Dictionary O


O; o1: |the 15th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian and in English – approximately sounds like o in oar; obey; boy; correct; compromise; long; colonial |

O2; oh: intj. 1 used to express a surprise. O!, bagus sekali. Oh that very beautiful. O! begitu ya? Oh! Is that so?  2 |used to express perception or as a remembering| O, ya? Baru saya ingat! Oh, yes! Now I rember it.

O3: n |symbol of oxygen|

obah: see ubah:

obat: n /frm/lu/ 1 medicine |a substance used for treating illness| Apa kamu sudah minum obat? Have you taken medicine?  Ingat minum obat kamu. Remember to take your medicine. Obat harus ditaruh diluar jangkauan anak-anak. Medicines should be kept beyond the reach of children. 2 drug |an illegal substance that people smoke, inject etc. for pleasure| Bill dituduh memperjual-belikan obat terlarang. Bill was accused of trafficking illegal drug.  Ibu saya mengira saya makan obat (narkoba) My mom thinks I’m on drugs. (using drugs regularly) Dave telah mengkonsumsi obat sejak dia berumur tiga belas. Dave’s been doing drugs (using drugs regularly) since he was thirteen. masalah penyalah gunaan obat the problem of drug abuse (the use of illegal drugs) Dia dimasukkan kedalam penjara karena memperjual belikan obat keras He was sent to prison for selling hard drugs. (dangerous illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine)  3 poison. Obat nyamuk jenis apa yang kamu pakai? What kind of mosquito poison do you use?
-berobat: v have a medical treatment. Dia sedang pergi berobat ke klinik. He is going to have medical treatment in a clinic.
-berobat jalan: v be an outpatient |regularly go to a hospital for a medical treatment without staying there|
-mengobati: v cure |to make an injury or illness better, so that the person who was sick is well| Antibiotik mengobati hampir semua jenis infeksi. Antibiotic will cure most of infections.
-obat ajaib: n magical medicine.
-obat batuk: n cough medicine.
-obat bius: n anesthetic.
-obat dalam: n medicine for internal organ.
-obat gosok: n 1 liniment |an oily liquid you rub on your skin when your muscles are sore or stiff | 2 scouring powder.
-obat gulma: n herbicide.
-obat guna-guna: n charm |the special quality someone or something has that makes people like him, her, or it|
-obat hama: n pesticide.
-obat jamur: n fungicide.
-obat jamu: n herbal medicine.
-obat jarum: n serum |a liquid taken from animal’s blood that is put into someone’s blood in order to fight an infection|
-obat kampung: n traditional medicine.
-obat kelantang/pemutih: n bleaching powder.
-obat kimia: n chemotherapy.
-obat kuat: n tonic.
-obat kumur: n mouthwash, gargle.
-obat lelah: n refreshment.
-obat luar: n external medicine.
-obat mata: n eyes drop.
-obat masuk angin: n medicine for cathing cold.
-obat merah: n iodine, mercurochrome .
-obat nyamuk: n mosquito repellent
-obat pelancar: n lubricant |a substance such as oil that is used on things that rub together, making them move more smoothly and easily|
-obat peluntur: n laxative, purgative
-obat perut: n laxative.
-obat rindu: n token, reminder.
-obat saraf: n neural therapy.
-obat serangga: n insecticide.
-obat suntik: n injection |liquid medicine that is put into sb body by injection|
-pengobatan: n medical treatment, therapy.  Penyakit ini memerlukan pengobatan serius. This illness needs a serious medical treatment.
-pengobati: n healer, therapist
-terobati: v 1 be treated, be cured. 2 be com­forted, be tempered. Kekecewaannya agak terobati dengan kabar baik itu. Her disappointment was somewhat tempered by the good news.

obeng: n /frm/lu/ screwdriver.
-obeng                belimbing/bintang/kembang: n Philips screwdriver.

oberal: see obral:

obituary: n /frm/ obituary |a report of someone’s death in a newspaper|.

objek: see obyek:

obligasi: n /frm/lu/ debenture, bond.
-obligasi berhadiah: n bond paid back by annual drawings.

oblak-oblok: n /inf/ 1 dish consisting of leftovers or veg­etables mixed with spices. 2 offspring of an interethnic marriage.

oblong: see kaos oblong:

obor: n /frm/lu/ 1 torch. 2 guide.
-mengobor: v look for fish with a torch.
-mengobori: v light sth. with a torch.

obrak-abrik; mengobrak abrik: v /frm/lu/ 1 destroy, ruin. 2 upset, tip over, turn upside down.

obral: n /frm/lu/ 1 sale, clearance |a time when stores sell their goods at lower prices than usual| Ada obral besar di Metropolitan Mall sekarang. There’s a great sale at Metropolitan Mall now.
-mengobral: v 1 sell out, sell cheaply 2 do sth. without prior consideration, be quick to do sth. Dia selalu mengobral ketawa. He always laugh excessively 2 spend or dis­pose of sth freely. Dia mengobral uangnya He wasted his money. Megobral janji Make a lot of promise
-obralan: n sale items.
-pengobralan: n clearance sale.

obras; obrasan: n /frm/lu/ hem |the edge of a piece of clothing that is folded and sewn by machine|
-mesin obras: n hemming machine.

