Dictionay D

D: d: 1 |the 4th letter of the alpbabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sound like d in daily; dad; drain; didactic; dud; dead; doctor| 2 the forth in value, or quality classification 3 500 in Roman Number

D-1 {Diploma-1}: n |a diploma for one year college program after high school|

D-2 {Diploma-2}: n |a diploma for two years college program after high school|

D-3 {Diploma-3}: n |a diploma for three years college program after high school|

d.a. {dengan alamat}: prep. c/o (in care of).

dacin: n /lu/ portable balanced scale
-mendacin: v ­weigh items with such a scale.

dacing: variant of dacin:

dada: n /lu/frm/1 chest, thorax.
-dada bidang: n broad-chested. 2 bosom, breast
-lapang dada: adj 1 tolerant |to accept something even though you do not like it| 2 phlegmatic |calm and not easily excited or worried|
-dada lega: adj relieved, have burden lifted from sb’s  chest. Dada dia lega setelah putrinya pulang kerumah She was relieved after her daughter back home
-berdada-dadaan: v fight hand to hand.

dadah1: n /ld/ 1 medicine 2 medicinal herb.
-pendadah: n 1 boxes to keep medical herbs 2 herb or drug-addict

dadah2: intj. goodbye, bye-bye.

dadak1: mendadak: adv /lu/frm/ 1 suddenly Serangan itu datang mendadak. The attack happened suddenly Hujan turun mendadak sehingga kami basah kuyup The rain came suddenly, so we totally wet 2 Habis makan dia pergi mendadak After lunch, immediately she left.

dadak2: mendadak: adj /lu/frm/1 sudden Itu satu serangan mendadak It’s a sudden attack 2 immediate Biasanya pekerjaan mendadak hasilnya tidak akan sempurna Usually an immediate work won’t be perfect    3 instant Kami siap melayani permintaan mendadak We are ready to deliver immediate order
-dadakan: adj sth that is done instantly Inilah hasil dadakan This a sudden work -mendadak sontak: adv very sudden.
-pendadakan: n the process or an effort to make a sudden (act)

dadali: n /ld/ eagle

dadap: n /lu/ |any flowering Nitrogen Fixing Tree – Erythrina lithoperna Si Dadap dan si Haru: John Doe and Joe Blow (terms used to avoid referents’ real names).

dadap2: n /ld/ a circle shield that is made of rattan or leather

dadar: n /lu/ fried egg (omelette)  |one that has been mixed with spices and salt before frying|
kue dadar: n pancake-like cake.

dadih: n /ld/ congeal buffalo or cow milk.
-dadih darah: n coagulated blood.
-dadih kerang: n butter.
-mendadihkan: v coagulate, congeal
-pendadih: n coagulation agent |substance that causes coagulation
-pendadihan: n coagulation

dadu1: n /lu/ dice.
-dadu putar: n 1 roulette 2 cube.
-berdadu: v shoot dice.

dadu2: adj /ld/ pink, light brownish
-pipi berwarna ­dadu: n pink cheeks.

daeng: n /Mks/ 1 title of noble rank in South Sulawesi 2 respectful term of address for pedicab drivers.

daerah1: n /lu/frm/ 1 territory a) |land that is owned or controlled by a particular country, ruler, etc.| Daerah Provinsi Sumatera Utara North Sumatera Provincial Territory Daerah Istimewa Jogyakarta Jogyakarta Special Territory daerah kekuasaan singa tiger territory b) area |land of particular function and usage| daerah perkotaan urban area daerah pedesaan rural area  daerah industri industrial area daerah pemukiman housing are  c) |land of a particular type| daerah kepulauan archipelago daerah pegunungan mountainous area daerah pedalaman hinterland daerah aliran sungai river basin 2 zone |part of an area that has a specific purpose or has a special quality|  daerah bebas rokok a non-smoking zone daerah pertempuran battle zone daerah dilarang parkir a no-parking zone daerah pos postal zone  3 locale |the place where something happens|  Dimana daerah kelahiran kamu? Where is your birth locale?

daerah2: adj /lu/frm/ local pemerintah daerah (pemda) local government Pemda DKI {Daerah Khusus Ibukota} Jakarta  Local government, Special Capital City Territory of Jakarta bahasa daerah local dialect
-daerah binaan: n pilot project area
-daerah kantong:
n enclave
-daerah pasang surut: n tidal area
-daerah perkebunan: n plantation
-daerah penyangga: n buffer zone
-daerah panas: n tropical area
-daerah tangkapan ikan: n fishing ground
-daerah tidak bertuan: n no one’s land or non-registered land.
-rasa kedaerahan: n ethnical solidarity, provincialism
-sedaerah: v belong to the same locale

daftar: n /lu/frm/ list |a set of names, things, numbers etc. that are written one below the other so you find all the items easily|  Apa kamu punya daftar para pelamar? Do you have the list of the applicants Mentega tidak ada dalam daftar belanjaan Butter wasn’t on the shopping list? Apa pasta gigi ada pada daftar belanjaan? Is toothpaste on the shopping list? 2 roster |a list of people’s names showing the jobs they must do and when they must do them or a list of the subject for particular class; the time of the session, the teacher,  the room, etc.
-mendaftar: v /intr/ 1 register 2 record 3 enrol  4 enlist |to join an organization|
-mendaftarkan: v /tr/ 1 register 2 record 3 enrol 4 enlist
-pendaftaran: n 1 registration 2 recording 3 enrolment 4 enlistment
-terdaftar: adj 1 registered, on the list 2 slate |to be expected to get a particular position, job or to be expected to happened at a time in a future| Memed sudah terdaftar akan menjadi kepala sekolah berikut. Memed is slated to become the next principal.
daftar acara: n schedule
-daftar hadir:
n attendance list, roll
-daftar hidangan: n menu
-daftar hitam: n black list
-daftar isi: n table of contents
-daftar isian lamaran/permintaan: n application form
daftar kata: n glossary
-daftar kelahiran: n birth register
-daftar kematian: n mortality register
-daftar logaritma: n logarithmic table
-daftar perjalanan: n itinerary
-daftar perkalian: n multiplication table
-daftar pertanyaan:
n questioner
-daftar pustaka: n bibliography
daftar petunjuk: n index
-daftar riwayat hidup: n curriculum vitae.
-daftar tunggu: n wating list

dagang1: n /lu/frm/ visitor |sb who came from outside the region| Dia seorang anak dagang He is a visitor (a person not originally from a certain place
-berdagang1: v travel far from home.

dagang2; perdagangan: n /lu/frm/ 1 trading,  commerce |the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods, especially between different places: perdagangan luar negeri foreign trade perdagangan gelap illegal trade  dagang sapi (idiomatic) political deal (in appor­tioning cabinet seats, etc.), dagang transito transit trade.
-berdagang: v /intr/tr/ trade |to buy, sell, or exchange goods between regions, companies, countries, etc.| Ramos tidak punya pengalaman berdagang Ramos has no experience in trading
-dagangan1: n merchandise |goods that are for sale in stores|
-mendagangkan; memperdagangkan: v /tr/ trade (sth)
-pedagang2: n trader pedagang keliling travelling trader (salesperson)
-pedagang kaki lima: n vendor
pedagang asongan: n someone who brings things to sell in a box or a basket and offer them to the people in a bus, a train, on the streets, etc
-perdagangan gelap: n black market
-pedagang eceran: n retailer
-pedagang kulakan: n grocer, merchant
-perdagangan: n trading Statistik menunjukkan bahwa dalam dua tahun terakhir perdagangan regional meningkat 25% The statistic shows that in the last two semesters regional trading increased 25%

dagang3; mendagang: v /ld/ carry sth that is hung to the two end points of a pole and put the pole on shoulder.
-dagangan2: n things that being carried on shoulder with pole
-pendagang: sb who carry sth on shoulder

dag-dig-dug: n /spo/lu/ throb |a strong regular beat on the chest caused by fear, anxiety, etc.| Jantungnya dag-dig-dug His heart was throbbing.

dagel1; dagelan: n /spo/lu/ joke, jest, funny story, anecdote, etc.
-mendagel: v tell a joke, play funny mimic, say anecdote

dagi: n /ld/ 1 refusal 2 disagreement
-mendagi: v 1 refuse 2 oppose 3 disagree

daging: n /lu/frm/ 1 meat |the flesh of animals and birds eaten as food| Daging ini mengandung banyak protein This meat contains much protein 2 flesh a) |the soft part of the body of a person or animal between the skin and the bones| b) |the soft part of a fruit or vegetable that you eat|
-bedaging: v fleshy
-daging asap: n smoked meat
-daging awet: n pre­served meat.
-daging ayam: n chicken
-daging babi: n pork or ham
-daging bebek: n duck
-daging beku: n frozen meat
-daging has: n sirloin.
-daging kaleng: n canned meat
-daging kancing: n muscles
-daging sapi: n beef or veal
-daging segar: n fresh meat
-daging tumbuh: n wart
darah daging: n blood and flesh: |our own kid by birth| Mereka membesarkan saya seperti darah daging sendiri They raised me like their own child.
-mendaging: v to be flesh (start to be in good health again)
-mendarah daging: v be internalized |become an absolute physical and psychological  need| Minum alkohol telah mendarah daging buat dia Drinking has been internalized with him
pedaging: n broiler |cattle or bird that is raised for meat|
-sedaging: adj from the same parents
-terdaging: v reach the flesh Luka itu sampai terdaging The cut reached the flesh

dagu: n /frm/lu/ 1 chin 2 the part of sth that shape like a chin  Dagu gagang pedang The chin of a sword handle

dahaga1: adj /lu/frm/ thirsty a) |feeling that you want to drink something| Saya dahaga tolong ambilkan saya segelas air I’m thirsty please take me a glass of water b) |having a strong desire for something| Orang ini dahaga akan pendidikan bermutu This people are thirsty of good education –syn: /frm/ haus

dahaga2: kedahagaan: n /lu/frm/ thirst |the desire or need to drink sth| Semangkok kopi cukup menghilang-kan dahaga saya A cup of coffee is enough  to quench my thirst

dahaga2: n /ld/ 1 opposition. dahaga-dahagi various kind of op­position or resistance. 2 subordinate.
-mendahaga: v be in opposition, be insubordinate.
-mendahagi: v oppose or reffuse to do an order.

dahak: n 1 /frm/lu/ phlegm, sputum.
-berdahak: v contain phlegm batuk berdahak cough with phlegm
-mendahak: v expectorate, cough up and spit out phlegm.

dahan1: n /frm/lu/ the woody stick of a tree that grows from a bough or from a branch.
-berdahan: v to have woody stick grows from the branch

dahan2; pendahan: n /ld/ spear, lance

dahi: n /lu/frm/ forehead, brow. dahi layar wood attached to mast to strengthen sail  dahi sehari bulan well­ shaped forehead.

dahlia: n /lu/frm/ dahlia |any kind of flower plants genus Dahlia native to Mexico and Central America|

dahsat; dahsyat1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 horrifying, terrifying. Satu dentu­man meriam yang dahsyat A terrifying cannon blast  2 enor­mous, awesome |so impressive, serious, or difficult that it makes you feel awe| satu proyek yang dahsyat A big project
-mendahsyat: v 1 become more terrifying 2 become more impressive   Angin taufan itu makin mendahsyat The typhoon became more and more terrifying.
-mendahsyatkan2: v make sth become terrifying Kemarau panjang luar biasa telah mendahsyatkan perang itu An unusual long draught made the war more terrifying

dahulu1; also dulu: prep /frm/lu/ sometimes ago, in the past time, before now  Dahulu saya sekolah di kota ini Sometime ago I went to school in this town.
dahulu kala: adj |long time ago|
-dahulunya: also dulunya: adv Dahulunya saya tidak berminat bekerja di kota besar Previously, I didn’t intend to work in a big city
-didahului: v /pass.v./ be preceded Api itu didahului oleh sebuah ledakan. The fire was preceded by an explotion
-kedahuluan: also didahului: v be left behind
v /tr/frm/ 1 precede |to happen or exist before something else| Sebuah ledakan mendahului kebakaran itu An explosion preceded the fire 2 go in advance “Dimana mereka?: “Mereka sudah pergi mendahului” “Where are they?” “They have gone in advance”
-pendahulu: n predecessor, pioneer, first comer
-pendahuluan: n preface, preliminary ,  introduction.
-saling mendahului: v try to surpass each other or each try to go before the other
-terdahulu: adj earlier, previous.

dahulu2: adj /frm/lu/ ancient Pada zaman dahulu sebelum televisie ada At the ancient time before television exist
-terdahulu: adj previous |happening or existing before a particular event, time, or thing| Dia punya dua anak dari isteri terdahulu She has two children from his previous wife.

daki1: n /frm/ grime |esp. on sb’s skin – the mixture of dust and sweat|
-daki dunia: n filthy lucre.
-berdaki: adj 1 grimy 2  filthy .

daki2;  mendaki1: v /frm/ 1 climb Apa kamu pernah mendaki dinding gunung itu? Have you ever climb that cliff? 2 rise Matahari mendaki dari balik gunung The sun rises behind the mountain
-dakian: n slope
-mendaki2: adj 1 ascending  sebuah jalan mendaki an ascending road. 2 increasing Harga minyak mendaki The increasing oil prices
-pendaki: n cimber
-pendakian: n climbing Pukul berapa pendakian mulai? What time the climbing start?
-mendakikan: v 1 cause sb/sth to climb. 2 to cause sth ascend or increase
-terdaki: adj climbable

dakocan; dakocang: n /frm/ black inflatable doll. 2 Offensive attribute to a regime that work for the sake of superpower country

daksa: n /of/ 1 body 2 the main part of sth (usually used for building and organization)

daksina: n /of/ 1 right side. 2 south.

daku: object. pron. /ltr/ me. Berilah daku kesempatan lain Give me another chance –syn: /frm/ aku, saya
-mendaku: v claim as sb’s own. Dia mendaku bahwa novel saya adalah ide dia He claim that my novel was his idea –syn: /frm/ mengaku

dakwa; mendakwa: v /frm/lu/ charge, sue,  accuse, indict.
-berdakwa: v litigate |to take a legal case to a court of law| –syn: berperkara
-dakwaan: n accusation, charge, complaint (the action to be blamed and the consequence to be paid)
mendakwai; (saling) mendakwai: v cause recriminations, esp. about land and con­tracts.
-pendakwa: n plaintiff, complainant, accuser.
-pendakwaan: n the process or the activities related to make accusation. -terdakwa: n accused, defendant

dakwah: n /frm/lu/ 1 religious proselytizing 2 religious teaching
-mendakwah: v /intr/ 1 preach |to give a speech, usually in a mosque or in a church, about a religious subject|  2 proselytize |to try to persuade someone to join a religious teaching or belief|  3  to talk about how good or important something is and to try to persuade other people to do or accept it| Kamu yang selalu menganjurkan pada saya kejujuran, kasih, lalu kamu bohong pada saya. You’re the one who always suggest honesty, love, and then you lie to me|
-mendakwahi: v /tr/ to preach, to proselytize (sb or a group of people)
-mendakwahkan: v /tr/ to preach, to proselytize (sth)
-pendakwah: n 1 proselytizer  2 preacher 3 missionary.
Note: “mendakwah” usually is used as an intransitive verb. “mendakwahi” is a transitive verb that takes sb or a group of people as the direct object. “mendakwahkan” is transitive that takes sth (ideology, religion, etc) as the direct object.       

dalam1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 deep |going far down or toward the bottom from the surface, the top, or the front of something|  Danau tidak terlalu dalam disini The lake’s not very deep here.| Dia ada luka dalam di lengan kanannya She had a deep cut in his right arm| 2 intense, comprehensive, detailed Itu satu analisa yang dalam It was a detailed analysis pemahaman yang dalam a comprehensive understanding uraian yang dalam detailed elaboration 3 internal, domestic, local Tolong jangan ikut campur, ini urusan dalam Please don’t interfere, this is an internal case  produksi dalam negeri domestic production  Departemen Dalam Negeri Departement of Internal Affairs 4 inside Apa ruangan dalam cukup menampung semua ini? Is the inside space enough to accommodate all of these?  5 inner |on the inside or close to the center of sth| kuping bagian dalam the inner ear 6 bad Perselisihan mereka sangat dalam Their dispute is very bad
-berdalam-dalam: v become deeper and deeper
-dalam-dalam: adv deeply
-kedalaman: n 1 comprehension 2 the depth (of sth)
-mendalam1: adj (has been) deep, comprehensive, etc
-mendalam2: adv comprehensively, detail
-mendalami: v comprehend, look deeper, understand deeper
-mendalamkan: v deepen |to make something deeper or to become deeper|
-memperdalam: v comprehend sth more detailed
-pendalaman: n 1 an act of deepening 2 an effort to comprehend
-sedalam-dalamnya: adv as deep as possible

dalam2; (di) dalam: prep. /frm/lu/ 1 inside  Apa ada orang di dalam? Is there anybody inside? b) |if you have a feeling , anger, or thought inside you, you feel or think it but do not always express it|  Kamu tidak akan pernah tahu apa yang di dalam kepalanya You never know what’s happening inside his head. Jangan simpan rasa marah di dalam Don’t keep the anger inside.2 in, within |during a particular period of time| Kita akan tiba dalam satu jam We’ll arrive in an hour  Dia menghilang dalam sekejap mata He disappeared within a glance

dalang: n /frm/lu/ 1 narrator and puppeteer of traditional shadow plays. 2 mastermind, actor or director behind the scenes. Siapa dalang kekacauan politik ini? Who is the actor behind this political chaos?
-mendalang: v perform a shadow play
-mendalangi: v mastermind Satu organisasi ekstrim telah mendalangi bom bunuhdiri itu An extreme organization has masterminded the suicide bom.

dalem1: n /Jv/ 1 residence of high official 2 palace of the king. 2 title for person who possesses such a residence.

dalem2: variant of dalam1:

dali-dali: n /ld/ |any kind of plants that is used as vegetable – Strombosia javanica

dalih: n /frm/lu/ excuse, reason |a reason that you give to explain why you did something wrong| Dalihnya kenapa datang terlambat dapat diterima His excuse for being late was understandable 2 pretext |a reason that is given for doing something, in order to hide the real reason| Dia masuk ke gedung dengan dalih memeriksa sistim alarm He got into the building on the pretext of checking alarm system
-berdalih: v 1 seek an excuse. 2 equivocate, quibble.
-berdalih-dalihan: v 1 raise mutual recriminations. 2 blame each other

dalil: n /frm/lu/ l axiom 2 argument |a set of explanations you use to try to prove that something is right or wrong, true or false etc| 2 proposi­tion, theorem.|a statement in which you express a judgment or opinion|  Bahwa semua orang diciptakan setara adalah dalil mendasar hak azasi manusia That all people are created equal is a fundamental proposition of human right 3 theorem Dalil Archimedes
Archimedes’ theorem
-berdalil: v to give a rational reason
-berdalilkan: v to use a previous theorem or axiom as a reference in making a proposition

dalu: adj /Jv/ 1 ripe. 2 mature

Dalu: n /Zod./ Aquarius.

