant sth.
-keserongan: n 1 in­sincerity, disloyalty 2 adultery.
-penyerongan: n act of making sth go at an angle.

seronok: n /ltr/hum/ pleasant, agreeable.

serpih; serpihan: n /frm/lu/1 splinter, flake, shard. 2 fragment 3 chip, shard.
-meny(s)erpih: v 1 splinter Awan-awan ­menyerpih The clouds broke into small clouds.
-serpihan kayu: n wood shavings.
-serpihan kaca: n fragment of broken glass.

serpis: variant of service

sersan: n /frm/lu/ sergeant or naval petty officer, in address.
-sersan dua: n lower-ranking ser­geant.
-sersan kadet: n sergeant in military training. ­
-sersan kepala: n first class sergeant.
-sersan mayor: n 1 major sergeant, highest ranking noncommissioned officer. 2 chief petty officer.
-sersan satu: n higher-ranking ser­geant.
-sersan udara: n master sergeant (air force).

serta1; berserta: conj /frm/lu/ 1  with, along with. Gubernur beserta rombongan akan tiba sebentar lagi The governor with the party will be arrived soon. 2 and Kecantikan serta kekayaan membuat dia lupa latar belakangnya. The beauty and richness made her forget with her background.
-kesertaan: n participation 3 as |at the time| Dia tiba-tiba pingsan serta mendengar berita buruk itu. She was suddenly unconscious at the time hearing that bad news.
-menyertai: v /tr/ 1 accompany |to go somewhere with someone, especially in order to help or take care of him/her| Orang tua harus menyertai anak dibawah 12 tahun Parents have to accompany children under 12 Dia pergi menyertai rombongan presiden He is going to accompany the president party. 2 participate Berapa orang ahli akan menyertai seminar itu? How many experts will participate the seminars?
-mempesertakan: v /tr/ invite sb to be participant.
-menyertakan: v /tr/ 1 make sb be a company Kita akan menyertakan beberapa orang dalam perjalanan ini. We will have a number of people in this tour 2 attach, enclose Bersama ini kami meny(s)ertakan profil perusahaan kami. Here with we enclose the profile of our company.
-menyertai: v participate.
-penyertaan: n invitation of participation. Penyertaan masyarakat dalam rogram itu membuat pekerjaan berjalan lancar. Inviting participation of the people in this program has made the work run smoothly.
-peserta: n participants/

serta2; serta-merta: adv /frm/lu/ spontaneously Serta merta polisi datang setelah mendengar letusan itu. Spontaneously the police came after hearing the shot.
-keserta-mertaan: n spontaneity.

sertifikat; sertipikat: n /frm/lu/ certificate.
-meny(s)sertifikatkan: n formalize (ownership of land, etc.) with a certifi­cate. Tanahnya sudah disertifikatkan His land was officially registered.
-sertifikasi: n the process of rendering a certificate.

sertu1: n /ld/ ablution |a washing or cleansing of the body as a part of religion rite especially after touching sth im­pure (e.g. pig, etc.)|
-meny(s)ertu: v undergo such ablu­tion.

sertu2 {sersan satu}: n first sergeant.

seru; berseru: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 utter a shout, yell “Masuklah” srunya “Come in!” he called. 2 sharp, violent. pertem­puran yang seru. a violent clash.
-menyerukan: v /tr/ 1 call Presiden menyerukan perang terhadap narkoba The president called war against drug. 2 hail (a cab, etc.) Dia mencoba berseru pada sebuah taksi tetapi taksi itu terus berjalan. He tried hailing a taxi/cab, but it drove by 3 yell. Mereka menyerukan ka­ta-kata cabul. They yell out obscenities.  2 proclaim, declare menyerukan azan proclaim the call to prayer. menyerukan perdamaian declare peace.
-penyeru: n announcer.
-penyeruan: n 1 calling, crying 2 appeal.
-seruan: n 1 call, cry, yell. 2 exclama­tion 3 appeal, declaration, proclamation.

seruak; meny(s)eruak: v /frm/lu/ 1 make sb’s way through a narrow passage or dense foliage or a crowd. Amin me­lompat menyeruak mencari jalan lari dari kepungan. Amin leapt up, pushing his way through (the under­brush), trying to find a way out of the ambush. 2 waft out through narrow spaces. Asap menyeruak dari corong. Smoke wafted up from the chimney. Suara radio itu menyeruak sampai jauh. The sound of a radio wafted out faraway.

seru alam: n /frm/lu/ the universe.
-Tuhan seru alam: n The lord of the uni­verse.

serudi; berserudi: adj /ld/ grounded, polished (precious stones).
-meny(s)erudi: v polish by grinding.

seruduk; meny(s)eruduk: v /frm/lu/ 1 go with the head lowered. 2 /Jkt/ ram into. Sebuah mobil menyeruduk sebuah rumah. A car run into a house 3 go into a place obtrusively.
-menyeruduki: v ram into sb/sth again and again.
-terseruduk: keseruduk: v be rammed into. mati keseruduk sapi jantan died after being gored by a bull.
-serudukan: n attack, ramming.

seruling: n /frm/lu/ flute.

serum: n serum.
-meny(s)erum: v treat with serum.

serumah: see rumah:

serupa: adj /frm/lu/ similar: see rupa:

serut: n /Jkt/ carpentry tool, a plane.
-es serut: n refreshment of shaved ice.
-meny(s)erut: v plane sth.
-serutan: n shavings |very thin pieces of something such as wood that are cut from a surface|

serutu: variant of cerutu:

servis1: n /frm/lu/ 1 service (in a hotel, etc.) 2 repair or maintenance.
-menservis: v prepare repair and maintenance (of car, computer, etc.) Dia menservis mobilku dengan baik. He serviced my car well.

servis2: n /ld/ set of crockery (for tea, dessert, dinner, etc.).

sesajen; sesaji; sesajian: n /frm/lu/ ritual offerings.

sesak: adj /lu/ 1 narrow, close. 2 crowded, compressed 3 oppressed
-bersesak-sesak: adj crowded.
-sesak dada/napas: adj short-winded.
-tersesak: v be oppressed Kami adalah minoritas tersesak We are oppressed minority.
-udara sesak: n compressed air.

sesal; menyesal: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 regret |to feel sorry about something you have done and wish you had not done it| Dia menyesal tidak pernah sekolah di perguruan tinggi He regrets that he never went to college. 2 be remorseful |feel of being sorry for doing something very bad| Kevin menunjukkan bahwa dia sangat menyesal akan kejahatannya. Kevin  showed that he was remorseful for his crime. 3 repent |be sorry for something that you have done, used especially by religious people| 4 be sorry Saya selalu menyesal telah menjual mobil tua itu. I always be sorry for selling the old car.
-menyesali: v /tr/ 1 regret 2 repent
-penyesalan: n 1 regret 2 remorse 3 repentance

sesama: see sama:

sesar1: menyesar;mensesar: v /frm/lu/ move or push sth aside. Tolong sesar tirai itu kesamping Please move the curtain aside.

sesar2: n /frm/ fault.
-persesaran: n faulting, faulting sys­tem.

sesar3: n /frm/lu/ caesarean |an operation in which a woman’s body is cut open to take a baby out|
operasi sesar: n caesarean medical operation.

sesat1: v /frm/lu/ 1 lose sb’s way, be on a wrong track. Dia sesat di hutan sejak kemarin He lost his way in the jungle since yesterday 2 go astray, deviate. Kelihatannya ajaran agama mereka itu sesat It seems that the teaching of their religion is going astray.
-ajaran sesat: n heresy.

sesat2: adj /frm/lu/1 wayward Dia seorang wanita sesat. She is a wayward women 2 deviating Dia sedang mengajarkan agama yang sesat He is teaching a deviating religion
-kesesatan: n 1 deviation 2 waywardness 3 lose 4 error.
-menyesatkan1: adj deviating Itu peta yang menyesatkan. It’s a deviating map.
-menyesatkan2: v 1 lead astray, lead sb wayward  2 make sb lose the way or deviate 3 mislead.
-tersesat: v 1 be lost 2 have gone astray 3 be wayward.

sesawi: n /frm/lu/ green vegetable.

Sesdalopbang: variant of sekdalopbang:

sese: n /frm/lu/ cc (centimetre cubic)

sesekali: see kali2:

sesenggukan: v /frm/lu/ gasps, choke  Dia menangis sesenggukan She is weeping with choking sobs.

seseorang: n /frm/lu/ somebody, someone

sesepuh: n /frm/lu/ elders.

Sesko {Sekolah Staf Komando}: n Staff College of the Armed Forces.

Seskogab {Sesko Gabungan}: n Joint Staff College of the Armed Forces.

sesuai1: prep /frm/lu/ 1 according to |in a way that is suitable to a particular situation| Kau akan di hukum sesuai kejahatan yang kamu lakukan. You will be punished according to the crime you did. 2 in accordance Sesuai dengan permintaan anda, kami kirimkan disini contoh produk kami yang terbaru In accordance to your request, here we deliver the example of our newest product.

sesuai2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 suitable |right or acceptable for a particular purpose or situation| Film ini sesuai dengan kebutuhan anak-anak. This movie is  suitable to the need of young children. 2 fitted (the size) |fitted clothes are designed so that they fit closely to someone’s body| jas yang sesuai a fitted jacket 3 matching Ini warna yang sesuai dengan kulitmu This is a matching color with your skin.

sesuai3: v /frm/lu/ 1 fit Apa sepatu ini sesuai ukuran kaki kamu? Does this shoes fit your feet size. 2 agree Apa pengaturan ini sudah sesuai dengan hokum yang berlaku? Does this arrangement agree with the law?
-kesesuaian: n 1 suitableness 2 fitness 3 agreement 4 concurrence 5 compatibility
-menyesuaikan: v 1 adjust |to make small changes to the way you do things in order to feel more comfortable in a new situation or condition| Kita perlu beberapa hari untuk menyesuaikan diri pada tempat tinggal baru ini. We need a few days to adjust ourselves to this new home. 2 fit  Kamu harus menyesuaikan ukuran perabotan dengan luas ruangan. You should fit the size of the furniture to the space of the room 3 accustom |to make yourself or another person become used to something|  Mereka harus menyesuaikan diri pada cuaca dingin. They’ll have to accustom themselves to cold weather. 4 acclimate |to become used to the weather, way of living etc. in a new place, or to make someone do this|  Butuh beberapa hari untuk menyesuaikan tumbuhan baru itu dari ruangan tertutup di laboratorium ke udara terbuka. It takes few days to acclimate new plantlets from closed container in laboratory to open air. 5 adapt  |to change your behavior or ideas to fit a new situation|  Siswa menghadapi masalah dalam upaya menyesuaikan diri di sekolah baru. The students are having trouble adapting to their new school.
-penyesuaian: n 1 adjustment 2 fitting 3 acclamation 4 adaptation

sesuatu: n /frm/lu/ something:

sesudah: prep. /frm/lu/ after

sesumbar: see sumbar:

sesungguhnya: see sungguh:

set1: n /frm/lu/ set satu set perabotan a set of furniture

set2; (me)ngeset: v /tr/frm/lu/ 1 arrange sth 2 typeset 3 trick sb.

setabil: variant of stabil:

setadion: variant of stadion:

setagen: vriant of stagen:

setahu: see tahu:

setala: see tala:

setalen: see talen:

setali: see tali:

setambuk: variant of stambuk:

setambul1: n /Jkt/ fez.

setambul2: variant of stambul:

setan: n /frm/lu/1 satan, devil. kemasukan setan possessed by the devil. 2 evil perang antara kebajikan dan setan a battle between good and evil.
-kesetanan: adj possessed (by the devil)
-meny(s)etan: v behave like a devil, become evil or reckless.
-mempersetankan: v tell sb to go to hell.
-setan alas: n an evil spirit of the forest. ­
-setan liwat: n spontaneous halt in conversation. Kau benar-benar setan alas You are a crazy devil!

setandar: variant of standard:

setangan: n /frm/ kerchief. –syn: /frm/lu/ saputangan

setangga: see tangga:

setara: see tara:

setaraf: see taraf:

setarter: variant of starter:

setasion; setasiun: n /frm/lu/ 1 railway station, depot. 2 pub­lic transportation terminal.
-station bis: n bus terminal.
-stasiun pengamatan: n control tower.

setater: variant of starter:

seteger: n /frm/lu/ 1 step-ladder. 2 scaffolding.

setek: n /frm/lu/ cutting, slip of a plant.
-meny(s)etek: v cut a slip.
-peny(s)etekan: n grafting, cutting.

seteker: variant of steker:

setel1; menyetel: v /frm/lu/ 1 set, suit (of clothes, cards, etc.). 2 tune up 3 adust 4 match, make (sth) compatible.
-penyetelan: n 1 setting 2 adjustment 4 tuning up.
-satu setel: n a set satu setal pakaian a set of clothes  pakaian a suit of clothes. ­
-setel kartu: n deck of cards.
-stelan: n set, suit of clothes.

seteleng: n /frm/lu/ exhibition box or cupboard
-meny(s)etelengkan: v exhibit.

setem1; men(s)etem: v /frm/lu/ 1 vote for sb 2 tune up (a music instrument)
-seteman: n 1voting 2 the result of tuning up

setempat: see tampat:

setempel: n /frm/lu/ official stamp, seal.
-meny(s)etempel: v stamp sth officially.

setengah: num /frm/lu/ a half:  see tengah:

setensil: variant of stensil:

seter: variant of ster:

seterap: variant of setrap:

seterika: n /frm/lu/ iron, flatiron.
-seterika listrik: n electric iron.
-meny(s)eterika: v iron sth.
-seterikaan: n 1 iron. 2 clothes for ironing.

seterom: variant of setrum:

seteru: variant of setru:

seterum: variant of setrum:

setia: adj /frm/lu/ 1 loyal |never changing your feelings and support for a particular person, organization, country, etc| Dia adalah anggota partai yang setia He is a loyal party member 2 faithful |never changing beliefs| Dia adalah seorang pengikut Budha yang setia She is a faithful Buddhist follower
-kesetiaan: n 1 loyalty 2 faithfulness 3 allegiance
-kesetia-kawanan: n solidarity (of friendship)

setiap: /frm/lu/ every;  see tiap:
-setiap hari: adj everyday
-setiap orang: pron everybody
-setiap tempat: adj everywhere
-setiap kesempatan: adv every chance

setiar: see ikhtiar:

setiawan: n /frm/lu/ 1 a loyal person. 2 faithful person.

setik: n /frm/lu/ stitch |one of the small lines of thread where a piece of cloth has been sewn| setik halus pada lengan baju. tiny stitches in the sleeves
-setik silang: n cross-stitch.
-setik balik: n seam.

setimbal; setimpal: see timbal:

setinggil: n /ld/ audience hall.

setip1: n /ld/ convulsive child disease.

setip2: n /frm/lu/ eraser.
-meny(s)etip: v erase (with rubber eraser).

setir: n /frm/lu/ steering wheel (of a motor-vehicle).
-meny(s)etir: v 1 drive, steer. Siapa yang akan menyetir mobil? Who is going to drive the car? 2  control. Dia selalu menyetir suaminya. She always controls her husband.
-meny(s)etiri: v /tr/ drive (a car)
-menyetirkan: v drive a vehicle on behalf of sb.
-peny(s)etir: n driver.
-setir kiri: n left-side steer.

setop; meny(s)etop: v /frm/lu/ stop sth
-kesetop: v 1 be stopped 2 be obstructed. Arus lalu lintas kesetop pawai The traffic was blocked by a parade.
-setopan: n 1 a stop (bus, streetcar). 2 halt |a place where sb waiting or stopping public transportation|

setopeles; setoples: variant of stoples:

setor; menyetor; mensetor: v /frm/lu/1 deposit, make a deposit. 2 pay a rental Dia menyetor uang di bank He deposited the money in a bank . 2 pay a rental fee. 3 put in storage. menyetor 100 ekor sapi store one hundred cattles. 3 /inf./ v defecate
-setoran: n 1 de­posit. 2 rental fee (for taxi drivers, etc., who rent their vehicles). 3 stored (commodity) 4 regular payment .
-peny(s)etor: n 1 pur­veyor, supplier. 2 depositor.
-peny(s)etoran: n 1 deposit­ing 2 process of payment.

setrap: n /frm/lu/ punishment.
-meny(s)etrap: v punish. Gurunya sering menstrap dia His teacher frequently punish him. –

setrat: variant of strat:

setru: n /frm/lu/ enemy, foe.
-bersetru: v 1 be hostile. Mereka bersetru dengan te­tangganya They are hostile to their neighbors. 2 be a foe Dia bersetru dengan adikya He is a foe to his younger brother
-meny(s)etrui: v Jangan mensetrui sso disini. Don’t be hostile toward sb here
-persetruan: n enmity, hostility, animosity .

setrum: n /frm/lu/ electric current.
-meny(s)etrum: v 1 induce 2 electrify, charge Dia sedang mensetrum aki He is charging the bat­tery.
-kesetrum: v get a shock (from electricity).

setubuh: see tubuh:

setuden: variant of student:

setuju: v /frm/lu/ agree: see tuju:

setyakawan: see setia:

sewa1; menyewa: v /frm/lu/ rent, hire Kami menyewa mobil ini sejak bulan lalu. We rent this car since last month

sewa2: n /frm/lu/ rent |the amount of money you pay for the use of a house, room, car etc. that belongs to someone else|  Sewa kantor sangat mahal disini. Office rents are very high here.
-menyewakan: v rent out
-penyewa: n tenant.
-penyewaan: n 1 rental |an arrangement by which you rent something| Ini perjanjian penyewaan. This is the rental agreement. 2 the place where sb can rent sth.
-sewaan: adj rental Ini bukan mobil saya tetapi mobil sewaan This not my car but rental car.

sewot: adj /Jkt/Jv/ furious.

seyot: variant of seok-seok:

SH {Sarjana Hukum}: n Master of Law.

shalat: variant of solat:

sampo: n shampoo:

SE (Sarjana Ekonomi}: n Master of Economics.

sholat: variant of solat:

si1: n /inf/lu/ 1 |definite article used before the names of those with whom the speaker is intimate| Mana si Mat? Where is Mat? 2 |definite article used before a noun referring to a particu­lar person or subject.| si anu or sipolan such-and-such a person. si pengirim sender. 3 definite article used before an adjective refer­ring to the object of the adjective| hikayat si misk in the story of the poor man. Dimana si gendut? Where is Mr. fat?

si2: num /Chn/ four. si ban 40,000. si ban go 45,000.

si3: variant of sih:

siaga1: adj /frm/lu/ ready, alert, well prepared.
-bersiaga: v be on the alert.
-kesiagaan: n alertness, readiness, preparedness.
-meny(si)agakan: v make sb ready or well prepared

siaga2: n /frm/lu/ Boy or Girl Scout (9-13 years old).

sial1: adj /frm/lu/ unlucky, unfortunate  Hari ini hari sial buat kita. Today is unlucky day for us 2 unfortunate Itu satu pertanda sial untuk dia. That is an unfortunate sign for him.

sial2; kesialan: n /frm/lu/ bad luck Apa kamu yakin angka 13 membawa sial? Do you believe that number 13 may bring bad luck?
-sialnya: adv unfortunately Sialnya kami sampai setelah pertandingan selesai Unfortunately when we arrived the game has finished.

sial3: intrj /inf/lu/  damn |exclamation of dissatisfaction| Sial! saya ketinggalan bus. Damn it! I miss the bus.

siamang1: n /frm/lu/ gibbon.

siamang2: n /ld/ wolfram, tungsten.