obrol; obrolan: n /frm/lu/ chat |a friendly informal conversation|
-menobrol: v /intr/ chat.
-mengobrolkan: v /tr/ to chat on (sth).  Maaf saya tidak punya waktu mengobrolkan itu sekarang, biarlah waktu lain. Sorry, I have no time to chat on it now, let’s do it next time.

observasi; observasi: n /frm/lu/ observation.

observatorium: n /frm/lu/ observatory.

obsesi: n /frm/lu/ obsession.

obsesif: adj /frm/lu/ obsessive.

obstetric: n /frm/lu/ obstetrics |the part of medical science that deals with the birth of children|

obstetrikus: n /frm/lu/ obstetrician.

obyek1: n /frm/lu/ object 1 | a thing that you can see, hold, or touch| Tanaman, binatang, rumah, dll adalah obyek yang boleh digambar oleh siwa. Plants, animals, hause, etc. are the objects that a student can draw. 2 |the destination (of interest) Bali adalah satu obyek wisata terkenal di Indonesia. Bali is a very popular tourists’ destination in Indonesia.3 /tech/. in grammar/ |the person or thing that is affected by the action of the verb in a sentence|  Pada kalimat “salmon memukul meja”, “meja” adalah obyek kalimat.  In the sentence “Salmon hit the table”, “table” is the object of the sentence.

obyek2: n /inf/lu/ temporary and informal business or lucrative side-jobs which not entirely legal.
-mengobyek: v deal with such business
-obyekan: n the object of such business,
-pengobyek: n person who does this business.

obyektif1: adj /frm/lu/ objective, unbiased, not imagined, real. |not influenced by your own feelings, beliefs, or ideas| satu pendapat objektif dari pembicara. an objective opinion from the speaker.
-keobjektifan: n objectivity.
-mengobjektifkan: v /tr/ make sth objective.

obyektivisme: n /frm/lu/ objectivism.

obyektivitas: n /frm/ objectivity.

oc. {organizing committee}: n |a committee who deal with the implementation of a huge and formal activity such as seminar, workshop,  international convention. etc.|

ocak-ocak; mengocak-ocak: v /Jv/ choke.

oceanografi: see /frm/lu/ oseanografi:

oceanologi: see oseanologi:

oceh; mengoceh: v /lu/inf/ babble, jabber, talk nonsense. Dia selalu mengoceh pada kawan-kawannya She always talk nonsense with her friends. 2 twitter (of bird).
-mengocehkan: v /tr/ blab about sth  Dia selalu mengocehkan kemenangannya. He always blabs his victory.
-ocehan: n twaddle, gossip, blabbering
-pengoceh: n 1 blabber 2 talkative person 3 chatter­box.

odiensi: variant of audiensi

oditir: see oditur:

oditur: n /frm/lu/ military prosecuting attorney, judge advocate.
-oditur jenderal: n highest ranking mili­tary prosecutor.
-oditur tinggi: n military prosecutor at the appeals level.
-keodituran: n matters pertaining to military prosecutors or prosecuting attorneys.

oditurat: n /frm/lu/ the office of the military prosecutor.

odoh: adj /ld/ 1 ugly. 2 very stupid.

odok; mengodok: v /intr/tr/Jkt/ to take sth out from inside.

odoklonyo: n /lu/ cologne.

odol: n /lu/ toothpaste.

ofensi: n /mil./ offensive attack.

ofensif; offensive: adj /frm/lu/ 1 offensive (of be havior). 2 /mil./ offensive (action)

oferte: n /of/ offer.

ofisial: n /frm/lu/ official.

ofisiil: adj /frm/lu/ official, formal.

ogah1: v /Jkt/Jv/ be averse (to do sth). Dia ogah bertemu dengan saya. He doesn’t like to see me.
-keogahan: n aversion.
-ogah-ogahan: adv reluctantly. Dia belajar sejarah ogah-ogahan. He studies history reluctantly.

ogah2; mengogah: v /ld/ shake sth to loosen it.

ogak-ogak: n /ltr/ jester |a man employed to entertain people with jokes, stories etc.|
-berogak-ogak: v joke.
-pengogak: n 1 joke­ster. 2 clown.

oh: variant of O,

ohm: n /tech/. ohm |an electric current measurement unit|.

oi: intrj. /spo/ 1 hey there! (to call sb’s attention). Oi! indah sekali gambar itu! Look, how beautiful that picture! 2 |to express astonishment or recognition| Oi! Kamu kan Piter? sahutnya Oh, you’re Peter, aren’t you? she shouted.

ojeg; ojek: n /inf/lu/ motorcycle or bicycle used for public transport.
-mengojek: v earn money by taking people on sb’s bicycle or motorcycle.
-mengojekkan: v use bicycle or motorcycle for such purpose.
-pengojek: n sb who does this.