daluwarsa: adj /frm/lu/ expired. Surat Ijin Mengemudi saya sudah daluwarsa My driver licence has been expired.

dam1: n /inf/ checker |a game for two players, using a set of 12 flat round pieces each and a special board with 64 squares

dam2: n /inf/ checkered pattern

dam3: n dam /frm/lu/ |a wall built across a river in order to make a lake behind it or to produce electricity|

damai1; kedamaian; perdamaian: n /frm/lu/ 1 peace |a situation or period of time in which there is no war or fighting| Saya harap pertemuan itu menghasilkan  damai I hope the meeting will bring peace Kami cinta damai tetapi kami jauh lebih cinta kemerdekaan We love peace but we love freedom much more

damai2: adj /lu/frm/1 peace  Ini negara yang damai This is a peace country Mari kita pikirkan penyelesaian damai Let’s think a peace solution 2 calm Saya berharap suasana pertemuan itu akan damai I hope that the atmosphere of the meeting will be calm 2 bargained Tidak ada daftar harga Semua harga adalah harga damai There is no price list. All prices are bargained price.
-berdamai: v 1 be peaceful, be on good terms 2 make peace, come to an agreement. Kedua negeri itu telah berdamai The two countries have come to peace agreement
-mendamaikan: v act as a mediator on a peace agreement  2 reconcile, bring to terms.
-kedamaian: n peace, peacefulness, tran­quillity. kedamaian hati peace in mind.
-pendamai; juru damai: n peacemaker.
-perdamaian: n 1 peace 2 reconciliation.

damar1: 1 /lu/ resin |oil of certain trees  collected and used to substitute fuel| 2 torch using resin as its fuel
-berdamar: adj contains resin
-mendamar: v collect resin
-pendamar: resin collector
-pendamaran: n places where to find resin

damar2: n /lu/ any kind of nut which shell is very hard

damba1; mendambakan: v /lu/frm/ long |yearn |want something very much, especially something extremely difficult to get| Pra mahasiswa mendambakan beasiswa The students longe for scholarship. Mereka mendambakan kebebasan They yearned to get freedom
-kedambaan: n 1 longing, yearning
-dambaan: n desire.

damba2; mendamba: v /inf/lu/ 1 lay 2 hug

damba2: adj /ld/ quiet (don’t want to talk to sb because you hate him/her|

dame: variant of damai:

dampak: n /frm/lu/ 1 impact Pembersihan lahan melalui pembakaran memberi dampak buruk terhadap lingkungan Land clearing by burning will give  severe bad impact on environment 2 crash Dampak itu telah membuat kerusakan berat pada mobil The crash has made a severe damage to the car
-berdampak: v /intr/tr/ 1 collided Sebuah bus dan sebuah truk berdampak satu sama lain A bus and a truck were collided each other 2 impact |to have an important or remarkable effect on sb or sth| Pertumbuhan ekonomi telah berdampak pada inflasi The growth of the economic has impacted the inflation
-mendampak: v /tr/ 1 bump into Waktu itu gelap, saya mendampak pada sebatang pohon It was dark at that time, and I bumped into a tree  2 collide (against) Mobilnya mendampak sebuah bus His car collided against a bus. –syn: menabrak -syn: /frm/ menabrak

dampar; mendampar: v /intr/ frm/ cast ashore A boat has cast  ashore in small Sebuah perahu mendampar disebuah pulau
-mendamparkan: v /tr/ make sth (ship) get ashore Angin kencang telah mendamparkan kapal tersebut A strong wind got the ship ashore
-terdampar: v /pass.v/ be cast ashore (get ashore beyond the purpose)

damping: adj /frm/lu/ close, near seorang teman damping a close friend  satu tempat yang damping dengan sekolah a place near a school
-berdampingan1: adj contiguous |next to each other, or sharing the same border| Jawa Barat dan Jawa Tengah adalah provinsi berdampingan West Java and Central Java are contiguous provinces
-berdampingan2: adv side by side Mereka berdua duduk berdampingan Both of them sit side by side
-mendampingi: v 1 accom­pany. Menteri Luar Negeri sedang pergi ke luar negeri mendampingi Presiden The Minister of Foreign Affairs is going abroad to accompany the President 2 flank |to have one person or thing standing on one side, and one on the other side| Dua pengawal pribadi mendampingi ratu turun dari pesawat Two bodyguards flanked the prince stepping down the plane
-pendamping: n 1 associate 2 colleague 3 spouse

damprat; mendamprat: v /lu/frm/ 1 scold |to tell someone in an angry way that she/he has done something wrong|  Ibu mendamprat saya karena menghilangkan kalung saya Mom scolded me for losing my bracelet 2 abuse |to say cruel or unkind things to someone|
-dampratan: n 1 scolding  2 verbal abuse

Damsyik: n Damascus.

danl: conj and.

dan2: n /tech/ ranking for karate athletic from dan1 to dan 4  seorang karateka dan 4 a karate athletic at the fourth level

dana: n /frm/lu/ 1 donation |something, especially money, that you give to help a person or organization| Saya akan memberikan sejumlah dana untuk UNICEFT I’ll give some donation to UNICEFT  2  fund |an amount of money that is allocated for a particular purpose| Pemerintah akan menyediakan dana yang cukup untuk program pembangunan pedesaan. The government will allocate enough fund for rural development program.
-mendanai: v 1 fund 2 finance 3 underwrite
-pendanaan: n 1 funding 2 financing. Kalau proposal kamu bagus, pendanaan tidak menjadi persoalan If your proposal is good, the funding is not a question
-pendana: n 1 financier 2 fund maker 3 financial supporter

danau: n /frm/lu/ lake.

dandan1; berdandan: v /intr/frm/lu/ 1get dressed up, dress up, Apa kamu sudah berdandan? Have you dressed up? 2 groom |to take care of your appearance by keeping your hair and clothes clean and neat|  seorang wanita muda berdandan rapi/ berdandan jelek a well-groomed/ badly-groomed young lady
-mendandani: v /tr/ fashion |to shape or make something with your hands or a few tools| Dia sedang mendandani pengantin wanita She is fashioning the bride 3 decorate Apa kamu punya keahlian mendandani sebuah panggung? Have a skill to decorate a stage? 4 adorn Dia mendandani artikelnya dengan kata-kata yang bagus He adorn his article with beautiful words 5 repair Dia mendandani alat elektronik rusak untuk mendapatkan uang He repairs damaged electronics to make money
-didandani: v /pass.v/1 be dressed up 3 be repaired. Jam saya sudah didandani tukang jam My watch has been repaired by a watch repairman
-dandanan: n 1 clothing, outfit. 2 makeup, adornment 3 improvement

dandan2: n /tech/ 1 additional platform on a ship’s deck. 2 a strong wire or string

dandan3: mendandan: v to rob sb’s belongings

dandangl: n /lu/ large metal vessel for steaming rice.

dandang2: n /ld/ canoe that made of a wooden trunk

dangau: n /lu/frm/ a simple shelter or temporary hut in agricultural fields.

dangdut: n /lu/ a popular music with strong beat reminiscent of Hindi and Arabic music. 2 dance to such music.
-berdangdut: v sing such music 2 dance to such music.
-pedangdut: n musician that play, sing, and dance  such music.

dangkal: adj /frm/lu/ 1 shallow |not deep, measuring only a short distance from the top to the bottom| sebuah kolam ikan yang dangkal a shallow fish pond 2 less-educated, superficial |not showing any serious or careful thought| argumentasi yang dangkal a shallow argument
memperdangkal; mendangkalkan: v make sth shallower
-kedangkalan: n shallowness, superficiality.
-pendangkalan: n 1 the process of making sth shallow i.g by silt 2 trivialization, process of making sth su­perficial. pendangkalan sosialisme the trivialization of social­ist principles.

dangsa: variant of dansa:

Danramil {Komandan Rayon Militer}: n District Commander of the Army  |administrative unit at the level of the a district| 

dansa: n /lu/ Western-style dance
-berdansa: v dance

dapat: help. v /lu/frm/ 1 can |to be able to do something or know how to do something| Saya yakin dia akan dapat melakukan itu dengan baik I believe that he can do it well –syn: mampu 2 be allowed Kamu tidak dapat pergi tanpa ijin ayah You can’t go without father’s permission –syn: boleh
-berpendapat: v think Saya berpendapat bahwa kebijakan ini tidak adil I think this policy is not fair  Siapa saja berpendapat lain silahkan ajukan alasan anda.  Who ever think it differently, raise your argument.
-kedapatan: v /pass.v./ be found, be caught by surprise/caught off guard |when sb is doing something wrong or something is happening and unexpectedly someone else see it| Pencuri itu kedapatan oleh polisi menyetir mobil curian itu The thief were caught by police driving the stolen car
-keterdapatan: n 1 existence –syn: keberadaan 2 availability –syn: ketersediaan:
mendapat: v /frm/ 1 get  Setiap orang akan mendapat dua tiket pertunjukan itu Every body will get two tickets for the show 2 obtain, have  Aku harap saya mendapat jawaban dari kamu besok I hope that I’ll have your answer tomorrow 3 experience (sth) Dia mendapat penghinaan di depan umum He had been humiliated in public mendapat malu be embarrassed. 4 run into Dia mendapat keberuntungan sejak tinggal disini He run into a fortune since he stayed here 5 hear Saya mendapat kabar bahwa gubernur akan mengundurkan diri I hear a news that the governor is going to resign 6 become Dia mendapat nama dari bukunya tersebut He becomes famous of his book
-mendapatkan: v find, discover Tidak mudah mendapatkan jawaban untuk pertanyaan ini It’s not easy to find an answer to this question
-mendapati: v find, discover |only if it’s happened coincidentally| Saya mendapati dia sedang merokok Coincidentally I found him smoking
-pendapat: n opinion Apa pendapat kamu mengenai kasus itu? What is your opinion about the case?
-pendapatan: n income, earnings, take home money, revenue
-sedapat: prep. after, upon, by (receiving)  Sedapat pesan ini, saya harap kamu menghubungi saya After receiving this message, I hope that you call me
-sedapat mungkin; sedapat-dapatnya: adv as much as possible
-terdapat: v 1 exist Tanaman seperti itu terdapat dimana-mana di negeri ini Such kind of plant exists everywhere in this country 2 to be  Terdapat dua penukaran uang sekitar ini There are two money changers around here –syn: ada .

dapur: n /lu/frm/ 1 kitchen a) |the room where you prepare and cook food| 2 b) |the room or unit where heating or burning happen|  2 internal affair Jangan terlibat dalam kasus itu, karena itu adalah urusan dapur mereka Don’t get involve in that case, that is their internal affair
-/idiom/: dapur berasap; the basic family needs is available  Tidak peduli sekera apa saya kerja setiap hari, bagaimanapun saya harus menjaga dapur berasap. No matter how hard I work everyday however I have to keep my family basic needs

daral: n /frm/ 1 virgin 2 young girl.
-dara-sunti: n preadoles­cent girl
-dara-tua: n spinster.

dara2: adj /frm/lu/ virgin a) |land, forest etc. that is still in its natural state and has not been used or changed by people| hutan dara virgin forest b) without sexual experience Dara Maria (Maria yang dara) Virgin Mary ayam dara a young hen that never lay eggs yet
-kedaraan: n virginity
-perdaraan: n the matter of being a virgin

dara2: n pigeon – Columba domestica

darah: n /frm/lu/ blood. Tekan luka itu untuk menghentikan aliran darah Put pressure on the wound to stop the blood flow 2 talent Dia memiliki darah seni lukis yang sangat kental He has a very good talent on painting
-berdarah: v bleed
-mendarah: v become red like blood
-mendarahi: v put blood on sth
-perdarahan: n bleeding
-darah daging: n 1 relative Mereka adalah darah daging kita They are our relatives  2 habit Bangun pagi sudah menjadi darah daging buat dia Early waking up has become his habit
-darah bali: adj coward
-darah dingin1: adj phlegmatic
-darah dingin2: n cold blood
-darah hidup: n fresh blood
-darah jernih: n the blood of noble person
-darah kental: n gore |blood that has flowed from a wound and become thicker and darker|
-darah mati: n congealed blood
-darah nifas: n /med/ postnatal hemorrhage |a serious medical condition in which an area in someone’s body loses too much blood
-darah panas: n hothead:
-berdarah panas: adj hotheaded
-pendarah dagingan: n inculcation |the action of making someone accept an idea by repeating it to him/her often|
-darah putih: n blood of noble descent, blue-blood, well born person
-darah tinggi: n high blood pressure
-pendarahan dalam: n internal bleeding
-pendarahan otak: n cerebral hem­orrhage

darajat: variant of derajat:

darat: n /frm/lu/ 1 land (as the opposite of sea) Dengan memakai teropong ini kamu akan bisa melihat darat With this telescope you can sea the land  2  earth (as the opposite of atmosphere)  Pesawat ulang-alik adalah pesawat ruang angkasa yang dapat kembali ke darat A shuttle craft is an outer space craft that can back to the land.     3 dry soil (as the opposite of wet or swamp area) Daerah ini dulu adalah tanah darat, tetapi sekarang berobah menjadi sawah dan kolam ikan This area was a dry land but now it changed to be a rice field and fish pond (rice field is a wet land) 4 hinterland (as the opposite of sea shore area) Tidak ada pelabuhan kapal laut disini karena kita berada di darat There is no harbour here because we are in a hinterland
-daratan utama: n mainland.
-mendarat: v 1 land (a craft) 2  reach the shore (a ship)
-pendaratan: n 1 disembarkation 2 landing.
-mendaratkan: v put ashore Pelaut itu mendaratkan kapalnya dekat kapal saya The sailor put ashore his boat next to my boat
-mendarati: v put sb’s feet on (a land)
-tempat pendaratan: n 1 dock 2 pier  3 running lane 4 harbour 4 airport

dari: prep /lu/frm/ 1 from |starting at a particular place, position, or condition| Dia jalan kaki sepanjang jalan dari pantai He walk all the way from beach| Saya suka sama dia dari  pertama kali saya melihatnya I liked her from the first time I saw her.| Temperatur berkisar mulai dari 250C sampai 320C The temperature was ranging from 25OC to 320C 2  since Dari dulu sampai sekarang merek tetap tinggal disini Since long time ago they still live here 3 of  a) |used when giving the reason for or the cause of something| Dia pergi dari kemauan sendiri He left of his own will. b) |refer to the material used|  Kain ini terbuat dari sutera This cloth was made of silk makanan dari buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran food made of fruits and vegetables c) of |refer to sb/sth to whom/which sth belong to| Pidato dari presiden The speech of the president  d) |refer to sth that must be avoid| Saya telah mencoba jauh dari rokok I tried to get rid of cigarette  4  than, compare to Daging lebih mahal dari ikan Meat is more expensive than fish 8
berasal dari: phr |origin of sb or sth|  Kamu berasal dari mana Where do you come from

daripada: prep. /frm/lu/ from. dibuat daripada made of. Meja itu dibuat daripada kayu That table is made of wood. 2 than. Dia jauh lebih pandai daripada kamu He is much smarter than you are  3 better than Melakukan sesuatu yang tidak sempurna lebih baik daripada tidak berbuat sama sekali Doing something imperfect is better than doing nothing 4 instead of Daripada diam disini tidak berbuat apa-apa lebih baik kita pergi menonton film Istead of staying here doing nothing is better if we go to see a movie

darma: n /frm/lu/ 1 duty, obligation 2 service, good deed.
-darma warga: n civic mission.
-darma bakti: n volunteer work, service of value to the state, good deed
-berbakti: v perform a volunteer service
-mendarmakan: v give sb’s services as a sacrifice Dia mendarmakan ilmunya kepada negara He devotes his knowledge to the nation.

darmasiswa: n /frm/of/ student scholarship, fellow­ship. –syn: bea-siswa

darmawisata: n /frm/lu/ 1 excursion, outing 2 field trip.
-berdarmawisata: v go on an excursion

darmawisatawan: n /frm/ excursionist, tourist

darurat1: n /frm/lu/ emergency |a dangerous situation that you must deal with immediately| Panggil ambulan. Ini satu keadaan darurat Call an ambulance! This is an emergency!

darurat2: adj /frm/lu/ 1 emergency kamar darurat emergency room pintu darurat an emergency exit  2 temporary jembatan darurat temporary bridge

Darusalam: n 1 Jerusalem. 2 abode of happiness.

darwis: n 1 dervish 2 the poor

dasa: n /ltr/frm/ 1 an interval of ten 2 ten

dasawarsa: quant. /frm/lu/ decade, ten years.

dasadarma: quant./ltr/lu/ the 10 duties of Indonesian Boy Scouts.

dasalomba: n /ltr/lu/ decathlon |an event or a games with ten different category of games such as jumping, running, throwing, etc|

dasar: n /frm/lu/ 1 base |the lowest part or surface of something, especially the part on which it stands or where it is attached to something else| Ada retak pada dasar vas itu There is a crack on the base of the vase 2 bottom |the ground under an ocean, river etc., or the flat land in a valley| Dasar sungai itu berbatu-batu The bottom of the river is rocky 3 foundation |an idea, fact, or system from which a religion, way of life etc. develops|  Hak azasi manusia adalah dasar hak semua bangsa untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan Human rights is the foundation of the rights of all nations to have freedom 4 constitution Undang-undang Dasar 1945 adalah sumber hukum di Indonesia The Constitution of 1945 is the sources of law in Indonesia 5 reason, proposition Tolong jelaskan pada kami dasar anda memprakarsai gerakan ini Please tell us your reason to initiate this movement 6 principles Itu bertentangan dengan dasar kesetaraan gender It’s contrary to the principles of gender equality 7 basis Saling menghormati adalah dasar persahabatan kami Mutual respect is the basis of our relationship 8 ground Lantai dasar tersedia untuk restoran, bank, toko, dan agen perjalanan The ground floor is available for restaurants, banks, drugstores, and travel agents 9 background warna dasar background color
-berdasarkan: v /pass.v/ based (on)
-dasar pengecut!: /intrj/ coward! (means you’re typically a coward)
-mendasar1: adj fundamental Air sangat mendasar untuk kehidupan Water is fundamental to life.
-mendasar2: v become principle Kebebasan pers telah mendasar dalam sistim politik kami Freedom of the press has become a principle in our political system
-pada dasarnya: adv basically
-sudah dasarnya: (that is) the way it is

dasasila: n /ltr/ the Ten Commandments..

dasi: n /lu/ necktie. dasi jepitan clip-on tie. dasi jerat garotte. ­dasi kupu-kupu bow tie.

daster: n /lu/ 1 house dress, lounging gown. 2 doctor’s lab coat.

dasun: n /ltr/ garlic. Hidungnya bagai dasun tunggal He has a well-shaped nose (lit., like a clove of garlic).