siang1: n /frm/lu/ 1 daylight period, siang hari |6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.| Ini masih siang. This time is still early (in the evening) 2 p.m. Rapat mulai pukul 1:00 siang. The meeting start at 1:00 p.m.
-kesiangan: adv late in the morning Saya bangun kesiangan I woke up late in the morning.
-makan siang: v take lunch
-makanan siang: n lunch.
-siang ­malam: n day and night.
-sekolah siang: n afternoon class
-siang hari bolong: n noon, midday |12 o’clock in the middle of the day|
-siangan: adv. later before noon Mari kita bertemu siangan supaya kita makan siang bersama. Let’s meet later before noon so we’ll have lunch together.
-waktu makan siang: n lunch time.

siang2: meny(s)iang: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ 1 weed  (of a garden). 2 clean (of fish).
-bersiang: adj clean.
-meny(s)iangi: v /tr/ 1 clear away (weeds, under: growth, etc.). Dia sedang menyiangi rumput di kebun He is weeding in the garden.

sianu: see si:

siap1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 ready Apa kamu siap untuk pergi? Are you ready to go? 2 prepared Segala sesuatunya sudah siap. Everything has been prepared  3 alert Saya tidak merasa cukup siap untuk mengerjakan sesuatu lagi. I didn’t feel alert enough to do any more work. 4 finished Apa pekerjaan rumah kamu sudah siap? Is your home work finished?
-siap-siaga: adj alert, well prepared, ready (to do sth) Kita harus siap siaga mengantisipasi bahaya. We have to be ready to anticipate the danger.
-siap pakai: adj ready to use, tailor made

siap2; kesiapan; kesiap-siagaan: n /frm/lu/ readiness, well preparedness, alertness.
-persiapan: n preparation, precaution, provision, pre arrangement.

siap3: siapkan; menyiapkan: v /frm/lu/ prepare, make ready, make alert, be stand by |usually by a troop| Siapkan pasukan! Gerak! Be stand by.! Move!
-bersiap-siap: v be well prepared 2 be alert. be ready
-mempersiapkan: variant of menyiapkan: v prepare.

siapa1: subj. pron. /frm/lu/ 1 who. Siapa yang datang? Who is coming? Kamu sedang menunggu siapa? Who are you waiting for?

siapa2: obj. pron. //frm/lu/ whom Kamu bicara dengan siapa? Whom are you talking to? Kepada siapa kamu berikan buku itu? Whom did you give the book to?
-siapa saja: pron. whoever

siapa3: poss. pron. /frm/lu/ whose Dompet siapa ini? Whose wallet is this?

siapa: n /frm/lu/ what Siapa nama kamu? What is your name?
Note: Culturally, many Indonesian personify “a name”. This is a reason why in Indnesia someone doesn’t say “what” is your name, but “who” is your name. So, don’t say “Apa nama kamu?” because you may hurt his/her feeling. You must say “Siapa nama kamu” (who = siapa; what = apa).

siar1: siaran1: v /intr/frm/lu/ broadcast Stasiun TV ini siaran dari pukul 5:00 pagi sampai pukul 1100 malam. This TV station broadcasts from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Mereka sedang siaran sekarang They are broadcasting now
-disiarkan: v be broadcasted Berita itu disiarkan pada berita pagi di saluran 10. The news was broadcasted at the morning news channel 10.
-meny(s)iarkan: v /tr/ 1 broadcast 2 spread (news)
-penyiar: n 1 broadcaster 2 news reporter 3 announcer 4 publisher
-penyiaran: n broadcasting, publication.
-siaran: n 1 broadcast |a program on the radio or television| siaran berita a news broadcast 2 publication 3 announcement 4 release, conference siaran pers press release or perss conference.
-tersiar: v be spread out Berita tentang pengunduran diri menteri telah tersiar luas.
The news about the minister resignation has been spread out.

siar2; bersiar-siar: v /frm/ stroll about.

siasat1: n /lu/frm/ 1 secret agent, investigator, intelligence Dia dulu seorang siasat Belanda He was a secret agent of the Dutch 2 /lu/ tactics, strategy Sebelum menyerang kita perlu merancang siasat kita. Before attacking we need to design our strategy. siasat perang war strategy 3 method Dia punya siasat mengajar yang ampuh. She has an effective teaching method
-bersiasat: v use a tactics, method Kamu harus bersiasat melakukan tugas kamu itu You have to use a method in doing your task.
-pensiasatan: n investigation, observation.
-siasati; mensiasati: v investigate, search, monitor, observe. Tolong siasati dulu siapa yang mengambil uang  itu. Please investigate who took the money. Polisi sedang mensiasati siapa dalang dibalik kerusuhan itu. The police is investigating who is the actor behind the chaos.

siasat2: /of/ punishment.
-meny(s)iasatkan: v punish.

sia-sia: adj /frm/lu/ vain, useless, fail |without result| Upaya dia mendirikan sebuah perusahaa dagang berakhir dengan sia-sia. His effert to establish a commercial business has been vain Sia-sia kamu membeli buku ini kalau tidakdibaca. It’s useless that you bought the book if you don’t read it.
-disia-siakan: v be abandoned Ada banyak rumah yang disiasiakan di sekitar ini. There are many abandoned houses around here.
-meny(s)ia-siakan: v waste Jangan (men)si-siakan waktu kamu hanya untuk menghayal. Don’t waste your time just for dreaming.

sibak: v /frm/lu/ part |to pull the two sides of something apart, making a space in the middle| Dia sibak gordin itu dan melihat ke jalan. He parted the curtains and looked out into the street.
-bersibak1: v /intr/ to be separated |separate from someone, or end a relationship with him/her| Waktu mereka  tiba untuk bersibak. The time came for them to be separated.
-bersibak2: v be parted (the hair) Rambutnya besibak Her hair is parted.
-menyibak: v disclose, widely open
-menyibakkan: v move sth aside.Dia menyibakkan buku-buku diatas meja. She pushed aside the books on the table.

sibernetik; sibernetika: n /tech/ cybernetics |the theoretical study of control process in electronics, mechanical, and biological system, especially the mathematical analyses of the flow of information in such system|

sibuk: adj /frm/lu/ 1 busy Dia sedang sibuk bekerja. She is being busy working 3 active Dia selalu sibuk She is always busy.
-kesibukan: n 1 activity 2 bustle.
-meny(s)ibukkan: v keep (sb) busy Kekacauan itu telah menyibukkan polisi The chaos has kept the police busy.

SIC {Surat Ijin Cetak}: n government printing permit.

sidak {inspeksi mendadak}: n /frm/lu/ sudden inspection (of government offices).

sidang; persidangan: n /frm/lu/ 1 session, meeting Sidang akan berlangsung minggu depan. The meeting will take place next Monday. sidang paripurna/pleno ple­nary session. sidang gabungan joint session. sidang raya synod. sidang jemaat congregation. 2 council, group. hakim ­sidang members of the courts. sidang pembaca the reading public |the reader of a certain maga­zine, etc.| sidang pengarang editorial council
-bersidang: v convene, sit in session, conduct a meeting, conduct a court.
-meny(s)idangkan: v 1 take (a case) into a court 3 convene on a matter 4 summon sb to a trial.

sidekap; bersidekap: v /frm/lu/ fold sb’s arms over sb’s chest.

sidi: n /frm/ 1 confirmation (Protestant).
-disidi: v be confirmed.
-sidi besar: n confirma­tion.
-sidi kecil: n 1infant baptism 2 sb who has been confirmed.

sidik1: v /frm/lu/ investigate, examine
-meny(s)idik: v investigate.
-peny(s)idik: n investigator.
-peny(s)idikan: n investiga­tion.
-sidik midik: n scrutiny, close examination.
-sidik selidik: n inves­tigation, inquiry.

sidik2: see fajar:

sidik jari: n /frm/lu/ 1 finger print 2 dactylography |the study of finger prints|

sidomukti: n /Jv/ batik design of dark sym­metrical patterns.

sifat: n /frm/lu/ 1 character |all of the qualities that make one person, place, or thing that makes it different from another| Ada satu sisi yang sangat khusus dalam sifatnya. There’s a very special side to her character. Semua bangunan baru itu sungguh telah merobah sifat kota ini. All the new buildings have really changed the character of this town 2 characteristic |a special quality or feature that someone or something has| . Segala sesuatu mempunyai sifat-sifat khusus Each creature has particular characteristics Apa sifat kusus yang dia miliki? What is his special characteristic. 3 feature. Apa anda dapat menguraikan sifat kusus anjing yang hilang itu? Can you describe the feature of the lost dog? 4 nature, disposition. Itu salah satu sifat kemanusiaan It’s a human na­ture. Saya paham sifat mereka sebagai satu suku. I understand  their nature as an ethnic ­Dia punya sifat pendiam He has quiet disposition. 5 attribute (of God).
-bersifat: v have the quality, character(istic) of. Apa dia besifat bundar? Does it have a round shape? Dia pada dasarnya bersifat penakut. He is cowardly by nature.
-bersifat menyerang: adj aggressive in nature.
-bersifat tetap: adj perma­nent.
-bersifat sementara: adj temporary.
-bersifat gado-gado: adj het­erogeneous.
-mensifati: v 1 characterize, be charac­teristic of. Ringan dan mudah panas mensifati logam aluminium Light weight and heat conductivity characterizes aluminum. 2 characterize sb or sth.
-pensifatan: n characteriza­tion.
-tersifatkan: adj describable.

sigap: adv /frm/lu/ apace, fast, efficiently. Dia selalu sigap berkerja He always work apace (fast)
-kesigapan: n 1 efficiency 2 apace.

sigar: n /ld/ a slice (of fruit that is split open).
-meny(s)igar: v ­part (hair).

sige: variant of sigai:

sih: intrj /frm/lu/ |a particle used to soften questions| Siapa sih yang mengambil buku saya? Who (it could be) took my book?  Berapa sih ini? How much is this, any way? Ada apa sih? Hmm, what is wrong? 2 particle used to mark a topic. Tidak mahal sih! Actually it’s not really expensive! Murah sih murah. Tapi barangnya bagaimana? I know it’s cheap, but of what quality is it? Saya sih tidak menduga akan seperti jadinya. Well I did not expect it to turn out like this.

sihir: n /frm/lu/ black magic, witchcraft.
-meny(s)ihr: v prac­tice black magic on sb. Katanya dia suka menyihir. It’s said that he practice black magic.
-sihiran: n sorcery.
-tersihir: v be suffered from black magic. Kami seperti tersihir waktu itu. We were as if bewitched at that time!

sijundai: n /frm/lu/ magic charm that drives sb mad.
bersijundai: v ­sing as though out of sb’s mind.

sikap: n /frm/lu/ 1 attitude |the opinions and feelings that you usually have about a particular thing, idea, or person|  Peter mempunyai sikap negative terhadap politik. Peter has a negative attitude toward politic. 2 demeanor |the way someone behaves, dresses, speaks etc. that shows what his or her character is like| 3 stand, response |an opinion that you state publicly| Pemerintah daerah belum menentukan sikap dalam hal tersebut. The local government doesn’t take a stand yet on the matter. Grant tidak ingin menentukan sikap dalam kasus ini Grant was unwilling to take a stand (say what his opinion was) on this case.
-bersikap: v /intr/1 behave 2 response 3 take a stand 4 have a certain attitude 5 /Mil./ stand at attention
-menyikapi: v /tr/ show stand point (on sth)
-sikap budi: n kind attitude
-sikap mental:
n mental outlook.
-sikap laku: n1 gesture. 2 way of behaving. 3 posture. Sikapnya tegap He has an erect posture. 4 position. Perbaiki sikap duduk kamu Adjust your sitting position

sikat1: n /frm/lu/ 1 brush 2 (in some regions) comb 3 rake, harrow 4 bunch (of bananas).

sikat2; menyikat: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ 1 brush sth  Dia sedang sikat gigi She is brushing her teeth Jangan lupa menyikat gigi sebelum tidur Don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.  2 comb Pergi kesana sikat rambut kamu Go there and comb your hair. 3 rake, harrow Saya akan menyikat rumput di kebon itu sore ini I’m going to harrow the weeds on the garden this evening 4 wipe out, clean out  Sunami menyikat habis wilayah ini lima tahun lalu. The tsunami wiped out this beach five years ago. 5 take away Pencuri itu menyikat apa saja yang dapat mereka bawa. The thief took away what ever they could bring. 6 devour Anak-anak menyikat habis makanan di meja. The children devoted the food on the table. 7 /sport/ take away (absolutely win) Team kami menyikat semua medali emas pada kompetisi itu. Our team absolutely won all the gold medal from the competition.
-peny(s)ikatan: n 1 brushing, combing, etc. 2 stealing. 3 abrupt removal.
-sikatan1: n stolen goods.
-sikat gigi: n toothbrush.

siklus: n /frm/lu/ cycle.

sikon {situasi dan kondisi}: n /frm/lu/ situation and conditions, circumstances. Itu tergantung pada sikoni. It’s de­pending on the circumstances.

siksa: v /frm/lu/ torture.
-meny(s)iksa: v 1 torture  2  annoy, irri­tate: Itulah hal yang sangat menyiksa. That was the most trou­blesome part of it.
-penyiksa: n ­tormentor, torturer.
-penyiksaan: n torturing, mis­treating. Itu penyiksaan terhadap diri sendiri It’s a torturing for me.
-penyiksa: n ­tormentor, torturer.
-penyiksaan: n torturing, mis­treating. Itu penyiksaan terhadap diri sendiri It’s a torturing for me.
n torture, mistreatment.
-tersiksa: v be tortured.

siku1: n /frm/lu/ 1 elbow 2 /math/ right angle |an angle that is formed by perpendicular lines or an angle of 900| 3 |a tool used to make a right angles (carpenter’s or draftman’s square; curve in road, etc.)|
-bersiku: v have an angle.
-bersiku-siku: v have many bends and turns.Jalannya itu bersiku-siku. The road has a lot of curves.
-meny(s)iku: v 1 nudge 2 elbow sb’s way. 2 form a rectangle 3 curve or bend at a right angle. Jalan ini menyiku This road makes a right­angle curve.
-meny(s)ikukan: v make sth into a right angle, square sth off.
-penyiku: n sth to square off  2 complementary sudut penyiku complementary angle
-siku bedil: n rifle butt.
-siku biku: n zigzag.
-siku ­jalan: n a bend in the road.
-siku kain pembalut: n sling (for the arm).
-siku-sikuan: v nudge each other.

siku2: adj /frm/lu/ right sudut siku right angle

sikut: n /frm/lu/ elbow. sikut jalan intersection, crossroad
-meny(s)ikut: v 1 nudge with elbow. Dia menyikut temannya. She elbowed her friend. 2 deceive, cheat.

sila1: n /frm/lu/ 1 cross-legged. 2 a sitting position with the legs folded and crossed.
-bersila: v sit with the legs crossed.

sila2: n /frm/lu/ principle Pancasila. Five Principles (the way of life of Indonesia as a nation)

silabus: n /frm/lu/ syllabus

silah; silahkan: intrj. /frm/lu/ please Silahkan duduk. Please sit down. Silahkan masuk Please come in.
-mempersisalhkan: v 1 to please 2 invite, ask. Apa kamu sudah mempersilahkan tamu itu untuk makan malam? Have you invited the guests to have dinner?
-dipersilahkan: v be pleased Anda dipersilahkan tinggal disini kalau anda senang. You are pleased to stay here if you want.

silam1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 past (of the time). Itu terjadi pada masa silam It happened in the past time Hari telah silam The day has been past. 2 ago, of the past. Saya pernah kesini sekitar tiga tahun silam I was here about three years ago.
-kesilaman: n 1 darkness 2 the past.  Mereka berbicara tentang kesilaman. They talk about the past.
-meny(s)ilam: v disappear
-meny(s)ilamkan: v darken (sb’s vision).
-tersilam: v be caught by the dark. Mereka tersilam di tengah laut They were caught by the dark  in the ocean.

silam2: variant of selam:

silang: n /frm/lu/ crosswise. intersecting. tanda silang sign of crossing.
-bersilang siur: v /intr/ cross back and forth. crisscross. Berbagai keraguan bersilang siur di  kepalanya. Doubts crisscrossed in her mind.
-bersilang2: adj 1 intersecting sebuah jalan bersilang an intersecting roads
-bersilangan: v /intr/ cross each other, pass each other Dalam perjalanan pulang kerumah saya bersilangan dengan seorang teman lama. On the way back home I passed an old friend
-bersilang1: v 1 be crossed. Dia bersilang kaki He had his legs crossed. 2 look each other Mereka bersilang mata They look each other in the eyes.
-menyilangkan: v /tr/ make sth cross another thing
-persilangan: n 1 intersection  2 junction persilangan rel kereta api railway junction 3 persilangan pendapat disagreement
-silang empat: n crossroads.
-silang melintang: v lie about dis­orderly.
-silang pendapat: v to have different opinion
-silang selimpat: adj 1 complicated. 2 crumpled. rumpled.
-silang selisih/sengketa: n conflict, dispute.
-silang siur: adj crisscrossing.

silap1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 wrong. Saya silap menyebut namanya. I was wrong to spell her name. 2 mistaken Saya sadar bahwa saya sudah melakukan tindakan yang silap I know that I did a mistaken action. 3 silap mata: absent look /prov./ silap mata silap uang absent look, lose the money (if you are absent to pay attention to what you have, what you have will be lost)
-kesilapan: n mistake, error, slip

silap2: adv /frm/lu/ 1 wrongly Saya silap memutar nomernya. I dialled the number wrongly 2 be in error. Kalau silap nanti bisa dipukulin orang ramai-ramai If you slip up, everyone will gang up on you and beat you.
kesilapan: n mistake, slip, error.
-tersilap: v done by mistake.

silat: n /frm/lu/ a martial art native to Indonesia.
-bersilat: v perform this martial art. |a sport such as karate in which you fight using your hands and feet|
-bersilat lidah/ kata: v /idiom/ argue, debate
-dunia persilatan: n the field or the matter of this martial art.

silaturahim; silaturahmi: n /frm/lu/ friendship, good relationship.
-tali silaturahmi: n friendly relationship.

silau: adj /frm/lu/ dazzled, temporarily blinded by the glare. Saya silau karena sinar matahari I was blinded by the sun.
-menyi(s)laukan1: adj dazzling Lampu depan mobil itu menyilaukan mata saya. The head lamp of that car dazzled my eyes.
-meny(s)ilau: v dazzle

silet: n /frm/lu/ razor blade.
-meny(s)ilet: v slice or cut with a razor blade. Dia memotong kertas itu dengan pisau silet He cut the paper using razor.

silhuet: n /frm/lu/ silhouette |a dark shape or shadow, seen against a light background|

silih-(ber)ganti: adv /frm/lu/ alternately, in turns. Seluruh ba­danku terasa dingin panas silih berganti My whole body felt cold and hot in turns.
-bersilih-ganti: v alternate by turns, keep changing alternately. Telepon berdering silih berganti Phones were ringing alternately.
-bersilih: v turn, change into. Malam bersilih siang Night turns into day.
-meny(s)ilih: v 1 change. Dia mensilih baju She changed her dress. 2 shed skin, molt.
-peny(s)ilihan: n alternating, alter­nation.
-silih ganti rugi: n indem­nify.
-silih semilih: adv by turns.

silicon: n /frm/lu/ silicon.

silinder: n /frm/lu/ cylinder.

silinderkop: n /frm/lu/ cylinder head (of a car machine).

silsilah: n /frm/lu/ genealogy, family tree.

silu1: n /frm/lu/ twinge |a sudden pain, or a sudden feeling of a bad emotion felt on hearing a grating sound e.g. chalk drawn across a blackboard|

silu2: adj /frm/lu/ touched, affected Hati saya pilu mendengar jeritan itu My heart was touched to hear that scream.
-meny(s)ilukan1: v 1 cause such a twinge 2 move, affect.
-meny(s)ilukan2: adj touching, affecting.

siluman1: n /frm/lu/ a human who has taken the appear­ance of an animal for farious purposes.

siluman2: adj /frm/lu/ invisible.

silungkang: n /ld/ woven cloth made in Silungkang, West Sumatra.