OK: intrj.  OK!,  all right.
-mengokekan: v /intr/tr/ 1 approve sth 2 agree with sth.

oke: variant of OK.

oker: n ocher.

okey: variant of oke:

oknum: n /frm/lu/ 1 a person in a certain capacity, esp. with negative connotation. Beberapa oknum militer terlibat perkelahian. A number of military persons involved in a fighting. 2 /rel./lit./ person (of God).
-keoknuman: n person­hood (of God).

oksid; oksida: n /frm/lu/ oxide.
-oksida belerang: n sulphuric oxide.
-mengoksidakan: v /tr/ oxidize |to combine with oxygen, especially when this causes rust, or to make something do this|
-pengoksida: n oxidizing agent.
-pengoksidaan: n oxidization.

oksidasi: n /frm/lu/ oxidation.
-mengoksida: v /tr/ oxidize

oksigen: n /frm/lu/ oxygen.

oktaf: n /frm/lu/ octave.

oktan: n /frm/lu/ octane.

Oktober: n October.

okulasi: n /frm/lu/ grafting 1 |a method for putting a piece of skin or bone from one part of someone’s body onto another part that has been damaged| Dokter mengokulasi kulit lengan Mike ke wajahnya yang terbakar. Doctors grafted skin from Mike’s arm onto his face where it was burned. 2 |to join a part of a flower, plant, or tree onto another flower, plant, or tree|
-mengokulasi: v graft

okuler: adj /tech/ |pertaining to microscope or telescope lens|
-okulis: n experton eyes

okultis: n /frm/ |the person who learn the knowledge and study of magic and spirits|

okupasi: n /frm/ occupation  |the act of entering a place and getting control of it, especially by military force|

okupasional: adj /frm/ |relating to job or position|

olah1: n /frm/lu/ 1 manner, way of doing things. 2 see ulah:
-mengolah: v /tr/ process 1 |to treat food or some other substance by adding other substances to it, for example to give it color or keep it fresh: processed cheese| 2 |to deal with data or information in an official way|  Permohonan keanggotaan anda sedang di olah Your membership application is still being processed. 3 manage, control. Pemerintah harus mengolah semua sumber daya alam demi kepentingan masyarakat. The government has to manage/control all the natural resources for sake of th people.
-seolah-olah: adv, prep. as if  Dia bersikap seolah-olah dia seorang pimpinan. She acted as if she is the chief
-pengolah: n processor.
-pengolahan: n processing.

olahgerak: n /frm/  maneuver

olahraga: n /frm/lu/ physical training, exercises.
-berolahraga: v engage in sports or physical exercise.
-mengolahragakan: v 1 urge society to be sport maniac. 2 make people sports-oriented.
-memasyarakatkan olahraga: v promote sport to the commnty.

olahrasa: n /frm/ sensation

olah vocal: n /frm/lu/ vocal training.

olahragawan: n /frm/lu/ sportsman, athlete.

olahragawati: n /frm/lu/ female athlete.

olak: n /lu/ 1 circular movement 2 whirlpool. –syn: /frm/lu/ golak
-berolak: v ­turn, whirl –syn: /frm/lu/ bergolak
-olak-mengolak: v /intr/ stir, turn
-mengolakkan: v /tr/ stir, turn (sth)

olak-alik: v /lu/ go to and fro. –syn: /frm/lu/ bolak-balik

Olanda: n /ltr/ the Netherlands, Dutch

olang-aling: v /lu/ be shaking to and fro |keep moving to the right and back to the left|

oleh1: prep. /frm/lu/ by |used to show who did something or what caused something| Lagu yang ditulis oleh Mozart Music written by Mozart Mobil itu di beli oleh ayahnya. The car was bought by his father. 2 oleh karena: because of. Saya merasa senang oleh karena kamu datang tepat waktu, I’m glad because you are coming on time. 3 of Hotel itu penuh oleh tamu asing. The hotel is full of foreign tourist. 4 for Oleh saya itu satu persoalan serius. For me, it’s a serious matter.

oleh2; oleh-oleh: n /frm/lu/ gift, token, present
-mengoleh-olehi: v bring sb gift.
-perolehan: n result, gain, point, achievement, acquisition

oleng: adj /frm/lu/ 1 shaky. 2 having a strong roll (of ship). ­
-kemolengan: n staggering.
-mengoleng-olengkan: v shake, rock.
-mengoleng-olengkan: v cause sth to rock repeatedly.
mengolengkan kepala: v shake sb’s head.
-keolengan; olengan: n rocking (of boat).

oles;  mengoles: v /frm/lu/ spread sth oily on,  lubricate.
-mengolesi: v smear oily substance on sth mengolesi roti dengan mentega spread the bread with butter.
-mengoleskan: v smear sth with sth else Dia mengoleskan minyak kelapa ke rambutnya He smeared coconut oil on his hair.
-olesan: n a smear.olesan mentega a smear of butter.

oli: n /frm/lu/ oil, esp. lubricating oil.

olie: variant of oli:

oligarki: n /frm/ oligarchy.

oligarkis: adj /frm/ oligarchic.

Olimpiade: n /frm/lu/ Olympic Games

Olimpik: adj /frm/lu/ Olympic.

olok; olok-olok: n /frm/lu/ 1 joke, funny remark. 2 ridicule.
-berolok-olok: v 1 play jest, joke.
-mengolok-olok: v 1 play jest to sb 2 make sb a joke Jangan mengolok-olok teman kamu. Don’t make your friends a joke. 3 play kid Apa kamu mengolok-olok saya? You are kidding me?. 4 mock, deride, make fun of. |to laugh in an unkind way at someone or something and try to make him, her, or it seem stupid or silly, especially by copying his or her actions or speech| Teman-temannya selau memperolok-olokkan logat Selatan Joe. His friends always mock Joe’s southern accent.

