Dictionary V


V1; v: |the 22nd letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sounds like v in vacation; vegetable; voyage; video.|

V2: |if written in capital letter, the Roman numeral for five| 3 symbol of vanadium |a chemical substance, a bright white soft ductile used in rust resistant|

vagina: n /frm/lu/ vagina |the passage from a woman’s outer sexual organs to her uterus|

vak: n /of/ 1 subject of a study 2 vocational course –syn: /lu/ jurusan

vakansi: n /of/ vacation. –syn: /lu/ liburan

vakasi: n /of/ honorarium for who works to correct examination sheet.

vakatur: n /of/ 1 vacancy |a job that is available for someone to start doing| -syn: /lu/ lowongan

vaksin: n /lu/ vaccine.

vaksinasi: n /frm/lu/ vaccination.
-memvaksinasi: v vaccinate.

vakbon: n /of/ workers union –syn: /lu/ serikat pekerja

vaksinator: n /frm/lu/ who vaccinates.

vakum1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 vacuum |a close space without air| 2 vacant |empty and available for someone to use| ruangan vakum vacant room 3 inactive pejabat vakum inactive official
-kevakuman: n vacancy |the state of being vacant|
-memvakumkan: v put in a vacuum. Presiden masih memvakumkan jabatan kementerian itu The president still keep that ministerial posi­tion vacant.

vakum2: n /frm/lu/ suction device to abort the fetus.

valas {valuta asing}: n /frm/lu/ foreign currency.

valensi: n /frm/lu/ valence.

valid: n /frm/lu/ valid.

validasi: n /frm/lu/ validation.

validitas: n /frm/lu/ validity.

valuta: n /frm/lu/ currency valuta asing foreign currency.

vandalisme: n /frm/lu/ vandalism.

vandal: n /frm/lu/ souvenir, pennant.

varia: n /frm/lu/ variety varia berita variety of news

variabel1: adj /frm/lu/ variable |likely to change often|

variabel2: n /frm/lu/ variable |something that may be different in different situations|

variabilitas: n /frm/lu/ variability.

varian: n variant.

variasi: n /frm/lu/ variation. variasi mobil car accessories.
-bervariasi: v have variation.

varietas: n /frm/lu/ variety, kind (of plants, etc.) varietas unggul high-yielding variety.

varises: n /frm/lu/ varicose veins.

varitas: variant of varietas:

Varuna: variant of baruna:

vas: n /frm/lu/ vase.

vasektomi: n /frm/lu/ vasectomy |a medical operation to cut the small tube through which a man’s sperm passes, so that he is unable to make a woman pregnant|

vaselin: n /frm/lu/ vaseline.

veem: n /of/ company that provide services in managing warehouse and the goods inside.

vegetaris: n /frm/lu/ vegetarian.

vegetarisme: n /frm/lu/ vegetarianism.

vector: n /math./ vector.

velar: n velar.

velbak: variant of pelbak:

veldbed: n variant of felbet:

velg: variant of pelek:

ventilasi: n /frm/lu/ ventilation.

ventilator: n /frm/lu/ ventilator.

ver-: see also entries with per-.

verba: n /frm/lu/ verb.

verbal: adj /frm/lu/ 1 oral. ujian verbal oral examination. 2  verbal.
-memverbalkan: v 1 verbalize 3 put into words.

verdah: n /frm/ suspected of having a disease. verdah tikus suspected of having typhus.
-memperdah: v suspect.

verdieping: variant of perdiping:

vergunning: variant of perkening:

verifikasi: n /frm/lu/ verification.
-memverifikasikan: v verify.

verkeneng; verkening: n /of/ reconnaissance, reconnoitering.

vermaak: variant of permak:

vernis: variant of pernis:

verpleegster: variant of verplehster:

verpleger; verpleher: n /of/ male hospital attendant

verplehster: n /of/ nurse.

verpolitisir; memverpolitisir: v /frm/lu/ politicize.

versi: n /lu/ version.

versneleng; versneling: variant of persneling:

versus: prep /frm/lu/ versus.

vertical: adj /frm/lu/ vertical.