SIM {Surat Ijin Mengemudi}: n driver’s license.

simaharajalela: see maharajalela:

simak1; meny(s)imak: v /frm/lu/ scrutinize, observe attentively. menyimak masalah scrutinize a problem.
-peny(s)imakan: n listening attentively, monitoring.

simak2; bersimak: v /ld/ gather, group. Mereka – di kamar depan.They gathered in the front room.
-meny(s)imak: v ­gather, collect.
-simakan: n gathering.

simbah; bersimbah: v /frm/lu/ be drenched, be spattered. Dia bersimbah da­rah He was spattered with blood.
-meny(s)imbah: v 1 splash, spatter. Ombak mensimbah pesisir Waves splashed on the beach. 2 break out, appear. Ke­ringat bersimbah di wajahnya. Sweat broke out on his face.
-tersimbah: v be drenched, spattered.

simbar: n /ld/ plant.

simbol: n /frm/lu/ symbol.
-bersimbolkan: v have sth as a symbol. Partai itu bersimbolkan kepala banteng The party  has a bull head as a symbol.
-meny(s)imbolkan: v symbolize.

simbolik; simholis: adj /frm/lu/ symbolic. tanda simbolis a symbolic sign.

simbolisasi: n /frm/lu/ symbolization.

simhul: variant of symbol:

simbur; bersimbur: v /intr/lu/ 1 splash up on. Ombak bersimbur kepantai. The wave splashed up on the beach. 2 be partially enveloped by sth.  pemandangan bersimbur kabut the view was obscured be covering by cloud
-bersimburan: v splash on each other Gadis-gadis itu mandi bersimburan. Those girls bathed while splashing each other.
-meny(s)imburi: v /tr/ splash on sth,  sprinkle (sth) with water. Dia mensimburi daun tembakau subaya basah He sprinkled the tobacco leaves to dampen them.
-meny(s)imburkan: v /tr/ 1 splash sth out. Nani mensimburkan air pada anak itu Nani splashed  water to the child 2 cast a spell on (sb)
-tersimbur; kesimburan: v be splashed.

simetris: adj /frm/lu/ symmetrical.

simfoni: n /frm/lu/ symphony.

simpai1: n /ld/ ring made of rattan or metal string used to fasten sth
-meny(s)impaikan: v put a band around sth  Dia meny(s)impaikan rotan itu pada gendang He put a rattan band around a drum.
-meny(s)impai: v fasten with such ring.
-simpai beduk: n hoop on a big drum.
-simpai besi: n iron band.
-simpai tong: n barrel hoop.

simpan; meny(s)impan: v /frm/lu/ 1 store |to put things away and keep them there until you need them|  Kami menyimpan semua pakaian bekas kami di ruang lantai dasar. We store all our old clothes in the basement. 2 put away. Simpan buku kamu sebelum tidur. Put away your books before going to bed. 3 keep Saya simpan perhiasan saya di laci meja. I keep my accessories in the table drawer Kita harus menyimpan rahasia ini dengan rapat. We have to keep this secret tightly 4 deposit  Ayah menyimpan uangnya di bank. Daddy deposit his money in a bank.
-penyimpanan: n storage Ada sebuah ruang penyimpanan di garasi There’s a storage space in the garage. Perabotan itu dalam penyimpanan sampai kita mendapat rumah baru. The furniture is in storage until we find a new house.
-penyimpan; juru simpan: n archivist, keeper.
-simpanan: n 1 deposit 2 savings 3 stock 4 mistress Dia punya isteri simpanan. He has a mistress.

simpang: n /frm/lu/ branch (of road, etc.)
-kesimpangsiuran: n perplexity.
-menyimpang: v 1 take a side route |go to other direction| 2 deviate
-penyimpangan: n deviation, divergence
-persimpangan (jalan): n (road) intersection, crossroads.
-persimpangan sungai: n river’s branch.
-simpang siur: adj perplexed (news) |not clear or confirm that is sth is true so it make you confuse|  Ada berita simpang siur tentang kasus itu There was a perplexed news about that case.

simpanse: n /frm/lu/ chimpanzee.

simpati: n /frm/lu/ sympathy.
-bersimpati: v sympathize  Ada pihak yang menuduh bahwa mereka bersimpati kepada  gerombolan There are some people accuse them of being sympathize the gang.

simpatik: adj /frm/lu/ 1synphatetic 2 congenial 3 likeable. Dia memang gadis yang simpatik. She is really a sympathetic girl.

simpatisan: n /frm/lu/ sympathizer (of a party, cause, etc.).

simple: adj /frm/lu/ simple, modest,  small in amount.

simplifikasi: n /frm/lu/ simplification.

simpoa: variant of sempoa:

simponi: variant of simfoni:

simposion; symposium: n /frm/lu/ symposium.

simpuh; bersimpuh: v /frm/lu/ sit with the knees bent and folded back to one side.
-tersimpuh: v fall down on sb’s knees. Sesampai di perbatasan dia bersimpuh pada tanah airnya. As he reached the border, he fell down on his knees on his homeland.

simpul1: n /frm/lu/ 1 knot, node 2 kesimpulan: a) conclusion b) summary.
-berkesimpulan: v arrive at a conclusion Kami berkesimpulan bahwa laporan anda dapat diterima. We arrive at a conclusion (we conclude) that your report is acceptable.
-meny(s)impulkan: v 1 button |to fasten something with buttons, or to be fastened with buttons| 2 put on sth and tie it with a knot. Parjo duduk dan menyimpulkan sarung di lehernya. Parjo sat down and tied a sarong around his neck. 3 conclude, summarize. Mereka sedang menyimpulkan hasil pertemuan itu They are concluding the result of the meeting.
-penyimpulan: n concluding |the process of taking a con­clusion|
-simpul hidup/ pulih: n slip-knot |a knot that you can make tighter or looser by pulling one of its ends|
-simpul mati: n permanent knot.
-tersimpul: v 1 be knotted Tali itu tersimpul mati. The string is knotted permanently 2 be concluded Hasil rapat telah tersimpulkan dalam laporan akhir. The result of the meeting has been concluded in the final report. 3 be expressed Kebahagiaan tersimpul dalam senyumannya. Happiness was expressed in her smile.

simpul2: see senyum: senyum simpul |embar­rassed smile|

­sim-sala-bim; simsalabim: n /inf/lu/ magical formula, abra­cadabra.

simultan: adj /frm/lu/ simultaneous.

sinagoga: n /ld/ synagogue |a building where Jewish people go to have religious services|

sinambung; bersinambung: adj /frm/lu/ continuous tahap bersinambung continuous stage, serial.
-berkesinambungan: v be kept in continuity  Saya yakin kerja sama ini akan berkesinambungan di kemudian hari I believe that this cooperation will be kept in  continuity in the future.
-bersambung: v be continued (without an interruption) Kami berharap program ini bersambung. We hope this program will be continued.
-kesinambungan: n continuity Kesinambungan proyek ini sangat tergantung tersedianya dana. The continuity of this project very much depends on the availability of the fund.

sinar: n /frm/lu/ 1 ray, beam 2 gleam
-bersinar1: v /intr/ ­shine Lampu itu bersinar terang The lamp shines brightly
-bersinar2: adj shining Dia punya mata bersinar She has shining eyes.
-meny(s)inari: v /tr/ 1 glitter 2 gleam 3 illuminate 3 irradiate (light)
-peny(s)inaran: n 1 illumination. 2 radiation.
-sinar kosmik: n cosmic ray.
-sunar laser: n laser beam.
-sinar matahari: n sunray.
-sinar seminar: n glittering, radiating (of light).

sindikat: n /frm/lu/ syndicate.

sindir; meny(s)indir: v /frm/lu/ 1 say sarcasm |a way of speaking or writing in which you say the opposite of what you mean in order to make an unkind joke or to show that you are annoyed| “Saya senang kamu datang cepat: kata Jim, menyindir, ketika dia datang terlambat. . “I’m glad you came early,”  said Jim, with heavy sarcasm, when he came late. 2 taunt |to try to make someone upset or angry by indirectly saying something unkind| Anak-anak lain menyindir dia tentang kegemukannya. The other kids taunted him about his weight. 3 say allusion |the act of speaking or writing in an indirect way about something|  Dia menyindir penulis-penulis lain dalam bukunya. He write allusion to other writers in his book.
-penyindir: n 1 sb who taunt 2 sb who write or tell allusion.
-sindiran: n sarcasm, allusion.

sindroma: n /frm/lu/ syndrome.

sinematek: n /frm/ film library.

sinematografi: n /frm/ cinematography.

sinematografis: n /frm/lu/ cinematographic.

sinergi: n /frm/lu/ synergy |the action of two or more substances, organs, organisms, persons, etc. to achieve an effect of which each individually incapable|

singa: n /frm/lu/ 1 lion. 2 /zod./ Leo.
-singa laut: n walrus.

Singapura: n Singapore.

singular: n /frm/lu/ single player.

singgah: v /frm/lu/ stop by, stop in. Saya mau singgah sebentar di kcantor pos. I want to stop by  for a moment at the post office.
-persinggahan: n 1 lodge |a building or a construction in the country where people can stay for a short time, especially in order to do a particular activity| persinggahan pemburu hunting cottage 2 rumah singgah: shelter |a place to live, considered as one of the basic needs of life| Ini rumah singgah untuk tuna wisma This is  a shelter for the homeless

singgang: n /ld/ culinary method for cooking meats in coconut milk.
-ayam singgang: n chicken prepared in this way.

singgasana: n /frm/lu/ throne.
-bersinggasana: v be on the throne.
-meny(s)inggasana: v enthrone.

singgung; menyinggung: v /frm/lu/ touch, nudge.
-bersinggungan: v touch, con­tact each other.
-menyinggung: v 1 touch, contact. 2 of­fend, insult, hurt (sb’s feelings). Apa kata-kata saya menyinggung perasaan kamu? Did my words hurt your feeling? 3 mention (sth) at a glance Dalam rapa titu,  ketua menyinggung soal kenaikan gaji tetapi tidak dibahas secara serius. At the meeting, the chairman at a glance mentioned the raise of the payment but it wasn’t seriously discussed.
-ketersinggungan: n 1 touchiness. 2 state of having been offended.
-persinggungan: n point of contact.
-tersinggung: adj annoyed

singkap; meny(s)ingkap: v /frm/lu/1 reveal |to make something known that was previously secret|  Polisi berhasil menyingkap gerakan dibawah tanah itu. The police successfully revealed the underground movement 2 open Tolong singkapkan gordin itu Please open up the curtains. 3 disclose |to make something known publicly| Menejer Utama tidak menyingkap rincian perjanjian itu. GM did not disclose details of the agreement.
-peny(s)ingkapan: n uncovering, dis­closure.
-tersingkap: v be uncovered, be disclosed

singkat: adj /frm/lu/ 1 brief |using only a few words and not describing things in detail| Saya akan mencoba supaya singkat I’ll try to be brief. sebuah surat singkat a brief letter Inilah berita singkatnya Here is the news in brief  2 singkat padat: concise |short and clear, without using too many words| satu penjelasan yang singkat padat a concise answer 3 short (length, time, story, etc.) Dalam waktu singkat semua masalah itu dapat diselesaikan In a short time all the problems could be solved.
-kesingkatan; singkatan: n 1 shortness 2 briefness 3 abbreviation 4 abstract, resume
-meny(s)ingkat: v 1 abbreviate 2 shorten 3 make (sth) short.
-singkat akal/paham: adj 1 dumb, men­tally limited 2 narrow-minded.
-singkat umur: adj short life.
-singkatnya: /phrs/ in short, in brief.

singkir; meny(s)ingkir: v /frm/lu/ 1 /intr/ step aside Dia menyingkir ketika sebuah mobil lewat. He stepped aside when a car passed 2 get rid (sb/sth) of  Banyak orang menyigkir dari sekitar gunung berapi aktif itu. Many people get rid of the active volcano 3 run/ move away of Mereka menyingkir dari tempat sedang banjir. They moved away from the flooding area.
-menyingkirkan: v /tr/ 1 remove sth away 2 rid sb/sth of 3 put sb/sth away 4 evacuate   5 evade  6 lay aside 7 exclude.
-peny(s)ingkiran: n 1 evacuation. 2 elimination, purge. 3 exclusion.
-tersingkirkan: v 1 be removed aside 2 be shoved aside 3 be evaded Banyak kendala yang tidak tersingkirkan Many problems that couldn’t be avoided.

singkong: n /frm/lu/ cassava.
-singkong gendruwo: n a very big cas­sava.
-singkong mukibat: n large cassava first bred by a man named Mukibat.

singkron: variant of sinkron:

singlet: n /lu/ sleeveless undershirt.

singsing; meny(s)ingsing: v /frm/lu/ rise, lift, roll up, break clear. Awan telah menyingsing tinggi The cloud has lifted high.   Fajar sedang menyingsing. The dawn is breaking (It is daybreak).
-menyingsingkan: v 1 roll 2 tuck up. /prov./ Mari kita menyingsingkan lengan baju ­Let’s role up our shirt’s sleeves.  Means; Let’s ready to work hard.
-singsingso: v, row the boat together (become a title of a very popular folk song in 19th century)
-tersingsing: v be rolled up. Dengan lengan baju tersingsing dia mulai kerja. With rolled up sleeves, he started to work.

sini; disini: adv /frm/lu/ 1 here |in or to this place| Sudah berapa lama kamu tinggal di sini? How long have you been stayed here? Berapa jauh Bogor dari sini. How far is Bogor from here? Kami datang ke sini pada hari Senin lalu We came here on Monday last week. Saya di sebelah sini. I’m over here. 2 there, where the recipient is (in letters or long distance call only) Bagaimana cuaca disini? How is the weather there? 3 I, we |on my. our, this side in a meeting, conference, or formal conversation| Disini tidak keberatan soal itu. Our side don’t have any objection on this matter.

sini2: intrj /inf/ Sini, pakai telepon saya. Here, use my phone.

sinis: adj /frm/lu/ 1 cynical. Suaminya menyambut kami dengan senyum sinis. Her husband welcomed us with a cynical smile 2 scornful |express with an unkind way that you think a person, idea, or suggestion is stupid or not worth accepting| Dia penuh rasa sinis terhadap apa saja pendapat orang yang tidak setuju dengan dia. He scorned the opinions of anyone who disagreed with him.
-kesinisan: n 1 sarcasm, scorn. 2 cynicism.

sinisme: n /frm/lu/ 1 sarcasm, scorn. 2 cynicism.

sinkretisme: n /frm/lu/ syncretism.

sinkron: adj /frm/lu/ synchronous.
-mensinkronkan: v synchronize.
-sinkronisasi: n synchronization.

sinode: n /frm/ synod |used by Christian churches|

sinonim: n /frm/lu/ synonym.
-kesinoniman: n synonymy.

sinopsis: n /frm/lu/ synopsis.

sinoptik: adj /frm/lu/ synoptics.

sinterklas: n /frm/lu/ Santa Claus.

sintese: n /frm/lu/ synthesis.
-mensintesikan: v synthe­size.

sintetis: adj /frm/lu/ synthetic.

sinting: adj /frm/lu/ crazy. Banyak orang mengatakan bahwa dia itu sinting. Many people say that he is crazy.
-kesintingan: n craziness, oddness.

sinus: n /frm/lu/ sine.

sinyal: n /frm/lu/ 1 signal  2 railway crossing light.
-meny(s)inalkan: v give a signal.

sinyalemen: n /frm/lu/ indication 2 assumption, suspi­cion. Ada sinyalemen bahwa dia terlibat dalam perdagangan anak itu. There is an indication that he was involved in that child trafficking.

sinyalir; mensinyalir: v /frm/lu/ 1 call attention to, point out 2 predict, wonder about  Menteri perdagangan mensinyalir akan terjadinya deflasi dalam waktu dekat. Minister of trade predict that there will be a deflation in the near future.

siomai: n /lu/ steamed ravioli filled with meat and open on the top.

sip: intrj. OK!, fine!, great!  “Boleh saya bergabung?” “Sip” “Can I joint you?” “OK!”

Sipenmaru {Seleksi penerimaan mahasiswa baru}: n en­trance test to the state university system.

sipil1: n /frm/lu/ civilian |anyone who is not a member of the military or the police| Banyak sipil yang tidak bersalah terbunuh dalam serangan itu. Many innocent civilians were killed in the attack

sipil2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 civil |relating to the people or things in a country that are not part of military or religious organizations| Kami kawin di kantor pencatatan sipil. We were married in a civil marriage recording office. (not in a religious marriage institution)  Dia pergi dengan pakaian sipil He went wearing civil clothe. 2 teknik sipil: civil engineering.

sipilis: n /frm/lu/ syphilis.

sipir: n /frm/lu/ jailer.

sipit1: adj /frm/lu/ squinted (of the eyes) |if the opening of sb’s eyes is a little narrow not very wide and doesn’t shape round – usually addressed to a Chinese|
-meny(s)ipitkan: v squint or narrow (sb’s eyes).

sipit2: variant of sempit:

sipolan: see polan:

sipulut: see pulut:

siput: n /frm/lu/ snail.

siram; bersiram: v /frm/lu/ 1 be drenched (with water, liquid). Dia bersiram air hujan He was drenched by the rain  2 take a shower (He bathed, pour­ing water over himself) 3 bathe (of roy­alty).
-menyiram: v /intr/tr/ 1 water |to pour water on a plant or seeds in the ground to help them grow| Kita harus meny(s)iram rumput ini setiap hari selama musim kering. I have to water the lawn every day during the dry season. 2 pour |to flow quickly and in large amounts| Kami berharap hujan akan meny(s)iram tanah kering ini dalam waktu dekat. We expect the rain will pour this dry land soon. 3 sprinkle |to scatter small drops of liquid or small pieces of something onto something else| Petani itu sedang menyiram sawahnya dengan urea. The farmer is sprinkling the rice field with urea 4 flush |if you flush a toilet or it flushes, you make water go through it to clean it. Apa kamu sudah menyiram kakus itu? Have you flushed the toilet?
-meny(s)irami: v 1 water (sth) 2 cascade (sth)
-penyiraman: n 1 watering 2 pouring  3 flushing
-siraman: n 1 pour 2 cascade 3 flush 4 sprinkle
-siraman rohani: n spiritual cascading |prayer, sermon, hymn, etc. that is given to sb fulfilling his/her spiritual need – this words mostly used by Christian followers|

sirap1: v /frm/lu/ slightly raised sth.
-meny(s)irapkan: v 1 raise slightly Angin menyirapkan atap itu The wind lifted the roof slightly. 2  scare sb |make sb’s hair on nape of neck raised|
-tersirap darah: v be scared to death |suddenly startled and ter­rified|  Setiap kali telepon berdering darahnya tersirap. Each time the phone rang he was scared to death.

sirap2: n /frm/lu/ shingle |one of many thin pieces of wood or other material used for covering a roof or a wall|
-bersirap: v be shingled. Atapnya bersirap The roof is shingled.
-atap sirap: n shingle roof.

sirap3: variant of sirep:

sirat: n /frm/lu/ mesh, network.
-meny(s)irat: v make a knot.
-meny(s)irat­kan: v imply
-siratan: n a knot, knit (of string) 2 im­plication (of an idea, speech, sentences, etc.)
-tersirat1: adj 1 implied Apa yang tersirat dalam pernyataannya? What was implied by his statement? 2 knotted. tali yang tersirat knotted string.
-tersirat2: v be implied, implicit. Apa yang kamu tanyakan itu telah tersirat dalam makalah saya. What you are asking for has been implied (implicit) in my paper.

sirene: n /frm/lu/ siren.
-sirena kebakaran: n fire alarm.

