The use of “yang”

‘yang” is a frequently used daily word in Indonesian language.

1  Used as a determiner
a .Tolong ambil tali yang lebih panjang Please take the longer string
b. Saya mau yang biru. I want the blue one.
c. Yang itu mobil kamu kan? That one is your car, isn’t it?

2  Used as a pronoun.
a. Apa yang kamu lakukan disini? What (that) you are doing here.
b. Siapa yang mengambil buku saya? Who (that) took my book?

3   Used to introduce a clause
Saya tidak mengerti apa yang kamu maksud. I don’t understand what do you mean

4   Used as a pronoun that refer to pseudo object of a verb in a sentence the subject of which sometimes is omitted|
a. (Apa) Yang saya maksud bukan ini. What I mean is not this one.
b. (Apa) Yang kamu inginkan? What do you want? (“yang” refer to the object of want)
c. Yang mana mobil kamu diantara mobil-mobil itu? Which one is your car among that cars? (“yang” refer to the object of yours)
d. Yang benar dong. You should do it properly though. (“yang” refer to sth that should be done properly)

5  Used to mean: which, that, who, whom |used as a pronoun of a subject to introduce a clause|
a. Apa kamu masih menyimpan uang yang saya berikan kepada kamu. Do you still keep the money which I gave it to you?

b. Siapa pria yang bicara dengan kamu tadi pagi? Who is the man that (whom) you talked to this morning?

More examples of usages

1   Hal yang paling penting adalah persetujuan kamu. The most important thing is your agreement.

2   Yang pergi kesana Anthony. Who went there was Anthony.

Yang saya maksud adalah kesediaan mereka dating.. What I mean is their readiness to come.

4   Ya ampun! Apa yang saya lakukan? Oh my God! What (that) I am doing?

5   Siapa yang datang? Who is coming? (“yang” refer to the doer of come)

6        Siapa yang kamu tunggu? Who are you waiting for. (“yang” refer to sb who is being waited)

7   Apa yang ditangan kamu itu? What is that in your hand? (“yang” refer to sth that is on sb’s hand)

8.  Yang mana rumah kamu Which one is your house?


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