Dictionary W


W1; w: 1 |the 23rd letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – approximately sounds like w in watt; welcome; window; would; word; width

W2; w: |largely used as an abbreviation of “warga” (citizen), “waktu” time zone; wanita (women) as follows|
-WNI (Warga Negara Indonesia): n Indonesian Citizen.
-WIB (Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat): n West Indonesian Time Zone
-WTS (Wanita Tuna Susila): n prostitute (immoral woman)

waad; waadat: n /ltr/ treaty, contract.

wabah: adj, n /frm/lu/ epidemic.
-mewabah: v become an epidemic.
-mewabahi: v 1 plague sth or sb |to make someone suffer from an epidemic illness|  Tersangka pengidap H1N1 (flu babi) itu telah dikarantina agar tidak mewabahi orang lain The H1N1 (swine flu) suspect was quarantined for not plague other people. 2 |cause sth to spread like an epidemic| Kehawatiran akan sulitnya mendapat pekerjaan setelah tamat telah mewabahi para mahasiswa Anxiety about difficulty to get a job after graduation has plagued our students.

wabakdahu; wabakdu: conj. /ltr./ furthermore, then.

wacana: n /frm/lu/ 1 word, expression, idea. 2 dis­course

wadag: n /ld/ body, reality |as opposed to soul, imagination)

wadah: n /frm/lu/ 1 container. 2 coordi­nating institution, umbrella organization.
-berwadahkan: v have a certain organization as the umbrella.
-mewadahi: v 1 contain, provide a place for 2 facilitate, provide umbrella Organisasi ini bermaksud mewadahi organisasi-organisasi pemuda This orga­nization aims to provide an umbrella for youth organizations.
-pewadahan: n provision of a place or container.

wadal: n /ld/ sacrifice (upon completion of a new build­ing, to obtain magical powers, etc.).

wadam {wanita adam}: n /frm/lu/ transvestite homosexual, transsexual.

wadas: n /frm/lu/ stony ground.

wadat: n /frm/ 1 celibacy. 2 live a celibate life.
-berwadat: v live as a celibate. |not having sex, especially for religious reasons|

wadduh: variant of aduh:

wader: n /ld/ small freshwater fish.

wadi: n /ld/ a stream in desert.

wadon: n /Jv/ female.

waduh: variant of aduh:

waduk: n /frm/lu/ 1 rumen. 2 paunch. 3 basin, reservoir.

wadul: v /Jv/ tell on sb., be a tattletale.

wadung: n /ld/ ax. – syn: kampak

wae: conj. 1 /Snd/ also, even. 2 /Jv/ only.

wafat: v /frm/lu/ pass away.
-mewafatkan: v kill |cause sb’s death|
-kewafatan: n death, demise.

Wage: n /ld/ fourth day of the Javanese five-day week.

wagen: n /frm/lu/ carriage (of typewriter).

wagon: n /frm/lu/ coach, car. wagon restorasi dining car.

wagub {Wakil Gubenur}: n vice-governor.

wah: intrj /frm/lu/ Aha! 1 |said in order to express surprise, satisfaction| Wah! Cerah benar harinya! Aha! What a nice day! 2 |said to express that sth happened beyond expectation| 2 How come! Wah! Panas benar disini! How come! It’s very hot here!

waha; wahah: n /Arb/ oasis |a place with trees and water in a desert|

wahadah; wahadat: n ?Arb/ oneness (of God).

wahai: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 alas! (particle to emphasize distress). Wahai nasibku yang malang! Alas, how unfortu­nate I was 2 Hey! (particle to draw attention). Wahai kaum muslimin yang beriman! Hey! Muslim believers:

waham: n /ld/  suspicion.
-mewahamkan: v suspect.

wahana: n /frm/lu/ 1 way or vehicle to purse sth or to realize sb’s dream| Pendidikan adalah wahana meningkatkan kesejahteraan bangsa Education is a vehicle to increase the nation welfare  2 infrastructure |the basic systems that a country or organization needs in order to work in the right way|

wahid: adj /frm/lu/ 1 the first 2 the best 2 lone, unique (of God). 3 alone, without peer. Dia adalah pemimpin yang wahid He is the best leader Dia selalu mendapat nomer wahid dalam setiap perlombaan He always gain the first rank in any competition

wahon: variant of wagon:

wahyu: n /frm/lu/ divine revelation, vision from God to man.
-mewahyui: v inspire Tuhan mewahyui Musa God made a revelation to Moses.
-mewahyukan: v reveal sth (in a vision). Tuhan mewahyukan sepuluh perintah kepada Musa. God revealed the 10 commandments to Moses.

