Dictionary L


adv adverb parts of speech
adj adjective parts of speech
Amb Ambon an ethnic in Maluku which speak a local dialect
Arb Arabian adopted word from Arabian language
ant anatomy terminology that is usually related to anatomy
Bal Bali local dialect of Balinese
Bib Bible Mostly written in a Bible
bio biology a terminology that largely used in biology
Btk Batak an ethnic in North Sumatera which has its  local dialect
Chn Chinese a word that is adopted from Chenese
chem chemical a word that related to chemical matter
comp comparative comparative adjective (bigger, more beautiful, etc)
conj conjunction parts of speech
dtr determiner parts of speech
excl exclamation parts of speech
frm formal used for official speech, writing, science, law, etc.
impr imperative parts of speech
inf informal largely used but not considerably appropriate for formal use
intr intransitive verb that has direct object
intrj interjection parts of speech
Isl Islam terminology that is related to Moslem praying or teaching
Jv Javanese a largest ethnic in Indonesia, the local dialect of which is largely adopted into Indonesian language.
Jpn Japanese a word that is adopted from Japanese
ld local dialect a word that is used locally
ling. linguistic a terminology used in linguistic
ltr literally a word that mostly used in literature
lu largely used a word that largely understood and used in the whole country.
math mathematic a terminology that is related to mathematic
med. medical a word that is related to medical matter
Mel Melayu the root of today’s Indonesian formal language
Mdn Medan a big city in North Sumatera which a specific local dialect
Min Minang an ethnic in West Sumatera which has local dialect and some of them is largely
Mnd Menado an ethnic in North Sulawesi which has a specific local dialect
n noun parts of speech
of old fashion a largely used word in the past and and now not many people use it anymore
off offensive a word that is considered not polite to be used  and may harm the feeling of sb.
pass.v passive voice
prep. preposition parts of speech
phr phrasal two or more words that are combined to express an idea
pre prefix a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word in order to make a new word
prn pronoun parts of speech
tr transitive a transitive verb has an object. In the sentence “She makes her own clothes,” “makes” is a transitive verb
sb somebody a person as an object or a subject
Snd Sundanese a large ethnic in West Java that has its own local dialect
spo sport a word that is related to sport activity
sth something something as a subject or and object
supr superlative adjective (the most- the less- adj + est)
syn synonym a word with the same meaning or almost the same meaning as another word
tech technical used as a technical jargon
v verb parts of speech
vern vernacular unofficial language
vul vulgar not polite or taboo for most of the people
wrt written an abbreviation that is only used in writing not in speech

L;1: el |the 12th letter of the alphabet used in Indonesian langguage and English – approximately sounds like l in global; label; sailor; nail; malice; malnutrition; national.|

la: n |the six note of diatonic tune which is signed by 6 and sound ‘la’|

lab.: n /lu/ laboratory.

laba: n /lu/ 1 profit 2 benefit, gain. Labanya berapa persen? What is the percentage of profit?
-berlaba: adj gainful, profit­able.
-melabai: v give the profit.
-melabakan: v /tr/ profit, benefit sb.
-laba bersih: n net gain, net profit.
-laba kotor: n gross profit

laba-laba: n /lu/ spider.

labah-labah: variant of laba-laba:

labak: n /ld/ small sea fish.

labang1: n /Btk/ nail.
-labang: mangalabang: v hammer in a nail:

labang2: n hummer.
-melabang: v hummer.

labas: adj, adv /lu/ 1 used up 2 all has gone  3 no more. Uang saya sudah labas. I have no more money. All my money has gone.

label: n /lu/ label.
-berlabel1: n has a label.
-berlabel2: adj quality (of a high standard) produk berlabel quality product.
-melabelkan: v give a label.
-pelabelan: n labeling.

laberak: variant of labrak:

labial: adj /frm/ labial |pertaining or related to the lips or labia| suara labial labial sound

labil: adj /lu/ labile |open to change, adaptable, or unstable|.

labi-labi: n /lu/ freshwater turtle.

laboran: n /lu/ 1 chemist 2 laboratory assistant.

laboratorium: n /lu/ laboratory. labo-ratorium bahasa language labo­ratory.

labrak; melabrak: v 1 berate |to speak angrily to someone because s/he has done something wrong|  2 lash out |to suddenly speak loudly and angrily| Greg melabrak dia dalam mobil Greg lashed out at him in the car. 3 tackle |do sth suddenly and seriously| Bagaimana kita bisa melabark kemis­kinan? How can we tackle the poverty.
-labrakan: n 1 berate 2 lash 3 sudden actions.

labu1: n /lu/ gourd, squash.
-labu  air: n 1 vegetable marrow 2 gourd for carrying water.
-labu manis: n gourd.
-labu merah: n pumpkin.
-labu siam: n squash.

labu2: n .lu/ flask |a glass bottle with a narrow top used by scientists|
-labu distalasi: n conical flask
-labu kencing: n 1 urinal |an upright wall fixture used by man for urinating| 2 pipkin |a small earthenware or metal container used for emergency urinating|

labuh: adj /lu/ 1 hanging down (anchor, air root, etc) 2 trailing (of shirt sleeve, flag, curtain, etc.) 2 classifier for curtains.
-berlabuh: v /intr/lu/ 1 an­chor, dock. Kapal akan berlabuh pukul enam The ship will dock at six. 2 be at anchor.
-melabuh: v /tr/ drop (the anchor).
-melabuhkan: v /tr/ 1 drop, lower (anchor, blind) 2 give birth to, drop (a foal, calf, etc.) 3 focus Dia melabuhkan perhatian pada masalah economi. He focuses his attention to economic matters.
-pelabuhan: n 1 anchorage 2 harbour, port, dock.
-pelabuhan alam: n natural harbor.
-pelabuhan bebas: n free port.
pelabuhan pertambangan: n bunker harbor.
-pelabuhan udara: n airport.
-kepelabuhan: n harbor affairs.
Note: compare  kepelabuhan to ke pelabuhan ke- in kepelabuhan is a pref. to mean about or related to, while ke- in ke pelabuhan is a preposition . Therefore ke pelabuhan means ‘to the harbour’

lacak1; melacak: v drag slightly (of anchor).

lacak2: melacak: v /lu/ trace, track. melacak jaringan narkoba trace the drug trafficking Polisi memakai anjing melacak narkotik. Police used dogs to trace the narcotic.
-melacak kembali: v /intr/tr/ retrace
-melacaki: v /tr/ trail, track, trace sb/sth
-pelacak: n ­tracker.
-anjing pelacak: n tracker hound.
-pelacakan: n tracing, reconstruction (of a route).

laci: n /lu/ /lu/ drawer (of a table, etc.)

lacur1: adj immoral, indecent.
-pelacur: n prostitute, whore.
-pelacuran: n prostitution.
-melacur: v prostitute.
-melacurkan: v /tr/ pros­titute sb/sth
-memperlacurkan: v pros­titute sth (figuratively). memperlacurkan politik mislead politics (aim politics to own interest)

lacur2: adv |an expression of disagreement about sth but nothing we can do about it|  Apa lacur? What can be done about it?

lacut; melacut: v /lu/ whip.

lada: n /lu/ black or white pepper |taste hot, used as a spice|
-lada tumbuk: n grounded pepper.
-lada api: n |small but very hot chilli – Capsicum frutesceus|
-meladai: v put pepper (on sth)
-/idiom/: 1 belum tahu pedasnya lada (doesn’t know how hot the pepper is): less experiences  2 burung terbang pipiskan lada. (flying bird urinated pepper):  enjoy sth that is not obtained yet. 3 kecil-kecil lada api (small chilli but very hot): young (small) but brave and smart. 4 Siapa makan lada, dia akan berasa pedas (Who eat pepper will feel hot): Who did a mistake will be hurt by this indirect critique.

ladam: n /lu/ horseshoe.
-meladam: v put shoe on horse.

ladang: n /ld/ 1 un-irrigated agricultural field 2 field.
-ladang minyak: n oil mining field.
-ladang padi: n un-irrigated rice field.
-ladang tinggal: n abandoned field.
-peladang: n who works or owns such a field.
-peladangan; perladangan: n 1 unirrigated agricultural field. 2 cultivation (of such fields). perladangan berpindah-pindah: n nomadic cultivation.
-peladang berpindah-pindah: n nomad.

laden; peladen: n /lu/ 1 servant 2 waiter 3 keeper (shop)
-ladeni; meladeni: v 1 serve, wait on (a customer, etc.) 2 pay attention, listen to. Kau jangan meladeni dia. Don’t pay attention to him.
-peladenan: n service.

lafadz; lafaz: variant of lafal

lafal: n /lu/ l pronunciation of a word or phoneme 2 wording, text. 3 the correct version. –syn: /lu/ lafal
-melafalkan: v 1 pronounce 2 spell.
-pelafalan: n 1 pronunciation |the way a person pronounce|

laga; perlagaan: n /lu/ 1 fight 2 battle 3 war 4 struggle.
-medan laga: n battlefield.
-berlaga: v 1 fight 2 struggle berlaga nyawa risk sb’s life in a fight 2 wash (of waves against the side of a boat).
-melagakan; me(mper)lagakan:v /tr/ set sb/sth into a fight Jangan memperlaga-kan teman-teman kamu. Do not get your friends fighting.
-pelaga: n fighter (cock, etc.)

lagak: n /lu/ attitude, manner, behavior
-lagak bahasa: n accent
-lagak lagam: n style, bearing, way of doing sth, 2 mannerism, bluff, pretension.
-berlagak: v /intr/lu/ 1 brag 2 pretend 3 show off. Dia selalu berlagak hebat/ pintar. He always put himself on air. Jangan berlagak pilon. Don’t preted to be innocent.
-melagak: v impress, show off. Lihat dia, kedatangannya kesini hanya melagak. Look at her, her coming here just to show off.  Orang itu kelihantan-nya mau melagak pada kita. That person apparently wants to impress us.
-melagakkan: v /tr/ 1 demonstrate, exhibit 2 flaunt (sb’s wealth, etc.). Wanita kaya itu cenderung mau melagakkan kekayaannya. That rich lady tend to flaunt her wealth.
-pelagak: n braggart.

lagam1: n /lu/ horse’s bit.

lagam2: n /lu/ 1 tone 2 intonation 3 tempo (of a music)

lagi1: adv 1 again. Boleh kamu ulangi lagi? Could you repeat it again? 2 lagi pula: moreover:  Sebuah disain baru tidak akan diterima, lagi pula akan menunda proyek lebih lama. A new design would not be acceptable, and, moreover, would delay the project even further. 3 still (when it should not be so). Dia sudah bekerja keras, kenapa dimarahi lagi? He had worked hard, and why you still get angry with him? still I get a scolding. Aduh’ Oleh-oleh lagi! Goodness! You even brought gifts  4 (with nega­tion) not any more, any longer. Mereka tidak tinggal disini lagi. They don’t live here anymore. 5 more, else, other. Siapa lagi yang pergi bersama kamu? Who else went with you? Saya masih perlu tiga orang lagi bantuan I need three more persons to help. Dua hari lagi baru akan selesai Two more days and it will be settled. Mana yang satu lagi? Where is the other one? Satu enak yang satu lagi tidak. One is delicious, the other one is not. Mana yg dua lagi? Where are the other two? 6 as well (as). Orang itu tampan dan pandai lagi That person is handsome as well as clever.
-lagi-lagi: adv again and again; over and over. Lagi-lagi dia minta bantuan saya. Again and again he ask my help. 2 more and more.
-lagian: adv /Jkt/ 1 moreover 2 what to say. Lagian! Kamu yang salah. What can you say| It’s your fault.

lagi2: v /lu/ ‘be’ in the present progressive.  Ibu lagi pergi belanja. Mother is going shopping. Mereka lagi rapat They are having a meeting  Apa kamu lagi sibuk? Are you busy?
-selagi: adv 1 while |at the same time|  Selagi kamu pergi Susy datang kesini. When you were going out Susy came here. 2 when, during. Selagi anak-anak,  kami sering main bersama During our childhood, we frequently played together.  3 as long as. Selagi saya masih kerja, saya akan terus membantu kamu. As long as I still work (have a job) I’ll always help you.

lagu: n /lu/ 1 music Lagu apa yang kamu sukai? What kind of music do you like? 2 song Selama pertunjukan itu dia menyanyikan tiga lagu. During the show she sang three songs 3 manner Lagunya tidak pernah berubah. His manner has never changed 4 intonation Lagu bicara-nya selalu turun naik. His intonation in speaking is always up and down.
-berlagu1: adj melodious.
-berlagu2: v /itr/ sing  Kelihatannya dia mau berlagu. It seems that she want to sing.
-lagu hiburan: n /lu/ entertainment music,  light music.
-lagu kebangsaan: n .lu/ anthem |a song that a particular group of people consider to be very important to them, especially a country| lagu kebangsaan Indonesia Indonesian anthem
-lagu langgam: n pop song in western-style scale but with Indonesian lyrics.
-lagu Melayu: n popular song influenced by western, Arabic, and Hindi music.
-lagu pop: n popular song.
-lagu pujian: n /lu/ hymn |a song of praising God|
-lagu rakyat: n folk song
-lagu seriosa: n classical, serious music..
-melagukan: v /tr/ to sing (a song)  Apa kamu bisa melagukan lagu ini? Do you know how to sing this song?

lah1: pref. /lu/ 1 |an article that refer to the noun that has been understood by both of the speaker an the listener – identical to ‘that is’ in That is the the type of man that I/m dreaming for|  Itulah dia wanita yang saya sebut. That is women that I told you 2 |to strengthen a statement| Ialah, masa saya bohong. Of couse yes!, how could I lie to you? Jelaslah, dia akan marah  kalau kamu berkata seperti itu. Of course he would be mad, if you talked like that. 3 |urging an action|. Ambillah, masih banyak perse-diaan. Take it, there is still a lot in stock. 4 |to help a word sounds an adverb|. Untunglah saat itu tidak ada hujan. Fortunately, at that time there was no rain.  4 |express a possibility| Hancurlah semua rencana kita kalau keadaan akan seperti itu. All our plan will be ruined if the condition will be like that. 5 |to express an offer| Potong harga-lah 5% supaya saya beli. If you OK to discount 5% then I’ll take it.

lah2: see lha:

lah3: see telah:

lahak: adj rotten, spoiled (of food).                 _

lahan1: n /lu/ 1 land, terrain 2 area 3 soil
-berlahan: v have land (to cultivate)
-lahan kering: n dry soil.
-melahan: v /intr/ turn into soil. Abu gunung berapi telah melahan di daerah ini Volcanic ash has turned into soil in that region.
-melahankan: v /tr/ let run off (into a land) Melahankan air ke bagian ladang kering To drain water into the dry field.

lahan2: see perlahan:

lahap1: adv /lu/ gluttonously Dia makan dengan lahap sekali. He ate very gluttonously
-selahap-lahapnya: adv as glut­tonously as possible. Setelah puasa sepanjang hari saya makan selahap-lahapnya. After a full day of fasting I ate my dinner as gluttonously as possible.

lahap2: adj /lu/ gluttonous

lahap3; melahap: v /lu/ 1 devour. Dia telah  melahap semua makanan itu. He devoured all the food. 2 lap up |greedily take in or eat sth| Dia melahap semua isi buku itu hanya dalam beberapa hari. He lap up the content of the book only in a few days. 3 illegally annex. Pada waktu itu negara-negara Eropah mela-hap semua negara-negara tertinggal di Asia dan Afrika. At that time European countries illegally annexed the under-development countries of Asia and Africa.

lahar: n /lu/ 1 lava 2 volcanic mud flow.
-berlahar: v 1 expel lava 2 have lava

lahat: variant of lahad:

laher: n /lu/ ball-bearing.

lahir1: n /lu/ 1 external/extrinsic outward. lahir dan batin visible and the inner matters. Maaf lahir dan batin. Forgive my both by your human deed and your soul will. 2 worldly things, material. 2 pada lahirnya externally, apparently, seemingly
-melahirkan1: v 1 express, utter sth 2 establish Kerjasama yang sudah lama antara mereka telah melahirkan rasa persaudaraan yang kuat. A long cope-ration between them has establish a very strong brotherhood.

lahir2: v /lu/ 1 come into being 2 be born. Saya lahir pada tanggal 6 Juni, 1942 I was born on June 12, 1942.
-kelahiran: n 1 birth 2 genesis 3 origin tempat kelahiran place of origin kelahiran rakyat jelata of humble origin. Dia orang Amerika berdasarkan kelahiran. She is an American by origin.
-kelahiran pradini: n premature birth.
-kelahiran mati: n still-born.
-melahirkan2: v deliver a baby, give a birth.

lahiriah: adj 1 external, extrinsic. 2 physical, mate­rial.

laik: see layak:

laila; lailah: excl. /lu/ Oh, my God! (an exclamation of surprise and us. disapproval) Lailah, pakai celana pendek kesini? For goodness! Wearing short here?

la ilaha illa’llah, la ilaha illa’llahu: /Isl/  1 There is no god but Allah (the beginning of the profes­sion of faith). 2 Good God! (an exclamation ut­tered when under extreme emotional stress).

lain: adj /lu/1 other Apa ada mobil lain? Is there any other car? 2 next (in the future) Lain kali tolong jangan parkir disini.Next time, please don’t park here 2 different. Nomer telepon ini lain dari yang kamu beri sebelumnya. This phone number is different than the one you gave before.
-berlainan: v 1 differ Both the sisters differ each other Kedua bersaudara itu berlainan satu sama lain. 1 be different. Apa yang saya dapat berlainan dengan yang saya harapkan. What I gained was different than what I expected.
-berlain-lainan: v be different (each other)
-berkelainan: v have friction, have dissimilarities, have differences.
-selain: adv 1 besides Apa masih ada makanan selain ini? Is there any other food besides this? Selain kuliah di perguruan tinggi, dia kerja di sebuah hotel di sore hari. Besides going to college, she works for a hotel at the evening. 2 moreover Selain itu kamu harus juga melaporkan kegiatan rutin kamu. Moreover, you have to report your rutine activities. 3 apart from, in addition to Selain gaji, kamu juga akan mendapat tunjangan kesehatan. In addition to your salary, you will also get health security fund.
kelainan: n difference, distinction, deviation, dissimilarity, contradiction, defection.
-melainkan1: conj. but. Dia tidak datang, melainkan hanya kirim pesan. He didn’t come, but he only send me a message.
-melainkan2: v separate Kita perlu melainkan pakaian yang basah dan yang kering. We need to separate the wet and the dry clothes.
-memperlainkan: v differentiate.

lais1; melais: v /lu/ to row a paddle or oar toward the bow in order to move the boat.

lais2: n /lu/ pandanus |any of various palm like trees and shrubs of the genus Pandanus, of Southeast Asia that yield a fibre use for mats and similar articles|

lajang: n /lu/ 1 single 2 bachelor
-melajang: v re­main unmarried.

lajim: see lazim:

laju: n /lu/ 1 speed  Dia senang menyetir dengan laju tinggi. He likes to drive in high speed. 2 rate Berapa laju inflasi bulan lalu? What was the inflation rate of the last month?
-melaju: v move. Sebuah mobil melaju sangat cepat. A car move very fast.

lajur: n /lu/ 1 row. Tempat duduknya terdiri dari tiga lajur The seats consists of three rows 2 strip (of cloth) kain berlajur striped cloth 3 classified  column,  (in a paper) Saya memuatnya pada iklan lajur I put it on a classified ad. 4 lane. Tetaplah di lajur kiri Stay in the left lane. 5 line (of defense).
-lajuran: n neck (of land).

lak1: n /ld/ 1 sealing wax. lak kuning shellac. 2 lacquer. lak ­stinsil correction fluid.
-melak: v 1 seal sth 2 seal with wax.

lak2: num. /Chn/ six. lak ban 60,000. lak ban go 65,000. lak cap 60. lak cap go 65.

laka: n /ld/ large liana with red heartwood, used for joy sticks.

laki: n /lu/ husband.
-laki bini: n man and wife
-laki-laki: n man, male (of humans)
-pengantin laki: n bridegroom.
-sapi laki: n bull.
-berlaki: v be married (of a woman).
-memperlakikan: v /tr/ ­take (a man) as a husband.
-kelaki-lakian: n 1 manliness, virility. 2 man­nish. 3 manhood.

lakmus: n /lu/ litmus.

laknat: n /lu/ 1 curse, malediction 2 anathema.
-melaknati; melaknatkan: v /tr/ curse, damn (sb)
-pelaknatan: n damnation.

lakon: n /lu/1 play, drama, story 2 character, act
-lakon utama: n main character.
-lakon sedih: n tragic play.
-berlakon: v perform a character (in a play)
-melakonkan: v 1 play (a character, a play) 2 act out (a story, play, etc.) 3 perform. Sandiwara itu pernah mereka lakonkan. They had ever performed that play.
-pelakon: n 1 actor, actress 2 performer. 3 doer.

laksal: num. 10,000.

laksa2: n /lu/ 1 fine noodles similar to vermicelli 2 dish prepared with such noodles.

laksamana: n /lu/ admiral.
-laksamana madya: n vice admiral.
-laksamana madya udara: n lieutenant general in the Air Force.
-laksamana muda: n rear admiral.
-laksamana muda udara: n major general in the Air Force.
-laksamana pertama: n commodore.
-laksamana tinggi: n fleet admiral.
-laksamana udara: n Air Force general.

laksana: n /lu/ 1 quality, characteristic Bagaimana laksana pekerjaan dia? How’s the quality of his work? 2 like, resem­bling. Mata air gunung itu bening laksana kristal.That spring water is clear like a crystal.
-laksanakan: v /imperative only/ do Laksanakan apa yang saya katakan sekarang juga! Do what I said right now!
-melaksanakan: v /tr/ 1 do, implement, execute. Siapa yang akan melaksanakan  semua tugas ini? Who is going to do all of this task? 2 perform (a religious obligation) Berapa kali kamu melaksa-nakan perjamuan kudus setiap tahun? How many time do you perform holy communion a year?
-pelaksanaan: n implementation, realization, execution.
-pelaksana: n implementer, executor, executive |someone or a body whose job is to realize what a person, a company, organization, etc want or plan to be happened|
-terlasana: v /pass. v./ be done, be implemented, be  accomplished, be carried out.

laksmi: adj /ltr/ beautiful, pretty, nice

laktasi: n /tech/ lactation |the process of producing milk|

laktosa: n /tech/ lactose |an enzyme occurring in certain jest and intestinal juices of mammals that catalyzes the conversion of lactose into glucose an galactose|

laku1; perilaku: n 1 behavior 2 conduct, practice, deed, act. 3 attitude, manner. Kamu harus tetap menunjukkan perilaku baik kepada setiap orang. You have always to show good behaviour to everybody.
-kelakuan: n behaviour, conduct, practice, attitude, manner, act. Guru akan mencatat kelakuan setiap siswa. The teacher will record the behaviour of every student.
-berperilaku: v behave, act.  Bagaimana dia berperilaku? How does she behave.