data: n /frm/lu/ data. data taksasi appraisal data.
-mendata: v 1 encode for processing (on computer). 2 collect the data (by survey, ballot, etc)
-pendataan: n 1 data collection. 2 en­coding for processing.
-pengolahan data: n data processing

datang: v /lu/frm/ 1 come |to arrive somewhere|  Kapan kamu datang dari Jepang? When did you come from Japan?  2 approach |to move to or toward the person who is speaking or the place that s/he is talking about|  Datang kesini dan duduk dekat saya! Come here and sit next to me! 3 visit |to visit sb somewhere| Saya akan datang besok menemui kamu I’ll come tomorrow to visit you. 4 to begin to happen Saya kira hujan akan segera datang I think rain will come soon 4 penetrate, pass (through) |if light comes in to a place through something| Cahaya datang melalui jendela itu The light comes through that window 5 travel |to take a particular way or for a particular distance or time to get somewhere| Kami harus datang melalui jalan jalur cepat Cipularang karena jalan Puncak padat We had to come over Cipularang highway because of the traffic on Puncak was heavy 6 in the future Dia akan pergi dalam waktu sepuluh hari yang akan datang He’ll be leaving in ten days to come
-berdatangan: v arrive, come (used if the comers quite many and the arrival happen at different time)
datang mendatangi: v mutually visit each other
-datang-datang: adv (so and so) Datang-datang langsung minta makan (Just arrive without any words for reasons, directly ask for something to eat)
-kedatangan: n arrival
-mendatangi: v /tr/ visit (sb or a palce) Ada apa polisi mendatangi rumah kamu? What happened that the police came to your house?
-mendatangkan: v 1 order 2 import |to make sb or sth to come from other place| Kantor pusat akan mendatangkan seorang konsultan asing bulan depan Head quarter will invite to come a foreign consultant next month
-kedatangan1: v to have, to be visited Kita akan kedatangan tamu sangat penting dari kantor pusat We are going to have a VIP quest from the head quarter
-kedatangan2: n 1 visiting the matter related to a visiting Kedatangan kami adalah untuk mempererat hubungan kita Our visiting is to strengthen our relationship 2 arrival Kedatangan mereka di airport mundur satu jam dari jadwal semula. Their arrival at the airport was cancelled an hour from the initial schedule
-didatangi: v /pass.v/ be visited Kami didatangi seorang penagih hutang tadi pagi We were visited by debt  collector this morning
-mendatangi: v visit Seorang pengawas akan mendatangi proyek hari ini A supervisor will visit the project today
-pendatang: n comer, visitor, outsider

datar1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 flat |smooth and level, without any hollow or raised areas| A football field must be perfectly flat| Sebuah lapangan bola harus datar secara sempurna A football field must be perfectly flat 2 horizontal Gunakan alat ini untuk memeriksa apakah garis di dinding itu sudah datar Use this equipment to see if the line on the wall has been horizontal
-mendatar: v stay flat Jalan bebas hambatan ini mendatar sampai sejauh 10 km The highway stays flat for the next 10 km
-mendatarkan: v to make sth level/horizontal
-kedataran: n 1 flatness 2 horizontalness
-dataran: n plain,  flat area/land dataran tinggi plateau, flat upland
-pendataran: n the process of making sth (usually land) flat

Dati {Daerah Tingkat}: n autonomous ad­ministrative region or level.
-Dati I: n Provincial Level
-Dati II: n District or Municipal Level

datu: n /ld/ 1 title of clan leader (in some regions only) 2 traditional healer 3 supernatural person

datuk: n /ld/ 1 oldest male in a clan 2 a title for a noble person 3 grandpa (in some area of Indonesia and Malaysia) 3 honorific term of reference and ad­dress (for a stranger, dangerous animals). 4 a title for a person in certain high positions. datuk ben­dahara high-ranking Malay court official, grand vizier.

daulat: n /ltr/ 1 good fortune 2  expression of sb’s deference to nobility daulat tuanku! Hail, my lord!
-berdaulat: adj /frm/ 1 sovereign |having the highest power or authority in a country| raja berdaulat a sovereign king  2 independent |not controlled by another government or organization| Indonesia menjadi Negara berdaulat pada tahun 1945 Indonesia  became an independent country  in 1945. 2 predominant. |more powerful, influential, or noticeable than others| Majapahit dulu adalah kerajaan berdaulat di Indonsia Majapahit was a predominant kingdom in Indonesia
-mendaulat: v 1 make a statement that sb fully obedient to somebody else in authority 2  spontaneously elect sb to position of author­ity
-kedaulatan: n 1 sovereignty 2 prerogative 3 independency

daun: n /lu/frm/ 1 leaves |the flat green parts of a plant that are joined to its stem or branches| Daun pepaya dapat dimakan Papaya leaves are edible 2 surface |the top part of a table where we can put sth| daun meja itu licin the table’s surface is smooth 3 sheet daun kartu card sheet
-berdaun: v to have leaves Pohon itu tidak lagi berdaun The tree has no more leaf
-daun-daunan: n different kinds of leaves
-daun bangun-bangun: n the leaves of a kind of plant that usually used for spice or herbal medicine – Coleus amboinicuas
-daun baling-baling: n propeller’s blade
-daun bawang: n leek
-daun berlangkas: n Nothopanax scutellarium
-daun bunga: n petal |the colored part of a flower that is shaped like a leaf|
-daun burung: n Rinacanthus nasuta
-daun-daunan: n foliage, leaves
-daun dayung: n the flat part of a rowboat’s oar
-daun duduk: n a kind of leaves used for herbal medicine – Desmodium triquetrum
-daun encok: n a kind of leaves used for herbal medicine – Plumbago zeylanica
-daun gatal/jelatang: n the leaves of any poisonous plants
-daun gergaji: n saw’s blade
-daun hidup: n touch-me-not: –Biophytum sensitivum
-daun kaki-kuda: n vine with edible leaves planted on the sides of bunds to prevent erosion
-daun jendela: n window shutter
-daun kepialu: n a herbal leaves – Vitis trifolia
-daun lalu: n the leaves of a climbing plant – Haemaria discolar
-daun lalu: n the leaf of a creeping plant – Haemaria discolar
-daun muda: n /off/ young women
-daun pedang: n sword’s blade
-daun pintu: n door
-daun salam: n laurel like leaf usually used for spice
-daun telinga: n auricle of ear
-daun urat: n a name of a plant – Plantago major
-dedaunan: n many kind of leaves

daur: n /frm/lu/ 1 cycle (of years, things)
-daur kecil: n cycle of 8 years
-daur besar: n cycle of 120 years
-daur haid: n menstruation
-daur ulang: n recycling
-mendaur ulang: v recycle
-mendaur haid: v menstruate

dawat; dawet1: n /of/ ink. –syn: /lu/ tinta

dawet2: n /Jv/ cold drink made from rice or arrowroot flour, coconut milk and palm sugar.

daya1: n /frm/lu/ 1 power |the ability or right to control people or events| Pemerintah tidak punya daya yang cukup menekan separatisme The government has no enough power to repress separatism 2 energy |power from burning oil, coal etc. that produces heat and makes machines work| Pembangkit tenaga tenga surya ini akan menghasilkan 10 megawat daya listrik This solar electric power plant can produce 10 megawatt electricity 3 capacity |the amount that something can hold, produce, or carry| Kami mau beli satu truck yang punya daya angkut sampai 10 ton We want to buy a truck which load capacity is up to 10 tons –see: gaya
-berdaya: adj capable |having the power, skill, or other qualities that are needed to do something|
-daya apung: n buoyancy
-daya atom: n atomic energy
-daya air: n water power
-daya antar: n /elect./ conductivity
-daya beli: n purchasing capability
-daya biak: n propagation capacity
-daya cerna: n digestibility
-daya cipta: n creativity
-daya dorong: n 1 motivation 2 pushing power 3 incentive
-daya gerak: n mobility
-daya hasil: n productivity
daya jelajah: n cruising capacity
-daya jual: n sale capacity
-daya juang: n struggling power
-daya kembang: n reproduction capacity
-daya kuda: n horse power
-daya larut: n solubility
-daya lenting: n flexibility
-daya saing: n competitive power
-daya serap: n absorbing capacity
-daya tahan: n 1 /elect./ voltage 2 endurance  3 stamina 4 durability
-daya tekan: n pressure power
-daya tarik: n 1 attractiveness 2 adhesiveness capacity
-daya tempur: n fighting power
-daya tampung: n accommodating capacity
-daya tangkap: n comprehension  |the ability to understand sth new and problematic| -daya tulis: n writing capacity­
-keberdayaan: n capability
-memberdaya; memberdayakan: v 1 make use |to make use or more useful| 2 strengthen |to make capable or more capable|
-pemberdayaan: n |the act or process of making sth useful, capable, more useful, or more capable|
-terperdaya: v /pass.v./ be deceived, be the victims of a trick.

daya2; perdayaan: n /lu/ 1 deceit 2 trick 3 ruse.
-memperdaya; memperdayakan: v 1 de­ceive  2 trick.
Note: Pay close attention to the difference between “memperdaya/memperdayakan” (daya1)  and “memberdaya/memberdayakan” (daya2)  The spelling and pronunciation of the two words are almost similar but the meaning are totally different.

dayaguna: n /lu/frm/ 1 usefulness 2 effectiveness 3 productivity
-bedayaguna: adj 1 useful 3 effective 3 productive
-kedayagunaan: n 1 usefulness 2 effectiveness 3 productivity
-mendayagunakan: v make use (of sb/sth) or make (sb/sth) more useful, effective
-pendayagunaan: n an effort to make use or to make more useful of sb/sth

dayah: n /ld/ 1 foster mother. 2 wet nurse.

Dayak: n 1 native ethnic groups in Kalimantan. 2 American Indian.

dayang: /ltr/ lady-in-waiting.

dayung: n /lu/frm/ 1 oar |a long pole with a wide blade at one end, used for rowing a canoe or a boat| 2 pedal | the part of a bicycle, car, or motorcycle that you push with your foot in order to make it move| dayung sepeda bicycle pedal 3 tail fin (of a fish)
-dayung-mayung: n different kinds of oar
-berdayung: v /intr/ 1 row (canoe) 2 pedal (bicycle)
-mendayung: v /tr/ 1 row 2 pedal
-pendayung: n 1 oarsman 2 rower  2 oar.
-mendayungkan: v /tr/  to use oar to row Dia sudah tua dan tidak kuat lagi mendayungkan perahunya. He is old, he isn’t strong enough anymore to row the oar 2 to pedal a bicycle Dia sedang belajar mendayungkan sepedanya. She is learning to pedal her bicycle

dayung2: n /lu/frm/ rowing sport

debar; debaran: n /lu/ beat, pulse  |faster and stronger pulse that can be felt as your heart pumps blood around your body| Debar jantung saya terasa tambah cepat ketika melihat perampok bertopeng itu The beat of my heart was felt faster when I saw the masked burglar
-berdebar: v /intr/ beat,  pulsate
-berdebar-debar: v /intr/: repeatedly beat or pulsate Hatinya berdebar-debar menanti berita penyelamatan itu Her heart repeatedly beat waiting the news on that rescue

debarkasi: n /frm/ debarkation.

debat: n /frm/lu/ 1 debate 2 discussion 3 argument  debat kusir silly talk.
-berdebat: v /intr/ 1 debate  2 discuss 3 argue  Mereka berdebat selama dua jam tentang akibat pemanasan global They debated for two hours on the excess of global warming
-mendebat: v /tr/ 1 debate or argue sb//sth Saya tidak berniat mendebat kamu dalam hal ini. Yang saya katakan adalah agar kamu waspada tentang risiko yang mungkin bisa terjadi I don’t mean to argue you on this. What I’m saying is that you need to be alert about the risk that might be happened
-memperdebatkan: v /tr/ argue (about sth)
-perdebatan: n /frm/lu/ 1 debate, argument, discussion Telah ada perdebatan serius mengenai kebijakan luar negeri There was a serious debate on the foreign policy 2 subject of the debate Perdebatan itu adalah mengenai kerusakan lingkungan akibat pertambangan The subject was about environment destruction caused by mining

debet: n /frm/lu/ debit |a record of the money that you have taken out of your bank account|
-mendebet: v debit  |to draw some cash from your bank account|
-pendebetan: n debiting.

debirokratisasi: n /frm/ debureaucratization.

debit: n /frm/lu/ |accumulative volume of running water through a certain channel during a given time|  Debit air yang dibawa melalui pipa ini adalah 20 gallon per detik The accumulative volume of water brought by this pipe is 20 gallon per second

debitur: n /frm/lu/ debtor.

debris: n /frm/ debris |the pieces of something that are left after it has been destroyed or left by running water| Jalan penuh dengan debris seusai ledakan itu The street was full of debris after the explosion

debu: n /lu/ dust, grit.
-berdebu: adj dusty.
-men­debu: v become like dust.

debuk: n /spo/ sound of thud.
-berdebuk: v make a thudding noise.

debus: n /spo/ 1 sound of whistling, sound of howling wind. 2 ritual display of invulnerability in West Java.

debus2: adj /ld/ missed, aimless |to not arrive at the aimed target|

debut: n /spo/ sound of light popping (e.g. breaking wind or fart).

debut: n /lu/frm/ 1 moment |the first chance to be publicized|

dedak: n /lu/ rice bran, by-product of milling used as animal feed.

dedangkot: variant of dedingkot:

dedara1: n /ltr/ adolescent |a young person who is developing into an adult|–syn: /lu/ remaja

dedara2: adj /ltr/ adolescent girl

dedaunan: n /plural/lu/ foliage, leaves.

dedengkot: n /lu/inf/ 1 prominent figure 2 big shot 3 maestro dedengkot fotografi well-known photographer

dedikasi: n /lu/frm/ dedication.
-mendedikasikan: v /tr/ dedicate. mendedikasikan diri edicate yourself
-berdedikasi: v /intr/ dedicate
-dedikatif: adj dedicative

deduksi: n /tech/ deduction

deduktif: adj /tech/ deductive.

defensive: adj /frm/ defensive.

defile: n /Mil/frm/ 1 parade 2 march
-berdefile: v parade, march

definisi: n /frm/lu/ definition.
-mendefinisikan: v define.
-pendefinisian: n de­fining.

definitive: adj /frm/lu/ definitive.

definitif: adj /frm/lu/ definitive

defisiensi: n /frm/lu/ deficiency.

defisit: n /frm/lu/ deficit.     ‘

deflasi: n /frm/lu/ deflation.

defleksi: n /frm/ deflection.

deformasi: n /frm/ deformation.

degdeg; degdegan: n /ld/ sensation of pounding (of heart). Saya mendekati dia dengan hati degdegan I approached him with a pounding heart.

degenerasi: n /frm/ degeneration.

degradasi: n /frm/ degradation.

deh; intrj /Jk/ Yeah! O.K |an exclamation to express that after some consideration or to be tolerable and you agree with sth| “Ayolah! Ikut kami, saya tahu kamu sibuk, tetapi kita akan pulang cepat”  “O.K. deh!” “Come on! Join  us, I know you are busy, but we’ll back soon” “Yah! O.K!”  “Ayolah kita pulang” “Ya deh!  tapi tunggu sebentar” “Let us go home.”  “Yeah! O.K.! but wait a moment”

deham; dehem: n /ld/ 1 sound like “hem! hem! 2 small cough to clear throat.
-berdeham: v sound hem! hem! or cough a little |sb do it intentionally to clear throat or to make other people know that you are there| Saya dengar seseorang mendeham. Lihat siapa yang datang. I heard sb cough. See who is coming

dehidrasi: n /frm/ dehydration.

deka: prefix. /frm/ quantifier of ten units of sth dekameter equal to ten meters dekade an interval of ten years  dekagram a weight unit equal to ten grams dekaliter a unit of volume equal to te liters dekare ten are  -syn: dasa(warsa)

dekaden: adj /frm/ 1 decadent |more interested in pleasure than anything else| 2 morally unacceptable

dekadensi: n decadence.

dekah-dekah: see tawa:

dekam; berdekam: mendekam: v /intr/ be cooped |being kept or stay indoors, or in a small space| Setelah mendekam sepanjang pagi kami sangat senang pergi keluar After being cooped up all morning, we were happy to go outside. Dia telah mendekam di penjara sejak bulan lalu He has been cooped in prison since last month 3 be incarcerated.

dekan1: n /ld/ bamboo rat. – Rhizomys sumatransis

dekan2: n /Acd/frm/  dean. dekan urusan kemahasiswaan dean of students affairs.
-mendekani: v be the dean of a certain faculty. Dr, Santoso telah mendekani Fakultas Komunikasi UI selama dua tahun Dr Santoso has become the dean of Communication Department of UI for two years 

dekap; dekapan: n 1 /lu/ 1 embrace 2 hug
-mendekap: v /tr/ 1 hug |to put your arms around someone and hold him/her tightly to show love or friendship| 2 embrace | to put your arms around someone and hold him/her in a caring way|
-berdekap-dekapan: v hug each other
-berdekap; berdekap-dekapan: v 1 hug or embrace each other
-mendekapkan: v /lu/ press (usually face) on sth |to put your face against sb’s chest or sth else| Dia berlari ke kamarnya, mendekapkan wajahnya ke bantal lalu menagis dengan sedih She run into her room and he put her face against the pillow and sadly cried

dekap2: adj /ld/ 1 near 2 close –syn: dekat
-mendekap: v come close Secara lambat dia datang mendekat pada saya Slowly she came closer to me 2 attach, be situated Saya ingin gambar ini selalu mendekap di dinding ini
-mendekapkan: v /tr/ 1 put close to 2 reconcile 3 attach
-memperdekapkan: v /tr/ 1 bring closer 2 tighten

dekar; mendekar: v /lu/ 1 fight with an expertise on self defence sport or martial art 2 skilfully argue, diplomatically debate
-pendekar: n /lu/ 1 master of swordsmanship or martial arts 2 maestro

dekat: adj /lu/frm/ 1 short (distance) Nicole tinggal dalam jarak dekat dari sini Nicole lives in a short distance from here   2 short (time) Dalam waktu dekat mereka akan kawin In a short time they are going married 3 intimate Evan adalah teman dekat saya Evan is my intimate friend 4 next to Dia sedang duduk disana dekat suaminya She is sitting there next to her husband  4 almost Sudah dekat waktunya untuk memulai rapat, jangan pergi kemana-mana It’s almost the time to start the meeting, don’t go anywhere 5 vicinity |somewhere around a particular place| Mobil itu ditemukan dekat sebuah stasiun bus The car was found around (in the vicinity of) a bus station. 6 near Apa ada kantor pos dekat kantor kamu? Is there any post office near your office?  Libur sudah dekat Vacation has been near
-berdekatan: v 1 be closed (to) Sekolahnya berdekatan dengan sekolah saya Her school is closed to my school  2 not long before (time) Kami tiba disini berdekatan dengan akhir tahun lalu We arrived here not long before the end of the last year 3 adjacent |very close to something, or next to it| Monumen Nasional itu berdekatan dengan Istana Merdeka The National Monument is adjacent to the Merdeka Palace 4 contiguous |next to something, or sharing the same border| Sumatera Utara, Jambi, Sumatera Barat, dan Aceh adalah provisi-provinsi berdekatan North Sumatera, Jambi, West Sumatera, and Aceh are contiguous provinces
-kedekatan: n 1 shortness 2 intimacy 3 nearness, 4 propinquity 5 proximity
-mendekati: v 1 approach Kita sekarang sedang mendekati Bandar udara Sukarno Hatta We are now approaching Sukarno Hatta Airport 2 resemble |to look like, or be similar to, someone or something|  Wajah dia mendekati wajah ibunya dalam beberapa hal Her face resembles her mother face in some ways 3 near (to) Kamu sudah mendekati tujuan kamu, kan? You have come near to your goal, do you?
-mendekatkan: v bring sth closer (to) Kunjungan anda akan mendekatkan hubungan antar Negara kita Your visit will bring closer friendship between our countries Apa kamu boleh mendekatkan meja itu ke dinding? Will you bring the table closer to the wall?
-memperdekatkan: v make persons or things become closer or more intimate each other
-terdekati: adj approachable
pedekatan: n approach

dekil: adj dirty |appearance of sb that is not clean or neat|

deklamasi: n /frm/lu/ |formal stylized recitation of poetr etc
-berdeklamasi: v /intr/ engage in formalized poetry recitation
-mendeklamasikan: v /tr/ recite literature in a formal style
-perdeklamasian: n act of declaiming.