Siria: n Suriah

sirih: n /frm/lu/ betel vine.
-makan sirih: v chew betel.
-meny(s)irih: v chew betel.
-meny(s)irihi: v offer betel to sb 2 offer sth to  guests as a symbol of welcoming
-makan sirih: v chew betel.
-meny(s)irih: v chew betel.
-meny(s)irihi: v offer betel to sb 2 offer sth to  guests as a symbol of welcoming
-/idom/ 1 sirih kuning: a pretty girl. 2 sirih pulang ke gagang: proper, fitting.

sirik1: adj /frm/lu/ envious. Dia selalu sirik pada keberhasilan temannya.He was always envious of his friend success

sirik2: variant of syirik:

sirip: n /frm/lu/ fish fin.
-sirip dada: n pectoral fin.
-sirip sayap: n flap (on plane).
-sop sirip ikan hiu: n shark fin soup.

sirkaya: variant of serikaya:

sirkel: adj /frm/lu/ circle.

sirkit; sirkuit: n /frm/lu/ circuit

sirkulasi: n /frm/lu/ circulation.

sirkuler: adj /frm/lu/ circular.

sirkus: n /frm/lu/ circus.

sirlak: n /frm/lu/ varnish.

sirna: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 disappear 2 vanish from sight
-meny(s)irnakan: v /tr/ 1 abolish 2 extinguish 3 obscure

sirsak: n /frm/lu/ soursop (fruit)

sirup: n /frm/lu/ syrup |fruit concentrate for drinks|

sisa: n /frm/lu/ 1 residue, remainder, the rest of sth  2 remnant |a small part of something that remains after the rest has been used or destroyed| sisa kuil dari abad ke-14 the remnants of a 14th century castle
-bersisa: v to have sth left,  be left over. Kalau diambil dua,  sisa tiga If you take two, you will have three left.
-meny(s)isakan: v 1 leave some be­hind. Jangan ambil semua uangnya, kamu perlu menyisakan sebagian. Don’t take all the money, let some left behind 2 set aside (for later).
-sisa makanan: n leftovers from a meal.
-sisa rasa: n aftertaste.
-tersisa: v be left(over).

sisi1: n /frm/lu/ side. flank Disisi lain kita ingin pertumbuhan ekonomi meningkat. On the other side. we want the economic growth to increase.
-sisi kanan dan kiri: n right and left side.
-sisi miring segi tiga siku: n hypote­nuse
-sisi rumah: n side of the house.

sisi2: prep. /frm/lu/ 1 beside Dia duduk disisi ibunya. She sat beside her mother 2 kesisi: to the side
-bersisian: prep. adv side by side. Mereka selalu duduk bersisian, They always sit side by side
-mengesisikan: v 1 left behind 2 ignore
-menyisi: v 1 move to the side. 2 go along the side of sth Perahu itu menyisi sepanjang sungai. The boat went along the riyer’s edge.
-menyisikan: v move sth to the side.

sisih; meny(s)isih: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 move to give way, get out of the way. Tolong menyisih ada kereta mau lewat Please get of the way, there is a cart going through 2 locate sepa­rately Mereka bangun rumahnya menyisish dari lokasi perumahan. They build their house separately from the housing area 3 go aloof Dia selalu pergi menyisih dari kelompok kami She always go aloof from our group.
-meny(s)isihkan: v /tr/ 1 set sth aside, put sth to the side. Dia mensisihkan rambutnya terurai di atas pundaknya She pushed away her hair that hung over her shoulder. 2 reject, ignore. Pada awalnya saya menyisihkan soal-soal yang sulit At the beginning I ignore the complicated problem (question) 3 /sport/ eliminate. Kami yakin akan dapat menyisihkan team itu pada tahap seleksi. We believe that we’ll eliminate that team at the selection stage   -penyisihan: n 1 elimination 2 selection Dia gagal pada tahap penyisihan. She failed at the selection stage.
-tersisih: v be eliminated, be isolated, be set apart, be ignored.

sisik: n /frm/lu/ 1 scale |the small flat pieces of hard skin which cover the bodies of animal such as reptiles , fish, etc| 2 turtle shell, esp. as article of commerce. 3 outer dry skin of a tree 4 the upper layer of the soil.
-besisik: adj scaly.
-meny­(s)isik: v become (like) scales. Permukaan air susu itu mulai menyisik. The surface of the milk starts to become like scales.
-menyisiki: v scale |to remove the scales from a fish|
-/idiom/ Dia minta sisik lele. She want sth that is impossible (catfish is a freshwater fish that has no scale)

sisip; menyisip: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ 1 insert 2 penetrate (between two objects or two fulfil a narrow space)
-bersisipkan: v to have sth inserted in it.
-menyisipkan: v /tr/ 1 insert (sth) Dia menyisipkan kartu kreditnya ke dompet. She inserted her credit card into a wallet 2 slip (sth) into a narrow space Dia menyisipkan sebuah pistol di antara pinggang dan sabuknya He slipped a pistol between his waist and belt.
-menyisipi: v /tr/ insert into (sth)
-penyisipan: n 1 insertion 2 completion |the act or state of meeting a discrepancy| Tiap kotak perlu 20 potong, karena kita baru punya 18 poton g jadi kita perlu penyisipan 2 potong lagi.Each box needs 20 pieces. Since we have only 18 pieces so we need a completion of two more pieces.
-kesisipan: v get sth inserted into sth by accident.

sisir1: n /frm/lu/ 1 comb. 2 rake 3 bunch (of bananas) Ada sesisir pisang di keranjang. There is a bunch of banana on the basket.
-bersisir: adj combed Rambut saya belum bersisir. My hair isn’t combed yet.
-menyisir: v /tr/ 1 comb Bu, boleh sisir rambut saya? Mom, could you comb my hair? 2 rake Petani menggunakan kerbau menyisir sawahnya. The farmer use a caribou to rake their rice field 3 trace |to search a place in order to find sth| Polisi menyisir pinggir sungai mencari anak hilang itu. The police traced the river bank to find the lost child.

sisir2: variant of susur:

Siskamling {Sistem Keamanan Lingkungan}: n 1 neighbourhood security system. 2 participate in this system.

sistem: n /frm/lu/ 1 system 2 procedure.
-bersistem: v be systematic |have a system|
-mensistemkan: v systematize.
-sistematisasi: n systematization.
-sistematik: adj systematic.
-sistematis: adj systematic.
-sistem kerja: n working procedure  .

sister: variant of suster:

sistim: variant of system:

sisurut: see surut:

siswa: n /frm/lu/1 male students (at secondary school, vocational schools, training institutes the participants of  which are considered adolescent).

siswi: n /frm/lu/ female students (at the mentioned level)

SIT {Surat Izin Terbit}: n written authorization to publish sth.

sita; meny(s)ita: v seizure, confiscate  Polisi menyita mobil curian itu sebagai bukti di pengadilan. Police confiscated the stolen car as a proof in the court.  2 consume, take (sb’s time or attention). Polemik ini telah banyak menyita perhatian politisi. The polemic has consume the politician attention. Permainan computer telah menyita banyak waktu kamu. Computer game took much of your time.
-penyitaan: n confiscation, seizure.
-sitaan: n confiscated (goods)
-tersita: v be confiscated.

sitegang: see tegang:

siti: n /lu/ 1 title for a woman of noble lineage.
-Siti Mariam: n /Isl./ 1 Mary, the mother of Jesus 2 a common woman’s name.

sitir1; meny(s)itir: v /frm/lu/ 1 cite, quote  Dia menyetir ucapan Sukarno He cited Sukarno’s words. 2 drive (a car) 3 influence, direct (sb’s opinion or action).
-stiran: n citation, quotation.

sitir2: n /frm/lu/ steering wheel.

sitokar: variant of stoker:

situ1: prep /frm/lu/ there 1 di situ: over there (somewhere you point but not very far away). Taruh saja di situ. Put it over there. 2 ke situ: over (toward) there Saya mau pergi ke situ I’m going over there 3 from there Saya mengambilnya dari situ. I took it from there.

situ2: pron. /inf/ you Kan situ yang bilang pada saya. You told me that, didn’t you.

situ2: n /Snd/ 1 lake 2 dam

situasi: n /frm/lu/ 1 situation, circumstances 2 location, the way sth is located.
-mensituasikan: v situate sth (on a site, etc.).

situs: n /frm/lu/ archaeological site.

siuk; meny(s)iuk: v /frm/lu/ groan, moan. Orang  itu sedang menyiut kesakitan. That person is groaning from pain.

siul: n /spo/ sound of whistling.
-bersiul: v whistle a) |to make a high or musical sound by blowing air out through your lips|  Adam bersiul pada kita dari seberang jalan. Adam whistled at us from the other side of  the street.
-siulan: n 1 whistle (of a person) 2 whistle (of a train) 3 twitter (of a bird)
-peny(s)iul: n whistler.

siuman: v /frm/lu/ become conscious Dia sudah siuman beberapa menit yang lalu He has been conscious since a few minutes ago.

siung1: n /frm/lu/1 canine tooth. 2 fang, tusk. 3 clove (of garlic).
-siung bawang putih: n clove of garlic.

siung2: n /spo/ sound of buzzing.
-bersiung: v whiz Sebuah peluru bersiung dekat telinganya A bullet whizzed by his ears.

siur1: n 1 /spo/ sound of leaves rustling
-bersiur: v make a rus­tling sound.
-bersiuran: v rustle, whistle (of many things). Angin bersiungan sepanjang malam The wind rustled all night long.

siur2: see silang:
-simpang-siur: adj 1 perplexed (news) |not clear or confirm if sth is true so it make you confuse|  Ada berita simpang siur tentang kasus itu There was a perplexed news about that case. 2 criss-cross: see simpang; see siur:

SIVA {Surat Impor Valuta Asing}: n foreign exchange import permit.

sivil: variant of sipil:

sivilisasi: n /frm/lu/ civilization.

siwar {psychological war}: n /frm/lu/ psychological warfare.

sk. {surat kabar}: n newspaper.

SK {Surat Keputusan}: n decree.
-meng-SK-kan: v issue a decree for sth
-peng-SK-an: n issuing of a decree.

skak: variant of sekak:

skala: n /frm/lu/ scale (of map, etc.).

skandal: n /frm/lu/ scandal.

skat: n /frm/lu/ 1 ice skates. 2 skating. skat indah figure-skating.

skema: n /lu/ 1 scheme, sketch. 2 chart, diagram.
-skematis: adj schematic.

skenario: n /frm/lu/ scenario. skenario politik political scenario.

skeptikus: n /frm/lu/ a skeptical person.

skeptis: adj /lu/ skeptical.

skeptisi: n /frm/lu/ skeptic person.

sket, skets, sketsa: n /frm/lu/ sketch.
-mensketkan: v sketch.

sketsel: n /frm/lu/ partition.

skop: n /frm/lu/ 1 shovel 2 spade.

skor: n /frm/lu/  score, point (of game)
-penskoran: n scoring.

skors; menskor: v /frm/lu/ 1 suspend sb Rapat akan diskor selama satu jam The meeting will be suspended for an hour  2 ad­journ Proyek akan di skors karena cuaca buruk. The project will be adjourned due to bad weather
-penskorsan: n suspension.

skorsing: n /frm/lu/ suspension (of student, sportsman, etc.).

skrining: n /frm/lu/ scrcening (of applicants, us. for security reasons).
-menskrining: v screen.

skripsi: n /frm/lu/ a paper as a pre-requisite to obtain S1 degree.

skuadron; skwadron: n /frm/lu/ squadron.

skuter: n /lu/ motor-scooter.

slada: variant of selada:

slagorde: n /frm/lu/ battle-array.

slang1: n /frm/lu/ tube, hose.
-slang kebakaran: n fire hose.

slang2: variant of selang:

slebor1: adj /Jkt/ mudguard, fender.
-slebor baru: n 1 new haircut. 2 new mudguard.

slebor2: adj /lu/inf/ unconventional.

slentik; meny(s)elentik: v /frm/lu/ 1 snap sb or sth with index finger. 2 reprimand sb

SLJJ {Sambangan Langsung Jarak Jauh}: n Long Distance Call (of telephone)

slogan: n /frm/lu/ slogan.
-menslogankan: v utter sth as a slogan, make sth into a slogan.

sloganisasi: n /frm/lu/ sloganizing.

sloganisme: n /frm/lu/ mentality characterized by excessive use of slogans.

sloki: n /frm/lu/ 1 shot glass. 2 a shot (of liquor).
-bersloki-sloki: adv by the shot.

Slt. {selatan}: n South.

sM. {sebelurn Masehi}: n B.C. (before Christ}

SM {Sarjana Muda}: n academic degree similar to the baccalaureate.

SMA {Sekolah Menengah Atas}: n Upper Secondary School |a 3-years schooling program, after 9th grade, or  before academic program|

smir: variant of semir:

smokel: variant of semokel:

SMP {Sekolah Menengah Pertarna}: n Lower Secondary School. |a 3-years schooling programs after 6th grade, and before SMA|

so: adv /East Ind/ 1 already 2 have, has |as a past participle of the following verb|  see sudah:  Dia so pergi kerja She has gone to work.

soal: n /frm/lu/ 1 problem, question (of a test or examination) Soal-soal ujian itu akan dibagi dalam tiga  kategori. The problems of the test will be divided into three categories 2 persolanan: difficulties |matter or difficult situation or condition that has to be dealt with or has to be solved| Saya sedang menghadapi banyak persoalan dalam proyek ini. I’m facing a lot of difficulties in this project 3 matter |a subject or situation that you have to think about or deal with, often one that causes problems| Sejumlah soal penting telah didiskusikan dalam rapat itu. Several important matters were discussed at the meeting. Apa dia bersalah adalah soal yang akan diputuskan oleh pengadilan Whether he is guilty is a matter for the court to decide. Hanya akan membuat persoalan menjadi lebih rumit kalau kamu mengajukan keberatan. It will only make the matters worse if you complain. 4  soal apa: what about  Soal apa ini semua? What is this all about? 5 soalnya: the thing Soalnya, kita tidak punya cukup dana untuk itu. The thing is, that we don’t have enough fund for it.
-bersoal; bersoal-jawab: v argue each other Mereka sedang bersoal-jawab di dalam They are arguing each other inside.
-mempersoalkan: v /tr/ to question |take sth to discuss with or to have an objection with| Saya tidak bermaksud mempersoalkan rencana kamu, tetapi saya perlu penjelasan lebih lanjut. I don’t want to question your plan, but I need more explanation.
-meny(s)oal: v argue, debate
-soal-jawab: n argument Soal jawab dalam perdebatan itu menunjukkan bahwa banyak orang sudah peduli dengan lingkungan. The arguments that happened in the debate showed that many people has concerned with the environment. Wilson yakin bahwa tidak ada soal narkoba di sekolah Wilson believe that there isn’t a drug problem in the school. Kapan pertama soal ini muncul? When did the problem first arise/occur?

sobat: n /frm/lu/1 friend 2 comrade (among communists).
-bersobat: v be friends.
-meny(s)obati: v make friends with sb Dia pandai menyobati orang kaya. He is good at making friends with rich people.
-persobatan: n friendship.
-sobat kental: n close friends.

sobek: adj /frm/lu/ torn, ripped.
-meny(s)obek: v tear, rip /tr/
-meny(s)obek-nyobek: v re­peatedly tear.
-meny(s)obekkan: v /tr/ 1 cause sth to be torn. Waktu mencuci, tidak sengaja dia menyobekkan baju anaknya While washing, she accidently tore her son’s shirt. 2 tear sth on for sb. Biar saya sobekkan untuk kamu Let me tear it for you.
-tersobek: v be torn up. Rok saya tersobek ketika saya melompat. My skirt was torn up when I jumped.
-sobekan: n torn piece. sobekan kain a torn piece of cloth.
-penyobek: n sb  who takes (and tears) tickets, ticket-taker.

soda: n /frm/lu/ soda (of various substances containing sodium).
-soda api: n caustic soda.
-soda kue: n baking soda .
-soda gembira: n drink of sodium water with red syropi.

sodok; sodok-sodokan: v /inf/lu/ poke each other
-meny(s)odok: v thrust; poke. Dia menyodok perut saya dengan sikunya. He poked my belly with his elbow.
-meny(s)odoki: v poke (several times in several places).
-meny(s)odokkan: v /tr/ use sth to poke or to thrust Dia menyodokkan tongkat itu ke perut saya He use the stick to poke my belly.
-sodokan: n 1 poke 2  shot (in billiards). 3 instrument to poke or thrust.

sodomi: n /frm/lu/ sodomy.

sodor; meny(s)odorkan: v /frm/lu/ 1 hand |to pass something to someone else| Dia menyodorkan makanan kecil diatas baki kepada tamu She hand the refreshment on the try to the guests. 2 suggest  Mereka menyodorkan dua pilihan tentang cara pembayaran. They offered two option of the payment procedure. 3 offer Penjaja dijalanan menyodorkan miuman kepada turis yang lewat. The vendors offer soft drink to the passing tourist.
-penyodror: n sb who offer, hand sth
-penyodoran: n of­fering.

sofa: n /frm/lu/ sofa .

sofball: n /frm/lu/ softball.

sofistikait: adj /frm/lu/ sophisticate

sogok: n /frm/lu/ bribery.
-menyogok: v bribe Jangan coba menyogok dia, karena dia seorang yang jujur. Don’t try to bribe him, he is an honest person.
-penyogokan: n bribery

sohor; tersohor: adj /frm/lu/ 1 famous 2 popular.
-meny(s)ohorkan: v make sb or sth fa­mous or popular .
-kesohoran: n fame, popularity

sok: v /frm/lu/1 as if, pretend 2 act like Dia sok pintar He act as if he is smart. Dia sok paling tahu diantara kita. She pretends to be the most knowledgeable between us. 3 show Dia hanya sok saja. That man just show off  4 put on airs.

sok2: n /frm/lu/ 1 stocking, sock 2 socket |pipe connector|

sok3: variant of syok:

sokbreker: n /inf/lu/ shock absorber, sock breaker

sokoguru: n /frm/lu/ central or main pillar (of a construction, house, building, etc.) 2 principle factor or component of sth

sokong; penyokong: n /frm/lu/ 1 prop 2 support.
-meny(s)okong: v 1 prop up, sup­port. Ada delapan tiang yang menyokong atap itu. There are eight posts to prop/ support the roof  2 support Orangtuanya sepenuhnya menyokong dia untuk masuk perguruan tinggi. His parents fully support him to go to college
-sokongan: n 1 support 2 aid 3 contribution
-penyokong: v 1 supporter 2 sponsor 3 backer 4 upholder  5 contributor

sol1: n /inf/lu/ sole |the bottom part of a shoe, not including the heel|
-mensol: v sole |to put or repair shoes’ sole|

sol2: n /frm/lu/ sol |the 5th musical major note|.

solar: n /frm/lu/ diesel fuel.

solat: n /Isl./ 1 ritual prayers and actions performed five times daily 2 solat Ied: ritual prayer celebrating end of fasting month. 2 perform such prayers.
-ber­solat: v perform such ritual prayers.

soldadu: variant of serdadu:

solder; mensolder: v /frm/lu/ |to join metal surfaces together or to repair them using melted metal|
-solderan: n 1 soldering tool 2 soldered spot or connection
-pensolderan: n soldering.

soleh: variant of saleh:

solek: adj /frm/lu/ well-dressed, stylish.
-bersolek: v 1 apply sb’s make­up. 2 dress up (of women).
-meny(s)oleki: v apply make-up to sb
-pesolek: n 1 sb who uses makeup. 2 a woman who likes to dress up.

solidaritas; solidaritet: n /frm/lu/ solidarity.

solider: adj /frm/lu/ being in solidarity with Dia salalu solider terhadap temannya He always  be in solidarity with his friend.
-kesolideran: n solidarity.

solis: n /frm/lu/ soloist.

solo: adj /frm/lu/ single, solo.