laku2: adj /lu/ 1 saleable, marketable, in demand, sold well. Do you think this product will be saleable? 2 berlaku: valid, in effect, retroactive. Ticket ini tidak berlaku lagi. This ticket is not valid anymore. Paspor saya masih berlaku sampai tahun depan. My passport is still in effect until next year.
-memberlakukan: v 1 validate 2 put into effect, cause to be effective. Pemerintah akan memberlakukan aturan pajak yang baru bulan depan. The government will put the new tax regulation into effect next month.
-keberlakuan: n validity
-selaku-lakunya: adj Selaku-lakunya produk kita, keuntungan tidak akan naik tahun ini. What ever the sales of our product, our profit is not going to increase for this year.

laku3; melakukan: v /tr/lu/ 1 do 2 execute 3 accomplish 4 perform 5 carry out
-berkelakuan: v have (certain) deed, behaviour, attitude, etc. Dia berkela-kuan baik. He has good behaviour (deed)
-memperlakukan: v /tr/ treat, demean Jangan memperlakukan seorang wanita seperti itu. Don’t treat a woman like that.
-pelaku: n doer, agent, implementor, executor.
-perlakuan: n 1 treatment 2 application 3 practice.

laku3; selaku: adv /lu/ as, in the capacity of. Selaku directur perusahaan saya berjanji bahwa tahun depan perusahaan akan menaikkan gaji saudara. As a director of the company, I promise that next year the company will raise your salary.

lalab: see lalap:

lalai1: adj 1 careless, negligent. Dia selalu lalai akan tugasnya. He’s always careless with his job. 2 absent-minded, indifferent.
-kelalaian: n 1 neglect, carelessness. kelalaian atas tanggung-jawab neglect of responsibility.
-melalaikan: v neglect, be indifferent to. melalaikan tugas neglect sb’s responsibility. Jangan sampai lalai mengontrol kepanasas mesin. Don’t ever neglect to control the heat of the machine.
-melalaikan hati: v com­fort, soothe (by trying to forget).
-melalaikan waktu: v take sth easy, relax and enjoy sb’s time
-memperlalaikan: v make sb neglectful. Pada umumnya minum minuman keras akan memmperlalaikan sso. Most of the time, drinking will neglect sb.
-pelalai: n 1 sluggard, lazybones 2 an absent­minded person.
-pelalaian: n neglecting of, negli­gence.
-terlalaikan: v be neglected.

lalai2: see tali:

lalang: n c/lu/ oarse grass syn: ilalang .

lalap: n /lu/ dish of raw vegetable and a spin sauce.
-dilalap: v /pss/v/ be gone (by sth.sb)  Hutan itu sudah dilalap api The forest has been disappeared by burning.
-lalapan: n dish of raw vegetables with spicy sauce.
-melalap: v 1 eat such a dish, eat voraciously  2 utterly destroy, defeat.
Pasukan kita telah melalap basis perta-hanan musuh. Our troop has entirely destroyed our enemy’s base. 3 rape.

lalar: variant of lalat:

lalat: n /lu/ a fly.
-lalat hijau: n bluebottle.
-lalat kerbau/kuda: n horsefly.
-/idiom/: Tidak ada lalat langau: There is no one in sight.

laler: n /Jv/Jkt/ variant of lalat:

lalim: adj /ld/ 1 numb, insensitive (to pain) 2 anesthetized. 3 /Jv/ forget.
-kelaliman: n 1 despotism, tyranny 2 cruelty. 3 oppression.
-lalim: adj tyrannical, despotic, cruel.
-melalikan: v 1 anesthetize  2 become numb or insensitive.
-melalimi: v /tr/ oppress, treat sb cruelly
-melalimkan: v /tr/ make sb cruel, tyrannical, domineer.
-pelalim: n sb who is forgetful.

lalu1; berlalu: v /lu/ 1 pass. |to move to a particular point, object, person etc. and go past him, her, or it| Laura berlalu dan melambai pada kami. Laura passed and waved at us. 2  Sebuah mobil berlalu pada kecepatan sekitar 120 km per jam. A car passed at a speed of about 120 kilometers per hour. 2 pass, go by (time, chance, etc.) Waktu ber-lalu dengan cepat The time passed very past. Jangan biarkan kesempatan hari ini berlalu Don’t let the chance of today pass by. Setahun telah berlalu sejak kecelakaan itu. A year had passed since the accident  3 follow (a test) Seseorang harus melalui satu ujian sebelum masuk perguruan tinggi itu. Someone has to follow a test before entering the college. 2 stop, end Badai telah berlalu, mari kita pergi.The storm has passed, let’s go. 4 die Hidupnya telah berlalu sebulan yang lalu. He died last month.

lalu2: melalui: prep. /lu/ 1 through  Kami lewat melalui Puncak dalam perja-lanan ke Bandung. We passed through Puncak on our way to Bandung. 2 across  Pergi melalui jembatan itu lalu belok ke kiri. Pass across that bridge and turn to the left. 3 by means Saya telah kirim surat melalui pos. I’ve send the letter through (by) post office.

lalu3: adj /lu/ last Saya kerja disini sejak  tahun lalu. I worked here since last year.
-keterlaluan: adv too (daring) |willing to do things that might be dangerous, or involving danger beyond reasonable| Apa yang dialakukan itu sudah keterla-luan What he did was beyond reasonable.

lalu4: adv /lu/ then. 1 |after something has happened; next| Kita makan siang lalu pergi berbelanja. We could have lunch and then go shopping. 2 |spoken said in order to show that what you are saying is related in some way to what has been said before| Kalau kamu tidak boleh melakukannya sekarang, lalu bagaimana kalau besok? If you can’t do it know, then how about tomorrow?
-selalu: adv always Dia selalu datang kedalam ingatan saya. She always comes to my mind.
-terlalu: adv too, exceedingly  Itu terlalu besar untuk kamu. It’s too big for you.

laman: variant of halaman:

lamang: n /ld/ long straight single-edged sword.

lamar; melamar: v 1 apply (for a job)  2 propose (for a project, marriage)
-lamaran: n 1 application 2 proposal.
-pelamar: v applicant.

lambai; berlambai; melambai: v wave (of leaves, etc.).
-lambaian: n wave |the movement you make when you wave your hand| Artis  itu memberi lambaian kepada pengge-marnya. The actress    gave a wave to her fans.
-melambaikan: v /tr/ wave (sb’s hand)
-melambai-lambaikan: v repeat­edly wave sth.

lamban: adj /lu/ slow, languid, indolent. |moving slowly and weakly, but in a gentle way| Laju pertumbuhan ekonomi agak lamban. The growth of economic is a little slow. 2 clumsy, awkward, ungainly. pelajar yang lamban a ­slow learner.
-kelambanan: n 1 indolence 2 inertia. 3 laziness. 4 awk­wardness, clumsiness. -melamban: v /intr/ slow or slow down |to become slower or make something slower|
-memperlamban: v to make sb or sth slow.

lambang: n /lu/ 1 sign, symbol. |a picture or a shape that has a particular meaning| Merpati putih biasanya digunakan sebagai lambing perdamaian. A white dove is usually used a a symbol of peace. 2 seal |an official mark that is put on documents, objects etc. in order to prove that they are legal or real|  Pada surat itu ada lambang Republik Indonesia. The letter had the seal of the Republic of Indonesia at the top.
-melambangkan: v symbolize. Bunga anggrek melambangkan keabadian. The orchid symbolizes eternity 2 epitomize |to be the perfect or most typical example of something| Wilayah kumuh yang padat melambangkan kemiskinan satu Negara. Dense slum epitomize the poverty of a country.
-perlambang: n omen |a sign of what will happen in the future|
-perlambangan: n sym­bolism
-pelambangan: n symbolization.

lambangsari: n /euphemistic/ sexual intercourse
-berlambangsari: v to have a sex.

lambat1: adj /lu/ 1 slow Dalam sebuah gera-kan lambat kita dapat melihat bagaimana pelanggaran itu terjadi. In a slow motion we could see how the fault happened.
-kelambatan1: adj too late.
-keterlambatan: n lateness
-terlambat1: adj late.Maaf saya terlam-bat. Sorry, I’m late.
-selambat-lambatnya; paling lambat: adj latest. Kamu harus tiba di kantor selambat-lambatnya pukul 8:00 pagi. You have to arrive at the office at least at 8:00 a.m.

lambat2: adv /lu/ 1 slowly. Dia menge-mudi lambat sehingga kami hampir terlambat. He drove slowly, so we’re almost late.

lambat3: melambat: v /lu/ slow or slow down /intr/ |to become slower or make something slower| Lalu lintas melam-bat karena hujan lebat. The traffic slowed down from the heavy rain.
-kelambatan2: n 1 slowness 2 inertia 3 retard
-melambatkan; memperlambat: v /tr/ slow or slow down Hujan itu melam-batkan lalu lintas tadi pagi. The rain slowed up traffic this morning. 2 retard Kekurangan air telah memperlambat pertumbuhan tanaman itu. The lack of water has retarded the growth of the plants.  Saya memperlambat mobil itu pada jalan sempit. I slowed the car on the narrow road
-perlambatan: n retardation, slowness
-terlambat2: v late, become late. Apa yang membuat kamu datang terlambat? What make you come late?

lambungl: n /lu/ 1 side (of ship, person) 2 flank |the side of a person’s or animal’s body between the ribs and the hip|
-lambung kanan: n starboard |the right side of a ship or aircraft when you are looking toward the front|.
-lambung perahu: n ship’s hold.
-melambung: v attack on the flank.
-melambungkan1: v 1 repair, fix the side of (a ship, house. etc.) 2 tack.
-lambungan: n side, flank.

lambung2: n /lu/ the bounce (of a ball, etc.).
-melambung: v bounce up, jump up. Dia melambung kegirangan. She leaped with joy.
-melambung tinggi: v soar, zoom. Harga minyak sedang melambung tinggi. The price of oil is soaring high.
-melambungkan2: v throw, toss sth upward.
-melambungkan dada: v boast.
-pelambung: n pitcher, thrower.
-terlambung: v be thrown upward. Saya merasa terlambung jauh. I felt that I was thrown faraway.

lamin; melamin: v /lu/ decorate
-pelaminan: n /lu/ dais on which the bridal couple sits.

lamp. {lampiran}: n /lu/ 1 supplement. 2 enclosure.

lampau1: adj /lu/ 1 past |having happened, existed, or been experienced before now| Apa kamu tidak belajar sesuatu dari penglaman lampau kamu? Don’t you learn sth from your past experience?  2 over |a little earlier than the present, or up until now| Pertandingan sudah lampau. The match has lasted
-masa lampau: n past |all the things that have happened to someone or that s/he has done before now|  Saya ingin melu-pakan masa lampau saya dan memulai semuanya dari awal. I’d like to forget my past and start all over.

lampau2; melampaui: v /lu/ 1 exceed 1 |to be more than a particular number or amount| Biaya telah melampaui angga-ran. The cost has exceeded the budget. 2 |to go beyond an official or legal limit| denda untuk melampaui batas kecepatan. a fine for exceeding the speed limit. 2 overstep |to go beyond an acceptable limit| Tolong jangan melam-paui garis kuning.Please don’t overstep the yellow line.
-terlampaui: v /pass.v./ 1 be passed over Alamat yang sedang kita cari sudah terlampaui. The address we are looking for has been passed over. 2 be exceeded  Target penerimaan Negara dari pajak sudah terlampaui. The state revenue fron the tax has been exceeded.

lampau3: terlampau: adv /lu/ too Makanan itu terlampau banyak untuk saya. The food is too much for me  Jarak itu terlalu jauh untuk ditempuh tanpa mobil. That distance is too far to go without a car.

lampias: adv flowing fluently or rapidly.
-melampiaskan: v 1 cause sth to flow rapidly 2 release, give full vent to |to do something to express a strong feeling| 3 satisfy (lust) Dia melampiaskan nafsu dengan memperkosa. He satisfied his lust by raping. 4 release (a feeling of anger)  Para pendemo melampiaskan frustrasi mereka dengan membakar ban-ban bekas di jalan The rally released their anger by burning old tires on the road..

lampin: n /lu/ 1 diaper. 2 pot holder.
-melampini: v 1 put a dia­per on (a baby) 2 hold sth with a pot holder.

lampion: n /Chn/ paper lantern.

lampir; lampiran: n /lu/1 attachments 2 enclosure, appendix, annex 5 supple-ment. Periksa dengan cermat lampiran surat itu. Look carefully at the attachments to the letter.
-dilampiri: v be had attachment
-melampiri: v 1 attach, append to sth (attachment sth to to sth else) 2 enclose. Surat ini dikirim dengan satu lampiran. This letter is sent with an attachment.
-melampirkan: v /tr/ 1 attach (sth to sth else) 2 enclose. Disini saya lampirkan katalog produksi baru kami. Here we enclose the catalog of our new product.
3 appendix, annex. 4 supplement.

lampu: n /lu/ 1 lamp 2 light.
-lampu baterei: n flashlight.
-lampu belakang: n tail-light.
-lampu besar: n headlight.
-lampu besar dekat: n nor­mal headlight.
-lampu besar jauh: n bright lights.
-lampu blits: n flashbulb.
-lampu dim: n dimmers.
-lampu duduk: n stand/table lamp.
-lampu kerona: n chandelier.
-lampu panggung: n footlights
-lampu parkir: n parking lights.
-lampu sein: n turn sign
-lampu sorot: n spotlight.
lampu temple: n wall lamp.

lampung; pelampung: n /lu/ float, life vest, boy, life belt.
-melampung: v float |to stay or move on the surface of a liquid or up in the air without sinking| Sebatang kayu melampung di sungai. A wood trunk floated on the river.  Saya melihat sebuah balon melampung ke langit. I watched a balloon float up into the sky.
-pelampung api: n flashing buoy.
-pelampung bensin: n oil gauge.

lamtoro: n /lu/ a fast-growing tree used for shading, the trunk of which is used for firewood,  and  the leaves of which furnish fodder. – Leucaena glauca,

lamtorogung: n /lu/ a fast-growing tree similar in use to the lamtoro but considerably taller.

lamunl: conj. /lu/ 1 although Lamun mobilnya tua, masih berjalan dengan baik. Although the car’s old, it still runs well. 2 provided that, if.

lamun2; melamun: v pile up (in a disorderly fashion).
-me­lamuni: v 1 cover. Abu telah melamuni semua perabot. Dust has covered all the furniture. 2 overwhelm Dia sedang dilamuni kesedihan. She is overwhelming with sadness.

lamun3; me(nge)lamun: v /lu/ 1 muse |to imagine or think a lot about something| Lulusan baru perguruan tinggi itu melamuni masa depan yang akan dia hadapi. The new college graduates musing on/over what the future they might hold. 2 daydream |to think about pleasant things so that you forget what you should be doing: Gary sedang duduk melamuni Susan. Gary is sitting to daydream Susan.
-lamunan: n 1 fantasy, daydream, imagination.
-lamunan cabul: n obscene thoughts.
-lamunan kosong: n figment of the imagination.
-melamunkan: v day­dream on. Apa yang sedang kamu lamunkan? What are you dreaming on:
-pelamun: n daydreamer, wool gatherer.

lanang: adj /ld/ male.

lancana: see lencana:

lancangl: v /lu/  dare |brave to do sth. without thinking the risk| Betapa lancang kamu menyakiti hatinya. How dare you hurt her feeling.

lancang2: adj /lu/ im­pudent, sassy. |rude and showing no respect|
-kelancangan: n impudence, inso­lence.

lancang3: n /ld/ 1 fast sail boat.2 toy boat. bermain lancang: skip stones on the surface of the water. 3 box or container for betel-chewing in­gredients.
-terlancang: v be slipped out (of a word or statement).

lancarl: adj /lu/ 1 fluent. Dia lancar berba-hasa Inggris. She’s fluent in English.2 fast Dia seorang pembicara yang lancar. He is a fast speaker. 3 smooth Itu adalah satu diskusi yang lancar.
It’s a smooth discussion.
-bermulut lancar: adj 1 talkative 2 garrulous.
-melancarkan: v 1 launch Musuh akan melancarkan serangan berat. The enemy is going to launch a heavy attack. 2 accelerate, accelerate  Harus ada upaya melancarkan perdagangan antar kedua Negara. We need to speed up the flow of the traffic. 3 smoothen Kita harus melancarkan arus lalu lintas. We have to smoothen the traffic
-kelancaran: n 1 fluency 2 smoothness 3 acceleration

lancar2: adv /lu/ 1 fluently. Dia menterje-mahkan bahasa Jepang dengan lancar. He translate Japanese fluently. 2 fast Air itu mengalir dengan lancar. The water flows fast. 3 smoothly. Diskusi itu berlangsung dengan lancar The discussion is going smoothly.

lancar3; selancar (angin): n surfing.
-berselancar: v surf
-peselancar: n surfer:

lancar2: n /ld/ girder.

lancaran: n swift sailboat.

lancip: adj /lu/ 1 sharp 2 pointed.3 acute sudut lancip acute angle muka lancip face with sharp features
-melancipkan: v sharpen

lancong; melancong: v /lu/ go to take a pleasure trip, go sightseeing,.
-pelancong: n tourist, sight-seer.
-pelancongan: n sightseeing, plea­sure travel, excursion,
-perpelancongan: n tourism.

landa1; melanda: v /lu/ 1 attack violently, knock down sth 2 damage Banjir telah melanda sawah di lembah itu. The flood has damaged all rice field in the valley. 3 overwhelm. Rasa takut akan serangan terroris telah melanda selu-ruh negeri. Fear of terrorist attack has overwhelmed the entire country.  4 hit, pound. Kekeringan telah melanda daerah itu. Drought has hit the area.

landa2: v pan |to wash soil in a pan in order to separate gold from it|
-pelanda: n sth used to pan gold, etc. or sb who does this.

landa3: n /tech/ lye, alkali.

landai: adj /lu/  a little sloppy  (of hillocks, etc.).
-landaian: n the sloppy edge of a hill.
-melandai: v to be sloppy.

landak: n porcupine. |a small animal with thick quills (needle-shaped parts) grow from it skin – Hystric  brachyura.
-landak laut: n sea urchin.

landas1; landasan: n /lu/ 1 substratum 2 base.
-berlandaskan: v 1 rest on  2 base on (sth)
-dilandasi: v be based on Keyakinan saya terhadap kehidupan kekal dilandasi oleh ajaran Kristiani. My faith on the eternal life is based on Christian teaching.
-landas cincang: n meat block.
-landas continental: n continental shelf.
-melandasi: v be base (of sth).

landas: v /lu/ land Pesawat akan landas dalam beberapa menit. The plane will be landing in a few minutes.
-tinggal landas: v take off. Silahkan kencangkan sabuk pengaman, pesawat akan segera tinggal landas.Please fasten your seat belt, the plane will take off soon.

landreform: n /lu/ land reform.

landskap: n /lu/ scenery.

lang: variant of elang:

langgam: n 1 way, custom, style.
-langgam bahasa: n idiom.
-langgam lenggok: n 1 customs and movements 2 melody, tune.

langgan: langganan: n /lu/ customer, client.
-berlangganan: v 1 be(come) a routine customer of (a store) 2 subscribe to Dia sudah berlangganan pada rumah sakit. He has been frequently a routine patient in a hospital.
-berlangganan surat kabar: v subscribe to a newspaper.
-melanggani: v be a fre­quent customer at (a restaurant, etc.).
-melanggankan: v deliver sth on the basis of subscription
-pelanggan: n customer. Pelanggan adalah raja yang selalu benar. A customer is a king who is always right.

langgar1: n /lu/ house for daily prayer of Muslim (not used for Friday prayer).

langgar2: berlanggar: v collide (with e.o.). Mobil itu berlanggar dengan sebuah trailer. The car collided with a trailer.
-melanggar: v 1 violate (the law) 2 be against (sth) 3 break (the law, promise) 4 conflict, oppose. Perbuatan kamu itu melanggar hukum. Your action opposes the law.
-pelanggar: n offender, transgressor.
-pelanggar hukum: n 1 law breaker 2 violator.
-pelanggaran: n 1 infraction, vio­lation (of a rule, law) 2 infringement 3 trespass pelanggaran hukum berat a serious law breaking.
-pelanggaran pidana: n criminal action
-pelanggaran ringan: n minor infraction  penalty, foul.

langgeng: adj /lu/ eternal, imperishable.
-kelanggengan: n perpetuity, eter­nity.
-melanggengkan: v per­petuate, preserve. melanggengkan kebudayaan nasional pre­serve national culture.

langit: n /lu/1 sky 2 the heavens.
-langit-langit: n ceiling._
-melangit: v raise to the sky Harga minyak telah melangit. The oil price has raised to the sky.
-selangit1: ad extraordinarily,  as high as the sky. Dia bercita-cita selangit. He dream as high as the sky (extraordi­narily)
-selangit2: adj extraordinary (high)   Itu satu prestasi selangit It,s an extraordinary achievement

langka: adj 1 rare Harimau sekarang menjadi binatang langka. Tiger now becomes a rare animal. Air murni langka di pulau ini. Pure water is scarce is this island.   2 antique. Ini adalah buku langka. This is an antique book.
-kelangkaan: n 1 scarcity 2 rareness 3 antiquity.

langkah: n /lu/ 1 step, stride Tolong mundur dua langkah Please move back two steps. 2 move Kelihatannya apa yang sedang kamu perbuat adalah langkah yang menjanjikan keberha-silan. It’s seems that what you are doing is a propitious move. 3 measure Saya kira mereka telah melakukan langkah yang tepat. I think they have taken a proper measure.
-langkah kiri: n unlucky action.
-langkah kanan: n lucky or successful action.
-langkahi: v /tr/ 1 step over 2 skip over
-melangkah: v step, stride, move, act, mske effort melangkah maju v step forward.
-melangkahi: v /tr/ step over (sth) ­

langkitang: n /lu/ edible mollusc.

langlang: n /lu/ nightwatchman.
-melanglang: v 1 make the rounds 2 wander.
-melanglang buana: v 1 venture 2 roam the world, go abroad.

langsam: adj /lu/ slow.
-melangsamkan: v slow sth down. Dia melangsamkan mobilnya He slowed down his car.

langsat: n /lu/ the Lansium tree and its clusters of small yellow fruit.

langsing1: adj /lu/ slim, slender, svelte.
-kelangsingan: n slimness, slenderness.
-melangsing: v become slen­der, slim down.
-melangsingkan: v make sth slim, stream­line (the body).
-pelangsingan: n slimming, slenderizing (of the body).

langsing2; melangsing: v go back and forth, go up and down.

langsing3: adj /ld/ loud (of sound).

langsir1; melangsir: v /lu/ 1 shunt trains from one. track to another 2 move back and forth.
-langsiran: n shunt-yard.
-pengawas langsiran: n yardmaster.

langsir2: adj /ld/ thin, slender.

langsir3: variant of lancer.

langsung: adv, adj /lu/frm/ 1 direct |without stopping or changing direction| Kamu dapat terbang langsung dari Jakarta ke Hongkog You can fly direct from Jakarta to Hongkong.  2 straight |immediately, directly, or without any delay|  Pulang langsung kerumah setelah sekolah. Come home straight after school.
-berlangsung: v 1 take place. Kapan pertunjukan itu akan berlangsung? When the show will take place? 2 go on Pesta dansa itu berlangsung sampai tengah malam. The dance party went on until midnight. 3 under way Perundingan itu sedang berlangsung The negotiation has been under way. 4 persist |to continue to do something, even though it is difficult or other people do not like it| Kejadian ini berlangsung lama. The situation per­sisted for a long time.
-keberlangsungan: n persistence, res­oluteness.
-kelangsungan: n continuity, perpetuity.
-melangsungkan: v 1 continue, perform, carry out, hold (an event) 2 perpetuate (the species).
-terlangsung: v be carried out, be implemented, be perpetuated.