deklamator: n /frm/lu/ orator (esp. of poetry).

deklarasi: n /frm/ 1 customs declaration. 2 voucher.

deklinasi : n 1 declination. 2 declension

dekode: v /frm/ decode a) |to discover the meaning of a secret or complicated message| b) |to change a system of a secret massage into antother system|

dekoder: n /frm/ 1 an expertise that able to decode 2 a system or tool used in decoding|

dekomposisi: n /frm/ decomposition a) |a process in which a chemical composition is changed into a simpler one| b) |the process of decaying|
-dekompos: v decompose |to decay or to make something do this|
-dekomposer: n bacteria or a substance that accelerate or make a  decomposition

dekolonisasi: n /frm/ decolonization.

dekompresi: n /frm/ a process of reducing a pressure

dekonsentrasi: n deconcentration.
-dekonsentrasi: v /frm/ deconcentrate

dekor; dekorasi: n 1 décor e decoration . dekorasi gaya disko disco-style decor. 2 /Mil./ medal

dekorarif: adj /frm/ full of attractive or pretty decoration

dekorator: n /frm/ decorator |a person who decorate|

dekosistim: n /frm/ a system of the mutual dependency or relation between living things and its environment

dekret; dekrit: n /frm/ 1 decree  2 statement
-mendekritkan: v decree

delapan: num. eight.
-delapan belas: n eighteen.
-delapan puluh: n eighty
-kedelapan: n the eighth
-seperdelapan: n 1/8 one eighth
-berdelapan: v |be in a group of eight|

delegasi: n /frm/lu/ delegation.
-mendelegasikan: v delegate
-pendelegasian: n delegation of authority.

delik1: adj /lu/frm/ wide-open (of eyes).
-mendelik: v glare at.
-mendeliki: v glare at (many things)

delik2: n /ld/ |a tree which can grow high until 20 meter, with dense leaves and branches – Memecylon caloneuron|

delik3: n /frm/lu/  offense, crime |lawless action or practice|
-delik aduan: n an offense that warrant suing in a court
-delik tunggal: n sole offense.

delikuensi: n delinquency.

delima: n /lu/ pomegranate |a round fruit with thick red skin and many juicy red seeds that you can eat|

delman: n /lu/ two-wheeled buggy (a cart driven by a horse) –syn: sado

delta: n /lu/ delta | a low area of land where a river separates into many smaller rivers flowing toward an ocean|

delusi: n /frm/ 1 irrational thought 2 false belief

delusif: adj /frm/ 1  irrational  2 delusive

dema {dewan mahasiswa}: n student council.

demagogi: n /frm/ demagoguery. |the act of a demagogue to influence people|

demam1: n /lu/frm/ 1 fever |a physical condition in which you have a very high temperature| Minum pel ini untuk menyembuhkan demam kamu Take this pill to cure your fever-syn:

demam2: adj /lu/frm/ feverish. |suffering from a fever| Dia tidak bisa pergi kerja, dia sedang demam. She can’t go to work, she is feverish

deman: v /ld/ like, be fond of. Saya deman makan mangga I like to eat man­goes.

demang: n /o.f/ 1 village headman |in Java and some regions in Sumatera| . 2 customary law expert. 3 village government officer.
-kedemangan: n custom­ary law territory

demarkasi: n /frm/ demarcation.

demen: variant of deman:

demi1: prep. /lu/frm/  1 for the sake of. demi kepentingan numum for the sake of  public interest. demi masa depan yang lebih baik for the better future. 2 for demi keamanan for the security reasons 3 so as to Saya melakukan ini demi menunjukkan pada kamu bahwa saya serius I do this so as to show you that I’m serious  4 by Demi Tuhan! Saya bersumpah akan mengatakan yang sebenarnya By the name of God! I swear that I’ll tell the truth 5 on Demi nama baik kamu jangan lakukan itu. On your reputation, don’t do it

demi2: conj /lu/frm/ 1 as (soon as). Demi dilihatnya polisi datang, dia melompat dan lari As he show the police coming, he jumped and run away 2 by Dia sambut semua tamu itu satu demi satu She greeted all guests one by one  3 after Hari demi hari saya menunggu dia, namun dia tidak pernah muncul Day after day I wait for him, however, he never show up

demikian: pron. /lu/frm/ 1 such as. Mobil yang demikian ini yang saya ingin beli Such as this car I want to buy 2 that Demikian banyak tamu yang dating ke pesta itu tetapi tidak satup yang saya kenal That much guests coming to the party, but non of them I know 3 such (was) Demikianlah akhir cerita itu Such was the end of the story 4 so Saya kira tidak demikian I don’t think so 5 also Nadia adalah orang yang baik dan demikian juga Serevina  Nadia is a nice person and so is Serevina 6 likewise The dinner was amazing; likewise, the concert. Makan malamnya sangat hebat; demikian juga konsernya  7 like (that) Perilaku demikian itu tidak diterima disini An attitude like that is not acceptable her

demiliterisasi: n /frm/ demilitarization.
-mendemiliterisasikan: v /tr/ demili­tarize.

demisioner: adj /frm/ |outgoing official or a cabinet but still work out  routine tasks until the instalment of a new one|

demo: see demonstrasi:

demobilisan: n /frm/ demobilized member of armed forces.

demobilisasi: n /frm/ demobilization.
-mendemobilisasikan: v /tr/ demobilize.

demograf: n /frm/ demographer.

demografi: n /frm/ demography.

demografis: adj /frm/ demographic.

demokrasi: n /lu/frm/ democracy |a system of government in which the authority is laid on the people’s hand by voting their own representative and leaders
-mendemokratisasikan: v /tr/ democratize

demokrat: n /lu/frm/ democrat |someone who believes and support democracy|

demokratis: adj /lu/frm/ democratic. men-kan democratize.

demokratisasi: n /lu/frm/ democratization.

demoniac: n sb that is pervaded by evil spirit

demonstran: n /lu/frm/ participant of a demonstration, protester.

demonstrasi: n /lu/frm/ demonstration a) |an event (usually a long rally) at which a lot of people meet to protest or support something in public| Mahasiswa mengadakan demonstrasi menentang swastanisasi angkutan umum  Students staged/held a demonstration against privatization of public transportation b) |the act of showing and explaining how to do something| Dia melakukan demonstrasi bagaimana cara menggunakan mesin cuci itu She gave a demonstration on how to use the washing machine c) |to proof that someone or something has a particular quality, ability, etc.| Orang berkumpul di halaman kantor polisi dalam satu demonstrasi bagaimana seekor anjing terlatih sedang mencari narkotika People gathered around the police office square in a demonstration of how a trained dog searching for narcotic
-berdemonstrasi: v demonstrate

demoralisasi: n /lu/frm/ demoralization.

demoralisir; mendemolarisir: v /lu/frm/ demoralize |to make sb lose his or her confidence or courage| Kekalahan pada pertandingan pertama telah mendemolarisir tim The loss in the first match has demoralized the team

demosi: n /frm/ the action of lowering sb position |the opposite of promotion|

demotrasi: variant of demonstrasi:

dempak1: adj 1 low and flat |not very high from the ground and the angle is almost level|  . Atap rumah itu dempak The roof of the house is short and flat 2 stocky. |short, fat,  strong-looking body| pria berbadan dempak a man with stocky body

dempak2: v 1 meet 2 get in touch

dempal: adj /Jv/ physically strong.

dempel: adj near to, nearby, close to
-berdempel; berdempelan: v be situated next to sth  Kantor dia berdempelan dengan sebuah bank His office is close to a bank

dempet: v /intr/ /lu/inf/ stick
-berdempetan: v be stuck together Kantor pos itu berdempetan dengan sebuah biro perjalanan The post office sticks to a travel bureau
-berdempet-dempetam: v be jammed together, be crowded  Orang-orang  berdempet-dempetan an di aula  The people were crowded in the hall
mendempetkan: v make more crowded or more jammed
-kedempetan: n crowdedness

dempul: n /lu/ glazier;s putty, boat caulking.
-mendempul: v apply putty or caulking.

denah: n /lu/frm/ sketch, blueprint, ground plan. denah vocal vowel chart.

denai: n trail, track (of wild game).

dencis: see sarden:

denda: n /lu/frm/ fine |money you have to pay as a punishment| Saya bayar Rp:25,000,- untuk denda terlambat bayar cicilan KPR I paid Rp: 25,000 for late paying of my mortgage instalment
-mendenda: v fine

dendam: n /lu/frm/ hatred, hate, grudge,  |a feeling of anger about something that someone has done to you that you still keep since the past time| Saya bisa melihat matanya yang penuh dengan dendam I can see his eyes that is full of hatred/grudge
-berdendam; mendendam: v have resentment (toward sb) Adalah dosa mempunyai rasa dendam dalam hati It is evil to have resentment in your heart
-pendendam: adj 1 likely to keep grudge or resentment  2 have no will to forgive sb’s fault  Hati-hati dengan mereka Kelihatannya mereka suka menyimpan rasa dendam dalam pikirannya Be careful with them, It seems that they are likely to keep resentment in their mind

dendangl: n crow (bird).

dendang2: variant of dandang:.

dendang3: n /lu/ltr/ 1 chant song 2 popular folksong that we sing leisurely and happily
-berdendang: v sing happily and leisurely
-mendendangkan: v /tr/ to sing (a song) Wow! Kelihatannya kamu lagi senang! Saya dengan kamu mendendangkan Jingle Bells Wow! It seems you are happy! I hear you singing Jingle Bells!

dendeng: n /lu/ smoked meat.
dendeng belado: n spiced smoked meat

dengan1: prep. /lu/frm/ 1 with a) |used to show that two or more people or things are together or near each other| Dia sedang di ruang makan dengan Rani She is in the dining room with Rani  Jangan taruh pakaian bersih dengan yang kotor Don’t put the clean clothes together with the dirty one  b) |to emphasize honesty and respect| Dengan segala rasa hormat… With all respects… c) |having a particular condition, thing, quality, or feeling|  seorang anak dengan lengan patah a boy with a broken arm | Mahmud memelototi dia dengan kebencian pada mata Mahmud stared him with hatred on his eyes with pride.| Where’s the table cloth with the blue stripes? d) including Tagihannya sudah dengan pajak The bill comes with (including) taxes  e) |because of something|  Sungai terkontaminasi dengan terlalu banyak zat asam The river was contaminated with too much acid mineral. f) |used in order to say what covers or fills something| Kakinya berlumuran dengan lumpur His legs were covered with mud g) |in the same direction as something| berenang dengan arus air swimming with the water current  h) |at the same time or rate as something else| Seorang pria akan bertambah bijak dengan bertambahnya umur A man will get wiser with age. i) |against or opposing sb| Dia terus bertengkar dengan saudarinya She keep arguing with her sister j) |on behalf of sb, in the same position| Saya setuju dengan kamu I agree with you k) |relating to sb or sth| Ada apa dengan mobil kamu? What’s wrong with your car?  l) |using sth| Isi bejana itu dengan air Fill the container with water  2 by Dia akan datang dengan kereta api He will come by train 3 by means (of) Dengan segala cara sya akan membantu mereka By all means I’ll help them Dengan cara menyontek dia lulus dari tes itu By means of cheating he passed the test  4 in. ­Dengan nama Than saya bersumpah akan mengatakan yang sebenarnya By the name of God I swear to tell the truth  5 at Saya jual mobil saya dengan harga Rp: 100.000,- I sold my car at the price of Rp: 100.000,- 6 including Tagihannya The bill comes with taxes

dengan2: conj. /lu/frm/ and. Anggi dengan Andre akan pulang besok Anggi and Andre will go back tomorrow

dengan3: adv /lu/frm/ |used before an adjective to make it function as an adverb| i.g.
-lambat: slow (adj)  ® dengan lambat: slowly (adv) Dia berjalan dengan lambat She walk slowly
-tulus: honest (adj)  ® dengan tulus: honestly Dengan tulus saya meminta maaf anda Honestly I ask your forgiveness.
Note: In spoken sentences, not so many speaker aware the different between “dengan”   as a preposition and  “dengan” as a conjunction. For example  If my father and my mother talk to my teacher about my record, I will say;   Ayah dan ibu sudah bicara kepada guru {The subject are my father (ayah) and my mother (ibu)}   In this case both my father and my mother are the subject, therefore it should be connected by a conjunction ‘dan’ (‘and’) However, in speaking most people will say the above sentence; “Ayah dengan ibu sudah bicara kepada guru saya”, means ayah and ibu are connected with ‘dengan’ This is the reason why in this book the writer list ‘dengan2’ as a conjunction.

dengan4: n /of/ 1 friend 2 slaves 3 I

dengar; mendengar; mendengarkan: v /intr/tr/lu/frm/ 1 hear  |to know that there is a sound using your ears| Saya senang mendengar kamu tertwa seperti itu I love to hear you laugh like that.| Apa kamu mendengar suara itu? Do you hear that sound? 2 listen |to pay attention to what you hear| Dengar baik-baik, saya mau menjelaskan ssu Listen carefully, I want to explain sth 3 know Saya mendengar kasus itu dari seorang teman I know that case from a friend of mine Apa kamu sudah mendengar tentang proyek baru itu Have you known  about the new project?
-berdengar: v /intr/ 1 sound |to seem to show a particular quality| Nasehatkamu berdengar bermanfaat Your advice sounds useful 2 Himbauan presiden sangat berdengar The president appeal was very obeyed
-dengar pendapat: n hearing |a meeting of a court or special committee to find out the facts about a case| Komisi Masalah Keuangan akan ada (mengadakan) rapat dengar pendapat dengan Menteri Keuangan siang ini Financial Affairs Committee is going to have a hearing with Minister of Finance this afternoon
-kedengarannya: v 1 sound |said in order to accept something that someone has suggested| “Bagaimana kalau pergi menonton film malam ini?” “Kedengarannya bagus”  “How about going out to see a movie tonight?” “Sounds good!”  2 seem Kedengarannya dia tidak senang dengan pendapat kamu It seems that he doesn’t like your opinion!
-memperdengarkan: v release ,  perform, expose |to let people know sth by hearing| Ini pertama kali dia memperdengarkan lagu ini This is the first time he released this song
-pendengar: n 1 listener 2 audience
-pendengaran: n hearing |the sense that you use to hear sounds|  Pendengarannya masih tetap sempurna seperti biasanya His hearing is still perfect as it used to be.
-terdengar: v /pass.v/  be heard Ledakan itu terdengar dari jarak dua mil The explosion was heard from a distance of two miles
-kedengaran: v /pass.v./ can be heard Suara bassnya tidak kedengaran The sound of the bass can’t be heard

denging: n /spo/ sound of ringing (in ears)
-berdenging: v buzz, ring (in ears). Telinga saya berdenging My ears buzzing .

dengki; berdengki: v /lu/frm/ begrudge |hate other people of their success or gain| Secara jujur, saya tidak dengki atas keberhasilan dia Honestly, I don’t begrudge him his success
-kedengkian: n the feeling of be begrudged 2 hatred
-pendengki: n a person who begrudge the success of others

dengkul: n /lu/ knee.
-dengkul korong (hollow knee): adj too much sex (lit., having a hollow knee).
-mendengkul: v hit or push with knee
-/idiom/ 1 modal dengkul to have only strong will and spirit in doing sth 2 seenak dengkul sendiri doing sth just based on what sb’s want to do. 3 radio dengkul false news

dengkur: n snore  2 grunt. 3 purr.
-berdengkur; mendengkur: v snore 2 grunt 3 purr
-dengkuran: n 1 snoring 2 grunting 3 purring

dengung: n /lu/frm/ sound of droning, buzzing, purring, etc. |continuous vibratory soft voice|
-berdengung; mendengung: v 1 drone (sound of plane). 2 buzz ( sound of a group of bee) 3 roar, purr (of cat) Tepuk sorak penonton masih berdengung seperti suara pesawat supersonik sampai pertandingan usai The applause still droned like the sound of a supersonic until the game over  Auman harimau itu mendengung dari kejauhan The tiger’s roaring droned from the distance

dengus: n /lu/ sound of snort |noise by forcing air out through sb’s nose or an animal’s nose, in order to express anger or annoyance, or while laughing|
-mendengus: v snort

denotasi: n /frm/ denotation.

densitas: n /lu/frm/ densitv.

dental: adj /lu/ dental |pertaining to teeth|

dentam: n /lu/  sound of gunfire/cannon, pounding on anvil, etc.
-dentam-dentum: n repeated sound of gunfire.
-berdentam: v 1 pro­duce sound of gunfire, etc. 2 resound. Beduk itu tidak putus-putusnya berdentam The drum resounded continuously
-berdentaman: v /intr/ 1 pound each other  2 pound repeatedly
-mendemtamkan: v /tr/ pound with sth  The presiden mendentamkan sebuah pemukul ke tambur sebagai tanda simbolis dimulainya festival The president pounded the stick on the drum as a symbolic sign of the fest opening  Senjata apai itu mendentumkan suara bergema The gunfire pounded vibratory noise

dentang: n /lu/ sound of clanging |a loud sound like metal being hit|
-berdentang: v clang Sebuah baki logam yang jatuh berdentang dari dapur A falling metal tray is clanging in the kitchen
-berdentangan: v clang repeatedly

denting: n /lu/ sound of jingle or tinkle (of coin, piano’s key, etc.). Dentingan gitar kamu berbunyi lembut The tinkle of your guitar sounds soft
-berdenting; mendenting: v jingle, tinkle. Uang logam akan berdenting kalau jatuh ke lantai yang keras The coin will jingle when it fall to solid floor
-berdenting-denting; berdenting-dentingan: v make repeated jingling sounds.
-mendentingkan: v cause a ringing, tinkling noise.

dentum: variant of dentam:

denudasi: n denudation.

denyit: n sound of screeching |high-pitched and unpleasant sound|
-berdenyit: v screeched Mesinnya akan berdenyit kalau kita hidupkan

denyut: n /lu/frm/ throb, beat, pulse |to beat or move strongly and regularly|  denyut jantung heartbeat
-berdenyut; mendenyut: v  Kepalaku berdenyut karena udara terlalu dingin Mv head is throbbing from too cold weather

deodorant: n /lu/ deodorant.