Olympiade: variant of Olimpiade:

om1: n /spo/ 1 term of address and reference for western and westernized men, older than the speaker. 2 uncle, term of reference and address in certain regions and community.
-om senang: n sugar-daddy, middle-aged playboy.

om2: n /frm/lu/ ohm. |a electrical measurement unit|

oma: n /spo/ 1 term of address and reference for westernized women of same age as speaker’s grandmother. 2 grandmother |term of reference and address in certain regions| 3 (in some regions only) grandaunt.

ombak: n /frm/lu/ wave.
-berombak1: adj wavy (hair)
-berombak2: v to have waves (ocean, water surface)
-ombak bunga lepang: n whitecaps.
-ombak galur: n waves dashing against the cliffs.
-ombak gemulung: n roll­ing waves.
-ombak pikiran: n instability/inconsistency of thought.
-ombakselaba: n huge/severe wave.

ombang-ambing; terombang-ambing: v /frm/lu/ 1 bob up and down 2 be uncertain.
-mengombang-ambingkan: v /tr/ bob up and down sth 1 Ombak mengombang-ambingkan perahu itu. Waves bobbed up and down the canoe Pelaksanaan proyek itu terombang ambing karena fluktuasi ekonomi. The implementation of the project was bobbed up and down by the economc fluctuation
-terombang-ambingkan: v /pass.v./ be bobbed up and down Kami terombang-ambing di laut berjam-jam. We were bobbed up and down in the sea for hours. Masa depan kita terombang ambing dibuat oleh ketidak stabilan politik Our future is bobbed up and down with the political instability

omel; (me)ngomel: v /inf/lu/ grumble and complain, gripe.
-mengomeli: v complain to or grumble at sb.
-omelan: n gripe, griping .

omong; omongan: n /infr/lu/  chat, talking, gossip.
-omong-omong: adv by the way. Omong-omong, siapa teman kamu kemarin. By the way, who was your yesterday’s companion?
-omongan kasar: n rude language.   .
omong kosong: n 1 nonsense. 2 chatter, gossip.
-omong punya omong: adv 1 by the way, as the conversation proceeded. 2 but finally Mulanya ayah tidak setuju saya pergi, omong punya omong akhirnya dia setuju. At the beginning my father didn’t agree if I go, but finally he agreed.

omong; ngomong: v /inf/ talk Jangan ngomong soal ini kepada siapapun. Don’t talk to anybody about this.

ompol; mengompol: v /inf/ accidentally urinate on sb bed

ompong: adj /frm/lu/ toothless (of mouths, combs, saws, etc.). Sisir itu sudah banyak ompongnya. That comb has a lot of its teeth missing. Apa kamu kenal anak ompong itu? Do you know that toothless boy?

ompreng1: n /inf/lu/ small basket made of bamboo.

ompreng2; (me)ngompreng: v /inf/lu/ 1 operate office or government vehicles for personal profit.
-mengomprengkan: v /tr/ use an official or company car illegally as a taxi. Banyak mobil dinas yang diomprengkan. Many office cars were illegally used as taxis. 2 use a non-public vehicle to bring paying passenger
-omprengan: n unregistered public transportation.
-pekerjaan omprengan: n side-job including  such transportation.
-pengompreng: n sb who uses an official car for public transportation.

ompu: n /ld/ 1 ompu(doli) the grandpa 2  ompu (boru) grandma (of sb) |honorary title to an elder Batak, who already has grand child|  Apa Ompu Nadine doli di rumah? Is the Grandpa of Nadine home?  Apa kamu melihat Ompu Nadine boru? Do you see the grandma of Nadine?

ompung: n /ld/ grandpa or grandma  |an address to our grandpa or grandma or to sb else that seems to be older than sb’s parents| Ompung, mau kemana? Grandpa, where are you going?

omset: n /frm/lu/ turnover (in commercial enterprise).

omslag; omslah: n /of/ cover  (of magazine). –syn: /frm/lu/ omset, oplah

omzet: variant of omset:

on: n /frm/lu/ |a weight measurement unit equal to 100 grams|
-onan1: adv by 100 grams
-onan2: n /Btk/ weekly traditional flee market
-maronan: v going shopping (to a traditional market)

-beronani: v masturbate.
-mengonani: v ­masturbate sb.

onar; keonaran: n /frm/lu/ noisy sensation, stir, chaos. Jangan membuat keonaran disini Don’t make a chaos here!
-mengonarkan: v /tr/ 1 create chaos, agitate, stir |to deliberately try to cause problems or make people argue| Perkelahian itu telah mengonarkan kedamaian masyarakat. The fighting has stir the peacefulness of the community. Kalau kita biarkan dia tinggal disini, dia akan mengonarkan (membuat onar) lagi If we let him stay here , he is going to make a disturbance again
-keonaran: n 1 bad boisterousness. 2 agitation 3 disturbance 4 chaos

oncom: n /lu/ fermented cake made from soybean sedi­ment.