-melanjurkan: v 1 stretch sth out, protract sth 2 continue sth.
-terlanjur: v be beyond the plan (if sth has happened or has been done than but actually should not)
-keterlanjuran: n sth or what that has happened beyond expectation.

lanjut1: v /impr./lu/ 1 go on 2 next 3 continue.
-berlanjut: v be continued

lanjut2: adj /lu/ 1 advanced. pendidikan lanjut advanced educa­tion usia lanjut old age 2 late Sudah lanjut  malam ketika kami tiba di rumah. It has been late at night when we got home.
-berlanjut: v /intr/ 1 be continued Ceritanya akan berjanjut minggu depan. The story will be continued next week  2 be protracted, extended, pro­longed
-lanjutan: n continuation, extension, expansion
-keberlanjutan: n continuity
-kelanjutan: n continuation, continuance, continuation, repercussion, carry-over, follow-up, sequel. kelanjutan cerita continuation of the story. kelanjutan hidup life’s continuation.
-melanjutkan: v /tr/ 1 continue 2 go on 3 proceed 4 extend 4 keep up
-pelanjut: n continuator. pelanjut ideology marhaenisme continua­tor of Marhaen ideology.
-selanjutnya: adv 1 furthermore, next Selanjutnya anda dapat melihat pada bab berikutnya. Furthermore, you can find it in the next chapter. Akan kita bahas selanjutnya We’ll discuss it next. 2 henceforth  3 et cetera Ada mangga, pisang, apel, dan selanjutnya. There are mango, banana, apple, etc.

lansir1: melansir: v /lu/ 1 publish, 2 launch 2 spread, distribute (news, etc.).

lansir2: variant of langsir:

lanskap: variant of landskap:

lantai: n /lu/frm/ floor.
-berlantai: v to have floor. gedung berlantai 25 a twenty five-floor building.
-lantai dasar: n ground floor.
-lantai bawah tanah: n base floor.
-lantai perahu: n ship’s floor.
-melantai: v 1 build a floor 2 dance  3 hit rock bottom. Harga melantai Prices hit rock bottom.

lantamal {Pangkalan Utama Angkatan Laut}: n Naval Main Base.

lantan: melantan: v /ld/ 1 spoil sb’s self. 2  ignore (sb’ body). 3 economize on (clothing by wearing poorer quality).

lantang: adj /lu/ 1 shrill, piercing (voice). 2 clear, distinct (of voice, view). lantang  pandangan clearness of vision.
kelantangan: n volume, loudness. (of the voice)
melantang: v become loud.

lantar1; melantarkan: v /tr/lu/ cause sth  Rendahnya proktivitas melantarkan kerugian perusahaan. The lack of productifity cause the lost to the company. 2 pass on (a suggestion, etc.).
-lantaran: n reason, cause Lantaran apa anak itu menangis? What is the cause that make that child crying?

lantaran: conj./lu/ because. Saya tidak bisa datang lantaran hujan lebat. I couldn’t come because there was a heavy rain.
pelantar: n mediator, intermediary.
pelantaran: n act of me­diation.

lantar2; terlantar; telantar: v be neglected.
-ditelantarkan: v be abandoned (intentionally) Sejumlah rumah di kelompok ini sedang ditelantarkan. A number of houses in this cluster are being abandoned.
menterlantarkan: v neglect, abandon (sb or sth.) –keter­lantaran: n state of neglected.
peterlantaran: n neglect, abandon­ment.
terlantarkan: v be abandoned (land especially if it’s intentionally).

lantar3: variant of pelantar:

lantas: conj. /lu/frm/ 1 so, therefore |used in order to show why something happens|  Saya lapar, lantas saya pergi keluar mencari ssu untuk di makan. I was hungry, so I went out to find sth to eat. 2 if that so |used in order to clarify what will happen as the result of sth| Saya tidak mau pergi bersama mereka, lantas apa masalahnya untuk kamu? I don’t want to go with them, if that so, what is the matter with you? 3 then |to explain what after something has happened| Kita boleh pergi makan, lantas kemudian kita pergi We could have lunch and then we go.
melantas: v go straight to penetrate. Ceramah itu melantas ke pikirannya. The lecture  penetrate his brain.
melantaskan: v carry out, execute sth., make an idea get through
terlantas: v be penetrated.

lantera: see lentera:

lantik; melantik: v install, inaugurate (an official) Gubernur akan melantik walikota baru terpilih pagi ini.  The governor will install the newly elected mayor this morning.
-pelantikan: n installment, inauguration |to have an official ceremony in order to show that someone is beginning an important job|  Pelantikan presiden yang baru akan dilakukan bulan Januari The inauguration of the new President will take place in January. –syn: baiat

lantun; mlelantun: v /intr/lu/ 1 reverberate (sound, voice) 2 rebound (of a ball, spring) 3 reflect. 4 ricochet.
melantunkan: v 1 make sth. reverberate, reflect, or ricochet 2 sing (a song)
-lantunan: n 1 rebound. 2 reflection 3 reverberation 4 singing.

lantur; melantur; ngelantur: v 1 stray Anak kucing itu telah ngelantur dari induknya The kitten had strayed from its mother. 2 digress, go beyond the path . Dia selalu bicara ngelantur. He always talk beyond the subject.
-lanturan: n 1 diversion, digression. 2 aberration.
melantur-lantur: v repeatedly digress
melanturkan: v divert, distract sb.

lanud {Pangkalan Udara}: n /lu/ air base.

lanuma {Lapangan Utama}: n /lu/ main base (of air base).

laos: n /ld/ galingale, a plant of the ginger family.

laoteng: see loteng:

lap: n /lu/ 1 towel.
-lap piring: n dish towel 2 rag.
melap; mengelap: v wipe or clean sth with a cloth.
-melapkan; mengelapkan: v use sth to wipe sth.

lapal: variant of lafal.

lapan: variant of delapan: .

lapang: adj /lu/frm/ 1 open, wide, spacious, roomy, large  2 free (not busy) Minggu depan waktu saya akan lapang. Next week I’ll be free.
berlapang-lapang: v be unfettered.
kelapangan: n 1 spaciousness (of a space) 2 leisure, easiness (of feeling) 3 tolerance (judgement).
-lapang dada/hati: adj 1 relieved. 2 patient. relaxed, free from care 3 tolerable
-lapang perut: adj always hungry, never satiated.
-lapangan: n 1 field 2 square  lapangan bola soccer field lapangan golf golf course lapangan tennis tennis court. lapangan terbang airport. lapangan kerja employment opportunity.
melapang: v be­come spacious.
melapangi: v make room for, clear away.
melapangkan: v clear space for sb/sth melapangkan jalan broaden/widen the road melapangkan dada be tolerable (toward sth) or tolerate (sth) Semoga Tuhan melapangkan hati atas kesalahan saya. May God tolerate my sinful mistake.
-tanah lapang: n outdoor sport field.

lapar1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 hungry |wanting to eat something|  Saya lapar, mari kita makan. I’m hungry, let’s eat! Seekor singa lapar sangat berbahaya. A hungry lion is very dangerous Kalau kamu lapar ada ayam goreng di meja. If you are  hungry, there’s some fried chicken on the table. 2 go hungry.

lapar: v /lu/frm/ hunger |hunger for sth to want something very much| Penduduk desa lapar akan pendidikan bermutu. The villagers hunger for  good education.
kelaparan1: n 1 hunger. Kelaparan masih tetap merupakan masalah umum di bebe-rapa negara sedang berkembang Hunger is still a common  problem in several developing  countries. 2 starvation.
kelaparan2: adj /lu/ 1 go hungry |to not have enough food to eat| Banyak orang di kota kami kelaparan dari hari kehari.  Many people in our city go hungry day after day 2 famine

lapik: n /lu/1 base, under-layer 2 lining 3 mat
-berlapik: v 1 have a base. 2 use a mat. 3 serve as a mat.
-lapiks cawan: n saucer.
-lapis kaki: n sandal.
-lapik duduk: n mat for sitting.
melapiki: v line, place a lining in sth
melapikkan: v use (paper, etc.) as a lining.

lapis: n /lu/frm/ 1 layer, lining  2 row 3 stratum
-berlapis-lapis: adv in layers.
berlapiskan: v have sth. as a layer or lining. berlapiskan emas be plated with gold.
berlapis: v have a layer 2 be stratified 3 be in layers.
-kue lapis: n layered cake.
-kayu lapis: n play wood.
-lapis aus: n surface layer of a road.
-lapis baja: n steel plating.
-lapis cenkeram: n middle supporting –lapis aus: n layer in a road between the bed and the surface
-lapis legit: n. layered cake.
-lapis lendir: n cambium.
-lapisan: n layer.
-lapisan rem: n 1 brake lining 2 stratum, class. lapisan masyarakat social stratum 3 coat lapisan cat paint layer lapisan dasar first coat, primer (of paint). lapisan pelindung protec­tive coat 4 vein |a thin layer of a valuable metal or mineral in rock 5 bed lapisan dasar sungai river bed
melapis: v 1 line, coat. melapis jalan dengan aspal coat the street with asphalt.
-melapisi: v 1 coat sth with sth. 2 plate (a ship). 3 cover sth  melapisi padi dengan tikar cover the rice with a mat.
-melapiskan: v use sth to cover sth
pelapisan: n 1 coating, plating. 2 mak­ing layer of sth.

lapor; melapor: v /intr/ report. 1 |to tell someone about something, especially in newspapers and on television| Sebuah harian melapor kronologi kejadian itu. A daily newspaper reported the chronology of the accident  2 |to tell someone in authority that a crime or accident has happened| Seorang anggota keamanan sedang melapor kepada menejer. The security man is reporting to the manager. 3 |to complain officially about someone to people in authority|  Seorang siswa melapor kepada guru jumlah murid yang hadir. A student reports to the teacher how many students attend the class. 4 |to state officially to someone in authority that you have arrived in a place|  Pengunjung harus melapor di meja penerima kedatangan. Visitors must report to the front  reception desk.
-melaporkan: v /tr/ report. Siapa yang melaporkan kebakaran itu? Who reported the fire? Seseorang melaporkan Joe merokok di sekolah. Somone reported Joe for smoking at school.
-laporan: n report. Kita harus serahkan laporan tahunan minggu depan. We have to submit the yearly report next week.
-laporan pandangan mata: n live report, on the spot report.
pelapor: n reporter, commentator.
-pelaporan: n reporting

lapuk: adj /lu/ 1 mouldy, putrefied, mildewed. 2 rotten. decayed (of wood, etc.), weakened. 3 obsolete, out-of-date (regula­tion, etc.).
kelapukan: n 1 moldiness 2 mustiness
lapuk tumbuh-tumbuhan: n peat
-melapuk: v become mouldy  2 become weak, crumble, decay.
pelapukan: n 1 weathering 2 corrosion.

lara: adj 1 ill, sick. 2 painful. hidup yang lara painful life.
-duka lara: n pain and sorrow.
terlara-lara: v wail, cry bitterly.

larai: see lerai:

larang; melarang: v /lu/frm/ 1 forbid, prohibit, ban.
-dilarang: v 1 be forbidden. dilarang merokok. no smoking. dilarang masuk no entrance. 2 interdict.
-larangan: n 1 prohibition, ban, inter­diction. 2 embargo larangan perdagangan trading em­bargo.
-larangan: n prohibition, taboo
pelarangan: n act of ban­ning, prohibiting.
terlarang: adj /lu/ 1 prohibited, forbidden, banned (book, etc.). 2 off limits. kamar terlarang off-limits room. bagian·bagian terlarang genitals.

laras1: n /lu/ 1 pitch, key, scale 2 harmony, accordance.
keselarasan: n 1 harmony 2 conformity 3 accordance.
menyelaraskan; melaraskan: v harmonize, adjust, sincronize
-penyelarasan; pelarasan: n adjustment, harmonization, adaption.
selaras: adv 1 in accordance with. Tindakannya tidak selaras dengan perkataannya. His actions were not in accordance with what he said, 2 in harmony Suara kedua penyanyi itu  tidak selaras The voice of the two singers were not in harmony. 3 melodious, tuneful.

laras2: n /lu/1 barrel (of rifle, cannon, etc.). 2 classifier for rifles. 3 straight and cylindrical.

laras3: n /ld/ district.

larat1; melarat: v /lu/frm/ 1 be protracted, be drawn out (of an ill­ness). 2 drag (of anchor). 3 wander larat pikiran:
-melaratkan: v 1 protract, drag out (negotia­tions, etc.).

larat2: melarat2: adj /lu/frm/ melancholy, very sad.
berlarat-larat: v 1 spread. 2 drag on, be protracted (of a conversation, etc.).
melaratkan; memperlarat: v make sb sad, melancholy.

larat: n /ld/ Moluccan orchid.

larat3: see melarat:

lari1; berlari: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 run he runs fast Dia berlari cepat 2 escape Seorang tahanan lari dari penjara A prisoner escape from jail.
-berlarian: v spread out by running everywhere.
berlari-lari: v run but not forcefully, run  helter-skelter
-melarikan: v /tr/ 1 take sth far away 2 drive fast (vehicle) Dia melarikan mobilnya diatas 120/jam. He drive his car fast more than 100 km/hour.
-melarikan diri: v 1 escape 2 desert |to leave the army without permission| 3 abscond.

lari2: n /lu/frm/ 1 run Lari dia lebih cepat dari lari kamu. His run is faster than yours. 2 escape Tidak ada kesempatan untuk lari.There was no chance for escape
-lari cepat: n sprint.
-melarikan diri: v escape.
-lari estafet: n relay race.
lari lintas alam: n cross country race
-lari rintangan: n obstacle race.
-lari santai: n jogging.
-pelari: n 1 runner 2 racer..
-pelarian: n 1 deserter, fugitive, refugee, running, flight. 2 sth we do as a reason to get rid of sth unpleasant.

laris: adj /lu/frm/ saleable, popular, in demand.
melariskan: v stimulate the sale of, sell, popularize.
pelaris;  peng laris: n the first item sold in a work day, thought to stimulate later sales. 2 sth that sells well, best seller.

laron: n /lu/ flying white ant.

larung; melarung: v /Jv/ float (esp. of offerings, dust of a corpses).
melarungkan: n dispose of sth (a body, an offering, etc.) by floating it away on a raft.

larut1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 soluble 2 fused, dissolved 3 penetrated Masalah itu telah larut dalam pikirannya. The problem has been penetrated into his mind.

larut2: v /intr/lu/frm/ dissolve |to be mix with a liquid and become part of it, or to make this happen| Aspirin larut dengan cepat. The aspirin dissolves quickly. Boleh larutkan garam ke sop itu? Would you dissolve the salt into the soup? Jangan biarkan janjinya itu larut dalam harapan kamu. Don’t let his promise penetrate your hope.
keterlarutan: n solubility
-larutan: n solution.
-melarutkan: v /tr/ dissolve Saya selalu melarutkan dulu aspirin sebelum memi-numnya. I always dissolve aspirin first before taking it.
pelarut: n solvent.
pelarutan: n dissolv­ing.
terlarutkan: adj 1 soluble 2 dissolvable.

larut2; berlarut-larut: adj 1 protracted. |continuing for a long time, usually longer than necessary| kasus yang berlarut-larut. a protracted case kemarau yang berlarut-larut. a protracted dry season. 2 late, far-advanced (of night). Kami tiba larut malam We arrived late at night 3 drag on. Perang diantara kedua Negara telah berlarut-larut. The war between the two countries has drag on.
melarut-larutkan: v 1 prolong, 2 drag on.

las: n /lu/ weld, joint.
-lasan: adj welded. sambungan lasan welded joint
-melas; ngelas: v weld |to attach metal objects to each other by melting their edges and pressing them together when they are hot, or to be attached in this way|
pengelasan: n welding.
-tukang las: n welder.

lasak1: adj /lu/ 1 restless, restive, fidgety  2 energetic, hy-perkinetic (of a child). 3 peevish, petulant.

lasak2: variant of lasah:

laskar: n /ltr/ pre-modern soldiers. 2 paramili­tary troops, guerilla-fighters.
-kelaskaran: n affairs dealing with para­military irregulars.
-laskar darat: n paramilitary ground forces.
-laskar rakyat: n irregu­lars troop. 2 paramilitary unit.

laso: n /lu/ lasso.

lasykar: variant of laskar:

lat1: n /lu/ 1 interval. lat dua hari two-day interval. 2 the space between planks.

lat2: adj /lu/ late.

lat3: n /ld/ lath.

lata2: see latah:

lataboga: n /ltr./ herbivore.

latah1: adj /lu/ 1 a nervous |condition characterized by er­ratic involuntary imitative behavior, often por­nographic or socially disapproved|. 2 other irrational imitative behavior (e.g. imita­tion of speech, etc.)
-latah mulut: n utter absurd state­ments. Jangan latah ya? Do not keep repeating what I say, will you? 3 madly in love.

latah2: n /ld/ piles of leaves, etc. found under trees in the forest

latah3: variant of lata:

latar: n /frm/lu/ 1 yard. 2 surface, plane.
berlatar belakang: v have a background (of). Dia berlatar belakang pendidikan kejuruan He has a background in technical train­ing.
berlatar-belakangkan: v have sth as a background. Romannya berlatar belakangkan revolusi His novel has revolution as its background.
berlatar-depankan: v set sth to become foreground.  Film itu berlatar-depankan kehidupan di kota besar. The film take the life in big cities as the foreground.
-latar belakang: n background, backdrop.
-latar depan: n foreground.
melatar-belakangi: v become the background of. Apa yang melatar belakangi perkelahian itu? What did become the background of the fight?
pelataran: n yard.
-pelataran parkir: n parking lot
-pelataran golf: n golf course.
-pelataran tennis: n tennis court
-pelataran belakang: n backyard.
-pelataran depan: n front yard.

lateks: n /lu/ latex.

laten: adj /lu/ latent.

latif: adj /ld/1 fine, handsome. 2 gentle, delicate.

latih; terlatih: adj /lu/1 accustomed |to be used to something| Mata Ed terlatih melihat ssu di kamar gelap. Ed’s eyes are accustomed to see sth in the dark room. 2 trained 3 skilled
-berlatih: latihan: v /intr/ 1 practice, train 2 rehearse. 3 practise Mereka berlatih koor sekali seminggu They practice the choir once a week.
-latihan: n 1 exercise, 2 training  3 practice 4 drill. latihan bahaya udara. air raid drill.
-latihan jabatan: n on-the-job training:
melatih: v /tr/ 1 train  melatih murid berpikir cepat to train students to think fast. 2 coach Dia sedang melatih tim itu. He is coaching the team.
-pelatihan: n training |the matter that is related to a training|
pelatih: n trainer, coach, instructor

lattah: variant of latah:

laturahmi; bersilaturahmi: v having close personal relation­ships.

lauk: n /lu/ side dish, esp. meat or fish served with rice.
-lauk ­pauk: n a variety of side dishes (including vegetable dishes).
-berlauk-pauk: v be served with such side dishes.

laut: n sea
-lautan: n ocean. lautan api 1 hell 2 configuration 3 /idiom/ blaze sea of fire
-Laut Karang: Coral Sea.
-Laut Kidul: n Indian Ocean (South of central Java).
-Laut Kulzum: n Red Sea.
-laut lepas: n open sea, high seas.
-Laut Mate: n Dead Sea.