wai1: n river (only in several provinces).

wai2: variant of wahai:

Waisak; Waisyak: n holiday marking Buddha’s birth, enlight­enment, and death.

waja: variant of baja:

wajah: n /frm/lu/ countenance, face. wajah baru newcomer.
-berwajah: v ­have a face of a certain kind.

wajan: n /frm/lu/ 1 liquid container 2 wok |a large wide pot, used especially to stir­fry meat and vegetables|

wajar1: adj /frm/lu/ 1 natural, proper. 2 genuine, without de­ceit.
-sewajarnya: adv fittingly, properly. Memang sewajarnya dia naik pangkat It is natural that he should be pro­moted. Sudah wajar dia di ganjar. It’s properly if he get punishment
-mewajarkan: v make sth natural or proper. Mereka harus mewajarkan harga They have to bring prices to what they should be.
-kewajaran: n 1 fittingness 2 the state of being proper

wajar2 {Wajib Belajar}: n /frm/wrt/ compulsory education.

wajib: adj, v /frm/lu/ 1 obligatory (of certain pious acts, e.g. praying at the appointed times, etc.). 2 must. Tiap penduduk wajib membayar pajak Every citizen must pay taxes.
-berkewajiban: v 1 to have obligation 2 to have duty.
-kewajiban: n 1 obligation 2 duty 3 compulsion 4 requirement.
-mewjibkan: v 1 oblige 2 obligate 3 require 4 demand

wajik: n /frm/lu/ 1 rhomboid shape. 2 diamond. 3 cake made of sticky rice and palm sugar, cut in rhomboid shapes.

wak: variant of ua:

waka {Wakil Kepala}: n /frm/wrt/ deputy head.

wakaf1: n /frm/lu/ 1 property donated for religious or community use. 2 religious foundation.
-berwakaf: v /intr/ do­nate for religious community use.
-mewakafkan: v /tr/ do­nate sth to be used for religious or community use. Keluarga kaya itu mewakafkan sebidang tanha untuk mesjid The rich family donated a piece of land as a site for a mosque.

wakaf2: n pause in reading the Koran.

wakap: variant of wakaf:

wakhen: variant of wagen:

wakif: n /Arb/1 donator |sb who donates property to the Islam community|

wakil: n /frm/lu/ 1 representative |someone who is chosen to act, speak, vote etc. for someone else| Saya adalah wakil pemerintah Indonesia untuk menghadiri konperensi ini. I’m the representative of the Indonesian government to attend this conference 2 deputy |someone who has the second most powerful position in an organization| wakil gubernur deputy governor. wakil menteri deputy minister.
-diwakili: v be represented Apa semua anggota sudah diwakili dalam rapat ini? Has every member been represented in this meeting?
-keterwakilan: n representation |the state of being represented|
-mewakili: v represent Siapa mewakili organisasi kita dalam rapat itu? Who represented our organization in the meeting?
-mewakilkan: v authorize |give an authority to do sth| Bersama ini saya mewakilkan penandatanganan kontrak kepada wakil saya atas nama perusahaan. Here with I authorize the signing of the contract to my deputy on behalf of the company.
-perwakilan: n 1 the Representative Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat The People Representative Board 2 agent |a person or company that helps another person or company deal with business problems, finding work etc.| Perusahaan kami punya perwakilan di Negara anda. Our company has an agent in your country. 3 delegation Apa kita punya perwakilan dalam Olimpiade itu? Do we have delegation in the Olympic?
wakil presiden: n vice president.
wakil rakyat: n /lu/ senator, the member of legislative body
-terwakili: v be represented