onde-onde; ondeh-ondeh: n /lu/ round fried cake made of rice flour filled with sweetened ground mung beans sprinkled with sesame seeds.

ondel-ondel: n /Jkt/ giant puppets used in parades.

onderdil: n /frm/lu/ spare parts.

onderdistrik: n /of/ sub-district (in colonial area).

onderneming: n /of/ estate (esp. in colonial era).

ondok; berondok: v /ld/ hide. Kami berondok dibelakang rumah We hide in the back of the house.

oneng-oneng: n /ld/ remote descendants.

onggok; beronggok: v /frm/lu/ heaps, stacks, piles.
-mengonggoki: v pile up on sth  Dia mengonggoki piring dengan nasi. She piled up the plate with rice.
-mengonggokan: v /tr/ pile or stack sth up. She pile up rice on the plate.
-teronggoki: v be leaped up (with).
-teronggokkan: v be leaped on (sth) Baju-baju kotornya telah teronggokkan di sebuah ember cuci. His dirty clothes were piled up in a washbasin.
-onggokan: n pile, heap. onggokan kayu api a heap of firewood.

ogkang-ongkang: v /Jv/ 1 sit leisurely with legs dangling. Dia sedang ongkang-ongkang di teras She is sitting and dangling at the veranda 2 doing nothing, doesn’t have to work hard Warisan dari ompungnya membuat mereka ongkang-ongkang. The inheritance from her grandpa make her doesn’t have to work hard.

ongkos: n /frm/lu/ 1 cost |the amount of money you must pay in order to buy, do, or produce something|  Kami habiskan $100 ongkos memperbaiki mobil itu. We spent $100 to cover the cost of the car to be repaired. 2 fare Berapa ongkos pesawat ke Surabaya? What is the flight fare for Surabaya? 3 expenses Ongkos perjalanan itu semua berjumlah Rp: 150.000,- The expenses of the tour amount to the total of Rp: 150.000,- 4 charges Tanya mereka berapa ongkos kirim barang-barang ini. Ask them what will be the shipping charge  for the goods.
-mengongkosi: v finance, pay for
-perongkosan: n expenses, cost

ongol-ongol: n /lu/ cake made of tapioca.

ONH {Ongkos Naik Haji}: n /frm/lu/ expenses for pilgrimage to Mecca.

onomestika: n /frm/ penyelidikan asal-usul, bentuk, dan makna nama orang. tempat, atau benda

ons: variant of on:

onslah: n /of/ fire, lay off, dismissal from a job |the act of stopping a worker’s employment because there is not enough worktodo| onslah di perindustrian baja lay-offs in the steel industry
-mengonslah: v dismiss, fire, put in lay off.

onta: see unta:

ontology: n /frm/ ontology.

ontslag; ontslah: variant of onslah:

oom: variant of om:

opa: n /ld/ 1 term of address and reference for westernized men, the same age as sb’s grandfather. 2 grandfather, term of reference and ad­dress in westernized families and in certain re­gions. 3 (in some regions only) great-uncle.

opah: see upah:

opak: n /ld/ fried crispy chip made from a roll of steamed rice or cassava.

opal: n /frm/lu/ opal |a white stone used in jewelery that has other colors in it that show when light shines on it|

opas: see upas:

opelet: n /frm/lu/ small urban bus or jitney.

open1: adj /Jv/Jkt/ attentive, careful.
-mengopeni: v 1 take care of 2 pay at­tention to. Jangan mengopeni masalah itu. Don’t pay attention to that problem.

open2: see oven:

openkap: n 1 convertible car. 2 con­vertible with the top down. Dia berlalu di depan rumah dengan openkap. He drove by the house with the top down. 3 scant dress, esp. having a low neck­line.

oper; mengoper: v /inf/lu/ 1 shift (gears of a car) Injak dulu koplingnya sebelum kamu mengoper giginya. Press the clutch before shifting the gears  2 take over Apa kamu dapat mengoper tugas saya besok? Can you take over my duty tomorrow? 3 hand over Tolong oper garam itu kesini. Please hand over the salt here. Dia mengoper bola itu ke penyerang She passed the ball over to the striker  4 transfer. Majikannya mengoper dia ke bagian lain. The manager shift him to another department.
-operan: n pass |the act of kicking, throwing, or hitting a ball or other object to another member of the team|  satu operan paling akurat. a very accurate pass. He tried to make a long pass, and the ball went out the filed
-pengoper: n 1 who takes over. 2 who makes a pass.
-pengoperan: n 1 passing 2 transferring 3 taking over

opera: n /frm/lu/ 1 opera. 2 musical drama.

operasi: n /frm/lu/ 1 operation operasi keber­sihan clean up operation opersi gabungan combined action. 2 surgical operation. operasi plastik plas­tic surgery.
-beroperasi: v take action.
-mengoperasi: v 1 cut open (in surgical operation) 2 make sth work (machine, car, ship, etc.)  Dokter mengoperasi kanker di kakinya The doctor operated on the tumor in her leg.
-pengoperasian: n operaton |an act to make sth work|

operasional: adj /frm/lu/ operational.
-mengoperasionalkan: v make sth op­erational.