-Lautan Hindia: n Indian Ocean.
-Lautan Indo­nesia: n Indonesian Ocean.
-Lautan Teduh: n Pacific Ocean.
-Laut Tengah: n Mediterranean Sea.
-melaut: v 1 go to sea 2 head sea­ward. 3 sail by sea.
-pelaut: n seaman, sailor, sb whose liveli­hood is the sea.

lawak1; lawakan: n /lu/ joke, jest, gag 2 amusing act
-berlawak; melawak: v joke, jest, ban­ter.
-pelawak: n comedian, joker.

lawak2: n /ld/ feeding trough. lawak tinggi fancy sb above others, live above sb,s station, live beyond sb,s means, keeping up with

lawak3: see temu:

lawan1: n /lu/ 1 opponent, adversary, rival 2 enemy, foe 3 opposition, competitor
-lawan bicara: n counterpart,    respondent.
-lawan azas: n paradox
-lawan kata: n antonym

lawan2: melawan: v 1 oppose 2 break (the law) 3 contest 4 compete.
-berlawanan: adj 1 opposite 2 contrary 3 disagreeable 4 paradoxical

lawan3: adv, prep. against, versus Pertandingan bola sore ini adalah Persija lawan PSMS The football match of this evening is Persija against (versus) PSMS
-perlawanan: n 1 resistance 2 opposition 3 contra attack

lawat; melawat: v /lu/1 pay a visit 2 make a trip 3 make a visit of condo­lence melawat ke luar negeri go abroad. Mereka melawat orang meninggal. They paid a visit to the place of the deceased.
-melawati: v visit. Dia akan melawati kota-kota besar Eropah. He is going to visit big cities in Europe.
-pelawat: n visitor, tourist.
-perlawatan: n 1 visit, trip 2 expedition.

layak: adj /lu/ 1 proper |correct, or right for a particular situation or socially correct and acceptable| Saya kira dia sudah pada usia layak nikah. I think she has been at a proper age to be married. Taruh perabot itu ditempat yang layak Put that furniture  in a proper place. 2 suitable. |right or acceptable for a particular purpose or situation| Buku ini tidak layak untuk anak-anak kecil. This book isn’t suitable for young children. 3 reasonable, fair (price). Apa $ 15 dollar layak untuk dasi ini? Is $ 15.00 a proper price for this tie?  4 hidup yang layak: a reasonably comfortable life. 3 like. Dia berperilaku layak wanita. He behave like a female. Berkedip-kedip layak  bintang dilangit. It sparkles like the stars on the sky.
-layaknya: adv as if Dia sangat ceria layaknya dia mendapat apa yang diimpikannya. She is cheerful as if her dream become a reality.
-selayaknya: adv would be better |used in order to suggest something better or more properly to do|  Selayaknya kamu tidak temui dia. It would be better that you don’t meet him. 2 |used to give a judgement that sth is proper|. Selayaknya kamu tidak berbuat seper-ti itu pada kami. It’s not proper that you did it to us.
-kelayakan: n properness fairness 3 worthiness. 4 feasibility.

layan;  melayani: v serve, wait on (guests), take care of (customers).
-pelayanan: n 1 service 2 treatment 3 care
-pelayan: n 1 attendant 2 waiter 3 server 4 sales clerk

layang1; layang-layang: n /lu/ kite
-burung layang-layang: n swallow
-layangan: n kite.
-melayang: v 1 fly 2 drift hanging on the air |to move very slowly through the air or on the surface of water| Kami saksikan kapal mereka melayang menelusuri  pantai We watched their boat drift along the shore. Pesawat itu melayang tinggi. The plane glided high. 2 die (dead) Jiwanya telah melayang. His soul has gone (He is dead)  3 wonder Pikiranmya selalu melayang-layang. His mind is always wan­dering:
-selayang (pandang):
n a glance

layang2: melayang: v /intr/lu/ fly (a kite).
-melayangkan: v /tr/ 1 fly Apa kamu tahu bagaimana melayangkan layangan? .Do you know how to fly a kite? 2 send Apa kamu sudah layang-kan surat itu? Have you sent the letter?

layap1: adj /ld/ low (close to the surface).
-berlayapan: v 1 fly close to the ground. 2 shake and flutter from the wind (of trees).
-melayap: v fly just above the water’s surface seeking fish (of birds).
-melayap: v hover near sth or sb. Awan melayap pegunungan Clouds hovered near that range of mountains.
-melayap-layapkan: v /tr/ cause sth to float or hover.
v wander around.

layap2; melayap: v /ld/ doze, nod.

layar1: n /lu/ 1 sail. 2 blind 3 shade |of window, door)
-berlayar: v /intr/ 1 sail 2 go by boat.
-layar agung/besar: n mainsail.
-layar baksi: n mizzen sail.
-layar bubutan: n staysail.
-layar perak/putih: n movie screen.
-layar TV: n TV screen.
-melayar putihkan: v put in a movie (a story)
-melayari: v /tr/ 1 sail  2 cruise
-pelayar: n 1 sailor  2 seaman
-pelayaran: n 1 shipping 2 voyage 3 trip by ship 4 seamanship  pelayaran niaga merchant shipping pelayaran pantai coastal shipping .

layar2: variant of ikan:

layat;  melayat: v /lu/ make a visit of condolence. –ayn: lawat
-pelayat: n sb who pays his respects to the family of the de­ceased.
-pelayatan: n condolence visit.

layu: adj /lu/ 1 withered, faded, wilted (of flowers). 2 weak, pale.
-melayu: v /intr/ 1 wither 2 wilt.
melayukan: v /tr/ 1  wither 2 wilt.

layuh: adj /ld/1 paralyzed. 2 weak, feeble, debilitated.
-layuh ­jantung: n cardiac arrest.

layur: v /intr/ld/ 1 singe, scorch sth . 2 sear sth
-melayur: v /tr/ 1 singe, scorch 2 sear

lazat: adj see lezat:

lazim: adj /lu/ 1 usual 2 customary 3 common.
-kelaziman: n custom, usage, fashion, fad.
-lazimnya: adv as usual
-melazimkan: v 1 to make common. 2 bring sth. into vogue 3 customize.

BH {Lembaga Bantuan Huhum}: n legal aid services.

lbr1. {lebar}: adj wide  Berikan saya selembar kertas lebar. Give a wide paper.

lbr2 {lebar}: n width. Berapa lebar pintu ini. What is the width of this door?

lebah: n /lu/ bee.
-lebah laut: n jelly fish.

lebai: n /ld/1 mosque official.
-lebai penghulu: n 1 district religious official. 2 mosque servant.

lebak1: n /ld/ 1 valley. 2 lowlands.

lebak2: n /ld/ sound of a slap.

lebam: n /spo/ 1 sound made by a falling object. 2 /ld/ small edible fish.

lebar1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 broad, wide, extensive. jalan yang lebar a broad road

lebar2: n /lu/frm/ 1 width 2 breadth Berapa lebar sebuah lapangan tennis yang standard? What is the width of a standard tennis court?
-berlebaran: v celebrate this day
-lebar ayunan:
n amplitude.
-lebar hadapan: n frontage.
-lebar kapal: n a ship’’s beam.
-lebar haluan: n width of passage.
-lebaran: n holyday |day of celebration at end of fasting month|
-lebaran haji: n festival celebrated on the 10th day of the 12th Islamic month
-lebar sayap: n wingspan, wingspread.
-melebar: v become wider.
-melebarkan: v 1 widen (sth). Pemerintah daerah akan melebarkan taman kota. The local government will widen the city park. 2 broaden Perja-lanan ke Eropah akan melebarkan pendapatmu tentang arsitek klasik A trip to Europe will broaden your view on classical architecture
-mulut lebar: n big mouth.
-pelebaran: n 1 widening 2 broadening 3 expansion 4 spreading

lebat: adj /lu/frm/ 1 dense |made of or containing a lot of things that are very close together| Hutan Kalimantan yang lebat The Kalimantan dense jungle.  huatn pinus yang lebat dense forests of pine trees 2 heavy Hujan lebat mem-buat jalan ini banjir kemarin. A heavy rain made this road flooded yesterday 3 luxuriant |healthy and growing thickly and strongly| Ada sejumlah pohon rambutan lebat dekat rumah saya. There are a number luxuriant rambutan tree next to my house.
-kelebatan: n 1 luxuriance (hair, fruit, etc.) 2 heaviness (of rain) 3 density (of population, tree, etc.)
-melebat: v 1 become heavy (rain, storm, raid, etc.) 2 become dense (jungle, population) 3 become luxuriant (fruit) .4 became thick (hair, weed)

lebih: adj /lu/frm/ 1 more |used to make an adjective to be superlative| lebih tiggi taller lebih cepat faster
-berlebih: v 1 be excessive 2 be redundant
-berlebihan1: adj 1 excessive |much more than is reasonable or necessary| Saya tidak tahan terhadap tuntutan mereka yang berlebihan. I couldn’t stand of their excessive demand. 2 luxurious Kehidupan yang berlebihan. A luxurious life
-berlebihan2: adv Dia selalu bertindak berlebihan She always act excessively
-kelebihan: n 1 excess 2 surplus Anda harus membayar untuk kelebihan berat barang. You have to pay for an excess luggage. 2 change Ini kelebihan uang anda. This is your change 3 superiority Dia punya banyak kelebihan dibanding dengan siswa lain. He has a lot of superiority compare to other students.
-lebih baik: adj better
-lebih banyak: adj more Anak-anak membutuhkan lebih banyak perhatian dari kita. The children need more attention from us.
-lebih buruk/jelek: adj worse
-lebih dari: adj more than. Dia beri saya uang lebih dari yang saya harapkan. He gave me money more than what I expected. Adik perempuan kamu kelihatan lebih tua dari kamu. Your younger sister looks older than you
-lebih dulu1: adj earlier Dia pergi kerja lebih dulu She left to work earlier.
-lebih dulu2: adv in advance Anda harus membayar lebih dulu sebelum penyerahan (barang) You have to pay in advance before delivery 3 first  Siapa yang lebih dulu akan menjawab? Who first to answer?
-melebihi: v succeed
-melebih-lebihkan: v exaggerate.
-secara berlebihan:
adv excessively Serikat buruh menuntut kenaikan gaji secara berlebihan. The labour union excessively demand the raise of the wage.
terlebih (dulu): adj 1 first of all, above all  Terlebih dahulu saya ingin sampai-kan sambutan saya yang hangat atas kedatangan anda. First of all I’d like to extend my warm greeting for your coming. 2 especially Jangan biarkan dia pergi sendirian terlebih pada malam hari seperti ini. Don’t let her go out alone, especially at night like this.

lebur: adj /lu/ 1 melted. 2 dissolved
-keleburan: n dissolution.
-lebur binasa: adj destroyed.
-lebur kiamat: n doomsday.
-melebur: v /intr/ 1 melt, fuse. 2 be destroyed, be wiped out. 3 merge. Kedua bank itu melebur menjadi satu Both of the banks were merged into one.
-meleburkan: v /tr/ 1 fuse, smelt. 2 join, affiliate Mereka melebur diri They merge themselves  3 melt (fat) off. 4 destroy, wipe out.
-peleburan: n 1 smelting. 2  melting, dissolving away. 3 iron works. 3 fusing together, amalgamation. 4 coalescence.
-titik panas lebur: n ­melting point.

leceh2: adj /ld/ talkative.
-meleceh: v chat along.
-melecehkan: v /tr/ 1 chat about sth 2 look down (sb) 3 under estimate (sb/sth) Jangan pernah melecehkan seseorang Don’t ever under estimate someone.
-peleceh: n talkative person.

leceh3; melecehkan: v /lu/frm/ 1 vilify |to say bad things about someone in order to make other people have a bad opinion of him/her| 2 insult despise 3 consider sb vile
-pelecehan seks: n seksual abuse.

lecek: adj /lu/ 1 disheveled, unkempt |very messy| Dia kelihatan lelah danlecek berantakan.  She looked tired and disheveled 2 crumpled (of paper, etc.). 3 worn (of locks, latches, etc.).

lecet: adj /lu/frm/ 1 chafed. Kakinya lecek karena sepatu baru. Her feet are chafed from the new shoes. 2 blister (on foot, etc.). 3 scratched.
-berlecet; melecet: v /intr/1 chafed, be­come blistered. 2 scratched (a paint job, etc.).
-melecetkan: v 1 chafe, rub (the skin, etc.). 2 scuff sb’s shoes, the floor).

leci: n /lu/ the lychee fruit and tree.

lecit; melecit: v /lu/ 1 slip away 2 ooze through Adonan yang di remasnya melecit lewat jari-jariny.The dough he was squeezing oozed through his fingers.

ledak; meledak: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 explode (of a bomb, etc.). 2 erupt (of a volcano). 3 break out, burst out. Tangisannya tiba-tiba meledak: ­He suddenly burst into tears. Perang sudah meledak. War has broken out. 4 unexpectedly and remarkably happen Penjualan mereka meledak dalam tahun terakhir ini. Their sales has unexpectedly and remarkably increased in the last year.
-ledakan: n 1 explo­sion. 2 eruption. 3 detonator.
-meledakkan: v /tr/ 1 explode 2 cause sth to explode, blow sth. up. 2 release (emotions). Dia tiba-tiba meledakkan amarahnya kepada Sam. He suddenly blow up his anger to Sam.
-peledak: n explosive. senjata peledak explosive weapon. ahli peledakan explosives expert.
-peledakan: n explosion.

ledek1: n /Jv/ 1 dance performed at feasts by hired dancers joined by honored spectators. 2 such a hired dancer.

ledek2; meledek; ngledek: v /Jkt/ tease.
-ngeledekin: v continuously tease sb

ledeng: see leding:

leding1; meleding: v /ld/ warp, sag (of floors, etc.).

leding2: n /lu/ 1 plumbing 2 piped clean water.
-leding umum: n public water faucet.
-tukang leding: n plumber.

leduk; meleduk: v explode.

lega: adj /lu/frm/ 1 roomy, open. 2 free, not busy 3 relieved, free of worry
-kelegaan: n 1 relief. 2 space.
-lega dada: adj unconcerned
-lega hati/pikiran: adj relieved.
-melegakan (hati): v cause relieved feeling.

legak-legok: see lenggak-lenggok:

legal: adj /lu/frm/ legal.|officially allowed, ordered, or approved by law| transaksi legal a legal transaction

legalisasi: n /lu/frm/ legalization.
-melegalisasi: v legalize.

legalisir; melegalisir: v /lu/frm/ legalize.

legalistis: adj /lu/frm/ legalistic.

legalitas: n /lu/frm/ legality.

legasi: n /frm/lu/ legation.

legat: adj /ld/ 1 straight 2 fixed.

legenda: n /lu/frm/ 1 legend, myth. 2 legend (on maps, etc.).
-melegendakan: v make into a legend.

legendaries: adj /lu/frm/ legendary.

Legi: n /Jv/ the first day of the five-day week.

legion: n /lu/frm/ 1 legion. 2 association. Legiun Veteran: Veteran’s Association.

legislatif: n /lu/frm/ legislative body.

legit: adj /Snd/ sweet and sticky.

legitimasi: n /lu/frm/ legitimation.
-melegitimasikan: v legitimatize.

legitimir; melegitimir: v /lu/frm/ legitimatize.

legiun: variant of legion:

lego; melego: v /lu/ 1 release 2 hand over 3 transfer 4 release for sale
-melego jangkar: v drop an anchor.
-legoan: n sth that has been released.
-barang legoan: n goods that have been released.

leha; lehah: adj lu/ careless, inattentive.
berleha-leha: v 1 take it easy.2 use sb’s time leisurely

leher: n /lu/frm/ neck.
-leher baju: n collar.
-leher botol: n neck of bottle.
-leher rahim: n cervix.

lejat1; melejat: v flip (of a fish).
-melejat-lejat: v flip-flop, writhe.
-lejatan: n a flip (of a coin, fish tails, etc.).

lejat2: see lezat:

lejit; melejit: v /lu/frm/ 1 run off, make a dash.
-melejit kedepan: v thrust forward 2 increase suddenly, skyrocket. Angka kematian kecelakaan itu melejit menjadi seribu org The number of casualties jumped to one thousand.

lekang: adj /lu/ 1 cracked |something that is cracked has thin lines on its surface because it is damaged or extremely dried such as dried mud| 2 not firmly attached, easily separatd |if a fruit ‘lekang’ such as rambutan, the flesh of it doesn’t attaché firmly to the hard seed so it is easy to peel|
-melekang: v 1 split 2 cracked 3 cleaved 4 peels 5 rend apart 6 be taken off Jaket kulitnya tidak pernah lekang. His leather jacket has never been taken off. 7 be separated Kedua bersaudari itu tidak pernah lekang. Both sisters never been separated.
-lekang inti: n nuclear fission.
-terlekangkan: adj 1 splitable 2 separable 2 fissionable 4 easy to crack.

lekas: adv /lu/frm/ 1 soon Dia lekas sampai di rumah. He arrived soon at home. Lekas pulang, jangan sampai malam. Come back soon, don’t wait until night. 2 right away  Lekas pergi dari sini! Go right away from here! 3 early Kalau kamu lekas pergi akan lekas juga sampai If you go early you’ll back early too. 4 immediately Dia datang kesini tadi pagi tetapi lekas pulang. He came here this morning but he went back immediately. 4 quickly.. Mari kita lekas selesaikan tugas itu. Let’s quickly finish the assignment
-selekas mungkin: adv as soos as possible

lekat: adj /lu/frm/ sticky, stick 2 ad­dicted. 3 close (of friendship).
-kelekatan: n 1 stickness 2 adhesiveness, viscosity
melekat: v /intr/ 1 ad­here Dengan segala rasa hormat yang melekat pada dia. With all respect that adhere to him. 2 stick Sticker itu melekat kuat di pintu.The sticker strongly stick at the door.
-melekatkan: v /tr/ stick Bagaimana cara terbaik melekatkan tanda ini di dinding. What is the best way to stick this sign on the wall.  2 put on Pakaian seperti apa melekat di badannya, dia selalu terlihat cantik. What ever clothes she put on, she looks gorgeous.

lekit: adj 1 sticky, viscous.

lek-lekan: n /Jv/ all-night get-together awake

lekok: adj /lu/ curving, winding (of road, etc.).
-melekokkan: v bend sth,  cause sth to curve.

Lekra {Lembaga Kebudayaan Rakyat}: n the People’s Cultural Association |a left-wing literary and cultural organization until the mid-1960’s|

Leksikograf: n /tech/ lexicographer.

leksikografi: n /tech/ lexicography.

leksikostatistik: n /tech/ lexicostatistics.

lektor: n /lu/frm/ a rank of university lecturer similar to associate professor.
-lektor  kepala: n senior associate pro­fessor.
-lektor madya: n intermediate associate professor.
-lektor muda: n junior associate professor.

lektris: variant of elektris:

lektur: n /frm/ reading matter.

lekuk: adj /lu/ 1 hollow (in the cheeks)
-berlekuk: v 1 be dented. mata keris itu berlekuk tiga the blade with three curves 2 have holes.
-lekukan: n 1dent 2 indenta­tion.
-lekuk-likuk: n 1 many dents 2 various tricks.
-lekuk lutut: n hollow of the knee.
-lekuk mata: n eye socket
-lekuk. ­perut: n 1 pit of the stomach 2 dent (in a fender, etc.) 3 depression |an area of a surface that is lower than the other parts|
-melekuk: v 1  become hollow 2 be­come dented.
melekukkan: v make a hollow, depression, dent.

lekung: adj /lu/ 1 hollow 2 curved, bent.
-melekung: v curve, bend.

lelah: adj /lu/frm/ tired, weary, worn-out, exhausted.
-berlelah-lelah: v tire, wear sb’s out.
-kelelahan1: n 1 weari­ness, fatigue, exhaustion.
-kelelahan2: adj 1 too tired 2 very exhausted or tired
-letih lelah: adj very tired.
-melelahkan1: v make sb tire, weary sth.
-melelahkan2: adj 1 tiresome 2 tiring 3 fatiguing 4 wearying
-melelahkan diri: v make sb or ourself tire.

lelaki: n /lu/  man, male.
-kelaki-lakian: n masculinity.

lelakon: n /lu/ 1 story (in a shadow play) 2 life story 3 acting, role.

lelang: n /lu/ auction.
-juru lelang: n auctioneer.
-melelang: n auction off, sell at auction, bit or by at auction
-melelangkan: v 1 sell at auction 2 turn sth over to an auction 3 put out to con­tract, tender |to make a formal offer to buy all or part of a company|
-pelelangan: n auction, public sale.
-terlelang: v be auctioned off accidentally.

lelangit: n /lu/ 1 palate 2 house ceiling.

lelap: adj /lu/frm/ sound asleep.
-kelelapan: n 1 deep sleep. 2 too sound (of sleep).
-lelap nyenyak: v very sound asleep.
-lelap mata: v close sb’s eyes (and sleep).
-melelapkan: v put sb to sleep.

-terlelap: v be sound asleep.
-terlelapkan: v can be put into a sound sleep.

lele: n /lu/ freshwater catfish.

leleh; meleleh: v /intr/lu/ 1 melt (of wax, etc.) Nanah meleleh di telinganya Pus dripped from his ear 2 calm down. Akhirnya, rasa marahnya meleleh begitu dia melihat kamu. Finally her anger melt down as she saw you.
-berlelehan: v /intr/ drip, trickle with (perspiration).
-melelehkan: v /tr/ 1 melt 2 trickle 3 drip (of tears, etc.)
-lelehan: n a trickle.

lelembut: n 1 trouble-making 2 invisible spirit.

lelep1: /Jv/ melelepkan: v 1 submerge, immerse, dipsth 2 drown sb. or sth
-kelelepan: v be submerged. kelelepan ke air drowned into water

lelep2: variant of lelap:

lelet2; meleletkan: v spread, smear sth.

leluasa: adj 1 free, unhampered, unimpeded 2 lav­ish, generous, liberal (in giving).
-berkeleluasaan: v have freedom of action.
-berleluasa: v do as sb pleases.
-keleluasaan: n freedom (of action).

lelucon: n 1joke, jest. 2 spoof, farce.

leluhur: n ancestors, forefathers.

lemah: adj /lu/frm/ 1weak (of body, argument, etc.), low (of battery), fading (of radio). 2 /ling/ unstressed (of syllable). 3 limp, supple.
-ke­lemahan: n 1 weakness, frailly
-kelemahan perasaan: n fainthearted­ness.
-kelemahan sahwat: n 1 impotence 2 laxity
-kelemah lembutan: n 1 gentle­ness, graciousness. 2 suppleness, gracefulness.
­-lemah gemulai: adj graceful (movement of a dancer).
-lemah lembut: adj 1 soft-hearted, meek. 2 very graceful 3  gracious 4 kind-hearted.
-lemah-lantur: adj flexible, pliant, supple.
-lemah lunglai: adj 1 flexible, pliant. 2 yielding, responsive.
-melemah: v /intr/ become weak.
-memperlemah: v 1 weaken, enervate, enfeeble. 2 attenuate.
-pelemahan: n weakening.

lemak: n /lu/frm/ 1 fat, grease.
-berlemak: adj greasy. makanan berlemak fatty, greasv food.
-lemak babi: n 1 pork fat. 2 lard. 3 sweet (in speech), suave.
-lemak hewan: n animal fat.
-lemak ketam: n gray.
-lemak nabati: n vegetable oil.
-lemak tulang: n 1 marrow 2 greasy.
-nasi lemak: n ­boiled rice with assorted side dishes.
-perlemakan: n fattening (of cattle, etc.).

lemang: n /lu/ 1 glutinous rice roasted in bamboo tubes. 2 cake of grated cassava and coconut with palm sugar steamed in bamboo tubes.
-melemang: v pre­pare sb of these dishes.

lemari: n /lu/frm/ 1 cupboard 2 wardrobe 3 case.
-lemari arsip: n filing cabinet.
-lemari besi: n safe.
-lemari buku: n bookcase.
-lemari es: n refrigerator.
-lemari kaca: n dresser or chiffonier with mirror.
-lemari kedaian/klontong: n display box, showcase.
-laci lemari: n drawers of a cupboard
-lemari makan: n kitchen cabinet, cupboard. ­
-lemari obat: n medicine cabinet.
-lemari pamer: n show­case.
-lemari rias: n dresser, dressing table.
-lemari sekering: n fuse box.
-melemari eskan: v 1 shelve |to decide not to continue with a problem, a case, a project, although you might continue with it later| Pemerintah telah melemari eskan kasus itu The government has shelved the case.

lemas: adj /lu/ 1 limp, faint, languid. 2 supple, pliant, flexible.
-mati lemas: v suffocated to death (esp. drowned).
-melemaskan: v 1 weaken, soften sth
-melemaskan kaki: v 1 stretch out sb’s legs. 2 smother, stifle, suffocate sb 3 refine.

lembab: adj /lu/frm/ 1 damp, moist, humid.
kelembaban: n humidity, dampness; mugginess.
-lembab-lembut: adj soft and wet (as of sand). 2 dull (of a drum sound). 3 clumsy, awkward. 4 indolent.
-melembabkan: v moisten, dampen, wet sth
pelembab: n moisturizer, moistener.
pelembaban: n moisturizing, moistening.

lembaga1: n /lu/frm/ institute, league, institu­tion,  organization, society.Lembaga Bantuan Hukum (LBH) Legal Aid Society. Lembaga Negara State Institu­tion. Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Peni­tentiary.
-kelembagaan: n matter related to an institu­tion
-melembaga: v 1 be institutionalized  2 become institutionary
melembagakan: v 1 institutionalize,  make sth customary.2 make sth to be an institution.
pelembagaan: n institutionalization.

lembaga2: n /tech/ embryo, sprout.
-lembaga daun: n sprout of a plant.

lembah: n /lu/frm/ valley, dale. lembah kehidupan the reality of life.

lembam1: adj /lu/ 1 weak, tired, languid. 2 swollen from fatigue, weeping, etc. (of facial features).
kelembaman: n languidness.

lembam2: variant of lebam:

lembar1: n /lu/frm/1 sheet (of paper) 2 piece 3 passage lembaran sejarah passage (part) of a history
-lembaran: n 1 page. lembaran kuning yellow pages (of telephone directory). 2 sheet (of sth thin like paper). lembaran Rp500 500 rupiah note. lembaran kayu veneer. lembaran Negara official gazette
-lembaran: adv counted by sheet. Apa kertas ini di jual lembaran? Is this paper sold by sheet?
-lembar lepas: n 1 loose leaf 2 classifier for paper, etc.
-lembar percobaan: n proof­sheet.
-selembar kertas: n a sheet (piece) of paper
-selembar cek: n a check.

lembar2: n 1 thread, string 2 classifier for hair, thread, etc. selembar rambut a piece of hair
melembarkan: v twist (of rope, string, etc.).

lembayung: n /ltr/1 the water hyacinth. 2 reddish pur­ple, crimson.

lembek: adj /lu/frm/ 1 soft (of a pillow, etc.), flabby (flesh). 2 soft, mushy (of porridge, etc.). 3 loose, slack (of rope, springs). 4 weak. lembek ingatan mentally retarded.
kelembekan1: n 1 softness. 2 slackness, looseness. 3 weakness.
-kelembekan2: adj too soft
melembek: v become soft or slack.
melembekkan: v 1 soften sth. 2 weaken, impair (sb’s health).

lembik: variant of see lembek:

lembing1: n /lu/1 spear, lance 2 javelin.
melembing: v ­throw the spear or javelin.

lembu: n /lu/ ox, cow, bull.
-lembu belang: n spotted cow.
-lembu dongkol: n sb whose bark is worse than his bite.
-lembu hutan: n wild bull.
-lembu kampong: n piebald cow.
-lembu kasi: n ox.
-lembu laut: n walrus.
-lembu perahan: n dairy cow.

lembung1; melembung: v /lu/ swell (of a bruise, balloon, etc.).
melembungkan: v inflate, blow up (a balloon).
-perahu karet lembung: n inflate rubber raft.
-lembung dada: adj haughty, proud.
pelembungan: n /Jv/ 1 balloon 2 blown up gizzard.

lembung2: variant of lambung:

lembur1: n /lu/ overtime work  kerja lembur work overtime upah lembur overtime pay.
melembur; ngelembur: v work overtime.

lembur2: variant of lambur:

lembut1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 soft. 2 meek, tender, gentle
kelembutan: n 1 softness 2 gentleness, tenderness.
-lembut hati: adj gentle, easygoing.
melembut: v become soft. Suara paman melembut sedikit Uncle’s voice a little softened
melembutkan: n soft­en, refine sth melembutkan hati console, comfort.
pelembutan: n soft­ening, toning down.pelembutan bahasa euphemism.