Solo: n a famous city in central Java, Surakarta.

solok: n /ld/ gift, contribution in kind.
-meny(s)olok: v kindly contribution.

solokan: variant of selokan:

sombong: adj /frm/lu/ arrogant, conceited.
-bersombong: v act in an ar rogant or conceited way.
-kesombongan: n 1 arro­gance, boast 2 vanity, conceit.
-menyombong: v be arrogant, be self-assertive, boast.
-menyombongi: v be arrogant to sb Dia menymbongi teman-temannya. He is arrogant with his friends.
-menyombongkan: v boast, brag, have vanity about sth Dia sering menyombongkan kekayaan orangtuanya. He frequently boasts about his parents’ wealth. Jangan menyombongkan diri, itu tidak baik. Don’t have vanity about yourself, it’s not good.

sompret2: variant of slompret:

sondang1; meny(s)ondang: v /ld/ 1 lift, raise on sb’s head or shoul­ders.

sondang2: n /Btk/ bright light

sonata: n /frm/lu/ sonnet.

songkok: n /ld/ rimless fez-like cap made of velvet.

songpia: n /Chn/ small fried spring-roll filled with finely shredded meat.

songsong1: n /Jkt/ ceremonial umbrella of roy­alty.
-bersongsong: v carry or use the royal umbrella.
-menyongsong: v welcome. Rakyat menyongsong kedatangan presiden The people welcomed the arrival of the president. 2 commemorate. Pidato menyongsong Hari Kemerdekaan speech commemorating Independence Day. 3 carry out (sb’s wishes, etc.). Dia pergi ke makam ayahnya menyongsong permintaan ibunya He went to his fa­ther’s grave to carry out his mother’s wish.
-peny(s)ongsong: n 1 greeter 2 receptionist |sb who is appointed to welcome or receive the coming guests|
-penyonsongan: n greet­ing, welcoming
-songsongan: n welcome.

songsong2: prep. /frm/lu/ against.
-bersongsong: prep. go out against sth
-menyongsong: v ­oppose Pelayaran akan menyongsong angin kencang. The sailing will oppose strong wind (He sailed against a strong wind) Dia menyongsong kebijaksanaan  pemerintah He opposed the government policy

sono1: n /Jv/ place, centre, sono budoyo culture centre

sono2: /Jkt/ variant of sana:

sontak1: adj /frm/lu/ torn, damaged, broken off.
-meny(s)ontak: v mutilate, disfigure.

sontak2; menyontak: v /frm/lu/ tug at, give a (sudden) jerk at. Dia tiba-tiba menyontak kudanya He gave his horse a sudden jerk.
-mendadak sontak: adv suddenly
-tersontak: v 1 be astonished 2 suddenly surprised. Saya tersontak mendengar berita itu I was astonished hearing that news. 3 shocked.

sontek; meny(s)ontek: v /frm/lu/ 1 push away 2  copy, cheat in class, crib.

sontoloyo: intrj. /inf/  exclamation of disapproval or dislike, damn you!

sop: n /frm/lu/ soup.
-(me)ngesop: v make soup for dinner.
-meny(s)opkan: v make soup of (sth) or make sth soup. Sopkanlah tulang ini Make soup of this bone!
-sop ayam: n chicken soup.
-sop buntut: n oxtail soup.
-sop tito: n pork-tripe soup.

sopan: adj /frm/lu/ 1 polite Tidak sopan bicara saat ada makanan dimulut anda. It’s not polite to talk with food in your mouth. 2 well mannered Dia seorang pemuda sopan. He is a well-mannered young man 3 civilized Itu bukan cara sopan bicara kepada seorang wanita tua. That’s not the civilized way to talk to an old woman. 4 full of etiquette Dia adalah seorang pria sopan (penuh sikap sopan) He is a man with full of etiquette
-bersopan santun: v behave politely
-kesopanan: n 1 politeness 2 good manner 3 polite behaviour
-sopan-santun: n 1 etiquette 2 good manner

sopir: n /frm/lu/1 driver 2 chauffeur
-menyopiri: v drive a motor vehicle
-disopiri: v be driven by Mobil yang disopiri saudara saya itu adalah mobil ayah. The car that was driven by my brother is my Daddy’s car

sopran: n /frm/lu/ soprano.

sorak: n /frm/lu/ applause, cheering.
-bersorak sorai; bersorak-sorak: v cheer, yell (loudly).Mereka bersorak-sorai menonton sepakbola itu They cheer loudly watching the football
-pemandu sorak: n 1 cheer leaders 2 vocal sup­porter.
-sorakan: n cheers, yells.
-sorak-sorai: n loud cheering.

sorang: adj /ld/ alone. Nyonya itu datang sorang diri The lady came alone.
-sorangan: adj alone, by sb’s self
-sorangan wai: adj all alone, single.

sorban: variant of serban:

sore: n /frm/lu/ afternoon, early evening (between three and six p.m.).
-sore hari: prep. in the afternoon.
-nanti sore: n this afternoon or evening .
-sorenya: n 1 the following afternoon 2 at the afternoon Waktu pagi ia bekerja ­sorenya kuliah. He works in the mornings and goes to college in the afternoons.
-kesorean: adj too late (in the afternoon). Mereka datang kesorean They arrived too late in the afternoon.

sorga: variant of surga: heaven.

sori: conj. Sorry, Excuse me!

sorong1: adj /frm/lu/ sliding, pushing.
-pintu sorong: n sliding door.
-kereta sorong: n pushcart.

sorong2: n /ld/ bribe. Dia menerima sorong He accepted a bribe.

sorong3: meny(s)orong: v /intr/tr/frm/lu/ 1 push, slide. Dia sedang menyorong sebuah gerobak. He is pushing a cart. Dia menyorong pintu itu setiap hari. He slides the door everyday. 2 menyorong-nyorong: urge, suggest, propose, encourage  Kami menyorong-nyorong dia mencari kerja We urged him to find a job. 3 bribe
-menyorongkan: v /tr/ 1 slide sth forward. Dia menyorongkan daun jendela itu keluar She pushed the window’s shutter forward.
-sorongan: n 1 cart to bring sth 2 push 3 bribe. 3 push

sorot: n /frm/lu/ 1 ray, beam (of light, lamp, sun, etc.). 2 look, gaze (of eyes) 3 flash
-menyorot: v 1 shine Lampu sorot menyorot para pemain di panggung dengan sinar warna warni The spotlight shine the performers on the stage with colourful light. 2 radiate Kembang api itu menyorotkan sinar-sinar menakjubkan dilangit yang sedang gelap. The fireworks radiate wonderful light on the black sky 3 flash |to suddenly shine brightly for a short time, or to make something do this| Pemburu menggunakan lampu dikepala menyorot hewan buruan di malam hari The hunter use a headlight to flash the prey at night.
-menyoroti: v high light |to make a problem, subject etc. easy to notice so people will pay attention to it| Laporan itu menyoroti masalah terjadinya kerusakan lingkungan alam The report highlights the problem of environment destruction
-menyorotkan: v /tr/ Proyektor adalah satu alat elektronik yang dapat digunakan menyorotkan satu citra (gambar sstu) dari film slide atau dari file computer ke layar atau dinding. Projector is an electronic equipment that can be used to project an image from a slide or from a computer file to the surface of a screen or a wall.
-penyorot: n 1 spotlight, flashlight, stage footlight, projector, headlight 2 highlighter, commentator, reporter, reviewer
-sorotan: n 1 highlight  Resesi ekonomi menjadi sorotan masmedia hari ini. The economic recession becomes the highlight of media today 2 subject of spotlight Aktor yang sedang berperan harus selalu menjadi sorotan lampu sorot. An actor in action should be always the object of the spotlight.

sortasi: n /frm/lu/ sorting, grading.

sortir; mensortir: v /frm/lu/ 1 sort 2 grade.
-peny(s)ortiran: n 1 sorting (of mail, etc.) 2 grading |selection based on quality|

sosbud {sosial budaya}: n /frm/lu/ sociocultural.

sosial: adj /frm/lu/ social |relating to human society and its organization, or the quality of people’s lives|  Kita harus berhadapan dengan masalah sosial yang nyata seperti pengangguran. We ought to be dealing with the real social issues such as unemploymesocial.
-fungsi sosial: n 1 societal function. 2 charita­ble.
-kesosialan: n 1 friendliness 2 sociality 3 socialism
-mensosialisasikan: v socialize
-pensosialan: n socialization.

sosialis: n /frm/lu/ socialist
-sosialistis: adj socialistic.
-meny(s)osialistiskan: v make sb/sth socialistic (the economy, etc.).

sosialisasi: n /frm/lu/ socialization.

sosialisme: n /frm/lu/ socialism.

sosialitas: n /frm/lu/ charitableness, charity.

sosiatri: n //frm/ measurement of social behavior, esp. as a field of study.

sosiawan: n /frm/lu/ a social-minded or altruistic man.

sosiawati: n /frm/lu/ a social-minded or altruistic woman .

sosio-budaya: n /frm/lu/ sociocultural.

sosiografi: n /frm/lu/ social ethnography.

sosiolinguistik: n /frm/lu/ sociolinguistics.

sosiolog: n /frm/lu/ sociologist.

sosiologi: n /frm/lu/ sociology.

sosiologis: adj /frm/lu/ sociological.

sosio-nasionalisme: n /frm/lu/ socialist nationalism.

sosio-psikologi: n /frm/lu/ social psychology.

soska {sosialis kanan}: n /frm/lu/ right-wing socialist.

soski {socialis kiri}: n /frm/lu/ left-wing socialist.

sosoh1; meny(s)osoh: v /ld/ whiten or clean rice.
-penyosoh: n sth for hulling rice.
-mesin penyosoh: n huller.
-penyosohan: n the process of rice hulling.

sosok1: n /ld/ 1 buttonhole 2 noose |a circle of a rope that becomes tighter as it is pulled, used for hanging people as a punishment| 3 pesosok: loop

sosok2: n /frm/lu/ 1 form, shape, frame. sosok tubuh shape of the body, figure. 2 numeral classifier for body. Tiga­ sosok badan bergelimpangan di jalan. Three bodies were sprawled on the street.
-bersosok: v have the shape of. Dia bersosok tinggi besar He is tall and large.
-menyosok: v set up the framework (of house), lay the keel (of ship).

Sospol {Sosial dan Politik}: n /lu/ 1 social and political science 2 fakultas sospol social and politi­cal sciences department (of a university).

soto: n /frm/lu/ clear soup.
-menyoto: v make soto of sth Dia menyoto ayamnya He made his chicken into solo.
-soto ayam: n chicken soup.
-soto babat: n tripe soup.
-soto daging: n beef soup.
-soto mi/mie: n noodle soup.
-soto madura: n Madurese-style soup (with potato croquettes).

sotong: n /frm/lu/ cuttlefish, squid.

Sovyet-Uni: n Soviet Union.

sowan: v /Jv/ pay courtesy  (sb of higher status). Ny. Suwarni sowan pada Ny. Kartini Mrs. Suwarni paid courtesy call on Mrs. Kartini.

sp-: see also entries with sep-.

SP {Sri Paduka}: n His Excellency, title for kings and at one time the president of Indonesia.

spada: n /ld/ a call to announce sb’s arrival at a house such as “anybody home?”

span: variant of sepan:

spanduk: n /frm/lu/ street banner affixed on both ends.

Spanyol: variant of Sepanyol:

sparepart; sperpar: n /frm/lu/ spare parts.

spasi: n /frm/lu/ space (in typing, etc.).

spatbor; spatbord: n /frm/lu/ fender, mudguard. (of a car)

speedometer; spidometer: n /frm/lu/ speedometer.

spektakuler: adj /frm/lu/ spectacular.

spektograf: n /tech/ spectograph.

spektogram: n /tech/ spectogram.

spectrum: n /frm/lu/ spectrum.

spekuk: n /ld/ multilayered butter cake.

spekulan: n /frm/lu/ speculator.

spekulasi: n /frm/lu/1 speculation, conjecture 2 risky com­mercial venture 3 undertake a risky venture.
-berspekulasi: v 1 speculate, conjecture. 2 undertke a risky venture.

spekulatif: adj /frm/lu/ speculative.

spekulator: n /frm/lu/ speculator.

sperma: n /frm/lu/ sperm.

spesi: variant of spesies:

special: adj /frm/lu/ special.

spesialis: n /frm/lu/ specialist.

spesialisasi: n /frm/lu/ specialization.

spesialitas: n /frm/lu/ specialty.

spesies: n /frm/lu/ species.

spesifik: adj /frm/lu/ 1 specific. 2 characteristic (of certain place or ethnic group). makanan spesifik Sunda charac­teristically Sundanese cuisine.

spesifikasi: n /frm/lu/ specification.
-menspesifikasi: v specify.

spidol: n /frm/lu/ felt-tip marker.

spion: n /frm/lu/ 1 spy 2 rear view mirror.

spionase: n /frm/lu/ espionage.

spiral: n /frm/lu/ l spiral. 2 intrauterine birth control device.

spiralisasi: n /frm/lu/ program for getting the population to accept intrauterine birth control devices.

spirit: n /frm/lu/ enthusiasm, vigor.

spiritual; spiritual: adj /frm/lu/ spiritual.

spiritus; spirtus: n /frm/lu/ methyl spirit, rubbing alcohol.

spon; spons: n /frm/lu/ foam rubber sponge.

sponsor: n /frm/lu/ sponsor (of contest, etc.).
-mensponsori: v sponsor

spontan: adj /frm/lu/ spontaneous.
-kespontanan: n spontaneity.

spontanitas: n /frm/lu/ spontaneity.

spor; sport: n 1 sports. 2 exercise.

spora: n /lu/ spore.

sporadic: adj /lu/ sporadic.

sportif : adj /frm/lu/1 sportsmanlike, fair. 2 casual (of clothing).
-kesportifan: n sportsmanship.

sportifitas; sportivitas: n /frm/lu/ sportsmanship.

sportip: variant of sportif:

sprei: see seprai:

S.Psi. {Sarjana Psikologi}: n bachelor’s degree in psy­chology.

spt. {seperti}: prep. /lu/ as, like.

spura: variant of spora:

S’pura {Singapura}: n Singapore.

spy. {supaya}: conj. /wrt/frm/lu/ 1 for Kita perlu mendaki lebih tinggi supaya kita bisa menatap danau itu. We need to climb higher for we can see the lake 2 so that Putar balik supaya kamu bisa melihat siapa yang sedang datang. Turn back so that you can see who is coming.

sr-: see also entries with ser-.

srempeng; srempengan: adv /Jv/ enthusiastically. Kami masih srempengan mengikuti kuliah Prof. Winarto. We still enthusiastically attended Prof. Winarto’s lecture.

srempet: variant of serempet:

sri: variant of seri:

srikandi: n /frm/lu/ 1 heroine 2 |Arjuna’s wife, in some old romances and puppet show|

srikaya: variant of serikaya:

srt.{surat}: n /frm/lu/ letter (correspondence).

srudug; meny(s)ruduk: v /frm/lu/ ram or butt with sb’s head.
-ke­sruduk: v sufler a head on blow or head on collision. Dia meninggal seketika akibat kesruduk bis She died imme­diately after being hit head-on by a bus.

SS {Sarjana Sastra}: n bachelor’s degree in literature.

ssk. {surat-surat kabar}: n newspapers.

sssst, st Hush!: intrj. |sound made to silence s.o.|

st-: see also entries with set-:

St. {Sutan}: /Mel/ title of nobility.

stabil: adj /lu/ stable.
-meny(s)tabil: v /intr/ become stable. Eko­nomi sedang menstabil The economy is becoming stable now.
-kestabilan: n stability.
-meny(s)tabilkan: v /tr/ stabilize.
-penstabil: n stabilizer
-penstabilan: v stabilization

stabilisasi: n /frm/lu/ stabilization.

stabilisator: n /frm/lu/ stabilizer, stabilizing factor.

stabilitas: n /frm/lu/ stability.

stabilo: n /frm/lu/ 1 light color marking pen to highlight text. 2 neon-colored.
-menstabilo: v mark a text with a highlighting pen.
-stabiloan: n traces of marking with such a pen.

stadia: n /frm/lu/ stages of a disease. Kankernya sudah pada stadia lanjut. Her cancer was in an advanced stage.

stadion: variant of stage:

stadium: n /frm/lu/ stage of a disease.

staf: n staff.

stagen: n /frm/lu/ women’s waist sash or cummerbund ..

stagnasi: n /frm/lu/ stagnation.

staking: n /inf/ a strike (work stoppage).

stalles: n /of/ center seats in a theater.

stambuk: n ledger.

stambul: n /frm/lu/ stage show often featuring indigenous versions of western drama .

Stambul: n Istanbul.

stamina: n /frm/lu/ stamina.

stan1; standi: n /frm/lu/ (sport) score. Standnya berapa? What is the score?

stan2: n /frm/lu/ stand |small shop in recreation places, exhibition, or shopping centers|.

standar1: n /frm/lu/ standard.
-menstandardkan: v standardize.
-penstandaran: n standardization.

standar2: n /frm/lu/ bicycle or motorcycle kickstand.

standar3: n /frm/lu/ standards, emblems of an army, etc.

standardisasi: n /lu/ standardization.

stang: n /frm/lu/ 1 bar (of vehicle, engine, etc.) 2 handlebar of a bicycle.
-meny(s)tang stir: v control sb or sth
-stang stir:
n 1 steering wheel 2 bicycle handlebar.

stanplas; stanplat: n /ld/of/  bus stop. -syn: /lu/ stasiun

stanza: n stanza.

star: n /ld/ cataract.

start1: v /frm/lu/ 1 begin 2 start.

start2: n /frm/lu/ 1 the beginning of an event (esp athletic competition)

starter: n /frm/lu/ ignition. 2 /electricity/ ftourescent ligh ignition
-menstarter: v start an engine with ignition.

stasi: n Catholic Church’ region.

stasioner: adj /frm/lu/ stationary.

stasiun: variant of stasion:

stater: variant of starter:

statis: adj /frm/lu/ static, stationary.
-kestatisan: n stationary.

statistik: n /frm/lu/ statistics.
-bersifat statistik: adj statistical
-secara statistik: adv statistically
-statistisian; statistikus: n statisticians.

statistisi: n /frm/lu/ statisticians.

status: n /frm/lu/  status.

statur; statuten: n /frm/ stature |the degree to which someone is admired or regarded as important| musisi dengan statur besar a musician of great stature

stek: variant of setek:

steker: n /frm/lu/ 1 electrical plug, light switch. 2 cigaretee lighter.

stel: variant of stil:

steling: n /of/ 1 installation, camps. 2 position 3 taking a position.
-mensteling: v 1 set up barricade­ around sth 2   take up a position.

stelsel: n /of/ system.

stembat: variant of  see stimbat:

stempel: variant of setempel:

sten; sten gun: n /frm/lu/ machine gun.

steno; stenografi: n /frm/lu/ shorthand.

stensil: n /frm/lu/ 1 mimeograph |a duplicator machine that makes copies of written, drawn, or typed material from a plastic sheet that is fitted around an inked drum|
-menstensil: v mimeograph
-perstensilan: n mirneography.
-stensilan: n copies that is made in this machine.

ster: n /chess/lu/ queen.

sterek: adj /frm/lu/ 1 strong. full-flavored (of beverages). 2 strong and healthy.

stereometri: n /frm/lu/ geometry.

stereoskopis: adj /tech/ stereoscopic.

stereotip1: n /frm/lu/ stereotype. itu adalah stereotip that is a stereotype

stereotip2: adj /frm/lu/ stereotypi­cal.

steril: adj /frm/lu/ sterile.
-kesterilan: n sterility.
-mensterilkan: v sterilize.

sterilisasi: n /frm/lu/ sterilization.

stetoskop: n /frm/lu/ stethoscope.