operasionalisasi: n /frm/lu/ process of making sth opera­tional.
-mengoperasionalisasikan: v operationalize.

operasionil: variant of operasional:

operatif; operatip: adj /frm/lu/ 1 pertaining to the effectiveness of an action 2 operative, come into effect.

operator: n /frm/lu/ operator.

operbelas: adj /inf/ overloaded.

operet: n /frm/lu/ operetta.

opini: n /frm/lu/ opinion.

opisil: variant of ofisiil:

oplag; oplah: n /frm/lu/ 1 circulation (of pe­riodical publication). 2 total printing (of book).

oplet: variant of opelet:

OPM {Organisasi Papua Merdeka}: n Papua Or­ganization for Liberation |a separatist organization in West Papua|

opname1: n /frm/lu/ 1 shoot |an occasion when someone takes photographs or makes a movie| Akan ada opname photo besok. There will be photograph shoot tomorrow 2 appraisal |an official judgment about how valuable, effective, or successful someone or something is| Kapan kami dapat melakukan opname  pekerjaan pembangunan gedung itu? When we can conduct an appraisal of the building construction?
-mengopname: v 1 take a photo or film 2 appraise (value the progress of a physical, particularly construction work, the condition and the amount of a stock) –see: stock:

opname2: v /frm/lu/ be hospitalized. Ayah saya sedang opname sekarang. My father is being hospitalized now.

oponen: n /frm/ opponent.

opor: n /lu/ meat or chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices.

oportunis1: n 1 /frm/lu/ opportunist.

oportunis2: adj /frm/lu/ opportunistic.

oposan: n /frm/lu/ sb who act as an opposition.

oposisi: n /frm/lu/ opposition.

opset1: n /frm/lu/ typesetting.
-mengopset: v typeset.

opset2;  mengopset: v stuff (animals).

opsetter: n /of/ 1 typesetter. 2 supervisor.

opsi: n /frm/lu/ option.

opsinder; opsiner: n /of/ supervisor on plantations, schools, etc. in colonial period.

opsir: n /of/ officer. opsir penghubung liaison officer. opsir rendah. non-commissioned officer. opsir tinggi commissioned officer.

Opspek {Orientasi Program dan Pengenalan Kam­pus}: n University Student’s Orientation.

Opsus {Operasi Khusus}: n special intelligence opera­tion of the military.

optic; optika: n /frm/lu/ optic.

optimal: adj /frm/lu/ optimum |best or most suitable for a particular purpose| diet optimal untuk kesehatan the optimum diet for good health.
-mengoptimalkan: v 1 optimize |make the best of sth|  2 maximize mengoptimalkan potensi yang ada maximize the available potencies

optimis: adj /frm/lu/ optimistic. pandangan yang optimis an optimistic viewpoint.
-mengoptimiskan: v make sb op­timistic.
-keoptimisan: n optimism.

optimisme: n /frm/lu/ optimism.

optimistis: adj /frm/lu/ optimistic.

optimum: variant of optimal:

optimumisasi: n /frm/lu/ optimizing.

opzichter: n /of/ the supervisor of civil work construction

orak; mengorak: v /ld/ 1 uncoil, unfold. Tolong orak seprei itu dan pasang di tempat tidur. Please unfold the bed cover sheet and put it on bed. 2 disclose, elaborate Dapat kamu mengorak jalannya peristiwa itu? Can you elaborate the chronology of the event? 3 shake sth violently. 4 bring sth to disorder. Barang itu sudah disusun baik-baik baik jangan diorak lagi. The things has been arrange orderly, don’t make it disorder again.

orak-arik1: n /inf/ stir-fried cabbage with eggs.

orak-arik: adj /ld/ mixed up

oral: adj /frm/lu/ oral |spoken, not written| laporan oral an oral report

oralit: n /frm/lu/ a soluble mineral powder which is used to substitute mineral whose bowels is empty from suffering diarrhea.

orang1: n /frm/lu/ 1 body Tidak ada orang dirumah itu. There is no body in that house.  Apa ada orang dirumah? Any body home? 2 person Berapa orang mereka? How many persons are they? Nancy itu orangnya baik. Nancy is a kind of nice person. 3 people (of), people in general. Dia adalah orang Indonesia. He is an Indonesian (a people of) Kata orang dia orang baik. People said that he is a good person  4 fellow Apa mereka orang kamu? Are they your fellow? 4 somebody, other person Ini punya orang bukan punya kita. This belongs to sb/other people not to us.
-orang asing: n foreigner, stranger.
-orang am: n common people.
-orang asli: n indigenous (to particular country)
-orang awak: n fellow countryman.
-orang awam: n lay person |not an expert in the field|
-orang bambungan: n tramp, vagrant
-orang banyak: n the masses, public, crowd.
-oang baru: n newcomer, recent arrival.
-orang besar: n 1 dignitary 2 VIP. 3 big body
-orang bunian: n spirit (of a certain place).
-orang dagang: n merchant, tradesman
-orang dalam: n insider.
-orang gajian: n labour |wage earner|
-orang gedean: n big shot.
-orang gedong: n elite person, high class person.
-orang gunung/desa: n 1 vil­lager 2 rustic person
-orang halimun: n spirit of a certain place.
-orang hobat(an): n sorcerer |a person who uses magic and gets help from evil spirits|
-orang hutan: n 1 forest dweller, ab­original peoples of Sumatra |
-orang kaya/mampu: n the have, well-to-do person.
-orang kebanyakan: n common people.
-orang kepercayaan: n confidant.
-orang lasak: n unskilled worker.
-orang laut: n sea nomad |compare to pelaut: seaman|
-orang miskin: n the poor.
-orang nakal(an): n prostitute, wanton person.
-orang-orangan: n 1 dummy, mannequin. 2 puppet, doll. 3 effigy, scarecrow.
-orang pertandang: n travelling sales­man
-orang pesakitan: n prisoner.
-orang rumah: n housewife.
-orang sabun: n albino.
-orang sebelah: n neighbor.
-orang ­sedapur: n the family member.
-orang semodal: n partner in business.
-orang tua: n parents 2 old person.
-orangutan: n orangutan |a large ape  (animal like a monkey) that has long arms and long orange hair which origin is Kalimantan of Indonesia|
-perorangan: adv individually, personally.
-seseorang: n somebody Seseorang mengatakan pada saya. Someone told me.
-seorang diri: adj alone.