Lemhanas {Lembaga Pertahanan Nasional}: n Na­tional Defense Institute..

Lemigas {Lernbaga Minyak dan Gas Burni}: n Institute for Petroleum and Natural Gas.

lemon: see limin:

lemot; berlemotan: v /lu/ smeared all over with sth. Mulutnya berlemotan susu Her mouth was smeared with milk.

lempang: adj /lu/ straight.
-lempang hati: adj honest, straight.
-lempang pukang: v crisscross.
melempang pukang: v go straight (of a road, street).
melempangkan: v straighten melempangkan jalan 1 /idiom/ simplify procedure 2 make the road straight forward

lempar; melemparv /intr/tr/lu/frm/ 1 throw. 2 throwing event.
-lempar cakram: n discus throw.
-lempar lembing: n javelin toss, throw.
-lempar peluru: n shot put.
-lemparan: n 1 throw 2 pitch 3 toss
-lempar hukuman: n foul shot or throw (in basketball).
-lempar mata/pandang: v toss a glance.
-melemparkan: v /tr/ 1 throw sth
-melemparkan peluru: v put the shot. 2 dispose of sth
-melemparkan tanggungjawab: v run from respon­sibility, pass the buck.
melempari: v /tr/ throw sth repeatedly
-melemparkan kritik: v level criticism at.
-melemparkan pandangan: v look at sb or sth briefly.
pelempar: n 1 pitcher, hurl­er, thrower. 2 launcher.
-pelempar roket: n bazooka.
-pelemparan: n 1 throwig, hurling. 2 ejection.
sepelemparan: n stone’s  throwaway |how far sb can throw a small stone averagely|
terlempar: v be tossed aside, flung.

lempem: see melempem:

lempeng1: variant of lempang:

lempeng2: n 1 slab |sth broad, thin, and flat.| 2 piece |a classifier for flat broad objects| selempeng kaca a plate of glass. selempeng triplex a sheet of plywood 3pancake with sliced ba­nanas.
-lempeng jam: n watch dial.
-lempeng kering: n peat.
-lempeng  kulit bumi: n /Geog./ 1 lithosphere.
-lempengan: n plaque.
-melempeng: v be thin and flat.

lemper: n /ld/ snack made of steamed glutinous rice with meat or other stuffing and wrapped in a banana leaf.

lempit: n /lu/ a fold.
-lempitan: n a fold.
-melempit: v fold sth.

lempung1: n /lu/ clay.

lempung2: adj /lu/ soft and light (of wood).

lempuyang: n /ld/ a medicinal plant of the ginger family.

len1: n lens.

len2: see lin:

lena; terlena: v /lu/ soundly asleep. 2 be dawdled 3 be off guard.
berlena-lena: v dawdle, be unhurried. Dia berlena berjalan ke pasar She leisurely walks to the market.
-keterlenaan: n the condition of being soporific.
-melenakan: v put sb to sleep.
-terlena: v fall asleep.

lenan: n /lu/ linen.

lencana: n /lu/1 emblem, badge 2 insignia, ribbon.
-lencana ­jabatan: n official insignia.
-lencana perang: n 1 battle pennant. 2 war sign.

lencang: prep. /lu/ in a straight line.
-lencang kanan: v form a straight line by looking to the right.
-melencangkan: v straighten, make sth straight.

lenceng; melenceng: v /lu/1 veer, swerve, turn. 2 deviate

lendung: adj /ld. 1bent inward, curved. 2 bowed down (from old age).
-melendung: v 1 sag 2 flex.
lendungan: n deflection.
-kelendungan: n slack.

lengah: adj /lu/ 1careless, inattentive. 2 carefree, non­chalant.
-berlengah-lengah: v dawdle, dally, relax.
-kelengahan: n 1 neglectful­ness, inattentiveness. 2 idleness.
-lengah hati: v 1 entertain 2 be careless,  be inattentive.
-lengah waktu: v pass the time.
-melengah: v 1 relax, let sb’s guard down.
-melengahkan: v 1 neglect, ignore. 2 divert.
-pelengah: adj inattentive (person).
-terlengah: v be neglected, be for­gotten. 2 be absent-minded.

lengan: n /lu/ 1 arm. 2 sleeve. 3 arm (of scales).
-lengan bawah: n forearm.
-lengan peraba: n tentacle

lengang: adj /lu/frm/ 1 lonely |far from where people live| deserted, empty and quiet, especially because the people who are usually there have left|  Jam 10 malam jalanan mulai lengang. At 10 p.m. the streets starts to be  deserted.
-kelengangan: n 1 quietness, loneliness. 2 deserted.
-melengangkan: v empty, vacate sth, clear sth out.

lengar: adj /ld/1 dazed, drowsy 2 dizzy.
-terlengar: v be unconscious, be in a faint (from a blow).
-kelengaran: n stupor |a state in which you cannot think, see etc. clearly|

lenggak; melenggak: v /ld/ look up |to raise your head to see sth|

lenggak-lenggok: n /lu/ swaying movements.
melenggang lenggok: v twist and turn, swing and sway.

lenggan: variant of langgan:

lenggang1; melenggang: v /lu/ 1 pause or rest for a moment. 2 be free. have a free moment.

lenggang2: n /lu/ 1 swinging, swaying. 2 roll, wal­low (of a boat).
-berlenggang; melenggang: v 1 swing (of the arms while walking). 2 roll, pitch (of boats). 3 swish (of tail).
-lenggang-kangkung: n 1 joyful and gentle movement  2 aimless walking.
-melenggang: v 1 joyfully walk without any burden 2 bring or carry nothing wile walking 2 be empty-handed.
-melenggangkan tangan: v /tr/ swing (the arms) while walk­ing.
-terlenggang: v be swung (of arm). 2 be rolled or pitched (of ship).

lenggara: selenggara: v /lu/frm/ implement
-menyelenggarakan: v /tr/ 1 implement 2 conduct 3  arrange 4 organize 5 execute
-penyelenggaraan: n 1 implementation 2 arrangement 2 execution 3 applica-tion 4 organizing
-penyelenggara: n 1 organizing  (agent) 2 implementing (committee, body, unit, etc) 3 executor 4 applicator
-selenggarakan: v /imp./ 1 do 2 execute 3 implement 4 conduct. Jangan tunggu terlalu lama, selenggarakan pameran itu sesegera mungkin. Don’t   wait too long, conduct the exhibition as soon as possible.

lenggok; melenggok: v /lu/ swing (sb’s arm)
-berlenggok: v 1 sway sb’s body. Dia pergi berlenggok sambil tersenyum. She left with a smile on her face swaying her hips. 2 shake sb’s head gracefully.
-lenggokan kepala: n toss of the head.
-melenggang-lenggok: v swing (sb’s arm) and sway her/his hip while walking.
-melenggok-lenggokkan: v sway, swing (the body) to and fro.

lengkang: variant of lekang:

lengkap: adj /lu/frm/ 1 full Tuliskan nama lengkap, alamat, dan tanggal lahir Please write down your full name, address, and birth date. 2 complete Periksa dulu apakah peralatannya sudah lengkap. Please check if the accessories are complete. 3 comprehensive. Saya mau beli Kamus Indonesia – Inggris yang lengkap. I want to buy a comprehensive Indonesian – English dictionary
-kelengkapan: n 1comprehensiveness 2 completeness.
-melengkapi; memperlengkapi:
v 1 complete  2 equip 3 furnish 4 fit out
-melengkapkan: v /tr/ complete
-perlengkapan: n 1 accessory 2 equipment 3 supplement.
-selengkapnya: adv in its entirety, properly complete.
-selengkap-lengkapnya: adv as complete as possible.

lengkeng: n /lu/ 1 any kind of tree which fruit is sweet – Euphoria longgana 2 the fruit of this tree.

lengket1: adj /lu/ sticky |made of or covered with a substance that sticks to surfaces| permen yang lengket sticky candy Tangan kamu lengket. Your hands are sticky.

lengket2; v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 stick |if something sticks or is stuck, it is fixed and difficult to move| Stiker parkir lengket keras di kaca depan A parking sticker sticks tightly on the windshield Ada lumpur lengket di sepatu kamu There is mud sticks on your shoes.
2 be stuck /intr/ Banyak sekali poster lengket di dinding itu There are a lot of poster stuck on the wall. 3 adhere |to stick firmly to something| Kepercayaan pada gaib masih lengket pada mereka. Belief on supernaturalism still adhere to them.
-kelengketan: n adhesiveness.
-lengketkan: v /lu/imp/ 1 stick /tr/ |to attach something to something else using a sticky substance, or to become attached to a surface| Lengketkan badge ini di baju kamu Stick this badge on your shirt
-melengketkan: stick /tr/ Apa kamu ingat melengketkan perangko pada surat itu? Did you remember to stick a stamp on the envelope?
-pelengket: n adhesive
-pelengketan: n adhesion.

lengking: n /lu/frm/ 1 shrill or voice | the voice that is high and unpleasant| 2 wail |sound of siren)
-melengking: v 1 scream or shout with shrill voice 2 be shrill. 3 wail (of siren). Peluit kereta api itu sudah terdengar melengking dari jauh. The sound of the railway’s siren could be heard shrilling from a distance.
melengkingkan: v make a shrill or strident sound 2 wail Pekeja itu melengkingkan suara hantaman besi degan besi The worker made a loud shrilling sound by striking an iron bar against another.
-lengkingan: n a wail, a shriek sound.

lengkitang: variant of langkitang:

lengkok: lengkokan: n /lu/ curve, bend.
-berlengkok1; melengkok1: v /intr/ be curved, be bend
-berlengkok2; melengkok2: adj curved, bend

lengkuas: n /lu/ ginger plant, galangale.

lengkungl; lengkungan: n /lu/frm/ 1 curve, bend. 2 arc. 3 hollow 4 curvature.
-lengkungan suara: n voice intonation.
-melengkung: v /intr/ 1 curve, bend, arch 2 buckle (of metal). 3 curl (of hair, etc.).
-melengkungi: v /tr/ surround, encircle sth Jalan itu melengkungi sebuah bukit. The road encircle a hill.
-melengkungkan: v /tr/ 1 bend  2 make sth curved or curly

lengkung2: n /spo/ sound of hammer on iron.

lengserl; melengser: v /lu/1 slide down (of the sun, skirt). 2 grease sth 3 step down (from a high position) Suharto lengser setelah ada protes keras dari mahasiswa. Suharto step down after a severe protest from the students.

lengser2: n /ld/ baking pan, cookie sheet.

lengser3: n /Snd/ prime minister.

lenjuang: n /lu/ any kind of small bush the leaves of which shape like blade and it has purple color .

lenong: n /Jkt/ folk theater.

lensa: n /lu/frm/ lens.
-lensa balut/mata: n crystalline lens.
-lensa kontak: n contact lens.
-lensa sebar: n dispersing, diverging lens.

lenso: n /Eas Timor/ handkerchief.
-tarian lenso: n dance with scarves.

lentang2; melentangkan: v /tr/ld/ stretch (sth) out. –syn: /lu/ merentangkan
-menelentang: v lie on sb’s back with the arms stretched out.
-te(r)lentang: v /lu/ be stretched out on sb/s back. Korban itu jatuh dan telen-tang di tanah The victim felt down and was stretched out on the ground.

lentera: n /lu/frm/ lantern.
-lentera laut: n lighthouse beacon.

lentik: adj /lu/frm/ curved, curving.
-melentik: v curve upward or downward  (esp. of eyelashes).
-melentikkan: v cause sth to curve upward.
-kelentikan: n suppleness, pliability.

lentingl: adj /lu/frm/ springy, resilient, bouncy.
-melenting: v /intr/ 1 be bouncy. 2 curl (of leaves, burning paper).

lenting2: n /spo/ sound of small metal objects hitting a stone.
-berlenting: v make such sound.
-selenting: n a tiny (audible) bit.
-selentingan: n an information that has been told by a little bird.

lentur: adj /lu/frm/ 1 bent, curved. 2  flex­ible. 4 warped.
-melentur: v /intr/ 1 bent, curved 2 be flexible.
-melenturkan: v /tr/ 1 bend sth 2 deflect. 3 flex (a muscle).
-kelenturan: n 1 flexibility,  pliancy. 2 diffraction. 2 curva­ture.
-pelentur: n sth that make sth else flexible.

lenyap; melenyap: v /lu/frm/ disappear , lost (from sight), vanish. Daratan telah lenyap dari pandangan. The land has been disappeared from sight
-kelenyapan: n disappearance
-melenyapkan: v /tr/ cause sb/sth to be disappear. 2 abolish, repeal, abrogate. 3 destroy, terminate, get rid of mele-nyapkan jerawat get rid of pimples.
-pelenyap: n remover, eliminator. Ini obat pelenyap batuk. This is medicine to terminate couch.

leo: n /lu/ 1 male lion 2  astrological sign.

lepas1; dilepas: adj /lu/frm/ 1 free Tahanan itu telah lepas dari penjagaan polisi The prisoner was free from police guard. 2 freelance Dia seorang wartawan lepas. He is a freelance reporter. 3 be liberated  Semua budak telah dilepas All the salves has been liberated 4 relax Sekarang kita dapat merasa lepas setelah semua pekerjaan selesai Now we can feel relax, after all the works done.

lepas2; melepaskan: v /lu/frm/ 1 free |to let sb or sth free| Hakim melepaskan dia dari segala tuntutan. The judges has freed him from all accusation. Saya akan melepaskan ayam itu dari kandang I’ll free the chicken from the cage. 2 to say hello (good buy) Sejumlah teman datang ke bandara melepas keberang-katan dia. A number of friends came to the airport to say hallo with her. 3 take off  Lepaskan sepatu kamu sebelum masuk ke kamar. Take off your shoes before going to your room. Pesawat lepas landas pukul 6:00 pagi The plane will take off at 8:00 a.m. 4 defecate Dia sedang lepas hajat. He is defecating. 5 release 6 discharge (shoot) 6 fire, dismish
-berlepasan: v become detached from each other.
-lepas renggang: adj very loose.
-lepas dendam: v revenge.
-lepas jenazah/mayat: v pay sb’s final respects to sb at funeral time.
-lepas kangen: v reunion.
-lepas tangan: v stay clear of, avoid. |don’t want to be involved on sth| 2 take no responsibility for
-melepas-renggangkan: v loosen sth.
-melepas pukulan: v 1 strike 2 punch
-melepas nafas: v expire, take a breath.
-pelepasan: n farewell acara pelepasan farewell party.
-selepas: prep. 1 after Lepas sekolah saya pulang ke rumah. After school I came back home. Lepas 10 tahun tinggal di kota ini mereka pindah ke kota lain. After ten years of staying in this town the they moved to other town. 2 tidak lepas: continuously, never stop Matanya tidak lepas memandang kamu. He never stop looking at you.
-selepas-lepas: adv as far as Selepas-lepas kita memandang, tidak satu orang lainpun kelihatan. As far as we can see, there was nobody around.

lepat: n /lu/ snack made of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.
-/idiom/ seperti lepat dengan daun: adj inseparable.

lepau: n /lu/ food stall. –syn: /ld/ lapo

leperi: see rifri:

lepih: n /ld/ 1edge of a plaited mat (folded back into the plaitwork) 2 folded back (of a page).
-melepihkan: v fold sth back, esp. in plaiting a mat.

lepit: adj /lu/ folded over.
-berlepit-lepit: v be in folds.
-melepit: v /tr/ fold sth
-lepitan: n a fold. lepitan buku folded page in a book.

lepot; be(r)lepotan: v /lu/ 1 be smeared, be smudged, be soiled (with blood, mud, etc.) 2 be besmirched (of reputa­tion).
-melepoti: v soil, besmirch, smear sth

lepra: n /lu/ leprosy.

leprosari: n leprosarium.

lepuh: n /lu/ a blister.
-melepuh: v get blistered.
-melepuhkan: v blister sth, cause a blister.

lepuk: variant of lapuk:

lerai; melerai: v /lu/frm/ break up a fight, separate (fighters). Saya hanya coba melerai perkelahian itu. I just want to break up the fight.
-pelerai: n sb who moderates a war or fight 2 who breaks up fights.
-peleraian: n 1 separation 2 peace arrangement.
-terlerai: adj separable (a fight)

lereng1: n /lu/frm/ 1 slope (of mountain) 2 rim of a wheel, edge (of a coin or of sth round). 3 caster (of bed, sofa, etc.). 4 bicycle
-berlereng: v 1 cycle 2 ride a bicycle.
-lerengan: n sloping land, slope.
-melereng1: v /intr/ slope, incline.
-melereng2: adj sloping, inclining  jalan melereng sloping road.
-melerengi: v go along a slope of sth Kita akan melerengi bukit-bukit itu We‘ll be going along the slopes of the hills.

lereng2: n /lu/frm/ diagonal stripes (of fabric).

leret; leretan: n /lu/ 1 row, line. 2 series.
-seleretan: n a row. seleretan perasaan consecutive emotions.
-berleret: prep. in a row. berdiri berleret stand in a row.
-meleret: v stretch out straight. pedang yang meleret di tanah a sword lying on the earth as if stretched out.
-meleretkan: v arrange sth in a row.

les1: n /lu/frm/ 1 extracurricular tutorial lesson. 2 non­scholastic course. les kuda horse riding lessons. ­les ketik typing course.

les2; ngeles: v /lu/ take such course
-mengeleskan: v teach sth in an extracurricular class

les3: n /lu/ list, roster.

les4: n /lu/ 1 picture frame. 2 trim. les kaca jendela window trim. les ­pinggir decorative trim on a car.

les4: n reins (for horse).

lesat; melesat: v /lu/frm/ flyaway, take off. Pembangunan melesat dengan kecepatan yang menghawatirkan Development has taken off at a fearsome speed.

lesbi; lesbian; lesbis: n /lu/ lesbian.
-berlesbi: v engage in les­bian activities.

leset; meleset: v /lu/frm/1 fall short of (target, estimate). Tem­bakannya meleset. His shot missed the target. 2 decline (in quality).
-kemelesetan: n decline, shortfall.
-terpeleset: v be slipped and lose sb’s balance. Dia terpeleset di es. He was slipped and fell on the ice.

lesit1;:melesit: v hum, buzz (of wasps).

lesit2; melesit: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 spray, spout, gush. 2 blow sb’s nose.
-melesitkan: v /tr/ blow out (sb’s mucous). lesitkan ingusmu, Titi Blow your nose, Titi!

lestari: adj /lu/frm/ 1 eternal, everlasting. 2 long-lasting.
-kelestarian: n 1 conservancy kelesta-rian ling­kungan environmental conservancy 2 per­petuity, continuance. menjaga kelestarian suplai insure the continuity of supply.
-melestarikan: v 1 continue, perpetuate sth 2 conserve, pre­serve (environment). Pemerintah berusaha melestarikan hutan ini The government is trying to preserve this for­est.
-pelestarian: n 1 perpetuation. 2 preservation, conservation. pelestarian satwa liar wildlife conservation.

lesu: adj /lu/frm/ 1 listless, weak (from lack of food or sleep). lesu ­kusam very tired. 2 sluggish, slack (of business). 3 depressed, blue.
-melesu: v become slow, be sluggish. Ekonomi dunia sedang melesu The world’s economy is slowing down.
-kelesuan: n 1 listlessness. 2 sluggish­ness. 3 lassitude, languor. kelesuan jiwa a spiritual lan­guor.

lesung: n /lu/ mortar (for pounding rice). lesung pipi dimple (in cheek).

lesut: n sound of swishing made by a sword or whip.

let: see letnan:

letai: adj /ld/ 1 weak. 2 tired, restless.