S.Th. {Sarjana Theologi}: n Master of Theology.

stiker: n /frm/lu/ sticker, decal.

stimbat: n /frm/lu/ steam bath.

stimulans: n /frm/lu/ stimulant, stimulus.

stimulasi: n /frm/lu/ stimulation.
-menstimulasi: v stimulate.

stimulir; menstimulir: v /frm/lu/ stimulate.

STKI {Surat Tanda Kewarganegaraan Indonesia}: n Indonesian citizenship card.

stl. {setelah}: prep. after.

STM {Sekolah Tehmk Menengah}: n Technique (Vocational) High School.

STNK {Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan}: n vechicle license.

stock; stok stock: n /frm/lu/ supply.
-stock opname: n inventory check.

stoking: n /frm/lu/ women’s stockings.

stop: variant of setop:

stopkontak: n /frm/lu/ electric socket, plug.

stoples: n /frm/lu/ glass jar for storing dry food.

stopmap: n /frm/lu/ folio-sized folder.

stor: variant of setor:

storing: n /frm/lu/ radio static, disturbance.

strap: variant of setrap:

strat: n /frm/lu/ street.

strata: n /frm/lu/ level (in society, education).
-strata 1: n also S1 |first degree given by an university before master program|
-strata 2: n also S2 |master degree|
-strata 3: n also S3 |Ph D|

strategi: n /frm/lu/ strategy.

strategis: adj /frm/lu/ strategic.

stratifikasi: n /frm/lu/ stratification.

stratigrafi: n /tech/ stratigraphy.

stratosfer: variant of stratosfir:

stratosfir: n /frm/ stratosphere.

stratum: n stratum (of soil, society, etc.).

streples: n /frm/lu/ strapless (bra, gown, etc.).

strip: variant of setrip:

striptis: n /frm/lu/ strip-tease.

stromking; strongking: n /frm/lu/ high-pressure kerosene lantern.

stroom; strom: variant of setrum:

struktur: n /frm/lu/ structure.
-struktur organisasi: n orga­nizational chart.
-menstrukturkan: v structure
-penstrukturan: n structuring.

struktural: adj /frm/lu/ structural.

strukturalisme: n /frm/lu/ structuralism.

strukturil: variant of structural:

STTB {Surat Tanda Tamat Belajar}: n diploma for primary or secondary school.

studen: n /frm/lu/ student.

studi: n /frm/lu/ 1 study 2 research.
-studi lapangan: n field study.

studio: n /frm/lu/ studio.

stupa: n /frm/lu/ dome enclosing an effigy of Buddha.

sua; bersua: v /frm/lu/ 1 run into Saya bersua dengan dia di jalan. I ran into her on the road. 2 meet, find Akhirnya dia bersua dengan apa yang diinginkannya. Finally he meet what he wanted

suai: see sesuai: adj, adv /frm/lu/ in accordance with, appropriate, according to.

suaka1: n /frm/lu/ 1 asylum. 2 sanctuary, reservation, protection
-suaka politik: n political asylum.
-suaka alam: n wildlife reservation

suaka2: variant of sewaka:

suam: adj /frm/lu/ a little warm.
-suan kuku: adj lukewarm.
-kesuaman: n 1 warmth. 2 fe­verishness.

suami: n /frm/lu/ husband.
-suami-isteri: n married couple |husband and wife|
-bersuami: adj married (a woman)
-bersuamikan: v to have sb as a husband (the wife of sb) Apa ada diantara kamu yang bersuamikan polisi? Is there any of you whose husband is a police?
-mempersuamikan: v marry sb (a man). Dia tidak keberatan mempersuamikan pria lebih muda dari dia. She doesn’t have any objection to marry a man who is younger that her.

suap: n /frm/lu/ 1 mouthful  sesuap nasi a mouthful of rice Dia harus bekerja keras untuk sesuap nasi He has to work hard just for daily food (a mouthful rice). 2 bribe Apa merurut kamu dia menerima suap? Do you think he receives bribe?
-menyuap: v bribe /tr/ Menyuap seorang pejabat itu adalah kejahatan To bribe an official is a crime.
-menyuapi: v /tr/ feed sb with your hand or a spoon Dia sangat sakit tidak bisa makan sendiri sehingga seseorang harus menyuapi dia. She was very sick, she couldn’t take her food by herself, so sb has to feed her.
-bersuap-suapan: v feed each other |a custom in some marriage rituals|
-penyuapan: n bribery .

suar: n /frm/lu/ signal light, flare.
-bersuar: v 1 light a signal flare 2 signal.
-meny(s)uar: v light, illuminate.
-mercu suar: n light house |a signal lamp for sailing activity at night|

suara: n /frm/lu/ 1 voice Arnold benar-benar memiliki suara bagus Arnold has a really beautiful voice 2 sound Tidak ada suara yang keluar dari TV itu. There’s no sound coming from the TV 3 vote Partai kami tidak meraih banyak suara pada pemilihan umum yang lalu .  Our party didn’t collect much vote at the last general election. 4 audio Yang mana colokan suara? Which is the audio jack?
-alih suara: n dubbing |replacing the original sound recording of a film, television show etc. with another sound recording|
-bersuara: v 1 sound |to produce a voice, or to make something do this| Kenapa radio ini tidak bersuara? Why this radio doesn’t sound? 2 speak Di dalam rapat dia tidak bersuara sama sekali, tetapi setelah itu banyak komentarnya. At the meeting he didn’t speak at all, after that he comments a lot. 3 have voice Dia bersuara merdu She has melodious voice.
-bilik suara: n voting booth.
-kotak suara: n ballot box.
-memberi suara: v vote (in an election) Hanya 60% dari pemilih yang memberi suara. There was only 60% of the voters voted. 4 make noise Diam, jangan bersuara. Keep silent, don’t make noise.
-menyuarakan: v utter, sound out  Pilihlah saya dan saya akan menyuarakan aspirasi rakyat. Vote for me, and I’ll sound out the people’s aspiration.
-pemungutan suara: v voting.
-penyuaraan: n 1 declamation 2 dubbing. 3 voicing.
-surat suara: n ballot.

suasa: n /frm/lu/ 14 karat or less of gold or |alloy that contains about 58% or less of gold|

suasana: n /lu/ 1 atmosphere |the feeling that an event, situation, or place gave you|  Suasana di rumah benar-benar memberi perasaan tertekan sejak kamu pergi The atmosphere at home has been really depressing since you left Pernyataan politik presiden itu sungguh menciptakan suasana kondusif The president political statement really created a conducive atmosphere.

suatu: n /frm/lu/ 1 a, an |indefinite article|  Suatu saat dimasa datang kamu akan menyadari kesalahan ini. At a time in the future you’ll realize this mistake. 2 sesuatu: a) something Saya ingin memberi sesuatu pada kamu. I want to give you something b) thing Itulah adalah sesuatu yang saya harapkan. That is the thing what I wanted. 3 anything  Mereka tidak pernah mengatakan sesuatu. They never said anything.

subahat: variant of syuhabat:

subang: n /ld/ earring
-bersubang: v wear earring

subhanahu wa taala: n /Isl/ 1 Praise be unto the Almighty, a laudation uttered upon comple­tion of sb’s ritual prayers or upon mentioning one of God’s names. 2  exclama­tion of surprise.

subjek: variant of subyek:

subjektif: adj /frm/lu/ subjective.

subjektifisme: n /frm/ subjectivism.

subjektifitas; subjektifitet: n /lu/ subjectivity.

subkomisi: n /frm/lu/ subcommission.

sublime: adj /frm/ sublime. |excellent in a way that makes you feel very happy|

sublimasi: n /frm/ sublimation.

subordinasi1: n /frm/lu/ subordinate. Berapa subordinasi yang ada dalam organisasi ini?How many subordinate do you have in this organisation?

subordinasi2: adj /frm/lu/ subordinasi Saya bekerja di unit subordinasi I work in a subordinate unit.
-mensubordinasi: v subordi­nate Menejer itu mensubordinasi tiga bagian. The manager subordinates three divisions.

subsider: adv /frm/lu/ 1 /law/ with the option of. Di dihukum denda Rp300.000 subsider empat bulan kurungan She was sentenced to a fine of 300,000 rupiah or four months imprisonment. 2 subsidiary, secondary

subsidi: n /frm/lu/ subsidy
-bersubsidi: adj subsidized
-disubsidi: v be subsidized. sekolah bersibsidi subsidized school.
-meny(s)ubsidi: v subsidize

substantif: adj /frm/lu/ substantive.

substitusi: n /frm/lu/ substitution.
-mensubsitusi: v substitute.

substratum: n /frm/lu/ substratum.

subtel: adj /frm/lu/ subtle |not easily noticed unless you pay careful attention|  Dia memperhatikan beberapa perobahan subtle dalam kepribadiannya. She noticed some subtle changes in his personality.

subtropics: adj /frm/lu/ subtropical.

subuh: n /lu/ 1 dawn, daybreak. 2 the early morning Islam prayer. 2 very early in the morning

subur1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 fertile a) (land) Tanah ini kelihatannya sangat subur This land seems very fertile b) (female) Dia sedang pada umur suburnya She is in her fertile age. 2 prosperous, healthy Mereka kelihatannya subur They look prosperous and healthy.
-kesuburan: n fertility.
-menyuburkan: v fertilize.
-penyubur: n fertilizer.

subur2: adv /frm/lu/ fast Pohon itu bertumbuh subur. The tree grows fast.

suburban: n /frm/lu/ automobile formerly used for inte-rurban passenger transportation

subversi: n /frm/lu/ subversion.

subversive: n /frm/lu/ subversive.

subyek: n /frm/lu/ 1 subject, topic of discussion. 2 /ling./ subject.
-subyek gabungan: n compound subject.

subyektif; subyektip: variant of subjektif:

subyektivisme: variant of subjektifisme:

suci: adj /frm/lu/ 1 pure, purified. 2 holy.
-bersuci: adj ­1 live a pure life. 2 cleanse sb’s impurities. 3 /Isl./ cleanse the body after defilement (defecation, giving birth, sexual intercourse, etc.).
-kesucian: n 1 purity, chastity.
-kesucian jiwa: n 1 purity of the soul. 2 holiness.
-mensuci ­hamakan: v sterilize, make germ-free.
-meny(s)ucikan: v 1 clean with water. 2 sanctify.
-mempersucikan: v bless.
-peny(s)ucian: n purification.
-peny(s)uci: n sth or an effort that is used to purify
-suci hama: adj sterile, aseptic.
-tersuci1: adj the most pure or holy
-tersuci2: v be intentionally wiped.

sudah1: adv /frm/lu/ already |to describe what happened before a particular time| Saat kami tiba disana ruangan sudah penuh sesak. By the time he arrived, the room was already crowded  as of a certain point in time.

sudah2: v /aux.v /frm/lu/ 1 have, has a) |used to describe that the following verb is in the form of present tense or present participle| Saya sudah lapar I’m hungry.Dia sudah sedang dalam rapat. She has being in a meeting. Saya  sudah sedang dalam perjalanan ke airport. I have being on the way to the airport. b) |used to describe that the following verb is in the form of past participle| Apa kamu sudah pernah ke tempat ini? Have you ever been here? Saya sudah punya seorang sekretaris. I have had a secretary. Apa kamu sudah menonton film baru Disney? Have you seen the new Disney movie? 2 |to indicate that sth has been at a certain condition, level, or quality| Apa ini sudah cukup? Is this enough? Apa kamu sudah tahu hal itu Have you known that? Sudah pasti itu akan terjadi. It’s definite, that it’ll be happen (Definitely, it’ll be happened)  Sudah barang tentu! Of course!   3 how |implicitly refer to the common understanding of sth| Sudah bagaimana? How is it? Sudah berapa? How is the total?
-kesudahan: n 1 final end Kesudahan pertemuan itu sangat mengecewakan The final end of the meeting was disappointed. 2 conclusion, finishing, accomplishment.
-menyudahi: v conclude, finish, accomplish -sesudah1: adv after, later. |later than someone or something else|  Saya tiba pukul 4:00. dan dia satu jam sesudah itu.I arrived at 4:00 p.m, and he did an hour after
-sesudah2: prep. Sesudah nama saya baru nama kamu dalam daftar itu. After my name than your name on the list.

sudara; sudare: variant of saudara:

sudi1: adj /frm/lu/ (would be) pleased Apakah anda sudi mendukung program ini? Would you be pleased to support this program?
-kesudian: n willingness

sudi2; sudi siasat: n /frm/lu/ interrogation.
-meny(s)udisiasati: v /tr/ interro­gate, examine.

sudra: n /frm/lu/ the lowest Hindu caste.

sudut: n /frm/lu/1 corner Taruhlah disudut ruangan Put it on the corner of the room  2 /math/ angle Gambar sebuah sudut lancip 300 di kertas kamu Draw a 300 acute angle on your paper 3 direction Mereka datang dari segala sudut. The came from every direction. 4 point Dari sudut pandang komunikasi, apa yang dia lakukan itu hanyalah sebuah propaganda. From the view point of communication, what he is doing is just a propaganda.
-berhadapan sudut: adv kitty-corner Kantor dia berhadapan sudut dengan kantor saya. His office locate kitty corner from mine.
-bersudut: v have an angle, corner.
-menyudutkan: v 1 bring sth to the corner 2 make or put sb on a difficult position
-sudut mata: n eyes corner.
-sudut siku: n right angle.
-sudut tumpul: n obtuse angle.

sufiks: n suffix.

sugesti: n /frm/lu/ power (hypnotic, etc.) to direct another’s actions.
-mensugesti: v | persuade others to be of the same opinion or to make someone think that a particular thing is true|  Artikel itu mensugesti bahwa Mega mungkin akan mencalonkan diri jadi presiden. The article suggested that Mega might run for president.

sugestif: adj /frm/lu/ 1 having the power to direct another’s actions. 2 suggestive |making you think of sex| satu tarian yang sugestif a suggestive dance

sugi1; penyugih: n /frm/ toothpick.
-bersugi1: v use a toothpick.
-meny(s)ugi1: v pick sb’s teeth with a toothpick.

sugi2: n /frm/lu/ tobacco quid, esp. chewed with betel.
-bersugi2: v have a tobacco quid in the mouth.
-menyugi2: v ­wipe betel juice from sb’s mouth.

suguh; suguhan: n /frm/lu/1 presentation 2 performance 3 offering |sth that you serve, present, or offer|
-menyuguhkan: v 1 serve Mereka menyuguhkan makanan tradisi They served traditional food. 2 Kami akan menyuguhkan gubahan kami yang terakhir. We are going to present our latest composition Stasiun TV ini biasanya menyuguhkan drama TV bersambung. The TV station usually perform serial TV drama
-penyuguhan: n 1 serving 2 performing 3 presenting 4 offering
-suguh sumbangsih: n contribution in honor of sb

suhanura {suara hati nurani}: n the voice of sb’s inner heart.

suhu1: n temperature.

suhu2: n /frm/lu/ 1 instructor of martial art 2 magical healer.        .

suit: n /spo/ sound of whistling.
-bersuit: v whistle, esp. with sb’s fingers between the lips
-bersuit-suit: v whistle repeatedly. Pemuda itu bersuit-suit memancing perhatian gadis itu. That young man repeatedly whistles to attract the attention of the girl.
-meny(s)uit: v whistle at sb
-suitan: n a whistle, whistling.
-suitan kereta api: n whistling of a locomotive.

sujadah: variant of sajadah:

suji; bersuji: v /frm/lu/ have delicate embroidery on it.
-meny(s)uji: v delicately embroider
-sujian: n delicate embroidery.

sujud: n /frm/lu/ 1 bow from kneeling position so that your forehead touches floor, a part of prayer ritual of certain religion
-bersujud: v 1 perform this bow. 2 admit sb’s humble position. Dia mengharapkan saya mau bersujud pada kakinya. He expected me to grovel at his feet.
-meny(s)ujud-­tawakalkan: v resign sth (to God).
-sujud ­tawakal: n bow in resignation (to God’s will).

suka1: n /frm/lu/ happiness, joy, pleasure, delight. Suka dan duka datang silih berganti. Happiness and sorrow usually happen by turn.
-kesukaan: n 1 favourite, choice, preference Ini adalah buah kesukaan saya. This is my favourite fruit. 2 joy, pleasure Kunjungan anda benar-benar satu kesukaan bagi semua kami. Your visiting is really a joy for all of us.

suka2: v /frm/lu/ 1 like, be fond of  Dia suka sekali es krim She like ice cream very much. Dia suka hewan peliharaan. He likes pet. 2 tend to Dia suka marah pada saya He tends to be angry at me.
-bersukaria: v glory in (sth) |to enjoy or be proud of the praise, attention, and success that you get|  Partai baru itu bersukaria atas kemenangannya. The new party gloried in his victory.
-bersukacita: v be happy
-bersuka-sukaan: v fall in love each other.
-menyukai: v /tr/ like, fond of, love

suka3: adv /frm/lu/ 1 frequently Dia suka berbohong pada saya. She frequently lie to me. 2 apt to Kalau kamu suka membuang sisa makanan sembarangan, itu berarti kamu mengundang lalat. If you apt to throwing leftover of the food every where, it means you invite flies.
-sesuka hati: adv as sb want to Kamu tidak boleh berbuat sesuka hati. You can’t just do what ever you want to.
-suka tak suka: /phr./ like or dislike. Suka tidak suka kamu harus pergi. Like or dislike, you have to go.
-sesukanya: phr as sb wish Dia selalu bertindak sesukanya. He always act as she wish.

