Dictionary Z


Z1; z: |the 26th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian language and English – aprproximately sounds like zero; zigzag; zodiac; zone|

Z2: |the third unknown figure in a mathematics problem|.

za: n the 17th letter of Arabic alphabet.

zaal: variant of sal:

zabarjad: n /frm/ topaz |a colorless, blue, yellow, brown, or pink aluminium silicate mineral, often found in association with granite rock that valued as a gemstone|

zabib: n /ltr/ raisins.

Zabur: n /frm/lu/ psalm. Kitab Zabur /Bib./ Book of Psalms.

zadah: variant of jadah:

zadat: adj /frm/ solid.

zadir: n /chem../ salt ammoniac.

zahid: adj, n /frm/ ascetic. |living a simple strict life, usually for religious reasons|

zahir: variant of lahir:

zaim: n /frm/ leader.

zair: adj /frm/ liquid. –syn: /frm/lu/ cair

zait; zaitun: n /frm/lu/ olive tree and its fruit

zak: variant of sak:

zakar: n /frm/ lu/ penis.
-batang zakar: n shaft of the penis, penis.
-buah zakar: n testicles.

zakat: n /frm/lu/ tithe. |a tenth part of sb’s income that has to be donated voluntarily to the needed poor people or to a charitable purpose mission|
-zakat fitrah: n tithe in rice or money paid on last day of fasting month.
-zakat maal: n tithe paid by rich people.
-menzakatkan: v donate sth as a charitable gift

zakelijk: adj /of/ businesslike.

zakiah: adj /frm/ sincere, pure.

zalf: variant of salep:

zalim: variant of lalim:

zalir: adj, n /frm/ fluid.

zaman: variant of jaman:

zamrud: n /frm/lu/ emerald.

zamzam: n /frm/lu/ 1 a sacred well in Mecca’s mosque, Hagar’s well. 2 water from that well
-zamzam ­durja: n facial expression.

zanggi: variant of janggi:

zantara: n /phys./ medium.

zarafah: variant of jerapah:

zarah; zarrah: n /frm/ 1 particle, crumb, matter. 2 atom.
-sezarrah: n a bit.
-menzarrah: v pulverized.

zat: n /frm/lu/ essence, substance.
-zat air: n hydrogen.
-zat belerang: n sulphide.
-zat asam: n oxygen.
-zat cair: n liquid.
-zat hijau: n chlorophyl.
-zat lemas/ pelemas/ sendawa: n nitrogen.
-zat padat: n solid substance
-zat pembakar: n oxy­gen.
-zat putih telur: n albumen |the white of an egg|

zebra: n /frm/lu/ zebra.
-jalur zebra: n (pedestrian) crossing.

zending: n /frm/lu/ missionary or mission conducted by Protestant Chu


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