letak: n /lu/frm/ 1 location, site. Letak danau itu jauh dari sini. The location of the lake is far from here  Letaknya di mana? Where is its location? 2 position
-letak lintang: n diago­nal position.
-letak sungsang: n breach position.
-letakkan: v /imp/ 1 put down Letakkan pot itu disini! Put the vase here! 2 hang up Letakkan teleponnya dengan benar! Put up the telephone properly!
-meletakkan: v /tr/ 1 place 2 locate 3 put
-meletakkan jabatan: v resign (from a position)
-peletakan: n 1 placement Peletakan batu pertama pusat perbelanjaan di wilayah ini akan dilakukan oleh walikota The placement of the corner stones of this shopping centre will be done by the mayor 2 setting up Peletakan pameran ini sangat rapi The setting up of this exhibition is very neat 3 arrangement Peletakan dekorasi ini dilakukan oleh seorang professional The arrangement of this decoration was done by a professional  4 resignation Peletakan jabatan gub-ernur itu telah menimbulkan kontro-versi The resignation of the governor has made controversy 5 ­laying  upacara peletakan karangan bunga wreath laying ceremony
-peletakan (senjata): n ceasefire, armistice
-peletakan batu pertama: v lay a cornerstone.
-peletak: n founder |who develop or establish sth such an organization, idea, etc|.  Sukarno adalah peletak dasar Negara Republik Indonesia Sukarno was the founder of the Republic of Indonesia.    -terletak: v 1 be situated, be located Palangka Raya terletak di tengah Kalimantan Palangka Raya is located in the middle of Kalimantan. 2 cause (by sth) Saya tidak tahu persoalannya terletak dimana. I don’t know the cause of the problem. 3 lie on |depend on| Keputusan terletak ditangan kamu. The decision lies on your hand.
Kesalahannya terletak dimana? Where was the fault start?

letak: adj /ld/ exhausted, weary, fatigued.
-letak lantai: adj extremely weary, worn out.

letal: adj /frm/ lethal. |able to kill someone| dosis heroin yang letal a lethal dose of heroin –syn: mematikan

letda {letnan muda}: n 2nd lieutenant.

letenan: see letnan:

leter1: n /lu/ 1 letter. 2 type, font.
-meleteri: v put letters on sth or mark sth with letters.

leter2; beleter; meleter: v /ld/ 1 quack repeatedly (of a duck flock). 2 babble, prattle, talk incessantly.

leterlek: adv /ltr/ word for word.

leterseter: n /lu/ typesetter.

letih: adj /lu/ tired, weary, worn out.
-letih lelah: n complete­ly exhausted.
-meletihkan: adj exhausting, gruelling, tiresome.
-keletihan1: n 1 fatigue, exhaus­tion, weariness. keletihan otot muscle fatigue.
-keletihan2: adj overly tired, too exhausted

letjen {letnan-jenderal}: n lieutenant general.

letkol {letnan-kolonel}: n lieutenant colonel.

letnan: n 1 lieutenant, often let as a term of familiar address. 2 /Navy/ lieutenant (Junior grade).
-letnan dua: n 2nd lieutenant.
-letan jenderal: n lieutenant general.
-letnan kolonel: n ­colonel lieutenant
-letnan muda: n ensign.
-letnan satu: n first lieutenant.

lettu {letnan satu}: n first lieutenant.

letup; letupan: n /lu/frm/ 1 explosion of a bullet 2 sound of such explosion. 2 child’s balloon.
-meletup: v 1 explode. 2 go off (gun, cannon).
-meletupkan: v 1 explode sth 2 ignite sth
-peletupan: n explosion

letus: letusan: n /lu/frm/ 1 strong explosion 2 sound of a such explosion.
-meletus: v 1 explode, erupt (volcano, boil, etc.). 2 break out, erupt (of a war, quarrel, epidemic).
-meletuskan: v /tr/ 1explode, detonate (a bomb). 2 blow up (a bridge, etc.).
-peletus: n /ltr/ explosive, trigger
-(pe)letusan: n 1 explosion. 2 detonation. 3 eruption. 4 outburst.

leukaemia: n /lu/frm/ 1 leukaemia |a serious disease that affects the blood and that can cause death|

lever1: n /lu/frm/ liver

lever2; melever: v /lu/frm/ supply, provide (goods).

leveransir: n /lu/frm/ supplier, purveyor.

levis: n /lu/ blue denim jeans.

lewat1: prep. /lu/frm/ 1 via, through, by way of, pass through. Saya pergi ke Bandung lewat Puncak. I went to Bandung through Puncak. Boleh saya lewat? May I pass through? 2 by Saya mengirim pesan itu melalui Email. I sent the message by Email. 2 beyond, past. Waktu itu sudah pukul 7 lewat 10 pagi. It’s 7 past 10 a.m. at that time. 3 melewati: over Truk itu sedang berjalan melewati jembatan. The truck is going over the bridge.

lewat2: v /lu/frm/1 has gone  Apa kereta api pertama sudah lewat? Has the first train gone? 2 exceed |to be more than a particular number or amount or to go beyond an official or legal limit|  Biaya kamu jangan lewat dari $ 500. Your expenditure shouldn’t exceed $ 500. denda karena lewat batas kecepatan a fine for exceeding the speed limit. 3 surpass  Kecerdasan dia melewati semua temannya. Her intelligence surpasses her friend’s.

lewat3: adv /lu/frm/ beyond the limit or border Ini sudah melewati batas It’s been beyond limit
-kelewatan1: adv too far |beyond normal, usually used to describe an attitude, behaviour, or action| Apa yang dia lakukan sudah kelewatan What he did was too far.

lewat4: adj /lu/frm/ over Waktu makan siang sudah lewat. The lunch time is over.
-kelewatan2: adj excessive |much more than is reasonable or necessary| Isteri dia  meninggalkan dia  karena judi yang kelewatan. His wife left him because of his excessive gambling.
-terlewatkan: v has been passed, has been missed.

lezat: adj /lu/frm/1 delicious 2 luscious.
-melezatkan: v f1avor sth.
-kelezatan: n 1 taste. 2 delicacy. 3 flavor 4 enjoyment 5 pleasure.

lha: itrj. /lu/ 1 what? |use to express surprise| Lha! kenapa begitu? What? why like that? 2 huh!  Lha? Kenapa kamu masih disini? Huh? Why you’re still here?  3 so, if that so. Lha kalau begitu kenapa kamu tidak pergi sekarang? So/if that so why don’t you go now. 4 that Lha?  Itu dia! What? That is it!

lho: intrj./lu/ My!Goodness! (excl. of surprise at learn­ing sth unexpectedly). Lho!, kamu sudah disini! Goodness, you are here already! 2 though! |used to introduce a condition in order to warn sb so she/he won’t be surprised| Saya tidak bawa uang lho! I don’t bring my money, though.

liang: n /lu/frm/ 1 hole, pit. 2 nasal passage.
-liang kubur: n grave.
-liang lahat: n 1 niche in Muslim grave. 2 grave. 2 opening, aperture.
-liang dubur: n anal passage.
-liang hidung: n 1 nostril.
-liang kemaluan: n vagina.
-liang kumbang: n scupperhole.
-liang mata: n eye socket.
-liang renik/roma: n pore (of skin).
-berliang renik: n having to do with pores, exudative.
-liang telinga: n 1 acoustic duct. 2 auditory canal.

liang-liuk; berliang liuk: v /inf/ sway like a drunken person.

liar: adj /lu/frm/ 1 a) wild |living or growing in a natural state, and not controlled by people| kuda liar wild horses bunga liar wild flowers. b) |showing strong uncontrolled emotions such as anger, excitement, or happiness| pandangan liar matanya a wild look in her eyes 2 illegal, beyond planning pemukiman liar wild housing area organisasi liar unauthorized organization 3 unpermit-ted demonstrasi liar un-permitted rally

liat1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 tough a) |difficult to cut or eat| daging liat tough meat b) |very determined, and able to deal with difficult conditions| Dia seorang petinju yang liat He is a very tough boxer.  2 rubbery |looking or feeling like rubber| steak liat a rubbery steak 3 dry and infertile Kebon itu itu liat The garden is dry and infertile. 4 soft and sticky tanah liat soft and sticky soil (clay)

liat2: see lihat:

Libanon: n Lebanon.

libas; melibas: v /lu/1 whip |to hit sb/sth with a whip 2 defeat |defeat sb easily| Persipura  melibas Persebaya 3 – 1 dipertandingan final. Persipura easily defeated Persebaya at the final match.

libat; terlibat: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 involve Saya yakin mereka terlibat dalam perse-kongkolan itu I believe that they involved in the conspiracy. 2 engage Kami terpaksa terlibat dalam perde-batan. We were compelled to engage in a debate 3 entangle Dia menjadi terlibat dalam komplotan bisnis kotor. He became entangled with dishonest business partners.
-keterlibatan: n 1 involvement 2 entanglement 3 complicity
v /intr/ 1 be wraped around Ular itu melibat di pohon mangga. A snake is wrapped around the mango tree. 2 bandage, wrap (a wound).
-melibatkan: v /tr/ 1 involve |to include or affect someone or something or to ask or allow someone to take part in something| kekacauan yang melibatkan 45 orang tahanan a riot involving 45 prisoners. Kami sedang berusaha meli-batkan sebanyak mungkin orangtua dalam Persatuan Guru dan Orangtua murid. We’re trying to involve as many of the parents as possible in the PTA 2 engage.

liberal: adj /lu/frm/ liberal a) |willing to understand or respect the different behavior, ideas etc. of other people| sikap liberal terhadap seks a liberal attitude toward sex. b) |supporting changes in political, social, or religious systems that allow people more freedom to do what they want| ekonomi liberal a liberal economy

liberalisasi: n /lu/frm/ the process of making idea or system liberal.

liberalisme: n /lu/frm/ liberalism.

Libra: n /zod/ Libra a) |the seventh sign of the zodiac, represented by a scale| b) |someone born between September 23 and October 23|

libur; liburan: n /lu/frm/ leave, vacation.
-libur resmi: n official leave/vacation
-berlibur: v go on vacation. Kamu akan berlibur kemana? Where are you going on your vacation?
-meliburkan: v close or stop the activities. Selama banjir, guru meliburkan sekolah. During the flood, the teacher closed the school.

licik: adj /lu/frm/ 1 sly, crafty, tricky 2 cagey, wily.
-kelicikan: n 1 cun­ning, wiliness, ability to twist words. 2 artifice, scheme.

licin: adj /lu/frm/ 1 slippery a) |smooth and difficult to hold, walk on etc., especially because of being wet| Hati-hati jalan licin Careful, the sidewalk’s slippery. b) |not to be trusted| orang licik a slippery character. 2 glossy Cetak photo saya pada kertas licin Print my photograph on glossy paper.
-kelicinan: n 1 smoothness 2 cun­ning, slyness 3 slipperiness.
-memperlicin; melicinkan: v 1 make sth smooth. melicinkan jalan pave the way 2 make sth slipp­ery.

lidah: n /lu/frm/ 1 tongue 2 sth that shape like a tongue 3 words Lidahnya manis Her words were sweet.
-berlidah: v to have tongue
-lidah air: n ­crest of floodwater.
-lidah api: n the flame of a fire
-lidah ayam: n a herb (used as medicine).
-lidah badak: n |any creeping plant usually attaché to a palm tree – Photos latifolius|
-lidah bercabang: n deceitful, or two-faced person.
-lidah buaya: n aloe, a plant the leaves of which are used as shampoo.
-lidah dacing: n tongue of scales, index of a balance.
-lidah keling: n untrustworthy, shifty person.
-lidah kucing: n 1 name of a plant 2 any kind of cookie.
-lidah lembu: n any kind of plant.
-lidah ombak: n roller, wave.
-lidah pundak: n shoulder strap.
-lidah tidak bertulang: adj unreliable, untrustworthy.

lidi: n /lu/ palm leaf rib.
-sapu lidi: n a broom made of such splintered ribs.

lift: n /lu/ elevator.

liga: n /lu/frm/ league. Liga Bangsa-Bangsa League of Nations.

ligat: adj /lu/ 1 adept, quick to adjust.
-meligat: v gyrate, spin.
-ligatan: n gyration.
-pegilat: n gyroscope.

ligat: n /lu/ hardworking.

lih. {lihat}: v wrt/ see. Lihat mereka datang. See, they are coming.

lihai: adj /lu/frm/ 1 shrewd |good at judging what people or situations are really like, especially in a way that makes you successful| seorang pebisnis wanita yang lihai a shrewd businesswoman 2 astute |very good at using your knowledge in order to become successful|  seorang pengacara lihai an astute lawyer. 3 wily |good at using tricks in order to get something that you want| seorang politisi lihai a wily politician. 4 cunning |good at deceiving people| penipu lihai a cunning criminal
-kelihaian: n 1 shrewdness 2 astuteness.

lihat; melihat: v /lu/frm/ 1 see Apa kamu lihat wanita tua itu? Do you see that old lady? 2 watch  Lihat jalanmu sayang! Watch your way honey! 3 look Kamu sedang melihat apa? What are you looking at. (What are you looking for?) 4 discern |to see, notice, or understand something by looking at it or thinking about it carefully| Sebagian orang tidak dapat melihat perbedaan diantara dua bunga itu. Some people couldn’t discern any difference between the two plants. Dia benar-benar tidak dapat melihat kenyataan yang sedang dia hadapi. She really doesn’t discern the reality she is facing. 5 visit Berapa kali dalam seminggu kamu pergi melihat kakek-nenekmu? How many times in a week you see your grandparents?
-kelihatan: v /pass.v./ be seen, visible
-kelihatannya1: v /intr/ 1 seem Kelihatannya dia sudah pernah datang kesini sebelumnya. It seems that she has been here before. Kelihatannya hujan akan datang It seems that is going to be rain. 2 look /intr/ Ya ampun! Keliha-tannya kamu sangat hebat! Oh my Goodness! You look so great. Apa dia kelihatan cantik? Does she look pretty?
-kelihatannya2: adv apparently |according to what you have heard is true, although you are not completely sure about it|  Kelihatannya Susan akan dipromosikan. Apparently, Susan’s going to be promoted.
-melihat-lihat: v 1 go sightseeing |to have an activity of visiting famous or interesting places, especially as a tourist| Setelah konperensi selesai kami pergi melihat-lihat.After the conference was over, we went sightseeing. 2 sight |to see something from a long distance away, especially something you have been looking for| Seekor elang sedang terbang diatas melihat-lihat korbannya. An eagle is flying above to sight its prey  Dua beruang telah melhat-lihat di daerah itu Two bears have been sighted in the area. 3 window shop. Kami sedang-melihat-lihat di mall ketika saya bertemu mereka. We were window shopping in a mall when we met them. 4 consider; melihat kembali: reconsider. Setelah melihat kembali usulan itu, kami putuskan untuk menerimanya. After reconsidering the proposal we decide to accept it.
-melihat lebih jauh/kedepan: v forecast.
-melihati: v scrutinize Kepala sekolah melihati siswa satu-persatu. The principal scrutinized each of the students.
-memperlihatkan: v /tr/ show, perform, exhibit, demonstrate, display.
-melihat nujum: v to ask our future to a fortune teller
-melihat dengan sebelah mata: v underestimate |to think that something is smaller, less expensive, less important, less skilful, less intelligent, etc. than it really is| Mereka melihat sebelah mata menejer baru itu. They underestimated the new menejer.
-terlihat: v 1 be seen, visible. Apa baliho ini dapat terlihat dari sudut itu? Is this mural can be seen from that corner? Rumah saya terlihat dari taman itu. My house is visible from that park. 2 unexpectedly be seen Ketika saya mengemudi Sarah terlihat oleh kami sedang berjalan. When I was driving, Sarah was seen by me.
-penglihatan: n sight, vision, eyesight.
-penglihat: n seer, prophet, forecaster, fortune teller.

lihay: variant of lihai:

lika-liku: n /inf/ 1 details 2 vagaries, wondering. |used to describe the complexity of things related to sth| lika-liku ­pemasaran the variety and complexity of things in marketing.

likat1: adj /ld/ 1 thick and sticky. 2 turbid.
-pelikat: n adhesive.

likir2: n plant with edible tubers.

liku: adj /lu/frm/ 1curve, bend (in the road).
-berliku-liku: adj 1 complicated, intricate (problem) 3 winding, curving, tortuous (of road, etc.)
liku-lekuk: n plot (twist­ing and turnings) of a story 2 coil. 3 bay, inlet.
-liku-liku: n intri­cacies, vagaries.
-kelikuan: n curvature.

likuida: adj /frm/ liquid.

likuidasi: n /lu/ liquidation.
-melikuidasi: v liquidate.
-pelikuidasi: n liquidator.

likuidatur: n /lu/ liquidator.

likuide: n /frm/ liquid assets.

likuidir; melikuidir: v /lu/ liquidate.

likuiditas: n /lu/ liquidity (of capital, cash money).

likw: see also entries with liku-.

lila: n /lu/ purple.

lilin: n /lu/frm/ 1 candle. 10 lilin 10 candlepower. 2 wax. lilin lebahl/tawon beeswax.

liliput: n /lu/ sth small. rumah liliput a very small house.

lilit1; melilit: v /lu/ 1 wind |to turn or twist something around and around, especially around something else| Jangan melilit besi itu dengan kabel Don’t wind the iron with cord. Lilitkan benang itu menjadi bundar (menjadi berbentuk bola). Wind the thread into a ball. Seekor ular sedang melilit batang pohon itu. A snake is winding the tree trunk. 2 coil around |to wind or twist into a round shape, or to wind or twist something in this way| Apa kamu sudah melilit selang itu? Have you coiled up the hose? –syn: menggulung.

lilit2: n /lu/ twist Berapa lilit tali itu How many twist that rope? –syn: belit, gulung
-lilitan: n /lu/ twist Ikat kedua tonggak itu dengan beberapa lilitan tali. Tie the two pole with several twist of rope. –syn: gulungan, belitan .
-selilit: n one twist

lilit3: /idiom/ terlilit hutang: run into debt

lima: num. /lu/frm/ five.
-limabelas: n fifteen.
-lima puluh: n fifty.
-lima ratusan: n five bills of R100,-
-berlima: adv five persons together, in a group of five.
-ke-lima: n the fifth,
-seperlima: n a fifth.

limas: n /lu/ 1 pyramid. 2 dipper or cup made of young palm leaves.

limau: n /lu/ citrus fruit. –syn: jeruk
-berlimau: v (wash) with lime juice
-limau besar: n pomelo.
-limau kedangsa: n green-skinned citrus fruit.
-limau kiai: n plant from whose fruit glue is produced.
-limau kingking: n hedge shrub whose fruit is made into syrup.
-limau manis: n orange.
-limau nipis: n sour lime, calamondin.
-limau purut: n rough-skinned lime used as shampoo
-limau sundai: n lime.
-melimay: v 1 wash sth with lime juice.

limbah: n /lu/frm/1 waste.
-limbah nuklir: n nuclear waste.
-limbah pertanian: n 1 compost heap. 2 cesspool.
-pelimbahan: n garbage dump, junkyard.
-limbah industri: n industrial cesspool.

limbat: n /ld/ the name of a fish (see ikan)

limbubu: variant of halimbubu:

limitasi: n limitation.

limosin: n 1 limousine. 2 minibus serving passen­gers between hotels and airports.

limpa: n /lu/ spleen.

limpah; melimpah: adj /lu/frm/ 1 abundant 2 affluent  3 overflowed, plenti­ful, profuse.
-berlimpah-limpah: adj extremely abundant
-berlimpahan: v 1 overflow 2 abound 3 be plentiful 4 be in abundance.
-kelimpahan: n 1 abundance 2 affluence
-melimpah mewah: adj very affluent
-melimpah ruah: adj 1 fully crammed 2 chockfull.
-melimpahi: v 1 flood 2 deluge 3 inundate
-melimpahkan: v 1 shower 2 give sth in abundance 3 grant |to give sb sth valuable as a gift. 4 cause sth to spill over 4 fully delegate (authority, rights, etc.)
-pujian berlimpah: n compli­ments or praise galore.

limun1: n /lu/ 1 soda pop 2 carbonated beverage.
-limun skuas: n lemon squash .

limun2: adj /ld/ invisible, dark, vague
-limunan: n invisibility.

lin1: n /lu/ 1 line 2 route.
-lin kereta api: n railway line.

lin2: n /lu/ line, edge, boundary line (of sports field etc.).

lina; linan: see linen:

linang; berlinang: v /lu/frm/ trickle, drop (of tears, sweat, etc.).
-selinang: n a drop (of tear, water, etc)
-berlinang air mata: v to have tears drop
-berlinang-linang: v to start trickle, flow (of tears).
-melinangi: v trickle down sth Air mata melinangi pipinya. Tears trickle down his cheeks.
-linangan: n trickle.

lincah: adj /lu/ 1 agile a) |able to move quickly and easily| b) |able to think quickly and intelligently| 2 energetic, lively, active
-melincah-lincah: v flit |to move lightly or quickly from one place to another| Burungitu  melicah-lincah dari satu dahan ke dahan lain The birds flitting from branch to branch 2 be always on the move.
-kelincahan: n /lu/ 1 agility 2 liveliness, friskiness.

lindas; lindes; melindes: v /lu/frm/ 1knock down, run over. 2 crush (pepper, etc.).
-kelindas; terlindas: v be crushed, run over (by a car, etc.).
-pelindas: n stone roller, lawn roller.

lindi: n /lu/ 1 lye |liquid obtained by leaching wood ashes| 2 alkali.
-melindi: v leach sth
-pelindian: n leaching.

lindih; lindis; melindis: v /lu/ 1 crush sth  2 level, smooth sth 3 crush, put down (a rebellion, etc). –syn: lindas.
-pelindis: n roller.

lindung1; berlindung: v /intr/lu/frm/ 1 shelter (under a tree, etc.) 2 be under protection.
-melindungi: v /tr/ 1 shelter 2 protect 3 cover 4 conceal 5 shade.
-perlindungan: n 1 shelter 2 protection 3 take care
-pelindung: n 1 protector. 2 shield (of heat) 3 visor (of sun rays) 4 aegis

lindung2: variant of eel:

linen: n /lu/ linen.

linggis: n /lu/ crowbar.
-melinggis: v 1 dig sth with a crowbar. 2 gouge sth with a sharp instru­ment.

lingkar; lingkaran: n /lu/frm/ 1 circle |round shape| 2  rim |the outside edge of something circular, such as a glass or a wheel| lingkar sepeda the wheel of a bicycle 3 circumference |the distance around the outside of a circle or a round object|  Lingkaran bumi hamper 25,000 mil The earth’s circumference is nearly 25,000 miles.
-berlingkar1: v be coiled, be curled up.
-berlingkar2: adv in circle Semuanya harap duduk berlingkar Everybody, please sit in circle
-lingkar dada: n chest measure­ment.
-lingkaran arus: n power circuit.
-lingkaran inti keliling: n inner circle.
-lingkaran luar keliling: n outer space circumference
-lingkaran Kutub Selatan: n Antarctic Circle.
-lingkaran Kutub Utara: n Arctic Circle.
-lingkaran setan: n vicious circle |a situation in which one problem causes another problem that then causes the first problem again|
-melingkar1: adj circular Bentuk Stadion Senayan adalah melingkar. The shape of Senayan Stadium is circular. Sekarang mari kita bentuk barisan melingkar. Now let’s form a circular line
-melingkar2: v circle /intr/lu/ Ada seekor ular sedang melingkar di pohon palem There is snake circling on the palm tree.
-melingkari: v 1 circle /tr/ go around sth, surround |to move or to have a position in a circle around something| Sebuah perahu jet sedang melingkari pulau Krakatau A jetfoil is circling the island of Krakatau. 2 embrace
-melingkarkan: v /tr/ circle Lingkarkan selang itu setelah selesai pakai. Circle the hose after using it.
-selingkar: n all around.
-terlingkar: v be encircled, be sur­rounded.