waktu: n, adv /frm/lu/ 1 time |something that is measured in minutes, hours, years etc. using clocks| Berapa waktu yang kita butuhkan untuk sampai disana? How much time do we need to get there? 2 |a particular point in time that is shown on a clock in hours and minutes| Ini sudah waktunya makan siang This is the time to have lunch. 3 |an occasion when something happens or someone does something| Setiap waktu saya tawarkan bantuan dia selalu menolak Any time I offer a help she always refuses Satu waktu kami bertemu di bandara Sukarno Hatta. One time we met in the Sukarno Hatta airport. Setiap waktu merokok  dilarang Smoking is not allowed at any time. 4 |used when talking about how often something happens or how long it continues| Gambar-gambar ini diambil beberapa waktu yang lampau These pictures were taken some time ago Kami akan pergi dalam waktu lama sekali We’ll be going for a very long time. 5 |the particular minute, hour, day etc. when something happens or someone does something|  watu kedatangan/ keberangkatan an arrival/departure time Kami berangkat dari rumah dalam waktu bersamaan We left the house at the same time. 6 condition Ini bukan waktu tepat untuk menaikkan gaji This is not a right time (a good condition) to raise wage 7 It’s about time |said when you feel strongly that something should happen soon or should already have happened|  Sudah waktunya kamu menikah. It’s about time you got married! 8 waktu ini: nowadays  Waktu ini mana ada lagi orang dipaksa kawin There is no more people will be forced to get married nowadays. 9 |time a part of your life when you have experiences that are good, bad etc.| Itu adalah satu waktu paling mengesankan dalam hisup saya. That was the most impressive time of my life. 10 |a particular period in history| Itu terjadi pada waktu penjajahan Belanda. It happened in the time of Dutch colonization.

waktu: conj. /frm/lu/ 1 when Waktu saya masih remaja saya tinggal di desa kecil When I was a youth I lived in a small village 2 while Waktu saya sedang bicara kepada kamu dengar baik-baik Listen carefully while I’m talking to you.
-sewaktu: conj. when Sewaktu kamu pergi kerja siapa menjaga bayi kamu? When you’re going to work who will take care of your baby?
-sewaktu-waktu: prep. at any time Itu bisa terjadi sewaktu-waktu It could be happened at any time

walaah: intrj. /spo/ 1 Come on! (exclamation of belittlement). Walaah begitu saja kok ribut! Come on! How can you make a fuss over sth like that! 2 Oh no! (exclamation ex­pressing disapproval of a situation).Walaah, saya ketinggalan kunci mobil Oh my God! I left the car’s key.

walafiat: see sehat:

walah; kewalahan: adj /frm/lu/ 1 over burdened 2 overwhelmed (by a task, a person), unable to handle sth  Banyak sekali pekerjaan, kami kewalahan. Too much work, we were overburdened.

walaikum salam: intrj. /Isl./ And peace be to you (in reply to the greeting assalam alaikum).

walakhir: adv /Arb/ in the end, finally.

walakin: conj. /Arb/ although.

walang: n /Jv/ grasshopper, locust.
-walang sangit: n insect that releases a pungent smell.
-/idiom/ walang hati: adj anxious, concerned.

walau: conj /frm/lu/ although. Walau diberi uang, dia tidak mau melaku­kannya Although he will get pay for it, he wound do it.

walaupun1: conj /frm/lu/ although, even though . Walaupun dia sakit, dia mau nonton juga Even though he is sick, he still intends to go to the movies.

walaupun2; walaupun demikian: adv /frm/lu/ nevertheless, in spite of, yet  Saya tahu dia mengatakan yang sebenarnya, walaupun demikian saya tidak percaya pada dia. I know he’s telling the truth. Nevertheless, I don’t trust him.

waled: n /Jv/ ooze
-waledan: n arrears (in payment, salary).

walet: n /Jv/ swallow |a common small bird with pointed wings and a tail with two points|

walhasil: adv /frm/lu/ finally (with the result that)

wali: n /frm/lu/ male relative legally responsible for a bride, usually the father of the bride
-kewalian: n status as guardian.
-mewalikan: v appoint sb to be guard­ian
-memperwalikan: v act as guardian for.
-perwalian: n 1 guard­ianship. 2 custody (of child), trusteeship. 3 pro­tectorate.
-wali gereja: n Church Council
-wali hakim: n 1 person who acts on behalf of the father of a bride. 2 guardian, proxy.
-wali kelas: n homeroom teacher.
-wali kota: n mayor.
-wali murid: n 1 person responsible for a pupil (not a parent). 2 high civil servant.
-wali nagari: n /Min/ head of a country.
-wali negara: n head of a state during the period of the United States of Indonesia.
-wali negeri: n 1 provincial head. 2 governor. 3 former gover­nor-general. 4 religious leader.
-wali songo/sanga: n the nine pious leaders who spread in Java.

walimah: n /ld/ wedding party.

waliullah: n /Isl./ holy person.

