“-nya” is a meaningful suffix.

-nya is a meaningful suffix and it’s frequently used in daily conversation. .

1 Function as a possessive pronoun, possessive adjective, or determiner.

a. Lihat mobil itu bannya kempis. Look that car its tire is inflated. (ban = tire)

b. Dimana ibu? Tasnya ada disini. Where is Mom? Her bag is here.

c. Beli minuman yang harganya murah. Buy drink that its price is cheap.

d. Saya punya kucing yang bulunya cantik. I have a cat which fur is beautiful.

e. Saya tidak senang baju itu. Warnanya terlalu cerah. I don’t like the shirt. Its color is too bright

2 Function as an article or pseudo subject:

– Bukunya dimana? Where is the book?

– Ini waktunya utk makan siang. This is the time to take lunch.

– Niatnya mau pergi tetapi hujan. The wish is to go but it rain.

– Apa masalahnya? What is the reason?

– Katanya kamu sudah pergi. Padahal masih disini. It was said that you have leaved. In fact you’re still here.


3 Function as a preposition

Aduh! Rasanya obat ini pahit! Ow! The taste of this medicine is bitter.

Hasilnya pertandingan itu memuaskan. The result of the match was satisfied


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