lingkung; lingkungan1: n /lu/frm/ 1 surroundings |all the things that are around you, and where they are| Makan waktu bermingu-minggu supaya terbiasa dengan lingkung-an baru saya. It took me a few weeks to get used to my new surroundings. 2  perimeter |the border around an area of land| lingkungan lapangan udara the perimeter of the airfield| 3 area Tidak ada kantor pos di lingkungan ini. There is no post office in this area. Mereka tinggal di lingkungan perkotaan. They live in urban area.
-lingkungan2: adj 1 local jalan lingkungan local road |a road that is not built to directly connect an area to other areas| 2 internal Ini adalah masalah lingkungan keluarga. This is an internal case of the family.
-lingkungan hidup: n environment |the land, water, and air in which people, animals, and plants live| undang-undang perlindungan lingkungan hidup laws to protect the environment.
-lingkungan social: n social environment |the situations, people etc. that influence the way in which people live and work| lingkungan kerja yang menyenangkan a pleasant work environment.
-selingkungan1: adv in the same area. Kami tinggal selingkungan We stay in the same area.
-selingkungan2: n an area.  Semua penduduk di selingkungan ini mengenal dia. All people in this area know him

lingkup; ruang lingkup: n /lu/ 1 scope |the range of things that a subject, activity, book etc. deals with|  Diskusi mendalam topik ini sudah diluar ruang lingkup makalah ini. A thorough discussion of this subject is beyond the scope of this paper. 2 range a) |the distance at which a vehicle such as an aircraft can travel before it needs more fuel|  peluru kendali dengan ruang lingkup diatas 300 km missiles with a range of more than 300 km b) |a group of things that are different, but belong to the same general type|  Ruang lingkup pemikirannya sangat luas. The range of his thought is very wide 3 field |a particular subject that people study|  Apakah menejemen termasuk ruang lingkup ilmu social atau seni? Does management belong to the field of social science or art?
-lingkupan: n 1 scope 2 range 3 field
-melingkupi: v 1 include 2 cover  3 encompass 4 overlap 5 overwhelm.
-terlingkup: v 1 be covered 2 be included 3 be encompassed.

linglung: adj /lu/ 1 absent-minded, preoccupied. 2 con­fused, dazed. 3 weak, not aware of things.
-kelinglungan: n confusion, absent-mindedness.
-melinglungkan: v cause sb to become confused or absent­minded.

lini: n /lu/ line, edge. lini pertahanan line of defense.

lintabung: n /ld/ grass.

lintah: n /lu/frm/ leech.
-melintah darat: v work as a profiteer.
-/idiom/ lintah darat: n usurer, profiteer.

lintangl; n /lu/frm/ width |the distance from one side of something to the other| Lintang lapangan sepakbola itu adalah 80 m. The width of the soccer field is 80 m.
-garis lintang: n /Geo/ line of latitude
-lintang busur: n diagonal.
-lintangan: n 1 deterrent. 2 hin­drance, obstacle, barrier.
-lintang kedak: n zigzag line
-lintang pukang: v crisscross
-lintang Utara: n North latitude
-lintang Selatan: n South latitude
-melintang: v /intr/ 1 lie athwart, be in the way, block. Kursi melintang di depan pintu A chair is blocking the doorway. 2 crosswise, transverse. 3 hinder. Saya akan datang kalau tidak ada aral melintang: I will come if there will be no hindrance.
-melintangi: v 1 obstruct, block sth 2 lie across sth. Sebuah jembatan melintangi sungai itu A bridge crosses the river.
-melintangkan: v /tr/ place sth athwart.
-terlintang: v 1 be placed athwart. 2 be hampered, be hindered.

lintang2: /Jv/ star.
-lintang kemukur: n comet.

lintas; melintas: v /lu/frm/  move (quickly) across.
-lintasan: n 1 track |a narrow road or path with a rough uneven surface| 2 lintasan sinar ray |a narrow beam of light from the sun, a lamp etc.| lintasan sinar matahari the sun’s rays| 3 orbit 4 trajectory |the curved path of an object that is fired or thrown through the air|
-lintas alam: n cross-country.
-lintas batas: n border crossing.
-lintasan bebas: n free passage. ­
-lintasan cabang: n feeder line.
-lintas edar: n orbit
-lintas laut: n seaborne.
-lintas ­lewat: n overpass.
-lintas medan: n cross-country.
-lintas raya: n overpass.
-lintas tapal batas: n border crossing.
-lintas sibra: n zebra crossing.
-lntas udara: n airborne.
-lintas utama: n trunk line.
-lintas sejarah: n the course of history
-melintas: v 1 rush by, pass quickly. Sebuah truk melintas di depan bengkel A carriage passed by the workshop..
-melintas-lintas: v repeatedly occur.
-melintasi: v 1 pass through sth. 2 flash by sth 3 cross (over), traverse. Kapal itu melintasi Atlantik The ship crossed the Atlantic. Ada garis-garis yang tidak boleh dilintasi. There are lines which may not be crossed. 4 overcome (difficulties)
-terlintas: v cross in sb’s mind  Peristiwa itu terlintas di pikiran saya sejenak. The accident came to my mind for a moment.
-perlintasan: n 1 crossover 2 crossing. perlintasan kereta api railroad crossing.
-perlintasan perbatasan: n crossing of the border.
-selintas: adv at the same instant.
-selintas lalu: adv at a glance.
-sekali lintas: adv at first glance, at first thought.

linting;  melinting: v /lu/ roll (a cigarette).
-lintingan: n hand-rolled cig­arette.
-pelinting rokok: n cigarette roller.

lintir; me(me)lintir: v /intr/lu/frm/ roll |turning over and over, or from side to side, or to make something do this| Jangan biarkan bola itu melintir kejalan Don’t let the ball roll into the street. 2 /intr/tr/ twist a) |to continue to turn something, such as hair, wire, or cloth, several times with your hands| Siapa yang melintir rambut kamu menjadi kepang? Who twisted your hair into a bun?  Cuci kacang panjang itu dan lintir (pelintir) pangkalnya. Wash the green beans and twist off the stems. (=remove them by twisting) c) |to turn around or bend part of your body into another position|  Dia menjerit, memelintir badannya kesakitan. She screamed, twisting in agony. 3 curve |if a road, river etc. twists, it has a lot of curves in it| 4 change, modify (a statement) |to change the true or intended meaning of someone’s statement| Mereka memelintir cerita itu dan mengatakan kami mencoba menipu mereka. They twisted the story around and said we tried to cheat them.
-terpelintir: v be twisted Lutut saya terpelintir sewaktu main sepakbola I twisted my knee  playing soccer. (hurt it by turning in the wrong direction).

liontin: n medallion, locket, pendant.

lipan: n /lu/ centipede.
-lipan bara: n poisonous centipede.

lipas: n /lu/ cockroach.
-lipas air: n water beetle.
-/prov./ seperti lipas kudung: adj hyperactive, unable to keep sb’s hands still.

lipat; melipat: v /lu/frm/ fold, crease. Tolong jangan dilipat. Please don’t fold.
-berlipat: v be folded, be pleated
-berlipat ganda: adj 1 multiple  2 manifold.
-berlipat-lipat: adv exceedingly multiple Dia mendapat rejeki berlipat-lipat. He get benefit exceedingly multiple.
-berlipat lutut: v hollow of the knee
-kelipatan: n multiple.
-kelipatan terkecil: n the least common denominator
-lipat dua: v be doubled, folded dou­ble.
-lipatan paha: n groin.
-lipat empat: adj four-folded.
-melipat: v 1 fold 2 bend  melipat lutut bend the knee 3 defeat melipat musuh defeat the enemy.
-melipat duakan: v double sth
-melipat gandakan: v multiply.
-melipat empatkan: v quadruple.
-pelipat ganda: n multiplier.
-pelipat gandaan: n multiplication.

liperi: see rifri:

LIPI {Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia}: n The Indonesian Academy of Sciences.

lipstick: n /lu/ lipstick.

lipur: n /ltr/ comfort, consolation, solace.
-melipurkan: v 1 comfort, console sb. 2 entertain.
-lipuran: n mitiga­tion.
-pe(ng)lipur: n comforter, soother, consoler.
-pelipur hati: n relief. memberi pelipur hati bring relief.
-pelipur lara: n 1 consoler 2 entertainer  3 story-teller for amusement. .

liput; meliput: v /lu/frm/ cover (an event).
-diliputi: v be enveloped, be covered, be included, be surrounded. Pantai itu diliputi ombak The shore was enveloped by waves. Perasaan kami diliputi rasa cemas. Our feeling was covered by anxiety. Kasus itu diliputi oleh kerahasiaan. The case was enveloped by secrecy.
-liputan: n coverage liputan berita pagi. morning news coverage.
-meliputi: v 1 cover, envelop sth Awan meliputi seluruh wilayah. Clouds cover the whole area 2 include Biaya itu meliputi akomodasi, makanan, dan transportasi. The cost includes accommodation, food, and transportation 3 comprise Jakarta metropolitan meliputi Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang. The Metropolitan of Jakarta comprises Bogor, Bekasi, and Tangerang 4 surround Pohon palem meliputi taman itu. Palm trees surrounds the park. Propinsi ini meliputi 23 kabupaten. This re­gency comprises 23 districts. 5 pervade |to be in all parts of something| Asap dari pabrik meliputi seluruh kota. The smoke from the factory pervaded the city.
-peliput berita: n news reporter.

lirik1: n /lu/frm/ 1 sharp glance. 2 a glance to left or right.
-selirik: n at a glance.
-melirik: v steal a glance at.
-lirikan: n side­long glance, look. lirikan berbisa poisonous look.

lirik2; melirik: v /ld/ pierce, perforate, bore through.

lirik3: n /lu/frm/ lyrics.

lis: n /lu/ 1 variant of les: 2 a line at the edge of sth 3 list

lisan: adj /lu/frm/ oral, spoken. ujian lisan oral exam.
-dengan/secara lisan: adv orally, by word of mouth, verbally.
-melisankan: v express, utter, put into words.

lisensi: n /lu/frm/ 1 license, permit 2 franchise.

lisol: n /lu/ disinfectant of creosol in soap, lysol.

lisong: n /ld/ cigar tobacco wrapt with any kind of leaf.

listrik; also listerik: n /lu/frm/ electricity listrik masuk desa. rural elec­trification.
-kelistrikan: n electrical matters.
– melistrikkan: v 1 electrify, install electricity. 2 electrocute.
-perlistrikan: n electrification. 2 electrical department.

Litbang {Penelitan dan Pengembangan}: n Research and Development.

litenan: variant of letnan:

liter: n /lu/frm/ liter.
-literan: adv by the liter.

literator: n /ltr/ man of letters.

literatur: n /lu/ literature.

literer: adj /frm/ literary.

litografi: n /lu/ lithography.

liturgi, liturgia: n /lu/ liturgy.

liturgis: adj /lu/ liturgical.

liuk; meliuk: v /intr/tr/lu/ 1 wriggle. |to twist from side to side with small quick movements, or to move part of your body this way| Seekor belut meliuk di lumpur An eel is wriggling through the mud. 2 bend (of a tree, wire, etc)
-meliukkan: v /tr/lu/ 1 undulate |to cause to move in a smooth wavelike motion| 2 bend (the body) 3 lean to one side to dodge sth
-meliuk lampai: v gently wind, undulate (as of a snake, dancer, etc.).
-meliuki: v bend over to pick up sth
-sepeliuk: n as far as sb can bend.
-terliuk: v be bent over.

liur: n /lu/frm/ saliva.
-be(r)liur; meliur: v drool. |to have saliva flow from your mouth| Melihat makanan anjing itu mulai berliur. At the sight of food the dog began to drool.

liwaath; liwat1: n /ld/ sodomy. |anal copulation of one male with another or with an opposite sex|

liwat2: variant of lewat:

liwet; nasi liwet: n /ld/ boiled rice.
-meliwet: v boil rice.

lk. {lebih kurang}: adv /wrt/ approximately, about

LKMD {Lembaga Ketahanan Masvarakat Desa}: n village social activities group.

LN1 {Luar Negeri}: n foreign country.

LN2 {Lembaran Negara}: n national official record

loak; adj /lu/frm/ second hand
-barang loak: n second hand things.
-loakan: n 1 used things/items to sell,  junk item.
-meloakkan: v put sth used up for sale, resell.
-meloakkan pakaian: v sell used clothing.
-pasar loak: n flea mar­ket.
-pedagang loak: n vendor of used articles.
-toko loak: n thrift shop.

loba: adj /lu/frm/ greedy, avaricious, selfish, covet, crave.
-loba tamak: n very greedy.
-kelobaan/ketamakan: n greed, greediness, covetousness.

lobak: n radish.
-lobak merah: n beet.|a dark red round root that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable|

lobang: see lubang:

lobi1: n /lu/frm/ lobby, foyer |a room or hall at the entrance of a house, hotel, theatre, etc.|

lobi2: v /lu/frm/ lobby |a persuasion in a political meet­ings to argue (informally) for a certain cause.|
-melobi: v 1 convince other about your idea 2 go around to variouspeople to persuade them to do sth

lobiing: n lobbying .

lodan: n /ld/ whale.

lodeh: n /lu/ vegetable dish cooked with coconut milk.

logam: n /lu/frm/ metal.
-logam adi/mulia: n precious metal.
-logam campur: n alloy.
-logam ­hitam: n ferrous metal.
-logam tua: n scrap metal.

logaritma: n /lu/ logarithm.

logat: n /ltr/lu/frm/ 1 word, wordlist 2 dialect 3 way of speaking, accent.
-berlogat: v speak with a certain dialect or with a certain accent. Dia berlogat Jawa He speaks with Javanese accent.
-logat kasar: n slang,
-logat asing: n foreign accent.

logika: n /lu/frm/ logic.

logis: adj /lu/frm/ logical, reasonable.
-kelogisan: n reasonableness, logic,  reasonability.
-melogiskan: v make sth logi­cal or reasonable. Mereka mencoba melogiskan tindakan mereka They tried to make their act reasonable.

logistik: n /lu/frm/ logistics.

logo: n logogram.

lokakarya: n /lu/frm/ workshop, seminar.
-berlokakarya: n hold a workshop.
-melokakaryakan: v bring sth to be the subject of a workshop.

lokal: adj /lu/frm/ 1 local. wewenang pejabat local under the jurisdiction of the local official. 2 place, class room |the room where the class is held|.

lokalisasi: n /lu/frm/ 1 prostitution complex organized in order to confine prostitution to only one area. 2 confinement of prostitution to one area. 3 com­plex for confining poor, sick, etc.
-melokalisasi: v confine to one area (of prostitution, sick, gambling, etc.).

lokalisir; melokalisir: v /lu/frm/ localize.

lokalitas: n /lu/frm/ locality.

lokan: n /lu/ edible bivalve. |a mollusc, such as an oyster or clam, that has a shell consisting two parts|
-berlokan dua: adj bivalve. |have two valves|
-lokan laut: n conch. |any of various tropical gastropod mollusc of the genius Strombus|

lokasi: n /lu/frm/ location, site.
-berlokasi: v locate.

loket: n /lu/frm/ counter (of post offices, immigration of­fices, etc.), ticket window.

loko; {lokomotif}: n /lu/frm/ locomotive.
-tempat lok langsir: n locomotive yard.

lola {lonte lanang}: n /off/ male prostitute.

lola; mengelola: v /lu/frm/ manage, organize, implement, run sth
-pengelolaan: n management
-pengelola: n 1 manager 2 implementer

lolong: n /lu/ howl
-lolongan: n a howl, yelp.
-melolong: v 1 howl, yelp (of a dog). 2 scream, wail.
-meratap dan melolong: v weep and wail.
-terlolong: v howl continuously.

lolos1: adj /lu/frm/  free |without something, especially something bad or unpleasant|  Sayang para bajak laut itu lolos dari kejaran polisi Unfortunately the pirates was free from the police chase. 2 slip off (a ring, bolt, etc.) 3 pass by (a test, security check, etc)

lolos2; meloloskan: v /tr/lu/frm/ 1 free |to move someone or something that is trapped or stuck, or to make something loose| Pema-dam kebakaran meloloskan dua orang yang terperangkap dalam kebakaran itu Fire fighters freed two men trapped in the burning car. 2 allow |tolet sb to leave a place where she/he has been forced to stay, such as a prison| Akhirnya pemerintahan apartheid meloloskan Nelson Mandela dari penjara. Finally the apartheid government freed Nelson Mandela from prison. 3 agree with, accept. Apa kita seharusnya meloloskan permintaan ini. Shall we accept this request? 4 permit |to make it possible for something to happen or for sb to do sth|  Pemegang paspor diplomatik boleh lolos dari pemeriksaan imigrasi Holders of diplomatic pass­ports are permitted to go through immigration without checking  5 dispatch |release such an information that should not| Seorang agen rahasia jahat telah meloloskan satu informasi yang sangat rahasia. A bad secret agent has dispatch a top secret information. 6 escape Tiga tahanan lolos dari penjara tadi malam. Three prisoners escaped from jail last light

lomba; perlombaan: n /lu/frm/ a competition, race, contest.
-berlomba-lomba: v compete, race each other
-lomba hias: n decoration contest
-lomba karya-tulis: n writing contest.
-lomba lintas medan: n cross-country race.
-lomba pacu rintangan: n stee­plechase.
-lomba perahu layar: n yacht race, sailboat com­petition.
-lomba senjata: n arms race.
-memperlombakan: v race (horse, car, etc.).
-pelomba: n ­1 contestant, competitor, racer.

lombok: n /lu/ chilli.
-lombok rawit: n very hot chilli pepper.

lompat; melompat: v /lu/frm/  leap, jump.
-berlompatan: v jump about (everywhere)
-lompatan: n 1 jump, hurdle. 2 leap, jump, bound, jumping.
-lompat bangun: v jump up.
-lompat galah: n pole vault
-lompat jauh: n long jump.
-lompat jingkrak: n hop, skip and jump.
-lompat katak: n frogleap.
-lompat keluar: v bail out
-lompat kinja: n leap with joy.
-lompat sehari: adv every other day.
-lompat tinggi: n high jump.
-melompat-lompat: v leap and  hop.
-melompati: v 1 jump over sth 2 spring at
-me­lompatkan: v cause sb. or sth to jump, let sb. jump.
-pelompat: n ­jumper.
-pelompatan: n jumping, leaping (of a fence, etc.).
-terlompat1: v ­jump accidentally or without thinking.
-terlompat: adj can be jumped over.

lompong; melompong: adj /lu/frm/ empty, bare.

lompong sagu: n /ld/ sweet made of boiled sago filled with coconut and palm sugar.

loncat; meloncat: v /intr/tr/lu/frm/ leap, jump (esp. high or from a height). ­
-berloncatan: v leap about (everywhere)  berloncatan dari pnggung leap about from the stage
-loncat galah: n pole vault
-loncat indah: n fancy diving.
-loncat katak: n leapfrog.
-loncat lari: v leap out (of a car).
-loncat menara: n high diving.
-loncat papan: n springboard diving.
-loncat tiga: v hop, skip and jump.
-loncat tinggi: n high jump.
-meloncati: v /tr/ 1 jump or leap over sth 2 skip |to not do something that you would usually do or that you should do| Saya meloncati bab II dan mulai membaca babIII. I skip chapter II and starting reading chapter III 2 leap at (sth) Harimau lapar itu meloncati mangsanya. The hungry tiger leaped at its prey.
-meloncat-loncat: v leap about. meloncat-loncat kegirangan leap for joy.
-meloncatkan: v cause sth to leap.
-peloncat: v jumper

loncat-loncat: n frog

lonceng: n /lu/frm/ 1 bell, chime.
-loncengan: n ring, call.
-lonceng kematian: n death bell.
-lonceng ­penyelamat: n 1 warning bell. 2 wall clock.
-lonceng angka: n digital clock.
-melonceng: v 1 strike (a bells, chimes). 2 ring, call. 3 toll (the death of).

longak-longok: v /inf/ look around unsure of what to do.
-melongok: v look around unsure.

longgar: adj /lu/ 1 loose |not firmly attached to something| Kancing baju saya menjadi longgar. The buttons on my shirt are coming loose. 2 lax |not strict or careful about standards of safety, discipline, regulation, etc.| keamanan gedung yang longgar lax security for the building 3 slack |hanging loosely, or not pulled tight| ikatan yang longgar a slack tie (connection)
-melonggarkan: v 1 loosen 2 slacken 3 make room for sth 4 mitigate (pressure) 5 relax (the rule, discipline, etc)
-kelonggaran1: n 1 laxness 2 laxity 3 looseness  4 dispensation 5 concession
-kelonggaran2: adj too loose
-pelonggaran: n relaxing. pelonggaran politik moneter relaxing of monetary policy.

lonjak-lonjak: v 1 go up and down 2 fluctuate
-berlonjak-lonjakan: v bounce about, bounce up and down .
-lonjakan: n 1 leap, jump. ­lojakan harga harga jump in price. 2 bump (in plane or flight).
-melonjak: v go up highly. Harga-harga melonjak naik Prices go up highly.
-melonjak ria: v jump for joy.
-melonjak-lonjak: v /intr/ 1 bounce around. 2 be elastic or springy 3 boast, brag, be haughty.
-melonjakkan: v /tr/ 1 bounce 2 accelerate 3 give a bounce or stimulus to. Kenaikan suku bunga bank sentral akan melon-jakkan inflasi. The raise in central bank deposit interest rate will accelerate inflation
-pelonjakan: v rise, jump (in production, price, etc.).
-terlonjak: v 1 jump up suddenly. Dia terlonjak dari duduknya. He suddenly jump from his seat.
-terlonjak-lonjak: v jump (with joy).

lonjong: adj /lu/frm/1 tapering, pointed. 2 oval, egg-shaped (esp. of faces).

lonjor: n /lu/frm/1 stalk, stick. 2 bar |a small block of solid material that is longer than it is wide| selonjor sabun a bar of soap
-berselonjor: v stretch (sb’s legs)
-lonjoran: n block |a piece of a solid material with straight sides|
-lonjoran kayu: n timber.
-melonjor: v shape straight and long
-melonjorkan: v /tr/  stretch sth. 2 stick sth out.

lontang-lantung: v 1 wander |to move or travel around an area without a clear direction or purpose|  2 |go about with no purpose or destination| 2 be neglected, be ignored.

lontar1: n /lu/1 any kind of palm the leaves of which may be written on. 2 manuscript of such palm leaves.