wallah: variant of walaah:

wallahi: v /spo/ 1 swear (on the name of God!) Wallahi! Saya tidak mengambil uang itu. I swear by the name of God, I did not take the money.

wallahu alam: intj. /frm/lu/ 1 God knows best. 2 Heaven knows! (I do not). Apa dia salah atau tidak, wallahu alam. Whether he is innocent or not, the only God knows.

wals; walsa: n /frm/ waltz

waluh: n /Jv/ squash, gourd, pumpkin.

waIuku: n /Jv/ plow.

wamil {wajib militer}: n /frm/lu/ conscription, draft |a system in which people must fight for their country when it is in a war|
-mewamilkan: v con­script, draft.

wamilda {Wajib Militer Darurat}: n /frm/lu/ emergency conscription
-mewamildakan: v draft in an emer­gency conscription

wan: n /ld/ 1 term of reference or address for males of Arab descent. 2 title for nobility in some areas.

wana: n /Chn/ an indigenous Indonesian.

wang: variant of uang:

wangi: adj /frm/lu/ 1 fragrant 2 perfumed
-kewangian: n fragrance, scent. 2 perfume.
-mewangi: v 1 release fragrant smell. 2 smell good
-mewangikan: v 1 make sth smell good 2 apply perfume
-pewangi: n sth that impart fragrance pewangi ruangan air freshener.
-wangi-wangian: n 1 perfumery 2 all kind of scents.

wangkang: n /ld/ ocean-going sailboat.

wangsa: n /frm/ dynasty.
-kewangsaan: n kinship.

wangsat: intr /inf/ you animal! |expression of reproach|

wangsit: /Jv/ divine inspiration.

wanita: n /frm/lu/ woman, female.
-(bersifat) kewanitaan: adj feminine
-kewanitaan: n 1 femininity 2 woman­hood
-kewanita-wanitaan: adj effeminate.
-wanita adam (wadam): n transvestite. |someone who enjoys dressing like a person of the opposite sex|
-wanita tuna susila (WTS): n prostitute

wanodya: n /frm/ teenage girl

wantah: adj /frm/ original, plain (appearance that is not been made up)

wantek: n /ld/ coloring substance
-mewantek: v color (the white cloth)

wanti-wanti: n /Jv/ warning, notification Sudah ada wanti-wanti jauh sebelumnya There has been a notification long before.
-mewanti-wanti: v notify, warn   Saya sudah mewanti-wanti supaya mereka selalu siap menghadapi setiap kesulitan. I’ve worn them to be always alert for any difficulties
-pewanti-wantian: n warning, notifying

wap: variant of uap:

wapat: variant of wafat:

wapres {wakil presiden}: n /frm/lu/ vice-president.

wara-wara: n /frm/ notification, publication, announcement
-pewara: n announcer

warak: adj /ld/ obedient of religious obligations. esp. regarding abstinence.

warakat: variant of warkah:

warakawuri: n /ltr/ army widow.

warangan: variant of berangan:

waranggana: n /Jv/ singer in gamelan orchestra.

waras: adj /frm/lu/ 1 sane, sober, rational |having full possession of sb’s senses| 2 psychologically healthy
-kewarasan: n 1 state of being sane 2 sobriety health (esp, mentally and psychologically).

warawiri1: n /frm/lu/ hibiscus |any of tropical shrubs family of Hibiscus|

warawiri2: v /frm/lu/ 1 pace up |to walk backward and forward when you are waiting or worried about something| Darwin wara-wiri kesana kemari di ruang tunggu Darwin paced back and forth in the waiting room. 2 go around back and forth |if sb go from one place to another place without a clear objective|

warek: adj /Jv/Jkt/ satiated, full.

warembol: n sweet roll.

warga: n /frm/lu/ 1 resident Berapa orang warga lingkungan ini? How many persons the residents of this neighbourhood? 2 warga Negara: citizen Apa kamu warga Negara Indonesia? Are you a citizen of Indonesia?  3 accredited member of an association.

waria {wanita pria}: n /frm/lu/  transvestite.

waringin: variant of beringin:

waris; pewaris: n /frm/lu/  heir |someone who will legally receive all of the money, property etc. of a person who has died|
-mewarisi: v inherit
-pewarisan: n inheriting .
-perwarisan: n matters pertaining to inheritance.
-waris asli: n lineal heir |son, daughter, wife, or husband of the a person who give the heir|
-waris sah: n heir by law |sb who legally received the last will or testament to inherit sth|
-warisan: n inheritance.