Sukabumi: n one of a big city of West Java.

sukacita: n /frm/lu/ 1 happiness , glory, rejoice, joy  2 state of being glad,
-bersukacita: v be happy, be glorified, be joyful.

sukamandi: n /ld/ dark cotton cloth.

sukar: adj /frm/lu/ hard, difficult, though
-meny(s)ukarkan; mempersukar: v cause sth more difficult.
-kesukaran: n difficulty, hardship. Dia banyak menderita kesukaran dalam hidup He suffered  a lot of hardships in her life.

sukarela1: adj /frm/lu/ voluntary Ini adalah bantuan sukarela. This is a voluntary aids.
-bersukarela: v volunteer Saya bersukarela mencuci paralatan makan itu. I volunteered to wash the dishes.

sukarela2; secara sukarela: adv /frm/lu/ voluntarily Saya melakukan itu semua secara sukarela. I did it all voluntarily.

sukarelawan: n /frm/lu/ volunteer. Kami bukan pekerja bayaran disini, tetapi sukarelawan. We are not paid workers here but volunteer.

sukarelawati: n /frm/lu/ woman volunteer.

sukaria: n /frm/lu/ 1 happiness 2 delight 3 pleasure 4 joy

sukma: n /lu/ life spirit, soul.

sukses1: n /frm/lu/ success. Mudah-mudahan kamu mendapat sukses May you gain a success!

sukses2: v /frm/lu/ be successful. Saya berharap kamu sukses I hope that you’ll be successful
-meny(s)ukseskan: v make sth successful.
-kesuksesan: n suc­cess Kesuksesan kamu adalah satu impian buat saya. Your success is a dream for me.

suksesi: n /frm/lu/ replacement (of a person in authority)

suku1: n /frm/lu/1 a quarter, one-fourth. 2 a part. 3 extended family, clan, ethnic, tribe 4 a half rupiah (50 cents) 6 /biol./ family |of animal, plant|
-bersuku: v be grouped in tribe, clan, ethnic, etc.
-(bilangan) suku dua: n /lu/ number consisting of two digits, group of two digits. 4 (biol) family. 5 (Lit.) 50 cents.
-kesukuan: n nepotism.
-suku cadang: n /lu/ spare parts.
-sesuku: n 1 a half of rupiah. 2 of the same ethnic group.

suku2: n /Jv/ leg (of animal)

suku3; suku kata: n /ling./ syllable.

sukuisme: n /frm/lu/ nepotism

sukun: n /frm/lu/ breadfruit.

sukur: variant of syukur:

sukwan {sukarelawan}: n volunteer.

sukwati {sukarelawati}: n female volunteer.

Sulaiman: n /Bib./Koran/ Solomon.

sulam1; sulaman: n /frm/lu/ embroidery.
-bersulam: v be embroidered. kain bersulam embroidered cloth.
-bersulamkan: v 1 be embroidered with sth 2 be added to with sth, sprinkled with sth., laden with (additions). Suratku bersulamkan dorongan se­mangat kepada dia agar belajar lebih tekun My letter was sprinkled with encouragements to her to study harder.
-menyulamkan: v embroider. Saya mau menyulamkan selogan ini dengan benang merah I want to embroider this slogan with read thread.
-tersulam: v be embroidered.
-suaman: n embroidery, em­broidered goods.

sulam2; menyulam: v /frm/lu/ replace dead seedlings with new ones.

sulang1: n /frm/lu/ l soot.| black powder that is produced when something burns| sulang lampu black dirt of kerosene lamp
-ber­sulang: v be dirty with soot.

sulang2; menyulang: v /frm/lu/ |feed sb with your hand or a spoon| Dia sangat sakit, dia tidak bisa makan sendiri jadi seseorang harus menyulang dia. She was very sick, she couldn’t take her food by herself, so sb has to feed her.
-bersulang-sulangan: v give food or drink each other. ­ (custom for bride and groom in some areas).
-menyulang: v feed sb directly to the mouth
-menyulangkan: v /tr/ feed sb sth with sth Dia menyulangkan jagung muda kepada anaknya She feed young corn to her baby

sulap1: n /frm/lu/ magic, conjuring, sleight of hand.
-bersulap: v 1 perform a magical show 2 engage in a conjury.
-menys(s)ulap: v 1 conjure up sth Dia bisa menyulap sepotong saputangan menjadi seekor merpati. He can conjure a piece of handkerchief  to be a dove  2 cause sth to disappear |to steal money from the place where you work (esp. in embezzlements, etc.)|
-peny(s)ulap: n conjurer, conjuror
-penyulapan: n conjuring, methods of sleight of hand.
-sulapan: n conjuring.

sulap2; bersulap: v /ld/ have a defect in the weaving.

Sulawesi; n Celebes, Sulawesi.

sulfat: n /ltech/ medicinal powder containing a sulfanilamide drug.

sulphur: n sulphur.

suling: n /lu/ flute
-bersuling: v play a flute

suling2; menyuling: v /frm/lu/ 1 distil |to heat a liquid so that it becomes a gas and then let it cool so that it becomes liquid again, in order to make it more pure or in order to make a strong alcoholic drink| 2 refine
-penyulingan: n 1 distillery, refinery 2 distillation, refining

suling3: adj /frm/lu/ distilled Gunakan air suling untuk mencampur bahan-bahan itu. Use distilled water to mix the substances

suling4; bersuling: v /ld/ be tumbled upside down.
-meny(s)ulingkan: v turn sth upside down.

sulit: adj /frm/lu/ 1 difficult, hard, complicated  Soal pada lembaran ujian itu sangat sulit. The problem on the test sheet was very difficult. 2 critical Kita sedang menghadapi situasi ekonomi sulit We are facing a critical economic situation.
-menyulitkan: v /tr/ 1 harden 2 toughen |make sth more difficult|
-kesulitan: n difficulty, handicap, complication, hardship

Sulsel {Sulawesi Selatan}: n South Sulawesi.

sultan: n /frm/lu/ sultan.
-kesultanan: n sultanate.

suluh; penyuluh: n /frm/lu/ 1 torch. 2 scout, spy 3 motivator.
-bersuluh: v light with a torch.
-meny(s)uluhi: v 1 light sth with a torch, cast a light upon sth 2 inform, counsel
-penyuluhan: n counselling Di pedesaan mereka melakukan penyuluhan tentang kesehatan In the rural areas they conduct counselling on health. penyuluhan pertanian agriculture counseling peyluhan keluarga berencana family planning motivation and counselling
-penyuluh: n motivator, development agent. counsellor

sulung: n /frm/lu/ oldest, first-born. anak sulung first-born child.
-gigi sulung: n milk teeth.
-suluh tahun: n first day of the year.

sulut; menyulut: v /frm/lu/ 1 kindle, ignite, lit 2 provoke, set, incite
-menyulut api: v 1 ignite (fire) 2 provoke (a chaos, fight, anger) 3 light (cigarette)
-penyulut: n instrument or person that ignites a fire, chaos, hatred, etc.

Sulut {Sulawesi Utara}: n North Sulawesi.

Sultteng {Sulawesi Tengah}: n Central Sulawesi.

Sum. {Sumatera}: n Sumatra.

sumangat: variant of semangat:

sumba: n see kesumba:

sumbang1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 incestuous |related to illegal sex between people who are closely part of the same family| 2 illicit |not allowed by the law, or not approved of by society: an illicit love affair (esp. in sexual matters)| 3 out of tune, discordant (of music)
-mensumbangkan langkah: v 1 commit illicit act.
-mensumbangkan lagu: v make a song discordant.
-kesumbangan: n 1 impropriety, indecency. 2 falseness, discordance. 3 cynicism.

sumbang2; sumbangan: n /frm/lu/ 1 contribution 2 donation 3 grant 4 aids
-menyumbang: v /intr/ 1 contribute 2 donate 3 help 4 assist
menyumbangkan: v /tr/ contribute, donate, bestow, grant confer, present.
-penyumbang: n contributor, donator, granter
-sumbang saran: n brainstorming.
-sumbangsih: n contribution.

sumbar: adj /frm/lu/ boast, brag.
-bersesumbar: v boast, show off. Dia sesumbar pasti menang She boasts that she will certainly win.
-bersesumbar: v boast, brag about (sth), challenge. Dia bersesumbar akan bisa mengalahkan lawannya She boasted that she could defeat her adversary.
-mensesumbarkan: v /tr/ boast, brag sth

Sumbar {Sumatem Barat}: n West Sumatra.

sumbat: n /frm/lu/ stopper, plug, lid.
-menyumbat: v stop, close up, plug up, lid menyumbat botol cork a bottle
-menyumbatkan: v use sth to block, stop, obstruct, or close sth
-penyumbat: n plug, lid, stopper, plug.
-penyumbatan: n clogging, obstruction, blockage.
-sumbat botol: n bottle lid.
-sumbat mulut botol: n cork of a bottle.
-tersumbat: v be stopped up, be gagged, be clogged up. Pipanya tersumbat The pipe is is clogged up.

sumber: n /frm/lu/ 1 source 2 resources
-bersumber: v 1 have (sth) as a source 2 originate (from)
-sumber alam: n natural resources.
-sumber penghasilan: n source of income.
-sumber terpercaya: n reliable source.

sumbing: adj /frm/lu/ jagged, dented, chipped. pisau sumbing a knife with a jagged edge.
-bibir sumbing: n harelip.

sumbu1: n /frm/lu/1 wick |the string on a candle or in an oil lamp that is burned| 2 fuse |a thing such as a string that is connected to a bomb and used for making it explode| 2 touchhole of a cannon.

sumbu2: n /frm/lu/ 1 wagon axle. 2 pivot, axis.
-sumbu bumi: n the earth’s axis.
-sumbu datar: n /math/ axis
-sumbu tegak: n /math/  coordinates .

sumbu3: n /frm/lu/ horn of a rhinoceros.

sumbul: n /Jv/ basket with a lid.

sumir: adj /frm/lu/ short, brief, succinct.
-perkara sumir: n clear-­cut cases (e.g. stealing, etc.).
-meny(s)umirkan: v 1shorten a matter 2 simplify

sumirat: n /Snd./ beam, glowing.

sumpah: n /frm/lu/ 1 oath. 2 curse 3 swear
-bersumpah: v swear Saya bersumpah tidak akan melakukannya lagi. I swear that I wouldn’t do it again.
-sumpah dokter: n hippocratic oath.
-sumpah setia: n oath of allegiance.
-sumpah jabatan: n official oath.
-sumpah palsu: n perjury.
-sumpah ­pocong: n oath taken while dressed in a shroud (the strongest form of oath).
-menyumpahi: v curse |to swear because you are very angry| Kami dengar dia menyumpahi mesin potong rumput itu karena tidak bergerak.  We heard him cursing at the lawn mower because it wouldn’t start.

sumpah-sumpah: n /ld/ flying lizard.

sumpal: n /frm/lu/ stopper.
-meny(s)umpal: v 1 plug sth, fill a gap 2  feed. Saya harus menyumpal empat mulut I have to feed four mouths.
-menyumpalkan: v plug up with sth Dia menyumpalkan sepotong kain ke tempat bocor itu. He plugged in a piece a cloth on the leak.

sumpek: adj /frm/lu/ 1 crowded. 2 feel stifled. have sb’s head in a whirl because of problems
-kesumpekan: n confusion of thought, feeling of being troubled.

sumpel: variant of sumpal:

sumpit1: n /frm/lu/ 1 chopsticks. 2 blow pipe (a traditional weapon)

sumpit2; meny(s)umpit: v /frm/lu/ shoot with a blowpipe.
-meny(s)umpitkan: v /tr/ use as a blowpipe.
-sumpitan: n blowpipe.

sumpit3; sumpit-sumpit: n /ld/ coarse, plaited stor­age bag, esp. for rice or salt.

Sumsel {Sumatera Selatan}: n South Sumatra.

sumsum: n /anat/frm/lu/ marrow.
-sumsum tulang belakang: n spine cord

Sumteng {Sumatera Tengah}: n Central Sumatra.

sumur: n /frm/lu/ well.
-sumur mati: n dry well.
-sumur pantek: n drilled well.

sumut{Sumatera Utara}: n North Sumatra.

sun1: n /frm/lu/ kiss on the cheek.

sun2: v /inf/lu/ men(g)sun; ngesun: v kiss lightly, peck sb’s cheek.

sunah: variat of sunat2:

Sunah: n /Isl./ orthodox law based on teachings and practices of Muh. as reported by tradition, sup­plement to Koran.
-ahli Sunah: n expert of this law.

sunan1: n /frm/ title for the holy men who first brought Islam to Java.

sunan2: n /Jv/ ruler of Surakarta.
-kesunanan: n dominion of the Sunan, i.e. Surakarta.

sunat1: n circumcision.
-bersunat: v be circumcised.
-menyunat: v 1 circumcise 2 skim |take money off the top of a budget so that the grantee gets only a portion|
-menyunati: v circumcise (several people).
-menyunatkan: v have sb circumcised.
-pesta sunatan: n celebration of a circumcision.
-sunatan: n circumcision.

­sunat2: n /Isl./ sunatrasul: adj optional, but meritorious if performed (of pious deeds, prayers, etc.).
-menyunatrasulkan: v 1 consider a deed meritorious. 2 pre­scribe for sb as a meritorious deed. Kaum Islam disunatrasulkan untuk berkhitan. Muslims prescribe circumci­sion, but it is not obligatory.

Sunda: n Sundanese, the Sunda area (West Java) |the second largest ethnic after Javanese|

sundal; sundel: n /ld/ prostitute.
-bersundal; menyundal: v practice prostitution.
-persundalan: n 1 prostitu­tion 2 fornication.
-sundal bolong: n evil fe­male spirit (with a hole in her back).
-sundal malam: n 1 tuberose that gives off a pleasant scent in the evening. 2 lewd, immoral. 3 /vulg./ Whore!, Bastard! |a strong exclamation of disapproval| . Anak sundal! Bas­tard!

sundul: see sondol:

sundut1: /Mdn/ generation, descent.
-bersundut: adj hereditary.

sungai: n /frm/lu/ river, stream.
-sungai mati: n 1 dry river. 2 road full of holes and stones.

sungguh1: adj /frm/lu/ very Dia sungguh berani menentang maut. He was very brave to face a danger. Buku itu sungguh mahal. The book was very expensive

sungguh2; sungguh-sungguh: adv /frm/lu/ 1 really Apa kamu sungguh-sungguh mau pergi? Do you really want to go? 2 seriously Dalam beberapa bulan terakhir dia belajar sungguh-sungguh. In the last few months he studies seriously. Dia kelihatannya sungguh-sungguh sakit. He truely seems to be sick. 3 sesungguhnya: actually. Sesungguhnya kamu tidak perlu harus  keluar negeri mencari barang itu. Actually we don’t need to go abroad just to find that thing.
-bersungguh-sungguh: adv seriously
-bersungguh-sungguh2: v 1 be serious 1 make a lot of efforts

sungguh3; kesungguhan: n /frm/lu/ 1 seriousness  2 soberness 3 pensiveness

sungguh4; sungguhpun: conj. although, even though Sungguhpun tidak begitu mahal saya tidak berminat membeli rumah itu. Although it is not very expensive, I‘m not interested to buy that house Sungguhpun panas, saya pergi juga. Even though it was hot, I went anyway.

sungguhpun: see sungguh4:

sungkan: adj /inf/lu/ 1 reluctant to approach or take action toward sb of higher status. Dia sungkan bicara kepada gurunya. He was reluctant to talk to her teacher 2 embarrassed before sb’s Ayo ambil, jangan sungkan. Come on take it, don’t be embarrassed
-menyungkani: v feel reluctant toward sb.

sungkur1: n /ld/ spade, shovel.

sungkur2; menyungkur: v /frm/lu/ 1 root up, grub up (earth). Babi hutan menyungkur tanah mencari umbi atau cacing. A wild boar roots up the soil to find tubers or worms. 2 lower the head (as if to root up). Kerbau menyungkur rnenyerang lawannya. The water buffalo lowered its head to attack its opponent.
-menyungkurkan: v put down, lower. Dia menyungkurkan kepalanya ke pangkuan saya. He laid his head on my lap.
-tersungkur: v fall headfirst. Aku tersungkur di lapangan sepakbola. I fell headfirst ­on the football field.
-tersungkur-sungkur: adv helter-skelter and head first Dia lari tersungkur-sungkur He run helter-skelter and head first.

sunglap: variant of sulap:

sungsang: adv /frm/lu/ 1 upside down. 2 against the grain.
-menyungsang: v 1 be upside down. 2 go against the grain.
-menyungsangkan: v place sth up­side down.

sungut1: n /frm/lu/ 1 a specialized organ of touch in an animal or insect (e.g. tentacle, antenna, feeler, etc.). 2 moustache
-sungut jangkerik: n a cricket’s antennae.
-sungut ­ikan: n fish barbell
-sungut kucing: n cat’s whiskers.

sungut2: n /ld/ nagging, grumbling.
-bersungut-sungut: v grum­ble, complain. Dia bersungut-sungut karena diminta pergi duluan, He grumbled because he was asked to go ahead Dia pergi juga sambil bersungut-sungut. He went anyway albeit with grumble.

suntik; menyuntik: v /lu/ 1 inject. Dokter menyuntik pasien itu sebelum pembedahan. The doctor injected the patient before operation. 2 incite |to deliberately make someone feel so angry or excited that s/he does something bad| Seorang anak muda telah dituduh menyuntik kekacauan. A young man was accused for inciting a riot.
-menyuntikkan: v 1 inject |to put a liquid, especially a drug, into your body by using a special needle| Ternak itu telah disuntik dengan vaksin The cattle has been injected with a vaccine. 2 add resources |to improve something by adding an important thing or quality to it| Bank Sentral akan menyuntikkan dana segar ke perusahaan-perusahaan Negara untuk memperkuat daya saing mereka. The Central Bank will add fresh money to the government-run company to strengthen their competitive ability.
-suntikan: n injection, vactination, incitement

sunting1: n /ld/ ornament or flower worn behind the ear.
-bersunting: v wear sth behind the ear.
-menyuntingkan: v place (sth) behind the ear or in the hair. Dia menyuntingkan bunga di rambut kekasihnya. She stuck a flower on his girlfriend’s hair.
-mempersunting1: v 1 adorn sb or sth 2 place sth. in sb’s possession

sunting2; menyunting: v /frm/lu/ 1 proofread and correct. Makalah ini perlu disunting lagi. This paper needs  to be proofread again. 2 edit  Tolong kata pendahuluan di sunting. Please edit the preface.
-penyuntingan: n editing.
penyunting: n editor.

sunting3; mempersunting: v /frm/lu/ marry sb. (of men). Dia akhirnya mempersunting Sri Lesatari Finally he married Sri Lestari Dia sangat beruntung mempersunting seorang wanita cantik. He is very lucky to have such a pretty wife.
-menyuntingkan: v have sb marry sb else. Mereka telah menyuntingkan putrinya dengan seorang guru. They have their daughter to be married to a teacher.

suntuk1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 too late. Waktunya sudah suntuk The time is too late 2 narrow Dia seorang yang berpikiran suntuk She is a narrow minded person 3 occupied Otak saya sudah suntuk tidak bisa berpikir lagi. My brain has been occupied, I can’t think anything anymore.

suntuk2: adv /frm/lu/ whole day Semalam suntuk dia tidak tidur sama sekali. The whole night he didn’t sleep at all Kami gunakan sehari suntuk jalan-jalan dipantai We spent the whole day walking on the beach.

sunyi: adj /frm/lu/ 1 lonely |far from where people live| jalan luar kota yang sunyi a lonely country road 2 quiet, silent malam yang sunyi quiet night 3 deserted, desolate, remote. perkampungan yang sunyi a deserted village.
-kesunyian1: n loneliness, quietness, remoteness, silence.
-kesunyian2: adv, adj lonely Dia merasa kesunyian She feel lonely (She is lonely)
-sunyi senyap: adj deeply quiet

supaya: conj. /lu/ 1 so that. Cepatlah pergi supaya kamu tidak telambat Go hurriedly, so that you won’t be late.  2 please |particle introducing a polite command| Hadirin yang terhormat diminta supaya duduk. Ladies and gentlemen please be seated 3 for Tolong geser sedikit supaya saya boleh lewat. Please move a little for I can go through.

supel: adj /frm/lu/ 1 flexible. syarat yang supel a flexible condition 2 socia­ble.
-kesupelan: n 1 flexibility. 2 sociability.

super: adj /frm/lu/ 1 high-octane (of gasoline). 2 superior.

superioritas: n /frm/lu/ superiority

supermi: n TM (trade mark) instant noodles.

supersemar {Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret|: n docu­ment handing over the power from Sukar­no to Suharro.

supervise: n supervision.

supir: variant of sopir:

supit: variant of sumpit:

suplai: n /frm/lu/ supply.
-mensuplai: v supply
-pensuplai: n supplier.

suplemen: n /frm/lu/ supplement.

supporter: n /frm/lu/ supporter, fan.

supra-alami: adj /frm/lu/ supernatural.

supremasi: n /frm/lu/ supremacy |a position in which a group or idea is more powerful or advanced than anything else| Supremasi militer masih nyata dalam konstelasi politik. The supremacy of the army is still remarkable in the political constellation.