lontar2; melontar: v /lu/ throw |to make an object move quickly from your hand through the air by moving your arm| Giliran kamu melontar It’s your turn to throw. Beberapa anak sedang melontar batu ke dinding. Some kids are throwing stones at the wall. Lontarkan bolanya pada saya. Throw the ball to me.
-berlontaran: v be thrown anywhere.
-lontar martil: n /spor/ hammer throw.
-melontarkan: v /tr/ 1 throw (sth) Dia melontarkan botol ke kolam. He threw a bottle to the pool. 2 launch (critique, bad word, etc)  Preiden melontarkan kritik pedas kepada Perdana Menteri. The president launched a harsh critique to the Prime Minister. 3 hurl |to shout at someone in a loud and angry way|  Dia melontarkan kata-kata keras kepada putrinya yang mengabaikan adik kecilnya. She hurl her daughter for ignoring her little sister.
-melontarkan gagasan: v propose an idea
-melontarkan pandangan: v cast a look
melontarkan pertanyaan: v pose a question.
-melontari: n throw sth repeatedly.
-melontarkan tuduhan: v level an accusation.
-pelontar: n 1 thrower 2 sb who hurls sb 3 launher
-selontar: n 1 a single throw 2 a little bit of sth
-selontar kata: n a few words.
-sepelontaran: n within  a distance that sb’s throw can reach.

lonte: n /Jv/ prostitute.
-lonte lanang: n male prostitute.

lontong: n /lu/ food consisting of rice steamed in a ba­nana leaf.

loper: n /lu/frm/ 1 messenger, errand boy. 2 delivery man.
-loper ­susu: n milkman.
-loper Koran: n newspaper deliverer.

lopis: n /lu/ cake of glutinous rice steamed in ba­nana leaves.

loreng: n /lu/frm/ stripe.
-loreng macan: n tiger’s stripes.
-berloreng: v be striped.

lori: n /lu/frm/ flatcar used to transport sugarcane.

lorong: n /lu/frm/ 1 path, lane, trail. 2 alley(way). 3 hallway, corridor.
-lorong kebakaran: n unobstructed fire passage (usually from building to a river).
-melorongkan: v open the way for sb. or sth

lorot1; melorot: v /lu/frm/ decline, drop (of prices, etc.).
-melorotkan: v lower, decrease sth

lorot2; melorot: v /ld/frm/ remove wax fom batik

los1: n /ld/ pilot.

los2: n /lu/frm/ shed without interior walls, hangar.
-los loko: n roundhouse.
-los pasar: n market stall.

los3: adj /lu/ 1 free, loose. 2 slack, not taut. Talinya los ­The rope is slack. 3 not restrictive, unrestricted. Orangtuanya los. His parents are permissive.
-listrik los: n ­unlimited electricity.
-meloskan: v release, free, leave alone.

lose1: n /lu/1 box seats, first-class seats in a movie house 2 guest house.

losin: see lusin:

losmen: n /lu/frm/ inn, cheap hotel.

losong-kosong: adj /ld/ completely empty.

lot: see lotere:

lotek: n /ld/ raw vegetable salad served with spicy sauce.

loteng: n /lu/frm/ 1 upper story, upstairs. 2 top floor, attic. 3 ceiling.
-berloteng: v 1 be storied 2 have stories
-rumah berloteng: n house with more than one floor.

lotere: n /lu/frm/ 1 lottery, raffle, pool.
-lotere buntut: n illegal lottery tied to the last (three) numbers of picken number.  2 lottery ticket.
-melotere: v gamble, par­ticipate in a lottery.
-meloterekan: v raffle sth off.

lotok; ngelotok: v /lu/ chip off.

lotot: n /lu/frm/ staring (of eyes).
-melotot: v open wide (of eyes), bulge out (of eyes, when angry, etc.). Dia melotot kehera­nan His eyes bulged with surprise.
-memelototkan: v cause sb’s (eyes) to bulge out.

lotre: variant of lotere:.

loudspeaker: n loudspeaker.

lowak: variant of loak:

lowong: adj /lu/frm/ 1 empty 2 vacant 3 unfilled.
-lowongan: n 1 vacancy Tidak ada lowongan di sini There is no vacancy here 2 gap 3 vacuum 4 void.

loyal: adj /lu/frm/ loyal.

loyalitas: n /lu/frm/ loyalty.

loyang: n /lu/frm/ 1 brass. 2 large tray. 3 casserole dish,
-bak loyang: n baking pan.

loyar: adj /lu/ extravagant, wasteful.

loyo: adj /lu/1 weak, faint 2 exhausted.

loyor; ngeloyor: v /Jkt/ slither. 2 leave without saying goodbye.

LP {Lembaga Pemasyarakatan}: n socializing insti­tution, jail.

LSD {Lembaga Sosial Desa}: n village social activity group.

lt.1: {lantai}: n /lu/ story, floor.

lt.2: {letnan}: n lieutenant.

ltd. {letnan dual}: n /wrt/ 2nd lieutenant.

lts. {letnan satu}: n /wrt/ first lieutenant.

lu: pron. /Jkt/inf/ you.

luak: n /Jkt/ civet cat.

luang: adj /lu/frm/  empty, vacant, free. hari yang luang a free day. waktu luang free time.
-meluangkan: v 1 vacate. 2 make room for. 3 spare time for Dia selalu meluangkan waktu untuk kita She always is available (spare time) for us. Saya akan meluangkan waktu kepesta itu. I’ll spare my time for the party.
-peluang: n chance Saya tidak pernah dapat peluang pergi ke luar negeri. I never have a chance to go abroad.

luap; meluap: v /lu/frm/ 1 overflow (of a river). 2 boil over (of water). 3 flare up. Semangatnya sedang meluap-luap. His fervour is flaring up. 2 be enthusiastic, wild about sth.
-meluapi: v overflow sth.
-meluapkan: v 1 cause sth overflow 2  to boil over or flare up.
-luapan: n 1 overflow. 2 bubbling over.
-luapan sernangat: n enthusiasm.

luar1; diluar: prep. /lu/frm/ outside a) |out of a particular place, but still near it| Ada seseorang diluar ruangan. There is somebody outside the room  b) |beyond the limits of a city, country, etc| Mereka tinggal jauh di luar Jakarta. They lives far outside Jakarta.

luar2; keluar: adv /lu/frm/ 1 outside |not inside the house where we live| Mari kita pergi keluar untuk makan malam. Let’s go outside for dinner. 2 away |not in the same place| Keluar, kalau tidak saya pukul kamu. Go away, otherwise I’ll hit you!

luar: adj /lu/frm/ 1 outer part of sth. Dinding luar rumah itu di cat biru. The outer part of the wall is painted blue. 2 foreign Menteri Luar Negeri. Minister of Foreign Affairs.
-diluar dugaan: adv beyond expectation
-diluar rencana: adj unplanned, unscheduled.
-diluar perhitungan: adj miss-calculated, under-estimate, over-estimated, beyond calculation .
-kanan luar: n right wing Siapa pemain kanan luar? Who is the right wing player?.
-keluaran1: adv made in |product of|  Ini mobil keluaran Jepang. This is a made in Japan car
-keluaran2: n exodus (a Bible content) Kamu dapat membacanya pada Keluaran dalam Alkitab. You can read it on Exodus of Bible.
-keluarbiasaan: n peculiarity, extraordinariness
-kiri luar: n left wing
-luar nikah: adj illegitimate Dia adalah anak luar nikah He is an illegitimate child.
-luar kampus: adj off Itu kegiatan luar kampus It’s off campus activity.
-luar kepala: prep. from memory. Dia tahu semua itu diluar kepala. He knows all of it from memory.
-luar biasa: adj extraordinary, uncommon
-orang luar: n out sider. 3 other. Kita perlu belajar dari dunia luar. We need to learn sth from other country.
-pengeluaran: n expenditure, cost

luas1: adj /lu/frm/ 1 wide |measuring a large distance from one side to the other| lapangan tennis yang luas a wide tennis court|  Banjir itu menutupi satu wilayah yang luas. The flood has covered a wide area. 2 broad |including many different kinds of things or people| Dia punya pengetahuan luas di bidang pertanian He has a broad knowledge on agriculture. 3 extensive | containing a lot of information, details, work etc., or very large in the size, amount, or degree of something| Dia adalah seorang politisi yang berpengaruh luas. He is a politician with an extensive influence. Penebangan kayu telah membuat kerusakan luas pada hutan. Logging has made a very extensive damage to the forest. 4 vast  Pesawat itu hilang di sebuah gurun pasir yang sangat luas. The plane disappeared in a very vast desert 5 capacious, com­modious Mereka memiliki ruang berdaya tampung luas. They have a capacious space.

luas2: n /lu/frm/ 1 width |coverage of a space that is measured in square measuring unit| Luas kamar tiu adalah 20 m2 The width of the room is 20 m2 (square meter) 2 extensity Luas  pengalaman  membuat dia selalu dihargai. The extensity of his experiences made him always be honoured. 3 broadness. Luas judul membuat pembicara tidak pernah focus pada satu hal tertentu. The broadness of the topic made the speaker never be focused on a particular essence.  4 space Berapa luas ruangan ini?What is the space of this room?
-memperluas: v /tr/ 1 broaden  Pemerintah daerah telah berencana memperluas jalan ini. The local government has planned to broaden this road. 2 extend 3 expand 4 widen
-meluas1: adj widespread. Itu telah menjadi isu yang meluas. It has been a widespread issue.
-meluas2: v /intr/ 1 spread out Berita itu telah meluas kemana-mana. The news has spread out everywhere. 2 extend
-perluasan: n 1 expansion 2 extension 3 broadening.

lubang2: n /lu/frm/ 1 hole, orifice 2 breach |a hole or broken place in a wall or a similar structure, especially one made during a military attack| 3 gap |an empty space between two things or two parts of something| 3 cavity |a hole or space inside something solid| 4 hollow |a hole in something, especially the ground, that is not very deep| 5 burrow |a passage in the ground made by an animal such as a rabbit or a fox| lubang tikus mouse burrow 6 pit |a hole or a low area in the ground, especially one made by digging|  lubang pemanggangan a barbecue pit

lubang2; berlubang: v /lu/frm/ 1 be perforated 2 to have hole
-berlubang-lubang: adj full of holes
-lubang batubara: n coal mine.
-lubang dubur: n anus.
-lubang erong: n scupperhole.
-lubang hawa: n ventilator.
-lubang hidung: n nostril.
-lubang kepundan: n crater.
-lubang perlindungan: n 1 foxhole 2 air raid shelter.
-lubang BH: n cup of bra.
-lubang pori (kulit): n pore.
-lubang lensa: n aperture of camera.
-lubang intip: n peep hole.
-melubangi: v /tr/ 1 hollow (sth) up 2 burrow 3 make a hole (in golf). 4 dig a hole (on sth) 5 , pierce (the ears, etc.). 6  punch, perforate. 7 hollow out.
-melubang-lubangi: v riddle sth., punch full of holes.
-pelubang: n ­1 drill |a tool or machine used for making holes in something hard| 2 bit |a part of a tool for cutting or making holes| 3 punch |a metal tool for cutting holes or for pushing something into a small hole|
-pelubang kertas: n perforator

luber; meluber: v /lu/frm/ overflow, run over.
-peluberan: n overflowing (of water, etc.).

lubuk: n /lu/frm/ deep pool in a stream.
-lubuk hati: n 1 the inner feeling (of heart) 2 the depths of sb’s  heart.
-lubuk akal (kolam ilmu): n resourceful or knowl­edgeable person.

lucu: adj /lu/frm/ 1 funny, amusing. 2 cute 3 humorous 4 comical –syn: banyol .
-berlucu; melucu: v 1 joke 2 tell sth in jest  3 humor 4 clown 5  be amusing.
-kelucuan: n 1 humor, jokes, jest  2 cuteness 3 clown .
-lucu-lucuan: adv not seriously.
-pelucu: n wag, wit, jokester.

ludah: n /lu/frm/ 1 saliva 2 spittle.
-berludah: v to have saliva.
-meludah: v spit saliva . Dilarang meludah disini No spitting here.
-meludahi: v spit on.
-meludahkan: v spit sth out.
-perludahan: n 1 cuspidor  spittoon.

ludas; ludes: adj /lu/ 1 finished, all gone (of money, etc.) . 2 completely destroyed. 3 extinguished (of a flame).

ludruk: n /ld/ East Java folk theatre in which all parts are played by men.

lugas: adj /lu/frm/ 1 simple,  unadorned 2 businesslike, direct to the point 3 concise.  Sikapnya lugas dan tepat His attitude was businesslike and correct.
-kelugasan: n 1 matter-of-factness, efficiency. 2 simplicity.
-melugaskan: v simplify.

lugu: adj /lu/frm/ simple, plain, humble |not considering yourself or your ideas to be as important as other people’s|

luhur: adj /lu/frm/ 1 majestic, supreme 2 lofty (ideals). 3 up­right, noble.
-keluhuran: n 1 grandeur, majesty. 2 nobleness (of charac­ter).
-meluhurkan: v exalt, glorify, ennoble.

luka1: n /lu/frm/ 1 injury |physical harm or damage that is caused by an accident, crash, or attack| satu luka berat di kepalanya a serious injury to his head. Saya mendapat luka ringan di kaki saya. I have a minor injury on my leg. 2 wound |an injury, especially a deep cut made in your skin by a knife or bullet| luka tembak gunshot wounds. 3 luka memar: bruise |a mark on the skin of a person or piece of fruit where it has been damaged by a hit or a fall| Itu luka memar menyakitkan yang kamu dapat That’s a nasty bruise you’ve got.
-luka dalam: n an injury or a damage to an internal organ
-melukai: v 1 injure |to hurt a person or animal| Peristiwa itu melukai sejumlah penumpang The accident injured a number of passengers. 2 wound |to cause physical injury| 3 hurt |to make someone feel very upset or unhappy|  Maaf, saya tidak bermasud melukai perasaan kamu. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
-terluka: v /pass.v/ 1 be injured 2 be wounded 3 be hurting |to feel upset or unhappy about something| Perasaannya terluka karena kata-kata kamu yang menghina. Her feeling  was hurting with your insulting words.

luka2: adj /lu/frm/ injured Serdadu yang luka telah dibawa ke rumah sakit. |The injured soldiers have been taken to the hospital.    .

lukis; melukis: v /lu/frm/ 1 draw |to make a picture of something with a pencil, a pen, or paint|  Apa kamu bisa melukis peman-dangan itu? Could you draw this scenery? Dia melukis seekor gajah diatas kertas. He drew an elephant on a paper. 2 paint |to make a picture of someone or something using paint|  Siapa yang melukis potret isterimu? Who painted your wife’s portrait? Dia senang melukis dengan cat air. She likes to paint in water colours.
-berlukiskan: v have sth painted on sth Baliho itu berlukiskan calon presiden. The mural has the president candidate painted on it.
-lukisan: n 1 painting 2 drawing 3 portrayal.
-lukisan dinding: n mural
-melukiskan: v depict, describe |to clearly describe in detail a character, situation, or event in a story or by using pictures| Sulit melukiskan keindahan Bali hanya dengan kata-kata. It’s difficult to describe the beauty of Bali only with words.
-pelukis: n 1 painter 2 painting artist
v be reflected. Kebahagiaan terlukis di wajahnya secara jelas. Happiness is clearly reflected on her face.

luks: adj /lu/ luxurious.

luluh: adj /lu/frm/ 1 powdery
-luluh-lantak: adj smashed to smithereens, completely crushed.
-meluluh-lantak­kan: v crush sth completely 2 completely damage 3 crush to powder 4 /ling/ assimilate

lulur1: n /lu/ cosmetic |medicated skin powder made of herbal material used to smoothen the skin|.
-melulur: v apply such cosmetic.

lulur2; melulur: v /ld/ swallow fast, gobble up..

lulus1: v /lu/frm/ 1 pass (a test). 2 be granted (permission). ­2 graduate (from a school).
-meluluskan: v 1 permit, allow, grant. 2 yield to (pleas). 3 pass (an exam).
-lulusan: n 1 gradu­ate. 2 alumnus. lulusan universitas a university graduate

lulus2: variant of lolos: .

lumas; pelumas: n /lu/frm/ grease, lubricant |a thick oily substance that is put on the moving parts of a car or machine to make it run smoothly|
-melumas: v 1 lubricate 2 smear sth with grease or lubricant.
-melumaskan: v use sth to lubricate
-minyak pelumas: n oily lubricant

lumat: adj /lu/frm/ fine, pulverized.
-melumatkan: v 1 pulverize. 2 smash, destroy.
-lumatan: n crushed or pulverized material.
-pelumat: n pe­pulverizer.

lumayan: adj /lu/frm/ 1 reasonably or moderately (enough, good, satisfied, etc.) 2 fairly (pretty, beautiful, etc.) 3 not bad. Kualitasnya lumayan bagus. The quality is reasonably good.

lumba-lumba: n /lu/frm/ cetaceous mammal (i.e. dolphin, etc.).

lumbung (padi): n /lu/frm/ (rice) barn.

lumer: adj /lu/frm/  melted.
-melumer: v /intr/ melt. Gunung es itu mulai melumer The iceberg is tarting to melt.
-melumerkan: v melt. melumerkan marah seseorang to melt sb’s anger.

lumpat: variant of lompat:

lumpia: n /lu/frm/ lumpia |a very popular food made of the mixture of egg, flour, spices, etc.- originated inChina|

lumping: n /lu/ dry and tough skin of buffalo, cow, etc

lumpuh: adj /lu/frm/ paralyzed (of a person, organ or busi­ness).
-kelumpuhan: n paralysis.
-kelumpuhan saraf: n palsy.
-lumpuh nier/nir: n kidney failure.
-melumpuhkan: v 1 para­lyze. 2 incapacitate, disable. 3 deactivate.
-pelumpuhan: n paralyzing.

lumpur: n /lu/frm/ mud.
-berlumpur: adj muddy.
-lumpur kandang: n mud deposited by a flash flood.
-lumpur ketam: n mud on river bank.
-lumpur laut: n ooze.
-lumpur salju: n slush.
-prov.: takut lumpur lari ke duri (from the frying pan run into the fire) means never get rid of danger.
-melumpur: v silt up (of a creek or riverbed).
-melumpuri: v cause sth to be muddy
-pelumpuran: n mud­hole. muddy place.

lumrah: adj /lu/frm/ 1 normal, customary, usual. 2 common­place, ordinary.
-lumrahnya: adv usually, ordinarily.

lumur; lumuran: n /lu/frm/ 1 smear 2 stain 3 soil 4 gore Itu lumuran darah That is bloodstain.
-berlumuran: v be smeared. berlumuran darah be smeared with blood.
-melumuri: v 1 /tr/ smear sth  Lumpur melumuri sepatu bot saya. Mud smeared my boot. 2 soil, stain.
-melumurkan: v /tr/ 1 smear |use sth to smear sth|  2 soil, stain sth
-pelumur: n sth that is used to smear
-pelumuran: n 1 staining, smear­ing.

lumus: adj /lu/ soiled (of face).

lumut: n /lu/frm/ 1 moss. lichen, bryophyte. 2 algae
lumut pem­bakar: n peat  |a substance formed under the surface of the ground from decaying plants, used as soil or as fuel|
-berlumut: adj mossy
-lumut daun: n moss.
-lumut karang: n sponge.
-­lumut kerah: n lichen.

lunak: adj /lu/frm/ 1 soft, mild (food, drink, etc.) This meat is soft  2 gentle 3 benign 3 easy-going |tractable in disposition| .
-kelunakan: n 1 softness. 2 gentleness, mildness. 3 moderation.
-melunak: v 1 become soft. 2 softening (attitude).
-melunaki: v treat gently.
-melunakkan: v 1 soften  Dia sudah melunakkan hatinya. He has soften his heart. 2 weaken.
-pelunak: n softener.
n softening.

lunas1: adj /lu/frm/ paid, settled.
-melunasi;  melunaskan: v pay (promise, bill), settle (a debt), expiate (a sin), discharge (sb,s duty).
-terlunasi: v can be paid
-pelunasan: n paying off of a debt.

lunas2: n /ld/ 1 base. 2 keel.

luncur; meluncur: v /lu/frm/ 1 slide a) |to move smoothly on or along a surface| 2 slip |to accidentally slide a short distance quickly, or to fall by sliding in this way| 3 glide
-berseluncur; bersiluncur: v move with gliding movement. 2 skim. lemak bersiluncur dari sop. fat skim from the soup  Astronot telah bersiluncur ke angkasa The astronauts have launched into space.
-luncuran: n glide 2 slide
-meluncurkan: v /tr/ 1 slide |to make something move in this way|  2 slip |to make sth move this way| 2 launch Kapan kamu akan melncurkan album ini? When are you going to launch this album?
-peluncur: n 1 glider 2 slider
-persiluncur: n 1 glider (who glide) 2 slider (who slides) 3 ice skater.
-peluncuran: n 1 blast off 2 shooting (of artil­lery). 3 launching. 3 slide, chute. -terseluncur: v 1 be slid  2 be slipped down.

lunduk: n /ld/ chameleon.

lunjur; berlunjur: v stretch out (of arms and legs).
-melunjur: v ­protrude, stick out. Dia melunjurkan kepala keluar dari jendela. He protruded his head out of the window

lunta; terlunta-lunta: v /lu/frm/ have no permanent resident or shelter

luntang-lanting: v 1 loaf about 2 hack around

luntang-lantung: v /lu/frm/ wandering without any clear purpose.

luntur: adj /lu/frm/ 1 faded, become discolored. 2 changeable (of opinion). 3 out-dated (of theory, policy, etc.).
-melunturkan: v /tr/ cause sth to fade.

lupa: v /intr/lu/frm/ forget. Saya lupa alamat dia I forget his address
-kelupaan: v be forgotten. Kelupaan membawa payung.  Be forgotten to bring an umbrella.
-melupakan: v /tr/ forget: Mari kita melupakan masa lalu dan menatap jauh ke masa depan Let’s forget the past and see far to the future.
-pelupa: adj forgetful, absent minded
-lupa-lupa ingat: adv 1vaguely remember.2 in the tip of sb’s lips Pernah saya bertemu dia dan saya lupa-lupa ingat namanya. I met him once and his name is on the tip of my lips.
-terlupakan: v be forgotten Pintu terlupa-kan untuk di kunci. The door was forgotten to lock

luput: v /lu/frm/ 1 |be not affected or not on target of an action, accident, or danger things|  Mereka luput dari serangan itu. They were not affected by the attack. 2 be get rid of Penyelundupan itu luput dari pemeriksaan bea cukai di airport. The smuggling was get rid of duty check at the airport.2 miss |beond the taget| Tembakan itu luput sasaran.

lurah1: n /lu/frm/ village chief.
-kelurahan: n district ad­ministered by a lurah .

lurah2: n /lu/ 1 ravine, gorge, gully 2 groove.

lurik: adj /lu/ striped woven material
-lurikan: v wear such cloth.

lurus: adj /lu/frm/ 1 straight, undeviating. Ambil jalan lurus sampai lampu jalan, baru belok kiri. Keep the straight road until the traffic light and then turn to the left  1 honest Dia seorang hakim yang lurus. He is an honest judge.
-meluruskan: v 1 straighten 2  upright 3 stretch out  4 align (the wheels)


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