warkah;  warkat: n /frm/lu/ letter. warkat pos mail

warmbol: variant of warembol:

warna: n /frm/lu/ color. 1 red, blue, yellow, etc 2 the quality of having colors dinding ini kurang warna these wall need more color.
-berwarna: v have a particular color Saya membeli satu dasi berwarna merah I bought a red color tie. 2 not white Beri saya selembar kertas berwarna. Give me a color paper.
-mewarnai: v color |to give color to something| Apa kamu mau mewarnai rambut kamu? Do you want to color your hair?
-pewarna: n 1 dye |a substance you use to change the color of your hair, clothes etc| 2 |sth that is used to give color to sth such crayon|
-warna sari: n anthology
-warna suara: n timbre |the characteristic of a sound that distinguish it from other sound|
-warna-warni: adj colourful.

warni: see warna:

warok: n /Jv/ ascetic expert of manial arts, often homosexual person.

warong: variant of warung:

warsa: n /ltr/ year.

warta: n /frm/lu/1 report, communication, newspaper 2 news.
-mewartakan: v report, inform.
-pewarta: n 1 correspondent, reporter.
-pewartaan: n 1 reporting 2 broadcasting (of a news)
-warta berita: n news, report.
-warta harian: n daily newspaper.
-warta ­sepekan: n weekly news.

wartawan: n /frm/lu/ journalist, correspondent.
-kewartawanan: n jour­nalism.

wartawati: n /frm/lu/ woman reporter or journalist.

warteg {warung Tegal}: n /frm/lu/ food stall with cheap food (us. with little or no meat).

waru1: n /card/ spades.

waru2: variant of baru:

Waruna: variant of Baruna:

warung: n /frm/lu/ 1 small shop, stall. 2 food stall
-berwarung: v run a small shop.
-warung keliling: n itinerant food stall.
-warung kopi: n coffee shop.
-warung nasi: n food stall.
-warung remang­-remang: n dimly lit food stall |usually associated to sexual related entertainment| .

wasalam: varaiant of wassalam:

wasana: adj /frm/lu/ final. laporan wasana: final report. wasana kata closing statement

wasangka: n /frm/lu/ suspicion.
-berwasangaka: adj suspicious.

waserai: n /frm/lu/ dry-cleaners and laundry.
-mewaseraikan: v dry­clean.
-waseraian: n dry-cleaned clothes

wasiat: n /frm/lu/ 1 dying exhortation 2 last will and testa­ment (spoken or written – usually about a heritance) Wasiat Baru New Testament. Wasiat Lama Old Testament. 3 magic power (of an ancient heirloom).
-berwasiat: v ­make the last will.
-lampu wasiat: n magic lamp.
-mewasiatkan: v give a last will

wasilah; wasilat: n relation, connection, bond.

wasir: see bawasir:

wasit: n /frm/lu/ 1 referee, umpire. 2 arbiter.
-mewasiti: v be the referee in. Siapa mewasiti pertandingan itu? Who refereed the match?
-perwasitan: n matters pertaining to referees. Dewan Perwasitan Board of Referees.

wasitah: n /frm/ medium, spirit.

waskita1: n /frm/ clairvoyant, psychic.

waskita2: adj /frm/ clairvoyant, psychic.

waskom: variant of baskom:

waslap: n /frm/lu/ washcloth, scrubbing towel.

waspada: adj /frm/lu/ wary |careful and worried about danger or problems| Ajari anak-anak supaya waspada terhadap orang tidak dikenal. Teach children to be wary of strangers. 2 alert |always watching and ready to notice anything strange, unusual, dangerous etc.|  Kita harus selalu waspada pada bahaya di jalan ramai. We must always be alert to the dangers on a busy road.
-kewaspadaan: n 1 vigilance 2 alertness 3 caution.
-mewaspadai: v /tr/ 1 keep alert against (sth) 2 keep wary against (sth).

wassalam: intrj. /frm/lu/ Peace be with you! (used to conclude letters), sincerelv yours.

wassalamualaikum warahma­tullahi wabarakatuh: n /frm/lu/ greeting May peace and God’s blessing be with you (used to close letters and speeches).

wasserij: varaiant of waserai:

wastafel: n /frm/lu/ bathroom sink, wash basin.

waswas: adj /frm/ anxious, uneasy, suspicious.
-kewas-wasan: n anxiety, uneasiness.

wat: n Thai Buddhist temple.