orang2: conj. /inf/ 1 because, that is to say |used to support an argument| Kenapa saya harus minta maaf, orang bukan saya yang salah. Why should I apologize, that is to say that (because) I wasn’t the one who has to be blamed. 2 unreasonable Saya tidak setuju dengan anda, orang makanannya seperti ini harus dikatakan harus dikatakan enak. I don’t agree with you, it’s not  reasonable to say that food like this should be said delicious.

oranye-krus: n /lu/ orange soda pop.

orasi: n /frm/lu/ oration. orasi ilmiah scientific oration.

oratoris: adj /frm/lu/ oratorical.

oratorium: n /frm/lu/ reflective gathering with poetry read­ing, prayers, etc. to commemorate or protest sth.

Orba {Orde Baru}: n New Era |political order in Indo­nesia since 1965 as compare to Old Era before this time|

orbit: n /frm/lu/ orbit.
-mengorbit: v orbit. satelit yang mengorbit orbiting satel­lite.
-mengorbitkan: n 1 put sth into an orbit. 2 promote sb to a very high position.
-pengorbit­an: n orbiting.

orde: n /frm/lu/ era |a period of time that is marked by a particular sociopolitical or economic system| orde ekonomi internasional the international economical era

order: n /frm/lu/ order |a request for goods from a company or for food in a restaurant, or the goods or food that you ask for|

ordinat: n /math/ ordinate |the distance from a specified point to the x –  axis, measured parallel to the y – axis|

ordner: n /frm/lu/ ring binder

ordo: n /ld/ Catholic order. Ordo Fransiskan Franciscan order.

ordonans: n /of/ a middle rank military officer who responsible to give report to the higher officer and order to the lower officer.

ordonansi; ordonnansi: n /of/ decree, ordinance.

orek-orek; oret-oret: n /Jv/ 1 doodling, graffiti. 2 doodle.
-meng-oret-oret: v doodle in. Dia mengoret-oret buku itu She doodled in that book.
-oretan: n doodlings, graf­fiti.

org. {orang}: n /frm/lu/ person.

organa; organ: n /frm/lu/ organ (musical instrument).
-organ putar: n manual organ

organik; organis: adj /frm/lu/ organic.

organis2: n /frm/lu/ organist.

organisasi: n /frm/lu/ organization.
-berorganisasi: v be active with an organization
-mengorganisasikan: v /tr/ organize sth
-terorganisasi: v be organized
-pengorganisasian: n organizing.

organisator: n /frm/lu/ organizer.

organisatoris: n /frm/lu/ organizational.
-secara organisasi: adv organizationally.

organisir; mengorganisir: v /frm/lu/ organize.
-pengorganisasi: n /lu/ organizer.

organisma; organisme: n /frm/lu/ organism.

organsa: n /frm/ fabric, organdy.

ori: n /ld/ bamboo.

orientalis: n /frm/lu/ orientalist.

orientasi: n /frm/lu/ orientation.
-berorientasi: v /int/ to have orientation.
-berorientasikan: v /tr/ to have sth as an orientation.
-mengorientasikan: v orient sb/sth Ayahnya mengorientasikan dia menjadi pengusaha. His father oriented him to be an entrepreneur.

orisinal1: adj /frm/lu/ original.

orisinal2: n /frm/lu/ the original (copy) of sth
-keoriginalan: n orig­inality.

orisinil: variant of orisinal

orkes: n /frm/lu/ music group
-orkes gesek: n a music group in which most of the players are strings (who play instruments such as the violin, cello etc)
-orkes tiup: n a music group of brass instruments.

orkestra: n /frm/lu/ orchestra |a large group of musicians who play classical music on different kinds of instruments|

Orla {Orde Lama}: n Old Political Era (see Orba)

orloji: variant of arloji:

orlon: n a synthetic fabric. orlon.

ormas {organisasi massa}: n /frm/lu/ mass organization.
-keormasan: n (matters) pertaining to mass organizations. Undang-Undang Keormasan: Laws on Mass Orga­nizations.

ornamen: n /frm/lu/ 1 ornament. ornamen pohon Natal Christmas tree ornament. 2 jewclry. ornamen telinga earring.

ornamental: adj /frm/lu/ ornamental

ornitologi: n /frm/ ornithology.

orok1: n /Jkt/Snd/ newborn baby.

orok2; mengorok: v /Jkt/ 1 snore |to make a loud noise each time you breathe while you are sleeping| 2 drone |to make a continuous low and hoarse noise| Mesin itu mulai ngorok The machine started droning.

orok2; orok-orok: n sweetmeat made of steamed cassava.