Surakarta: n a city in central Java.

suralaya: n/ltr/ dwelling of the gods.

suram: adj /frm/lu/ 1vague, hazy. Ingatannya telah suram His memory has become hazy. cahaya suram a dim light. 2 gloomy, dark, dull. cuaca suram gloomy weather. 2 rather dark or gloomy. suram gelap a) quite dark. b) dusk.
-menyuram: v become dim, become blurred.
-menyuramkan: v 1 darken 2 make sth gloomy Berita duka itu menyuramkan suasana pertemuan itu The bad news spread a pall over the meeting.
-kesuraman: n 1 vagueness, indistinctness. 2 dullness.

surat: n /frm/lu/ 1 letter |a written message that you put into an envelope and send to someone by mail|  Minggu lalu saya mengirim surat kepada saudari saya. Last week I sent a letter to my sister. 2 alphabet |a set of letters in a particular order, used in writing a language| Apa kamu pernah belajar surat Arab? Did you ever learn Arabic letter? 3 document |various kind of written information| Surat perjanjian itu akan segera ditanda tangani The docuent of the agreement will soon be signed
-bersurat: adj inscribed batu bersurat inscribed stone.
-menyurati: v send a letter (to) Saya akan menyurati kamu tentang perkembangan tugas saya I’ll send you a letter on the progress of my task.
-menyuratkan: v /tr/ write (sth) down
-surat-menyrat: n correspondence |the activity of writing, sending, receiving, and filing  letters| Saya bertanggung jawab tentang surat-menyurat kantor ini I’m responsible for the  correspondence of this office
-suratan: n 1 writing 2 suratan tangan; fate, destiny |what sb will be or what will happen to sb as it has been describe in sb’s palm of hand|
-surat cerai: n divorce certificate.
-surat gadai: n pawnshop receipt.
-surat ijin: n permit ticket.
-surat ijin mengemudi (SIM): n driving licence.
-surat jaminan: n warranty paper.
-surat keberatan: n petition letter.
-surat kepercayaan: n credential letter.
-surat keterangan kesehatan: n medical record
-surat kabar: n newspaper.
-surat kaleng: n unanimous letter.
-surat kilat: n special delivery postage.
-surat keterangan: n letter of recommendation.
-surat keterangan  berkelakuan baik: n attestation letter (usually issued by police department)
-surat keterangan diri: n identification card.
-surat keterangan lahir: n birth certificate.
-surat keterangan tamat belajar: n educational certificate.
-surat keterangan kawin: n marriage certificate.
-surat kir: n inspection certificate (of vehicle)
-surat kuasa: n power of attorney.
-surat pengantar: n cover letter.
-surat perjanjian: n agreement document.
-surat paksa: n warrant.
-surat panggilan: n 1 summons letter (from a court).
-surat pemberitahuan: n notification letter.
-surat pencegahan (tangkal): n dismissal letter.
-surat pemilihan: n voter card.
-surat penghargaan: n testimonial letter.
-surat pengiriman: n notice of delivery.
-surat pelepasan: n discharge paper.
-surat perintah/ tugas: n mandate, commission.
-surat perwalian: n letter of authorization.
-surat selebaran: n pamphlet.
-surat suara: n ballot.
-surat-suratan: v correspond each other.
-surat tanda terima: n receipt
-tersurat: adj 1 written Kata-kata itu tersurat dalam Bibel The words are written in the Bible 2 destined, fated |written in the palms of sb’s hand| Sudah tersurat bahwa kamu akan menjadi orang kaya. It has been destined that you are going to be a rich person.

surau: n /Isl./ prayer-house, communal building suitable for any devotion except Friday prayer.

surga: n /frm/lu/ heaven.
-surga dunia: n an earthly paradise.

surgawi: adj /frm/lu/ heavenly |pertaining to heaven|

suri1: n /frm/lu/ shuttle comb on a  weaving loom

suri2: see ibu:

Suriah: n Syria,

surian: n /ld/ tree.

suri teladan: n /frm/lu/ good example, model.

surjan: n /frm/lu/ long-sleeved man’s jacket made of woven, striped material.

suruh; menyuruh: v /frm/lu/ 1 tell (to) Kamu suruh mereka diam. Tell them to keep quiet 2 order Apa kamu bisa suruh seseorang mengantar saya ke bandara? Can you order someone to take me to airport? 3 ask Apa kamu keberatan kalau saya suruh kamu membuka pintu? Do you mind if I ask you to open the door?
-suruhan: n order Suruhan siapa kamu mengantar surat ini? Whose order that you deliver this letter?
-pesuruh: n 1 messenger, errand boy 2 helper, office boy

surut: v /frm/lu/ 1 withdraw |to move backward from a place, or to make a person or group do this| Sore hari pasukan secara bertahap surut dari garis depan. At the evening the troops gradually withdrew from the front line. 2 de­crease, lessen |to become less in size, quality, number, or amount, or to make something do this| Kelihatannya semangat tim surut pada pertandingan babak kedua. It seems that the team’s spirit decreased in the second half match.
-menyurutkan: v /tr/ decrease, lessen Kekalahan pada babak pertama tidak menyurutkan semangat bertandingnya. The loss at the first round didn’t lessen his courage to fight.
-pasang-surut: n low tide.

survai; surve: n /frm/lu/ 1 survey 2 research.
-mensurvei: v survey
-pensurvei: surveyor

surya: n /ltr./ sun.

Suryahi: n /ltr./ Syrian.

susah: adj /frm/lu/ 1 difficult a) |not easy to do or understand| Kadang-kadang buat saya matematika itu susah. Sometimes I find math difficult. b) |involving a lot of problems and causing trouble| Pemogokan bus membuat perjalanan pulang-pergi kerja susah.  The bus strike is making life difficult for commuters. 2 hard Kehidupan dikota saat ini menjadi susah Living in a big city now becomes hard. Susah mendapat seorang teman yang setia dalam kegiatan politik. It’s hard to get a loyal friend in political activity.
-kesusahan: n trouble, difficulty, hardness.
-menyusahkan1: adj 1 troublesome |causing you trouble for a long time|  mobil tua yang menyusahkan troublesome old car 2 disturbing, bothersome. Itu bsungguh cuaca yang menyusahkan pekerjaan saya. It was really a disturbing weather for my work.
-menyusahkan: v annoy. disturb Apa anak-anak menyusahkan kamu. Do the kids annoy you?

susastera: variant of sastra: n literature.
-kesusateraan: n literature.
-persusateraan: n matters pertaining to literature.

susi: n /ltr/ sister |term of address to Catholic nun|

susila; kesusilaan: n /frm/lu/ 1 decency, morality, ethics  |the quality of being honest and polite, and respecting other people| Susila itu sangat penting dalam pergaulan sosial Decency is very important in our civilization. Waktu dulu ada pelajaran kesusilaan di sekolah. In the old time there was a class to teach decency.
-asusila: adj indecent, immoral
-bersusila1: adj decent Dia seorang yang bersusila. She is a decent person.
-bersusila2: v have good moral
-nilai-nilai susila: n moral value.
-wanita tuna susila (WTS): n prostitute.

suspensi1: n /law/frm/lu/ suspension, adjournment.

suspensi2: n /phys./tech/frm/lu/  suspension |equipment attached to the wheels of a vehicle to make it bounce  less|
-bersuspensi1: v have suspension
-bersuspensi2: adj flexible

suster: n /frm/lu/ 1 Catholic nun. 2 term of reference and address for a female nurse. Suster Rosa Nurse Rosa
-susteran: n convent. sekolah suster convent school.

susu: n /frm/lu/ 1 milk  2 breast
-susu bubuk: n powdered milk.
-susu kalengan: n canned milk.
-menyusu: v suckle the breast.
-menyusui: v breast feed.
-kanker susu: n breast cancer.
-penyusui: n wet nurse.
-sepenyusuan: adv feed at the same breast.

susuk1: n /frm/lu/ 1 implant a ) small piece of gold or diamond inserted in the face as a magical charm to improve sb’s beauty. b) /med/ implant |a birth control method by inserting a contraceptive-contained small tube under the skin of a women| 2 pin, nail. 3
-bersusuk: v 1 have such implant 1 a) or 1 b)  2 wear a hairpin.
-menyusuk: v 1 implant 2 stab with a pin.
-menyusukkan: v /tr/  stick or implant sth in.

susuk2: n /ld/ surplus change after payment.

susuk3: variant of sosok2:

susul; menyusul: v /frm/lu/ come later on or afterward |if sb move first or arrive first and sb else move  later or arrive later, the second one ‘menyusul” the first one| 2 follow and catch up with. Yang lain akan menyusul. The others will come later. Menyusul surat kami terdahulu disini kami kirimkan penjelasan lebih rinci tentang produk kami. Following our previous letter, herewith we’re sending a more detailed about our product.
-menyusulkan: v add later.
-penyusul: n followers.
-susul-menyusul: v successively follow each other.
-susulan: n 1 addition 2 appendix 3 supplement.
-tersusul: v 1 be passed 2 be caught (by the follower)

susun; menyusun: v /frm/lu/1 stack |also stack up to form a neat pile, or put things into a neat pile| Susun saja buku itu di meja saya. Just stack the books on my table kursi yang didisain supaya mudah disusun chairs that are designed to stack easily 2 orderly pile. Tolong susun surat-surat masuk itu. Please orderly pile all incoming letters. 3 place Mereka sedang menyusun formasi pengurus partai They are placing the formation of the party’s management board. 4 compose |to combine together with other things or people to form something| Dia mulai belajar menyusun kalimat bermakna. She starts to learn how o compose a meaningful sentence
-penyusun: n composer, arranger, compositor, typesetter, compiler
-penyusunan: n 1 arrangement 2 compiling 3 composing
-tersusun: v 1 be orderly filed 2 be arranged Semua perabotannya tersusun dengan rapi. All her furniture is well arranged.
-susunan: n 1 formation 2 arrangement 3 composition 4 compilation. 5 structure.

susup; menyusup: v /frm/lu/ infiltrate, penetrate  |to join an organization or enter a place, especially in order to find out secret information about it or to harm it| Polisi telah melakukan beberapa upaya menyusup kedalam Mafia itu. The police have made several attempts to infiltrate the Mafia. 2 creep under sth 3 secretly enter into sth
-penyusupan: n infiltration.
-penyusup: n infiltrator

susur1; telusur: n /frm/lu/ edge, fringe, margin.
-menyusuri: v 1 trace, follow Pemburu itu sedang menyusuri jejak seekor kijang The hunter is tracing the footprint of an antelope 2 walk along the edge Tadi pagi kami menyusur pantai dari Barat ke Tmur. This morning we walk along the beach from the West to the East.
-penyusur: n tracer.
-penyusuran: n tracing.
-susur atas: n edge of a roof.
-susur bantal: n edge of a pillow.
-susur galur: n pedigree, genealogy..
-susur kota: n city’s edge.
-susur pantai: n shore’s edge.
-susur riwayat: n chronology of a story (event)
-susur tangga: n banister of a staircase.
-tersusuri: v be traced, be followed.

susur2: n /Jv/ quid of tobacco, often mixed with betel ingredients.
-menyusur: v chew tobacco.

susut; menyusut: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1 shrink Tubuhnya menyusut setelah lama sakit His body shrunk after suffering a long illness. 2 subside |to become less strong or loud| Badai menyusut sekitar subuh. The storm subsided around dawn. 3 reduce, decrease Panen tahun ini susut dibanding tahun lalu.
-menyusutkan: v /tr/ 1 shrink 2  decrease 3 reduce 4 contract |to become smaller or tighter|
-penyusutan: n 1 shrinkage 2 contraction 3 reduction 4 decrease.

sutan: n /frm/ 1 title of Minangkabau nobility above the rank of marah. 2 term of address to sb of this rank.
-bersutan-sutan: v act in a high-handed fashion.

sutera: n /frm/lu/ silk.
-persuteraan: n matters pertaining to silk.
-sutera dewangga: n very fine silk.

sutra: variant of sutera:

sutradara: n /frm/lu/ film or play director.
-menyutradarai: v direct a film or play.
-penyutradaraan: n 1 play or film direction. 2 directing.

suun: variant of sohun:

suvenir: n /frm/lu/ souvenir.

sw, {subhanahu wa taala}: n /Isl./ the Almighty and most worthy of praise, written after God’s name.

swa-: pref.: /frm/lu/ self- |a prefix in formal neologisms|

swadaya: n /frm/lu/ self-reliance,  innate strength or effort, self-support­ing.
-berswadaya: v do sth on a self-supporting basis (i.e. without outside funds). Masyarakat setempat ­berswadaya membangun jembatan The local population built a bridge on their own, without outside funds.

swadesi: n /ltr/ Gandhian movement of swadeshi, the confining of consumption to goods of village production.

swakarsa: n /frm/lu/ sb’s own will. atas swakarsanya of her own ac­cord. transmigrasi swakarsa spontaneous transmigration, transmigration not sponsered or funded by the government.

swakarya: n /frm/lu/ self-development (of projects without government fund).

swakelola: n /frm/lu/ self-management (i.e. community construction of public buildings).

swalayan: n /frm/lu/ self-service. pasar swalayan supermarket.

swapraja: n /frm/lu/ autonomous area or region.

swarga: variant of surga:

Swarnadipa: n /ltr./ the Golden Isle, Sumatra.

swasembada: n self-supporting, self-sufficient.

swasiswa: n autodidact.

swasta: adj /frm/lu/ private. pengusaha swasta private entrepreneur.
-menswastakan: v make sth private. menswastakan perusahaan negara convert a state enterprise into a private.
-penswastaan: n conversion to private ownership.

swat. {swatantra}: n /frm/ autonomy.

swatantra1: n /frm/lu/ autonomy.

swatantra2: adj /frm/lu/ autonomous.
-keswatantraan: n autonomy.

Swedia: n Sweden, Swedish.

swembak: n /of/ swimming pool. –syn: /lu/ kolam renang

swempak: n /of/ swimming suit. –syn: /lu/ pakaian renang

swt1: {subhanahu wa taala}: n /Isl./ the Almighty and most worthy of praise, written after God’’s name.

swt2: {swatantra}: n /frm/lu/ autonomy.

swt3: {swasta}: adj /frm/lu/ private (not public, of businesses I etc.).

sy-: see also entries with so
Note: Sy or sy, approximately sounds like sh (∫) in: shine; shrimp; shut; push; pushover; perishable.

syafaat: n /frm/lu/ 1 mediation, intercession (in communication with God). 2 blessing.

syafakat1: n kindness, sympathy.

syafakat2: variant of sepakat:

syah1: n /ltr/ ruler.

syah2: variant of sah: adj legitimate, authentic.

syahadah: variant of syahadat:

syahadan: variant of syahdan:

syahadat: n /frm/1 confession, testimony. 2 the profession (a statement of your belief, opinion, or feeling) of faith:

syahbandar: n /flu/1 harbormaster 2 port officer.
-kesyahbandaran: n 1 matters pertaining to port authorities and har­bormasters. 2 office of harbormaster.

syahdan: conj. /ltr./ so it happened, the next thing in the story. Syahdan sampailah raja itu di tempat tujuan.  So it happened that the king arrived at his destina­tion.

syahdu: adj /frm/lu/1 eminent, excellent. 2 serene, calm.
kesyahduan: n serenity.

syahid: n /frm/lu/ martyr |sb who die while fight­ing for Islam principles|
-kemartiran: n martyrdom.

syahmat: variant of sekakmat:

syahwat: n /frm/lu/ 1 lust, voluptuous feeling. 2 orgasm
-mencapai syahwat: v achieve an orgasm.

syair: n /frm/lu/ 1 story related in verse form using ­rhyme 2 poem. 3 rhyme containing clues to the lottery.
-bersyair: v 1 write poetry 2 poetize. 3 recite poetry.
-mensyairkan: v 1 compose a poem about sth 2 make a story rhythmic.
-penyair: n poet.
-kepenyairan: n poetizing.

syaitan: variant of setan:

syak; sak wasangka: n /frm/lu/ suspicion, doubt, distrust. tiada syak lagi no doubt whatsoever.
-menaruh sak wasangka: v/intr/ doubt about
-mensyak wasangkai: v /tr/ suspect sb

syakti: variant of sakti:

syal: n /frm/lu/ shawl, muffler.

syalat: variant of solat:

syaleh, syalih: variant of saleh:

syalwat: variant of selawat:

syaman: n /frm/lu/ 1 shaman |indigenous traditional healer| 2 traditional midwife

syamanisme: n frm//lu/ shamanism.

syampo: n /frm/lu/ shampoo.

syaraf: variant of saraf:

syarahan: n /ld/ edition.

syarak: n /ld/ canon law.

syarat; persyaratan: n /frm/lu/ condition, requirement, prerequisite, rules, regulation. Dia tidak dapat memenuhi syarat masuk kerja itu. He failed to meet the requirement to get the job. 2 qualifications.
-syarat ­hidup: n necessary requirement for living.
-bersyarat: adj conditional. penyerahan tidak bersyarat ­unconditional surrender.
-bersyaratkan: v have sth as a condition.
-mensyaratkan: v set sth as a condition, require sth Sekolah mensyaratkan murid-murid berseragam The school  requires the pupils to wear uniforms.

syariah; syariat: n Islamic law.
-mensyariatkan: v declare a certain deed to be Islam law.

syarif: n title of a male descendant of Muhammad.

syarifah: n 1 title of a female descendant of Muhammad 2 Arab women.

syarikat: variant of serikat:

syasis: variant of sasis:

syatriya: variant of kesatria:

Syawal; n the 10th month of Arabic calendar.

syekh: n 1 sheikh  2 title of a Islam scholar.

syelawat: variant of selawat:

syeti: n /in some regions only/ money lender of Indian descent.

syiar: n magnificence, greatness (of God and religion). siar Allah God’s greatness.

syiir: variant of syair:

syinkek: variant of singkeh:

syirik: v /frm/lu/ 1 belief in more than one God 2 polytheism. 3 sth to be avoided on religious grounds.
-mensyirikkan: v make sth taboo. Sejak itu dia mensyirikkan datang ke rumah saya Since that time he has avoided coming to my house.

symposion: n symposium

syorga: variant of sorga:

syukur; bersyukur: v /frm/lu/ 1 thank God, thanks be to God. syukur alham­dulillah /Isl/ thank God. 2 happily, fortunately Alhamdulillah dia selamat dari kecelakaan itu Fortunately she survived the accident
-bersukur: adj 1 be thankful to God. 2 be grateful. Saya bersyukur masih dalam keadaan sehat. I am grateful that I’m still well
-mensyukuri: v 1 be felt grateful (to God about sth) perbuatan yang disyukuri orang a deed for which people have thanked God. 2 thank sb
-syukuran: n an expression of gratitude to God. malam sykuran a night event to express thanks to God.

syurga: variant of surga:

syuriah: n 1 advisory 2 legislative.


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