Dep. {Deparlemen}: n ministry, department of government

depa: n /of/ fathom |a unit for measuring equal to 6 feet or 1.83 meters|
-mendepa: v measure in fathoms. mendepakan tangan: measure sth using the stretch of sb arms from the each point of the fingers

Depag {Departemen Agama}: n Department of Re­ligious Affairs.

depak1; mendepak: v /lu/frm/ 1 kick (ball) 2 expel |to officially make someone leave a school, organization, position, or country| Direktur mendepak dia karena korupsi The director expelled him from corruption
-didepak: v /pass.v/ be expelled Laura didepak dari club karean penyalahgunaan narkoba  Laura was expelled from the club for drug abuse.
-depakan: n kick.
-pendepakan: n 1 act of kicking. 2 firing, dismissal, expulsion.

depak2: n sound of  clap, clip-clop (esp. of horses’ hoofs, etc.).
-berdepak: v make a clapping noise (of horses, etc.).
-mendepakkan: v /tr/ use sth to cause a clapping or smacking noise. mendepakkan lidah smack sb’s lips.

depan: n /lu/frm/ 1 front  a) |the most forward part of something|  Tidak ada lagi tempat duduk di depan pesawat There is no more seat at the front of the craft  Saya tidak ingat halaman berapa tetapi di bagian depan buku I can’t remember the page number, but it’s near the front of the book. b) |the side or surface of something that is in the direction that it faces or moves| Saya parker di depan gedung I parked at the front of the building Ada noda didepan baju kamu  There’s a dent in the front of your shirt. c) ||the most important side or surface of something, that you look at first|  On the front of the postcard there is a picture of the Monas.  2 ahead. |more advanced than a particular position| Apa kamu lihat mobil merah didepan kita? 3 next (future, coming)   Aku akan kembali bulan depan I’ll be back next month
-berdepan-depanan: v face each other
-kedepan1: adv forward Silahkan bergerak kedepan Please go forward
-kedepan2: prep in the future Kedepan, tidak ada lagi maaf untuk kesalahan seperti ini In the future, there is no more excuse to this kind of fault
-mengedepankan: v bring forward
-terdepan; also di depan: n adj 1 the most advanced 2 foremost 3 |a head of sb in the direction that s/he is facing or moving|  Masih ada 10 orang lagi didepan kita dalam antrian There are about 10 more  people in front of us in line 4 |facing a person or group|  Mari kesini berdiri di depan kelas Come up here to stand in front of the class. 5 |where sb can see or hear| Jangan bilang apa-apa didepan anak-anak Don’t say anything in front of the children. 6 |in the most forward or leading position ahead| Awas mobil di depan! Watch the car in front!  7 |in the area nearest to the most forward part of a place or sth, or nearest to the entrance to a place|   Gedung itu memiliki dua pemeriksa keamanan, satu di depan dan satu di belakang The building has two security check, one in the front and one in the back. 8 |out front in the area near the entrance to a building or a place| Rany sedang menunggu di luar depan Rany’s waiting out front. 9 |in (the) front part of a car where the driver sits| Siapa yang akan duduk didepan bersama supir? Who is going to sit in front with the driver? 10 |in advanced – money that is paid up front before any transaction completed| Kami memerlukan pembayaran di depan sebelum kami melakukan ssu. We need the money up front before we can do anything. 11 |directly and clearly from the beginning| Jauh di depan dia sudah mengatakan pada kita bahwa dia tidak tertarik degan perkawinan ini She told us up front she wasn’t interested in marriage. 12 |a line along where fighting takes place during a war| Pasukan sudah tiba di garis depan The troop has arrived at the front line

Deparlu {Deparlemen Luar Negeri}: n Department of Foreign Affairs.

departemen: n ministry.

dependensi: n /lu/frm/ dependency, dependence |sth, usually an administration area, that is depend on an authority from other administrative area| 2 (colo­nial) possession.

depersonalisir; mendepersonalisasi: v depersonalize.

depinisi: variant of definisi:

depo: see depot:

depo: n storehouse, warehouse.

depok; mendepok: v reside.
-pendepokan: n camp, dormitory
padepokan: n residence.

depolitisasi: n /lu/frm/ depoliticization.

deponir; mendeponir: v /frm/ delay, put on ice. Kepala kantor ­telah mendeponir kasusu itu The head of the office has put that case in deep freeze.

deportasi: n /frm/ deportation.
-mendeportasi: v deport.

deposan: n /frm/ depositor.

deposito: n /lu/frm/ fixed-period deposit
-mendepositokan: v put sb’s  money in a fixed time deposit.

depot: n /lu/frm/ 1 refreshment stand. 2 cold drinks stand.

depresi: n /lu/frm/ (financial) depression |a period when businesses are not very active and uemployment rate is increasing| Depresi ekonomi tahun 2008 The global economic depression of  2008

depresiasi: n /frm/ depreciation |the condition when the standard value of sth is going down|

depteri: n diphtheria.

deputasi: n /frm/ 1 deputation 2 delegation.
-mendeputasikan: v /tr/ delegate

deputi: n /lu/frm/ deputy.

dera: v /lu/frm/ lash (of whip), lashing. hukuman dera sentenced to a whipping.
-mendera: v 1 whip, lash 2 be stingingly painful. Rasa sakit yg kian mendera The pain that became ever more stinging.
-deraan: n whipping.

derai1: n /lu/ 1 sound of water dripping on or beating against glass, etc. Apa kamu bisa mendengara derai gerimis itu? Can you hear the sound of the drizzle?
-berderai: v make noise (of light rain)

derai2: n /ld/ 1 pieces |a single, very small piece of something such as sand, stone, soil, salt etc| 2 group |a number of the same things as an unit|
-berderai-derai1: v 1 be into the form of small pieces Batu itu telah beach berderai-derai The stone has been broke out into the form of small pieces. 2 drove Pengunjung datang berderai-derai The visitors came in droves
-berderai-derai2: adv continuously. Dokter itu tertawa berderai-derai  ­The doctor laughed continuously.

derai3: n /ld/ grain.
-berderai: v 1 be in grains, become grains. 2 loose (of soil).
-menderaikan: v /tr/ turn (sth) into particles. Dinamit itu menderaikan batu besar itu The dynamite mashed the big stone into particles

derajat: n /lu/frm/ 1 status |a particular position in a system that has different ranks| derajat sosial tingkat tinggi high social status  2 degree |a unit for measuring temperature or the size of an angle Dia berobah arah seratus delapan puluh derajat (1800) She turn over one hundred eighty degree to the opposite direction. 3 centigrade Air akan mendidih pada angka seratus derajat Celsius (1000C) Water boils at the temperature of one hundred centigrade (1000C) 4 level derajat pendidikan/pengetahuan level of knowledge/education 5 standard derjat penghidupan standard of living
-sederajat: prep of the same status Kita sederajat dengan mereka We are of the same status with them
-kesederajatan: n equality –syn: kesetaraan
-mensederajatkan: v to place on the same status.

derak: n /lu/ sound of snap (such as tree branch break­ing, gnashing of teeth, etc.).
-berderak: v creak, squeak (of tree branches, bedsprings, etc.).
-berderak-derak: v /intr/ make repeated cracking noises.
-derakan: n creaking, squeaking.
-menderak-derakan: v /tr/ make sth to repeatedly creak, squeak

derang1: n /ld/ sound of ringing clank or clang (chains or coins falling. of small gongs, elc.)
berderang; menderang: v clang, clank (make a resonant, often metallic sound)

derang2: benderang: v /lu/frm/ 1 brightly shine 2 brightly think

derap1; derapan: n /lu/ sound
-derap kuda: n sound of trotting
-derap langkah: n sound of the step when sb is walking fast or a horse is trotting
-derap sepatu: n shoe step  (footstep)
-berderap: v make a clopping sound. 2 trot.
-menderap: v 1 walk at slow and regular pace.

derap2: n /lu/ rhythm of step |a regular repeated pattern of sounds produce by marching (people) trotting (horse)|
-berderap: v /intr/ 1 run with regular step  2 trot with regular step
-menderapkan: v /tr/ 1 trot Andy menderapkan kudanya lalu pergi Andy trotted his horse and went away 2 step Kopral itu mengomandokan pasukan untuk melangkahkan kaki memulai gerak jalan  The corporal order the troops to step their feet to start marching

deras1: adj /lu/frm/ swift (esp. of flowing liquids). Sungai itu deras, hati-hati menyeberanginya –syn: kencang; cepat
-menderas: v 1 run fast 2 become faster
-penderas1: n accelerator, stimulator
-penderas2: adj 1 energetic 2 industrious
-penderasan: n acceleration
-kederasan: n speed, swiftness, fastness

deras2: n /lu/ sound of trash or sand being stepped on.

deras3: variant of daras:

deregulasi: n /lu/frm/ deregulation

derek1: n /lu/ crane, cargo boom.
-menderek: v 1 lift by crane or boom 2 tow
-penderekan: n towing

derek2: see deret:

deres; menderes: v /lu/ cut the skin of tree to extract sap (sugar palm, rubber, etc ).
-penders: n collector of rubber or sugar palm sap

deres2; menders: v recite the Koran.

deret: n /lu/frm/ 1 row, line, series. dua deret tanaman two rows of plants 2 arithmetical progression. deret ukur geometrical progression.
-sederet: adv 1 abreast 2  a line of.
-berderet: prep in arrow  Mereka duduk bederet They sat in rows.
berderet-deret: v line up Mobil berderet-deret sepanjang jalan Cars lined on the road.
-mendereti: v line sth  Phon palem mendereti jalan itu
-menderetkan: v put sth in row or line. Guru itu menderetkan muridnya di depan kelas The teacher lined up her/his students
-deretan: n the line (of sth) deretan rumah the line/row of houses deretan pertama the first line/row

dering: n /lu/ 1 ring |the sound made by a bell or the act of making this sound| Dering telepon itu terlalu rendah The ring of the telephone is too low
-berdering: mendering: v 1 ring, tinkle. Telepon sedang berdering ketika kamu mengetok pintu Telephone was ringing when you knocked the door 2 clink. Uang logam ini akan berdering kalau jatuh ke lantai This coin will clink if it’s droped on the floor

derita: n /lu/frm/ 1 suffering. 2 sorrow. 3 distress
-menderita: v 1 suffer |to experience something bad, such as pain, sickness, or the effects of a bad situation| Ibunya menderita serangan jantung tahun lalu His mother suffered a heart attack last year. Usaha kecil menderita ketatnya aliran dana sekarang Small businesses are suffering tight cash flow right now. 2 sorrow |a feeling of great sadness, or an event that makes you feel great sadness| Doa kami selalu menyertai kamu dalam menghadapi derita kamu  Our prayers are with you in facing your sorrow. 3 distress |a feeling of extreme worry and sadness because sb does not have any money, food etc|  Krisis ekonomi telah membawa derita pada negeri ini The economic crises brought distress to this country
-penderita: n 1 sufferer 2 victim
-penderitaan: n 1 suffering 2 sorrow 3 distress

derma: n /lu/frm/ 1 contribution, 2 donation.
berderma; menderma: v /intr/ 1 donate 2 contribute
dermawan: n 1 generous donor 2 philanthropist
-kedermawanan: n generosity
-mendermakan: v /tr/ donate sth
-penderma: n donor. |a person, group etc. that gives something, especially money, in order to help an organization| Palang merah menerima $ 10,000. dari seorang penderma tanpa nama  The Red Cross received $10,000 from an anonymous donor.
-pendermaan: n philanthropy |the practice of giving money and help to people who need it|

dermaga: n /lu/frm/ 1 quay |a place where boats can be tied up or loaded|  2 pier. |a structure that is built out into the water so that boats can stop next to it| 3 harbour

dermatalog: n /frm/ dermatologist.

dermatologi: n /frm/ dermatology.

deru: n /lu/ sound of roaring (wind-borne rain, etc.). deru pesawat supersonic the roaring of supersonic airplane
-berderu: v /intr/ roar
-berderu-deru: v /intr/ continuously roar
-menderu(kan) : v make a roaring sound like that of wind-borne rain, etc.
-menderuderukan: v /tr/ continuously roar

desa: n /lu/frm/ village
-desa abdi: n village that dedicated for Kingdom servants
-desa binaan: n village that is an urban pilot project site
-desa keputihan: n village of religious inhab­itants (free of village tax or other obligations)
desa praja: n a village that have their own system to elect their own administrator, to manage their public property, etc (independent village which was set as a transition to autonomous administrative system)
-desa swadaya: n less developed village where the activities mainly aim to fulfil daily need
-desa swakarya: n developing village where some of appropriate technology has been utilized for production purposes and in a transition to self-sufficient village
desa swasembada: n advanced village which has been surplus in term of productivity
-kedesaan: n the matter related to the condition of being categorized as a village
-perdesaan; pedesaan: n rual area.

desah: n /lu/spo/ sound of wheezing or huffing. |sound caused by breathe with difficulty, making a whistling sound in your chest|
-berdesah; mendesah: v 1 wheeze  2 huff  After running that fast he took a rest and wheeze Setelah berlari begitu cepat, dia berhenti dan berdesah Saya dapa t mendengar lokomotif itu berdesah I can hear the locomotive is wheezing

desak1; berdesak: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 crowed |filling yourself into a particular place| Orang berdesak sekitar tempat kecelakaan itu People crowded around the scene of the accident 2 jostle |to push or knock against someone in a crowd| Para penonton berdesak mencari tempat yang lebih baik Spectators jostled for a better view.
-mendesak: v /tr/
-berdesak-desakan: adj crowded |too full of people or things| Taman Rekreasi Ancol selalu berdesak-desakan setiap hari libur Ancol Recreation Park  is always crowded every holyday 2 crammed |uncomfortable because there is not enough space|  Saya tidak pernah bisa tidur di tempat tidur yang berdesak-desakan I can never sleep well on cramped bed
-mendesak1: v /tr/frm/ 1 urge a) |to strongly advise someone to do something|  Ayahnya si Carl mendesak dia untuk mencari pekerjaan lain  Carl’s father urged him to find another job|  b) |to strongly suggest that something should be done| Banyak Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat mendesak pemerintah agar memperketat pengawasan terhadap penebangan kayu secara liar Many non-government organizations urged the government to strengthen the control on illegal logging 2 push |to force or press someone or something to move toward certain direction| Hei! Jangan mendesak saya dari belakang, antrian didepan sudah berdesak-desakan Hey! Don’t push me from behind, the line in front is crowded 3 encourage |to strongly ask a person or an animal to do sth harder or more serious| Pembimbing saya mendesak supaya saya melakukan penelitian pada sesester yang akan dating My advisor encouraged me to conduct a research in this coming semester  4 insist |to say firmly and again and again that something is true, especially when other people think it may not be true| Orangtuanya mendesak dia supaya menikah  Her parents insist her to marry
-mendesak2: adj urgent |very important and needing to be dealt with immediately| Ada sejumlah obat yang merupakan kebutuhan mendesak di rumah sakit ini There are a number of medicine in urgent need in this hospital  Apa pesanan anda mendesak? Is your order urgent?
-mendesakkan: v /tr/ jostle |to push or knock against someone in a crowd or to insert sth into a narrow space| Polisi mendesakkan tertuduh koruptor itu keluar dari kerumunan wartawan yang sedang mewawancarai dia The police jostle the suspected corruptor out a crowded journalists who were interviewing him/her
-desakan: n 1push 2 urgency 3 pressure
-terdesak: adj 1 pressed |to not have enough time, money, etc.|  I can’t stop now  I’m pressed for time Saya tidak bisa berhenti sekarang, saya terdesak waktu  2 pushed |to have no chance to move forward|  Pasukan kita sudak terdesak mundur sebelum pasukan udara kita itu datang Our troop was pushed backward before our air-troop came
-pendesakan: n 1 pushing 2 encouragement 3 urging 4 pressing |the process and the way to do these|

desak2: n /spo/ sound of crumpling paper. sacral
-berdesak; men­desak: v make the sound of paper being crumpled.desapraja: see desa:

desakralisasi: n /frm/ |effort or teaching to make sth not sacral|

desas-desus: n /spo/ 1 sound of hissing or whispering 2 /lu/frm/  rumor
-mendesas-desuskan: v spread  rumor about sth  Some people spread rumor that there will be severe economic crisis

desau: n /spo/ sound of soft rustling. desau kipas angin the humming of a fan.
-mendesau: v make a rustling or swishing. Anginnya mendesau lembut The wind is rustling softly
-desauan: n rustling.

desegregasi: n /frm/ desegregation.