watak: n /frm/lu/ 1 nature, disposition. 2 character (of novel, etc.).
-mewataki: v form the character of. Sifat-sifat ayahnya mewataki kepribadian anak itu His father’s attitudes have formed the child’s personality.
-pewatakan: n characterization.

watas: n /frm/lu/ 1 limit. 2 border –syn: batas:
-mewatasi: v 1 border 2 limit
:pewatas: n sth that indicate the border

watermantel: n /frm/lu/ water-cooled machine gun.

waterpas: n /frm/lu/ carpenter’s levelling tool.

waterpoken: n /frm/ chicken pox.

waterproof; waterprup: adj /frm/lu/ waterproof.

watt: n /frm/lu/ watts.

wattase: n /frm/ wattage.

wau: n the 25th letter of the Arabic alphabet.

wauw: intrj. wow!

wauwau: n gibbon.

wawancara: n /frm/lu/ interview.
-berwawancara: v hold an interview.
-me­wawancarai: v /tr/ interview sb.
-mewawancarakan: v make sth the topic of an interview, interview about. Mereka mewawancarakan pemilu. They held an interview on public election.
-pewawancara: n interviewer.
-pewawancaraan: n interviewing.

wawansantap: n /ltr./ friendly or informal meal or banquet.

wawasan: n /frm/lu/ 1 insight, perception. 2 concept. Wawasan Nu­santara the Archipelago concept (i.e. the mar­itime territory of Indonesia includes all the wa­ter between the islands).
-berwawasan1: v have a conception.
-berwawasan2: adj conceptual Pemuda berwawasan luas diperlukan negara The state needs young people with a wide perspective.

way: variant of wai:

wayang: n /frm/lu/ 1 shadow play with leather puppets often dramatizing theme from Hindu epics 2 leather puppet. 3 traditional drama per­formance of Java and Bali.
-mewayangkan: v 1 put into a wayang format for presentation. Pada waktu itu slogan politik diwayangkan di desa kami At that time they made wayang sto­ries out of political slogans and performed them in our village. 2 act, perform.
-pewayangan: n things pertaining to the wayang.
-wayangan: n 1 wayang performance. 2 attend a wayang performance.
-wayang golek: n wooden puppet show.
-wayang kelitik/kercil: n show with flat wooden puppets.
-wayang kulit: n shadow play with leather pup­pets.
-wayang orang: n Javanese stage show.
-wayang potehi/titi: n Chinese hand-puppet (show).
-wayang purwa: n classical shadow play.
-wayang suluh: n puppet show in Indonesian language.
-wayang toping: n stage show with masked players.
-wayang wahyu: n shadow play with leather puppets performing biblical stories.

wayer: n electric fan.

wayuh; berwayuh: v /Jv/ practice polygamy |have more than sb wife|.

wazir: n /ltr/ 1 prime minister 2  queen.

WC {water closet}: n /frm/lu/ oilet, restroom.

we1: n /Jv/ Gosh!

we2: variant of owe:

wedana: n /of/ 1 district chief.
-kewedanaan: n 1 district. 2 resi­dence of district chief.

wedar: v /Jv/ disclose.
-terwedar: v be disclosed. Rahasia itu teredar.The secret has been disclosed. 2 be let down. Rambut­nya teredar Her hair was let down.

wedel: n /Jv/ dye
-mewedel: v dye |to give something a different color using a dye| Bruce mewedel rambutnya hijau Bruce dyed his hair green.
-wedelan: n sth that has been dyed.

wedung: n /Jv/ cleaver. |a large square knife used for cutting up large pieces of meat|

wegah: variant of ogah:

wejang; wejangan: n /frm/lu/ 1 teaching 2 advice 3 suggestion 4 guidance 5 speech
-mewajangi: v 1 teach 2 advise 3 suggest 4 guide 5 preach 6 encourage Tokoh masyarakat itu sering mewejangi masyarakat agar mematuhi pemerintah. The community leader always advice his fellows to obey the government.
-mewejangkan: v /tr/ 1 teach sth 2 advise sth 3 suggest sth 4 preach sth Sukarno selalu mewejangkan Pancasila sebagai pegangan hidup bangsa Indonesia Sukarno always suggested the Pancasila as the way of life of Indonesia.

weker; wekker: variant of beker:

welang: /Jv/ variant of belang: belang:

welasan: n /Jv/ tradition of giving one for free if sb bought 10 units of the same items

welas asih: n /Jv/ mercy.

