Dictionary X


X1; x: 1 |the 24th letter of alphabet used in Indonesian langgguage and English – approximately sounds ike x in xerox; x-ray|

X2: |if written in capital letter, the Roman numeral for ten|

x3: |used as a pronoun of unknown person| Katakanlah Mr. X itu sudah disini, kemana kita akan bawa dia untuk makan? Say that Mr X is here, where should we take him for lunch?  4 used as a symbol of the first unknown figure in a mathematics problem.  Kalau 125 = X + 90, berapa X? If  125  =  X + 90, what is the X

X4; see sinar:

xantena: n /tech/ organic oxide, a substance used to make dye

xenofili: n /frm/ sb who is extremely interested with foreign style, product, etc

xenophobia: n /frm/ |an extreme fear or dislike of people from other countries|

xenograf: n /frm/ an expert in reading and understanding of foreign writing or script

xenokrasi: n /tech/ government system that is leaded by a foreigner

xerofil: n /tech/ organism that can be alive in a dry place.

xerofit: n /tech/ plant that grows in a desert.

xeroftalmia: n /tech/ eyes illness caused by the lack of vitamin A.

xerografi: n /tech/ the process of printing using electricity light.

xerosis: adj /frm/ dry |cause by abnormality on the skin|

xilena: n /tech/ liquid carbon that releases aromatic scent

xiloid: adj /frm/ 1 similar 2 related

xiloidina: n /tech/ explosive which is made of plant tissue and nitrate

xilofon: n /frm/ a music instrument that consists of wooden pieces, the size of with is different to each other, depends on the note each piece produce when it is struck.

xilografi: n /frm/ an art of wooden crafting.

xilologi: n /trch/ a science of wood characteristic

xilosa: n /tech/ glucose that is extracted from wood fibre with chemical structure C5H10O5


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