Desemher: n December.

desentralisasi: n /lu/frm/ decentralization
-mendesentralisasikan: v decentralize.

desentralisir; mendesentralisir: varian of desentralisasi/mendesentralisir

desersi: n /frm/ desertion.

deserter: n /frm/ 1 deserter  2 defector.

desigram: n /frm/ a measuring unit of heaviness, equal to 100 gram

desiliter: n /frm/ a unit of measuring of volume equal to 100 cc

desimal1: adj /frm/ decimal |based on scaling system that uses number of 1 to 10|  pecahan perpuluhan decimal fraction

desimal2: n /frm/ decimal |a number less than one that is shown by a mark (,) followed by the number of tenths, then the number of hundredth, etc.| Desimal ,37 sama dengan 37/100 The decimal ,37 is equal to the fraction 37/100.
Note: In some countries between cardinal number and the number of less than one separated by a mark of period (.).  Indonesia use coma (,) instead of period for the same purpose Pay attention to the difference in the following examples  Rp 15.000,- (Indonesian version)  USA $ 1,50.00. (English version)  28,550. (Indonesian version) 28.550 (English version)

desimeter: n /frm/ a measurement unit of length equal to 10 centimeters.

desinfeksi: n /frm/ disinfection.

desinfektan: n /lu/frm/ disinfectant.

desing: n /spo/ sound of whizzing (wind blowing, shot fired, etc.).
-berdesing; mendesing: v whiz |making a sound like something rushing through the air| 2 buzz (in ear) |to make a continuous noise like the sound of passing bullet|
-berdesingan: v make repeated whistling sounds Peluru berdesingan: Bullets whistled about
-desingan: n whiz

desintegrasi: n /frm/ disintegration.

desir; desiran: n /spo/ sound of hissing, rustling, or swish desiran penghapus kaca the swish of the windshicld wiper.
-berdesir; mendesir: v 1 swish 2 hiss 3 rustle Ombak berdesir seperti suara musik The wave swish like musical sound

deskripsi: n /frm/ description
-mendeskripsikan: v describe
-pendeskripsian: n act of describing.

deskriptif: adj /frm/ descriptive.

desorpsi: n /frm/ desorption

destar: n /lu/ 1 head cloth 2 turban.
-berdestar: v wear head cloth

destilasi: see distilasi:

destruktif: adj /frm/ destructive

desus: n /spo/ sound of light whispering
-berdesus; mendesus: v /intr/ whisper.
-mendesuskan: v /tr/ 1 whisper sth 2 gossip

detail: see detel:

detailer: n /frm/ medical sales representative.

detak; detakan: n /lu/ sound of tapping. detak jantung heartbeat. detak jam dinding ticking of the wall clock detakan lidah clack of tongue
-berdetak; mendetak: v /intr/ 1 make a tapping sound. men-kan cause S.t. to make a tapping sound.
-mendetakkan: v /tr/ use sth to make such sound Dia bisa mendetakkan ibu jari dan jari tengahnya dengan kuat She can clack her thumb with her middle finger loudly

detasemen: n /frm/ detachment |the act of separating|

detasering: n /frm/ temporary deployment to another place of work.

detasir; mendetasir: v /frm/ detach to another unit.

deteksi: n /lu/ detection.
-mendeteksi: v detect (radiation, etc.).

detektif; detektip: n /lu/ detective.

detektor: n /lu/ detector. –syn: pendeteksi

detel; detail: mendetail: v make sth into detail.

deterjen: n /lu/ detergent.

determinan: n /frm/ determinant.

determinasi: n /frm/ 1 determination 2 decision
-mendeterminasikan: v 1 determine 2 decide.  –syn: menentukan

determinisme: n /frm/ determinism.

detik: n /lu/frm/ 1 variant of detak: 2  second (unit of time)  3 moment. Pada detik-detik terakhir At the last moment
sedetik: n a moment  Toleng tunggu sedetik Please wait a moment
-berdetik: v make sound “tik, tik, tik

detil: variant of detel:

detonator: n /frm/ detonator.

devaluasi: n /frm/ devaluation.
-mendevaluasi; mendevaluasikan: v devaluate.

devaluir: mendevaluir: v /frm/ devaluate.

deviasi: n /frm/ deviation.

devisa; devisen;devizen: n /lu/frm/ foreign exchange especially which is gain from foreign trading activities

dewa: n /lu/frm/1 God 2 idol. dewa dewi gods and goddesses
-mendewakan: n 1 deify |to worship or revere as a God| 2  admire or respect sth excessively Saya sudah terlalu tua mendewakan kecantikan I’m too old to deify beauty 2  idolize  Dia memuja kecantikan ibunya He idolizes his mother’s
-kedewaan: n divine power
-pendewa: n 1 idolater  2  admirer.
-perdewaan: n 1 deification 2  idolization.

dewan: n /lu/frm/1 council Dewan perwakilan Rakyat People Representative Council Secur’itv Council 2 board  Dewan Pimpinan Direksi Board of Directors Dewan Penasehat Advisory Council  2 board Dewan Jury Judge Board National Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (Bappenas) Development Planning Board Dewan Redaksi Editorial Board

dewana: adj /ltr/ hypersexual

dewanagari: n /ltr/ alphabet which is used to write Sanskrit and some Indian’s language

dewangga: n /ltr/ cloth with colourful design

dewani: n /ltr/ 1 council member 2 variant of dewan:

dewasa: adj /lu/frm/ 1 adult |completely grown|  seorang laki-laki dewasa an adult male  2 time. Dewasa ini sangat banyak masalah social yang tidak terpecahkan This time there are many social problems that can’t be solved
-pendewasaan: n 1 maturation 2 bringing to adulthood. 2 raising the age. Salah satu pesan keluarga berencana adalah pendewasaan usia perkawinan One of the family planning message is the raising the age of marriage

dewata: n /lu/ltr/ Gods.

dewe;, dewek: pron. /Jv/ sb,s own. Dia mau berbuat seenaknya dewek He wants to do base on his own will  Kamu adalah orang dewek, kan You arc one of us, aren’t vou?

dewi: n /lu/frm/ 1 goddess. Dewi Pertiwi The goddess of earth. Dewi Sri The Goddess of rice crop (wife of Vishnu)  2  darling, beloved.

dewi-dewi: n /lu/ an lifter with special system

dharma1: n /lu/ltr/ term used in names of associations particularly non-profitable one Dharma ­Partiwi Association of Military Wives. Dharma Tirta an association .of peasants that are use the same irrigation (tirta = water)  Dharma Wanita Association of  Women sponsored by wives of civilian government officers

dharma2: see darma:

di1: prep /lu/frm/ 1 in Dia sedang di dalam kamarnya sekarang She is in her room right now di Jakarta in Jakarta di dapur in the kitchen di dalam ruangan in the room di kantong saya in my pocket 2 at Saya tiba di kantor sedikit terlambat I arrived at the office a little late di Jl Jambore 219 at Jl Jambore 219 di kantor pos at the post office 3 on Letakkan saja buku itu di meja Just put the book on the table di lantai on the floor di halaman 10 on page 10  di dinding on the wall 4 by Di dalam nama Tuhan saya bersimpah. By the the name of God I swear 5 off  Sekalipun mereka sudah jauh di mata, saya tidak akan pernah lupa bagaimana baiknya mereka dulu. Although they have been far off my sight, I never forget how nice they were

di1: prefix /lu/frm/ |to modify verb into passive form or participle| a) diberikan: given Buku ini diberikan oleh paman saya This book is given by my uncle b) dikejar: chased Kucing itu dikerjar oleh seekor anjing The cat was chased by a dog  c) dilatih: trained Saya sedang dilatih main gitar I am being trained to play guitar

dia: pron /lu/frm/ 1 he Dia adalah seorang penulis terkenal He is a famous writer 2 she. Dia bukanlah salah satu dari saudari-saudarinya She is not one of his sisters  3 it Itu dia maksud saya That is it what I mean
-dianya: pron /inf/ he or she |used to emphasize that sb who referred to the mention pronoun is a true subject of a verb| Saya sudah ingatkan jangan pergi. Dianya tidak menghiraukan saran saya I warned him/her not to go, She/He who was neglected my advice

diabet: n /lu/ diabetes.

diafragma; diafrakma: n /tech/ diaphragm .

diagnosa; n /lu/frm/ diagnosis.
-mendiagnosa: v diagnose.
-pendiagnosaan: n diagnosing

diagnostik: adj /lu/frm/ diagnostic.

diakon: n /ld/ deacon |an official in some Christian churches|

diakonia: n /ld/ department in a Christian Churches Diakonia Sosial Social Department

diakritis: adj /frm/ diacritical.

dialek: n /lu/frm/ dialect.

dialektik, dialektika: n /lu/frm/ dialectic
mendialektikakan: v use di­alectics in analyzing sth cause a confrontation.

dialektis: adj /lu/frm/ dialectical.

dialok: n /lu/frm/ dialog, dialogue.
-berdialok: v hold a di­alogne.

diam1: adj /lu/frm/ silent, quiet. |not saying anything or making any noise; quiet|  Orang-orang menjadi diam setelah hakim muncul |The crowd fell silent when the judge appeared. 2 steady |firmly in one place without moving, shaking, or falling: Jaga kepala kamu tetap diam saat saya sedang memotong rambut kamu Keep your head steady while I’m cutting your hair 3 shut (mouth) Tertuduh tetap diam selam interogasi The suspect kept his mouth shut during the interrogation 4 passive |tending to accept situations or things that other people do, without attempting to change or fight against them| Apa kamu akan tetap diam terhadap cemohan itu? Are you going to be passive towards that scorn?

diam2; berdiam: v /lu/frm/ stay, reside /intr/ |to live in a place for a short time as a visitor or guest|  Dia berdiam dengan kami selama satu minggu She’s staying with us for a week. Diamana kamu berdiam sekarang?  Where are you staying now?
-diam-diam: adv secretly Diam-diam sejumlah jenderal sedang berencana menggulingkan pemerintah Secretly a number of generals is planning to overthrow the government
-mediami: v /tr/ 1 occupy Siapa mendiami rumah kamu yang di Surabaya? Who occupies your house in Surabaya?
-pendiam: adj taciturn, silent |not usually talking a lot, so that you seem unfriendly|  Dia seorang pendiam He is a taciturn person
-kediaman: n residence Ini adalah rumah kediaman gubernur This is the residence of the governor
-mendiamkan: v 1 keep sb silent Boleh tolong mendiamkan anak-anak itu selama meditasi saya? Would you keep the children silent during my meditation? 2 ignore Jangan diamkan kelakuannya yang buruk itu Don’t ignore his bad behaviour

diameter: n /frm/ diameter.

diametrical; diametric: adj /frm/ diametrical.

dian: n /ltr/ taper or oil lamp.
-mendiani: v illuminate sth with taper or oil lamp.

diang1; berdiang; berdiang: v /intr/ /frm/ warm |also warm up to become warm or warmer, or to make someone or something do this| Kesini berdiang dekat api Here, warm yourself by the fire.
-mendiangkan: v /tr/ heat, warming up sth
-pendiangan: n 1 hearth, fireplace. 2 tem­porary hearth constructed to warm a mother soon after childbirth.

diang2: see mendiang:

diare: n /lu/frm/ diarrhea.

diaper: n /lu/ diaper

diaspor: n /tech/ diaspora.

didaktik; didaktis: adj /frm/ didactic.

diatonik: adj /frm/ |pertaining or related to a music that uses only the eight note of a standard major or minor scale|

didih;  mendidih1: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 boil |if a liquid boils, it is hot enough for bubbles to rise to the surface and for the liquid to change to gas|  Air mendidih pada suhu 1000 C Water boils at a temperature 1000 C  2 rage |to feel extremely angry about something and to show this| Darah saya mendidih melihat dia menyiksa seorang anak kecil I raged to see him torturing a small kid
-mendidih2: adj boiling Taruh bubuk kopi itu kedalam air mendidih Put the coffee powder into boiling water

didik; mendidik: v /lu/frm/ educate
-anak didik: n pupil, student
-berpendidikan: adj educated Dia seorang pemuda berpendidikan baik He is a well educated young man
-pendidikan: n education
-terdidik: v /pass.v/  Dia terdidik dengan baik selam masa anak-anaknya He was well educated during his childhood

didis1: mendidis: v /ld/ slice

didis2: mendidis: /Jv/ to search nits and lice from sb’s hair.

dido; didong1: n /of/ 1French  2 European. Belanda didong full-blooded Dutch.

didong2: adj /ld/ 1 stubborn 2 obstinate.

didong3: n /ld/ a dance in Aceh.

diesel: n /lu/frm/ 1 diesel motor |an engine used in buses, trucks, and some cars that uses diesel fuel| 2 diesel fuel
v change (bus engines, etc.) from engine using gasoline to engine using diesel fuel.

dies natalis: n /lu/frm/ anniversary of educational institutions, universities, collge departments, etc.).

diet: n /lu/frm/ diet.
-berdiet: v diet.

diferensial: n /tech/ differential calculus

diferensiasi: n /frm/ differentiation.
-mendiferensiasikan: v differentiate.

difinisi: see definition

difraksi: n /frm/ diffraction.

difteri: n /frm/ diphtheria.

diftong: n /tech/ diphthong.

difusi: n /frm/ diffusion.

digdaya: n /Jv/ invulnerable |in capable of being damaged or being defeated|

digital: adj /lu/ digital. jam tangan digital wrist watch.

digjaya: variant of digdaya:

Digul: n /of/ a place of political exile in lrian Jaya during Dutch colonial period
-mendigulkan: v to send sb into exile at Digul
-pendigulan: n exiling at Digul.

dik: variant or short form of adik:

dikau: pron. /ltr/ you.

dikhotomi: see dichotomy

dikit: also sedikit: adj /lu/frm/ little, small. Cepatan dikit Make it a bit faster. sedikit demi sedikit bit by bit.
-sedikit-dikitnya: pron at least.
-berdikit-dikit: adv little by little, bit by bit. berdikit-dikit menjadi bukit Acorns become oaks 2 be thrifty.

Diklat: {Pendidikan dan Latihan): n Education and Training Program| 

diko: see duko:

dikotomi: n /frm/ dichotomy

dikrit: see dekret:

diktat: n /frm/ written summary of lectures, often used as a university textbook.

diktator: n /lu/frm/ dictator
-mendiktatori: v rule over (with iron hand)
-kediktatoran: n dictatorship

diktatoris: adj /frm/ dictatorial.

diktatur: variant of  diktator

dikte: n /lu/frm/ dictation.
-mendikte: v 1 dictate  2 command
pendiktean: n dictation.

dictum: n /frm/ decision of a high authority.

dilema: n /lu/frm/ dilemma.

dim1: n /of/ a linear measurement equal to a decimeter.

dim2: n /lu/ bright headlights.
-(me)ngedim: v on the headlights

dimana: adv/conj. /lu/frm/ 1 where a) |used as a question word to ask the object of preposition of someone or something|  Kamu tinggal dimana? Where do you live?  Dimana saya bisa memarkir mobilnya? Where can I park the car?  b) |used as a reference to such  question|  Saya tahu dimana Ramos is I know where Ramon is  Saya sangat bingung dimana waktu itu tidak satu orangpung yang dapat saya minta bantuan atau informasi I was so confused since at that time nobody that I can ask a help or information

dimensi: n /lu/frm/ dimension.

dina: adj /ld/ contemptible |not deserving any respect| perilaku yang dina  contemptible behavior

dinamik: adj /frm/ dynamic.
-kedinamikan: n dynamism.

dinamika: n /frm/ dynamics. dinamika kelompok group dynamics.

dinamis: adj /lu/frm/ dynamic.
-mendinamikkan: v make sth becomes dynamic

dinamisasi: n /frm/ action and the process of making sth dynamic

dinamisator: n /frm/ dynamist.

dinamisir; mendinamisir: varian of mendinamikkan:

dinamisme: n /lu/frm/ dynamism.

dinamit: n /lu/frm/ dynamite.

dynamo: n /lu/frm/ dynamo.

dinar: n /lu/frm/ various kind of gold coins, now used as jewel­ry 2 unit of money in Middle East.

dinas1: n /lu/frm/ 1 duty |something that you have to do because it is part of your job, particularly as a government officer Dinas siapa untuk mengatasi pengangguran? Whose duty is to overcome unemployment? Berapa perawat sedang dinas How many nurse were on duty? Dia sedang pergi ke lapangan melakukan dinas He is going for a duty to the field 2 service Dinas Pajak dan Cukai Tax and Duty Service  Kantor Dinas Pertanian Office of Agricultural Services 3 office, unit |a unit of public services as the extension of department or ministry in the lower administrative area| Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Sumatera Utara Provincial Office of Health Affairs, North Sumatera Dinas Social Social Affairs Office
-berdinas: v be on duty Dia sedang berdinas She is on duty
-mendinaskan: v delegate (a duty to sb)
-kedinasan: n everything that is related to official duty

dinas2: adj /lu/frm/ mobil dinas official car seragam dinas official uniform jam dinas official hour  surat dinas official letter

dinasti: n /lu/frm/ dynasty. |a family of kings or other rulers who have ruled a country for a long time, or the period of time during which this family rules – now this term is addressed  to rich family from the ownership of big corporation or conglomeration| dinasti Ming the Ming dynasty dinasti ekonomi large firms that control the economy. dinasti lama long established firm or family with vested interest.

dinda: variation of adinda:

dinding1: n /lu/frm/ 1 wall  a) |an upright structure that divides one space, room, or area from another| Setengah dinding itu akan di buat dari bata dan sisanya dari bahan kayu tebal A half of the wall will be made of bricks and the rest with thick wood b) |the side of something hollow, such as a pipe, tube, tunnel, etc| Dinding pembuluh darah telah rusak  The walls of the blood vessels had been damaged b) |one of the sides of a room or building| Gantung gambar itu di dinding dekat jendela Hang that picture on the wall by the window c) |up right part of sth| Dinding tebing itu sangat curam The wall of the cliff is very sharp  2 partition a) dinding hiasan panel partition dinding jantung cardiac partitions c) dinding penopang supporting partition
-berdinding: v to have wall made of
-mendinding1: v put or construct wall

dinding2: n /Btk/law/ |An obligation for a new married husband to work for his wife parents in case he can’t pay dowry in Batak ethnic|
-mendinding2: v to work for such obligation

dingdong: n /ld/ arcade games, esp. pinball and video.

dingin: adj /lu/frm/ 1 cold a) |having a low temperature| Hari ini suhu sangat dingin It is very cold today Dingin didalam mobil It was cold in the car. Kopi kamu sudah dingin Your coffee’s getting cold b) |cold food has been cooked, but is not eaten while it is warm|
nasi dingin cold rice  c |unfriendly, without friendly feelings| satu sambutan sopan tetapi dingin a polite but cold greeting d) |to not interest someone at all| Dia bersikap dingin (tidak tertarik) pada karya Shakespeare Shakespeare leaves me cold. d) /inf/
e) calm |relaxed and not angry or upset| Kamu harus menerima semua itu dengan kepala dingin You have to take it all with calm Perawat itu berbicara dengan sikap dingin dan suara sabar The nurse was speaking in a calm and patient voice.
-mendinginkan: v make sth cold
-kedinginan: v feel too cold
-pendingin: n refrigerator

dini1: adv /lu/frm/ 1 early |near the beginning of a particular period of time|  Saya harus berangkat dini hari besok I’ll have to leave early tomorrow morning 2 prematurely Mereka harus panen dini

dini2: adj /lu/frm/ early a) |existing before other people, events, machines etc of the same kind| Ini termasuk produk dini pabrik ini. This belongs to early product of this factory b) |the time when something had just started to be done or to exist|  tahun-tahun dini kemerdekaan kita the early years of our independency 2 hari dini: the early hours or day between midnight and morning Hari dini dia sudah terbangun He always wakes up at the early hour (He wakes up before 06:00 a.m.) 3 sedini mungkin: at the earliest Saya akan berangkat besok sedini mungkin I’ll leave tomorrow at the earliest

dinosaurus: n /lu/frm/ dinosaur

dioksid; dioksida: n /tech/ dioxide.

diorama: n /tech/ diorama.