weling: n /ld/ last will and testament.

welirang: variant of belerang:

weluku: variant of waluku:

Wenang: n /ltrl Syiwa’s father (in the wayang).

wenang; berwenang1: v /frm/lu/ have authority
-berwenang2: adj authorized.
-kewenangan: n 1 authority 2 competence Jangan salah gunakan kewenangan yang diberikan kepada kamu Don’t misused the authority given to you.
-kesewenang-wenangan: n 1 arbitrariness  2 despotism 3 tyranny Kesewenang-wenangan tidak akan pernah merajalela lagi di negeri ini. Despotism will never be prevailed in this country.
-sewenang-wenang1: adj arbitrary |based on personal opinions rather than having good reasons| Alasan memecat Dr. David kelihatannya sewenang-wenang Their reasons for firing Dr David  seemed arbitrary.
-sewenang-wenang2: adv arbitrarily Sipir penjara memperlakukan para tahan dengan sewenang-wenang The prison’s guard treated the prisoner arbitrarily.

werak: n /ld/ recruiter of laborers.

werda: n /mil/ld/ a guard’s call:

werdha: see wisma:

werek: variant of werak:

werek: n /ld/ 1 kontrak 2 contract labor.

wereng: n /frm/lu/ rice pest.

Wesak: variant of Waisak:

wesel1: n /frm/lu/ money order, draft.
-meweselkan: v send money by means of a money order.

wesel2: n /frm/ railway switch.

weselbor: n /frm/ switchboard.

weselpos: n see poswesel:

wesi: variant of besi:

wesio: n /Chn/ Buddhist monk.

westernisasi: n /frm/lu/ westernization.

wet: n /frm/ law.

wetan: n /Jv/ the east.

wewangian: n /frm/lu/ perfumery.

wewe; wewe gombel: n /Jv/ ugly female ghost with sagging breasts.

wewenang: n /frm/lu/ authority, competence.
-berwewenang: v have au­thority.

wiara: variant of wihara:

WIB {Waktu Indonisia Bagian Barat}: n West Indone­sian Time (zone).

wibawa: n /frm/lu/1 charisma |the natural ability to attract other people and make them admire you|  Sepanjang saya tahu Sukarno dulu memiliki wibawa yang sangat kuat As far as I know Sukarno possessed a very powerful charisma  2 charm |the special quality someone or something has that makes people like him, her, or it|  Dia seorang pemimpin yang penuh wibawa. He is a leader that is full of charm.
-berwibawa: adj 1 charismatic 2 charming.
-kewibawaan: n the quality of being charismatic.

wicara: n /frm/lu/  speech.
-cacat wicara: n speech defect.
-temu wicara1: v interview
-temuwicara2: n interview
-wicara buatan: n artificial speech.

widara: variant of bidara:

widuri: n /Jv/ shrub.

widyakarya: n /frm/ltr/ university-level field-study.

widyawisata: n /frm/ltr/ study tour.

Wiena: variant of Wina:

wih: intrj /spo/ Man!, Boy! |to show surprise or to call attention to sth| Wih! Besarnya ular ini. Boy! What so big snake!

wihara: n /frm/lu/ Buddhist monastery or nunnery.

wijaya; kewijayaan: n /frm/lu/ victory.

wijayakusuma: see bunga:

wijen: variant of bijan:

wiku: variant of biksu:

wiladah: n /frm/ltr/ 1 birth 3 emergence –syn: /lu/ kelahiran, kemunculan

wilayah: n /frm/lu/ 1 region |a fairly large area of a state, country etc., usually without exact limits| Hujan diharapkan datang di wilayah pegunungan Rain is expected in mountain regions. 2  zone Tidak nyaman tinggal dekat dengan wilayah industri It’s not comfortable to live next to an industrial zone 3 area |a particular part of a place, city, country etc.| Saya tumbuh di wilayah perkotaan yang padat. I grew up in a crowded city area 4 field |a particular subject or type of activity|  Dia bicara tentang teori kepustakaan, wilayah studinya. She talked about literary theory, her area of study.

wildop: n /inf/lu/ hubcap. |a metal cover for the center of a wheel on a vehicle|

wilis: see burung:

Wina: n Vienna.

windu: n /frm/lu/ cycle of eight years in Javanese calendar. Indonisia merayakan panca windu kemerdekaan. Indonesia celebrated the 40th anniversary of independence.
-berwindu-windu: prep. decade after decade.