OrpoI {Organisasi Politik}: n /frm/lu/ political organization.

ortodoks: adj /frm/lu/ orthodox.

ortodonsi: n /frm/ orthodontics.

ortodontis: n /frm/ orthodontist |a dentist who makes teeth straight when they have not been growing correctly|

ortografi: n /frm/ orthography.

ortopedi: n /frm/ orthopedics |the area of medicine that deals with bones.

Oseania: n Oceania.

oseanografi: n /frm/lu/ oceanography.

oseanologi: n /frm/lu/ oceanology.

osilator: n /frm/ oscillator |an instrument or method to make oscillation|

osilograf: n /frm/ an instrument to measure electric current

osmosa; osmose: n /frm/ osmosis. |the diffusion of fluid through a permeable membrane until there is an equal concentration of fluid on both sides of the membrane|

otak: n /frm/lu/ brain.
-otak besar: n cerebrum.
-otak encer: adj smart.
-otak kecil: n cerebel­lum.
-otak miring: adj crazy.
-otak udang/dengkul: adj stupid.
-mengotaki: v be the brains behind (an action) Dia telah mengotaki  pembajakan pesawat itu He was the brains behind the plane hijacking.

otak-atik: v /frm/lu/ tinker with sth

otak-otak: n /ld/ snack made of seafood steamed in banana leaves.

otarki: variant of autarki:

otek2: n /ld/ any kind of fish; see ikan:

oteng-oteng: n /Jkt/ insect.

otentik: adj /frm/lu/ authentic.
-keotentikan: n authenticity.

otentikasi: n /frm/lu/ authentication.

otentisitas: n /frm/lu/ authenticity.

oto1: n /of/ car. –syn: /lu/ mobil:
-oto angkutan: n public transportation car.
-oto bis: n bus
oto balap: n racing car.
-oto gerobak: n truck.

oto2: n /of/ cloth binder wrapped around infant’s stom­ach and chest fastened by strings.

otobiografi: variant of autobiografi:

otodidak: n /frm/lu/ autodidact, self-taught person.

otokrasi: n /frm/lu/ autocracy.

otokratis: adj /frm/lu/ autocratic.

otokratisme: n /frm/ autocratism.

otokritik: n /frm/lu/ self-criticism.

otomat; otomatis1: adj /frm/lu/ automatic.  senjata otomatis automatic gun
-mengotomatiskan: v auto­matize.

otomatis2: adv /frm/lu/ automatically  Kalau tombol ini di tekan, mesin otomatis jalan. If you press this button, the machine will automatically work.

otomatisasi: n /frm/lu/ automation.
-mengautomatikkan: v automatize.

otomobil: n /of/ automobile, car

otomotif: n /lu/ automotive (car industry).

otonom: adj /frm/lu/ autonomous.
-keotonoman: n /lu/ autonomy.

otonomi: n /frm/lu/ autonomy.
-keotonomian: n matters pertaining to autonomy.

otopet: n /lu/ toy scooter.

otopsi: variant of autopsy:

otorisasi: n /frm/lu/ authorization.

otorita; otoritas: n /frm/lu/ authority.

otoriter: adj /frm/lu/ authoritative.
-keotoriteran: n authoritarianism  .

otot1: n /frm/lu/ 1 muscle.
-kengototan: n persistency -otot kunyah: n masticatory muscle.
-otot lingkar: n sphincter.
-otot perut: n 1 abdominal muscle. 2 tendon, sinew.
-berotot: n strong. very muscled. Pegulat itu berotot kuat That wrestler has strong muscles.
-otot-ototan; (me)ngotot: v 1 persevere, persist. 2 be obstinate, stubborn.
-ngotot-ototan: v dispute, have an argu­ment. Kedua belah pihak ngotot-ngototan  mempertahankan penda­patnya The two sides persisted with their own argument.
-/idiom/ otot kawat: n very powerful (of a man).

oval: adj oval.
-mengovalkan: v make sth oval-shaped.
-keovalan: n ovalness.

oven: n /lu/ oven.
-mengoven: v bake in an oven.

overlapping: adj /frm/lu/ overlapping

overproduksi: n /frm/lu/ overproduction

overste: n /frm/lu/ lieutenant colonel.

ovulasi: n /frm/lu/ ovulation.

owe: pron/ /Chn/ 1 I, me (used by men only). 2 yes (used by men in affirmative answers).    ,

oyak1; mengoyak-oyak: v 1 shake sth loose 2 tear

oyak2; mengoyak: v /Jv/ chase after.

oyong1: adj /frm/lu/ goyang, goyah

oyong2: n /ld/ squash-like vegetable.

ozon: n ozone.


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