DIP {Daftar Isian Proyek}: n Project Schedule |an administrative system of budgeting in annual budget plan|

dipan; divan: n /lu/ sofa.

dipisi: see divisi:

diploma; diploma: n /lu/frm/ certificate.

diplomasi: n /lu/frm/ diplomacy
-berdiplomasi: v doing diplomatic activities, engage in diplomacy

diplomat: n /lu/frm/ diplomat

diplomatic; diplomatis: adj /lu/frm/ diplomatic.

direksi: n /lu/frm/ management, administration, director

direktif; direktip: adj /frm/ directive.

direktorat: n /lu/frm/ 1 directorate direktorat general general directorate. 2 department, division. direktorat geologi geo­logical division.

direktori: n /frm/ directory. –syn: /lu/petunjuk

direktris: n /frm/ 1 directress, headmistress. 2 Catholic mother superior.

direktur: n /lu/frm/ director, headmaster. direktur jenderal general director. direktur pelaksana managing director.

dirgahayu: adj /ltrl/ long life.

dirgantara: n /ltr/ sky, upper atmosphere. kedirgantaraan: n aero­space affairs.

diri1: n /lu/frm/ self |the type of person you are, including your character, abilities etc.|  Jadilah diri sendiri Be yourself  Saya yakin dia sendiri akan bisa melakukan itu I believe that he can do it by herself  Dia mulai merasa sebagaimana dirinya sediri sebelumnya He’s starting to feel like his old self again. (feel normal again, after feeling bad or sick) | mencoba membangun rasa menjadi diri sendiri seorang anak trying to develop a child’s sense of self
-pendirian1: n the process of building or establishment
-pendirian2: see pendirian:

diri2: sendirian: adj /lu/frm/ alone

diri3: berdiri: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 stand a) |to be on your feet in an upright position| Apa kamu kenal pria yang sedang berdiri dekat counter itu? Do you know that man who is standing next to the counter?  b) |to move so that you are standing| Silahkan berdiri untuk menyanyikan lagu kebangsaan  Please stand for the singing of the National Anthem. | Everybody stood up to applaud. c) |to be in an upright position somewhere, or to put something in an upright position|  Taruh pohon natal itu berdiri di sudut Put the Christmas tree stand in the corner. Sekarang ada pusat perbelanjaan dimana dulu berdiri sebuah sekolah There’s now a shopping centre where a school once stood. 2 exist Partai ini mulai berdiri pada tahun 2004 This party started to be exist in 2004
-mendirikan: v /tr/ 1 stand Boleh saya dirikan lampu lantai disini? Can I stand the floor lamp here?  2 build |to make a structure such as a house, factory, ship etc.| Gubernur sedang berencana mendirikan sebuah menara baru di daerah selatan kota The governor is planning to built a new tower in the southern part of the city mendirikan rumah baru to build a new house 3 establish A number of students want to establish a junior football team 4 |know where you stand to know what someone’s opinion of you is, or to know what s/he wants you to do| Kita tidak akan tahu mau berdiri dipihak mana dalam polemik  ini   We just never know where we  stand with this polemic
-berpendirian: see pendirian(2):
-didirikan: v /pass.v./ be built Apartemen ini didirikan tahun 1990 This apartment was built in 1990
-pendiri: n 1 founder 2 builder
-terdiri; terdari (dari): v /intr/ consist (of)

dirigen: n /lu/frm/ musical director, conductor.

Dirjen {Direktur Jenderal}: n general director.

dirus; mendirus: v /intr/ld/ flush with water. mendirus kakus clean a latrine by flushing it with a lot of water.
-mendiruskan: v /tr/ pour (sth) on or  over (sth).

Dirut {Direktur Utama}: n managing director. ke-an adulthood, maturity.

dis1: pref. /lu/frm/1 |meaning not or without| diskualifikasi disqualification disintegrasi disintegration

disain: n /lu/frm/ design, pattern. disain baju penganten wedding dress design disain penelitian outline of research. –syn: rancangan
-berdisain: v have a certain pattern.
-mendisain: v design. –syn: merancang
-pen­disain: n designer. –syn: perancang
-pendisainan: n designing.

disainer: n /lu/frm/ fashion designer.

disana: prep. /lu/frm/ over there Apa kamu tidak lihat dia sedang berdiri disana? Don’t you see he is satnding over there? Saya sudah cari disana sini, saya tidak menemukan dia  I searched there and here, I didn’t find her

disel: see diesel:

disemharkasi: n /frm/lu/ disembarkation.

disenteri; disentri: n /lu/frm/ dysentery.

disersi: variant of desersi:

disertasi: n /frm/ dissertation.

disertir: variant of deserter:

disharmoni: n /lu/frm/ disharmony

disiden: n /frm/ dissident    .

disintegrasi: n /lu/frm/ disintegration (of parties, cabinets. etc.).

disiplin: n /lu/frm/ discipline.
-berdisiplin: v be disciplined
-mendisplinkan: v 1 discipline 2 punish (children. etc.)
-kedisiplinan: n disci­pline, training.
pendisplinan: n disciplining.

disjoki: n /lu/ disc jockey.

disket: n /lu/frm/ disc.
-mendisketkan: v store on a disc.

disko: n discotheque.
berdisko: v dance to disco music.

diskontinuitas: n discontinuity.

diskonto: n /fin./  discount.
mendiskonto: v discount.

diskotek; diskotik: n /lu/ 1 discotheque. 2 collection of phonograph records. 3 producer of music cas­settes.

discredit: v /intr/frm/ discredit.
-mendiskreditkan: v /tr/ discredit.
-pendikreditan: n discrediting.

diskrepansi: n /frm/ discrepancy.

diskridit: variant of diskredit:

diskriminasi: n /lu/frm/ discrimination.
-mendiskiminasikan: v /tr/ discrim­inate against. Peraturan pajak yang baru itu mendiskriminasikan pekerja imigran The new tax law discriminate against  working immigrant

diskriminatif: adj /frm/ discriminative

diskualilikasi: n /lu/frm/ disqualification.

diskusi: n /lu/frm/ discussion.
-berdiskusi: v /intr/ discuss |engage in discussion and conversation|
-mendiskusikan: v /tr/ discuss  Mari kita diskusikan agenda bulanan kita sekarang Let’s discuss our monthly schedule now

dislokasi: v /frm/ 1 dislocate |to put a bone out of its normal place| Tulah bahu saya dislokasi waktu main sepakbola I dislocated my shoulder playing football
-dislokasi: n dislocation

disonansi: n /frm/ 1 dissonance, disharmony |the state of combine tone that being not in harmony|

disorganisasi: n /frm/ disorganization.

disorientasi: n /frm/ disorientation

disparitas: n /lu/frm/ disparity |the state of un-proportional difference between things|  disparitas yang sangat besar antara gaji kami a huge disparity between our salaries

dispensasi: n /lu/frm/ dispensation. 2 exemption (from tax, official responsibilitv, etc.). I was given an exemption for not to attend that meeting

disposisi: n /frm/ authorizing signature.

disproporsi: n /frm/ disproportion.

disproporsional: adj /frm/ disproportional

distilasi: n /frm/ distillation.
-mendistilasi: v distill. |to heat a liquid so that it becomes a gas and then let it cool so that it becomes liquid again, in order to make it more pure or in order to make a strong alcoholic drink| n distilled water

distorsi: n /lu/frm/ distortion.
-mendistorsikan: v distort.
-pendistorsian: n distorting.

distrihusi: n /lu/frm/ distribution.
-mendistribusikan: v /tr/ distribute
-pendistribusian: n distributing.

distrik: n /lu/frm/ a unit of administrative area –syn: kabupaten

diteksi: variant of deteksi:

ditel: variant of detel:

ditto: prep. /ltr/ ditto.

Div.{divisi}: n /lu/frm/ division.

divan: variant of dipan:

divergensi: n /frm/ divergence
-mendivergensikan: v diverge |to become separate or different, or move into different directions:

diversifikasi: n /lu/frm/ diversification.
-mendiversifikasikan: v /tr/ diversify.

diversitas: n /frm/ diversity |a range of different people or things; variety| diversitas etnis telah memperkaya budaya Indonesia the ethnical diversity enrich  Indonesian culture

divestasi: n /frm/ the act of reducing investment

dividen: n /lu/frm/ dividend.

divisi: n /lu/frm/ 1 /Mil./ division 2 great number Kami harus menghadapi divisi wereng We had to face locust that came in a great number.

DIY {Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta}: n Special District of Yogyakarta.

DK {daya kuda}: n horsepower (hp) |a unit for measuring the power of an engine| –syn: PK

DKI-Jaya {Daerah Khusus Ibukota) –Jakarta Raya: n Special Capital City of Jakarta.

dkk. {dengan kawan-kawan}: adv et al. (one way to write author in a bibliography)

dll. {dan lain-lain}: pron.  and others, etc.

dlm. {dalam}: prep in, inside.

dls.; dsb.: pron and so forth.

DN {Departemen Dalam Negeri}: n Department of Internal Affairs}

doa: n /lu/frm/ prayer.
-berdoa: v /intr/ pray
-mendoakan: v /tr/

doane: see duane:

doang: adv /lu/inf/ 1 only,  no more than |nothing or no one except the person or thing mentioned|  Saya hanya punya nasi dan thau doing untuk makan siang I have only rice and tofu for lunch  Lapangan parker ini hanya untuk langganan doing This parking lot is for restaurant customers only.

dobel: adj /lu/frm/ 1double |having two parts that are exactly the same| Buat garisnya dobel Make the line double 2 /sport/ doubles / Pemain tennis dobel campuran Mix doubles tennis 3 twice Apa saya harus membayar dobel? Do I have to pay twice?
-mendobelkan: v /tr/ double

dobi; also tukang dobi: n /lu/ laundry person
-berdobi: v be washed and ironed
-mendobi: v /intr/tr/ wash and iron
mendobikan: v /tr/ give sb’s clothes to sb to be washed and ironed

doble: n /of/ gold-plated.

dobol1: adj /ld/ perforated, torn. Karung itu dobol The sack has a hole in it.
-mendobol: v pierce, puncture.

dobol2: variant of dobel:

dobrak; mendobrak: v /lu/frm/ 1 break in |to enter a building using force, in order to steal something|  Pencuri itu mendobrak masuk lewat jendela The thief broke in through that window. 2 broken open (of door, gate, fence, etc.) Saya kehilangan kunci sehingga saya harus mendobrak pintu I lost my key so I had to broke open the door 3 smash |to destroy something such as a political system or criminal organization|  Polisi berhasil mendobrak jaringan penyelundupan narkoba Police successfully smashed a drug smuggling ring. 4 penetrate Pasukan kita mendobrak masuk wilayah depan musuh Our troop penetrate the enemy front territory   .
-pendobrak: n 1 wrecker  2 demolisher  3 intruder
-pendobrakan: an 1 battering 2 penetration

dodol: n /lu/ sweet taffy made of sticky rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar (often with ·durian).

dodor: kedodoran: adj /lu/inf/ loose and ill-fitting (of clothing).

dogma: n /lu/frm/ dogma.

dogmatis: adj /lu/frm/ dogmatic
-kedogmaan: n dogmatism.

dok1: n /lu/frm/ dock |a place where goods are put onto or taken off of ships or trucks| dock apung floating dock. dog darat dry-dock.
-mengedok: v /intr/ |if a ship docks or you dock it, you sail it into a dock|
-mengedokkan: v /tr/ dock (a ship).
-pengedokan: an docking.

dok2: see dokter:

dokar: n /lu/ horse-drawn cart
-berdokar: v ride a horse cart

doklonyo: n /lu/ cologne.

doksologi: n /frm/ doxology (a hymn to praise the Lord)

dokter: n /lu/frm/ 1 physician 2 medical specialist.
-dokter anak: n pediatri­cian.
-dokter gigi: n dentist.
-dokter hewan: n veterinarian.
-dokter jaga: n doctor on duty
-dokter jiwa: n psychiatrist.
-dokter kandungan: n obstetrician.
-dokter mata: n ophthalmologist.
-dokter umum: n general practitioner.
-berdokter: v be provided with a doctor
-mendokteri: v provide medical treatment for sb
-mendokterkan: v bring sb to the doctor.
-kedokteran: n |pertaining to medical activities| fakultas kedokteran medical school
-kedokteran gigi: n dentistry.
-mahasiswa kedokteran: n medical student

doktor: n /lu/frm/ doctor (holder of a doctorate degree)  doktor ekonoml PhD in eco­nomics. doktor kehormatan honorary PhD.

doktoranda: also dra: n /lu/frm/ female holder of postgraduate de­gree below doctoral rank (pre-1980)

doktorandus: also drs: n /lu/frm/ male holder of postgraduate degree below doctoral rank (pre-1980)

doktrin: also indoktrinasi: n /lu/frm/ doctrine.
-berdoktrin: v /intr/ have a doctrine.
-mendoktrin: mengindoktrinasi: v /tr/ doctrinate.

doku: n /ld/ money.

dokumen: n /lu/frm/ document.
-mendokumenkan: v document
-dokumentasi: n documentation.
-dokumenter: n documentary |a movie or television program that gives facts and information on something| satu dokumenter mengenai gerakan reformasi  a documentary about reformation movement

dol: adj /ld/ 1 damaged or worn because of overuse. 2 loose (bolt, screw, etc.)

dolan: v /intr/Jv/ 1 make a pleasure visit. Dia dolan-dolan ke rumah temannya He went out to his friend’s house 2  play: Temannva diajak dolan He invited his friend to play with him.
-dolanan: n play

dollar: n 1 dollar ($)

dollar sen: n cent dollar

dolphin: n dolphin

dolog {depot logistik}: n warehouse for foodstuff.

dolok1: n /Btk/ mountain

dolok2: n wood trunk

dolomite: n /tech/ dolomite |a light tinted, esp. gray, pink, or white mineral, essentially CaMg(CO3)2| use as a furnace refractory, a construction and ceramic material, and fertilizer|

domba: n /lu/frm/ 1 sheep. domba Allah the congregation.

domein: n /frm/ domain (of authority).

domestik: adj /frm/lu/ domestic.

domina: n /ld/ term of reference for female Protestant minister.

dominan: adj /ld/ dominant.

dominasi: n /ld/ domination.
-mendominasi: v /tr/ dominate.

domine: n /ld/ term of reference for Protestant minister.

dominir: mendominir: v /lu/frm/ dominate.

domino: n /lu/ dominoes

domisili: n /lu/frm/ domicile.
-berdomisili: v /pass.v./ be domiciled

dompet: n /lu/frm/ 1 wallet. 2 relief fund (often organized by a pub­lication). dompet Galunggung relief fund for victims of the Galunggung eruption. dompet banjir flood relief funds.
-/idiom/ dompet kempis short of money, broke.

domplang: adj /ld/ askew |not exactly straight|

dompleng: mendompleng: v /ld/1 ride on |if something is riding on something else, it depends on it| Apa benar bahwa kamu mendopleng pada dia? Is it true that you are riding on her? 2 stay with |to live in a place for a short time as a visitor or guest| Saya tinggal mendompleng dengan mereka untuk seminggu I’m  staying with them for a week.
-domplengan: n supporter
-pendompleng: n dependant

donasi: n /frm/ donation.

donat: n /lu/ doughnut.

donator; donator: n /lu/frm/ donor, benefactor.

donder; mendonder: v /lu/inf/ mscold |to tell someone in an angry way that s/he has done something wrong| Ibu mendonder saya karena memboroskan listrik  Mom scolded me for wasting electricity.

dong1: interj. /lu/inf/ of course |use to make sure that an invitation or advice is absolutely accepted| “Kamu ikut dengan kami, kan?” “Ya dong!”  “You are going with us, are you?”  “Yes! Of course”

dong2: pron. /East Indonesia/ they.                 ‘

dongak; mendongak: v /ld/ 1 pointed upward (of head, rifle muzzle, etc.). 2 gaze up(ward). Orang-orang mendongak keatas menyaksikan gerhana bulan People gazed upward watching the lunar eclipse
-mendongakkan: v /tr/ raise (sth) to point upward

dongeng; dongengan: n /lu/frm/ 1 fairy tale 2 legend. – perumpamaan fable. – rakyat folktale. – sasakala legend. 2 non­sense, fiction
-mendongeng: v /intr/ 1 tell tales 2 tell legend 3 tell nonsense
-dongengan: n 1 myth. 2 false story
-pendongeng: n ­ storyteller, narrator.

dongkak: v /ld/ leap up.

dongkel: n /lu/ lever 2 jack.
-mendongkel: v /tr/ 1 lift up |to move something up into higher level by force|  Dongkel sofa itu supaya saya bisa menarik karpetnya. Lift up the couch so I can pull the carpet 2 pry open |to force something open, or to force it away from something else| Akhirnya mereka mendongkel jendela itu terbuka  They finally pried the window open
-pendongkelan: n levering

dongkol1: adj /lu/ 1resentful |feeling angry and upset about something that someone has done, or showing this| perasaan dongkol a resentful feeling 2 upset | unhappy and worried because something unpleasant has happened|  Mereka masih dongkol atas kehilanga uang itu They’re still upset about/over losing the money
-kedongkilan: n 1 resentment 2 anger.

dongkol2: adj without horn (caribou, deer, etc)

dongkrak: n jack.
-mendongkrak: v 1 jack up (car, etc.). 2 assist in achieving his purpose. 3 praise, esp. in sycophantic manner.

dongok: adj /ld/ 1 ponderous, hulking. 2 stupid.

donor: n /lu/frm/ donor. donor darah blood donor.

don yuan: n /of/ womanizer.

dop1: n /lu/ 1 hubcap. 2 caps (for toy guns). .

dop2: n /ld/ baptism
-mengedop: v baptize.

dop3: n /ld/ lightbulb.

dor: n /spo/ sound of gunshot.
dor-doran: n gunfire.
-mendor: v 1 make a sound like the crack of a rifle. 2 shoot. Polisi mendor perampok yang kabur itu They police shot the escaping prisoner

dorang1: n /ld/ fish.

dorang2: pron. /East Indonesia/ they.

doreng: adj /ld/ striped.

Dorna: see Durna:

dorong: mendorong: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 push. |to move sth or sb by force away from you| ejumlah orang sedang mendorong sebuah bus mogok di jalan A number of people are trying to push a breaking down bus on the road|  Dorong lebih kuat. Belum bergerak! Push harder! It’s not moving yet  2 urge Pelatih kami selalu mendorong kami agar berlatih lebih giat My instructor always urge us to exercise harder 3 accelerate Kenaikan harga minyak akan langsung mendorong kenaikan biaya transportasi The raise on oil price will directly accelerate the raise of transportation cost 4 spur, drive |to make an improvement or change happen faster|  Pertumbuhan kota telah didorong oleh tersedianya KPR (Kredit Perumahan Rakyat) Growth in the city was spurred by the availability of mortgage 5 goad |to make someone do something by annoying him/her until s/he does it:  Kami dorong-dorong dia untuk mengajak Fitri berkencan We goaded him into asking Fitri for a date. 6 motivate Terdorong oleh kebutuhan mendesak akhirnya dia mau bekerja lebur Motivated by urgent needs, finally he want to work over time 6 stimulate |to encourage more of an activity, or to help a process develop faster| Pemerintah mendorong pertumbuhan ekonomi dengan menurunkan patokan bunga bank The government stimulates the economic growth by reducing bank interest standard
-didorong: v /tr/pass.v/ Saya jatuh kekolam karena didorong oleh sso  I fell into the pool because I was pushed by someone
-dorongan: n 1 push 2 urge 3 acceleration 4 spur 5 motivation
-pendorong: n pusher 2 accelerator 3 motivator 4 stimulus
-terdorong: v /intr/pass.v/ be pushed Sally telah terdorong masuk perguruan yinggi oleh keberhasilan kakaknya Sally was motivated to go to college by the success of her elder sister

dorslag; dorslah: n /of/ paper made of onion skin.

dos: n /lu/ 1 small box. dos obat pillbox. 2 carton, case.

dosa: n /lu/frm/ sin.
-berdosa: v 1 commit a sin 2 be sinful. Saya yakin dia tidak berdosa I believe he is sinless (innocent)
-kedosaan: n sinfulness.
-pendosa: n sinner.

dosen: n /lu/frm/ university-level lecturer. dosen terbang univer­sity lecturer engaged by more than one institu­tion and flying between them.
-kedosenan: n |pertaining to lecturers or lecturing|

dosir: n /frm/ dossier.

dosis: n /lu/frm/ dose.
-mendosis: v determine the dos­age.

dot1: n 1 nipple. 2 pacifier.
-mendot: v suckle, esp. pacifiers.

dot2: n /spo/ sound of a car horn.

doyan: v /lu/inf/ 1 be fond of Dia sangat doyan makan es krim She is fond of ice cream very much  2 like Apa kamu doyan makan sate? Do you like sate?
-mendoyani: v be fond
-kedoyanan: n 1 fondness 2 likeness

doser: n /lu/frm/ bulldozer.

d/p {dgn perantaraan|: prep via

DPC {Dewan Pimpinan Cabang}: n Board of Representative at Branch level |usually used for political party and NGO’s

DPD  {Dewan Pimpinan Daerah}: n Board of Representative at regional level

DPP: {Dewan Pimpinan Pusat}: n Board of Representative at central level

DPR {Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat}: n People’s Representative Board (Indonesian parliament body)

DPRD {Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah}: n DPR at provincial, or municipal level.

dpt. {dapat}: modal  can, be able.