vet: n /of/ grease, esp. engine lubricators.
-mengeveti: v grease (an engine).

veter: n /of/ shoelaces.

veteran: n /frm/lu/ veteran, esp. of the Revolution of 1945.
-memveterankan: v retire sth from the army

veto: n /frm/lu/ veto.
-memveto: v veto.

vetsin: n /frm/lu/ monosodium glutamate.

via: prep. /lu/ via.

viaduk; viaduct: n /of/ 1 viaduct. 2 fly-over, overpass.

vibrasi: n /frm/lu/ vibration.

vide: prep. /of/ refer to, see.

video: n /frm/lu/ 1 video cassette 2 video performance.

Vietsel {Vietnam Selatan}: n South Vietnam.

Vietut {Vietnam Utara}: n North Vietnam.

vihara: variant of wihara:

vikariat: n /ld/ vicariate.

vikaris jenderal: n /ld/ vicar general.

vila; villa: n /frm/lu/ house in the country, us. for weekend use.

vilt: n /ld/ felt |a thick soft material made of wool, hair, or fur that has been pressed flat|

vinyet: n vignette.

violet: n, adj /frm/lu/ violet.

violis: n /frm/lu/ violinist.

VIP {Very Important Person}: n VIP
-mem-VIP-kan: v 1 re­serve sth for VIPs. 2 give sb a VIP status.

Virgo: n /zod./ Virgo.

virulen: adj /frm/ virulent.

virulensi: n /frm/ virulence .

virus: n /frm/lu/ virus.

visa: n /frm/lu/ visa.

visi: n /frm/lu/ point of view, perspective.

visual: adj /frm/lu/ visual.

visualisasi: n /frm/lu/ visualization.
-memvisualisasikan: v visualize.

visuil: variant of visual:

visum: n /frm/lu/ 1 record |any written document from rele­vant authorities stating that a certain matter has been considered and approved of|
-visum dokter: n medi­cal report.
-visum et repertum: n official report of an au­topsy.

vital: adj /frm/lu/ vital.
-kevitalan: n vitality.

vitalitas: n /frm/lu/ vitality.

vitamin: n /frm/lu/ vitamin

vitakultur: n /frm/ grape garden

vitelin: n /tech/ globulin |protein that can be find in an egg or in corn|

vlek: variant of plek:

vodka: n vodka saouce

vokabuler: n /of/ 1 vocabulary, wordlist. 2 sb’s verbal knowledge. –syn: /lu/ kamus

vocal: n /frm/lu/ vowel.

vokalis: n /frmlu/ vocalist.

vol: variant of pol:

vol.{volume}: n /wrt/frm/lu/ volume.

voli: n /frm/lu/ volleyball.

volt: n /frm/lu/ volt.

Volta Hulu: n Upper Volta.

voltase: n /frm/lu/ voltage.

volume: n /frm/lu/ 1 volume, quantitative amount of liquid content  2 volume, loudness.

volunteer: n /frm/lu/ volunteer.

vonis: n /frm/lu/ verdict.
-memvonis: v sentence, condemn  Pengadilan memvonis mati terdakwa itu The court sentenced the accused to death.

votum: n vote.

vs {versus}: prep. /wrt/ versus.

vulgair: adj /frm/lu/ vulgar.

vulgarisasi: n /frm/lu/ vulgarization.
-memvulgarkan: v vulgarize.

vulkan: n /frm/lu/ volcano.

vulkanik; vulkanis: adj /frm/lu/ volcanic.

vulkanisasi: n /frm/lu/ vulcanization.

vulkanisir; memvulkanisir: v /frm/lu/ 1 retread. 2 vulcanize.
-vulkanisasian: n sth retread (tire).

vulkanisme: n /frm/lu/ volcanic activity.

vulkanolog: n /frm/lu/ expert in vulcanology.

vulkanologi: n /frm/lu/ study of volcanic activity.

vulpen: variant of pulpen:

vulva: n /frm/lu/ outer part of female sex organ

vuring: n /frm/lu/ thin and soft cloth for lining.

VUTW {Faritas Unggul Tahan Wereng}: n a high­ yielding pest-proof variety of rice (much used in the 1970s).


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