wing: n /mil/frm/lu/ decoration (for those who have flown or parachuted a certain number of times)

wiper: n /frm/lu/ windshield wiper.

wira: n /frm/ltr/ man, hero. wira tamtama a low military rank.
-kewiraan: n 1 manliness 2 heroism

wiracarita; wiracerita: n /frm/ltr/ epic.

wirama: variant of irama:

wiraniaga: n /frm/lu/ salesperson.

wiraswasta: n /frm/lu/1 entrepreneur 2 private en­terprise
-berwiraswasta: v run a private enterprise.
-kewiraswastaan: n entrepreneurship.

wiraswastawan: n /frm/lu/ entrepreneur.

wirausaha: n /frm/lu/ businessman.

wirawan1: n /frm/lu/ hero. Dia seorang wirawan He is a hero

wirawan: adj /frm/lu/ heroic. Dia seorang bekas prajurit wirawan He was a heroic soldier.

wirid: n /Isl/ passage of Koran.
-wiridan: v recite Koranic passages.

wiron: n /Jv/ pleat in a batik wrap around
-berwiron: v be pleated.

wiru; berwiru-wiru: v /ld/ be pleated.
-mewiru: v pleat sth.

wisata: n /frm/lu/ tour.
-berwisata: v make a tour.

wisatawan: n /frm/lu/ tourist.

wisel: variant of wesel:

wisik: n /Jv/ inspiration.

wiski: n /frm/lu/ whisky.

wisma: n /frm/lu/ public building.
-wisma budaya: n art gallery.
-wisma tamu: n guesthouse.
-wisma werdha/wreda: n /ltr/ nursing home.

wisuda: n /frm/lu/ graduation ceremony.
-mewisudakan: v award a degree at graduation ceremony.
-wisuda gelar: n ceremony of conferring a degree.

wisudawan: n /frm/lu/ male graduate at commencement.

wisudawati: n /frm/lu/ female graduate at commencement.

WIT {Waktu Indonesia Bagian Timur}: n East Indonesian Time (zone).

WITA {Waktu Indonesia Bagian Tengah}: n Central Indonesian Time (zone).

wiyaga: n /Jv/ gamelan player.

wiyata: n /ld/ education.
-wiyata bhakti: n teaching practice.

wk. {wakil}: n vice-, deputy, assistant.

wkt. {waktu}: n time.

WN {warga negara}: n citizen.

WNA {Warga Negara Asing}: n foreign citizen.

WNI {Warga Negara Indonesia}: n 1 citizen of Indonesia. 2 naturalized Indonesian citizen, esp. of Chinese descent.

woki-toki: n /frm/lu/ walkie-talkie.

wol: n wool.

Wolanda: variant of Belanda:

wong: n /Jv/ 1 person 2 people. wong cilik ordinary people.

wolfram: n /frm/lu/ tungsten

wora-wiri: n /frm/ a flower family of Hibiscus rosa sincusis.

wortel: n /frm/lu/ carrot.

wreda: adj /frm/ 1 old 2 senior 3 the last level

wredatama: n /frm/ retired person.

WTS {wanita tuna susila}: n /frm/lu/ prostitute.

wudhu; wudu: n /Isl/ ablution ||cleansing or washing your body as a part of religious obligation|
-berwudu: v perform such ablutions.

wuduk: see nasi:

wujud: n /frm/lu/ 1 reality Apa yang saya peroleh saat ini merupakan wujud cita-cita saya sejak muda. What I’ve got now is the reality of my dream since I was young.  2 physical shape Seperti apa wujud patung itu? What is the shape of the statue?
-berwujud: adj 1 physically concrete 2 tangible 3 having a particular shape.
-mewujudkan: v 1 realize (a hope, expectation, dream, etc.) 2 materialize 3 create 4 bring sth into a reality.
-perwujudan: n 1 realization 2 materialization 3 physical shape.

wuku: n /Jv/ one of the 30 seven-day periods which make up the 210 days calendar cycle.

wukuf: n /Isl/ ceremony of gathering on the field of Arafah during the hajj.
-berwukuf: v perform this cere­mony.

wulan: variant of bulan:

wuluh: variant of buluh:

wungkul: adj /ld/ whole. unbroken.

wungu: variant of ugu:

wurung: variant of urung:

wutuh: variant of utuh:

wuwu: variant of bubu:

wuwung: variant of bubung:


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