Use suffix “-lah” to make word imperative

biarlah, biarkanlah:: Root word is biar: verb. 1 /let/ 2 adv |so that|  4 prep. |for|

e.g.: 1.Biarlah seperti itu. Just let it like that. 2 Biarlah dia pergi. Just let him/her go

janganlah: Root word is jangan: adv  /(do) not/

e.g: Janganlah seperti itu. Please don’t be like that!  Janganlah berharap terlalu banyak. Don’t expect too much.

pilihlah: Root word is pilih: verb; /vote, choose/

e.g. Pilihlah saya. Vote for me.  Pilihlah yang terbaik. Choose the best one.

gunakanlah. Root word is gunakan: verb /use/

e.g. Gunakanlah sabuk pengaman! Use the safety belt.

demikianlah. Root word is demikian pron /such (as), that/

e.g. Demikianlah kecelakaan itu telah melukai sejumlah orang. That it was the accident that has injured a umber of people.


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