DPT {diphteri, pertussis, tetanus|: n diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus vaccine.

dr.1: n /lu/frm/ an abraviation for dokter

dr2: prep. abbreviation for dari (from, of)

Dra.: pron abraviation for  {doktoranda}

draf: n draft (of plan, etc.).

dragon: n manual water pump.

drai: n star-shape screw driver

draimolen: n carousel.

drainase: n /frm/ drainage.

dram: see drum:

drama: n /lu/frm/ drama.
-mendramakan: v dramatize |to make a book, a story,  or an event into a play|
-pendramaan: n dramatization.
-dramatari: n dance drama.
-dramatis; dramatik: adj dramatic.
-dramatisasi; mendramatisasikan: v /tr/ dramatize |to make a story, an event, a fiction become more dramatic|
-dramatisir: mendramatisir: variant of dramatisasi

dramaturgi: n /frm/ dramaturgy |science and skill related to drama activities|

dramawan: n /frm/ stage actor, performer.

dramben: see drumband:

drastik: adj /frm/ drastic.

drat: n /lu/ 1 wire thread. 2 thread of a screw.
-mendrat: v ­thread (a screw).

drel: n /lu/inf/ a simultaneous shoots launched by a number of gun
-mendrel: v to shoot simultaneously
-pendrelan: n spraying (with bullets).

drg. {dokter gigi} n { dentis}

drh. {dokter hewan}: n veterinarian.

dribbel; dribel: n dribble
-mendribel: v dribble |to kick or bounce a ball forward again and again|

drill: n /lu/ cloth material made of cotton

drop1; mendrop: mengedrop: v /lu/frm/ 1 drop |to suddenly or accidentally let go of something you are holding or carrying to fall| Sebuah helicopter mendrop sejumlah perahu karet ke lokasi banjir A helicopter dropped a number of rubber boat to the flooding area 2 deliver Apa tukang pos sudah mendrop surat-surat pos kita? Has the postman delivered our postage? 3 unload Boleh kamu membawa computer ini di mobilmu dan mendropnya di toko service? Could you take this computer with your car and unload it at a service shop? 4 allocate Pemerintah pusat akan mendrop biaya tanggap darurat untuk mengatasi akibat bencana alam  itu The central government will allocate emergency budget to overcome the catastrophe result
-pendropan: n dropping (of supplies, etc.)
drop2: n mints, cough-drops.
-droping; dropping: n unordinary allocation of budget (direct order of president, etc.).

Drs. {Dokterandus}: n title for graduate degree certificate holder, below doctoral rank.

drum: n 1 drum. 2 oil drum, canister for chemicals. drum sampah rubbish container.

drumband; dramben: n marching band.

ds. {domini}: n Protestant Reverend

dsb.{dan sebagainya: etc.

dsl. {dan selanjutnya}: and so forth.

dst., dstnya. {dan seterusnya}: and so on.

Dt. {Datuk}: n title in Malaysia and certain parts of Indonesia.

DT: variant of daswati:

dtk. {detik}: n second, moment.

dto.{ditandatangani aleh}: signed by.

dua1: num. /lu/frm/ two. dua belas twelve dua puluh twenty dua ratus two hundred
-antara berdua: prep between two (of us)
-berdua: v 1 be two (in a group) Berdua kalian satu kamar Two of you in a room
-dua bulanan: adj/adv bimonthly.
-dua-dua: pron. two by two
-dua-duaan: v be in couple They were going last night like a couple
-dua-duanya: pron. both
-dua hati: adj doubtful, unsure
-dua jurusan: n two-way (round ticket, etc.).
-dua kali: num. two times, twice.
-dua mingguan: adj biweekly, semimonthly
-dua sama: num. /Sport/ two-all
-dua ­sejoli: n couple (of lovers).
-dua spasi: adj double-space
-duanya: pron counter part  Tidak ada duanya Has nothing to compare with.
-kedua: num. the second
v double
-mendua hatikan: v arouse ambiguity
-mendua1: adj 1 ambiguous Sikapnya sudah biasa mendua His attitude is usually ambiguous
-mendua2: v become twice Keuntungan kamu bisa mendua dengan harga jual seperti itu Your profit will become twice with such selling price
-menduakan: v double
-menduai: v make become two Dia bermaksud menduai istrinya He intends to make two wives
-perdua: v divide to two parts
-seperdua: num. a half (1/2)

dua2: mendua: v /lu/ run with both of front legs as well as rear legs step simultaneously

duafa: n /lu/frm/ the poor

dualisme: n /lu/frm/ dualism.

duane: variant of doane: n customs.

Dubes {Duta Besar}: n ambassador.
-mendutakan: v /tr/ appoint sb ambassador.

dubilah: intrj. God forbid!

dubun: n /ld/ hyena.

dubur: n /lu/frm/ anus.

duda: n /lu/frm/ widower.
-menduda: v becomes a widower.

duduk: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 sit. Dia sedang duduk di ruang tunggu He is sitting in the waiting room  sat in a chair  2  be in |to be at a certain grade or rank| Mary duduk di kelas dua SMA (Sekolah Menengah Atas)  Mary is in the second grade of  Senior Secondary School 3 be (at a certain posisition) Dia duduk sebagai Sekretaris Jenderal Kementerian Luar Negeri He is a General Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-berkedudukan: v 1 position Dia berkedudukan sebagai menejer keuangan di perusahaan ini He position as a financial manager in this company  2 function Berkedudukan sebagai pengawas kamu harus menjadi contoh yang baik Being function as a supervisor, you have to be a good example 3 base |to use a city, town etc. as your main place of business or activities| Dimana perusahaan kamu berkedudukan? Where does your company base in?
-dudukan; kedudukan: n 1 position, official post, rank |the level or rank someone has in a society or organization|  Dia punya kedudukan tinggi di Bank Sentral He has a high position in Central Bank 2 seat, base, foundation |the lowest part or surface of something, especially the part on which sth stands or where it is attached|  Kita memerlukan konstruksi beton kokoh untuk dudukan (kedudukan) mesin ini We need strong concrete construction to be the foundation of this machine
-kedudukan: n 1 position 2 rank 3 base 4 score Berapa kedudukan kedua pemain sekarang? What is the present score of both player?
-kependudukan: n demog­raphy . soal-soal ~ population affairs.
-menduduki: v /tr/ 1 position |to put something or someone in a particular place| Dia menduduki ranking nasional ke-tiga pemain tennis He position himself at the third national rank of tennis player 2 occupy, colonize Belanda menduduki Indonesia sekitar 350 tahun sebelum perang dunia kedua Dutch colonizes Indonesia for about 350 years before World War II
-mendudukkan: v /tr/ 1 sit Boleh saya dudukkan bayi ini di sofa? May I sit the baby on the coach? 2 position ||to put something or someone in a particular place| Untuk pertandingan mendatang pelatih akan mendukan Jordan sebagai penyerang For the next match the instructor will position Jordan as a striker
-penduduk: n population
-terduduk: v sit |suddenly or unexpectedly sat down
-tempat duduk: n seat

duel: n /lu/frm/ 1 duel. 2 traffic collision.

duet: n /lu/frm/ duet.
-berduet: v perform a duet.

duga; menduga: v /lu/frm/ 1 guess |said when you suppose that something is true or likely| Pintu kamu tertutup, sehingga saya duga kamu tidak dirumah.Your door was closed, so I guess you wasn’t home. 2 estimate |to judge the value, size etc. of something|  Orang menduga bahwa dalamnya danau itu lebih dari 20 meter People  estimated that the depth of the lake is more than 20 meters 3 think Saya menduga bahwa dia adalah teman kamu I think that he is your friend
-berpraduga: v presume |to think that something is likely to be true, although you are not certain: Saya berpraduga bahwa biayanya tidak sebanyak itu I presume (that) the cost will not be that much
-dugaan: n 1 guess 2 estimation 3 assumption
-penduga: n 1 a tool for measuring the depth of water 2 estimator
-praduga: n presumption |an act of thinking that something must be true| Pra-duga tidak bersalah adalah satu azas buat kita Presumption of innocence is a principle for us
-terduga: v be expected Tidak terduga bahwa kamu akan datang It wasn’t expected that you will be coming.

duh: intrj: wow| | an interjection to express a painful feeling|

duhai: also aduhai: interj /lu/ |to express our pity to sb| Aduhai Tuhan betapa malangnya nasib anak ini Oh my God! How bad the fate of this child.

duilah, duillah: intrj. Gosh!  (exclamation of surprise or astonishment) Duilah! Rumah kamu besar sekali. Gosh! Your house  is really big.

duit: n /lu/inf/ money. –syn: /frm/lu/ uang
-menduitkan: v sell or make sth for cash
-duitan: usually mata duitan: n money lover

duk: n /lu/ women’s cloth for menstruation

duka; also dukacita: n /lu/frm/ 1 grief, sorrow |extreme sadness, especially because someone you love has died| Dukanya masih tetap terlihat dimatanya His grief still can be seen on her eyes Doa kami tetap menyertaimu saat duka menimpa kamu Our prayers are with you in your time of sorrow.
-berduka; also berdukacita: v /intr/ grieve |to feel extremely sad, especially because someone you love has died|
-mendukai: v /tr/frm/ |formal to make someone feel very unhappy| Melihat dia mensiasiakanbakatnya sungguh mendukai perasaan saya   To see him wasting his talents really grieves my feeling.

dukacarita; dukacerita: n /ltr/ tragedy |story with sad theme|

duko: n /lu/ spray paint (for cars, etc.).
menduko: v paint using such paint

duku: n /lu/ |a tree which can be grown up to 29 meters, its fruit shape like a small ball, sized around 1 to 2 cm with brown skin and very sweet flesh – Lansium domesticum|

dukuh: n /ld/ hamlet.
-sedukuh1: v live at the same hamlet
-sedukuh2: deter. the whole hamlet
-pedukuhan1: n a cluster of hamlet
-pedukuhan2: adj |pertaining to a hamlet|

dukun: n /lu/ indigenous medical practitioner, traditional healer
-berdukun: v 1 be treated by a dukun 2 practice a dukun prescription suggestion)
-dukun beranak: n traditional midwife
-dukun buntut: n fortune teller for lottery
-dukun klenik: n shaman who practice trance.
-kedukunan: n matter of quality and the specialization of a dukun
v take sb to a dukun for a treatment
-perdukunan: n |thing that related to the practice of a dukun|

dukung; mendukung: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 support a) |to agree with an idea, group, person etc. and want him, her, or it to succeed| Dalam kasus ini presiden mendukung kebijaksaan presiden In this case the opposition support the president policy b) | to hold the weight of sth in order to prevent it move from a position where it should be| Atap itu didukung oleh duabelas kolom The roof supported by twelve columns c) |to encourage and facilitate sb for sth| Saya menghargai dukungan kamu selama penelitian saya I appreciate your supporting me during my research 2 prove |to make sure that something is true| Tidak cukup data untuk mendukung teori kamu ini There is now enough data to support the theory 3 justify |to give an acceptable explanation for something, especially when other people think it is unreasonable| Bagaimana kamu mendukung pernyataan kamu bahwa klien saya telah bersalah? How can you justify your statement that my client was guilty?
-dukungan: n 1 support 2 aid 3 reinforcement 3 strengthen 4 subsidize
-pendukung: n 1 supporter 2 backer 3 helper 4 upholder 5 defender

dula: n common people, humble people

dulangl: n /ld/ 1 food tray. 2 printer’s tray

dulang2; mendulang: v /lu/frm/ to search gold powder from river’s sand using tray

dulang3: mendulang: v /ld/ feed (a child).

dulu: variant of dahulu:

dungu: adj /lu/frm/ 1 dull 2 retarded 3 mentally backward |less mentally developed than other people|
-kedunguan: n stupidity.

dunia: n /lu/frm/ 1 world. |the planet we live on including all of the people, countries etc. on it; the Earth| Pemanasan global telah mempengaruhi cuaca di seluruh dunia Global warming has affected the weather all over the world 2 society, field |society to which we belong to, or a society that is based on a particular type of activity| Teknologi modern telah merobah dunia hiburan, olahraga, musik, dsb   Modern technology is changing the world entertainment, sport, music, etc 3 region |a group of countries or a part of the world| dunia Barat  the Western World  dunia negara-negara industri the industrialized world 3 dunia sendiri: own life |the set of sb’s feelings, experiences, thoughts etc. that someone has|  Sejak kematian suaminya dia telah hidup di dunia dia sendiri Ever since her husband death she’s been living in her own little world. 4 dunia akhirat: hereinafter Apa kamu percaya adanya kehidupan dunia akhirat?  Do you believe that there will be a hereinafter live?
-duniawi: adj secular
-menduniakan: v secularize.
-penduniaan: n secularization

duniawiah: adj /ltr/ worldly, profane.

dupa: n /lu/frm/ incense.
-mendupai: v burn incense for.
-pedupaan: perdupaan: n censer.

duplik: n /lu/frm/ rejoinder, rebuttal.

duplikasi: n /lu/frm/ duplication (of effort, etc.).

duplikat: n /lu/frm/duplicate, carbon copy.

duren: n /Jkt/ variant of durian:

Durga: n /Hindu/ goddess of destruction.

durhaka: n /lu/frm/ rebellious, insubordinate. isteri durhaka faith­less wife.
-berdurhaka: v 1 rebel. 2 commit an act of in­subordination,
-kedurhakaan: n rebellious­ness.
-mendurhaka: v be rebellious.
-mendurhakai: v rebel against,  betray the revolution
-pendurhaka: n 1 traitor. 2 rebel, insurgent.
-pendurhakaan: n 1 treachery  2 rebellion 3 insurgency.

duri: n /lu/frm/ 1 thorn | a sharp point that grows on a plant such as a rose| 2 burr |A rough edge of on area remaining on metal or other material after it has been cast| 3  spine |a stiff sharp point on an animal or plant| duri kaktus cactus spines  duri ikan fish bone.
-berduri: adj 1 ­thorny, prickly 2 kawat berduri: barbed wire:
-/idiom/ 1 berduri-duri with many difficulties 2 duri dalam daging internal enemy

durian: n /lu/ durian fruit and its tree.
/idiom/ durian runtuh an unexpected luck.

durja: see muram:

durjana: adj /ltr/ 1 evil 2 criminal 3 sinful
-kedurjanaan: n 1 evil 2 crime 3 sin

Durna: n /ltr/ 1 a bad character in the puppet show who always create hate between people by giving mislead advice  2 in­trigue-ridden adviser.
-mendurnai: v 1 incite 2 foment.

Durno: variant of Durna:

dursila: adj /Jv/ unethical.

dus1: n /ld/ shower (bath)

dus2: variant of dos:

dusi; mendusi: v /Jkt/ continue to feel drowsy after nap

dusin: mendusin: v /ld/ 1 be awake for a moment. Dia mendusin kemudian tidur kembali He was awake for a moment then fell back asleep  2 be conscious of, realize. Dia tidak mendusin bahwa dia sudah ada di rumah sakit He didn’t realize that he has been in hospital

dusta: n /lu/frm/1 lie |something that you say or write that is not true| Saya kira apa yang dia katakana adalah dusta 2 I think was he said was a lie  2 falsehood |a statement that is not true| Satu dusta dalam pernyataan anda bisa membawa kamu ke penjara A falsehood in your statement can bring you to prison
-berdusta: v /intr/ tell a lie.
-mendustai: v /tr/ tell sb a lie.
-kedustaan: n falsehood
-pendusta: n liar.

dusun: n /lu/frm/ village |an area that has been inhabited but far from urban area|
-pedusunan: n cluster of villages

duta: n /lu/frm/ 1 ambassador 2 envoy 3 delegation 4 mission
-duta besar luar biasa: n envoy extraordinary
-duta berkuasa penuh: n ambassador plenipotentiary
-duta istimewa: n special envoy
-duta keliling: n ambassador-at-large, roving ambas­sador
-duta pribadi: n personal envoy (of president, king, etc.)
-menduta besarkan: v appoint sb ambassador
-kedutaan: n embassy
-duta olahraga: n sport contingent

dutawati: n /frm/ female ambassador

duyun: berduyun-duyun: adv /lu/frm/ 1 in throngs 2 in large groups Mereka dating berduyun-duyun menyambut kedatangan presiden They came in large groups to welcome the president

duyung: n /lu/ |a half-fish beautiful lady in ancient legend|

dwi: num /ltr/ two (formal and used only in certain usage)

dwiarti: adj /ltr/ ambiguous.

-kedwiartian: n /ltr/ ambiguity.

dwibahasa: adj /lu/frm/ bilingual.

berdwi bahasa: v /lu/frm/ be bilingual.
kedwibahasaan: n /lu/frm/ bi­lingualism.

dwibahasawan: n /frm/ bilingual speaker

dwifungsi: n /lu/frm/ dual function, esp. of the military, re­ferring to its soldierly and political roles’
berdwifungsi: v /lu/frm/ ­have a dual function.
kedwifungsian: n /lu/frm/ dual functionalism. dwiguna dual-purpose.

dwihuruf: n /Ling/ digraph.

dwikewarganegaraan: n /frm/ dual citizenship.

dwimakna: adj /frm/ ambiguous.
-kedwimaknaan: n ambiguity.

dwipekanan: adj /frm/ biweekly.

dwisuku: n /Ling/ disyllabic.

dwitunggal: n /lu/frm/ two working as one unit dwitunggal Sukarno Hatta two in one job Sukarno and Hatta (as the founding father of Indonesia)

dwiwarna: n /lu/frm/ two color red and white in a flag – the Indonesian flag

dwiwulanan: adj /frm/ bimonthly.

dynamo: variant of dynamo:

dysentri: variant of disentri


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