Binsar Sihombing


  • Master’s of Arts in Communication, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, USA, 1988
  • Bachelor of Social Science (S1) in International Relation, Univ. Jayabaya, Jakarta, 1972

Professional Experiences related to English Proficiency.

  • Resource Person in The Role of Journalism in Population and Development , Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1995
    (Participants;  India,  Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, UNFPA)
  • Facilitator, International Training Program on Family Planning and Population , Jakarta, 1989 – 1995.
  • Short Term Consultancy to promote South to South Cooperation on Population and Development, Manila, Philippines, Sponsored by UNFPA 1966.
  • Technical Assistance to Tanzania Population Planning Unit of  the  President’s Office Planning Commission, , Dar es Salaam, sponsored by UNFPA. 1996.
  • Executive Secretary, Safe Motherhood Project, World Bank Loan 1997/1988.
  • Various Managerial Position, Bureau of Information and Motivation, National Family Planning Coordination Board (BKKBN), Jakarta, 1988 – 1996.
  • Frequent presenter  at various level on Social Marketing Strategy.
  • Contact Person and Country Coordinator for Kokokahi Tropical Hunger Mission,  Honoluu, Hawaii. 1990 – present.


  • Information, Education, Communication Strategy, (and Prof Dr Santoso Hamidjoyo, Dr. Donald Chauls) a reading material for International  Training Program  on Population, 1994.
  • Message Development in Family Planning Social Marketing, International Training Program on Population and Family Planning, 1995.
  • Communication Planning and Audience Analyses, International Training Program on Population and Family Planning 1995.
  • Drafting;  Population and Development – Information, Education, and Communication Master Plan and Integrated Messages, Population Planning Unit of the President’s Office Planning Commission, Dar es Saalam, Tanzania, 1996.
  • English GrammarComprehension, (Bilingual), Grasindo – Gramedia, Jakarta Cetakan ketiga Juni 2010

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